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Post Office Directory of Wiltshire - 1855

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Post Office Directory of Wiltshire - 1855











TnE Proprietors hope that this, the Second Edition of the PosT OFFICE

'VILTSHIRE DrRECTO~l.Y, will be found superior both in accuracy and e~tent of
information to the edition previously issued. No e~pense has been 8pared in collecting
the information, experienced agent~ having visited evm·y city, town, village, and

hanilet throughout the county; and the information so collected has been compiled with


the greatest attention. In the present volume the Genel'al Index will be found gl'eatly
extended. rrhe Proprietors have, by the kindne:,~ of the Clerk of the Peace, beert

enabled to add a List of ~lagistrates; and they have introduced a "li::;t of princi}>a1

Seats throughout the County; the neare::st l\Iuney Order Oflicc has been added tu

every village not having a ~loney Order Office, and a ~uperiur du~sificatiun has been
adopted. In making these statements, the Proprietor~ have to thank those Clergytneh

and other Gentlemen who have given the work the Lenefit of theit• local knowledge

by the Ul$Si.\itanc~ reude1·ed to the ugtmt:s while cullecti11g the informatioth

19, 20 & 2i, 0Lh • CouRT, CLEMENT's IN~;


July, 1855.




London & Westmi11stcr Bank •••••••••••••••••••••••• PaQ:e

Glas~ company ••••••••••••••••••••••••. Cosmopolitan :n

Glass warehouse ••••••••••••••••••• G. Farmiloe & Son 3-l

Insurance Offices. Guarantee society ...................Solvency Mutual 14
G utta perch a company ••.•.•••••••••••••••••••••••.• 16
..4.lbiott •••• , •••••• , •.•••••••• 1 Pa~e Hotel .•• ~ •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• C. Lind~ay 24
Caledonian •••••••••••••••• 2
Crown ...................... . 2 London Lj fe •.•••••••••••••• 7 Humane Beehives ...............G. Neighbour & Sons 26
1\Iinerva •••••••••••••••••••• 5
Dr.fender .................. . 1 Protector .................... . 9 India ruuher manufacturer •••••••••••••• R. E. Hodges 3t
Reliance .................... . 8 Land societv ••••••••.••••••.•••••••••••• Con~er,7ati,..e 23
Ea;le •••••••••••••••••••••• 3 Royal Farmerb' ............. 10
l~nglish &: Foreign •••••••••• 14 ~
Scottish Pro,.incial .......... 10
Looking glat'ls manufacturer..............Cha!~, N o~otti 25
Manure manufacturer ..................John Clarunce 20

General Reversionary ....•••. 3 UnitPd Service •••••••••••••• l I Manure marmfacturer .................... \V. I. Carue 32

Greshatn ••••••••••••••••••• 4 Victo1 ia • • •• • • • • • • • • • • • . • • • • 12 Manure manufacturer ................ Geor!!e Robinson 28
Lancashire •••••••••••••••••• 8 Waterloo •••••••••••••••••••• 12
Legal & Commercial ...... .. Westminster•••••••••••••••• 13 Netting manufacturer••••••••••.•.••••• W. Cnllingford 22
New<~paper ••••.••••••••••••••• Land & Ruilding News 38
Lon1on Assurante .......... . 9

Patent felt manufacturers •••••••••••••• Croggon & Co. J.:J

Miscellaneous. Pen manufacturer••••.•••.•••••••••••••Joseph Gillott 22

Page Perfumery •••.• A.1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Rowland & Sons 28

. J .Bed & mattr.s~ . . . 1 . . . • . . . . . . . . . . . • . . . •• & S. Stter 29 Pianoforte manufacturers •••••• Nutting, Addison & Co. 35

Bedstead makers .................. Peyton & Harlow 36 Rocking horse manufacturer ............. ."W. Burrows 32

Brush manufactory ......................J. H. Knight 17 Seed merchants .................. George Gibbs & Co. 23

Boo!ts ••••••••.••••••••••••••••••••••••• A B C Guide 39 Ship ironmonger •••••••••••••••••••••• F. C. Saunders 18

Books ••••••••••••••••••••••••• Post Office Directories 40 Shirt maker •••••••••••••••••••••••G. M. Robertshaw 37

Books ........................... Ro)'al Hotel Guide 3u Silversmith ......................... Edward \Vhi~tler 31

Boot & shoe maker .••••••••••••••••••••'Vm. Dawson 33 Turkey carpet importers •••••••••••• W. Cardinal & Co. 33

Carvers & gilders ....................... :\loore & Co. 35 Umbrella makerd ........... , .......... Dawson & Co. 34

Cattle medicine .......................... J. H. Cuff 33 'Vatch maken ....................J. Trit~cbler & Co. 38

Chemi:>t & druggist ...................... R. Farrant 26 ·waterproofers ....................... Edmiston & Son 21

China & glas8 roomil ••••••••••••••••John W. Sbarpus 37 Waxwork exhibition •••••••••••••••••• Tussaud & Sons 30

China & glass warehouse ............ Jo!>eph Chapman 20 Weddin~ cards ........................T. Stephenson 29

China&. glass warehouse ............... Charles White 10 Wei!!hin:z machine manufacturer ...... Hobert Sang~ter 37

Cutler .............................. Charles T. Plum 36 \\'indow blin•l maker ................ , ... l.\I. H. Rn~by 32

IDyer ........................... , .......... J. Pyke 27 Window blind makers .......... Georg-e F. Janes & Co. :35

Furnishing ironmonger •••••••••••••••••••• Swan N ash 2.:> Writing fluid maker .................. Henry Stephens 30

Glass chandelier makers ................. F. & C. Oslt'r 27 Zinc paint maflufi•cturers ........ Thos. Hub buck & Son 2.&



For Index to the Trades Directory, see page 196.
The Court Directory will be found at page 1!2,

Pag-e' Hr~ m, see Page lBishop~tone,ne€1r Page I Pa;ze
Cliff Swindon 12
Ahlington, ue Figheldean. 55 Barken Bremilham •••••••••••• 19
Aldhourne............... 5 Pipard .............. 34 Bi~hopstruw ............ 12 Bred more, 1ee Berwick St.
Alllerbury • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 5 Bark hill, .~ee Chute •••••• 34 Bitham, see Ogbourn St.
John •••••••••••••.•• 1I

Alderlon................ 6 Barley Hill, see Rowde •• !)6 GeorgP ••••••••.••••• 90 Bridsor, see Tisburv •••••• 119

A lderton,_ see\rhite Parish 13~ Barn Hill, .•ee Wootton Black ford. seeCastle Eaton 261 Br!gmerston. sPe 1\Iil,;t"u • 87

.... 2:J BarBn;a~s•sesetet 13 see North
.IAAllll:Cntaonrndw, g~e!~' .M..a.r.t.i.n.....83 Bn~mavselardnea,ke
W. .t.>."t.. .O.v. e. r.t.o.n. ..•13D8! BRllaa«r:kklJa~nudd, . .... . ........ ............ 107
Alltd, see Crtcklade ..•••• 39 Barr1dge,ue Mlldenhatl ... 81 \\ elhngton ............ 2iJ Brmkworth ............ 19

Atl!ngton, near A m~sbury 6 Barto!l, sPeMarlhnron~h •• 79 Black mort>, see l\Io>lksham 831 Br!n~lade,seeWootn.Rivrs.139
Allmgton, near Devtzes • • 6 Barwtck Ba~setr, see Ber- Black well, see Compton ................ 20

Allington,see All Canning-s. 2-Y wick Bn!!sett •..••••••• 11 Bas~ett •••••••••••••• 36 Brixton Deverill •••••••• 41

Allington, ,qee Chippenham 29 Bas~ett Down, see Broad Blo<'klanrl, see Cain~ .... 21 Broad Blunsdon, &ee High-

A !ton, 1ee Frgheldean .... 55 Hinton .............. 20 BluelmrgBottom,seeBroad worth ... •••• ......... 60

Altou Barnes............ 6 Bathampton, see Steeple Cbalke .............. 27 Broad Chalke .......... 27

All on Priors, see AI ton Lan!!'ford ............ 68 Blunsdon St. Andrew .... 13 Broad Hinton .......... 20
Barnr:s •• • • • • • • • • • • • • • 6 Baverstock .. • • • • • • • • • • • • 9 Blnnsdon St. Leonard, see Broad Leaze, see Cricklade 39
AlvPdi~ton.............. 6 Bayclift', .~ee Horuing-sham 6t Blnnsdon St. Andrew •• 13 Broad Oak, 1ee Semley •• 108

.-\ mberleaze, see Semley •. 108 Bay don .•••••••.•••.••• 10 Boa kly, see Brokenhoro'. 20 Broad Town, &ee Broud

Ame•bur.v • •• •. • • • . • ... • 7 Baydon Lottage, see Aid- Bo,Jeuham, see Nunton •• 89 Hinton ................ 20

1\ n~trow Hill, see Knook .• 67 boume................ 5 Boltrid[:!e, see Ramsbury •• 94 Broad's Green, see Calne•• 23

Austy... •• • . •• ... • •• •• • 7 Raynton, .~ee Erlington .... 54 Bond!', see Brinkworth •• 19 Broadway,seeWarminster127

Appleford, see Baydon •• 10 Beacon Hill,seeHillmarton 6:! Bonham,see Stourton •••• 112 BroadwayCorner,seeAsh-

A rche~, see Malmesbnry •• 76 Beanacre, see M••lksham •• 8:1 Borrham, see Bishop•tone. 13 ton Keynes •• • •• .. • • .. • 8

Arnold~, see Lacock ...... u8 Beards, see Foxll!Hn ••••.• 57 Boreham, see 'Varmimter.127 Broil, see Great & Little
Ashbritlge, see LIJckington 72 Beckhampton,seeAvebury 9 Borton, spe AllCannings. 26 Bedwin .............. 10

Ash hill, see Lacock ...... 68 Hedwin, Great •••••••••• 10 Boscombe .............. 13 Brol<enborough .......... 20

A~hley ... ... • •• • ... •• • . • 7 Bedwiu, Little .......... 10 Bosrnore, see Tytherton .. 124 Bromham .............. 2l

Ashton Gitford, .~ee Co•l- Beeches, see Everleigh .... 55 Bottesford, see Wilsford, Brook, see "\Yestbury ....131

ford St. Mary ......... 3.') Beecbingstoke .......... IJ near Amesbury ........ 134 Brook End,see Luckin~ton 72

Ash ton Keynes.......... 8 Beerton,see 8ont.h Marstoul 10 Bottle~ ford, see Woodboro'l37 Brookhill, see Donbead St.

Ashton, West, see Steeple Bemerton, see Fuggle~tone Bouudmarsh, see Semley .108 Andrew .............. 51

A~hton • . .. .. .. • • • • •• • 8 St. Peter ............. 57 Bournlake, see Cricklade. 39 Brookwater, see Donbead

IAtworth................ 9 Reuch, Sf~e Hornin~~ham •• 64 Bnwbridge, see Long St. Andrew ............ 51
Augbton,seeCollingbourne Ben~ton, see Suitor• ~[an-
Newnton ............ 72 Broom, see Chi'iledon .... 32

King> ton ............. 36 deville ................114 Bowden, see Burbage .... 22 Broughton Gitford ....... 2l

Aveburv. • • • • • •• • • • . • • • 9 Beutham, .~ee. Pnrton •••• 93 Bowden Hill, .~ee Lacock. 68 Browns, 8ee l\Iarlborough. 79
A venford St>e En ford •••• 54 Bernardi Hitl,teeWootton Bowds, see Lynebam •••• 73 Brumbrid~e, se,e\Vestbury.13l

Avou, see Christian Mal- R<J>~~ett .............. 138 Bower Chalke .......... 13 Brunton, see Coilingbourn

ford ••••••.•••.••••••• 3t Berrills, twe Calne •••••••• 23 Bowleshury, see Damer- Kingston.............. 36

A,·on, see Kellaways ..... 66 B"rwick Ba~~ett ........ ll ham South ............ 41 Bruton, &ee Mere ....... 86

Axfonl, •ee i\lildenhall .. 87 Herwick St. .Tames ...... 11 Bowood ................ 14 Buckbury Green, see Ly-
A xford, see Ram~hury .... 9tj Rerw!ck St. John ........ 11 Box ...... ~ ............. 14 diard ................ 73
see Clmledon Boyd, see Cor::;ham •••••• Buckerfoss, see Ogbouro>l~bhuorty,, •• 32 BerwiCk St. Leonard •••• 11 37 90
see Shalhoum .• 1081 Biddestone .............. 12 Boyton ................ 14 St. George............
Ba1ley Hill, Hee Baydon •• 10 Bincknoll,see BroadHinton 20 Bradfield,see Hullavington 65 Buckhill, ste Calne ...... 23

Banbury Hill, see Char!- Binhill, see Christian Mal- :31 Hradtord ................ 14 Bugley, see Warminster •• 127

to••, near l\Ialme'!bury .. 27 ford .................. 31 Bradley, see Horningham. 64 Bulhrrdge. see Wilton .... 134
B>~nners Ash, see J~ydiard Bird bush, see Don head St. Bradley,.~ee MaidenBrdley 75 Bulford ................ 22

'l'rezoz ............... 7;3 Anrlrew ••••••••••••.• 51 Hradl«~y, North ••••..•••• 18 Bulkington, &ee Keevil ••• 65
Bapton, see Fish('rton-de- Bi'llwp'>! Canning'>, set• All Hradon, SN! Brinkworth •• 19 Bullock'sHorn~,.~ee Charl-

la-l\Iere ••••••.•.•••.. fJ5 Cannings ••.•••..•••• 2;,i Brandicr, sre Mioret.y •••• 87 ton. near Ma1me~bury .• 27
Bishop'~ Fowley,seeWoot-
BHrh11ry, see Oghonro 8t. 90 ton Ba>~sett ••••••.••• 138 Hrat.ton ••••••.•••••••• 913811BBuurrcboamgeb.e., ............ . . 22
Braydon,see Purton .... North ...... . . 22
Georgll ...............
22jBarford, ue Down ton •••• 52 Bt!!hoper~, see Hnnkerton. 50 Breach, see Burbage •••• Burcombe, ~outh •••••••• 22

Barford St. :\Iartin ...... 9 Bishopst<lue, nr. Salisb11ry 12IBrembill .............. 91 Burdcross,leeChisledon •• 32


Page Page Page Page

Burden's Ball, see South Chirton ................ 32 Corsham................. 37 Dry Hill, see Longbridge
Newton .............. 111 Chisbury, see Great&. Lit. CorshamSide,1eeCorsham 37 Deverill .............. 42
Burdrop, see Ogbourn St.
Bedwin .............. 10 Corsley.................. 38 Dueswater,1eeEast&West
George .. , ............ 90 Chiselbury, see Fovant •• 56 Corston, 1ce Malmesbury .. 75 Lavington ............ 70
Burford, 1ee Britford .... 20 Chisenhury- de -la-Folly, CortoN, see Boyton ....... 14 Dunge, 11ee SteeJJle Ash ton 8
Burney,see Mildenhall .. 87 see Netheravon ........ 88 CotleyHill,seeHeytesbury 60 Dunkertons,seeHornings-

:Burrell,see Langley Burrell 69 Chisledon •••••••••••••• 32 Cotmarsh ,ueBroad Hinton 20 ha m •••••••••••.••••• 64

Burton Hill, see Malmes- Chitterne All Saint>~ •••• 33 CottenlJam, see Wilsford Dunkirk, see Warminster .127
bury .................. 76 Cllitterne St. Mary, 1ee near Devizes ..........134 Dunley, 1ee Alderton .... • 6
Bury Hill, 1ee Purton •••• 94 Chitterne All Suints •••• 3~ Cottles, see Great & Little Durley, 1ce Great & Little
Buryseroft, 1ee Wanboro' .126 Chittoe, see All Cannings. 26 Chalfield .............. 27 Bed win ............... 10
:Bu:o~bury, see Ebbesborne Cholderton, West ........ 3;~ Cotton, seeYatton Keynelll41 Durnford, Great .. .. .. • 53

Wake ................ 5! Cholston, see Ndheravon.. 8R Conies, see Minety ....... 87 Durringtou .............. 53
Bush Ha~es, 1ee Mere .... 86 Christian Maltord •••••••• 33 Coulston, East••••••••••• 39 Earl Stoke, see Westbury.131
Bushton,seeCliffPipard .. 3! Church, see Dowuton .... 52 Courtch, see Hillmarton .. 62 East Chiseubury, see En-
:Butlers Coombe, see War- Church End, see Lyneham 73 Covin!.! ham, see Wanboro'l26 ford .................. 54-
minster ...............127 Church Green, 11eeCrudwl. 40 Cowage, see Bremilham... 19 East Couhton ........... 39
Buttermere ............. 23 CJmte ................. , 34 Cowbridge,$eeMalme~hnry 76 East Downton, see Dowu-
Buttmoor, see Upton Chute Fore11t, 1ee Chute .. 34 Cow Leaze, see Cricklade. 39 ton ................... 52
Scudamore ............125 Clack, see Lyneham .... 73 Cow Leaze, see Dauntsey •• 41 Ea~t End, see Damerham
Butts, 1ee Castle Eaton .. 26 Clarendon, ue Alderbury. 5 Cowsfield E-.tuary, ue
South ................ 41

Buttslake, see Ashton Clarl{S Penning,secNether- White Parish ..........133 East End, see Semley ••••108

Keynes..... ........... 8 avon ................ 88 Cowsfield Losers,seeWhite East End,seeGreat&Little
Buttslake, see Leigh...... 71 Clatford, see Fyfield .... 58 Parish................. 133 Somerford ............ llO
:Bybrook,1eeUpper&Lower Clatford Park, see West Cox's, see Castle Eaton... 26 East Grafton ............ 58
Castle Combe •••••••• 26 Overton •••••••••••••• 91 Cox's Green, see Dauntsey 41 Ea..t Grafton, 6Ce Great &
Byde, see Corsham ...... 37 Clattingar, see Oaksev .. 89 Cox's Hill, see Purton .... 94 Little Bedwin ......... 10
Cabels, see Upton Scuda- Clearington Hill,seeNorth Cricklade ............... 39 East Grafton, see Burbage 22
more ................ 125 T1dworth ............ 118 Crockerton, seeLongbridge East Grimstead, see West
Cadenham, see Bremhill•• 19 Cleave Amtey, see Hill-
Deverill .............. 42 Dean ................. 41
Cadley, see Chute ........ 3! marton .............. 6'2 Crofton,seeGreat & Little East Harnham, see Brit-
Cadley, see North Saver- Cleaverton,seeLea ...... 71 Bedwin................ 10 ford .................. 20
nake ..................107 Clench, see Milton Lilbrn. 87 Croucheston, see Bishop- East Harnham, see Salis-
Cadley, 1ee Potterne ..... 92 Cloy Hill, see Corsley ... 38 stone, near Salisbury ... 12 bury .................. 96
Calloes, see Kellaways•••• 66 Clitf Pipard •••...• , •••• 3! .Crowbush, see Ludgershall 72 East Heath, see Donhead
Calls, see Box ........... 14 Clifford's HilJ,seeAII Can- Crowd on, see Bishopstone,
St. Andrew ............ 51

Calne .••..•......••.... 23 nings ................ 25 near Salisbury...• , .••• 12 East Kennett ............. 66
Calstone, see Calne •••••• 23 Clitshury, see Brinkworth 19 Crowood, see Alubourne.. 5 East Knoyle •••••••••••• 67
Calstone Wellington .... 25 Cloatby, see Hankerton .• 59 Crows, see Brinkworth.... 19 East Lavington .......... 70
Cane Hill, 1ee Rowde •••• 96 Coatt>, see All Cannings•• 26 Crudwell................. 40 East Leaze, see Aldbourne 5
Cannonbold,1ee Melksham 83 Coate, ,<Jee Cllisledon •••• 32 Cuckolds, see Potterne.... 92 East Shercot, see Pewsey. 91
Carter's Wells, see Colerne 35 Coate, 1ee Liddington •••• 71 Cufl''s Corner, see Calne •• 23 East Tisbury, see 'J'isbury .118
Castle Combe, Lower .... 26 Cocklebury, see Langlt>y Cutteridge, see North East Wick, see '\'Yootton

Castle Combe, Upper •••• 26 Burrell .............. 69 Bradley ............. , 18 Rivers ................ 139
Castle Eaton •••••••••••• 26 Cockroost, see Broad Hin- Damerham, South••••••• 41 East ·winterslow, see Win-
Castle Hill, see Blunsdon ton •••••••••••••••••• 20 Dance, 1ee Cricklade ••••• 39 terslow •••••••••••••• 137
St. Andrew •••••••••• 13 Cod ford St. l\lary •••••• 35 Dangels, see Maiden Brad- Eastcot, see East & West
Castle Hill, see Great &. Cod ford St.Peter, 1eeCod-
ley ................... 75 Lavington ............ 70
Little Bedwin ......... 10 ford St. 1\lary ........ 35 Daubenys, see Colerne .... 3fJ Eastcott, see Swindon ....115
Catcombe, see Hillmarton. 62 Colcutt, see CrJCklade .... 39 Dauntsey ............... 41 Eastcott,see Urchfont ....125
Catley HiJJ, see Brink- Cold Harbour, see Bluns- Day house, see Chisledou ••32 Eastcourt, see Crudwell •• 40
worth ................ 19 don St.Andrew........ 13 Dean, see Chute ......... 34 Ea.,tend,1ee Brinkworth .. 19
Catridge, see Lacock •••• 68 Cold Harbour,.~eeBroken- Dean, see West Overton •• 91 Easter Hill, see Easton •• 53
Chaddenwick, see Mere .. 86 borou~h .............. 20 Dean. West ............. 41 Easterton, see East&. West
Cbaddington~ see Wootton Coldridge, 1ee Ludgershall 72 Deptford, see Wily •••••• 135 Lavington •••••••••••• 70
Bassett •••••••••••••• 138 Colemans, see Calne •••••• 23 Derry Hill, see Calne •••• 23 Easton ................ 53
Chalcot, see Semley •••••• 108 Cole Park,see Malmesbury 76 Derry Hill, see Chippenbm 29 Easton, see All Cannings •• 26
Chalfield, Great ........ 26 Colerne ................. 35 De,·il's Dairy, seeEdington M Easton, see CorsLam .... 37
Cbalfield, Little ........ 26 Colham,1eeUpper&Lower Devil's Den, see Fyfield .. 58 Easton,seeSherstonMagnal09
Chalford, see Westbury ..130 Castle Corn he .......... 26 Devizea ................. 43 Eastou Grey ............ 53
Chalworth, see Cricklade • 39 Colleaze, see Semley••••••108 Diddle, see Sopwortb •••• 110 Ea~tridge, see Rams bury. 9!
Chapel, 1ee East &. West Coiling born Ducis,see Col- DiltCin, see Westbury o ... 130 Eastrop, see Highworth .. 60
Knoyle .............. 67 linghourn Kingston .... 36 DiltonMarsh,see\\'estburyl3l Eastrope, see Colerne .... 35
Chapmanslade, seeCorsly. 38 Collingbourn Kingston.... 36 Dinton .................. 49 Ebbesborne Wake ...... 51

Charlbury,aeeBishopstone, Combe,seeCompto11Bassett 36 Ditcbampton •••••••••••• 50 Ebden, see Luckington ••• 72
near Swindon •••••••• 12 Combe,see Mildenhall •••• 87 Ditchampton, see Wilton..134 Eden Vale, 1ee Westbury .131
Charlcot, see Foxham .... 57 Combe, see Wroug-hton...140 Ditchampton, see North&. Edington ............... 54
Charlcott, see Westbury •• 131 Corn breach, see Great & South Burcombe ...... 22 Ei~ey .................. 54

Charlekill, see Horningsm. 64 Little Bedwin.......... 10 Ditcheridge ............. 50 Eisey, seeCricklade ...... 59
Cbarlton, see Donhead St. Common Platt,lee Lydiard 73 Dodford, see Christian Elcomhe,see Alvediston • • 6
Andrew .............. 51 Compton, see Enford...... M Malford .............. 3! Elcombe, see Wroughton .140
Cbarlton, see Downton •• 52 Compton Bassett •••••••• 36 Dogdean, see Brit ford •••• 20 Ellborough,seeBrinkworth 19
Charlton, nr. Malmesbury 27 Compton Chamberlain .... 36 Dognal, 1ee Donhead ~t. ElmCros8,seeBroad Hinton 20
Charlton, near Pewsey •• 27 Conegar, see Broad Hinton 20 Andrew .............. 51 Elmdown, &ee Ramsbury.. 94
Chedglow, 1eeCrudwell .. 40 Conegarth, see 'Vinter- Dogridge, see Purton .... 93 Elston .. ; ............... 54
Cheesehill,see Brinkworth 19 bourne Stoke..........137 Dollakers Green, sec Lea.. 71 Elston, 1ee Orcheston St.
Cbelworth, see Crudwell•• 40 Coneygarth, 1ee Bnrbage.. 22 Donhead St. Andrew••••• 50 George •••••••••••••• 90
Cherill ................ 28 Coney Bury, see Marlboro' 79 Donhead St. Mary, see Enelfords, see Warminsterl27
Cheverell, Great •••••••• 28 Conholt, see Chute ••••••• 34 Jlonhead St. Andrew •• 50 Enford ••••••••••••••••• 54
Cheverell, Little •••••••• 28 Connock, see Chirton••••• ::32 Dormentt<, see Hankerton. 59 Entord, see Netheravon •• 88
Chicklade .............. 28 Conygree, seeCalne ...... 23 Downfield, see G1eat & Erchfont, see Urcbtont .. 125
Chicksgrove, see Cbilmrk. 29 Coombe, see Entord ...... 5:1 Little Somerford ...... 110 Etcbilhampton .......... 55
Chilhampton, 1ee South Coombe Bisset........... 37 Downton ............... 51 Even Swiudon, 1ee Rod-

Newton .............. 111 Coombe Castle, see Hey- Draycot,see Huish •••••• 6! bourn •••• •••••••••••• 9.J
Chilmark •••••••••••••• 28 tesbury................ 60 Dray cot Cerne ......... 52 Everleigb •••••••••••••• 55
Chiltoe •••••••••••••••• 33 Cooper's Hill, see Corsham 37 Draycot Folliatt, see Chis- Ewell, 1ee Kemble •••••• 66

Cbiltoo Foliatt. ......... 29 Copyhold, see Stanton St. ledon ............. 0 ... 32 Ewridge, see Colerne •••• 35
Chilvester Hill, see Calne. 23 Bernard •••••••••••••• lilt Draycott Foliat, seeWilcot133 Farleig-h Wick, 1ee Monk-
Chippenham •••••••••••• 29 Corcutt, see All Cannings ~6 Duchy R11g, ue Purton •• 94 ton Farleigh •••••••••• 88


Fairwood •••••••••••••• 55 Great Wishford,see Wish- Higbam,1ee Malmesbury.• 76 Kew, see Ramsbury •...•• 9i
Farley, see Alderbury.... 5 ford •••••••••••••••••• 137 Hi!.\her Ash~uove, 1ee DoH- Kin~'s Down, see Stanton
.Farm Hill, 1ee Brinkworth 19 Green Hill, see Purton •• 93 head St. Andrew •••••• 51 Fitzwarren ............. 111
Pastern, 1ee Tookenham •• 119 Greenawa.y, see J.a.ngley Higher Combe, see Don- King's Mead, 1ee Great &
Faulston, see Bishopstone,
Burrell .............. 69 head St. Andrew ...... 51 Little 8omerford ...... 110
near Salioobury •••••••• 12 Greenhill, see Wootton Higher Lawn, see Tioobury.ll9 Kin~sdown, see Stratton
Ferris, see Dauntsey ., •• 41 Bassett .............. 138 Higher Leigh, see East&.
St. Margaret..........113
Fiddington, 1ee East & Greenway, "eeCiiff Pipard 34 West Knoyle .......... 67 Kingshay,see East&. West
West Lavington ...... 70 tiriffins,,ee Charlton, near Hil!hgate, see Brinkworth. 19 Knoyle .............. 67
Fifield, see Enford •••••• 54 Malmesbur:v •••••••••• 27 H igbgrove, see Tisbury •• 119 Kingston Deverill •..••• 42
Fifield, see Broad Chalke. 27 Grimstead, West •••••••• 58 Highlands, see CalHe ••••• 23 Kington Langley,ueKing-
Figheldean .............. 55 Gripes, see Winterbourne Highway ................ 60 ton St. Michael ........ 6R

FishertonAnger11eeSalis- Bassett .............. 136 Highwonh .............. 60 Kington St. MicLat>l .... 66
bury ................. Grittenham, .seeBrinkwrth 19 89
96 Hilcot, 1ee North Newnton Kington,,Vest, 1ee Kington
Fisberton-de-la-Mere ... 55 Grittleton .............. 58 Hlldrop, .see Rams bury.... 9! St. Michael .......... 66
F1ttleton ................ 56 Groundwell, see Blunsdon Hill Deverill ............ 42 Knap Hill, see Hui•h ..... 61
St. Andrew .......... 13 Hillcot, see Marlborough.. 79 Knighton,seeBroadCbalke 27
near Salisbury ........ 12 Gro,·el:v Wood, 1ee Barford Hillmartun .............. 62 Knighton, see Durrin~tou. &3
Flaxland, 1ee Lydiard St. 1\Iartin..... •• .. • .. 9 Hillock!!, see Lyneham.... 73 Knock Down, seeSherston
Tregoz ................ 73 Gumbledon, .•ee hlmi!!ton. 65 Hillwood, see Aldbourne.. 5 Magna .............. 109
Flintham, see Oaksey .... 89 Guston, see Broad Chalke 27 Hilperton ................ 62 Knook ................ 67
Flisterage, see Hankerton. 59 Guyers, .see Corsham .... 37 H indon .................. 63 Knooke Down,1ee Heytes-
Flyinghay, 1ee East&.West Hack Pen, see Ogbourn Hinton, .~ee Steeple Ash ton 8 bury ••••••.•••.••••• 60

Knoyle •••••••• , ..... 67 St. George ............ 90 Hinton Parva ............ 63 Knowle, 1eeGreat &. Little
Foghamshire, lee Hill- Hacpen, see Wroughton •• 140 Hippenscombe, see Chute.. 34 Bed win ••.•••••.•.••• 10
marton •••••••••••••• 62 Hail, 1ee Calne •••••••••• 23 Hodson, 1ee Chisledon •••• 32 Knoyle, 1ee Bower Chalke 13
Foilston, see Fugglestone Hailstone, 1eeCricklade .• 39 Holborn, see Lydiard ..... 73 Knoyle, East ............ 67
St. Peter •••••••••••• 57 Halbert's Green, 1eeBrink- Holdecroft, 1ee Blunsdon Knoy le, WeRt •••••••••• ti7
Folly, see Great & Little worth ................ 19 St. Andrew............ 13 Labour-in-Vain Hill, see
Bedwin .............. 10 Hallcomhe,see Malmeshry 76 Holloway, .see East & West
Cberill .............. 28
Folly, see Warminster••••127 Ham ................... 59 Knoyle ............... 67 Lacock ................ 68
Folly, see Yatton Keynell.141 Hamptworth, see Downton 52 Holly Ditch, see Calne .• 23 Lagpond,see Sutton 1\Ian-

FootbillBisbop •••••••••• 56 Hamston,see Bisbopstone, Holt, lee Christian Ma.lfrd 34 deville ••••••••••••••••114

Foothill Gifford, 1ee Font- near Salisbury ........ 12 Holt .................. 64 Landford .............. 68
hill Bishop •••••••••••• 56 Handcocks, see Wootton Honey Bottom, see Chute 3t Landburst, see Corsley •• 38
Fonl, see Aldbourne...... 5 Bassett ............... 138 Honey Croft, .~ee Edington 54 Land send, see Corsham .• 37
Ford, see Great & Little Hanger, see Bremhill..••• 19 HoneyHill,see BroadHntn 20 Langford, sec Steeple
Bedwin .............. 10 Hanger, "ee Foxham...... 57 Honey Street, seeWoodbro'137 La11gford ............ 68
Ford, see Upper & Lower Hanging Langford, see Hook, see Donhd.St.Andr. 51 L:mgley Burrell ........ 69
Castle Combe.......... 26 Steeple Langtord ...... 68 Hook, see Lydiard Tregoz 73 LangleyWood,seeDowntn. 52
Ford Tithing, see Lavers- Hankerton .............. 59 Hook, .see Semley ......108 Latimer~, see Brmkworth. 19
st.ock ................ 69 Hannington .............. 59 Hooker's Gate, 1ee Woot- Latton ................ 69
Ford, see North Wraxall .140 Hardenhuish ........... 59 tonBassett ............13a Laverstock ............ U9
FortyAcres,seeBrinkworth 19 Harding, 1ee Great & Hooper's Pole, see North Lavington, Ea!'t •••••••• 70
Fosbury, see Chute ...... 34 Little Bedwin.......... 10 Bradley •••••••••••••• 18 Lavington, West ........ 70
Fosbury, see Tidcombe •• 118 Harryscroft, see Wootton Hopping, 1ee Sutton Venyll4 Lea .................... 7l
Fovant ••••••..•••••••• 56 Bassett................138 Horningsham •.•••••••• 64 Legis, see Calne •••••••• 23
Fox Hangers, see Rowde. 96 Hatcb, 1ee Tisbury ••••••.119 Hornington •••••••••••• 64 Leig.h ••••••••••••.•.•.• 7 t
Fox Holes, see Longbridge Hatfield, see Marlborough 791 Horton, see All Cannings.. 26 Leigb, see Ashton Ke;yne" 8
Deverill .............. 42 Hawkeridge,see Heywood 60 Hughditch, see Froxfield.. 5'7 Leigh, :ree Tetl'ont Evias .. 118
Foxham ................ 57 Hawkeridge, see Westbury131 Huish .................. 64 Leigh Del amere ........ 7L
Foxbam, see Bemhill •••• 19 Hawood,see Donhead St. Hullavington ............ 6! J..eigh Hill, see Great &
Foxley .......... •••••• 57 Andrew .............. 51 Hundred Acre&, see Brink-
Little Bedwin ........ 10
Foxley, see Urchfont •••• 125 Hawpit, see Wanborough ..126 worth •••••••••••••••• 19 Letcombe, .see ldmiston .• 65
Haw's Hill, see Great&. •s•e•e••S••o•p•-no
Frankland,seeUrchfont •• 125 10 Hundred Acres, Levenon,seeChiltonFoliatt 29
Freeth,seeComptonBassett 36 Little Bed win .......... worth ••••••• 57
Licl;:s Hedge, see F•Jxham.
Froxfield .............. 57 Haxton, see Fittleton .•••• 56 Hunts Copse, see South Liddiard 1\Iilliceot, see

Fugglestone St. Peter.... 57 Haydon, see Rod bourn.... 95 Marston .............. no Lydiard •••••••••••••• 73
Furze Hill, see Potterne •• 92 Haydon Hill, see Chute... 34 Hurdcott, see Baverstock. 9 Liddington .............. 7l
Fyfield •••••••••••••••• 58 Haydon Wick, see Rod- Hurst, see Rod bourn .... 95 Liddington Wick, see Lid- 7l
Fyfield,.seeMiltonLilborne. 87 bourn ................ 95 Idith 1\Iarsh, ,,ee Brombam 21 dington .............. 7t
Gadbourn, see Wroughton.l40 Hayes' Know!, see Purton 94 1dmiston ............... 65 Lide Way, see Urchfont .• 12..,
Ga.rsdon ................ 58 Haystone,see Donbead ~t. Idover, see Dauotsey .••• 41 Lidhurst, see Douhectd St.
Gaspa.r, see Stourton ....112 Andrew .............. 51 Iford, see Westwood ....132 Andrew .............. ul

Gastard,seeCorsham.... 37 Hazeland,see Brembill. .. 19 Imber .................. 65 Limbers,lceNorthBradby 18
Gilboa,.see Brokenborough 20 Hazelton, see Tisbury •••• 119 Inglesham, Lower •••••• 65 LimpleyStoke,see\Vinsley.136
Giles, see Brinkworth •••• lfl Hazlebury, see Box...... 14 I nglesham, Upper ...... 65 Line~, see Ogbouru:5t.Ueo. 90
Gla.uridge, see Foxham •• 57 Heath, see Charlton, near Inland, see Wanborough •• 126 Linley, 1ee Semley ...... lOB
Glory Ash, 1ee Ogbourn ~Ialmesbury •••..•.••• 27 IpseI, 1ee Sutton 1\Iandc- Lipe, see Charlton, near

St. George ............ 90 HeathyClose,seeWootton ville ..................l14 Malmesbury .......... '2.7
Gotldards, 1ee Brinkworlh 19 Rivers ••••••.••••••••• 139 Isherton, 3ee Berwick St. Little Ann, 1ee Pewsey •• 91
Goldborough, 1ee Wootton Heddington ............. 59 James ................ ]] Little Bed win .......... 10
Bassett ••••••.•••••••138 Heigh bourn, see Lydiard Isherton, see Codford St. Little Blunsdon,see Purtou 9'!
Goose Land, 1ee Westbury13l Tregoz ................ 73 l'tlary ................ 35 Little Chalfield ......... 26
liore, 1ee "Vilsford, near Herapath, 1ee Burba~e.... 2t Ivy Leaze, see Sopworth .110 Little Cheverell .•.••••• 28
Devizes •••••••••••••• 134 Herbert'::~ Hill, see Minety 87 J ackments, see Kemble •• 66 Littlecot, see Hilhnarton. 62
Grafton, East •••••••••• 58 Heswick, 1ee O~bourn. St. Jennings,see MarI borough 79 Littlecott, see Enford •••• 5!
Graftoo, West •••••••••• 58 George ................ 90 Jericho, see Winterbourne Little Heath, see Chute •• 34
Grantham, see Marlboro'. 79 Hewish, see Huisb ........ 64 Bassett ••••••••.•••••136 Little Hinton, see Hinton
Grants, see Bratton •••••• 18 Heytesbury ............. 60 Kate Bench, see Maiden
Parva ................ 63

GreatBedwin ••.••••••• 10 Heywood ............... 60 Bradley ............. 7J ~ittleLangford,seeSteeple
Great Chalfield ........ 26 Hickler Knoll, see Ala- Keevil ................... 65 Land ford ............ 68
Great Cheverell •••••••• 28 bourne •• .. .. .. ... • • •• • 5 Keinton, .see Westbury .. 131 Little Larkhill, see Long
Great Durnford •••••••• 53 Hide, .see Blunsdon St Kella"'ays .•••••••• , .••• 66 Newntou•.••••••.•.••• 72
Great Larkhill, lee Long Andrew ••••.•.••••••• 13 Kemble •••••••••••••••• 66 Little London, see Broad
Newnton ............ 72 Hide Brake, see Broken- Kemble Wick, see Oaksey. 89 Chalke .............. 27
Great Moat, .see Semley •• 108 borough ............... 20 Kennett, East .......... 66 Little London,seeEdington 54
Great Somerford ••••.••• 110 Higbbury, ~e Donhead St. Kepnel, see Pewsey •••••• 91 Littleton, see East&. West

GreenHill,1eeCbisledon. 32 Andrew••••• •••••••••• 51 Kesdeo,seel\Jildeohall •• 87 Lavington •••••••••••• 71)


Pa~e Page Page Page

Lit.Londoa,seeHeytesbury 60 Marston, South ........110 Norris Hill, see North Plaitford ................ 92

Littleton Drew .......... 72 Martin .................. 83 Bradley .............. 18 Polton, see Marlborough •• 79

Littleton Pannel, see East Marton, see Great & Little North Bradley • • • • • • • • • • 18 Pond Close, ste Corsham 37

& \Vest Lavington .... 70 Bedwin ............... 10 North Burcombe••••••••• 22 Poole Keynes .......... 92
Little Salisbury,see Milton 1\farton, see Tidecombe....118 North End, see Ashton Portash, see Chilmark •• ~9

Lilhourne ............ 87 Medbourne,see Liddington 71 Keynes...... •.• • • • ... • 8 Porton, see ldmiston •••• 65

Little SomPrford ........llO Melksham .............. 83 North End, see Damer- Potterne................ 92

Little Town, see Broad Mere .................... 85 ham, South ........... 41 Potter':t Hill, see Long-

Hinton •••••••••••••• 9.0 Middle Be,·ersbrook, see North End, see Lackington 72 bridge Deverill •••••••• 42

Lockeridge,seeWst.Overtn 91 Hillmarton............. 62 N ortb Field,see Aldbournt> 5 Pou1shot ................ 93

Long Barrow,see Edington 54 Middle Combe, see Don- North Field, see Marlboro' 79 Poulton, see Mildenhall •• 87

Longbridge Deverill .... 42 head St. Andrew ...... 51 North Newnton ........ 89 Preshute .............. 93

Long Dean, see Yatton Middle Frith, see Rowde .. 96 North Savernake ........ 107 Prestcombe, see Ebbes-

Kevnell ..............1-tl Middlehill,seeCiiff'Pipard 34 North Titlworth......... ll8 borne Wake .......... 5t
Longt'ord, see Britford •• 20 Middleton,.~Pe Bishopstrow 13 North Wraxall ••••••••• ,140 Preston, see Aldbourne • • 5
Long lvey, see J~ongbridge Mirldle \Vinter!>low, see Northampton, see Alve- Preston, see Lyneham •••• 73
DevereJl. ............. 42 Winterslow •••••••••• 1:17 di~ton ................ 6 Priory, see Horningsham. 6-t

Long Leaze, see South Middle Woodford ........137 Norton Bavant. ......... 8!1 Priory ,see Ma iden Bradley 75

Mar~ton .............. IIO Midway,seeWest.wood .. J:m NortonColrparle ........ B!l Purk Shipt.on, .~ee Wils-
I.on!l: Newnton .......... 72 Milborue, see Corsham •• !l7 Notton, see Lavock ...... 68 ford, near Devizes .... 134

Long Street, see Enford •• 5~ Milhourn, see Malmesbury 76 Nunton ................. 89 Pnrton ................ 93

Lotmead, seeWanborough.l26 Mildenhall ••.••••••••••• 87 NurRted, see Devizes••••• 4-) Purton Stoke, see Purton 93

Loves, see Aldbourne •• • • 5 Mile Elm, see Calne •••• 23 N nth ills, see Calne •••••• 23 Puthall, see Mildenhall •• 87
Loves, see Ram say •••••• 9! Milford, see ~alisbury •• 96 Nytue,see Wan borough •• 126 Quarry, see Purt.on •••••• 93

Lower Ash grove, see Don- Milkvill, see Donhead St. Oakill, see Froxfit'ld ...... 57 Quebwell, see Brokenbo-

head St. Andrew .••••• 51 And.rew ••••••.••••••• fil Oaksey . .......•••...••• 89 rough .....•••...•••.• 20
Lower Bnry, see Blunsdon .Milston ••••.••••••••••• 87 Oare, see Wilcot••••••••• 133 Queen's Line~, see Stantoo

St. Andrew ........... 13 Milton Lilbourne ....... 87 Odstock ................ 90 Filzwarren ............ Ill

Lower Castle Cornbe •••• 25 Milton, see East & West O~?hourn St. Andrew, see Quelperlong, see Crudwell 40

Lower Combe,seeDonhead Knoyle ............. 67 Ogbourn St. George••• 90 Quemerford, see Calne •• 23

8t. Andre\'~· .......... 51 Milton,seeMiltonLilbourn. 87 O~rbourn St. George. . . . . 90 Quiddin~ton, see Broad

Lower Inglesham • • • • • 65 Mina}, see Mildenhall .••• 87 Okus, see Swindon••••••• 115 Hinton • • • • • •••••••• 20
Lower Lawn, ue Ti~bury .. l19 Minety •••••• , ••••••••• 87 Old borough, see Cherill •• 28 Qnirlhampton, see Fuggle-

Lower LPigh, see Ea~t & Monckton De,·erill ...... 43 OldCostow,see\Vrou~rhtonl40 stone St. Peter........ 57

'Vest Knoyle .......... 67 Monk ton 1~arlei~h ...... 88 Old P<tck, see Tockenham.119 Rainscombe, see North

Lower Pen,see Hillmarton 62 l\Ionkton Penning, ,,,.e Orcl1eston St. G1-orge .... 90 Newnton ............ 89

Lower Seagry ........... 107 vYiuterbourne l\1onl,ton137 On:he~ ton Ht. Mary, see Hamsbury .............. 9!

Lower Stanton,see Stauton Moou's Leaze, see Brink- Orchrston St. ~3eon!P. •• 90 H.apsom, see Wiuterhourne

St. Quinton ............ 112 worth ••••••••••••••.• Hl OvP.rton Heath, see \Vest Bassett •••••••••••••• 136

Lower.::ltratton,seeStratton .Moon, see Corsham ...... 37 Overton ••••••••.••••• 91 Ratfyn, see Amesbnry.... 7

St. 1\Iar~aret .••••••••• 113 Moore,see Great Dumford 53 Overton, West ••••••.••• 90 Rawling:s. see Langley

Lower U ph am, see Aid- .\<Ioorleaz:e, see Liddington 71 Overtown, see W roughton.140 Burrell .............. 69
bonrne • .... • ... • . • • •• • 5 l-loorly, see Crudwell .... 40 Ox:enwood, SI'P. SbaJb,urn .108 Rayhrhlge, se6 I.acock .. 6~

LowerWoodford,seeMiddle Mordeu, see Rndbourn •• 95 Ox house, see Cricklade••• 39 Haybridge, see "'orton •• 140

\Voodtord ••••••••••••• 137 ~iorl{an's Tiniugs, see Pad brook, see Wootton Ray Hill, see Hill Deverill 42

l.u!'kington .............. 72 Crutlwell ••••••..•••• 40 Ba•sett............... 138 Rehbel, see Cliff Pipard •• 3-l

Ludger~hall ••••.••••••• 7:! Mousehole, see Broad Par Ground, see \rootlou H.Prlding Hangiug, see

Ludwell, see Don head St. Chalke .............. 27 Bas-ett .............. 138 Surtou Veny .......... 114

Andrew ............... 51 :\IouthyHill,seeCharlton, Parl<gate,seePurton..... !H Reeburn,seeChirton •••• 32

Lurnby Down, .,ee B1shop- near Malme~bury •••• 2i Park,ide, see L:v1liard .••• 73 Reydown, see Edinl!ton •• ~t

stone, ne<~r ::lwHHinn .... 1:2 Murcott, see Crudwt>ll .• 40 Park Towu, Sl'e Uam~bury H4 H.ichard,on, see Wintrr-

I~ushill, see Ca.-tie Eaton.• 26 Mutton Marsh, see North Patney ................. 91 bourne Ba~sett •••••••• 136

Lushin!{ar, see Down ton •• 52 BradiPy • .. • • • . • • • • • • • 18 Patter:! own, ,,re Corsham .. 37 Ridge, see Chilroark •.••• 29

J~ydiard ................ 73 ~alrlers,seeWoottonRivers139 Pecking-t>l, see Langley H.idge~ide, see Corsharn •• 37
Burrell•••.•••.•••••.• 69 H.idge91·ay, see Dauntsey •• 41
Lydiarrl Tregoz ......... 73 Naton, see BishopstOJw,
Lye,seeO~bouru~r .George 90 near Salisbury ••••••.• 12 Pe~ham, see Ogbourne St. Ridgeway, st'e Lyd1ard ••• 73

Lvueham ............... 73 N elw, see 'V mterhou rne GPorge .............. 90 R•x(m, see A~hton Keynes 8
l\Iaddiugton ............. 7-t Ba~sett •••••••••••••• 13R Pen, ,,ee Calne .......... 2:3 Roe hum Bottom, see
1\[~:~dehrook, .,ee Westbur)' 1:31 Nethera,·on •.••••••••••• 88 Pen, see Hillmarton •••••• 6'2 Stockton .............. ll:!

l\Iaiden llra<lley ......... 74 Netherhampton ......... 81:1 Penhill, see Rodbourn .. 9,) Rockley, ree Ogbourn St•
.M<~isey, .'!ee OJbourn St. Nethermore,seeChippnhm 2!) Pt'nbill, see Stratton St.
{h>orge ............... 90

George , • • • ... • .. • • • .. 00 N ettleton ............... 88 Marl!aret ............ 113 Rodbourne,seel'Ialmesbury 75

:Make Baker, see Cuute •• :.3-t :Vetton,seeGreatDurufurd 5:3 Pt!nleigh, see Westbury •• 131 Rodbourn ............... 95

l\Ialme;;bury ............ 75 New Burn, see Luckington 72 PenswortlJ, ~ee Duwnton 52 Rod mead. see King~ton

l\lanuingf(,rd Ahbotts .... 78 Newfoundland,seeNether- Penthnr~t, see Fovant .... 56 Deverill, ............. 42

Mannin\!ford Bohun, see avon................. 88 Pt'ntwick, .•ee Ma.rlhoro' .• 79 Rndmead, see MairJeu

.Mannin!;!ford Bmce .... 78 Newham,see Sutton Veuyll4 Perry, see Maiden Bradley 75 Bradley .............. 75

l\Jarminlol;ford Bohune, see Newmeatl, 1ee Kingston Perry Grf'en, seeCharlton, Roflwell, see Hlllmarton •• 6a

·wilsfiHd near Amesburyl34 Deverill .............. 42 near Malmesbury .... 27 Roll:!tone, see 1\fadliin;,.tton H

1\Ianningford Bruce ...... 713 Newnton, Long.......... 7-J. Pertwond .............. 91 Hookery, see Brinkworth. 19
Manniugton, see Lydiard Newnton, Nurth .•••••••• 89 Peven llill, s~>e Purtou •• 93 Rookery, see Calne •••••• 23
Tre;.(OZ ................ 73 Newton, see Ot. Durnfon.l. 53 Pewsry ................ 91 Rookery, tee Castle Eatou 26
:Manor Copse, see Bro11d Newton, South ••••••.••• Ill Pewsey Hill, see Pew~e.v. 91 Rou~h Leaze, see Calne •• 2:J

I:Iintoo .............. 20 Newnton Toney ......... 8J Picket :Furlong, .~ee Chil. Rong-hmoor, see Lydiard • 73

1\Ianwootl, see Alvedhton. 6 Newtown, see :::!em1ey •••• 108 mark ................ 29 Round Robbiug,see Se\·en-

.1.\-Ianwood, see Longbridge Newtown, seeShalbourn .108 Pie!< wick, we Cor11harn •• 37 hampton ••••••••••••••108

Deverill .............. 42 Nicholls, .!'ee Brink worth •• 19 Phrgle Dean, see West Round way Down, see

l\[apel Sale, see Purton••• ~).l Nightingale, see Cbisledon 32 Over ton ••••••.••••••• 91 Devizes., •••••.••••••• 44

l\larrlen ................. 78 Nine Elms, see Lydiard •• 73 PiniJ,lJ•, see Calne •••••• 23 Rouseland, see Lea ...... 71

l\Iarlhorough ............ 78 Nolands, see Yate~bury.•• 141 Pin!( Elm, .~ee Cbarlton, Rowde .................. 9,)

.Marlycombe, see Bower Nonesuch, see Wiuter- near Malmesbury •••••• 27 Rowdeford, see Rowde ••• 96
Chalke ................ 13 bournc Bassett. ....... 136 Pitruead, see Bi~hop~trow 13 Rnwtlown, Sl.'e Marlboro' •• 79

l\Iarr Green, see Burh11ge. 22 Norleaze, see H eywood •• 60 Pitton, 3ef' Alderbury.... 5 Rowhboruugh, ·see South
1\I arrid~e, see A ldhourne.. 5 Normanton, see Great Pitts, see llis!Jop~tone,nea.r
Marston :, • , ••••• , •, •• 110

1\I.ushhouse,seeCliffPiprd. 34 Durnford ............. fi1 Salishury ............ 12 Rowley, see Wingfield •••• 13.1
J\llar.,ton .•••.••••••••••• 82 Norney, see Pottt>me•••.• !)2 Pitt':l, see Cor!:>ha1~ ••••• , 37 Rndge, see FroAfiehl ..... 57

1\Ia.rstou,Sf'e P?tter,e .... 92 Nornev, see Worton .••••• l40 Pitb>Laud,seeBriukworth 19 Ru<ir.;e,ueH.amsdowu ••.• 94
Mar~ton,see \'ortoll .... ,UO Norridge, see Upton Scu- Pole'~ Hol~, see North Rudloe,.~ee Box ......... 14
l\1arston ~Iaisey ......... 82 durnore. ••••••••••••••125 Bratlley •••.• •••••· ••• 18 Ru~hall •••••••••••••··•• 96



I'age PaJ:(e Page Page

Rushley, see Potterne •••• 92 Stall Croft, see Rowde •• 96 Tarrantt see Wootton Wadswjck, see Box...... 1!

