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Online Newsletter - 20 February 2018

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Published by Colin Savage, 2018-06-19 19:03:13


Online Newsletter - 20 February 2018


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Lost Treasure

Online Newsletter

February 20, 2018


Feature Club — page 4


page 21 — Favorite Finds


3 The Coined Phrase
6 Tips From the Pros
8 Special Bonus Feature From
Lost Treasure Magazine

13 THers' News
22 Calendar of Events

2 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 2-20-18

LostTreasure The Coined Phrase

CELEBRATING OUR 50th YEAR By Carla Nielsen

PUBLISHER Lee Harris Hints For Metal
ADVERTISING [email protected] Detecting In the
(918) 786-2182, ext. 0
MANAGING EDITOR Carla Nielsen Wintertime
[email protected]
WEBMASTER webmaster@
ART DIRECTOR/ Becki Harris
PRODUCTION [email protected]
[email protected]

Coy Harris (1964-1996)
Kevin Harris (1965-2013)

PRINT MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION: One It can be challenging and reward- This can be solved by applying
year (12 issues) $33.95, S & H included, two ing. to go metal detecting in the win- wax (furniture polish works) to the
years (24 issues) $59.95, S & H included: ter. But if you are getting cabin fever bottom of the coil. The snow will
Canada, add $15 per year (U.S. funds only). here are some tips to make an outing not stick now and it will glide much
Allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery of your first in the winter successful. more easily. Take some wax along,
issue. (Printed in the USA.) as it does wear off.
SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES: Toll- First find places where people
free 1-866-469-6224 Please send address gather during winter months for vari- To keep the batteries alive, put
change or correction (enclosing latest ous activities. the battery pack in the inside of
address label) eight weeks in advance to your winter coat in the inside breast
our subscription department: Lost Treasure, That is where you will find items pocket then zipper the jacket three
Box 469091, Escondido, CA 92046-9091. they lost, some possibly very valu- quarters of the way up and allow
E-mail [email protected] able. the wires to come out at about your
upper chest.
Lost Treasure, Inc., 25100 N. Hwy. 59, Grove, OK Second, snow is a great medium
74344. (918) 786-2182 • FAX (918) 786-2192. Direct for detecting and coins can easily The batteries stay warm this way,
be detected up to 15 inches. This lasting much longer, and you can
all advertising, manuscripts, and general information to: Lost is where your digging tool really carry a spare set to keep them warm,
comes in handy. too.
Treasure, P.O. Box 451589, Grove, OK 74345. All content in this
Cut out a plug and detect it just Here are some other hints to
publication is copyrighted. All rights are reserved on the entire like you would a clump of dirt and increase your finds: use your largest
split it as often as you need to in coil and dig everything. The larger
contents: nothing may be reprinted in whole or in part without the order to find the coin (or whatever coil covers more area.
your detector indicated).
expressed written permission of the publisher. You will be surprised that not only
Simply fill in the hole as you nor- will you find coins, but earrings,
© 2018 Lost Treasure, Inc.® mally would and continue searching. keys, knives, watches, and rings, etc.

LostTreasure OnLine To keep track of what ground you Your local Parks and Recreation
have covered don’t forget to observe Department may be able to pro-
http://www.lost your footprints and, if you want to vide you with locations where winter
continue where you left off, all you activities/events are taking place in
have to do is drop a handful of dry your area.
Kool-Aid or Jello in the snow, or
bury a piece of large tin foil near [email protected]
some marker and use your detector
to find it in the all metal mode on
another day.

Many times the snow sticks to
the search coil, making it heavy and
frequently changing the angle of it. Newsletter 2-20-18 3

Feature Club

The 417 Relic Hunters
of Springfield, Missouri

The members of the 417 Relic located at 4653 S. Campbell in the month rules and more.
Hunters, assemble for the following Springfield. Receive an active roster list with
417 Relic Hunters Club names and numbers (great tool
“To learn, discover and to educate Highlights: for finding new hunting partners),
our members in a way to recover Ability to run for club officer.
antiquities of the past by conducting On-going training - probably one
ourselves in a manner that is courte- of the top things the club offers to Access to www.mytreasurespot.
ous and polite with respect for oth- all members and guests monthly and com for monthly newsletters.
ers and to establish good fellowship quarterly. Their goal is to help you
with all other fellow hunters.” find “stuff.” Access to the club library with
books, videos, magazines and more.
Touted as the “Premiere Each month members vote on the
Springfield Southwest Missouri overall find of the month. Individual Membership $20
Metal Detecting Club,” they want to Family Membership $30
provide members with a metal detect- They will also discuss club busi- Dues are paid in January annually.
ing club where one can exchange ness and open the floor for ideas and Members joining at any other time
ideas, share individual finds, learn comments. will be prorated for the remaining
new concepts and ideas, meet new portion of the year
people and help introduce the hobby You are invited to join them after
of metal detecting to new people the meeting for a social hour at a Club Officers:
young and old. local restaurant. President – Mike Clutter
Vice President – Robert Quick
Their overall purpose will be to Members are encouraged to bring Secretary – Jeff Ford
stimulate interest in Metal Detecting, in their finds from that month for Treasurer – Dennis Slane
Relic Hunting and the Appreciation awards and fellowship.
for the Art of Preserving our Natural For more information, visit their
History. Monthly raffle drawings and website at http://417relichunters.
50/50 Pot Members Privileges: com/
The 417 Relic Hunters month-
ly meetings are held on the first An invitation to the annual Spring You can also visit them on
Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. at the Club Hunt. They also have periodi- Facebook at https://www.face-
Springfield-Greene County Library cal fun hunts throughout the year as
well. ers/132285143503387

Vote on club rules and officers.
Receive a copy of the club rules
outlining club hunts, voting, finds of

4 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 2-20-18

Feature Club cont'd... Newsletter 2-20-18 5

Tip From the Pros

One Incredible Place To
Search For Treasure

By Patricia Hughes

Photos are courtesy of

One incredible place Be cautious around old Patricia Hughes is
to search for treasure mining area though. the author of
is tailings and the site Sometimes, tailings
areas around mining “Lost Loot, Ghostly
contain mining New England
operations that can chemicals, especially Treasure Tales,”
yield to great finds. in gold mining areas.
Because the miners “Maine’s Waterfalls:
were usually only Arsenic is usually A Comprehensive
interested in “what” found in high Guide,”
they were looking for, concentration on “More Lost Loot,

like silver, gold, gold mining areas. Ghostly New England
copper, or gems, Beware many old gold Treasure Tales,” and
other minerals were “Lost Loot III, Ghostly
thrown away tunnels are full of Treasure Tales of New
or overlooked. cyanide gas. You only York, New Jersey, and
have to inhale it once to
kill you.

