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Pigot's Directory of Wiltshire - 1822

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Pigot's Directory of Wiltshire - 1822

Tars county is situated in tl1e province of Canterbury, in the diocese or Salisbury, and contains ~g
hundrecll', one city, 15 boroughs, and 10 other market-towns, On the north and west side of it lies Glou-

cestershire; its western boundary is Somer~etshire; Dors~tshire confines its southern extremity; and Hamp-

shire and Ber!ishire inclose it on the east. Its extreme length is 54 miles, and breadth ·34, and its area

measures a'bout 878,000 acres. The air of Wilt!:'hire lil\e that of othel' counties, is various, according to the

difft•rent parts of it, but on the whole it is Bg-reeable and salubrious. On the downs and higher parts, it i~

sh.up and dear; in the vallies mild, ev£>n in winter. Throughout tl1e county, in a north-east direction,

runs the chalk ridge, spreading in large high plains, called the 'Wiltshire llowns. These dm'l"ns, in the southern

part called Salisbury plain, the surface consists of a ldnd of chalky loam of various depth. There are also

some very sing-ular veins of !land, which run through this di11tcict ; the western and northern parts princi-

pally consist of a rich tract of vale land. Over the extensive wilds, ·cRlled Salisbury plain, roam immense

flocks of sheep, who with their shepherds, are the sole tenants, if the bustard, the wheatear, and a few other'

solitary birds be excepted, avoid the haunts of men. The summer stock of sheep on these plains and·

down!:', is computed to be 500,000; the wool, which in course forms a considerable artide of trade, is mo-

derate_ly fine. On the borders of Dorsetshire many cows are kept, and much butter made ; the north-wes-

tern part i~ famous for its cheese, second only to that of Cheshire. ThE' manufucturin~e part of the county

is on the Somersetsbire borders, the principal article worked is superfine broad cloth; besides which there are

mnnufacturers of Serges, and other woollen stuffs; of dowlas, bed-ticking, glovt>s, &c. The rivers o£ thitt

county are the Lower Avoa ;-the Thames or Isis; the Cole ; the Kennet; the Bourne; the Uppcu Avon;

the Willey; and the Nadder. ·

Inde.r • Town to Toum in tlte Count,y of JViltsllire.

of Distances from

The names of the respective towns are on the top and side, and the square where both meet gives tlte distanu.

Distance frnm Ltmdon.

Amesbury - --- - -- ------4 - - • - - - 77

Bradford 27 Bradford - • - - • - - - - - - - - - - • • - • - lClO

Calne 23 1:3 Calne - - .,.. - - - - - .. • - - - - - - - - • • 88

Chippenham 32 ll 6iChippenham - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - .. - 93

Crieklade • , :)8301720·Cricklade - - - - - · - - - - - - - - - - - - 84

D~villes i6 13 710 24 Devizes - - - - - • - - - - - - - - -· - .. 89

Highworth :)5 34 20123 8 2!i High worth - - - - - - - - - - - - - - .. 77
Hindon ~
• 1720301244726:J1iHindon- - - - - -- ,. - - - - - ~- 97
Malmesbury - -- -• - - - - - 96
41962271116412901129:'2104 2044 \.1:1\lmesbury - - -- -- - - - "' - •
1\farlborungh 16 36 ~3 Mal'lborough 74
Melksham 22 5 81 6 26 B 26 22 16 22'Melksham - • - - • - - - - - - 96

Salisbury R 33 3033 4-6 22 -!3 16 ;l2 27 29 Salit:;burv - - - - - - - - - • 81

.SI'rindon :29 27 14il8 9 HI 6 4:1 16 11 22 :37 Swintlon - - - - - • - - - - 8.1

TrO\vbriclge 22 3 1313 30 10 :l3 l7 27 24\ 5 30 29rTI'owbridl\'e - .,. - - - - - - 98
l8Jllj2115 1138 17 96
Warminster . -l2 !L30 3lrl3 22 36 8 Warn1inster - - • - - - •
Wt>stbury 20l 7!17 15134 14 4123l02l652·8l\7:931296\3362243042\6W-tI>W!~ottbtu~rnyBasse-t - 99
Wott.on Basset :3 - - - - 90
3222:10,12 Bl6 - - - -


ON the westE>rn border of Wiltshire, 100 miles west of London, 7 miles south-east of Bath, and ~0

from Bristol. is a noted and popuhus manufacturing town, romantically situated on the banks of a consi~
dernble river called the Lower Avon, which nmning through the centre~ diYirles it into two parts over whicb
are two !'ltone b1·idges, one large and handsome with 9 arche~ in the centre, of the town, the othvr lower
down the river in the outskirts of it. The river flows "'·est through Bath to Bristol, and empties itself

in'to the Bristol c.lmnnel. The Kennet and Avon canal whic_b connects the two great c.'ommercial cities of

Loncon and Bristol, ar,d on whif:h considerable trade h; carried on, not only between those cities, out like'>o
wise the different towns on its whole line of navigation, forming also a junction with the eoal and otl!er
canals, is close to this town, adjoining to whieh is A handsome And commodious wharf for the benefit of

trade. Bradford is an ancient town, of some note in tht' time of ilte Saxons; deriving its present name

from Bradenford, the Saxon term for broad-ford, over which at that period, tbere was no bridge; it gites

name to its hundred and is built all of stone, is situated within a co'fe fermt>d by the surrounding hill'!1 from
the summits of which, are ddightfnl picturesque, varied ttnd extensive prospects, nnd whi,·h at the samtt
time defends it from the north 1tnd east winds, is very ht>althfully situated on a roc.'ky soil, nnd every part
verging to the river, kl"eps it salubrious. Dnring the h~ptarchyit was distinguished L-y a bloody battle fought

here hetween Kenewalchin'l, King of the West Saxona and his kinsman Cuthred; the remains of intrenc'h·

ment!l and tumuli, where the slain were deposited. being still to be seen. On digging near the spot in the

yeal' 1820, several skeletons were found in good preserl'ation, together with swords; spear-heads, arrow'-

heads and other warlike instruments, then in use, and ll ring supposed gold, with a motto in the centre Of

an nnltn.,wn character. In tlle reign of Edward L it sent in one instance two membt>rs to parliamenr, to
wit, Thomas Dering and William Wager, but wlwther it forfeited its right by neglect or wa:s disfranehised

by t.he aut~10rity of gol'ernment is uacertain; it sti1l, however, retains the appellation of " tbe borough."

The st1eets in this town, although irregular, are in genc.'ral wide and airy, and contains many Tery good

l10uses. The church is a large ancient building with a steeple and tower, containing 8 re1narkably fine toned

bells, the 'interior whand;,ome, and hns an excellent organ, with many well sculptured marble mQnuments.

particularly in the chancel, where there is a very good· altarpiece, ornau1ented with a painting of the last

supper, done by a native of this town; it has also two h11nchome windows of painterl gla11s, representing the

actions of our Saviour and his apostles; those windo\VS with an elegant ser'fice of communion-plate aml



other donations were the gifts of John l"errett, Esq. of London. a native of this place, who died in 1770.
Bl'1ldford is a vicarage, attached tcfo which are 7 other churobes, viz. \Vestwood, Limpley, Stoke, Winsley,
HoJt, South Wraxhall, Attworth an(l Broughton; the living is about SOOl. neu per annum, and is in tlte

~ift of the dean and chapter of Bristol; the Rev. F. William Blomherg, chaplahi. to his Majesty George IV.

i,s the present vkar. Near the church is a free-school for the education of boys eudowed in the year 1712;

and likewise two almsbouses, one for men founded by John Hall, Esq. the last of an ancient family, 1those
residence had been at B1·adford ever since the time of Edward I.; the other for poor old women, wlterc

formerly W&IJ a chapel, with a bell, and an allowance for a chaplain to the same, but now applied to r•ur-

PI111e! different than what it appears was the original intention of its pious founder. Here are also 5ix dis-

eentiug places of worship, one of which, the Wesleyan chapel, is a large and elegant building. The

management of the poor of this parish ia singular, it is intrusted to an additional overseer electe~ wnually,

who bas a salary of 1001. per annum, besides ]lCt·quisites and a residence in the parish workhouse, and who,

in consequence of a local and particular act of parliament, passed many years ago, is invested with powers
ditferin~ from any other overseers, in the kingdom ; a surgeon and apothecary is likewise paid at a fix~d
&alary for a.ttend~tnce on the poor. This to\vo is famous for the manufacturing of superfine broad cloth

from the best Saxon and Spanish. wool, which has been carried on here to a great extent, most of the priL&-

dpal clothiers kt'eping travellen and sending goods to all parts of the uuitcd kiugdom, indepeod('nt of the
foreign trade; it is not now so brisk as formerly, but yet is reviving again with every prospect of its fc~Hmer

.prosperity. There are in the town and its immediate neighbourhood, many extensh·e and handsome
f~~.ctories, worked ('ither by water or steam. There is likewise a large old building called Kingston
Hall, formerly the residence of the celebrated Duchess of Kingiton, The population js ~tbout 13,(109.

l\la1·ket on Saturday; and there is a fair held on Trinity Monday•

Post Office, near tlte Bridge.-Ann Shrapnell, Poll Mistress.- Mail to London t>t fivein the evening, Bath
and Bristol, and the North 11nd West at the same hour, Salii!tbnry and Fwme at nine in the morning.

Academies. · Cm-penter1 and Joiners. Inns and llolebr.

Coomhs Rev. Wm. (boarding and Batten .Jas. (&Jmilder) Woolley-st New Bear, Benj. Mason, Market-pi

day) \Voollt-y-stteet Cadby Charles, Trowbridge-road Old Benr, Jolm Hitcllcock, Mar-

Euglaud 'l'homll!l, (day) W oolll'y-st Cleaveland Thos. near the Bridge ket-vlacc

Flemittg Daniel, (boarding & day) Earl George1 White-hill Swan Inn, Wm. Hale,Churcb litreet

Well-close Howard Samuel, Bl\reficld Linen D1·apers, 4·c.

Flemin~Jt>annett,(day)Church-yard Spend~r Benjamin, near lhe Bridge Alford John, Market-place

Wnlb Winifred & Anne, (hoarding) Williami John, New-town Nicholls Elizab<'th, Pippet-strect
Clot/tiers. Taylor Wm. ~··ambles

Attornies. Baker & Glass, Cburch-strt:>et Welshman John, Woolley-strcet

Busb John, Church-street Cooper, Brothers & Co. Stavcrton Ala1ons.

Luxford Ed,vard, St. 1\Jargaret-at Da:~-iesJohn, Holt Batten Jeremialt, White-hill

Stone Wm. Pippet-lltreet Edmonds John, Druces-hill Joues Henry, New-town

Little John Vine, Church-street Gale & Elam, Bellcomb Joncs Jobn, Wine-itreet

· Attctioneers. Hart Samuel, Pippet-strect Mizen Simon, Woolley-strect

H11rt Thomas, Woolley-street Harvey Josepb, Barefield N ewman Richard, Barefield

Harding Wm. near the Bridge Hopkins & Howard, Mill-street Smith John, New-town
Milliners 4' Straw Hat Jlakerrs.
Bakers. Jotbam Wm. Well-close • t
MuSntc. lyMsaSrgaamreute-ls,trJeoesteph & Jolm, un a i' l ys and J \Voollev-st
Bt.lllu?p Aaron, n~ar the Bn.dge n ar y ane,
Bnlg1a Jam~s, Church-stn!et Renison James P. Pippe~-street Davis El~abetl1, (and haberdasher)

w:O.Carpr-nter R1chard, St. Margaret-st SaundersFarmer & Co. Church-st HiMllmaraknetS-~;p~l.raacb,e(Straw) Shambles
lwvey Wm. Blll"efield · Smart Pippet-street

Matthews Robert, Market-place Spllckman Thomas, Copse-lane Rogers Mary, (straw) Pippet-stree'
~keapplehorn Joh?, Market-place Stoddart, Gale,Owen&Co.Church-st Sbrapnell H. near the Bridge
~mart Thomas, Ptppet-street
Tugwl'll Thomas, Church-street Jfillwrights.

Wheeler Peter, New-town Yerbury, Tugwell, Edmoods & Co. Coles Wm. Trowbridge-road
· Bankers.
Hobhou~e Sir Benjamin, Phillott, Druces-hill Fricker Gidion, Trowbridge-road

Coopers. .... Martin Thoma!!, near the Bridge
Challenger George, Woolley-street WastfieldJobo& Job, (~eagineers)
Phlllott, Lowder & Lowther
B ook1ellers and Stal w. ner1. Davis Charles, St. Margaret-~tt·eet PippetP-iatrteteetn ..l. lakers.
Rawling Jm;f'pb, Pippet-street White Jacob, Pippet-street
Druggists and Clunnists.
Stump & .Bubb, Market-place Everett Joseph, Pippet-street
Halr.e Thomas, Woolley-street Taylor Wm. Shambles
&ot and Shoe ~lakers. Pawnbrokers.
Rowden Richard, Pippet-litreet
Collar Wm. Horse-street pButtertwt wortb ESdtmuMnd, C b u r eb - st
Keevel James, (dealer) Market-pl. Fire o~n·:ccs. · t
Marks John, New-town AtlRs, EzekialEdmonds1Druces-llill erro m. • argare rec:
Miles John, Woolley-street British, Stump & Bubh, 1\larket-pl.
Plumbers and Glaziers.
Roger:~ James, (dealer) Pippet-st County, James Budgett, Market-pi. D11niel John,(& painter)Woolley-st

.White Charle«, Pippet-street Salamander, John Bush, Church-st Duns don Wm, {& painter)Pippet-st

Williams Ephraim, New-town Western, Wm. Stone, Pippet-street Nicholls Michael P. Coppice-lane

' Brazitwl and Tinm1!11. Grocers and Tea Dealers. Saddlers aBnendJ•allma·rmn,es1(&1 JUaker1.

Davis Henry, St. Margaret-street Budgett Jas. & Sons,. Market-place Matthews ironmo.n-
·Rolf George, Silver-street Cress Charles, St. Margaret-street ger) Shambles
Skinner Wm. Shllmblcs Taylor WSmt•aCy'u·aMrcla1k- .•
Everett Fraocis, Pippet-street
Shrapnell Wm. nenr the Bridge

Cabinet lJlakers. Smart Sarab, Pippet-street Huntley Richard, Market-plaee

Nicbolls Samuel, (and upholsterer) Spackrlllm John, Horse-street Kettlety James, Woolley-street

near the Bridge Taylor Wm. Shambles Mundy John, Pippet-street

Velvin John, (& upholst.)$hambl~s Wheeler Peter, New-town mb Wm. New-town

m• BRADFORD. 553
. Surgeo'f(S. Tilers mzd Plasterers. Taylor Wm. rope maker, Churcb-st

Adye Wm. F. Wooley-street Bedbury Josepb, Greenland TiTobreU & Spacktnan, dyers, St.

Hooper & Pearce, Market-place Fisher James_. .Morgan's-hitl Margaret-strt.>e& -
Howell John, .Morgan's.hill WheelerThos.oorn dealerNew-town
LONDON, CJ.!!~!fNo~per, from the
Fricker James, W hitehead's-lane Pt>arce James, White-hill Swan, every Monday and Thursday.

Gishfo1·d Stepb. & dr.aper,Shambles Watch and Clock Jfakn'S.

Greeu Simeoo, "\Voolley-street; , Bullock Wm. Plppet-street LLOOthN~eDDiiOOlwNNa,n, , Wallington and TChot.rrsfdroamy.
Humphreys John, St. Marg.aret-st
Kelson Wm. Shambles Cross Jost>ph. WooUey-street everyMonday~tnd
Stump & Bubb, (& silv-ersm lle.tjamin Gwberty, from
Tallow Chandlers.. the Swan, everyMonda~andThursday.
Buclgett Jaml"s & Sons, Market-pi. BATH, Jdaamy e(sSot.n.udcaayss, If"rXomceptthede). Swan,
Spaekmnn John, Horse-street ~&>c.tilant.oUf).
Baker Wm. china, glass & BATH, James Phillips, from the Swan,
B~Te{la~·;'t:fs~~~;~·~: Butler, from
'l'averns and .fublic Houses. ware dealer, New-towu
the New Bt>ar, enry Mon. and Thurs.

