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Online Newsletter - 16 January 2018

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Published by Colin Savage, 2018-06-20 14:33:55


Online Newsletter - 16 January 2018

Newsletter – January 16, 2018

Only available in digital format The South Carolina Metal
Detector and Relic Association
This Anthology is a collection
of treasure, adventure and mys-
tery short stories, by multiple
authors, in a book format. It

was compiled from the
Archives of one or more of our

six publications:

–Lost Treasure–
–Treasure Cache–
–Treasure Facts–
–Treasure World–
–True Treasure–

– Rockhound–


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Lost Treasure

Online Newsletter

January 16, 2018


Feature Club — page 4


page 6 — Favorite Finds


3 The Coined Phrase
8 Special Bonus Feature From

Lost Treasure Magazine
12 Charles Garrett Memorial Hunt

14 THers' News
22 Tips From the Pros
23 Calendar of Events

2 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 1-16-18

LostTreasure The Coined Phrase

CELEBRATING OUR 50th YEAR By Carla Nielsen

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LostTreasure OnLine

http://www.lost Newsletter 1-16-18 3

Feature Club

The South Carolina Metal
Detector and Relic Association

The South Carolina Metal The South Carolina Metal time the club moved its meeting
Detecting and Relics Association Detecting and Relics Association place to a small house owned by
(SCMD) is a Rock Hill based group (SCMD) began in early 1993 with the First Church of the Nazarene. 
of friends committed to the hobby an informal meeting of five friends,
of Metal Detecting. all interested in the same hobby of In April of 1994 the first official
metal detecting. meeting of the SCMD was held. 
They meet the first Tuesday of
each month at the Oratory in Rock The first meeting was held in the Dues were collected and the first
Hill, South Carolina, at 7 p.m. Rock Hill Library on the 24th of members were David S, Bill S,
May 1993.  Lanny I, Chris W, Jimmy E, and
At the meetings the club will Gene W. 
present a club update, have a Present at that time were David
monthly contest board, refresh- S, Bill S, Lanny I, Jimmy E, and The SCMD is now 25-years-old
ments, and plenty of metal detect- now passed Leonard B.  and boasts 58 members strong.
ing discussions. Guests are always
welcome. Informal meetings continued For more information, log onto
there until March of 1994, at which http://www.scmetaldetectingclub.

4 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 1-16-18

Feature Club cont'd...

Most photos are from the SCMD’s 2017 Bratton/Brazil Memorial Hunt, submitted by Richard Otterbourg, http://www.scmet- Newsletter 1-16-18 5

Favorite Finds

Today’s Favorite Find comes from the iron scale and very strong. Heart ed I swung the coil to check and it
reader Ryan Neuhauser, who tells his raced, visions danced across my was still there over 12 inches deep.
story in his own words. mind, this could be a metal chest. I
cleared around the stone and moved I figured I would walk home and
On this dreary winter day I thought it to the side. I again swung the coil come back the next day with a shov-
I would share a story that may bring and, nothing. I checked the stone and el, and I would bring my wife to help
a spark of brightness to the day. got the signal. I rolled the stone over me lift the treasure chest that I knew
and I could see many little particles had to be there. All night I thought
Many years ago, about 10 or 12, of iron in the stone, instantly the about that treasure and what it could
I made up my mind to buy a metal visions in my mind disappeared. possibly be. Remember this was my
detector. I live in Massachusetts on first search trip so I have had zero
the eastern slopes of the Berkshire I continued to search the area get- experience at this point.
Hills. I live in a highly wooded area ting no significant signals, after a
with a 5000 acre state forest to my few hours I realized I needed to do The next day we hike out to the
west. There are many old founda- more arm exercises when I wasn’t spot and I continue to dig, I opened
tions, stonewalls and cart roads that out searching. Time to call it quits the hole up to 12” around and about
I thought I might investigate and and make the hike up the mountain 18” deep, check with the detector
possibly find something. back home. and the depth indicated 2-4”, getting
close. I cleared more dirt out; the
I purchased a Garrett GTAx 1250, On the way home, I decided to signal was gone - I must have dug it
studied the manual, set up a garden, check the cart path leading to this out. I checked the pile of dirt and got
and proceeded to learn the capabili- foundation; about 100 yards along the signal, at this time I did not have
ties of my new machine. In addition the path I received a very strong iron a pinpointer - my next purchase.
to the detector I purchase a digging signal just off the track of the path.
trowel, made for the tough woodland Again, because of location, those I checked the pile by hand and
digging. My goal was an old foun- treasure visions started dancing in found a lump of stuff, I washed it off
dation about one mile back in the my mind. I spent the next hour plus in a nearby brook and after I cleaned
woods, that was supposed to have digging with my trowel, I got to a off the mud, I had found a half of
been a fort on the western frontier, depth of about 12 inches and about a horse shoe. Well not the expect-
built late 1600 to early 1700’s. 5 inches in diameter, at this point I ed treasure chest, but the adventure
am really tired and still have a bit of made my heart flutter a couple times.
The adventure starts in the morn- a hike to get home and it is getting I have included a picture of my half
ing; I hike out to the foundation and late. At this point in time I realized horse shoe, which turned out to be
started swinging the coil. Shortly, I should have brought a bigger dig- one side of an oxen shoe. After some
I received a hit; it was over a large ging implement. Just before I depart- research I learned that they also
flat stone at the base of a very old shoed oxen.
tree, the indication was just shy of

6 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 1-16-18

LT Get March 2013 Largest CirCuLation of
any treasure PubLiCation-
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color Digital

Encrusted California

today!!Treasure Gold Rush!
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Proof that persistence
can pay off.

$ave time &Page14
GOLD in 1848 radically altered the lives of
hundreds of thousands of men and women.

Page 16


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Page 56




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Colonial Finds

Are They From the
UK or US?

