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Online Newsletter - 15 August 2017

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Online Newsletter - 15 August 2017

Newsletter – August 15, 2017

Lost Treasure Genesee Valley
Treasure Seekers
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Lost Treasure

Online Newsletter

August 15, 2017


Feature Clubs — pages 4 & 12


page 23 — Favorite Finds


3 The Coined Phrase
7 Special Bonus Feature From

Lost Treasure Magazine
15 THers' News

25 Tips From the Pros
26 Calendar of Events

2 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 8-15-17

LostTreasure The Coined Phrase

CELEBRATING OUR 50th YEAR By Carla Nielsen

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Feature Club

The Genesee Valley Treasure
Seekers Metal Detecting Club

The Genesee Valley Treasure Inc. (FMDAC). Dave Havens – Treasurer
Seekers Metal Detecting Club began Monthly meetings are held at 10
in 1990 with six members interested GVTS International Hunt
in the hobby. a.m. the 1st Saturday of each month The GVTS club representative
at the Chili Community Center, 4400 said this about their upcoming event:
Initial meetings were held at the Buffalo Road, North Chili, New Our club hosts an open hunt every
VFW in Charlotte, New York, and York. Visitors are always welcome! year in September at the Beaver
two years later moved to the First Meadows Camp Ground in Java
Baptist Church of Chili in the suburb During meetings they discuss Center, New York.
of Rochester, New York. club business, metal detecting issues This year’s hunt if the 23rd and
across the country and have an 24th. This year will be our 19th year
The club since has grown to over opportunity to discuss any metal for this event. We use the event to
60 members across western New detecting questions members might promote the hobby of metal detect-
York and is comprised of working / have. ing and to raise funds for cancer /
retired singles, couples, and children hospice care.
memberships. They also have refreshments, raf- Volunteers from the club work
fles and a display of member’s finds from March through August to raise
They are a very active club in of the month. funds and obtain donations for our
support of the hobby as well as the raffles, auctions and to purchase sil-
community. Club Officers: ver for out hunt.
John Howard – President
Additionally, they are proud Curt Roe – Vice President
members of the Federation of Metal Fred Ledtke – Secretary
Detector & Archeological Clubs,

4 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 8-15-17

Feature Club cont'd...

Since the site used to be a farm, to be the first team to complete their to the detectors. It’s a challenging
club members meet yearly to clear puzzle. but fun hunt.
iron and other items from the field
to make it easier for our participants. Then the seeded hunts begin with Sunday we welcome any new
plenty of silver and tokens in the guests at our registration and have
We’re often rewarded with silver field. another fun hunt followed by our
dimes that our participants missed in Memorial Gold Hunt with clad dol-
past hunts. Refreshments are available to our lars coins and tokens.
guests and raffles are held through-
People arrive for the hunt from out the day. This is followed by lunch and
all over the Midwest, East Coast and more raffles and drawings. Then we
Canada. Saturday we have a catered din- hold our main hunt with more silver
ner. After the dinner this year we will and tokens.
Friday night before our hunt auction off gift baskets and have a
begins everyone gets together for a merchandise auction. It’s fun to see so many people
pot luck dinner. return year after year to our hunt and
For the last two years we were to welcome some people who are
Each day starts with registration fortunate to have Bill Butski perform new to the hobby. It’s a great hunt. I
where our guests are given a wel- an amazing and very entertaining hope people will join us.
come packet and then we hold a fun magic show.
hunt so participants can get used to For more information, log onto
how their detectors will react in the Saturday evening there is a free or you may contact
ground conditions. night hunt with prizes. This hunt is John Howard at 34 Bayberry Lane,
held completely in the dark and no Rochester, NY 14616, or e-mail
For the fun hunt participants work headphones are allowed. [email protected]
together to find puzzle pieces and try
Glow sticks are provided to fasten Newsletter 8-15-17 5

LT Get March 2013 Largest CirCuLation of
any treasure PubLiCation-
$5.50 the treasure hunter’s
Magazine of ChoiCe

color Digital

Encrusted California

today!!Treasure Gold Rush!
Found! James Marshall’s chance discovery of

Proof that persistence
can pay off.

$ave time &Page14
GOLD in 1848 radically altered the lives of
hundreds of thousands of men and women.

Page 16


money...Mine For Diamonds
in New York?

Page 56




Click this adPage11

Colonial Finds
Are They From the

UK or US?