Russley, see Baydon ••••• 10 Stanbridge, see Sherston Rivers •••••••••••••••• J39 Waldron's, see Brinkworth }I)

~alisbury ••••••••••••••• 96 Ma~na ••••.••••••••••• 109 TeffontRvias•••••••.•••• ll7 Walhnead, seeTisbury •• 119

~altertou, steGt.Durnford 53 Standen. see Chute •••••• 34 Teffont 1\'lagna,see Dinton 49 Walton, see Downton •••• 52

Salthrop, see Wrough ton 140 Stand en, see Froxfielll. ••• 57 Temple, ~ee Ogboum St. Wanborough •••••••••••• 1:26
~and Furlong, see Broad Standlinch •••••••••••••• 111 George •••••••••••••• 90 Wansdyke, see Great &

Hint on •••••••••••••••• 20 Stanley, see Brembill •••• 19 Theobald's Green~ see Cal- Little B~dwin ••••••• 10

Sands, ue Calne •••••••• 23 Stanley ,see Chippenham. • 29 stone Wellin~ton .••••• 25 Ward our, ,,ee Tisbury •••• 118

~a.,·ernake, North •••••• 107 Stanley, see Tytherron •• 124 Thickthorn,seeCiiffPipard 34 Ware, see Huish •••••••• 64

~avernake Park •••.•••••• 107 Stanton Fitzwarren ••••••111 Thickwood,seeColerne •• 35 Warminster •••••••••••• 126

Sawyer's Hill, see Minety 87 Stanton Lower,see Stanton Thorohill, see Cliff Pipard 34 Warna);{e, see Wanboro' •• 1:26

Seagry, Lower .......... 107 St. Quinton ........... 112 Thorn Hill, see Malmesby. 76 "\Varneford, see Seven-

8eagry, Upper .......... 107 Stanton St. Bernard .....Ill Thoulstone, see Upton hamptou .............. 108

8edghill •••••••••••••••• 107 Stanton St. Quinton •••••• ll2 Scudamore •••••••••••• 125 Warren, see Aldbourne •• 5

Seend •••••••••••••••••• I 07 Stapleford ••••••••••.••. 112 Throope, see Bbhopstone, Washpool, see Lydiard .. 73

8elstead, see Chri~tian Starveall, see Bishopstone, near Salisbury •••••••• 12 Water Eaton, ses Eisey •• 54

Malford •••••••••••••• 34 nearSwindon •••••••••• 12 Tidcomhe ••••••••••••••118 Waxcombe,seeTidcombe.ll8

Semiugton ••••••••••••• 108 SteepGreen,seeBnrba~e 22 TidlingCorner,seeMinety 87 Waxland,seeNet.hera\'on. t!S
~emley ................. 108 SteetJ Green, see Great & Tidpit, see Martin •••••• 83 Wedhampton, u:e Chirtou. 32
SeHnhamr,ton ••••.••••• 108 Little Bed win ••••••••• 10 Tidworth, Nortlt •••••••• ll8 Wedhampton,.~ee Urchfont125

Sevenhampton, see High- Steeple A::;hton • • • .. • • • • • 8 Tilshead ••••••••••••••ll8 Weeks, see Briukworth •• 19

worth ••••••••••••••••• 60 Steeple Langford ......... 68 TimbridJ:re, see Great & Wellhead, see West bury•• 131

Sevingtn.see J.eigh Drlamr 71 Stert ••••••••••••••••••• 112 Little Bed win •••••••• 10 West Ash ton, see Steeple

Shalbourn •••••••••••••• 108 Stirford, see Corsley .••••• 38 Tin bead, see Edington •••• 5t Ash ton • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 8

Sharncott ••••••••••••••• 109 Stitchcomb, see Mildenhall87 Tisbury ••••••••••••••••ll8 WestCoulston,seeEdington 54

Sharpridge, see O:,!bourn St. James,seeAll Camlings 26 Titchbourn, see Downton.• 52 West Hean •••••••••••• 41

St.George ............ 90 Stock.seeMtldenhall ••.• 87 Tockenham ••••••••••••119 WestEnd,.seeDonheadSt.

Sha w, see Tockeuham •••• 119 Stockley, see Calne •••••• 23 'follard Royal ••••••.••• 120 Andre\Y ••••••.•.••••• 51

Shaw Bottom, see Coiling- Stockton ••..•••••.•••••• 112 Toot Hill, see Lydiard West Eud,.~eePooleKeylle;, 92

bouru Kingston ........ 36 Stoford,sreSouth Newtonl1l Tregoz ••••••••••••••• 73 We~t Fields, see Lauon •• 69

Sl!aw, see J.yrliard Tre~oz 73 Stoke, see Great & Little Tossels, see C<~lne ••••••.• 23 West Grafton .......... 58

Shaw, see .Melk-ham •••• 83 Bed win ............... 10 Totridge, see Milton Lilbrn 87 \Vest Graft on, see Burbage 2~

Sherrington •••••••••••• 109 Stoke, ,,ee 'NinslPy •••••• 136 Totterdown, see Chute ••.• 3i West Grafton, see Great

~herston Magna •••••••• 109 Stoke Farthing, see Broad Totterdown, see Ogbourn & Liltle Be:dwin •••••• 10

Sherston Parva, see Shers- Chalke •••••••••••.••• 27 St. Andrew .......... 90 West Grimstead •••••••• 56

ton l\Iagna .••••••••••• 109 Stoke Pening, see Hroarl Totteridge, see Tillbury .• ll9 West Harnham, see Salis-

SheJ !or,, see Box .••••••• 14 Chalke ............... 27 Tower Hill, see Newton bury ................ 96
Shooter's Hill, see KeruiJle fi6 Stoke~, see Tytherton •••• 124 Ton"y •••••••••••••••• 8!l WestKington,seeKington

Sho" ell, Me Lal'ock .•••• fi8 5toroe Hill, see Charlton, Toyd Farm, see Martin •• 83 St. l\1 ichael •••••••••• tin
8hrewt•m, see Maddin~tn 7-1 near Malmeshury .••••• 27 Trough, see Alvediston • • 6 \Vest Kuoyle •••••••••••• 67

Shripple, see Idmiston . . 65 Stoncover, see Wootton Trowbwl:re •••••••••••• 120 \Vest Lavington ........ 70

Shrub, see Upper & Lower Bassett •••.•.•••••.••• 138 Turk~, see Char! ton, 11ear \Vest Marsh, see Purton .• !J3

CatHle Combe.......... 26 Storridge, see Westbury •• 131 Malmesbury •••••••••• 27 West Overton •••••••••• 90

Shute, see Loo~ bridge Stourton .••••••••••••••• I 12 Turley, see Winsley ...... 136 WestPark,seeMalme~bury 76

Deverill ••••••.••••••• 42 Stowell, see Corsham •••• 37 Tytherington, see Heytes- West Shercot, see Pew$ey 91

Sidbury, .~ee Nth.Tidworthlltl Stowell, see Wilcot ••••••133 bury •••••••••••••••• 60 West Srowell, see Alton
Silbury Hiil, .~ee A\'ebnry 9 Strangers, see Brink worth 19 Tytbert.on •••••••••••••• 12-l Barnes ••• •••• •• ••••• 6

Slades, see Box •••••••••• 14 Stratford •••••••••••••• 113 Tyt.herton Kelways, ue West Tisbury,see Tisbury.ll8

Slaughterford ···~····· .109 Stratfor•l Toney •••••••• 113 Christian Malford •••• 34 West Wick, see PewsPy •• !JI
Slei~ht, see Stert •••••••• 112 StrattonGreen,seeStratton Tytherton Lucas, see Chip- West Winterslow, see Win-
l'5limhridge, see Luckingtn 72 St. Ma.rgart>t .••••••••• 113 pen ham •••••••••••.•• 29 t~rslow ..............137
Smallhrook, see Warmmtr127 StrattouLower,seeStrattou Ufcott, see \Vrough ton •• 140 '-'Vestbrook, see Bromham. 21

Smitbam, see Froxfield •• 57 St. Margaret •••••••• 113 Utfcot.t, see Broad Hinton. 20 Westbury .•••••••••••••1:30

Smithcor, see Brir..kworth 19 Stratton St• .Mari!aret •• 113 Ugtord, seeNorth & South Westbury Le:rll.seeW8tbry13l
Smythick~. see Rowrle ••• 96 StrattonU ppr. see Stratton
Burcombe •••••••••••• 22 Westcot, see Burbage •••• 22
Snap, see 0).{hourn St.Geo. 90 St. Margaret .......... ll3 U~fnrd, see South N ewtonlll Westcott, see Swindon •••• ll.J

Snells, see Brinkwt>rth••• 19 Streches, see Easton .••••• 53 Under Down, see Fox ham 57 Westham, see Somerford

Suod"hill, see Chisledon •• 32 Street, see Lydiard Tregoz 73 Upavon .•••.••••••••••• 124 Keynes •••••••••••••• 110

Sodoms, see Oaksey ••••• 89 Strodley, see Culne •••••• 23 Uphill,see Urchfont •••••• 125 Westleaze, see Swindon •• 115

Somboum. see Warminster127 Stroud, see Lacock ••• , •• 68 UpperBeversbrook,seeHill Westlecott, see Swindon •. 115
Somerford, Great ........110 "troud, see Potterne •••• 92 Marton .............. 62 '-'Ve~tlecott,seeWronghtonl40
Sornertord Key ne~•••.•••• llO Stnrlley, see Calne •••••• 23 Upper Bury, see Blunsdon 'vYestrop, see Corsham .••• 37

8omerford, Little •••••••• 110 Studley, see Chippenllam 29 St. Andrew ••••• , •••• 13 Westrop, see Highworth • (50
Sopworth ............... 110 Smdley, see Woottou Upper Castle Combe •••• 26 Westwell~>, see Cor<~ham •• 37
South Buri!omhe •.••••••• 22 Bas~ett .............. 138 Upper Inglesham •••••••• 65 Westwood ••••••.••••••• 132
~outhcot, see Pew~ey •••• 91 Sturtley,seeGreat& Little Upper Pertwood, see East W(•xcomhe, Sf'e Great &.
~ourh Damerham ........41 Somerford .•••••••••.• IIO & Woest Knoyle •••••••• 67 Little Bedwiu •••••••• 10
~·Jul h Dowu, see Bratton 18 Stutley, see Rowrle .••••• 96 Upper Seagry ••••••.••• 107 Whaddon .............. 133
South Efld, ,,ee Da.ruerham Summerleaze, see East & U pperStratton,seeStratton \Yheatbottom,see~herston

South ................ 41 'vVest Knov1e .......... 67 St. Margaret .......... 113 .Magna •••••••••••••• 109
South l\'Iar~ton ••••.•.••. 110 Sunday'~ Hill, see Brink- Upper Upsham, see Aid- Whelpley,see White Parishl33

So11th .l\Iardton,seeHgwrth 60 worth ................ 19 bourne • •• • ••• •• •• • . • 5 Wbetham, see Calne •••• 23

Sooth Newton ••••.•••.• Ill Sunnyhill, see Pewsey •••• 91 Uppt>r\Voodford, see Mid- Whistley, see Potterne •• !l2

South Savernake, see Surreudel,seeHullavingtn. 65 die \Voodford ••.••••• 137 Whitchurch, see Mlmsbry. 7o

North Savtrnake •••••• I07 Sutton Benger ••••••.••• ll.J Upper Wraxall .......... l40 Whitehall, see Cricklade. 3!)

South Sornley, see \Vest- Sutton,see Burbage .••••• 22 Uppington, see Berwick Whitehall, see Lacock •••• 68

bury ..................131 Sutton, see Great & Little 8t. James •••••••••••• ll Whitehead, see Ogbourn

Southton,see Co!li11gbourn Bed win •••••••••••••• 10 Upton, see East & West St. George .••••••••••• 90
K ing•ton ••••••••.••••• 36 Su!ton 1\Ia.ndeville •••••• 114 Knoyle •••••••••••••• 67 White Hill, se~ Lyneharn . 73

So•1thwick, see North Sutton Veny •••••••••••• 114 Upton Lovell •••••••••••• 12.5 White Hill, see Lydiard

Brad ley • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 18 Swallet, see Christ1an U pton Scudamore •••••• 125 Tregoz • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 73

South Wraxall ••••.••••• 140 l'vlalforrl ..... u ••••••• 3t Urchtont ••••.••••••••• 12;) Whitehill, Bee Woott.on
Spa rsholt, see Lvdiard •••• 73 Swallowcliff •••••••••••• 114 Vag~'s hill, see North • Ba!'sett •••••••••••••• 138

Spilrnans,see Hillmarton •• 62 Swanhill, see Wanboroughl2() Bradley .••••••••••••• 18 White Parish •••••••••• 133

Spifthill, see Bremhill •••• 19 :'lwindon ••.•••••.••••••• 115 Velly, see Corsham •••••• a7 White's Green, see Brink-

Spirthill,see Foxharo •••• 57 Swindon New 'l'owu, see Vernditch,seeBowerChalke 13 worth • •• • • •• •. • • • ••.• 19
Spittleborough,seeLydiard Swindon .•••.••••••••• ll5 Vines, ~ee Brit•kworth •••• 19 Whitland~, see Brinkworth 19
Tre~oz .•••.••••••••••• 7:1 "yreocot Figlwldean •••• 55 Waddon, see Alderbury • • 5 Whitley, see Calne •••••• 23
Sprays, see Calne •••••••• 2:3 Tadpole, see Purton •••••• 94 Waden hill, see Avebury.. 9 Whitley, see Melksham •• 83


Page Page Pa~e Page

Whitsbury •••••••••••••• 133 Wilton, see Great & Little Witherington,seeDownton 52 Woodrow, see Melk8ham. 83
Whittondilch, se6 Rmsbry 04 Bedwin •••••••••••••• 10 Wobourn, see Charlton, Woodside, &ee Brinkworth 19
Who Will, see Bishopstrow 18 Wily ..................135 near Malme!lbury ...... 27 Woolverton, see Mere .... ~6
'Vhyr, 1ee Winterbourne Wincombe, see Don head Workley, see Tisbury •••• 119 Wootton Bassett •••••.•• 1~
Bassett .............. 136 St. Andrew .......... 51 Wolfhall, 1ee Burbage •• 22 Wootton Rivers ........ 130
Wick, see Bremhill ...... 19 WindmillHill,seeAvf'rbury 9 Woodborough .......... 137 Workford, see Urchfont •• I25
Wick, see Downton...... 52 Windmill Hill, 1ee Crick- Wood bridge, see Potterne 02 World's End, &ee Pewsey. 91
'Vick, see La cock •••••••• 68 Jade .................. 39 Woodend, see Ogbourn St. Worm wood, see Box • •.. 14
Wick, 1ee Odstock ...... 90 Wingfield .............. 135 George .............. 90 Worthy Hill, 1ee Lea .... 7l
"Wick, see Ogbourn St. Win Green, 1ee Berwick Woodfalls, 8ee Dowuton .• 52 Worton ................ 140

George .............. 90 St.Jobn ............ ll Woollford,Lower1 1eeMiu- Worton,uePotterne .... 92

Wick, see Potterne ...... 92 Wink worth, see Lea .... 71 die Woodford ........ 137 Wraxall, North ........ 140
Wick, see Lydiard Tregoz 73 Winsley ................ 136 Wood ford, Middle ..... 137 Wraxall, South ......... 140

Wick Green,1ee Devizes •• 45 Winterhourne Bassett•••• 136 Wood ford, Upper,see Mid- Wraxall, Upper •••••••• 140

Wickfield, see Wootton Winterhourne Dantsey ••• 136 dle Woodtord •••••.•••• 137 Wrougbton , ...... , .... 140
Bassett • ~ ............ 138 Winterbourne Gunner, see Woodgate,seeTo<·kenham ll9 Wylye, see Wily ........ 13[)
Wickwood, see Tisbury •• 119 Winterbourne Dant8ey.I36 ·woodland, 1ee Berwick- Yarnbrook, 1ee North

Widdenbam,seeColerue •• 35 Winterbourne 1\Ionl.ton •• 137 St. John ............. ll Bradly ............. 18

Widham, see Purton •••• 93 Winterbourne Stoke •••• 137 Woodlands, see Mere •••• 86 Yarnfidd, see Maiden
Wilcot ..... , ..........133 WinterAiow ............ 137 Woodlands, see Mildenhall 871 Bradley .............. 75
Willougbbys, see Upton Wire Pool, 1ee A~htoo 'Voodlands,seePooleKeyes 921 Yatesbury ..............141

Scudamore ..........125 Keynes ......... .... • 8 Woodmington, see Bower Yatton Kevnell ........14l
Wilsford, near Amesbury 134 Wishford ..............137 Chalke .............. 13 Yernell, 1ee Lea ....... ~ 71
Wilstord, near Devizes .. 134 Wivelsford, see WiMord, Wood Shaw, see Wootton York's Clitfe,seeBrinkwrtb 19
Wilton •••••• 1.1 •• 1 ... ,13-t near Devizes .......... 13! Bassett ..... 1 •• 1,. 1. ,138 Zeals, see Mere., •• 1 ..... 61j




With Reference to the Places under which they will be found in this Volume.

Page Page

Abbey house, J. C. S.•Tennings, esq. leP Malmesbury • • 76 Combe priory, C. Knight, e!lq. see Donhead St. Mary. ~ 51

Alderhury house, G. Fllrt, e•q. 1ee Alderbnry • • • • • • • • 5 Compton house, G. H. W. Heneage, esq. M,P. see
C'..............................Amesbury manor, Sir E. Antrobus, bart. see Amesbury 7 Co1npton Basset ••

Ark house, H. A. Holwortby,esq. see M:elkRbam... •• • 83 Compton house, C. Penruddock, esq. see Compton

Ashley grove, 1\lisses Rogers, see Box................ 14 Chamberlain • • • • • • • • • • •••••••••••••••••••••••• -. 36

Ashton house, H.B.F.Dickenson, esq. see Ashton Keynes 8 Conholt park, Lord C. Vvellesley, see Chute •••••••••• S4

·w.Ashton house, J. Ravenhlll, esq. see Codford St. Peter... 35 Connock house, Carter, esq. see Chirton ••••••••.• 32

Avebury Manor house, Mrs. Kemm, see Avebury. •• • •• 9 Corsham court, Lord P. Methuen, see Corsbam •••••• 37

Back Street house, R. Brown, esq. tee Ashton Keynes.. 8 Corsley house, N. Barton, esq. Sl'e Corsley •••••••••••• 3B

Battle house, Commander S.Meredith,R.N. see Bromham 21 Cove house, C. S. Hawkins, esq. 1ea. Ashton Keynes •• 8

Bellavilla house, Lady Lopez, see 'Vestbury • • • • • • • • • • 131 Cowbridge house, S. B. Brooke, esq. 1ee Malmesbury •• 76

Bellefield house, T. Clark, esq. see Trowbridge •••••••• 120 Cowsfield house, G. Lawrence, esq. see White Parish •• 133

Belmont house, W. Taylor, esq. tee Melksbam. •• •• • • • 83 Craybridge house, 1\frs. 1\'lary Roberts, see Westbury

Biddesden house, Rev. T. Everett, 1ee Ludgershal1. • • • 72 Leiglt ••••••••••••·~···••••••••••••••••••••••••• 132
Bishop~trow l10use, W. Temple, e8q. sep Bisbopstrow.. 13 Crudwell llOU3e, Major J. W. Wallington, see Crudwt>ll 40

Blackland house, C. Beaven, esq. see Blackland • •• ••• 13 Dilton court, Col. C. L. Phipps, see Dilton •••••••••••• 132

Blunsdon house, Capt. H. \Yaltt>rB, 1ee Blunsdon St. Dinton house, W. 'Vyndham, esq. see Dinton • •• • • .. • 50

Andrew ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••.••••• 13 Donhead ball, J. D. Boulay, et~q. sPe Donhead St. Mary 51

Rowden house, Capt••T. l\1. Glad~tone, R.N. see Bow- Donhead lodge, Rev. II. 1\iair, M.A. see Donhead 8t.

den hill •••••••••••.••••.••••••••.••• -•••••••••• 6B Andrew • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 51

"rBox bush house, R. Stratton, esq. see Brinkworth ••••.• 19 Draycot Right Hon. Viscount Welle~ley, see Draycot

Boyer's house, 1\lrs. Brown, see estbury Leigh •••••• 132 Cerne ···•···············•·•·•••••····••••••·••• 52
Braydon house, T. Smith, esq. see ~iinety ••••••.••••• 88 Durnford house, E. Hinxman, sen. esq. see Gt. Durnfrd 53

Brickwood house, Hon. J. F. Strangways, see White- Durrington house, T. E. Fowle, esq. see Durrington • • 53

parish ••.•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 133 Earl Stoke park, Lord Broughton, see Earl Stoke ..... 13-2

Bridge house, Mrs. M. Alford, see Trowbridge •••••••• 120 Eastcourt house, J. R. Mullings, esq. M.P. see Crudwell 40

Broadleaze, \V. Ewart, esq. M.P. see Devizes ••••.••••• 45 Eastleigh lodge, Mrs. Kerrich, see Bishopstrow • • • • • • 13

Brook hou~e, J. Bailward, esq. 1ee Stourton .•••..•••• 113 Eastwell house, G. F. Parry, esq. 1ee Potterne • • • • • • • • 92

Broxmore l1ouse, T. B. Evans, esq. see V\rhite Parish •• 133 Elcombe ball, Mrs. :M. Pavy, see Wroughton •••••••• 141

Bulford Manor house, A. Southbyt esq. see Bulford •••• 22 Elm grove, J. Fowler, esq. see Gastard • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 38

Burdrop park, Major H. Calley, see Chisledon •••••••• 33 Elm Grove house, J. D. Baily, esq. see Calne • • • • • • • • 23

Buries (The), J. Seagram, esq. see Bi!lhopstrow •••••• 13 Elston house, S. Mills, esq. 1ee Elston................ 5t

.Burton Hill house, C. W. Miles;esq. 1ee Malmesbury .• 76 Enford manor, A. Baden, esq. see Enford • •• • • •• • • • • • 5.:i

Castle Combe Manor house, G. P. Scrope, esq. 1ee Everleigh house, Sir F. Astley, hart. see Everleigh • •• • 55

Castle Combe .•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••.••• 26 Fairfield house, E. Edmonds, esq. 1ee Bradford........ 16

Castle house, MrB. G. Arnold, see Calne.............. 23 Fern house, J. Grove, esq. see Donhead St. Andrew.... 51

Chalcot house, Capt. W. F. Crofton, 1ee Dilton •••••••• 132 Fifield Manor house, Mrs. Penruddocke, see Milton

Charlton park, Rt. Hon. Earl of Suffolk & Berkshire, Lilbourne • • •• ••• • • •• •• •• •• •• •• • • • • •• • •• ••• • • •• • 87

see Cbarlton ••••••••••••••••••••••••.••••..••••• 27 Figheldean house, W. Coke, esq. see Fi~heldean • • • •• • 55

Cheverell Manor bon,.e, G. Whittington, esq. see Fisherton l10use, R. S. Finch, esq. see Salisbury • • • • • • 9B

0 reat Cheverell •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 28 Fontavilla house, J. Wilson, esq. M.P. see Westbury •• 131

Chicklade house, J. Lock, esq. see Chicklade • • • • • • • • 28 Foothill house, A. Morrison, esq. see Fonthill Giffard • • 56

Chilton house, J. Shutton, esq. seP. Chilton Foliatt • • • • 29 Frankleigh lodge, Capt. C. Pickwick, see Bradford.... 16

Chilton lodge, Col. Hankey, see Chilton Foliatt • • • • •• 29 Greenhill house, J. Everett, esq. see Sutton Veney •••• ll4

Chilvester hill, Capt. W. Warren, R.N. see Calne...... 23 Grittleton house, J. Neeld, esq. 1ee Grittleton • • • • • •• • 58

Chippenham palace, J. Phillips, esq. see Chippenbam 30 Guyer's lJOuse, Capt. W. Rooke, see Pickwick • •• •• •• • 38

Chirton Manor house, W. Tinker, esq. see Chirton • • • • 32 Hampworth lodge, R. E. D. Shafto, esq. 1ee Downton.. 52

Cbisledon house, Mrs. J. Broome, see Cbisledon • • • • • • 33 Hannington house, Capt. W. Jolmson, see Hannington. 59

Cholderton house, A. F. Paxton, esq. see Cholderton • • 33 Harnish park, E. L. Clutterbuck, esq. see Hardenbuish 59

Chute lodge, Rev. H. Fowle, see Chute • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 34 Hartham park, T. E. Fielder, esq. see Corsham • • • • • • 37

Clarendon lodge, Sir F. Bathurst, hart. see Clarendon.. 5 Heyt~sbury house, Right Hon. Lord Heytesbury, 1ee

Cliff~ E. Everett, esq. see East Harnham •••••••••••• 103 Heytesbury • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • .... • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 60

CliffPipard Manor house, H. N. Goddard, esq. J.P. Hillmarton lodge, T. Poinder, -esq. 1ee Hillmarton • • • • 62

aee Cliff Pipard ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••.••••• 34 Holly hill, l'Irs. 1\I. W ebb, 1ee Landford.............. 6B

Clyffe ball, Hon. Mrs. Hay, see 1\Iarket I.a.vington •••• 70 Holybrook l10nse, B. Cogswell, esq. see Broughton

Cole park, P. A. Lovell, esq. see 1\falmt>sbnry ....... , 76 Gifford ••••• ,.,., ............................... ,. 21



Page Page

lford house, Rev. -, n.n.see Westwood-cum- Redlynch house, R. A, Ferryman, esq. see Downton • • 52

Iford •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 133 Ridl{e bonse, A. Rooke, esq. 1ee Corsbam Side • • • • • • • • 38
Ivy house, Mrs. E. Humphries, 1ee Chippenbam •• ••• • 30 Rockley ltonse, E. Jones, esq. see Ogboun1 St. Andrew 90

Ja!!'gard'il house, C. Lear, esq. 1ee Corsham side • • • • • • 38 Roll~tone house, Captain Heathcote, see Rolls tone • • • • 74

Kembl1' ,Man·or house, R. Gordon,esq. leB Kemble •#•• 66 Rood !.shton house, W. Long, esq. see West Ashton • • 8

King.;down house, D. Archer, esq• .t.P. see Stratton Round way park, E. Colston, el!q. ~ee Devizea • • ... • • • • 46

St. lfargaret ...•..••••.....•••.•..••.•.•••..•..• 113 Rowdeford house, F. A. S. Locke, esq. see Bl'omham • • 21

Kingston house, S. Moulton, esq. see Bradford........ 16 Rowden house, J. Fusaell, esq. see Chippenham • • • ••• 30

Knoll house, Capt. W. Luce, R.N. see Malmesbury.... 76 Rudloe house, Mrs. Cook, see Box ••• ••••••• ••• • • • • • 14

Knoyle house, Mr~. J. Seymour, seB East Knoyle. •• ••• 67 Rumsey house, B. J. A. Angell, esq. 1ee Calne • • • • • •• • 23

Lacbam hoc1se, Cupt. F. W. Rooke, R.N. see Lacock • • 68 Rushmore lodge, Lord Rivers, see Berwick St. John • • It

I.acock abbey, W. H. F. Talbot, esq. see Lacock •••••• 68 Rusley park, T. C. 8mitb, esq. see Bisbopstone........ 12

Lake hone~ Rev. E. Duke, M.A. see Wilsford ... •••·. l3t Salisbury palace, Right Rev. W. K. Hamilton, n.n.

Lang'ey lodge, W. Awdry, esq. •re Langley Burrell • • 69 J.ord Bishop of Salisbury, see Salisbury............ 88

J.ansdowne house, Right Hou. the Marquis of Lans- Salthrop lodge, J. Simpson, esq. see Wroughton .••••• Ul

downe, aee Lansdowne ••••••••••••••• •••••••••.... 14 Savernake, Earl C. B. Bruce, see Great Bed win • • • • • • 10

Laverstock hill, W. H. Maund, ePq. see Laverstock .. 69 Sea~ry hou8e, Captain T. F. Grove, see T.ower Seagry • 107

Leigb house, Rev. J. H. Bradney, 1ee •••••• 83 Sedghill hou11e, M. Jeffreys, esq. see Sedgbill ........ 107

Leigl.&too J10use, J. L. Phipps, &q. see Westbory •••••• 131 Seend house, W. H. L. Bruge11, e;~q, see Seend •••••••• 107

Lock.J!ridge house, W. C. 11-Ierriman, esq. see West Seveuhampton manor, Lady W. Warneford, see Seven-

Overton •••• , • • • • • • • • • • • • •. . . •• ... •• • . • • . . • . • • • • • 01 llampton . • . . . • • • . • . • • • . . . . • • . . . • . • . • . • . • . • • • . • • 108

Lockeridge cottage, G. H. Pinckney, esq. see West Sharncott, J. Mills, esq. 1ee Sharncott ................ 109

<>verton ••••·••···~······~·········••••••••••••• 01 Shaw Hill house, Rev. T. Heathcot, M.A.. see Melkslcam 83
Sheylors house, W. A. Bruce, esq. see Box • •• ••••••• 14
Longford ca,tle, Right Hon. Viscount Folkestone, &ee

Lon~ford . .......... ,..~ •.•••..•.•.....•...•.......••• 20 Shrewton boose, J. Nicholls, esq. see Shrewton •• • • ... • 74

Longleat l10use, l\Iost lion. the Marquis of Bath, 1ee Shrewton lodge, C. R. Smith, esq. 1ce Shrewton • • • • • • 74

~ontzbridge Deverill•••••••..• ..................... 42 Shrewton Manor house, C. Wansborough, esq. see

Long Newton priory, Miss Estcourt, see Long Newton. 72 Shrew ton • . . • . • . . . • . •.. • . • . • . . . . • • • •.• • • • • • • • . • . • 74

Lucknam house, J. C. Boode, esq. see Colerne •••••••• 35 South Broom house, R. P. Nisbet. el!q. see Devizf:'s.... 45

Lushill house~ J. Archer, e~q. tee Castle Eaton •••••• 26 Southgate house, Mrs. E. Cunnington, see Devizes.... 45

Lydiard Tregoz, Lord Bolinbrooke.see Lydiard Tregoz. 7:1 Springfield house, Mrs. Brown, see Devizes • • • • • •• • • • 45

Maiden Bradley bom•e, Lord Seymour, see Maiden Spye park, Mrs. C. Starky, see Broml•am... •• •• •• •• • 21

Bradley •..•..••••....•.•••..•••...•.•.•.•••.•.• 75 Staudon house, Rev. T. P. Milchell, see Shalbourn •••• 109

n.Marden manor, Mr. S. R. Neate, see Marden •••••••• 78 Stanton house, J. Grimwood, esq. see Stanton Fitz-

Melchet park, Hon. F. Baring, see While Parish •••• •• 133 warren •....•.•..••.•••..•••••••..•.••..••.•..••• 111

Middle Dean house, S. Lane, eEq. see Swallowclift' •••• 114 Stichcombe house, H. Woodman, esq. see Marlboroogh 79

Middle hm, Major Younger, 1ee Box •••••••••••••••• ].j Stirford house, R. Robertson, esq. see Corsley • • • • • • • • 38

Milford ball, J. Lambert, esq. 1ee MHford •••••••••••• 103 Stock ton house, H. Biggs, esq. see Stockton .......... 112

Milton Lilbourne Manor house, J. Somersett, esq. see Stoke Manor house, J. C. Daniels, esq. see Stoke ••••• 136

Milton Lilbourne .•.•••••••••.•••••••.•..••••.••• 87 Stourbeatl park. Sir H. R. Hoare, bart. see Stoorton • • 113

Minety house, W. T. P. K. Keene, esq.see l\Iinety •••• 88 Stowell house,J. Tanner, esq. Bf!B Alton Priors........ 6
,V.Stowelllodge, G. Wroughton, esq. see Wilcot •••••• 133
Monkton Farleigh Manor house, Mrs. Brown, see 1\louk-

Jon Farleigh .••••••••••••.••.•••••.•.••••••.••.• 88 Syrencot house, E. D. Poore, esq. see Figheldean...... 55

Monkton house, G. M. l\1. F..smnde, esq. see Cbippen- Teffont Evias Manor house, Mrs. S. Mayne, see Teffont

bam ••..••••••••••••••.•••••.•••.•.•..•••....••• 20 Evias .•.•••.•.•...•.• •••.•.•.....••..•.•••.•.••• 118

·w.Monk's park, Speeks1 esq. see Corsl.aam side •••••• 38 Tottenbam park,Marquis of Ailesbury,see Marlborough 79

Moot house, F. E. Jervious, esq. see Britford •••••••• 20 Trafalgar house, Right Hon. Earl Nelson, see Standlincb 111

Neston park, J. B. Fuller, esq. see Corsham 11ide •••••• 38 Turley boose, W. J. ltlorgan, esq. seB Turley •••••••••• 136

Netberavon house, Sir W. K. Ball, bart. see Netheravon 89 Urchfont Manor house, S. W. Taylor, esq. sell Urchfont 125

New hall, Major-Gen. E. Buckley, 1ee Nunton •••••• 88 Wans house, C. W. Wyndham,esq. Bee Chittoe ••• •••.. 33

New house, F. King, esq. see Chilmark •••••••••••••• 29 Wardour castle, Right Hon. Lord H. B. Arundell, see

New house, G. Matcham, esq. see Do~nlon •••••••••• 1)2 VVardour••••••.••••••••••••••••••••••• ~·······•• 119

Newton house, H. Holworthy, esq. see Box •••••••••• 14 Westbnry Manor house, Sir M. Lopes, bart.seeWestbury 131

Nonsuch house, Rev. M. Brown, see Bromham •••••••• 21 West Hayes, Mrs. G. Grove, 1ee Sedghill ........... •. 107

Notton house, Sir J. W. Awdry, knt. see Notton •••••• 68 Westrop house, G. Alexander, esq. ;r,p, see Highwortb. 61

Notton lodge, H. G. Goddard, esq. see Notton •••••••• GB Whetbam boose, J. Phillips, esq. see Calne •• •• • • • • • .. 23

01{bourn Manor house, S. Canning, esq. see Ogbourn Wilbnry house, G. A. Fullerton, esq. see Newton Toney 89

St. George ..••............••.••••......••......• 90 Wilcot house, Miss Gore, sec Wilcot •••••••••••••••• 133

01dcroft house, T. Plumber, esq. see Blunbdon St. Wilsford honse, G. Loder, esq. ltB Wilsfotd •••••••••• 13-t

~ndrevr ••••••••••••••••••••••···········••••••• 13 Wincombe park, C. Gordon, esq. Bee Donbead St. Mary 51
Peoleigh house, W. B. Turner, esq. see Westbury •••• 131 Wingfield l•ouse, J. G. Smith, esq. see Wingfield •••••• 135

Pjnkney house, W. H.Creswell,esq.Bee Sheraton Parva 109 Winsley boose, W. Stone. esq. see Winsley •• •••••••• 136

Pockridge J!ouse,J. Edridge,esq.see Pickwick •••••••• 38 Winsley Manor house, W. Timbrell, esq. 1ee Winsley •• 136

Potterne Manor boose, Col. H. S. Oliver, see Potterne. 92 Winterbourne )lanor house, G. Burtt, esq. see Winter-

Preshute house, Mrs. Turner, see Presbute • •• • • • • • • • 93 bourne Dantsey•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 136

P,vt house, M. J. Higginson, esq. see West Tisbury •••• ll9 Woolley grange, Lady Lopez, see Bradford ......... .. 16

Rainscoll\be boQse~ F. N .{logers,esq.see North N ewpton 89 Woolley house, J. Bush, esq. see Bradford •••••••••• ~. 15

Jl~sbury lfano•· }louse, Thomas ~rulth, esq. see Wye boo!IP, S. Drown, es<J· see Marlborough •••••••••• 79
flllQ:ItJPPTf •'. '.' T''' 0'' '. '' ' ' •- . ' •'' •'' '. ' ••• 0. ' 94 Zr~lq tu.1u·~, t.', Or~vt>, Psq. 3ff' Mf!rt~ , o;,,, o,,, •• ,,,, et;

WILTSHIRE is a south-western inland shire to the south Rushall the Pewsey stream, and so going pa:~t Amesbury

of the Thames, and north of those shires on the shore of to Salisbury; the Bourn rises in the middle downs to the

the English Channel. It is bounded on the north-west by north of Ludgershall, and flows southerly for 23 miles to

Gloucestershire, on the north-ea~t by Berkshire, on the east Salisbury.

by Hampshire, on the south by Hamp;;hire and Dorset- Below Salisbury the Avon, after taking the Ebele, flows

shire, and on the west by Somersetshire. Its shape is that into Hampshire, and so towards the sea at Christchurch;

of a long square with a round head to the north. It lies be- its whole length in Wiltshire is 41 miles.

tween 50° 55' and 51° 43' north latitude and 1° 30' and 2° 22' Near Mere some of the feeders of the Dorsetshire S tour
west longitude, and its area is 1,350 square miles, or ri•se.

865,092 acres. The greatest length from north to south is None of the Wiltshire rivers are of much use for bearing

54 miles, and the greatest breadth from east to west is craft, but they turn mills and feed the canals.

37 miles. The population at various periods has been as The north and north-west parts of Wilts belong to the

follows :-1801,183,820; 1811, 191,853; 1821,219,574; oolite formations, and the rest to the chalk. The line may

1831, 237,244; 1841, 256,280; 1851, 254,221 (males be taken by Highwortb, Wootton Basset, Caloe, 1\:lelk-

125,728, females 128,493). The climate on the downs is sham, Trowbridge and Frome, most of which are on the

healthy, but the air is cold and sharp; in the north-west oolite. A small portion of oolite comes in at the south-

it is milder. North-east Wilts is drained by the feeders west.

of the Thames, North-west Wilts by those of the Severn, The chalk district is divided into two by the vale of

and South Wilts by the heads of the Salisbury Avon. The Pewsey, or that in which the heads of the Salisbury Avon

shire is girt with a line of downs across the middle, to the rise, and which belongs to the greensand. The northern

south of which is Salisbury Plain; in the south another chalk district is that of Marlborough Downs, and the

line of downs runs right across. 1'he great cluster of southern that of Sali~bury Plain. This southern formation

Marlborough downs fills the north-east to the south of is broken by three plots where the chalk has been laid

Swindon. bare, the upper vallies of the Salisbury A voo, the Wiley

In the north rise the Thames head, Flagham brook, and and the Nadder. Many Qf the hills on the Downs are

Swill brook, joining the Churn, or true Thames, near very high. Inkpen Beacon, where the borders of Berks,

Cricklade; it then flows along the north border of Wilts, Hants and Wilts, come to~ether, is the highest chalk hill,

taking the Key, or Ray, and the Cole. The Key, which heing I ,011 feet high. These Salisbury downs or plain

iR a mill-stream about 16 miles long, rises in the hills near form a high bleak ground, with scanty graas, and on-

\Vroughton, passes near Swindon, and joins the Churn peopled, except in the vallies of the rivers, where the

near Cricklade. The Cole, which is 13 miles long, rises to towfls and hamlets lie very close together.

the east of the Key and :flows towards Lechlade. The The greensand forms a broad strip skirting the chalk,

Kennet rises near \Vroughton, within Marlborough downs, by the south of Swindon, near Calne, Devizes, Market

flows south, then east to Marlborough, and so past Hun- Lavington, Westbury, Warminster and Mere. It likewise

gerford to Reading and the Thames; at Marlborough it crops out elsewhere. The highest hill, Alfred'11 Hill, near

receives the Ogbourn, near Ramsbury the Aldbourn, and Stourhead, is about 800 feet high.

near Hungerford a brook from Bedwin. The Kenoet South and south-east of Salisbury belongs to the Hamp-

flows for 20 miles through Wiltshire. shire plastic clay.

The north or Bristol Avon rises in the Cotswold hills in Kimmeridge clay, oolitic freestone, coral rag, calcareous

Gloucestershire, enters Wiltshire near Luckington, and grit, Oxford clay, corn brash and forest marble, belonging

flows east to Malmesbury, where it takes the Tetbury to the upper, middle, and lower oolite, crop out in strips

brook 9 miles long; it then flows south to Chippenham. beyond the greensand. These have many quarries of

Near Chippenham, the Marden, 10 miles long, flows in buildin!! stone. There are mineral springs in the Oxford

from Calne; the Avon flo1vs south to Melksham, where clay. The hills do not rise above 400 feet high.

the Devizes river, 13 miles long, flows in; from Melksham, In South Wilts and North-east Wilts there is tillage

the way of the Avon is south-westerly by Bradford to- only iu the dales. 'fhe great downs are grazed by sheep,

wards Bath, and so to the Severn below Brii'>tol. The though of late, in some places, they have been broken up

Mere, from Trowbridge, flows in near Bradford. The for tillage.

feeders of the Frome rise near Warminstt•r, and join the N 01·tti-west Wilts has a subsoil of broken stone, with

Avon below Bradford. clay or reddish chalky loam lying upon it. Here are

The Salisbury Avon is formed by five arms spreading richer soils, with much corn land, meadow and dairy

over South \Vilts-the Ebele, the Nadder, the \Viley, the ground; the grazing is for cows and oxen, and much

Avon, and the Bourn; the Ebele flows along the south cheese is made. There is little market-gardening.

border from east to west, and falls into the Avon below Wilts yields limestone and frees tone, chalk, marI, brick-

Salisbury; the Nadder, 18 miles long, rises near Shaftes- earth, corn, ale, oxen, cheese, sheep and wool, and there

bury under the name of the Don, and flows east to Wilton, are some woollen works in the towns, also other manu-

where it joins the Wiley; the Wiley, or Willy, rises under factures.

the name of the Deverill, near Mere, flows north towards The railways mostly belong to the Great Western raiiway

Warminster and past Heytesbury, below which a small company ; the main line comes in from London, south of

bourn 6 miles long flows in; the Wiley, near Wilton,joins Highworth, passes by Swindon, Wootton Basset, Chippe11-

the Nadder, and then flows to the Avon at Salisbury, harn, Corsham and Box, to Bath, and so to Bristol,

being 27 miles long; the Avon rises llPIU' Devi7.ei!, in Exeter, and South Devon. Swindon ia the head loco·
~ orth Wilt'~1 ~tqcl k.t!~'ps a s9uth(lrly direotinn, ~li~illi Jl!:laf mottve fagtory of the company. .A branch runs from


Swindon, by Purton and Minety, near Cirencester, to • 1·t t' Area Pop.
a Ion. Acres. 1851.
Cheltenham, Gloucester, Birmingham, and so to all parts SouTH WILTS:- S u 5,225
of the north and east of the island. From Corsham a line 5,389
Alderbury •••••••• , ••••••• S.E. 32,690
is made called the Wilts, Somerset and Weymouth, by or 7,558
Amesbury •••••••••••••••• E. midland 38,832 4,924
neat Bradford and Trowbridge, to Westbury, Warminster
Branch and Dole •••••••••• N. midland 36,765 3,506
e.nd Frome. 3,307
A branch is open from Reading to Hungerford. A Cawden and Cadworth •••• S. 22,767 7,027

branch from Bishopstoke, on the South Western railway, Chalk •••••••••••••••••••• S. 24,832 7,056
is opened to Salisbury. Thus a great part of Wilts has 6,151
S. Damerbam •••••••••••• W. 16,832 1,635
railway communication.
Downton •••••••••••••••• W. 26,492 5,8~2
The Great WI!!tern stations are-Swindon, 77 miles
Dunworth •••••••••••••••• W. 27,367 11,849
from London; Wootton Bas~et, 82!; Chippenham, 93~; 4,563
Corsham, 98~; Box, 101!; Purton, 81! ; Mioety, 85!; El!! tub and Everley ........ N .E. 37 , 9 t 6 1,224
Cirencester, 95; Hungerford, 6ll; Melksham, lOO; 10,807
Frustfield ••••••.•••• , •••• E. 7,973 7,029
Trowbridge, 105~; Westbury, 109~ Warminster, 114. 11,697
Heytesbury • • • • • • • • • • • • •. W. midland 33,040
Salisbury is 95 miles from London. ---
By the loss of the coach-traffic to Gloucestershire, Kinwardstone •••••••••••• E. 60,124
Somersetshire, Devon and Cornwall, many towns in Wilts Mere . . • . • . . • . . . . . ....... E. 19,462

have lost much. Underditch {Salisbury) •• , • S. midland 7,513

The railways open for the farmer tre markets of London, Warminster .............. N.W. 25,6-lO

Westbury ................ N.W. 11,901

- - -Salisbury {City) ••••••••••• S. midland 480
Altogether............ 430,756

Oxford, Bristol, Bath, Cheltenham, and Gloucester. The Poor-law Unions are seventeen: Alderbury (Salis-

Wiltshire has in the north three great lines of canal, bury), Amesbury, Bradford, Calne, Chippenham, Crick-

The Thames and Severn canal skirts the north border, Jade and 'Vootton Basset, Devizes, Highworth and Swin-
don, ~almesbury, Marlborou!!h, Mere, Pewsey, Tisbury,
passing by Cirencester, Cricklade, and Lechlade.