Page 8

TGSteeaTxoMthaergseaTigraseataozsriunyreeoanTnatldehsie:sfionlAGFclTraoelGreurwoe!tlddtiendg aSpWwPseIaEaeNgnpe!gatset3rae3kbess oins ufrsopmreLvoieswt Torfewashuarte
Hawaii you can expecSt waseaepLsotsatkTersewawsw.uLosrtTereassuureb.cosmcNrewisbleteterr1.-16-18 7

The author backpacking into Idaho’s mag-
nificent Sawtooth Mountain gold country.

By Charles W. Sasser




With a little “leg work,” the most tion into the Sawtooth Mountains, public land managed by the Bureau
golden place in the United States my grandson, Skylar Schisler, our of Land Management and the U.S.
may well be the Idaho wilderness. friend, Dan Case, and I plucked sev- Forest Service. Most areas are gener-
Almost any creek or river in central eral gold samples from streams, the ally open to mineral exploration and
Idaho likely has gold in it. most notable being flecks of color recreational gold prospecting and
in a quartz rock that weighed about panning.
Rich lodes have been discovered three ounces.
throughout dozens of Idaho min- As Idaho is the most remote state
ing districts. Most of it is recovered The Sawtooth National Forest of the Lower 48, it is possible for
in fine or small picker-sized pieces covers over two million acres with someone to ramble the forest trails
by panning the many swift, clear more than 1,000 lakes and 3,500 without seeing another person for
streams tumbling out of the moun- miles of rivers and streams. The days. In 2015, 66-year-old Jack
tains. However, nuggets of one to six terrain ranges from sagebrush and Thomas vanished into the area of
ounces have been discovered, along spruce-fir forest to alpine tundra. the Sawtooth Mountains and has not
with color mixed in with quartz Bears, wolves, deer, elk, and moose been seen since.
weighing several pounds. inhabit the forests.
Access to the Boise Basin region
During a backpacking expedi- Over two-thirds of the state is where the largest gold strikes in the

68 LOST TREASURE NAeuwgsulsettt2e0r117-16-18

The old Chinese general store in Rocky
Bar, the only occupied building left in
the ghost town

The author explores one of more than The Boise River flows through Idaho’s Grandson Skylar Schisler points to
3,500 miles of rivers and streams avail- Boise River Basin, the site of one of the flecks of gold in his pan. Photos by the
able for gold prospecting in the Idaho richest gold strikes in U.S. history. author.

state were made in 1862 is, to put have been a sourdough out of the A quartz nugget speckles with gold
it charitably, provided by unpaved, 1800’s, graciously hustled up a spare flakes recovered by the author’s party
winding staircase-like roads through gallon of gasoline. His asking price while gold panning.
the mountains. Ghosts and spirits of for the gallon was $10, but we nego-
long-deceased prospectors are said tiated the price down to five.
to occupy a number of ghost towns
in company with a very few colorful Nearby Rocky Bar at the con-
recluses and prospector holdouts. fluence of Bear Creek and Steel
Explorers must come survival-pre- Creek is a true ghost town nestled
pared, as few or no services are in the shadows of the magnificent
available. Sawtooths. After gold was struck
there in 1863, it became the larg-
While searching for a particu- est settlement in the region with a
lar isolated trailhead from which to population of over 2,500 people and
launch our backpacking expedition, an uncounted number of mules and
my team’s vehicle was running on its dogs. It served as the county seat of
last fumes when we came upon what Alturas County from 1864 to 1882.
was left of Atlanta, Idaho.
A wildfire swept through the town
One of the gold strike settlements in 1892 and burned it to the ground.
of the late 1800’s, Atlanta is only a It recovered to some extent, but sub-
few residents shy of turning itself sequently lapsed into a slow decline
over to ghosts. Most of the houses that has hosted no permanent year-
are abandoned and boarded up. One round residents since the 1960’s.
of the last retail establishments is
a bar and grill patronized by the All that remain are a few ruins
remaining locals. scattered along the creeks: a jail, a
saloon, a Chinese general store, a
The nearest gas station, we few houses - and ghosts from past
learned, is over an hour’s drive away. glory days.
Residents stock up on fuel and sup-
plies whenever they have occasion Assuming the town to be unoc-
to venture out of the mountains into cupied, grandson Skylar ventured
“town.” off to explore. Suddenly, an irate
woman in worn overalls appeared
A heavily-bearded man named out of nowhere like an aroused
Joe, who, by appearances, may well mama grouse to run him off her

wwww.Lwoswt.TLroesatsTurerea.scuorme.cNoemwsAleutgteurs1t -1260-1178 97

A few of the remaining buildings in Atlanta, Idaho, which is only Atlanta, Idaho, tucked into the Sawtooths as it gradu-

a few residents shy of being a ghost town. ally succumbs to ghosts of the past.