Bell, John Shoare Bakrr,New-towu Byfield Emanuel, tanner, Turleigb BATH 1md Bristo!, Sarah Dowdall, from

CfOSS Ke,-s, Joseph Buxton, St Dyer J tts. fancy turner, \Vooll' the Scribling ll'nHd Sorastue,rdaeyv.ery; Tiles-

Margnret-st Halse Thomas, dealer in d:ty Thursday
BATII, Samuel Glass, from the Old
Kjog's Arms~JohnBaines,Copse-ln. spirits and British wines --r-
Bear, every Monday, Wednesday

l\fasonsArms,Wm Drson,New-town Harris Robert, currier and I CAathnLedNSESa,wtuarndS,atyep.evheerny 8Mp1o1ncdkamya,n,throfruogmh
Queen's Head, James Crisp, St. cutter, Woolley-street

Margnret-street Knapp John, land surveyor Melksham, &c.
FROME, Shepton and WiJ~on.nton, from
Rose &Crown, Jl\s. Gerrish,Mill-st timber measurer, Trow

Royal Oak, John Primrose Baber, Luton Daniel, hat manufacturer, TthheurSsdwaayna, ndJoSsaetpuhrdttWy.heeler, every
Market-place Market-place COACHES-

Scribling Horse, Daniel Collins Mathe\VS Isaac, con feet. BATH and Bristol, from the BWRn Inn,

SevenStars, G. Wi!kins, New-town Mt>ad Jas.basket maker,Wooll seevveeryn indaythe(Smunodrnaiynsg,e-xcepted) at
Ship, Wm. Geo. Gibbs, Church-st Rawling Joseph, printer, Pipp .BATH and Bristol, from Gerrush >s Coacll

Three Horse Shoes, Wm. Halt>, Spencer John, common brewer, Offics, ..very morning (Sun.e;x:cept. )at 7

l\fargaret-strcet Whitehead's-lane TROWBRIDGE, from. the Swan Inn,
White Lion,Wm.l\fundy,New-town Stump & Bubb, Q.,.ents to Bi•sh'

White Hart, Beoj.Spender,Horse-st lottery ollice, l\larket-place _ Ollice,every evening, (8Ull.except.)at7

I s a smllll, respectable, clean, and improving town, interestingly situated on a descent in a fine opeo
country. Its chief snpports nre the clothing manufacture, which is <'arried on to a moderate extent, for

so small a town, and the consequent interest it der·ives from its being a great thoroughfare, for coa.ches to

Bath, Bristol, London, &c. lt has a communication by water to L ond on, B aathn1danjdoiBnsristthoel, by meanaof
an arm of the Berkshire and Wiltshire canal, which comes up to the town Kennett and

Avon. The pa'l'ish church, is a very neat structure, with a beautiful tower, that contains a ring of

eight bells and a set of chimes. This principal ornament of the town, has of late undergone considerable

repairs, which. adds tB the beauty of the building and the comfort and convenience of its members. It ex-

hibits two orders of at·chitecture, Gothic and Norman. Here are also ,(\lms Houses and two cha1·ity schools

supported by voluntary contributions, and a Free Grammar School endowed in 1683, containing coosiderabl~

messuages for educnting seven classic and tlJirty English scholnrs, with exhibitions in Queen's College, Oxford.

The town hold!i a Conrt of requests, every six weeks for the recovery of debt& under 40s. It is a borough,

and sends two members to parliament, the present are the Hon. Jas. Aberc!omby and Jas. Macdonald, esq.

The population is about 2300 inhabitants; fairs, 6th of May and 29th of September. .1\larke\ day is

'I'u~day. •

• Post Office, High~street. Post Ma.Jter, Wiiliam Baily. Mails from Bristol and part. of the north,

arrive at a quarter before eight in the evening and are dispatched at half past six in ~he morning. Mails

from London and elsewhere, at half-past six in the morning, and are despatched at a quarter before eight in

the evening.

Academietr. Kelly Thomas, Church-street Fowler John, Wha•·f

Heaven Geo. (classical & commer- Weston Joscph, Patford-street Wilcocks Charles, Wharf

cial) Wood-street Cabinet Jfakers 8( Upholsterers Corn,

Taylor lsaac Hook, (boarding an Chivers Johu, High-street Baily Benjamin, Green

day) Wood-street Chivers Matthew, High-street Currier

Attorne'ljl. Lewis John, Church-street Wayte John, Green •

Atherton and Gabriel Carpente1·s and Joiners. Druggist, o/c.
Ga~ Benjamin, Church-street
Button Edward, Church-strt'et Bishop Thomas, High-street

.Auctionem•. TCahrpE:'nter James,WClmdrch-street Fire and Life Offices.
Broxholm Thomns, ...(and cutlt>r and omas George~ •oo street Bath Sun,(:fire)Jn~.Ladd, Churcb-st

h!lrdware mao) t:hurch-street Clolhters- Norwich Uuion,Jao.Ladd,Cburcb-st

Bakerc. Baily Joseph and Co. Green Royal Exchange_, William Baily,

Akerman John, High-street Gardntr Wm. Hall-mill High-street

Alexander Wm, ·wood-street Heale, Markham and Co. Quem- Grocers_, ~c.
. m~rford • •
Bleaden Richard, Church-street Akerman John, Gr,en
Harris Henry, Church-street Pmmger .Wllham aQd Son<~, Cow- .\lexander Wm. Wood-str.-et
Law Henry, High-street Frayling Eliza, (and tallow chan-
Perkins John, Green
VlVeasb S1meon, senr. dler) High-street
Boot aml Shot! ~bfakers.
Coal ~Merchants. Hale James, Church-street

Bodm11n Tho'IIns, Church-&trect Baily George, Wharf Harris Henry, (and bacon factor)

Freegard Job, High-~treet Blampin Richard, Wharf Church-11treeL


554. C4LNE..

Heoly Abrm. (and draper) Silver-s Pa'intc:rs, PlumbeJ·s ~Glaziers. Wine and Spirit lflerchant.

Henly Robert, (and draper) Mar Button Thomas, Cburc11-street Viveash Simeon, junr. High-st.

ket-place Child rWsFm:rrmatane.her(,i,s~,CnShdtMuarstcau~~roblkn--e.dsetut-rpps'et"lrea;1tcbelu!tfee.r o Woolstuplers-.
Law Henry, High-street Jones
Stretch Tbos. (&draper) Church-s Baily George aJJd eo. Green
Inns (Posti-ng). Haily Jabez, High-street
Wheel, John Wilson Gundry Joscph Pry, Market-place
White Hart, Wm. BlCAden stampsS) aHd1dglhe-rstsr,eetq-c.
Bodm~Ln James, High-street ;llfltsttllantou~.
Ironmongers. Elliott CIJai·Ies, 1traw hat manu-

Chivers Wm. High-street 1\fead John, Bridge facturer, near (Jhurcb-street

E 11 hvell Ellw:ml, Cburch-"tre<'t Speackman John Church-street Foot Josepb, bat manufacturer,

Linen a•nd IVoollen Drapers. Surgeonl. Church-stn>et

See also GrtJcers, ~·c. King Henry, Church-str('el. Holli11wr Johu1 glover, &c. Mar-
Pickett Ht>nry, Church-street MaulcJohn, High-street ket-place
Ponting Elixahetb, High-street
Ogilvie George, Church-street ~\fant~ell George, flour, &e. dealer,
\Vook('y Thomas, High-street
Pag~ Ooorge, Church-str~et Church-street

List }fakers. Tailors. MerewetliCr Henry A. barrlstt>r,

Gatehouse \Vm. l\Ioss-mil1 J J~bn, Church-streeet Castle.-stt"<>et

Haruing Samuel, Hall-mill Miles Thomas, Green Pilmiger Wm. millwright, Green.

1lfaltstm·s Taverns and Public llow;cs. Tanner Richartl, vetednary sur.-

Rleaden Rk!Iard, Church-street Anchor, Wm. Littl~ Cow-lane gcon, Mnrket-pht.ce
TaylcrJobn, cooper,
Crump Wm. Chnrch-streel

Henly Robert, 1\Jarket-pl.ace Bear, \l'm. Crump, Church-itreet- CARRIERS.

Leon"'"'rd Thn"m.,-..a,, WooA" -•.,t'."..".'et Borough Ahrms, J. &v·ohry, High-st. LONDON, Groberty's waggon, f'rom the
Crown, Jo n Hill, Hig -.street White Hart, f'VeTY Saturdnv evening.
rPefkilu John, Green
H Peach Tree, Rd. Blampin, \Vood-st LONDON, Bath, Bristol, Cbippenham,
.:.u e(( men. ·wheat Sheaf, VI •.Adams, Cousin--s &ll. Tanner's wnggon,from tlw Crown.
Tht>Te is also a caravan leaves here for
Hale Wm. Higlt-street T"Vatch, /!(e. lUakers.
Leonac-d Thomas, Wood-street • Chippeuharu every Tuesll.ay evenin$•

Neate Stephen, Mill-atr.eet Compton John, High-strt>~t COACHES..

J.liillinet·s. Spencer Ja!'l. (&engraver) Churcb-st LONDON, Bath, Bristol, &c. pasf

Ell wards Ma.ry, (and l1aberdasher) Wl4eel.writ~(hts • throu~h this place, aDd call at the fol-

Brirlge Cue John, Cousm-street !Boowroinulg{hhpuAsersm:s-,Wh\'et"ahtiteSheHafa,rCt,row&lnld
Perkins Edith, Hi~b-street
Sumner lsMc Wheel.

AN ancient and re~l'ectal•le borough, on the river Avon, o\'er which ill n lusndsome bridge of twenty-one
arcbt.'S, situated in a fertile part of Wiltshire, and on the great westeru road. In the centre <~f the town is

a pu!Dp, wl1ich serves the greater part of the inhabitants with excellent water; it is enclosed with a ~SqUare

iron r~tiling, and at e.ach corner is a !!tone pillar. Here is a neat parish church, 11ml places of Wol"l!hip

for di:ss.enters, &nd a court -of reque:;ts is h~ld every six weeki, for th.e reco¥ery of snulll debts. In the.

reign of Qnel'"n Mary, (1553) was granted the borough charter, to be composed of one bailiff &od twelve

bm·gt>SSes, tmd WRS afterwards ratified in 1685, by James ll~ Its tw~ mf'mbE'rt~t are chosen by the occupiers

of burg11i:e hou~s, !lay about 131), and tl1e returning officer is the bailiff. Petty sessions are held herl'l the

first \\'~dnE'~diiV in every month. An arm of the Wilts and Berks Canal comes np to tbis plaee, The

appe-ar:mc-t''f f Chippenharn is much deteriorated by a few old houses that stnnd in the centre of tile town, other..

wise it is n r~Sp('('tahle looking place. Its trade in the manufacture of cloth bai fallen off greatly, which has
lli!ltrcs~< tho!~e indh·iduah who mon in the bumbler
ten de eedndcoonwsmiedn.-tr~a,bl•va to pos:aes11es mnny advantages over the neigbbourin~ walks of life. It has some valu-
abl nd
towns. Fairs are held May 17,

June 22, October 29, and Decem her 11. The market day is Saturday, fo.r corn, &c. &c. and, to

the census of 1821, the town contained 3201 inhabitants. The present member& for the boroog.h sre

W- A. Mauock and J. R. GroJiSett, Esqrs.

Post Office. Ann Elliott, Post li'Ji.ttress. Mails arrive from tl1e wt>st, &c. ~tt seven in the evening and

are dispatched at a quarter pnst seven in tLe .lllorningA Mails from London, &c. arrive at a quarter paU

seven in the morning, and are dispatehed at seven in tbe evening.

Academil!Jl. Heath Josep4 Cabinet Makers 4' Uplwlstere'''
Read John
Lawes \Vm. (commercial) Elliott Paul
Richens Hannah
Tanner Mrs. (preparatory) Vaisey Richard
Rudman Mrs.
Attornt!!JS. Rutlman ltobert Carpenters and 1JTheelwrights~
Salman Samuel
Guy and Michell Bramble George
Harvey Audley Gibbs .lonathan
Gundry Wm. and Co.
Pinniger Broome Provis John (&timber merchant)
Boot and Shoe 1-fakers.
Auctioneer8, 8rc. Salway .John ·
-BaiTv Daniel
Elliott Paul Watts John
Gale William BBuaiclk•vlaWndilJliearmemiab
Head Francist (and broker) Cherrington John Clotltier$.
Cook John
Bakers.. Salter John Elliott Henry, and at Scots-mill
Watts Edward
Relcher Edward Tarrant Uriah, and at Avon-mill
Brlnkworth James
l{rinkworth John Taylor Charles S. and Co.

Brinkwortb Jouathaa · Coal Dealers.

Goldswaiu Jobn Chandler James and John

Provis John, (merchant)

attlt~birt. CHIPP~NHAl\1. 555

Rugg Wiltiam Linen and J'Voollen Drapers. Black Horse, ·n.os. White

Usher John Hulhert Thomas C11nnon, Bcnry Hayward

ConfeL'tione'l'l Poole William Cock, Thomas Gigg
Pope Wm. (linen) Duke, Joscph Moore
Crease Samuel Five Ails, Ann Banl$s

Edgcumbe George (and grocer) Wharry Rohert George and Drngou, Ann Hayward
Hat and Feather, Thos. Watson
Coopers. lJialtsters. King's Head, Benjamin Lifely
Pack Hort4e~ llctty Smitb
Fry Josepla Bake John Rose and CrolYn, .Jat:ob l\1atthews
Belcb~r Edward
Gould George Brinkworth James Sun, Charles Mogg
Lifely Benjamiii
Smith Jamt'S Swan, Arthur BlancLard
\Vatson Thomas
Currier. Three Crowns, Thos. Bendrey.
Milliners, ~c. Three Cups, Joseph Hood
WittaJohn .t
Spencer Harriet
D ftl!JfJZS s.

Colborne Ann Usher Henrietta _ White L!on, George Austin
p .
Colbol'IIe Wm. B. o:nu~:ce&-. rRs_o, bPerl~tlmu1_er J.. Gl • Watch, &c. Makers.
.v.,·~.r~ d £:1'. H amte "l
an q azzerl Alexander Richard
'l.fC orton Greenway George

Bath Sun, (fire) Wm. Poole Hulbert FraRCIS . King Alfred (and sih•ersmith)

Eagle, Wm. Poole Slade John . :f!!l{~ttllan_tou~.
Norwich Union, Wm. Pope
Printf:ri, ~c. Dowhng Samuel, md~el'
Pbrenix, (fire) George Noyes
Alexander Richard

Royal Excbang·e, Mary .Tayler Coombs James Morris Horton Charles, brazaer, &e.
Sahlmander, (fire) Wm. Rugg S ddl Kearscy John, menlman
)L. King Joseph, vetet'inaryaurg('OD
Westminster, (life) Audley Harvey H n J : ers, '1 c.

West of Eng\antl, Jamea Morris Nealu osepb WhiLLiek Jno. bat manufacturer,&c.
Coomba 1 e 8ara
Grocen. and Drapen. Surgeons. CARRIERS.

Baily Cllarles LONDON, :Bath, Bri5tol, Culne, &c
Alexander RlChard Kemm Richard M. D. nesday and Friday.

Baily Wm. B. Spencer and Colborne LOl'IIDON and Bristol, Richard Cn:tt-

DBraevwls.eWr T1.1h1l_aommu and Son ~ailm·s, A·c. wt>ll 's waggons, from the Crown.

UeoafdstHa~pu.lrly), (and sub-distributo ..1 BATH, Thomas Day's caravan, \\·~t-
Bradlmry George nesday and Saturday.
DowHng Wm.
Gale John BATH D. Horton's conveyance, 1\fon-

day, \vedaesdayand S:1tnr<laymoming.

Poo)e Wllham Tann••r Georm>- BATH, Josl'ph Longstre.-t's caravan,
Mon. Wed. and Sat. mern:ng.
Tayler Mary "' "'" :BRISTOL, &e. .Johs Pound's waggons,
r. • Williams Thomas Sun. and Wed. PVening. Tuesd~y
l.tnll CALNJ;:, Thos. Day's c.1ruvan,
Tallow Cltandle>·s.
An.,.e), Margaret Lawcs office DEmVorImZnEgS., D. Horton's conveyance,
r- Rose R ober...
Speackmtln Wm. (and soap boiler) Thursda-y morning.
White Hart, (and excise
Tanner. DEVlZES, -Jost>ph Long:;treet'& car~&-
, Wm. C&&rpenter
Baily Thomas
lron lJlongers. van, Thursday morning.

Ga1e Martha and Harriett 1'avems and Public llotues. COACHES.
Gale Wm. (and gunsmith) ·
Antelope, Tbomns Cullis LOpaNsDs (}tlNtro,,thBisristtoowl,nM, aarnldhroc'a,ll&ac.t
Noyes George Bear, John Bake the Angel and White Hart.


A BOROUGH and corporation town, beautifulJy seated on an eminence, aod consequ£'ntly com.Jl)llnds Yrews

of the surrounding county, which are equally fertile and romantic; it ia 88 miles from London, and bo~U>ts

one of the best pitching corn markets in the kingdom, which is held on Thursday, in the l\larkct-ph•cc, a
large convenient area, about the ceutre of the town, where is a stone monument, raised at the cxpence of

Lord Sidmontb, as a grateful memento of the kindness and bonmtr he has rcccin:l at the hantls of the cor-
poration. The to~ll is well built, and sontains many very excellent erections. Its municipal governmcut

is vested in a mayor, recorder, assisted by another magistrate, appointed fvr &he borough. lt contains
two churches_. both arc very neat nnd respectable structures; be.~idl:!8 which there are places of won;ltip

for dissenters. There is also a very con-renient town-ball, ft bridt>well, and, about a quarter of a mile from

the town, on the Bath road, stands a house of correction, a neat and rather aa ele~ant building, of free-

stone, and commands a 1'ich and extensive view of the ntle bef<Yrc it. Here are also two charity sdiCYf11...,

one of which was erected in 1819, (for girls) by John Pcarse, Esq. This town luls a commuttication br

water with Londlln, Bllth and Bristol ; and holds the following fairs, viz. February 13th,. April 20th, Holy

Thursday, July 5th, October 2nd and 20th. It is represented in parliament by .J. Pea1·se And .J. Grims\one-

.E~teoun, Esqrs.; is clivided into two parishes, and contains according to the last-censua 4,~08 i11habilaats.

