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Online Newsletter - 21 August 2018

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Online Newsletter - 21 August 2018

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The 52nd Annual Rock,The Pikes Peak AdventureDIGGER
PPAL walks camp park OUTING 2018

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Lost Treasure

Online Newsletter

August 21, 2018


Feature Club — page 4


page 23 — Favorite Finds


3 The Coined Phrase
6 Tips From the Pros
8 Special Bonus Feature From
Lost Treasure Magazine
13 The Charles Garrett Memorial
Hunt III, Diggin’ Texas 2019

15 THers' News
25 Calendar of Events

2 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 8-21-18

LostTreasure The Coined Phrase

CELEBRATING OUR 50th YEAR By Carla Nielsen

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Feature Club

The Pikes Peak Adventure League
of Colorado Springs, Colorado

The Pikes Peak Adventure League from time to time. Treasurer - JD Long
(PPAL) meetings are on the first Meetings begin around 6:30 p.m. Secretary/Editor - Jeff Popp
Thursdays of the month, with
December excepted. Guests are always welcome. You can contact the PPAL (Pikes
This year the organization is cel- Peak Adventure League) via e-mail
They meet at the Mi Mexico at [email protected]
restaurant at 3956 North Academy ebrating its 45th anniversary.
Blvd., near the corner of Austin P.O. Box 7033, Colorado Springs,
Bluffs Parkway and Academy. Officers: CO 80933, or by calling (719) 473-
Meeting locations tend to change President - Andy Roake 0330.
Vice President - Kelly Velder

[L-R] Dennis Carl, Joel Swisher, Curtis Henkel and Jack
Mattingly were big winners in the June ticket drawing!

4 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 8-21-18

Feature Club cont'd...

PPAL walks camp park OUTING 2018

Page 2 – PPAL Newsletter – July 2018 Newsletter 8-21-18 5

Tip From the Pros


By Jay Pastor

Save the modern consider this amount from beneath the
pocket change you of cash as being avail- ground, it is the
find, and periodically able to you for the pur- second- best way,
deposit a batch in the chase of a few silver or when good finds seem
bank, making a note other nice older coins; scarce, of winding
then, buy them from a up via your metal
of its value. detecting field trips
When you feel that dealer. with coins you want.
you have enough saved Although it’s not as And, in its own way,
exciting as rescuing it’s very gratifying.
(it will be these coins directly
surprisingly soon),

6 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 8-21-18

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Page 16


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Page 56




Click this adPage11

Colonial Finds

Are They From the
UK or US?

Page 8

SGTteeaTxoMthaergseaTigraseataozsriunyreeoanTnatldehsie:sfionlAGFclTraoelGreurwoe!tlddtiendg aSpWwPseIaEaeNgnpe!gatset3rae3kbess oins ufrsopmreLvoieswt Torfewashuarte
Hawaii you can expecSt waseaepLsotsatkTerseasure subscriber.

Spanish coins found on a shipwreck site underwater.

How To -

Hunting Tools

By John Christopher Fine

Editor’s Note: Due to a produc- as an innovator to adapt tools for Science, astronomy, medicine and
tion issue, this story did not run in underwater work. industry advanced far beyond the
the proper sequence in our October European Dark Ages. I prefer to pin
issue, so we are running it again in It is always difficult to say a cer- the invention of the “mailbox” on
its entirety here... tain person was the first to invent my friend, the late Mel Fisher.
something. The old Russians joked
Mel Fisher was an engineer. and always bragged about their How do you dig down through 10,
When he began his dive operation in claim to an invention no matter its 20, even 30 feet of sand that covers
California he became an innovator. rightful heir. The Russians did it first treasure underwater? Hand fanning
and always better. We laugh since it will never get down that deep. The
Diving was at its infancy. Mel is partially true. deepest I had patience to dig by hand
married a landlocked Montana girl on a shipwreck site was three feet.
and together they started a family. Great civilizations before ours in By that time I was exhausted and the
They all became accomplished div- Egypt, Persia, in the Americas under sand kept collapsing into the hole.
ers and eventually participated in Maya, Aztec and Inca cultures, and
Mel’s dream to find sunken treasure. throughout the Asian world saw I sometimes use my SeaDoo
amazing progress in invention. underwater scooter to blow sand
During it all, Mel used his skills

814 LOLOSST TTTRREEAASSUURREENeFwesblreutaterry 82-02118-18

UnderwateMr TorreeaHsouwreTHou-nting Tools

away. It works when I turn the along his young son. the ship for sorting.
propeller downward and brace the In a tragic accident, the boy decid- Also dangerous? Yes. Not only
scooter against my chest, but I still
cannot dig very deep. ed to take a swim while the mailbox- can the pipe get away from a diver
es were engaged. The water coursing and thrash around underwater, a div-
Mel Fisher and his dive teams had back along the ship’s hull drew him er’s hand and arm can be caught in it.
to move sand. Spanish galleons, lost into the unprotected mailbox and he
at sea in hurricanes during their colo- was killed by the ship’s propeller. I was working with a group of
nial conquests that lasted 350 years, divers salvaging ore from a ship
settled into the sand. Heavy objects Divers were often enough sucked torpedoed during World War II off
sank down to the coral substrate and up and thrown against the mailboxes Key West using air lifts. One diver
were covered by sand. to a point where safety devices had had his arm sucked into the pipe.
to be installed. Mel had iron bars Since the operation of the compres-
Getting to them would either have welded around the mailbox to keep sor was aboard ship, and he was
to wait until ocean storms pushed people and objects away from the working alone without any ability
sand away and uncovered cannons propellers. to communicate, he remained with
or you would have to move the sand. his arm stuck in the vacuum until he
It was impossible to communicate was rescued.
Mel moved sand. Lots of it. He with divers working below in those
did it by creating an elbow that days so it was imperative that these The diver’s arm had swelled as
could be lowered over the stern of safety screens be installed. They are blood and fluids filled his arm from
his treasure hunting vessels. The in common use today by underwater the force of the suction and he had
large elbow would be bolted in place treasure hunters. to have the arm sliced open by sur-
over the ship’s propeller. Once in geons to relieve the pressure from
place the vessel could be anchored Another method of moving sand the fluids.
fore and aft so it would not move is by the use of an air lift. This
when the propeller was engaged. device is simple to build and is noth- Arms, hands and fingers must
The invention was called a mailbox. ing but a long pipe, the diameter of be kept away from the operating
which depends on the operation. end of air lifts, and care must be
Not only was visibility improved used to operate them in a manner so
by sending clearer surface water A fitting is welded to the work- that valuable smaller objects are not
down below, the force of the down- ing end of the pipe and an air hose sucked into the pipe and lost again
draft of water from the churning goes from the fitting to a shipboard out the open end.
propeller dug neat, round holes in compressor. Compressed air is sent
the bottom clear down to the coral into the hose which creates a ven- Underwater treasure hunters all
substrate. turi system that turns the operating have their favorite metal detectors.
end of the pipe into an underwater In the early days metal detector tech-
Divers heavily weighted down vacuum cleaner. nology was from the mine detectors
could work under the propeller wash of World War II vintage. Adaptations
and see clearly as treasures were Handles welded onto the pipe had to be made to accommodate
uncovered. enable it to be handled by a diver their use underwater.
working underwater. The diver uses
Once you see it in operation, the this vacuum cleaner to remove sand. Inventors like Tony Spooner
mailbox is relatively simple. Ships He must watch carefully to grab any began working with Mel Fisher to
with two engines and two propellers object uncovered before it is sucked develop effective underwater metal
had two mailboxes fixed on the stern up the pipe and thrown out the open detectors that were practical and
platform. end. durable.