6 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 2-20-18

LT Get March 2013 Largest CirCuLation of
any treasure PubLiCation-
$5.50 the treasure hunter’s
Magazine of ChoiCe

color Digital

Encrusted California

today!!Treasure Gold Rush!
Found! James Marshall’s chance discovery of

Proof that persistence
can pay off.

$ave time &Page14
GOLD in 1848 radically altered the lives of
hundreds of thousands of men and women.

Page 16


money...Mine For Diamonds
in New York?

Page 56




Click this adPage11

Colonial Finds

Are They From the
UK or US?

Page 8

SGTteeaTxoMthaergseaTigraseataozsriunyreeoanTnatldehsie:sfionlAGFclTraoelGreurwoe!tlddtiendg aSpWwPseIaEaeNgnpe!agtset3rae3kbess oins ufrsopmreLvoieswt Torfewashuarte
Hawaii you can expecSt waseaepLsotsatkTerseasure subscriber.


By Bill Chowal

A wide mouth water scoop. Photos by the author.

When we go metal detecting we what to consider adding to your box You could be holding the best find
always start off with grand ideas of accessories to become a more suc- of your life the first time that you
of finding the great treasures in the cessful treasure hunter. put your digger in the ground. That
ground, such as diamond rings, gold is why you need to have the right
coins, silver, and other precious If you have not purchased your tools for the type of hunting you plan
items. metal detector yet, here are a few to do.
things for you to consider.
All this takes is planning on where Choosing the proper metal detec-
to go or how you may find the good How serious are you going to be? tor for the task at hand will help to
places to metal detect. Reading about the hobby is a good decide whether or not you become a
start; it will let you understand the good treasure hunter.
However, for you to be productive potential of what is out there for you
you must devise a plan of action and to discover and find. You will be able There are several ways to find out
have the proper tools. to excavate history and excitement in about metal detectors and which one
every hole that you dig. will suit you best.
Here are my viewpoints of on

86 LOST TREASURE NSeewpstelemttbeer r22-2001-718

for storing extra items that you may


You should have gloves, which

are a must to have when probing

holes in trashy areas because of bro-

ken glass or pieces of sharp metal

and rusted metal items.

Pouches with either leather or

A heavy duty trowel. canvas type material with separated

pockets work well, along with a two-

inch belt for carrying your digger

If you know someone personally handle because most diggers have and pin pointer.
who will let you tag along on one of a tendency to break or bend at the If you plan to go detecting in the
their trips and explain the process, handle with hard use when digging early morning you will run into the
this would be a good start for you. in hard soil conditions, such as clay. problem of wet grass from the dew,
Watching “You Tube” videos is Another feature would be saw which may create problems for you.
another good source of information teeth that are cut in the blade. These Here are a few extra items that
with many different opinions and sharp teeth will cut roots, making it will make detecting a little more
comparisons of similar metal detec- easier to dig a plug.
tors. Some treasure hunters carry a A pair of slip on rubber boots or
Metal detectors are designed for shovel for detecting; these are great over shoes that will keep your feet
specific types of treasure hunting. for digging in fields or not well kept warm and dry are great to have.
Knee pads are also a nice extra to
Knowing what you plan to search for areas or for relic hunting.
is an important factor when deciding Using a shovel may get you evict- help keep your pants dry and clean,
ed from some parks or fined for and also protect your knees.
which machine to purchase. There are several kinds of knee

Relic hunters will need a deep destruction of property.
seeking detector. Coin and jewel- Garden trowels work well on play pads on the market. I have found that
ry hunters will want a fast recov- areas of a school property or the the less expensive pads with the elas-
ery machine with good separation play areas in parks because they are tic straps will chafe the back of your
between targets, along with adjust- considered a non-offensive weapon. legs; getting the industrial type with
able discrimination capability, a You might want to carry and use rubber straps works much better with
screen with digital read outs for a probe when hunting a well-mani- no chafing and is more comfortable.
making the decision on whether a cured lawn as not to damage the area A piece of oil cloth or even a
the target is possibly good or a trash when you are retrieving your target. smaller Frisbee can be used to col-
You may also want to carry a fine lect and catch all the dirt as you
target to dig.
Water hunting metal detectors are machine file to sharpen your digging search for your treasures.
rather basic with few adjustments, tools, as sharp tools make digging Doing this you will enable you to
replace all the dirt in the hole leaving
but are very effective. They come much easier.
with tone control, sensitivity control, Pouches are the next item you no mess and no sign the hole was
volume control, and discrimination should consider. They are good for ever dug.
along with waterproof headphones. carrying trash that you dig up or Carrying a few extra rags with an

You should also take into consid-

eration fresh or saltwater beach use

depending on where you might be


Gold detectors are designed for

prospecting and are extremely sen-

sitive. There are even some metal

detectors that will perform with

average results and do all of the


Digging tools would be your next

items to consider. There are several

types of diggers on the market to

choose from.

The most important thing to con-

sider is the design and how easy it is

for you to use. I prefer a “survival”

type knife with a solid blade and A folding saw.

