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Kelly's Directory of Gloucestershire - 1897

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Kelly's Directory of Gloucestershire - 1897

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LON"DO:N': ,l

182, 183 & 184, HIGH HOLBORNJ 'V.C. ~














Abbey Demesnes, sr ord, see Charlton Bourn's Green, see Oak- Bussage 51

Winchcomb 3,,0 Kings.. 58 ridge 258 Butter Row, see Rod-

Abenhall, see Abinghall 17 Bagendon 30 Bourton-on-the-Hill 45 borough 274

Abinghall \..... 17 Banfurlong, see Badge- Bourton-on-the-Water.... 46 Buttersend, see Hartpury 207

Ablington, see Bibury... 38 worth 29 & see Staver- Bontherop, see East- Butts (The), see Rod-

Abson 17 ton 2970 • • • • _0' • • • • • • Leach Martin 149 borough 274

Acton-Iron 218 Bangrove, see Beckford.. 33 Bowbridge, see Strand 306 Cadbury Heath, see Old-
Acton Ilgar, see Iron Barber~ Bridge, see Bowen's Hill, see Coleford 126 land,260; & see Warm-

Acton 218 Rudford......... 276 Box, see Minchinhampton 240 ley 343

Acton Turville :.. 17 Barnsley 31 Boxwell 47 Cainscross 51

Adlestrop 18 Barnwo'od 31 Bradley, see Wotton- Calcot, see CoIn Saint

Admington, see Lower Bariington-Great 32 undec-Edge 364 Dennis 130

Quinton 271 Barrington-Little 32 BrainesGreen,seeBlakeney 43 Calcut, see CoIn Saint

Adsett, see Westbury-on- Barrow, see Boddington 45 Bran Green, see Pauntley 265 Dennis 130

Severn 345 Barton, see Cirencester II5 BreadStreet,seeWhiteshill 351 Calfway, see Bisley 41

Alderley 18 Barton, see Guiting Tem- Breadstone, see Berkeley. 34 Callowell, see Whiteshill 352

Alderton...................... 18 pIe 203 Bream ~..... 47 Calmsden, see North

AldertonHill,seeAlderton 18 Barton End, see Horsley 216 Breams Eave, see Bream. 48 Cerney..................... 54

Aldsworth 19 Barton Hill, see St. Bredon Hill,seeKemerton 219 Cam 53

Alkerton, see Eastington 148 George 278 Brentry, see Henbnry 2II Cam-Lower & Upper,

Alkington, see Berkeley 34 Batsford 32 Bridge End, see Stone- see Cam .. 53

Almondsbury............... 19 Battledown Knoll, see . house 299 Cambray, see Cheltenham 63

AIston 20 CharIton Kings 57 Bridge Yate, see Abson Cambridge,see Slimbrdg. 290

AIstone-Lower,seeChel· Baunton 33 17; & see Wick 353 Camp, see Miserden 241

tenham 69 Bayshill, see Cheltenham 68 Bridgegate, see Abson 17 Camp Hill,see LittleDean 135

Alveston 20 Beach, see Bitton 42 Brimpsfield.................. 48 Campden, see Chipping

Alvington 21 Beachley........ 33 Brimscombe 48 Campden.................. 103

Amberley 21 Bear Land, see Gloucester 170 Broad Campden, see Campden - Broad, see

Amherley - North, see Beckford 33 Chipping Campden 104 Chipping Campden IO~

Amberley 21 Becks, see Marshfield 236 Broad Marston, see Peh- Campden Wood, seeChip-

Amney,seeDown Ampney 22 Bentham, seeBadgewarth 29 worth 255 ping Campden 104

Ampney-Down 22 Berkeley..................... 34 Broad Oak,see Westbury- Castle-The, see Tyther-

Ampney Crucis 22 Berrington, see Chipping on-Severn 346 ington.... 340

Ampney St. Mary......... 23 Campden 104 Broadwell 49 Castle Tump,see Dymock 146
Ampney St. Peter......... 23 Berry Hill, see Coleford.. 126 Brockeridge, .see Framp-

Andoversford,seeDowdes- Beverston............ ...... 38 ton Cotterell ...... ...... 161 Caudle Green,seeBnmps-

wen............ 139 Bevington, see Berkeley 36 Br 0 c k h a m pto n, see field 48

Apperley, see Deerhurst 137 Bibury........................ 38 Bishop's Cleeve ......... 39 Cecily Hill,seeCirencester II4
Arle, see Cheltenham 65 Bicknor-English, seeEng- Brockhampton,seeSeven- 53

Arlingham 23 lish Bicknor 152 hampton 284 Cerney-South 54

Arlington, see Bibnry... 38 Bidfield, see Bisley......... 41 Brockhampton Quarry, Cerney Wick, see South'

Ashbrook, see Ampney BilE-on, see Cinderfard lIO see Sevenhampton.~ 284 Cerney 54

St. Mary.................. 22 Bilsan, see East Dean 134 Brockridge, see Twyning 340 Chalford 55

Ashchurch ......... ......... 24 Bilson Woodside, see East Brockweir,seeHewelsfield 212 ChalfordHill,see(Jhalford 55

Ashleworth.................. 24 .De~n 134 Brockworth.................. 49 Char~eld :.... 56

Ashton-under-Hill......... 25 Blrdhp........................ 39 Bromesberrow Heath, see Charmgworth,seeEbrmg-

Aston, see Avening 27 BirdIip, see Cowley 132 Dymock 147 ton 1'=;0

Aston Blank 25 Birdwood, see Churcham 109 Bromsberrow............... S0 Charlton, see Henbury 2II

Aston-upon-Carrant, see Bishop's Cleeve 39 Bromsborough,seeBroms- Charlton, llee Tetbury 3I]

Ashchurch 24 Bishopston 40 berrow..................... 50 Charlton Abbots............ 57

Aston-sub-Edge............ 26 Bishton, see Tidenham 335 Brookend, see Berkeley... 35 Charlton Kings 57

Aston Mill, see Upper Bisley-with-Lypiatt 41 Brookend, seeWoolastone 362 Chase, see Tidenham 335

Slaughter 289 Bitton 42 Brookfield, see Church- Chavenage, see Horsley 216

Aston Somerville 26 Blackwell's Green End, down lIO Chaxhill, see Westbury-

Aust............ 26 see Hartpury 207 Brookthorpe 50 on-Severn 345

Avening 27 Blaisdon 43 Brookthrop, see Brook- Chedworth 59

Avondale, see St. George 279 B1aise Castle,seeHenbur~' 21I thorpe 50 Cheltenham.................. 59

Avon Edge Green, see Blakeney...... 43 Broom's Green, see Dy- Cherington 102

Oakridge 258 Blanchworth,see Berkeley 36 mock 147 Chesterton,seeCirencester lIS

Avon View,see St. George 278 Bledington 44 Broomhill, see Stapleton. 296 Childs Wickham 103

Avonmouth 27 Bledisloe, see Blakeney... 43 Brown's Hill,see Chalford 56 Chipping-The, sec Tet-

Awkley, see Oh'eston 261 Bloody Acre, see Tort- Buckholt Wood, see bury 317

Awre 28 worth 338 Brimpsfield............... 48 Chipping-The, see Wot-

Ayford, see l\Iarshfield 236 Bloody ~Ieadow, see 'few- Buckland..................... S0 ton-under-E1ge 365

Aylburton, see Lydney 231 kesbury 324 Buckover, see }<'alfield Chipping Campden 103
Aylesford, see Cinderford II2 Boddingtori.................. 45 156; & Thornbury 332 Chipping Sodbllr~' 105

Back-The, see Elmore 151 Bollow, see 'Westbury-on- Bull Ring,see Cirencesth II4 Christ Church 108

Badgeworth 29 Severn 345 Bulley 51 Church End, see Easting-

Badgington, see Bagendon 30 Bond's Mill, see Stoneho. 299 Bullo Pill, see Newnham. 252 ton 148

Badminton-Great ...... 30 Boseley,see \Vestbury-on- Burleigh,see Brimscombe 48 Church End, see Tiden-

Badminton-Little, see Severn 345 Burnt Ash, see Mincbin- ham 335

Hawkesbury :;:0;1 Houlsdon, see Newent 248 hampton 2~lCburch Elld,see Tw,ynillg 340


Church Westcote, see Crickley Hill, see Badge- IEastville - Upper, see Grafton, see Bp.ckford ..• 33

Westcot.e 349 worth 29 :Fishponds 157 Great Badminton 30

Churcham 109 Croft's End, see Saint :Ebberton, see Ebrington 149 Great Barrington 32

Churchdown I09 George 279 Ebley, see Cainscross 52 Great Lemhill Farm 226

Cinderford IIO Cromhall 132 Ebrington 149 Great Rissington 272
Cirencester II3 Cromhall Abbotts, s_e IEdge-The 150 Great Washbourne

Clapton 123 Cromhall 132 EdgeEnd,see Christchrch 108 Great Witcombe 351

Clapton, see Eerkeley 36 Cromhall Lygon, see IEdgeworth 150 Greenway, see Drmock 147

Clearwell .,. 123 Cromhall ~.........•••.. 132 Elberton.... 151 Greet, see Winchcomb... 355

Clearwell Mesne,see West Cross-The,seeGloucester 168 Elcomb, see Bisley......... 41 Gretton, see Winchcomb 355

Dean 136 Crown CollIery, see Elkstone 151 Grimsbury, see Bitton ..• 42

Cleeve, see Westbury-on- Warmley 343 Ellwood, see West Dean 136 Guiting-Lower,seeGuit-

Severn 345 Cubberley 133 Elmbridge, see Harnwood 32 iug Power 203

Cleeve Cloud, see Bishop's CudnelI, see Charlton Elmestree, see Tetbury 317 Guiting - Upper, see

Cleeve.......... 39 .-JKings 58 Elmore 151 ~~iting Temple 203

Cleeve Hill, see Bishop's Ulgley, see Newent 248 Elmstone 152 Gmtmg Power 202

Cleeve...................... 39 CUlkerton,seeRodmarton 275 Elton, see y,'estbury-on- Guiting Tt'mple 203

Clifford Chambers 124 Culverhay, see Wotton- Severn 345 Guyting Temple, see

Clifford's Mesne, see under-Edge 364 English Bicknor... 152 Guiting Temple......... 203

Gorsley 202 Daggs, see Thornbury 331 Epne~', see Framilode ." 160 Hagloe, s~e Blakeney...... 43

Cling-re, see Cam 53 Daglingworth 133 Etloe, see Blakeney 43 Hailes 203

Clopton, see Mickleton 239 Daneway, see Oakridge 258 Etloe Duchy,see Blakeney 44 Ballen, see Henbury 211

Coaley 124 Dean-East 134 Evenlode 153 Balmore, see Berkeley... 34

Coalpit Heath 125 Dean-Little & West 135 Evington, see Leigh 227 Ham, see Berkeley 34

Coates 125 Dean-Lower & Upper, . Eweborough, see Condi- Hambrook, see Frenchay 162

Coates, see Winchcomb 356 see Turkdean 339 cote 130 Hamfallow, see Berkeley 34

Coberley, see Cubberley 133 Dean Magna, see Michel- Ewell orEwen,seeKemble 219 Hampen,see Sevenhmptn 284

Cockbury.seeWinchcomb 356 dean 237 Eyeford 153 Hampnett ••••••. .. 203

Cockleford, see Elkstone 151 Dean Pool, see ClearweIl 124 Eyford, see Eyeford 153 Hampton-Maisey 23.J.

Codrington, see Wapley 343 Deerhurst 136 Fairford 153 Hampton Fields, see Min-

Cold Ashton 125 Deerhurst Walton, see Falfield 156 chinbampton 240

ColdAston,seeAstonBlank 25 Deerhurst 137 Far Oak Ridge, see Oak- Ranham 204

Cold Harbonr, see Oxen- Devit's Chapel, see Bream 47 ridge 258 Hanham Green, see Han-

hall 262 Didbrook 137 Farleighs End,seeElmore 151 ham 204

Coleford ~ .•..•............... 126 Didcot, see Beckford...... 33 Farmcot, see Pinnock ..• 266 Hardeper, see Hartpury 206

Colesborne 129 Didmarton 137 l<'armington 156 Hardepery, see Hanpury 206

CoIn Rogers... 129 Dimock, see Dymock 146 Fiddington,seeAshchurch 24 Hardwicke 205

CoIn Saint Aldwyn's 129 Dirham, see Dyrham....• 147 Filton 156 Hardwicke, see Elmstone 152

CoIn Saint Dellnis 129 Dixton, see Alderton....... 18 Fir :Farm, see Upper Harescombe 205

Colthrop, see Haresfield.. 206 Dockham, see East Dean 134 Slaughter 289 Haresfield 206

Colthrop, see Standish 293 Dodington 138 Fishponds 157 Harnhill .: 206

Common -- North, see Donnington, seeStow-on- "F.bberbert Oak," see Harry Hill, seeEast Dean 134

Bitton 42 tbe-Wold 301 Great Badminton 30 Hartpury 206

Common-The,see Wool- Dorsington 138 Five Acres, see Christ- Hasfield 207

astone 362 Doughton, see Tetbury 317 church I09 Hatherley-Down 207

Compton, see Henbury 2II Dowdeswell 138 Flaxley 160 Hatherley-Up 208

Compton.&see Newent 248 Dowdeswell-Upper, see Ford, se~ GuitingTer?ple 203 Hatherop : : 208
Compton~East, see AI-
Dowdeswell 139 Ford Hill, see Gmtmg Haw (The), see Tlrle) 336

mondsbury 19 Down, see Miserden 241 Temple 203 Hawkesbury 208

Compton Abdale 130 Down Ampney 22 Forest Green, see Nails- Hawling 209

Compton Green, see Down End, see Horsley 216 worth 244 Hayden, see Boddington,

Pauntley 265 Down Hatherley 207 Forthampton .....•..•..•••• 160 45 ; & see Staf'erton 297

Compton Greenfield 130 Downend 139 Fossbridge,see Chedwrth 60 Hayles, see Railes 203

Condicote I30 Downington,see Lechlade 226 Four Oaks, see Oxenhall 262 Hayward's Field, s~e

Conegore, see :Filton 157 Downton, see Leonard Four Shire Stone, see Stonehouse 2:19

Coney Hill,see Barnwood 31 Stanley 294 Moreton-in-"Marsh 242 Hazelton, see Rodmartan 275

Coneygar, see Bibury 38 Doynton 141 }<'oxcote, see Withington 361 Hazleton 210

Coneygore, see Bibury... 38 Driffield 141 Framilode 160 Heathfield, see Berkeley 37

Coneygore, see Newent 248 Drybrook, see East Dean 134 :Frampton,seeWinchcomb 356 Hempstead,see Hempsted 210

. Coneygre, see Filton 157 "Duchess Oak," see Gt. Frampton Cotterell 161 Hempsted 210

Conigree, see Newent 248 Badminton 30 Frampton ~lansell, see Hempton, see Almonds-

Cool Pool,see Badgeworth 29 Dudbridge,see Cainscross 52 Sapperton 282 bury......... 19

Coombe, see Wotton- Dumbleton 141 Frampton-on-Severll 161 Henbury 211

under-Edge 364 Dunfield, see Kempsford 220 France Lynch, see Chal- Henbury Cottages, I;ee

Coombe Hill, see Leigh.. 227 Duntisbourne - Middle, ford 55 Henbury 211

Coombe Manor, see Chip- see DuntisbourneRouse 142 Frenchay , 162 Henfield, see Westerleigh 349

ping Campden 104 Duntisbourne Abbotts 142 Fretherne-with-SauI.. 163 Hengaston, see Berkeley 36

Cooper's Hill, see Brock- Duntisbourne Leer. see Frocester 163 Hewe!sfield 212

'Worth 50 Duntisbourne Abbotts 142 FrocesterHill,seeFrocestr 163 Hidcote Bartram, see

Corndean,see Winchcomb 356 Duntisbourne Rouse I4 2 l"romebridge, see Framp- Mickleton 239

Corse 131 Dursley 142 ton-on-Severn 162 Hidcote Uoyce, see Eb-

Corse End, see Hartpury 207 J!ursley Cross, see Long- Futterill, see Parkend 264 rington.................. 150

Corse Hill, see Corse 131 hope 229 Fyfield, see East-Leach High Meadow Estate, see

Corse Lawn, see Corse 131 Dymock 146 Martin 149 West Dean 136

Cote Farm, see Aust...... 26 Dyrbam 147 Gaunt's Earthcott, see High Woolastone, see

Cow Hone)·bourne 131 DyrhamPark,seeD)"Tham 148 Almondsbury............ 19 Woalastone 363

Cowcombe, see Brins- Earthcott, see Ah·eston... 20 Glasshouse Hill,seeTayn- Highleadon, see Rudford 277

combe...................... 48 East ConJpton, see AI- ton 316 Highnam 213

Co"hill, see Oldbu~'- _ mondsbury............... 19 Gloucester 164 Hill 213

upon-Severn 259 East De:m 134 Glyde Hill, see Mickletoll 239 HiIlend Green, see Oxen-

Cowlesborne, see Coles- East-LeachMartin 149 Golden Cross, spe Rod- hall 262

borne 129 East-Leach Turville 149 borough 274 Hillersland, see Christ-

Cowley 132 Eastcombe, see Bisley '" 41 Golden Hill, see Horfield 215 church 108'

Cowley, seeCOaley 124 Eastfield, see Westbury- Golden Vall('y, see Chal- Hillesley 213

Cranham 132 on-Trym 348 ford 55; &seeStaverton 297 Hinchwick, see Condicote 13 t

Crew's Hole, see Saint Eastington 141 Gorsey Hill, see Coleford 126 Hinders Lane, see East

Ueorge 278 Eastington,seeNorthleach 255 Gorsley with Clifford's Dean 134-

Cribbs Causeway, see Easton-Upper & Lower, 'Mesne ::02 Hinton, see Berkeley...... 34

Almondsbury'............ 19 see Saint Ueorge 278 Gossington,s:e Slimbridg 290 1 Hinton, see Dyrham 147

Cribbs Causeway, see Eastville, see Stapleton 295 Gotherington,seeBishop's Hinton-on-the-Green lOlI4

H nbury 2II Clee'fe ~9 Holcombe, S:le Painswick 363



Holybrook,see Abson 17 ; Little Washbourne, see May's Hill, see Coalpit Norton 251

&; see Wick ,.•..•..•..•..• 353 Alston ..•..•••....•••..•... 20 Heath .......•.........•..• 125 Norton, see Weston-sub-

Harcott, see Kempsford 220 Little Witcomb. see Merlin Haven,seeWotton- Edge ....•.•••.••..•••••.•• 350

Horfield .....•.••••....•.•.. 214 Badgeworth. .••.•••... .•• 29 under-Edge .............• 365 Nortoo Green, see Norton 251

Hornsleason.see Stanway 295 Littleton-West •••.•...••• 228 Micheldean 237 Xotgrove 251

Horsley 215 Littleton-on·Severn 228 Mickleton 238 Noverton, see Prestbury. 268

Horton 216 Littleworth, seeAmberley 21 Middle Duntisbourne, see Nup End, see Eastington .48

Hounscroft. see Rod- Littleworth, see Glo'ster. 169 Duntisbourne Rouse ... 142 Nupp End, see Horsley 216

borough 274 Llanthony, see Glo'ster .. 172 Middle Mills, seeStone.•• 299 Nymphsfield 258

Hownhall, see Taynton..• 316 Lodge Park,seeFarmngtn 156 Milbury Heatb,!l8eThorn- Oakford, see Marshfield.. 236

Hucclecote 216 London-Little,see Long- bury 333 Oakhanger, see Berkeley. 36

Huntingford, seeWotton- hope 229 Milkwalk, see West Dean 136 Oakle Street, see Chur-

under-Edge 364 Long Marston 237 Mill End, see Eastington 148 cham 10<)

Huntley 217 Longborough .•...•..•..•... 228 Mills-Middle, see Stone. 299 Oakridge 258

Hyde, see B~imscombe 48 Longford : : .. 229 M~lton. End, see l"airford 1.jI- Oa~ridge Lynch,see Oak-
Hyde, see Pmnock.. 266 Longfords, see Mmch,n- Mmchmhampton 239 ridge 258

Iccomb, see Icomb 217 hampton 240 Minsterworth 241 Oak Well, see Poole

Ieomb 4 •• 217 Longhope 229 Miserdene 241 Keynes 261

Inchbrook, seeNailsworth 2H Longleavens,see Brnwood 31 Mitcheldean, see Michel- Oddington - Upper &

Innsworth, see Wotton- Longney 230 dean 237 Lower 259

St. Mary (without) 364 Longwells Green, see Mobley, see Berkeley...... 37 Old Sodbnry 261

Inst, see Olveston 260 Hanham 2°4; & see Monk Moodow Dock, see Old Town-The, see Wot-

Iron Acton '" 218 Oldland 260 Gloucester 164 ton-under-Edge 364

Iron Mills, see Minchin- Lorridgel"arm,seeStinch- Montpelier,seeCheltenhm 72 Oldbury, see Tewkesbury 326

hampton 240 combe 297 Moor End,see Slimbridge 290 Oldbury-on-the-Hill, see

Itchington, see Tyther- Lower Alstone, see Chel- Moreton, see Thornbury. 311 Didmarton I31

ington 340 tenham 69 Moreton-in-Marsh.....•..• 242 Oldbury-upon-8evern ..•• 259

Joyford, see Christchurch 108 Lower Cam, see Cam •... 53 Mork, see Saint Briavels. 277 Oldland Common, see

Joys Green, see Lydbrook 230 Lower Dean,seeTurkdean 339 Morse, see East Dean 135 Bitton 42

Kemble 219 Lower Easton, see St. Morton Valence 243 Oldings, see Stonehouse 299

Kemerton 219 George 278 Mudgedown, see Iron Oldland 260

Kempley 220 Lower Framilode, see Acton 218 Oldown, see Olveston 261:

Kempsford 220 Framilo:le 16J Murcott,see Childs Wick- Oldpent see Owlpen 261

Kent'sGreen, seeTaynton 316 Lower Guiting, see Guit- ham 103 Olveston 260

Kilcot, see Newent 248 ing Power 202 Murrell's End, sce Hart- Over, see Almondsbury.. 19

Killcott, see Hillesley 213 Lower Lemington .•....... 227 pury.......................• 207 Over, see Highnam ...... 213

Kineton, see uuiting Lower Ley, see West- Mythe-The, see Tewkes- Overley,seeDuntisbourne

Temple 203 bury-on-Severn 345 bury .••............•......• 325 Rouse 14~'

King Stanley 293 Lower Lutheridge, see Xag's Head, see Avening 27 Overs, see Siston 288

King'sCourt,seeRo~boro' 274 Horsley 216 Nailbridge, seeEast Dean 134 Overton, see Arlingham.. 23

King's Weston, see Hen- Lower Lydbrook,seeLyd- Xailsworth ...........•...... 244 Overton, see Maisemore 234-

bury 211 brook 230 Nailsworth Hill, see Min- Owlpen 261

King's Weston Hill, see Lower Marlwood, see chinhampton ...........• 240 Oxenhall 261

Henbury 211 Thornbury 333 ~ast End, see Easti~o-ton 148 Oxenton 262

Kingscote 221 LowerMoreton,seeThorn- Natton, see Ashchurch... 24 Oxlinch, see Randwick.•• 271

Kingsholm,seeGloucester 169 bury 331 Naunton, or Naunton-in- Ozleworth 262

Kingswood, near Bristol. 221 Lower Oddington 259 the Vale 246 Painswick 262

Kingswood, near Wotton- Lower Quinton 271 Naunton, seeWinchcomb 356 Painswick Beacon,lIt see

under-Edge 224 Lower Redbrook,seeNew- ~ether Swell 314 Upton St. Leonards 342

Kington, see Thornbury. 331 land 251 NetherWestcote,seeWest- Painswick Hill, see Pains-

Lancaut 224 Lower Shirehampton, see cote 349 wick.. 263

Lane Ends, see Coleford.. 126 Shirehampton.••....•.... 287 Xetherend,seeWoolastone 362 Pakenhill, see Caincross,

Langley. see Winchcomb 356 Lower Slaughter 289 ~e\V Town,seeEastington 148 52; & see Whiteshill 351

Lansdown, seeCheltenhm 67 LowerStoke,seeLarkstoke 225 ~ewTown,seeToddington 336 Palmer's Flat, see Cole-

Lansdown, see Stroud 305 Lower Stone, see Stone 299 Newent 247 ford , :126

Larkstoke 225 Lower Swell 3I4 Newerne, see Lydney ...• 231 Pamington,seeAshchurch 24

Lasborough 225 Lower Tockington, see Newington. see Newing- Paradise, see Painswick 263

Lassington 225 Almondsbury 19 ton Bagpath 250 Parkend 264

Latteridge,see IronActon 218 Lutheridge - Lower & Xewington Ba~path 250 Patchway, see Almonds-

Lavel'ton, see Buckland.. 51 Upper, see Horsley 216 Newland 250 bury........................ 19

L'l.wrence Weston, see Lydbrook 230 Newlands, see Berkeley.. 35 Pauntley 265

Henbury 211 Lydbrook-Lower & Up- Newmarket, see Nails~ Pebworth 265

Lea, see Almondbury.... 19 per, see Lydbrook -230 worth 244 Peddington, see Berkeley 37