The Wilts and Berks canal, coming from the Thames at Warmmster, Westbury and Wborwelsdown, and Wilton•

.Abingdon, passes south-westerly by Swindon, Wootton The polling-places for NorthWilb1are at Devizes, Melk-

Basset, and Melksham, with branches to Chippenham and sham, Malmesbury and Swindon; for South Wilts, at
Salisbury, East Everley, Hindon and Warminster.
The Kennet and Avon canal passes through the middle North Wilts returns two members, and South Wilts

of Wilts, passing by Hungerford, Devizes, and Bradford, two; Salisbury, Devizes, Marlborough, Chippenham and
Cricklade, two each ; Calne, Mulmesbury, Westbury and
and near Trowbridge, to Bath and Bristol.
The Wilts and Berks canal joins the latter south of Wilton, one each. Great Bedwin, Downton,Heytesbury,
Melksham, and then is itself joined to the Thames and Hinton, Ludgershall, Old Sarum and Wootton Basset,
Severn canal by a branch called the :North Wilts canal, were disfranchised by the Reform Bill. Highworth and
between Cricklade and Swindon. North Wilts is thus Wootton Basset are joined to Crlcklade borough. Several
well provided with canals. South Wilts is almost without of the country parishes have the franchise of the adjoin-
in!! towns. Many of the large towns have no franchise.
railway or canal accommodation.
Wilts wa' formerly a great seat of the clothing trade, Wiltshire is mostly under the blshopric of Salisbury,
but this has much fallen oft', though around Bradford are except the Deaneries of Cricklade and Malmesbury,
many mills and looms. Bradford is the head of the which are under that of Gloucester and Bristol, in the
broadcloth weaving, which is carried on there, at West- a.rchdeaconry of Bristol. The other part forms two arcb-
bury, Trowbridge, and l\lelksham. At Salisbury some deaconries; Salisbury, with the Deaneries of Amesbury,
cutlery and hardware are made. At Melksham there are Chalk, Wilton and Wylie; and Wilts, with the Deaneries
looms for hair-cloth weaving and sacking. At Chippen- of Avebury, Marlborough, and Pottern. The parishes are
ham broadcloth and silk are woven. At Malmesbury about 336, besides 20 ecclesiastical districts-in Crick·
lace is made. Ropes and sacking are made at Marlbo- lade deanery 29, Malmesbury 58, Amesbury 30, Chalk 40,
rough. Flax-spinning, silk throwing, bedticking and Salisbury subdeanery 3, Wilton 14, Wylie 44, Avebury 35,
cheese-cloth weaving, are carried on at Mere. Near Wilton Marlborough 34, and Pattern 49.
are carpet works. Silk-throwing is carried on at Devizes. The head town of Wilts is the city o( Salisbury,
Swindon is a great railway workshop. There is much with 11,000 people. Other smaller towns are Trow-
malting and brewing in all the large towns. Altogether, bridge 10,000, Bradford 4,000, Devizes 6,500, War-
the trade of Wilts is large, though it cannot rank with minster 4,000, Marlborough 4,000, Chippenham, Calne,
Westbury, Swindon, Heytesbury, Melksham, Malmes-
the great manufacturing districts.
Wilts forms two districts, North and South; of the bury, Cricklade, Wilton, Downton, Hindon, and Wootton
former the head town is Devizes, where the Summer Basset. Many of these are Yery well built, and with
Assize is held, and of the latter Salisbury, where the good churches and town buildings. Salisbury is well
Winter Assize is held. It is in the Western Circuit, at known for its cathedral. There is a large college, or
Bristol. The Epiphany and Easter Sessions are held ai grammar school, at Marlborough, and grammar schools
Salisbury, the Midsummer Sessions at Warminster, and in the large towns, and schools in most of the parishes.
the Michaelmas Sessions at Devizes. North Wilts is There are no watering-places, or towns of resort, other
under the Bristol Court of Bankruptcy. South Wilts is than for the purposes of business.
under the London Court. The Hundreds are twenty- Wiltshire seems to take its name from 'Wilton, the
town on the Willey; but perhaps from the Wilts, a North
German tribe. It was first held by the Iberians, by whom
NORTH WILTS:- Sl·tuati'on. AAcrreeas. 1P8o5pl.. many of the ri·vers were named, t I1en b y t he Welsh, and

B rad '" d • ••.• ... ......... S afterwards by the Belgians. The Romans, under Vespa-
.or 17,426 21710,,_0231~81•.60....,, s·ran, took the country, an d bui1t many and 1aid
CCla1I·1npep•en•1•1•a•m• .Ww~.·,.W•.. mm.11""ddllaanndd 6109,,10A8•23 out roads. "~'orbiodunum ( Old Sarum) towns, to have
• • •• •• •• •.. ••• )1,239 seems
. . .. .. ..... ,..
N. Damerham •••••••• , ••• 3,076 been of some note. The West Saxons fought with the

Hi!{bwortb, Cricklade, and} N Welsh many battles, and in 508 Cerdic beat the Welsh

Staple................ · 50,515 14,432 king Natan-leod. It was not, however, till about 577

Kingsbridge .• _ .......... S.E. 37,885 H,045 that they drove the Welsh from South Wilts. In 591

Malmesbury.............. N.W. 60,027 14,471 there was a great slaughter of the Welsh at Wodensbury,

Melksham .............. S.W. 21,492 19,252 or Wanborough, near Swindon. In 715, loa, King of the

Pottern & Cannings (Devzs.) S. 30,930 8,28! West Saxons, and Cholred, King of the Mid-English,
17,2.5! 3,821 fought at the ::~ame place. In 871 King Alfred fought
Ram,.bury. •• •• •• •• • •.... • S.E. 44l955.,'293610568 1570,,•72080077.•.. wb u1· trhn etdheCDhai pnpees na1tJ a mw·,11 and was beaten. In
6,554 ton, he afterwards beat 878 they
Selkley (Marlborough) •••• R.E. 666 but them at
Swanborough • • •• • • . • • • • • S.
Whorwe1sdown • • . • • • • • • • s.nn r•
Devizes (Borough) •••••••• Eddington. In 995 the Danes from Ea!lt England over-

Marlborough {Borough) •• S.E. 194 3,008 ran North Wilts, and again in 1003, 1006, 1010, 1015 and

--- - 1016. In the Parliamentary war there was a battle in

Altogether............ 377,194 151,692 1643 on Roundway Down, and the castles and towns

.................. _


of Salisbury, Marlborough, Devizes, Malmesbury, Lud- There are other buries, or barrows, at Casterley, Bad-

gersball, Warminster and Wardour were besie~ed. bury, Hazelbury, Silbury, Alderbury, Tisbury, Whits-

There are a great many antiquities in Wilts, whereof bury, Ramsbury, Wilbury, Bury Hill, near Purton,

some are Iberian, some Roman and some Welsh; but it Strawbury, Sidbury, Fosbury, Rowbury, Bury Court,

is doubtful to what people many of them belong. Stone- Banbury, Clitsbury, Bnsbury, Bluebury, Chiselbury,

henge, as is well known, is a circle of rough stones on Upper Bury, Charlbury, Buryscroft, Long Barrow,

Salisbury Plain, and there is another at Avebury, or near Tilshead, Long Barrow, near Tidcombe, Long

Abury. Barrow, near Edington, Silver Barrow, White Barrow,

W ANSDYKE is a great earthen wall, with a ditch on Kill Barrow, Handbarrow, Ellbarrow, Twinbarrow,

the north side, stretching across Wiltshire for nearly 20 Kingbarrow, Bowls Barrow, and Knook Barrow.

miles from Bath to Marlborough. Old Ditch, 11 miles The Roman settlements include Marlborough, Malmes-

long, runs from Knooke to Durnford. Grimsdike and bury, Heytesbury, Amesbury, Westbnry, Wanborough,

Bokerley dike are south of Salisbury, and together about Goldborough, BrokenbClrough, Woodborough, Spittlebo-

12 miles long. rough, Oldborough, RQwborough, Bradford, Codford,

· Of the camps are Ogbury, near Stonehenge, and Enford, Wilsford, Manningford, Woodford, Durnford,

another near Ogford ; Whitesheet hill; Winkelbury, or Bulford, Ford, Wivelsford, Endford, Stowford, Stoford,

Vespasian't; camp, near Berwick St. John; Liddington Dunsford, Wishford, Stapleford, Langford, Barford, Ug-

castle, on Beacon hill, near Chiseldon; Purton camp; ford, Deptford, Axford, Dodford, Malford, Somerford,

others on Easton hill and Pewsey hill ; Battlesford ; Slaughterford, Quemerford, Clatford, Iford, Britford,

Bishopstrow; Yarnbury castle, near Fisherton Delamere; Blackford, Milford, Warneford, Maidford, Landford,

East castle and Belbury, near Wiley; Whitesheet castle; Stratford, Plaitford, Allenford, Bourton, Burcombe,

near Mere; Barbury, near Broad Hinton ; Castle Combe, Overton, Overtowo, Idover, Over Street, Oare, and

Shrewton, near Orcheston; Chisbury, near Little Bedwin; Stoneover.

Redhorn, near Wilford; Castle Rings, near Donhead St. There are remains of the feudal castles of Devizes,

Andrew; Chisenbury and Lidbury, near Batshall; Sol- Old ~arum, Castle Combe, Parley, Ludgershall, and

diers' Ring, near Bokerly ditch ; Clearbnry Ring, near Malmesbury; of the abbeys of Malmesbury, Laycock,

Oldstock; Scratchbury, Cotley, and Knooke, near Hey- and Kingswood; of the priory of Bradenstoke, and the

tesbury; Old bury; Cherhi11, with a white horse cut on nunnery of Kington St. Michael. The finest building is

the down ; Whiten hill, near Longbridge Deverill; Salisbury cathedral. Bowood, Longleat, Wilton, Charlton

Groveley, near Rolston; and Whitchbury. There are House, Stourhead, Tottenham park, Longford castle, and

few topographical relics of the Warings, Frisians or Corsham House, are among the handsomest houses of the

Danes. nobility.

The Educational Census for 1851 ~ives the following results:-

• Number Number of Scholars•


Total. Male. Female.

DAY SCHOOLS •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 774 34,844 . 17,851 16,993
----3-6-7---1---~2-7-,0-6-8--- ----1-4-,0-1-1---1·---1-3-,0-f-}7----
Public Schools ••••. , ••.•••••.•••••••.•••••.•.•••.•

Private ,, ..................................... . 407 . 7,776 3,840 3,936

Workhouse ,, , .................................... . 17 1,086 621 465

Grammar ,, ••••.•••••••••••• , ••.• ~ ............. . 5 179 169 10

Church of England National Schools •••••••••••••••• 117 11,206 5,447 5,759

,, ,, Other ,, ••••.•••......•••• 135 7,266 3,463 3,803
9 ggg 545 454
Independent (British) ••••••••••••••..••••••........

,, Other ..•••••••••••••••••.•.•••••••.•.• 3 235 134 lOl

Baptist ..••••.•••••••.•••••••• • ••••. •• • • · · · •• • •· •• • 4 156 74 82
4 346 ~37 109
W esleyan ..••••.•••••••••••••.•••••••••, •••••••••••

Primitive Methodist •••••••••.•...•.•...••••••••.•••• 4 232 96 136

Roman Catholic ....••..••• • .•••••••.•••••.•••.••• 4 187 73 114

Britisl1 ...•...••• "••• •-• •••••• •·• ••••••.•..•••••••• •. 10 1,231 711 520
1 298 163 135
Railway School .•••••••••.•••••.•• , ••••.•••••.•.•••

SuNDAY ScHooLs. , •• , •••••••••••••••••••••••••••• -----4-7-8---· ---3-7-,6-2-4--- -18,482 19,142
281 21,436
Church of England .....•.•.•.•••...•.•.•.•.•••.•.• 43 4,819 10,582 ----1-0,~8-5-4 -..•
52 4,635 2,258 2,561
Independent ·······•••••••••••••••··•········••••• 1 15 2,281 2,35!
Baptist .•••••.•••.•••• , ••••••••.•.•••.••••••••••• 2 85 4 77
U r1itarian ••••••••••••••••••••••.•••••••••••••.•.••• 60 4,479 2,252
29 1,500 8 687
Moravian ..••••.•.••••••••••• , ••••••• , tt •••••••••••• 1 . 50 2,227 34
Wesleyan ...•••.•••••••.•••••••.•..••.•••.•••••.•.• 1 36 813 50
1 95 16
Primitive Methodist ••.•••••••• • .•••••••••••••••••
Lady H untingdon's • .•••• , •••• , •.•.•.•.•...•.•••••.• 15
Brethren.• .••.• •·• .•.••••••..•.•.••••• • • , •.•••••.•.•
Roman Catholic ••.•••••••.•••••••••••.•••.•••.•••

-----------------------T-h-e-n-u-m-b-e-r-o-f--S-u-n-da-y--S-c-ho·o-l-T-e-a-c-h-er-s-i-s -a-s -f-o-ll-o-w-s-:--~-~----~--------------

. Total. Men. Women•

su.NDA Y ScHOOL TEACHERS •••••••••••••••••••••••••• 4,115 2.022 2,093

c burcb of England •..•...•••.•.•••••.•••.••••., ••••••.. 1,354 531 823

I ndependent •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 798 391} 399

B aptist •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 890 483 407
unitarian 14
M • ···~········································ [j
• • • • • •. • •. • •. • • • • • • • • • • •. •. • • •, ., • • • • , •. • • •. • •• 19
Of&Vl80 10 431 236
w esleyan. ..•.•...•••.•.•••.•••.•.•.•••...•..••.•••••.. 757
p rimiti ve Methodist . •.••.••••••••••.•.•••••.••••••••••-.
261 154 107

25 - 10
-R oman Catl1olic .•.•.•.•••.•••••...•.•.......•.•••• •••..- 15

The number of Literary I nstitutionsis returned at 12; the only one which has a library of 2,000volumes is that at Swindon



The Census for Religious Worship gives the following results for Sunday, 30th March, 1851 :-

Number of Number of Attendants at Worship.

Worship. Morning. Afternoon. Evening.

Total •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• • ••• 75-t 87,322 71,958 58,484

I 46,823 14,528
4,203 11,410
Church ot' England •••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 3;)2 52,258
•• 318
Independents .................................. . 76 10,632
115 131
Baptists, General••.••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 1 480 6,276 9,974
1, I G7 1,454
, General, New Connexion •••••••••••••• 2 117
11 16
Bap"tists Particular .•••••••.•••••••••••.••••• 93 10,448 80 120
25 1,470 250
••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••.••• •• I0,3fi0

Society of Friends •••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 2 37 5,738 70
18 8,162
Unitariaus •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 2 165
6,036 146
Moravians••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 2 271 209 144
'Vesleyans ••••••••••.•••••.••••••••••••••••••• 97 7,140 10 55
,, Reformers•••••••••••••••••••••••••• 1 40 ]3.')
Primitive MethodistR •••••••••••••••••••••••••• I 95 2,165 346
I ndept-udent Methodists•••••••••••••••••••••••• 3 163 442 8.J

Lady H unting-don':i ............................ . ' 2 120 •• ••
New Cl1urch •••••••••••.•••••••••••••••••••••• r ••
Brethren .•••.••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• i•)
Latter Day Saints .•.•..••••.•••.•••.•.•.••••• 119
Roman Catholics ••••••••.••••••••••••••••••••• 3

Irvingites ••••••••••.•••.••••••••••••••••••••• 1 50


Lord Lieutenant The MARQUIS OF LANSDOWNE, K.G., P.C., Bowood.

Ailesbury Marquis of, Tottenham park Edmonds Ezekiel, jun. esq. Belcomb, · Phipps J. L. esq. Leip:hton, Westbury

Westminster Marquis of, Motcombe, Bradford Ravenhill John, esq. A!!hton Gifford

Dorset Ewart Wm. esq. BroadLeaze, Devizes Rooke F. W. esq. Lackham, Lacock

Bath Marquis of, Longleat Fort Georg-e, esq. Alderbury Rooke W. W. esq. Gwyer;o, Corsbam

Suffolk Eal'l of, Charlton park Fuller J. B. esq. Neston, Chippenham Sotheron T.H. S. esq. Estcourt, Tetbury

Radnor Earl of, Coleshill, Berks Fowle T. E. esq. Durrington Scrope Gt>o. P. e~q. Castle Comhe

Bruce Earl, Savernake lodge Ferryman R.A. esq. Redlinch, Downton Smith Thomas, esq. Manor housP,

Nel~on Earl, Trafalgar house Goddard H. N. esq. Cliffe, Wootton Ramsbury

Shelburne Earl of, Bowood Bassett Sadler S. C. esq. Purton

Folkestone Viscount, Longford castle Graves Robt. esq. Charlton, Shaftesbry Shuckburgh W. P. f'Sq. Downton

Somerton Viscount, Sornerley, Hants Goddard A. L. esq. Swindon Stancomb Wm. esq. Trowbridge

Bruce Lord Ernest, Tottenham park Gaisford Thomas, esq. Iford Shafto R. D. esq. Hamptworth, Downtn

Rivers Lord, Rushmore lodge Grove T. F. esq. Seagry Seymour H. D. esq. Knoyle

Heytesbury Lord, Ht-yte.ibury Grove W. C. esq. Ze-.tls, Mere Seymour A. esq. Knoyle
GladstoneJ. N. esq. Bowden, Chipnhm Seymour H. R. esq. Crowood, Ram<~bry
Methuen Lord, Corsham court

Herbert Right Hon. Sidney, Wilton ho HeneageG.H. Stancomb J. P. esq. Trowbridge
Bouverie Hon. & Rev. F. P. Pewsev Hinxman E. jun. esq. Little Durnford Seagram W. B. e~q. M.D. Devizes

Baring Hon.&. Rev. F. Melchet park Hale R. H. B. esq. Cottles Smith T. C. esq. Ram'lbury

Williams Rev. Sir Erasmus H. G. bart. Heathcote W. A. esq. Rollestone Speke William, esq. Monks, Corsharn

Mar] borough Hitchcock W. H. esq. Highworth Temple William, esq. Bishopstrow

Antrobus Sir Edmund, bart. Amesbury Jacob J. H. esq. the Close, Salisbury Talbot H. F. esq. Lacock abht>y

Bathurst Sir F. H. H. bt. Clarendon pk Johnson J. S. W. el'o. Hannington Taylor Watson S. esq. Erchfont

HulseSir Edwd. hart. Breamore, Hants Jeffreys M. R. esq. Sedghill Wroughton Geo. esq. Stowell Io~lge,

Awdry Sir J. W.knt. Notton,Cbipnbm Long Waiter, e~q. Roorl Ashton Pewsey

Antrobus Edmund, esq. Amesbury Lndlow H. G. G. esq. Heywood,Wsthry Wyndham William, esq. Dinton
A~tley J. D. esq. Everley
Lawrence George, esq. Cowesfield, Wayte Wm. esq. Highland>~, Calne

Alexander George, esq. Westrop, Whitt>parish Warren Chih·ester hill, Calne

Highworth Lovell P. A. esq. Cole pk. Mahnesbury Wrangham D. C. esq. the Rot>k",

Areher D. esq. Kingsdowne, Swindon Luce Thoma~. esq. Malmesbury Marsllfield, Glouceflter

Biggs H. esq. Stockton Locke F. A. S. esq. Rowde Wyndham C. H. e•q. Wans house, Calne

Baker Edward, esq. Salisburv Locke John, esq. Chicklade Yerbury J. IN. esq. Belcomb, Bradford

Bruges W. H. Ludlow, esq. Seend Matcham George, eoq. New ho. Salisbry Biedermann Rev. G. A. Dauntsey

B)·thesPa S. W. esq. Freshtord, Bath Mateham W. E. esq. New ho. Salisbury Bradney Rev. J. H. Lt>igh, Bradford

Biggs H. G. esq. Kington Langley Merewether H. A. jun. esq. Bowden, Barues Rev. Wm. \'Vootton Bagsett

Brouncker R. esq. Boveridge, Crnbrne Chippenham Crawley Rev. R. Steeple Ashton

Buckley E. P. esq. New hall, Salisbury Mullings J. R. e~q. Eastcourt, Mlmsbry Daubeny Rev. Giles, Lydiard Tregooze
Morrison Alfred, esq. Fenthill Gilfor~l Dyson Rev. Francis, Cricklade
Barton N. esq. Corsley

Brooke S. B. esq. Cowbridge, Malmsbry Miles C. W. esq. Burton hill, Malmsbry Fane Rev. Arthur, \Varminster
Bush J. W. esq. Fairwood, \Vestbury Neeld Joseph, esq. Grit.tleton Duke Rev. Edward, Lake

Clarke H. M. esq. Old pk. cot. Devizes Nisbet R. P. P~q. Srmth Broom, Devizes Grove Rev. Charles, Odstock
Clutterbuck E. L. esq. Hardenhuish Neeld John, esq. Manor Louse, Holt Goddard Rev. Geo. A. Cliffe Pypard
Crofton W. F. esq. Chalcot, Westbury Olivier H. S. esq. Potterne Guthrie Rev. John, Calue

Clark Thomas, e~q. Bellefield, Trwbrtlg Phipps C. L. esq. Dilton, Westbury Heathcote Rev. T. Shaw, Melksham

Codrington W. Wroughton Phillips J. I~. e;.q. Melksham Hawkins Rev. J. C. Ramshury

Carpenter Thoma~, esq. Rowde Powell A. P. E. esq. Hurdcott Lowtber Rev. G. P. Orchestone

Carrington!.{bourn St. GeorgP. Pollen R. H. esq. Rodborne Law Rev. R. V. Christian Mal ford

DavisJhn.jun. esq. Fisherton Delamere Pop ham F. L. esq. Littlt cr)t Macdonald Rev. William, Calstone

Everett Joseph. esq. Sutton Veny Poore E. D. esq. Syrencot, Ame'!bury Purvis Rev. Richard, WIJitsbury

Esmeade G. M. M. e~q. Monkton, Poole H. B. el.'lq, Road, North Bradley Ripley Rev. T. H. Wootton Bassett
Chippenl~am Prower J. E. M. e;~q, Purton
Smith RH. Alft·ed, Old park, Devizes
Evrt> r}, E. esq. ·warrens, Lyndhur,t Penruddol'l~eCI'!l~ ~·q ("OUlJUQl\Cha!ll· Wilktu~on Rev, folln 1 !lrov~htoll
be.-la~ n.: 1 0 iff(lf4
:t:;,tcouc t JJ;, D. .B e&q. E9tcourt1 Tetpry


ALDBOURN:& is a township and parish, in the Hun- Bishop of Salisbury, valued at £367 per 11nnum. There

dred of Selkley, Hungerford Union, North Wilts, formerly are places of worship for Independents, 'Vesleyans, and

a market-town, and at which fairs were held, both of Primitive 1\'Iethodists; also a National school.

which have been wholly discontinued upwards of a UPPER and LOWER UPHAM are tithings, 2 miles north-

century; it is pleasantly situated in a fertile valley, 7 west; Preston is a tithing, It miles south-east; Ford is

miles from Hungerford station north-west, 68 from Lon- half a mile south-east; :Marridge, I! miles south-east;

don, 9 from Swindon south-east, 7 from Marlborough Crowood, 2 miles south~east; Loves, H milei'l south ;

north-east; containing a population of 1,622, and com- Hillwood, 2 miles south-west; Dud more Lodge, 2 miles

prises 8,495 acres of land. It was formerly noted for the west; Hickler Knoll, 2 miles north·west; Warren, 2 miles

manufacture of fustians; but husbanury is now the only north-west; North Farm, 2 miles· north; North ]?ield, 1

employmeut. The church is an ancient strueture, in the mile north; East Leaze, 1 ~ miles north. Near Baydon

Norman style, dedicated to St. l\Iichael and St. Mary Lottage is a farm.

Magdalene. The living is a vicarage, in the gift of tbe

Choules Thomas, farmer, East Leaze Lambourn George, shopkeeper

Brown Miss Martha Church Richard, farmer New Charles, miller
Brown 1\:lrs Church Thomas, farmer, Hill wood Palmer Ephraim, baker

Cleather Rev. Go>o. Parker, M.A. [vicar] Cook Daniel, carpenter & wheelwright Palmer James, baker
Cook James, carpenter Palmer Jo8eph, shopkeeper & carrier
Coleman Mr. William
Pearce George, carpenter
N eate Francis, ebq Dixon Thomas, shoemaker

,'\'-illis Rev. George Henry [curate] Eatwell John, National school master Pitney John, tailor

TRADERS, Everett J ames, shoemaker Pizzey William, farmer
Arter James, 'Blue Bear' Everett Stephen, 'Queen Victoria' Sheppard Ambrose, 'Bell,

Bacon Thomas Edmund, postmaster Farmer John, shoemaker Sheppard William, baker & shopkeerer
Barrett George, !<hopkeeper Farmer Robert, blacksmith Smith Charles, maltster & farmer

Barrett Jame~, shoemaker Farmer Thomas, shoemaker Smith Francis, butcher

Barrett Thomas, butcher Flower William, saddler & harness mkr Smith John, baker

Brown John, farmer Frampton Fredk. farmer, Upham farm Smith Jost>ph, blacksmith & farrier

Brown Thomas, farmer, Lottage God win William, 'C1·own' Snap Paul, farmer

Brown William, farmer, Warron Gould Henry, tailor Taylor Stephen, tailor

Bunce John, carpenter Hatherall John, fd.rmer Taylor Wiiliam, tailor & shopl{ecper

Bunce Richard, parish clerk J arman George, shoemaker Wentworth Joseph, farmer

Castle William, tarmer J erram J obn, cooper & shopkeeper Witts Broome, farmer

Chandler Thomas, farmer, North farm Kemm Thomas, farmer

PosT OFFICE.-Thomas Edmund Bacon, receiver. Letters Independent Chapel, ministers various
received by mail cart from Hungerford; dt>li\"ered at8 a.m.; fVesleyan Chapel, ministers various
di~patched at j- past 6 p.m. The neart>st money order Primitive Methodist Chapel, ti,Jini,.ters various
office is at Hung-erford INSURANCE AGBNT-Phrenix, R. Hill

PLACES OF WORSHIP:- National School, John Eatwell, master
Church, Rev. George Parker Cleather, ll.f.A. vicar ; Rev. CARRIER-Joseph Palmer, 10 & from Newbury, every

George Henry Willes, curate; Richard Buuce, clerk thursday

ALDER.B'UR.Y is a township and parish giving name PITTON is a cl1apelry and township, with 410 inha-

to the Hundred and Union in which it is situated, in bitants, 3 miles north-east of Salisbury.

South Wilts, 3 miles south-east from Salisbury, 5 south- CLARENDON is an extra-parochial liberty, about a

west from '\'Vest Dean station, and 93 from London, on mile eastward from Alderbury, with 187 inhabitants.

the Southampton canal, containing in 1851 (including Here formerly stood a royal palace, which was a frequent

the chapelries of Farley and Pittou), 1,438 inhabitants, residence of the English kings, and was visited by Queen

of whom 742 were in the township of Alderbury; with Elizabeth. Henry II. assembled a parliament here in

2,157 acres. The living is a vicarage, in the archdeaconry l l 63, which enacted the celebrated "Constitutions of

. and diocese of Salisbury, and patronage of the Treasurer Clarendon," to restrain the encroachments of the Court

of Salisbury Cathedral; the incumbent is the Rev. Newton of Rome. The only remains of the palace are part of a

Smart, M.A. The church of the Virgin Mary is a small wall overgrown with ivy. About a mile from the ruins

plain structure, situated on an eminence. Alderbury is Clarendon Lodge, the seat of Sir F. Bathurst, Bart.

House is the seat of G. Fort, Esq. Near it formerly stood an Augustine priory, founded by

At F ARLEY is an hospital for six poor men and as Henry 11.

many aged women, founded by Sir Stephen Fox in 1688. W ADDON is a hamlet, 1 mile south-east from Alderbury.

This place is a chapelry and township, 4 miles east of At Ivy Church is an academy.

Salisbury, near the Salisbury railway and canal, with a

population of 286. Hinnock is a farm.

Alderbury. Dowty George, boot & shoe maker Prewet George, wheelwrigllt

Fort George, esq. Alderbury house Dowty John, blacksmith Sopp John, academy, Ivy Church

Phillips Rev. Erasmus Hardruan Thomas, 'Green Dragon' Targett Charles, boot & shoe maker

Smart Rev. Newton, M.A Lewis Abraham, tailor Taunton John, farmer

TRADERS. Lewis James, shopkeeper & beer retailr Taylor Martin, boot&. shoe maker

Challis Thomas, gardener Lewis John, postmaster '\'Va terman William, baker & shopkeepr
IPoE>T OFFICE.-John Lewis, receiver, Alderbury. Letters at ! past 5 p.m. The nearest money order office is at
arrive from Salisbury at l before 8 a.m. &. are dispatched Salisbury

:Parley. Pitton. Clarendon.

GENTRY. Barnett James, shoemaker Bathurst Lady, Clarendon lodge

Freeling Rev. J ames Robert Brieant J eremiah,wheelwrt.&blacksmth Bathurst Sir Fredk. hart. Clarendon ldg

Gillingham Mr. James F Collins Thomas, farmer TRADERS.

TRA.DERS. Cook George, farmer Maton Hngh, farmer

Uarton Benjamin, shoemaker Golding Henry, farmer Parham Thomas, farmer

Cook Charles, blacksmith Hatcher William, shopkeeper Parkins Thomas, fanner

Cook James, farmer Hobbs William, blacksmith 'Waddon.

Pareons David, postmaster Laversuch Jabez, ehopkeeper Fraser Misses Louisa & Georgina, Ball

Parsons Elizabeth (Mrs.), farmer Maton Henry, farmer cottage

:Phillips Luke, bricklayer Offer Steven, NeuJ inn TRA.DERS.

Plumley Chas. teacher of Parochial schl Parsons William & Arthur, fanners Bungay Stephen, blacksmith

Pragnall Thomas~ wheelwright Pitt Stephen, wheelwright Goodfellow George, 'Three Crowns'

Read Thomas, shopkeeper Seaward John, farmer Parsons Stephen,jon:farmer

Roberts George, shopkeeper Webb John, farmer Parsons Stephen, sen. farmer

Whitlock Elisha, farmer Phillips Mark, farmer


PosT OPFICE.-David Parsons, receiver, Parley. Letters National School, George Burden, master; Mrs. Mary

arrive from Salisbury at l past 9 a.m. & are dispatched Frost, mistress

at 4 p.m.

ALD:E:R.TON, a township, village, and parish, in Chip- church, dedicated to St. Giles, underwent considerable
penham Hundred and Malmesbury Union, North Wilts, 9 repairs about 1845, and a spire has been added. Here is a

miles north-west from Chipenham, and 7~south-west from school for boys and girls, supported by J. Neeld, Esq.

Malmesbury. The living is a perpetual curacy, valued at The area of the parish is 1,600 acres, and the population
;£80, in the diocese of Gloucester and Bristol, and the pre- 182.

sentation of Joseph Neeld, Esq., who is lord of the manor; DuNLEY isH miles south-east.
the Rev. Francis Goddard. M.A., is the incumbent. The

Goddard Rev. Francis, M.A Kington John, farmer White Jane (Mrs.), Charity school
TRADERS. Kington John Beard, farmer mistress
Sargent Daniel, farmer Letters through Cbippenham. The
Allpass William, beer retailer
Spencer William, farmer nearest money order office iR at
Bristow Mary (Mrs.), beer retailer & Tanner William, blacksmith 1\Ialmesbury
Weller John, farmer
Hulance Isaac, stonemason

ALL:E:NGTON, near Amesbury, is a township, parish, B.A., is the curate. The church has been rebuilt, and was

and village, 4 miles east-south-east from Amesbury, and consecrated in 1851; it is a small edifice, comprising a

8~ miles from Salisbury north-east, in the Amesbury chancel and nave, embracing the Norman, early English,

Hundred and Union, diocese of Salisbury, South Wilts. and perpendicul11r styles of architecture. Here is a small

The living is a rectory, value £236, in the gift of Lord Primitive Methodist chapel. In 1851, the population was

Craven; the Rev. Fulwar William Fowle, M.A., is the 88; the acreage, 936. J. H. C. Wyndham, Esq., is lord

Ipresent incumbent; the Rev. Alfred Vaughan Waiters, of the manor.
·waiters Rev. Alfred Vaughan, B.A Eyles William, New inn I Letters through Amesbury, which is
also the nearest money order office
Banting Robert, farmer Horne James, farmer

CARRIER-John Young, to Salisbury, tuesday, thursday & saturday

ALL:ENGTON, near Devizes, is a parish and village, parish for the management of its parocllial aftairs. It
:,ituated 5 miles north-east of Devizes, 11 south-west of contains 1,153 acres of land, and a population of 190.
Marlborough, in the Swanborough Hundred, diocese of Here is a chapel for the Baptists, and a Free school sup•
Sarum, and the division and Union of Devizes; it is also ported by that denomination. The Earl of Ilchester is
a tithing in the adjoining parish of Allcannings, and within lord of the manor.
the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of that place, but a separate

Tul'kwell Mr. Joshua, Carby Godwln Jarnes, farmer Stevens John, mason
Burgess Henry, farmer Morley Simon, shopkeeper Letters through Devi.tes, which is

Dowse Robert, carpenter Parry Joseph, farmer also the nearest money order office

CARRIER-Morley, to Devizes, thursday; to Bath, through Melksham, wednesday & saturday

A::I:.TOl\1' BAlll'tES aud A:LTON P:a.:ro:as. chancel, but no tower; there are 2 bells. Here is a

ALTON BARNES is a township, parish, and small village, Parochial school. The lordship of tile manor is vested in
adjoining Alton Priors, in the Swanborough Hundred, the authorities of New College, Oxon.

Union and division of Devizes, South Wilts, and diocese ALTON PRIORS is a township, small village and chapelry,

of Sarum, 91tuate near the Kennet and Avon canal, 7 miles in the parish of Overton, Hundred of Elstub and Everley,

east of Devize;;, 7 south-west of Marlboroul!h; containing Pewsey Union, South Wilts, situated near the Kennet and
1,053 acres of land, and a population of 175. The living A\'on canal, 7 miles east of Devizes, 8 south-west from
is a rectory, -.alue ;£320, with 40 acres of glebe land, in Marlborough, and 4 north-west from Pewsey. The living
the gift of New College, Oxford. The incumbent is the is a vicarage annexed to that of Overton. The area of the

Rev. David Williams, B.{).L.; the ReY. Charles Dundas parish is 2,530 acres, and the population 253.

Everett, M.A., is the curate. The church, repaired in WEs1' STOWELL is a tithing; Heney Street is half a
1842, is a small and ancient structure, having a nave and mile south. On the downs, to the north, are barrows.

Alton Barues. Huntley William, carpenter Giddings Charles, farmer, WestStowell

Everett Rev. Charles Dundas, M.A. Smith Gideon, parish clerk Simpkins James George, farmer
Tasker Thomas, grocer
[curate] Yonng James, farmer
Letters received through Pewsey,
Williams Rev. David, B.c.L. [rector] AltoD Prioi'B· . which is also the nearest money order

TRADERs. Tanner John, esq. Stowell house office

Bridgman Mary (Mrs.), mistress of TRADERS.

Parochial school Gale Maria (Mrs.), shopkeeper

AX.VED%STON, a township and parish, in the Hun- turnpike-road to Salisbury and London. The living of
dred of Chalk, 14 miles west of Salisbury, 7 east of Alvediston is a vicarage, incorporated with Broad Chalk
Shaftesbury, and Sj south-east of Hindon, in the Tisbury and Bower Chalk, in the patronage of King's College,

Union, Hindon division, Salisbury bishopric, South Wilts. Cambridge. The great or rectorial tithes are taken by the
Alvediston is difficult of access by carriages, as it lies for College ; the value of Alvediston alone is £400 yearly;
the most part in a deep bottom or hol1ow, on the left of the value of the smaller, or vicarial, tithes for Alvediston,
the turnp1ke-road leading from Salisbury to Shaftesbury, taken separately, Is £80 annually; the incumbent is the

from which the usual mode of approach by pedestrians is Rev. Stephen Hawtrey, M.A., who is not a resident in the
the aseent by means of foot holes, in the almost perpen- parish. The church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, an anti-
dicular northern side of ·white Sheet hill ; the great quated structure, has a nave, chancel, and a tower con-
exertion consequent upon which is compensated by the taining 3 bells; the font is of great antiquity, said to be

beautiful commanding view of the surrounding country Norman. The population, in 1851, was 278; there are
obtained, before making a nearly sudden descent on the 2,564 acres of corn and down land. The Earl of Pem-
opposite side of the hill into Alvediston below. In this broke is lord of the manor.

neighbourhood begins a lofty down, known as White NoRTHAMPToN, or Norington, is 1 mile west; Trough,
Sheet Hill, extending till it nearly reaches the city of half a mile south-west ; ,Eicombe, half a mile south ;
Salisbury, a distance of 15 miles. On the scmmit of this 1\Ianwood, I~ miles south. Near this latter place is a
hill, and along the whole of its length, formerly ran the barrow.

Parharn Jamee, esq Mathews Henry, smith Letters are received thronc;h Swallow-
Brown George, farmer
Combes John, parish clerk Mullins William,shopkeeper &: carrier cliff', via Salisbury. The nearPst money

Rogers Joseph (Mrs.), farmer order office is at Shaftesbury

CARRIER-William Mullins, to Salisbury, tuesday; & Shaltesbury, saturday, returning same days


AM:BSBUBY is a Union town, township and parish, Amesbury House, the residence of Gay's patrons, the
formerly a market-town, 8 miles north from Salisbury, Duke and Duchess of Queensberry, was built by Mr.

gives name to a Hundred and Union, in South Wilts, Webh, son-in-law of Inigo Jones, on the site of the nun•
and is situated in a small valley. The living is a per- nery, once in such repute that the Princess Mary,daughter

petual curacy, In the gift of the Dean and Chapter of of Edward 1., took the veil in it, carrying with

Windsor, value £276 ; the Rev. Fulwar William Fowle, her a train of thirteen noble young ladies. In 1851 the

M. A., is the incumbent. The church is an ancient struc- population was 1,172; the area 5,433 acres I rood 18
ture, apparently Norman, with nave, south aisle, chancel, poles. Sir Edmund Antrobus is the lord of the manor.
organ, square central tower, 6 bells and clock; it was re- Vespasian's Camp is situated to the westward of Awes-
paired about 1853. Here is a Wesleyan meeting-house, a bury, and is intersected by the turnpike~road. I
National school, an Infant school, and three Endowed occupies the summit of an eminence, on two sides, by the

charity schools. Here is the Union workhouse. The river Avon, and is surrounded by a single ditch and

river Avon here produces very fine trout. Here are fairs vallum, enclosing an area of 39 acres. The celebrated

on the 17th of May, 22nd of June, and 18th of December. remains of a druidical temple, called Stonehenge, is situ-

This was a Roman settlement, and its present name is by ated on Salisbury plain, 2 miles west of Ameshury.

some derived from Aurelius Ambrosius, a king of the RATFYN is 1 mile north-by-east. On the downs are

Romano-Britons. The nunnery was founded here by numerous barrows.

Queen Elfrida to expiate the murder of King Edward.

GENTRY. Feltham James, butchet Sandell Thomas,breeches maker,whole-

Antrobus Sir Edmund, hart Furniss Geor~e, New inn, & farmer sale glover, woolstapler & tanner
Batho George Best, esq
Gane Alexander, general dealer Sandell William, miller
Fowle Rev. Fulwar William, M •.\. Gane Henry, boot&; shoe maker Saph Robert, hairdresser
Parsona2e Gane James, blacksmith · Selfe Henry, farmer

Harding Mr. Stephen Gibbons Hannah (Mrs.), shopkeeper Smallbone Edward Hugb, 'George,' t
Long Mrs Gilbert Charles, plumber, painter &
posting home
Pinckney Robert, esq glazier
Haines Thoma~, baker & miller Smith Charles, butcher
Purnell J oseph, esq Harding William, draper & hosier Smith Stephen, carpenter
Soper Moses, grocer & baker
Pyle Charles, esq Hopgood John,' King'• .Arm1t Sweet Charles, shopkeeper
Tanner Thomas, farmer
Rayson William, esq Hunt William, watch & clock maker
Towsey 1\Iiss Thon1ton Edward & James, plumbers;
Jenneway Matthias,baker& shopkeeper painters & glaziers
Selfe Henry, esq Kemm William Cove, maltster, beer
Towler Henry, boot & shoe maker
Selfe Miss retailer & shopkeeper Truckle Benjamin, beer retailer
TRADERS. Lake Henry, basket maker Turner Deborah & Fanny (Misses),
Leach George, grocer & draper
Andrews Edward, carpenter dressmakers
Batho George Bellt, surgeon Long William, farmer Turner Mary (Mrs.), blacksmith
Myles Elizabeth (Mrs.), bMr retailer Wheeler George, boot & shoe maker
Bishop William,stonemasou & bricklyr Olding Edmund, farmer, Ratfin farm Whitmarsh Charles, saddler & harness
Browne Caroline (Miss), boarding schl Payne Daniel, coal dealer
Creed Geor~e, wheelwright&: carpenter Phillips James, butcher maker
Edwards Job, maltster Pyle Charles, surgeon Yarham Sarah (Mrs.), shopkeeper
Eyres Philip, dairyman
Eyres Robert, bacon factor & shopkpr Rooke Michael, farmer,Little Atnesbry Zillwood John, day school

Eyres William, boot&: shoe maker

PosT OFFICE.-George Leach, postmaster. Letters ar- Registrar of Birth6 ~Deaths, Joseph Browne
rive from Sali!!bury at l past 8, delivery at 9. Box closes PUBLIC ScHOOLS : -
at l past 5 p.m. in winter; in summer at l past 6 Rose'1 Charitu
INSURANCE AGENT-Fire, Life ~ Hailstorm, William National, Edward William Flower, master; Mrs. Matilda

Cove Kemm Flower, mistress
Infant, Miss Fanny West, mistress
Inla11d Revenue Office, George inn
PosTING HousE-George Inn, Edward Hugh Smallbone

Union WorkhoUie, Rev-. G. P. Lowther,chairtnan; W.A. C.o\.RRIER TO SALISBURT--William Wright, tuesday,

Heathcote, e!!q. vice-chairman; Charles Mussell, master; thursday & saturday

Mrs. Elizabeth Mussell, mistress

A.NSTY, a township, village, and parish, 13! miles west yard, to the north, is a pile of old buildings, now occupied.
of Salisbury, and 7 north-east of Shaftesbury, in the as a farm-house and barns, supposed to have belonged to
Hundred of Dunworth, Hindon division, Tisbury Union, the abbey of Shaftesbury. The living is a perpetual
South Wilts. The village is encompassed with downs on curacy, in the diocese of Sarum, valued at £22 lOs., in
every side, excepting towards the north. It contains the gift ot Lord Arundel; the incumbent is the Rev.
1,342 acres, and, in 1851, 367 inhabitants. The whole of John Harman Samler, M.A., of Pembroke College,
the parish belongs to Lord Arundel, of Wardour, who is Oxford, who resides in the adjoining parish of Swa1low-
likewise lord of the manor. The church was rebuilt about cliff, of which he is also the incumbent. The National
twelve years since; it is ha the form of a cross, of small school is in Swallowcli.ff. There is a Roman Catholic
dimensions, but very neat; it has no tower, but a small school, supported by Lord Arundel.

belfry containing I bell. Nearly adjoining the cburch-

Bowles John, dairyman Lever Eliza (Mrs.), beer retailer Taylor Moses, shoemaker
Coombes John, farmer
Foster Charles Read, farmer Lever Henry, parish clerk Viney J ames, gunsmith

Green Henry, farmer Lever William, carpenter White William, smith
Holloway John, carrier
Parsons Henry, baker & shopkeeper Wood John, mason
Jeffery Thomas, farmer
King Samuel, beer retailer & farmer Parsons Henry Foyle, carrier Letters through Salisbury. The

Roberts Martha (Miss), mistress of nearest money order office is at Sbaftes-

National school bury

CARRIERS:- Henry Foyle Parsons, to Salisbury, tuesday, returning
John Holloway, to Salisbury, tuesday & friday; to Shaftes~ same day
Catholic School, Miss Martha Roberts; mistress
bury, saturday, returning same day

ASB:L:BY ls a township, small village, and parish, on the and Bristol; the Rev. Robert Prichard, M.A., is the incum-

northern border of the county adjoining Gloucestershire, bent, and Rev. G. F. Larden, B.A., is the curate. The

4 miles south-west from Tetbury-road junction, 5 north- church, which has a square tower, is small, and has an

by-west from Malmesbury, and about 3 north-east from ancient appearance. Here is a small Charity school for

Tetbury,in Malmesbury Hundred, Tethury Union, North boys and girJs. T. H. S. SouthronJ Esq., M.P., is lord of
Wilts. The living is a r~ctory, in the diocese of Gloucester the manor. The area is 951 acres, and the population 84.

GEl'{TRT. TRADERS. Truss Estber (Mrs.), mistress of
Larden Rev. G. F. B.A. [curate] Fry William, carpentPr Charity school
Prichard Rev. Robert, M.A. [rector]
Tayler Jame!!, farmer Letters through Tetbury, which is
Tayler Richard, farmer also the nearest money order office


ASHTON K.EYNES, a towliship and parish in the bridges over it, leading to the houses, give it altogether a
Union of Cricklade and Wootton Bassett, Highworth picturesque appearance. Here are the remains of four
Hundred, North Wilts, 4 miles west from Cricklade, 3 ancient stone crosses in different parts of t11e village, a
north of Minety station on the Cheltenham railway, and Free school for boys and girls, and a charity, called
88 from London. The living is a vicarage, with the Hawkins's and Chapman's charity, invested in land, now

chapelry of Leigh, in tile diocese of Gloucester and producing £55, .£30 per annum of which is given to the

:Bristol, net income £324; the Rev. Charles Pitt, M.A., of second poor, and £15 for apprenticing a boy. Here are
:Malmesbury, is the patron. 'l'he church is an ancient places of worship for two Dissenting congregations. The
edifice, and dedicated to the Holy Cross, and contains population, in 1851, was 1,056 in Ashton Keynes, besides
several vesti!!es of the Norman style of architecture; it 309 in Leigh chapelry, and the number of acres was 3,820.
has a nave, with north and south transepts, two chancels, NoRTH END and WIRE PooL are 1 mile north;

and a low square tower,containing 5 bells; the Rev. Samuel Broadway Corner, q miles north ; Rixon, 1 mile east;

Bentley is the present incumbent. Adjoining the church- Leigh, 1 mile south-east; Cove Wood, 2 miles south;
yard are the remains of a monastery, surrounded by a Buttslake, 2 miles south-by-east; Pound House, 1~ miles
moat, converled into a farm-house. 'l'he village is south-east. Back Street House is the residence of Robcrt
pleasantly situated ; the river Isis, or Thames, runs Brown, Esq.
through it on one side of the road or street, and the

Bentley Rev. Samuel Dowdeswell Edward, beer retailer & Mattl1ews John, blackt~milh
Boulton Mr. H.obert tallow chandler 1\'Iillard Charle•, horse dealer
Millard Thomas, hor~e dealer
Brown Robert, esq. Back street house Ellison Henry, farmer
Ody GeorJ.{e, farmer
Corter Mr. John End all Thomas, !!lovt>r
Dickenson Henry B. F. esq. Ashton ho Packer Richard, farmer
Hawkins Charles Sidney, esq. Coveho Fisher William, blacksmitlJ Plumbe John, farmer
Fry Richard, farmer
TRADERS. Russell Sampson Collins, lVhite Hw t
Barratt Henry, smith & farrier Fry Robert S. farmer & coal dealer
Glass John, shoemaker commercial inn
Blackford Charlotte (l\frs.), farmer
Guest George, New inn, baker, farmer Saunders Georl!e H. tea dealer
Blandf'ord Edward, grocer & draper
& maltster Selby J oho & Thoma"', saw) ers
Boulton Henry, farmer
:Boulton Obadiab, farmfr Habgaod William, maltster &. miller Stiles John, butcher
Harris Robert, plumber & glazier Sutton Edward, schoolma~ter
Boulton 'Villiam, fellmonger & glover
Brain Jo~;~eph, shoewaker Hatt John, farmer Sutton Frederick,corn dealcr&mealman
Hawkins Leonard, farmer Telling Henry, stonema::oou
Brain William, shopkeeper Tellin!£ Mary .4.nn (.Mr~.), shopkeeper
Broad Emanuel, baker Hayward William, 'Horse~ Jockey, Tellir•g Richard, butcher
Burnall William, wheelwri~ht Telling· Thoma~, stonemason
Callawav Samuel, dairyman & slater & plasterer Telling Thomas, jun. builder

Carter Edward, carpenter Heavens Richard, butcher Titcombe Richard, farmer
Chapman Joseph, cattle dealer Heavens William, butcher Turner Edward, potter
Clarke & Winders, farmers Turner Thomas, brickmaker
Hewer Jeremiah, beer retailer
Cove Thomas, slater & plasterer Hinks John, horse dealer Wheatley Thomas, farmer
Howell Harry, farmer
Cove Timothy, slater & plasterer Wheatley 'Villiam, farmer
Darter Thomas, carpenter James William, veterinary surgeon "\Vilkins James, plumber & glazier
Wilkins John, ~rocer & dra1 er
Darter William, carpenter Jeffries John, boot & shoe maker Wilkins Richard, ~>addler & harness ma
Dawes Robert, tailor Longston Heury, dairyman

Mason Johu, baker
Mason William, stonemason

PosT OFFICE.- William Bnrnall, receiver. Letters arrive Independent Chapel, Mr. John Jefferies, resident prcachr
from Cirencester at 10 a.m. & are dispatched at 4 p.m.
The nearest money order office is at Cricklade Primitive Methodist Chapel, ministers various
Free School (for boys&girls), Mrs. Elizabeth Dawes, mistress
Holy Cross Church, Rev. Samuel Bentley, curate CARRIERS TO CIRENCESTER-James :Mason, to the

Old Crown inn, monday; Alfred Pollard, monday & fri

STEEPLE ASBTON aDd WEST ASBTON. Great Hinton, with a total population of 1,857. Here is

STEEPLE AsHTON·CUM-HINTON, a large and con- a Primitive Methodist chapel, also a National school.
siderable village, township, and parish, 4 miles east of Fos~>ils have been found in large quantities in the parish

Trowbridge, 5 miles south from Melksham, 105 from at various times. The KeBnet canal lies 2 miles north.

London, 9 south-east from Devizes, and 10 from War- WEST AsHTON, a pleasnnt village and tithing of the

minster, in the Hundred and division of Whorwellsdown, same parish, 2 miles south from Trowbridge, and 3 north

and Westbury Union, North Wilts. The church of St. from Westbury, contains 324 inhabitants; its area is

:Mary is a noble fabric, with square tower and 6 bells; 2,000 acres, which belongs to Waiter Long, Esq., M.P.,

was built in the latter end of the 15th century, and is lord of the manor. The church of St. John is a neat

one of the finest parish churches in tl1e county. The modern-built structure, with 1 bell, and a fine-toned

Jiving is a vicarage, in the gift of Magdalene College, organ, stone pulpit, and reading desk. The Jiving is a

Cambridge, of the annual value of £800, now enjoyed by perpetual curacy, of the annual value of £200, in the

the Rev. Richard Crawley, M.A. The population, in ~ift of W. Long, Esq., M.P.; and the Rev. Francis

1851, was 802 in the township and tithing; its area is Henry Wilkinson, M.A., is the incumbent. Here is a

2,800 acres, which chiefly belongs to Waiter Long, Esq., National school for boys and girl~, erected and chiefly

M.P., lord of the manor, who resides at Rood Ashton supported by W. Long-, Esq., and the incumbent.

House, a splendid Gothic mansion, situated a little west DUNGE is 1 mile south·east.

of the village. The parish includes West Ashton and

Steeple Ashtoa. Deacon Charles, farmer Moore Edward, Fmith
GENTRY. Gale John, shoemaker Parsons John, master of Nationnl school

Crabbe Thomas, esq Gale William, shoemaker H.aymond Stephen, pari•h clerk

Crawley Rev. Richard, M.A. Vicarage Giclding William, plumber & glazier Seale Job Lockyer, physician
Hall Mr. Alfred Gill John, shoemaker Sims Daniel, shopkeeper
Hillier Mr. George Sims Geor~e, farmer
Oram Mrs. Sarah Grant William, beer retailer
Winslow James, tiumer & mrkt. gardn r
Hacker James, wheelwright

Seale Job Lockyer, esq. M.D Hale Alfred, clerk to magistrates,& land Winslow John, farmer
·wheeler J. B. esq
steward 'West Ashtoa.
Ashby George, 'Long's Arms,'&brewer Hawkins James, butcher Long Waiter, esq. H.ood Ashton bou!le
Axford John, farmer
Holder Charles, baker & grocer Wilkinson Rev. F. H. M.A. Parsonage
:Ramett James, farmer
Bartlett James, farmer Lancaster John, builder Beavan W. farmer
Berrett John, farmer
Lawrence Wm.'RoyalOak,'&sbopkeepr 1 Bourne W. farmt'r
Blake Silas, haker & postmaster Line Isaac, farmer
Blancbard William, farmer
Maslen George, farmer Cook Mr. John
Daniels John, tailor
:Mattock George, carpenter TRADERS.
Dark John, farmer Matthews Humphrey, 'Rose§; Crown' Miles Adam, carpenter

Miles Thomas, farmer Milsom John, farmer

Miles Thomas, shoemaker Simms David, farmer

--------- .-------------------------
Sims Margaret (Mrs.), New inn I Letters are received through Trowbridge at ~ past 9 a.m.; dispatched at
~ past 5 p.m. The nearest money order office is at Trowbridge
Watts Thomas, farmer

ATWOR.TH, or ATFORD, a chapelry and tithing in the W. Laxton, M.A., who resides at Holt. The church, a
parish, Hundred, and Union of Bradford, 5 miles north-
east of Bradford, 3 south of Corsharn station, 101 from neat structure of modern date, was rebuilt a r'ew years
London, 9 east of Bath, situated on the high road from since; the ancient square tower, containing 3 bells, once
London to Bath and Bristol. There are several quarriPS attached to· the old building, now stands is,,Jated to the
of excellent stone in the neighbourhood, well adapted for north of the present erection. Mrs. Jane Brown, widow,
buildin~ purposes. The living is a perpetual curacy, in the year 1706 devised £10 yearly to a master to educate
valua £250, in the diocese of Sarum, united to the poor children, £1 for books, £1G to the minister for
adjoining chapelry of South Wraxall, and is now a distinct catechising children, and £5 for clothing the poor. Here
is a small Independent chapel, a National and an Infant
parish for ecclesiastical purposes, in the patronage of the school. The population, in 1851, was 658. Lord Methuen
Dean and Chapter of Bristol. The incumbent is the Rev. is the lord of the manor.