wwwwww.L.LoostsTtTrereaasusurere.c.ocommNeSwesplteetmtebr e2r-2200-1178 97

Various shovel blade sizes. on private property and convince
people that you are a responsible
old paint brush and a bottle of water I also carry and use a plastic, fold- treasure hunter.
will help you keep your metal detec- able raincoat for the days when it
tor and car clean. might rain or a slight drizzle occurs. You can simply type up your own
contract or copy one off the Internet
To keep my car free from dirt and Extra items you may also want to stating that you will be responsible
sometimes mud, I also use a plastic consider are a spare nut and bolt for for any damage you may cause, that
grocery bag to cover my coil when your coil connection to the detector you will share any finds, and allow
driving from one location to anoth- rod, which may loosen and get lost. them to pick out any items they
er. want.
Also a magnifying glass or pocket
Keeping your equipment and loupe so you can read dates on coins Most people usually will tell you
spare parts all together requires you and identify objects. to keep what you find and they are
to have a convenient box or bag. not responsible for you if you get
Maps with city and county roads hurt. Just remember to always be
I have found that an old suitcase along with parks included are a good professional.
or overnight bag works well. I got idea.
mine at a garage sale for $1 and it For example, I stopped at an old
serves me quite well. A spiral notebook for logging per- farm house after seeing an older
tinent information on places that man sitting on the porch. I asked
The best reason for having it is you have treasure hunted, what you who owned the place across the road
for the convenience of having every- found there, and the names of any and he wanted to know why I was
thing ready to go and keeping track caretakers that you have talked to is asking?
of all your extras so you don’t forget a great reference tool.
anything that you might need. I told him I that I wanted to take
While hunting at churches, parks pictures and maybe metal detect the
Here are a few items that I feel or abandoned home sites you can property. Abruptly he said no! I told
you might want to consider packing mention who gave you permission him some names of others who let
in your suitcase. to hunt there if you ever are stopped me detect in the area and explained
and questioned on return visits. to him about saving history.
A first-aid kit with alcohol wipes,
bandaids, tweezers, nail clippers, and The more information you write Politely I insisted on showing
a roll of electrical tape, because this down will be helpful in the future if him my album of pictures of historic
type of tape seals well and is water- you ever decide to return. sites and how younger people need
proof. Cloth tape has a tendency not to understand how people lived in
to stick well. Permission contracts can also help the past.
you to gain permission to detect
Again he said no, but as I walked
back to my car he called me back,
asked to look at my photos and
pointed out one and asked about it. I
told him it was a grave marker of a
child along the road from the 1880’s.

He shook his head and then gave
me permission to hunt the property.

When you ask permission, always
be prepared to explain why you are
looking for something other than

I always say I want to find stuff
like toys, buttons, keys, and sewing
thimbles, etc.

When you are beach or water
detecting you will need special tools
depending on where you want to

There are metal detectors designed
especially for use in the ocean salt-
water or high mineralized beaches. If
these are the areas you are planning
to detect you should consider one of

Most all metal detectors will work
in shallow water as long as the com-

180 LOLOSSTTT TRREEAASSUURREESNeepwtesmlebtteerr 20-2107-18

puter box does not get wet. I would hot and bend a hook 1/4 to 3/8 of lost alarm in case you drop it in tall
recommend a water detector if plan- an inch in a vice or using a pair of grass weeds, and come in a choice
ning to detect in water! gripping plyers, bending the tip to of colors.
90 degrees.
Scoops come in all sizes and The last items on the list would
shapes. Hand scoops work well on The reason for heating the tip is be personal items, such as water or
beaches and are easy to use and to take the temper or hardness out of soda, snacks or extra items to munch
carry. I have tried most of them. the screwdriver so as and not to snap on when resting, toilet paper, wet
the tip off. wipes, and an extra set of batteries.
In my opinion what works best
for me is a solid steel duck bill with The next item to consider is a You will find that all of these
a short handle, as it is easy to shake hand held pin pointer. They will save items can be scarce when you need
the loose sand off and it digs well in you time when scanning a hole for a them and when you are out in many
wet sand, too. target and also help prevent damage areas there are no stores to be found.
when digging a target. You can also
Scoops made with chicken wire use the pin pointer to locate shallow These are most of the basic items
screen will self-destruct with hard targets, such as when separating a that you will find helpful to make
use. Scoops with extended handles coin spill. your metal detecting trips more suc-
are cumbersome to shake. The cessful. Carrying all or some of them
square plastic scoops are hard to dig There are several brands avail- could help make your day success-
deep with, especially in wet sand. able; test them out to make sure they ful.
are comfortable for you to use.
There are special in the water As you go along I am sure you will
scoops that come in several shapes The average depth reading is 2 to add to your collection of essentials to
and sizes. 3 inches. Some vibrate along with help meet your individual needs and
sound, which I prefer with the head- make you a successful detectorist.
The duck bill scoop works well phones on.
with a coarse type pebble material Sources:
area, but it does have a tendency to They also come with lights, are Author’s personal experience.
twist when digging and is also easy waterproof, and vibrate or sound a
to lift.
A small duck bill water scoop.
The wider stealth type works well
in sandy areas, picking up huge Lost Treasure OnLine
amounts of product and getting your
target with one try, but needs a help-
er on the handle for lifting.

You should mark with a perma-
nent marker or hash mark on the
front of all water scoop handles so
when digging you know that they are
not twisting.

You should always wear water
shoes because of hidden trash or bro-
ken glass and, when you are working
in the water, you should always wear
a hat, shirt, and sun protection.

You may want to carry a probe
and a screwdriver with a hooked
end for pulling targets out of a well-
manicured lawn.

You can make these items or buy
them at a detector shop. Here is how
to make your own probe and hook.

At your local hardware store pur-
chase a 1/8-inch brass welding rod
approximately 10 inches long and a
small file handle.

Insert the weld rod into the file
handle for the probe. Next, file and
round the tip of the brass rod.

For the “hook,” get a screwdriver
with a long, thin 3/16 to a 1/4-inch
shaft approximately 10 inches long.
Heat the tip of the screwdriver red

wwwww.Lwo.LsotTsrteTaresausreu.rceo.cmomNewSselpettetemrb2e-r202-01187 119


Treasure Cache /Treasure Facts

Treasure Cache / Treasure Facts 2018 is the
24th edition of this one-of-a-kind, collector's

edition, treasure hunting, book.
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Treasure Cache Annual offers you stories complete with
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Half of this extra large book is loaded with valuable information and enter-
taining stories, released for the first time for your enjoyment and as a

source of leads to many treasure caches. The other half is filled with tried
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experienced treasure hunters, to help make your treasure hunt a success.

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*Published for treasure Treasure Facts will giude
Today! hunters who enjoy read- you to more finds after
ing stories about trea- reading tips, tricks and hints
Treasure Cache / Treasure Facts sure caches. from professional treasure
2018 Annual *Many of the stories
contain little known *Learn not only how to get
Place your order now! clues or clues that have started with a metal detec-
Go to never been revealed tor, but how to tweak it and
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sure and fortune.