Lea Bailey, see East Dean 135 Lydney 231 Newnham 251 Pennsylvania, see Cold

Lechlade 225 Lydney Greek,seeLydney 231 Newport, see Berkeley 34 Ashton 126

Leckhampton.......••...... 226 Lydney Park, seeLydney 231 Newton,seeRockhampton 274 Perrot's Brook,see Bagen-

Leigh 227 Lypiatt, see Bisley......... 41 Newtown, see Eastington X48 don 30

Leighterton, see Boxwell 47 Maisemore 234 Newtown, see Sharpness. 285 Picklenash, see Newent 249

Lembill Farm-Great 226 Maisey Hampton 234 NewTown,seeToddington 336 Pilning 265

Lemhill - Little, see Malswick, see Newent 248 ~ibley, see Blakeney...... 43 Pinfarthings,seeAmberley a
235 Xibley, see Coalpi~Heath 125 Pinnock
Lechlade 226 Mangotsfield 2t6

Lemington-Lower 227 MarleHilI,seeCheltenham 60 Nibley, see Westerleigh.. 349 Pitbrook, see Berkeley... 37

Leonard Stanley ......•.•. 293 :\'Iarlwooil,see Thornbury 333 Xibley-~orth 254 Pitchcombe 266

Ley-Upper & Lower, see Marshfield 235 Niblev KnJll, see North Pittyille, see Cheltenham 60

Westbury-on-Severn 345 Marston-Broad,see Peb- Nibley 254 Plain-The,see Thornbry 332

Lightpill, seeRodborough 274 worth 265 Xorth Amberley, see Am- Plump Hill,see EastDean 1:34

Linton, see Highnam 2I3 Marston-Long 237 berley 21 PoolHill.see Newent,247;

Little Badminton, see Marston Sicca, see Long North.Cerney ..•.......... 53 & see Pauntley 265

Hawkesbury 209 Marston 237 North Common,seeBitton 42 Poole Keynes 266

Little BDaerarninc~rton 32 Matson 237 North Nibley 254 Popes Hill,l;8e East Dean 134
135 Matson Hill, see Matson. 237 North Woodchester, see Postlip, see Winchcomb.. 356

LittleLemhill,seeLechlde 226 ~Iaugersbury, see Stow- Woodchester 361 Potter'l! Pound, see Wot-

Little London, see LonO'· on-the-Wold ....•....... 301 Xorthleach 254 ton-under-Edge ..•....•• 365
~. 229 ~Iaunton Park, see Chel-
hope Xorth way, see Ashchurch 24 Poulton 267

Little Rissington 273 tenham 60 l'iorthwick .............•.... 257 Prescott 267

l.;iBttaledgSewhuorrdthin.O~'ton, see May Hill, see Longhope XOl'thwood,seeWestbury- Prestbury 267
,. 268
29 229 ; & Newent 247 on-Severn ..........•..•. 346 Preston ..•.... '"

Little Sodbury 29I :\Iay Hill, see Taynton 3I6 Xorthwoods, see Fl'amp- Prest'}D, see Ledbury ..•• 268
Little Vras3bourne 3.H I ton Cott~rell 269
161 Preston-on-SWtir l
~OM. GLOU. & BRIS. b




Priding, see Framilode 160 Sheepscombe 285 Stockwell, see Cowley IJ.2 Uckington, see Elmstone 152 I

Prinknash Park 269 Shepherdine,seeOldbury- Stoke-Lower & Upper, Uley 340

Pucklechurch 269 upon-Severn 259 see Larkstoke 225 Uley Bury Hill, see Uley 341

Purton, see Berkeley...... 34 Shepherd's Patch, see Stoke Bishop 297 UlIington, see Pebworth 265

Putloe,seeMortonValence 243 Slimbridge 290 Stoke Gifford 298 Up Hatherley 208

Putloe, see Standish 293 Sherborne 286 Stoke Orci;lard .. ,- 298 Uplands, see Stroud 304-
..• 53 Sherborne~Upper, see
Quarry, see Cam Stone ., 298 Upleadon 341
~.. 286 Stone-Lower, see Stone 299 Upper 13ilson, see Cinder-
Quedgeley 270 Sherborne ,

Quenington... 270 Shipton : 286 Stonehill, see Hanham 204 ford IIO

Querns, see Cirencester.. II4 Shipton Moyne ·•. 286 Stonehouse 299 Upper Cam, gee Cam... 53

Quinton-Lower& Upper 271 Shipton OlifIe,seeShipton 286 Stow, see Clearwell 124 Upper Dean,seeTurkdean 339

Ranbury Ring, se" Amp- . Shipton Sollars,seeShiptn 286 Stow-on-the-Wold 301 Upper Dowdeswell, see

-ney St. P~ter.... 23 Shirehampton 287 Stowell 303 Dowdeswell.. 139

Randwick 271 Shirehampton - Lower, Stowick, see Henbury 2I1 Upper Easton, see St.

Randwick Ash, see Rand- ,ee Shirehampton 287 Stratton 304 George 278
~wick ,
'271 Sl:lorncote, see Somerford Stroat, see Tidenham 335 Upper Eastville, see Fi&h-

Rangeworthy 272 Keynes 292 Stroud , 304 ponds 157.
Rapsgate, see Colesborne 129 Short Standing, see Stroud End, see Stroud 304 Upper End, see Longhope ~29 .

Redbrook-Upper &Lwr. Christchurch 109 Sudeley 313 Upper Framilode, see
rSee Newla~d
251 Shortwood, see Nails- Sudgrove, Ilee Miserden 241 Framilode 160

Reddings - The, see worth 244 Summer Hill, see Saint UpperGuitipg,seeGuiting

Badgeworth 29 Shortwood, see Puckle- George 279 Temple 203

Redhill, see .Saint George 278 church 269 Sunday's Hill,see Falfield UpperLey,see Westbury-

Redwick, see Pilning . '" 265 Shurdington 288 & Moorton 156 on-Severn 345

Rendcombe 272 Shurdington-Little, see Swanley, see Berkeley... 36 Upper Lutheridge, see

Ridge, see North Nibley 254 Badgeworth 29 Swell-Upper & Lower 314 Horsley 216

Rissington-Great 272 Shuthonger, see Twyning 340 Swindon 315 Upper Lydbrook, see

Rissington-Little 273 Sibland, see Thornbury.. 333 Swinford, see Bitton...... 42 Lydbrook 230

Rissington ----: Wyck, see Siddington 288 Syde 315 Upper Oddington 259

Wyck Rissington 273 Side, see Syde 315 Symondshall,see Wotton- Upper Qumtoll,seeLower

RobinIJ Wood. Hill, see Sinwell, see Wotton- under-Edge 364 Quinton 271

Gloucester 165 under-Edge 364 Syreford, seeWhittington 353 Upper Redbrook, see

Rockhampton 273 Siston 288 Taddington, see Stanway 295 Newland 251

Rodborough 274 Slad (The) 289 Tarlton, see Coates, 125 ; Upper Sherborne, see

Rodborough Hill,seeRod- Slaughter-Low.& Upper 289 & see Rodmarton 275 Sherborne 286

borough 274 Slaughter Hill :Farm, see Taynton 316 Upper Slaughter 289

Rodley, see Westbury-on- Upper Slaughter 289 Tetbury 316 Upper Soundwell, see

•Severn , 346 Slimbridge 290 Tewkesbury 321 Downend 140

Rodmarton 275 Sneedham Green, see Thames Head, see Coates 125 UpperStoke,seeLarkstoke 225

Roel 276 Upton St. Leonards 342 The Edge ISO Upper Swell 314

Rooksmoor, see Rodboro' 275 Snig's End, see Corse 131 Theescomblt, see Am- Upper Wick, see Berkeley 36

Rowell, see Roel 276 Snowshill 290 berley 21 Upton, see Bitton 42

Ruardean 276 Sodbury-Little 291 Thornbury 330 Upton, see Hawkesbury. 209

Ruardean Hill, see East Sodbury-Old 291 Thorpe's Tower, see Upton, see Tetbury 317

Dean 134 Somerford Keynes 292 Berkeley 34 l7pton Cheyney,l'ee Bitton 42

Ruardeall Woodside, see Soudley, see CinderCord lIO Three Mile Stone, see Upton St. Leonards ...... 341

East Dean 134 Soundwell - Upper, see Sheepscombe 285 Vicks Mill, see Barnwood 31

Rudford 276 Downend 140 Througham, see Bisley... 41 Viney Hill 342

• Rudgway, see Alveston, South Cemey...... 54 Thrupp 334 Viney Hill, see Blakeney 43

20; & see Olveston '260 Southam, see Bishop's Tibberton 334 Walden Court,s(e~ewent 247

Ruscombe, see Whiteshill 35 1 - Gleeve 39 TickmoreEnd,seeHorsley 216 Wall's Quarry, see Brims-

Rushey Cockbury Farm, Southmead,seeWestbury- Tidenhaon 334 combe 48

see Prescott 267 on-Trym 348 Tidenham Chase, see Wallbridge, see Stroud .. 309

Ruspidge, see Cillderford lIO Southrop 292 Tidenham 335 Walton Cardiff 343

Russell Town, see Saint Southwick, see Tewkes- Tilsdown, see Cam 53 'Wanswell, see Berkeley.. 35

George 278 bury 325 Tiltups End, see Horsley 216 Wapley 343

Ryefol'd, see Stonehouse 299 Spa, see Gloucester 179 Tirley 336 Warmley 343

Ryeworth, see Charlton Spoonbed Hill, see Pains- Tivoli, see Cheltenham... 67 Warmley Hill, see Kings-

Kings 59 wick 263 Toadsmoor, see Bussage 51 wood, near Bristol.. 221

Ryton, see Dymock 147 Spring Hill, see Nails- Tockington, see Olvestou 260 Washbourne - Great &

Saddlewood,seeHawksbry 209 worth 245 Tockington-Lower, see Little 344

Saint Briavels 277 Springfield,see WottonSt. Almondsbury............ 19 Washbourne-Little, see

St. Chl6e, see Amberley.. 21 Mary (without) 364 Toddington 336 Alston 20

Saint George 278 Stancombe, see Bisley... 41 Todenham 336 Water Lane,see Oakridge 258

St. John's Bridge, see Standing - Short, see Toll Down, see Dyrham 148 Watermoor, see Ciren-

Lechlade 225 Christchurch log Tormarton 337 cester 113

St.Mark's,seeCheltenham 71 Standish 293 Tortworth 337 Watledge, see N"ailsworth 245

Saintbury 281 Standish Moreton, see Towbury Hill, see Twyn- Watley's End, see Winter-

Salperton 282 Standish , 293 ing 340 bourne 359

Sand Pits, see Cam. 53 Stanley-Pontlarge 294 Town, see Larkstoke 225 Welford 344

Sandford's Knoll, see Stanley Downton, see Town-New, see Tod- West Dean 135

Leonard Stanley 294 Leonard Stanley 293 dington 336 West End, see E';istington 148

Sandhurst 282 Stanley King 293 Townsend, see Durslev 145 West Littleton 228

Sapperton 282 Stanley Leonard, see Trafalgar, see Guiting West Tump, see Brimps-

Saul 283 Leonard Stanley 293 Temple 203 field 48

Scowles, see Bream 47 Stanley St. Leonards, see Tredington 338 Westbury-on-Severn 345

~cowles, see Coleford 128 Leonard Stanley 293 Tredworth,see Gloucester 169 Westbury-on-Trym 347

Jcow1s-The,seeClearwll 123 Stanton 294 Treshaw, see Hawkes- Westcote 349

.3crubditch, see North Stanway 295 bury 209 Westerleigh ~49

Cerney 54 Stanway, see Westbury- Tuffleigh, see Tuffle)' 339 Westfield, see Hawling 210

Sea Mills,seeStoke Bishop 297 on-Severn 346 Tuffley 339 Westhill, see Uley 341

Sedbury, see Tidenham .. 335 StanwayHill,see Stanway 295 Tump-West,seeBrimps- Westington, see Chipping

Selsley 2 83 Staplehill, see Downend 140 field 48 Campden............. 104

Seven Springs, see Cub- Stapleton 295 Tunley, see Oakridge 258 Weston-on-Avon 350
133 Stannton..................... 296 Turkdean I............ 339 Weston Birt.........
berley 350

Seven Waters, see Leo- Staverton 297 Tutshill, lilee Tidenham 335 Weston-sub-Edge 350

nard Stanley 294 Steep-The, see Wotton- Twigworth 339 WCf.ton Town, see Marsh- 236

Sevenhampton 284 . under-Edge 365 Two Mile Hill, see St. field

Sezincot , 284 Stinchcombe 297 George 278 \Vestrip, seeCainscross 52

Shagborougir, see Bibury 38 Stinchcombe Hill, see Twyning 339 Westrip, see CherringtO:l 103

Sharpne~s ..: 234 Stinchcombe 297 Tytheringto:l 340 Wh'lddon 35 1

, XI•X



Wheatenhurst, see Whit- Wickwick, see 1"rampton Withington ..•..........••..• 360 Woolastone .••.••............ 362

minster 352 Cotterell 161 Woeful Dane Bottom, see Wormington 363

Whelford, see Kempsford 220 Wicombe, see Whitting- Minchinhampton ...... 240 Wormington Grange, see

Whitcomhe, see Great ton 353 Wood Green, see Bulley.. 51 Stanton 294

Whitcombe 351 Wiggold, see Cirencester 115 Wood Stanway, see Stan- Worthies-The,seeBerke-

White Cliff Park, see Willersley .. , 354 way......... 295 ley '" 36

Berkeley 35 Willsbridge, see Bitton... 42 Woodchester 361 Wortley, see Wotton-

Whitecliff, see Coleford.. 128 Winchcomh 355 Woodcroft, $ee Tidenham 335 under-Edge 364

Whitecroft, see Parkend. 264 Windrush 358 Woodend Green, see Wotton, see Gloucester :168

Whitehall, see St. George 278 Windsor Edge, see Nails- Oxenhall 262 Wotton-under-Edge 364

Whitehall, see Strond 306 worth 244 Woodford, see Berkeley... 34 Wotoon St. Mary (With-

Whiteshill 351 Winson 359 Woodmancote,seeBishop's out) 363

Whitfield, see Falfield & Winstone 359 Cleeve 39 Wyck Rissington 273

Moorton 156 Winterbourne 359 Woodmancote,seeDursley 143 Wyvern's Pond, see Wol-

Whitminster 352 Winterbourne Down, see Woodmancote, see North lastone _ 362

Whittington 352 Winterbourne 360 Cerney.;................... 54 Yanworth, see Hazleton. 210

Wibdon, see Tidenham 335 Wishanger, see Miserden 241 Woods Mill,see Barnwood 31 Yartledon Hill, see Long-

Wick 353 Witcomb - Little, see Woodside, see Cinderford lIO hope 229; & Newent 247

Wick, see Berkeley 35 Badgeworth 29 Woodside,see Woolastone 362 Yate 367

Wick-Upper,see Berkely 36 Withey Bridge, see Bod- Woolastone - High, see Yorkley, see Viney Hill.. 342

Wickwar 353 dington 45 Woolastone 363 Yorkley Wood,see Bream 47



With Reference to the Places under which they will be found in this Volume.


Abbotswood, Alfred Sartoris esq. J.P. see Lower Swell .. 314 Bowden hall, John Dearman Birchall esq. l.P. see Upton

Ablington manor, Mrs. Gibbs, see Bibury •••... ... ... •.•... 38 St. Leonards 342

Adlestrop house, Col. Stanley Arnold J.P. see Adlestrop 18 Bownham house. Richard Owen P. Paddison esq. see

Adsett court, Frank Nasmyth Garnett esq. see Adsett Rodborongh ... •••... .•...•.•..•........••....•....•...•..•......• 274

(Westbury-on-Hevern) ..•... .••...... 346 Box house, Hon. Henry Arnold Lawrence, see Min-

Alderley house, Major-Gen. Robert HaleJ.p. see Alderley 18 c hinhampton ..•..•... ... ..• .... . ... .... ••. . .• .•.. ... . .. .•. .•. .•• ... 240

I..........Alkerton grange, The Misses Hayward, see Alkerton Boxwell court, Dowager Lady Guise, see Boxwell with

(Eastington) 149 Leighterton ..............• ....••............... 47

AIscot park, James Roberts-West esq. D. L. see Preston- Boyee court, George Onslow Deane esq. J.P. see Dymock 147

on-Stour •..•... 269 Bradley grove. Miss Miller, see MicheldeanI •••••••••••••• I' ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• I' 238

Amberley court, Lt.-Col. Wm. Davies M.A., V.D., J.p. Broadwell hill, Capt. Piers Thursby J.P. see Broadwell.. 49

see Nailsworth _. 244 Broadwell Manor house, Edward Egerton Leigh esq.

Ampne~' park, Edmund William Cripps esq. J.P. see I.P. see Broadwell •••....••.•......•.•.......•......••.•....... 49

Ampney Crucis..•..• .-........... ...• .••••••••••.. ... ... ... ... ... 22 Brockhampton park, Major Edward Henry Greene de

Angeston grange, John Hamlyn Borrer esq. J.P. see Uley 341 :Freville D.L., J.P. (Cambs.), see Sevenhampton........ 28+

Apperley court, AIgernon Augustine de Lille Strickland Bromsberrow place, Frank Ricardo esq. J.P. see Broms-

esq. B.A., J.P. see Apperley (Deerhurst) 137 berrow 50

Ashchurch house, Nathaniel Percy Milne esq. D.L., J.P. Brownsend, Major Elias John Webb, J.P. see Broms-

see Ashchurch .....•.I '" '" ," " I..",I " I..... 24 berro,,· ........................................................••... 50

Ashcroft, Rev. Alan Kingscote Cornwall M.A. see Ozle- Burleigh court, Philip James Evans esq. J.P. see Bur-

worth '" .......•. 262 leigh, Brimscombe . " I ...... I' " '" " ••••••• '" I.. •••••••••• ••••• 48

Ashley manor, Horace Fisher esq. s~e Charlton Kings .. 57 Cerney house, Arthur Leatham esq. J. P. see North Cerney 54
Ashwicke hall, Charles Hmry .Bramley Firth esq. see Charlton park, Richard Vassar Vassar-Smith esq. J.P.

l\'larshfield.••.•• I •••••• " I •••••••• I ••••• ," ••• I ••••••••••• I ••• I •••• see Charlton Kings " '" '" ..•............. ,' " 57

AstOll Somerville hall, Peregrine Prince esq. see Aston Chavenage house, George Lowsley-Williams esq. see

Somerville.•.•.......•......." " .I •••••••• '" •• I ••••• 26 Chavenage, IIorsley............................................. 2 I 6

Avening court, R. Erskine Pollock esq. Q.C., LL.B., J.P. Cbaxhill house, Joseph Richard Bennett esq. J.P. see

see Avening ..•... •.. ..........•. ..•..• .•. •••.•... 27 Westbury-on-Severn .... " ," ......................•••••••••••• 345

Badgeworth court, Major John Handcock Selwyn-Payne Cherington park, The Misses George. see Cherington 103

J.P. Badgeworth ...•.•.••......•....••..•••••......••.........••• 29 Chestal, William Phelps esq. J.P. see Dursley 144

Badminton house, Marquess of Worcester D.L., J.P. see Cirencester abbey, John Croke esq. see Cirencester IIS

Great lladmintJon ...• ••••••• ••.•• •••.•• •••. .•• 30 Cirencester house,Earl Bathurst D.L.,J.p.see Cirencester IIS

Bagendon house, Mrs. Croome, see Bagendon 30 Clanna, Col. WaIter Bentley Marling J.P. see Alvington 21

Banks Fee, Hon. Mrs. Godman. see Longborough 228 Clay Hill house, WalterFox 'l'osswillesq.J.p.see Lechlade 225

Barnsley park, Wenman Aubrey Wykeham-Musgrave Cleve hill, Lady Cave, see Downend 139

esq. D. L., I.P. see Barnsley. .•........•••.•................... 31 Clifford's Mesne, Lord Somers, see Gorsley 203

Barnwood ~ianor house, Richard John Talbot esq. see Coates Manor house,Fras.FredericDaniell esq.seeCoates 125

Barnwood ....•........................•.•..••..•..• .••............ 3 I Colesborne park, Henry John Elwes esq. D.L., J.P., see

Barrington grove, AIgernon Seymour Bernard Oakley Colesborne ..• •......••..... ..•... .•. ..• 129

esq. see Little Barrington .. 32 Conifers (The), Capt. Hamlyn Hundingdon Harris, see

Barrmgton park, Edward Rhys Wingfield esq. D.L., J. P. Wintcrbonrne .....••••...........•..........••.................. 359

see Ureat Harrington . 32 Conigree (The), Edward Conder esq. F.S.A. see Newent 247

Barton End house, Major Lawrence William Edward Coombe manor, Earl of Gainsborough D.L., J.P. see

\\rilliams I.P .AslegeeHrnoornslBe,•er . 2 15 Chipping Campden •••.••.... . ..••... . ... . .... •.. .... . .. .•. ... . .• 10--1-
Batsford pa
rk, r tra m Freeman-~itfurdesq. Coombs (The), Isaiah Trotter esq. J. P. see Coleford 127

C.B., D.L., J.P. & Lady Clementine, see Batsford ...... 32 Copse hill, Mrs. Brassey, see Upper Slaughter 290

Battledowll knoll, Sidney Procter Ryland esq. see Corndean hall, Thomas Ward Swinburne esq. J.P. see

Cbarlton Kings...............................•.........•.•....... 58 Corndean, Winchcomb 355

Beach house, Mrs. E,-ans, see Bitton .. 42 Court house ('The), Uriah James Davis esq.seePainswick :.<63

Beachley lodge, lUchard Palmer Jenkins esq. J.P. see Cowley manor, James Horlick esq. see Cowley 13.l

Beacllle)9 . 33 Dixton house, Frank Rodbart Malleson esq. see Dixton,

Bel'kford hall, Capt. Henry Ashton Case-Walker J.P. Alderton 1S

J.:eckford .•......•..•.............................•......•......... 33 Dodmgton house,Sir Gerald William Hclnry Codrington,

Begbrook, Hugh Thomas Coles esq. M.A., J.Y. Sle bart. D.L., J.P. see Dodington ..

,li'rencllay .••.•......••.•...•....•.......•.•..•.••.••.• ,.•.......... Down Ampney house, Henry l\'Iartin Gibbs esq. J.P. see

l~erkeleycastle, Lord Fitzhardinge J. P. see Berkeley ...... Down Ampney '" . 22

Hibury court, Rowland Burrard Cooper esq. see Bibury Dumblcton hall. Mrs. E)'res, see Dumbleton qI

Higsweir house, George Douglas Willoughby Hooke esq. Dunkirk manor, Rev. AugustusTurner B.A. see~ ailsworth 244

see Saillt Briavels ....•...•.••.........•••.••...•..••..•.......•• 277 DUlltisbourne house, Miss Baillie, see Duntisbol1rne

Birchamp house, The Misses Blandy, see Newland ...... 251 Abbots ..............•.............................•..•............ I..j2

l3ishop's Cleeve grange, Frederiek Thomas Gritliths Dyrham park, George William Bhtthwayt esq. D.L., J.P.

esq. see Bishop's Cleeve 39 see V)-rham 1-1-8

Bishupwood house, Harry McCalmont e'lq. see Ruardean 276 Eastbach court, Patrick Mackenzie esq. see English

Hittoll grauiSe, Wllliam Sommerville, jun. esq. J.P. SM Hicknor 153

4hittOll •••.•••••.••.•••••••••••••.••..•.••..•••••.•.•••••.••••••.•••• 2 Eastington house, Henry de la Poer Beresford Heywood

llittUll hill, William Sommerrille esq. J.P. see Bitton .. 4 2 esq. see Eastingtoll 14 8

.hla,illuon hall. Peter Stubs esq. J.P. see Blaisdon .. 43 Eastlllgton lodge, Chas. Hy. Hooper esq. see Eastington q3

.Blaise castle, Mrs. Harford, see Henbury .. 2II Eastwood park, Sir George Hanks Jenkinson bart. J. P .