Page 8

SGTteeaTxoMthaergseaTigraseataozsriunyreeoanTnatldehsie:s folGFlraoererwe!tting aSpWwPseIaEaeNgnpe!gatset3rae3kbess oins ufrsopmreLvoieswt Torfewashuarte
inAcTlGuoldd ed
Hawaii you can expecSt waseaepLsotsatkTerseasure subscriber.

TreHaBoysBiwlulGarllaeghTer oHuMnatikneg GToooodls
big pry bar, as big as you can handle.
A good sand scoop can easily be made from parts. A big, strong, solid steel round bar

I have written many articles on heavy use. tempered and flattened at the ends,
making tools for treasure hunting. Perhaps even hurting you in the or even pointed, is like a can opener
for the earth.
Almost to a one those articles process. It is wretchedness. It is
focused on a particular type of tool, worse when you have paid hard It is not always useful, but when
which is the more accepted way to earned cash for it and it breaks. This needed there is not much else short
go when doing these things, actually. is happening more and more, like of heavy equipment that can accom-
some kind of attack. plish the same job.
In comparison, this article will be
a veritable tornado of information. Conversely, it is truly uplifting, There are, of course, commercial
even beautiful, to watch a tool pass versions available in many hardware
It’s ok though, there are a lot of all expectations and just keep going type stores, but the base steel can be
tools you need and your absolute and going and going for years and had very cheaply, and if you know
best hope, whether in buying a new even decades. about forging you can use a hammer
tool or making it, can only be that it to do your own work.
lasts for a long time. We shall forego all the doom and
gloom and get right into some ideas You need screens. More than one.
If the tool accomplishes its pur- concerning homemade tools that will You can line metal bread baskets, or
pose, and lasts for a long time, that help you find more treasure for a dishwasher trays, with screen and
is what it is supposed to do. long time. put floats on the edges.

There is something truly demean- A very good tool you need and It pays to get better screen than
ing about having a tool you spent will miss if you do not have it is a what is generally offered.
hours on break within a few hours of
A lot of screen in hardware stores
is to build pens with, won’t hold a
load, and is just kind of glued togeth-
er with some galvanized plating. It’s
for keeping bunnies out.

Your screen needs to be woven
and welded screen, if possible, 3/8 or
1/2”; mining screen is the best.

I imagine stainless would be awe-
some, but the price will make most
people, including me, squeal loudly.

Mining type regular steel screen
will last years and is a must. Build
rocker screens using two push
mower handles.

Also make screens hang-able with

www.LwowstwT.rLeoasstuTrree.acsoumreN.ceowmsleMttaerrc8h-1250-1177 77

A sand scoop made from parts. type, some heavy duty, some lighter.
A lot of cache hunting is done with
Contribute to eye bolts on opposing edges. Ropes long screwdrivers.
LT Magazine via can go up in trees and the sifter can
be suspended, making screening a A good way to clean some types
e-mail at lot easier. of finds and all scrap metal is in a
managingeditor@ tire tumbler, which is easy to assem- Think about screens that can be ble, almost free, and once you get
pulled through sand and out in the the kinks worked out, will work for
++++++++++ water. a long, long time.
Submit stories
and photos, your This is a method from California A short round bar of steel runs
favorite finds, and the northwest beaches. See the through two pillow block bearings,
a Guest Editorial, picture here of my Sifter Scoop each at the top of an embedded rail-
made from a #10 can. At times it is road tie post.
a TH’ing a good tool both in and out of the
question, or water. The tire is strung through the mid-
stories and dle with the short steel bar, and the
photos about Never throw away a trolling steel bar is also coated with tape and
TH’ing good motor. It can be salvaged to use as radiator hose, so its rubber on rubber.
deeds. You an underwater blower.
The tire runs on the rubber-cov-
can also Just add wire to the existing wire, ered steel shaft, and old 16” blades
suggest a TH’ing after the control head is removed, can be added either side of the tire to
and it becomes a 12-volt monster. Be help shield against adverse wear, and
club for us to careful, it can cut you. to reduce splash.
spotlight and
send us your Keep the safety cage on it; it will I just use water and a little quartz
upcoming event not impede the force. Put battery sand in a metal load; in 10 hours or
for our Calendar. clips on the other end of the wires. so you are good to go. This works
very well on shell and soft geologic
Once you see how powerful this materials.
blower is underwater, with the bat-
tery safely in the boat, then you will Step the shaft speed down to 35
want to start thinking about redirect- rpm if you can; that means a really
ing all your prop washes with mail- big pulley on the shaft and a tiny one
box type arrangements. All prop on the motor, but it can be done.
wash can be diverted. Prop wash
digs big, big holes in the bottom. As the shaft is driven by the motor
Think on that. There are many other the inside edge of the tire turns also.
ways to use this power. If you are throwing water out then
you are using too much water, and
The best probes are spring steel also the tire is probably going too
rod; these can be salvaged with fast.
wound spring steel handles already
attached, off bumpers in junk yards, Your load will ride the back side
the whip antenna. of the tire, and it will roll forward in
a very nice slow moving slosh; just a
Three to four feet is usually long few hours will do wonders.
enough, but if you are probing in wet
sand you can actually go down six or You should always keep your
eight feet with a whip antenna if it is shovels sharp, but also be on the
not shortened. lookout for those sharp edges!