Mel’s mailboxes beat out the When Mel Fisher and his team Working under a mailbox people
previous innovation of a flat metal of divers uncovered uncut emeralds and things get tossed around and
plate lowered over the stern that on the Atocha site the air lift sucked earphones are not practical while
deflected the prop wash downward. them up and spewed them out the working in a prop wash. The power
Dangerous? Yes, very dangerous. open end. Divers had to grab the of surge pulls them off.
cascading green stones as they fell
When National Geographic back onto the sand. A vibrating device was created
Magazine assigned one of their top that fitted under a diver’s mask
photographers to cover Mel Fisher’s Mel’s solution was to have the against the bone behind the ear.
operations and treasure recovery on open end of the air lift attached to Instead of beeping, and rather than
the Nuestra Señora de Atocha and a longer flexible pipe that jetted the trying to look at a meter in lim-
Santa Margarita sites he brought finds into a metal screen on board ited visibility without having the 195

UnderwateMr TorreeaHsouwreTHou- nting Tools

John McSherry, a Veteran treasure diver, aboard the Tailhook
with the mailbox hauled up. Photos by John Christopher Fine.

inconvenience of ear phones, whose pop tops or aluminum cans. ter. The objects have to be iron like
cables can tangle and be washed Working on Mel’s 1622 shipwreck anchors or cannons. Magnetometers
away, the device would vibrate when will not detect bronze cannons, the
a hit occurred. sites in the quicksand it became kind the Atocha carried. There must
immediately apparent that genera- be significant amounts of ferrous
I have used my Garrett underwa- tions of fishermen and war activi- metal on a shipwreck for a “mag” to
ter metal detectors successfully over ties, including naval target practice pick it up.
many years. The late Charles Garrett and bomb explosions, resulted in a
was an avid diver and he invented lot of trash. Nevertheless the patient Simply put it is a magnet dragged
metal detector technology. and methodical treasure hunter was underwater connected to shipboard
always rewarded. computers.
When he saw the need for a
waterproof detector that could with- I watched with amazement as one Iron shipwrecks are found even
stand pressure up to 200 feet and be of Mel’s pioneer divers and close when buried under sand, as are
practical underwater, Charles came friend, Mo Molinar, went below. anchors and anchor chains.
up with a state of the art underwater There was nothing elegant about his
metal detector and was able to sell dress. Usually a mix of jeans, over- Side scan sonar has become one
enough of them to make them eco- alls and a wet suit top. Mo usually of the latest innovations that treasure
nomically feasible for the average never took a metal detector below hunters use to locate shipwrecks.
person. yet he always came up with a coin or
two even on the worst of days. The sonar sensor is inside a “tow
Garrett now produces a water- fish” that is suspended by cables
proof detector that can be submerged “You got good eyes,” Mo told me from the search vessel. Sonic pulses
in up to 10 feet of water with water- once. That was a high compliment are emitted from the head.
proof headphones. Divers that seek from this veteran treasure finder that
treasure on shipwrecks find Garrett’s could locate coins where no one else When they strike an object the
underwater detector, waterproof to could find them. signal is returned and interpreted by
200 feet, an important tool. a computer. When a hit is obtained
Like Mel and Deo Fisher, Mo the site is marked.
Metal detectors have various con- Molinar has passed on now. He was
trols and one of them sets sensitiv- a good poker player and many a Today it is unnecessary to
ity or discrimination. I never use diver lost their pokes to him aboard throw over marker buoys. Global
discrimination underwater. I do not “Virgalona” on lazy nights anchored Positioning Systems (GPS) as part
care if I recover 100 lead sinkers to over a treasure site. of the computerized location tech-
one coin. I want it all. I do not want nology mark the place automatically.
to pass up a thin gold chain or small Modern technology has advanced
coin hoping not to gather in more search techniques. Magnetometers The ship’s operator can then
will detect ferrous objects underwa- return to the exact spot where an
anomaly was indicated without hav-
ing to interrupt the search pattern.