.Boddington manor, John Skipworth Gibbons esq. J.P. see }"alfield .••.•......•..•....................................... 156

see Hodclillgton ....•...... , .••.••••••.••••, ..•.. , .••............. 45 Edgeworth m:mor, Arthur John James escl. J.P. sell

Iourton house. Algernon St. George William Rushout Edge"porth •.•...............•.......................•.....•...... I~O
J csq. J. P see Bour~on-Jn-th>Hill .. 45



Elm green, Richard Denison Cumberland-Jones esq. see Kings hill, Mrs. Eyre, see Dursley 143
Ewell (Kemble) •••.•..•••••.••..••••••••••••••••.•••.•.••.••..• 2J9 Knole park, Thomas William Chester-Master esq. D. L.,
Elmestree house,Lt. -Col. Francis Henry J.p.see Tetbury 317 I.P. see Almondsbnry ... .......•..•••••.••..•..•..•.....•.••.•• 19

Elmore court, Lieut.-Col. Sir Wm.Francis George Guise Kyneton, William Osborne Madaine esq. M.A., D. L., J.P.

hart. D.L., J.P. see Elmore .........•••.•............•.....• ISI see Thombnry ..• 332

Estcourthouse, George Thomas John Sotheron-Estcourt Lake house. Mrs. Nevile Wyatt, see Cheltenham......... 64

esq. M.A., D.L., l.P. see Shipton Moyne 287 Lammas(The),Chas.Rt.Baynes esq.seeMinchinhampton 240

Eyeford park,JoshuaMilneCheethamesq.J.p.see Eyeford 153 Lechlade Manor house, Henry Wallis Prior-Wandes-

Fairford park, Col. George Charles Porter, see Fairford 154 forde J. P. see Lechlade......................................... :226

Farm Hill house, Mrs. Holloway, see Stroud 305 Leckhampton court, John Hargreaves esq. see Leck-

Farm Hill park, Charles AlIen esq. see Stroud 305 hanlpton •••••• .•• .•••.••.•.••.•.•• ••••• ••••.•..• •••••••••••• •••••• 227

Farmington lodge, Edmund WaIler esq. M.A., D.L., I.P. LeonardStanley house,Wm. Bubb esq.seeLeonardStanley 294

see Farmington 156 Lindors, Frederick Martin esq. see Saint Briavels 277

Ferney hill, Thomas Trewren Vizard esq. see Dursley... 144 Longcroft, Henry Chevin esq. see Taynton 316

:Field place, Charles Holbrow Stanton esq. M.A., J.P. Longfords, Arthur Twisden Playne esq.J.P. see Minchin-

lee Pakenhill (Whiteshill) 352 hampton •.. •... ..• ..•. .•.. ..•.•..... ..••...... ..• ••• .•• 240

:Flaxley abbey, Sir Thomas Hyde Crawley-Boevey bart. Lower Slaughter Manor house, Charles Algernon Whit-

J.P. see Flaxley .•......•..•...........•.....•..•.....•.....•... 160 more esq. M.P., M.A., J.P. see Lower Slaughter 289

Fort St. George, Marmaduke Bell esq. see Rodborough 274 Lydney park, Chas. Bathurst esq. B.A, ·J.P. see Lydney 231

Forthampton court, John Reginald Yorke esq. M.A., Lye Grove house, Charles Theodore Jacoby esq. see ..

D.L., J.P. see Forthampton 160 Old Sodbury.•. .•..•• ..•.•• .••... ..• ..• .•••....• 291

Foscombe, Capt. Hedley H. Calvert, see Ashleworth... 25 Lypiatt park, Sir John Edward Dorington bart. M.A.,

:Frampton court, J<'. Hilton Green esq. see Frampton- M.P., D. L., J.P. see Bisley-with-Lypiatt....... 41

on-Severn ...•... .•. 161 Maisemore park, Sir Thomas Robinson l.P. see Maise-

l"rampton grange, Mrs. Clifford & Henry :Francis more ................................•..•.••... ..•... 234

Clifford esq. J.P. see Frampton-on-Severn 162 Malmains, Capt. William BelfieldJ.p. see Frenchay...... 162

l"renchay house, William Geo. Tanner esq. seeFrenchay 162 l\'Iatson house,The Hon. Maria Elizabeth Rice,seeMatson 237

Fretherne court, Sir Lionel Edward Darell bart. D.L., Maugersbury manor, Henry Ingles-Chamberlayne esq.

J.P. see l"retherne-with-Saul 163 J.P. see M:augersbury, Stow-in-the-Wold 301

}'rocester:\Janor house, Mrs. Graham-Clarke,seeFrocester 163 Meredith, Sir William Wedderburn bart. M.P., J.P. see

}'ullwood park, Mrs. Bosanquet, see Cheltenham......... 64 Tibberton.....•....•.•........." ,••.••. 334

Gatcombe park,Wm. AlbertEast esq. seeMinchinhampton 240 Mickleton Manor house, Mrs. C. A. R. Hoare, see

Gloucester palace, Right Rev.Charles John EIlicott D.D. Mickleton •.....•.•............. 239

Bishop of Gloucester, see Gloucester 168 Millbrook, Richard Gay :Francis esq. see Broadwell...... 49

Grange (The), James Stevenson esq. see l"rampton Miserden park, Edward Aldam Leatham esq. M.A., D.L.,

Cotterell .................................•....••.....•........•... 161 J. P. see Miserden......................................... •••. ..... 24I

Grange (The), Richard Venison Jones esq. see Leonard Moor court, Lady Charles Pelham-Clinton, see Amberley 2 r
-•••. 204 Mount house, Major-Gen. John Macvicar Burn R.A.
Greenway (The), Col. Albert Henry Godfrey J.P. see see Alderley.••........•.................•........'.................. 18

Shnrdington .•.... .•..••... .••.•. .•.•.... ..•..•... 288 Newark park,Alfd.Ernst.Dickinson esq. J. P. seeOzleworth 262

Grove (The), Lieut.-Col. Wm. Capel J.P. see The Slad 289 Newent court, Andrew Knowles esq. J.P. see Newent... 248

Grove (The), Capt.Stanhope GroveJ.p.,R.N.seeTaynton 316 Newland house, Chas. Thos. Palmer esq. see Newland 251,r John Wadd ingham esq. M.A., J.P. see Newport Towers, Thomas Gadd Matthews esq. J.P. see
................ ...........•... ....... ........ . ...
. 202 Berkeley ..•.....• .•..•... ••••••••••...•.•.•...• .•• 35

Haie (The), Russell James Kerr esq. J.P. see Newnham 252 Norman hill, Mrs. Winterbotham, see Cam 53

Hamswell house, Mrs. Gardiner, see Cold Ashton 126 Northway house, Mrs. Steward, see Northway, Ash-

Hanham court, R. J. de Carteret esq. see Hanham 204 church ..•........•........•.....• 24

Hanham hall, Mrs. Burrough, see Hanham .. , 204 Norton court, Col. George Arbuthnot R.A., D.L., J.P.

Hardwicke court, GranviIle Edwin Lloyd Baker esq. see Norton........ . ... ... .....•... 257

J.P. see Hardwicke 205 Norton hall, Samuel Bruce esq. J.P. see Norton (Weston

Harescombe grange, Crompton Hutton esq. B.A., J.P. Sub Edge) .•• .•• ••.. ...........• 350

see Harescombe ............•..•........•................••...... 205 Norton house, Right Hon. Earl of Harrowby P.c., D.L.,

Haresfield court, Robert Ingham Tidswell esq. lII.A.,J.P. J.P. see Norton (Weston Sub Edge) 350

see Haresfield ••.........• ......•......•....... •. 206 Oak house, Capt. John Henry Dighton J.P. see Newland 251

Hartpury house, William James Gordon-Canning esq. Oddington house, Hor. In. TalbotRice J.p.seeOddington 259

J. P. see Hartpury.................. .•• .. . ... 206 Oldbury court, Robert Lowe Grant Vassall esq. see

Hasfield court,Wm. MeathBaker esq. M. A. ,J. P. seeHasfield 207 Stapleton ..•.•• .........•.••......••.•••... 295

Hatherley court, Mrs. Anthony Gilbert J ones, see Down Old Grange, Horace Drummond Deane esq. see Dymock 147

Hatherley •.. .••.....•... 207 Old Sneyd park, Francis Tagart esq. F.L.S., F.R.G.B.,

Hatherley manor, Fredk. Young esq. see Up. Hatherley 208 J. P. see Stoke Bishop ••• .•••.•.••.. .•••.••..• ••• ..• .•• .•. .••.•• 298

Hatherop castle, Sir Thomas Sebastian Bazley bart. Oldown bouse, William Henry Harford esq. D.L., I.P.

M.A., D.L., J.P. see Hat.herop 208 see Olveston..•.••.•.•..•....••••..•...•••..••.••..•..•••••••.••••• 261

Hayes (The), Arthur Le-Blanc esq. see Prestbury 268 Old Vicarage (The), Miss I"ulljames, see Ashleworth 25

Henbury manot, Edward Sampson esq. M.A., D.L., J.P. Osborne house, Mrs. Thomas Ricketts, see Frocester 164

see Henbury 211 Over court, Robert C. Cann-Lippincott esq.seeAlmonds-

Hewletts (The), Col. William Agg J.P. see Prestbury 268 bury ,.......... 19

Highgrove, Arthur Chas. Mitchell esq. J.P. see Tetbury 317 Overcourt, Gen. John Gordon C.B., J.P. see Bisley-with-

Highlands, Mrs. Blackwell, see Amberley.................. 21 Lypiatt .•. .•...•.... .•........ .•.... •.•... .....• 41

Highnam court, Charles Huab.e.r..t..H..a..s.t.i.n..g..s. P.arryesq. J.P. Overden, Charles Playne esq. J.P. see Nailsworth 245
see Highnam
213 Owlpen park, Col. Harrison Walke John Trent-Stough-

Hill Ash, Mrs. Raikes, see Dymock 147 ton, see Owlpen •••..•....•...••••.••.•..••.•...•....••.•••.•..• 261

Hill court, Herbert Jenner-Fust esq. LL.D., J.P. see Hill 213 Ozleworth park, In. Wm. Rolt esq. see Ozleworth ...... 262

Hill house, Robt. l"ras. Gordon-Canning, see Hartpury 206 Painswick house, Francis Adams Hyett esq. B.A., l.P.

Hillesley house, Lady Robinson, see Hillesley ....... ...... 214 see Painswick .....•..•... .........•... •.. ....•. 263

Hollywood tower, Lady Davis, see Compton Greenfield 130 Paradise house, William Hawkins Herbert esq. see

Rorfield castle, Alfred Wm. !"rancis esq. see Horfield 214 Paradise, Painswick ...•..•... ....••. ..• 263

Horton hall, William Rhodes Emmott, see Horton. 216 Parks (The)" Arthur William Montgomery-Campbell

Hucclecote house, Hon. Charles Warwick Bampfylde, esq. B.A. see Newent .•••••.......••..•....•...•..••••...•••.•• 248

see Hucclecote .................•................. " •. , 217 Parklands, James Trower esq. see Whitminster ......... 352

Huntley manor, Benjamin St. John Ackers esq. J.P. see Pebworth Manor house, Thomas Stevens Shekell esq.

Huntley 217 D. L., J. P. see Pebworth 265

lcomb place, Samuel Matthews Simpson esq. see Icomb 218 Peers court, Col. William Lloyd Bl'owne J.P. see Stinch-

Jaynes court, l"rancis .R. Miers esq. see Bisley-with- combe . .•.••..... .•••..• ..••.•....... .•. 297

Lypiatt ..•... ...••.... 41 Pen Mool house, Mrs. Price, see Tidenham 335

Kemble manor house, Michael Biddulph esq. M.P., D. L .• Pen park, John Atkin WaIler esq. see Henbury 211

J .P. see Kemble 219 Pitchcombe house, John Caruthers Little esq. .T.P. see

Kiftsgate court, J sph. Robt. Heaven esq. see l\'Iickleton 239 Pitchcombe ~2~6~_
Poole court, Charles Gathorne Hill esq. see yate....... ~~
Kimsbury house, Edward Hope Percival esq. J.P. see

Upton St. Leonards............•...........•......•.........•... 342 Pope's court, Thomas Arkell esq. see Whelford (Kemps-
ford) ...•••.....•.••.••..•.••..........................•.•. ,.~,.... 221
Kingscote park, John Anstruther Berners esq. see

Kingscote ••....................................................... 221




Postlip hall, Stuart Forster esq. J.P. see Postlip (Winch- Tewkesbury park, James Shapland Sargeaunt esq. J.P.

comb) ~ ... . . . . . . . . . 356 see Tewkesbnry 324

Postlip house, Edward Adlard esq. see Postlip (Winch- The Grove, Capt. StanhopeGrove R.N•• J.P. see Taynton 316

comb).... .•• '356 The Leaze, James Thomas Stanton e!lq. J.P. see East-

PouIton Priory, James Joicey esq. see Poulton 267 ington 1481 • • • • • • • • • • • • • I ' I" • • • • • • • • • • • •

Prestbury court,Major-Gen. Wm.Hy.Kerr,seePrestbury 258 Theescombe house, Col. Edmund Smyth .l.P. see Nails-

Prescott house, Mrs. Talbot, see Prescott 267 worth '. '" .• ... .. .. ...• 244

Preston house, Mrs. Mildred, see Preston......... 268 Thirlestaine hall, Mrs. Cox, see Cheltenham............... 64

Prinknash park, Thomas Dyer Edwardes esq. LP. see Thirlestaine house, Rev. John Edward Addison Fenwick

Prinknash park 269 M.A. see Cheltenham................. 64

Puckrup hall, George Loyd Foster Harter esq. M.A., Thornbury castle, Edward Stafford Howard esq. RA., •

;r.p. see Tw)rning ..•....•.................•.•....•....•.......... 340 D.L., J.P. see Tbornbury 331

Qual' wood, Thos. Walker Stubbs esq. see Lower Swell 314 Thornbury parks, Hon. Hobert William Henry Rodney

Quedgeley house, Mrs. Robinson, see Quedgeley 270 J.P. see Thornbury 331

Quedgeley Manor Farm house, Lieut.-Col. John Fredk. Thrupp house, William Clutterbuck Chambers esq. see

Curtis-Bayward J .P. see Quedgeley. • . . • •. .. .. .. .. .. 270 Thrupp .••••... •.. •............•................•... 334

Quinton house, Mrs. Biatt, see Lower Quinton 271 Tibberton court, Mrs. Price, see Tibberton............ ...... 334

Rednock, Capt. Geo. Augustus Graham J.P. see Dursley 144 Tidenham house, By. Francis MorganJ.p. see Tidenham 335

Rendcomb park, Mrs. Taylor, see Rendcombe 272 Tockington manor, Lieut.-Col. Henry Thomas Salmon·

Little Rissington Manor house, Col. Waiter Wynter, see D.L., J.P. see Tockington (Olveston) 261

Little Rissington.............. 273 Todenham house, Sir Cecil Pery Van Notten-Pole, bart.

Rocks (The),DarcyEdmd.Taylor esq. J.p.see Marshfield 235 J.P. see Todenham 337

Royston, Henry MilIett esq. see Haresfield 206 Tortworth court, The Right Hon. Earl of Ducie p.c.,

Ryelands, CLarles Bernard esq. see Taynton 316 F.R.S., F.R.G.S. (lord lieutenant of the county), see

Saint Briavels castle, William Henry Hinton esq. se~ 'rort,vorth 338

Saint Briavels 277 Tredington court, Rev. WiIIiam Surman Mansell, see

St. Leonard's court, William Rutherford .b.ncrum M.D., Tredington 338

l.P. see Upton St. Leonard's ....•...........•.........•......• 342 Trewsbury, Edwards Spencer esq. see Coates 125

Salterley grange, Theodore Ellis Willi:;,ms esq. J.P. see Tute house, The Mythe, Mrs. Ruddle, see Tewkesbury 324

Cubberley ...••...... 133 Twyning park, Capt. Hy. Selwyn Goodlake, see Twyning 340

Sands court, George John Granville Christopher Cod- Tytherington grange, Hardwicke Lloyd Hardwicke esq.

rington esq. see Dodington 138 ,1. P. see Tytherington 340

Sandywell park, Christian William Lawrence t:sq. J.P. Ullenwood house, Henry Bubb esq. J.P. see Cubberley 133

see Dowdeswell 139 Upton grove, Charles Barding esq. J.P. see Tetbury 317

Sedbury park, Sir William Henry Marling bart. D.L., Upton house, Major Cosmo Little J.P. see Tetbury 317

J.P. see Tidenham.....................••••.•••••••............... S35 Upton house, Rev. Charles Joseph Parkerll'LA.see Bitton 42

Seven Springs, Hamilton Fane Gladwin esq. J.P. see Wallsworth hall, Capt. Thomas de Winton R.A., J.P.

Cubberley.... ... ....••.•......•.•......•..•..•...... .••............ 133 see Sandhurst .................•......................•.........• 282

Sezincot house, James Dugdale esq. J.P. see Sezincot 284 Walton house, Col. Hy. Gillum Webb J.P. seeAshchurch 24

Sherborne park, Lord Sherborne J.P. see Sherborne 286 Well close, William Sadler Hall esq. see Brockworth... 49

Siddington house, Christopher Bowlyesq. J.P. see Sid- Wellsprings, James Witcomb esq. see Wotton St. Mary

dington....... .•. .. ....•• •••.•.... ... ..•••• ..• ..••.•..... .. ... .. ... . 288 Without 363

Siston court, Major Fiennes Boughton Newton Dicken- Westbury court, Maynard Willoughby Colchester-

SOD, see Siston... ..• .•. .•.••. ... .•. ..• .•••... .•... ••.•.•.... .•.... 288 Wemyss esq. J.P. see Westbury-on-Severn 345

Skates Hill house, Mrs. Ballinger, see Chalford............ 55 Weston Birt house, Capt. George Lindsay Holford c. 1.E.,
Stancombe, Rev. David Edwards M.A. see Stinchcombe 297 J. P. see "'I' eston Birt

Standish house, Mrs. King, see Standish 293 Whaddon court, Percy Walker esq. see Whaddon 351

Stanley hall, Mrs. Collier, see Selsley 283 White house (The), Major William PolsonThackwell J.P.

Stanley house, Frederick Dawson esq. see King Stanley 293 see Pauntley '. 265

• Stanley lodge, Sir Brook Kay. bart. see Cha'rlton Kings 58 Whitemead park, Philip Baylis esq. sec Parkend 264
Stanley park. Sir William Henry Marling bart. D.L., Whitemoor, :Mrs. Blenkin, see Amberley 21

J.P. see Selsley ..•..... ~ .....•.................................... 283 Whitminster house, The Rev. :Francis Barlow Teesdale

Stanshawes court, Robert Nathaniel Hooper esq. J.P. M.A. see Whitminster 352

see Yate............ ..•.... .. .....•... 367 Whittington court, Cyrus Faulkner Dobell esq. see

Stanton court, }irs. Wedgwood, see Stal1ton 294 Whittington .................•.....•..........•................... 353

Stanton rectory, Egbert }<'ox esq. see Stanton 294 Wick court, Harry Houselander esq. see Wick 353

Stanway house, Lord Elcho D.L. see Stanway 295 Wickselme, Thos. Parnell Parnell esq. M.A. see Berkeley 35

Stardens, F. A. Wilson esq. see Newent 248 Williamstrip park, James Jones esq. J.P. see CoIn St.

Staverton house, Jas. Hy. Mcllquham esq. see Staverton 297 Aldwyns 129

Stinchcombe Manor house, Lieut.-Col. Sir Charles Wilton Place, John Thackwell esq. see Dymock 147

Prevost bart. J.P. seA Stinchcombe 297 Witcomb court, George James Witcomb esq. see Little

Stoke park, Bis Grace the Duke of Beaufort p.c., K.G. Witeomb, Badgeworth ................•........... .•.....•...• 29

see Stapleton................ .•................ .•..... 295 Witcombe park, William }'rederick Hicks..Beach esq.

Stonehouse court, Edwd. R. Salweyesq. see Stonehouse 299 J.P. see Cranham : ]32

StowelI park, Earl of Eldon D.L., J.P. see Stowe:l ...... 303 Woodchester house, Mrs. Wise, see Woodchester 361

Stratloru park, In. Cottrell Strudwick esq. see Stroud.. 305 Woodchester park, Wm. Leigh esq. J.P. see Woodchester 361

Stratton house, Algernon Lel'eson Elwes esq. J.P. see Woodcheeter priory, Mrs. Cholmeley, see Woodchester. 361

Stratton.. .••....•..•....................... 304 Woodhouse, Edward Harwood esq. J.P. see Tockington

Sudeley castle, Mrs. Dent, see Sudeley 314 (Olveston) .......••......•............•........••......•..••....., 261

Sudgrove house, Hy. Hamilton MilIs esq. see Miserden 241 Woodlands (The), 1"rederick Worseyesq.seeCheltenham 64

Swindon manor, Col. William Walker-Pemberton, see Wormington grange, Miss Du-Pre, see Stanton 291

Swindon 315 Wyck Hill house, Robert Nicholl Byass J.P. see Wyck1 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

Syde house, 'lheodore Crewdson esq. see Syde 315 Rissington ..... .... ..... •.••.•• ..• .. ..•• 273

Taynton house, Chas. Bernard Atherton esq. see Taynton 316 Wynstone Place, Maj.-Gen. WiIliam de Wilton Roche

Temple Guiting house, Rey. Frank Lawrence Hopkins Thackwell C.B., J.P. see Harescombe 205

M.A. see Guiting Temple..........••........•.•....•.••.•....•. 203 Yate house, Francis Freq.erick Fox esq. see Yate 367

Tetbury Priory, Viscount Trafalgar J.P. see Tetbury ... 317

T •


GLOUCRSTERSHIRE is an inland shire, bonnded on the east Rudford, Longford near Minchinhampton, Chalford, Fair-

by Oxfordshire and the lower part of Warwickshire, on the ford near Wotton, Andoversford, :1"ord near Guyting,

north by Warwickshire and Worcestershire, on the west by Widford, Welford, Batsford, Blackford, Malford near Berke-

the counties of Hereford and Monmouth, and on the south ley, Merryford near Wotton, and Joyford near Christchurch,

by Somersetshire and Wiltshire. The greatest length from Overton near Cranham, Overton near l"retherne, Over near

north-east to Bonth-west is 60 miles, and the greatest Harford, Over near Churcham, Over near Almondsbury,'

breadth (rom east to west is 43 miles. The area is now Buckover near Thornbury, and Overley near Duntsborne.

802,875 acres, it being increased in 1897 by the addition of The names of the Roman roads are t.h.e Fossway, AkemlUl

6,144 acres from Wiltshire under the provisions of the Street, Ermine Street, Iknield Street, Ridgeway, Patchway,

.. Local Government Act, 1894" by an order of the Local Stanway, Greenway, Saltway, Whiteway, Woodway,Church-

Government Board dated 30 April, 1896, and taking way, Northway, Calfway near Miserden, Daneway Ilear

effect April I, 1897. The population in 1801 was Sappert.on, Hathway near St. Briavels, Perryway near East-

25°,723; in 1811, 285,955; in 1821, 336,190; in ington,Lorridge near Stinchcomb, Merryway near Blakeney,

1831, 387,398; in 1841, 431,495; in 1851, 458,805; in Roadway near Randwick, Sandyway near Newent, Tand-

1861, 485,77°; in 1871, 534.640; in 1881, 572,433; and ways and Colways near Hatfield, and Millway near Bicknor ;
in 1891, 654,574; viz. : Males, 303,271 ; females, 342,3°3. Latterid~e near Iron Acton, Brockridge near Twining,
The number of houses in 1891 was, inhabited, 12-1-,222 ; Broadbndge near Harescomb, Wolfridge near Alvaston,

uninhabited, 8,84°; building, 90<). Wickridge and Longridge near Ashleworth, Hastridge neal"

Gloucestershire was first occupied by the Iberians, and Newland, Oakridge, Longridge near Painswick, Lltteridge

they long lingered here; their last chief tribe. the Silures, near Bisley, Chelrid~ near Bream, Mapleridge near Wick-

although it gave way before the Belgic invasion, seems to war, Serridge near Ruardean, Lintridge near Depnock,

have held out against the Celts until it was overcome by Harridge near Pamsley, Harridge near Corse and Bag-path.

the Roman power. 'fhe Thames, the Severn, the Wya, the Places taking their names from their situation near

Avon, as well as the towns of Glevum and Corinium, Roman roads are: Stanley, Stone Hill, Stanley near

iudicate an Euskaldune etymology. With regard to the Blaisden Stanton, StaWlton, Stone, Stancomb near PaiD84

Celts, Wlless they occupied a portion of North Gloucester- wick, Stratton Oakle Street, and Pilning Street.

shire, it does not appear that they held this county until There is a Coneygore at }<'ilton, Wotton, Alvaston,

after the downfall of the Roman power. Newent, Bibur)', and Bromaberry, North Cerney and

At Beachley, at the mouth of the Wye, are extensive Berkeley. The termination gOT' is to be founi in Leygore

earthworks, supposed to be British. Of barrows, lows, near 'furkdean, Sanagar near Berkeley, and Hinnegar near

buries and places of uncertain antiquity, the following Didmarton.

are names :-Bromsberrow, Showbarrow near Twining, There is a Cold Harbour or Roman military station at

Tarbarrow near Cirencester, Burbarrow near Westerleigh, Kingscot, at Wick, at 8t. Briavelll, and at Oxenhall. The

Broadbarrow near Harescombe, :Farbarrow near Oldbury, prefix Cold, the meaning of which is not known, and which

Barrow near Boddington, Brightwells Barrow, Henbarrow8 is frequently applied to Roman places, is found in Cold

near Preston, Barrow Hill near Fretherne, another near Ashton, Cold Bagpath, Cold Change near HawkeJJbury, Cold

Almondsbury, and another near Ashleworth, Barrow Elm Poole near Bagworth, Cold Elm near Nortoo, Cold Elm near

near Hatherop, Bledisloe, Hagloe, Etloe, Bullo, Botloe, Forthampton.