*Even if you are unable *Take the advice of an
to look for the caches expert on how to make de-
yourself, you will enjoy tecting more profitable and
the interesting stories enjoyable.
for their historical value

THers' News

Signage along US 1, called Overseas Highway in Florida’s keys, is distinct. A shipwreck can-
non, hard hat diver in full rig and ocean scene murals decorate the building for the History of
Diving Museum. Photos by the author, John Christopher Fine.

History of Diving a museum. In 1998 they bought marine artists Guy Harvey and David
Museum Undamaged an ocean front home on Lower Dunleavy.
After Hurricane Irma Matecumbe Key.
By John Christopher Fine An intriguing design depicts a
Two physicians from Ohio, a hus- Shortly afterwards they purchased hard hat diver with a giant cepha-
band and wife team, began scuba a storage facility right on US 1, lopod in the spirt of Jules Verne’s
diving, raising tropical fish, studying known in the keys as the Overseas Twenty Thousand Leagues Under
fish behavior and ocean environ- Highway, at Mile Marker 83 bay the Sea.
mental issues. side, in Islamorada.
Their interest evolved into man’s After Hurricane Irma made land-
penetration of the undersea. Drs. Joe Their dream of creating a museum fall in the Florida Keys on September
and Sally Bauer researched then col- that would exhibit their now exten- 10, 2017, death and destruction
lected early diving inventions and sive collection of early hard hats and remained in its wake.
historic hard hat rigs. some 3,000 books became a reality
Their collection expanded as they in 2005 when the museum opened. Statistics compiled after the hur-
discovered and preserved historic ricane revealed total damage esti-
diving gear, books, manuscripts and It is hard to miss. A diver in full mated at $66.77 billion with 134
memorabilia associated with ocean dress wearing a hard hat is displayed fatalities.
exploration. Collecting historic dive outside the museum along with an
equipment became their passion. early one man decompression cham- Joanne Birdsall, History of Diving
When they retired from medicine ber. Museum’s Gift Store Manager, took
Joe and Sally could devote them- photos once they were allowed back
selves to developing their collection The signage is distinctive with into the keys.
with the thought in mind to create a US Navy Mark V diving helmet.
Even their mailbox is supported by a Joanne’s pictures are surreal.
miniature hard hat diver. Long rows of refrigerators, wash-
ing machines, hot water heaters, air
The building itself is decorated conditioners and appliances lined the
with marine life murals by famed highway awaiting trash pickup. Newsletter 2-20-18 13

THers' News continued...

Coins found in the wreck of the Rooswijk. Photograph: Pewter spoons found during excavation work. Photograph:

ZeBeuowarsdmoafriDtiimreecmtoursZEwEithumD/Pr.ASally Bauer and History of Diving MLuasueruemn HDuirrelecyto/PrALisa

Mongelia in the library. Hard wood book cases built up off the floor as a precaution pre-
seabed 100 mesteerrvsedfrtohme 30th0e0 r1a8rethb-ook colTlehcetiosnh.ip is an officially protected first to be scientifically excavated.

essful color.qxd 2/7w/2r0e1c2k s1it1e:1b7eAcMausPeagoef 1its historic The excavation was judged urgent

LTohnegevpidileensceoffromatthterewssreesckthsiatet sihmupttoerrteadncnee.ver to open again. tbipecoafustehethkeeydseeapndsilntyinesafnedetthoant thhaes
hisottehlsatthtrheewhoeuatvilliyneldadaesnwsahleipalsoanngk MOfettehoero25lo0gDisutstchprEeadsitctIenddiaoscheiapns wpreostecoteadst.the remains for so long is
UlikSe1a. Bstoantes, wweirthe threolwonssuopf oenvetrhye- wknaotewr nstuorgheavferobmeenthwerehcukreridc,aonnelyaat shiFftoirntgunnaotewlydutheetosucrhgaengidnigd tindoatl
boenaecho,n hbotaerlds. destroyed, businesses ttehnir-dtohasfifbteen lofeceatteadt atnhde thsoisutihsetrhne rpeaatcthertnhso,selelaeveinlsgalttihmobuegrhssuesxtpaionseedd


This collection of vital treasure
hunting material includes:

- “The Successful Treasure Hunter’s Guide”, a book filled with great how-
to information;
- A dozen research forms, which give you a specific plan for research;
- A dozen entry-search agreements, which help you make an agreement to
search with the land owner.
- A dozen treasure inventory forms, which help you keep track of your
finds for future hunts on the site.

Click on this ad to $24.95
order OnLine

Call today 800-423-0029 Ext 2
or send your order to:

LTI Publications, Inc. P.O. Box 451589
Grove, OK 74345 (Please include tel # for mail in orders)

1146 LLOOSSTT TTRREEAASSUURREE NNeewwsslleetttteerr 21-22-01-91-817

TTHHeerrss'' NNeewwss ccoonnttiinnuueedd......
winds of 160 miles per hour and lover Cleopatra in Egypt and experts Mike. Dad-of-one Mike, a fisherman
ocean surge of at least four feet shaaivdeabfeiennd roefstohriesdsiaznedanadrevoaprieentyfoisr frreosmumPelydm, ouetdhu, cDaetvioonna,lsaido:utreach
careened through the Bauer home. vbeursyinreasrse.. pro“gItrawmas inccornetdiinbule, atthreuier ontrcaev-ienl-
ain-lgifetximhiebiftisndw.ere unharmed by the
Dr. Sally Bauer described the TThhee cHoiisntsorwyilol fbeDhivainndgedMouvseerutmo sto“rmI h. ad a good idea about what it
mess she found when she returned to twhaes cofurollnyerbafockr vianluoaptieornatiaonnds tthweno wa“sI-hIahdaad raelrpelaicdayUfoSuNndavoyneMoarrtkwVo
their home after the hurricane: lwikeeelkys saofltdertoHaurmricuasneeumI,rmwai.thFtrheee Rdiovminagn hdeelnmareiti tihnatthmeogranrindgen. . It was
pmruosfietusmspleivt ebnettsweeevnertyhemfoarnmtherhaanvde
“You could walk across our swim-

ming pool,” Sally said. “The pool

was full of sand. When I drove into SECURITY
my driveway there was brown water WARNING DECALS
and muck everywhere. A refrigera-
tor was on the swale next to my

"When I got to the house I saw
that the door to our guest house

was broken open, two garage doors

HwamdwefueyotearnuecybdntrropdfaerurdnsbossdymheoveMnefdientiRskwitnoe(tmwISrameancofaandrfglieodtgeweo:edntriuSsaasrWttriheoniNeidrglhSfbwaa.)avamPceskhebtotaeoatneolrnnds Protect Yourself and
co"uTrhteesyreoffrihgttepr:a/t/worw, w4.0p0lymfeoeuttohuhterb-y Your Belongings!
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and Your Property!