It’s good to have more than one Sharpened shovels just make life
a lot easier when digging. If you
are worried the blade is too sharp,
just dig a little, it will dull it up, no

If you can, dedicate a laptop com-
puter to your treasure hunting vehi-
cle. A 12-volt invertor will allow
you to use a computer onboard in a
big way.

I once went on an all-day trek with
Danny Lopacki and Jack Hatfield in
Jack’s Little Subaru wagon. If it
wasn’t for that computer screen in
front of us we would have lost our

8 LOST TREASURE NMeawrsclhet2te0r187-15-17

way more than once. Questions About Your
I think back on that day and Digital Subscription?
E-mail webmaster
consider what we did very...daring.
Yeah, that’s it.
A standing screen. The legs are push mower handles.
For most of the day we had no www.LwowstwT.rLeoasstuTrree.acsoumreN.ceowmsleMttaerc8h-1250-1177 99
idea where we were, except as a little
cursor moving very slowly across a
map showing very rough terrain on
the computer’s screen.

If we had any doubts about the
rough terrain, all we had to do was
look out the windows. It was every-
where. For as far as the eyes could

We crossed the Peloncillos from
Cliff, first going through Redrock
and the Day Ranch, around Round
Mountain, then off into never, never

When we thought we were about
halfway we were actually just get-
ting started. I have mega respect for
Subaru now.

We were hunting Fire agate and
trying to get to some land where
there was green fire agate, in a less
taxing way than the route we already

It was not to be. We came out
at Fort Bowie near I-10 as the sun
was setting. We were all chanting
Subaru, Subaru, SUBARU!

That trip was a lot more than
thrilling. It was scary. We drove
home in the dark. Two more hours
doing 75 mph back to Cliff. West
is big.

The point is a computer dedicated
to your car is a great thing to do.
Buy used laptops for $50 that will
do the job.

Seriously consider Linux and
make sure your device is Wi-Fi

A lot of restaurants have free
signals in their parking lots. You can
pull maps and aerials at will.

Communicate as you go, check
the metal prices, search craigslist.
org, even order lunch! Plug me in
for EVER!

Once you get a computer in your
treasure mobile you will always need
it, and it’s not hard to do.

Work your photos in your front
seat; get the weather in crazy detail,
a nice thing. Phone home. Play your
music. Just don’t text and drive.

Try to find cases for your better

How To Make Good Treasure Hunting Tools
term material in the right places.
A tire tumbler is useful for cleaning up finds. Sheets of advanced rubber roofing

Subscribe electronic equipment; that is the best materials are available, too, and that
to the Free thing you can do for its longevity - material is good for many things.
that and treating it with respect dur-
Online ing use, if possible. Detectors, GPS, Fortunately a lot of what we do
Newsletter at invertors, temperature guns, radios, has been done before; there are tools
and computers. all around to do the work.
www.lost Encasement of anything keeps the All talk of digging metal detec-
for the Latest dirt and water out and defeats the tor targets shrinks beneath the earth
in Treasure omnipresent bump and grind whose moving machinery in a mining cata-
toll is slow, but large. log.
Favorite Some better luggage from older What treasure hunters do is capi-
Finds and times serves the purpose of encase- talize on specialty markets, through
More! ment well, and should be hunted up conscientious salvage of otherwise
and employed. destroyed historical items, maybe
even nice enough for their dedicated
If doing custom work, make the collection.
case out of as light a material as pos-
sible, but something that will last a There is a love of the hunt, there
long time. is inquisitiveness, and a fair degree
of intellectual exercise; also acquisi-
Leather is good, takes specialty tiveness, which, if you live long
tools, but is not too hard to do. Some enough, you really learn about later.
of the nylon cloths are good, but they
unravel. More than anything, treasure
hunting is knowledge of history, real
I have used the material from history, how things happened.
tread mills and other conveyor sys-
tems when I can get it. It is hard to capture this, but when
interpretation dovetails with known
Also inner tube rubber can be fact that is a good course.
gotten; sometimes it is a good, long
You can build your treasure hunt-
ing tools slowly and collect them
over time.