Barton Robert, baker Hulbert William, farmer Poulsom Samuel, shoemaker
Barton Stephen, maltster Jones Benjamin, parish clerk Smart Stephen, shopkeeper
Bath ThomaR, shopkeeper May John, beer retailer & shopkeeper Smart William, mason

Bryant Daniel, shopkeeper Price Ann (Mrs.), mistress of National Sheppard Daniel, quarry master
Butler George, carpe11ter school Titt Lewin, blacksmith
Collett John, shoemaker York William, New inn
Price Ann (Miss), mistress of lnfnt.schl
Day James,' White Hart' Letters 1·eceived through Melksham.
IPrice James, master of National school
Ht>lps Jo:;;eph, ma~on Poul~om James, quarry master&. tarmr The nearest money order office is at
Hulbert John Tanner, farmer Poulsom Samuel, beer retailer Corsham

CARRIER-Ta.vlor, from Melksham to Bath, passes through on wednesday, returning same day

AVEBUR.Y is a township and parish on the Kennet, in £196 lOs., in the gift of the Lord Chancellor. The vicar
the Hundred of Selkley and Marlborough Union, con· is the Rev. John L. Ross. Here is a National school well

taining the village of Avebury, with the hamlets of Beck- supported. At West Kennet, g miles south-east of the

bampton and West Kennet, 7 wiles west of Marlborouj:!h, villa~e, is the brewery of the long celebrated Kenoet ale.

and 9 north-east from Devizes. The population, in 1851, The Devil's Den is to the east.
was 768, and the area 4,544 acres. The church of St. BECKHAMPTON is 1 mile !'outh-west; Penning Barn,
James is a fine old building, with a well-built tower, con~ l mile south-west; Waden Hill, half a mile south-east.
taining 5 bells and a clock; within is a Norman font, the This latter seems to take its name from the god Waden,
bow] of which is carved with the figure of a bishop holding or Woden. On Windmill Hill are numerous barrows.

the Gospels to his breast, and piercing, with his crozier, a Si!bury Hill is 1 mile south. The remains of the Druidical

serpent which lies coiled around. The living is a vicarage, temple at Avebury are crossed by two roads.

united to that of Winterbourne l\'lonkton, valued at

GENTRY. Brown George, farmer Piniger Thomas Lord, farmer, Beck-
Brown George, csq Chivers John, thatcher
Butler George, esq. West Kennet Chivers Lawrence, National school Prat.t William, saddler
Fitz~erald Charles Penruddock, esq Sbipwa_v John, bricklayer
Hawkins Mrs. Sarah master &. parish clerk Sloper George, butcher,bakr. & shopkpr
Dark lsaac, farmer
Kemm Mrs. Manor house Sloper Simon, 'Waggon ~ Horse,'
Kemm Thoma-., esq. \Vest Kennet Deacon Jeremiah, boot&. shoe maker
Dew James, carpenter Beckhampton
Pyke Mr. James Smith George, carpenter & sbopl{eeper
Ross John Lockard [vicar], Vicarage Fitzgerald Chas. Penruddock, surgeon Smith Joseph, shopkeeper & heer retlr
Tanner William, esq. West Kennet Fowler .Joseph, blacksmith Titcomb Richard, carpenter
''fentworth Mr~. Jane Gale Mary (Mrs.), postmistress Treene William, trainer of horses,
Kemm Thomas, farmer
TRADERS. Marchant Job, tailor Beckhampton
Bedford John, boot & to~hoe maker Wentworth John, farmer,Beckbampton
BntlerGeorge, maltster & brewer of the Neate Thomas, 'Red Lion'
Wentworth Samuel, farmar
Kennet ale, West Kennet Paradise James, blacksmith

Piuiger Jacob, farmer, West Kennet

PosT OFFICE.-Mrs. Mary Gale, receiver. Letters arrive National School, Lawrence Chivers, master; Mrs. Sarah

by foot post from Marlborough at 9 a.m.; dispatched Chivers, mistress
~ past 4 p.m. The nearest money order offices are at CARRIER To MARLBOROUGH-Spackman, to the' Green
Mar! borough &. Calne
Dragon,' High street, tuesday &. saturday
Church, Rev. John L. Ross,vicar·; Lawrence Chivers, clerk

BAR.FOR.D ST. MAR.TJ:N is a township, parish, square tower and 5 bells. The population, in l8Gl, was

Iand village in the Hundred of Cawden and Cad worth, 1609. There are a Dissenting chapel and a National school.

Wilton Union, South Wilts, 5~ miles W€st-north-west of The parish extends over 2,2t3 acres, principally arable

ISalisbury, 2~ miles west from Wilton, and lOO! from and pasture land. The Earl of Pembroke is lord of the

London. The living is a rectory, value £577, in the gift ~manor.

of All Souls College, Oxford. The Hon. and Rev. Samuel GROVELY WooD is an extra-parochial place, with 30
Waldegrave, M.A., is the rector; and the Rev. Edrnund inhabitants, 1~ miles north-west. In the neighbou1·hood

Carr, M.A., is the curate. The church of St. Martin is a are some ancient intrenchments.
Gothic structure, and was repaired about 1850; it has a 1

GENTRY. Barch J oseph, grocer & baker Nicholson Edward Andrews, farmer

Carr Rev. E!lmund, M.A Compton John, miller & farmer Norton Sarah(.Mrs.),'Green Dragon,'
Green Mrs. Harriett Dawkins Thomas, carpenter
Hunt Mrs. Elizabeth Drew Martin, farmer & brewer
Nicholson Charles, e~q
:Nicholson Mrs. William Hinton Edward, smith Pbillips Charles, farmer
Togwell Mrs. Ann Lampard Thomas, baker&. smith
Lampard William, carrier Shepherd James, cooper
TRADERS. Lever Alfred,lirtendraper
Simper Alfred, shoemaker
Bailey Henry, farmer Mussellwhite Henry, parish clerk Sweatman John, farmer
Bennett Thomas, farmer Nicholson Charles, solicitor
Targett William, 'Penruddock Arms'

Toomer Geor~e, farmer

Turner John, postmaster

PosT 0FPICE.-John Turner, receiver. J,etters arrive from CARRIER TO SALISBURY- William Lampard, three times

Salisbury at ! past 5 a.m.; dispatched 20 min. past 8 a week

p.m. The nearest money order office is at Salisbury

BA.VER.STOCK., with the hamlet of HURDCOTT, is a Nadder. The living is a rectory, value £300, with 70
township, parish, and village, 8 miles west from Salisbury, acres of glebe land, occupied by the Ven. Archdeacon
5 miles west from Wilton, and lOO from London, in the Hony, B.D. The church, which was thoroughly repaired
Hundred of Branch and Dale, and Wilton Union, South about 1845, is in the decorated style, with a square tower

Wilts, and is bounded on the south side by the river at the west end of the building, and 3 bells. The popu-


Jation at the last census, including Hurdcott, was 160. • The acreage of both is 1,168a. 34p. There is a Free school,

Charles Penruddock, Esq., is lord of the manor of Baver- kept up by the rector. HURCOT, or HURDCOTT, is 1 mile

stock; Alexander Powell, Esq., lord of that of Hurdcott. south-east. I Letters through Salisbury, which is
j Smith Herbert, farmer
Hony Ven. Archdeacon

IPowell Alexander, esq. Hurdcote house also the nearest money order office

CoACHEs-Three pass to Salisbury, & three to Warminster, CARRIERs-Passing daily


BAYDOl\1' is an agricu1tural parish, in the Hundred of· patronage of the Bishop of Sa1isbury; the incumbent is

Ramsbury, Hungerford Union, North Wilts, 9 miles the Rev. Allen Broderick. The Wesleyans and Baptists
north-east from Marlborough, 9 north-west from Hunger- have places of~worship here.
ford, 70 from London, and 4~ north of Ram11bury, con- BAILEY HILL is half a mile north; Short Grove, 1l

Itaining 370 inhabitants, and 2,019 acres of land. The south; Goor Lane, 1j miles north-west; Russley, 2 miles

church is a small plain structure, dedicated to St. Nicholas. north-west. Appleford is a hamlet.

The living is a perpetual curacy, value .£llO, in the

Broderick Rev. Allen [incumbent] Belcher Richard,'Red Lion' Lawrence Eliza (Mrs.), shopkeeper

Alder Ambrose, carpenter Brind William, shopkeeper, beer re- Spicer Thoma11, carpenter

Aldridge John, blacksmith tailer, & postmaster Tubb William, farmer

Appleford Ann (Mrs.), mistress of Free Bye William, shoemaker Waldron Joseph, farm bailiff

school Grist John, farmer Wilkes Benjamin John, farmer

I.Appleford William,parish clerk Williams John Alien, farmer
Hutchins Edward, farmer

PosT OFFICE.- William Brind, receiver. Letters arrive patched at ! to 6 p.m. The nearest money order offices
by mail cart from Hungerford at ~ past 7 a.m. & dis- are at Hungerford & .Marlborough

Church, Rev. Alien Broderick, perpetual curate; William Appleford, clerk

G:R.J::AT and X.:ITTX.:EI BEDWJ:N. There is a National school well supported, and Cox's

GREAT BEDWIN i~ a township, parish, and very small Charity, a small endowment. WoLF HALL, the birth-

market town, in Kinwardstone Hundred, Hungerford place of the Seymour family, is 2 miles south-\'est.

Union, South Wilts, completely surrounded by forest W ANSDYKE paeses through the parish. Crofton is 1!

and woodland, situated 7 miles south-east of Marlborough, miles south-west; Brook Street, half a mile east; Broil,

5 south-west of Hungerford, 66 from Lot1don, containing half a mile south-east; Folly, 1 mile ~outh-east; Castle

a population of 2,193. The acreage is 9,599, belonging, Hill, 1~ miles south; Harding, 2 miles south-east; Wil-

with the exception of about 2,[email protected] acres, to the Marquis ton, 2~ miles south; Sutton, 3 miles south-west; Durley,

of .Ailesbury. There is an old fashioned market-house, 2! miles south-west; Steep Green, 3 miles fllouth-west;

now not used; the corn market, for samples, is held at Stoke, 1 mile west; Combreach, 2 miles 11orth-west;

the Three Tuns inn every Tuesday; there is a pleasure Knowle, 3 miles north-west; Haws Hill, 2 miles. north-

fair on the 26th and 27th of July. The Kennet and Avon west; Leigh Hill, 3 miles west. _

canal runs through the north-east part, over which a LITTLE BEDWIN, a township, parish, and village in

bridge is thrown. The tithings of CROFTON, MARTON, Kinwardstone Hundred, containing a population of 691

WEXCOMBE, EAsT and WEST 0RAFTON, and WILTON, inhabitants, and situate about l~milesnorthofGreatBed­

are included in this parish. ToTTENHAM PAR:K:, the win; it includes t!he hamlets ofCHISBURY andTIMBRIDGE,

seat of the Marquis of Ailesbury and Lord Bruce, and and comprises 4,233 acres of rich land. The Avon and

SA'VERNAKE, the seat of the Hon. Charles B. Bruce, are Kennet canal passes here. The church, dedicated to St.

in this locality, surrounded by the forest and plantations Michael, is a small but pretty edifice, adorned with a

extending for many miles, abounding with deer and spire. The living is a vicarage, value £238, in the pa•

game. The church is a plain structure, principally of tronage of the Marquis of Ailesbury.

flint, with square tower. The living is a vicarage, in the At CHISBURY is a great camp. Ford is half a mile

patronage of the Marquis of Ailesbury, value £212, and north-east; Bird's Heath, I mile south-east; Rudge, 2

incumbency of the Rev. William Collings Lukis, M.A.. miles north-by-west. Timbridge is a farm.

Great Bed'\Vla. Beckingham Francis, 'Nag's Head' Lloyd J obn, stonemason

GENTRY. Brown Thomas J. E. surgeon Lovelock Thomas, shopkeeper

Ailesbury Marquis of, Tottenham park Carter Philip, farmer, Crofton May Phoobe (Mrs.), farmer & coaldealer

Brure EarlCharlesBrudenell,Savernake Carter Robert, boot & shoe maker Neale Henry • Three Tuns'

Bruce Lord Ernest Augustus, :ll.P. Dobson David, tailor Pike J ames, baker & maltster

Tottenham park Edwards Elisha, farmer, Harding farm Potter Thomas, farmer

Fisher Mrs. Wolf hall EdwardsEiizabetb(Mrs.),farmer,Craftn Sawyer John, shopkeeper

Hawkins Mr. William, Wexcombe Ettwell "\Villiam, farmer, Sudden farm Sawyer Thomas,shopkpr.maltster&frmr

Lukis Rev. William Colliugs, :M.A.. Evans William, tailor Self Henry, farmer

[vicar & rural dean] Goodman John boot & shoe maker Shefford Thomas, boot & shoe maker

Miles Mr. John, Wexcombe Hatton Isaac,shopkeepr.&coal mercbnt Sbeppard William, fiumer

Miller William Henry, esq Hawkins Charles, bricklayer Smallbones James, butcher

Price Mrs. Wolf hall Hill George, watch & clock maker Smallbones John,' White Hart •
Smart Charles, carrier
Thatcher Misses Elizabeth & Amelia Hill Thomas, 11hopkeeper
Jones William Bond, National school Wooldrid!le Charlei!J Emerson 'Cro11
Thatcher Miss Mary Ann Keys,' & maltster

TRADERS. master & parish clerk WooldridgeJohu,land survyr.&postmstr

Abery James, carpenter Knapp George, black~mith

Abery Thomas, carpenter Lidderdale James, surgeon

PosT 0FFICE.-John Wooldrid~re, receiver. Letters arrive National School, William Bond Jones, master; 1\-Irs. Mary

by mail cart from Marlborough at 8 a.m.; dispatched at Ann Talbot, mistress
5 p.m. The nearest money order office is at Hungerford INSURANCE AGENT-Phrenix, J. Wooldridge
Church, Rev. William Collings Lukis, M.A. vicar & rural CARRIER-Cbarles Smart, to Newbury, every thursday;

dean; Williarn Bond Jones, clerk to Marlborough every saturday

Marton. TRADERS. Brown John, horsehreaker, West

Barns Isaac, ' ..V. ag's Head' Barnes John, miller Carter James, farmer, East

8elfe H. farmer Batt Harriet (Mrs.), farmer Cooper Daniel, farmer, West

. Wexcombe. Carter Tabitha (Mrs.), fanner Goddard David, farmer, West

TRADERS. Davis Henry, shopkeeper & carrier Haywood - . farmt>r, East
Jackman Jacob, shopkeeper, East
Harris J. blacksmith Edwards Frederick, farmer
Rose Henry, '5wan,' & blacksmith Jackman John, blacksmith, East
Hawkins W. farmer Norris J ames, saddler, East

Miles J. farmer East&. West Grafton.

WUton. Hodgson Rev. John Drydon [incum- PrewettWm.National schoolmastr.East

Edwards Mrs bent], East Stagg Thomas, farmer, East

Chutch, Rev. John Dryden .tiodgson, perpetual curate I National Se/tool (boys & girls), William Prewett, master


Little Bedwla. Condell Joseph, farmer, Chisbury Platt Geor~e, farmer, Timbridge
Potter Edward, farmer, Cbi!lbury
Buckerfield Rev. Francis Henchman, Gosling Oscar,boot&shoe ma.&postmstr RichensAnn(.l\Irs.),farmer,Knowle farm
Wentworth Stepheu Henry, fHrmer
M.A. [vicar] Liddiard Richard, finmer, Chisbury Westall Isaac, shopkeeper, Chisbury
Clewett Charles, 'Harrow' White John Brown, farmer
Meadham David, farmer
Wise William, shopkeeper
Crooch Geo.baker&shopkeeper,Chisbry Nu tley Henry, National schoolmaster

Gosling Elizabeth (Mrs.), National Pbillips George, farmer

school mistress , Piggott John, fiumer

PosT OFF'ICE.-Oscar Gosling, receiver. Letters arrive Church, Rev. Franci!IJ, H. Buckerfleld, M.A. vicar

from Marlborough at 9 a.m. ; di~patched thereto at l National School, Henry N utley, master; Mrs. Elizabeth
past 4 p.m. The nearest money order office is at Hun- Gosling, mistress

gerford •

BBBCBJ:l\TGSTOK.E, a parish and village in the Swan- with 33 acres of glebe land, in the gift of G. W. Heneage,
borough Hundred, diocese of Sarum, and the division and Esq.; the present incumbent Is the Rev. Edward W.
Union of Devizes, situate 7 miles east of that town, con- Tufnell, M.A. The church is a small structure, having a
taining 875 acres of laud, and a population, according to the nave and chancel, but no tower: there are 2 bells. Here

census of 1851, of 188. The living is a rectory, value £285, is a Parochial school, with a house for the teacher.

GENTRY. TRADERS. Martin Hannah (Mrs.), shopkeeper
Bruges William, esq. Puckshipton Hailstone Priscilla (Mrs.), mistress of Wiltshire Charles, farmer
Hayward John, esq
Parochial school Letters received through Devizes.
Tufnell Rev. Edward Wyndham, M.A.
[rector] Hailstone Stephen, parish clerk The nearest money order offices are at

Keepauce Hannah (Mrs.), day school Pewsey and Devizes

CARRIER TO DEVIZEs-Martin, thursday; returns same day

BER.WJ:CK. BA.SS:BTT, or BARWICK BASSETT, is a the curate is the Rev. - . Penruddock. There is a

township and parish in Calne Hundred, Marlborough National school. The living is a donative, with £40 per
Union, North Wilts, 9 miles north-west from Marlborough, annum, in the gift of the Vicar of Calne. The river

and 7 south from Wootton Bassettstation, with 1,388 acres, Kennet passes near.
and a population, in 1851, of 203. There is a church;

Penruddock Rev.-. [curate] :Nalder Ann (Mrs.), farmer Viveash Simeon, farmer
Sonthwood Amelia (Miss), National Letters are forwarded by foot post
Couzens James, baker & shopkeeper from Swindon. The nearest money
Mills David, black~mith schoolmistress

Stratton Henry, farmer order office is at Wootton Bassett

BBR.WJ:CK ST• .TAMES, a township, parish, and incumbent. The church is in the early English style, with
'\Tillage, 8 miles north-west from Salisbury, and 103 from Norman square tower and 5 bells; it is dedicated to St.
London, in the Hundred of Branch and Dole, and Wilton James. Two miles west are the intrencbments called

Union, South Wilts; the population, in 1851, was 294, Yarnborough Castle.
extending over 2,492 acres. Lord Ashburton is lord of IsHERTON is a quarter of a mile north-east; Uppington,

the manor. The living is a vicarage, value £54, in the half a mile south.

gift of Lord Ashburton ; the Rev. Charles Lawford, M.A.,

Pinckney Erlysman Charles, esq Gilbert Jane(Mrs.),grocer& linendraper Tuker George, farmer
Kyte William, 'Boot' Tuker John, farmer
Blanchard Jonatban, parish clerk
Bourns Robert, farmer Morris James, shopkeeper Letters are received through Wilton.

Dyer George, smith Morris Maria (Mrs.), schoolmistress The nearest monev order office is at
Salisbury -
Tabor George, farmer

BBR.WJ:CK ST• .TOBN is a township, parish, and square tower (having 5 bells) rising from the middle; it
village, 17 ~ miles south-w est of Salisbury, 112! from is in excellent repair. The churchyard is kept neatly and
London, and 6~ 'east of Shaftesbury, in Chalk Hundred, Tis- in good order. In the interior of the church are monu-
bury Union, Hindon division~ Salisbury bishopric, South ments to the Grove family, and other families of distinc-
Wilts. The population, in 1851, was 482; there are 3,669 tion; against the walls are two elliptic arches over ancient
acres of arable and down land. A strong earthwork or effigies, said to be those of Knights Templars, and clad in
fortification, known as Winkelbury, or Vespasian's camp, mail. There is a National school, built on glebe land, in
is on a lofty ridge in this parish, and commands a view 1835, at the sole expense of the rector, and principally
over Dorsetshire, the Downs, and a portion of Hampshire, supported by him. There is a small sum left in charities
as far as the Needle Rocks in the Isle of Wight. The by the late Lord Rivers. John Grove, Esq., of Fern
rich forest of Cranborne Chase occupies the foreground, House, and Lord Rivers, of Rushmore Lodge, are the
and the uninterrupted view to be obtained over Wiltshire lords of the manor.
is finely and beautifully varied. The Ebele river rises WATER STREET and Duck Street adjoin the village.
here, and flows towards the Avon. The living i!IJ a rec- BURY COURT is 2 miles south-west; Win Green,
tory, value £500, in the gift of New College, Oxford ; 2 miles south-west; Bredmore, or Bridmore, 2 milea
the incumbent is the Rev. Richard Downes, M .A.; the south-east; Woodland, half a mile north ·east. To the
curate is the Rev. ·wmiam Smith, D.D. The church of north is White Sheet Hill.
St. John the Baptist, built in the reign of Henry VII., is EASTON is a farm.
a cross-shaped structure, with a finely-ornamented low

Downes Rev. Richard, M.A. [rector] Barnett Thomas (Mrs.), farmer, Easton Shere Thomas, farmer
Gilbert Thomas, esq Sims Benjamin, farmer
Rivers Lord, Rusbmore lodge Bengefleld Charles, farmer
Shere Mrs Burt George, smith Trowbridge Henry, shopkeeper
Foot Stephen, carpenter & parish clerk
Smith Rev. William, D.D. [curate] Henstridge John, mason viaLetter~ are received through Don..
TRADERS. Lathy Robert, shopkeeper & carrier
head St. Andrew, Salisbury. The
Antell Charles, farmer nearest. money order office is at Shaftes...

bury ·

.National School, Mrs. Sarah Bugden, mistress

CARRIER-Robert Lathey, to Shaftesbury, saturday; returning same day

IBBR.WJ:CK ST. ::LEONAR.D is a parish, 15 miles is a rectory, value £350, in the gift of the Marqui~ of

west of Salisbury, and I mile north of Hind on. The liYing Westminster. The church has a tower with 2 belle.

Gray John, parish clerk I Kellow George, bailiff to Charles Morrison, e~q


BJ:DDESTO:NEI is a township, parish, and viliage, is an ancient and plain structure, repaired about 1850; it
divided into two parts, viz., St. Peter's and St. Nicholas, has one bell. Here is a Baptist chapel, and a National
distant 4 miles west from Chippenham, 18 from Bristol, school for boys and girls. The parish contains about
and 98 from London, in the Hundred and Union of Chip- 2,000 acres, and the population, in 1851, was 422 in
penham, North Wilts, and b1shopric of Gloucester and St. Nichola8, and 25 in St. Peter's. Lord Methuen is lord
.Bristol, situated on a brook called the Wavering. The of the manor. There are charities of £17 annual value,
church, St. Peter's, has been taken down. The living left by Lady James, to be distributed in clothes and coals
is a rectory, value £300, in the gift of the College at Christmas; also £6 per annum to the deserving poor at
of Winchester; the Rev. Andrew Quicke, M.A., is the Christmas, left by W. Little.
incumbent; the Rev• .Arthur Gauntlett Atherley, M.A., HONE:YBROOK is a farm.
i:s the curate. The church, dedicated to St. Nicholas,

GENTRY. Chapple John, wheelwright PowneyivVilliam,' Whitellorse,'& shoe-
Coates Alfred, shopkeeper
Atherley Rev• .Arthur Gauntlctt, M.A Elliott John, farmer maker
Gillett George, maltster & farmer Stubbings Charles, farmer, Honeybrook
Butler Mrs. Elizabeth Little John Blake, grocer & carpenter
Little Mary Porter (Miss), linen & farm
Cotton Mr. Mathew
woollen draper Waiter Charles,' White Hart' & wheel-
Lettlc Mrs. Ann • Little 'fhomas, farmer
Little Thomas, Psq Newman Daniel, shopkeeper wright & blacksmith
Parker William, parish clerk, baker &
Metbuen Hon. St. John Whitbread Thomas, harness maker
basket maker Ldters are received throu~h the
'Valter Mrs. Sarah Selman Alfred, shopkeeper
Chippenham office. Arrive at ~ past 8
Blake Abraham & Joseph, farmers & a.m. ; dispatched at 7 p.m. The nearest

bakers money order office is at Chippenham

Blakc Joseph, maltster

B:ISBOPSTONE, near Swindon, is a township, village, the old manor house a room was built for the entertain-
and parish in the Hundred of Ramsbury, Hig-lnvorth ment of James II. On the tomb of Christopher Willoughby,
Union, North Wilts, bishopric of Gloucester and Bristol; in the chancel, is an epitaph setting forth that he was moMt
distant from Shrivenham station, 3 miles south·\Vest; 74 happy with his first wife, but very unlucky with his
• from London, 9 from Farringdon, and 7 east from Swindon; second. There are several charities belonging to this parish,
contained in 1851, 755 inhabitants, and 4,452 acres of viz., £900 left by Mr. T. Goddard, for the education of
land; the Bishop of Salisbury is lord of the manor, and Lord the poor children of both sexes, and keeping in repair the
Holland, lessee under him. The church is a plain struc- tower of the church and bells; £110 per annum left by
ture, with square tower, containing a fine peal of 8 bells; Christopller Willoughby Esq., in 1681, to be divided
the living is a vicarage, in the gift of the Bishop, value amongst the poor of the parish; also £16 per annum left

£200 per annum; the incumbent is the Rev. John R. by Gilbert Keate, Esq., to be divided amongst four poor
Landon, M.A.; and his curate, the Rev. Henry F. Beasley, persons belonging to this parish; with several others of
.A.M. The rectorial titl1es and advowson were formerly trifling amounts. Bricks and tiles are made here.
attached to the prebend of .Bishopstone in Salisbury RusLEY PARK is to the south. Starveall is 1l miles
ea thedral. There is a school, erected in 1850, mainly by south-east; Lumby Down, 1 mile south; Charlbury,
the exertions of the Rev. Henry Beaslcy, the curate. In 2 miles south-west.

GENTRY. Day James, shoemaker Povey George, blacksmith
Povey George, tailor
Beasley Rev. Henry F. Bishopstone Dore William, farmer Povey Jane (Mrs.), shopkeeper

viCara!!e Hedges Thomas, farmer Pusey Sophia (Mrs.), school
Coster Richard, esq Hihbard Joseph, cattle dealer Red ford Richard, parif!h clerk
Edmonrls 'Villiam, e~q Sharman .Amos, beer retailer
Smith Thomas, C. esq. Rusley park Hibbard Thomas, farmer
Keylock Thorn a~, crpntr. & wheelwrght Smith John, farmer
TRADERS. Lawrence Edward, shopkeeper, post- Smith Joseph, farmer

Ballard NathaHiel, brick,& tile maker master, tailor & draper Tay !er Henry, ' True Heart'

Bye William, .shopkeeper MilsYm William, miller White J. shoemakpr
Cue Thomas, farmer Nobes Aaron, shopkeeper & cab master Young Thoma~, blacksmith
Cue Waiter, beer retailer Norris William, land measurer

D11y George, gardeuer Norris William, j un. carpeuter

PosT OFFICE.- Er! ward Lawrence, postmaster. Letters CARRIER- Daniel Tayler, from Idston, Berks, through
arrive through Farring-don, by mes~enger, ! to 12 a.m.; Bi~hopstone to Swindon, every monday; to Highworth,
dispatched at 4 p.m. The nearest money order office is at every weduesday; to Newbury, every wednesday night;

Swindon to Wantage, every Haturday

B:ISHOPSTONE is a township, parish and village, centre of the building, with 3 bells; the altar service was
7 miles south-west of Salisbury, 4 miles south of ·wiltoa, presented by Bishop Earle in 1663, being the rector of
and 102 from London, in Downton Hundred, Wilton the church at that period. The river Ebelc passes through
Union, and parliamentary borough, South Wilts, and in a circuitous direction. There is a Free school in the

Salisbury bishopric, extending over 4,452 acres, with a village, which was built by the Rev. George A. Moot-
population, according to the last cen:ms, of 606. The gomery, and is now supported by subscription; there is
Pembroke family have been lords of the manor since 1663. also a Dissenting chapel.
The Earl has also the gift of the living, which is a rectory, FAULSTON, or FULLSTON, Flamston, and Naton, or
worth £760, with 30a. 2r. of glebe land; the Rev. Francis Netton, are hamlets near each other, and l mile south-
Lear, B.A., is the incumbent. The church, which is a west; Crowdon is 2 miles south. Throope, Crouchestou,
handsome Gothic structure, is built in a cruciform shape .Hamston and Pitts, are hamlets.
and decorated; it has a square tower rising from the

Lear Rev. Francis, B.A Jacob Frederick, 'White Hart' Sidford Frederick, farmer, Fallston
Ayton Abraham, farmer
Jukes John, shopkeeper Stagg William, farmer
Henter Thomas, shoemaker
Case Charles, shoemaker Lanham Isaac, carpenter, Flamston Stevens Robert, farmer
Cornpton John, shopkeeper Lawes Edward, carpenter, Flamston Swayne James, farmer, Crowdon farm
Dibben Edward & George, farmers Parritt James, baker Wa£;(g William, carrier
Parrett Samuel, smith
Drummond James, draper & grocer Young Waiter, farmer
Rowden William, farmer, Flamston Letters are received through Salis-
Oould Josiah, mason .
Scaplain John, farmer, Naton bury, which is also the nearest money
Harding Francis, farmer order office
Shepherd James, miller

CARRIER TO SALISBURY-W. Wagg, tuesday, thursday & eaturday

BJ:SBOPSTR.OW, a township and parish in the Hun- • rectory, in the archdeaconry anrl diocese of Salisbury,

Idred and Union of Warminster, South Wilts, distant 1 mile j and in the patronage of Sir Francis Astley, Bart. The

south-east from Warminster station, 116 from London, Rev. John W. Griffith, M.A., i:J the incumbent. The
and 3 west-north-west from, Heytesbury. The living is a church is dedicated to St. Adhelm. A great number cf


Roman coins have been found here. There are two great PITMEAD is half a mile south-east; Who Will, half a
camps, Scratchbury and Battlesbury, and two barrows mile west; Middleton, half a mile north-east; Boreham
Middle Hill and Ring Barrow. William Temple, Esq., of adjoins the village. Eastleigh Lodge and the Buries are
Bishopstrow House, is lord of the manor. Population, in residences.
I851, 287; acreage, 1,029; rateable value, £1,551.

Fane Lady Seagram John, esq. the Buries Pearce Isaac, farmer
Pothecary Richd. baker & shopkeeper
Griffith Rev. John W. M.A TRADERS. White James, watch & clock maker
White Sarah (Mrs.), schoolmistress
Kerricb Mrs. Eastleigh lodge Hayter William, miller
IMills Mrs. Ellen Letters through Warminster, which
Lines William, shopkeeper is also the nearest money order office

Temple William, esq. [magistrate & lord Munday William, farmer

of the manor], Bishopstrow house Parrott Charles, farmer

BLACKLAND is a small parish, a portion of which patronage of certain trustees, and incumbency of the Rev.

belongs to the borough of Calne. It is I~ miles south- William 1\faurice Macdonald, B.c.L., of Calstone; diocese

east from Calne, on the road to Marlborough, in the Hun- of Salisbury and archdeaconry of Wilts. Population 72;

dred and Union of Calne, North Wilts. The church of acres 537.
St. Peter is in the Gothic style. The living is in the

jBeaven Christopher, esq. Blackland ho Carpenter Honor (Mrs.), farmer J Letters through Calne, which is al:Jo
Pottan William, farmer
the nearest money order office

tithing and village in the parish and in the Hundred of
Highworth, and in Cricklade parliamentary borough,
BLUNSDON ST. ANDREW, a parish in the Hundred and distant from Highworth 3l miles. The church, dedicated

Union of Highworth, North Wilts, and Cricklade parlia- to St. Leonard, is a neat building, with square tower, and

mentary borough, distant 4 milea west from Highworth, contains 4 bells. It is a chapelry attached to Highwonb;

4~ north from Swindon, and 81 from J,ondon, contained, curate, Rev. Samuel F. Auchmuty, M.A. There is also a

in 1851, 81 inhabitants, and 1,420 acres of land, the prin- school for boys and girls, built upon the church land, and

cipal part of which belon!I;S to Mrs. Elizabeth 'J'unstall supported partly by the clergyman of the parish and

Calley, who is also lady of the manor. The church is a partly by the weekly payments of the children. 'fhe

small structure, with square tower, and contains I bell. population, in 1851, was 895.

The living is a rectory, in the gift of Mrs. Elizabeth Tun- HoLDCROFT, or Oldcroft, is a quarter of a mile south;

stall Calley, value £305 per annum, in the diocese of Cold Harbour, half a mile south; Grounrlwell, I mile

Gloucester and Bristol; the incumbent is the Rev. Wil- south; Hide, 2 miles south-east; Castle Hill, Upper and

Iiam Thomas Wyld, M.A., who resides at Wood borough; Lower Bury, 1 mile north-east. Here is a camp. Tadpole

and his curate, the Rev. Samuel F. Auchmuty, M.A. farm is in Blunsdon St. Andrew.

Auchmuty Rev. Samuel F. M. A. 1 Gibhs Jane (Mrs.), mistress of school Le!!~ William, boot & shoe maker

Hall Mrs. Alice Griffin S.ftnuel, boot & shoe maker Merrett John, carpenter & shopkeeper

Plumber Thomas, esq. Oldcroft house Habgood ThomaQ, rdieving officer for Merrett Wm. carpenter & wheelwright

Prince Mrs Hi~Xhwortb & Swindon Painter Isaac, farmer

Smith Mrs. ~arah Hall Daniel, corn dealer & baker Plumber Richard, farmer, Blunsuon St.

Waiters Capt. Henry, Blunsdon house, Hall Miss Elizabeth, farmer Andrew

Blunsdon St. Andrew Harrison Henry, draper Pollard Andrew, woolstapler

TRADERS. Hewer Edwd. butter dealer & shopkpr Ponting Stephen, stonemason

Appleford James, beer retailer & shop- Hewett James, boot & shoe maker Ponting William, baker & shopkeeper

keeper Hinder Henry, farmer, Hyde farm, Radway Richard, drillman

Austin Robert, carpenter &wheelwright Blunsdon St. Andrew Simmonds Geor~re, farm bailiff, Ta«l
Holyock Thomas, 'Crown,' & pig dealer pole farm, Little Blunsdon
Benger William, farmer

Boulton Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper Hopkins William, tailor, draper, & Sims Jolm, drillman

Boys William Edward, farmer postmaster Smith Lucy (Mr>'.), farmer

Brooks "Yilliam, 'Galley Arm.'/' Horublout Robert, blacksmith Titcomb Edward, farmet·. Hyde farm

Bmnsden John, corn & seed merchant Hornblow William, hallier Tombs Henry, thatcher

& maltster Hunt William, farmer, Hyde Townsend William, farmE>r

Constable J oqepb, boot & shoe maker Hunt William, farmer & baker Townsend William, 'Red Lion'

Day Jarnes, builder & stone mason Jarvis Richard, blacksmith Webb Robert, farmer

Edmond~ .Jolm, farmer King Thomas, shopkeeper & baker \>YhatleySamuel,farmer,Biunsdongrove

}~Jmonds Richard, furmer, Grountlwell Large John, fellmouger, glover, wool- 'Yoolford Henry, farmer

farm, Bluusdon St. Andrew stapler & farmer Yeates Daniel, farmer

PosT OFFICE.-William Hopkin~, receiver. Letters re-~ at ~ pa~t 8 p.m. The nearest money order offices are at
ceived through the Swindon office at 6 a.m. & dispatched Highworth & Cricklade

CARRIERS:- Robert Hasking, to & from Highworth on wednesday

John Thoma!l, from Highworth to Swindon, through John Poole, from CricklaLie to Swindon, through Blnnqdon,

Blunsdon, monday monday

BOSCOMBE is a township, parish and village, 4 miles a small ancient structure. Here are four almshouses for

from Amesbnry south-east, 8 miles from Salisbury two widows and two widowers, endowed with £24 per

north-east, and 103 from London, in the Hundred and annum. In 1851 the population was 159; the acreage,

Union of Ameqbury, South Wilts. The living is a rectory, l,u92. George Matcham, Esq., is lord of the manor.

value £290, in the gift of the Bishop of Surum. The Rev. Richard Hooker was rector of this parish when he wrote

Thomas Taylor, M.A., is the incumbent. The church is the first part of his "Ecclesiastical Polity."
ITaylor Rev. Thomas, M.A. Rectory J Mead Thomas, carpenter
Parsons J olm, farmer
Mouldan John, blacksmith Waters William, farmer

PosT OFFICE.-Philip Selfe, receiver. Letters arrive from Salisbury 20 minutes before 7 a.m.; box closes at 9 p.m.

The nearest money order office is at Amesbury

BO'W".ER. CHALK'S is a township, parish and village, i tower and 3 bells; tl1e Rev. Stephen Hawtrey, M. A., is

in the Hundred of Chalke, Wilton Union, South Wilts, 10 I vicar, and the Rev. William Reginald 'Vhitworth is

miles south-west of Salisbury, and 105 fwm London. The curate. There is a National school, supported by the

population, in 1851, was 509 ; it extends over 2,96G Earl of Pembroke. This seems to ha,·e been a Roman

acres. The Eotrl of Pembroke is lord of the manor. The camp. On the downs are barrows. Quielham Street is

living is u vicarage, in the gift of' the Provost and Fellows half a mile west; \Vooclmington, 1! miles south-west:

of Kin~'s Colle~e, C'ambridf{B. The ohurrh ili very Marlycombe, half a mile southj Knoyle, 1~ mllei &outh"

tlml\.ll1 &ll<l built ln a C£1.\o,form sllape1wltll a 8mall &llUiirtl ~ajt,; Vermlitob, ~ mdea iO~.Jth-ea&t~


GENTRY. Cook William, surgeon Parham Charles, farmer
Cook William, esq Coombes William, farmer Shepherd Frederick, carrier
Whitworth Rev. William Reginald Golden Thomas, parish clerk Sidfilrd George, farmer
Hahgood Elizabeth (Mrs.), beer retailr Softe Martha (Miss), farmer
TRADERs. Habgood John, farmer Williams Josiab, farmer
Bond Sarah (Mrs.), shopkeeper Hardiman Edward, smith
Bracber Elizabeth (Mrs.), farmer Harrington George, carrier Letters are received through Broad
Burrough John, farmer Humby Thomas, carpenter Chalke. The nearest money order
Chizlett William, shopkeeper office is at Salisbury

CARRIER~-George Harrington &: Frederick Shepherd, to Salisbury, tuesday &: saturday

BOWOOD, a liberty, in the Hundred and Union of the town of Calne, and over a rich and lovely country;
Calne, North Wilts, from which it is distant 2 miles the pleasure-grounds cover about 70 aeres, laid out with

south-west, and 3l south-east-by-east of Chippenham. considerable taste. On the ground11 is a mausoleum, con-

IThe Marquis of Lansdowne has a noble mansion here, secrated to the memory of John, Earl of Shelburne. The

with extensive park and pleasure grounds, richly population, in 1851, was 140, with 69 aeres.
ornamented with plantations, commanding a prospect of

Lansdowne Right Hon. the Marquis of, Lansdowne house I Flower William, farmer

BOX is a township, parish, railway station, and large a National school for boys and girls. The population, in
village, on the Great Western railway, 5 miles north-east 1851, was 1,987; the parish contains 4,217 acre~. \Y. B.
of Bath, 8 north-west of Chippenham, and 101~ from Worthey, Esq., is lord of the manor. The Great "\Vestern
London, in the Hundred and Union of Chippenham, railway passes through a tunnel here called the Box tunnel.
North Wilts. The living is a vicarage. The Rev. H. D. Here are quarries. There is some brewing and maltiug.

C. S. Horlock, D.D., is the incumbent. The church is an HAZLEBURY, Wormwood, Rudloe, Cheney Court,
ancient structure, with spire, containing 5 bells. Here is Wadswick, Calls, Hill Farm, Sheylors and Slades, are

a chapel for Wesleyans, a chapel of ease at Kingsdon, and places in this township.

GENTRY. Cannings Sarab (Mrs.), 'Swan' Noble Thomas, shopkeeper & baker

Baker Miss Jane Chandler lsaac, schoolmaster & parish Pictor Job, farmer, sbopkeeper,quarry

Bates Mrs clerk owner & postmaster

:Bruce William Adair, esq. Sheylors bo Chubb Robert Henry, maltster Pinchin Elizabeth {Mr£~.),farmer,bakE'r,

Cook Mrs. Rudloe house Cottle William, farmer, beer retailer, brewer & maltster

Cottle Mr. Edward Daw Charles, farmer, Rudloe Pinchin George, brewer & maltster

Holworthy Henry, esq. N ewtown house EdwardsWalter,farmer, Wadswick farm Pinch in Samuel, as!'istant overseer

Horlock Rev. Rolled Dariel Cave Elliott George & Jane (Miss), black- Pocock Jacob, farmer, Sheylor's farm

Smith, D.D. [vicar] smiths & carpenters Poulson Sarah (Mrs.), farmer

Mant Henry, esq Eyles John, boot & shoe maker Roberts George, master of National

Miles Mr. Isaac Freeth Richard, tailor school

Neat Mrs. Middle hill villa Fudge James, tailor Shell James, plasterer & tiler

Phipps Mr. John Gale George, beer retailer Sheppard George, 'Horse~ Jockey'

Pinchin Mr. William Gale Timothy, plasterer & titer Shepvard Harriott (Mrs.), 'Bear'

Rogers Misses, Ashley grove Hales John, farmer, Call's farm Shewring Mary Ano & Emma (Misses),
'Northey Arms'
Sudell Henry,esq Hardy Charles, shopkeeper

Sudell Thomas, esq. Hayward John, farmer Shewring Richard, 'Queen'• Head,'

Vezey Mrs. Martha Hendon Richard, farmer & blacksmith

Younger Major, Middle hill Hobbs Humphrey, farmer Skeat William, licensed to sell stamps,

TRADERS. Hudd Richard, quarry master draper & grocer

Bath Agnes (Miss), milliner & dressma Iddols James, farmer, Hill farm Smith Amelia (Miss),straw bonnt.makr

Bath Thomas, 11hopkeeper&shoemaker Liles George, miller, Box mill Smith Peter, 'Lamb'

Bodman Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper MantjHenry, solicitor Strong Robert, quarry master
Brown ·wm. jun. farmer, Hazlebury fm Milsom Jacob, carrier & coal dealer Vezey James, 'Cheque1·s,' & butcher

Brown Wm.sen. farmer,Wormwoodfrm Milsom Joseph, shopkeeper Vezey Peter, soap & candle maker

Browning Thomas, miller & farmer Moody Elijah, beer retailer&shopkeeper White Thomas, farmer., ~Hades farm

Cannings James, beer retailer Nash Joseph, physician Wilton James, farmer

PosT OFFICE.-Job Pictor, receiver. Letters are received National School, Geor!!e Roberts, master

through the Chippenham office, arrive } past 8 a.m. ; CARRIER TO BATH-Jacob Milsom every friday, ~eturns
dispatched 5 p.m. The nearest money order office is at same day


BOYTON with CO'R.TON. Oxford. The Rev. William Aldricb, B.D., i!l the incum-

BoYTON, on the river Wiley, in the Hundred of Heytesbury, bent. The church of the Virgin Mary is a fine specimen

Warminster Union, South Wilts, 3 miles south-east from of early English architecture, and consists of nave, chancel,

Heytesbury, 7 south-east from Warminster, and 121 from north and south aisles. Rev. Arthur Fane, B•.4., vicar of

J.ondon, contained, in 1851, 393 inhabitants, with an area \'Varminster, is lord of the manor.

of 3,956 acres; rateable value, £2,6!:;3. The living is a CORTON, or CORTINGTON, is a township, where there

rectory, value £549, in the archdeaconry and diocese of is a place of worship for Baptists, I mile north-west.

Salisbury, and in the patronage of Magdalen College,

Boyton. Corton. Mile11 Joseph, shopkeeper

GENTRY. Reynolds Mr. Thomas Smith Richard, farmer
Aldrich Rev. Pelham Stanhope, B.c.L. Snelgrove J ames, farmer
TRADERS. Stephens Thomas, farmer
Davies William, esq Baverstock Alfred, shopkeeper Withers Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper
Allard HPnry James, farmer Baverstock Thoma11, parish clerk Letters through Heytesbury, which

Churchill Cornelius, New inn is also the nearest money order office

Hart James, farmer

BB.ADrOBD is a township, parillh, market-town and delightfully varied. In the vailey below stands the fine
Union, seated on the river Avon and Kennet and Avon old parish church; near to its base, after emerging from
canal, 102 miles west of London by road, 104 by railway, between the hills, flows the river Avon, its banks dotted
8 south-east of Bath, 5 south of Box, 3 north-east of with numerous factories. On the west, and under the
Trowbridge, 5 south-west of :Melksham,12 west of Devizes, side of Jews'-harp llill, are the remains of an ancient
12 north of Warminster, in the parish, Hundred, division monastery, now converted into a farm-house, and known
and Union of Bradford, North Wilts, built within a cove, as Barton Farm. The fine old monastic barn once attached
on the abrupt declivities of the sides of a rocky hill. The to this religious institution is still entire, and forms one of
most ancient parts of the town are laid out in a succession the outbuildings of the prelient farm. On the east is the
of terraces, risin1: one above another to the very summit of greater portion of the town, the larger establishments and

the hill, from one of which, called Tory Rank, thf; views public buildings standing promint>ntly in view, while in
are very picturesque, and the. prospect is extensive and the foreground may be seen Lady Down, the village of


Hilperton, and the town of Trowbridge, with Westbury niche, containing the full-length effigy of a Jady. There is

down and the Wiltshire bills in the distance. a good organ, and over the altar is a paintimr, being a

Bradford means the" broad ford" over the river, and representation of the Lord's Supper. Some painted win-

was a Romau settlement. The town was a place of some dows were presented many years ago by John Ferret,

consequence even in the time of the Wt!st Saxons, being Esq., a native of this town. In 1840 a beautiful district

the site of a monastic institution, founded by St. Adhelm church, called Christ church, was erected at Bearfield,

in 705; it was given to the nunnery at Shaftesbury in within the precincts of the town; it is in the perpen-

1001. In 954, St. Dunstan was elected Bishop of Wor- dicular style of architecture, having a tower and lofty
caster at a synod held at Bradford. It was of importance spire at the western end of the building. The living, value
before, as well as after, the Norman invasion, and this .£150, with a parsonage-house, is a perpetual curacy,
town was privileged to send members to Parliament; but endowed by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners; it is in the
this right was not exercised more than once. It still bears patronage of the Vicar of Bradford; the Rev. William
the appellation of the borough of Bradford, but whether Popham, M.A., is the incumbent. .Near the church, in a
it was ever incorporated, and had a separate jurisdiction, corresponding style of architecture, are very handsome
seams to be unknown. The local government of the town and commodious school-rooms, which were built at the
is in the county magistrates, who hold a petty sessions sole cost of the late CaptainS. H. Palairet. There is a Free
here the last Wednesday in every month. The Kennet school near the parish church, founded in 1712; a
and Avon canal passes Bradford, and communicates with National school in Church Yard; an Infant school in
Bath, Bristol, London, Devizes, Trowbridgl!, Reading, Church street; and a school on the British system in St.

and Hungerford. The river Avon, at Bradford, is crossed Margaret street, held in what was once a Quakers' meet-

by two bridges; one of these is of very great age, which ing house, built in 1718. In the Frome road are two

Leland speaks of as having "nine fair arches of stone." almshouses-one for four poor men, founded by John

Standing on one of its piers is a square stone building, Hall, Esq., the last of an ancient family, who had been

having a roof somewhat in the form of a pyramid; the located in this town since the reign of Edward I.; his

supposition is, that it was erected for the purpose of levy- arms and crest are over the doorway-motto, "Deo et

ing contributiolls for the supp.:>rt of an hospital, which pauperibus "(for God and the poor), date 1700; the other,

stood near the bridge, or that it was an almonry for for poor old women, is a very ancient charity, supported

bestowing aid on necessitous travellers. The other bridge by lands in the neighbourhood that once belonged to the

called Barton Bridge, with four arches, is lower down the monastery of Shaftesbury. This charity is in the patronage

stream; near the same, to the west, is the ancient ford by of the lord of the manor, and was intendeJ for ten persons;

which the town was approached; it can now be crossed at present four old women alone enjoy the benefits of this

dry-shod when the springs are low and the water short. endowment.