1160 LLOOSSTT TTRREEAASSUURREE NFeewbsruleatrtyer280-1281-18

UnderwateMr TorreeaHsouwreTHou- nting Tools

In the old days Mel Fisher put an Lakes and libraries go together. When the difficulty of the dive
observer on a platform set on pilings Local historical societies maintain is more than their skill level can
in mid-ocean. It was an unpleasant records of early settlements. accommodate the camera only adds
job in the brutal Florida summer sun. another burden. I have had to help
Divers called the observer “Fryboy.” People created their communities rescue overburdened divers.
along rivers, lakes, and bodies of
With binoculars and a positioning water. It provided transportation ave- Until skill and experience brings
device he would radio the search nues, food resources and irrigation. divers to a point where they can
vessel to keep it on course as it handle other tasks beyond diving, it
worked patterns underwater, mag- Towns and cities may be gone is best not to carry extra gear below.
ging for anything that might indicate now - settlements long ago removed
a shipwreck below. by progress. River banks may have Do not exceed your limitations.
shifted, lakes drained, and creeks Learn to dive from experienced
Side scan technology hooked to dammed. instructors and dive safely. Safety is
the GPS has eliminated the need paramount in any underwater trea-
for Fryboys, although magging in Ocean storms may have covered sure exploration.
summer from a search boat is still or uncovered beaches where once
a tedious job that requires toil and ships foundered and were washed up Have fun and remember Mel
great patience. on shore. Fisher’s optimistic call to his div-
ers (and the motto of Lost Treasure
Aerial observations are impor- Research is key to finding trea- Magazine): “Today’s the day.”
tant in locating shipwrecks. Veteran sure. Once on location, having good
diver and shipwreck historian Dr. tools is tantamount to success. Sources:
E. Lee Spence began flying lessons Author’s diving experience, use
to locate Confederate blockade run- The real cost is mounting an and testing of equipment.
ners off the coast of his native South underwater treasure hunting expedi-
Carolina. tion. Getting there only to have an Contribute to
underwater metal detector fail to
“When I saw a boil I knew operate is a grave disappointment. LT Magazine via TM
there was a shipwreck below,” Lee Metal ede-tmectaorislhaavte been
explained. On one expedition I checked my mlooasunprtatfasurslgielo-tinainmsseignubecreudse1i9in.t8ecos3os.r&m@
detector on the airplane and my • T+ES+O+R+O ++++++
The boil was caused when the baggage was lost. The delay was • GSAuRbREmTTit stories
current sent plumes of silt up over a impossible. •aXnPdDpEThEoCTtOoRsS, your
shipwreck, thus revealing the loca- • Ffiashveor rReitseearfcihnds,
tion of a sunken vessel. I was able to call the Charles a• DGetueectsotrPEroditorial,
Garrett company in Texas and, with- • BounatyTHHun’tienr g
Today the use of drones has made out hesitation, a replacement detec- • AGTDepceaWTqkcsprdhnerhuHtteseehoootsetMle’tioetrcisaSdrsonsitisaeeessitglcseeos.urag-nrYaibtoR,yonoeootuduadritl
aerial photography relatively inex- tor was on its way to me and I was •
pensive. In the hands of a skilled able to successfully complete work •
operator, a drone can hover over a on my project. •
suspected shipwreck site returning
images to a shipboard computer. Buy the best underwater metal DetectocraEnlecatrlosnoics Corp.
This is especially valuable in clear detector the first time. If you don’t TfswuOo5uwLSrpcVssL0owgipluescouF.g8titMohonR2ubebU-3eEmtodrss4rtTlEoaufitOuri6uColg8ngDnnahp0hrs0aei,T0kgtMTetlh--yueeA4eRe6cHaosd4ntW0v.o2n6u1’tdree7-.i4dorb0c7nna2o:24rmgt4.4
and relatively shallow water. you will quickly outgrow it and have For More Data Circle 59
to upgrade to a better one. Leave
Even with the best innovations fabrication to experts. I no longer
and inventions, the most important try to improvise or make my own
element that successful shipwreck experimental underwater detection
hunters agree on is the need for care- gear in plastic housings.
ful research.
I rely on the technology Charles
The study of the accounts of sink- Garrett developed. It has been tested
ings from early newspapers and and refined over many years.
archive materials provides eyewit-
ness reports. Underwater treasure hunting
requires skill and patience. Like
In many cases locations are indi- underwater photography, I teach div-
cated. Early books can be misleading ers that first they must gain experi-
as to shipwreck locations, although ence and be comfortable underwater
the research may prove helpful as a before taking on another burden.
beginning point.
Too often I have seen novice div-
ers immediately take cameras below.

wwwww.Lwo.sLtTorsetTarseuarseu.croem.coNmewFselebtrtuear r8y-2210-1188 1117


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The Charles Garrett
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Diggin’ Texas 2019

The Charles Garrett Memorial out the park grounds for native coins be announced soon!
Hunt III, Diggin’ Texas 2019, will be and relics that can be entered in the Picnic and coolers allowed.
held the weekend of March 29-31, Best Finds contest.
2019 (rain or shine) at Diamond Don Alcohol restricted from designated
Empire, 1602 Highway 49 East, in In addition, special prize tokens hunt areas.
historic Jefferson, Texas, to honor and caches will be seeded through-
the company’s founder. out the park grounds. For hunt rules, entry form, pric-
es and more information about the
Plenty of Fun for All Ages! Sign- Plan to excavate fresh areas of the Charles Garrett Memorial Hunt III,
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Participation in prize hunts: Best
Finds Hunt, Lights Out Hunt, Free Meet other treasure hunt- If you need more information,
Range Hunt, and Free Kids Hunt (for ers and find some treasure! e-mail [email protected] 
those 12 and under). Optional Silver Or explore Jefferson’s historic dis-
Hunt and Relic Hunt also available. trict and local museums, and ride the For more about the hunt site and/
One Charles Garrett Memorial/ Jefferson Railway!  or to make reservations to stay,
Diggin’ Texas Hunt T-shirt (if hunt visit
fee is paid before February 1, 2019) Ironclad boat replica, and cannon You can also e-mail Diamond Don›s
Free park admission and camp- firing demonstrations on Saturday RV at melissa@jeffersonrailway.
ing (RV camping requires addition- (weather permitting). com
al fee).
Hunters are free to search through- All prizes will be awarded! A ran- For more info about riding the
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THers' News

Kevin Dykstra and Frederick J. On board they found a safe with the The pair dove into the 37-degree water
Monroe think they have discovered a doors sealed shut. They believe the and found most of the vessel, includ-
boat with $2 million worth of gold.
fortune is stashed inside. ing the cabin and steering wheel.