Post-Office, M11rket-place. Thomas Smith, Post lJfaster.-Mails from Lonrlon, l'rtarlborm-t!!b antl the

East arrive at half-past six in the morning, and is dispatched at half-past Sf'ven in the e1·cning. Mails from

Bath and the West arrive at half-past se,•en in the evening, anrl is dispakhed u.t half-past six in the moruiug.

Acafkmie1 (Boarding4' Day). Pawscy 1\Iiss, (prepamtory) Hill- Ings Edward, (& eounty clerk, and
Bi~ Rit"hd. {gentlemen's) High-st. wortlt-house
, wine and spirit merchant) Saint

Elliott Mrs. (ladies') High-str-eet Smart John, (gentlemen 11) new Joho-strt>et

Littlewood Sllmuelr (gentlemen's) Pllrk-str~et ., . Joye Edwa-rd, Maryport-strl'et

Hjgh-street Stevens 1.\hss, (ladies ) H1gh-stroo Salmon Wm. Wroughton, (& tow

Mattbews Miss (preparatory} Attorneys. clerk and tnreewasPuMrke-r)stSrte.eJ~oho-sL
Slade John,
Sheep-street ' · Bayly John, Higb-&treet

556 DEV1ZES. lmltlt~bfrt.
,Attorney.Y continued. Norwich Union, Joseph Crockett, Nm·sery and Seedsmen.

Strange Robert, .Sew-street Market-place · Donse William, Maryport-street
Tilby James, St. John-street Pelican, (life) l Wm. Cook, little Figgins Robett & Co. little llrittox
Phrenix, (fire)~ Brittox
Auctioneers, ~c. Giddings William, Maryport-st.
Royal Exchange, John C. Knight, Lavington Robert, Wine-~trect
Blackwell Thomas, Maryport-st.

C roek·ett J osep I•, (and s1·1versm1'tl1) ~~a1SBatmritaJtnocxb1er, (fi ) H B th Plurnbers, Glazt·ers qt. p az·u ters.
Market-place ' t rte enry u c er,
8 1. s110p George, H'1g11-st reet
Knight James, Brittox S • (fio )n-Gs ree S "th B • Bishop John, St. John-street
Knight Richard, Brittox WuNens,et wo-frset rEe"ue tgeIoarngce), mi • ntt.ox Hill W'l lW'tarmn,. S(
R obt. S tt·ange, I{1' tchen1 g1'Id er )

Blackwell John, Maryport-street Gl C . dE h , .Maryport-street
Bowering Thomas, Chapel-corner ass, 'hma an art enware Lenard Wm. Webh, MarJport-st.

Brinkworth Thomas, Monday Mar- Dealers. Read William, Maryport-street

ket-street Brittan Ann, Market-place Ward Isaiah, (ornamental painter)
Munday James, North~ate-&treet Bull Elizabeth, St. Jobn-street High-street

Stevens Wm.- Leg of Mutton-street Hook Christopber, Maryport-street Printen.

Wadworth William, new Park-st. Joyner ~ichard, High-street Allbut William Robert, Brittox

Bankers. Jukes Ehzabeth. Maryport-street Harrison John, St. ,Jobn-street

Locke, Hnghes and Co, Brittox. Glove and Breeches J/akers. Simpson George, (&proprietor and

Tylee, Salmon and Co. Market-pia. Dorchcster William, St• .John-st. publisher of the Devizes & Wilt-

Booksellers and Stationers. Paulling William, Northgute--street s~ire Gazette, Thu!s•) Market-pi..
Grocers, ~·c.
Allbut Wm. Robert, (&cutler and Smrth Thomas B. Hrgh-strec&

jeweller) Brittox • Biggs Thomas,. High-street Saddlerst ~c.

Harrison John, St. John-street Bullock Jas. (and tallow chandler) Fennell Robert, Brittox

Smith Thos. and Son, Market-place Northgate-street Mead Isaac, Market-place

Boot and Slwe 1Ualce1's. Chandler Henry, Brittox Musselwhite Ralph, Market·IJlaoe

Cadby Robt. (&toy dealer) Brittox Cook William, little B1·ittox Webley James, Brittox
Dangerfield Thomas, Northgate-st, Coward Cha<les, High-stree~ Wiltshire William, Green

Day Samuel, High-street Giddings George, Brittox Surgeons..

Derham J. little Brittox ' Gundry Peter, Green Collins Robert, St. John-street

Eden James, Sheep-street Rand_ell Jas. (and tallow chandler) Darville and Tinney, High-street

Eden .John, Leg of Mutton-street Bnttox . . Fowler John, Market-place

Franciss William, Brittux Sedgfield Wllliam, Maryport-street Trinder Charles new Park-street

Sawyer John, Monday Market-st. Sivil Henry, new Park-street W aylen William' Brittox

Slopcr Joseph, Market-place Verett William, St. John-street Tail~?·s, &;c.

Sutton David Wm. St. John-street Gun, 8;c. JJfaker!l. Court Robert; new Park-street

Withers Rafph, Maryport-street Cole John, Northgate-street Francis William, St. John-street

Young WiHiam, St. John-street Cole Robert, Chapel-corner Gaby Wm. (& salesman) Brittox
Hall Joseph, Marl{et-place
Braziers, ~c. Hat IJ/anuf'acturers.

See .Ironmongers also. Davies James litile Brittox Harraway Thomas, St. Jobn-street

Guy William, Wine-street Merrett; John: Northgate-street Hitchetls John, Maryport-street
Hopt- John, St. John-street Stonall Jam~s,_ North~ate-strt'et

Brewers. Bear, (posting) Willliam Parsons, Woodroff WJ]ham, H1gh-strect

Dredge James, Brlclewell-street Market-place 7'at!erns and Public Houses.

Gent and Tylee's, Northgate-street Black Swan, (commercial) Thoma5 AnchorJ Saml. Coleman, Higb-st.

Builders. M. Lync, Market-place Angel, Robt. Gregory, Sheep-st.

Hollaway John, High·street Castle, (posting) Thomas Henly, Barge, Grace West, Northgate·st.

White Benoni,jun. Leg of Mutton-st new Park-street Bell, Thomas Perry, Green

Young John, Higb-street Crown, (commercial) George King, Black Horse, J. Randell, St. Joho-st

Cabinet JJfakers. ~c. (and maltste1· & corn factor) St. Borough Arms, Wm. Adlam, Dear

Knight John and James, Brittox John-street the Town-hall
Iron lJfongers.
Pontin Daniel, Leg of Mutton-st. Bull's Head, J. Fillis, little Brittox

Vaisey John, Brittox Brittan Francis St. John-street Crown, Geo. Mulcockl new Park-s&

Wilbee William, MarypOl't-street CBaurrtteTr hThoomma~ss,MMarakreytp-oplrat-csetreet EDlomlpThirne,e,WJ.oEhlndrNidegaete, ,N~olritghhg-sattree-estt

Chemists and Druggists. Moore Joseph, Wine-street Hand and, J no. N1ghtengale,
Whitchurch & Pouting, Market-pia .M~ket-pbce
Clark John s. Market-place
White Thomas Briltox Hare and Hounds, James Ellen,
Heard Thomas James, Brittox Brid('well-street
• ~ ' Draper.'l. King's Arms, R. Phillips, St.Jobn-!it
1r. Ltnen 1Voollen

Hazelantl John, new Park-street

Randell James, Brittox See also Woollen Drapel'9. Leg of Mutton, Robert Greenland, .

\Vragg Adam, (of Seend) Wharf Bowman James, Maryport-strcet Leg of Mutton-street

Confectionm·s. Cox Jaspet·, Market-place Nag's Head, William Francis. new

Bnrcombe ,John, High-st1·eet Grimes Thomas, St. John-street P11.rk-street

Hiscock John, Leg of Mutton-st, Leach Valentine, 'High-street Pelican, Wm. Perry, Markt't-place

Hook Christopher, Brittox North John, Market-place Plume of Feathen., JJanl. Cole, new

White George, (&baker) Market-p Smith and Crook, Brittox Park-street •

Wilmer George, little Brittox J.l!illiners. Rising Sun, Henry Cbannon, Green

Fire and Life Qf!ices. Cox 1\frs. Market-place Rose, Robert Wheeler, Green

Atlas, Thomas White• Hrittox Fish Elizabeth, High-street Royal Oak, Ricbd. C()ombs, Green

Bath, (fire) Jas. Ellen, BrideweU-st Fitchew Jane, Brittox Royal Oak, C._Romain, new Park-st

Bristol, (fire)Jno. North, Market-pi Kite Sarah, St. John-street Saracen's Head, John Russ, Mary-

County, {fire) Wm. Sedgfield, Mary Pepler Jane and Ann, Brittox por-t-street .

port-street Phillips Harriet, High-str~et Wheat Sheaf, Ricbd. Edmonds, St.

Hope, Jas. Bullock, Witchell and C~uk, . John-street

DEVlZES. 557

White Bt>ar, Stephen Watson, Mon- Harrison Jas. marble, &c. mason. CONVEYANCE

day .Market-street Green ~ - ~:M!? '~ll'/"11'1"a.t tr:

\Vhite Hat·t, T. Oram, Market-pia. lngram Jas. cooper, new Park-st. BARGES ON THE KENNE'IT AND
·White Swan, J. Pottow. Market-pl. Maggs Benjaruin, iron and bras+- AVON CANAL.
LONDO~ Md Bristol, Betts & Drewe's,
and Clock. Makers> and founder, Northgate-street . Daniel Pliipps, agrnt, Wharf

1Vatch N eate \Vm. saIesman, & c. B ntto x LO!'IDON and Bristol, Euclid l'\haw and

Engrcwet·s, ~c. Reynolds Robt. cnrrier, Maryport-st t"o, Daniel Phipps., agent, Wharf

,1 arred Jnmes, Chequer .Shepherd Mary, sack and rope ma- LONDON and Bri11tol, Richd. Homer,
Stratton ,John, Market-place "" ai·ket-p1a£,.e BADTanHie,lSPahriaphpCs,laapgheanmt,, \\F1 rhiadr.ft>vening
nu fact?rer,
Strong Ttmothy and Geor~e, cbeest> .BATH and Bristol, Edward Dowling,

1V!teelwrig!Us. factors, St. Jolm-street agent, Wharf

Douse Joseph, Northgate-street 'Vood Ruse, umbrella manufacturer,_ COACHES.
Planlt Charles, Green Market-place LO:"DON, the Royall\lail, from the Bear
Inn, every a quarter past seven
Romaill t:harles, new Park-street CARRIERS. BATH, the Royal Mail, from the Hear
Inn, eyery morning at half-pa.~t six
Woollen Drapers. LONDON, through Marfborough, wag- LONDON, a Post Coach, from the Bear
gons from the Crown Inn, Thursday Inn, e'!'ery morning at eight
See also Linen 8( Woollen Drapers. and Saturday afternoons LONDON, from the Bear Hm, Tuesday,

Butcher H~nry~ St. Juhn-street BATH, tilt carts, from the Crown inn, Thursday and Sunday ,eveni:Qgs at a
Fridasr mornings quarter past six
Williams Edward F. Market-place BATH & Bristol, a waggon, from Thos. LONDON, from the Castle lun, every

.f-t:l £jttlfantou1S. Oven's nursery, Monday ruul Thursday evenin~_at half-past s.eve11 ·
moming=t LONDON, from the Crown Inn, Mon-
Anstic Beuj. W. tobacco and suu BATH & Bristol from the Black Swan, day, Wf'dnf's. & Fri. evl'nings at five
Monday and Wednesday afternoons BATH, from the Bear Inn, el'ery evening
manuf~tcturer~ .Market-plll.ce CHIPPEN HAM, caravans, ftom the Pe- at five

Ballinger Juo. cheese dealer, .Mary- lican Thursday afternoons BA(~TnHnd, afryomexlt'hl'eptBedP)araItnhna,lef-vpearsyt evening
port-street EVEH.LEY and Andover, a cart, from the four
Pelican, MondAy and Thurs. afternoons BATH, from the Castle Inn, every morn•
Barnasconi Francis & Co. barome- OXFORD, a cart, from the King's Arms, in~t at half-past five

ter, &(:. mak<.'I'S', High-street Thursday at noon BATH, from the Crown Inn, Sunday,

Burgess Robert, marble, &c. mason, SALISB V .RY, waggons, from Catherine Wednesday o.nd Friday morningn at fiye
Gatehouse's, Wharf, "Monday & Friday FROME', from the Bear Inn, 'f'uesday,
Leg of Mutton-street Market-pl Th1trs. 11nd Saturday m!lmings at five
Dark Stepn. corn factor, mornit"~gs
READING, from the BPar Inn, StmdaJ
TROWHRIDGE, a caravan, for passen-
Ellen Jo.a. woolstapler1 Maryport-st gers o.nd goods, from the White Swan and Wednesday at twelve at noon.

""" ,.,,.,.,.,,..,.,.,.,.,,.,.,.,,..,.,.,.,.,.,..,.,.,.,.., ~,.,"'""",.,.,.,.,.,,.,.,..,.,.,..,..,.•,,.,."".,.,,..,...,,.,.,.,,.,.,..,,.,..,.,~..,.,,.,J/111#,. """' _,.,,.11l'tl'#llldll.,.,>#41 . .


FoRMERLY a Roman town, called Cunitio, derives its present name from its situation h~ing seated

at the foot of a marl or chalk hill. It is an ancient and respectable market-town, principally formed ofone

street called High-street, which has rather a singular effect the )louses being very dissimilar in size
and appearance, some built of wood, other~ of brick, and many in the ancient style, and on one side of

the !'!treel are piazzas,. where persons can promenade without detriment from the inclemency of the weathe...

The River Kennett, (which is here unnavigable) runs by this place .and takes its rise a few miles from hence.
Having no manufactures here, the inhabitants depend chiefly on the market (Saturday) wl1ich is admitted to

be one of the best in the West of England, being well supplied with corn, cheese and butcher's meat. Marl·

bro' being situated on the great western thoroughfare to London, Hath, &c. it thereby gains con!!iderable
support. Its municipal government is vested in a mayor, two justices, a few select burge11ses, a town clerk, &c.

It is a borough by prescription, and sends two members to parliament, the presl'nt representatives are the Hoo.J.

Wodehouse and Lord Bndenell. The town pm1sesses many great and valuable privileges, has a national and

an endowed grammar school. lt is divitled into two parishes, contains two churches, which are the principal

ornaments. of the town, and display several styles of architecture, There are also &anctuaries for dis-
senten;; a council hou111e, a house of correction, with four rourta, one of which is for females,and a building

(formerly a {;88tle) now converted into an inn, and bears the name of the "castl.e", the garden attached
to the building, in which there are very pleasant walks, displays a great deal of the beautiful and pichi-
resque, indeed it is a most eligible and highly respectable hotel. Sessions are held here in October for the

eounty. Fairs 11th July, 22nd August and 23rd November. The population is about 3000•

Post Office, Higl1-strPet. Post Maste1·, ,John Eyre. Mail from London, 11.rrives 'at five in the morning,

and is despatched at nine in the evening. 1\fail from Bristol and the North, arrives at nine in the evening,
and is despatched at five in the morning.

.Academies (Boardirtg~ Day). Bakers. Sutton John, Green

Briru;d~o Miss, (ladi~s) High-st BrinsdenJohn, (&corn fact.) High.St Thrush Stephen, High.-strcet
Bookseller!, Statzonerl ancl
Slade & Cousins (ladies} High-st Head Thoma-., High-street

Well» Philip, (gentlemen) Higb-st \Valdron Richard, Green Printers.