The houses are mostly gable-fronted, built ·with stone, There are the remains of many antiquated edifices, both

and covered with the same material. The streets are of a private and also of an ecclesiastical character, in and

generally narrow and irre~ular, but of ]ate they have, in about the town, such as the Priory, Chantry House, Tory

some instances, been widened and improved. In 1834 Hermitage, the monastery at Barton, and others which,

the town was lighted with gas; and on the 15th of July, from lapse of time, their dilapidated condition, or partial

1839, the Bradford Town Improvement Act received the incorporation with other buildings, cannot now be speci-

royal assent. tied by name, their foundations as well as their subsequent

Bradford is the central town, in the west of England, history, alike being lost.

for the manuf<Jcture of superfine broad-cloths. Tbis Bradford is considered to be a very pleasing, exceed-

business is known to have been carried on here to some ingly picturesque, and very healthy town, well defended

extent in the time of King Edward I. Edward Ill. in- from the north and east winds, while its situation is such

vited cloth-workers tt'> repair to England out of foreign that all its impurities, after passing down its sloping

parts, to whom he granterl sundry privile~es. Anthony streets, are immediately carried off by the waters of the

Methuen, the ancestor of the present Lord Methuen, of Avon. A very handsome and commodious Town Hall

Corsham House, Wilts, was the first to improve upon and Market House have recently been built in the heart

the old mode of clothmaking, by introducing, in 1740, of the town. There are also attached to it, and forming

into Bradford, certain operatives from Flanders, in order part of the main design, justice·rooms and residences for

to manufacture superfine broad-cloth. the police. The structure is of Bath stone. The design,

There are many respectable residences in and about which is early English in character and very pleasing in

Bradford; also some large and ancient mansions; one general effect, is by Thom11s Fuller, Esq., architect, of

amongst the number was once the residence of the cele- Bath.

brated Duchess of Kingston, and is known as Kingston The Dissenting chapels are-Baptist, founded 1704;

House. It has within the last few years been beautifully Baptist, Zion, founded 1823; Countess of Huutiugdon's,

restored, in strict accordance with its original design, by Bearfield, founded 1798; Independent, founded 1740 ;

the present proprietor, S. Moulton, Esq. Primitive Methodist, founded 1845; Unitarian; Wes-

The living is a vicarage, to which is attached the rectory leyan Methodist, founded 1818.

of Westwad, the tithes of the united benefices being corn- The parish of Bradford is extensive, and comprises the

muted at .£581 3s. 6d. per annum; in the diocese of town, the tithings of Trowle, Leigh, and Woolley, the

Sarnm, and the patronage of the Dean and Chapter of chapelries of Holt, Atworth, South Wraxall, Winsley,

Bristol; the Rev. William Henry Jones, M.A.., F.S.A., iil and Limpley Stoke, containing 11,272 acres; the popula-

the pre~ent incumbent; the Rev. Henry Bassano Hare, tion of Bradford, in 1851, was 8,959, but thl!re are 3,627

M.A., is the curate. The church, dedicated to the Holy more in the ontparishes connected with Bradford. Under

Trinity, is an ancient and handsome structure, in the the New Poor-law, Bradford is the centre of a Union,

Norman and early English styles of architecture; it con· containing eight parishes. The Union workhouse is at

sists of a nave, north aisle, chancel, and chapel, and has a Avon Cliff, in the pari;b of Westwood. The Right Hon.

square tower at the western extremity, with an embattled 1 Lord Broughton is the lord of the manor. The market

parapet, and surmounted with a low short spire of disw j days are Saturdays; but for corn, cattle, and cheese every

proportionate dimensions. The tower contains a fine ring i alternate 1'uesday. The fairs are-one in Bradford, en

jof 8 bells, and a set of chimes, performing the tunes of i Trinity Monday, for cattle, horses, and pedlery; one

" Hanover" and the " Sicilian Mariners' Hymn" every also at Bradford Leigh, on the first Monday after the 24th
three hours. In the churchyard, opposite the door on the August, except when Monday falls on the 24th, then on

south side of the chancel, is a very ancient tomb, highly that day. The Wilts, Somerset, and Weymouth rai.I.way

decorated. The interior of the church contains many (now in course of construction) passes through Bradford

curious tombs ; the most remarkable are in the chancel. in its course from Salisbury to Bathford, where it joins

On the 11outh ilide, within a niche, is the mutilated recum- the Great Western railway. The present station for Brad-

bent figure of a Knight Templar; on the north side is a ford is 'l'rowbridge.

OENTRY. Applegate William, Druce's hill Bush John, esq. Woolley house

Adye Arthur, esq. Woolley street Bailward Misses E. J. & A. Frankley ho Cadby Mr. Charles, Trowbridge road

Adye Arthur, juu. esq. Woolley street Bubb Mr. John, Trowbridge road Cannings Mra. Hanoah Maria, Trow

Adye William, esq. M.D. Woolley street Bulgin Mr. Joseph, Trowbridge road bridge road


Coomb9 lirs. Mary, Bush's alley Hawkins Rev. William, Bush's alley 1Shrapnell Mrs. Margaret, Barton's

Davis Mr!!. Bridg'et, St. Marl!aret st Jay Mrs. Mary Jane, St. Margaret st Orchard

Edmonds Ezekiel, eoq. Fairfield house Jones Rev. WilliamHenry,M.A.,P.S.A, Silcocks Thomas Ball, esq. Bush's alley
Edmonds John, esq. Church Rtreet
Vicarage Smith Misses, Kingston grove
Gardinor Mrs.Mary Ann,Trowhridge rd
Gear Rev. William, Yew cot. Bath road Lopez Lady, the Grange, Woolley Smith Mr. John, Bush's alley

Gear Rev. William, Mason's lane Meecb Rev. Charles, Trowbridge road Spackman George, esq. St. Margaret st

Gillett Miss, Trowbridge road Merrick William, esq. Mount Pleasant Spackman Mrs. Sophia, Mill street
Green Mr. Wm. Clark, New towu
Moulton Stephen, esq. Woolley street Spackman Mrs. Thomas, Coppice lane
Grove!! Mrs. Sman, St. Margaret street
Newell Rev. William, Mount Pleasant Tackle Rev. James, Lock
Hare Rev. Henry Bassano, M.A.Berry-
field cotta~e Parsons James, e~q. Mill street Tayler Mr. William, Trowbridge road

Harris Mrs. Elizabeth, Bearfleld Pickwick Capt. Chas. Frankleigh lodge Taylor Mr. Edward, Trowbridge road
Harris Robert, Trowbridge road
Price Robert, Poulton cottage Way Richd.Traverfil, esq. Trowbrid!-!e rd
Highmore Nathaniel Jarvis, esq. M.D.
St. Margaret street Popham Rev. William, M.A. Christ Wheeler Thomas, esq. Chnrch street

Church parsonage Whinfield Rev. Edward Turner, M.A.

Sainsbory Mr. Joseph, Trowbridge Wood Leigh

Savage ..l\fiss Mary Owen, ·woolley st

TRADERS. Edmonds Robert, beer retailer

Abrahams George, timber dealer, Trowle Edward'! Benjamin, pork butcher, Brid,ge foot

Adye Arthur, surgeon, vVoolley street Elliott Maria (Mrs.), basket & sieve maker, Bridge street
Adye Arrhur, jun. solicitor & agent to the Promoter life & England George, shoemaker, St. Mar~aret street

annuity assurance company, Woolley street Everett Samuel, linen & woollen draper, New Market place

Adye William, physieian, Woolley street Fielding John, baker & shopl.eeper, Wine street

Alford & Chapman, linen & woollen drapers & undertakers, Fisher Henry, shopkeeper, Bearfield

Old Market place, & at Chippen ham Fisher Jane ( Mr8.), milli11er & dressmaker, Church street

Andrews Thomas, cbimney sweeper, New town Forster Arthur, currier &. leather seller, New town

Applegate Hubert, woollen manufacturer, St. Margaret st Forster John, relieving otlicer, New town

Applegate John William, woollen manufacturer, Greeulaud Fricker Alfred, tailor & beer retailer, Woolley

Applegate William, farmer, Trowle Fricker Henry, auctioneer,appraiser,painter & paperhanger,

Baines Joseph, surgeon, St. l\Iargaret street St. Margaret street

Baker James, relieving officer,. Beasor street Fricker James, tailor & draper, Silver street

Ball William, boot & shoe maker, Bridge foot Gerrish J ames,' Plough'

Harton 'V m. lime hurner & s,,edsman, New l\Iarket place Gerrish Mary (Mrs.), • White Lion,' New town

Barton William, baker & grocer, New Market place G1bbs John, parish clerk, Church~·ard

Batchelor J;nnes, hairdre,ser, New Mark~::t place Giddings Joseph, farmer, Bradford Leigh

Batten Henry, baker & J.:(rocer, BParfil-'ld Gishford Stephen, tailor & draper, Shambles

Batten Henry, grocer & baker, White hill Goddard Silas, beer retailer, Frankleig:h

Batten \Villiaro, tin plate worker, Silver street Gore, shopkeeper, Slades brook

Beaven John, grocer, Mount pleasant Gregory Richard, saddler & harness maker, St. Margaret st

Beaven Joseph, linendraper & berlin repo~itory, Silver st Hale Williarn, hop & malt factor, Trowbridge road

Bees George, beer retailer, Trowle Hallett William George, clock & watch maker, engraver,

Bishop Catherine (Mro>.), baker & confectioner, Church st & ironmonger, & agent to the National Provincial fire &

Blake Robert.linendraper, Shambles life assurance eompany, New Market place

Brinkworth William, bacon factor, St. Margaret street & Hanny William, shoemaker, New town

Silver street Haswell James, shoemaker, White hill

Bryant Alfred, carpenter & wheelwright, Woolley street Haswell WII!iam, tailor & shopkeeper, New town

Bryant Benjamin, 'Carpenters' Arms,' Church street Hayter Charles Prinkworth, baker. beer retailer & grocer,

Budget Jaroes Payne, grocer, tea dealer, tallow chandler, Wine street

&; agent to the County fire & Pro\ident life assurance Hedges James, saddler, harness maker & warehou!'leman,

company, Old Market place Horse street

BudmanJoseph, 'Masons' Arms,' & brewer, New town Hendy Phineas, wholesale & retail boot & shoe maker, Ol1l

Br1llock John, clock & watch maker & working jeweller, Market place

New Market place Hibbard 'I'homas, superintendent of police, Bridge street
Bush John, solicitor, clerk tQ county court, to town commis- 1 Hibberd Gernge, cott'ee house, Old Market place

sioner!!, to the Bradford turnpike trnst, steward to the Higbrnore Nathauiel Jarvis, physiciun, St. Margaret strt>et

lmndred of Bradford, clerk to the Black Dog turnpike Hillier Charles, jobber, Bradford Leigh ·

trust, commissioner for taking acknowledgments by mar- Hillier Elizabeth (Mrs.), farmer, Bradford Leigh

Tif'd women, commi~:.iouer in clmncery, & al!ent to the Hillier Thomas Clark, tar mer, Bradford Leigh

Son fire & life assurance company, Church street Hole William,''s Anns,' & brewer, Old Market pl

Butt William, grocer & tea dealer, Church street Howell & Son, slaters & plasterers, Whitehead lane

Butterworth Thomas, pawnbroker, Church street Howell "\Villiam, plasterer, Coppice lane

Caisb James, hairdresser, Silver street Humphreys Eliza & l\Iary(Misses),milliners & ctre'!lsmakers,

Caish John, hairdresser & clnthes salesman, Old Market pi Trowbridl,!e road

Carter Thomas, beer retailer & butcher, White hill Humphries Giles, shopkeeper, Wine street

Cayford Charles. farrier, smith & bellhanger, Silver street Humphries Thomas, shopkeeper, Woolley

Cayford John, 'New Bem·,' & brewer, Silver street Inker John, master of National school, Bearfield

Chapman Ehenezer, collector of tolls for the Kennet & Jones Daniel, builder & carpenter, Upper Rank

Avon canal Jones Jsaac, mason, Alm~bouse hill

Chapman Worthy, butcher, Old Market plaee Jones \\ illiam, governor of Bradford Union workhouse,

Coles William,engineer, brazier & ironfnuru.ler, Trowbridge, Avon cliff

road, & at Meadow ~.>treet foundry, Bristol Kemp George J. master of Trinity National school,Church-

Cook Margaret (Miss), mbtress of Trinity National school, yard

Church yard Kendall William, constable of the Hundred of Bradford,

Crisp James, farmer, Woolley Woolley street

Crown James, 'Queen's Head,' & brewer, St. Margaret st Knapp John, surveyor to Bradford town commissioners,

Davis John, pork butcher, Shambles Belcombe place

Day John Stephen, book•eller, printer & stationt>r, & agent King John, cloth manufacturer, St. Margaret street

to the Globe fire & lite assurance company, Old }larket pi Leonard Charlotte (Mrs.), shoemaker, St. Margaret street

Derrett John, grocer, Beasor street Lewis Henry,' Rose~ Crown,' Mill !ltreet
Derrick Jame;~, beer retailer, Br..tdford Leigu
Lewis Jame8, Lamb i.nn, & brewer, Bridge foot

Deverell William, baker, Bridge foot I~ewis .John lJarl<, farmer, Woolley

Dicks Joseph, basket & sieve maker, Bridge strt-et Lewis Samuel, butcher, Silver street

Dike John, butcher, S1lver street Little Richard, farmer, Trowle

Dowling Thoma'l, Barge inn Long Jarnes, bnilder, Silver street

Duck James, haker, St. Margaret Rtreet long John, carpentPr & wheelwright, Beasor street

Dyt-r Henry, shoemaker. Silvt>r ~treet Long William, shopkeeper, St. Margaret street
Enrle Geor~e, carpenter & timher dealPr, White hill
Rrf~es William, bacon faetor, Old Markt!t plac~> Long Williarn, juu. builder, Beasor street

I.ove haal', marine stort> dealer, Barton orchard
El'lmonds & Co. woollen cloth manufarturers, Church 11treet 1.\'JoLoughluud Elizabeth (Mrs ), milliner & dt·es,..maker,
t:£.imqnds Igbn1 1Roval Qa/1"' ~ hrPw~r1 Oht )J&rkE>t pli\oe New "\larl\~t pla~a


Mansell Alfred H. gent.'s boarding school, Pottick's house Spender 1'homa!l, 'lVhite Hart,' Horse street

}!arks George, chemist&. druJ!gist, &. a~ent to the Medical, Spender Thoma~, carpenter, Bridge 11treet

Invalid & General life & Accidental Death companies, Stacey William, eng-ineer&. millwright, Wine street
Stapleton Jemima (~Irs.), straw bonnet maker, Shambles
Bridge foot

Marks George, honorary secretary to Literary institution, Stapleton J obn, master of British school

Silver street Stephens Georf!e, chimney sweeper, Newtown

Martin Henry, engine maker, brassfounder, millwright &. Stent George, Crown 'inn, Woolley
smith, Bridge street
Stokes John, farmer, Comberwell farm, Frankleigh

Martin James, engineer, brassfounder &. millwright, Silver Stokes William, 'Old Bear,' & brewer, Silver street
Stone Williarn, solicitor, clerk to the justices of the division,
Martin Richard, clerk to gas works, Frome road
clerk to the lieutenant of the division of Bradford, Trow-

Matthews Isaac, baker, grocer, teadealer &. corn factor, & Westbury ; solicitor to the Property Protection

Silver street & 'Vilts building society, & commissioner in chancery,

Mayell George, china&. glass dealer, Horse street 'Voolley street

Merrick Misses, ladies' school, Well close Summer:~ George, smith, New Market place

Milsom Charles Huntley, smith, Bridge street Tanner George, b1·azier, coppersmith, tinplate worker &

M itchell John, baker&. coufectioner, New town ironmonger, &. agent to the English Widows' .Fund life

Mizen Stepben, carpenter & joh master, Bridge street • a~surance, Old Market place
Moulton & Co. india rubber manufacturers, Kingston mills; Taylor Cornelius, saddler & harness maker, Church street
&. at 2 St. Dunstan's hill, Tower street, London
Taylor Edward, rope & twine maker, Woolley street
Monday Daniel, plumber, glazier& paperhanger, Bridge foot Taylor Francis, farmer, Bradford Leigh

Mundy John, slaie &. harness maker,&. ironmonger, New 1'aylor Samuel, liueudraper &. batter, Shambles

Market place Taylor Thomas & Ernanuel, chemists & drugg-ists, & wir.e &

Mundy Samuel, tinplate worker, St. Margaret street spirit merchants,&agents to the Imperial fire & Gresham

Neale John Cosburn, Swan hotel rommercial inn~· posting life a"~urance companies, Silver street
house, & inland revenue otfict>r, Church street Taylor 'Villiam, ~rocer &. maltster, Shambles

Norris Edward, 'Three Horse Shoes,' St. Margaret strt'et Tiley Mary (Mrs.), milliner & dressmaker, St. Margaret st

N ewman George, •Castle,' Dry hill Timbrell & Merrick, solicitors & agents to the Property

N orris William, grocer & salt warehouse, Beasor street Protection society, Sr. Catheriue street

Orchard William, bacon factor, Old Market place Timbrell & Moore, blue, black & medley dyers, St. Cathe-

Overbury John, manager of North Wilts bank, Church street rine strt>et

Overbury John, agent to the Phrenix fire & Palladium Timbrell William, clerk to magi!'ltrates &. hoard of guardians,

life assurance companies, Church street &. superintendent re~istrar of Bradford union & agent to

Parfitt John, cloth worker, Beasor stret>t the West of England fire & life as!;urance company, St.

Pearce Edward, tailor & draper, New Market place Margaret street

Pearce Frederick, tailor, New Market place Tucker George, grocer, New town

Perry Mary (Mrs.), straw bonnet maker, Shamble!'! Turner James, beer retailf!r & shopkeeper, New town

Rawlings Joseph, printer, bookseller, stationer, & post- Turner John, master of Free school, Churchyard
master, & atrPnt to the Phmnix fire & Eagle life a~surance Uncles James, lilhoemaker, Beasor street

companies, New Market place Velvin Anne (Mrs.), staymaker, Shambles

Rogers Broom, grocer, New Market place Velvin John, cabinet maker, paperhanger & upholsterer,

Rogers Mrs. greengrocer & seedsman, Old Market place Shambles

Humming William, farmer, Ford farm Walker Samuel, shoemaker, White hill

Savage John, shoemaker, Dry hill Wallis Charles, bookseller & stationer, & clerk of Christ

Seef George, builder, White hill church, Mount Pleasant

Sbeppard Mary(Mrs.), furniture broker, New Market place Wastfield Job,' Plough,' & brewer, Trowbridge road

Silby John, boot & shoe maker, New Market place ·way Richard Travers, solicitor & perpetual commissioner
Shns Jame~, butcher, Horee street
for taking the acknowledgments of married women in

Smith Frederick, tailor, Bridge street Somerset & Wilts, commissioner iu chancery, &. agent to

Smith George, tinplate worker, ironmonger, brazier & the Sun fire, Economic life & English & Scottish fire&.

copper:'lmith, Bridge foot life a~surance companies, St. Margaret street

Spackman George, farmer, Bradford Leigh Webb Thomas,'Bell,' & brewer., New town

Spackman George, solicitor, commissioner in chancery, Wheeler John, tailor, Upper Rank

solicitor to the dean &. chapter of Bristol, lord:'~ of the White Rebecca (Mrs.), milliner & dressma. Barton Orchard

prebend manor of Bradford, & agent to the Royal White William, carpenter. Bridge street

Exchange fire & life & Minerva life assurance companies, Wilkins Samuel, •SelJen Stars,' brewer, maltster & farmer,

Mill street New town

Sparkes Joseph, plumber, glazier & painter, New Market pl Wilsbire Fanny (Miss), mistress of Bearfield National

Spencer George & Thomas, brewers & maltsters, Bradford @chool, Bearfield

brewery Wilshire Daniel, actuary of Savings' bank

Spender Benjamin, surveyor to Bradford turnpike trust, Withey Luke, beer retailer. Bearfield

Hilperton marsh Woodman James, grocer, Bridge street

PosT 0FFICE.-Josepb Rawling, postrna:'lter, New Market Gnsham L~fe, Thomas & Emanuel Taylor, Silver street
place. London & Chippenham mail arrives at 5 a.rn.; Imperial L~f'e, T. & E. Taylor, Silver street

dispatched at l to 9 p.m. The north or Bath mail arri,-es Medical, Invalid~ General Life, G. Marks, Bridge foot

at! to 9 a.m.; dispatched at 5 min. to 4 The TJ'Ow- Minerva Life, George 8packmau, Mill street

brid£te letters arrive at 5 min. to 4 p.m. & are dispatched Palladium Life, John Overbury, Church street

at 1- to 9 a.m. .Box closes at 8 p.m. for Lonlion and Phmnix, Joseph Rawling, New Market place
Chippenham; for the north or Bath mail at ~ past a p.m. Promoter Life ~· Annuity, Arthur Adye, jun. Woolley
London day mail arrives at 5 min. to 4 p.m. ).louey orders street

issued & paid from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m Property Protection Society, Isaac Brent Coomb:'l,

BANKERS:- Trowhridge road; & Timbrell &. Merrick, St. Margaret st

North Wilts Banking Co. {branch of), Church st. (John Provident Life, James P. Bud~ett, Old Market place
Overbury. manager), draw on Dimsdale, Drewett, Fowler Royal Exchange ~ L~fe, George Spackman, Mill st
&. Barnard, 4 Princes street, London Royal Farmers' Fire t Life, J. B. Coornbs, Trowbridge

Savings Bank, New Market place (Daniel Wilshire, esq. road
actuary), open saturday evenings Scottish Provincial Fire ~ L·ife, J. B. Coombs, Trow-

INSURANCE AGENTS:- hridge road

Accidental Dettth, Georlle Marks, Bridge foot Star, J. G. Jones. jun

BritUih Empire, J. Stapleton lfnitJersal Life, T. Liversedge

County Fire, James Payne Budgett, Old Market place Sun Fire, Richard Travers Way, St. 1\largaret street

:Eagle Life, Joseph Bawling, New Market place West of England Fire ~ Life, William Timbrell, St.

Economic L~fe, Richard Travers Way, St. Margaret st Margaret street

Edinburgh Lye, W. C. Wehb PuBLIC EsTABLISHMENTs:-
English~ Scottish t Life, R. T. Way, St. Margaret County Court O.f!ice, Church street, open from 10 till 4,
street daily, John Bush, clerk

English Widow•' Fund Life, George Tanner, Old Gas ll'urks, Frome road, Richard Martin

1\'larket place Literary lnst i.tutio11, Silver 11t. George Marks, bon. sec
Fire~ Do.r1
((&oQe Life, John S. Qlq Market pl&c<t Stamp Olfice, C.but·~~ ~treet, .:rolm ijush, SIJl.l•distriQutgr


Bradford Union Wurkhouse, Avon cliff, William Jones, High Bailtffto the County Court, John Oraham Foley,

governor; Mrs. Jones, matron of Trowhrufge

PUBLIC OFFICERS:- StAb-Bailijf to the County Court, Willill.m Kendall,
Clerk to the County Court held at Bradford, John Busl1, Woolley 11tret>t

Cburch street PLACES OF WORSHIP:-
Clerk to the Bradford Town Commissioners ~ to the Holy Trinity Church, Rev. William Henry Jones, M.A.
Bradford Turnpike Tru.~t, John Bush, Church street vicar; Rev. Henry Bas<~ano Hare, M.A. curate

Clerk to Guardians of Bradford tlnion, William Christ Church, Bearfield, Rev. William Popham, M.A;
Timbrell, St. Margaret strel't

Clerk to Petty Sessions hPld at Bradford, Wiliiam PuBLIC ScHOOLS:-

Stone, 'Voolley street National, Bradford, George Kemp, master; Miss Harrif't
Commissioners .for taking the Acknowledgment of Deeds P. Cook, mistress

by Married Women, John Bush, Church st.; William National, Bearfield, John Inker, master
Merrick, St. Margaret street; Richard T. Way, St. British, St. Margaret street, John Stapleton, master

Margaret street Infant, Church street, Miss Fanny Wilshire, mistress

Superintendent Registrar of the Bradford Union, PosTING HousE-Swan hotel&. commercial inn, John C.

William Timhrell, St. Margaret street Neale, Church street

Registrar of Marriages for the Bmdjord Union, Arthur CARRIERS:-

Adye, Woolley street Lucas's vans, for goods &. passengers, from Trowbridge to.
Registrar of Births ~ Deaths for the North 1Vest .Bath, daily, pa<~ses through Bradford going & returning,
calling at the 'Queen's head,' ~ past 9 morning, & 7 even
District, William Merrick. St. Margaret street
Registrar of Births ~ Deaths for the South Eas Samuel Norris, daily, Gerard's Hall, London, via Great

District, Arthur Adye, Woolley street ·western railway, to Trowbridgf', from thence by waggon
Surveyor to the Bradford Town Commissioners, .lohn to the Three Horse Shoes inn, Bradford

Knapp, Belcomb place Fielding, Bath, to' Three Cups,' Walker street, dai1y (sun-
Surveyor to the Bradford Turnpike Trust, Benjamin day exceptPd), returns at 5 morn. for goods & passengers

Spender, Hilperton's marsh FLY 'BOAT-Eli Cornelius Hawkins, captain, from Bradford

Relieving~fficers,JohnForster,Newtown; JamesBaker, to Bath, via Kennet & Avon canal, leaves Bath at 11

St. Margaret street morning,&: returns at 4 morning

1\TOR.TB BR.ADLEY is a township, village, and parish, also an asylum for six poor people of the parish, with the

situated 2 miles south of Trowbridge station, 107! from annual amount of lOs. each. The population, in 1851, was

L1>odon, 3 north-west of Westbury, 12 south-east of Bath, 2,298, 987 in Bradley and 1,311 in Southwick; and the

7 north of Warminster, 7 north-east from Frome, and 30 acreag-e amounted to 3,986, which is principally pasture.

from Salisbury, in the Hundred of Whorlt>sdown and West- William Tylney Long Pole Welleslf'y, Esq., is lord of the

bury Union. The living iR a vicara~e, valued at £640, with manor.
25 acres of J?lebe land. The Rev. Harry Lee, B.n., is the SoUTHWICK is a hamlet and tithing; Yarnbrook is

patron and incumbent. The church, a very large struc- 1 mile east; Pole's Hole, 1 mile west; Cutteridge, 1~ miles
ture, has a beautiful Norman tower, with 6 fine-toned south-west; Brook House, limiles south; Limbers, Hooper's

bells. There is a school attached, endowed by the late Pole, and Mutton Marsh, 2~ miles west; Silver Stret>t,
Archdeacon Daubeny, which is conducted in the same 2 miles south-west; Vagg's Hill, 2 miles west; Norris Htll,

manner as those in connection with the National Society; Road, Over Court, .Brickers, and Druces, are other places.

North Bradley. ·Singer Samuel, relieving officer Gerrisb Thomas, 'Fleur-de-Us'

Francis Mr. William Warner Miss, schoolmistress Gibbs James, miller

Sudery Mr. John Watson Ann(Mrs.), 'OldRingofBells' Gibson William, farmer
Webb U riab, 'New Ring of Bells' Goulter Henry, boot &. shoe maker

A.Ilen James, shopkeeper White James, carpenter&: joiner Greenhill Benjamin, farmer

Badcock Eliza (Mrs.), 'Long's Arms? Woodman Jonathao, 'Haulier' Greenhill John, farmer
Greenhill Joseph, New inn
& shopkeeper Woods George, farmer

Beonett Joseph, parish clerk Letters through Trowbridge which is Greenhill Josepb, beer retailer, Road

Butcher Peter, farmer also the nearest money order office Grist Eliza, farmer

Culverhouse William, jun. butcher Southwick. Hunt John, farmer, Pound farm

Culverhou~e William, sen. butcher GENTRY. Jones James Talman, farmer, Road

Eyers James, farmer Greenhill Mrs. Hannah common farm

Farr Jane (Mrs.), farmel' Peacock Rev. Edward Keevil Peter, farmer, Overcourt farm

Francis Edward, farmer , Weaner Rev. Benjamin, Road LangleyThomas, relieving officer, Road

Francis William, farmer ' TRADERS. Long Job&: Wm. farmers, Druce's frm
Long JameE~, farmer, Bricker's farm
Hale'4 John, ShoPmaker Bailer John, corn dealer

Hayden Ann (Miss), farmer Culverhouse James, blacksmith Long Jane (Mrs.), farmer

Hayden John, farmer Culverhouse Samuel, sen. stonemason Long John, farmer, Court farm

Hobbs Thomas, carpenter Deacon John, beer retailer Morgan James, baker&: shopkeeper

Hussey William, plumber & shopkeeper Dew William, farmer, Vagg's bill farm Perrott Silas, farmer, Pole's hole far·m

Keevil Job, farmer Doel William, baker&. shopkeeper Pickard Alfred, shopkeeper & baker

Keevil Peter, farmer Eaden Joseph, stonemason &c Pickard John, farmer, Hooper's pool frm

Long Richard, farmer Farr Mrs. farmer Pickard Richard, farmer
Merrett Isaac, shopkeeper & baker Foot Jarnes, grazier Ricbards Jo~eph, farmer

Moore Charles, farmer & maltster Francis .Mary (Mrs.), farmer, Norris Rodway John, carpenter & wheelwrght
1\foore Edward, farmer Roqe John, beer retailer&; l!hopkeeper
Moore John, blacksmith hill farm
Noakes Robert, farmer & miller Sargeant Job, carpenter
Say Richard, farmer Francis William, farmer Stroud John, grocer&: draper
Freeman William, sen. tailor, Road
Westlake William, 'Red Lion'
Fussell Henry, baker

BR.ATTON is a townsllip, ecclesiastical district, and chapel of ease, Baptist chapel, and National and British
chapelry in Westbury parish, Union and parliamentary sehool;;. The woollen manufacture is carried on; and
borough, with a population of 721. It is 2 miles east-by- there is an ironfoundry. GRANTS is 1 mile south; and
north of Westbury, and ll1i from London. Here is a SouTH DowN, 2 miles south-east.

GENTRY. Calloway William, markflt gardener Mead Benjamin, tailor

Anderson Mr. Hugh CleverleyWm. Phillip&Charles,farmers Newman John,' White Horse'
Palairet Rev. Charles
Pearce Mrs. Sarah Cross Joseph, watch&: clock maker & Pearce Jacobt farmer
Whitaker Mrs. Ann
Whitaker Mrs. Philip shopkeeper Penny Solomon, grocer & draper
Whitaker Mr. Thomas
Emm Jane (Mrs.), slwpkeeper Reeves Robert & John, manufacturers
Boulter John, boot & shoe maker Enl{land & Son, woollen manufacturers of patent liquid manure drills & iron-

Brt>nt Samuel, woollen manufacturer Foyle John, smith & farrier founders &c
Calloway Benjamin, farmer
Foyle Thomas, tailor, postmaster & Reeves Thomas, farmer

shopl{eeper Snelgrove JohnNathaniel&David,frmrs

Lloyd Thomas, shopkeeper & baker Snelgrove William, 'Duke,'&. miller

Mead Alfred; market gardener Whitaker Joshua, farmer

POST 0PFICE.-Thomas Foyle, postmaster. Letters arrive J 6 p.m. when they are dispatched thro' We~tbury fo Chip-
at 8 a.m.; delivered at 9 a,JD.; received until 10 minutes to peuham. The nearest money order office is M Westbury


BR.EMHJ:LL, or BREMBLE, a township, villa2:e, and M.A., vicar. Here are chapels for the Primitive and
large parish, with the hamlets of Charlcutt, East Tyther- \Vesleyau Methodists. Also a Moravian settlement at

ton, Foxham, and Wick, 2! miles north-west from Ca!ue, •

and 4 east from Chippenham, in Chippenham Hundr·ed, East Tythertoo. The Berks and Wilts canal runs through
Calne Union, and within 4 mil~s of the station of the this parish. The Marquis of Lansdowne is lord of the
Great Western railway. The church, dedicated to St. manor. Population, in 1851, was 1,421; acres 5,920.
Martin, is in the early English style; the benefice is an
endowed vicarage, in the patronage of the Bi5hop, th~ FoXHA.M is a <'hapelry 3 miles north, the duties of
diocese of Salisbury, archdeaconry of Wilts, and deanery
which are vohmtarily supplied by the vicar of Bremhill.
of Avenury. The incumbent is the Rev. Henry Drury, Stanley, Hazeland, Wick, Cadenham, Spirthill, and

Hanger, are other places.

Coury Mr. Ea~t Tytherton Freeth William, farmer, Wick Palmer John, carpenter & wheelwright

Drury Rev. Henrv Fry Edward, farmer, Cadenham Peglar Ann (Mrs.), farmer, Foxbam

Hug-hes Mrs. & Miss, Ea<~t Tytherton Fry Thoma,, farmer, C>tdenharn Pminger Broome,farmer,EastTytherton
Johnson Mis~, E·1st Tytherton Pontin Jo~eph, carpenter &wheelwright
Fry William, farmer, Stanley

Lnn~ Rev. Waiter, East Tytherton Gough Edward, farmer PowneyWm.road survevor&parish clrk
Roger;~ John, farmer, Ea~t Tytherton
Male Rev. Arthur, E1st Tythetton Gregory Nicholas, farmer, Spirthill
Hammond George, farmer, Charlcutt Slad~ Samuel, shopkeeper
Scbwartz Rev. East TythPrt'm

Waug-h l\li8s Sarah, East Tytherton Hammonds D.tniel, farmer, Spirthill Smith 8hadrach, carpenter & wheel-

Wbitworth William, esq. Stanley Hammonds George, farmer, Hanger wright & blacksmith, Foxham
'Vood Mr~. Barnbridge
Hammonds haac, baker & farmer Stile" Btephen, farmer, Spirthill

TRADEKB. Hammontls 'Villiam, farmer, Hanger Thomas Simeon, carpenter & wheel-

Archer Jacob, farmer & miller, Haze- Hand Francis, 'Dumb Post' wril!ht, Ea11t Tytherton

land mill HatherallGeorge,basket maker,Spirthll Turk Alfred, farmer, Foxham

Aspeck Louis, farmer Hayward Charles, farmer, }'oxham Vines Broom, farmer, Foxham

Bill David, coaldealer, East Tytherton Hodges Edward, farmer, \Vick Vines Charle,:, farmer, Spirthill

Bull William, baker, East Tytherton Hodges Giles,shoemaker&sbopkeeper, Vines Jacob, farmer, Spirthill

Carpenter Jacob, farmer, Foxham East Tytberton Whittle Isaac, farme1·
Hodgson Charles, shopkeeper, Foxham Wiltshire Mary(~frs.),shopkeeper,East
Carpenter Joseph, farmer, Foxham

Che:~terman Patience,farmr.Ea.Tytbrtn Holbrow Edward, farmer Tytherton

Cleverley Stephen, farmer, Wick Jefferys James, farmer, Ea;:t Tytherton Wood William Bryan, land surveyor,

Clifford Thomas, f.trmer, Studley Jefftlrys StepheusStile~,tiumer,Spirthill Ea~t Tytherton

Collar Ann (Mrs.), black,mith Jenner Wm. farmer,Bremhill grove frm WoodwardHenry,boot&~lwe ma.Sprthll

Crook John, farmer & miller, Stanley Large John, farmer, \Vick Yeo James, blacksmith, East Tytberton

Fell -. farmPr, Foxham Morris John, j1m. farmer, Foxham Lettt-rs tbrougb Chippenham, the

IFreegard Thomas, farmer, Charlcutt 1 l\lorris John, ~oeu. farmer, Foxham neare:>t money order oliice is at Calne

INSURANCE AGENT-Atlas Fire ~ Life, Wm. Bryan Nati.onal Scltool, MIs'! Ann Haney, mistress

'Vood, East Tytherton Foxham School, Miss Martha Burgess, mistress, Foxham

BR.EMJ:LHAM, or CowAGE, a small parish in the the Rev. Arthur Evius is the present rector, anrl the

Hundred, Union and parliamentary borough of Malmes- Rev. L~wis Way, B.A., is curate. The parish church is

bury, from which place it lies 2 miles west-south-west, a small and very plain structure. R. S. Holf,Hd, Esq.,
is lord of the manor. The area is 420 acres, and the
and 10 north-west from Chippenham. The Jiving is a population 46.

rectory, valued at £150, in the diocese of Gloucester and

Bristol, and the presentation of George Rushout, Esq.;

TRADERS. JThompson Matthew, tanner I Letter;. through Malmesbnry, which
Hillear William, farmer is the neatest money order office

BB.J:NK.W'OR.TH, manor of Brinkworth ; Lord Holland is lord of the manor
with the Ha~nlet of GR.J:TTENHAM, of G rittenham.

Is an extensive parish and village, pleasantly situated GRITTENHAl\I is a tithing and manor, with 212 inha-

on the road from Wootton Bassett to Malmesbury, bitants ; Clitsbury is l mile north-west; Whitehouse and

distant from 'Vootton Bassett station 5 miles north Baker's Bridge, l mile north-west; Crows, three-quarters

west, from London 88~ and from Malmesbury 6; it is of a mile south-west; Windmill Houses and Halbert's
in the Hundrt>d, Union and parliamentary borough of Green, I mile north; Pen's todge, I~ miles north-east;

Malmesbury, North Wilts, and diocese of Gloucester. Farm Hill, Box Bush, and Fl'itter's Well, I mile north-

The living is a rectory, in the patronage of Pembroke east; Stonehouse, 1! miles east; Catley Hill, 2 miles east;

College, Oxford, value £742 per annum, besides the glebe Highgate, 2! miles east; Dove's Bridge, 2! miles south-

land. The incumbent is the Ref. Charles Wightwick, by-east; White's Green, I mile south-east; Strangers,

'B.D. The church is an ancient and large structure, in 1! miles south; Whitlands, 1~ miles south; Smithcot,

the early English style, consisting of a square tower and 2 miles south-west; Lowmanor Longman Street, 2 miles

5 bells, nave, aisle, and chancel. The Independents and north-west; Sunday's Hill, 2 miles north; Forty Acres,

'Vesleyans have places of worship here. There is a school, 2! miles north ; H •mdred Acres, and Moon's Leaze, 2~

partly endowed, the deficiency being made up by volun- miles north-east; Lurker's Wood and Bradon, 3 miles

tary contributions. The population, in 1851, was 1,339, north-east. Boxbush House Lodge, W oodside, York's

the area in acres 5,440; rateable value £6,646. The Cliffe, Waldron 's, Latimers, Weeks, Rookery, Pitt's

charities amount to £10 per annum; also Miss Nicholls' Land, Ellborough, Giles, Eastend, Maltbouse, Vines,

gift, which is distributed, in the shape of blankets, for Cheesehill, Goddards, Nicholls, Bonds, Pinnell's Place,

the benefit of the poor. The Earl of Suffolk is lord of the and Snells, are other places.

Brlnkwortb. Collingborn Thomas, farmer, York's frm Mattbews Ro'hert, bootmaker

GENTRY. Collingborn Wm. farmer, Dovey's fium Matthew!! Wiiliam, baker

Stratton Roberr, esq. Boxbush house Dixon John, farrier Matthews \Villia:n, farmer, Woodside

Stratton Mr. WilliaUl Fry Charles, butcher & cattle dealer Norton Jane(Miss),frmr.Waldron's frm

Udell Rev. Robert. Fry Charles. farmer, Clifie farm Ody Noah, farmer, Latimer's farm

Wightwick Rev. Charles, M.A. [rector] Fry Sarah (Mrs.), beer retailer Porter Wiiliam, farmer, Week's farm

TRADERS. Gagg David, bricklayer Potter William, farmer, Church farm

Ady John, farmert Lodge farm Greenman David, miller Reynold>J John, farmer, Rookery

Bath Benjamin, carpenter & beer retlr Hall William, farmer, White house Robertson James,farmer,Malthousefrm

Bath Jacob, carrier Hayward John, carpenter S!linsbury Joseph, farmer, Rookery

Bath Robert, beer retailer Heath William, shopkeeper & beer retlr Simmonds Wm. farmer, Pitt's Land frm
Hor;~ell Abraham, farmer. Sunday•s hill Sly Joseph, shopkeepPr
Brook~ .Jo'lepb, blacksmith

Burcht-11 John1 carpenter & cooper H orsell Joseph, shopkeeper Smith Aoraham, parish clerk
Clark Jacob, farmer, Longman street
Clark Jacob, farrner, Sunday farm Hunt Jacob, beer retailer Smith Jacob, farmer, Elborough farm
ILewis Sarah (Mrs.), frrnr. Sunday's hill
Clark Waiter & Roht. frmrs. Penn's ldg Smith John, farmer, G iElae<s~tf arIn
Mapson, butcher Spencer John, farmer, end
Collingborn Isaac, farmer, Woodside .Matthews Elizabeth(Mrs.), shopkeeper Stratton James,' Three Crowns'



StrattonWilliam,saddler& harness mkr Burch1ll Jacob,timber dealr. Whitt's hill 1 Nicholls J acob,juA.furmer.Nicholl's frm

'fhompson Robert, black~mith Collinghorn I~aac, farmer, Vine's farm Pullen William, farmer, Bond's farm

Walker John, farmer, Hundred acres Coster Hezekiah & ThomaQ, farmers Rummin~ William & James, farmers,

Whale Philip, cattle dealer Hart Uriah, farmer, Luker's farm Pinnell's place

Young Natbaniel, farmer, Clitchbury Holloway Richd.farmer,Grittenbam frm Sutton James, farmer, Greatwood farm

Grittenbam. Mills Richard, farmer, Cheesehill farm Sutton.Tohn, farmer,Grittenham commn

Ady Henry, farmer, White's farm Nicholls Jacob, farmer, Goddard'a farm Sutton Thomas, farmer, Snell's farm
IPosT OPPICE,-Robert Matthews, receiver. J~t>tlf'rs arrivf' :l p.m. The nearest money order office is at Wootton
from Malmesbury at i past 9 a.m. ; dispatched at t past Bassett

PLACE!'! OP WORSHIP:- I Independent Chapel, Rev. Robert UdeU, minister
Church, Rev. Charles Wightwick, R.D. rector lVealeyan Chapel, ministers various

CARRIER-Jacob Bath, to Cirencester & Chippenham

BBIT:I'OR.D, or BURFORD, a township, parish, and family. A National school, for children of both sexes, was
village, on the river Avon, 2 miles south-east from Salis- establisl1ed in 1853.

bury, contained, in 1851, 938 inhabitants; it is iu the LoNGFORD CASTLE, the seat of Viscount Folkestone,
Hundred of Cawden and Cadworth, Alderbury Union, was erected in 1591 by Sir Thomas Gorges; it is a trian-
Wilton parliamentary borough, South Wilts. The living gular building with an inner court, having circular turrets

is a vicarage, value £281, and in the patronage of the at each angle.

IDean and Chapter of Salisbury cathedral. The Rev. BRITFORD was a Roman settlement.

Richard H umphry Hill, B. A., is the incumbent. The EAsT HARNHAM and Longford are hamlets; Moot
church of St. Peter contains a mausoleum to the Bouverie House, BridgE>, and Dogdean, are other places.

Brltford. I Downer Mark, general dealer Folkestone the Viscour.tesq, Longford
GENTRY. Dun ham Loui!la (Miss), schoolmistress
Christie William, esq. Longford park
A ttwater Thomas, esq. Bridge farm Gray John, farmer
Haynes Mr. John Alfred, Bridge cottge Newton Thomas, farmer, Dogdean farm Christie William, resident agent to

Hilt Rev. Richard Humphry, B.A Oates James, parish clerk Viscount Folkestone, Longford park
Fawcett William,farmer,Longford farm
J ervious Francis Ell is, esq. Moot house Pile J a me~, dairyman Hayter Philip, miller, Longford mill

King Mrs. Cutherine Viney John, farm bailiff Letters received through Salisbury,

TRADERS. Witt Thomas, blacksmith which is also the nearest money order

Attwater Thomas, farmer, Bridge farm Longford. office

Burgess 1\faria (Mrs.), shopkeeper Folkestone the R1ght Hon. Viscount,

Cookman William, tailor Longford castle

jAlderbury Union House, George Matcham, esq. chairman; clerk; Mr. Charles Perry, governor; Miss Elizabeth
Major-Gon. Buckley, vicl:l chairmam; Mr. ThomasJesse, Kemp Clough, matron

BR.OAD HJ:NTON is a township, parish, and extensivel BROAD TowN is a hamlet and ecclesiastical district, 1
and widely-scattered village in Marlborongh Union, mile north-west. The ecclesiastical district contains a
partly in the Hundred of Silkley, and partly in Kings- population of 246 in Broad Hinton parish, and 193 in

bridge, Cricklade parliamentary borough, North Wilts, Cliffe Pypard. There is a church. The living is an

distant 8 miles north-west of Marlborough, 5 south-east incumbency, in the patronage of Broad Hinton and Cliffe
from Wootton Bassett, 6~ south-west from Swindon, and Pypard ; absolute value, £-iO per annum.
89 from London, surrounded for many miles by open UPPCOTT is another hamlet; Elm Cross is quarter of a
downs. The church is an ancient edifice, with square mile east; The Win, half a mile north-eal't; Manor Copse,

embattled tower; the interior was repaired about 1850. quarter of a mile north; Conegar and Cockroost, half a
The Jiving is a vicarage, Talue about £500, in the patronage mile north; Sand Furlong, l mile north; Bincknoll, 1}

of the Master of St. Nicholas Hospital, Salisbury, and miles north; Bassett Down, and Quiddington, 2 miles

enjoyed by the Rev. William Cookson, M.A.. The popu- north-by-east; Little Town, and Cobler's Hall, I! miles

lation is 714; and the acreage, 3,659. There is a small north ; Honey Hill, 2 miles north; Cotmar~h, 3 miles
school, endowed with £20 per annum by the late lord of north.

the manor, Thomas Bennet, Esq.