Marslow near Ruerdean, Putlow near Morton Valence, 'fopographical indications of Roman military occupation

Hawklow near Elmore, Callow near Pauntley; Thornbury, are denoted, besides the Cold Ha!\'ours and Boroughs, in

Tetbnry, Bury House near Wick, Tewkesbury, Almonds- Haresdown and Haregrove near RWmaston, Harclay near

bury, Henbury, Sodbury, Westbury-on-Trym, Westbury- Hawkesbury, Haresfield, Harescom1>, Harford, Hare Street

on-:::'evem, Gumbury near Northwick, Rombury near near Hill, and Harcomb near Side; iat Clifton near Bristol,

Ampney, Bilbury,Overbury, Saintbury, Oldbury, Mangers- and at Ellerton, are Roman camps. •

bury, Prestbury, Kimsbury near Cranham, Southbury near Near Lydney Park are the remains of a. Roman Bath.

Colebornc, Norbury near Farmington, Tilbury Hollow near Gloucestershire was first included in the part on the

Chipping Campden, Stony Crockbury near Winchcomb, hither side of the Severn, in Britannia Prima, and in the

Towbury near Twining, Trewsbury near Coates, Pinbury part on the further side of the Severn, in Britannia.

near Sapperton, Bury near Cirencester, Sidbury near 'fiden- SecWlda. After the time of Constantine it was in the

ham, Wilsbury near St. Briavels, Stonebury near Lydney, province of :Flavia Cmsariensis. After the downfall of the

Blisbury near Hill, Ashbury near Westerleigh. Milbury near Romans. the county was held by the Celtic Britons until

Titherington, Elbury near Wotton, Bucklesbury near the English invasion: it was seized by the Middle English,

Hawkesbury, Welshbury near Abbinghall, Cinderbury near and became part of the great commonwealth of Mercia.

Ashleworth, Bostenbury near Clearwell, Winberry near Glevum was named Gloucester and gave name to the shire,

Coleford, Hangerbury near Bicknor, Highbury near New- now commonly shortened to Glo'ster and Glo'stershire.

land, Bury Hill near Winterbourn, one near Wotton, one The new settlers consisted chietly of English, Warings,

near Chipping Sodbury, one near Christchurch and one near Saxons, Frizians and Jutes, belonging to the clans who

Weston-Wlder-Penyard. occupied the rest of England. Gloucestershire does not in

About the year 44 this county was overcome by the its topography show so many clan names 8S is common in

Romans, who founded the Colonia Glevum (Gloucester). the eastern shires, where the invaders came direct from
Cirencester was, however, the chief Roman town. They J utIand and Friesland. The names of places in Glouc8ilter4

had other settlements, as Frocester, Woodchester, Bristol, shire are chiefly from topographical features. The clan
Fairford, Chesterton, Lasborough, Longborough. Little- names recognisable are those of the Dodding, Quening, &r4

borough, Ladborough, Shenborough, Sbagborough, Scar- ring, Whitting, Easting, Newing, Donning, Dorring or

borough, Ganborough, Oldborough, Rottenborough, Red- Dorsing, Tibbing, Arling, Cherring, Bodding, Tedding,

borough, Bransborough, Benborough, Wagborough. Bour- Butting, Todding and Ocking.

ton-on-the-Water, Bourton-on-the-Hill, Borough's Court The topographical nomenclature of Gloucestershire, as

near Nibley, Burton :Field at Wotton, Burtons near established by the old English 8ettlel'8, presents many

Dymock, Wickwar, Warepool near Stapleton, Bicknor, peculiar and interesting features. A large class of names

Stapleton, Staple near Colesbourne. Beckford, Kempsford, of places are derived from the Roman sites, marked by the

Whelford, Eyford, Harford, Ditchford, Cockleford, Syre- words chestu, lxJrO'llgk, our, staple,jord, 'fDare, fJJ«!/, path,

ford, Longford, Stanford, Sandford, Matford, Cinderford, stred, 1'idge, hedge, stune, and l&aTc or kulJ. There is DO

Rhydlesford, Langford. near King8wood, Ketford near wick.

Dymock, Coleford, Woodford near Berkeley, Huntingford, The barrows, bU1'ies, and lows gi\"e another series.

GI.OU. 1


The names, however, are chiefly derived from English Wotton-under-Edge, Minchinhampton, Bisley, Nailsworth,

settlers. Of the Danes there are no tokens, no by, hough, North Nibley, Ebley, Stonehouse, Eastington, Dursley,

th1l'aite, toft, or 1Dith. The nomenclature is likewise free Cam, Painswick, Rodborough, King's Stanley and Wood.

from Welsh, and very pure. There are many indications of chester; it employs as many as Wiltshire, more than

the later English invaders, who, perhaps, included more Somersetshire, but only half the number of Lancashire, and

Warings and I"rizians than the earlier invasions commonly about one fifteenth of the number of Yorkshire. The Stroud

known as Saxon. Thus the terminations ton, thorpe, hope, valley is celebrated for producing first·class broadcloths,

horn. 'wick, 1noor, 1vold, dumble, holm, grove, croft, pen, scar also for scarlet dyeing, the water being very suitable fol'

are in fair proportions. The southern terminations, as that purpose. The silk manufactnre is carried on at Brims·

1oorth, 1vorthy, st(fW~steqp, stoke, hfkll~'lknall, hal/,~1', lOU01{\ oombe, hear fjtJ.:oud .nd Bribtol. Hosiery is made at
bottom, dean, hurst., lion, jrithIt lew aFe, plijf, cOlJ~be, ltJlde, Tewkesbury; ed~e tooltJ, for qurriers, at Cirencester; pins
and dinyle have li,k~ise their ~har8. at Stroud; flock and shoddy at fJ"ailsworth; chemicals are
Among the pe~uliar t.erms are the substitutions of pill also made to some extent.
for fleet, as the name of the small creeks of the Severn; yate The estnary of the Scvern has two considerable ports,

for gate, meend for a rneens, or large open common; beacon Bristol and Gloucester; and some smaller ports and fishing-

f?r a hill; the words, trump, bm·ton, leazow, shippen, slade, towns, including Newnham, Lydney, and Berkeky. Bristol

lwck, swash. StaTveall is the name of half a score farms. is concerned in tbe West Indian and African trade, and the

There is a place called Hungerbury. There are four Long export trade of Somersetshire, Wiltshire, and the West
Furlongs or Bee Furlongs, and a Compass Furlong. Cock· Midlands; it is a great seat of the Irish trade, and of the

slmte is the name of two or three places. There are several coasting trade with South Wales. Gloucester carries on a

Follys. Nastend is near Eastington. large corn and timber trade, and part of the export trade

The term Winterbourne, for a stream running only in of the West Midlands, including salt.

winter, is used here as in the South of England; but the The Severn is navigable throughout, and for large ships

word drym'ook is sometimes used for it. The term SwallO'w. up to Gloucester. The Lower Avon is navigable to Bat.h,

holes is found bere. and will bear large ships to Bristol. There are docks at

Astan seems to be used for Easton, as in some other Bristol, and at the mouth of the A.von, about 7 miles from

IJhires. Bristol, and on the Severn at Gloucester and at Sharpness,

Bilsum, Asnum, Lutsum, Allum, Winson, Matson, Ingst, 15 miles from Gloucester, for tbe larger ships. The Glou·

Standish, CaUip, Birdlip, Post1ip, D()WnTi~ and Westrip cester and Berkeley canl\l is a great ship \ anal 16l miles

seem to be Frizian. long, without a lock. The rivers are connected with the

Wanswell is the onry indication of the wotship of Wedett Thames by the Thames and Severn canal. The Thames

or Wooen, but there is none of Thor. • rises in this county, and becomes navigable from Lechlade.

Before the Norman invasion Gloucestershire was the Various canals connect the Severn with the Trent and the

scene of conflicts between the Middle English and the West rivers of the north. The Stroudwater canal runs from the

Saxons with tbe Welsh and the Danes. Offa's Dyke ends Se'l"ern, near Framilode, to the Thames and Severn canal ~

here. The Gloucestershire people had a great share in at Wallbridge; the Hereford and Uloucester canal connects

the conquest of Wales and Ireland. In the middle ages the those cities.

monasteries of Gloucester, Bristol, Cirencester and Tewkes- There are several ancient roads, formerly high roads to

bury had great power. Edward H. was murdered in the West of England and Wale....

.Herkeley Castle. In the Yorkist war Queen Margaret and The two raihvay systems which control the traffic in this

her son were taken prisoners at the battle of Tewkesbury on county are the Great Western and the Midland, the former

May 14, 1471. During the great civil war many battles entering the county in four places on the eastern border,

and sieges took place at Bristol, Gloucester and Cirencester. viz. from Oxford at Lechlade on the Fairford branch, and

Gloucestershire belongs chiefly to the basin of the Severn, a.t Chipping Norton, where after sending a branch south-

including the tributaries of its estuary-the Avon and the west to Bourton and Cheltenham the main line continues it"

Wye. The south-east of Gloucestershire includes several way through 'Moreton to Evesbam, and from Swindon at

heads and feeders of the 'rhames. Bristol, and at Tetbury Road, south of Cirencester, on the

ThA Cotswold or hill district forms a high land, running Stroud and Gloucester line, while the Midland railway

through Gloucestershir.e from nortb-east to south-west as enters from Bath near Mangotsfield, and running north by

far south as Wotton Edge, and dividing the basin of the north-east proceeds by Chipping Sodbury (where a branch

'rhames from those of the Avon and Severn, and coming goes east to Thornbury) through Standish to Gloucester,

within a few miles of the latter rivers; the Forest of Dean Cheltenham, and Ashchurch to Worcester. This railway

district is another bigh district to the west of the Severn. also comes into the county from Andover Junction, vi:),

Between these uplands liell the vale of the Severn and Swindon, running to Cirencester and Cheltenham, where it

Avon. joins the line from Mangotsfield, and from Ashchurch there

This county is a seat of iron manufacture, and the is a branch to Tewkesbury and Malvern. The other

collieries are largely worked. In 1895, according to the branches of the Great Western are those from Bristol to

•• Mineral Statistics," 29,772 tons of iron ore were raised in Avonmouth, from Bristol to the Severn tunnel, from

the Forest of Dean district, of which 16,198 were produced Standish to Nailsworth, from Kemble Junction to Ciren-

from the Crown mines; total estimated value at the mines, cester, from Gloucester to Ledbury, via. Newent, from

£7,544; the ore is that known as brown hrematite. In 189.S, Lydney Junction to Sharpness, and thence across the

from the }<'Ol'est of Dean,925,657 tons of coal were raised, Severn bridge to connect with the network of small lines

valued at the mines at £339,4°8, and from the Bristol dis- which pervade the :Forest of Dean, and with the line which,

trict 337,423 tons, valued at £123,722 : a small quantity of skirting the right bank of the Severn, runs from Gloucester

freestone is raised: 5,532 tons of fireclaywere raised in 1895 to Chepstow 011 the Wye.

from coal mines, and 3,500 from metalliferous mines: 439 The county is within the Oxford circuit, and has one

tons of ochre were raised in 1895, and the two counties of court of quarter seSSIOns. The assizes are held at Glou·

Goncester and Somerset furnished 12,273 tons of strontium cester, and it is divided into 24 petty sessional divisions.

sulphate. Cheltenham is famed for its medicinal springs; Gloucestershire includes the county of the cit~' of Bristol,

and there are salt 8prings at Gloucester and Tewkesbury, which extends into STohmeseersceittisehsirhca,vaensdeptahreatecojmuriits•ydiocftiothne,
used for medicinal purposes, and bot wells at Clifton. city of Gloucester.

'fhe vale at Gloucester is the chief seat of tillage; the land and do not contribute to the county rates, aud have sepa-

is well sheltered, the air is mild, and the soil rich. 'rhe rate assizes. The borough of Tewkesbury has separate

:Forest of Dean is cold, and much of it barren, but elsewhere jurisdiction; the other boroughs have not. The hundred or

woods and coppice; 1,500 acres of timber and plantations soke of the Duchy of Lancaster is within the jurisdiction of

belong to the Crown. The Cotswold hills are covered with the Duchy of Lancaster for Iilome purposes. The Forest oC

a thin 80il of calcareous sand, derived from the oolite rocks Dean is, for forest and mining purposes, under the jurisdic-
on which it rests. Some of it makes good sheep downs, and tion of the Cro~, exercised by the constable of St. llriavels

when carefully tilled it bears oats, turnips and barley. In Castle,as Lord Warden; he is assisted by six deputy wardens,

the valleys are patches of rich land. Dairy husbandry is of four verderers chosen by the freeholders, a conservator,

great importance; the dairy cows and other cattle include seven woodwards, a chief forester in fee, a bow-bearer,

the Gloucestershire breed; the local breeds of sheep are the eight foresters in fee, and a steward of the swainmote.

Cotswold, the Ryeland or Herefordshire, and 'the Forest of There is a peculiar mining code. The mayor of Bristol has

Dean. The produce of Gloucestershire is wheat, barley, still considerable powers; and there is a local court with B

oats, rye, beans, peas, potatoes, turnips, clover, vetches, special power of attachment. Lord Berkeley has still some

sainfoin, flax, teasels; butter, cheese, wool and timber; and ancient powers over the dependencies of the Honor of

its rich orchards produce fruit in great quantities, including llerkeley.

apples and pears for cider and perry. At Cil'encester there The number of civil parishes in Gloucestershire is 376,with

is an Agricultlll'.il College for training young men for agri. parts of II others; these further include 215 liberties,

cultural employment. tithings, and hamlets, which have l5eparate organizations

This is likewise a manufacturing shire: the woollen for poor administrations or for highways.
manufacture is the staple, and is carried on at Stroud, The municipl\l f>oroughs are: Bristol, with 221 ~78 in·


habitantB in 1891 j' Cheltenham, 42,914; Gloucester, Marshfield Upton (tithing)

39,444; and Tewkesbury, 5,.269: other towns are Strand, Old Sodbury Wapley-cum-Codrington

9,818; Stonehous~,4,~52 ; Dursley, 2,269 j Tetbnry, 2,173; Saddlewood (tithing) . 'Vest Littleton
Coleford, 2,450; Wotton-uhder-Edge, 3,276;, Fairford, Pucklechurch
1,463; Thornburv, 3,918; Lechlade, 1,266; Newnham, Tormarton
1,401; Lydney, 2:944. . Tresham (tithing)

The County is in the province of Canterbury, and diocese CmRNcE3TER UNION.
of Gloucester divided into the archdeaconries of Gloucester

and Cirencester. Cirencester archdeaconry ill 'Sub-divided Ampney Crucis Harllhill

into the rural deaneries of Campden, Cirencester, Fairford, Ampney St. Mary, or Ash- Hatherop .

:8orthleach and Stow. Gloucester archdeaconry is sub. brook Kemble (Wilts)

divided into the Tural deaneries of Bisley, Cheltenham, Ampney St. Peter, or Eas- Ker.npsford & We!fol'J
. l\Ialsey Ha~pton .
Dursley, North Forest, South Forest, Gloucester, Stone- ington

house and Winchcomb; a few parishes of the County are Badgington Marston Malsey (WiltS)

included in the newly arranged diocese of Bristol and arch- Barnsley North Cerney

deaconry of- same name, and 4 are in Worcester diocese and Baunton Poole Keynes (Wilts)
I in Oxford. Brimpsfield

The Cathedral is at Gloucester, and Bristol Cathedral is Cirencester Preston
attached to the new Sce. Quenington

The Catholica have a. Bishop of Clifton. Colesborne Rendcomb

The Superm. t endent Regl•st rar'S D"Istrl.Cts are: DDoagwlninAgwmoprnthey ~Raopdpemratortloln

'h, .• Driffield Shorncote (Wilts)

N0.,. • • N.-\MB. AREA. POP. I 891. Duntisborne Abbotts Siddington
Duntisborne Leer (tithing) Side, or Syde

-', •, •• --- 0 Duntisborne Rouse Somerford Keynes (Wilts)

~~ •Bristol 0& 784 55,549' Edgeworth South Cerney
~u I' Bartou .Regis.•••.• _....... 193,094' Elkstone Stratton

322- . Chipping Sodbary......... 63,284 15,795 Fairford Wiustone

3a3 Thornbury.................. 56,300 16,765 DURSLEY UNION.
~4 Dutsley •••.••... ~...• ,...... 26,786 12,166 Cam
3:15 Westbury-on-Severn ..... 41,526 0I
CDKou' arlseIyey d S 'US• lltWiIDmpCbehrnciodrgnebe
326 NJ. ewent ...•.••... 45,987 23,671
~. ••.••• 32 .-984
3'?tl Gloucester 10,005 Woetyto"n-u1nuer-E~ge
<>28 Wheatenhurst "••.••••••.•• 4<-.3>..,,7361840 5°,907 yommrgthpswsNfoi"1eoblldey
W> 6,853
329 Stroud .••.•• •••••••••••••• •••• 4 2 6,6-L'"5
J.....390 'l'etbury 25,9 2 5, 5
86,271 20,398 GLOUCE3TER UNION.
33t Cirencester •.•..•.••
"33~ Nol'thleach ~...... 70,018 8,885 Ashleworth
333 StQw-on-the·Wold......... 044,537 9,004 Barnwood
~t. Aldate
33.. Winchcomb •.~•.m""". 57,089 9,232 Barton St. :Mary (hamlet) St. Ca.thel'ine, with King's
26,526 54,786 Brockworth
335 Cheltenham Holm St. Catherine

336 Te" kesbury 4°,917 12,896 Churchclown ~t. John the Baptist

, • College Precincts (Glo~ster) St. Mary de Crypt
Down Hatherley St. Mary de Urace
The following list gives the several unions, WIth Elmore St. Michael
the parishes in each:- St. Mary de Lode,with King's
Highnam (hamlet) Holm St. Mary

ChartoJl Filton Holy Trinity (Uloucester) St. Nicholas
Hucelecote St. Owen
Cliftoh . J<'renchay&Hambrook(tithing) Lassingtoll
Linton (hamlet) Sandhurst
St. James & Sf\, Paul Out Shirehampton Littleworth
Longford • South Hamlet
St, PhIlip & St. Jacob Out StapJeton Maisemore 'fuffley
Matson 'l'wiO'worth
Henbury . , Stoke Bishop I Norton
Over (hamlet) ~
Horfield Stoke Gifford Pool Meadow
Upton St. Leonards
King's Weston (tithing) Stowick (tithing) Whaddon

Lawrence Weston (tithing} Westbury-upon-Trym Woolstrop (hamlet)

St. Ueorlle " Winterbourne Wotton st. Mary (hamlet)

Now f.)filling North llristol Parish. Wotton St. Mary (without)


All Saints St. Mary Rec1cliffe NEWZ;<iT U~ION.

Castle Precincts St. Michael Aston Ingnam (Hereford) Pauntley
Christ Chnrch St. Nicholas Bromsberrow Redmarlcy D'Abitot

St. Augustine the Less St. Paul (In) Corse cester) ~Wor.
St. Eweu St.l'eterll Dymock Stallntoll (Worcester)
Hartpury 'l'aynton
St. James ([n) SS. Philip & Jacob (In) Tib• berton
St. John St. Stephen Kempley Upleadon
Linton ~ Hereford)
St. Leonard St. Thomas Ne went

St. Mar)'-Ie-Port Temple

• Now forming the Central Bristol Parish.


~adgworth Shurdingtnn N"ORTHLEAC:I UYIOY.

Charlton Kings Staverton Ablington (tithing) Hazleton
Aldsworth I.ittle Barrington
Cheltenham Swindon Arlington (tithing)
:Aston Blank Northleach
Cowley Uckington Bibnry Salperton
Cubberley • Up Hatherley Chedworth Sherborne
CoIn Rogers Shipton
Leckhampton Whitcomh Grefit CoIn St. Aldwyns Southrop
CoIn St. Dennis Stbwell
Prestbury ," I ( Compton Abdale Tl1rkdean
Dowdeswell Whittington
• Eastington Windrush
Eastleach Martin Winson
CHIPPING SoDBURY UYIOS. Eastleach Turville Withington
Farmington Yanwortlr
Absom-eum-W'ick Frampton Cotterell Hampnett

Acton Turvill Great Badminton
A.lderley . .. • Hawkesbury

Chipping Sodbury aiIlesleywithKillcott(tithings)
Cold Ashton
Dirha~ & Hinton Horton
Do)"ntQu Iron Act.on

Little Badminton (tithing)
Ll•tt~e Sodburr •

GLOU. 1-



Addlestrop Little Rissington Alderton &; Dixon Pinnock & Hyde (township)
Bledington Longborough
Lower Slaughter AIstone (hamlet) Preseot
Bourton-on-the-Water Lower Swell
Broadwell Maugersbury (hamlet) Beckford Roe!, or Rowell
Church Icomb Naunton
Notgrove Bishop's Cleeve (township) Snowshill
Clapton-on-the-Hill Odington
Condicote Sezincote, or Seasoncote Buckland Southam (hamlet)
Daylesford (Worcester) Stow-on-the-Wold
Donnington (hamlet) Charlton Abbotts Stanley Pontlarge

Evenlode (Worcester) Cutsdean(chapelry)(Worcstr)Stanton

Didbrook Stanway

Dumbleton Sudeley •

Gotherington (hamlet) Temple Guiting

Eyford Upper Slaughter Great Washbourn Toddington

Great Barrington Upper Swell Hailcs Winchcomb

Great Rissington Westcote Hawling Woodmancote (hamlet)

Icomb or Iccomb (hamlet) Wick Rissington Little Washbourn (hamlet) Wormington

Lower Guiting, or Guiting


Avening·with Nailsworth Pitchcombe The following is a list of the parishes in the county,
Risley .. Randwick arranged according to the hundreds :-

Cainscross Rodborongh Hundred of Barton Regis ;-Mangotsfield, Saint George,
Cranham Sheepscombe (tithing) Stapleton and Stoke Gifford.
Chalford Spoonbed (tithing)
Hundred of Berkeley:-Alkington, Almondsbnry (part
Edge (tithing) Stonehouse of), Arlingham, Ashleworth, Berkeley, Beverstone, Bread-
Horsley Strond stone, Cam, Coaley, Cromhall Abbots, Dursley, Elberton,
King's Stanley Stroud End (tithing) FiJton, Ham, and Stone, Hamfallow, Henbury (part of),
LMeionncahridnhSatmanplteo~•n' Uplands Hill, Hinton, Horfield, Kingscote, Kingswood, Newington
Miserden WWohoitdechhilels'ter Bagpath, North Nibley, Nympsfield, Owlpen, Ozleworth,
Slimbridge, ::;tinchcombe, VIey, and Wottoo-under-Edge.
Hundred of Bisley:-Bisley, Edgewortb, Miserden Or
Miserdine, Painswick, Sapperton, Stroud and Winstone.

TE1BLRY UNION. Hundred of Bledisloe :-Alvington, Awre, Blakeneyand

Ashley (Wilts) Long Newnton (Wilts) Lydney.
Beverstone Newington Bagpath Hundred of BotIoe :-Bromsberrow, Dyrnock, Kempley,
Boxwell-with-Leightel'ton Ozleworth
Cherrington Shipton MO)'ne Newent, Oxenhall, PauntIey, Rudford, Taynton and
Didmarton Tetbury Upleadon
Hundred of Bradley :-Aston Blank, CoIn Rogers
Compton Abdale, Dowdeswell, Eastington, Farmington,
Weston Birt with Lasborough Hampnett Halzeton, Northleacb, Notgrove, Salperton,

Sevenhampton, Shipton Oliffe. Shipton Sollars, Stowell,

TEWKESBURY UNION.' Turkdean, Whittington, Winson, Withington and Yanworth.

Ashchurch Overbur)' (Worcester) Hundred of Brightwells Barrow :-Aldswortb, Barnsley,
Bibury, Coin St. Aldwyns, Eastleach Marlin, Eastleach
Boddington Oxenton Turv.ille, }'airford, Hatherop, Kempsford Lechlade,
Quenington, and Southrop.
Ul'edon (Woreester) Pendock (Worcester)
Hundred of Cheltenham :-Charlton Kings, Cheltenham,
Chaseley (Worcester) Stoke Orchard (hamlet) Leckhampton and Swindon.

Conderton(hamlet) ( Tewkesbury Hundred of Cireneester :-Cirencester.
Hundred of Cleeve :-Bishop's Cleeve, Gotberington,
ter Teddington (hamlet)(Worccs-
Sootham, and Brockhampton, Stoke Orchard and Wood-
Deerhurst ter mancote.

Elmstone Hardwick 'rirley Hundred of Crowthorne :-Ampoey Crucis, Ampney St.
Mary or Ashbrook, Ampney St. Peter or Easington, Badg-
Forthampton Tredington ington, Baunton, Cootes, Daglingworth, Down Ampney,
Driffield, Duntisborne Abbotts (part of), Duntisborne Leer,
Hasfield Twining Duntisborne Rouse, Harnhill, Meysey Hampton, Poulton,

Kemerton Walton Cardiff

Leigh Wool stone

Norton-by-Bredon (hamlet)


THORNBURY UNION. Preston, Siddington, South Cerney and St1'8tOOn.
Hundred of Deerhnrst :-Clifford chambers, CoIn St.

Alkington Hill Dennis, Deerhurst (part of), Leigh, Prestbury, Staverton,

Almondsbul'Y Hinton Tirley, Uckington, Welford and Woolstone.