Our freezer was half-way down the


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2,0“0T0h-yeerear-woladsRloemakaangesilvtheartcocianms e- ALARM SYSTEM.
wunodrethr tuhpetforo£n2t0d0o,0o0r.0W. e had to have • Frighten burglars away.
theMriukge Sclmeaanlee,d35in, foouurndgitfhteshhooapr,d” • Apply easily to glass, metal, plastic or wood.
oLfis6a00Mraornegdeleinaarsiaiiidn. a“fSaormmeer’osffiethlde • Ideal for home, apartment, car, truck, factory, ware-
ienxhBibriitdsphoartd wtohbilee chleuanntiendganwditwh ahteisr house, equipment, store or boats.
pmaolsppferodmuptheofSfouththeerfnlooDre. teWcteorhisatds • Great low-cost security system.
csolumbe. roof damage. We were able to • Color decal’s 2 3/4” x 1 3/4”
£m9u0s0eusmo. tWhee fwisehrermvearny wluacskya,”stothne-
iMshuesdeuwmheDnirhecetournacdodvedre.d one pris-
tineWchoiilne amftaenr yanhoothteelrsdoantintghebaocckeaton • 1 pkg = 4 decal’s for only $3.00 includes s&h

3si2dBeCsu. fSfoermede omfatjhoer mdaemtaalgdeisaknsdwweirlel
mnoitntbeed bdaucrkinign tohpeereartaioRnofmorana gloenng-
espraelllM, maraknAynstmonayllewraisnnalsliaenddwmithotheils Click on this ad to order OnLine
or call 800-423-0029 Ext 2 195

ers' News cToHnteirnsu' eNd.e.w. s continued...
ologist at Historic England, said
toruetasisduerean-adnrde-sitonrtirnig uhe-rshcoimenetiasftser-
ibtlowwans aiwnayd.isWcuesfsoiounsd twhiethtopDtohvreere, uexntreanvseivle-swtoartyer-odfa-m17ag4e0.-kent-ship-
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daniscthaonrceed frooumt btyheouprotproacsteodr dinredthge- perShuobumrirttaetdedbpyrLoteenctMivyeemrse.tal shut-
iynagrdaruenad, eirt wsaonudl.d Wbee mstoilnlithoarvinegniotst ters. Behind them seven broken win-
cfoounnddititohne baansde,”thDer. oBtahueerr psaroidte. cted dowMsehtaldDtoetbeectroerpilsatcsed.
wreSchkes.was in the process of super-
visCinogucrotenstyractofrs fihxtitnpgs:t/h/we wlawp .pthoeo-l UDniveianrgthbUusniinqeuseses in Florida’s

- Keys have resumed normal opera-
al- tions. The History of Diving Museum
-of- in Islamorada is back in full swing.

The museum brings knowledge

of historic undersea exploration,
e to through exhibits and educational

programs, to life.
ven For current information in the
hest. aftermath of Hurricane Irma contact:
on’t Islamorada Chamber of Commerce
eted at 1-800-FAB-KEYS or 305-664-

4503 or visit www.islamoradacham-
s to To contact the History of Diving
s to Museum call 305-664-9737 or visit
hey their website at www.divingmuse-
ople Museum hours are from 10
see a.m. to 5 p.m. every day.

ible Three Brown Diamonds
ying Top 2017 Finds at the
in it Crater of Diamonds
ven By Waymon Cox

At the beginning of each year,
win it’s good to look back at the pre-
hae- vious year’s successes and think

about what the New Year might
over hold. 2017 was a record-breaking
y to year for visitation at the park. More
ping than 182,000 visitors trekked to
and southwest Arkansas in search of
ork. diamonds!
last Our staff certified 445 diamonds
attle during the year, weighing a total of
st in 103.33 carats—nearly seven carats

more than in 2016!
d in Arkansans registered 109 dia-
ect- Click the blue ad above & order your copy of the monds, while visitors from 36 other
states and two foreign countries reg-

hae- Treasure Hunter’s Logbook istered 336 of the gems.
Of all diamonds registered last
or call 800-423-0029 ext. 2
16 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 12-19-17 17

THers' News continued...

year, 299 were white, 72 were brown, After attending a baseball tourna- the 7th largest since the Crater of
and 74 were yellow. Fifteen gems ment in southern Arkansas on March Diamonds became an Arkansas State
weighed more than one carat each, 11, 14-year-old Kalel Langford, of Park in 1972!
and three weighed over two carats! Centerton, Arkansas, fulfilled his
dream of visiting the Crater. The gem was about as large
While most diamonds were found as a pinto bean, with a cushion
by wet sifting, more than one out of After only 30 minutes of sur- shape. Langford named his find
every 10 were found on top of the face searching at the park, Langford Superman’s Diamond for his unique
ground, including the year›s three picked up a 7.44-carat dark brown connection to the DC superhero - his
largest finds! diamond - the largest of 2017 and first name is similar to Superman’s
birth name, Kal-El.

On May 6, Victoria Brodski, of
Tulsa, Oklahoma, visited the Crater
of Diamonds with her family for a
special birthday celebration. A few
minutes after entering the search
area, Brodski was searching near a
culvert with her daughter and broth-
er when she picked up what she
thought was a pretty piece of glass
with a smooth, rounded surface.