$2 million In Gold In Lake trying to pry it open.  down and talking to a friend of mine,
Michigan Shipwreck? In the late 1800’s, boxcars were and all of the sudden he says, “Fred,
Treasure hunters believe they you’re just the person I want to see
have found $2 million worth of gold pushed into the water to lighten their with your diving experience. My
stolen from the Confederates after cargo. grandfather told me a story that he
the Civil War in a Lake Michigan heard from a lighthouse keeper, who
Shipwreck.  A story was then passed down originally heard it during a deathbed
Kevin Dykstra and Frederick J. through generations that the fortune confession, that there’s 2 million
Monroe, who have been search- was still inside one of them.  dollars of gold bullion inside a box
ing for the long-lost bullions for car that fell off a ferry into Lake
a year, claim they have stumbled A deathbed confession George Michigan”.’ 
upon a 19th Century tug boat off of Alexander Abbott, who died in 1921,
Frankfort, Michigan, with the cabin is said to have revealed the location. They were out on the water during
doors still intact. one their searches when they saw
There is also a safe on the vessel, The ship was said to be fully the outline of a boat pop up on their
and the pair believe there is some- intact cabin and safe was still there. sonar. 
thing hidden inside, and are now
Monroe was relayed the tale in Dykstra told the station: ‘I was
1972 and, 40 years later, they believe actually hovering over the bow of
they are closer than ever to finding
the fortune.

He told WZZM 13: ‘I was sitting

The pair have been searching for the gold off of Frankfort, Michigan, for
more than a year. Photos courtesy of Newsletter 8-21-18 15

THers' News continued...

the ship, and when I looked down, The 70ft tugboat found in the California Gold Marketing Group
I could see the windless very clear.  depths would have looked similar LLC of Brea, Calif., we see a veri-
table census of Territorial gold issues
They decided to investigate and to this vessel. from the Gold Rush.
plunged into the 37-degree water. 
shipwreck.html The ship sank in a hurricane off
It didn’t take long to determine the coast of North Carolina with so
that it was a tug boat, and it was Treasure Yields 105 much gold aboard that news of the
roughly 70 feet in length.  Territorial Gold Pieces tragedy sparked the Panic of 1857 on
The  SS Central America is the Wall Street.
He added: ‘I was actually hover- sunken treasure wreck that just keeps
ing over the bow of the ship, and on giving. A remarkable 105 pieces fall into
when I looked down, I could see the From the latest release of the the Territorial gold coin category.
windless very clear.
All have been slabbed by the
‘As I looked to the back of the Professional Coin Grading Service.
cabin, there was a rear door to the Eager coin buyers will read the list
cabin,’ said Dykstra. ‘Just to the left of gold issues as a hungry person
of the rear door was a safe.’  reads a menu.

They believe the latest discovery “We have finished carefully exam-
may lead them closer to the lost box ining and cataloging the $5, $10
cars.  and $20 gold Territorials we took
possession of earlier this year that
Courtesy of http://www.daily- were retrieved from the SS Central America in 2014,” said CGMG
Treasure-hunters-believe-gold- Managing Partner Dwight Manley.
s t o l e n - C o n f e d e r a t e s - C i v i l - Wa r -

16 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 8-21-18

THers' News continued...
lover Cleopatra in Egypt and experts Mike. Dad-of-one Mike, a fisherman
“There are an unprecedented 50 THtvshaHeeei••raTdOyd1chUa18ro(ea852Sfrr5ioc5)en(o3n.d1Wien9roaUs)fsfSwsothriMliAlsvobsaslsileizutaoeahyrtaai&nonOdndfeCfvdaioacn.orediSveemtt9yrh0aetil0nosl (fa1r-ol)•••i““mfIIe111tt88Ph8iwm45a4lyad929ems/M1aMfioinHnugoocdtofurfhf.efoma,addttDbi&bi&eedlrveetC,oCa(ona1oa.,)t.bTsruToaEieuEdNtoN: wnDcDh.eaO-(ti2nL)i-t.
Kellogg & Co. $20 coins, including lik$e1ly0 dsoelndomtoinaatmiounseum, with the Rwoa••ms 11-a88nI55hd22aedHUnaauSrlmirAiebtashesdarayttym(f1oOo)ufrnfnidicneogn.(e3o) r two
two monumentally rare, uncirculated pro(tfoittsalspolfit1b3ectwoienesn):the farmer and
coins! Ten of those 50 were found
together in a pile with other coins SECURITY
on the Atlantic Ocean seabed off the WARNING DECALS
coast of the Carolinas,” Manley said.
Protect Yourself and
For any collector who ever Your Belongings!
drooled over the Territorial gold sec-
tion of the Red Book, the list of rari- Protect Your Detectors
ties is staggering. It includes: and Your Property!

• The second-finest-known 1854 • Heavy duty vinyl self-adhesive decal’s warn that your
Kellogg $20, graded PCGS MS-62+. property is protected by ELECTRONIC AUTOMATIC
• The-second-finest known 1855 • Frighten burglars away.
Kellogg $20, PCGS MS-61. • Apply easily to glass, metal, plastic or wood.
• Ideal for home, apartment, car, truck, factory, ware-
• Two rare 1855 Wass Molitor house, equipment, store or boats.
AwtSthhHdmoisaaeceftuuTstloothadoaetnuuhlhc.ytladcrnoeht-rrtoomrdnHeeeee.rOserudasbeyksnfPyaaeigf/os-movdCniMrffcefiaeGonnaheivwRdknldttSaessotesg(pr$/odm-IpAiS:22me/lact0/Py0Utawhaanym0Cegl-w0edr5o“eG$0waeu:58df02rnS.tiu.8Spe-0hnacr4Wl-erAyoin1gnismiNiUnet8ogThowSs5l-Haua-dk)s535vt/nOmP8h5peco3lhhUUeoybwa2otemiea.nS4rntSneol-d9-”sn,.s • Great low-cost security system.
vveBetaayrrrr“y,iiiTTeetriittehhssyypehe,nrhgeoeavasrxrtesaecarbdhnayceeattiisedrnntlaoooggrPlrceodCyaagi8tGgstyi8ooco.S” • Color decal’s 2 3/4” x 1 3/4”
nessCoouf r.t8e8sy4 puorfity,Phwoatso strcuocukrtfeosry • 1 pkg = 4 decal’s for only $3.00 includes s&h
oonfly eigwhwt wd.atyhsegiunarFdeiabnru.caorym/asncdi-
Menacrceh/2o0f171/8s5e3p/b27ef/moreetathl-edyetsewctiotcrhisetds- Click on this ad to order OnLine
satarntedfaarcdts,”#iemxgp-la1ined Bob Evans, the or call 800-423-0029 Ext 2
chieSfubscmieitntetidstbyonLetnheMy1e9r8s0. 's mis-
sions. wwwwww.L.LoosstTtTrereaasusurere.c.ocommNNewewslseltetettrer128-1291-178 197