.Attorneys. White Wm. (&corn facto!) l\larsh Harold & Emberlin High-street

H ooper John, H jgb-street Bankerl Breeches, ~c. MakeTB.
Smith Henry John, Marsh King, Gosling & Tann~r, Higlt-st Lawrenc~ Elijah, .High-street

Ward & Merriman, Silverless-st Ward, Brown & Co. Silverless-st Looker James, Htgb -str"et
Welford Richard, back Marsh

Woodman John, Kingsbury-street Boot anti Slwe Alaker..s. Brinsden John & Co.'IIHigb-!;trt'et
Batt Benjamin, Silverless-street Brown Stephen. High-street
Auctiotlee-rs, ~c. King Stephen, High-street
Dunford John, Hi!!;h-street
CatpeuterB an,d Joiners.
Day John, (&cabinet maker & up- Prater Gill's, Marsh

holsterer,. Higb-street Roff Thomas, H igb-street Ro~ers Jamcs, Dt!pot-yard

Westall John Shepherd George, High-street Willes Thomu, Green

558 1\IARLBOUOUGH. lmliltnbirt.
Cheese 1/actor~. Lawrence F.li3aheth, Mll!"llh Five Ails, Sarala Hook, Marsh

Cballen & 1\by, Higb-str.-et Merriman Nathanid, lligh-street Fleur-de-lis, Mary Ann Bower,

Furnt>ll Wm. High-street New Stt'!phen P. High-!"tl'et>t St. Martins

Guo1lry Tboma11 & Co. Russell Ft·ancis M. High-street George & Dragon, Richard Timms,
Merriman Benjawin, ltlaltsters.

Rose & Dreweatt, Higb..JStreeC Brockwny John W. High-street Gree_n Dragon. Thomas Doggct,

Perrin Thomas, -Green Brown Stt>pkl'D, High-street H1gh-street .
Perrin TbQmas, Gret-n Gundry Tbomas & Co. High-street oil~ Butcher, 'R1c!ulrd Wyatt,

Chymisu and Druggists. King Stepben, High-:;trect .H1fb-street .
Shrimpton John,. Higb~street
Atlee Richard, (& grocer) White Wm. Marsh Km!? s Arms, Abraham Hardmg,

Harold & Emberlin, Higb-at~Yet 1J1iUiners, Kmg8bury-street

Coach 1llaker1. Hrealey Louisa, High-street Lamb, Charles Thrusl1, Marsh

Forty Thoml\8, High-street Gregory .Charles, High-street New Inn, Jon!'thao Trnemao!Marsh
Harolcl Ann, High-~treet ueen Ca~ohne, Ann Le1ghtoo,
Furmlll 1'homns, High-street
Rudman Ann High-street St. Martms
Cu2-rier. P archm' ent
Rose & Crown, John Dunford,
May George, Green M ,__
. High-street
Firtt and · e 0./ficu. «M:TI.
Ba~l~ Edmund, St. Margarets Iloyal Oak, Wm. Brown, High-st
A tltH (Fire1
British (Fire) Edwd.HaroM, BaJI_y .Tboma~, St•. Margarets Ship, Richard Fry, Marsh
County ( tirf') Robet·t
Six Bells, John Hale, H'igb-street
nMaunce Davld, High-street Sun John Hawkins High street
j, .,
P awn roke1'.
Waggon & Horses, Wm.Day,Marah

NorwicbUnioq,Jn.Truernan Batt Edward, K.ingsbury-street Watch, ~c- Alakers.

PP he1I.1Eelall.oX ((Lf'"I1rfeei}) WSamutl,.l_...m...u.•pF•Js.~, Hnl•\1imllalitneohrr, Saddlers and Harness J.llakers.
Hobbs John w. High-street
Provident ( Lifr) R.obel·t andetson, Allanson Wm. Sll':erless-strcet
Martin Chl'istopher, (collar & bar- Brunsdon Wm.... Ht~h-street
n~s) Marsh U:owse Thorns~~ Kmgsbnry-'street

Dokea yard Turner Henry, (eollar and harness Plckett John, 1-Jigb-atreet

Royal Exchange, Browa & Kin,sbury-11treet ;flflBstdlantoU~

K:ingabury-street Sack Rope and 'l'wiue· Manu~ BI'Own & Dixon, wine &. 11pirit

tFire)Jobn W Palmer Herbf•a~rctt,14Mrearr&sh. merchants, Kmgsbury-Atree\
Brun~on W~. a; James, wheel-
Shepherd Wm. Kingsbury-street Wl"Ights, High-street •
Sun {firi!.)Benj.Merrima.n, •• Chesterman Edward, eonfecttoner,'Jntlh, &c.
Grocer1. High-11trt>et

Cballen & May, tligb-street

Lavington Tbom~ts, Hi Eyre John, Higb-street Collett Matthew, ealesman, High-st

1\l'Tier Wm. (& Surgeons. Mayfredcrick ,lra~her f!eller, ~igb-gt
Pa~e John, broker & salesman,
Mortimer (~athfrine. G.ard~er John, K·.mgsb. t rc t Kingslmry-strt>et
N.ew Noab, High-strt'et
ury-s e
R.-e & Dreweatt, High-atree' ~aunce Th_elwell, H1g~-Mtreet
Somerset Rtch~r~ 1\1. H•gb-atccct Perrv J ohn, perfum e r, &c. HHigihg~ls1-tst
Wbeeltr Thos. (&corn faetm", Qnl"ich Wm . music s el lrr,

lligh-strl-et 7 a-1fors. Shrimpton Thomas, chair &• basket

, Gun lJlffkers. Brown ThomAs, Green · nurker, 1\Jarsh
Towlson Jmu•ph, Kingsbury-street FoK~er J~hu, f.ligll-street
VoungJames, hat manu(. High-se

1'drner Thomas, B igh-street Wbtte ": o1. H1gb-•treet CARRIERS.
Tt~llfJW Chandlers.
ltzns. C'lutlhm & l\1 ay ( & sonp LONOON ,Groberty's Wnggon,Tn.Th. &
bt..~Hers) Sat.Benj. Andt>rson, agent, 8, DukP~t-yd
,Angel: (commercial) Thomas l\Iun- Hl..,.h-!Otrt'et ' CALNE and I>Qvizf's, Groberty'a Wng-
day, H igb-stret:t ~ gon,~. Thursday and Saturday.
'N1 1!\V nN • SALit;BURY, George's Caravan, every
Bear & Castle, (commercial) H1gh-street
Ollb, Sunday nisrJl,t, from High str~et ,

nelius Winter, High-street Rose & llreweatt, High-street . N. B,- Thert' are nlso. eonveyanccs to
Castle, (posting) Tlwruas Cooper, \Vntt .Richard Hi.rh-street
adJacent towns and 't'fllages, from the
• ' ,.,
Castle & Ball, (commcrcilll} John Ta?Jerm and Public llotl.<;f!S. Bt>ll and Shoulder of Mutton & Rose
·h B n.dewell and Crowa, on Wednesd~i1 &Saturday
Shrimpton, High-!!trect Thorn~ Anklope, J as. S , nr.
Dukes Arms, (postin~) m1t COACHES.

Rogers, High-street Rell&Bre\Y'er&~.\1.\Vnll,King.sbury-st

Iron Mongers. Bell & shoulder of Mutton, Henry LONDON, from t~e Castle, l'rionday,
Brh<.tow Kh~«sburv-street W4!dnt>~ay . & Fr1day,. at a quarter
0 before t:Jght m the monnng.
lJrunsdon Wm. Hr~h-street Coach & ' •TJ boma~
Ho~t>s, Colet LfJNDON from 'Bflth & Bristol and to
Russell .John, High ·street near Bridewell
Bath & Brbtol from London, througli-

Linen. and Woollen Drapers. Crosll Keys, Tbos. Yeate!l. Marsh out the dny, pass throul(h the town and
call at the foll oCwatin~tgl• hou,5es, Atn.~:e~ll,e
Briant Fobert, High-strad Duk e o f V.ork'" Jo1lD D UI'Dford Uear & Clll!tle, lt &ll,

Clarke Thomas, High-street · St. Martuas and D11ke's Arm3.


A LAR:<;E and llncient city of Wiltl'hirl.', sented on the Avon, 82 miles from London, and within one mile

of Old Sarum of notoriety, th« site of which is very perceptible owing to iu being a remarkable eminence.
It is formed in~ regular stn:.etsy through each of which runs a stream which tends greatly to the oomfort
and convenience. ut it!i inhabitants; owing to tbese canals and the natural dampness of the town~ there are

no cellars,. indeed it is so uneommonly dam}> t.Lat bodit-s bave ~n interred two feet in water. It hoasts a

commodious market-place,. an excPUent market on Tuet;day, a minornne on Saturday, and one every 'ruesday

fertnigbt for cattle. The manufacture of flannels, twrge!', linseys and cutlery, wllich once infinitely tended

to bt>nefit tile town, are now ~uef'd to a mere nothing. The cathedral b~ing the chief orpament, claims our

first notice; it is an elt>gant, chast-e and venerable pile, with a r;pire rising in the centre, erected in the yenr

1258, and dedicated to the Vh·gin Mary; the different style8 of srcbite..:ture which distiugui::hc& the spire,


to~tetber with the higher part of the tower,. from the r<>8t of the structure, has often induced critical judges

o£ Gothic architecture to suspect that the spir~ was add~d oo the tower at a period much posterior to the

original building, but no probable conj<>cttlre has yet been offi>red to determine its proper age; the arcliitt>c-

ture of the present tower and its spire is quite in that l'tyleof bnildinj!;which began to be in fashion about tbe

bPginniug of the fifteenth century; the quantity of timber in the se\Teral roofs, Recording to a moderate com-

putation laid before the lor.ds of tl:m treasury in the yem-1737, amounts to 2641 tons of oak. 'rbe figure$,

which were at one time part o£ its chief external ffl't'laments, "re 'nGW enti:r-ely dilapidMed ; yet it k probabiy

()lle of the IllWt exquisite, n~gular built sanctuarie~t in the 1.,-ipgdom, and contains as maoy windows as there

are days in the year; there are three other churche5 and several places of worship for disst'uters. The

council house Bituate in the south-east corn£>1' of the market-place was begnn in the year 17118, ami was com-

pleted in 179.1. it was erected a.t the expense of tha pr~sent Earl of Ratlnor, recorder of the city, who made

this munificent present to the corporation; it is a ~Square building, with a gmnd doric portico at the entrance

to the two courts of law on the west side, and a larR"e bay window projecting from the great room to the eAst.

'l'he pdnciplll entrance is on th<> north side by a flight of steps leading tCJ the dool' through a noble facade,

cnn;;isting of £our columns of the Doric order9 and crowned hy it~; proper enhblature, tmd a balustrade; the
whole is surrounded by a rich cornice of the above-mentioned ordet", and the an3Ies of each front are oma-

mented with very handsome rustic work in stone: it c;onsists of only oTl<' floor, which are the two rourts, a

council room, a grand jury room, apartment~ for the sevt>ral offices of the corPQration. a waiting room and a

v~tibale. In the courts, wbich occupy the whole of the \eft win~. are holden tke.~s, and the Mssions o£

the peace for the city, county and elose; one of them, which is the bishop's guild-hall, i8~istinguished by a

mitre, cut in stone, over the great door, and is the }llace in which tile lord bishop h~ds his courta lee'

and baron. nnd his court of record of pleas; each of them measures 36 feet, by 24, and 30 feet in height,

and is provided with a eommoJious gallery for the audience. The Poultry Cross~ AS it is called, (to distin~

guish it from two other crosses which formerly stood in the eit~·) is situated just without thE- south-west

comer of the mru·ket-place, and deserves notice on aceount of the pm-post' for which it was ert>eted. Io

Fox's Boo& of Martyrs, we l(re informed that eo Among the friends of Wykliffe was an Earl of Salisbury,

wlw9' for contempt noted in bim towards the sacrament, in carrying it home to his house, \vas enjoined by

Ralph Ergham. Bishop of the same place, to make in .Salisbury a- cross of stone,. i» which aU the story ol

the matter should be written, and he every Friday during hia 1ife-to. eome to the cross barefooted ud bare-

headed, in his shirt, and there upon his knees to do penanctl for bis act. The nameu the Earl iJ 41upposed

to_be John de Montacute; its form is hexagonal, and ovel' each nr.cb remains a nichl! for a statu~. it i~t re-

dnet>d to half its height by tbe demolition of the upper part, which might ha:v.e taken place :at the time ol

the t-eformation, an age hateful to images and crosses; by the style of part of it we may fairly judge &hat

it was a handsome pi!!Ce of Gothic art'hiteclure. There are se,•eral charily sebools io thi5 city, and other

charitable institutious. Its municipal government is vested in a mayor, recorder,.deputy-reronler, 24 alrlw·

men, 10 of whom besides the mayor, recorder and depnty-roconler, and mayol' fer tl1e year pre<'eding, are

justires of the peace, thirty commoJJ cooncil and a town clerk. 'l'be Earl .of Pembroke is Lor-d High

Steward of the city, It laolds the ft>llowing fairs: first Twellflay after 6th January, for cattle and woollen

cloth. l'fend3y before old lady day foil woollen cloth, Whitsun Monday and Tuesday, for horses and pedlary;

and the Tuesday after: Weyhill-fl\ir for hops, cheese, &e. &c. It returns t\Yo membet·s to parliament, and

according to the last census. contains as follo\vs • city and close, 8580, an incr~ase of 337 only~ within &he 1ua

10 yean. fisb~Srton-auger~ a placeadjoioingtoSalishury, coutaius 1253, \herefore the whole ~9833.

Post offic<>, Canal. Post .H:Ia.ter, Henry Hatch~. Mails from London, arrive about six in the morning,

and are ckspAtched abom eigh1 in the evening. Fron1 Bristol, aniVt's at twelve at night, and is despatched at
two in the morning. From Portsmouth at two in the morning, and is desp11tched at twelve at night. To

Exeter, through Blandford, at half past six in the morning. through Shaftesbury at seven, arrives from
Shaftesbury at seven, and from Ext>ter about half-past seven. N. B. All LettlYS Eastward of a Jine fro~
Seaforcl, Snsses to York, go through London. All West of the line, through Bath and Bristol.

Office hours for delivery, bet\veen se:r~n and eight in the morning. lloura for business, from six in

the morning, till ten at night.

Academiea. BoucherWm..(&notary .Auctioneerr, ~c.

Drcdge.flaue~ (boys&y)Salt..Jane Chubb Thomas N. Canal A~tron Sanl Charles, Castle-street

Hanis James, (cla6§'ieal &commer- Cobb James, St. Ann-street Brownjohn \Vm. New-street
eiul~ Castle--str.eet l.<Jlderton John, Market-place
Cboper Henry, Castk-stret't"

Harri3 Mrs.. (p;reparatory) Davies Edwtml,{regh.trar& notary Gerrard Wm. Catharine-street

HadgsooRev.Chas.. H..(gentlemeD&' New-street Kieynes Wm. Cl\stle-street

boarding) Castle-street Dew George, Canal Norton Charlt'S, Market-place
LawlelW Edmund Clu\rles~ (classica Elverett Henry, Endless-street Salmon Thomas, Caaal
Foot ~amuel, Endless-f.trect ~aph Eli~ts, EndlesB>-Street
& commercial) Exeter-atred
MmT~snn Rev.Alexnd. (genhmrens' Hodd!ng John & Snn, Castle-st Skilton George, CH4>tle-street
boarding) St. Ann~street Hoddmg John Marsh, Castle~ Tayler James, Cathal'iue-street

NoyellMiss, (preparatory) Close street Vidler Josepl1, High-street

Pinnock Miss, (ladies boarding) Lawrence Thomas, Rawlestone-st Bakers.

Crane-street Oakford Tbomas Silver-streM -BN also Confecti(Jner6.
St.Radclitfe Geo. D. D. (gentlemens:' Sut.too Geerge, Aun-stred
boarding) Cast,lc-street Tsnner Joseph & Son, Casotle-street Bell Wm. Crane-street

Saph Mrs. (ladies boaro.)Endless-st Tlnney John Pern, St.. Ann·street Bonnett James, Exeter-strcet

Saunders Mrs. (ladies boardin Warden Jaseph, Close Coles John, High-s-treat

St. Ann-strl'et Whitmarsh 'Ym. Dyke, {&clerk Eden Richard, Nl'w-street

Sopp John, fgentlcmens' boardina) to the commissioners of taxes, Fullford John, Castle-street
Churcb-str~el ~ and secretary to the Salisbury Kendall CI11.Tisso, Milfurd-street

Wills Wm. (gen. board.) Castle-st infirmary) Endless-street Knight Sarah, Market-plJce

Attorneys. WHmot Thomas & Son, Encll~-st Parsons Mark, Pennyfarthing-st
Winch Thomas, (& clerk to the Panons Wm. Castle-street

Arm•y Wm. Close commissioners of taxes, &c.) Sutton Richard, Trinity-street

A~:oey Wm, Andre1v, Close Crane-street Troubri<lge Smnuel, Hog-lane

560: SALISBURY. mtlts-sf)irt.
~==~=Ba=k=er=s ~co7nt=inu=e=d. -=========C=l=ot=hi=er=s.==~~:========G=ro=ce=,.=s. =====,

\\'ebb Thomas, Culver-street (Flanneu, Serges and Linseys) Andrews Henry, Winchesler-street

Wehb_Thomas, Catharine-street Burbidge George, Salt-lane Botly William, Catharine-street

Wells Richard, Market-place Everett Samuel, Salt-laue Cooke John, Micster-11tret>t

Bankers. Ghost William, Brown-street Cusse John, Market-place

BJodie & Dowding, Canal Mintey Alexander, Harnbam Galpin Richard, Market-place

Everett, Seward & Co. Erniless-st Sarjeant William, Brown-street Gray Thomas, Poultry-cross
BCJoksellers, an Sutton Jatnes, Milford-street Hayes James, Castle-street
Knight Sarah, Market-place
Coach Builders.