Alveston Kington (tithing) Duchy of Lancaster :-Huntley, Longhope, Minsterwortb,

Aust Littleton-opon-Severn Rodley Manor and Tibberton.

Berkeley Northwick with Redwick Hundred of Dudstone and King's Barton :-Badgeworth,
Barnwood, Barton St. Mary, Barton St. Michael, Brock-
Ureadstone (tithing)
Oldhury-on-Severn (tithing) worth, Brookthorpe or Brockthorpe, Churchdown, Down
Charfield Hatherley, Elmore, Great Shurdington, Harescomb, Hart-

Cromhall Abbots & Cromhall Olveston pury, Hempstead, Highleadon, Highnam, Over and Linton,

Lygon Rangeworthy Hucclecote, Lassington, Longford St. Catherine, Longford

Elberton Rockhampton (chapelry) St. Mary, Maisemol'e, Matson, North Hamlet, Nor1on,

}<'aI6eld & Moorton (tithing) 'rhornbury Pitchcombe, Preston, Prinkuash Park, Quedgley (parl of),

Ham & Stone Tortworth St. Catherine with Kingsholm, St. Catherine, St. Mary de
Lode (Gloucester), Sandhurst, South Hamlet, Tuffte~',
Hamfallow (tithing) T)·therington

Twigworth, Up Hatherley, Upton St. Leonards, Whaddon,

'WESTBURY-ON-SEVERN UNION. Witcombe Great and Wotton St. Mary.

Abinghall Huntley Hundred of Grumbalds Ash :-Acton Turville, Alderley,
Little Dean Boxwell with Leighterton, Charfield, Chipping Sod bury,
Awre Longhope Didmarton, Dodington, Dyrham and Hinton, Great
Blaisdon Minsterworth Badminton, Hawkesbury, Horton, Iron Acton, Little Sod-
Micheldean bury, Oldbury-on~the-Hill, Old Sodbury, TOl'manton,
Bulley Newnham Tortworth, Wapley-cum-Codrington, West Littleton and
Churcham Wickwar.
East Dean Westbury-on-Severn
}<'laxley Hundred of Henbury•:-Aust, Compton Greenfield, Hen~

'WHEATENHURST UNION. bury (part of), Northwick with Redwick, Stoke Gifford,
Tytherington (part of), Westbury-on-Trym and Yate.

Alkerton (tithing) Hardwicke Hundred of Kiftsgate :-Alston, Aston Sub-Edge, Buck·

Arlingham Harescomb land, Charlton Abbots, Childs Wickbam, Chippmg Cam-

Brookethorpe or Brook- Haresfield den, Cowhoneybourne, Didbrook, Dorsington, Dumbleton,

thorpe Longney Ebrington Hailes, Hawling, Little Washbourn, Long-

Eastingtoo Moreton Valence borough, Long MaI'Ston, Lower Guiting or Guiting Power,

Frampton-upon-Sevem Standish Mickleton, Pebworth, Pinnock aed Hyde, Preston-on-

}<'retherne-witll-&nl1 Wheatenhurst or Whitminster Stout', Quinton, Rowell or RoeI, Saintbury, Sezincote or

l"rocester Seasoncote, Snowshill, Stanley Pontlarge, Stanton, Sudeley,


Temple Gniting, Toddington, Twining, Upper Swell, 1827, is assigned to the treatment of medical cases only,

Weston-on-Avon, Weston Sub-Edge, Willersey, Winch- and the north wing, opened in 1871, to surgical cases.

comb and Wormington. accidents and out-patients, the original block being reserved

Hnndred of Langley :-Almondsbury (part of), Alves- for miscellaneous patients: there are beds for ISO patients,

ton, Doynton, :Frampton Cotterell, Kingswood, Littleton- besides some additional private wards, surgery, dispensary

upon-Severn, Olveston, Rockhampton, Wannley and and medical officers' rooms; the institution is mainly

Winterbourne. supported by voluntary subscriptions; the annual number

Hundred of Longtree :-Avening, Chemngton, Hors- of in-patients admitted is a.bont 1,43°, and of out-patients

ley, Minchinhampton. Rodborough, Rudmarton, Shipston about 7,580. George Pike, treasurer; Rayner Winterbotham

Moyne, Tetbury, Weston Birt, with Lasborough and Batten M.D. and Oscar William Clark M.A., X.B. phyllicians;,

Woodchester. _ WaIter Brown M.B. assistant physician; John P1eydeU

Hundred of Pucklechurch :-Absom and Wick, Cold Wilton and Thomas Smith Ellis, consulting surgeons; Hen.

Ashton. Pucklechurch, Westleigh and Wick. Edward Waddy L.R.c.p.LOnd. Richard Mount Cole L.R.-c.P.

Hundred of Rapsgate :-Brimpsfield, Chedworth, Coles- I.ond. and Ernest Dykes Bowel', surgeons; William Wash-

borne, Cowley, Cranham, Cubberley, Duntisborne Abbotts bourne M.R.C.s.Eng. L.R.c.p.Lond. assistant surgeon:

(part of), Elkstone, North Cerney, Rendcombe and Side or Frederick William Lewis M.R.c.~.]mg. house surgeon; Rev.

Syde. . A. E. Fleming, chaplain; Henry Pike, sec.; Samuel Herbert,

Hundred of St. Briavels :-Abinghall, Bream, Coleford, dispenser; Miss E. Yeats, matron.

East Dean, English Bicknor, Flaxley, Hewelsfield, Little Hardwicke Reformatory School for juvenile offenders is

Dean, g L y• Pdabrrkoo k, Micheldean, Newland, Northwood at Hardwicke, near Gloucester, and IS conducted at the
(tithin ), End, Ruardean, St. Briavels and West expense of the Government; it was instituted by the late

Dean. T. B. L. Baker esq. of Hardwicke Court, and was the first

Hundred of Slanghter :-Aldestrop, Bledington, Bout·ton- county refonnatory in the kingdom for the purpose of

on-the-Water, Broadwell , Church 100mb, Clapton-on-the- reducing juvenile crime; it was certified October 4, 1854;

Hill, Condioote, Donnington, Eyford, Great Barrington, it is now under the management of G. E. L. Baker esq.
Great Rissington, 100mb, Little Barrington, Little Ris- and is available for 80 boys; Thomas Gee, superin-

sington, Lower Slaughter, Lower Swell, Mangersbury, tendent.

:Saunton, Oddington, ~herborne, Stow-on-the-Wold, Upper Kingswood. Reformatory for boys, at Kingswood. near

Slaughter, Upper Swell, Westcote, Wick Rissington and Bristol, was certified October 4, 1854; it was greatly im.

Windrush. proved in 1891, and will now hold 120 boys i George
Hundred of Tewkesbury :-Alderton, Ashchurch, Ashton- Whitwell, 8up~ntendent.

under-Hill (part of), Boddington, Bourton-on-the-Hill (part), Arno's Court (Catholic) Reformatory for girls, near

l"orthampton, Great Washbourne, Kemerton. Lower Leming- Bristol, was certified April 22, 1856; Miss Rosa Maguire,
ton,Oxenton, Prescott, Stanway, Tewkesbury, Tredington supen•oress.

Hundred of Thornbury:-Almondsbury (part of), Iron CESTERSHIRE.

Acton, Marshfield, Oldbury-on-Severn, Rangeworthy,

Thornbury and Tytherington (part of). Gloucestershire has hitherto returned four members to

Hundred of Tibaldstone :-Ashton-under-Hill (part of), parliament in two divisions, but under the provisions of

Beckford and Hinton-on-the-Green. the" Redistribution of Seats Act, 1885," the county now

Hundred of Westbury :-Blaisdon, Churcham, Lancaut, returns five members in five divisions; and also under
Newnham, Tidenham, Westbury-on-Severn (part of), and the above act, the representation of the boroughs of
Cirencester, Stroud and Tewkesbury was merged into
Hundred of Westminster :-Bourton-on-the-Hill (part), that of the county, the borough of Gloucester lost one
Corse Deerhurst (part of), Elmstone Hardwick, Hasfield, member, a.nd the boundary of the borough of Chelten·
Moreton-in-Marsh and Todenham.
ham was enlarged so as to take in part of the parish of
Hundred of Whitstone:-Eastington. Frampton-on-Severn,
Fretherne, }<'rocester, Ilardwicke, Haresfield, King's Stanley, Charlton Kings.
Leonard Stanley, Longne;y, Moreton Valence, Quedgley
(part of), Randwick, Saul, Standish, Stonehouse and Whit· The following are the county divisions :-
minster or Wheatenhurst. (I) The Mid or Stroud division comprises the sessional

divisions of Dursley (except the parish of 8Iimbrid~)
Stroud, Horsley and Wotton-under-Ed~e,and the follow-

The Old County and City Lunatic Asylum, opened July ing parishes in the sessional division of Whitminster, viz.
21, 1823, is at Wotton, on rising ground, about half a mile Eastington, Frocester, King Stanley, Leonard Stanley
from the City of Gloucester, in its own grounds of 45 acres, Randwick and Stonehouse.

and affords extensive view", of the su1'1'oundmg country: the (2) The Northern or Tewkesbury division comprises the
centre of the building is in form of a semi-circle, which, sessional divisions of Berkeley, Cheltenham, Gloucester,
Tewkesbury and the parish of Slimbridge (in Dursley
with the wings, originally extended 250 feet, but additional division), Whitminster (except so much as is comprised
buildings, inclnding a chapel, have since been erected; in Division No. I), and Winchcomb and the municipal
there is accommodation for 640 patients, and the average
number of yearly admissions for the past nine years is 283. boroughs of Tewkesbury and Gloucester.

The New County Asylum at Bamwood, opened in 1883, (3) The Eastern or Cirencester division comprises the
occupies a charming situation at the foot of some outlying sessional divisions of Campden, Cirencester, l"airford,
spurs of the Cotswolds, and is built on the block system: it Moreton-in-the-Marsh, Northleach, Stow and Tetbury.
is intended to hold from 1,000 to 1,200 patients, but the
blocks at present erected will hold only about 400. Fredk. (4) The Forest of Dean division comprises the sessional
divisions of Coleford, Lydney, Newent and Newhaven.
Hurst Craddock M.A., M.B.c.s.Eng. medical superintendent;
Rev. WilIiam George Box B.A. chaplain; (1St asylum), (5) The Southern or Thornbury division comprises the
sesiional divisions of Lawford Gate (except so much as
WilIiam Tinker L.R.c.p.Lond. senior assistant medical is included in the parliamentary borough of Bristol),
Sodbury and Thornbury.
officer; R. Brice Smith M. A.. junior assistant medical officer;
}'red Renshaw, steward; William Jordan, head male

attendant; Miss Annie Ga1'1'y, head female attendant; MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT.
(2nd asylum), Edward Whishaw Henley L.R.C.p.Lond.
medical officer in charge; Miss Mary Ann Walker, chief Eastern division, Hon. Allen Benjamin Bathurst, Ciren-
female officer; James Thompson, clerk of the asylums and caster; & 41 Lowndes square sw & Bachelors' & Cartoon
clerk to the visitors; J. E. TucJter, financial auditor;
clubs, London s w

Henry P. Pike, stores auditor. Forest of Dean divisil)n, Right Hon. Sir Charles Wentworth

Her Majesty's Prison, built in 1791, at a cost of £35,000, Dilke bart. p.c., LL.M., ~.P. Dockett Eddy, Shepperton,
stands in the North Hamlet, Gloucester, on the site of the Halliford R.S.O. Middlesex; Payrford, near Woking; k

old castle: it was constructed on a plan snggested by John 76 Sloane street &Reform &Devonshire clubs, London sw

Howard, for the separation of hardened criminals and Mid division, Charles Alfred Cripps Q.C. Parmoor house
juvenile offenders; it has since been enlarged, and there Hambleden; & 32 Elm Park gardens 8 w & Oxford &
are now 300 separate cells for males and So fOl' females,
exclusive of rooms for debtors of both sexes. James Keech, Cambridge & Carlton clubs, London s w
chief warder in charge; Rev. James Hughes Owen B.A.
chaplain; Oscar William Clark M.A.., M.B. surgeon; Frank Northern division, Sir John Edward Dorington bart. M.A..,
WaIter Gibson, clerk and storekeeper; Miss Kate T. Curtin, D.L., l.P. Lypiatt park, Stroud; & 30 Queen Anne's gate
& Athenreum & Carlton clubs, London sw

matron. Southern division, Charles Edward Hnngeiford Athole

The General Infirmary at Gloucester (which now includes CoIston esq. B.A.. D.L., .J.P. Roundway IJ8rk, Devizes &

the Gloucestershire Eye Institution), is a structure of brick, Says court, Frampton Cotterell; &; 3,J Curmn street,
the central portion of which was erected in 1755 from Ma)·fair w & Carlton, Arthur's &; Wellington -clubs,

designs by Mr. L. Singleton: the south wing, erected in London sw


MILITARY. Western Counties Brigade. ••
The troops in 'this county are under the Western District
J Headquarters, Lower Bristol road, Bath. i It ,,-

Command. Place of Assembly, Bath

Bristol is the depot of Regimental District No. 28, Territorial Commanding Brigade, Col. G. E. Boyle, 1'etd. pay ,
Regiment, the Gloucestershire Regiment, comprising 1st Aide-de-Camp, Capt. D. G. L'E. Astley, N. Som__ Ye(). Cav

Battalion (28th foot), 2nd Battalion (6lst foot), 3rd Batta- Brigade Major, Major C. S. Shephard, ntd. pay

lion (Royal South Gloucester Militia), &; 4th Battalion Supply & Transport Officer, Capt. B. C. Cleave, 1st DeVon

(Royal North Gloucester Militia): the headquarters of Yeo. Cav

the 3rd Battalion is at Bristol &; full particulars are given Senior Medical Officer, Brigade-Surgeon-Lieut.-eol. F. F. 0

()f the Depot &; 3rd Battalion in the Bristol Directory, Lee M.B. 1St Wilts V. R. C

p. 421 &; of the 4th Battalion at p. 117 of the Gloucester- Comprising :_ f

shire Directory under Cirencester, where the headquarters 1st Volunteer Battalion Somerset Light Infantry, :Bath
of the 4th Battalion is placed.
2nd Volunteer Battalion Gloucestershire Hegiment,

YEOMANRY. Gloucester ,.

:zud Volunteer Battalion Worcestershire Regiment,' 'Wor.

3rd Yeomanry Brigade. o cester '

Formed of the Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry Cavalry & the Jst Wilt.shire Volunteer R. C. Warminster

Gloucestershire (Royal Gloucestershire Hussars) Yeo- 2nd Volunteer Battalion Wiltshire Regiment, Chippenham

manry Cavalry 2nd Volunteer Battalion Gloucester Regiment, Col. S. 'E.

Brigade Office, The Barracks, Gloucester Atkinson, lieut.-col. commanding; Hon. Lieut.-Col. M.
Commanding Brigade, The Senior Commanding Officer
Holland V.D. &; J. C. Griffiths. majors; Capt. Georg~
Brigade Adjutant. Major C. .Bishop, 9th Lancers Banaster, instructor 01 musketry; Capt. Ji'. M. Hex',

adjutant; Hon. Capt. G. W. Bailey V.D. quartermaster i

Gloucestershire (Royai Gloucestershire Hussars) Yeomanry Surg.-Capt. H. BrameweII, Surg.-Lieut. P. T. Luno,
Cavalry (formed in 1834 from the independent troops 01
Surg.-Lieut. M. A. Cooke, medical officers. Rev. Canon
Yeomanry then existing in the county & having as its
E. J. Houghton M.A. & Rev. W. J. Selby lIl.A. acting
first Colonel the then Marquis 01 Worcester, an old Penin-
chaplains; The Barracks, Gloucester.

sular staff officer).-Hon. Col. The Marquess of Worcester, Companies-A, Capt. J. V. Blood Thorpe &; B, Capt. H.

Lieut.-Col. commanding; Hon. Lieut.-CgJ. F. Henry, Knowles, The Barracks, Gloucester; C, Capt. Lindsey,

major; Surg.-Lieut.-Col. W. Wickbam &;~urg.-Lieut.­ D. Winterbotham, Drill hall, Bowling greeu, Strond ; D,

Col. A. Grace, medical officers; Veterinary-Lieut. J. B. Capt. G. Banaster, Drill haU, Gloucester row, Tewkes.

Jones M.R.C'."V.S••veterinary ()fficer; H. Hayward, regi- bur,)' i E, Capt. C. E. }<'. Mouat-Biggs, medical officer,

mental-sergt.-ma)or; headquarters, The Barracks, Glou- Crescent place, Cheltenham i' F, Capt. lames Gorden

cester :-A Squadron-A, Hon. Major H. H. Calvert, Wenden, Hev. N. W. Gresley M.A., .acting ehaplains,

commanding; Capt. W. H, Playne, second in command, Long street, Dursley; G, Lieut-. P. Huchanan, Coleltlrd ~

Gloucester; Troops :-Berkeley, Capt. W. H. Playne; J. H, Capt. D. J. Wintle, Newnham; I, Capt. Edward

Bennett, quartermaster; Gloucester, Hon. Major H. H. :Francis, Stow-on-the-Wold S.O.; K, Capt. Henry Mon..

Calvert; A. Perris, quartennaster, Gloucester :-B tague Spencer, Cbipping Campden 8.0 to;

Squadron-Hon. Major O. H. Palairet, commanding &

Hon. Major J. C. Matthews, second in command, Chel- CHAMBERS OF AGRIGULTURE. I

tenham; Troops :-Tewkeshury, Hon. Major C. H. Cirencester, J. M. White, president; Robert Anderson, !lee.
Palairet; H. VilIar, quartermaster, Cheltenham, Hon. Cicely hill, Cirencester.
Major J. C. Matthews; R. Bastin, quartennaster, Chel-
Gloucestershire, F. Baber, chairman: ArthuT Cummins
tenham :-C Squadron-Hon. Major R. P. Sandeman,
commanding; Capt. Cyrill Stac.ey, second in command; Wheeler, sec. Northgate, Gloucester

Bristol Troop :-Hon. Major R. P. Sandeman, see Bristol CHAMBERS OF CO:\'DIERCE.

Directory; Monmouth 'l'roop :-Capt. C. Stacey, see
Monmouth & SouthWales Directory :-D Squadron Capt. Gloucester, Alfred Slater, president i Philip John William
'rhos. Cardwell~ commanding; Capt. David Lindsay, Cooke, sec. 9 Berkeley lltreet, Gloucester

second in command, Bad'llinton; Troops :-Badminton, Gloucestershire Incorporated (Stroud branch), Edward

Capt. David Lindsay; G. Parker, quartennaster; Dod- Northam Witchell, local sec. Lansdown, 8troui

ington, Capt. Thos. CardweII; P. Lindrick, quartermaster,

Chipping Sodbury FAIRS AND MARKETS.

VOLUNTEERS. Berkeley, May 14, second mono in December, for cattle &

1St Gloucestershire Artillery: headquarters, Bristol. Com- pigs; markets, first wed. in eapl;1 month, excepting May
panies-No. 7, Capt. E. W. Prevost, in command; Surg.-
&, December
Major J. S. Carleton, medical officer, Newnham; No. 8
Blakeney, May 12 & November 12, for cattle &; sheep
Capt. :1". K. Seymour-l\Ietford, commanding; Rev. Her-
Chalford, mono after August 12, for pleasure
bert Charles :Foster, acting chaplain, The Barracks, Glou-
Cheltenham, second tburs. in April, August 5, second thurs.

in September &; third thurs. in December, for cattle et
cester. :For particulars of this Corps see Bristol Directory, cheese & first &; second thurs. after Michaelmas day for
hiring servants; market day, thurs. &; a cattle market

1St Gloucestershire Royal Engineers (comprising A, B, C, every alternate thurs

D, E, 1" & G companies): Hon. Col. Richard Bogers, Cbipping Campden, cattle sale last wed. in every month;

lieut.-col. commanding; George A. Cardew, major; market day, wed

Major T. A. Cregan R.E. adjutant; Surg.-Lieut.-CoL S. Chipping Sodbury, the fri. preceding Lady day &. Micbael-

Smith, Surg.-Lieut.-Col. D. J. Dutton & Surg.-Capt. G. mas day for hiring servants; market day, first and third

H. Ward-Humpbreys, medicfll officers; Rev. J. G. Der- tues. for cattle, sheep, pigs &; cheese

rick, Rev. W. S. FalIon M.A. Rev. J. Taylor & Rev. G. 1". Cirencester, mono before &, mono following Old Michaelmas

C. de Carterer, acting chaplains i Swindon road, Chelten- day, for hiring servants, &; one in November called Hol-

ham. Companies-A, Capt. E. E. Ricketts &; B, Capt. land fair; market day. mono ; market for live stock the
1\1. 'fanner, The Barracks, Gloucester; C, Capt. G. A. first & third mOD. in every month
Peake, D, 'f. E. RlCkerby, E, Capt. C. H. King & F, Capt. Coleford, June 20 &; last trio in August for wool, cattle &
W. B. Haworth, Swindon road, Cheltenham; G, G. E. cheese; market day, fri. & a cat~le market third tues. in
BrJdges, Abbey terrace, Winchcomb
every month

Cadet Corps, 1St Gloucestershire, Royal Engineers, Maurice Little 1>ean, Whit mono &; November 26, for cattle, sbeep &;
pI• gs
Tanner, hon. captain, Cheltenham college, Cheltenham
Dursley, May 6 &; December 4, for cattle & horses; market
2nd Gloucestershire Royal Engineers (The Bristol Engineer day, thurs. &; a monthly cattle nlluket the second tues.
Volunteer Corps): headquarters, Bristol; see Bristol in every month
Directory, p. 422
}<'airford, May 14, & November 12, &; second tues. in each

INFANTRY. month for cattle
Gloucester, the first sat. in April & July. last sat. in Novem-
Severn Volunteer Infantry Brigade.
Headquarters, 20 Mount street, Taunton. ber &; (Barton fair) September 28; market days, mon. &;

sat. ; stock marketIJ, first sat. in April & July, third mono

1st (City of Bristol) Volunteer Battalion, Gloucestershire in each month for cheese

Regiment, headquarters, Queen's road, Clifton, Bristol; Hawkesbury, last fri. in August, for cattle & sheep

Thornbury detachment, G Co. Capt. H. P. Thurston, Iron Acton, April 25 & September 13, 101' cattle, horses

Drill grounds, Tennis court, Thornbury R.S.O.; for sheep & pigs; when these dates fall on a sat. the fairs are

particulars of this battalion see Bristol Direcrory, p. 422 held on the following mon •


Lechlade, monthly market, last tues. in each month, for Tetbnry, Ash wed. & third wed. iu JuIJ, for cattle & sheep

sheep &; cattle & an annual fair September 9 &; wed. before or after November 10, for cattle; wed.

Lydney, May 4 & November 8, & a general wool &; stock before & after April 5, wed. before & after October IX, (or

fair June 25; cattle market first tues. in every month hiring servants; market day, wed. & a cattle market on

Marshfield, May 24 & October 24, for horses, sheep, cattle the second wed. in each month •

& cheese; market day, tues Tewkesbury, second & fonrth wed. in every month except

Moreton-in-Marsh, second tues. in every month, for cattle; October, for cattle, &; a pleasure fair October 10. wed.

market day, tues. & a corn market held weekly before &; wed. after October 10, for hiring servants; .