She later learned that she had dis-
covered a 2.65-carat brown gem, the Newsletter 2-20-18 17

THers' News continued...

third-largest of 2017! Brodski dubbed home in Montana. January 31 with one specific goal in
her diamond the Michelangelo, Our park staff loves to share sto- mind: to find an Arkansas diamond
because her family had decided to for Amanda’s engagement ring.
use the names of the Teenage Mutant ries of exciting diamond finds like
Ninja Turtles as code words in case these to inspire our guests to have The couple was close to finalizing
any of them found a diamond. their own great experiences. their wedding plans when they real-
ized that they had not chosen their
The following Saturday, Jennifer While not everyone finds a dia- rings. Amanda had always wanted
and Wendell Fox, of Joliet, Montana, mond, we look forward to making an Arkansas diamond from the man
were surface searching near the East memories with lots of new visi- who wanted to marry her, and she
Drain of the diamond search area, tors this year and hope to have many wanted him to try and find it.
when Wendell Fox spotted a dia- more stories to share!
mond about the size of an English “I’m worth it,” said Amanda
pea. The gem weighed 2.78 carats For more, log onto http://www. with a grin. Max never hesitated,
and was the second-largest diamond and the couple planned a trip to
found last year. Murfreesboro to hunt for stones at
Arkansas Couple Seeks Crater of Diamonds State Park.
It had an oval shape, with a cham- Stone for Engagement Ring
pagne brown color and a sparkling By Heather Grabin The love story that goes with Max
shine. Fox registered the diamond in There are many reasons why peo- and Amanda’s relationship is unique
both his and his wife’s names, as a ple visit the Crater of Diamonds, but and has qualities of an epic fairy tale.
memento of their once-in-a-lifetime a love story has to be one of the best The beginning chapter started when
experience.  - especially close to Valentine’s Day. they were friends in high school.
Max Hester and Amanda Louise
They chose to name it the Way Hardwicke, of Paris, Arkansas, Amanda had an older boyfriend
Out Yonder, as a tribute to their visited the Crater of Diamonds on who refused to attend her Junior
Prom with her. What would have
STANDARD DIGGING TOOL been a huge disaster was averted
TREASURE HUNTERS DON’T MISS A DEAL LIKE THIS!!! when Max saved the evening by
stepping in as her prom date.
“We’ve always been in love. I
Click this ad This Fine Digging believe  he fell in love with me that
to order Tool is Made of night,” said Amanda as she looked at
Aircraft Quality Max and smiled. Max quickly agreed
* Cuts through any roots Steel, Heat Treated that she had captured his heart.
* Digs through and Tempered.
However, time and circumstance
any type of ground distanced the couple. Though they
* Ideally suited for Metal still shared many of the same friends,
Max and Amanda lived in different
Detecting, Camping, towns and didn’t reconnect with one
Nursery and Landscaping another for 18 years.

Plus you get a handy Cadorra Belt Holder with Once reunited the two picked up
plastic insert to carry the standard digging tool. their friendship right where it left
off, and it naturally grew to be so
The belt loop is 3 1/2” much more.

Knowing that they wanted to
spend the rest of their lives together,
the couple began planning a small
wedding on the Mulberry River, in
Northwest Arkansas, with a ceremo-
ny that not only reflects their love for
each other, but also their love for the
natural beauty of Arkansas.

They set the wedding date for
May 5. Max laughed as he explained
the choice: “It’s Cinco de Mayo; that
way I’ll never forget the date.”

18 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 2-20-18

THers' News continued...

The small wedding swiftly turned als so much, that they will return to For more info, visit www.cra-
into a major event when the couple the Crater of Diamonds very soon!
reserved Mulberry Mountain Lodge
as the venue. They rented a cabin for Newsletter 2-20-18 19
a morning ceremony along the banks
of the Mulberry River.

After exchanging nuptials the
couple plans to serve fried chicken,
biscuits, and gravy as refreshments
before taking a float trip.

Later that evening they will host a
bonfire with hot dogs and marshmal-
lows, and Mike Hosty, the “One Man
Band” from Oklahoma, will provide
musical entertainment.

Despite their great efforts, the
couple was unable to find a diamond
during their recent visit to the Crater
of Diamonds.

They spoke about purchasing
a  ring already set with an Arkansas
diamond, but both agreed that they
enjoyed diamond hunting and find-
ing other beautiful rocks and miner-

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Favorite Finds

One Detectorist's
Find of a Lifetime

Hi my name is Joe es deep. I felt like this I think I would have
Wagner and I am a was a find of a had a better chance of
member of Northern lifetime. getting hit by lightning
Kentucky Treasure Fast forward to than I would of finding
Hunting Club located another of these coins.
in Northern Kentucky. November 2017...
While detecting at a One was found with
Back in the year local high school on a Spectra V3 and
2014 while metal their football practice the other my Garrett
detecting an old church field I dug another ATPro. I feel very
in Fort Thomas, Abe Lincoln/Hamilton lucky to have been able
Kentucky, I dug an to bring these two
1860 Abe Lincoln/ Hamlin 1860 pieces of history
Hamilton Hamlin presidential coin at
presidential coin. to light.
It was about 12 inch- 3 inches down. Thanks,
This school was built
in the late 1970’s. Joe Newsletter 2-20-18 21

Calendar of Events
This section is provided by Lost Treasure magazine as a
free service for non-profit treasure clubs and organizations.