Brown William, esq. Rectory Gale Richard, farmer, Broad town Offer Thomas, ~hopkeeper

Farley Rev. William, M. A. Broad town Gale Thomas, farmer, Broad town Price William, farmer, Cotmarsh

Rodbonrn Mrs. Gale Thoma!', 'Queen's Head,' & boot Seager Edward, farmer, Cotmar~h
Tbompson Rev. John, M.A..Lcurate] l& shoe maker, Broad town
Willis Mrs. Am'l, Broad town Smith John, farmer

TRADERS. Hacker Benjamin, baker & t~hopkeeper Smith Samuel Hale, farmer

Banks Jamf'!l S. blacksmith Huish Soloman, stone mason Stratton Richard, farmer

Humphries George, farmer Tuck Henry, shopkeeper, Broad town
Brown John·washhourne, farmer,Uffcot Humpbries lsaac, farmer
Tuck Isaac, boot & shoe ma. Broad town

Brown Su~unnah (Mrs.), farmer, Little Humphries Samuel, farmer. Broad town Turner Thomas, shoemaker &shopkeepr

town Hunter John, stonemason, Uffcott Wilt Henry,'Bell'

Daly John, master of Endowed school Lewis Jasper, farmer, Broad town Witt Robert, boot & ehoe maker &

Ea.twell Francis, carpenter Lewis John, farmer, Broad town shopkeeper

Eat well Henry, parish clerk Lyore James, agricultural machine ma Woodwards Abraham, farmer, Broad

Eatwell John, carpenter & shopkeeper Miller George, vestry clerk town

PosT OPPICE.-Mrs. Mary Hunt, receiver. Letters arrive Church, Uev. William Cookson, M.A. vicar; Rev John
hy foot post from Swindon at l past 9 a.m.; dispatched 'fhomson, H.A. curate
thereto at ! to 6 p.m. The nearest money order office is Endowed School, John Daly, master; Mrs.Mary Ann Daly,
at Wootton Bassett mistress

BKOK.ENBOR.011GJI is a township, village and the population, in 1851, was 443. The Earl of Suffolk is
parish adjoining Gloucestershire, about 3~ miles south- lord of the manor. This place was a Roman settlement.
east from Tethury, and 2 north-west from Malmes- QuEBWELL is three-quarters of a mile east; Cold

bury, in the Hundred, Union, aud parliamentary borough Harbour, I! miles north-east; Gilboa, l mile north;

of Malmesbury. The living is annexed to the rectory of Hide Brake, and Bell Farm, 1 mile north; Griffin's Barn,

Westport. Here is a church, and a small Charity school 2 miles east; Boukly, half a mile south.

for boys and girls. The area of the parish is, 2,960, and

Bridges John, farmer Glad win John, blacksmith Pitt Thomas, 'Rose ~ Crown'
Garlick Francis, farmer, Marsh farm Lloyd Robert, farmer, Boakly Shipton Thoma~, farmer, Bell farm
Morris Sarah {Mrs.}, farmer
Garliek Giles, farmer Letters through Malrnesbury,which ia
(};!m~n John, fanner Osborne WUliam1 farmer
also the nParest money orqer offh-'il


BR.OMHAM is a township and parish, in Potterne and 60 feet in width ; the tower coutains a peal of 6 bells, and
Cannings Hundred, Devizes Union, North Wilts, 4 miles measures 180 feet from its base to the point of the spire.
north-west of Devizes, 7 miles south-east of Chippenham The living is a rectory, in the diocese of Salisbury, valued
station, 101 from London, 6 east-by-north from Melk- at £820, in the gift of Mrs. Starky, of Spye Park. The

sham, and 16 east of Bath. The ancient houses of incumbent is the Rev. Henry Bayntun, who does not

the village are built with timber and brick, and stand, reside here; the Rev. Edward B. Edgell, M.A., is the

without regard to regularity, on one side of an unpaved curate. Here is a brewery. This parish contains 3,597

street of an angular form, facing the church on the east acres of land, and in 1851 the population amounted to

and south. The scenery to the west of the village is very 1,619. On a gentle declivity, at the lower part of the

pleasing. The church of St. Nicolas consists of a nave, village, is an almshouse, divided into !'ix tenements; on a
chancel, south aisle, private chapel, and tower. The stone in the centre is an appropriate Scripture quotation,
chancel is evidently the oldest portion of the building, and a Latin inscription, denoting that it was founded in

being in the Norman style, the other parts are of a mixed the year 1612, iu the lOth year of the reign of King
character, and the work of different periods; the ~rey old James. Here is a National and a British school for boss

tower, standing on arches below, arises from the roof and girls, and chapels for Baptists and Wesleyan Metho-

between the nave ami the chancel ; it has an embattled dists. l\Irs. Charlotte Starky, of Spye Park, is the lady
parapet, and is surmounted with a handsome spire. The of the manor. Part of this parish is in the ecclesiastical

inside of the church was restored, repewed, and a new district of Chittoe.

stone pulpit and reading-desk erected about 1850. In WESTBROOK is 2 miles north-west; Nether Street,

the private chapel is the full-length recumbent figure of a q miles east ; Idith Marsh, or St. Edith's Marsh, 2

knight in armour, much defaced, supposed to represent miles south-east; Hawk Street, half a mile south-east;
an ancestor of the Bayntuns, of Spye Park; there are, Spye House, Rowd~tord, Battle House, and Noneuch, are
also, many other monuments to the memory of the same residences. Sloperton Cottage was the abode of the poet

family, which is very ancient, dating as far back as the Moore.

reign of Henry 11. The church is 100 feet in length and

GENTRY. Butler Daniel, farmer Pearce Josepb, shoemaker, St. Edith's

Hayntun Mr~. Edward Butler Samuel, farmer marsh
Pearce Roger, shoemaker, St. Edith's
Brown Rev. 1\Ieredith, Nonsuch house Carpenter Henry, sexton
Dunsdon 1\Ir. Worthy ·Carpenter Joseph, farmer Powney John, brick & tile maker
Rawlings Peter, shopkeeper,Westbrook
Edgell ReY. Erlward, :B.M.A Carpenter William, shopkeeper Rogers Thomas, shoemaker

Gaby Miss Mary, St. Edith's marsh Dangertield Henry, 'Greyhound' Sausom John, farmer
Sotnsom John,jun. shoemaker
Hamlen Mr. John, Nether Street Da,·is George, shoemaker Somers Thomas, farmer
Southwell Daniel, gentlemen's boarding
Locke Francis Alex.mder Sydenham, Deverall JohB, farmer
I Duck William, blacksmith & day school
esq. Rowdeford house Spackman William, farmer
Stone John (Mrs.), farmer
Meredith Samuel, Commander R.N. 1 Fennell Henry, farmer Webb Benjamin, farmer
Webb Benjamin, bricklayer & parish
Battle hou!le Fennell Jos!>ph, farmer
Moore Mrs. Thomas, Sloperton cottage Fennell William, shopkeeper
Webb William,carpenter,bakr. & grocr
Starky Mrs. Charlotte, Spye house Gaby Edward, farmer Wiltshire George, farmer
\Viltshire William, farmer
TRADERS. Gee John, baker & farmer
Wootten David, Shoulder of Mutton
Akerman James, beer retailer Gee Sar11h (Mrs.), butcher inn, & farmer

Akt>rman Mary (Mrs.), 'Swan,' West- Gee William, farmer Wootten James, tailor
Wootten Jonathan, tailor
brook Giddings Richard, farmer, Nether St
Wootten Joseph,shopkeepr.& postmastr
Akerman Robert, baker & grocer Hand John, Bell inn, St. Editb's marsh Wootten Stephen, farmer & carpenter

Amor John, farmer King James, shopkeeper

Atwood James, farmer & blacksmith King John, shopkpr. St. Edith's marsh

IBanks James, brewer & maltster, Knight John, farmer
Brombam brewery Long Jame~, farmer

Benger John, turner & hurdle maker, jl Mitchell Jonathan, farmer

St. Edith's mar:~h New Francis, farmer, Nether Street

Brown John, turner, Hawk Street North John, farmer

Brown John, farmer Orchard Edward, grocer

Butler Charles, farmer, Nether Street Perkins Edwin, shoemaker

PosT OFPIC E.-Joseph Wootten, receiver. Letters received ham slat ion of the Great Wes!ern railway & Devizes call

from Laycock at ! past 9 a.m. & dispatched thereto at at the Bell inn, St. Edith's Marsh, three-quarters of an
6 p.m. The nearest money order office is at Devizes hour after leaving the last-named town

INsURANCE AGENT-.Star, J. Atwood CARRIERs, calling at the Bell inn, St. Edith's Marsh, in

PuBLIC ScHOOLs:- pa!!lsing through to Devizes,all returning the same days:-

Nntional, James Gayleard Hallson, master; Mrs. Martha Spackman, from Calne, thursday & saturday
Hallson, mi~tress
Bastin, from Wootton Bassett, thursday

British (supported by voluntary contributions), 1.\Iiss Newman & Day, from Chippenham, tbursday

Charlotte E. R. Kempton, mistress Wootten, from Bromham, thursday

CoACHEs-All the coaches running between the Chippen-

BR.OlTGBTON G:EE'FOR.D is a township, village and parts of the church, show that an ancient structure of
parish, 3~ miles north-east of Bradford, 8~ south-west of Norman times existed here once, and that the present
Chippenham, 5 south of Corsham, and 2 west of 1\Ielksham building was erected probably in Henry VIIth'tJ reign,
11tation, 102 from London, 10 south-east of Bath, in Brad- some of the old materials having been incorporated in it.
ford Hundred and Union, and North Wilts division, There is a curious old brass to the memory of Robert

containing 1,677 acres of arable and pasture land; the Long, Esq. Here is a charity of Ann Harding and Betty

population, 693. The living is a rectory, in the diocese of Paradise, who left on July 11, 1786, £20 yearly to educate

Sarum, value £460, and 32 acres of glebe land, in the gift 20 poor bOys or girls (this is now merged in the National

of the Lord Chancellor; the incumbent is the Rev. John school), and £7 yearly, to be distributed at Christmas
\Vilkinson, M.A. The church, which has beeu entirely between 10 poor persons who have not been on the parish

restored and re-seated, is an ancient structure, having a books. Mrs. Purbeck left by will £5 yearly, to be dis-

nave, chancel, north and south aisles; the tower at the tributed at Christmas, in sums of 5s. each, to the most
west end is square, having immense buttresses, a turret, deserving and necessitous families. Here is a National

and an embattled parapet, with 2 bells; in the interior school, a new school-house, on the most approved prin-

the aisles are separated by pointed arches; the pillars in ciples, having been lately erected. Lord Broughton is the

the interior of the church are different-those on the lord of the manor, taking his title from the village. This

south side being octangular; those on the north, round, was a Roman fortified station.
with an ovolo moulding. These last, together with other

Cogswell Benjamin, esq. Holybrook TRADERS. Cantello Jane (Mr3.), mistress ofl Na-

house Bryant Henry, shoemaker tional school

Wilkinson Rev. John, M.A. [rector], Bull John, farmer Cantello William, shoemaker

Rectory Cantello J ames, master of Nationalschl Collett J ames, parish clerk & postmastr


Collett Simeon,shopke(•per & shoemakr Hardiu;z George, carpenter Sly Elizabeth (M is~), farmer
Cnx Harry, farmer, Common
Dark Johu, farmer Rardit•g Jeremiah, wheelwright Smith James & John, f.umers, 1\Ionk-
Eyers Erlward, cooper & shopkeeper I saac (Mrs.), faxmer ton farm
Gerrish William, carpenter
Gore Jacoh, baker & shopkeeper Porticary Sarah (Mrs.), shopkeeper & Spackman Richard & Charles, farmers
Green Simeon, tailor Spackman Thomas P. farmer, Common
beer retailer
'Vhite Skreen, beer retailer
Rose Henry, farmer

Seager John, Bell inn

PosT OFFICE.-James Collett, po!ltmaster. Letters arrive from Melksham at l past Q~.m.; dil!patched 5 p.m. The

nearest money order office is at :Melksham

BU':LE'ORD, a township, parish, and village on the dedicated to St. John, is an ancient structure in the early
banks of the Avon, I~ miles from Amesbury north-east, · English style, consisting of a chancel, nave, and north
9 from Salisbury north, and I04 from London, in the transept, with a Free school attached. Here is a chapel

Hundred and Union ofAmesbury, South Wilts. The living for Independents, and a Free school. Here is a paper-mill

is a perpetual cnracy and peculiar stipend, present value on the stream. In I85l the population was 408; the

£85, in the 11:ift of Antbony Southby, Esq.; the Rev. Thos. acreage, 3,474. Anthony South by, Esq., is lord of the
Darnton Millner, LL.B., is the incumbent. 'fhe church, manor.

Long Francis Stepben, esq TRADERS. Pearce Henry, farmer
Millner Rev. Thomas Darn ton, LL.B Atkins Henry, 'Rose~ Crown,'&; car- Rohbins J oseph, farmer

Protheroe Rev. John [Independent penter Robbins Thomas, farmer

minister] Godwin Charles & Henry, paper manu- Sturgess William, bricklayer
Southby Anthopy, esq. ~.D. Manor facturers, Paper mills
Letters through Amesbury, which lS

Jiouse t Long Francis Stephen, farmer also the nearest. money order office

CARRIER-George Keel, to Salisbury on tuesday & saturday1 about t past 8 mornin$, returns same day

.BU':R.BAGB, in the Kinwardstone Hundred, Union of Salisbury, and 17 from Devizes. The ar~a of the pa-

Pewsey, South Wilts, is a village, township, and parish, rish is 3,246 acres I rood 28 poles ; rateable value,
on the road from Marlborough to Salisbury, and the £4,576 10s. Mr. Philip Pearce bequeathed the principal

verge, on one band, of Marlborough, or Savernake forest, of £2,000, the interest of which is £100, of which .£90 is
on the other of the bleak and dreary plain. The church, to be given to the second poor annually about Christmas,

All Saints, has been entirely rebuilt except the tower; and .£10 for educational purposes.

the living is a vicarial cure, annual net income £363, HERAPATH, or Harepatb, half a mile west, situated on

attached to a prebendal stall in Salisbury cathedral; the a Roman military road, from which it takes its name, was,

Most Noble the Marquis of Ailesbury is the rector; the Rev. in the middle ages, the residence of the De Herapaths,
Thomas Stanton, M.A., is the vicar. A chapel for ·wes- who, in about the fourteenth century, mi~rated to the
leyans is the only Dissenting place of worship. There is west of England ; Steep Green is half a mile north;

a mixed National school for boys and girls. Population Wolfball and Sutton, half a mile east; West Grafton,

1492; assessed property £5,922. Near this village, on I mile south-east; East Graftou, 2 miles south-east;
the side of Gre~t Bedwin, the Kennet and Avon canal Westcot, half-mile east; Breach, three- quarters of a

passes under an old Roman road by a tunnel a quarter of mile west; ConPygarth, I mile west; Marr Green, half a

a mile in length. On the canal are wharfs and brickworks. mile south; Bowden, half a mile north-west; Ram Alley,

Burbage is 10 miles south-west from Hungerford, 11 1 mile north-west.

from London, 6 south-east from Marlborough, 23 from

GENTRY. Brooke Joshua, farmer, Burhage wbf Lewis George, farmer

Atkins }fr. Robert Church Charles,' Start Cleaver' Marsh John, boot & shoe maker

Bartlett William, esq Church John, farmer Maoghan John, steward to the 1\'Iarquis

Brooke William, e~q Church William, farmer of Ailesbury

Jerrard Mr. James Cooper William Nelson, grocer & drapr Nelson Wm. Cooper, grocer & draper

Neale Misses Cox Francis, heer retailer & maltster Noyes Giles, farmer

O'Brien Sergeant Major Cox Sarah (lfrs.), grocer Noyes James, boot & shoe maker, &.

Stanton Rev. Thomas, M.A. [vicar], Crouch George, grocer & draper grocer

Vicara11:e Davis James, grocer & baker Popejoy 'William, carpenter &. wheel-

Windsor Mr. William Davis Joseph, timber dealer PyweriW<"T' ihltliam, farmer
TRADERS, Davis Isabella (Miss), day & boarding

Andrews Sarab (Mrs.), grocer & baker school Scarlett John, seu. farmer
Eagl~ Jo~epb, coal merchant & grocer Scarlett John, jun. ' King's Aruu'
Bartlett William, surgeon
Gale George, farmer Scriven Elizabeth (Mrs.), maltster
Beckingbam Tbomas, grocer
Gale William Henry, farmer Shaw John, 'White Rart,' & veten•
Blake John. farmer
Brooke William & Son, surveyors, Bur- Hawkins Thomas, 1ailor nary surgeon

bage wharf Higbett John, market gardener Stone George, boot & shoe maker

Brooke William, general wharfinger, Hilliard Thomas, fiumer Tasker David, blacksmith

timber, slate, salt, coal & lime mer- Lawrence Robert, cooper Westbury Phillip, farmer

chant, k brick & tile maker Lawrence Stepben Elijah, farmer Windsor George, blacksmith

PosT OFFICE.-William Wbitchurch Nutley, sub-post- Charity School (boys & ~iris), Elisba New, master
master, Eastcott. Letters arrive per mail coach from INSURANCE AGENT- Clerical, Medical, ~ General
Life,~\" Crown Life, ~ General Annuity Endowment
Marlborongh at 5 a.m.; dispatched ! pas1 7 p.m. The Association, Mr. William Bartlett

nearest money order office is at Pewsey

:NO:R.TB aud SOUTH BV:R.COMBB are titbings, George Francis Sydenbam PoweiJ, B.A., is the perpetual
and form a town11hip, parish, and village, 2 miles west of curate. The church of St. John is built partly in the

Wilton, 5 from Salisbury, aud 100 from London, in the Saxon i!'ltyle, with a square tower, and one bell. The
Hundred of Cawden and Cadworth, Wilton Union, South population is 420, with an acreage of 1,450. This seems
Wilts, Salisbury bishopric, and Wilton parliamentary to have been a Roman settlement.
borough. The living is a perpetual curacy, in the gift of DITCHAMPTON is partly in this township. Ugford is
the hospital of St. John, at Ditcbampton; the Rev. half a mile east. On the downs are barrows.

South Burcombe. Harman Henry, farmer TRADERS.
Hutchings John, miller Hibberd William, parish clerk
GENTRY. Shepperd Edward (Mrs.), farmer Roe:ers James, farmer
Lu"h John, esq Whitmarsh Mary (Miss), academy
TJI)'leur Mrs Letters are received through Wilton.
North Burcombe. Tbe nearest money order office is at
rowell Rv. Geo. Francis S.) denham, B.A Salisbury
Haines Wm. shoemaker & beer retailer


BU'TTERMER.Z, 8 township, parish, and small agri- London. The church is a plain edifice, and the living is a
cultural village, in Hungerford Union, South Wilts, on rectory, in the patronage of Winchester College, value
the borders of this county, on an eminence overlooking £200. There are two farms, and a few cottages, with 124
the county of Berks, situated 12 miles from Marlborough inhabitants, and I,502 acres.
south-east, 5! south from Hungerford station, and 67 from

Hissey Henry, farmer I Letters are received by foot post from Hungerford, which is also the nearest
.Miles Thomas, farmer money order office

Church, Rev. N. Dodson, III.A. rector; Rev. Henry H. ·w9ods, M.A. curate

CALNZ, a small and very ancient parliamentary and ten additional parishes, at a cost of about £5,000.

municipal borough, market town, and large parish, Meetings of the county magistrates are held at the Town

governed by a mayor, four aldermen, and twelve council- Ball every third Monday in the month. Here is also a

lors, in the Union of the same, and division of Calne. The 8chool, which has been lately erected for the education of

town, petty sessional, is most delightfully situated sur· poor children, at the expense of Mrs. Guthrie. Formerly,

rounded by hill and dale, upon the old road to Bath and the manufacture of cloth was very extensively carried on

Bristol, 88 miles west of London by road, and 1~0 by here. There are a woollen mill and a paper mill. A

railway, I9 east of Bath, 30 north of Salisbury, 8 from branch navigation from Calne unites the Wiltshire and

Devizes, and 6 west from the Chippenham station of the Berkshire canal with that of the Ken net and .Avon,

Great Western railway. The town consists principally of opening a convenient and extensive water-carriage, not

one long street, with a few smaller ones branching from only to every part of the country, but to the ports of

it; it is lighted with gas, and partially paved. The London and Bristol. The market is on Wednesday, and

houses are well built of stone, and have generally a the annual fairs are held ~fay 6th, in the High-street, and

modern appearance. In the vicinity of Calne a spot is the lasL Wednesday in September, on the green. Popu-

pointed out as having been a Roman station, and in the lation, in 1851, was 5,117; acres, about 8,000. Calne

neighbourhood a number of springs gush forth sufficient borough includes the parish of Calne and parts of Black-

in their united strength to turn several corn-mills, which, land and Calstone.

with other streams, constitute the head of the Calne or At DERRY HILL, in the hamlet of Strodley, 3 miles

Marden, which flows through the centre of this town on west of Calne, and 3 east of Chippenham, a district church

its way to join the Avon, near Chippenham. Tbe church was built, called Christchurch, partly by a parliamentary

of St. Mark is a handsome and noble structure, with grant. and partly by subscription, and consecrated in 1840 ;

square embattled tower, in the mixed Norman and Gothic it is a handsome edifice, with tower and lofty spire, and

style, in the patronage and diocese of the Bishop of Salis- is most eligibly situated for the neighbourhood for which

bury, and archdeacoory of Wilts. The incumbent is the it was designet.l, viz., it comprises parts of Calne, Bowood,

Rev. John Guthrie, A.M., Prebendary of Sarum. Here is aud Bremhill, with a population of I,511. lt is a per-

also a chapel of east>, lately erected, partly at the expense petual curacy, value £130, and the incumbent is the Rev.

of the vicar, the Rev. J. Guthrie, and partly by a rate Boulton Brander; the vicar of Calne is patron.

made for that purpose. It is dedicated to the Holy BERRILLs,or BERHILLS,is half a mile west; Conygre,
J mile north-west; Whitley tithing, 2 miles north; Pen

Calne formerly sent two members to Parliament; under l~ miles north; Sands, or Pikes, Quemerford tithing, 1

the Reform Act it sends one only. The Wesleyan mile so~th-east ; Blackland, Il miles south-east; Rough

Methodists and Baptists have places of Worship here, and Leaze, 2 miles south; Stockley, 3 miles south; 'l'ossels, 2

there is a Friends' meeting-house. In the town there miles south; Broad's Green, 3 miles south; \Vhetham, 3

is a literary institution, and a Friendly society, under the miles south-east; Rookery, I mile south; Cuff's Corner,

patronage of the Marquis of Lansdowne. Here is a Free 2~ miles south-west; Lel(is, or Laggis, 2 miles south-

school, endowed by John Bentley, which has been rebuilt west; Pinhills, I mile south-west; Highlands, half .a mil~
very recently. Also Infant, National, and Sunday south. Studley tithin~, East Mead Street, .Jluckhill, Chil-

schools. Here is a Savings' bank, open on Tuesday vester Hill, Colemans, Holly Ditch, Mile Elm, Sprays,

mornings from ll till I2, in Church-street. A new Calstone, Hail, and Nuthills, are other places.

Union House has been built at Northfield, for Calne and

GENTRY. Gabriel 1\frs. Eliza, the Green Merrewether A.llworth, esq. Castlefield
Am!;ell Benedict John Angell, esq. Greenwood Mrs. Matilda, the Green Middleditch Rev. Thoma!l, New road

Rumsey house Gundry Mrs. F. Quemerford Neave Miss Ann, Springtield
Arnold Mrs. Georgiana, Castle house Gundry Mrs. Sarab, Springfield Phillips Joseph, esq. Whetham house
Atherton Mrs. Julia Sophia, the Green HendQrson Mr. Robert, Quemerford Pickett Miss ~Iartna, Church street
.Bailey Benjamin, esq. Berhills Henly Mr. Robert, C11rzon street Pinniger Mrs. Catherine, High street
Baily JohnDolman,esq.Eim grove hou
Budd H. H. Capt. R.N. Buckhill Henly Mrs. Sarah, Church street Spackman Mrs. ijigh street
Boon Rev. Henry, the Green Henly Miss Winifred, the Green Spencer John, e•q. Buckhill
Child Mrs. Catherine, the Green Hollister 1\Irs. Martha, High street Vivea•h Miss Eliza, the Green
Crook Mrs. Ann, the Green Jarvh MissesAnn&Susannah,theGreen
Maxwell ReT. Edward, the Green ·warren Wm. Capt. R.N. Chilvester bill
Ealwell Miss Catherine, Wood street
Merrewether Henry A. esq.Lsergeantat Wayte William, esq. Hjghlands
Edwards .Mrs. the Green
law], Castlefield Wilson Rev. W. F. Lickhill

W ootten 1\li:>s Susannah, the Greep

Adye John, brazier, Church street Bodman Mary Ann (Mrs.), farmer, Lae;gis farm

Akerman John, farmer, Coleman's farm Bodman Thomas, boot & shoe maker, Church street

Arnor Henry, shoemaker, the Green Bosher J ames, shopkeeper & baker, Church stre~::t

Angell - , excise officer, the Green Bowman Robert, farmer, Stockley

Archard Nathaniel, tailor, Curzon street Bromham Lucy (Mrs.), farmer, Stodley

Archer John Henry, shopkeeper, High street Brown Mrs. farmer, Stockley
Baily Benjamin, farmer, corndealer, miller &c. Berhill~, & Brown William, cook shop, Church street

Town mill, Market place Bryant Joseph, road surveyor, Patford street

Baily Geor!{e, hairdresser, High street Burgess Henry, stonemason, Silver street

Baily George, woolstapler, the Green Bush Jacob, teadealer, Church street

Baily John, cabinet makt>r, Patford street Bush Susannah (Mrs.), milliner, Church street

Baily Robert, grocer & bacon foetor, f;hurch street Butler Emma Ma.tilda (Mrs.), carpenter, the Green

Beaven James, boot & shoe maker, Back street Button George, plumber & glazier, the Quarry

Beazley Stephen, bay trus<~er, Wood street Caish Thomas, hairdresser, Church street

Bennett Charle!', beer retailer, Curzon street Carpenter - , farmer, Rough Leaze

Bennett Isaac, road surveyor, the Quarry Carpenter Isaac, farmer, Stockley

Bennett Samuel, wheelwright, Curzon street Cartwrigbt John, surgeon, Patford street

.Rishop Thomas, hairdresser&. hardwareman, Back street Cave M1rande, sexton, Church street
Bleaden Rebecca (Mrs.),miller,maltster & baker, Church st Cbappell (Mrs.), day school, Hog street
Bleaden William, White Hart commercial inn ~ posting Cbaupell Samuel, boot & shoe p1aker & clotbes dealer,
house, the Green
Church street
Chivers Elizabeth ('~Irs.)1 general ironmonger, lngb street
Bodman John W. farmer, Quemerford



Chivers Mathew, cabinet maker & upholsterer, Hog street Manners Alfred, shopkeeper, New road

Clarkson Ebenezer Thomas, solicitor & clerk to the county & Manners Jesse, farmer, Mile elm

borough magistrates,& to Beckhampton, Calne, Lyneham Manners John, farmer, Spray's farm

turnpike roaus, New road Marri•on George 0. R. chemist & druggist, & postmaster,

Cleverly George, stonemason, Curzon street Markf>t place

Clifford Abraham, shopkeeper, Back street Maslin Natbaniel, baker, Back street

Cole Edward Charle<~, chemist & druggist, High street Maundrell Edward, farmer, Quemerford

Cole James, farmer, Wbetham Maundrell Elizabeth (Mrs.) & Son, Knight's marsh

Coombe<~ J ame<~, farmer, Cuft"s corner Maundrell Henry, farmer, Sand'M farm

Cooper Isaac, •Wheat Sheaf,' Curzon street Maundrell Henry. farmer, Pinhill's farm

Cooper Mrs. dressmaker, Back street Maundrell John, farmer, Stockley

Cue Charles, printer & coal merchant, High street Maundrell Joseph, farmer, Calstone

Denyer Martin, tailor, Curzon street Maundrell Robert, farmer, High Pen farm

Dew William & Jolm, farmers, Quemerford Messeton Charles, farmer, Lower Sand's farm

Dixon William C. 11addler & harness maker, Hh!h street :Miles Henry, tailor, the Green

Do\'l·ding William John, woollen manufacturer & paper Miles Thoma11, tailor, the Green
maker, Quemerford
Mower Miss, day school, High street

Drew William, carpenter &c. Curzon street Mower Thoma"~, grocer & confectioner, High street

Dnck William, shopkeeper & baker, Curzon street Nicholls William, shopkeeper, High street

Ellis Rici;Jard Jame~>, shopkeeper & baker, High street Parry Wm.Henry,auctioneer,appraiser &valuer, Chilvester

Ferris David, watchmaker & silversmirh, Church street hill; office, H1~h street

Flay Charles, shopkeeper, High street Perkins James, shoemaker, Silver street

Flay Elizabeth (Mr~.), straw bonnet maker, Church street Pickett & 1efferys, lineudrapers, Church street

Flay James, butcher, Church street Pinniger Broome, surgeon to Calne Union workhouse,

Flay Louisa (Mrs.), baker, the Green Curzon street

Fortune Henry, painter &c. Church street Pinniger Charles, Lnnsdowne Arm1 commercial inn ~·

Fowler Chas. printer & china & glass warehouse, Church st posting house, Market place
Frayling George A. butcher, High street
Pontin 81mon, shopke"per, Church street

Freejl;ard John S. boot & shoe maker, Wood street Pouting Mary (Mrs.), farmer, Studley

Fry John, plasterer & tiler, the Quarry Powell Isaac, cabinet maker, Church street

Gabriel Samuel Hawkes, solicitor, the Green Powney Thomas, common brewer, Rose cottage

Gantlett Quintillian, watch & clock maker & silversmith, Rawlin(!s Jame!l, tailor, Back street

Hi;rh street Rogers Wm. solicitor & clerk to County court, Market hill

Gleed Anthony, smith &c. Church street Rowden Jame11, chemist & c:lruggist, High street

Goltlsmith Francis, manager of Wilts& Dorset branch bank Row den William, 'Bear,' Church street
& a~eut to Minerva life ussurance, High street
Ruddle John, saddler & harness maker, Market place

Gough George, engineer & smith, New road Rutherford John, stonemason, the Quarry

Gooi{h Robert, carpenter & joiner, the Quarry Rutherford William, shoemaker, the Quarry

Goodship Andrew, beer retailer, Wood street Sberrin James, baker & grocer, Wood street

Graham John, school master, the Green Shaul Thomas, lioendraper, High street

Gunning John, plumber &c. Church street 8hilstone GPorge, furniture warehouse, Market place

Hale Ann (Miss), shopkeeper, Church street Rlade 'Villiam, miller, Quemerford

Bales James C. coal & corn merchant, Market hill Spackman Dinah & Ann (Mi~ses), farmers, Whetley

Harding William, relieving officer, the Green Spackman George, farmer, Hail farm

Harris Henry, baker & bacon factor, Church street Spackman John, farmer, Calston

Harris Thomas, butcher & bacon factor, High street Standish Elizabeth (Miss), milliner &dressmaker,Curzon st

Hart Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, the Quarry 8tet"eus -. blacksmuh, the Quarry

Hart Joseph, shopkeeper & baker, the Green Stevens Hannah (Mrs.), dressmaker, New road

Heale William, seed merchant & nurseryman, :Market hill Stevens John, plumber, painter & glazier, Market bill

Heath Henry Stiles & Alfred, printers, booksellers & sta- Stiles J acob Henly, farmer, Whitley

tioners, Market place Tanner Charles W. eoal df>aler & town crier, New road

Helps William, umbrella maker, Church street Tanner Geor~e, tin man, New road

Hendon Charles, teadealer, the Quarry Tanner Richard, veterinary snrll;eon, Hog street

Hendon John, boot & shoe maker, High street Ta:ylor Robert, cheesefactor, High etreet

Henly Robert, shopkeeper, Quemerford Tucker 1\braham, shopkeeper & wheelwright, Curzon street

Henly Robert, jun. wholesale & retail grocer & tallow Tueker Jame~, tailor, Church street

chandler, Market bill Tucker Robert, smith&. farrier, Curzon street

Henly Thomas Large, wine & spirit merchant, South place Tucker Sidney, tailor, Church 8treet

Henly Pins, watch & clock maker, Curzon 11treet Vizard & Son, linen & woollen drapers, Market place

Herand Herbert H. veterinary surgeon, Wood street Wailer Henry, farmer, High street

Hill John Nelson, general ironmonl{er, smith &c. Church st Waller Mary (Mrs.). 'King's Armtr,' High street

Hitchcock George, fa1·mer, Holly ditch Ward Henry, farmer, Stockley

Holley Henry, shopkeeper, the Quarry Waterman John, blacksmith, Quemerford
Hollidge Thomas, 'Talbot,' QuemPriord
'Vaterman William, smith & farrier, Curzon street

Hopkins William, 'Peach Tree,' Wood street Wayte John, currier & leather seller, the Green

Howell Alfred, tailor, Church street WetJb Thomas, beer retailer & shopkeeper, High l'treet

Jacob Rev. William Borman, M.A. classical boarding school, Webb William, t~tonemason, Curzon street

Silver street Weston Alline, tailor, Back street

James H. (Mrs.), straw bonnet maker, Back street Weston Henry, h~sket & waine maker, the Quarry

James Lewellen, currier, Back street Weston Joseph, basket maker, the Quarry

Jefferys Styles, draper, Old Market place Weston Joseph, bootmaker, New road

James Henry, farmer, Broad's green Weston Wilham, bahket maker, the Quarry

Keene Charles, blacksmith, Wood street Whale Robert, shopkeeper, the Quarry

Keene Elizabeth (Mrs.), dressmaker, Wood street Wheeler Charles, china & glas~ warehouse, H1gh street

King Henry, surgeon, Church street Wheeler John, butcher, Church s1reet

King 'Jhomas H. surgeon, the Priory, New road White George, farmer, Marsh

Knott Willi11m, shoemaker, Back street 'Vhite Thomas, baker & shopkeeper, Church street

Ladd John Nelson, accoumant, Church street "\Vilcox George, coal merchant, Patford street

Langley William Nitterly Wheatoo, surgeon, Northfield ho Wilkios Eliza (Mrs.), day school, High street
Lawrence Thomas, shopkeeper, Back street
Wiltshire Thomas, farmer, Nuthills

McCarthy Dennis, tailor, Curzon street Woodward John, farmer, Rookery

PosT OFFICE.-George 0. R. Marrison, postmaster, Mar- 10 p.m. ; box closeR at i past 9 p.m. but letters can be-
ket place. Letters arrive from all parts by mail cart at posted till 10 on payment of 1d. Money orders are

.3 a.m. & by coach at 3 p.m. & dispatched 8 a.m. & l past granted & paid at this office from 9 till 6
Robert Henly, jnn Robert Taylor
Benjamin Baily, esq. Mayor.
William Rowden Cb11rles HarriR
J~~n~s Rowden
William Bleaden j.Aldermen. Char)Ps Pinniger Henry Harris j W 1lllam H. Parry
George Baily
John Nelson Ladd John Wayte Thomas Harris
Thomas L. ilenly


BANKERS:- Registrar of Births ~ Deaths for the Calne District,
North Wilts Bankinq Company, High street (Henry
.John Nelson Ladd, Church street
Bowman, manager); draw on Dimsdale, Drewett & Co. Registrar of Marriages for the Calne District, Jamea
50 Cornhill, London
W·ilts ~Dorset (Branch of), High street (Francis Gold- Rowden, High street
t-mith, manager); draw on London & Westmint~ter Bank Superintenderd Registrar of Births, Deaths ~ Mar-
Savings' Bank, Church street (.John Nelson Ladd, secre- riagesfor the Calne District, Henry Sliles Heath, Mar-
tary); open on Tuesday, ll morning
ket J:lace, High street
INSURANCE AGENTS : - Town Clerk, Ehenezer Thomas Clarkson, New road
Britannia L{fe, Henry Bowman, High street Clerk to County~ Borough Jtiagist1·ates, E. T. Clarkson,
CrJUnty Fire~ Life, Wm. Rogers, Qolicitor, Market hill New road


Minerva Life, Francis Gold;nuith, High street St. Mark's Church. Rev. John Gnthrie, A. M. •icar
Norwich Fire~ Life, John Nel~on Ladd, Church street Trinity Episcopal Chapel, Rev. Edward Maxwell, curate
Phreni:c Fire~ L!fe, Charle~ Fowler, Church street
' Christ Church, Derry hill, Rev. Boulton Brander, in-

Royal Exchar1ge Fire~ Life, Henry S. Heath, Market cumbent

place, High street Baptist Chapel, Castle street, Rev. Thomas Middleditcb,
Royal Farmers', Ebenezer Thoma'! ClarkPon, New road mmister
Baptist Chapel, 'Vood street, ministers various
Standard, Henry Weaver, Bever;;hrook house
Sun Fire ~Life, John Nelson Ladd, Church street, & Baptist Chapel, Derry hill. ministers various
Friend1' b-Ieeting House, Wood street
Henry Bowman, Markt>t place

PUBLIC EsTABLISHMENTs:- Wesleyan Chapel, Quarry, ministers various

County Court Office, Market bill, Wm. Rogers, clerk; PUBLIC ScHooLs:-

hours of business, 10 to 4 Endowed, called Middle School, the Green, John Graham,
Excise O.ffice, ' Lansdowne Arms,' Market place

Gas Works, Horsebrook, John Nelson Ladd, secretary Marquis of Lansdowne's Private School, Mr. Graves,
Market House, High street master

Stamp Office, Henry Stiles Heath, sub-distributor, Mar- National, Green, John Bownas, master; Miss Roberts

ket place, High street mistress

Union House, Broome Pinniger, esq. surj!eon; Thomas Nat·ional, Derry hill

Green, master; Mrs. Emma Green, matron; Charles Infant, Wood street, Miss Jane Cattle, mistres!!
Allison, schoolma~ter; Mrs• .Ann Fry, schoolmi~tress I11fant, Mill11treet, Miss Elizabeth Amor, mistress
Calne Friendly Society, Marquis of Lansdowne, patron; PosTING HousEs:-

Rev. John Gnthrie, president; Thomas H. King, surgeon; Lunsdowne Arm.~, Charlt-s Pinniger, High street
Mr. Robert Henly, trea~urer; John Chappell, secretary.
White Hart, William Bleaden, the Green
The meetings of the society are held at the Church house CoACH TO CHIPPENHAM-Rory O'More, from the

on the 1st Monday in every mouth, at 7 o'clock in the 'Lau!!downe Arms,' daily, l to 8 morning, & 1 to 6 even-

eveninu; ing, except sunday
Literary Institution, Marquis of Lansdowne, patron; CARRIERS:-

Rev. John Guthrie, president; J. N. Ladd & G. Harris, To CHIPPENHAM-John Manners, friday

secretaries To CHIPPBNHAM RAILWAY STATION-Nelson Steven-

PUBLIC OFFICERS:- sou &John Tanner, from the • King's Arms,' daily, sunday

Clerk to Commissioners of Property, Land ~· Assessed excepted

Taxes, John Nelson Ladd, Church street To DEVIZES-Anthony Pozzi, from 'Lansdowne Arms,'

Clerk to the Calne Union, Henry Stiles Heath, Market thursday, 10 morning; Spackman, from the ' Peach Tree,'

place thursday & saturday, 8 morning

Commissioner for taking Acknowledgments llf Married To MARLBOROUGH-John Manners, saturday

Women, Mr. E. T. Clark-;on, New 1oad To MELKSHAM-Spackman, from' Peach Tree,' 8 morn

Deputy Registrar of Births ~ Deaths for the Calne ·wATER CONVEYANCE TO BATH & BRISTOL-Hales'

District, Jame~ Rowden, High 11treet barges twice a week, day uncertain

CA:LSTON:B 'W:B:L:L:ENGTON1 or CALSTONE WIL- quis of Lansdowne, archdeaconry of Wilts, and diocese of
LINGToN, a township and parit~h in the Hundred and Salisbury. The incumbent is the Rev. William Maurice

Union of Calne, comprising a portion of the Borough of Macdonald, n.c.L. The Marquis of Lansdowne is lord
Calne, North Wilts, distant from Calne, 2~ miles south- of the manor. Population, 36; acres, 1,130.
east, and near to an old Roman road. The church of BLACKLAND is a parish in the same jurisdiction, with

St. Mary is very ancient, in the mixed early English aod a population of 72, and 537 acres. Theobald's Green is
Tudor style<~ of architecture, in the patronage of the Mar- half a mile north-west. On the downs are barrows.

Jiacdonald Rev. William Maurice 1Lawes William, mealman J Spackman Peter, farmer

A:LL CANN:ENGS and B:ESHOP'S CANN:ENGS. near the Kennet and Avon canal, 3 miles north-east of

ALL CANNINGS is a township, parish and -village, near Devizes and 24 north of Salisbury, in the Potterne and

the Kennet and Avon canal, in the Hundred of Swan- Cannings Hundred, the division and Union of Devizes,

borough, and division and Union of Devizes, North Wilts, Salisbury bishopric, North Wilts. There are 1,264 acres

Salisbury bishopric, situated 5 miles east of Devize!', and of arable, pasture, and down land. The population, at

23 north of Salisbury, in a plain, in the midst of a well- the last census, was 3,925. The church, built more than

cultivated district. The land is chiefly a fine loam. The 600 years, is a large and beautiful cruciform structure, in

Jmrish contains 5,483 acres of land, and I,109 inhabitants, the Norman and Gothic styl&~, having a nave, chancel,

of which 649 are in A11 Cannings tithing. The Ken net and north and south aisles, transept, and a lofty tower rising

Avon canal passes through here, running from east to from the intersection of the building, which has a turret,

we~:~t. The church, repaired in 1842, is an ancient cru- plain parapet, contains 8 bells, and is surmounted with a

ciform structure, consit~ting of a nave, chancel, transept, spire, measuring 230 feet from the ground to its point.

north and south aisles, and a square tower rising from the The interior was repewed in 1829; the aisles are sepa-

intersection, having a turret and plain pardpet, and con- rated from the nave by pointed arches, supported by

taining 5 bells. The living is a rectory, value £1,200, with cylindrical pillars. The chancel is very roomy; it has a

36 acres of glebe land, in the gift of Lord Ashburton; the groiDed ceiling and a small but finely-painted eastern

incumbent is the Rev. Thomas Anthony Methuen, M.A. window ; the subject, Christ raising Jairus's Daughter

Here is a :Free school, built and chiefly supported by the from Death. The organ, erected in 1809 at a cost of 400

rector. There are charities of the yearly value of £16. guineas, with the yearly interest of £600 to keep the

ST. ANN's HILL fair, August 6th, for cattle and sheep, is instrument in order and pay the organist, was the bequest

held within the precincts of this parish. Lord Ashburton of .Mr. William Bayley, a native of this village, and once

is the lord of the manor. a schoolmaster here; he circumnavigated the globe with

ALUNGTON is a tithing half a mile north, with 184 the celebrated Captain Cook, and died in 1809. The

inhabitants. Oo Clifford's Hills, 1~ miles north-east, is living is a vicarage, value £350, in the gift of the Dean

Rybury camp. On the downs are many barrows. and Chapter of Salisbury; the present incumbent is the

BISHOP's CANNINGS is a parish containing a scattered Rev. William :Macdonald, n.n., who is also an Archdeacon

village of the same name, and the tithings of Hortoo, of Salisbury cathedral; the Rev. William Savage, .M.A., is

Bourton, Easton, and Coate. The village is sitnated the curate. Here is a National school, founded in 1830


Thoma:~ Heary Sutton Sotherqn, Esq., M.J>, for North ment, is half a mile north-east; Horton tithing is half a

Wilts, is the lord of the manor. mile south-east; Coate tithing and Corcutt, I~ miles

ST. J AMES, or South Broom chapelry, with 2,648 south; Easton tithing, I mile north-east. On Pound Down

acres, and 2,517 inhabitants, is in the town and borou~h are many barrows. Chittoe ecclesiastical district is partly

of Devizes; Borton, or Bourton tithing, a Roman settle- in this parish.

All Cauuiugs. Page Stephen, farmer Francis Emma (Miss), mistress of Na-

GENTRY, Rand le Gt'orge, tailor Jional schoCJl

Cannings :Mrs. J ane Tasker Robert, 'King's Arms,' & black- Giddings Thoma'l, farmer, Horton

Hitchcock Simon, esq smith Harraway William, farmer, Easton

Methuen Rev. Thomas Antbony, M.A. Witchell George, farmer Kerton Ann (Mrs.), baker& shopkeeper

[rector], .Jlectory Bishop's Cauulugs. King Daniel, parish clerk

TRADERS. GENTRY. Miller John, blacksmith, Horton

Akerman Stepben, baker, grocer & Brown Thomas, esq. Horton Neate Robert, carpenter, Coate

brewer Brown William, esq. Horton Neate William, carpenter, Coate

Bailey John, baker Macdona!d Rev. William, M.A. [vicar] Powell Stephen, carpenter, Horton

Burry Edmund, parish clerk Ruddle Mrs. Sarah Prior Thomas, bricklayer

Burry William, carpenter Savage Rev. William, M.A. [curate] Ruddle George Skeate, farmer

Caudry John, farmer Stoue Henry, esq. Calcot farm, Coate Ruddle Robert, farmer

Dentord Ann (Mrs.), mistre>s of Free TRADERS. Sloper James, miller, baker & farmer

school Bailey William, carpenter Sloper Mark, farmer

Hitcbcock Simon, farmer Benjamin Lewyn Thoma!!, farmer, Sloper Simon, harness maker & black-

Maslen Daniel, farmer Coate smith

Maslen George, farmer Brown Thomas, farmer, Horton Sloper William, farmer

Maslen James, JDiller, farmer, butcher, Brown William, farmer, Horton Smith George, beer retailer
Bor~ess John, farmer, Bourton Spreadbury Charles,' Crown'
baker, & postmaster

Maslen Joseph, shoemaker Clarke William, farmer, BourtoJ) Wells Sarah (1\Irs.), farmer, Coate

Maslen Michael, baker & shopkeeper Drew John, beer retailer White John, shoemaker

Neate Stepben, farmer Drew John, miller, Horton mill Wild David, farmer, Coate

Page John, farmer Etwell Henry, farmer, Bourton Wild Robert, farmer, Coate

PosT OFFICB.-James Maslen, receiver. Letters received from Devizes 10 a.m. & dispatched thereto at 5 p.m. The
nearest money order office is at Devizes

UPPER. and LOWER CASTLE COMBE is a ancient structure, with tower, containing 2 bells, in good

township, parish and village, 6 miles north-west of Chip- repair, and in the Gothic style. Here are two chapels

pen ham, 6 miles east-by-north-east of :Marshficld, 11 -viz., Independent and Baptist; and a National school

miles north of Bath, and IOO from London, in the for boys and girls. The population, in I851, was 557.

Hundred and Union of Chippenham, North Wilts. The The parish contains I,494 acres, and 128 houses. William

Jiving is :1 rectory, value £383, in the gift of George Scrope, Esq., is lord of the manor. On the hill is a camp.
Powlett S~rope, Esq.; the Rev. Richard Cooper FoRD, Bybrook, Shrub, and Colham, are other places in

IChrh;tie, M.A., is the incumbent. The church is an this township.
Beazer 1\Ir. Stepben Blake David, farmer King Josepl1, paper maker
King Samuel, mason
Childs 1\Ir. Thomas Bovy John, shopkeeper & carrier
Large Robert, 'Scrope's Arms,' Ford
Christie Rev. Richard Cooper, M.A. Broom Samuel, shoemaker & shopkpr
Mil~om John, plasterer & tiler
[rector], Bybrook house Broome Charles, miller, Colbam miil

Hooper James, esq Cbilds Thomas, farmer Nowell Nathan, tallow chandler

ScropeGeorgePowlett,esq.Manor house Clark Isaac, butcher Pu1len Henry, maqon
Sudlow Algemon, esq Cooper John, cooper Pullen Richard, mason

Taylor the Misses Dickman Uriah, farmer Pullen Thomas, mason

TRADERS. Dowding James, mason Pullen WiJliam, shopkeeper

Arthur Thoma8, shopkeeper Dowding John, land surveyor Shearn Thomas, relieving officer & re-

Bailey Edward, miller Farr Eli, Salutation inn glstrar of births & deaths for Combe
di<~trict, Chippenharn &nion
Banks Henry, carrier Ferris Joseph, blacksmith Sudlow Algernon, sur~eon
Tanner William, blacksmith & baker
Beak John, farmer, Shrub farm Flewelling John, postmaster Taverner Richard, shopkeeper
Beak John, Salutation ~Foss inn, & fry Mark, farmer
Taylor Robert, plasterer & tiler
farmt>r, Gibb Gay \Yilliam, carpenter Thompson Thomas, plumber & glazier

Beak Willram, farmer & butcher, Gingell William, pari~h clerk

Upper Castle Combe Holding Sarah (Mrs.), farmer

Blake Benjamin, maltster, Upper Hooper James, surgeon Wallop Samuel, tailor & shopkeeper
Hurley Robert, 'White Hart' Widcombe William, farmer
Castle Combe

PosT OFFICE.-Jobn Flewel1in~t, receiver. Letters are PUBLIC OFFICERS:-

received through thP. Chippenbam office, arrive 7 a.m.; Medical Officer to the Third or Combe District of
Chippenham Union, James Hooper, esq. surgeon
dispatched 5 p.m. The nearest money order office is at Registrar of Births I; Deaths for the same District,
Thomas Shearn

CARRIERS TO BATH-Henry Banks, on wed. & sat.; John Bovy, on wed. & sat. both returning same days

CASTLB EATON, or LAToNs, a small village and a rectory, in the presentation of - Goddard, Esq., value
parish in the Highworth Hundred and Union, Cricklc1de about £700 per annum; the incumbent is the Rev. John

parliamentary borough, North Wilts, contained, in 1851, Sbarpe, l\I.A.

338 inhabitants, and 1,956 acres; distant from Swindon LusHILL1 or Lush Hill, is a tithing I! miles south-

8 miles north, and from Highworth 4! miles north~west, east; Cox's, 1 mile north ; the Butts, half a mile north-
situated near the river Isis. The church is a small edifice, east; Blackford, Il miles east; the Rookery, I~ miles

with square tower, and contains 6 bells. The living is' south-east.

Archer John, esq. Lushill house Greenaway -.'Red Lion' Newman Jonah, farmer
A. kers Edward, maltster & haker
Collett -. farmer, Lushill farm Ricketts J osepl1, veterinary surgeon Letters through Fanfield. The nearest
money order office is at Cricklade
& shopkeeper

GR.EAT aud LJ:TTLE CHALFJ:ELD. architecture in England. It was built in the reign of

GREAT CHALFIELD is a township and parish in the Henry VI., about 1460. The barns and farm buildings on

Hundred, Union and Division of Bradford, North Wilts, the ri~ht were built in Queen Elizabeth's time. The house

situated 3 miles north-east of Bradford, 3 west of Melk· was built by Thomas Tropnell. Within a century, his

sham, 9 east of Bath, containing 706 acres of arable and descendant, an only son, being at man's estate, died by an

pasture land, and a population, according to the census accident while hunting ; he put a pair of rlog-couples over

or 1851, of 28 souls. The old 1\lanor House is said by his hf'ad, and leaping a hedge, the end of the couple caught

Walker (11 Examples of Gothic Architecture") to be one in a bough, and kept him from tha ground till he was
of the mo:~t interesting l!lpecimens of domestic Gothic strangled. The motto of tbe family was " Le joug tyra


bellement "-sadly prophetic of the end of the last hope eastern window is filled with stained glass. The parish
of this wealthy anq ~ncient family. It is now converted register commences in the year 1545 ; jt has been kept in

into a farm residence. The liviug,in the dioce11e of Sarum, exact order down to the present time. Lady Neale is the
is a rectory, valued at £164, in the gift of Lady Neale; lady of the manor.
the incumbent is the Rev. Richard Warner, rector of LITTLE CHAL'FIELD with CoTTLEs, is an extra-

Chellwood, Somerset, where he resides; the Rev. George parochial place, in the same jurisdiction, situated 2 miles
Mullins, M.A., is the curate, and resides at Corsham. The nqrth of Bradford, 4 west of ?flelksham, and 9 east of
church1 a small but ancient structure, consists of a nave Bathhcontaining 511 acres of arable and pasture land, and
and chancel, and has a small ornamented steeple, con- 40 in abitants. CoTTLEs HousE is the seat of Robert
taining 1 bell, at the western end of the building. The Blagdeq H'ale, Esq. 'fhere are 239 acres of land in
interior presents a neat and clean appearance ; a hand- Cottles.
some screen divides the chancel from the nave, and the

Great Cbalfield. Spackman WiUiam, farmer &. m,iller Letters through 1\'Ielksbam. The
nearest money order offices are at
TRADERS, :Little C)J.aUield. Bradford and Melksham
Chapman Samuel, parieh clerk
Hulbert Thomas, farmer Hale Robert Blagden, esq. Cottle'.s ho
Spencer Waiter, farmer

BKOAD CHA:LK.E is a township, parish, and village, KNIGHTON, and Stoke Farthing, are hamlets, I mile
8 miles south-west from Salisbury and 103 from London, east; Mousehole, Guston and Little London, I mile west;

and is in the Hundred of Chalke, Wilton Union, Salisbury Stowford Water, g miles west; Stoke PP.ning, g miles

bishopric, South Wilts. The church, which is well , north ; Blueburg Bottom, 1 mile north-west. On the
worthy of notice, is dedicated to All Saints; it is in the downs, to the south, is a barrow.

old English style, and has been completely renovated FIFIELD BA v ANT is a parish in the Hundred of Chalke

through the means of the Pembroke family, Dean and and Wiltou Union, 1 mile west. The church, which is
Rural Dean of Sarum, and the Rev. Abel Chapman, the small, is dedicated to St. Martin. The Rev. William
curate. The living is a vicarage, value £300, in the gift Taprell Alien, B.A.., is curate. The population is 42, and
of King's College, Cambridge; the Rev. Stephen H. Haw- the acreage 1,145.
trey, M. A., is the incumbent. Population, 821; acreage,

6,004. The river Ebele runs through.