“gold claim.” Springtime in Idaho’s Sawtooth to know where gold has occurred in
As it turned out, Gail Ann and Mountains, itself part of the treasure in the past.
searching for gold.
her husband have homesteaded the H&H Engineering, a reputable
old Chinese general store since 2005 “There’s still gold in these hills,” firm established in 1984, publishes
while eking out a living from what she said. “But you got to know and sells treasure maps that spotlight
gold they recover from panning and where to look for it.” locations of past as well as current
a placer operation. gold mining and placer operations to
The region was first occupied assist new prospectors in locating the
Eccentrics like Gail Ann and as early as 8,000 B.C., and then by most likely places to come up with
bearded Joe are part of the surviving Shoshone Indians after 1700 A.D. the precious metal.
living history of the gold culture in Explorers, trappers, and prospectors
Atlanta. Stories abound of such char- arrived during the 1820’s and sub- The firm’s library of 231 differ-
acters that once inhabited the gold sequently struck gold. Millions of ent maps covers the Boise, Challis,
strikes. Take, for example, Peg Leg ounces of color have been recovered Elk City, Hailey, and Hamilton
Annie and Dutch Em, both leading from the region after the 1862 Boise areas, among others. The maps also
ladies of the night during the boom Basin gold strikes. prove helpful for fishing trips, camp-
of the 1890’s. ing, and backpacking expeditions.
Gold is confirmed to have been Contact GoldMaps@hhengineering
One night in 1898, after a hard found in 4,300 different sites in the for full information and a price list.
evening plying their trade in Atlanta, mountains. The best chance of find-
so the story goes, the two ladies set ing gold in the creeks and streams is It has been said that the jour-
out on foot from Atlanta to Rocky ney is frequently as rewarding as
Bar. A spring blizzard swept in sud- the destination. While chances are
denly and caught them enroute. good at finding at least some gold,
the reward of spending time in the
A search party found them three Sawtooth Mountains is itself a gold-
days later. Dutch Em had frozen to en treasure.
death while Peg Leg Annie, who had
been just plain Annie when she left Sources:
Atlanta, had to have both feet ampu- Interviews with bearded Joe and
tated at the ankles due to frostbite. Gail Ann (at their request their full
names are not being used)
She eventually moved in with a Sawtooth National Recreation
man at Rocky Bar who was a wid- Area, Published by BLM
ower with five children. She sold Sawtooth Wilderness, pamphlet
whiskey from her cabin until she by U.S. Department of Agriculture
died in the 1930’s. Incapacitated that Ketchum Ranger District. (208)
she was, she lined up her wares and 622-5371
guarded them with a shotgun across Wikipedia, “Sawtooth National
her knees while she kept a wily eye Forest”
out for would-be pilferers. “Gold in Idaho,” by Gold Rush
Nugget newsletter
Gail Ann pointed out where Peg Roy Sloan. “Rocky Bar”
Leg’s cabin had once been located Wikipedia. “Rocky Bar, Idaho.
and gazed up the river that provided
the source of her and her husband’s

180 LLOOSSTTT TRREEAASSUURREEANuegwuslte2tt0e1r71-16-18


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Finds Hunt, Lights Out Hunt, Free We also plan to excavate fresh (weather permitting)
Range Hunt, and Kids Hunt (for areas of the historic town dump site, All prizes will be awarded! A ran-
those 12 and under). from which diggers unearthed many dom drawing will be conducted for
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Diggin’ Texas Hunt T-shirt (if hunt
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12 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 1-16-18

Special guests, more details to be There will be a number of YouTube Geo’s Diggers, KG and Ringy).
announced! detecting stars at the hunt for peo- For more information, log onto
ple to meet, such as Aquachigger,
Picnic and coolers allowed. Nugget Noggin, Relic Recoverist,
Alcohol restricted from designated and the Diggin’ boys (formerly Nat hbby_garrett2018_cg_hunt.aspx or
hunt areas. e-mail [email protected] Newsletter 1-16-18 13

THers' News

The enormous gold nugget found west of Townsville. Photos courtesy of

Man Finds 500 grams. had detectors go over it before. It
Huge Gold Nugget “It wasn’t until later when I got makes you think what might still be
An enormous gold nugget has out there.”
been found by a man in North home I found out I’d broken the kilo
Queensland. mark. The prospector declined to iden-
The prospector found the tify the exact location where the
1.1763kg gold nugget in a field in “It was beneath some vegetation nugget was found.
the Charters Towers region worth so it was a bit of a challenge to get
about $63,814. One gram of gold is to, but now I’m thinking maybe Courtesy of
worth about $54.25. those roots are keeping some other
The nugget was 15cm below big nuggets safe ready to be found ries/man-finds-enormous-gold-nug-
the ground and discovered using a another time.” get-in-north-queensland/news-story
Minelab GPX 5000 detector. /87bb25a9fe94abd99b4d2199f8e4d
“When I found the first nugget I Driving back to camp the day 6b4
was super stoked because that was before, he saw a double rainbow for
my biggest ever,” the Queenslander the first time in his life. Ignoring the Chic Women’s Jewelry
said, who wishes to remain anony- adage that gold is found at the end of Made of Coal, Encrusted
mous. rainbows, he identified the section of With Jade and Coral Found
“I would have been really happy ground beneath the highest point of Women buried in a unique ancient
with just that but after I’d calmed the arc and decided that was where necropolis went to the afterlife wear-
down, I went back to the same spot, he would look the next day. ing intriguingly decorated belt buck-
restarted my detector and after just les made of coal, new archeological
two or three swings I found the big He named his find Arcus Nugget finds have shown.
one. because of the role nature played They were also adorned with
“It’s fair to say I was emotionally in its discovery. Arcus is Latin for flame-shaped bronze decorations on
overwhelmed at that time,” he said. rainbow. their shoulders. 
The man had been searching a In addition, they wore magnifi-
particular area for a while that day “I said to myself that’s where cent bronze buckles on their belts,
and was ready to leave. we’re going to find gold tomorrow while Xiongnu men wore buckles
“But I gave it another quarter of but I never thought it would be so mainly of iron. The buckles are artis-
an hour and then with five minutes much.” tically decorated depicting fantasti-
left I got this fairly good signal — cal animals such as dragons as well
not too loud but I was confident it He is now negotiating to sell the as leopards, panthers, horses, yaks
was gold — so I started digging. nugget privately. and snakes. The women-only buck-
“At first, I didn’t know just how les made from coal are large - up to
big the nugget was because the Minelab’s Townsville dealer Peter 20 cm in diameter. 
scales I had with me only went up to Cragg was amazed to see the nugget. ‘The most interesting and richest
finds are in the women’s graves’,
“It’s a fantastic story and goes to said Dr Marina Kilunovskaya, who
show that there are still big nuggets
out there ready to be found if you
have the right equipment and can
spot the terrain,” he said.

“He found more than a kilo of
gold in an area which has certainly

14 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 1-16-18

THers' News continued...

Eyecatching belt buckles worn by Xiongnu female invaders have been found buried on the banks of the Yenesei River in
modern-day Tuva Republic. Another buckle was encrusted with carnelian, jade, coral and turquoise.  Marina Kilunovskaya.