Some you will not use as much as
others, but when you need one of the
tools, nothing else will do.

Some will be custom machines,
made for a job you figured out,
something no one saw yet, from
which you were able to make a draw.

I consistently reconfigure a lot
of stuff myself, so my custom jobs
sometimes have short lives indeed,
being dissembled quickly and put
somewhere else.

Best of luck in your adventures;
be careful and I will look for you in
the field.

“Metal Detector Advantage,” Bill
“The Beachcombers Handbook,”
Merkitch, Von Mueller
“Successful Cache Hunting”
Author’s personal experience.

10 LOST TREASURE NMeawrsclhet2te0r187-15-17

Treasure Facts

Back Issues
Treasure Cache Treasure Facts

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Feature Club

The Lancaster
Research and
Recovery Club

The Lancaster Research and are normally over at 9 p.m. Come Treasurer – Deidre Brown
Recovery Club of Lancaster, early to share stories - meetings start Secretary – Cathy Baker
Pennsylvania, focuses on Family, promptly! On September 10th the Lancaster
Sport and Fun. Research and Recovery Club will
Membership: hold their Annual Fall Hunt at the
They are always looking for peo- Adults (ages 13 – 100): $20/year Lancaster County Park, Kiwanis
ple who share their enthusiasm and Junior (up to age 12): $7.50/year Pavilion #22, on Kiwanis Drive.
passion for life. Join them and enjoy Membership includes member- Registration starts at 9 a.m. and
the camaraderie! ship card, club meetings, member the hunt starts at 10:15 a.m.
hunts, and eligible participation in For more information, contact Ted
Regular club meeting are held club activities too numerous to list. Baker, President and Hunt Master,
once a month on the first Tuesday at [email protected] or log onto the
evening of every month (unless Officers: club’s website at
noted) at the Lancaster County Park, President – Ted Baker For more information about the
Kiwanis Pavilion #22, on Kiwanis Vice President – Paul Means, Jr. club, log onto

The meetings start at 7 p.m. and

12 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 8-15-17

Feature Club cont'd... Newsletter 8-15-17 13

THers' News

Pennsylvania man wins Diamond Lakes Ring Dig.

Pennsylvania Man Searches On Sunday, park staff further Dig was sponsored by the Diamond
For Diamond, Finds Ring reduced the search to a 400-square- Lakes Travel Association and Crater
at Crater of Diamonds foot plot. of Diamonds State Park to promote
Richard Pica, of Beaver Falls, travel and introduce Crater of
Pennsylvania, recently made a The Pica cousins continued Diamonds State Park to new visitors
16-hour trip to Crater of Diamonds searching with many other hope- in Arkansas and throughout the
State Park in Arkansas in search of ful contestants but once again came region.
a genuine diamond to propose to his away empty-handed. 
girlfriend. Southern Specialties Fine Jewelry
Instead he found a whole ring! Resting by a campfire that eve- in Murfreesboro donated the
Pica arrived at Arkansas’s dia- ning, Richard Pica says he saw a engagement ring, valued at $3,500.
mond site with his cousin Mario shooting star in the night sky and
Pica on a Saturday in time for the made a wish that he would win the Crater of Diamonds State Park
Diamond Lake’s Diamond Ring Dig. Ring Dig. is located on Arkansas Highway
In this contest, participants 301 in Murfreesboro. It is one of
searched for a 3” glass gem hid- Monday morning, the Pica cous- 52 state parks administered by the
den in the park’s 37.5-acre diamond ins arrived at the park as soon as it State Parks Division of the Arkansas
search area, the finder of which opened and resumed the gem hunt Department of Parks and Tourism.
would receive a cut 0.57-carat dia- with about a dozen other visitors.
mond set in a white gold engagement For more information, con-
ring. Around 20 minutes into his third tact Crater of Diamonds
Throughout the day, park staff day at the park, Richard Pica picked State Park at 870-285-3113,
and the Diamond Lakes Travel up his mattock, a tool similar to e-mail CraterofDiamonds@
Association posted hourly clues, a pickaxe, to dig deeper into the, or visit www.
gradually reducing the location of plowed dirt.
the gem to about one acre.
Dozens of park visitors scoured According to Pica, after two Tank Collector Finds
the search area on Saturday, includ- swings of the mattock he uncov- Gold Bullion Hidden in
ing the Pica cousins, but no one ered a bright yellow cut glass gem Fuel Compartment
found the hidden gem. and quickly carried it to the park’s A tank fanatic got a new model in
Diamond Discovery Center to have a £30,000 trade-in - and found more
it verified. than £2million of gold bullion hid-
den in the fuel tank.
After more than two days of hopeful
searching, Pica’s wish had come true!
The Diamond Lakes Diamond Ring Newsletter 8-15-17 15