FEBRUARY cent display room. There are over onto
24th – Galveston, Texas. The 40 dealers selling rocks, minerals, bysite/hbby_garrett2018_cg_hunt.
Houston ARC’s 36th Annual Open fossils, jewelry, beads & supplies, aspx or e-mail [email protected] 
Beach Hunt & Texas AMDC Hunt at and much, much more. For more
East Beach. “All Tokens” hunt and information, contact Bud & Terry APRIL
free Kids Hunt, too. These are sepa- McMillin at (209) 524-3494, e-mail  20th – 22nd – Temple, Texas.
rate hunt registrations. See http:// [email protected] The Texas AMDC Texas Treasure and the TAMDC or log onto the website at www.tur- Show & Open silver hunt at the
Facebook page at https://www. Mayborn Convention Center, 3303 for North 3rd Street. Metal Detecting,
updates. For more information on 24th – 25th – Jefferson, Texas. Artifacts, Relics, & Coin Show.
the HARC Open Beach Hunt e-mail Diggin’ Texas 2018. Sign-ups are Free Friday night hunt (members
Byron Whitaker at byron_whitak- now open for the Charles Garrett only). Sunday morning open silver
[email protected] Memorial Hunt 2018 (rain or shine) and tokens hunt. Guest speakers:
at the Diamond Don’s RV Park, Captain Carl Fismer, World famous
MARCH 1602 Highway 49 East. This will treasure diver, and W.C. Jameson,
10th – Wabasso, Florida. be a fun weekend of detecting to treasure hunter and author. Come see
Treasure Coast Archaeological honor the company’s founder. Basic the latest in metal detecting equip-
Society’s 31st Annual Hunt. Only 5 Hunt Package: Participation in prize ment, how to seminars, and hun-
minutes from the 1715 Spanish fleet hunts: Best Finds Hunt, Lights Out dreds of metal detecting finds dis-
wreck treasure beaches. Competition Hunt, Free Range Hunt, and Kids plays from Texas treasure hunters.
hunt, silver and Reale hunts. Lots Hunt (for those 12 and under). One For registration and show details,
of prizes including metal detectors Charles Garrett Memorial/Diggin’ see and the
(AT Pro’s, Ace 350/400), scoops, Texas Hunt T-shirt (if hunt fee is TAMDC Facebook page at https://
headphones and a lot more. The cost paid before February 1). Free park
is $125 for the whole day (all hunts) admission and camping (RV camp- for updates.
including lunch. No individual pric- ing requires additional fee). Hunters
ing. If you send payment before are free to search throughout the 21st – Virginia Beach,
March 1st the cost is only $99. The park grounds for native coins and Virginia. The Tidewater Coin &
fun starts at 9 a.m. See website for relics that can be entered in the Best Relic Club’s 31st Annual Open
maps, forms and more information Finds contests. In addition, special Hunt, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m., at 5700
at or http://www.tcas. prize tokens will be seeded through- Atlantic Avenue. For more infor-
us/tcashunt.htm out the park grounds that offer the mation, log onto
finders a chance at winning metal com/ or the club’s Facebook event
10th – 11th – Turlock, detectors and other prizes. They page at
California. 52nd Annual Rock, also plan to excavate fresh areas of events/314264055748746/?ti=cl
Mineral & Jewelry Show, a family the historic town dump site, from
event, at the Stanislaus Fairgrounds, which diggers unearthed many old MAY
900 N. Broadway from 10 a.m. bottles and relics at the past hunt. 5th – 6th – Sapulpa, Oklahoma.
to 5 p.m. daily. Rocks, Minerals, Optional Silver Hunt and Relic Hunt The Three Forks Treasure Hunters
Fossils, Jewelry, Beads, Fluorescents also available. Plenty of Fun for Club’s 32nd National Open
and more! Learn to make beau- All Ages! Free Kids Hunt for ages Treasure Hunt at the Creek County
tiful jewelry out of natural rocks 12 and under.. All prizes will be Fairgrounds, 4 miles west of Sapulpa
and gemstones from demonstra- awarded! A random drawing will on HW 66. Eight different hunts
tors. Children’s Activities, includ- be conducted for unclaimed prizes. available. Reduced entry fee for
ing making your own bracelet and There will be a number of YouTube main hunt this year.  All entry fees
carving soapstone. Will also have detecting stars at the hunt for people go back into the hunt as coins and
a newly expanded HUGE fluores- to meet. For more information, log prizes. One metal detector will be

22 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 2-20-18

Calendar Cont'd
given for each 25 main entries plus Territory Treasure Hunt at the Creek entered into Silver Eagle Giveaway.
additional prizes. We gave away 9
metal detectors last year. Concession County Fairgrounds. For information Saturday 3 hunts; Sunday 2 hunts;
stand will be open. RV hookups
available. For entry form, check or a hunt flyer contact: I.T.T.H.C.  Junior Hunters’ Total entry fee - all 5
athe Three Forks Treasure Hunters
Club’s Facebook page or contact Inc., P. O. Box 580961, Tulsa, OK hunts - 15 & under $65, 10 & under
Larry Koch at (918) 348-6780 or
Gary Young at (918) 869-5778. 74158-0961 or e-mail hunt@itthc. $30. Saturday - MARG’s great din-

19th – 20th – Ocean City, New com. You can also log onto the club’s ner (roast beef, mashed potatoes,
Jersey. The East Coast Research and
Discovery Association’s 9th Annual website at vegetable, dessert) will be provided
Open Hunt, “On Cloud Nine,” at the
Music Pier. Registration is limited JUNE at a cost of $5/adult, $3/10 and under
to 180 attendees. For more informa-
tion, call Joe at (973) 839-8031 or 2nd – Shawsville, Virginia. The (payable at registration). Prize distri-
log onto
Roanoke Valley Coin & Relic Club’s butions and announcements Sunday
25th – 27th – Stanwood,
Washington. The Pilchuck Treasure 27th Annual Open Hunt at Camp at 2:15. For information, contact
Hunting Club’s 37th Annual Hunt
– Mayfest 2018 – at the Stanwood Alta Mons, 2842 Crockett Springs Corey Staloch (701) 320-7107 or
Fairgrounds, 6431 Pioneer Hwy.
This kid friendly three-day event will Road. This one-day event includes email [email protected]
open on Friday at 6 p.m. for camp-
ing, all raffles, and registrations, and two Coin Hunts and one optional
will close at 9. Raffles: Main, Metal
Detector, Treasure Wheel, 50/50 and Silver Hunt with many great priz- 9th – 10th – New Stanton,
Silver Dollar all weekend. Saturday
- Registrations open at 7:30 a.m. es, including high-quality detectors, Pennsylvania. The 6th Annual
with coffee, tea, donuts and pastries,
etc. Opening Ceremonies at 8:30 assorted gear and cash. A concession Silver Seekers Open Treasure Hunt
a.m. Day’s hunts: Scooby Snack
Hunt, RinTin-Tin –Cache Hunt, stand and camping will be available. at the Fox Den Acres Campground
Pluto’s Kids Hunt, Sr. “Old Yella”
Hunt, Beethoven -MDAW Hunt, and For registration information, contact with four hunts Saturday and three
Toto’s Night Hunt. There will also
be a Silent Auction (bring an item Marilyn Epperly at (540) 342-0153 hunts Sunday. Contact Don Hayes at
or two) and a Potluck Lunch (bring
a dish). Sunday - Big Breakfast or Ernie Arnett at (540) 420-2866 or [email protected] or phone
Fundraiser, Cooper the Hound Hunt
and Lady & the Tramp Charm Hunt. e-mail [email protected] You (740) 252-1322 or Ed Burke at poto-
Closing Ceremonies at 3 p.m. Check for can also visit them on Facebook. [email protected] or phone (570)
updated information or call (425)
308-2255 Lora, or (425) 446-9232 310-1530.
Tracy, or e-mail lorahetzel@yahoo.
com 2nd – 3rd – Springfield,