GENTRY. Burrough William, basket maker Rixen William, farmer

Alien Rev. William Tapre11, B.A. Coombes Samuel, <Jraper &. grocer Selfe John, farmer, Knighton

Fifield Bavant Hewett George, draper Stevens James, farmer
Steven~ Robert, farmer, Stoke
Chapman Rev. Abel, M.A Martin John, farmer
Stolie Thomas, butcher
TRADERS. Massey Charles, farmer
Sutton William Brown, postmaster
Barnett William, farmer, Stoke Morris Alfred, farmer
Blanford Thomas, farmer, Fifield farm, Morris George, carpenter&. whlwrigllt 'Vitt George, carrier
Ni~htingale Thomas, 'Queen's Head,' Witt Henry, 8mith &. parish clerk
Fifield Ba,·ant Youn~ Edward, farmer

Bug~ Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper & miller

Burrough Thomas, carpenter Randall Reynolds, farmer, Grunston fm
jPosT OPFICE.-William B.rown Sutton, receiver Letters patched at 5 p.m. The nearest money order office is at

arrive from Salisbury at l past 9 a.m. & are dis- Salisbury

CARRIER TO SALISRURY-George Witt, tuesday &. Saturday

CHAlt:LTO:N, near Malmesbury, is a township, parish, is situated in the centre of an extensive and well-wooded
and picturesque village, situate 6 miles west~by-south from park; the style is Elizabethan; each of the angles is flanked
~Iinety station, 91 from London, and 2! miles north-east by a tower of elegant proportions, the body is surmounted

from 1\Ialmesbury, in Malmesbury Hundred, parliamen- by an ornamental parapet, and the interior contains a
tary borough and Union, North Wilts, and bishopric of handsome picture-gallery, which was designed by Inigo
Gloucester and Bristol. The chut·ch is a Gothic fabric, in Jones. The population, in 1851, was 690; the area in

the early English style, and consists of a square tower, acres, 4,780; rateable value, £6,041. The Earl of

containing 5 bells, a nave, and a chancel, separated from Suffolk is lord of the manor.

the body by a carved open trellis-work. In the chancel PERRY' GREEN is half a mile north-east; Banbury
is a table monument without inscription, and surmounted Hill, 1 ~miles north-east; Broad water Bridge, 1 mile east;

by a canopy, on which lie two recumbent figures; in the the Heath, 1 mile south-east; the Lipe, 1! miles east;
south chaplet is the family vault of the Earl of Suffolk. Stone Hill, 2 miles east; Griffins, 2 miles west; Bullock's
Here is a Free school, supported by the Ladies Howard Horns and Old Park, 2 miles north-west; Turks, 2~ miles

and .Andover, and charitable donations. Adjoining the east; Wohourn, 3 miles east. Pink Elm, Beak Farm,
village is Cbarlton Park, the seat of the Earl of Suffolk Poud Farm, and Mouthy Hill, are other places.
and Berkshire; the mansion, a handsome stone buildiug,

GENTRY. Gingall William, farmer Ree\"es James, farmer, Pink lane
Godwin Henry, farmer, Lipe farm Reeve William, bootmkr. & parish elk
Andover Lord Viscount. Charlton park
Godwin William,farmer,Charlton heath Ritchie John, bailiff to Earl of Suffolk
Block James. esq. the Cottag-e Hughes James, carrier, Stonehill Samp~on Thomas, farmer, Stonehill
Knapp Worthy, farmer, Lipe farm Samp~on 'Villiam, wheelwright
Hutchinson Rev. Geo. Hen. Healy, M.A Law Henry, butcher, Hankertonlane
Lea Charles, farmer SauudersJane(Mrs.),'Horse~ Groom,'
Suffolk &. Berkshire Right Hon. Earl
Lewis Thomas, sen. farmer, Old park & postmistress
of, Charlton park • Lewis Thomas,jun. farmer, Turk's lane
Painter Edmund, farmer, Pink elm frm Syston Thomas, farmer, Banbury hill
TRADERS. Painter James, farmer, Stonehill Taylor James. farmer, 'Vorthy hill
Rainger Joseph, farmer&. builder Tilling J obn, bricklayer
Bartlett Bradley, master of Free school Walk<~r John, farmer, Beak farmer
Rahtgcr William, blacksmitp Wheeler Thomas, far111er
Bartlett Rebecca (Mrs.), mistress of
Willis William, farmer, Pond farm
Free school

Bishop Edwin, relieving officer

Cave William, farmer

Edwards William, farmer, Griffin's frm

PosT 0FPICE.-Mrs. Jane Sannders, receiver. Letters Free School. Bradley Bartlett, master; Mrs. Rebecca.
from Malmesbury arrive at 8 a.m.; dispatched at 5 p.IQ. Bartlett, mistress

The nearest money order office is at Malmesbury

CBAK:LTON, near Pewsey, in the Hundred of Swan- Baynham, M.A., is the present incumbent. Besides a

borough, Pewsey Union, is a small village and parish on National school, there is a small annual charity for the

the river Avon, 4 miles south-west from Pewsey, and 6 benefit of the poor. Tbe Earl of Norman ton is lord of

south-east from Devizes. The church is an ancient struc- the manor. The area is 1,706 acres, and the popu-
ture with a square tower, and is a vicarage in the gift lation 219.

of Christ Church College, Oxford ; the Rev. Arthur On the do'rns are barrows.


GENTRY. Chamberlain Stephen, carpenter & Wansbrough Henr~;, farmer
Baynham Rev. Arthur, M.A. [vicar]
Ferris Mr. Thomas wheelwright Witcbell John, 'Poor'$ Arma'
Wansbrough Henry, esq
Chamberlain William, carpenter & Letters are received through Pewsey,
wheelwright which is also the nearest money order
Blackman William, parish clerk
Gregory Josepb, carrier office

Pike Wiiliam, farmer

CARRIER-Gregory, to Devizes, tue8day, thursday & saturday

CBER.J::L:L, or CHERHIJ,L, is a township, parish and vil- expense, of Christopher Allsop, Esq., an emint>nt phy-
lage on the high road from Calne to Marlborough; in Calue sician of Calne, being the highest land between London
Hundred and Union, 2~ miles east from Calne, and 8 north and Bath ; it is visible at the distance of between 20 and
from Devizes. The church is very ancient, with square 30 miles in almost every direction. The population, in
embattled tower and four pinnacles; the Jiving is a per- 1851, was 396; acreage, 1,817.
petual curacy, in the patronage of the Bishop of Salisbury On the downs are barrows.
and diocese of Wilts. On the side of a chalk hill in this 0LDBOHOUGH1 1 mile south, was a Roman establish-
parish is the figure of a horse, 157 feet long, cut out of ment; Labour in Vain Hill is half a mile west; Marsh

the turf; it was executed under the direction, and at the Lane, half a mile north-west.

Farley Rev. George Hanks Joseph Pike, farmer IPottow Uriab, farmer
Rawlinas John & Thomas, farmers
Aland Chas. carpenter & wheelwriaht Jordon John, shoemaker Scoot Daniel, blacksmith
Ratt George, 'Bell' - Neate John, farmer

Bradfield Charles, baker & miller Oliver James, farmer Snook George, farmer
Taylor James, curpenter
Chivarl4 Jacob, hauiJier Pottow Hugh,farmer White Philip, shopkeeper
Pottow John, jun. farmer Wild Chas. shopkeeper & postmaster
Duck lsaac, 'Black Horse' Pottow John, sen. farmer

Eatwell James, farmer

PosT OFFICE.-Charles Wild, receiver. Letters through Calne arrive at 8 a.m.; dispatched at i past 6 p.m. The

nearest money order office is at Calne

Primitive 1J:lethodist Chapel, ministers various

LITTLE CHEVERELL, a parish in the same jurisdic•
GREAT CHEVERELL,atownship and parish in the Hundred tion, miles west-south-west from Market Lavington,

of Swanborough, Devizes Union, 7 miles north-east from and 5~ south from Devizes, contained, in 1851, 252

Westbury, and 2~ west from Market Lavington, contained, inhabitants, and 933 acres of land. The living is a rectory,

in 1851, 526 inhabitants, and 1,873 acres of land. The in the archdeaconry and diocese of Salisbury, of the

living is a rectory, in the archdeaconry and diocese of annual nlue of £405, and in the patronage of the Earl

Salisbury, of the annual value of £353, and in the of Radnor, who is also lord of the manor. The Rev.

patronage of the incumbent, the Rev. Robert Moulton John Roles Fishlake, M.A., is the present incumbent.

Atkinson, M.A. The church of St. Peter is an ancient The church of St. Peter is a neat edifice, with a small

structure, with a square embattled tower. A Free school pointed tower. Here is a National school.

is endowed with a tenement and land producing an annual

income of £7 IOs.

Great Cheverell. Dutch Joseph, grocer & postmaster Heaven Elizabeth (Miss), mistress of

GENTRY. Feltham Jane (Mrs.), mistress of Free National school

Atkinl'!on Rev. Robert Moulton, M.A. school Bevan J ames, shopkeeper & carrier

[rector] • Gale Sarah (Mrs.), blacksmith Bolter Benjamin, baker

Bartlett Mrs. Anne Harding James, farmer Bolter Isaat:, farmer & brickwaker

Whittiogton George, e~q. Manor house Light William, baker & shopkeeper Bolter Samuel, shopkeeper

TRADERS. Nutland William, farmer Box Richard, farmer

Butcher James, jun. mealman Potter James, bellmaker & farmer Ingram James, baker, brewer & beer

Butcher James, sen. farmer, Common Purnell Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper retailer

Butcher Mo8es, farmer, Rectory farm Sawyer Joseph & Nathaniel, mill- Leonard William, farmer

Cbapman Geor~ote, shoemaker wrigbts & agricultural implement Self June (Mrs.), millt>r

Cbapman Isaac, shopkeeper & parish makers Smith William, bricklayer

clerk Staples Richard, farmer Staples William, farmer

Chapman Thoma'!, farmer Stevens Robert, tailor Willis Thomas, millwriuht

Dean RohPrt, •Bell' Webb James, miller & farmer Letters are received through Devizes,

Drmford Wm. farmer & brickmaker Little Cheverell. which is also the nearest money order

Dutch James, carpeuter & wheelwright Fishlake Rev. John Roles, M.A. [rector] • office

PosT OFFICE.-Joseph Dutch, receiver, Great Chevereli., dispatched at 4 p.m. The nearest money order office is at
Letters from Westbury arrive at j past 10 a.m.; Westbury

CAHRIER-James Bevan, to Bath, triday; Devizes, thursday

CBJ:CX.LADE is a township, village, and parish, 16 a plain style, without a chancel, and will seat 174 persons;
miles west of Salisbury, and 1 mile north of Hindon, in it has a tower with 1 bell. 1'1H're is a .Free school. The
Dunworth Hundred, Hindon Union, Salisbury bishopric, population, in 1851, was 122. The parish contains 1,039
Sor1th Wilts. The living is a rectory, value £230, in the gift acres, mostly arable laud. John Candy, Esq., is lord of
of the Marqnis of Bath; the incumbent is the Rev. John the manor.
Cooke Faber, B.A. 1'he church has been lately rebuilt in

GENTRY. Bennett George, farmer Howard George, farmer
Faber Rev. John Cooke, B.A. Rectory Portnall Thomas, shopkeeper
Kni~ht J ames, e~q .Fooki J ames, farmer
Lock John, esq. Chicklade house Hayward John, parish clerk Letters through Hir:rdon, which is
Holden Mrs. schoolmistress also the nearest money order office

CBJ:LMAR.K is a township, village, and parish, situated who is also lord of the manor. The acreage is 3,154 ; tbe
a short distance to the left of the tumpike-road leading population 619, including Ridge. On the south side of
from Salisbury to Hindon, in the Tisbury Union, the and at a short distance from the church, is an ancient
Hindon division, aud the Dunworth Hundred, 12 miles building, now converted into a barn, probably the remnant
west of Salisbury, 4 east of Hindon. Here are great of some monastic erection once attached to the Abbey of
quarries of freestone, which have been worked for many Wilton. The living is a rectory, in the diocese ofSarum,
centuries past, and with which the churches and other and valued at £426, in the gift of the Earl of Pembroke.
buildings in the soulhern parts of Wilts, as also in the The incumbent is the Rev. Charles Tower, M.A. The
parts of Dorsetshire bordering on this locality, are built. church of St. Margaret is a cruciform structure; has a
The [email protected], buttresses, and other substantial parts of Salis- nave and chancel, and a well-built tower (containing 4
bury Cathedral, are constructed of Chilmark stone. llost bells), crowned with a handsome spire. On the north

of this parish is the property of the Earl of Pembroke, side of the church is an ancient doorway, now closed up,


formed by a Norman arch. The interior is exceedingly there is a beautifully-painted window, divided into three

clenn, of light appearance, and the nave has several compartments: to the right is St. Peter, ou the left St.

Isharply-pointed arches; the roof of the belfry beneath the John, in the centre the Saviour. 1'here is a National

tower is deeply groined, and there are two narrow lancet school, supported by the rector and the Earl of Pembroke.
windows very much bevelled from the interior so as to be RIDGE is a tithing, 1l miles south-west, with 178 inha-
only a few inches in width on the exterior. Beneath a bitant!l; Portash is a quarter of a mile south; Chicksgrove,

pointed arch, in the south wa11 of the chancel, is a piscina, I! miles south; Picket Furlong, half a mile south. Here

iu a good state of preservation, discovered during the are stone quarries.
progress of some repairs lately effected. In the ch•mcel

GENTRY. Burridge Richard, parish clerk Hitcbcock James, miller
King Frederick, e8q. New house
Dew John, farmer, Rudge Kellow Naverina (Miss), mistress of
Tower Rev. Charles, M.A.
TRADERS, Dowty Richard, shopkeeper Nationalscbool

Arnold Charles, farmer Flower William, farmer Lane George, farmer & quarry master
Baker John, smith
Bennett William, farmer Fricker John,' Black Dog' Plowman William, farmer, Rudge

Bowles Jane (Mrs.), postmistress Harvey George, beer retailer, Rudge Shergold John, farmer

Harvey John, hrickmaker & beer Talbot John, shopkeeper

retailer, Rudge Warne Thomas, farmer

PosT 0PFICE.-Mr;;, Jane Bowle~, receiver. Letters arrive from Salisbury at 7 a.m.; dispatched at 7 p.m. The
nearest money order office is at Hindon

National School, Mis~ Naverina Kellow, mistress

CBJ:LTON :E'OLJ:ATT, a parish on the borders of the tains several monuments belonging to the Popl1am family;
connty adjoining Berks, partly in the Hundred of Kint- the window exhibits various figures in stainf'd glass, and
bury Eagle, Berks, and partly in the Hnnrlred of King- the flooring is composed of some rare specimens of glazed
wardstone, in this county, H ungerford Union, 2~ mile~ pottery, in squares; south of the altar is an effigy in
north-west of Hungerford, G4 rrom London, and 9 east. of ancient armour, in a recumbent position. The living is a
1\Iarlborough, containing a population of 748, with 1,307 rectory, in the archdeaconry of Wilts and diocese of SaliR-
acres of land; it is delightfully situated in a vale, w~:ll bury, in the patronage of E. W. L. Popham, Esq., valued
watered by the river Kennet. 'l'he fine wooded park of at £7.'50; the incumbent is the Rev. John Leyborne
J.ittlecott, the seat of F. L. Popham, Esq., also Chilton Popham, M,A., whose residence adjoins the church. 1'ht>
House, a fine red brick mansion, are worthy of notice. \Vesleyans have a small chapel here, and there is aNational
The church of St. Mary, with small square tower and school.
modern clock, is in good repair; the interior is very nicely LEVERTON is a hamlet. Old and New Hayward, and
fitted, the pulpit, reading-desk, the organ gallery, and the Park, are farms.
whole of the seats are of polished oak; the chancel con-

GENTRY. Harding Edwin, farmer 1Mackerell Joseph, farmer

Hankey Col. Chilton lodge Harris Francis. New inn New Elisha, shopkeeper
Popham Rev. John Leyborne, M.A. Hedges Etlward, carrier, carpenter Si Pocock JameR, National school master

[rector] wheelwright Smith Thomas, baker, shopkeeper,

Shutton James, esq. Chilton house Holmes Etlward, tailor farmer & postmaster

White Mrs Hutchins Thomas, maltster & beer Smoker Richard, boot & sboP maker

TRADERS. retailer Whiting Alexander, shoemaker& baker

Austin Jason, farmer, Park farm Jordan Robert, tailor Wi!!gins Moses, boot & shoe maker

Ba.-erstock Jsaac, farmer Jordan Robert, jun. tailor Wiggins William, carpenter

Crook George William D. farmer Joyce William, shopkeepr.&blacksmith \Vinchcombe Sarah (Mrs.), miller
King Stephen, farmer, Old Hayward j Yorke Richard Robinson, fiumer
Cruse Daniel, 'Stag's Head'

Duck Thomas, button maker King William, farmer, New Hayward I

PosT OPPICE.-Thomas Smith, receiver. Letters arrive from_ Hungerford, delivered at 8 a. m.; dispatched 7 p.m.
The nearest money order office is at Huugerford

PJ,ACES oP WoRSHIP:- Wesleyan Chapel, ministers various

Church, Rev, John Leyborne Popham, M.A.. rector; National School, James Pocock, master

Thomas Smith, clerk

CBJ:PPENHAM, with Bam.Iet oC AL'LJ:NOTOl\1'. charter, in the reign of Mary, returning two members to
CHIPPENHAM is a railway station, parliamentary and Parliament. The Parliamentary borough includes Lang-

municipal borough, and market and Union town, distant ley Butl·e!l and Hardenhuish. The houses are well built,

93! miles west of London, 13 north-east of Bath, 33 aud the principal street more than half a mile long. The
north-west of Sali~ury, 10 miles north-west from Devizes, market is on Fridays for corn, and second Friday in every

9A south of Malmsbury, 6! north of Melksham, 5~ north- month for cheese. The fairs are hehl on the 17th of

west of Calne, and 22 miles from Bristol, in the Hundred May, 22nd of June, 29th of October, and 11th of

of Chippenham, and diocese of Bristol anrt Gloucester, Decembt!r. Here is a Literary and Scientific Institution.

North Wilts, situated on the river Avon, and connected The principal manufactures are broad-cloth and silk.

by a short branch with the Wilts and Berks canal. The The population of the parish, in 1851, was 4,999. The

living is a discharged vicarage, value £320, in the gift of town only contuins 1,707 inhabitants. The parish contains
Christ Church, Oxford; the Rev. Lewis Purbrick, :M.A., is 9,100 acres, which is divided into four manors. There
the incumbent; the Rev. George Witherby, M.A., is the are charities of £200 annual value. In the neighbour-

curate. The church of St. Mary is an ancient Gothic hood is Bowood, about 2 miles from Chippenham, the

structure, with a spire containing 8 bells; it has been new seat of the Marquis of Lansdowne; Corsham House, 4
pewed and otherwise repaired. A handsome new district miles from Chippenham, the seat of Lord Methuen.

church was erected in 1855 near the Railway station. ALLINGTON is a hamlet, in the parish of Chippenham,
There are four chapels-viz., Primitive Methodist, Wes- distant 2 miles north-west of Chippenharn, and 95~ miles

leyan, Independent, and Baptist ; one Free school, for the from London.
education of 12 boys, sons of freemen; also a British and NETHERHORE, Stanley, and Studley, are tithings.

one National school, for the education of the children of Tytherton Lucas is a chapelry. Derry Hill ecclesiastical

Ithe poor. Chippenham is incorporated under the Muoi- district is partly in this parish. Sheldons, Rowden,

cipal Corporations Aet; the government is in a mayor, Foghamshire, and Little Lodge, are farms.
4 aldermen, and 12 councillors; it was also a borough by

Chippeaham. Bailey Joseph, esq. High street Colhorne William Henry, esq. M.D.
Bayliffe ~harles, esq. St. Mary'~ street St. Mary'11 street
GENTRY. Brinkworth James A. esq. High street
Awdry Mrs. Eliza, Paddock Dyke Dr. New ro:Hl
Awdry Frederick, esq, Market place Clarke Rev. Thomas A. Albion place
Awdry Peter, e~q. Monkton cottage Colborne William, esq. St. Mary's 8t Esmade Graham l\loore Michael, esq.
Monkton house
.ijailey Charles, e~q. Clift villa Culliford ~rr. Willi11m1 Cook street
F~llowe~ '.fho". A.bdy~ eeq. Row<len hilf


Fussell James, esq. Rowden house Mortimer Rev. William [Baptist mi- Rees Re~. Benjamin [Independent
Gibbons Mr. Thoma~. Causeway minister], Clntpel row
Goldney l\Ir. Antllony, Rowden hill nister], Chapel row
Goldney Gabriel, High street Spencer Francis, esq. Market place
Goldney Mrs. High street No~·es Mr. James, Cook street Stiles George, esq. Causeway
HumphreyR Mr... Es~ex, Ivy house Thomas Rev. John, Bath road
I.awrence Mrs. Timber street Phillips Jacob, esq. the Palace Wilmot William, esq. Albion place
Witherby Rev, George, M.A. [curate],
Martin Mr. Henry, Causeway Pinnil!er Brome, esq. Market place
Cook street
Provis John, esq. Chapel row

l Purbrick Rev. LewiR, M.A, Rectory, St
l\Iary's street

TRADERS. Edmund~ George, shopkeeper & bacon factor, Shambles

Aldrick Thomus, beer retailer & coal dealer, Old road Edwards .John, bnker & groc~>r, Causeway

Alexander Ann Bowsher (Mrs.), silversmith & stationer, Elliott Harriet (.Mis~), ladies' school, St. Mary's street

Market place Elliott Zebulon, wheelwright, Collen ville

Alexandt-r Francis, upholsterer, auctioneer & appraiser, Eveans & Lewis, boot & shoe maker~, Market place

High street Everett & Co. bankers, High street

Alexander John, grocer, Shambles Fry Edward, shopkeeper, Fogham~hire

Alexander Thomas, accotmtant, Albion place Fry Isaac, teadealer & grocer, Albion place

Alexar.der Thomas, shopkeeper & beer retailer, Causeway Fry Jacob, farmer

Alford & Chapman, silk mercers, linen & woollen drapers, Fry Richard, builder, Causeway
High street
Gale Henry, ironmonger & clerk to the marl•et, Market pl
Alford John & Co. linen & woollen draper~, High street
Gale John, tailor, Shambles ·

Austin James & Jo,.eph, farmers, Shambles Gale Robert, tailor, Causeway

Austin George, tailor, High street Gale Wm. auctioneer & appraiser & ironmonger, High st

Austin James, butchPr, Shambles Gapper John, tailor, Back lane

Au~tirJ Josepb, butcher, Shambles Godwin John, bolting cloth manufacturer, St. Mary's street

A wdry West & Frederick, solicitors, superintendent regis- Golding Ann (Mrs.), Bear inn, commerciallw. Market pl

trars for Chippenbam union, & commis<>ioners for taking Goldney & Fellowes, solicitors, High street

acknowledgments of married women, Market place Goold John, grocer & chemi:;t & druggist, Market place

Badminton Nathan, earthenware dealer & grocer, Causeway Grant George, farmer, Middle lodge f11.rm

Banks Alfred Sloper, fancy repository, cabinet maker & Greenway Henry, shopkeeper, Old road

furniture dealer, Mark~>t place Gregory John. berlin & fancy repository, Shambles

Barnes Thomas, 'Rose ~ Crown,' Market place Griffin John, baker, Causeway

Batley Robert, farmer, Sheldons Harding David, coal dealer, Old road

Bayhffe Charle"~, surgeon, St. l.\'lary's street Hardy Richard,' Three Cups,' Shamhles

Beams Hugh, farmer & maltster, Louden Harris 'I'homas, teadealer & grocer, High street

.Heaven Christopher, farmer, Rowden farm Harris William,linen & woollen draper, High street

Beaver George, boot & shoe maker, Market place Hawkins George, hairdre!'!ser & perfumer, High street

Belcher Isaac, linen & woollen draper, Market place Hayward Frederick, greengrocer, Causeway

Belcher William, bread & biscuit baker, hop merchant & Henley John, farmer

maltster, Timber street Hetherington Ralph, tailor & draper, High street

Bellamore William, slater & plasterer, Causeway Hewell Isaac Hulbert, shopkeeper, Back lane

Beszant Henry, 'Swan,' Back lane Higgins Robert, shopkeeper, Back lane

Billett Aaron, shoeing & johbing smith, Timber street Higgins William, brazier & tinman, Market place

lllanchard Susannah (Miss), milliner & dressmaker, Cook st Higgins William, ironmonger brazier & tinmau, the Bridge

Blandford George, mrveyor, Bath road Hill Christopher, station master, Great Western railway,

Bradbury Georg-e S. master of Union workho. St. Mary's st Bath road

BrinkworthEdwin&George,bakers &bacon factors,Timber st Horton Richard Brown, plumber & glazier, High street

Brinkworth James Ancock, coal merchant, High street Hulbert John, plumber & glazier, High street

Brinkworth John, bread & biscuit baker, High street Hulbert Thomas, plumber & glazier & parish clerk, High st

Brinkworth Jonathan, baker, 'l'imber street Hurdle John, master of National school, St. Mary's street

Brinkworth Michael, salt merchant, Timber street Jones Leonora (Mrs.), straw & tuscan bonnet maker,

Brinkworth Thomas, shoemaker, Bath road Back lane

Brinsden Mary Ann (Mrs.),' Five Alls,' Albion place Kearton William, farmer, Bumpers farm

Bri,tow David, 'Duke,' Market place Kerr Alexander, draper & teadealer, Albion plact!

Bromley John, grocer, Higb. street King Alfred, clock & watch maker & silversmith, Matket pi

Brotherhood Rowland,railway&general contractor,New road King Samuel, stone & marble mason, New road

Buckland William, beer retailer, Old road Lawes Charles, master of Fouudation school, Cook street
Lawes John, Angel hotel, posting \t commercial, Market pl
Bullock John, watchmaker, Market place

Boshell Ann (Mrs.),'King's Head,' Market place Lawson Joseph, clothier, Rowden hill
Butler Charle~, teadealer, St. Mary'o1 street Leonard Richard, wine & spirit merchant, Market place

Candle William, George commercial inn, High street Levitt Susannah (Mrs.), teadPaler, High street

Chapman Joseph, china & glass dealer, Market place Little Edward, land agent & farmer, LaP!d hill

Col borne "\'Villiam, surgeon, St. :Mary's street Lucas Peter, locksmith, Back lane

Col borne William Henry, physician, St. :\Iary's street McCloskey .Mary (M1·s.), shopkeeper & beer retailer,

Coles Eli:>ha, greeugrocer, Back lane Causeway

Collen Daniel, baker & corn dealer, Market place Manners Robert, coal merchant, London roacl

Collen Daniel, miller&. corn dealer, Chippenham mill Marks John Rawlings, grocer, High street

Coller John, shopkeeper, Back lane Marsball Oliver, turner, Causeway

CoiJins Charles, shopkeeper & beer retailer, New road Mattingly George, saddler & harness maker, High street

Cook Ann (Miss), eatin11: house, Shambles Merchant Job, clog, patten, boot & shoe maker, Market pl

Cook Anthony, tailor, Causeway Merchant Joseph, boot & shoe maker, High streP.t

Cook Ell ward, boot & shoe maker, Shambles Miles Charles, 'Three Crowns,' Causeway

Cook William, shopkeeper, Causeway Mills Alfred, cheese factor, New road

Cox JosPph, seedsman, Albion place Mills Thomas, jun. undertaker, linen & woollen draper &
Culliford Philip Dowding, 'White Lion,' High street
silk mercer, Hi~h street

Cnllis Frederick, silk mercer & linen & woollen draper, Mitchell Wilham, boot & shoe maker, Shambles

High street Mitchell William, 'Black Horse! New road

Cullis John, brick & tile maker, Cook street Mortimer Richard, tanner, Back lane
Muuday Elizabeth (Mr~.), milliner & dressmaker, High st
Cnllis Thomas, cuoper, Hi~h street

Cullis W illiam, 'Lamb,' Back lane Munday William, batler & draper, Cau~eway

Cuzner Charles, carpenter, High street Neale Henjamin I~aac, saddler & hamess maker, High st

Darley John, architect & brick & tile dealer, High street Neate Septimus Heury, teadealer & grocer, Market place

Dell Robert, cabinet makPr, Causeway Newman William, carrier, Cook street

Dowding Janoe3, baker, London road Nicholls William, ttle & porter merchant, chemist & drug-

Downham Charles, brazier & tinman, Shambles gist, High street
Noyes Ann (Mrs.) & Son, general & furnishing ironmonger!~,
Downing Simon, stone & marble mason, Old road

Eatwell Sarah (Mrs.), mistress of National school, St. High street

Mary's street Noyes James & George, stamp office, music sellers, book-

Edgecumbe George, baker, New road,& grocer, High street binder:,~, printers, stationers & booksellers, High street

Edgecumbe Henry, brewer, Albion place Noyes Thomas, boot & shoe maker, Shambles


Oberon Job, shopkeeper, Causeway Stephens Henry, carpenter, ironmonger & general furniture

Palmer Priscilla (Mrs.), plumber & glazier, High street warehou•e, Market place
Perris Jame~:~, china&: glass dealer, the Bridge
Stephens William, bacon factor & grocer, Causeway
Phillip~ Jacob, clerk to county court, vestry clerk, clerk to Stiles George, surgeon, Causeway
board of guardian~, clerk to the burial board, commissioner Swain John, baker & grocer, Albion place

for taking atfida vits in chancery & all courts, perpetual Tanner George, draper & tailor, High street
commissioner for takin~ acknowledgmeuts of married Tanner John, carrier, Albion place

women, & solicitor, the Palace Tanner ·wmiam, plumber & glazier, Albion place
Phillips Joseph, ma~ter extraordinary in chat1Ct>ry, clerk to Taylor Elijah, boot & shoe maker, Causeway
commi~!'lioners of assessed taxes, clerk to the county Taylor John, baker, St. Mary's street
magistrates, & soliC'itor, Cook stret>t
Thomas Rev. John, classical&commercial academy,lJath rd
Pike David, 'Pack Hor1e,' Causeway
Pinniger & Awdrey, solicitor~, Market place Tilton James, hoot & shoe maker, Market place

Townsend William, shopkeeper, Back lane
Pocock & Rawlings, manufacturers of indigo dyed cloths, Tocker John, tailor & draper, Markf"t
Back lane Uncles J oseph & Co. news agent~, stationers & hat manufac-

Powell James, boot & shoe maker, Shambles turers, Causeway

Price Thomas, cooper & vat turner, London road Uncles Isaac, farmer, Harden's farm
Utter~on James, registrar of births & deaths for the distr1ct
Prior William, inlaud revenue officer, New road

Pullen .Tohn, slatt>r & plasterer, Back lane of Chippenham. Causeway

Rebbeck Samuel James, cabinet maker, Collen ville Vick Benjamin, private family lodging house, Cook street

Reynolds George, railway engineer, Rowd~>n hill Wallace William, clothier, Cook street

Rich Richard Penni~er, butcher, High street Warden Eliza (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Timber street

Richards David "\Yilliam, supervisor, New road Watson William, sexton

Ring James, farrier & smith, Brunswick buildings Watts Richard, timber merchant & builder, London road

Rixon William Henry, cooper, brickmaker & timber mer- Watts William James, tailor, Causeway

chant, Vmsdowne place Webb Joseph, 'George ~· Dragon,' & umbrella maker,

Rossell John, coach builder, High street Back lane

Salway Elizabeth (Mrs.) & Son, builders, Back lane Welsh Edwin, beer retailer, Foghamshire

Selman Sophia (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Causeway "Tharry James, agricultural & veterinary chemist &

Shipton Isaac, shoemaker, Cook street wholesale druggist, Market place

Short James, tailor, Old road Wheeler Josepb, beer retailer, Shambles

Si!cock Artbur, dealer in artificial manure, agricultural White Humphrey, farmer

implement depository & general iron works Wicks Mrs. boarding school, St. Mary's street

Singer Charles, bacon factor & grocer, Hi~h street Wiles Sarab (Mrs.), milliner & dressmaker, New road
Slatle Elizabeth (Mrs.), milliner&: dressmaker, Causeway I Wiles Stephen, clock & watch maker, New road

Slade John, farmer&. butcher, Market place Williams Philip, shopkeeper, St. Mary's stret>t

Slade Riehard, beer retailer, Back lane Williams \Villiam, plumber & glazier, High street

Smith & Son, leather dealer>~ & corners, Albion place Wilmot William, town clerk

Smith Jacob, corn factor, Al!Jion place Wihou John, grocer, wine & spirit merchant, High street

Smith James, boot & shoe maker, Market place With! Samuel, blacksmith, Chapel row

Smith John, slater & plasterer, Victoria cottage Wood William Bryan, surveyor & land agent, Cook street

Sparks William, veterinary surgeon, Cook street Wright James, superintendent of police, Market place

Spencer Francis, surgeon, Market place Young Frederick, farmer, Little lodge farm

Spiers & Son, silk manufacturers,IJ'imber street 1Youngman Charles William, livery stables, Chapel row

Spiers John, grocer, Shamble~ I

PosT OPPICE.-Miss Ann Elliott, pm~tmistress. Letters Lancashire, Jame~ Utterson, Cau~eway

from London, first delivery, arrive at :1 past I2 a.m. .Legal$( General Life, Joseph Phillips. Cook street
delivered at 7 a.m. ; second, arrive at 24 min. to 2 p.m. London Corporation Fire~ Life, Jas. Utterson, Causeway
delivered al 20 min. pa~t 2 p.m. London first dispatch, London Union Life, George Austin, High street
at 10 min. past 10 a.m.; box closes at IO a.m.; extra Northern Fire ~ Life, Alford & Chapman, Hi!:rh street
stamp till 10 min. past 10 a.m.: second dispatch at l past Norwich Union Fire~ Life, Thomas Mills, High street
I2 p.m.; box clo~es at 10 p.m. Letters from Exeter arrive Pelican Life, Josepb Phillip~, Cook street
at l to I p.m.; dispatched at 12 a.m. Letters to Bath&. Phamix Fire, Joseph Phill1ps, Cook street
Bristol dispatched at 10 min. past I p.m. ; box closes at Proptrfy Protection, Joseph Phillips, Cook street

l past 12 a.m.; extra stamp till 10 min. past I p.m. Letters Scotch Provincial Fire~ Life, James Ogle Brinkworth
from Heytesbury, including Warminster, Westbury, Scotti11h Widows' Life, Goldnev & Fellowes, Higb street
Trowbridge, Melksham & Frome, arrive at ;t to I1 Standard Life~ Loan, Jacob Phillips, the Palace

p.m.; dispatched at! past3 p.m. From Devizes& Calne, Star Fire~ Life. Joseph Merchant, High street

arrh e at 11 p.m. ; dispatched at ~ past 3 a.m. Letters to Sun Fire ~ Life, Golduey & Fellowes, High street, &

Sodbury, Crosshands & Barhnington, dispatched at 10 Williaru Gale, Market place
min. past 4 a.m. From Tetbury & Malmsbury, arrive at lVest of England Fi1·e ~ L~fe, West Awdry, Market pl

5min. to9 p.m.; dispatched at l to 4 a.m. Money orders Westminster~ General Life, Thomasllarri~, High street

are granted & paid at this office from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m.; PUBLIC ESTABLISHMENTS:-
on Saturdays till 8 p.m.; except from ll to~ past ll a.m., County Court (Chippenham), Joseph Grace Smith, esq.
& from 20 min. to 2 till! past 2 p.m.
judge, 'Vingfield near Trowbridge; Jacob Phillips, e~q.

BANKERS: (solicitor), clerk, Chippenham; Harman Bi~g~'r, esq.

Everett & Co. High street (James Ancock Brinkworth, treasurer, Bristol; John Wilcox & William Lewis, high
mana~er); draw on Barclay, Bevan & Co
bailiffs, Bath
North Wilts, Chippenham branch, High street (J. Bailey, Count.!/ Court (Chippenham district), Avon, Biddestone

manager); •iraw on Drewett, Fowler & Co St. Nicholas, Bidde,tone St. Peter, Box, Castle Combe,

W·ilts ~ Dorset, Chippenham brant>h, High street Chippenham, Christian Malford, Colerne, Corsham,

(Broome Piuniger, manager); draw on Williams, Deacon Ditcheridg-e, Draycot Cerne, Grittleton, Harnish, Kington

&Co Langley, Kington St. Michae1, Lacock, Langley Hnrrell,

Savings Bank, Market pi. J oseph Neeld, esq. treasurer; Leigh-de-11"-Mere, Littleton Drew, Nettleton, North

Mes~r~. W. & F. Awdry, secretaries; Mr. Jarnes Noyes, Wraxall, Pewsham, Seagry, S!aughterford, Stanton

accountant. Open for depo&its every fritlay, from lJ St. Quiuton, Sutton Beuger, Tytherton Kelways, West

morning till 1 afternoon Kin~ton, Yatton Keynell

INSURANCE AGENTS:- Depot of the Society for Promoting Christian Know-

Alliance Fire ~L-ife, Messril. J. & G. Noyes, High street ledge, J. & G. Noyes, High street
Beacon Fire~ Life, John Hulbert, High street Railway Station, Christopher Hill, station master
Clerical, Medical~ General Life, Richard Leonard Stamp 0./fice, J. & G. Noyes, Higb street
Union Workhouse, Re~. T. A. Clarke, chaplain; Dr. W.
Defender Fire~ Life, Alfred King, Market place

Edinburgh LV"e, John Brownjohn, North Wilts Bank H. Colborne, medical officer; Geor!{e S. Bradbury,

Equity~ Law Life, Joseph Phillips, Cook street master; Mrs. Elizabeth Bradbury, matron
European Life, George Tanner, High street
Farmers' Cattle~ Fire, Francis Alexander, High street Clerk to Board of Guardians, Jacob Phillipg, esq
Globe, William Wilmott, solicitor
Clerk to County Court, Jacob Phillips, esq
Hope Mutual Life, Joseph Phillip~, Cook street, & James Clerk to County Magutrate11, Joseph PhilJips, esq
Utterson, Causeway
Clerk to Commissioners of Asl!essed To:res, Jsph. Phillipll,
Imperial Fire, Jacob Phillips, the Palace
Cook street


Coroner for the County, William Burt Wbitmarsb, esq CARRIERS:-

Town Clerk, William Wilmot To B&TH-William Newman, monday, wednesday &.

Superintendent Registrars, Messrs. W. & F. Awdry; 11atnrday, returns same day11, t'rom Cook street


Registrar o.f Births~ Deaths, James Utterson BRIDGE, WARMINSTER& WESTBURY-Stephen Mizen,

Surveyor of TurnpikP Roads, Geo. Bland ford, Rowden hill daily, at 9 mornin~, snnday excepted, returning same day

Supervisor, David William Richard!!, New IOall To CA.LN £-John Tanner, daily, at 10 morning, from the

E;zcise Officer, William Prior, ~ew road Causeway

Super·intendmt o.f Police, James Wright, Market place To DEVIzEs-William Newman, every thursday, from
St. Mary's Ch~trch, Rev. Lewis Purhrick, M.A. rector; Cook street, & Charles Poulson, from Railway station,

Rev. George Withe1by, M.A. curate daily, at 3 afternoon

PUBLIC SCHOOLS:- To FROME-Stephen Mizen, monday, wednesday &;

National (for boys), St Mary's street, John Hurdle, mash•r friday; returns :;alternate day~

National (for girls), St. Mary's street, Mrs. S11rah Eat well, To SuTTON & CHRISTIAN MA.LFORD-Stephen 1\Iizen,

miiltress every thursday; returns same day

FrPe Endowed (for boys), Cook st. Charles J.awes, master To TETBURY & STROUD-Aaron Phillips, every wednes-

CoACHES (From the Angel hotel):- day, from Railway station
To & from Devizes to the Grt-at Western railway, i past 7 FROM BRADFORD-Stepben Mizen, to the Geoege inn,
& ! past 12 morniug, returning i before 2 afternoon, & ~ monday, wednesday & i'riday, returning same day, at l
past 5 evening
past 5 afternoon

Alfred Wailer's leaves Calne at 8 morninJ!, & 5 min. before FROM BRINKWOR'rH-Jacob Bath, to the' White Lion,'

4 evening, for the Great Western rail wily, returning ! friday ; returns same day

before 2 afternoon, & 7 min. before 7 evening FROM DEADMARTON-Robert Biggs, to the ' White

Aurora, from Southampton to Salisbury by rail; thence Lion,' friday; returns same day

to Great Western railway station, Chippenham, f'VPry FROM GRITTLETON-Albert Smith, to the Duke Inn, on
morning, sunday exceptf'd, at ! past 10; leaves Chip- friday; returns same day
penham i before 12, arrives at Southampton ~ past 8 FRoM .MALMESBURY-George Calloway, to the George
e v e m• n g
inn, tuesday, thursday & saturday; returns same day, at

Postinq House-Angel hotel, :Market place, John Lawes ~ past 4 afternoon

Allington. I ITRADERS, Pocock Jane (Mrs.), farmer
Mascell Miss Elizabeth Baker Charles, farmer, Manor farm Thomas James, fanner

CHXB.TON, CHURTON, or CHERINGTON, is a township, square tower on the west, which has an embattli'd parapet,
parish, and village, situate 5~ miles south-east of DPvizes, and contains 5 bells. The south entrance has a very
in Salisbury bishopric, Swanborough Hundred, and the handsome and elaborately wrought ancient transition
division and Union of Devizet~, North Wilts. There Norman arch, adorned with zigzag mouldings, a series of

are 1,847 acres of land, and a population, according to animals' heads and figures running round its outer part.

the last census, of 407, including Connock. The trustees The interior pre~ents the same antique style; the nave is
of four different charities hold lands in this parish-the separated from the aisles by circular arches, supported by
Heytesbury charity for almshouses, the Bradford-cum- pillars with transition Norman capitals, each in a different

Freshford charities for the same purpose, and the Frox- style. There is a piscina in the chancel, and another in
field charity for lay and clerical widows. The living is a the south aisle. The font is particularly fine, and

vicarage, value about £190, in the gift of the Lord evidf'ntly coeval with the church itself; around it is a

Chancellor; the incumbent is the Rev. Ed ward Vincent, representation of the Twelve Apostles. Here is aNational
"\I,A.., who is also the incumbent of Rowde, and resides school, erected in 1840. The lordship of the manor is
there; the Rev. George Ellis Cleather, M.A., is the vested in the Heytesbury trustees.
curate. The church, dedicated to St. John the Baptist, CoNNOCK tithing, with 161 inhabitants, is half a mile

Iwas restored and reseated in 1850; it is a very ancient and south-west; Wedhampton, l mile west; Reehorn, I}

beautiful structure in the transition Norman style, and miles south-west.
consists of a nave, chancel, north and south aisles, and a

Carter the Misses, Connock house Box Richard, farmer 1 Lye Charles, shopkf'eper

Carter 'Vm. esq. Connock houi!e Chandler Charles, miller, Church mill Lye Jonathan. blacksmith

Cleather Rev.George Ellis,M.A.[curate] Clift William, farmer Lyne Anne (Miss), mistress of National

Crowe Miss Matilda, Connock Daniels William B. farmer school

Pinchin Mrt~. Ann Hayward John, carpenter & parish Miller Henry, farmer

Tinker William, esq. Manor house, clerk, Conock Plummer William, farmer, Conock

Connock Hayward Philip, farmer Slnde John, shopkeeper

Warriner Gifford, esq. Connock Hayward William, farmer Weeks James, farmer

TRADERS. Howell Jane(Miss),dressmaker & post- Wells Edmund, shopkeeper

Akerman Jonathan, farmer mistret~s Wells William, farmer

Butcher William, relieving officer & Howell John, brewer, beer retailer & Whitchell Georg<!, blacksmith & beer

registrar of births & deaths shopkeeper retailer

PosT OFFitJE.-Miss Jane Howell, postmistress. Letters National School, Miss Anne Lyne, mistress
arrive from Devizes at ~ past 10 a.m. ; dispatched ! past CARRIER-Martin, from Bottlesford, passes Chirton to
4 p.m. The nearest money order office is at Devizes
Devizes, every thursday, returning same day

CBXSLEDON is an extemive village and parish, in the House, to her deceased husband. The living is a vicarage,

Hundred of Kingsbridge, Highworth Union, Cricklade value £210 per annum, in the presentation of 1\lajor
parliamentary borough, North Wilts, dii!tant from Marl- Henry Calley, who is also lord- of the manor; the

borough 7 miles north, 4 south from Swindon station, and incumbent is the Rev. Edwin Meyrick, M.A.. Here are

81 from London, and contained, in 1851, 1,137 inha- three Dissenting places of worship, belonging to the

bitants, and 5,710 acres of land. The principal seat in l\lethodi11ts and the PrimitiYe Methodists. Also a Charity
the neighbourhood belongs to John James Calley, Esq., school, conducted upon the National system, for educating
and is a noble stone mansion situated at Burderop, or boys and girls.

Burdhope. The church, which is a plain structure with BADBURY is a tithing half a mile east; Burderop,
square tower, contains 5 bells; the interior has undergone Burdrop, or Burdhope, a tithing 1~ miles west; Horlson,
considerable alterations and improvements, under the a tithing, 1 mile north-west; Green Hill, half ll mile

1nperintendence of the vicar, who has, at his own cost, north ; Dayhouse, 2 miles north; Nightingale, 2 miles

paved the chancel with encaustic tiles. There are several north-west; Broom, 2~ miles north-west ; Snodshill und
handsome monuments and tablets, the most conspicuous Coate, 3 miles north.

belong to the families of l\Iellish and Calley ; also DRAYUOT-FOLLIATT is a parish with 702 acres lll!d

a very handsome memorial stained glass window has 18 lnQubitaots, 2 miles soutb-wee~.

h~tel1 bePQ eraoted by Mrs. JQhn Browne, of Chi&ledon


Chisledon. Horton Thomas, baker & shopkeeper Burdrop.
James Samuel, tailor
Browne Mrs. Jaue Jeft'eries J a me~, farmer, Coate Calley Major Henry, Burdrop park
Brownd Mrs. John, Chisled:m house Lousley Asher, farmer, DraycotFolliatt Brown Thomas Pearce, farmer, Bur-
Browne Mrs. William R PuckridgeJohn,farmer,DraycotFolliatt
l\leyrick Rev. Edwin Sheppard John, blatksmitb drop farm
Smith Geor~e, farmer
TRADERS. Tanner Jethro, baker, Coate Badbury.
Adam~ Thomas, agricultural implement
Wait Harry, shopkeeper Choules Mis3 lucy
maker & beer retailer, Coate Woolford John, tarmer, ~nodshill Hewitt 1\lr. William

Alder Thomas, New inn, k !OhopkePper Hodson. TRADERS.

Archar Thomas, shopke<'per & beer rtlr Dyke Mr. Thomas Avenell Thomas, farmer, registrar &
Baldwin John, farmer TRADERS. relievin~ ol'ticer
Baverstock Richard, carpenter& farmr
Arman Thomas, farmer & blacksmith Avenell William, farmer
Bramble William, 'Sun,' wheelwright Bad~n Andrew, farmer, Dayhouse farm
Murray James, carpenter, plumber & Choules Thomas, farmer
&c. Coate glazier Choules William, farmer

Brunsden Henry, farmer, Snodshill Smart David, farmer, Nigntingale fium Choules William, 'Plough'
Canning William Brown, farmer \'Vhiteman Thomas, beer retailer &
Cox WHiiam, farmer, Snodshill Go!!ling 'Villiam, farmer& cattle dealer,
Crowdy William Morse, ~olic1tor shopkeeper Badbury Wick

Hollister Thomas, engweer &c Horton Youug, beer retailer &; shop-

keeper; /le. at Liddington

IPosT 0FFICE.-William Sheppard, postmaster. Letters 1 National School, Wm. Sheppard, master; Mrs. Elizabeth
arrive at 9 a.m.; dispatched at ~ past 6 p.m. The Sheppard, mistress
nearest money order otfice is at Swindon

CHJ:TTEB.NE ALL SAJ:NTS and ST. MA'R.Y. Wilts, ill the incumbent. Here is a small public school.
CHITTERNE AJ,J, SAINTs, or Chiltern, a township and Population, in 1851, 452; acreage, 4,411; rateable value,
parish in the Hundred of Heytesbury, and Warmimter £2,419.
Unum, South Wilts, distant 8 miles east from 'Varminster, CHITTERNE ST. MARY is an adjoining parish, in the

and 4 north-east from Heytesbury. The living is a vicarage, same Huudred and Union. The living is also a vicarage,

united to that of Chitterne St. Mary, in the archcleaconry and united as above. Population, in 1851, 239; area in
and diocese of Salisbury, value £319, and in the patronage acres, 1,198; rateable value, £1,00G. On the downs are
of the Bishop and Dean and Chapter of Salisbury, alter- barrows.
nately. The Yen. William Uacdouald, ~I.A., Archdeacon of

Chitteroe All Saints. IHinton John,jun. tailor Richards Rev. George, M.A. [curate]
Hinton John, tailor TRADERS.
Hayward Mr. Richard Hitchcoek Harry, farmer
TRADERS. Ha!'ris Charlei!, shoemaker

Abery George, carpenter Morgan Elizaheth (Mrs.), shopkeeper Kyte Thomas, shoemaker

Blake Alfred, farmer Titt Henry, blacksmith Lavington William, farmer

Compton George, farmPr Tilt Jolm, Humer & miller Poolman Robert, hurdle maker

Oibbs Edward, farmer '<VhatiPy George, beer retailer 1'homas George, beer retailer & carrier

Giddings Jacob, shopkeeper Chitterne St. Mary. Wallis William, farmer & maltster

Morris .Mr. Charles Whatley John,' King's Head •
IGrant Thomas, shopkeeper
Public School, Henry Green, master ; l\Irs. Jemima Green, CARRIER-George's cart, to Salisbury, tuesday; Devizes,

mistress thursday; Warminster, saturday; returning same days

CKJ:TTOE, a tithing and consolidated chapelry, con- and subject to the vicar of that place. A district church,
si..ting of Chittoe and part of the adjoinin~ parish of called St. Mary's, was erected in 1845; it is a neat Rtruc-
Brumham, 5 miles north of Devizes, in the Potterne and tu re, built with stone, in the early English style, and the
Cannings Hundred, the Union and division of Devizes, sittings are all free; it has a nave, chancel, llnd 1 bell ;
and the diocese of Sarum, containing 1,0!)7 acr·es of land, the Rev. Meredith Rrown is the minister. Wans House
and a population of 162 in the tithing, and 24;j in the por- and a portion of Spy Park, also Sloperton, the residence
tion in Bromham parish ; it is distinct for the management of the late Thomas Moore, the poet, are within this dis-
of its own poor and other ordinary pu rpo~es, but for church trict. Here is a National school for girls and boys. Here
government it is within the parish of Bishops Cannings, is a Primitive Methodist chapel.