THers' News continued...
Nick Mead, 55, discovered the of his tanks on his farm in Helmdon,
five gold bars in the Russian T54/69 Together with mechanic Todd Northants.
while restoring it to add to his collec- Chamberlain, right, the 55-year-old
tion of 150 military vehicles. collector filmed the prying open the He traded in an Army lorry and
diesel tank in case it contained muni- an Abbot self-propelled gun for the
He and mechanic Todd tions. Photos courtesy of https://www. T54/69 in a deal worth about £30,000
Chamberlain were filming them- after seeing it advertised on eBay.
selves prying open the diesel tank collector-two-million-gold-bullion-
in case they found munitions and Todd and Nick had already found
needed to show it to bomb disposal military-vehicle/ machine gun ammunition while
crews. stripping down the tank and were
worried they would find guns.
Instead, they pulled out the bars,
weighing up to 12lb - 5kg - apiece. The tank restorers believe the
gold was looted by Iraqi soldiers in
Todd, 50, said a quick calculation Kuwait during the Gulf War
suggested they were worth in excess
of £2million. Instead, they discovered the gold,
which they believe was looted by
He added: Iraqi soldiers in Kuwait during the
“We didn’t know what to do. You Gulf War.
can’t exactly take five gold bullion
bars down to Cash Converters with- The tank was later captured and
out questions being asked, so we shipped to Britain.
called the police.”
Nick runs Tanks-a-Lot, giving Nick said: “They must have cut a
petrolheads the chance to drive any hole in the fuel tank and rammed it
full of gold bars.”

After calling police, two officers

16 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 8-15-17

THers' News continued...
is nowadays a golf course at All the area to bring up a bucket from
Saints in Fornham St Genevieve, the pond they were dredging and see
a village and civil parish in the St an ancient sword sticking up just like
Edmundsbury district of Suffolk in Excalibur.
eastern England.
“It was sticking out of the dig-
So, it came as a pleasant surprise ger bucket with the cross handle
to the diggers who were working in upwards – it was weird, really,” Mr.

* BuiltTiannZk-Lfaynnakt™icWNiriceklesMs eTaedchbneolile-ves the WIN! A NEW DETECTOR!

ogy gold bars were looted by Iraqi soldiers Enter Lost Treasure’s August Hunt Sweepstakes for a
* NEW GinarrKeuttwMaiSt-d3u™rZin-Lgytnhke WGuirlef-War. chance to win a Teknetics Minuteman Metal Detector
* Teknetics Minuteman
* IHnecartrdoeeapcoNsehkeioidpacntwkDe. seawitynecacttlshuioednreebdDsatreosprtiahnngd gave them a
the Russian from our new Ameritek line

T54/69 to add to his collection of • Turn-on-and-go, well balanced
and lightweight
150 military vehicles
• Pinpoint mode with depth indicator
The military buffs have stored it (CM or IN)

in a safety deposit box in London. • Motion discrimination mode
• Variable tone breakpoint
Nick said: “Even if I don’t get any • Large 2-digit numeric target-ID numbers,