Nailsworth, market day, sat. & cattle & sheep market last market day, wed

tues. i n ev earf•vtemr onth er 19, for onions; stock market Tockington (Olveston), May 9 & December 6 for cattle
Newent, frL Septemb Uley,, beginning with the first sun. in September,

first tues. in each month September 1st being St. Giles' day

Newnham, June :u & October 18, for cattle Wickwar, market day, mon

Northleach, wed. before & wed. after October n, for hiring Winchcomb, last sat. in March &; July 28, for horses; sat

servants; market day, wed . before &; sat. after Old Michaelmas day, for hiring servant8

Stonehouse, May I & October ir, for cattle & pleasure market day, sat

t:3troud, market day, fri. & a. monthly market the third Winterbourne, June 29 &; October 18, for cattle

tues. in every month Wotton.nnder-Edge, September 25, for cattle &; cheese



OFFICERS OF THE BoARD. Alderman A. C. Wheeler

Chairman, J. W. Willis Bund esq C. H. Clutterbuck
J. Rice
Vice-Chairman, M. W. Colchester-Wemyss esq H. J. Radford

'rreasurer, A. C. Cherry, Old bank, Worcester

Clerk, John Stallard, jun. Pierpoint street, Worcester GLOUCESTERSHIRE REPRESENTATIVE MEMBERS.
Auditor, T. Chivers, Gloucester
Chairman of Sub-District Committee for Gloucesttlrshire, Charles Workman, grocer, Alvington, near Lydney
William Jones, general merchant, 6 Cookson terrace,Lydncy
)1. F. Carter esq Henry Harrison, fisherman, Queen street, Lydney

ELECTED l\.1EMDERS--COUNTY OF GLOUCESTER. Thomas A. H. Smith, accountant, Highfield, Lydney
Richard Beaumont Thomas, tin plate manufacturer, The

Joseph Richard Bennett esq. Chaxhill honse, Newnham Moorlands, Lydney

Sir Lionel Edward Darell hart. }<~retherne conrt, Stonehouse J. Higgs, Pouloon, near Blakeney
Frank S. Hockaday, Lydlley
Godfrey Ellis esq. Minsterworth

Col. Henry Thomas Salmon, 'fockington manor, Almonds- GLOUCESTERSHIRE EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS.
bury R.S.O
J amesShaplandSergeaunt esq. Tewkesbury park,Tewkesbury Herbert Jenner Fust esq. Hill court. Falfield

James Peter esq. Ham, .Berkeley James Miller, Newnham

Thomas Cadle, Gloucester Waiter Comely, Wottou-under-Edge

I<:dmund Viner Ellis esq. Gloucester Sir W. 1<'. G. Guise bart. Elmore eourt

'rhe Mayor of 'l'ewkesbury WaIter Cadogan, farmer, Awre

Cieorge William Keeling esq. Lydney Arthur S. Helps esq. Gloucester

Maurice Frederick Carter esq. Newnham Charles Morse esq. Blakeney

l\bynard Willowrhby Colchester-Wemyss esq. Westbnry-oll- John G. Eamer 6tiq. Alvin street, Gloucester

Rnssell James Kerr esq. The Haie, Newnham

His Grace the Duke of Beaufort It.G. Badminton park, Superintendent, WiIliam Clement, Craven Arms

Chippenham Lydney-Walter Prosser, Primrose hill, Lydney

C. .Hathnrst, JUDo esq. Lydney Wollaston-Charles Cullimore, Wollastou, near Lydney

O. Norris esq. Redwick, Pilnillg Newnham-Charles Knight, Severn cottage, Newnham

ELECTED MEMBERS-CITY OF GLOUCESTER. Thornbury-James C. Cornock, Oldbury-on-Severn, near


The Mayor. Berkeley-Vincent Sma.ll

Aluerman Trevor PowelI. Alexandra road, Gloucester Gloucester-Benjamin Keatesl r6 Alney terrace, Gloucester



':.ccal Goyernment Act, 1888, 51 & 52 Vie. c. 41

Under the above Act Gloucestershire, except certain such joint committee, and may be removed by them
(sec. 83-2).
boroughs, for which see below (a), after the 1St April,
The clerk of the peace of the county is also the clerk
188g, became, for the purposes of the Act, an adminis- of the County Council (sec. 83-1).
trative county (sec. 46), governed by 8 County Council,
consisting of chairman, aldermen and councillors, elected 'rh~ administrativA business ,of the entire County
(which, if this Act had not been pa,ssed, wuuld have becn
in manner prescribed by the Act (sec. 2).
transacted by the justices) i$ now transacted by th"
The chairman, by virtue of his office, is a justice of
County Council.
the peace for the county, without qualification (sec. 46). (a) Each of the following large boroughs, for
The police for the county is under the control of
the purpose of this Act, became au administrative
a standing joint committee of the Quarter Sessions and
the County Council, appointed as therein mentioned county in itself, called a County Borough (sec.
30), of which the municipal corporation has
(sec. g). the- power of a County Council (sec. 3I)-Bristol,

The coroners for the county are elected by the County Gloucester.

Council, and the clerk of the peace also appointed by

Meet at Gloucester.

Chairman-Sir John Edward Dorington bart. M.P., M.A., D.L., J.P. Lypiatt park, S~roud.
Vice-Chairman-Russell James Kerr esq. J.P. The Haie, Newnham.
Both the chairman and vice-chairman are elected annually.


Retire in 18g8. Rl'tire in 1901.
Agg Colonel William, Th£' Hewlettfl, Cheltenham
Bailey Thomas Pearce, Walgoaston farm, Berkeley B£'ach WilIiam Frederick Hicks, Wit combc park, Strond
Brain Thomas Bennett J.P. Euroclydon, Mitcheldf'Un Birchall John Dearman, Bowden hall, Gloucester
Cadle Thomas, Lynwood house, Denmark road,Gloucester CampbelI Sir James, bart. Redhill, Lrdney
Eldon Earl of D.t., J.P. Stowell park, Northleach
Hobbs James Turner, Maiseyharnpton, Fairford Ducie The Right Hon. Earl of, Tortwol'th court, Fal-
Leigh Edward Egerton J.P. :Manor house, Broadwell, field R.S.O

Stow-on-the-Wold Gui~e Sir William Francis George bart. Elmore court,
~tarling Sir Wm. Hy. bart. D.L., J.P. Stanley pk.Stroud
Kingscote Sir Robert Nigel Fitzhardinge K.C.B. 19
Shekell Thomas Stevens D.L., J.P. Pebworth, Stratford- South Audley street, London W
Priday William, Brockworth court, Gloucester
Thomus'Arnold, Severn bank, Newnham Waddin:rham John, Guiting gunl!C, Winchcnmb
Winterbotham J ames Batten, Cranley lodge, Welling-

ton square, Cheltenham



Electoral Division. Names & Addresses. Electoral Division. Names & Addresses.

Almondsbnry Lieut.-Col. Henry ThomalJ Salmon Chipping Campden... Rev. Canon Geo. Drinkwaur Bourne

D.L., ;l.P. '.fockington manor, 01- M.A. Weston-sub-Edge

veston, Almondsbury Chipping Sodbul'y ... Robert Nathaniel Hooper ;l.P. Stan·

Andoversford William Stavens Walker, Compton shawes court, Yate

Ahdale, Cheltenham Cinderford r Alfred Enoch Dykins, Station street,

Ashchnrch John Skipworth Gibbons .T.P. Bod- Cinderford

dington manor Cirencester Wilfred Joseph Cripps C.B., 1.P. The

Badminton James CoIlings }<'ry, Oldfield, Marshfld Walnnt trees, 13 Thomll.8 8treet,

Beckford Rev. WiIliam Darke Stanton, Tod- Cirencester

dington, Winchcomb Coleford John Webb Probyn, Abbenhalllodge,

Berkeley Thomas King, Berkeley Mitcheldean

Bisley Sir John Edward Dorington bart. Drybrook Francis William Thomas Brain, Tra-

M.P., M.A., D.L., ;l.p.Lypiatt park, falgar house, DrJ'brook

Stroud Dnrsley Robert Ashton Lister, Dursley

Bitton Rev. Canon Charles Joseph Parker Dymock Thomas Henry Hulls, Corse house,

M.A. Upton Cheyney, Bitton near Gloucester

Bourton-on-the-Watr John Reynolds, Upper Slaughter Eastington Sir Lionel Edward Darell bart.

Charlton Kings ....... Richard Vassar Vassar-Smith ;l.P. :Fretherne

Charlton park, Charlton Kings Fairford Gardner Sebastian Bazley, Hatherop

Cheltenham :- Horfield Castle, }<'airford

~ Wm. DayWatts,6 Egerton rd. HorfieId

North John Charles Griffith, Deanwood Kingswood George Fussell, Hill side, Kingswood

house, Pittville, Cheltenham Leckhampton George Backhouse Witts 1. P. Hill

Central James VaIHtone Moles, Vanstone house, Leckhampton

villa, Cheltenham Lydney.................. Richard Beanmont Thomas, Dennel

East Selim Smith, 67 High st. Cheltenham hill, Chepstow

South Richard Rogers, Battledown court, Mangotsfield .... Alfred Deedes, Manor house, Frenchay

Cheltenham Minchinhampton Edward Playne,.springfield, Minchin-

Middle John Dnnn Steel, jun. Coltham house, hampton

Hales road, Cheltenham Mitcheldean Maynard Willoughby Colchester-

West 1 Edward Henry Parsonage, Western Wemyss J. P. Westbury court,

vilIa, Western road, (jheltenbam N ewnham-on-~evcrn


Electoral Division. Names &; AddN'JSlle& Electoml Division. Names & Addresses.

Moreton-in-Marsh •.• Algernon Bertmm Freeman-Mitfon! St.onehouse •••••••••••• James Charles Clegg Kimmins, Ebley

C.B., M.P. Batsfon! park, Moreton- court, near Stroud

in-Marsh Stow-on-the-Wold ••• Alfred Sartoris, Abbotswood, Lower

Nailsworth •••.••••••.•• William George Clissold, Chestnut Swell

hill, Nailsworth Stroud .••.••.••.•••••..• Mark Bell Marshall. Northfield , Up-

Newent..•.••.•..••.••.•• Andrew Knowles ;I.P. Newent court, lands, Stroud

Newent Tetbury ..•..•.••.••..• George Thos. Sotheron-Estcourt D.L.,

Newnham RU!'l8ell James Kerr ;I.P. The Haie, I.P. Estcourt house, Shipton~oyn~

Newnham Tewkesbnry.•••••.••••• WaIter Jackson, Church street,

Norton Cerney.••..•..• Earl Rathurst, Cirencester hou88 'rewkesbury

Northleach ••• .•.... ••• Frederick Winterbotbam,The Birches, Thornbury ..•.••.••.•• Sir George Banks Jenkinson bart. J. P.

Stroud Eastwood park, }'alfield

Painswick Francis Adams Hyett B..\., ;I.P. Tidenham Robert Biddle, Woollaston, Sydney

Painswick house, Painswick Upton St. Leonards Lieut.-Col. John Frederick Cortis-

Pucklechurch ••..••..• Thomas Goorge Seymour, North- HaywarJ, Manor farm, Quedgele~',

woods, Frarnpton Cotterell Gloucester

St. Goorge (Central). Wil!iam Henry Butler, Summerhill, Westbury-on-Trym .. William Edward Budgett, Stoke

St. 6eorge lodge, Stoke Bishop, Bristol

St. George (East) .._ Goorge Bryant Britton, Kingswood, West Dean Re",. Sidney Jones Elsom, Yorkley,

Bristol Lydney

St. George (West) ..• Aloort Geo. Verrier, Gladstone house, Wheatenhurst Granville Edwin Llovd-Baker I.P.
Church road, St. G60rge, Bristol •
Hardwicke oourt, Gloucester

South Cerney ••••••.•• Thomas WiIliam Chester Master, jnn. Winchcomb Thomas Ward Swinburne I.P. Com-

;I.P. Knole, Almondsbury RS.O dean hall, Winchcomb

Stapleton •••.••.•.••.••• John Consins, Ridgeway Lawn, East- Wotton James White Pocock, Twigworth

ville, Bristol Wotton-under-Edlle.. Major-Gen. Robert Hale I. P. Alderlcy


County offices, Gloucester.

Name. Electoral Division. :'iame. Electoral D:vision.

Bathurst Earl D.L., J.P ::S-orth Cerney Jenkinson Sir J. B. bart. J.P 'l'hornbury

JJazley G. S. .•••.. ..• ••• .•• .•.•••..• ~'airford Keer R. J. I.P .••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Newnharn

Kimmins J. C. C Stonehouse
Bell M. 1\1••••....•••••••••••..•••.••.••..• Stroud

Riddle R. ..•...... ..•....•...•... .•• .•...•..• Tidenham King T ••• .•••. •••• ••••.• ••• ••••• ••••••• •••..• Herkeley

Bourne Rev. Canon G. D. M.A., F.S.AChipping Campden Knowlee A. J. P ••• Nell-ent

Brain }4'. W. T .•••.•••.••...•...•.•..••..• Drybrook Lister R. A. J.P Dursley

Britton G. B St. George (East) Lloyd-Baker G. E. • Wheatenhurst
South Cerlley
Budgett W. E 'Yestbury-on-Trym M~ter 'r. W

Butler W. H. I.P. . St. Goorge (Central) Moles J. V Cheltenham (Centrdl)

(Jlissold W. G. •.•.•••.••...•.•••••••••••• Nailsworth Parker Re,.. Canon C. J. M.A Bitton

Colchester-Wem)'ss M. W. I.P....... Mitcheldean Parsonage E.H Cheltenham (We~t)

Cousins J. ..........................•...... Stap]ewn Playne E... .••.•. ...• ••.•• .•.... ....••..• ?tlinchinhampton
Cripps W. J. c. B., J. P
Cirenccster P~ook J Wotton

Curtis-Hayward Lt.-Col. J. F. I.P Upton St. Leonards Probyn J. W •....••...•.••.••..•••..•.•..• Coleford

Darell Sir L. E. hart. • Eastington Reynolds J................ Bou rton-on-the-Water

Deedes A......... •••............. •••••..• ..• Mangotsfleld Rogers R Cheltenham (South)

Dorington Sir J. E. bart. M.P., 8artoris A Stow-on-the-",.old

M.A., D.L., I.P•••••••••••••••••••••••••• Bisley Salmon Lt.-Col. H. T. D.L., I.P Almondsbury

Dykins A. E. •••.•• ..•... •.•.•. .••• •.••...• Cinderford Seylnonr T. G .•••••....•..••••..•.••...••• Pucklechurch

EJsom Rev. S. J........•...•...........• West Dean Smith S Cheltenham (East)

Jo'reeman-Mitford A. B. C.B., D.L., Sotheron Estcourt G. T. D.L., ;I.P Tetbury

J.P••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Moreton-in-Marsh Stanton Rev. W. D Beckford
}4'ry J. C......
Badminwn Steel J. D Cheltenham (Middle)

}'usseJI G., J. P ••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Kingswood. Swinburne T. W. J.P Winchcomb

Gibbons J. S. I. P Ashchurch Thomas R. B......... .••.....• .•• ..• Lydney

Griffith J. C Cheltenham (North) Vasssr·Smith R. N. ,J.P Charlton Kin~s

Hale Maj.-Gen. R. I.P Wotton-under-Erfge Verrier A. G St. George (West)

Hooper R. N. I.P Chipping Sodbury Walker W. S... ••••••••.•.•.•••••.. .•••.• Andoversford

H nlls T. H •.••••••••.• ••••••••••••.••••• ••• Dymock Watts 'V. D •.•.••.••.••...•••.••.••..•..• Horfield

Hyett F. A. B.A., ;I.P Painswick Winterbotham F Northleach

Jackson W.•.•.•••••••••••.•••••••.•••••••• Tewkesbury Witts G. B. J.P•••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Uckhampton


Clerk to the Council, Edward Theodore Gardom, Shire Coleford; Lower division, Edwd. Mills Grace L.B.C.P.
Edin. Park house, Thornbury; deputy, Alfred Grace,
hall. Gloucester High street. Chipping Sodbury; Stroud division, Alfred
Connty Treasurer, John PleydeU Wilton Haiues, King
John Morton Ban, Market place, Stroud; deputy,Bichd.
street, Gloucester Henry Smith, Market place, Stroud; Upper dIVi"ioll,
County Analyst, G80rge Embrey F.C.S. County Labora- John Waghorne, 2 Crescent place,Cheltenham; deput,-.
Sydney Proctor Ryland, 2 Crescent place, Cheltenham
tor~', Belmont, Brunswick road, Gloncester
County Architect, Jas. Medland, 15 Clarence st. Gloucester Inspectors of Weights k Measures: :No. I Dil'trict,
; No. 2 District, J. Woolford, Fish.
County Surveyor. RoOOrt Phillips, Shire hall, Gloucester
Coroners for the Countv• , Forest division, Maurice Fredc. ponds, Bristol; No. 3 District. J. B. Biggs, :Newnham

Carter, :Newnham; deputy, William RobeJ-ts, High st.


The following table shows the acreage under each kind of crop, and the number 4)1 horses, cattle. sheep and pigll in
the County of Gloucester, all taken from the Agricultural Returns. 1896:-

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - _.'....---------- -_.'.... - - - - - - - - - - - - -----



Corn and cereals •....••••.••..•...•••••••....•.••.•• II8,272 Horses for a~culture •••.•...••....•.•.....•...•••• 19,299
Roots, artificial grasses, cabbage and rape... 49, 624 Unbroken horses ..••.••.••.•••.••.••.•.•.•,.••....•.• 1,4°7
86,61 9 38,748
Clover and grasses •••..•••••.•.•....•.•••.•.••..•.•• 392 ,964 Brood mares ." '., ,.. "." •.•••.• '" .,••...•. ,•.. ,....
Permanent pasture •...•.•~•.••..•.••..•.••.•..•••.• 49 Cows in milk or calf .••••••••••.••••••.•.•..••••••••
7,542 25,646
Hops ........••.•.•...•..........•••.•••..••••.•..•.•...• Other cattle :- 27,471
18,72 4 fallow .••.•••••.•.••••.•.•.••.••••.•.••.•••••••.••• Two years and above . 136,461
Orchards ..•....••.•..•••, . One yea.r and under two . 2 0 2 , 4 16
58,40 7 157,784
~Iarket gardens...................•.........•........• tInder one year ..•...•..•••••••.••...•..••..•..••...
Woods and plantations ••••..••••.••.., , Ewes kept for breeding.•••~ .
73,°3 2
Sheep, I J-ear old •••••••••••••••••••.••••••••••••••••

Ditto, under I J'pear •.••••.••.•••••••••••••••••••••••

Sows kept for breeding .

Other pigs •••.••.••••••••••••••...•••••••••••.•••.••••.

------'-, --~---'-,--~. *,------ -- - - - - - - - - - ' - _ . _ - - - - - ,- , - - - - -- - - - -

<iloucestershire contained in J891, inhabited houses .

~arislLes , •••••••, , ••••.•

In 1874, owners of land below I acre 29,280

Owners 01 land of I acre and upwards ,................... 8,425

Total acreage of rated lands 11" ••• •••••• ••• 37,7°5
••• 7°1,5°4

}tateable value [2,946,592

Mountain and Heath land used for grazing, acres 5,954

'fotal acreage of the Count)"••..•..•..•..••..•••••••.•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 802,875


THE stretta which compose the county of Gloucester have I The surface of the county plainly divides itself into four

$0 long and repeatedly been carefully examined by competent regions, but two of these are closely related. Fir~t, we have

geologists, that we are well acquainted with, at all events, on the west of the Severn a forest reg-ion, including the

their general relations and mode of occurrence; it will, in- Forest of Dean Coal-field and the old Siluriun rocks of May

deed, be impossible to name one-half of the workers who Hill. The second region much resembles this, but lies on

ha\'e contributed to the literature of the subject, for in the the other side of the Severn; it includes the Bristol coal-

preparation of even this brief account, we havo consulted field, with the Siluriun rocks of Tortworth. The flat IUlldll

some hundreds of books, papers, notes, &c. round the Severn forming the well-known "Vale of the

Amrmg the earlier workers we may name William Smith~ Severn," constitute the third region, and the fourth consists

H. Cumberland. 'r. Weaver, W. Lonsdale, J. Buddle, of the Oolitic rocks, which, in the east of the cotmty form a

Murchison and Strickland, Brodie and Buckman. Professor well-marked escarpment With an old table-land on the top,

Phillips has described the old rocks of May Hill and Tort- gently sloping eastwards.

worth; of the eoal-fields Professor Hull gives a good general The elevatIOns of a. few points are Pewsdown IIiH, 1,200

account in his" Coal-fields of Great Britain," and the same feet; Cleave Cloud, 1,081 feet; Leckhampton Hill, 978 feet;

anthor, as a member of the Geological Survey, mapped and Painswick Hill, 929 feet; Stinchcombe Hill, 725 feet;

described much of the Cotteswold district. Dr. Wright and Tewkesbury Market House, 45 feet; Gloucester Cathedral,

Dr. Lycett have added greatly to our knowledge of the 58 feet; Stone Church, 100 feet.

fossils of the Liassic and Oolitic strata, and each has also In describing the strata' it will be the simplest plan to

published masterly descriptions of portions of the county- begin with the oldest or first-formed, and then to take in

the former in his addres& to the Geological Section of the turn the overlying beds.

lJritish Association (Bristol meeting, 1875), and the latter UPPER SILURI~N }<'ORlIIATION.-There are two uncovered

in his "Handbook ot the Cotteswold Hills" (published in areas of Silurian rocks in this county: they are both exposed

1857). at the surface through having been thrust up by volcanio

I<'ort-Major Austin has diligently studied the Millstone upheavals from below, which produced faults or dislocations

Grit; but in connection with Carboniferous Rocks the palm in the rocks; thus it has been calculated that the rocks

must be awarded to Mr. W. Sanders, whose map of the of May Hill are 9,000 feet above their proper position. We

coal-field, on a scale of four inches to a mile, was a marvel- can trace a hne of upheaval running northwards by 'Wool-

lous achievement for a single private individual to accomplish. hope, and southwards from May Hill to Purton Passage

In the fine museum of the Bristol Philosophical Institution, and then on the other side of the Severn, bringing up rocks

there is a grand series of local rocks and fossils, whose col- of the same age round Berl,eley and Tortworth.

lectioB and display are mainly due to the energies of Messrs. 111ay Hill.-Here the central dome or mass is formed of

Etherldge, Tawney, and Sollas; and the Natural History the Upper Liandovery, or May Hill Sandstone; then comes

Soeiet1of Bristol, together with the Cotteswold Field Club, a slight encircling ridge composed of WooIhope Limestone;

have done much good in exciting a love for the study of then a depression formed bty' the Wenlock Shales, 'With a.

geology. ridge beyond of Wenlock limestone, and on the outside again,

The whole county has been geologically mapped on the the Ludlow beds: the area here composed of Silurian rocks

!csle of one inch to a mile by the Government Geological measUTes about 6 miles north to south, by 3 mdes east to

Survey, and these maps, with the accompanying memoirs west, and includes the eminence known as Huntley Hill.

by Professor Hull, Mr. H. B. Woodward, &c., fonn a The summit of May Hill (which is also known as Yartledon

thorough and complete guide to the subject. To the Rev. Hill), ilP clad with firs, and affords a very fine view in all

W. S. Symonds, Rev. F. Smithe, Professors Rupert-Jones, directions: there are several old quarries from which the

Judd, Jukes, and Tate, and Messrs. R. Etheridge, W. W. ordinary Silurian fossils may be obtained, such as thE

Stoddart, J. W. Salter, W. C. Lucy, and many others, we corals Petraia Favosite,', &c., the shells Chonete.i lata, Stm-

can only express our general obligations. phomena depressa, with fragments of trilobites, &c. Lt

As in other regions, the present configuration of Gloucester- Dymock, the Downton Sandstones are quarried; the!'e are

shire depends mainly upon the nature of the rocks which passage beds between the Silurian and Old Red Sands~one

form its various parts, and on the way in which these have formations. '

been acted on through long periods of time by agents of 11te Tortwo1·th IJistl-ict.-Hcre again 'We have 'the same

denudation-the sea, rivers. rain, ice, chemical actjon. &c. ' beds as at 1\lay HUI; they form a 10Ilg strip, reach'hg 12


miles due south from Tite8 Point on the Severn e their Grit (500 feet) which form high rIdges, and in the centre

extreme width near Stone is 21 miles: the district is the the Coal-measures form poor, sandy, and peat-covered Hoil,
least picturesque of all the Silurian tracts which lie on the on which, nevertheless, some of the finest oak and brech

81i8tern borders of Wales-. no portion of the 8urfaceattaining trees which England has ever produced have grown. The

the height of 200 feet above sea-level. The Upper Llandovery Coal-measures are 2,765 feet in thickness. and contain 15

lleds stretch from 'fortworth to Stone, and are again seen seams of coal, of which only 8 are of & thickneslI of 2 feet

at. Charfield Green: they are chietly Red Micaceous Sand- and upwards: the area of the coalfield is about 34 square

stones. with a westerly dip of about 25 degrees, and are miles: the amount of coal raised in 1879 was 779,428 tons

traversed by several sheets of igneous rock (basalt) which is from 55 collieries; of ironstone (brown hematite) S8,oco

quarried for road metal. Beds of Wenlock Shale with two tOIlS were obtained. In one seam. the Coleford Hirh Dell,

bands of Wenlock Limestone extend from Cinderford Bridge there is a fine illustration of what colliers call a .. Horse."

southwards to Whitfield: they dip to the east and are over- where the coal has been swept away and replaced by sand-
.laid conformably by Ludlow Shale, Sandstone, and Lime- stone; it can be traced for over twa miles, amI Ta,ries in

stone: the latter strata also occur further north round breadth from 170 to 340 yards: these .. Horse8"evldently

llerkeley and run up to the banks of the Severn: this tract mark old river channels which were cut through the mass

of Silurian rocks is traversed by several faults, and is an of "egetable matter, then in a comparathely soft state,

intricate and difficult region to understand. which has sin~e been eompressed and hardened into coal.

THE OLD RED S.\.NDSToNE.-Beds of this agoe co\"er a. Coal beneath the ~'e'e1'il.-The two coal-fields ,,'e have

great surface area in Herefordshire, and stretching east- described are connected by a third, which lies between them.

ward, they pass completely round the Siluria.ns of May Hill, The railway cuttings near Almondsbury and the borings in

encircling also, save at one point on the south, the Forest of the bed of the river at English Stones and other points, show

Dean Coal-field; they form the banks of the Severn for a.bout that Coal-measures exist beneath the Seyern and the adjoin-

a mile north and 2 miles south of Purton Passage, and ing low lands, from Denny Island up as far as Berkeley:

crossing the stream. pass southwards through Berkeley to from the disturbed state of the beds, however, and the

Cinderford Bridge: again in this region they extend from difficulty of aCC68S to them, it is no t likely that this area will

Thornbury to Milbury Heath and thence come round in admit of profitable working.

a narrow band south of 'fort worth to 'Vickwar Common. THE PERMIAN FORMATION. - Only a very small area is

In the extreme south of the county we again see them in the occupied by the Permians in this county: they are !leen as

gorge of the Avon, at Clifton, rising up from beneath the breccias, resting on the southern flank of the l\1alverns.