TPhleymsaomuethmMissaionnFsitnhdast first locat-
ed a£n2d00re,0co00veorfedCaoipnosrItinon of the SS
CenAtraFlarAmmeerr’iscaF iterledasure and then
assiAstendawmiathtetuhre in
a “fWaremaelrs’os ffoieulndd hfiavse t1o8l5d3hMowoffahte
&fouCnod. a$2o0nsc,”e-iEn-vaa-nlisfestiamide. h“oItarwd aosf
re2a,0ll0y0e-xyceiatri-nogldtoRloocmataenthsielsveebr eccoaiunse-
wweodrtihdnu’pt rtoec£o2v0e0ry,00an0y. Moffat $20s
duriMngikeanSymaolfe, t3h5e, feoaurlnidertheexpheodair-d
tioofn6s0.”0 rare denarii in a farmer’s field
inEBvarindspoirst wthheilecuhruatnotringofwaitlhl hoifs
thpealsrefcroovmerethde tSreoaustuhreer.nItDiestescitmorpislyts

$A20sdinegnloemoinneatcioan sell for up to
£9(0to0tasloofth7e7 fciosihnesr)m: an was aston-
ish• e1d85w4hKenelhloeggun&coCveor.e(d26oncoeinpsr)is-
tin•e1c8o5i5n Kafetellroagngo&theCr od.a(ti2n4g) back to
32•B1C8.5S3oMmoeffoaftt&heCmoe.ta(5l )disks were
m•int1e8d5d3urUinSg tAhessearya ROoffmicaen 8ge8n4-
TeHraOl UMSar(k1A) ntony was allied with his

TTHHeerrss'' NNeewwss ccoonnttiinnuueedd......
• 1853 US Assay Office 900


• 1852 Wass Molitor & Co. Small

Head (1)

• 1852 Wass Molitor & Co. Large

Head (2)

• 1855 Wass Molitor & Co. (1)

$5 denomination

(total of 15 coins):

• 1849 Moffat & Co. (11)

• 1850 Moffat & Co. (2)

• 1852 Wass Molitor & Co. Small

Head (2)

CCoionusrfteosuyndoifn thhtetpw:/r/ewckwowf.nthuemRiso-oswijk. Photograph: Pewter spoons found during excavation work. Photograph:
maticnews.neZt/ebeuuzwzs/tmreaarsiutirme-eymieuldZsE-Eum/PA Lauren Hurley/PA

seaSbuebdm1it0te0d mbyetDerasvifdroHmydteh.e 18th- The ship is an officially protected first to be scientifically excavated.

essful color.qxd 2/7w/2r0e1c2k s1it1e:1b7eAcMausPeagoef 1its historic The excavation was judged urgent
SThhiepwevriedcekncLeofarodmedthe wreck site importance.
is WthaitththGeolhdeaFvoiluyndladen ship sank because the deep silty sand that has

OfAthceoi2n5a0ndDruotscahryEbaestadIns ddiiascsohvieprsed inptrhoeteNctaemdibthiaenrsehmipawinrescfko(rDsioetelrong is
likDe iaamstoonnde,mwiintehrsthreecleonsstlyofdeisvceorvy-- Nknooliw). nPhtoothoasvceoubretesnywofrehctktpesd:/,/aornclhymadmasgh.cifotmin/g50n0-oyweard-uoled-tsohipcwharencgki-nlgoadtiedda-l
eorneedona bsohairpd.that went down 500 third has been locatedwiathn-dgothldis-foisunthde-in-npaamttiebrinans,-delesearvti/ng timbers exposed


This collection of vital treasure
hunting material includes:

- “The Successful Treasure Hunter’s Guide”, a book filled with great how-
to information;
- A dozen research forms, which give you a specific plan for research;
- A dozen entry-search agreements, which help you make an agreement to
search with the land owner.
- A dozen treasure inventory forms, which help you keep track of your
finds for future hunts on the site.

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Call today 800-423-0029 Ext 2
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LTI Publications, Inc. P.O. Box 451589
Grove, OK 74345 (Please include tel # for mail in orders)

1186 LLOOSSTT TTRREEAASSUURREE NNeewwsslleetttteerr 81-22-11-91-817

TTHHeerrss'' NNeewwss ccoonnttiinnuueedd......ologist at Historic England, said
it was in discussions with Dover, treasure-and-intrigue-scientists-
oiouwmffnrm1eSroac6unekvtbdeh.emi alco-iteftesntlteytotduhrrreyebyc-y“ooapLrgfti-neip1lnielz7eseMr4,”
years ago after draining a man-made hfgbadcioneaeoniugsolandftnclda-aohdstnirhgpt–ceioihoseasuboen,tsgrimfitehrtsansoewnomothdat‘foiesnfutmtidrthleRhadeedneowtbagopNhleeso,rawootmtwhlspiietjooolukrotnsofhoefidlapt’dik,otererosocdtditohnnerspegeoclypdtitmhkei’egtdeeders-
lagoon on Namibia’s coast. cworpepcekrs.or bronze pipes. Jthuae“MUtrIgsneaeetindaaplrhpJtDaoihpcneeoUetsbednc]witqoebru[raeCiecsikhtnsieaffancdt geologist
told him
While shipwrecks are often found TChoeuyrteesymaiolefd hhtitmps:/a/wnwiwm.tahgee- rather old
along Africa’s Skeleton Coast, this
one just so happened to be load-
ed with $13,000,000 worth of gold


It also answers a centuries–old

mystery and is what some archae-

ologists are calling one of the most

significant shipwrecks ever found.
TPhheotowcroeucrkteswy aosf wfiwrswt.thdeisgcuoavrde-red
aloianng.ctohme/sccoiaesntcen/e2a0r17O/sreapn/j2e7m/muentdalb- y

One reason it took centuries to
faind idsebceacyaiunsge i–t wanasduvnudlenrenreaabthlethteo
“ItTmheaymninevinegr bseitepocsosnibcleer,noedr ewveans

adcetsuiarallbyle,lotocaotepdenitnhethmeysstuerfy czhoenset,.