LLPTOEWRobRfeEaAtARuhteFIiNfUguNolLPlotd,aErWntbRhkaFa.Ic”RmOk EpRI tLwoMEnilSAslhSNsi,triCellEh.aPvoe lmicye from 1-99
Builstpfookrestmheanpsraoifdesthseioyncaoluld not com- • Adjustable sensitivity and discrimination
• Fe-Tone - Adjustable Iron Audio
mtreenat s“uforreohpuenratteior.nal reasons.” • 8-inch concentric waterproof searchcoil
Courtesy of https://www.thesun.
If you do not have access to the Lost Treasure OnLine web site, you may enter by mailing a post card or 3” x 5” piece of paper in an envelope no larger than
9.5” x 4.5” with your name and full address, inclu ding zip code, along with the
two-million-gold-bullion-military- answer to this question: What is the size of the Teknetics Minuteman searchcoil?
(Answer can be found in the ad above.) Mail to: Teknetics , P.O. Box 451589, Grove,
vehicle/ OK 74345-1589. Entries must have a postmark between Sept. 1st - Sept. 30th and
must be received by Oct. 4th, 2017. You may enter as often as once per day, either
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Found on Golf Course
A digger team dredging a pond
on the golf course where the bloody
Battle of Fornham took place in Lost Treasure respects your right to privacy. As part of the registration process, you will be added to our
England, discovered an old sword list to receive special Lost Treasure mailings & special offers puls our FREE email Newsletter.
engraved with words, birds and ani-
mals inlaid in silver. Newsletter 8-15-17 17
It is believed that the Medieval
sword is a remnant of the deadly
battle where forces loyal to Henry
II drove the rebel Earl of Leicester’s
mercenaries into a marsh and slaugh-
tered them.
The site where the Battle of
Fornham took place back in 1173

THers' News continued...
Weakes told Bury Free Press. “It’s lucky the digger bucket
David Weakes of Weakes didn’t break it. I’ve found coins, old
bottles, things like that, before but
Construction was the banksman to nothing like this. It’s very rare for
digger driver Dominic Corcoran something that old to be in that con-
when they found the sword and dition after all those years,” he said.
couldn’t hide his excitement for
being part of such a historic discov- The Battle of Fornham took place
ery, during the Revolt of 1173–74, a

SECURITY Inscribed words in inlaid silver. Credit:
WARNING DECALS Suffolk County Council. Photos cour-
tesy of


Protect Yourself and rebellion against King Henry II of
Your Belongings! England by three of his sons, his wife
Eleanor of Aquitaine, and their rebel
Protect Your Detectors supporters, after the king attempted
and Your Property! to conquer new lands for his young-
est son, Prince John.
• Heavy duty vinyl self-adhesive decal’s warn that your
property is protected by ELECTRONIC AUTOMATIC John’s three older brothers, obvi-
ALARM SYSTEM. ously insulted by their father’s act,
• Frighten burglars away. fled to the court of King Louis VII
• Apply easily to glass, metal, plastic or wood. of France, where they raised a rebel-
• Ideal for home, apartment, car, truck, factory, ware- lion.
house, equipment, store or boats.
• Great low-cost security system. The rebelling sons and the French
• Color decal’s 2 3/4” x 1 3/4” king gathered a respectable amount
• 1 pkg = 4 decal’s for only $3.00 includes s&h of allies and invaded Normandy,
while the Scottish king invaded
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or call 800-423-0029 Ext 2
These invasions didn’t go well
18 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 8-15-17 and negotiations between the rebels
and the English king didn’t produce
any peace.

In the autumn of 1173 a third battle
took place when the Earl of Leicester
landed a large Flemish mercenary
force at Walton near Felixstowe,
quickly uniting with troops under the
Earl of Norwich to push inland after
resting at Framlingham .

That combined force mainly com-
prised foot-soldiers. When the reb-
els reached Fornham about three
miles north of Bury St Edmunds, a
small royalist force led by the man
Henry left in charge of England in
his absence, Richard de Lucy, along
with the Royal Constable Humphrey
de Bohun, seized the opportunity

to attack them in theTHers' News continued...
anarchy of Stephen’s
flank. reign just a generation
earlier. The invaders
This was a bold were slaughtered in
move given the loy-
Fast forward to
alists fielded perhaps 2017, David Harris,
who is in charge of
fewer than a thou- the work at the hotel,
said that the sword
sand men, but those was sent to a con-
servator for further
men included around examination.

four hundred trained During its clean-
ing, the conservator found engrav-
cavalry against some ings of words, birds and animals
inlaid in silver.
eighty mounted war-
That means the sword, complete
riors on the rebel side. with parts of its scabbard, will now
go through the Treasure Act process
Action on the ini- and will be subject of an inquest,
while it is currently held by Suffolk
tial field of battle may
have been brief, the Earl of Leicester The Fornham All Saints golf course.
was rapidly captured and the loyalist Inset: The newly-discovered Medieval
sword. Credit: Suffolk County
cavalry charges dispersed the inex- Council.
cessfulpTeHrieernsceGduifdoeotB-sWol1d_i2eprgs. color.qxd
The small groups of Flemish 2/7/2012 11:17 AM Page 1

fighters fleeing the fight were easy a desire to rob those who had come
prey for the local peasantry whose to plunder them, and in part a furi-
motivation must have been in part ous drive to prevent a return to the