- Printe1·s. Farr Ch:tr1es, Cathan·ne-street rlA-'ach Tl1os. & Co. Market place
Brodie & Dowding, (& publishers, Pearce ECodnw~·'aercdt,iEonxeertsc, Long William, Market-place
&c. 'of the Salisbury & Winches-
F etlelorw.JeosuCrnhaalr,1eSsu,nCdaatyh)anC·naen-asltreet Marsh Thomas, Market-place
Gilmour James A. Market-p1ace Bartll'tt Joh'Jn' , Winchester-strcct Maton Thos. and Stephen, Higl1-st.
Holloway James H. Catharine-st
DHuenmn~iys JJoohhnn, ;HHigi-ghh--sstrtreeeett Ranger Jas. (and fruiterer) Catba-
\Vilks Richard, Mllrket-place Ranger James, Catharine-street
Richardson John, (and fruiterer)

Boot and Shoe 1'lakers. Scorey George, Silnr-street Richardson Joho, Winchester-st.
Short George & Son, Market-place
Adlam Richard, Milford-streeC Corn Dealers. Stokes Frands & Chas. Silver-st.
Arney John, Minster-street
Barnett Joseph, Milford-street

Barrett George, Qneen-street Benjafield George, Winchester-st. Tonge Jarnes, Silver-street

Rrettell George, Bed\Yin-street Clark Jamell, Market-place Voy Thomas Ht>nry, Canal
Grocers and Retail Dealers in
Clark Richard. Castle-street Cooe Richd. and Co. Queen-street B Si
Cooke John, Wincbester-street Larkam Nicholas, Market-place aeon, c.
Cooke John, Canal Loxley George, Wincbester-strcet Broadbridge Ann, Hiz~h ·street
Ctark .John, Gigant '
Fricker Charles, High-street ATHWBdur.t·mocIrakwngmsenoyrTnR·mH•h·Jcceoahensmna.rCytrae,d1,sn't,BdHrNMr·"G•n"o·geIlewehw~roJ-n(s-s.}-.stfs1~rdt•trea-reesseetttetr1teee-sttree
GTiffin Thomas, ca.~tlc-street 0 utlers. Drew \Villiam, St, Ann-strt.>et
Grimes John, Winc_h ester-street
HHialilnSetseTphheonm, aBs,edn~wneine-ns-trsetreet et Bennett James, Market-plat'e Hojlbs Thomas, jun. St. Ann-street
Moore \Vm. Silver-street
Salter James, Catharine-street
Simmonds Thomns, Catharine-st
Stay St~pben, High~treet Stevens; Charles, Castle-st•·eet

Glove and Breeches ~Makers.

Pocock Joseph, Catbarine-street

T-argettCharles, Market-place Botly Henry, (& working jeweller) Reeves William, Market-place ·
'L'.eacy Wm. Catharine-street Gun, ~c. Makers.

Thyne .lames, St. John-street Fox Lharles, Milford-street Parsons Thomas, Catharine-strect

Wills· Alexaorler, Catbarine-atrcet Goddard Thomas,- Market-place Rhoades Chas. James, Queen-st.

Brewers. Nash John, Catbarine-street Haberdashers.
Shorto H~n~y' Qn<'en-s~reet
Roiers Jolm' Castle-street See also JJ!illiners, ~c.

Whitcburcb Saml. & Co. Milford-st Snook Wllham, Catharme-street Holman Mrs. {& hosier) Ponltty-
Woolfryes \Vm. & John, Culver-st "Cross

· Brush Jllakerl. Vandenboff Edward, Castle-street Macklin James, Market-place

Cooke Richard, Hi!lh-street Wood J_ohn, jun. C:astle-stree~ Hatters.

Kt)ynes John, Winch<'stcr-street Ptre and Life O,ffices. Dew Charles, Queen-street
Atlas, Robt. Squarey, ~ark et-place r<'inch John, Queen-street
Millel"" Francis, Market-plaee
• J., 1~.a1_"er• rr l British, (fire) J. Bennett, Mar){et-pl Hicks William, Market-plAce
«;Jpho sterers County, (fire) Thoiil. Rake, Canal Wheeler John and Thos. (&hosiers

Blachford Rob.ert, Htgh-street Eaglt>, Benj. George, Queen-street llnd ) Market-place
Keynes Wn~. Ctutle-street
Norton Cbarlt·s, 1\larket-plaoo, Globe, Hen. Macklin1 Rollestone-sr Horse Hair .J.lfanuf-acture1"S.
Guardian, Wm. Andw. Arney, Close
Butler James, Castle-stree~

Salmon Thomas, <.:anal Hants Wilts and Dorset John Gardner, Draper and Co. Castle-st.
8kilton George, Castle-street Innl...
Blatch St. Ann-street '

TVIi"dOleurbrJiodsgte>pJho~hnH, Imperial 'Asiiurance Sarah Kni,.bt AnRtoenlo, pCea,th(paroisntien~gst)rJeoetnathan John-
Market-place ' 0
Carpenters and Jmners. '

London Union; W. Smith, Castle-si Black Horse,(commercial&posting)

Davis Thomas, Castle-street Norwich Union, Thos. Lawrence, Thos. Harrington, WinchesteT-st.

Hiscocks lsaac, Endless-street Rollestor.e-street Cross Keys, (commercial) James
Horlic~ Tboma.'l, Endless-stree'
Luke Lewis, Brown-street Pelican, (life) } C D 0..,neen-st · Morris, Queen-street
Phrenix, (fire) · ew, Lamb, (commercial) Wm. Goodwin~

Marshall Michael, Castle-street P't·ovident (life) Tbos. llake, Canal Catharine-street ·

Oborne Wm. Castle-street · Royal Exchange, Stevens & Black- Red Lion, (commerciaT) John Beck-

Read George, Castle-street more, l\lineter-street ingsale, Milford-street

Reilman Wm. Catharine-street Salamander, (fire) Thomas Roles, Sun, (commetcial) Francis Brown,

Skeate Johu Ralph, Beuwin-street Market-place Fisherton-anger
Thick \\1m. Salt-lane
Sun, Henry Cooper, Castle--street Three Swans, (commet·da!) Chas.

Walbridge Daniel, Castle-street Westminster, (life) James Bennett, Cusst>, Winchester-street

Wareham Tlwmas, Castle-street MarKet-place · White Hart, (posting} Saml. Jones,

Weavings Wm. New-street West 9f England, George Sutton, St. John'i-street

Citeese St. Ann street · Linen and 1Yoollen Drapers.

Askew Wm. Qneen-street Glass, Cltina, &c. Dealers. Loder, Son & Davis, Poultry-cross

Pike Joho, Market-place Cooke Richard, High-street Maxfield Thos. & Co. Market-place

Whitmarsh James, Canal George Benjamin, Queen-street Pain George, Silver-street

Cltemistk and Druprgists. Maton Willinm, End!ess·street Pinckney John, (linen) Market-p1a.

Jeffrey Edwiu, Market-place Rerlman William, Catharine-street Richardson George, High-street

Musgrove Charles, Canal Roberts Wm. St. Thomas's Church- Sparshatt John, l\larket-placa

Squarey Robert, Marh.ct-place yard Stevens and Blackmore, Minster-st_

lmilt91Jit·t. SALISBURY1 561
TrumRn, J. Catharine-street Phillips James-, Market-place Plume of Featht>rs, Uobt. Pounct•1

Wyatt \Villiam, ~linen) Canal Shorto l;:lenry, Qlll!en-stteet Queen-street

-Aiarble tmd Stotll! Jlfason~. S't'.·:·mner f l1l d u1:0 r ~,·.1a m v,1:a c t u r e Queen 'as nAdr mPlsa,sAte.reVras'uAsdremns, ,InC·h-a~Et"..
Btown Ch11tlcos, Ha:rnham \\'illiams John Bennett, New-street Bealf', !vy-street

O:amund Wm. (& l'tatuary) St.Ann-s! Surgeons. Risio!!' Sun, A lice Blake, Castle-st•

Aiusworth Jfatfmatl·tss,te~'rrosw.n-strcet Andrews William, Canal Rose & Crown, Edw.Beare, High-t>t.

Beale Charlt>s, Ivy-street Beckini(Salt" and Cave, New-street Rose, John White, near High-l'treet

Cave Thos. SeD. and Son, High-st. Running Horse, Edmund Croud1,

Beckingsale John, Milford-street Coate.$ Henry, MiUord-stret>t Winchi:'Rter-street
Brown Franci~ t'isherton-anger Coates Wm. H~nrv, Endlesd-Street Saracen:s U<'ad, Henry ltowden,
Cooper Her~ry, Castle-street Market-plac~
Sampson G!:'orge, Endless-street
Toone John, Hi~h-street
Cnsse Thomas, Gigaut-street Winzar Da:vid~ Market-place · Shiv, Jas. Si!ll8, Wincfiester-strPf't

Rogt.>rs John, Castle-street Shoulder ofl\1uttan, 1\lary HaywQOd,
Wnitchurch Saml~ H&igCh-o~. tMreieltfo
Wt.ite John, near rd -st I JBi~glhls-,stHre.cCt oomhs.
Surveyors. Winche:<ter-st
'Voolfryes Wm. & John, Culvcl,'~st Fisher, Money and Son, (building Spread Eagle, Vinct'nt Wing, Canal .

J.llillers. . and architects) High-street Star, James Ainttworth, Brown-fit.

Ball Josepb, Town-mill Peniston Juhn, (uuilding 1md archi- Tap, Wm. Crumby, Endless-street

Bell and SJuJtJtiollain,l!Ft'jss,heor/tto:.n-mill tect) Close · Vine, John. Pottle, Bedwin-street
Saph Elias, (land) Endless-street Waggon and Hor~es, David Ru1n-
bold, Brown-11trttet
Sleat Wm. (and architect) Exeter-at
Ball Miss, 1P\olaurlyt,ry·S-iclrvoesrs-street Webb and A od ( la d' Close Wheat Sheaf•. Ann Ric.hards,
Langriclg-e t t w o ; . n 1 -Pt i:;h-

Putty Miss, Silver-street ' 'l'allow Cltandlers. ' market .,.

Richanlson Mu. Market-place Andrews Henry, Winchester-strel't White Horse., ,_saac Pt>tty, Castlf'-s1i
Cus!"e John) M~rket·place White Lion, James Bl{t~.. {Y,Jt-..sJre('~
v~ung Misses, CRnal- '
lugs Robert, Milford-litreet White Swan, Wm. (olt-, Brown-bt.
• Alusic Wareltou.r~e.

Lucas Alexander, Catharine-street Marsh Thomas, 1\Iarket-pla.r.e WEooldlPark, Jamell Tewkesbury,

Nurserg and Seedsmen, White Henrv·"~,'a1C•,zu,..,ltve•e,·r....-.etrl'et n e u - st r"e e'ati1or•.

Cooe o~...icl1a1·d and Co. Queen-st. Budd Benjamin, Milforil .6.
Geary and Moody, CAstle-street
Adams Joseph, {and draper} Canal

Phelps Williatu, Milford-stz·eet Pickford William, Exetcr-strect ArmltrongJohn, Castle-strri't

Painters ami GZ.a;ziers. Woodley John,. Castle-street BroMwarnk_~joth-nplaancde Son, (and drap('til)
See also Plumbers, Sf'c. Taverns and Public Houtes. Cassey lsll!W, Silver~treet
Bfare ,lohn, High~street
.Anchor and Hope, Laban Lockyer, Dodsworth William, Close

Raw,lall William, Queen-street Wincheeter-stre("t Hayward Erancis, Catbarine..stret>t

lV:ing Richard,. Higb...street Barley Mow, S. Lawf's, Green-croft Lawea Wm. (and draper) Market-pl

, Pawn Brokers. Bell, Martha Berrt>y, Milford-hill Munday John; Market-place

D.avis Josrpb, GigiUlt~street Belt. Thomas Hohbll; Ex:ett>r-street Randeli Wm. (&alt'Sman-) SHvt>l'-&t
Bird in Hand, Heury Feltham, ~ke .Jas. (and aaleaman) CathA-
Pl-ecey William, Catharine.street

RlRve .John, Trinitr-street rule-street
White William, Cul-ver.stre~t Catharine Wb~l, .James Bolster, Rooke Henry? (and m!esman) Ca-

Plumbers and Glaziers, ~·c.r Milford-street tharine-street
Jdmult John, (llnd painter) Cl\nal Chough, Thos. Lamborn, Market-pi Sopp Wm.,.s~. Thomas's Church-yd
City Arms~ Wm. Cassey, Market~pl T~r~ett \'\ dham, :\l(lrket-ptace
Llt.vreune·Henry, Castle-street
l\fackrell Robert, Ma.rket-place- Coach and Horses, Wm. Garrett, \\ beele~: Jphn M. Htgh.-street
Watch, etc. Maker~.
N't>ale Harry, (and painter) W-ood- .,j Winchester-str~et .'
Crown, Henry Swift, Bedwm-st~et Carter William, Minster-str.eet
markeL '' Crown and Anchor, Jamea Turner, Conpc-t Robert, Cathari~e-street,

Physicians. Exe~i'-st,re£>t

Fowler Richard, Milford-hitl t'itz Thomas, Market-J>lace
G\·ove John, Close · D_olphm, \hn. Hoilon'*Y• ~ulver-s~ Hunt Martha, Quf'en-street
Ftvt! ~ells,. Leon~rd Jes~e. Salt-lane W oodyear Rdwan'l, High-street
Thomas Robet·t, Endless-street Geo.rge..JameJ~Blake> WI_n~hester-st .

. Proctors. George and Drl\gon, Ph1hp Blatch, Wlleelwrighl6 •
•. . ,
Arm•y W1lham, Close Castle-streelo-- Hopgood GeorgP, Endless-street

Cobb ~ames, St: ,AnQ-street Globe, E.stbel' !\t>wbery, Gigant-sr. Hull Thomas, Church-street
H_oddmg Job~ JUn. (& tewn clerk) Gua.t, Josepb Chinv, l\;lilford-street Wine and Spirit Aferchanl$.
G reeu D ragon, Geo. :~sampson, near Brod"te and A t k"mson, Gl'l!'artt-st.
T" Castl eJ- s0 t1.rme e tp (d Cusse Thoma~, {spirit) Giwmt-st.
mney ern , an coroner Winchester-pike
r~ot the Ctty) St.-Ann~straet Greyhound, Jos. ~arter, l\farket-pl Leach Thomas & Cod\iarket-place
W llmo~ Tltomas,. Endless--street, Haunch of Venison, Thos. Cbcater1 5hort Geo. a~d Son, (British wine)
Rope Jlnq Twine Makers.
~ou!try-oross Marlfet-place ·

KPntlell deorrre Milford-strect Indta Arms, John Pratt, Culver-st. Woolfryes Wm. and John, (spirit)

Saundel'lfJan:'es: Harnharu ' l{ing'& Arms, Thoma;; Watts, St ...Culver-street , ·
·Siluucers Josepb, $t, Ann-stree~ ~ Wyatt Jamcs L• .M. Ho~-la!1e
Jolsn's-street ~. -
• Maidenhead, J. Hibberu, 1\Iarket-p~
8_addler~, lUak!!t'$. ;flr'ltst:tllattfOUS.
<$c. Mitre, James Line,
New Inn, Richd, Mills; top of St. Burrough .John and SOn, engravers,
Hanhng D.amel, Qll.eeQ-street

Ha1·ding Joseph, Silver-street Ann-street Market-place
Hawker George, Catharioe-street New Inn, .lohn Pattl'non, New~st. Coe Sarah and Son, tobacco & snuff
Kew \Vhite Horse CeHm-, Jno. Lam
TRai":vblaerrdJsaomn eTsh, oCamtaha~riCua~t-lh:air~irneee-ts~. manufacturers Canal
bert, near Winchester-pike
Collis Miss, perfumer, Catharine-st

Waiter ThomtlS, Catbanne-street Old Roe Buck, Johrr -Cant, But- Dixon Fannv., straw l1at makC{' and
Silversmiths, Ne,
c h e r ...rO\v milliner, Silver-street

Bennf'tt Jatl}eS; Market·phce Phea":mt, \V. Rogt>rs, Rollestooe-st Fry Joseph, basl<et maker, Castle-st

Goddard J'ho1nas, Market-place Plough, J, ~a;li t f'bipper-Ian.e Gillo Wm. whip maker, Catharine-:i

?1 .


from the (hough Inn, lUon. Wed. and LONQON, from the Wbite Hart, e\·ery
Miscell(ffleous COilli1med.
Friday mornings morning at »Men, and evening at l!alf-
Guest Margaret, circMlating l.ibrary, LONDON ,Andover,.Exeter, &c. Rnssl'll past seven

&c. &c. High-street and l'o. 's vans, Brown-st. Sun. Wed, BARNSTAPLE and Taunton, from the
and Fri. noon~; and waggons daily Black Horse~ Mon. Wed. & Fri. nights
Lanl!,"ridge Mary, sen. stay maker7 LONDON, and the intermediate places, at ten

Silver-titreet J. W oolcott & ~on's vaas, Miiford-st. BATH, from the Alltelopl", e"\'eiy day

L"lke Cbas. cork cutter, Silwr-st. Tues. Thurs. and Sun. i and waggons (~nnday exct>plt-~ at half-past t>leven
Mon. \\'Pd. and Sat. at noon BATH, from the White Hart, el'ery day
1\Iacklin Henry, tea dealer, Rolle· (Sunday exceptNl) at a quarter before
stone-street BATH, Bristol, &c. E. L.Lye's waggons eleven, and at twelve

1\IiUord-st. weekly ·
Masters John, chai-r & basket makr. BATH and Bristol, through lVarminster, $RISTOL, from the Red Lion, every
&c. John Provis's wag;;ons, Brown-st. morning att two
'rues. Thurs. and Sat. EXETER, from thl' Black Horse., every
Porter Chas. woolstapler, Hog;-lane MARLBOROUGH, a, caxavnn, from thl' morning at aeven

Rehbeck Robert~ toy warehouse, Chon~h, evt-ry Tues. morning EXETEU, from the Red Lion, every
WARl\tiNSTbR, E. L. LyP's van, Mil- evPning a~ eight
High-street ford-st. Mon. Wed. and Fri.; and wag- EXETER, from the ""White Hart, every

Roe John, cooper, Brown-strPet gon Tues. Thurs. and ~at. morn'ing at tour.and six

Short Stephen, fellmonger, &e. GO:-iPORT, from thoe Red Lion, Tues.