Photos courtesy of
jade-and-coral-from-2200-years-ago/ Newsletter 1-16-18 15

ers' News cTonHtienrsu'eNd.e.w. s continued...
loedverthCeleeoxppaetrdaitiinonEgtyopttahned Aexlap-eTretsi Mwiitkhe.sDemadip-oref-coionuesMciokrea,la, fciasrhneerlmiaann, style. Another was encrusted with
sbauirdiaal gfirnodunodf othnisthseizYeeannisdeivRariiveetyr iins fturorqmuoPilsyem, aonudthj,aDdee.von, said: carnelian, jade, coral and turquoise.’

vtheeryRreaprue.blic of Tuva.  “‘OItnwoanseinocfretdhiebleb,uacktrleuse oynocue-ciann- She said, ‘Evidently, their own-

The cwoionms ewni-lolnblye hbauncdkeldesovmeradtoe ase-leifeetinmgerafvinindg. s,’ said the scien- ers were very rich people who
tfhroemcocrooanlearrefolarrgveal-uautpiotno a2n0dcmthein tist“. IOhnadonaegsoiodde iadreatwaboougtoawtshaatnidt came from Trans-Baikal region or
ldiikaemlyetesor,ldetcooratemduwseituhmc,arwveitdh atnhie- wararosw- sI htahdatalrpeiaedrycefotuhnedmo.neOonr ttwhoe Mongolia. They found this material,
pmraolfiitms aspgleist boer tbweeaeuntifthuellyfaernmcerrusatned Rotohmera,na dheonrasreiiisthdaetpmicoterndining.Scythian it was interesting for them, and they
used it for their decorations. 

SECURITY 'My colleagues often describe

Xiongnu as big warriors, invaders.
But these invaders, as you can see,
are women in fact - and they came

WARNING DECALS northwards from the borders of mod-
ern-day China.

'First of all, in the central element
of the belts are large bronze buckles

with the image of animals - bulls,

been camels, horses, and snakes.›

tal Protect Yourself and The coal belt decorations worn
otos Your Belongings! by the women warriors 'were not

er- Protect Your Detectors for everyday use, of course, but for
m- and Your Property! some special occasions, like wed-
249 dings or funerals,' she believes.

There are only 10 such coal buck-

le decorations in the world 'and here
cov- we have four,' with all being native

to Siberia, said Dr. Kilunovskaya,
esy of the Institute for the History of
sci- Material Culture, Russian Academy
sts- of Sciences, in St. Petersburg.
an- They were also adorned with

flame-shaped bronze decorations on

their shoulders. 

'I started excavations in 2015,

and there are 80 burials here with

no mounds,›  she told The Siberian

g in • Heavy duty vinyl self-adhesive decal’s warn that your Times. 

he property is protected by ELECTRONIC AUTOMATIC 'Most of the ancient people are
d of buried in rectangular stone boxes,
ns - ALARM SYSTEM. sometimes boat-shaped, or in wood-
en coffins or frames, with a stone

oard • Frighten burglars away. covering.
ield • Apply easily to glass, metal, plastic or wood. 'Some burials are without any
rists construction inside. Many include

p to • Ideal for home, apartment, car, truck, factory, ware- the heads of horses.
ton- house, equipment, store or boats. 'Obviously, there was horse skin,
too, which has not preserved - so

• Great low-cost security system. only the skull and hooves survive.
• Color decal’s 2 3/4” x 1 3/4” 'First of all, in the central ele-

k to • 1 pkg = 4 decal’s for only $3.00 includes s&h ment of the belts are large bronze

were buckles with the image of animals
- bulls, camels, horses, and snakes.
his Click on this ad to order OnLine Other details of the female belt, in
or call 800-423-0029 Ext 2 most cases, are also made of bronze

16 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 12-19-17 19

THers' News continued...
- these are rectangular hexagonal an opening in the center,' she said. terrible... So we try to save what we
plaques, bronze imitations of cowrie ‘These were located right above can.’
Due to climate conditions, work
shells, simple and openwork rings, the graves. I believe these were the
here can only go ahead during the
and Chinese Wu Shu coins. kind on lamps.’
'Most of them are the early mirrors Dr Kilunovskaya admitted, summer months and more research
of the Western Han Dynasty (II-I cen- ‘Actually... I’m afraid to give this will be undertaken next year.
She describes the finds as ‘the
turies BC). We found whole bronze interview, because when the general
mirrors or their fragments. Most of public learns about such an archaeo- richest belt decorations. The belt is
them are the early mirrors of the logical site... we may finddiggers’ the main attribute of the nomads, so
Western Han Dynasty (II-I centuries coming. The only hope is that it is it was richly decorated with various
plaques - mostly of bronze, but also
BC), but there were fragments of hard to reach this place.
two earlier Chinese mirrors belong- ‘There are quite a lot of burial coal.’
The Xiongnu were confederation
ing to an earlier period.' grounds in this area - dated from
OCnoinmsafloeurnedminainthsetwherereckwoefrtehe'irRoonoswiSjkc.yPthioatnogtriamphes: to thPeewMteirdsdpleooAnsgfeosundodfunroinmgaedxiccapvaetoiopnlews owrkh.oP, hsaoytoagnracpiehn:t
buckles on theZbeeultws.s' maritime muZEEum(2/PnAd century BC to the 12-13th cen- LCahuirneenseHusorlueryc/PesA, inhabited the east-
Finds included buckles for shoes, turies) and they are being destroyed ern Asian Steppe from the 3rd cen-
ksneaivbeesd, i1ro0n0 rminegtserasndfrhoomoktsh.e'T1h8etshe- by Twhaetesr.h ip is an officially protected tfuirrsyt BtoCbteostchieenlatitfeic1asltlyceenxtcuarvyaAteDd..
essfulwcTeeHnreetruslroycGtauhtierdedee-rBmigWahs1tt_ae2br.pogve ctohleogrr.aqvxeds. 2/7w/2r‘0eW1c2khesn1it1ew:1eb7ceaAcmMauesPehaegoreef 1fiotsr theistfoirsict CTohueretexscyavoatfiohnttwp:a/s/sjiubdegrieadntuirmgeesn.t
I beTlhieevevtihdeesnecewferroemkitnhde ownrelcakmspiste. tiimmpeo, rwtaencsea.w a lot of skulls under cboemca/ussceietnhceed/ceaespessitlutydys/annedwtsh/acthhica-s
Aisnoththatertihnetehresatvinilgyfilnadein tshheipgrasvanesk a stOeef pthreiv2e5r0bDanuktchanEdasgtrIenedniabsohniepss wproomteecntesd-jtehwe erlelmerayin-ms faodres-oofl-ocnogali-s
wlikereeastsrtaonngee, swmitahlltfhleatlvoesssoeflsesveepray-- tkhneorew.n Gtoreheanve beecnauwserectkheedr,eonwlyasa esnhcifrtuinstgedn-owwithd-juaedet-oancdh-acnogrianl-gfrtoimda-l
roantedoinn bthoearmd.iddle by a septum with bthroirndzehaistebmeseninlobcuartieadlsa. nTdhtihsilsoiosktehde 2p2a0tt0e-rynesa,rsl-eaagvoi/ng timbers exposed