26th – 27th – Sapulpa, Missouri. Springfield’s Annual 12th – 17th – Nebo, North
Oklahoma. The 47th Annual Indian
Rock & Gem Fair at 2327 W. Farm Carolina. Common Dig “Dirt Party”

Road 190, hosted by Springfield’s hosted by the Gold Prospectors

Annual Gem Fair and the Ozark Association of America (GPAA)

Mountain Gem & Mineral Society. and the Lost Dutchman’s Mining

Rocks, gems, fossils, geodes, unique Association (LDMA) at the LDMA

jewelry, free rock & cut gem ID, Vein Mountain Camp, 3216 Vein

family fun, books and more, includ- Mountain Rd. Open to anyone that

ing a public rock auction Saturday wants to play in the dirt and find

at 5:30 p.m. For more informa- gold. Register by calling GPAA

tion, log onto headquarters at (800) 551-9707 no

or their Facebook pages – Ozark later than 06/07/18. All participants

Mountain Gem & Mineral Society or will be working for their gold split at

Springfield’s Annual Gem Fair. the end of the outing. All gold recov-

ered is split between participants.

2nd – 3rd – Grand Rapids, All participants will receive a vial

North Dakota. Minnkota Artifact with a picker or two in it as well as a

Recovery Group’s 19th Annual PayDirt bag that has their split of the

Treasure Hunt at Memorial Park gold recovered. People will be there

rain or shine. Cost of Hunts all 5 to help you find more gold, both

hunts (adult age 16+) $130. 100% hands on training and a “classroom”

of hunt fees are planted in the form setting. Some subjects include: basic

of coins and/or tokens. Friday Night prospecting, geology, panning, GPS,

Social and Bingo at 6:30 p.m. in and detecting. There will also be

the kitchen building by the hunt daily fun activities that help benefit

fields for those arriving early. All the camps. Only paid participants

entries postmarked before 4/1 are can be a part of outing activities, i.e. Newsletter 2-20-18 23

Calendar Cont'd
classes, seminars, hands-on train- businesses. Numerous sponsors, one that wants to come play in the
ing, etc. For more information, log hundreds of prizes. At the 2017 dirt and find gold. Participants must
onto event over 20 metal detectors were register by calling GPAA headquar-
events/173558333231940/ or call given away. 100% of entries go ters at (800) 551-9707 no later than
(800) 551-9707. back into the ground. Seven days of 08/21/18. All participants will be
Silver Hunts, Token Hunts, Beach working for their gold split at the
16th – 17th – Hastings, Nebraska. Hunts, and Kids Hunts. Come end of the outing. All gold recov-
The Nebraskaland Treasure Hunters’ and stay for the full seven-day ered is split between participants.
44th Annual Treasure Hunt at Dyer event. Deadline for entries is July All participants will receive a vial
Park south of Hastings. There will 1st. After the cutoff a $10 per day with a picker or two in it as well as a
be Gold and Silver buried as well late fee is added. For full flyer, PayDirt bag that has their split of the
as Gold and Silver raffles. For more visit Southern Indiana Treasure Fest gold recovered. People will be there
information, contact Roy Richters, on Facebook or contact Rick Trout, to help you find more gold, both
P.O Box 194, Utica, NE 68456, or (574) 848-9345 or e-mail treasurer- hands on training and a “classroom”
call (402) 534-2019. [email protected]  setting. Some subjects include: basic
prospecting, geology, panning, GPS,
JULY AUGUST and detecting. There will also be
6th – 8th – Black Hawk, 11th – Tunkhannock, daily fun activities that help benefit
Colorado. Rush To The Rockies Pennsylvania. The Black Diamond the camps. Only paid participants
2018 will be held at the Pickle Treasure Hunters Club’s 34th Annual can be a part of outing activities, i.e.
Gulch Campground in Black Hawk, Black Diamond Treasure Hunt at classes, seminars, hands-on train-
Colorado. For more information and the Lazy Brook Park on Rt. 6. For ing, etc. For more information, log
registration forms, visit Eurekathc. information send a self-addressed, onto
org, or send e-mail to Kimg.eure- stamped envelope to B.D.T.H.C., events/1975187296082001/
[email protected] P.O. Box 1523, Kingston, PA 18704,
or go to to download SEPTEMBER
14th – 21st – New Stanton, the flier or e-mail treasure1@com- 7th – 8th – Penticton, British
Pennsylvania. Treasure Week 2018 or phone Byard Derr (215) Columbia. The Okanagan Treasure
at the Fox Den Acres Campground. 536-0796, George Walko (570) 287- Hunters Club’s 10th Annual Hunt at
Eight fun filled days of treasure 3602, or Ron Denman (570) 288- Sudbury Beach. Friday is a Fun Hunt
hunting and crafts, free kid’s hunts 7787. in the dark and on Saturday they will
and novice hunts, as well as evening have three hunts. There will also be
activities like bingo, horse races, 18th – 19th – New Concord, a special hunt with many prizes -
and auctions. Just minutes from Ohio. The 39th Annual Buckeye silver, detectors, pin pointers - and a
motels and restaurants and only 2 Championship Treasure Hunt spon- fantastic Silent Auction. For further
miles from the PA Turnpike and I70. sored by Don & Bill Hayes. Two information, e-mail Jo-Anne Birch,
This fun filled week is sponsored all silver main hunts each day. On a Hunt Chairman, at okanagantrea-
by many manufacturers. Come and separate entry fee is the Big Silver [email protected] 
stay for the week or attend for a day Bonanza Hunt with nothing but sil-
or two. For more information, con- ver quarters and half dollars. Fun E-mail
tact Ed Davis at [email protected] hunts each day plus a night hunt upcoming
or phone (317) 908-8165 or Don on Saturday. Contact Don Hayes at events to
Hayes at [email protected] [email protected] or phone managing
or (740) 252-1322. 740) 252-1322. editor@lost
22nd – 28th – Vallonia, Indiana. 28th – September 2nd –
Southern Indiana 10th Annual Cleveland, Georgia. Common Dig
Treasure Fest at the Starve Hollow “Dirt Party Experience” Outing
State Recreation Area, camping at the LDMA Loud Mine Camp,
available, just south of Brownstown, 575 ABB Helton Road, hosted by
Indiana, off Hwy. 135. Non-Profit the Gold Prospectors Association of
Clubs and metal detecting related America (GPAA). It is open to any-

24 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 2-20-18

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