FishertOil-anger COACHES. everJ Thur11. and Sat. afternoons at two
Smith John, cheese dealer, POOLE, from the Black Horse, Tues.
Staples Thos. brazier.,&~ Market-pi LONDON, from the Antelope,
even;n~ at half-past eight Thurs. and Sat. mominpat nine

PORTSMOUTH, from the Red ;l.ion,,
LONDON, from the Black Horse, Wed. every ni~ht at twelve
Fri. and Sun. mornings at two ; every SOUTHAMPTON, fronl the Antt>lop~,

ftfterooon (1-'n1day el'<:e• ted) at four; Pvery uilernoon (Sunday excepted) at
LONDON, S. Btake &.Co.'stvllhs, Canal, and evl'rV eveninl!" at stoven
half-past one

~nn. Tues. & Thurs. Dlorn""• at elt•ven LONDON; from t]{., Llnnb, 13very even- 80UTHAl\11YfON, from the WhiteHart,
LONDON, ~basion, Gillingfwm, Jlimlon, ing at half-past five
every day {Sun. excepted) at a quart..r
Mere, and all parts ol the West of Eng- LOl\DON, from the Red Lion, every before on!' ; and M on. Wed. and Fri.
land, Brown, \Vallingtoll & Co.'s vans, moming at five
alterll()ons at a qrunter before three




A CONSIDERABLE town situate on the rh•er Were, distant 98 miles wt>st of Lonrlon, ICJ from Bath,

and about l.he same distance from Frome and W11rminster; i-t is only thrt>e miles from its neighbourhl!J

rival, Bradford, This town was formerly famous for a castle bl.'long;ing to tbe ancient Duke!) of Lancaster,
but which wa~ ~' elelln~down•• in Le! and's time, except two of its se\·en !!reat towers. and now not the

lenst remains- of it Are to be 1;een. The Earls of Sarum were the andcnt Lor<ls of tl1is plare, then. lbe
Dukes of Uwlcaster,. and in Leland's time the Earl of Hertford. A conrt for the Duchy of Lancaster is
held here annually at; Micha~lmas. Here is A good stnne bridge over the river Wer('", but the homes in

ge_neral are ir.l'egular a.nd ill built, except those that luwe been lately erectell, which are very numerous~ it is

sai!l nQt les15 than three hundred hom~es have been very recently built. There is no pnblic building that
merits particular atwntion. The church is a plain structure; the present rector is the Rev. George Crabbt>~
whoa~ ~elebrity as a poet is universally known. The several denominations of diSl\enters ha\'e: commodious
pla~s of worship, and are num~ronsly attended. 'fhia place has long been remarkable for its staple trade,
that of manufacturing English and Spanish wool into broa1l cloths and kerseym~~·~, though it is alm1 st
solely employed in th~; manufacture of the lattt'l'1 some of the finrst sort bring mnrle here entirely-uf
Spanish wool, and said .to be the best in this country. Th~ town of Trowbrillge and the immediate neigh-
bourhood ~lerive <'Ollsiderablc benefit f.rom the canals that have been beg-un and completed during tlae la~t .
twenty yenrs, which open a very extensive communication by w~tcr with all pnrts of tile kingdo .•l. Tba

Kennetand Avon Canal passes within a mile of Trowbridge, and at Ba.tb joins the Avon. whkh is navigable
f1·om thence throu~b Bristol to the Sc"ern. A few milrs from Brub the Somerset C0al Canals bring into the
Kennet and Avon that valuable arti~lt', to be forwart!ud through a great extent of country. at a -price it
could not other\vise be attainable. The easterll ronrse of the Kennet and Avon Canal i~tfrom Trowbridge

to De"t"izes, fron1 theuce to Huugerford, and at Nt'wbury it enters the mwigablc K.enuet river, which falls
into the Thames at Reading. thus opening to the ·western counfies a direct communication by watrr 'vith

the metropolis. The population of this plare is estimated at about 10,000 [email protected], . mal,.ing an

increase of more than 3000 since the last census was taken. 'flte weekly mnrket is on Saturllay, and there·

is a fair 6th of August.

Post Offi('e, Parade.. Elizabeth Ball, Post 1Jf'ut1·eu. Mail to London at four ia the afternoon. Batb,

Frome~ Melksham and Bradford •t the same hour. The Hampshire and Uorsetshire bags are made up at

eight io the morning. ,


Academie8. Ball Jo~epb, Back-street Booksellers and Stationers.

Cadbys Ellzabeth & Lydia, (board- ~rnett Thorn a~, Market-place Clark James, Market-place
Bishop George, Church~yard
ing and day} Silver street Gisbnrne- John, {Unitarian book-
Long Maria, (hoarding aml day) BQucher Wm. Hilperton-lane
Butt John. Back-street seller only) Bridge-street

Par~e New Wm. Market-place

Wearing Richd. (day) Market-pi. Burhage George, Conigree Sweet Edward, (& binder) Fore-st:

.Altorne1fS• FoIey Wm. Rou adstone-strcet Wearing Ricbd.(and readin~room)

Bush Elijab, C•onigree Hellicar Wm. Courts Market-place

Clift Stepbeo Brown, Un~on-st. Riug Ja.mes, Bridge-street
~):nee James, (and corn dealer) Boot and ShofJ A!akers.

"limbrell Thomas, Silver-street Market-place Hurd Charles, Silver-street
Newtlt Market, Back-street Mayell Samuel, Roundstane-st.
Auctioneers <t Appraisers. Rimer Ahraham, Fore-street Poynton John, Conigree
Tucker Henry.. Conigre.: Skuse James, Market-place
Heritage Daniel, Parade Vinee George, Hill-street
Taylor Jacob. Union-street Braziers and Tinmtm.
Ludlow, Batton and Timbrell
BakerI. (Wiltshire Union) Browne Henry, Market-place

Alexanrler James, King-street

Bl\11 Tboma11, Back-street


Hollo\Vay M~ (tin only) Round- Grocers and Tea Dealers. Plumbers, Glaziers~ P(tiuters

stone-street See also Linen Dra-pers. Cadby John, Market-place

Jenkins John, Court-strt>.et BJake Julia, Markt>t-place Hnrd William, King-strct't

Whereat James, 1\larket-p!ace Blake Wm. Roundstone-.strcct Spragg \Villiam, Rridge-strt>et

. Carpenters and Joiners, .Bmvyer Ahraham, Fore-street . Printers.

Bnckpitt Ge~ (&builder} Courts Butcher Philijl, Ronndstnnc-,st, Clark .Jamt'S, Market-place

Frawlcvt Joseph, llm·k-street Cadby Philip, Market-place Sweet Edward, Forc-str.·et
~• (tea Rope and Tu:ine M aK1_eTif.
Gllone Churles, (&bUilder} Back-st. Carson JoQn, • dealer only)
Cns~e J ames, Forc-stree~
Harding Samuel, NKienwg--stt.roew1~nt A»tfrt>ws Tlwmas, rHc·.~i.l p e rt o o - If t n e
GHaarydtiono~rJJaacmobc,s,ForMc~asrtkreete-tplace .".·1 8 '~t"-'- p a ul Con1" g
H t<ritag'e Robert, t
1Gngton Wm,. (~builder} Courts
Hendy James, Market-place Saddlm·s and l/anteu ;.llakerl.

Penott John, I! ore-street Brl'wer J ames, for.e-&treet.
Cltina, Gla.~s and Earlltenware Large Thomas. Marl•ct-pliice
Dealers. Cuzner Hensy, Market.pluce

North Thomas, Fore-!'itrect Slay and HttnleS!l ;.1/akcrs.

Bartlett Sarah, Back-strt"ct Pra· ce ""'t t>p1um, p>lfa(1e

Cooke Richard, Fore-street Rawlings Samuel, Conigree Huntley Jamt•s, Back-to;trect

Leigb John.a. Rounsdtonc-street Slade John, Market-place Mundy Gcorge, Back-street

Stcvens Sa.rah, Back-:;treet S1trget)tt~.
Beil J~~oolhann,, Clot!iiers. "1H atb 1i~tif~~1!.1f'a.\furers L Cary John Warren, Pm-arle
Beu ser.r. Sih·er-strcet ea ers. Ormonrl John, Hill-strel't
Conl"gree Cad y p Gl lel i~pr, geCahFr}o{rect-jps tarce~ed• SyI''ester G eorgP-, p arade
n Fletchcr
Bra.okman Wm. Market-place Villiers Tllos:Fowkes, Back-st.
'l'aifo ·s. .
Hurgess John, Yerbury-strcet Ship way! os. > nrc l-yar 1 ... ,_
[;u~s and 1_1otels. mMnaarsh, e al arc" eet
lBlautttcchr\evro, rKthemEpd&waCrod.•.HCiolpneigr1to·cne-lnne Cross Th -pJc~ce
Keys, Jas. Balley' l\fark ct-Jl1 AB-apipleley;;Jaotelm,

Clarks John 1\nd Thos. Duke-at. George Hotel, (and posting house) Bannister Elhmn1. C!'h-yard
Clarke and Perkins Back-street ThEredewTaurnd:;~H, aJolle~,J?-MHaorkbebts-,plBaac~le(-st. g~;;,~r::~· ~~~~~~:tfc1:~e
Son,Cooper John ,nd
Duke-st. \Vool Packs, Stmon Hoddmott,

neACOQ Tbos. near the Bridge

JJunn Joseph, Courts Mar·ket-plnce Tallow Cltanrllcrs.

};d~ell James, Courts Ironmongers. Collier Jolm, RQurul">tonc-:strcct

llarris Richard and Sons, Duke-st. Browne Hf.'nry, Market-place Cusse Jarnes., Fore-street

1-lendy James, Courts Whercat Jamcs, Marl•et-place Taverns and P1,blic llousc1.
Linelt Drapers attd Deale1·.~ Blue Rnwl, J. D;wis, Roundstone-st
Long Robert l!nd !'on, Parade Blunderbuss, J. "Chnprnan

.MMaorrs,1·hmamersBTcnbJoasm. man,.:aDJuokse.-sotr0euent d-• _;•.n llaberdashery, ~z~.rost•er!l Carpenter•s Arms, J 7 Bri1l{!:c
" ..,_ J'- 11arn-~,
and Hats. anM:::>
.stone-street Ronmlstonc-strt't't
Brewer John~ (and groct>r) Bridge Cl'own, .Jas. Ga·inin, Timhrell-st.
Rogers John, Paradise-row

Salter Samuel, Fore-street Clark James, Market-place Hare a.nd Hunnds, John Whcatlcy,

Seargeant Thos. and Co, near th Crook Wm. (and grocer) Fore-st. Back-street

Bridge Cundall Wm. (and grocer) Fore-st. Horse and Groom, Wm. Otf,·r,

JohnSha'" Joseph, Conigree Dunn Jnsepb, (and grocer) Fore-st. Back-strret
and Co. Market~plaoe EdgcU Richd. (and grocer) Back-st. Kin~ of Prussia, WiHiam Gould,

Spender Wm. Back-street P:gll'ar Henry, Market-place B.ritlge-street

Stancomb John, Fore-street Kemp John, Roundstone-street Lamh, Jsnac Bank!!, Mortiml'r-st.

Stancomb \Vm. and Joscpb, Courts Little Jame!l, New Ge,1rge, ,JI\s, Oram, Conig_rce
New Jnn, E. Tucker, Silrcr-strect
Stillman, and Noad, Conigree Long Joseph, Market-plac6

Symes Jonathan, New-town Pearce Samuel, Market-place Retl Hat, Isaac Co..,;, Back-hme

Tanner Wm. l''rog-Jane Sloan Wm. (&tea dealet") Rose and Crown, Jarnes Appll'uy,

Waldcon J. and W. ~- Bridge L9ttery Office Agents. New-town

· Coopers. New Wm. (for Sivewright) Mar- Scribbling Horse, J. Cox,.Courl-st.

Ayres Samuel, SilveF-street ket-place Sun, Mary Graltam, Cou-rt-st.

White Jacob, near the Parade Sweet Edwd. (for Dish) Fore-st. Three Tuns nnd Bow], Joscrh

D · d C.'l • ts lJlasons (Stone). Townscnd, Market-place
atnimk·ser1-sstaraece,t (d b "hi ) M White Hart, Jno. Woo<l, M•nket-pl
rugg1sts an flemts • 8
an UJ er or- \Vhite Swan, Robert Chadwick'.
Crewe H enry, M ark et-pIace

Gibbous Wan. Silver-street Cox Edward, (and builder) Water- 8ack·strcet

New Wm. Market-place loo-place • Tilers a·lld Plasteret•s.

Tye Charles, Fore-street Fraley Nathl. (& builder) Half Martin WiHi11m, Half

Dyers. Lucre Wm. Castle-street Newmau Stephl'n, Back..stret.'t

Anstie Peter, Bridge Mail SamueJ, TimbrcU-street Spragg Jnhn, llilperton-lanr-

Bannister James,. Co•uts Stainer Benjamin, .Mortimer-st. Tompkins John, Hack-street
Lawso11 Wm. Courts S er.~ TJTatc."_ and Clock A\r iakers.
1\loote Isaac Courts J.'J>• lt.llmers ~ u-rTa t
Parish Jam~, Bridge
<:nndall Elenora, (straw). Fore-st. Cross Wm. Sih·l'r-str<'et

Strang and ~W· cbber• Courts LHict ttlceb eErliAztnhn.(, ~Ftroarwe)- sRt roeuent<lstonc-st Cross John, l\IMket-place .Mar~
Jfzre Q/fice!J. New Wm. (and sih·ersmith)

Starr Ann, Market-plAce ket-plaee
B.-iti~~ Fire and W~tminstcr ;.)/illwr;ghts a~td EngineCTs.
Life, D\·er John~ Market-place WlteelwriglLts.
EhJah Bush,. Comgrt"e .
Pcrrott John, Fore-f>tl'eet

Globe lnsuratt«:ej Wm. New, Mar- H;.,den George &..lames Sill'er-st. Usher Henry, Stallard's-laoe
ket-place '
Patten1llaker1. Wine and Spirit DettlP-r.,.
Norwich UAioo, John Read, l\Iar-

ket-place 8o.'lrd Ann, M11rket-pla.-e Erlgell Richd. (!ipirit only) Back-st.