This collection of vital treasure
hunting material includes:

- “The Successful Treasure Hunter’s Guide”, a book filled with great how-
to information;
- A dozen research forms, which give you a specific plan for research;
- A dozen entry-search agreements, which help you make an agreement to
search with the land owner.
- A dozen treasure inventory forms, which help you keep track of your
finds for future hunts on the site.

Click on this ad to $24.95
order OnLine

Call today 800-423-0029 Ext 2
or send your order to:

LTI Publications, Inc. P.O. Box 451589
Grove, OK 74345 (Please include tel # for mail in orders)

16 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 12-19-17 Newsletter 1-16-18 17

ers' News cTonHtienrsu'eNd.e.w. s continued...
oloSguibstmiattedHbisytoLreicn MEnygerlsa.nd, said Jgiuaanrgdxiianpr.coovmin/csecience/2017/aug/18/
it was in discussions with Dover, treAasvuilrlea-gaenr dw-aisnthriegfuires-tstocideinsctiosvtesr-
andTotnhosuogfhAtnhceieRnotoCswoiinjks lies some tuhnersaevceoli-nsstodruyr-ionfg-1th7e40re-bkueinldt-inshgiopf-
disUtannecaertfhroemd UthnedeprroHpoousesed dredg- hwisreockld. home in the Chacun village
ingAabroeuat, i5t.6wotounlds boef manocniietnotrincgoinits of FSulbimanigtt.ed by Len Myers.
hcaovneditbioeenn aunndeatrhtheedotfhreormpurontdeecrteda
rwesreidceknst.ial house in Fuliang County Then, the news spread, and vil-
of CJionugrdtezshyen ocfityhitntpsE:a//swt wCwhi.nthae’s- lagMersetbaellDieevteedcttohreisptslace where the
coiUnsnweaerrtehfoUunnidquesed to belong to a




e to Ancient coins unearthed from under
a residential house in Fuliang County
hest. of Jingdezhen city in East China’s
on’t Jiangxi province. [Photo/
cn] Photo courtesy of http://www.


landlord more than 1,000 years ago,
tion based on local folk tales.
s to Archaeologists soon came, and
s to the excavation was completed
hey recently. About 5.6 tons of ancient
ople coins have been unearthed, nearly
see 300,000 pieces in total.

The coins could be dated back to
ible the Song Dynasty (960-1279), mak-
ying ing the coins more than 800-years-
in it old, archaeologists concluded.
ven Feng Ruqin, curator of Fuliang

Museum, said the coins must have
win been collected by a folk organization
hae- and that the coins’ value was small

- it had nothing to do with the local
over landlord.
y to The follow-up work, including
ping rust cleaning, weighing and catego-
and rizing, as well as academic research
ork. of these coins, will take two or three
last years, Feng said.
attle Courtesy of http://www.china.
st in o r g . c n / a r t s / 2 0 1 7 - 1 0 / 2 6 / c o n -

d in Submitted by Len Myers.
Haul of Jewels and
ect- Click the blue ad above & order your copy of the

hae- Treasure Hunter’s Logbook Golden Coins Uncovered
Archaeologists in Greece have
or call 800-423-0029 ext. 2

18 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 12-19-17 17

THers' News continued...

Their bodies were found alongside elaborate gilded bronze leaves, a golden ring, precious stones and gold and bronze coins
from the surrounding region. Greek Ministry of Culture. Photos courtesy of


uncovered rare jewels, coins and Also within the dig site the part of the country.
other artefacts while excavating archaeologists recovered items from The Greeks were able to main-
tombs near the ruins of the classical a series of different burial plots.
city of Corinth dating to between the Fourteen graves, organized in circles, tain relative autonomy from their
fourth and first centuries A.D. as was Roman convention, yielded a Roman rulers during the early period
number of gold and silver coins, of empire with sophisticated Greek
The team of experts, working with vases and a series of lamps, the most culture, its philosophy and litera-
the Greek Ministry of Culture, made striking of which bore depictions of ture having a profound influence on
the discoveries in eastern Corinthia, the Roman goddess Venus and two Rome’s educated elite.
at the site of the ancient village of cupids.
Tenea, while excavating a burial Courtesy of
ground with two distinctive cham- Of particular interest to the exca-
bers built when Greece was part of vation team, led by Elena Korka, els-and-golden-coins-uncovered-
the Roman Empire. were the older Greek parts of the 2000-year-old-tombs-698275
The Greek Ministry of Culture said Submitted by Len Myers.
in a statement that the Roman burial One side of the Roman burial
monuments appeared to have been monument was built above a typi- Silver and Gold
built into a preexisting Hellenic sub- cal rectangular Hellenistic basement Hoard Found At
structures from the period between made of limestone and then coated in Cluny Abbey
the death of Alexander the Great in a thick layer of mortar. The medieval loot included 2,200
323 B.C. up until the Roman con- deniers (or pieces of silver) mostly
quest in B.C. 146. In other areas they found evidence issued by Cluny Abbey itself as well
of graves from the earlier Greek as 21 gold dinar coins, originally
Five of the most well-appointed period, pottery including a figurine from the Middle East which were
tombs, the experts said, would have in the shape of a dove and other stored in a canvas bag.
belonged to wealthy inhabitants of ritual items such as perfume. The bounty also included a gold
Roman Greece. Bodies were found signet ring marked with the word
alongside elaborate gilded bronze It also appeared some of the lower “Avete” - a “word of greeting in a
leaves, a golden ring, precious stones vaults in the buildings would have religious context” - as well as a fold-
and gold and bronze coins from the been associated with other Greco- ed 24-gram gold leaf and gold coin.
surrounding region. Roman rituals. “The overall value of this treasure
for the time is estimated between
Among the other ritualistic items The period of Roman rule in three and eight horses, the equivalent
buried with the dead were perfumes, Greece began following the destruc- of cars nowadays, but in terms of
artifacts made of gold, gold foil tion of Corinth, when the Roman the running of the abbey it’s not that
and elaborately crafted glassware, as Empire annexed the Greek heartlands much, amounting to about six days
well as items of pottery. and crushed the Peloponnesians, the
Greek peoples living in the southern Newsletter 1-16-18 19