Carboniferous Limestone: where exposed. they are usually north of Bromesberrow; and the Rev. W. S. S)'monds has

soon to consist of red marls and red and brown sandstones, detected them on the eltst .ide of May Hill.

,vith some thin bands of impure nodular 'limestone, called THE TRIAS.-11le Buntel' &'IIdsto'lle is seen at. Bromes-

cornstone : they form a poor stony soil in this district, and berrow to rest uncollforma bly on the Permian breccias;

fossils are yery scarce; a few fish scales and spines have, further south this stratum has thinned out altogether, and

however, been found: near the top is a bed of conglomerate; the Keuper Beds are saen to rest directly upon Carboni-

the well-known Logan, or rocking-stone, called the" Buck- ferous and Devonian strata. : in the Bristol district, a deposit," near Monmouth, is formed of this conglomerate: called the Dolomitic Con,qlomerate forms the tase of the

sections are exposed along the Wye, on the banks of the Keuper series: it is usually under 30 feet in thickness, and

Severn, in road-cuttlngs near Drybrook, Forest of Dean, is composed of rounded and angular pebbles of Carboniferous

and at lllany points near Tortworth Hill and l\Iilbury Limestone, cemented together by carbonates of lime and

Heath. magnesia: it appears to have been formed as a pebble-beach

THE CARBONIFEROUS FORl\lATION. -As Gloucestershire fringing the land, whilst the Keuper marls and sandstone'S

includes two distinct coal-fields it will perhaps be better to were being deposited further out at sea: at the Yate Roclls,

describe them separately. near Chipping Sodbury, it is of a yellow tint; it forms

1.. The Bi,istol Coal:field.-Under this term we include irregular patches south of Durdham Down, and round

all tho Carboniferous rocks lying between Bristol and Kings- Henbury, 'fhornbury, and on the opposite side of the

wood on the south, and Tortworth on the north. The beds Severn west of Tidenham: near Durdham Down, bones of

called Lo,~e,. Limestone Shale form the base of the entire two species of saurians were found in this bed in 1836, and

series, and are 500 feet thick in the gorge of the Avon, were described by Dr. Riley and Mr. Stuchbury; they

whert'J they contain the Bone or fish-palate bed, only 4 to 6 referred them to the genera PalreoSll1lMl,' and

inc~hell thick, but containing an immense quantity of fossils. saurus; Professor Hurley states that the~' both belong to the

The Cal'bOlt~fel'oUIJ 01' Mountailt Limestone is 2,600 feet in Dinosauria.

thickneRso From Clifton and Dnrdham Down it runs north The New Red or Ketlper j[mols are of a red tint, with tnany

t(l West-bnry and King's Weston: after a break we again see streaks or patches of a bluish-green: they form low ground

it at Almondsbory Hill, and thence follow it along the and run from Bristol to Tytherington, and then furtMr

Uidgeway to Olveston, and nortn-east to beyond Cromhall, north form part of the vale of the Severn, between Glouces-

whence its curves Sf)uth wards past Wickwar to Chipping ter and the Malvern Hills: here they dip steadily to the east

Sodbury. It forms bare and rugged scenery, with a thin at a low angle; their thicknesa at Bristol is 300 feet, but

redditlh soil, and makes an excellent white lime: it is also north of Gloucester it is perhaps double this amount: they

used for road metal and for building purposes: fossils are form a rich loamy soil; veins of ~ypsum are common, and

numerous, especially brachiopods. crinoids, and corals; the mineral celestine is abundant in the Bristol district:

indeed, much of the rock seems to be composed of the frag- fossils are scarce or absent; and, as elsewhere, these Triassic

mentary joints of crinoids. The UpJNr Limestone Blurle is Beds appear to have been depositeq in salt-lakes of great

the term applied to the alternations of shales and sandstones extent. •

with impure limestones and thin seams of COlt] which form THE RHJETIC OR PENARTH BEDS.-These are very thin,

the passage beds between the subjacent beds of pure lime- usually under 50 feet in thickness ~ but from the number

stone and the overlying Millstone Grit: the latter is usually and nature of their fossils. they are of high interest to the

a hard close-grained grit 2r quart15ite; miners call it the geologist; they form a considerable spread of land round

.. Farewell Rock," inasmuch as it underlies all the workable Patchway station, and can be traced as a very narrow band

coal-seams: its thickness is about 1.000 feet: at Clifton it running due north from the Avon to Tites Point, and

has been largely quarried for building-stone; it is ag'l1in thence north-east along the Severn to Tewkesbury: the sec-

e"tposed south of Crumhall, and can be traced southwards to tions at Garden Point, Frcthern, Aust Cliff, and other

Yate. but elsewhere it is covered over and concealed by points along the Severn are well known: the Rhretics usually

Secondary Rocks. consist of 15 to 20 feet of buff marls at the base, then 10

1'h~ Coal-measures are divided into an upper and lower feet of black and light-coloured shales, with one or more
series, each about 2.000 feet thick, and composed of shales "bonebeds," and lastly,the white earthy limestoneS(lo to 15
and sandstones with bands of iron-stone and seams of coal: feet) called White Lins: at Cotham we find the ",oell-known

these two series are separated by a thick mass of sandstone, Land...cape st01le,a thin bed of hard limestone,whose beautiful

the Pennant Grit, which varies from 1,000 to 2.000 feet in marking-s are due to the infiltration of oxide of manganese:

thicknes!l; it contains much iron-ore, and is largely quarried the shells Avicula contOl'ta and Cardiu11I Rharticu11l,are e\'er,y-

for building purposes. There are 20 seams of coal above 2 where common; but these Rhretic Beds will well repay the

feet in thickness, and the outcrop~ of the principal seams local collector for his most as!liduous attention.
can be traced over an area ext~ndiIl!! south wards from THE LIAs.-Stiff brown and blue clays of liassic age enter

Cromhall through Iron Actoll, Westerleigh. Stapleton, and Gloucestershire near Stratford-on-Avon, where they attain

Mangotsfield to near Kingswood, where an anticlinal line, a thickness of 500 feet and extend in a south-westerly

accompanied by a fault. causes the beds to roll over and dip direction by Cheltenham and Gloucester, here forming the

to the south, thus forming a partly separate basin between eastern part of the vale of the Severn, and passing on,)J~

the Avon and the Mendip Hills. The quantity of coal raised Dnrsley and 'Yickwar to Bitton; there are also two Iar~

in the Gloucestershire basin in 1879 was 471,290 tons. liassic ontHers north of Brilltol, one round IIorfiel(l "Bnd

2. The F.orelt of Dean Coal:field.-Here the strata f(lrm a Filt(ln, and the other round Al,est{lU. besides "mall- one~

very perfect" basin; "on the outside we have encircling further north: at the base of the lias several bandll of lime-

rings ()f Mountain Limestone (600 feet thick) and )liilstone stone jlre interstratified with bluish shales, and these- are


worked near Tewkesbury and elsewhere: the Lower Lias stratum of the Oolites is fossiliferous, and the coral8, !!l'a-
forms rich pasture land, furnishing material for the famous
" double Gloucester" cheese. urchins, shells, &c., show the beds to have been deposited in

11tt Middle Lias or A'lm·l.,tone runs along the slope of the a moderately deep sea studded with islands, and enjoying' a
warm, almost tropical climate. At present these Oolitic
Cotteswold Hills, thickening as we follow it northwards beds form the Cotteswold Hills, having a Ilteep escarpment
from a few feet near Bitton to 120 feet at Leckhampton. facing to the west and a gentle slope coinciding with the dip
of the strata to the eastward. Formerly, however, there
The Upper Lia.s shales which come next behave in a similar can be no doubt that they stretched westward right across

manner, but are a8 much as 300 feet thick at Cleeve Cloud: the vale of the Severn, and abutted on the MalvernB, and
they contain nodular layers of limestone which have yielded Welsh Hills.
line fossil fishes. 'fhe Lias generally is rich in fossils, but



A, Ammonitl!s b(fl'ons, Upper Lins j H, Ammonites mat'garitatus, ~iddle Liasj C. Ammonites bislllcatus, Lower Lias.

the various Anl1nonites which characterise different zones or RECENT DEPOSITs.-The existence of glacial deposits in

levels, and the gigantic bones of extinct saurians, are espe- Gloucestershire is still rather a doubtful point: pebbles of

clally noteworthy. Like the Red Marls beneath, the Liassic quartzite, grit, hornstone, &c., are freely scattered over the

strata dip eastwards, "\lSually at from 2 to 5 degrees only, surface and are termed" Northern Drift:" deoubt:ess they

so that in small sections they appear quite horiwntal. came from the north, but their carrialre by gJaclers or

THE OoLITEs.-The Midfm'd Sands are passage beds well icebergs cannot be said to have been detimtely proved:

Fleen at Frocester Hill,Nailsworth, Wotton-under-Edge, &c.: beds of gravel and sand containing marine shAlls occur a'

their thickness is very variable, but never above 150 feet. elevations which show a. submergence of the di!oltrict to the

The Inferior Oolite lies upon the above-named strata: it is depth of at least 500 feet since the glacial period, and th..n

264 feet thick at Leckhampton, but thins both to the south I doubtless the sea swept between the Cotteswolds and the

Oarea M(tr.~hif, an oyster with both G1'!lphfl!(I illrrtl"ra, R thick shelled

valvea oi. the shell plaited. Combm,h. oyster from the Lolrer LillS.

and ea!!t: it yields an excellent building-stone and is l~rrgely Malverns, Conning the Straits of Malvern: of still Inter date
quarried at Gniting, Stanway Hill, Clee\'e Cloud, Leck- are the alluvial deposits of the Sel'ern, the muds and gravels

hampton Hill, Painswick Hill, &c. The Fuller's Earth is a which form flat meadows bordering the exil;ting lltream.

blue and yellow clay, 128 feet thick at Wotton-nnder-Edge, PREHISTORIC MAN.-Of the stone tools used by tlle f'a..1v

of70 feet at Stroud, and absent altogether in the extreme inhabitants of this country before they discol'l'red the art

north-east of the county: it was formerly worked for cleans- smelting metalHe ores, we have instances of celts, axe-hearls
ing woollen cloth, but its use for this purpose has now made of flint, found at Cherbury (~amp, Puser, Faringdon,

almost gone out. The Great OoTite is another excellent and among the relics found at the Roman villa at Grrot

building-stone, much worked at Minchinhampton : abm'e it, Witcombe was a British hatchet of flint j anotl'er made of

between Cirencester anr! NorthJeach, we find the Fm'est green-stone was found near Cirencester: a hammer stone
Jlfal'ble 40 feet thick and composed of shelly limestones and of quartzite is recorded from Whittington Wood, and flint

thin beds of clay; then comes a thin rubbly limestone-the flakes or knives from Oakley Park, Rodmarton and MichpJ·

Cornbrash-and lastly, occupying a small area south of dean: at the latter place and at Turk Dean arrowhead!4 of

Fairford and Cirencester, the Oxford Clay. Almost every the same material have been found.

W. J. H.




THE RIGHT HONORABLE THE EARL OF DUCIE, P.C. Tortworth court, "Falfield R.S.O.


RUSSELL JAMES KERR, Esq. The Haie, Newnham•

.. . . •

Marked thus • are also Deputy-Lieutenantl!o

Ackers Bellja.min St. John esq. Runtley manor, Glo'ster Byass Robert Nicholl esq. Wyck Hill house, Wyck.

Agg Col. William, The Hewletts, Prestbury R.S.O Rissington, Stow-on-the-Wold S.O

Agg-Gardner Jomes Tynte esq. Evesham house,Cheltnhm Campbell Sir J ames bart. Red hill, Lydney

-Ancrum William Rutherford M.D. St. Leonards court, Capel Lt.-Col. William, 13 Morpeth mansions, Victoria
Gloucester street, London S W

Apperley .Alfred esq. Rodborough court, Strond Carrington Harold Tartt esq. M.A. 4 College lawn,

Arbutbnot Col. George R.A. Norton court, Gloucefi1ter Cheltenham

Archer Lt.-Col. David, Lushill house, Highworth, Wilts Cartwright Marcus Gage esq. The Cottage, Stroud

Arnold Col. Stanley, Adlestrop house, Chipping Norton Case-Walker Capt. By. Ashton, Beckford hall.Tewkesbury
Cator Albemarle esq. B.A. Woodbastwick hall, Norwich
Ashwin J ames esq. Bretforton, near Evesham

Ashwin W. H. esq. Bretforton, Evesham *Cav.e Sir Charles Daniel hart. Stoneleigh house, Clifton

At-kinson Col. Stephen Edward park, Bristol

Averill Isaac esq. Southview, Broadway, Worcester Cave Daniel Charles Addington esq. Stoneloigh house,

Daillie Capt. William Hunter Clifton park, Bristol

Baker Granville Edwin Lloyd esq. Hardwicke court, Chadwick Robert Newton esq. Farncombe, Broadway,

Gloucester Worcestershire

Baker Henry Orde Lloyd esq. The Cottage, Hardwicke, Chamberlain Geoffrey Phayre esq

Gloucester Chamberlayne Henry Ingles- esq. Maugersbury manor,

Baker William Meath esq. :M.A. Hasfield crt. Gloucester Stow-on-the-Wold S.O

Barkley Henry Charles esq. 6 Cricklade st. Cirencester Cheetham Joshua Milne esq. Eyford Park house, :Bour-

"V*Bathurst Earl, Cirencester house, Cirencester &; 20 ton-on-the-Water
Grosvenor gardens, London S Chetwood-Aiken John Chetwood esq. The Glen, Stoke

lJathurst Charles esq. B.A. Lydney park, Lydney Bishop, :Bristol

Bathurst Charles, jun. esq. Lydney park, Lydney Clarke Rev. J. W

Baylis ,Philip esq. Whitemead park, Parkend, Lydney Clifford Hy. Francis esq. Frampton grange, Frampton-

*Badey Sir Thomaa Sebastian bart. l\LA. Hatherop castle, on-Severn, Stonehouse

Fairford Codrington Sir Gerald William Henry bart. Dodington

Bazley Gardner Sebastian esq. Hatherop castle, Fair- house, Chipping Sodbury

ford Colchester-Wemyss Maynard Willoughby esq. Westbury
*Beaufort Duke of K.G., P.C. Badminton house, Great court, Newnham

Badminton S.O. & Stoke park, Stapleton Cole William Querns Lane house, Cirencester

Belfield Capt. William, Malmains, Frenchay, Bristol Conant Henry John esq. Willoughby hall, Grantham

Bengough John Alan George esq. M.A. The Ridings, Coney Herbert Frederick, 'The Poplars, Pucklechurch,

Wotton-nnder-Edge Fishponds R.S.O .

*Bengongh John Charles esq. Upton, Poole, Dorset Cook Surg.-Gen. Henry M.D., F.G.S., F.B.M.S.,

Bennett Joseph Richard esq. Chaxhill house, Kewnham F.R.G.S. Prior's Mesne, Aylburton, Lydney

*Biddulph Michael esq. M.P. Manor house, Kemble, Ciren- Crawley-Boevey Sir Thomas Hyde hart. Flaxley abbey.
cester &; 19 Ennismore gardens, London S W

lJlandy Frederick ellq. Birchamp house, Newland, Coleford Crawshay Edwin esq. The Grove, Bathesston. Bath

*Blathwayt George Wm. esq. Dyrham park, Chippenham Crawshay William esq. 7 Pittville terrace, Cheltenham

Borrer John Hamlyn esq. Angeston grange, illey, Dursley Cripps Edmund William esq. Ampney park, Ampney

*Bourne Rev. Canon George Drinkwater M.A., F.S..!.. Crucis, Cirencester
*Cripps Wilfred Joseph esq. C.B., M.A., F.S.A. The
Rectory. Weston-sub-Edge, Broadway

Bowly Christopher esq. Siddington house, Cirencester Walnut Trees, Cirencester

Brain Thomas Bennett esq. Enroc1ydon, Drybrook Croker-Kin~ Lieut.-O:Jl. Charles Edgar, Cambridge housl'.

Bright Alfred Charles esq St. George's road, Cheltenham

Brocklehurst Henry Dent esq. Middlethorpe manor, York Cullimore William esq. Moreton house,Thornbury R.S.O

Brown Alfred esq. Oak bank, Tnffiey, Gloucester Curtis-Hayward Lieut.-Col. John Frederick, :Manor :Farm

Brown Wm. Henry esq.Grovesend house,Alveston R.S.O house, Quedgeley, Gloucester

Browne Sir Benjamin Chapman D.C.L., C.E. West Acres, *Darell Sir Lionel Edwd. bartoFretherne rourt,Stonehou!t9

Benwell, Newcastle-on-Tyne *Davies Lieut.-Col. James, The Garth, Dixton,Monmth

Browne Lieut.-Col. James Henry Granville. Blanchworth Davies Edwd. Jenner esq.M.A. Haywardsend,Stonehouse

house, Dursley . Davies William esq. M.A
Browne Col. Wm. Lloyd, Peers en. Stinchcombe, Dnrsley Davy William esq
Deakin Thomas Hedges esq. Parkend. Lydney
Bruce Samuel esq. Norton hall, Campden S.O

Bubb Henry esq. illlenwood house, Cheltenham Deane George Onslow esq. Boyce court, Dymock, Glo'stpr

Buckler John :Russell esq. 2 Collingham gardens, South de Ferrieres The Baron Charles Conrad Adolphus Du

Kensington, London S W Bois F.S.S. Bays Hill house, Cheltenham

llulley Frederic Pocock esq. Barton lodge, Steeple Aston, De Maulev Lord, Lang-ford house (Oxon), Lechlade

Oxon Derham Henry esq. Sneyd Park house, Clifton, Bristol

EuUer Major Francis John Paul. IS Dollar stoCireneester De Winton Capt. 'fhomas RoA. Wallsworth hall, Glo'ster
Dickens William PllTk esq
Butler William esq. I auton grove, auton, Bristol

Butler Wm. Henry esq. Summerhill honse, St. Geor~e, Dickinson Alfred Ernest esq. Newark park, Wotton-

Butoorworth Reginald Wyndh3m ellq Dighton Capt. John Henry, Oak house, Newland, Coleford


Dighton Rev. Charles Edward M.A. Maisemore vicarage, Hutchinson James esq. The Poole, Hereford

Gloucester Hutton Crompton esq. B.A. Harescombe grange, Stroud
Dixon Mark Thomas esq Hyde John esq. Southleigh, Chesterton, Cirencester

Dixon-Hartland Sir Frederick Dixon bart. M.P., F.S.A., Hyett Francis Adams RA. Painswick house, Stroud

F.R.G.S. 14 Chesham place, London S W Hyde John esq. Southleigh, Chesterton, Cirencester

*Dorington Sir John Edward bart. M.P., M.A. Lypiatt Hyett Francis Adams B.A. Painswick house, Stroud

park, Stroud &; 30 Queen Anne's gate, London S W Jackson George Mavel' esq. Sandford lodge, Thirlestaine

DowdeaweU Arfhur Christopher esq road, Cheltenham..

Ducie Earl (Of, FiC., F.R.S., F.R.G.S. Tortworth court; JaJDes Arthur John elq. Edgelfortb ..anOl', brencester

F~eld R.S.O. &.xo Portman square, London S W Jenkins Richard Palmer t'sq. Deacbley lodie.. Cbepstow

Dugdme Jas. esq. Sezincot house, Moreton-in.the.Marsh *Jenkinson Sir George Danks bart. Eastwood park,

Dynevor Lord, Vynevor castle, Llandilo, Carmarthenshire Falfield RS.O
Edwardes Thomas Dyer esq. Prinknash Park, Stroud Jmner-Fust Herbert esq. LL.D. Hill court,Falfield RS.O

Elcho L<>rd, Stanway house, Winchcomb R.S.O. &; 62 Jenner-Fust Herbert, jun. esq. M.A. Westbourne,Lancstr

Cadogan square, London S W Kear J ame'! esq. Cinderford, Newnham

*Eldon Earl of, Stowell park, Northleach RS.O.; &; 43 Keeling Geo. William esq. 10 Lansdown ter. 'Cheltenham

Portman square, London 1V Kerr Russell James esg. The Haie, Newnham (chairman

Ellicott His Honor Judge Arthur Beecher M.A.TheCulls, of 1St court of quarter sessions)
Stroud Kerr Russell James esq. jun. Culver house, Newnham
Elwes Algernon Leveson esq. Stratton house, Cirencester Kimmins Jame~ Charles Clegg esqJ. Lightpill house,

Elwes Henry John esq. F.Z.S., F.L.S. Colesborne park, Rodborough, Stroud
near -Cheltenham *Kingscote Nigel Richard Fitzhardinge esq. 34 Charles

Evans Philip James esq. Burleigh court, Stroud street, Berkeley square, London W

Faulkner John esg. Benbow ho. Kempsford, Fairford S.O *Kingscote Col. Sir Robert Nigel }<'itzharding-e K.C.B.

Fedden E'.enry esq. Fern hill, Lawrence West{ll1, Bristol 34 Charles street, Berkeley square, London 'W

Fitzhardinge Lord F.S.A. Berkeley castle, Berkeley Knowles Andrew esg. Newent court, Newent
Fletcher Henry Studd eliq. Lydbrook, Ross Knox Maj. Vicesimus, I Princes gate, London S W

Porster Stuart -esq. Postlip hall, Winchcomb R.S.O Lawrence Christian Wm. esq. Sandywell park, Andovers-

Foster Rev. .John Priestley M.A ford· RS.O

Foster Thos.Nelson Qsg..A1lt Dinas,Overton l'd.Cheltenhm Leatham Arthur Wm. esg. M.A. Miserden pk.Cirencestr

Fox Francis Frederick esq.Yate house,Chipping Sodbury Leatham Edwd. .Aldam esq. M.A. Miserden pk.Cirencstr

*Freeman-Mitford Algernon Bertram esg. C.B. Batsford Leigh Lord P.C., LL.D.,M.A.Stoneleigh abbev,Kenilwrth
Leigh Edward Egerton esq. BroadweIl Manor hOUl~e.
park, Moreton-in-the-Marsh

Fussell George esq. Hillside, Kingswood Stow-on-the-Wold S.O
Gainsborough Earl of, Carlton club, London S W Leigh William esq. Woodchester park, Stonehouse

Gardner Wm. esq. Prestwich lodge, Pittville Circus rd. Lister Robert Ashton esq. The Towers, Dursley
Cheltenham Little Maj. Archibald Cosmo, Upton home, Tetbury

Gibbons John Skipworth esq. Boddington manor, Chel- Little Edward Caruthers esq. Pitchcombe ho.. Strond
tenham Little John Caruthers esq. Pitchcombe ho. near Strond

Gist Major Francis, The Cottage, Kingscote, Wotton- Lloyd Fras. Montague esq. The Grange, Newnham

under-Edge Loraine-Grews Capt. Robert Alfred, Xaval & Military club,

Gladwin Hamilton Fane esq. Seven Springs, Cubberley, London W
Cheltenham Luey William Charles esg. F.G.S. II Campden Hill

Godfrey Col. Albert Henry, The Greenway, Shurding- square, London W

ton, Cheltenham Lucy William Charles, jun. esq

Goodwin Fredk. esq. A.K.C. The College, Northleach Marling Major Percival Scrope V.C. Stanley park.
Selsley, Stroud; &; 41 St. James' place, London S W

Goodrich William Wynne esq. Coombe lodge, Wotton- Marling Samuel Stanley esq.StanIey park, Selsley,Stroud

under-Edge Marling Col. Walter Bentley, Qanns, .A.lvingtn. Lydney

Graham Capt, George Augustus, Rednock, Dursley *11:arling Sir Wm. Hy. bart. Stanley park, Selllley,Stroud

Graham Robert esq. Southmead, Westbury-on-Trym Marshall Mark Bell esq. Northfield, Uplands, Stroud
Graham-Clarke Leonard John esq. M.A. Frocester *Master Thomas William Chestet esq. Knole par~

Manor house, Stonehouse Almondsbury

Griffith Major John Charles, Deanwood, Cheltenham Master Thomas William Chester esq. jun. Knole park,

Grove Capt. Stanhope RN. The Grove, Taynton, Glo'str Almondsburv R.S.O
~ui89' (blonel Sir Williattl Fras. George bart. Elmore Matthews Thomas Gadd esq. Newport Towers-. lJerkeley

court, Gloucester; &; 41 Upper Brook st. London W Miles E. P. W. esq

Hale Maj.-Gen. Hobert, Alderley hOl!lse, Wotton-under- Miles Philip Napier esq. King's Weston, Shirehampton

Edge Miller Thomas Butt esq. Brentry house, Westbury-on-

Hamilton Sidney Graves esq, M.A.Hertford college,Oxford 'l'rym, Bristol

Hamilton Major-Gen. Thomas de Courcy V.C. Dun- Milne Nathaniel Percy esq. Ashchureh ho. Tewkesbury

boyne, Pittville, Cheltenham Milward George esq. Carlton club, London S W

*Hanbury-Tracy Hon. Hubert George Edward B.A. 17 Mitchell Arthur Charles esq. Highgrove, Tetbury

Pall mall, London S W *Monk Charles James esq. M.P. Bedwell park, Batfield,

*Hanbury-Tracy Hon. WilIiam Charles Frederick Herts.; &; 5 Buckingham gate, London S W

Handley James William esq. M.A. Fauconberg, Overton Moore George Frederick esg. Chardwar, Bonrton-on-the-

road, Cheltenham Water R.S.O

Harding Charles esq. Upton grove, Tetbnry Moore John New esq. Warreford boo Moreton-in-the-Marsb

Hardwicke Hardwicke Lloyd esq. Tytherington grange, *Moreton Lord, Sarsden house, Chipping Norton, Oxon

Falfield R . S . O . Morgan Henry Francis esq. Tidenham house, Chepstow

Harford Wm. Alfred esq. Oldown ho. Almondsbury RS.O Morse Thomas egq

Harford Wm. Hy. esq. Oldown ho. Almondsbury R.S.O Nash Rev. Canon Robert Seymour M.A. Vicarage, Old
Harrison .Albert William esq. Raglan house, Lydney ~ Sodbury, Chipping Sodbury

Hartel' George Lloyd Foster esq. M.A. Puckrup hall, Palairet Major Charlel5 Harvey, Westhill, Ledbury

Tewkesbury Palmer Charles Thomas esg. Newland! house, Coleford

Harwood Edward esq. Woodhouse, Almondsbury R.S.O Palmer Rev. Fielding M.A

Healing Wm. Grafton esq. Oldfield house, Tewkesbul'Y Parrv Charles Hubert Hastings esq. IIighram court,

Henry Lieut.-Col. Francis Elmestree house, Tetbury Gloucester

*Hicks-Beach Right Hon. SiI' Michael Edward bart. M.P., Parry Maj. Ernest Gambier, Goring-on-Thames, Oxon

P.C., D.C.L., M.A. Netheravon house, Amesbury; &, Pereival Edward Hope esq. Kimsbury house, Upton St.