This collection of vital treasure
hunting material includes:

- “The Successful Treasure Hunter’s Guide”, a book filled with great how-
to information;
- A dozen research forms, which give you a specific plan for research;
- A dozen entry-search agreements, which help you make an agreement to
search with the land owner.
- A dozen treasure inventory forms, which help you keep track of your
finds for future hunts on the site.

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LTI Publications, Inc. P.O. Box 451589
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THers' News continued...
County Council’s Archaeological Our restaurant, The View, looks out
Service. over the battlefield so people could
see it and look out over where it was
“It’s wonderful – you can see all found while they drink their coffee.
the silver emblems over it,” Harris Museums are great but it would be
told Bury Free Press. nice to have it here on the site where
it was found.”
He added, “We would like to
retain the sword on the premises.

Click the blue ad above & order your copy of the Axe photos courtesy of http://www.the-
Treasure Hunter’s Logbook
According to Bury Free Press, if
or call 800-423-0029 ext. 2 an inquest concludes that the sword
was riches hidden by someone
20 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 8-15-17 intending to reclaim it, then it auto-
matically becomes Crown property.

However, the finders and land
owner of the land are entitled to a
reward based on a British Museum

This is the second 12th century
sword to have been found from the
Battle of Fornham.

The first one, called ‘The Fornham
Sword’. It was found in 1933 in mud
at the bottom of a ditch in Fornham

The Fornham Sword is also
engraved with inlaid silver and trans-
lates to ‘Be thou blessed’ on one side
and ‘In the name of the Lord’ on the

Courtesy of http://www.

Submitted by Len Myers.

Bronze Age Axes Found
The first finds were made by
metal detecting brothers Joakim and
Jørgen Korstad.
Scanning a field in the village
of Hegra, about 25 miles east of
Trondheim, Norway, they discov-
ered nine socketed axes (known as
Celts), a spearhead, a casting mould
and a fragment that may be a piece
of an ancient horn called a lur.
Realizing they had stumbled on
an archaeological mother lode, the

THers' News continued...
brothers called Nord-Trøndelag facts have just increased by 20 per- the copper.
County Council archaeologist Eirik cent. Copper is known to have been
Solheim, who immediately had the
area secured and inspected the finds Stjørdal municipality is one of the mined locally in the Bronze Age,
on the spot. areas in central Norway that has a including in what is now the munici-
concentration of ancient rock art and pality of Meråker, about 50 miles
He dated the axe heads and other rock carvings. Solheim has wished east of Trondheim.
artifacts to the Late Bronze Age, for a museum to showcase the rock
between 1100-500 B.C. art of the area. Archaeologists hope to return to
Hegra in the fall to look for more
Recently, a more thorough exca- “We know that there’s been a lot artifacts and get some answers to
vation of the site was undertaken of activity in this area, but we’ve some of the questions about this
funded by Cultural Heritage and the lacked artifacts. Now this shows unique hoard.
Nord-Trøndelag County Council. up and it’s infinitely more than we
could have asked for. It’s so spec- Courtesy of http://www.thehisto-
The Korstad brothers and their tacular and totally cool,” he says.
trusty metal detectors aided Eirik
Solheim archaeologist Merete Moe NTNU researchers will now study Submitted by Len Myers.
Henriksen from the Norwegian the objects in the hope of determin-
University of Science and ing the nature of the hoard, why the Gold Coin Hoard Found
Technology (NTNU). artifacts were buried there. In Piano Declared Treasure
Piano tuner Martin Backhouse
The second search unearthed The always popular religious ritu- was having a hard time with some
another 15 axeheads and additional al is a possibility, but there may have sticky keys on a 1906 Broadwood &
metal objects and fragments. been a more practical motive as well. Sons upright piano he was overhaul-
ing for The Community College of
That brings the total of the Hegra They could have been hoarded Bishops Castle.
Bronze Age hoard up to 30 artifacts, temporarily for safekeeping before Martin found the problem when
24 of them axes. being melted down and recast, only he removed the keys: eight parcels
for the plan to be interrupted. full of gold coins.
This is the largest number of axes The school alerted the Finds
ever found in a single deposit in The axeheads have already Liaison Officer for the region, Peter
Norway. revealed a Kinder egg-like surprise Reavill, and he and his colleagues
inside: there appear to be other metal at the Portable Antiquities Scheme
As if that weren’t significant objects encased within some of them. examined and catalogued the hoard.
enough, only about 800 metal arti- Inside seven cloth-wrapped par-
facts from the Bronze Age have been The team will also test the objects cels and one suede drawstring pouch,
recovered in Norway, so 30 in one using XRF analysis to determine they counted 913 gold sovereigns
fell swoop is a finding of sizeable what alloy they are composed of. and half-sovereigns ranging in date
proportions. from 1847 to 1915, issued in the
The type of alloy will indicate reigns of Queen Victoria, Edward
In the county of Trøndelag only whether the axes were tools used VII and George V.
about 150 metal objects from the for work or if they were decorative. The weight of the coins totals
period have been unearthed, so the Small samples of the metal will be more than 6 kilos (13+ pounds) of
county’s Bronze Age metallic arti- analyzed to determine the origin of gold bullion.
One of the pouches was packed
with cardboard that provided an
important clue to when the hoard
was hidden.
It was an ad for Shredded Wheat
created after 1926 and likely before
1946. Attempts to trace the owner-
ship history of the piano to deter-
mine who might have stashed the
coins inside it went nowhere.
After its manufacture by
Broadwood & Sons of London, it
was sold to music teachers Messrs. Newsletter 8-15-17 21