wChoenrveetnhteiovnioalenxt-arcatyiosn ofttehne wdaovne’st
trheevoeraelticmaullcyh moaf dheeamvinlyingconimcrpeotesd-
soibjlec,”tsa. rchaeologist Dr. Dieter Noli
toldAFngoexlNaeMwisd.cdolemto. n, a conservation
exp“eSrot awthHatistthoerichEapnsgldaondi,s hpoupsehsutpo
apehrusgueadseeat-hweaclluwstoitmh sbualuldthoozreirtsiepsatro-
ablrlienlgtoaltohnegboenaceho,fwthiteh sthcaenennedrss rthueny-
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tHsssASwtltscdpoStaitihuahotrfuhuahnorlla.yrghereeiaorrieidacun“IlnoOTM“lpipfyootndgotlnnhHtdWpwro”hsshgiruprwdngawaispse)hsnaeiseeporeeeenw,btnsuraovee.rtarscoulh”oedyotemnmssdcw”isehitlncenneocdk.hoa“Aoteidpksirmcghmhesknheg–ganrspiefiueendhainfiteoeretcciigthwpvrdeiwtgcnfttrtnhhDaceh’heowesefaaasileaaiaiottiisotlsltanssntisnhRslshcsnItf,vmjrtebudoeyh”gdnteuirceedaneraiwtedtrsphsotsbrsehrcshea-dhtteireatuhgiiowieoinsiepeeotxtttaenntedoenrochaudovtaroogioe“ouoosnrotcasttreplvddaeT.tultetvtetuahobiohrceottrsrh(ioetw,gouawshlgetdPiraeiffuwoiintdnoeihm.eosdoeogsMstrdeGgutdaGasrhertsroapsatsltttst.h.aoonaoatauashno onrwriioorrrdtntgscsopcf’cieNiTefdstetoutehoyphrsiytihiwav.ouetnthtmaviibaohhennneosolleaetielidnoieeeegodgnne-fft-r,t
oglroagvieclaflowr odrokc…ksfodrevtheelompmineenint w19o9rk6.,
I haTdheat stahnadt spoailnstobebeencapmreeacthhienglatsot
trheesmtinfgopr laacdeozoefnmyaenayrsdtohwatn‘eodneBdatatyle’
tohfeBy rwitaoiunldaifrincdrewa ,sahnipdwortehcekr,s alonsdt tion
ltehtemSeeckonnodwWwohrlednWthaer.y do,” he told
FoxSnirewMsa.crokmR.ylance, who starred in
the“Wrecheennt balosckkebduswtehr aftilmexDaucntlkyirkI,
wdeassc reibaelldy tehxeppercotipnogsatol afisndi,sIressapidec‘ta- Click the blue ad above & order your copy of the

Sfuplaannisdhisnwseonrsditaivned. a bag of gold.’” Treasure Hunter’s Logbook
Alidsoany Jafmteers,tahemadriistcimoveerayr,chtahee-
or call 800-423-0029 ext. 2
wwwwww.L.LoosstTtTrereaassuurere.c.coommNNeewwsslelettteter r182-2119-187 197

THers' News continued...

breech-loading cannons. ‘How old?’

he wanted to know. ‘1535, give or

take two months,’ I suggested. Since

the ship wound up being from 1533,

that was a pretty close guess!”  

While there are plenty of ship-

wrecks in the area, almost all of

them are “recent”– as in having sunk

only in the last 120 years or so.

The oldest shipwreck found in the

area at that point was The Vlissingen,

which went ashore in Meob Bay in


Upon his arrival to the site, Noli

realized pretty quickly this new find

would be the oldest one yet.

“Once [there], the copper half- A photo of the Namibian shipwreck site (The De Beers Group of Companies)

spheres had me flummoxed,” he

said. “But then I saw the wooden

stock of a matchlock musket lying the shoulder – indicated that it was early 16th century and that there

at my feet.  Picking it up, I saw that from the early century, matching would be a lot to find in very good

the style of the stock – made to fit the age of the cannons. Right then nick, because if the stock of a mus-

against the cheek, rather than against I knew that we had a ship from the ket survived, a LOT of other stuff

would have done so as well.”

STANDARD DIGGING TOOL Once they realized what they had
on their hands, Noli went about try-
ing to convince the Namdeb Corp.

TREASURE HUNTERS DON’T MISS A DEAL LIKE THIS!!! to let them work more on the site–
no easy task, considering the huge
Click this ad cost of keeping the site dry for two
to order This Fine Digging weeks beyond the mining period
Tool is Made of and maintaining the sea-wall, which
is a 24/7 job for two D-9 dozers, a
Aircraft Quality fleet of trucks and some really huge
pumps. In the end, he simply let the

pictures of spoils from the dig do the

* Cuts through any roots Steel, Heat Treated talking.
and Tempered. According to Noli, “As luck

* Digs through would have it, we found the treasure

chest on day six.  Academic argu-

any type of ground ments are all very well, but once you
* Ideally suited for Metal have literally filled your hat with
Detecting, Camping, an 25.5 lb mixture of Spanish and
Nursery and Landscaping
Portuguese gold coins (there were
indeed swords as well), the value of
the site is no longer in doubt.”

The ship was identified as The

Plus you get a handy Cadorra Belt Holder with Bom Jesus, or “The Good Jesus”, a
plastic insert to carry the standard digging tool. Portuguese ship that went missing
500 years ago while en route to India.

The belt loop is 3 1/2” The ship was loaded down with
gold, tin, ivory tusks, and 44,000

pounds of copper ingots when it

20 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 8-21-18

THers' News continued...

A diamond found quently crushed, pinned down and
at the Crater of protected by a massive piece of the
side of the ship which broke free
Diamonds in from the disintegrating hull,” Noli
Arkansas. theorized.

As for what it was doing off
the coast, he’s hoping Portuguese
records may shine some light on the

So who gets the gold? “The
Namibian government – every single
coin,” he said. 

“That is the normal procedure
when a ship is found on a beach. 
The only exception is when it is
a ship of state – then the country
under whose flag the ship was sail-
ing gets it and all its contents.  And

apparently went to its watery grave. The drawing for
In fact, it was the copper ingots that this Sweepstakes
ended up playing a key role in the
wreck’s preservation. will be soon
after the end of
“Marine organisms may like
wood, leather book covers, peach the month.
pips, jute sacking and leather shoes,
but copper really puts them off their Newsletter 8-21-18 21
food – so a lot of stuff survived the
500 years on the bottom of the sea
which should really not have done
so,” Noli said. “All this adds up to an
extremely unusual situation, which
led to truly excellent preservation of
an in any event unique site.” 