THers' News continued...

A hoard of hidden medieval treasure, a fortune in gold and silver coins, was an unexpectedly discovered during an excava-
tion at the site of the famed medieval Abbey of Cluny in Saône-et-Loire, eastern France. The team, which includes nine

students doing field work as part of the University Lumière Lyon 2’s archaeology masters program, unearthed the hoard in
mid-September while looking for the remains of an infirmary believed to have been located there in the Middle Ages. Photos

courtesy of

of supply of bread and wine,” said thanks largely to the Abbey and the Does a Curious
specialist Vincent Borrel. trade, employment and pilgrim mon- Cryptogram Lead
eys it brought to town. to Long-Lost
In terms of archaeological and Treasure?
historical value, this treasure is off By the second half of the 10th Olivier Levasseur (known also
the charts. It is the first 12th century century, the Abbey of Cluny was by his nicknames ‘La Buse,’ mean-
Cluniac treasure discovered in its already well-established as the top ing ‘the Buzzard,’ or ‘La Bouche,’
original context during an archaeo- monastery in the country and it meaning ‘the Mouth’) was a French
logical excavation. retained its prominence into the 12th pirate who was active during the 1st
century. half of the 18th century.
It’s also the largest number of Whilst Levasseur was a notori-
silver deniers discovered in one Its influence began to wane when ous and much-feared pirate during
place and the only single hoard ever newer, more austere orders stole his days, his greatest legacy is the
found to include Arabic coins, silver Benedictine thunder and the idea of alleged treasure that he had hidden.
deniers and a signet ring. remote rule by a single abbot, distant Before his execution, Levasseur
from the satellite houses and largely supposedly revealed the where-
The intaglio stone is ancient unaccountable, lost its appeal. abouts of his buried loot through a
Roman and engraved with the profile cryptogram.
of a deity. (Religious context or no In the 16th century the Abbey Whilst attempts have been made
religious context, ancient engravings of Cluny was sacked by Hugenots over the years to decipher the
were prestige items and often used and never really recovered. Come coded message, and to track down
as signet rings by the medieval elite.) the French Revolution, the monas- Levasseur’s treasure, none of these
tic order was dissolved and under have actually succeeded.
Practically from the time of its Napoleon the abbey itself was From Privateering to Piracy
founding by by Duke William I demolished and used as a quarry. Olivier Levasseur was born in Calais
of Aquitaine in 910 A.D., the during the closing years of the 17th
Benedictine monastery of Cluny was Today only one of its eight grand century (between 1688 and 1690).
one of the great monastic centers of towers still stands, which is why Hailing form a wealthy bourgeois
Western Europe. archaeologists continue to excavate family, Levasseur attended the best
it today, 90 years after the first schools and became a naval officer.
They followed a strict interpreta- archaeological explorations of the He received a letter of marque from
tion of the Rule of Saint Benedict site began. the French King, Louis XIV, during
that within decades had catapulted
Cluny to the top of the ranks, mak- Courtesy of http://www.thehisto-
ing the abbey the undoubted leader
in European monasticism. sures

The city of Cluny grew into a city Submitted by Len Myers.

20 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 1-16-18

THers' News continued...

the War of the Spanish Succession, themselves off the coast of West decipher his secret message.
and became a privateer in the service Africa and decided to carry out their To date, Levasseur’s treasure has
of the French Crown. piratical activities there instead.
yet to be found. In spite of the
It has been claimed that during Numerous ships were captured, numerous failed attempts to locate
this time Levasseur received a scar and Levasseur was voted to be cap- the treasure, there are those who
across one eye, causing him to wear tain of a ship again in 1719. have dedicated their lives to finding
an eye patch over it. Needless to it and are not ready to give up just
say, this peculiarity of Levasseur’s During the period when Levasseur yet.
has become one of the most iconic was operating off the coast of West
features in today’s popular imagery Africa, he was working with pirates However, there are some prob-
of pirates. Howell Davis, Thomas Cocklyn, lems with the cryptogram itself.
John Taylor, and Edward England. For a start, there are actually two
At the end of the war, Levasseur cryptograms in existence today.
had no intention of giving up his It was in 1721 that Levasseur and
activities, and therefore turned from Taylor captured the Nossa Senhora One has been established to be
privateering to piracy. della Cabo, a Portuguese treasure a fake. The other, a 17-line cipher,
ship that had been sitting on a sand- became known due to its publica-
Levasseur began his new career bar as a result of damages sustained tion in a 1934 book entitled “Le
as part of the Flying Gang, a group during a storm. Flibustier Mysterieux,” by Charles
of pirates based in Nassau, on the Bourrel de la Roncière, a French
island of New Providence. The ship was carrying the treasure marine historian.
of the Bishop of Goa and the Viceroy
In early 1716, Levasseur of Portuguese Indi-one of the great- It is unclear if this was the cryp-
was the captain of a pirate sloop est hauls in the history of piracy. togram that Levasseur had thrown
called Postillion, and seems to have into the crowd watching his execu-
collaborated with the pirates Samuel Years later, Levasseur settled in tion, as the deciphered text seems to
Bellamy and Benjamin Hornigold. Seychelles, off East Africa, in the have little to do with Levasseur or
Indian Ocean. In 1730, Levasseur his treasure.
In 1718, Levasseur narrowly was captured and sent to Saint-
avoided capture by Captain Francis Denis, on the island of Réunion, Is Levasseur’s treasure still out
Hume of the HMS Scarborough off where he was hung for piracy. there waiting for someone to find it?
the coast of La Blanquilla in the
Eastern Caribbean. According to legend, as Levasseur Courtesy of http://www.ancient-
was standing on the scaffold with the
Nevertheless, the pirate lost his noose round his neck, he managed to french-pirate-olivier-levasseur-left-
ship, and with only sixty of his crew throw a cryptogram into the crowd, behind-curious-cryptogram-does-it-
left, escaped on a small sloop. telling them that his treasure would lead-021725
belong to the person who manages to
Levasseur and his men found Submittted by Len Myers.