THers' News continued...

Photo courtesy of

Beavan & Mothersole of Saffron assessed sum, which will then be split date range (1854-1913).
Walden, Essex. between finder Martin Backhouse The publicity from that case
and the piano’s owners, the Bishops
The trail picks up again in 1983 Castle Community College. resulted in the identification of the
when it was acquired by Mr. and legitimate owner, the son of the orig-
Mrs. Hemming, also of Saffron Coins made of precious metals inal owner who had died in 1981.
Walden, for the children to learn on. that are more than 300-years-old
qualify as treasure, but these coins That has not happened in this
It remained with the Hemmings are comparatively recent. case, despite the coroner adjourning
until last year when they donated it the inquest twice to give any poten-
to the Bishops Castle Community The determination that they are tial claimants the chance to come
College. treasure is based on three criteria: forward.

John Ellery, senior coroner for 1) they are made of gold, Surprising absolutely nobody,
Shropshire, held an inquest in 2) they were deliberately hidden many claimants came forward,
Shrewsbury and declared the gold with the ultimate aim of recovering almost 50 of them, hoping to get
coins treasure according to the 1996 them at a later date, and their hands on some of that sweet,
Treasure Act, which means they now 3) the owner and/or heirs are sweet gold sovereignage, but no evi-
officially belong to the Crown. unknown. dence was found to substantiate any
This was the standard applied of the claims, hence the treasure
The British Museum will convene to the Hackney Double Eagle verdict.
a Treasure Valuation Committee to hoard discovered in a London back-
assess the market value of the coins. yard in 2010, whose coins are also Courtesy of http://www.thehisto-
Local museums will be given the gold and have almost the exact same
chance to acquire the hoard for the
Submitted by Len Myers.

22 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 8-15-17

Favorite Finds

Shown Are Some Favorite Finds
Made By Reader Kelly Rea Newsletter 8-15-17 23

More Favorite Finds

24 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 8-15-17

Tip From the Pros


By Jay Pastor

Detectorists who have people in, say, 1905 that loaf of bread), possibly
discovered vintage coins lost the coins you hold whistling “My Merry
on modern beaches can Oldsmobile” on their
in your hand. way to the boardwalk.
appreciate Einstein's They enjoyed each
astounding statement other’s company, cavort- They were probably
that: … the separation ed in the waves, mugged very happy to have had
between past, present, for the box camera (or a chance for a nice swim
and future is only an possibly the brand new (only 14% of homes had
illusion, although a con- folding Brownie intro-
duced that month), and bathtubs).
vincing one. overate caloric treats at Life was good under
Your detector is the the concession stands. President Teddy, and our
key to the Munchkin They might have gone flag now had 45-stars.
Land door, turning a to the movies (nickel- And by finding the
stale sepia image into odeon) afterward for coins they once had in
a vital, colorful, vivid 5-cents a show (only their pockets, you and
1-cent more than a your detector have made
reality. then exist again.
These were actual Newsletter 8-15-17 25

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