How the ship went down and
what it was doing off a notorious
stretch of coast famous for its storms
and fog remains unknown, though
Noli has his theories.

He believes that a combination
of too much heavy cargo and poor
weather made the captain decide to
run the vessel ashore by putting out
his bow anchors and slowly beach-
ing her.

The ship then hit a blinder in the
surf zone, where she heeled over in
the pounding waves. All attempts
to free her failed and she broke up,
starting with the superstructure.

“The treasure chest fell free from
the captain’s cabin, sinking intact
to the seabed, where it was subse-

THers' News continued...

in this case the ship belonged to the states and Japan registered 173 dia- surface of the park’s 37-1/2-acre dia-
King of Portugal, making it a ship monds. mond search area between January
of state – with the ship and its entire and June. 
contents belonging to Portugal.  The The total weight for all diamonds
Portuguese government, however, registered was 38.658 carats. The search area is plowed periodi-
very generously waived that right, cally to loosen the diamond-bearing
allowing Namibia to keep the lot.” Three diamonds weighing at least volcanic soil.
one carat each were registered by
Courtesy of https://archmdmag. park staff during the first half of Rainfall washes the soil through
com/500-year-old-shipwreck-load- 2018. the search area, concentrating heavy
ed-with-gold-found-in-namibian- gravel and sometimes leaving larger,
desert/ The largest was a 1.42 ct. white heavier diamonds on top of the
gem discovered on April 18 by a ground for visitors to find.
Over 200 Diamonds Found visitor from Mississippi.
In First Half of 2018 Dozens of visitors have found
By Waymon Cox Another guest from Texas found a their very own diamonds in the rough
So far this year, more than 62,000 1.40 ct. white diamond on March 31. so far this year, and we are looking
people have come from all over the On June 29, a traveler from Indiana forward to seeing many more beau-
world to search for diamonds in recovered a 1.08 ct. white diamond. tiful gems during the second half of
Southwest Arkansas, and many have 2018.
found success. Including these three large gems,
By the end of June, park staff had 24 diamonds were found on the If you plan to visit the park later
certified 216 diamonds, including this summer, remember to wear a
146 white, 35 brown, and 35 yellow Diamonds found at the Crater of hat and sunscreen, bring plenty of
gems. Diamonds in Arkansas. drinking water, and take breaks from
The single most productive month searching to cool off and help pre-
so far this year has been March, in vent heat-related illness.
which 69 diamonds were registered.
Visitors from Arkansas registered For more information, visit
43 diamonds during the first half of www.CraterofDiamondsStatePark.
2018, while travelers from 26 other com, call 870-285-3113, or e-mail
[email protected].

Courtesy of http://www.craterof-

22 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 8-21-18

Favorite Finds

Mel Fisher’s Expeditions
Member Spotlight

How Did You First He then explained if we were certi- Alabama, I retired from my career as
Learn About Mel Fisher?  fied we could dive on the Atocha and a school teacher. I started spending
I first met Mel in January of 1996. Margarita wreck sites. We weren’t more time in Key West working in
My friend, Debbie, and I split up divers at the time so we went back the office, diving for treasure and
from my other friends while visit- to Alabama, learned to dive and sometimes even filling in as boat
ing Key West to see the Mel Fisher came back the following July. crew. It was an amazing experience.
Museum. We were supposed to meet
back up with our friends at 4:30pm We earned the nickname “The This has been the greatest adven-
but Debbie wanted to stay to watch Golden Girls” that day! We were ture of my life and I have met
the video in the museum. I wan- natural treasure hunters; on our third some of the best people through this
dered back into the treasure store dive we found a gold chain and we organization. The Fisher Family has
and ended up purchasing a pair of found an emerald while sifting. We always been good to me and I appre-
earrings. were hooked! ciate the wonderful ride I have had.
Luck was in my favor that I look forward to what is to come!
day. Mel Fisher was in the office What Makes You Excited
that day and we started chatting. My About What They Do Have You Personally
mother was also a “Fisher” from At Mel Fisher’s Expeditions? Found Any Treasure From
Indiana and we bonded on that con- I was in town December 1998 the Atocha or Margarita?
nection immediately. Next thing I when Mel passed away. Debbie I have found coins, a machete,
know Mel brings out a gold disk and immediately came to Key West to be spikes, musket balls, iron pummel
gold chains! Debbie was really jeal- here for the memorial service. At his from a sword. On April 30, 2002, I
ous I received the VIP treatment so memorial, I started thinking about found a 27.74 carat emerald under a
we both came back the next day to how he always followed his dreams shell. The emerald was my favorite
see Mel. and he never took no for an answer piece of treasure I have received in
He explained that he was still tak- and how I should apply this to my my yearly division!
ing on partners in the expedition and life. I made the decision right then For more information, log onto
we invested right there on the spot. that I was going to follow my dreams
just like Mel and, when I returned to html Newsletter 8-21-18 23

More Favorite Finds

Some Favorite Finds Made by Lloyd Wyan,
and of the Civil War Relic Hunters

Lloyd said, "Williamsburg was good to me today. The second silver dollar I have found. 1889-O Morgan.
Also got a couple pistol bullets and a flat button."

24 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 8-21-18

Calendar of Events
This section is provided by Lost Treasure magazine as a
free service for non-profit treasure clubs and organizations.