The grave of Oliver Levasseur, “La Buse” Pirate in Saint-Paul, Reunion (Tonton Bernardo/CC BY SA 3.0) and the
Cryptogram of Olivier Levasseur. (Public Domain) Photos courtesy of

ple/french-pirate-olivier-levasseur-left-behind-curious-cryptogram-does-it-lead-021725 Newsletter 1-16-18 21

Tip From the Pros

From Where They Fell

By Jay Pastor

The overgrown sites of removed structive leads that point you transactions. Often, money
or deteriorating benches in vintage in the right direction. changed hands or at least required
parks, either abandoned or still in
operation, are often productive and The benches saw a lot of action reaching into pockets for one
in their times. They’ve served not object or another.
always worth investigating. only as recliners for the weary or
Find out where they were by observers of the passing scene, but Over the course of a century
talking to old-timers and town as beds for vagrants, jungle gyms or so, a lot of interesting items
historians and by checking the for kids, makeshift tables for card fell accidentally to the ground,
records of local libraries, chambers games, and relaxing perches for and wound up beneath the soil
of commerce, newspapers, and readers, eaters, and bird feeders, as before they were missed (or never
missed). And it’s always fun and
government agencies. well as rendezvous points for sometimes profitable to find them
You’re bound to get several con- small social or business
(I speak from experience).

22 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 1-16-18

Calendar of Events
This section is provided by Lost Treasure magazine as a
free service for non-profit treasure clubs and organizations.

FEBRUARY including lunch. No individual pric- ing requires additional fee). Hunters
9th - 11th – Round Rock, Texas. ing. If you send payment before are free to search throughout the park
The Quartzsite, Arizona, Gold Show March 1st the cost is only $99. The grounds for native coins and relics
at the QIA Bldg., 235 N Ironwood, fun starts at 9 a.m. See website for that can be entered in the Best Finds
Quartzsite, Arizona, Friday – maps, forms and more information contests. In addition, special prize
Saturday 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. and Sun. at or http://www.tcas. tokens will be seeded throughout the
9 a.m. – 3 p.m. $5 Admission good us/tcashunt.htm park grounds that offer the finders a
for all three days. Vendors inside chance at winning metal detectors
and out selling and demonstrat- 10th – 11th – Turlock, and other prizes. They also plan to
ing gold prospecting equipment, California. 52nd Annual Rock, excavate fresh areas of the historic
nuggets, jewelry, coins and more. Mineral & Jewelry Show, a family town dump site, from which diggers
Speakers demonstrations, questions event, at the Stanislaus Fairgrounds, unearthed many old bottles and relics
and answers for metal detectors 900 N. Broadway from 10 a.m. at the past hunt. Optional Silver Hunt
and other prospecting equipment. to 5 p.m. daily. Rocks, Minerals, and Relic Hunt also available. Plenty
Door Prizes, including gold nuggets, Fossils, Jewelry, Beads, Fluorescents of Fun for All Ages! Free Kids Hunt
metal detectors and more. For more and more! Learn to make beau- for ages 12 and under. All prizes will
information, contact Richard Trusty tiful jewelry out of natural rocks be awarded! A random drawing will
at  QuartzsiteAZGoldShow@gmail. and gemstones from demonstra- be conducted for unclaimed prizes.
com or (651) 587-6136 or (928) tors. Children’s Activities, includ- There will be a number of YouTube
927-5479. You can also log onto the ing making your own bracelet and detecting stars at the hunt for people
website at QuartzsiteAZGoldshow. carving soapstone. Will also have to meet. For more information, log
com a newly expanded HUGE fluores- onto
cent display room. There are over bysite/hbby_garrett2018_cg_hunt.
24th – Galveston, Texas. The 40 dealers selling rocks, minerals, aspx or e-mail [email protected] 
Houston ARC’s 36th Annual Open fossils, jewelry, beads & supplies,
Beach Hunt & Texas AMDC Hunt at and much, much more. For more APRIL
East Beach. “All Tokens” hunt and information, contact Bud & Terry 21st – Virginia Beach,
free Kids Hunt, too. These are sepa- McMillin at (209) 524-3494, e-mail  Virginia. The Tidewater Coin &
rate hunt registrations. See http:// [email protected] Relic Club’s 31st Annual Open and the TAMDC or log onto the website at www.tur- Hunt, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m., at 5700
Facebook page at https://www. Atlantic Avenue. For more infor- for mation, log onto
updates. For more information on 24th – 25th – Jefferson, Texas. com/ or the club’s Facebook event
the HARC Open Beach Hunt e-mail Diggin’ Texas 2018. Sign-ups are page at
Byron Whitaker at byron_whitak- now open for the Charles Garrett events/314264055748746/?ti=cl
[email protected] Memorial Hunt 2018 (rain or shine)
at the Diamond Don’s RV Park, MAY
MARCH 1602 Highway 49 East. This will 5th – 6th – Sapulpa, Oklahoma.
10th – Wabasso, Florida. be a fun weekend of detecting to The Three Forks Treasure Hunters
Treasure Coast Archaeological honor the company’s founder. Basic Club’s 32nd National Open
Society’s 31st Annual Hunt. Only 5 Hunt Package: Participation in prize Treasure Hunt at the Creek County
minutes from the 1715 Spanish fleet hunts: Best Finds Hunt, Lights Out Fairgrounds, 4 miles west of Sapulpa
wreck treasure beaches. Competition Hunt, Free Range Hunt, and Kids on HW 66. Eight different hunts
hunt, silver and Reale hunts. Lots Hunt (for those 12 and under). One available. Reduced entry fee for
of prizes including metal detectors Charles Garrett Memorial/Diggin’ main hunt this year.  All entry fees
(AT Pro’s, Ace 350/400), scoops, Texas Hunt T-shirt (if hunt fee is go back into the hunt as coins and
headphones and a lot more. The cost paid before February 1). Free park prizes. One metal detector will be
is $125 for the whole day (all hunts) admission and camping (RV camp- given for each 25 main entries plus Newsletter 1-16-18 23