Salamander, Thomas Timbrell, Sil- Kington Wm. Court-street New Wm. Market-place
Price Step hen, Par~e
ver-street Perrot.t" John, For~-street


j'l!li~.cdlanrou~.. --~TirnbrP111~o~. ~({ -eo. commoo ·BRISTOL, .tames Luca~, Ttu>sday and
Butcher Philip, earver and gildt·r,- brew~rs-, 'Brmge • • hJ3:;£~a~hrpton Mallett, an!I Wincan-
S\1.\""er-s•reet TresolrJ1 Jost>ph, dealPr m Jewellery ton, Joseph Wheeler, from th(" hil!g
of Prns~ta, Tues. Thurs. anll'Sat.
E-(lDwukaer-dhstl'N~at't~ht ",.n l ' e l , ."..',001 brok"r and 'apan goods, Back-tane FROM E~ tan dC~groyo,dWs ifnocrawnatorn~,dStboe,pBtoruq-,
ton, Cas tle
'' "(""!i":'A~R~.~..:,.... oREF•

wn broker,
lFFl•<·Fl"lo•rntJki·nelJi-a;StotWrn""'A"m' lt\..fnf-nr-!.·..~.Jlepr~a
LONDO. , BenJ. Groberty's waggon, Wells, <·HastoRbory, Bridgewater and
from thlt' G eorge hnl Monday liBd
a! I parts of the west) Giles &. H6opel',
Thmsilay. • Mon. and Fri.
LONDON, Giles. and ll~~:qper~ Monday GI.OUCE:'>TER, _through Melksh~m.,
fur~i~'#riJ brqk~r
Heritage Daniel LOanNdDTOhNnr,sdWa1y1.1tl:ftgto1n, Dt•t~ and C{). Cbippe.rham, Ma'msbnry, Tetburya:rul
pd ' Strmtd, John Applegate, se'Jlr. Mon.
ara e • 1 :Monday and Thnr~>rlay.
SALISBURY, James Applel(ate, from
llurnn ..Jacob, t'Ul'rler and leathfr N. B. Goods forwarded to Scotland, the Rose and Crown, Monda)·.
cutter: lJ~tek•Mr~et Ireland IUld Wa!ePI; to Plymouth aJJd SALISBURY, Jos~ph 8\le&r, Mfl'lltllitj.A. ·
MillarJ~"Ppb &ri::aiteet& turveyOt" b(yanvdan,gQtoo•lLsonfdoornw)~rTde. dllndf•a~.
PaBvfIlL_R.,,._k.,hs~ttrred~~t' mea.hmm, ' all parts of the-west. . S EEND,
BATH, John Applep.te, Junr. Mon. thenl"e,
Bas:k-st. farnodm~att.he Three Tun»
Wed. J1a1nmdeFs riL. uea~ • Uallimore '
BATH, 1\Ion. Wyd. Fri.
l\7on. Wed.
Ful~t~r~~d Simon,_ {Ilaltste.-, Sta,l- B:I~:;:,i, Benjamin Cantle, from tlte '
lara s-laue
New George.,_ Tuesday, Thur6day and LONDON, from the George Inn, St1n.

Read John, coal merchant, 1\-Iar- Saturday. Tues. an!l Thurs. aftPntoon at fiJUr.
ket-place ' BRISTOL, Jnmes A~plegate, from the BATH and Hrhto4 fro.m ~e GeoTge and
•1 Jb ~ of • e~ery mor
R Rose and Crown., r.ton. and Thllr. Wo olpack lniJ sa1t haff-past nh;tg (Sui\"'
li! Jton o n, pro1essur mUSIC, BRISTOL Richard Toleman Tues. day except ed) six.
Wed. and Sat.
Timbrell-strcct '


A POPULm;s town, 8itni'\tecl near the Ure:>tern c>xtremit:v of the C.()unty o( Wilt!!, di~;tant ft·om l.ontfuh

99 milt·!-1, Frome 7,. \Vesibnry 4, ·rrowh1idge 9, Bradford 11, Bath 16, and Salisbury 20 miles. le is v~rt

t'lca.santly situate<1 on the rh·er Willey, which rises in the rreighbourhoo<J, and pursues a south Tt'St course;
till it forms a junction witb the Avon at Salisbm~·· The bt>autiful meanderings cf rh·er, amidst a tyro~

fu,..ion ()r- i'oManti& ,rrovc~ ~ncl verchmt pastures, form Ei tlistinguishing feature of the ~>cen'rry Otl the sontb

~;.irle of tl1e townJ -and losl's none of it.01 eh'cct from being contrasted with the bold aptwarance of the nortlt,
w:-aere 1\ra lf\r~~ opp.o-fi~tldt& of eorn, lying at the foot of a lofty range of hills, forming th~ t>dp;:e of the

celebrated Salisbury plain"' Warminstt>r appears to be a place of great antiquity. Cflrr.deH' waS' of 1\pinion

tf1at this \V~ll .o~n 11ncicnt town men tioncd by Antonius in his hinerary, and c-alll'd Yelurilt; it rtt>rives its

present name from Per, a .part of it.~ ori;:;inal appellation, 1\nd mi1zster, from a mon11.~tery that wafi form('rly

here. \Vhat s.eem.~ most to ~;orrobor:\te the antU]uity of this town i8 the eircnmstance of a hanusome tesse--

)ated pavement having hel'n found within a short di8tance of it, and is snppo!!!ed to have belonged to a Rotn1m

sudatory. This pll\'CIJlt'nt was 56 feet by 10 feet, and on ~t. lay a mutilated statue- of D1&.na, with a hl'lfe 1rt
her f~et; ~t was remov~d to Longleat by command of the )ate- Marquis of Bat b. There are also a great

bmnber of tumuli and fnrtifkatipns in tha nehthbourhood ; a variety of sae.Lificia.l instruments, -armonr 110d

coins have beerr found here, Hnd ot ')!lace called the Barrows or Berry's, some lnbourers, who were digging
a ditch, 'f'ouncl various relics of Roman antiquity~ with three l11rge YKses, full of coins and brass medals, the

most numemus of which were those of Probus, Tacitus and Ga1Iienus. Warminst£'r consists principally of

one long street, wltich l,aas becq divided iuto .others of various names. It has lately been considerably im-

proved by tbe removal of tl1e mei\U an<l dilapidated buifiJings in the street nowc~lled Gt>orge-strt'et, and 'the

t•recting o( nt>at and commodious houses on their site. There have· also very rec~ntly been t>rectl'd several
elegant and lofty houses, it~ other parts of the town. The church is a handsome strncturc, on the .Bath

road; tbe nave and sid~ ailes were rebuilt within the last century; it deserves notice for it~ neatness, and

has an P.legant organ built by England. Here is also a chapel, with a ~pire, near the, which

is a private endowment, yested in the hands of certain fuoffees, the survivors having a power to till up the

vacancy caused .in their number by death. It is dedicated to St~ Lawr.eoce, and for .the conveoienre of the
inhabitants prayers ftre read there on Wednesdays and Ft;uays, and on red letter days; the vestry meetings

are t~lso bel<! here. The town hall stands in a couspicueus though inconvenient sitntttion, at the t>nd of the

Market-place, and has no claim to particular attent\on. In it the quarter Sl'ssion of the peace is Rnnually

held, viz. the 7th of July. In Chnreh-stl'eet is a frl'e grammar s.cbo.ol, built ancl c>ndowed with £30 pt•r

annum, by the late Lord Visceunt Weymouth, for the education of twenty boys of the-towo. his- un,Jer

the patronage of the Marquis of Bath, who is the linl'al descendant of the foundeJ". The <Rc.>T-C• T.

Griffitb is the present master. In the same street is l\ national school, instituted in 1815, for tbeeducation

of about ~00 poor hoys Rnd girls ; it is supported by annual subscriptions. The present mRSter iA Mr.

James Shears. Here are also four di:~~entin!!' places of worsliip, viz. a Socinian, M_ethodist, Baptist, and
an Independent, the interior of tbe last of which is particularly neat and elegant. 'l~ht> clotbing •rad;a Wl\.8

formerly of considerable importance hl're, but it has for some years past been rapidly doclining, a.nd is now
l1ardly wot:thy of observation. There is, lwweve1·, a considerable retail trade carried oq, aqrl ~h~ shops are

in general very-select an1l attractive. The corn market, which i!l' held weekly (on Saturday} .is. and ever

has been much cPtebra.ted for its ~m pie supply and the number of f;umrrs and dealers who frequent it. J~

pt>culiar features are, thllt the sacks are pitched in the open market, and that al~ ~ales are for r<:ady mopey

onlv. Hoth Le1nnd and Camden make mention of the mngnitmleof this market. Tht>re is also a consideralJ!c

tnu:ie ia malt. The civi] police of this place is superinte[\ded by the neighbouring magistratc>s, (who assemble
at the Bath'' Arms Inn oru."e a month for the purpose} and the Hi~h. C•>nstahle, who, with the ffl'lhordtrmte

conlitables and tithing men, 11re annually chosen at the court-1el't of the M arqnis etf Betl1, who is Lord uf the
1\fanor. From alate snntey this place was found to contaiu 5612 inhahitaots, hcing an increase of ~tbmtt
800 in ten yt'ft'hl.. Here Ar~ heM thrt-e"Rnmnil fllirs, 'Viz. the 22d April, and the llth Angnst, fot' -eattle ROll

cheellt', and the \\rincipal one, on the 26th October, fnr t:hl'ese, cattle, sheep, lt("" 'Ve cannot otnh men·
tioning the ancieut an'l ~a~ificeot seat of tbe Mafqnis of Bath. lt is situated about four miles west of
'Varminster, -.he building of which was hegun hr 6ir John Thytm~~ tlJe founder nf the pte5ent family, irt

1567, ;wd WIIS not cor11pleted until tn•elve years afteJ"wanls.. lL was erected un the site of a diasohr~ pri&ry,

--- ·\VARl\ttNSTER. -

'' 56-5

l'UI'Ch11seri of Sir John Horsey, i$ the 32d of Henry VI H. Longh-at is !laid to lJa\'e bc•en the first well

built hou~e in Ens-land. It is 1wti<red fora very finll'collectioo of historical portraits of tl1e most celebrated

characters in tlle En!!;lish 11'istory of the 16th and 11th Ct'Dtnries; among 8ome otbers of a more Rncient

date is ORe or the celt·brated J ane Shore, which ii.i intt>r~ing and much admired. The bonl\e is iiurouuded

hy a nol>le p1trk, upwtu·ds of t\Vl'lve miles iu circumference, well stocked with rleer, throu~b whic'b ttms 'A

branch u( the river Frorne, formins sevc1 al fine cascades, and acids much to the beaufy of the scent>. ·~All

·js on a great scale, .and every thing •round rrealls the remembrance of a.ncient English mainificence,.. '

Post-Office. Gcd'rge Strode, Post Jfaster. Mai1 to London at three in tlte llfterndon. '
and the a 0rt" an<} west at ten in the~V"ening. Jiali\ibury and the east at eight in rlte evening.
Batli and BristOl

•' Clotllier!l. · Hat ~.llfmrifucl't('l'eJ"tl4" I

· .Academies, Dealerll..

Buckle~ MilllsMlj"{day} Georgt'·st... Payne Robert, Pound-street Cooper Joha, GeOTge...str~et

Lndlow MisS E. (dflY) Wansey Henry, junr' "Sambodrn Down aml Stepin'n110u, ~ftMt·et.

Falconer Miss, (Jia.y). Market-place Wansey -George, Clmrcb·street Langley Wm. 1\Dd Son-, Market pl.

Painter Mrs {boarding.) 8ol'eham. • Coarh JJ,tkers. Lawren~ Joel, East.street.

l{oberts Geo. (boapling) Ch1trch-st Davis Wm. Pllrt-.stn:'et bma ond Hotellloi
Robl!rts Mr-1. (boardi~g) Church-st. King Wm . .Silvl'Nltt ect '
Rowlnnd~on Rev. MtchiicJ• D;D. Anchor~ .-John Cockel"ell, Market· pi

Crnnmou Brewers. Angel Inn aml Bath House,
w(bnarchng) We'st-s~Yeet

Sh~pcott Jas. (boa~Jwg) B'•rel1am
Bnc!dcr W.iShjnatou est-st. Hrook.;, Market-place 1

Green John andr.Sm.:. Market-place Bath's Arms, John· Helliar, Mar-
Stair John, (boardmg)' Pound-st. ket-place .•

_ • Agents. BnttJames, Market-plllce r ~eU, Wm. Re-eves, Market-place
Hutt Wm George-stFeet. Castle, John Ha~ell, George-st.
Ihvts Thos. (land) Port-~treet · Cooper.~r

Prlng Richard, (to the London Kiu,r's .:\t::m:,<, Thomas (;ousegs,

Genuine Tea Company and Jor- p .S ~fmlto1•s."5" a11mJ,bao'~.u·Gme-orf1o.a\"Ge;-st •- Market-pbtce James Webley;.
Strdoadne'sGmee:u>.st(agrt.d>)neMrala)rkMe-t1-rpkleatc-eplac Urobsvdetsll 1

. .. • Attorneys. _ . Cm·n, Flou1·;~ Bacofl., Butter, London Inn, Thos. Plan~, l\farket·pl

''Rarton Nathaniel, Market-place C!teese and Dealers in Sun- Organ! John Dowu, High-street

Boor James, (to tbe 'Co\ll't fo dry Grocer1J. Red Lton1 Wm ...Langley. Market-pi

the relief of insoh•ent debtors) Bristow James;George·st. Iron. 11oU1lders.

_ East-street Carpenter Notth, George-strect Cll.rson.and. M&~}et', EHst:street
Davit•s Matthew, Hi~h~strcct
CocRreH Alfrcrl Sambouro-roacl Dutch -BenJilmm, Tow11 s-end·

Goodman Timot!'Y' Si\vt>l'-!!tr'eet Cox- John, Md;ket-plare r · Iron ._lfong-e~·'·

Phelps n!Jd Thrmg, offtccs._East-st. Lidbory John, Sambourn-road ' See also BmzzerJ.
Miffiin !.\hry Marl<et-pla~e
au.d H1gh-strect . Allies Jnmes, Market-place

Witc:omh Lcvi, (convey:meer and Stet-dman Benjamin, Geo-rge-st. Noyes Richard, sent. Market-pl.

special plead8r) 'West-street Strnt John, West-street- Linen D1·apers.

Auctionee1•1f and Appraisers. Young John, George-street Blackford Thos. Market-plare

Pearce Wm. Market-place Curriers and Leather Cutler.~. Hilliar Wm. Market-place

Strod11 George, Market-place Kirks Jos. anrl Wm. Market-place Nicbolls Georgt!, MRrkct-place
Scammell Wm. East-street Tayler Jllmcs Alfred, Market-place

Browns Ellen, Sih•er--street • · • Ubsdell Charles, Silver-street
Daniell Wm. High-~treet. . f!n.tgglsts and C!temtsls. Lolterg Office .Agt.>nts.
Miftlin Mary, Market-place Bl}har ~ame~ MarkE't-place
Moors Thomas, High street Hilliar: James, ( Bish) Marht>.t-place
-,trod~ Geo. (SivewrigiJt) Markel-JI'l
Bankers.I Prmg Rtchard, Market-place
VardyJosht~~ Lamb~rt., Vardy Joshua Lambcct, (Ricbard-
Everett, Thring, Armstrong
King d } tre Offices. son and Co.) Market-Jllaee
Phipps, Biggs and Bannister an Albion, Geo. Strode, Market--place
Hath Sun, Richard Noyes, senr. Currier WiJliam, Clos~

.Boot and S/1.oe Makers. Market-place Green Jobo & Son,. Market-Jllace

County, John Thomas Morgan, Hunt Stepben, East-street.
..Howell 'Vm. senr. High-street . Lan~rley Wm. srnr~,East-strecl

Howell Wm. jnnr. East-street

Rellow George, East-street
Silver-street LMaowo~dsySTahmoumela'

Kellow George, Towns-end Globe, Jas. Boor, East-street ....,·1~1e, E ast.streel reet

Pbrenix F1re n.nd PeliCI!.Il' s, George-st

King ThomM, East-street Joshua Lambert Vardy, Mar- Morgan Jeremiah, Boreham

Rogers J ames, Ged'rge-street ket-pface Morgan John Thos. Silver-stret-'

Smith Joseph, High-street • Royal Exchange, \Vm. Langley, ·Mot·gan Thos. Pearce, Silver-st.

White Nathaniel High-stt·eet senr. East-street Patients Wm. and John, West-st•

Salamander, Nathaniel Barton, Pea1·ce Cbristopher, \Vest-street
Braziers, Tinmen a1'd lron- Marl\et-plaee
Smith William, Close

nwngeJ·.~. West of England, James Wilton, Wehley Jarnes .Market-place

Brou·os Thos. and Thos. W arne, Church-street White Stephen, Church-street

Market-place Grocers mzd Tea Dealera. Young John, George-street -

Jaq:Jes Jas. Market-place Brodribb Uriah, Market-place Jlilliners ~ StrattJ Hat lJ/ak~r!l

Ctwinet Makers~ Upholsterers Cusse James, Market-place Hardings 1\!ary Ann and 1-:llen,

Cox Wm. Hi~tb-street , Green John and Son, l\farkct-pJ. Market-place
}lilliar Henry, Market-place
Pearre Wm. Market-place King Harriet, (str~tw) Si!l·er-st.
(!cupentcrs and Joinertt. Long Wm. Ea~t-stre~~t. Manwarin~ Sarah, High-strl'et
\-lorgan Jerem1al1, S1lver-street
Hardick Tuomas, (and builder) Nicbollt'l .Maria, !\brket-place
Towu's-end PrO\•is Robert l>r~pt>r, George-st.
R.ogers S11rab, (straw) Gt'orge-st.
·nolman Hn~b, George-street Scammell Jane, East-street
Strickland Eli:zth. (!!tr~tw) George-st
Ken'lp and Stent, Tmvn's~end Gun _.lfttkert.
Painter$ (House).