Moore Mr~. Thomss, Sloperton cottage TRADERS. Marshall Mrs. farmer
Oliver Richard, farmer
Starky B. J. esq. s,,y park Amor Mary (Mrs.), farmer
Letters through Chippenbam. The
Starky Mrs. Charlotte, Spy park Breach l\'Ioses, farmer nearest money order office is at Devizes
Wyndham Charles ,V, \\' aos house
Hazel George, farmer

CKO:LDEB.TON {WEST), a township, parish, and outside the churchyard stands a school-house, built out of
village, 5 miles from Amesbury east, 11 from Salisbury the matPrials of the old church, There is a charity
north-east, and 106 rrom London, in the Hundred and (founded by Anthony Cracherode, Esq., in 1753) of £12
Union of Amesbury, South Wilts. The living is a rector·y, per annum; £7 16s. for the free education of 12 poor
value £265, in the gift of Oriel College, Oxford; the Rev. children, £1 Is. for books for their use, and the balance
James Fraser, M.A., is the incumbent. The church, dedi- to be distributed at Christmas in alms. In 1851, the
cated to St. Nicholas, is a new structure, replacing an oldl•r population wa!l 183; the acreage, 1,661. Thf' property
one which stood by its side, but is now taken down. The in the parish belongs to the Dowager Lady Nelson and
present building is in the perpendicular style, and ha'! been Sir A. Malet, Bart. 'fhe Mansion House is at present the
erected at a large expense, ~tnd with great attention to re~idence of A. I~. Paxton, Esq.
propriety of detail. It was consecrated in 1850. Just

GENTRY. Heuly Henry William, farmer Sillwood John, carpenter, wheelwright
& shopkeepP.r
Fraser Rev.James,M.A.[rector],Rctory Hillier Silas, grocer & baker
Sturge8s Edward Henry, builder
Pax:ton Archibald F. esq. Cholderton Hunt Charles,' Crown' Warrsbrough William, farmer

house Sillwood George, blacksmith

PosT OPFICE.-Charles Hunt, sub-postmaster. Letter~ ! past 9 p.m. The nearest money order office is at

arrive from Marlborough at l past 6 a.m.; box clo3es at Amesbury
l before 7 p.m.; letter:~ to Salisbury may be po~ted until

Parish Clerk~ Sexton, Silas Hillier I CARRIER-Thomas Drew, to&; from Salisbury, tues. & sat

CHR.J:ST:EA'N' MAL'POR.D is a township, parish and and Bristol, value about £800 per annum; the Rev.
village, distant 5~ miles north-east of Chippenham, and
8 south-west from \Vootton Basset, 91 from London, in Robert V. Law, l\l.A., is the incumbent; the Rey, Alex.

North Darnerham Hundred, Chippou ham Union, North Headley, 1\l.A., is the curate. The church is a very
Wilts, and diocese of Gloucester and flristol, Th!! !iviug
Q.ncicnt structure, with tower containing 6 bells. T~ae
i~ lt. rectoQry ill ~h~ .n.,.lltronag"~t pf J3'lnhop Qf GlollCe~ter
popula tion, in J l S51 1 was Qbout 041 ; the parish contains
Pl~&4ow ltmd:
a.,lO+ 1Qf~i 7! lOitl¥ 'itll~ttl}q Ql~ tlle fin:r


Avon, and 204 houses. The Great Western railway runs AVON is an extra-parochial place with 14 inha-

through the parish. The lord of the manor is the Earl of bitants.

Carnarvon. Bricks are made here. Here is an excellent 'fYTHERTON KELWAYs, Kellaways, or Calloes, is a

National school for about 100 children of both sexes. parish with 15 inhabitants.

DoDFORD and Friday Street are to the east; Selstead,

Swallet, Holt, and Binhill are other places.

GEkTRY. Gingell Thomas, farmer Moore lsaac, carJ)enter

Headley Rev. Alexander, M.A. [curate] Hand Jacob, wheelwrlf(ht Moore Rhoda (Mlss), draper

Hiscock Mr. John, sen Heron Ann (Mrs.), schoolmistress Morris Ambrose, tailor & draper

Lam Rev. Robert V. M.A. [rector], Heron William, schoolmaster Neat Henry, shoemaker

Rectory TRADERS. Hiscock John, jun. farmert Friday Newman Elizabeth (Mrs.), 'Mermaid,'
street farm & farmer

Arundell John, sub-postmaster Howl John, farmer Ody John, farmer

Baker James, shopkeeper & coal dealer Howl Sopbia (Mrs.). beer retailer Reeves Thomas, farmer, Binhill farm

Baker John, farmer Hull John, farmer Rich John, farmer, Malford farm

Baker William, farmer, Selstead farm Hull Robert, bailiff of manor Vine Broome, farmer

Be!lant John, shopkeeper & bricklayer Hull Samuel, farmer, Swallet farm Wallace William, wheelwright

:Blake Rohert, blacksmith Hull Thomas, farmer, Holt farm Warry Robert, pari'ilh clerk

Collins Ayliffe, beer retailer Hunt James, shoemaker Whale \Villiam, boot & shoe maker

Crew James, blacksmith Lallfear William, farmer Williams Robert, brickmaker

IFranklin John, maltster & farmer
Lavington Jonathan, shopkeeper Wise John, carpenter

PosT OFFICE.-John Arundell, receiver. Letters from 5 p.m. The nearest money order office is at Chip-
Chippenham received at 8 a.m.; dispatched at I past penham

National School, William Heron, master; Mrs. Anne Heron, mistress

CHUTE is a township, village, and parish, in Kinward- National school, supported by subscription. It is 7 miles
stone Hundred, Andover Union, South Wilts, delightfully distant from the Andover railroad station. The great
situated on the side of a hill bordering on the adjoining tithes are leased by the !Jean and Chapter of Salisbury to
county, and chiefly noted for its forest and Conholt Park, W. Fowle, Esq., of Chute Lodge, in Chute Forest. 'l'here
the mansion and seat of Lord and Lady Charles Wellesley. are several bequests for the benefit of the poor.
It is distant 13 miles from Marlborough, and 3 north- CHUTE FoREST is an extra-parochial place, with 1,930
east from Ludgersball ; the population is 571, and there acres and 14~ inhabitants.
are 3,181 acres of fertile land. The church, dedicated to CoNHOLT is 2 miles north-east; 8tanden 1 half a mile
St. Nicholas, is built principally of brick, and in the mo- east; Cadley, 1! miles south-east; Fore!lt House, 1 mile
dern style, with handsome tower and spire, and provided south; Make Baker, 2 miles south-east; Honey Bottom,
with a clock ; the edifice is sheltered on the south-west half a mile south-east; Dean, quarter of a mile north-
by a row of yew-trees. The living is a vicarage, value "'est; Barkhill, half a mile north-west; Totterdown,
£250, in the gift of the Bishop of Salisbury; the incum- 2 miles north-west; Little Heath and Hippenscombe, 2
bent is the Rev. Samuel Cosway, M.A. The Wesleyans miles north-east; Haydon Hill and Fosbury, where there

have a small chapel here. There is a weekly and a Sunday is a large camp, 2l miles north-east.

GENTRY Carter William, farmer Norris Joseph, saddler & harnes

Cosway Rev. Samuel, M.A. Vicarage Chandler George, farmer maker, Upper Chute
Fowle Rev. Henry, Chute lodge Hopwood Richard & Thomas, earpen- Poole T. farmer, Chute forest
Scroggs Captain Sheppard George, saddler & harness
Welle~ley Lord Charles, Conholt park tersl!t wheelwrights, Upper Chute
maker, Upper Chute
TRADERS. Horn William, carpenter & wheel- Smith John, •Cross Keys'
Stroud John, 'Blue Bell,' Chute forest
Bailey Joseph, farmer, Lower Chute wri!£ht, Upper Chute Taylor Charles, maltster & farmer,
Batchelor Ann (Miss), shopkeeper, Kin~ William, farmer, Lower Chute
Lickfold J. farmer, Chute forest Lower Chute
Upper Chute .M undy W. farmer, Chute forest

Batchelor Richard, farmer, Up. Chute Pike Le\v Adolphus, farmer

PosT OFPICE.-James Smith, receiver. Letters arrive PLACES OF WORSHIP:-

from Andover by foot at 10 a.m.; di!<patched at 4 p.m. Church, Rev. Samuel Cosway, M.A. vicar

Tbe nearest rnone:Y order office is at Andover lVesleyan Chapel, ministers various

CARRIER-Smith, to & from Andover, wednesday & saturday

c:r.J:rr PJ:PAR.D, a township, village, and parish, in great Tiches, bequeathed an endowment for a Free school
the Union of Cricklade and ·wootton Bassett, chiefly in in the parish. In 1686 Sarah, Duchess Dowager of

the Hundred of 1<.ingsbridge, Cricklade parliamentary Somerset, bequeathed the marlor of Thornhill for the
Union, North \Vilts, 4 miles south from Wootton Bassett, foundation of certain scholarships, and the manor of
_and 87 from London. This parish comprises 3,985 acres, Broadtown for apprenticing poor boys of this ~ounty. A

of which the greater portion is pasture. Near to the vil- chapel was erected about three years since at Broadtown,
Jage is a high and very steep ridge or cliff, from which and marriages are performed there. It iB an t!cclesiastical
the fJlace take~ It!! name. The Manor House Is the seat district, with 430 inhabitants. The parish contained, in
of Horatio Nelson Goddard, Esq. The church is ab 1851,890 inhabitants. Various Roman coins have been
ancient edifice, with a handsome square tower containing found in the neighbourhood.
6 bells; the roofis of carved oak; the nave is separated THORNIIILL is 1! miles north-east; Barken Ham and
from the aisles by a range of five pillars and arches, and Rebbel, 2 miles north; Bushton, 1 mile notth-west; Wood~
in the chancel are ancient memorials to the Goddanl hill Park, half a mile Wrst; Breach Lane, 2 miles north-
family; here is also a handsome monument of marble to west; Greenway and Middlehill, 2! miles north-west;

'fhomas Spackman, a carpenter, who having amassed Thickthorn, 2 miles north-west; Marshhouse, 2 ntiles west.

Farlev Rev. William ' Draper James, mason Lewis lUchard, farmer

Gale 'Mr.'l'homas Draper William, farmer Lewis William, 'Goddard's Arms,' &

Ooddatd Rev. Georl!;e Ashe Gale Richard, fanner blacksmith
Gale Thomas, 'Queen's Head,' & shoe• Matthews Jatne~, farmer
Ooddard Horatio Nelson, esq..J.P
Miles Christopher, carpenter
Seager Mrs. Alice n.aker Miles William, farmer

Seager Mr. William Hammond Francls, beer retailer Newman Henry, wheelwright & black-
Sherwood Mrs. Harriett Henly William, farmer
Oram George, tarmer
Willis Miss Ann Herring Bryan, farm bailiff
Rawlings John, blacksmith
TRADERS. Hill Thomas, farmer l!t pig butcher Skuce Jacob, tailor

Beak William, farmer Hinder Henry, shopkeeper Smart Mary Ann (Mrs.), farmer
Smith Richard, farmer
C bes tcehr mAabnr aRhoa mb e,rSt 1hfoaermmaekr er Hitchcock Staines, carpenter
C hur Humpbries George, farmer Spencer High, farmer

Church Jsaac,carpenter & wheelwright LanglE>y Amy (1\'Irs.), farmer

Draper Henry, bricklayer Lewis John, farmer


Stiles William, farmer Tuck Isaac, farmer Letters through Wootton Ba~sett,
Woodward Jacoh, farmer which is also the nearest money order
Tbompson William, shopkeeper
Tuck Henry, farmer & pig butcher Your1g William Thomas, f.1rmer office

PLACBS OF WoRsHIP:- Primitive Methodist Chapel, Broadtown, no regular

St. Peter's Church, Rev. George Ashe Goudard, in- minister
Endowed Free School, Thornhill, Thomas Gale, master;

Broadtown Di1trict Church, Rev.Jobn Thomp3on, curate Mrs. Elizabeth Gale, mistress

COD:E"OR.D AT. MA'RY' and ST. PETER.. British settlement, covering se,·eral acres of ground.

CoDPORD is a village consisting of the parishes of St. There is a place of worship for Independents. The manor

Mary, St. Peter, and Sherrington, and closely adjoining belongs to Harry Biggs, Esq., of Stockton House. Popu-

Stockton and Boynton. Codtord St. Mary is a township lation, in 1851, 390; area in acres, nearly 2,000; rateable

and parish on the banks of the Wiley, and on the road value, .£1 ,701.

from Salisbury to Warminster, in the Hundred of Hey- CoDFORD ST. PETER is a parish adjoining the above,

tesbury, Warminster Union, South Wilts, distant 7 miles and situated in the same Hundred and Union. The living

south-east from Warminster, 14 north-west from Salis- is a rectory, iu the archdeaconry and diocese of Sali5bury,

bury, and 3 miles frotn Heytesbury. The living is a rec- value £440, and in the patronage of Pembroke College,

tory, in the archdeaconry and diocese of Salisbury, value Oxford. The Rev. Henry Wightwick, r.r.A., is the present

£306, and in the patronage of St. John's College, Oxford; incumbent. A National school-house has been erected

the Rev. George Mountjoy Webster, n.n., is the incum- at the expense of 'Vadham Loeke, Esq., of Ashton

bent. The church is in the perpendicular style. On the House, in this parish, and is now chiefly supported by

summit of Codford Hill, in this parish, is Ogbury or John Ravenhill, Esq. Population, in 1851,401; acreage,

Oldbury camp, an earthwork forming a complete circle, 1,611; rateable value, £2,413.

and surrounded by a vallum and fosse constructed with lsHERTON is a hamlet, a quarter of a mile west; Ash ton

great regularity. Near it is the supposed site of a large Gifford, a township, three-quarters of a mile west.

Codford St. Mary. Merchant Esther (Mrs.), boot & shoe TRADERS.

GENTRY. maker Barnes William, tailor
Bennett ~fr. Thomas Morgan William, pari!!h clerk
Brind Mary (Mrs.), George inn
Maddox Rev. John Webb [Independent Norfon George, plumber, painter &
minister] glazier Chapman H.ohert S. farmer
Chisman John, farmer
Sturj!ess Mrs NotiPy Anthony, farmer
Webster Rev. George Mountjoy, D. D. Perriour Thomas & John, sieve makers Doughty James, stonemason
Rabbits James, shopkeeper Feltham Thomas, butcher
Rectory Sims Joseph. boot & shoe maker Flower Isaac, surgeon, & registrar of
TRADERS. Sparey Charles, baker & carrier
Sturgess Elizabeth (l\Irs.), draper births & deaths for Heyte,bury distrct
Andrews Edward, draper Head William, parish clerk
Beckett John, basket 1naker Sturgess Richard, carpenter Laycock Ann (Mrs.), dressmaker
Todd John, railway agent
Bendall John,saddler & harness maker, Viney William, carrier Mathews Thomas Geo. grocer, draper,
& postmaster & agent to the Anchor fire & life
Codford St. Peter. office
Bennett William, farmer
Ingraru Herbert, esq. Ashton villa Raxworthy James, farmer&; woolstaplr
Fidler Matthew Rivers, shopkeeper Ravenhill John, esq. A~hton house
Whiting Mrs. Thomas Slade Scammell William, shopkeeper, baker,
Fry Thomas, shopkeeper & blacksmith Wightwick Rev. Henry, M.A.. Rectory & beer retailer
Goodfellow James, baker
Hinton Charles, tailor Snow William, stationer
Hinwood Thomas, blacksmith Watts William, boot & shoe maker

PosT OPPICE.-Jobn Bendall, receiver. Letters arrive by Bri.tish Empire Mutual, William Snow
CoACHES TO SALISBURY-(Froro Warminster), Royal
messenger from Heytesbury at 9 a.m.; dispatched at
Mail, ! past 6 evening, returns at ! past 9 morniu~;
5 p.m. The nearest money order office is at H eytesbury
Commerce, l past 11 morning, returns at l past 4
afternoon (sunuay excepted), & Celerity at ! pa~t 2
.l\, Miss Lane, mistress
British, Mrs. Savage, mistress afternoon, returuing at 1 aft. (sunday mccepted)
CARRIER-Sparey's cart to S111isbury, tuesday; Hindon,
thursday; Warminster, saturday
Anchor, T. G. Matthews

CO:LER.l\1"1!1 is a township, parish and village, distant {of John C. Boode, Esq. In 1851 the population was

8! miles west·south-west of Chippenham, 2 north-west of 1,086; the number of houses, 249. 'l'he parish contains
Box station, 104from London, and6~ north-east of Bath, 3,622 acres, which is divided iuto two manors. John
in the Hundred and Union of Chippenham, diocese of C. Boode, Esq., is lord of the manor of Ewtidge; the
Gloucester and Bristol, North Wilts. The living is a warden and scholats of New College, Oxford, are lords
sinecure rectory and vicarage, the latter in the gift of the of the manor of Colerne. There are charities of the
Warden of New College. Odord; r.ectory, value £2561 annual value of .£32 given to the desening poor at the
vicarage £90; the Rev. David Williartts, D.C.L., 'Varden discretion of the vicar and churchwardens; also 25 acres

of New College, Oxford, is rector; and the Rev. Gilbert of charity land, given in allotments to the poor of the
Heathcote, B.A., is vicar. The church of St. John the parish, of which the vicars of Colerne, Marehfield, and
Baptist is an artcient structure, in good repair, with Box, are trustees.

tower containing 6 bells; the style of architecture is EwRIDGE is a village. Other places are Carters Wells,

principally Gothic, but partly late Norman. Here are Thickwood, Eastrope, Daubenys, Widdenham, Charter
an Independent chapel, and National school for boys House, Hall Farm, Manor Farm, and Crooks.
and girls, erected in 1853. Lucknam House is the seat

Colerne. Gibbon John, shopkeeper Tuckey John, blacksmith
Tylee William, 'White Hart'
GENTRY. Greenaway Francis, masoll Tyley James, 'Foz~ Hounds,' &mltstr

BoodeJobn Christiant esq. Lucknam ho Greenaway Thomas, tailor

Butler Mrs Hancock George, shoemaker Webb Aaron, farmer, Manor farm

Heathcote Rev. Gilbert, B.A.. [vicar] J ones J ames, parish clerk & schoolmstr Webb Isaac, farmer

Perren Mrs. Caroline Knight John, farmer Webb William, farmer

TRADERS. May James, shoemaker Weeks Alfred & John, farmers

Aust Richard, beer retailer & corn dlr May Samuel, shoemaker Weeks Elizabeth (Mrs.), farmer

Aust Richard, coal dealer & mason Perren Frederick, farmer Weeks Henry, farmer

Bence Jame~, shopkeeper Perren Rowner, farmer Weeks J esse, hurdle maker&. woodman

Blythe Margaret (Miss), mistress of Perren William, miller,Widdenham mill Willis Lucy (Mrs.), shopkeeper
Pinchin J ;~pb. farmer, Cbarterhouse frm Woodham Daniel, cooper
National school

Brewer Thomas, harness maker Pinchin Mary (Mrs.), farmer, Hall frm Woodman John, 'Six Bells'
Brokenbrow John, farmr. Daubeny'! fm Proctor Thomaq, police constable

Bryant Robert, mason &. suh-postmastr TannerFlorida (Mrs.), frmr. Crook's frm Little John Davis, farmer
Butler James, wheelwright & shopkpr Tanner 'Villiam, wheelwright
Tuckey George, blacksmith Carter& Wells.

Drewett Sarah (Mrs.), baker Pbelps John, farmer



Beer George, farmt·r
Beer John, farmer

Eastrope. Tblckwood.

ITRADERS. Hurld James, farmer
l May William, shoemaker
IAust Charles, farmer
jPosT OF Fie E.-Robert Bryant, receiver. Letters from p.m. The nearest money order office is at Corsham
Chipp~:nham, arrive at ~ past 10 a. m.; dispatched at 4 National School, Miss Margaret Blythe, mi~tress

COLL'INGBOVR.N X'INGSTON and COLL'ING- AUGHTON, or Alton, is a tithing, half a mile north ;

BOUR.N DUCJ:S. Bmntou or Brumston tithing, half a mile north-east ;

COLLINGBOURN KINGSTON, or Upper Collinghourn, is ~outhton or Sutton Valiance tithing, half a mile south.
4 miles north of Ludgershall, 11 south-east from 1\larl- Kingston is a tithing.
borough, and IS south-east from Devizes, in the Hundred LowEu COLLINGBOURN, or Collingbourn Ducis, on
of Kinwardstone, and on the Bourne river-in t.hls part the same river, 1 mile nearer to Ludgersball, but in the
only a winter stream ; its church is dedicated to the Hundred of Elstub and Everly, is a rectory with an
Virgin. The parish includes the hamlets of Anghton, iucome of £585; patron, the l\Iarquis of Ailesbury;
Brunton, Southdown, Kingston, and part of Cadly. The acreage, 3,308; population, in l 851, 536; annual assessed
livin:t is a vicarage, in the gift of the Dean and Chapter property, £2,843. The acljunct of Dncis is derived from
of Winchester; the rectorial tithe and rent charge is having once been parcel of the Duchy of Lancaster. The
.£1,230; the vicarial tithe and rent charge is £320. late rector bequeathed the sum of £100, the interest of
Population 922, for whom the church :~ffords sufficient which to be appropriated to the repairs of the church.
accommodation; assessed property, £6,065. Here is a SHA.w BoTTOM: is 2 miles east.
Wesl~;yan chapel, and a school on the National system.

The area of the parish is 7,200 acres.

Colllngbourn Kingston. Clark Ouias, farmer Johnson Anne (MrR.), farmer

GENTRY. Clumus Dean William, farmer Kimber John, grocer & draper

Pile Joel, esq Collius John, farmer Mackrill William & Joseph, farmers

Poore Rev. Charles Harwood, Vicarage Crouch Uichard, shopkeeper Mist Jane (Mrs.), grocer&: drapt>r

TRADERS. Foord Thoma~;~, farmer Sauuders J ames, ~rO<'flr & draper·

Andrews Zebulon, carpenter Grace Elizabelh (Mrs.), farmer Sheppard Samuel, 'King·., Anm'

Annetts Charles, black~mith Grace Henry Blunsden, farmer Sh~>Pi)Brd Thoma", farmer

Bailey James, farmer Gulliver William, farmer Wheeler Mary (Mrs.), •Windmill'

Beames Henry, blacksmith Hercomb Mary (Mrs.), farmer Williams Rebecca(Mrs.), grocer&drpr

IChurch Henry Chas. Collingbourn inn Hillier James, farmer

PosT OFFICE.- Henry Chandler, sub-postmaster. Letters dispatcl1ed ! past 8 p.m. The nearest money order offices
arrive by wail coach from Marlborougb at! past 5 a.m.; are at Pewsey & Andover

St. Mary's Church, Rev. Charles Harwood Poore, in- Police Station, Charles Bowker, sergeant

cumbent CARRIER-James Hilliar, to Hungerford, on wednesday,

National School (boys & girls), Jeremiah Cole, maste:r; & to Andover, on saturday

Mrs. Mary Cole, mh,tress

Colllngbourn Duels. Banning Hannah ("1\Irs.), blacksmith & Ponting Henry, steward to the Mar-

GENTRY. shopkeeper quis of Ailesbury

Bonme Rev. Lutwidge, B.A.. [curate], Bray Thomas, maltster & brewer Rawlings James, grocer & draper
Choules Ann (Mrs.), Nezv ·inn
Rectory Russ John, farmer
Gulliver John, farmer Sheppard Robert, sen. saddler & har-
Canning Mrs
Wilson Rev. Henry, B.A. [rector], Harrison Richard, farmer ness maker
Hill Joseph, farmer Sheppard Robert, shopkeeper
Rectory Sindle Charle~, 'Shears'
TRADERS. Hooper George, miller & maltster Towler J a ne (Mrs.), boot & shoe maker

Annatt George, tailor 1\-Iiles John, carpenter&: wheelwright

Bailey John, t'drmer Pike George, farmer

CARRIER-Thomas Wheeler, to &: from Marlborough, every Raturday

COMPTON BASSET is a small parish and rural is the incumbent. The living is a rectory, in the arch-

village, 26 miles north-east from Calne, and 8 south from deuconry of Wilts and diocese of Salisbury, value £136

Wootton Bassett, in Calne Hundred and Union. The seat per annum. G. H. W. Hene&ge, Esq., M.P., is lord of
of G. H. W. Heneage, Esq., MP., with extensive park the manor. Population, in 18.)1, 436; acreage, 2,632.
and pleasure grounds, is situated here. The church, FREETH is 1 mile north-west; Blackwell, haH a mile
dedicated to St. Giles, is in the Norman and perpendicular north; Combe, quarter of a mile south-east.

styles, with square tower; the Rev. William Dalby, M.A..,

GENTRY. Bridges William farmer, Cowage farm Salte!' William, farmer, Noland'!l farm
Dalby Rev. Wllliam, Rectory Clark William, shopkeepr. & beer retlr Seckston John,' ·white Horse,• & shpkr
Heneage George Heneage Walker, esq. Dash Jacob, shopkeeper & postmaster Spackman Josepb, farmer
Drew Henry, shoemaker
Compton house :Freeth John, farmer Spackman William, farmer
TRADERS. Rawlings John, farmer Wbite G~orge, road 1111rvyr. & parish elk
Rawlings Thomas, filrmrr
Austin George, farmer Humming Henry, farmer White Jane (Miss), f.nmer
Bathe William, blacksmith
13odman Henry, farmer White Robert, farmer
Wilde William, shopkeeper

PosT OFFICE.- Jacob Dash, receiver. Letters arrive Nati.rmal School (for boys & girl~), Jno. Middleton, master;

through Calne at l past 8 a.m.; dispatched at 6 p.m. Mrs. Ann Middleton, rnistrt!ss

l'be nearest money order office is at Calne

COMPTON CBAMBER.LA.:IN is a township, parish, Salisbury, and 105 from London. The area is 2,130 acres,
and village, in South Darnerham Hundred, Wilton Union, and the population, in 1851, was 3.)2. 'l'here is a church.
South Wilts, 6 miles west-by-south from Wilton, 10 from 'l'he living is held by the Rev. Jolan Ravcnshaw Woods.

GENTRY. TRADERS. Plowman John, mason
Penruddock Chas. e•q. Compton house Abram Thomas, shopk~eper Plowwan Lot, shopkeeper
Wooda Rev. John Ravenshaw [incum- Sauger Fredk, po~tmstr. & parish clerk
Ewence George, smith Tarf;{ett 'Villiaru, farmer
bent] Golpin Tborna~, farmer Wilkins William, carpenter
Parker Alfred, shoemaker

PosT OFFICB.- Frederick Sanger, receiver. Letter11 SHAFTRSBURY-twice daily
arrive through Salisbury at 6 a.m, & 4 p.m.; dispaiChed YEOVIL-onct> a day
11t 10 min. to 1 p.m. & 10 min. to 8 p.m. The uearest WINCANTON-monday, wednesday & friday; returning tQ
Sali~bury the followimr days
money order offices are at Salisbury 4c. Hindoo
04~tllS\H!--pas~ipg dailr
~AHSBV~Y-tbree times ~ally


COOMDE BJ:SSET is a parish in the Hundred of living is a vicarage, in the arch!.leaconry and diocese of
Cawden and Cadworth, and Alderbury Poor Law Union, Salisbury, valued at £220. The Rev. William Biscoe,
Wilton parliamentary borough, South Wilts, 3~ miles M.A., is the incumbent. The church is dedicated to St.
south-west from Salisbury station, 98~ from London; con- Michael. Here is a small National school.

tained, in 1851, 415 inhabitants, and 2,196 acres. The

GENTRY. Brooks John, bricklayer Harwood Thos. farmer & wheelwright
Bi~coe Rev. Williarn, M. A. the Vicarage Brooks William, postmaster Pininger Bartlett, farmer
Neat~ Miss Martha Cross Joseph, farmer Ralph Richard, boot&. shoe maker
Feltham David, farmer Smart Anthony, baker
TRADERS. Fleetwood John, farmer Spicer Samuel, bl'erretlr.& wheelwrght
Adlam Ahraba:n Thomas, bootmaker Flower John, farmer Williams Edwd. Valentine, private tutor
A ttwell J ame,., machine & drill maker
Harwood James, 'Fox~· Goose'
Baker William, blacksmith

}JosT OFFICB.- William Brooks, receiver. Letters arrive 1 at 7 p.m. The nearest money order office is at Salisbury

by me!'lsenger from Salbbury at 7 a.m.; are di~patched I Natiollal School, Miss Jane Tittley, mistress

CORSHAM, with the Hamlets of' COR.SBAM having rooms there; Lord Radnor is the governor.
SJ:Dl:':, EASTON, GASTARD, and PJ:CX.WJ:CK.. Lady James', produeing about £36 per annum, given
CoRSHAl\! is a township, parish, market-town, and railway in blankets and coats. William Kirby's, about £45

station on the Great Western railway, 98l miles from per annum, divided between eight poor per~ous of good

London, 4~ south-west-by-west from Chippenham, 36 character. The feoffees are trustees of certain lands and
.north-west of Salisbury, 8~ north-Past from Bath, 4 north- funds producing about £150 per annum, for the three
west of Mclksham, 5 north-east of Bradford, and 20 east of following purposes :-1st, the repair of the fabric of the
Bristol, in the Hundred and Union of Chippenham, North parish church and necessary utensils thereof; 2nd, the
Wilts, and bishopric of Gloucester and Bristol. The living relief and support of the poor in the parish dwelling; 3rd,
is a vicarage, value £300, in the gift of Lord Methuen; the the repairs -of all decayed bridges in the parish. 'fhe
Rev. \V. C. Bermett, M.A., is the incumbent. The church principal seats in this neighbourhood are-The Court,
of St. Bartholomew is an ancient structure, in the Norman Lord 1.\'Iethuen; Hartham Park, T. P. Fielder, Esq.; Nestou
and English styles, with tower containing 6 bells. There Park, J. B. Fuller, Esq.; Monks Park, William Specks,
are four Dissenting chapels, viz., two Independent and Esq.; Jaggard's Hou8e, Charles Lear, Esq.; and Pock-

two Baptist; also a British school for boys, and a Free ridge House, J. Edridge, Esq. 'fhe population, in 1851,

school for girls, supported by Lord l\Iethuen. Corsharn was 3,172, and the parish contains 6,396 acres. Lord
Regime is not incorporated; it comprises a Royal and a Methueu is the lord of the manor. Here is a railway
Rectory manor; the former has its bailiff, chosen by the station.

tenants, who is invested with the powers both of sheriff CoRSHAM SIDE is a hamlet in the parish of Corsham,

and coroner. A court-leet is held annually, to which the distant 2 miles south ofthat place.

Rectory manor owes suit and service. Before the general EASTON tithing, and GASTARD, or GusTARD, are
introduction of machinery, spinning alld weaving were hamlets in the parish of Corsham; the former di~tant

carried on here. At 1'hingley is the point where the 1 mile east, and the latter 2 miles south-east of Corsham.

Wilts, Somerset and \Veymouth railway diverges from the PicKWICK is a tithing in the parish of Corsham,

Great Western railway. There are two fairs held, one on distant half a mile west of that place.

the 7th of March and the other on the 4th of September, RIDGE HousE, Milborne, Pitts, Moor, Boyds, Pond

for cattle of all kinds. The charities are-An alrnshouse, Close, Ridg-eside, Westwells, Patterdown, Westrop,

endowed by the late Lady Margaret Hungerford with Landsend, Velly, Cooper's Hill, Byde, Guyers, and

£20 annually for the master, and £30 for six old people, Stowell, are other places.

Corsham. \Yhite Miss l\Iary Horne James Davis, maltster & baker

GENTRY. Williams Mr. Gilbert Trow Hulbert .Ann (Miss), 11choolmistress
Alexander 1\:lro;. Mary
Arnold 1\Irs. Elizabeth, Pound hill Williams Miss Sophia Hulbert Henry, tailor, Priory lane
Barker Mr. Aldred, Cypress villa
Bart.m l\Iiss Mary \'Viltshire Mrs Humphries JamPs, shopkeeper
Belcl.l Mrs. Mary
TRADERS. Hunt Solomon, earthenware dealer
.Bennett Rev. Wm. Coles, M.A. [vicar]
Coliman Mrs. Sarah Balch Elizabeth( Mrs.), butcher,High st James Sarah (1\Jrs.), mistress of Free
Crauford Matthew, e!'lq. Station "ilia
Cruttwell Thomas, esq. Hi~h street Balch Henry, maltster &. b..tker 1 school
Fielder Thomas E. esq. Hartham park
Flower .Miss Mary Ballarn & Suell, milliners &dressmakers, J ones Jsaac, 'Pack Horse,' High st

Frean:.e Miss Diana Emily High street Jones Maurice, carpenter
Freame Edward George, e•q
Fry Miss Elizabeth Barton Elizabeth(Mrs.),shpkpr.High st Kemm William, surgeon

Gibbons Mr. Thomas Bodman &. Penen, groct>rs, linen & Kington John, tailor
Goolcl Mr. \Villiarn
woollen drapers, H igb street Little Aaron, registrar of births, deaths
H arris l\Iiss Catherine Hay
Bourne Richard, a,;:-istant overseer & & marriages for Corsham distriet,
Hay ward l'tlrs. Pro~pect place
Hulhert Mrs. Emma "estry clerk, High street Chippenham union, & surgeon, High
Hulbert Mr. John, Pro~pect place
.J~:~.cques Mr. Jeremiah Bradbnry George Waiter, relieving street
Kemm William, esq
l,ittle Aaron, esq. High .,treet offi~er, tleputy re:listrar of births &. Little William, teadealer
Marler lHr. Dauie) Head
deaths for Corsham district, Chip- Long George, boot & shoe maker,
.Methuen Lord Paul, the Court
pPnham union, Hi~h street Priory lane
Morri3 Mr. Jame~
Mullm8 Rev. George BromleyJames,ironmonger&carpenter Long Selina (Mrs.), straw bonnet
O:;borne l\lr>~. Maria Newman, Priory la
Bromley John, builder maker, Priory lane
P.1rsons Mr. John, Pro!'pect place
Perren Mrs. Ann Buckland Jacob, butcher Manley Robert, butcher
~ainshury Geor!{e, esq. Priory Burraston J ame~, saddler & harness mkr Manley Thomas, farmer
Sainsbury Wm. Be~tjarnin, esq. Priory la
Sanson 1\'Ir. William Cole Edwin, plumber & glazier Manning Joseph, land steward to Lord
Slade Rev. Geo. [Independent minister]
Souter Mr. Johu Cole James. plumber & glazier 1\Iethuen
Stump Mrs. Sarah Cook Joseph, farmer, .Milborne farm Martin Sarah (Miss), schoolmi~tress

Tompson Mr. John Cruttwell Thomas, solicitor, High st Milsom Arthur, boot&. shoe maker
Washbourne Thomas, esq
Day Gabriel, 'Cross Keys' Norris Caroline (Miss), straw & tuscan
Watts Rev. John
Day James, shopkeept-r, Priory lane bonnet maker

GiJier George, auctioneer, appraiser & Norris George, plasterer & tiler
farmer Osborne William, stonemason

Glasby Robert, veterinary surgeon Pinniger John,'Methuen Arms'

Goold Uriah, tanner Randall & Saunders, quarry masters &

Green William, beer retailer stonemasons

Greenway Thomas, carpenter Ring 'Villiam, blacksmith

Hale Joseph, boot&. shoe maker Scott Robert, bookseller, bookbinder,

Hancock Richard, boot & shoe maker stationer, postmaster, chemist &

Harren Jame8, haulier druggist, High street

Harris & Wray, stonemasons 8elman Daniel, tailor

Harris John, sweep Spackman Henry, linen & woollen

Hayward Thomas, sexton draper, High street

Hore Henry, baker Spencer William, plumber & glazief


Spencer William, tailor May Sarah (Mrs.), beer retailer Rowlandson Mrs

IStantial Chrif>topher, tailor Merritt Daniel, farmer Sheppard Mr. John
Sperrin!l Mrs
Stantial John, chemist & druA'gist, & Poulson Samuel, butcher
Togbill Mr. Moses
wine & spirit merchant, Hi11h st Rudman Isaac, blacksmith

Strong Henry, boarding school dt corn- Woodman William, baker TRADBRS.

mercial academy Easton. Aust Sydney, baker, Pickwick road

Stroud Joseph, carrier GENTRY. Ayliffe Thomas, blacksmith

Sutton Charle~, tiler & slater Dunsdon :M:rs. Ann Blake Job, farmer, Middle Pickwick

Taylor James Phipps, confectioner Miles Mr. John, Easton house Blake Wm. farmer, Hartham farm

Taylor John Montain, beer retailer, 'l'RADERs. Brewer Wm. farmer & quarry master

Priory lane Ball William, farmer, Thingley farm Bullock Thomas, watchmaker, Pick-
wick road
jTrotman William, boot & slwe maker, Beaven James, farmer Burchell George, shopkeeper, Pick-
Priory lane Ruckland Thomas, 'Roebuck'
Tucker James, bairdre~ser wick road
Duck Elijah, farmer, Tbi,ngley
Tylee William, 'Duke of Cumberland,' Freeth Jeph. farmer, Patterdown farm Butler Wm. farmer, Stowell farm
Hulbert Robert, farmer, Thingley Duck Isaac, parish clerk & builder
Priory lane Freeth John, farmer, Pockridge farm

Usher Jame!!, Station hotel place farm Gale William, farmer, Minety farm

Wasbourne Thomas, surgeon :Manley Charles, blacksmith
Plummer William, farmer, Westrop Gardner Charles, livery stables
White Jacob, cooper Hitchcock William, •Hare~ Hounds'

White Wm. corn dealer & cheese factor Park farm
Woodman Sarah (Mrs.), beer retailer Stockham William, carpenter & farmer Horsey (Ralph) & Lord (Peter), brush

CorshaiD Side. Gastard. makers

GENTRY. Fowler John, esq. Elm grove Hulbert Henry & Son, brewers, hop

Fuller John Bird, esq. Neston park Taylor Mrs. Caroline dealers & maltsters

Henly Mr. William TRADERS. Hulbert Thomas, farmer

Lear Charles, esq. Jaggard's house Bond Joseph~ boot & shoe maker J acques Isaac, farmer

Rooke Alexander, esq. Ridge houee Bull John, farmer, Land's end Kelly George, boot & shoe maker

Speeks William, Monk's park Duusdon Ann (Mrs.), farmer, Gastard Knapp Wm. farmer, Pickwick lodge
Manley Edward, farmer
TRADERS. Court farm

Breach Aaron, farmer Gibbons Henry, butcher & farmer Neale William, master of British school

Dunsdon Thomas, farmer, Pitt's farm Horne John, farmer Plumber William, farmer

Edwards John, farmer, Moor farm Poulson Josepb, farmer, Velly farm Pollard Paul, blacksmith

Gregory Mary (Mrs.), farmer, Monk's Poulson Thomas, farmer, Cooper's Rawlings Sarah (Mrs.), beer retailer
Ricks Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper
farm Hill farm
Shewring George, blacksmith & beer
Hayward John, farmer, Boyd's farm Ray James, miller, Bvde mill
Henley Geo. farmer, Pond Close farm Woodman Robert, 'Hart~ Crown'

Joyce Thomas, farmer, Ridge side Pickwick. Smith Frederick, carrier

Lacey Thos. blacksmith & beer retailer Chivers Mr. William Smith Sarah (Mrs.), beer retailer

Law George, farmer Edridge Jobo, e>q. Pockridge house Tbrongate James, shopkeeper

Lewis William, farmer, Westwell's farm Rooke Captain William, Guyer's house White Emanuel, 'Chequer•'

Po&T OFFICE.-Robert Scott, receiver. Letters arrive Relieving Officer, George Waiter Bradbury
from Cqippenham at! past 6 a.m.; dispatched at ~ past Vestry Clerk t Assistant Overseer, Richard Bourne
7 p.m. Money orders are granted&: paid at this office PUBLIC SCHOOLS:-
Free,~ Almshouse, Rev. George Mullins, master

.A l~ion Fire~ Life, George Waiter Bradbury British (for boys), William Neale, master
Ho11e Mutual Life, Richard Boume
Sun; Fire~ Life, Robert Scott Free (for girls), Mrs. Sarah James, mistress

West of England Fire~ Life, John Stantial CARRIERS TO:-

BATH-Joseph Stroud & Frederick Smith, wednesday &

PUBLIC OFFICERS :- saturday; returning same days

Bailiffof the Royal Manor, William Kemm, eeq BRISTOL-Frederick Smith, monday; returns the fol-
Registrar of Births, Deaths k Marriages, ~ Medical lowing day
Officer for (]orshmn district of Chippenham Union, DEVIZEs-Joseph Stroud, thursday; returning same day

Aaron Little, esq

COR.S:LEY with CH.A.PMANS:LAD:S. a square tower. A National school-house has likewise been

CoRSLEY is a parish in the Hundred and Union of Warmin- erected. Here are two Dissenting places of worship.

ster, South Wilts, situated pn the borders of Somersetshire, Population, in 1851, 1,473; acreage, 2,712; rateable Talue,

4 miles north-west from Warmiuster and south-west from £3,853.

Westburv, and 3 east from Frome. The living is a rectory, The village of CHAPMAliSLADB is partly in this parish,

value £215, in the archdeaconry and diocese of Salisbury, and partly in that of Westbury ; it is also partly in the Union

and in the patronage of the Marquis of Bath, to whom the and Hundred of Warminster, and partly in tbat of West-

manor belongs; the Rev. James Hay Waugh, M.A., is the bury; distant 3~ miles north-west from 'Va.rminster, and

incumbent. The church, dedicated to St. Margaret, has about the same distance south-west from Westbury. Here

been rebuilt, with funds supplied partly by the late are two Dissenting chapels.

Marquis of Bath, and partly by public subscription; it is a 8TIRFORD is in this parish; Landhur~t is 2 miles east;

neat edifice, in the early English style of architecture, with Cley Hill, 2 miles west.

Coraley. Down George, farmer Prangley John, shopkeeper

Barton Nathaniel, esq. [magistrate], Down Ht>nry, shopkeeper Randall Emanuel, beer retailer

Corsley house Fricker John, blacksmith Randall Harriet (Mrs.), farmer

Robertson Robert, esq. Stirford house Gutch John, yeoman Robertson Robert, agent to the 1\'lar•

Silcox Mrs. Ann Hooper James, boot & shoe maker quis of Bath, Stirford house

Waugh Rev. James Hay, ~•.A. Rectory Hopkins William, carpenter Ro~ers John, farmer

TltADEB.S. Howell John, miller Ruddle Thomas, collar& harness maker

Allard Benjamin, 'Cross Ktys,' & Knapp Thomas, beer retailer Scammell James, farmer

farmer Knight Ann Maria (Mrs.), post office Singer Isaa.c, stonemason

Baily William, farmer Knight J obn, carpenter & wheelwright Snehrrove Frederick, shopkeeper

:Ball Joseph, farmer Knight James, maltster Taylor James, parish clerk
Benton John, b~tcher
Mines Abraham, shopkeeper Taylor William, farmer & shopkeeper
Clements Thomas, farmer
Cook Edward, blacksmith Mines Richard, yeoman Tyler Elihu, 'Royal Oak,' & smith
Cuff George, boo~ & shoe maker
Moody William,carpenter&wheelwrght White Exton, farmer
Nelgrove Thomas, boot & shoe maker I Youdell Jame~, shopkeeper

PosT OFFICE.-Mrs. Ann Maria Knight, receiver. Letters 'I patched at l past.:; p.m. The nearest money order offices

arrive by messenger from Warminster at 10 a.m.; dis- are at WarminstPr & Westbnry

PJ,ACF.S OP WORSHIP:- Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, ministers various
National School, Miss Ellen May, mistress
Parish Church, Rev. J. H. Waugh, M.A. rector
Baptist Chapel, ministers various


Cbapmauslade, Bi~rgs James, tailor Hopkins James, wheelwright
GENTRY. Carpenter James, farmer, shopkeeper Kick John, beer retailer
Leonard Richard, farmer
Edgell Rev. William Charles, B.A. & baker
Singor Forehead, esq Cook Mary (Mrs.), beer retailer Silcox William, 'Wheelwrights' Arms,'
Dredge Abel, blacksmith
Strongman Rev. William [Independent & basket maker
Dredl!e Thomas, shopkeeper & baker Viner George1 boot & shoe maker
ministerJ Grist William, carpenter Watts John, blacksmith
TRADERS. Wilkins Antbony, shopkeeper, baker &
Gunning William, farmer
Biggs John, 'Three Horse Shoes,' & Hollaway John, boot & shoe maker post office


PosT OPPICE,-Anthony Wilkins,receiver. Letters arrive PLACES OF WoRSHIP:-
by messenger from Westbury at 10 a.m.; dispatched Independent Chapel, Rev. William Strongman, minister
~ past 4 p.m. Baptist Chapet, mini::>ters variou:~

EAST COULSTON is a township and small parish, the rector. The church is very small, and has a low spire
situate 51 miles north-east of Westbury, 21 north-east of rising from the north end, which contains l bell. The
Salisbury, and 7~ south-west of Devizes, in the Hundred of population, in 1851, was 101, and the area of acres 868,
Whorwelsdown, and in Salisbury bishopric. The living which are principally arable.

is a rectory, and the Rev. John Charles Clapp, M.A.., is

Clapp Rev. John Charles, Rectory I IBPaven William, farmer, l:)tockmarah Letters through Westbury, which is

Redman Will~am, farmer also the neare~t money order office

CR.J:CKLADB is a borough and market town in the Hun- ., family, who also gave the rent of certain Janus in great-

dreds of High worth, Cricklade and Staple, Union of Crick- coat:; and cloaks to poor men and women. Major Henry

Jade and Wootton Bassett, North Wilts, 84 miles west-by- Smyth, in 1853, gave £1,000 to the parish for the promo-

north from London, 52 north-by-west from Salisbury, 24 tion of education; it is vested in the hands of five

north of Devizes, 7 south-east from Cirencester, 8 north- trustees for that purpose. There is also Hodge's charity

east from Wootton Bassett, 4 from Purton station, and 8 of £6, to be distributed to ten poor householders not

north-east from Swindon. This place is of great anti- receiving parochial relief; and 100 acres of land was given

quity, is situated in a level tract of country on the south out of the fore&t of Braydon to the poor of Cricklade,

bank of the Thames, where the small rivers Churn and Rey when the forest was disatforested by King Charles II., now

have just rendered it navigable. The soil is generally a producing about £180 per annum, one moiety to be

rich loam, producing fine crops. The town consists prin- distributed to eight poor men and women not receiving

cipally of one long street, and is paved and otherwise parochial relief, the other moiety t.o be divided in two

improved from funds arising from an early bequest, called equal parts, one part to apprenticing children, the other

Cricklade Waylands, the present annual income from to paupers. Dunches' charity, consisting of lands pro-

which is £175. Some years since waterworks were con- ducing about £26 or £30 per annum, to decayed house-

structed and pipes laid down, so that the town is well holders not receiving parochial relief. There is also a

supplied with water. In 1015 the town was taken and Lammas meadow, called North Meadow, of 104 acres,

plundered by Canute the Dane; it has not been distin- into which, from Lammas to Candlemas, the inhabitants

guished by any event of national importance since the have the right of turning in their cattle. Near St. Samp-

Conquest. To the north of the town the Thames and son's churchyard is a building erected by Robert Jeuner,

Severn canal passes, and is connected with the Wilts and goldsmith, of London, in 1652, for the purpose of a school;

Berks by the North Wilts canal, which passes the town it was for many years used as a poor-house, but has lately

to the south-west. The town is governed by a high- been restored to its original purpose. The living of St.

bailiff, who is appointed by a jury at the court-leet of the Mary's is a rectory, value £84, in the diocese of Gloucester

lord of the manor; it is a prescriptive borough, and from and Bristol; patron, the Bishop ofGlouce:;ter and Bristol;

the reign of Edward I. exercised the elective franchise with the Rev. Hugh Allan, M. A., is the present incumbent. The

various interruptions till the reign of Henry VI., since church consists of a nave, north and south aisles, and chan-

which time it regularly returned two members to Parlia- eel, which is riivided from the nave by a circular Norman

ment till1782, when, in consequence of bribery, the fran- arch, ornamentefi with the chevron ornament; the aisles

chise was extended to the adjoining divisions of Highworth, are af the perpendicular character of the 15th century,

Cricklade, Staple Kingsbridge, and Malmesbury. The with Tudor arches; the tower is low and covered with

present members are John Nee1d, Esq., anq A.mbrose ivy, containing 4 bells. In the churchyard is a stone

L. Goddard, Esq. The market on Saturday is still kept cross, with St. John, and other figures partly mutilated.

up, though almost nominal, but the market for fat cattle In this parish are the remains of a priory, dedicated to

and cheese on the third Tuesday in each month is well St. John the Baptist, founded in the reign of Henry Ill.,

attended; fairs have been wholly discontinued, with the now converted into a private residence; there was ;,lso an

exception of a pleasure fair on the 21st of September. hospital dedicated to the same patron, and some land

Cricklade comprises two parishes, St. Sampson's and St. belonging to it in St. Sampson's parish, still called the

Mary's. The living of St. Sampson's is a vicarage, to Spital. The population of St. l\Iary was, in 1851, 431 ;

which is annexed the rectory of Widhill adjoining, in the the parish contains l21 acres. St. Sampson'd parish

diocese of Bristol and Gloucester, and in the gift of the contains 6,000 acres, and, in 1851, had l,475 inhabitants.

Deau and Chapter of Salisbury, valued at £400, with 1Joseph Neeld, Esq., is lord of the manor of both parishes.

residence and 6! acres of glebe; the Rev. Francis Dyson, ElSEY is I mile north-east; Cow Leaze, 1 mile north-
M.A., is the present incumbent. The church is a spacious east; Allid, 1~ miles north-east; Colcutt, 1 mile south-
structure, having seats for 520 persons; it is in the form east; Bad House, ~ miles south-east; Oxhouse, 1 mile

of a cross, with a handsome square embattled tower rising south; Dance, a quarter of a mile south; Broad Leaze,

from beautifully-proportioned arches at the intersections, 1 mile south ; Whitehall, 2 miles south-east; Chalworth,

crowned with a pierced parapet and pinnacles, on one of or Chelwortb, 1 mile south-west; Fiddle Farm, half a mile

which is the Catherine Wheel, finely executed. The south west; Windmill Hill, three quarters of a mile west; Bourn-

porch was formerly a chapel, built by the Hungerford lake, 2 miles west; Hailstone, 2 miles north-west.

GENTRY. Dyson Rev. Francis, M.A. Vicarage Lansdown Mrs. Mary, High street
Allan Rev. Hugh, High strePt Jenner Mrs. Susannah, Hi~h street Packer Mr. John, Calcutt street
Champernowne Mis11es, Calcutt Kennier Richard, esq. High street Wells Charles, esq. High street
Coleman Mrs. Elizabeth, High street Wells William, esq. M.l>. Brayden
Knowles Charles, esq. Brayden

Akerman George, farmer Boolton John, glover, High street
Bargery Jennetta, straw bonnet maker, Calcutt street Boolton Thoma.s, farmer
Barnes Jacob, baker & farmer, High street Brooks Charles, surgeon, High street

Barnes Job Henry, farmer Carter William, butcher, High street
Beazley George, bacon & cheese factor, High street Cbivers Robert, watchmaker, High street
Berriman John, farmer Clark James, brazier & tinmao, High street

Blackwell William, farmer Clark William, farmer
Blake Henry, farmer Clinch Joseph, tailor, High street

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