Calendar of Events Cont'd

additional prizes. We gave away 9 or Ernie Arnett at (540) 420-2866 or prospecting, geology, panning, GPS,
metal detectors last year. Concession e-mail [email protected] You and detecting. There will also be
stand will be open. RV hookups can also visit them on Facebook. daily fun activities that help benefit
available. For entry form, check the camps. Only paid participants
athe Three Forks Treasure Hunters 2nd – 3rd – Springfield, can be a part of outing activities, i.e.
Club’s Facebook page or contact Missouri. Springfield’s Annual classes, seminars, hands-on train-
Larry Koch at (918) 348-6780 or Rock & Gem Fair at 2327 W. Farm ing, etc. For more information, log
Gary Young at (918) 869-5778. Road 190, hosted by Springfield’s onto
Annual Gem Fair and the Ozark events/173558333231940/ or call
25th – 27th – Stanwood, Mountain Gem & Mineral Society. (800) 551-9707.
Washington. The Pilchuck Treasure Rocks, gems, fossils, geodes, unique
Hunting Club’s 37th Annual Hunt jewelry, free rock & cut gem ID, JULY
– Mayfest 2018 – at the Stanwood family fun, books and more, includ- 6th – 8th – Black Hawk,
Fairgrounds, 6431 Pioneer Hwy. ing a public rock auction Saturday Colorado. Rush To The Rockies
This kid friendly three-day event will at 5:30 p.m. For more informa- 2018 will be held at the Pickle
open on Friday at 6 p.m. for camp- tion, log onto Gulch Campground in Black Hawk,
ing, all raffles, and registrations, and or their Facebook pages – Ozark Colorado. For more information and
will close at 9. Raffles: Main, Metal Mountain Gem & Mineral Society or registration forms, visit Eurekathc.
Detector, Treasure Wheel, 50/50 and Springfield’s Annual Gem Fair. org, or send e-mail to Kimg.eure-
Silver Dollar all weekend. Saturday [email protected]
- Registrations open at 7:30 a.m. 9th – 10th – New Stanton,
with coffee, tea, donuts and pastries, Pennsylvania. The 6th Annual 14th – 21st – New Stanton,
etc. Opening Ceremonies at 8:30 Silver Seekers Open Treasure Hunt Pennsylvania. Treasure Week 2018
a.m. Day’s hunts: Scooby Snack at the Fox Den Acres Campground at the Fox Den Acres Campground.
Hunt, RinTin-Tin –Cache Hunt, with four hunts Saturday and three Eight fun filled days of treasure
Pluto’s Kids Hunt, Sr. “Old Yella” hunts Sunday. Contact Don Hayes at hunting and crafts, free kid’s hunts
Hunt, Beethoven -MDAW Hunt, and [email protected] or phone and novice hunts, as well as evening
Toto’s Night Hunt. There will also (740) 252-1322 or Ed Burke at poto- activities like bingo, horse races,
be a Silent Auction (bring an item or [email protected] or phone (570) and auctions. Just minutes from
two) and a 310-1530. motels and restaurants and only 2
miles from the PA Turnpike and I70.
Potluck Lunch (bring a dish). 12th – 17th – Nebo, North This fun filled week is sponsored
Sunday - Big Breakfast Fundraiser, Carolina. Common Dig “Dirt Party” by many manufacturers. Come and
Cooper the Hound Hunt and hosted by the Gold Prospectors stay for the week or attend for a day
Association of America (GPAA) or two. For more information, con-
Lady & the Tramp Charm Hunt. and the Lost Dutchman’s Mining tact Ed Davis at [email protected]
Closing Ceremonies at 3 p.m. Check Association (LDMA) at the LDMA or phone (317) 908-8165 or Don for Vein Mountain Camp, 3216 Vein Hayes at [email protected]
updated info or call (425) 308-2255 Mountain Rd. Open to anyone that or (740) 252-1322.
Lora, or (425) 446-9232 Tracy, or wants to play in the dirt and find
e-mail [email protected] gold. Register by calling GPAA E-mail
headquarters at (800) 551-9707 no events to
JUNE later than 06/07/18. All participants managing
2nd – Shawsville, Virginia. The will be working for their gold split at
Roanoke Valley Coin & Relic Club’s the end of the outing. All gold recov- editor
27th Annual Open Hunt at Camp ered is split between participants. @lost
Alta Mons, 2842 Crockett Springs All participants will receive a vial treasure.
Road. This one-day event includes with a picker or two in it as well as a com
two Coin Hunts and one optional PayDirt bag that has their split of the
Silver Hunt with many great priz- gold recovered. People will be there
es, including high-quality detectors, to help you find more gold, both
assorted gear and cash. A concession hands on training and a “classroom”
stand and camping will be available. setting. Some subjects include: basic
For registration information, contact
Marilyn Epperly at (540) 342-0153

24 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 1-16-18 Newsletter 1-16-18 25

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