Noyle Jacob~ West-etreet Cook Tho~rnts, Market-plnce Plant Thm. East·s.trect

Thick Cbas. (and builder) Silver-st. Noyes Richard, junr. !\.htket-place Yockney EcJward, GeOrge-street

566 WAR~flNSTRR. ltltlt~{lfrt.

Plumbt·rs, Glazier:i!j Painters l¥hedwriglttl. Wbit6 Benjllmio, cheCBe factor,

Barrett Wm. East-stred Doel Jam£$1 Towo'l'i-eJtrl Church-street ·

llarris Thos. Market-place. 1 Gaisford He~jamin, Sambouru-roav Wilkius John, 15eed5man and oom
facrtoc, Market-phtee
Pri1tlers. Gai>ofotd John, Weat.eod
Vardy .Joshua Lambert~ (Copper- Win~ mzd Spirit Dealers.
plate and letter-press) Market-pl. .. ·. LONDO~, }:. Leigh, Lye, Monday,
y ocknl"f Stephen George-street Br.odnbh JJnab"' i\:fnrket-placc W !'dnes~ay, Friday and Saturday.
• Pr1ce George.. West-street ·
BATH, Bristol and Shafteshmy, CharlMi
Saddlers at~d HarneJlS JJiakers, Self \\'illiam, East-street Ryall, f•om the CMtie Inn, once a w.-ek

BATH-, Thomas Warren and J4mes

Ball.Thomas, George-street Woo/staplers. Scllmmell, every Saturdll}'. ,
BRISTOL and Bath, E. L. L{.~daily.
DGav· tfso rJdamJe0.'bJ,D;M1a\1rakrekte-tp·lPa1accee Everett BenJ. am•m, Porter-street BRISTOL, Wm. Smith, Tu.' . & Sot.
Rossiter Edward, Pound-l'trcet.
ats Wilton James Church-street BRISTOL, John Gregory, Wt>d. & Sat.

Surgeontl. DEVIZESL Jamt>s Scammell,'fhnrs.
Butt and Vicary, 1\Iarlret-place ~ FROM£, ~. L. Lye, Mon.apd Tbur_

,' SALISBURY, Joseph Silcox, from the
Hoare John, E11st-~treet ~USctUatttou1S.
Anchor Inn, Monday.
Seagrams Wm. Ftow<l & Axford Isaac, collar and
t"rowd, M~trkct-pla~e' Frelledck maker, Markd-plaee barne~<s SAUSBURY, James Applegate, from

the Ben In11 1 M onday. , 1\londt\y• Wed-


Surve9ors .(Land), B"Il James. ba~ket maker,. West-st nesday and Friday. Monday,
SALISHtJRY, Willtam Smith,

Daniell John, Town's-end Bleeck John, wool broi.:er, Back-st W ednf'!l!lay and Friday.
Davis Thomas, Port-street SHAFTESDURY, l. l\litcl)ell,tlom tl)e
CburcltiU Wru. dealer in perfumery, Castle Inn, Saturday.
Taifo 1 s.
toys, &c..Markt• TROWBRIDGE, Josepb Silco:xf ftotn

Brown Wm. Silver-street Cousens Thos. l!tay maker, Mar- the Anchor lnn. Tuesday.
Langley Wmr & .Son~ (anu drapers) ket-plaee TROWllRI DGE, James Applegate, from

the BeTI, Tuesday.
Mi\rket-place Cus=--e Jame!l, tallow chandler, TROWBR.IDGE, Jos~ph MitoheH 1'from

Ltdlmry E!lwd. senr. High-street- 1\Jarket-place the Castle Inn, Monday and Ftiday. ,
Lidbury Edwd..junr. West-street feltham David, professor of music, WINCANTON, J. lUitchell, from the
Castle Inn, Monday. -
w'Lidbury Edwd. (&draper} Higb-st. Meeting-lane
Lldhury m. Port-street Grant Jos. tiler & plasterer, East-at COACHES. '

Lit.Ibury Fraocis, lll'nr, Silvt"r·st. Jutson Prances, clothes dealer, BATH and Bri11tol, the Roy!d Mail, from
J.idbury Francis,jnnr. East-si.. Sambourn-road tnakcrs.
the Bath'J! Arms, every mmning nt
Lidbury George, West-street
haIf-past five.
Kirk and IJaniell, brick PORTSl\tOU rH, the Royal :Mail, from
the Bath's Arms, tl1rough Sali:tbnrr.
Tavenu and P.ublic ]louses. Manley Wm. dl'aiP.r in je,vellcry. Rom&ey and S(}uthampton, E"very eveu.-
ing at a quarter before nine.
Bell, Wm. Down, Commoa perfumery, stationery, &e. Mar- LONDON, from tb" Angel Tnn, every
Boot, Wm. Pl\yne, Sambonrn fon-noon (Suno:L"ly excepted) at eieve~.
l~ull, John Coward) West-stt·eet Morgan John Thos. hair flieve ma:- LONDON, the North Devon Niglit
Coach, from the Angel Inn, tbrou~:h
Cock, George Price, West-strrt'& nufacturt'r, Sih·er-street Amesbury, every MondaJ, Wednesday

Crown, Wm. Henry Bezt>.r, Hip:h-111 Morgan James, 'Veterinary surgeon, and Friday, and re-turns to Barnst'lple,
Nag's Head~ 1'hos. Singer; Mar- East-street
thro11gh Burton, Tues. Thurs. & filat.

ket-place Nowell Philip,. mason & buildet, BATH, from the Bath's Arms, ever'!
afternoon at one and three.
New Inn, Cbristiana DoswclJ, Sil- Samhonrn-road
ver-street BRIGHTON, tbrongb Salisbury, Rom-
Payne SatnpAOn, china, glass, ear- sey and Southamptnn, from the Rath's

Pack Horse, Edward Tug}Vell Law- thenware and hardware dealer, Anns, Monday, Wednesday and Friday
mornings at ten.
• renee, Ea~t-strect Hcster Markt"t-plnce Strode, post-
Post Office, George BRISTOL, from the Bath's. Arms, every
Slaip and I•unch BowT.
Lan~ley, Silver-street an..moon at thrt>e.
rnnstet 11nd commissioner for BRISTOL and Batll, fro11l the- Angel

'Sl.tip, Joseph Singer, Ma'rket-ttlaef' takinl{ special bail Jnn, every afternoon (.-;un. ~x.) at tw~t.

Swan, Ann Poole, Market.-plac.e t..-ovis Samuel and Jnmt:s, timber GOi'PORT, through Salisbury, Rnmsey,

Three Horse Shoe5, Rd. Collier, dealers George-street l'onthampton and Titehfield, from the

Both's Arms., Tuesday, Thursday and

Market place Sly Elizabeth, clothes dealer and and Saturday mornings at e!even.
POOLE, through Shaltesbnry, from the
White Hart, Wm. Sly, George-st. draper. Market-place booksrller~ Angel Inn, !Uonday, Wednesday and
Vardy Joshua Lambert,
Watch and Clot.-k :Makers. Friday at twelve, and returns to llris-

Stephenson Geotge, Market-place stationer And binder, Market-pi. tol the alternate days at three in the.
afternoon-. •·
Tyte Samael.. (mul silversmith) Watts lsaa<", rope, twint>, sack alld
SOUTHAMPTON, from the Angel Ill•,
Market-place sacking m a,.,n.,.u,.f,.a.,.c..t..u,,r_e.,.r,.,,..E...a.,'s*"t"-'.,s.,t•.##.,.,,..,t.',V..,e,.r,y#'#fo,.r;.e,.p,.o,.o,tn#"(.#S.u,..n,..,,e.,.x,..,),.a,..1t'#e,l.,e,..v,.e.,,n..,.,.•..
.,_~,.,.., ••~...,.,_IV,,.,#IIIfl./ltt#>-~1'11 :a::w-...:t,..,.,.,~W,.,.,


AN ancient borough-town, is said to have {}!'rived its name from it'! situation at the western extremity of

Salisbury plain; though son1e are of opinion that it is from its bavin~ b~en one .of the most considerable

Roman towns or station~ in the west, it was without doubt w~ll known to that people; great qmmtities of
coins and relique$ havingbeen found heN'. It consi~ti chiefly o{ one stre~t, running nl'arly north and sout&

at the latter-extremity of which is the church, a. neat and venerable pile, built in the be~inning of the 13th

century, it haa a tine peal of ht'avy bells and a mo<lern orgtut. The charter of incorporation of this borou;:;:b~

was gl"'Ultx>d by Edw.ard 1st. and by it the municipal government of the town was vested in a mayor, N'COil(}ei',
twelve aldermen and other office~'!"; it has sent repre:.entatives to parliament,. ever r.ince thl} original trummons

in the reign of Henry the VI. The mayor is the returning officer~ (and the number of voters does not exceed

twenty·four) who holds a court-lcet yearly for the borough in November ; and the steward of the Loa·d o( tbc

l\lanor, another in .May, for the hnndl'('d, the mnnor belongs to Sir Manassch Lopez, who purchased it of the

Earl of ALingdon. ~The town-hall which is a rec!'nt erection, was the gift of Sir Manasseh I..opez, it is a

n 'el'Y neat, elegant t"difi~. A school for the education of the poor children of the town, mr the Lanca!'tcrian
principle, bas recently been ~tablish!'d, fnr the Rupport of which the late Mr. John Matravers, n.n inhabi-

tant left a legacy of .£1000. with other charitable donations, which we trust will fully answer

the end intended by thl' benevolent donor. The cloathing trade was formerly carried on here to a wrr great

extent, but it has beeo on the decline for many yeats p:>st ; there is now hulliever a oom.idcrable manuacturc

litlilttsfJfr t ..

of cloth hMe, and in the nt'ighbourhood, t-mployinf( a large number of poor people. The hundred ot West-

bury il4 but one parish, th~population of which, Rlt latdy takMt, amount to nearly 7000 'inhabitants. Besides

\Ve:stbury Church, there are two cl1apels of ease, the one at Brattoo, the other at Dilton. A market fur
corn, &c. ~as been recently established here, whkh is held weekly on 'foesday instead oi Friday as hereto-
fore. Fairs the first F!iid~y in Lent, Easter l\Jonday and Whit, Monday for pedlary. About two miles
from this town, is Bratton CatStle, 8. Danish encampment, on the brow of a hill, where the DlllliHI bel~ut
against the English, fourteen days after their defellt, it is encompassed with a double entN!nchment. On the.
southwest side of this hUl is the figure of a white horse, in a walking attitude, -eut out of the chalk. forming

the 1lUhstratum of the soil, some suppose this to have been made to commemorate the celcbl':.\ted victw-y

gained by A)fr~d over the Darus, at Edington about two milrs from it1 whilst others are of opinion, and is

most probable, that it is of eompamtively modern workmanship ..

Post Office, Elizabeth. CowdaU1 Post Mistress.-Mail to London Bath, Bristol, &c. at £our o'clock in

t~ afternoon..

Academies. Matravers, Overbnry, and Matra- TantJcrs.

Bei>~ly Revd. James, ~boarding) vere, Church-stl't'et Miles Thomas, Westbury-ham
Fir~ Offic~•. Singer James, New Town
Cold HarbOur

Ra.ban Mai"y, (boarding) Lower-rd. Atlass,W. Phipps, WPsthur~-~eigh Taverm and Public House1..

. Altorneytt. County, E Franklin, Warminster- Anchor,J. Harris, Westbury·Leiglr
Clift Stn. B.rown, Westbury Leigl• roa~
. Blaci..Horse,J.Butler,Westbury Lb.
Norwich Stt'p~('D Brown Cltft, Boot, Sarah Withers, Fore-st ~
Pinniger Henry, Church-street
Auctioneers and Appraisers~ Westbury-Lei~h .
James William, Ch~rch-street Crown, John Vint', Market-place

Salamander,H;Pmnrger,Church-st. George, W. Jones, Westl;mry Leigb •

Waiters Jvseph, Church-street Fullers. . King's Head, J. Walters,Chu.rch-st

Bak",.r•.. and Dealerl in SU"l- Hooper William, Brm,x Ludlow's ArmB, Elizabeth 'Jngram,
Hooper William, Diltor.· Market- place ·

dry Groceries. - /mu and Hotels. • Red Lion, Josiah Taylor1 Westhury

Applt>1,rate Wm.· Westbury Leigh Angel Inn, H. Newman, Church-d. I..eigh
Lopes Arms,H.Rosseter,Market-pl. S~m.' W. ~oodman, ~estbury Leigh
Bayley Wm. Fore-street lAne" Draners and Grocers. \\ lnte ~ton, S. Austm, Market-pi.
G.:oreenm~1Ia1nedrsw. a!"ll·dwPelsats.hteurle·Lr1e~·.gh
Brown Jeremiah, senior, Broad-st. Gaisford Wmr. Silver-street •
Brown Jeremiah, jnn. Cburch-st.
Ja~s Wi~li~m, Church-street.
Brow!\ William, Turnpike
Ph1pps Wilham, Westbury Le1gh Lauham Wdham, Bt1ck- 111
G~luonrrsitosrJraf'm...eeosr,gne,eaWr lC'ilhtbuurrcyh--Lsetrigehet ;fllll!sctllantoWS.

Morris H«>zekiah, Market-place Player Henry, Ma:ket-place .

Reynolds Thomas, Fore-street TWuiclkkimer• SJ(a}mhou,elF, oWree--ssttbreuerty Letgh B ate-hellor R" h ard , eoI1ar and rope
Taylor Stephen, Market-place .hfaltsli!'I'S
maker, Church-yard

Tucker Samuel, Fore-stn>et" Brown S~e~hen~ -· • Doel Ab raha1n. cooper, C hurc hs-tsat~.
Tueker Jsaac, Westbury Leigli Westbury Lelgh Gaisford Wm. hoookrel ler and

Bankers. - Plulhp, 'Church-yard tioner, Silver-l'ltreet

11()()pers,<lin and · "'e11t, Gibbs .Ann, pawnbrokf'r, Fore-st.

"*Matravers, Overbury, and Matra- G...-..~niand J., Bricthill
Swin·1tglererrJsaJmoehsM, NFeowre--tostwrenet
vers, __ • • asons. Hiorns Wm. basket-maker, Trow..

Boot and Slto~ JJ/aken. Fat .lllmes, Broad-street bridge-1·oad
Fat John, Market-place
Hnmphries James, W()()lstapJer, .
Alhvortb John, (and leather cutter) Palten ;.llakers.

fo'ore-!"tl"eet - Curtis Edward, Market-place Morton Richard, corn fuctoi, Mar-
Ctu•t'is El.lward, Market-place Dyer Henry, Fore-stree~

Neal;e Daniel, Broad-street Rolf J. Market-place Orchard 'I'hos. list manufaeturcr.

Nott John, Bath's-well Plumbers and Glaziers. New-town
Watson Sa.muel, .Fore-iltreet
Oaniall Thomas, Church-street l>liipps W • fellrnon~er,. & breechea

Brick Makers. \Valtecs,Jat<h. King'~;-hd. Church-t;l ~aker, Westbury-Leigh

,H.. reen1and GIeorge, Fore-street S. urgeons (ln d ruushltoopnkeHepeenrry, uonrnonger, and
OGpreeennWlanildliJaems,seL.oBwreicr-krhoialdl ~ . G1b•1'"r.'> Jolm, F Or~treet
Gilpin James, Silver-street R()lph Jane ironmonger and tin
plate worker, Market-pl;Jce

Carpe11ters, and Joine-ts. Seagram Edward Frowd, 1\f • D. Ty~ Chas, druggist, Market-plaee
Line T. ( & wheelwright) Fore~st.
Bratton, Near Westburj Watts R.millwright,WestburyLeigb
l.ineJamea_ (&wheelwright) Fore~~ Taunton John, ~arket-place
Tatlm-.. CARRIBRS.

Pllviours Jameti, and John, (and FROM THE ANGEL J'NN .

.wheelwrights} Fore-sb-eet - Ayre!! Robert, Westbury Leigb LQ-NDON, Wallington and Co. every

Pa.yne Henry, Silvt>l'-~treet Bull Jamt>s, Silver-~treet Monday and Thnrsday
Viae Juhn,. ~l<1rket-p1aee
Clift z. Westbury Leigh BATH,JamesPhillips, everyWudnesday,..

Clot/tiers. Stedman \'\"illiam, Church-street and :Sntur<!ay

Coc~Jl Nitholas & Son, W t>stburv Turner Thomas, Broad-street BRlSTOLLWilliam ~tkins, every Mon.
·. Vine .Adl\m, M11r~et-place
Leigh day and Thursday
BRI~TUL, SIUilu~ Wats011, every Moo-
CUft Richard, Westbury-Leigh Tallow Cltandler&.
Rogers Richard~ Fore-street day and Thursday
Jatrn>s William, Church-street
SALISBlJRY, James Applegate, everr
Jones ltobett, Warrnioster-toad Spack)llan William, Fore-street

SALISBURY, 1. Siloo;r, every Monday

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