AUGUST special hunt with many prizes - sil- (410) 241 9480 or trstreak@gmail.
28th – September 2nd – ver, detectors, pin pointers - and a com or log onto
Cleveland, Georgia. Common Dig fantastic Silent Auction. For more for more information.
“Dirt Party Experience” Outing at the info, e-mail Jo-Anne Birch, Hunt
LDMA Loud Mine Camp, 575 ABB Chairman, at okanagantreasurehunt- 30th – Annapolis, Maryland.
Helton Road, hosted by the GPAA. [email protected]  Treasure 2018 Open Hunt, spon-
Open to anyone that wants to find sored by the Maryland Free State
gold. Register by calling headquar- 16th – Lathrop, Missouri. The Treasure Club at Sandy Point
ters at (800) 551-9707 no later than Mo-Kan Search and Recovery State Park. For information, con-
08/21/18. All participants work for Club’s 42nd Annual Open Hunt. tact Gary Pennington at (410) 440-
their gold and receive a vial with a This one-day event, rain or shine, 2881 or [email protected] or
picker or two in it as well as a PayDirt will include four hunts; all fees go in log onto
bag that has their split of the gold the ground or for prizes. Sponsored
recovered. Both hands on training by the Mo-Kan Search and Recovery OCTOBER
and a “classroom” setting. Subjects Club of Kansas City, Missouri. Last 6th – Cullman, Alabama. 45th
include: basic prospecting, geology, year had a total 16 2-peso gold, 8 Annual Deep South Treasure Hunt,
panning, GPS, and detecting. There detectors and 3,200 silver dimes in sponsored by the Warrior Basin
will also be fun activities that benefit the Main Hunt. Visit the club website Treasure Hunters Association
the camps. For more information, at to down- (WBTHA) at Smith Lake Park, 416
log onto load the hunt flyer (work in prog- County Road 385. Hunts will include
events/1975187296082001/ ress). For more info, contact Mark Silver Bonanza Hunt, Dollar Bill
Bryant (816) 809-6794 or mbry- Hunt, Relic Hunt, and Main Hunt.
SEPTEMBER [email protected] Between hunts there will be raffles,
1st – 2nd – Chaffee, New York. etc. The Hunt Flyer, including pric-
The Federation of Metal Detector 22nd – 23rd – Java Center, New ing, and a map can be obtained
and Archaeological Clubs’ Northern York. The 20th Annual International online at For more
Region Hunt at the former Earl’s Hunt Extravaganza sponsored by the information call David Scales (205)
Country Park behind the former Genesee Valley Treasure Seekers 529-8955, or e-mail Ds5584@aol.
Earl’s Restaurant (across from at the Beaver Meadow Family com
Pioneer Motorsport), 12139 Olean Campground. There will be plenty
Road (Rt. 16). This is an open hunt of silver and tokens planted for each 27th – Irving Texas. The 44th
and membership in the FMDAC is hunt and prizes include detectors, Annual Open Hunt hosted by the
not required. Four hunts each day gold coins, silver coins and many Lone Star Treasure Hunters Club,
plus a night hunt. 100% of entry other items of interest to metal detec- rain or shine. One busy day! Last
fees go in the ground. Free on site torists. In addition, there will be year they awarded 21 metal detec-
camping for self-contained units, no raffles, drawings and a gift basket tors, 55 gold coins, 7 pin pointers, 54
hookups available. For the flyer, and merchandise auction. The hunt silver dollars, and many other great
go to or the FMDAC application is available for download prizes. Over 5,000 silver coins were
Facebook page, or contact Northern at or you may contact seeded in the Hunt Fields. Contact
Region Director Debbie Buxton at John Howard at 34 Bayberry Lane, Robert Jordan at (972) 839-6647 or
[email protected] Rochester, NY 14616 or jwhoward@ at [email protected] or visit the Club’s website at www.lonestar-
7th – 8th – Penticton, British for information.
Columbia. The Okanagan Treasure 29th – Annapolis, Maryland.
Hunters Club’s 10th Annual Hunt Silver Frenzy V Open Hunt, spon- NOVEMBER
at Sudbury Beach. Friday Fun Hunt sored by the Maryland Artifact 10th – Round Rock, Texas. The
in the dark and Saturday will have Recovery Society at Sandy Point Austin Metal Detecting Club’s Open
three hunts. There will also be a State Park. Contact Tim Streaker at Hunt at Old Settlers RV Park, 3300 Newsletter 8-21-18 25

Calendar Cont'd

E. Palm Valley Blvd. This event MARCH Hunt, and Free Kids Hunt (for those
will have 5 separate hunts with 9th – Deming, New Mexico. The 12 and under). Optional Silver Hunt
many prizes, including detectors Deming Gem and Mineral Society’s and Relic Hunt also available. One
and assorted gear. For a hunt flyer, (DGMS) first annual Metal Detector Charles Garrett Memorial/Diggin’
please visit Competition Hunt at 10 a.m. at the Texas Hunt T-shirt (if hunt fee is
For more information, contact Jim Luna County Fairgrounds. This paid before February 1). Free park
Lawhon at [email protected] event will be held in conjunction admission and camping (RV camp-
with the 54th annual Deming Gem ing requires additional fee). Hunters
FEBRUARY 2019 and Mineral Show, a four-day event can search the park grounds for
8th – 10th – Quartzsite, Arizona. from March 7-10. There will be coins and relics to enter in the Best
The Quartzsite AZ Gold Show at the many prizes awarded during the Finds contest, and special prize
QIA Bldg., 235 N Ironwood, Friday metal detecting competition, includ- tokens and caches will be seeded
– Saturday, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., Sunday ing gold coins, meteorite specimens, throughout. Plan to excavate fresh
9 a.m. – 3 p.m. $5 Admission is hand crafted jewelry, cash prizes areas of the historic town dump
good for all three days. Vendors and more. Entry fee is $20 per metal site. Ironclad boat replica and can-
inside and out selling & demon- detectorist. All proceeds support non firing demonstrations Saturday
strating gold prospecting equipment, the DGMS Rock Club. Contact Bill (weather permitting). All prizes will
nuggets, jewelry, coins and more. Gallagher, [email protected], be awarded; drawing will be held
Speakers demonstrations, questions (575) 313-6660 for more informa- for unclaimed prizes. Special guests,
and answers for metal detectors and tion and entry forms. http://www. more to be announced! For hunt rules,
other prospecting equipment. Door entry form, prices and more, log onto
Prizes including gold nuggets, metal
detectors and more. Contact Richard 29th – 31st – Jefferson, Texas. hbby_garrett2019_cg_hunt.aspx If
Trusty at QuartzsiteAZGoldShow@ The Charles Garrett Memorial Hunt you need more info after visiting the or phone (651) 587-6136 III, Diggin’ Texas 2019, will be held hunt website, e-mail hunt@garrett.
or (928) 927-5479 for vendor info, rain or shine at Diamond Don Empire, com 
or log onto QuartzsiteAZGoldshow. 1602 Highway 49 East. Basic Hunt
com Package: Participation in Best Finds E-mail upcoming events to manag
Hunt, Lights Out Hunt, Free Range [email protected]

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