I I Downing street, London S W Leonard's, Gloucester

Hicks-Beach William Frederick esq. Witcombe park, Phelps William esq. B.A. Chestal, Dursley

Cranham, Stroud Playne Arthur Twisden esq. Longfords, Minchinhampton,

Hill Col. Wm. Alexander C.B. Tovil house, MaUlstone Stroud

Hoare Arthur esq. Stone court, Falfield RS.O Playne Charles esq. Overden, Nai1!m'orth, Stroud

Hoole Col. William Wright Pollock Robert Erskine esq. Q.C. Avening court, Stroud

Hooper Robert Nathaniel esg. Stanshawes court, Yate, *Pope George Henry esq. Manor house, C'lifton. Bristol

Chipping' Sodbury Pratt Rev. Henry Madan M.A. Rectory, Great Rissing-

*Howard Edward Stafford esq. RA. Thornbnry castle, ton, Bourtono{)n-the-Water RS.O

Thornbury R.S.O Prevost Lieut.-Col. Sir Charles hart. Manor house, Stincb-

Howard Philip John Canning esq. Corby castle, Carlisle combe, Dursley

Hudson Lieut.-Go,. Herbert Edward, The Holtl!, NeWf'nt *Pyrke DunC'ombe esq


Prior-Wandesforde Henry Wallis esq. Lechlade Manor Tagart Francis esq. F.L.S., F.R.G.S. Old Snerd park,

house, Lechlade S.O Stoke Bishop, Bristol
Reynolds John esq. Upper Slaughter, BourtOI\.~fthe.
a'albo. G. C. esq

Water RS.O Taylor Darcy Edmund esq. The Rocks, Marshfield, Chip.

Reynolds J oseph Crescens esq penham

Ricardo Capt. Henry George R.A Taylor James esq

Rice Hon. John Talbot, Oddington ho. Stow-on-the-WQld Taylor Thomas 'l'errett esq. Market place. Coleford

Ritchie Clement esq. Wood-Thorpe, Thrupp, Stroud Thackwell Major-Gen. William de Wilton Roch8 C.B.

Rob~nilon Alfred esq. Beechwood ho. Fishponds, Bristol WYllstone place. Brooksthorpe, Gloucester

Hobmson Kos8uth esq. 3 Oakland road, Redland, Bristol Thackwell MaiQr William PoIson esq. The White house,

Robinson Sir Thomas, Maisemoor park, Gloucester Pauntley, Gloucester

Rodney Hon. Robert William Henry, Thornburr Parjis, Thomas ArnoId esq. Severn Bank house, :Kewnham

Thornbury R.S.O Thomas Charles esq. Pitch &; Pay, Sneyd park, Oifton,

Rog-ers Col. Richard, Battledown court, Charlton Kings, Bristol

ChaItenham Thomas Herbert Russell esq

Rolt John Wm. esq. Odewonh park, Wotton-under-Edge Thomas Richard Beaumont esq. Dennel's hill, Tiden-

Rooke George Douglas Willoughby esq. Bigsweir house, ham, Chepstow

St. Briavels, Coleford Tboyts Col. Newman Burfoot, The Abbots, A1 Saints'

Rnshout Algernon St. George William Rushout esq. road, Cheltenham

Bounon house, Moreton-in-the-Marsh Thursby Capt. Pieril, Broadwell Hill,Stow-on-the-Wold S.O

St. John Vice-Adm. Henry Craven, Stokefield, Thorn· Tidswell Robert Ingham esq. M.A.Haresfield ct.Stonehouse

bury R.S.O Tosswill WaIter Fo~ esq. Clay Hill house, Lechdale S.O
Salmon Henry Roope Pomeroy esq. Tockingto~ manor,
Tothill Francis esq. The Grove, Stoke Bishop, Bristol

.A.lmondsbury R.S.O Trafalgar Viscount, The Priory, Tetbury

*Salmon Lieut.-Col. Henry Thomas M.A. Tockington 'rreeby Alfd. esq. M.A. The Warren, Wotton-under-Edge

manor, Almondsbury R.8.0 Trent-Stoughtoll Col. Harrison W. J. Owlpen pk. Dursley

*Sampson Edward esq. M.A. Henbury, Bristol Trotter Isaiah esq. 'fhe Coombs. CoIeford

Sargeaunt James Primatt esq. M.A. Tewkesbury park, Turner John Edwd. esq. The Limes, Longford,Gloucestr

Tewkesbury Turnor Lieut.-Col. Wyatt Wm. Pinkney pal'k, Malmesbury

Sargeaunt James Shapland esq. Tewk~sbury park, Van Notten-Pole Sir Cecil Pery bart. Todenham house,

Tewkesbury Moreton-in.Marsh
Vassa~-SmithRichd. Vassar esq. Charlton pk. Cheltenham
Sartoris Alfred esq. Abbotswood, Lower Swell, Stow-on-
Waddmgham John esq. M.A. Guiting grange, Guiting
the-Wold S.O
Power, Cheltenham
Sartoris Fras.Chas. esq.Abbotswood,Stow-cn-the-Wold 8.0
*Waller Edmund esq. M.A. Farmington IodO'e, North-
Scobell Sanford George Treweeke esq M.A. The Down
leach R.S.O· '"
house, Redmarley, Gloucester t<. United University
Webb Col. Henry Gillnm, Army &; Xavy club, Londl'ln SW
club, London S W ' .
Wellderburn Sir Wi1liam bart. M.P. Meredith, Tibberton,
Seekings Joseph John e-sq. Holmhurst. Barnwood, Glo'stel
Gloucester; &; Reform club, London SW
Selwyn-Payne Maj. John Handcock, Badgeworth court,
Welch Capt. George Asser White R.N. Arle ho.Cheltenhm
*West James Roberts esq. Alscot park, Preston-on-Stour,
Sexty John J. esq. Isbourne house, Winchcomb R.S.O
Seys Godfrey esq. Wirewoods Green, Chepstow
Whitmore Charles .A.lgernon esq. ~I.P., M.A. Manor housp,
Shekell Rev. Edleston Bonnor M.A. Pebworth, Stratford
Lower Slaughter, Bourton-on-the-\Yater R.S.O. &; 75
Shekell Thos. Stevens esq. Pebworth, Stratford-on-Avon
Cadogan place &; Carlton club, London S W
Sheppard Col. Thomas Dawson, The Grange, Shanklin
Williams Major Lawrance William Edward, Barton End
Isle of Wight '
house, Nailsworth, Stroud
Sherborne Lord, Sherborne park, Northleach R.S.O.;
Williams O:iver John esq. LL.B. Battledown house,
& 9 St. James' square, London SW
Charlton Kings, Cheltenham
Sibree John esq. 71 Rugby road, Leamington
Williams Theodore Ellis esq. Saltel'ley grange, Cubberlev,
Skillicorne Wm. Kash esq. 9 Queen's parade, Cheltenham
Cheltenham •
Smith William esq. Pen Park manor, Westbury-on-Trym Will•is Capt. Horace George, The Glenfall, Charlton Kings,

Somerset Lord Edward Brudenell, Badminton house, Cheltenham

Chippenham Wills Edward Payson esq. Hazlewood, Snevd park, Oifton,

Sommerville William esq. Bitton Hill, Bristol Bristol •

Hommerville William, jun. esq. Hltton Grange, Bristol *'Yingfield Edward Rhys esq. Barrington parOaringdon

Sotheron-~stcourt George Thomas John esq. M.A. Est- Wmterbotham Edward Weedon esq. B.A. Bank ho. Strond

court house, Tetbury; &; 82 Eaton pI. London S W Winterbotham Hel'bert Brend esq. The Actrees, Berkeley

Stanton Alfred John esq. Shirley ho. Pittville, Cheltenham With George Blackhouse esq. Hill house, Leckhampton,

Stanton Charles Holbrow esq. M.A. 65 Redcliffe gardens, Cheltenham

London SW *'Vorcester Marquis of, Badminton house, Great Dadmm.

Stanton Jas. Thos. esq. The Leaze, Eastington,Stonehoule ton S.O

Stanton Waiter John esq. Stratford road, Stroud Wykeham Philip James Digby esq. Tythrop ho. Thame

Stanton Rev. William Darke M.A. Vicarage, Todding- 'Vykeham-Musgrave \Venman Aubrey esq. BarnsIev uark,

ton, Winchcomb R.8.0 Cirencester ..

Stanton Rev. Canon William Hy. M.A. Rectory, Hazle- Yalland John esq

ton R.S.O Yatman William Hamilton esq. :M.A.. St. George's, West

Story-Maskelyne Mervin Herbert Nevll esq. l.LA., F.R.S. cliff, Bournemouth, Rants

Basset Down house, Lydiard Tregose, Swindon, Wilts Yorke John Reginald esq. M.A. Forthampton court,

Rtnbs Peter esq. Blaisdon hall, Newnham-on-Severn Tewkesbury; &; 2 Chesham stref't, London S'V

Su~eley Lord P.C., F.~.S. Ormeley lodge, Ham, Surrey Yorke Vincent Wodehouse esq. l"orthampton conrt,

Swmbnrne Thomas Ward esq.· Corndean hall, '''inch- Tewkesbury

comb R.S,O

Clerk of the Peace, Edward Theodore Gardom, Shire hall, Gloucester


MOl'eton The Hon. Uichard Charles Reynolds, 76 South Audley street, Loudon W
Stoughton Charles William esq. 10 Grosvenor place, London S W

Clerk to the Lieutenancy, Edward Theodore Gardom, ~hire hall, Gloucester




Chief Constable, Admiral Henry Christian, Heighthome, The Park, Cheltenham.
Deputy Chief Constable, Nehemiah Philpott, Gloucester.
Superintendent & Chief Clerk, Young Sainsbury.
Assistant Clerk, Henry Woodward, P.C.

The foree consists of a chief constable, deputy chief constable, chief clerk, 9 superintendents,6 inspectors, 55 sel'geants &
324 constables.

Cheltenham Division of Cheltenham District, Donald StrQud District, William Harrison, Stroud, superinten-

McRae, Cheltenham, superintendent; John Hy. Parker, dent. Stations-Avening, Bisley, Birdlip, Chalford,

Cheltenham, inspector. Station-Charlton Kings Minchinhampton, Nailsworth, Painswick, Stonehouse,

Tewkesbury Division (Jf Cheltenham District; Donald Stroud, Whiteshill

McRae, Cheltenham, supt. Stations-Beckford, Bishops Dursley District, Arthur W. Hopkins, Dursley, superin-

Cleeve, Coombe Hill" Tewkesbury. Winchcomb tendent. Stations-Berkeley. Dursley, Kingscote, Kew-

Gloucester District, Nehemiah Philpott. Gloucester, port, Sharpness, Tetbury, Wotton-under-Edge
deputy chief constable; Daniel John Elliott, inspector.
Stations Churcham, Churchdown, Dymock,Gloucester, Sodbur}'1 !District, Edward Critchley, Chipping Sodbury,
Hardwicke, Hartpury, Hucc1ecote, Newent,Whitminster superintendent. Stations-Almondsbury, Chippiug Sod.
Bristol District, John Matthews, Fishponds, superinten- bury, Falfield, Hawkesbury Upton, Iron Acton,Olveston,
dent; William Cole, Eastville; Charles Hawkins, Hor- Redwick. Thornbury, Wickwar

field; Harry Ricketts, Kingswood &; Fredk. S. Philps, Cirencester District, George Morgan, Cirencester, super-

St, Georgc's, inspectors. Stations-Eastville, Fish- intendent. Stations-Bibury, Cirencester, Fairford,

ponds, Hanham, Horfield, Kingswood Hill, Laurence Kemble, Lechdale, Sapperton, South Cerney

Hill, Lawford's Gate, Mangotsfield, Marshfield, Old- Campden District, Edward Cooke, Chipping Campden,

land Common, Pucklechurch, St. George's, Shirehamp- superintendent. Stations Chipping Campden, Long

ton, Staple Hill, Stapleton, Stoke Bishop, Two Mile Marston, Moreton-in-the-Marsh, Stanton

Hill, Westbury-on-Trim, Wick, Winterbourne Stow District, George Everiss, Northleach, superinten-

Forest District, Grantley Ford, Coleford, superintendent. dent. Stations-Andoversford, Bourton-on-the-Water,
Stations-Blakeney, Cinderford, Coleford, Drybrook, Chedworth, Guiting, Northleach, Stow-on-the-Wold,
Little Dean, Lydbrook, Lydney, Mitcheldean, Newnham, Withington, Windl'Ush

Parkend, St. Briavels, Tidenham, Woolaston, Yorkley


ABINGHALL, or AbenhaIl, is a parish, on the road value £'125, including 26 acres of glebe, with residence,
from Newnham to Micheldean, 2~ miles south-west from in the gift of the Bishop of Worcester. and. held since
Longhope station on the Hereford, Ross and Gloucester 1890 by the Rev. Ebenezer Cargill RA. of St. John's
section of the Great Western railway and 5 north-west
from Newnham, in the Forest of Dean diVision of the C{)llege. Cambridge. Charles Baz-ton esq. of Holbrook
<lounty, St. Briavels hundred, union of Westbury-on-
Severn, Newnham county court district and petty ses- House, Wincanton, who is lord of the manor, and
'Sional division, rural deanery of South Forest and arch- Maynard Willoughby C-olchester-Wemyss esq. of West-
deaconry and diocese of Gloucester. The church of
St. Michael and All Angels is an ancient building of bury Court, Westbury-on-Severn, are the chief land-
Btone in the Early English and Decorated styles, consist- owners. The soil is sandy; subsoil, red sandstone.
ing of chancel, nave of two bays, south aisle, south The chief crops are wheat, barler and roots. The area
porch and a tower at tlie west end of the south aisle
containing 3 bells: the octagonal f<lnt was given by the is 691 acres; rateable value, :£1,279; the population
in 1891 was 231; a detached part of the parish being
miners' guild in 1450 : in the chancel is a brass with transferred to East Dean by Local Government Board

four effigies to Richard Pyrke, of Micheldean, ob. 1609, Order Q,762, March 25, 1885.
Parish Clerk, Edwin Stidder.
Joan (Ayleway). his wife and two children: the east
window and one on the north side of the nave are stained: Letters received through Gloucester, via Micheldean

the church was restored and a vestry added in 1874, R.S.O. arrive at 7 & 1h1.30 a.m. The nearest post,
at a cost of £'400, and further in 1883, at a cost of £200: d 1 .
there are sittings for 120 persons. The register dates money or er & te egrap office IS at Micheldean
Irom the year 1596. The living is a rectory, net yearly
Church Wall Box c:eared at 5.50 p.m

School (mixed), for 50 children; average attendance, ;,8;
& supported in part by the Barton family; Miss Emily

R. Gardiner, mistress

Oargill Rev. Ebenezer RA. Rectory Dowding John, farmer, Folly farm Rodway John, farmer

Riggins Mrs. Ferny field Gardiner Elizh. (Mrs.), grocer &; baker Roseveare Henry, farmer, Church farm

Hireson Rev. Thomas (Congregational) Griffiths John, nail maker Savidge Charles, farmer, Shapridge

'Probyn John W. Abenhalllodge Griffiths Thomas, nail maker Simmonds Daniel, Lamb P.R

Robinson John, Abenhall house Robinson John, solicitor, commissioner Stidder Edwin, haulier

Yearsley Edwin Evans to administer oaths &perpetual com- Williams Thos.blacksmith &ironmongr

Eaggett Thome, mason missioner

ABSON is a parish and village, on the river Boyd, church. The trustees of the late James Tolman esq.
:2 miles .north of the old road from Bath to Bristol, 8 are lords oil the manor, and Burgess and Co. Mr. Bat-
miles east from Bristol, 7 north-west from Bath and 3 terhury, William Davy esq. of Tracey Park, Bath, and
.east-by-south from Mangotsfield station on the Bristol Mrs. Warge are the chief landowners. The soil is loamy;
and Birmingham sectioQn of the Midland railway, in the subsoil, chiefly rock. The chief crops are wheat,
Southern division of the county, Pucklechurch hundred, barley and roots, with about one half pasture. The
petty sessional division of S<ldbury, Chipping Sodbury area, including Wick, is 2,445 acres; rateable value,
u,nion and county court district, rural deanery ol! Bit- including Wick (given under a serarate head), is £6,271
.ton, and archdeaconry and diocese of Bristol. The lIS.; the population in 189I was 223•
church of St. James is an ancient building of stone in
the Early English style, consisting of chancel, nave, HOLYBRiOOK, 1 mile south, ill a hamlet, and BRIDGE·
south porch and an embattled western tower, with pin-
GATE, or Bridge Yate, is li miles south-west.
nacles, containing 6 bells, two being of pre-Reformation
~ate: there are sittings for 120 persons. The register dates Sexton. Henry Nicholls.
irom the year 1687. The living is a chapelry, annexed to
the vicarage 01\ Pucklechurch, joint net yearly Letters throQug-h Wick, Bristol, arrive at 8.50 B.m. &
value £300, including 50 acres of glebe, with residence, 4. 2 5 p.m. The nearest money order & telegraph offices
in the gift of the Dean and Chapter of Wells, and held are at Wick & Pucklechurch

since 1891 by the Rev. Sidney George Gillum M.A. of Wall Letter Box, Bridge Yate, cleared at 2.50 p.m. daily
-St. Peter's College, Cambridge. who resides at Puckle-
The children of this place attend the National school
at Wick

Marked thus * the postal address il' *Bruce John, farmer, Bridge Yate Perry Ann (Mrs.), farmer, Collin's fnn
Pritehard John,farmer, Heartsease frm
Warmley, Bristol. Marshall Henry, farmer *Sparkes Levi, market gardener,

-*Garrett George, sen. Bridge Yate Nelmes Guy, farmer Bridge Yate
Wiltshire Charles, farmer
COMMERCIAL. *Noble Joseph, baker, Bridge Yate

..Alvis Samuel, farmer Perry Alfred, lime burner & farmer

ACTON TUB,VILLE is a parish and village, on light loam; subsoil, oolite. The chief crops are wheat,
the high road from Malmesbury to Bristol and on the barley, roots and oats. The area is 1,009 acres; rate-
Wiltshire border, 8 miles east from Yate station on the able value, £1,064; the population in 1891 was 266•
.Ilristol and Birmingham section of the }'lidland rail-
Parish Clerk, William Bennett.
way, 6 east from Chipping Sodbury. 91 from Chippen-
Post & M. O. 0., S. B. & Annuity & Insurance Office.
ham and 13 north from Bath, in the Southern division -Miss Mary Ann Long, sub-postmistress. Letters
o()f the county, Grumbalds Ash hundred, Chipping Sod- from Chippenham arrive at 4.30 a.m. &; 3.45 p.m.;
bury union and oounty court district, Sodbury petty dispatched at 9.45 a.m. & 8.15 p.m.; sunday, arrive
:£e.ssional division, rural deanery of Hawkesbury, arch- at 4.30 a.m.; dispatched at 8.15 p.m. The nearest
telegraph office is at Badminton
deaconry of Bristol and diocese of Gloucester. The
:Kational School (mixed). erected, with residence for
-church 01\ St. Mary, an edifice of stone, in the Early mistress, by the Duke of Beaufort, in 1862, for 75
English style, was almost entirely rebuilt, with the children; average attendance, 35; Miss A. M. Pring,
-exception of the bell turret and chancel arch, in 1853, mistress

under the direction of Mr. Wyatt, architect; it now CONYEYAKCE.

<consists of chancel, nave, north aisle (added in 1853), P.orter's omnibus passes through from Chippenham to
-south aisle, south porch and a turret, placed between Badminton, daiiy
Iihe chancel and nave, and containing I bell, cast in
1053; the chancel was restored by the Duke of Beau- John Thompson's omnibus passes through from Hawkes-
fort, and the rest of the church at the expense of the bury Upton to Chippenham, man. & fri

parishioners, assisted by a grant from the Incorporated Eli Pitt's omnibus passes through from Luckington to
Bath, wed. & sat
Church Building Society: there are 150 sittings. The
.register dates from the year 1665. The living is a vicar-
Frewin, from Sherston, mono & thurs.; returning wed.
.age, net yearly value £89, including IS acres of glebe, & fri
with residence, in the gift of the Duke of Beaufort K.G.
and held since 1892 by the Rev. William Stewart Fos- George Kington, from Luckington, tues. & fri.; return-
ing wed. & sat
sett, of University C.ollege, Durham. Here is a Bap-
.ust chapel. The Marquess of Worcester is lord of the

manor and chief landtiwner. The soil is principally a

Fossett Rev. Wm. Stewart, iVicarage Benjamin Robert, farmer Ralph Joseph, Fox & Hounds P.H
Tarr Francis, farmer
COMMERCIAL. Butler William, farmer, The Limes White Jane (Mrs.), shopkeeper

Adams Alfred, boot maker Kidd Alfred, blacksmith GLOU. 2

3laker Rd. draper, grcr. & general dlr Minett Frands, farmer •


ADLESTROP is a parish and village near the small of Lord Leigh, and be:d since 1852 by the Rev. the Hon,
Henry Pitt Cholmondeley lILA. and formerly fellow of
river Evenlode, and bounded on the north-east and south All Souls College, Oxford, and hon. canon of Gloucester,
by Oxfordshire; it bas a station on the Oxford and Adlestrop House, the property of Lord Leigh LL.D.•
Worcester branch of the Great Western railway, and M.A. is a noble mansion of, swne in the Tudor style.
is 3 miles east-north-east from Sww-on-the-Wold, 5
south-south-east from Moreton-in-Marsh, 2g east-by- situated in a well-wooded and picturesque park of about
north from Gloucester and 80 from London, in the
Eastern division of the county, Upper Slaughter hundred, 50 acres, containing a lake; it is at present occupied by
Stow-on-the-Wold union, petty sessional division and Col. Stanley Arnold J.P. Lord Leigh is lord of th&
county court district, rural deanery of Stow, arch- manor and sole landowner. The soil is strong clay;
subsoil, the same. The chief crops are wheat, oats,
deaconry of Cirencester and diocese of Gloucester. The beans and roots. The area is 1,285 acres; rateable value.
church of St. Mary Magda1ene is an anciQnt building £1,793; the population in 18g1 was 164.
of stone, partly in the Early English style, and consists
Parish Clerk, Charles Bond.
of chancel, nave, transepts and an embattled western
POit Office.-Mrs. Mary Price, sub-postmistress. Let-
tower containing a clock and 5 bells; there are several ters are received throu~h Chipping Norton, arrive at
.i..n~s cmriebmedb floor fs ttohnee s LaenI' dgh mfuarmia llytta: bhletes of. modern date 8.50 a.m. & 4.50.p.m•.~; dis.patchhed at 9. 20 a.Pm. &0
ers 0 eastW'Indow I.S 5·35 p.m.; no dehvery or dIspatc on sunday. ostal
4IV orders are issued here, but not paid. The nearest
stained, and in the chancel is a memorial window to money order office is at Oddington. The telegraph

Margarette, Lady Leigh, who died February 5, 186o: office is at the Railway station
there is another to the Rev. Lord Saye and Sele D.C.L. National School (mixed), for 50 children; average at.
and rector here 1825-52, erected in 1892 , and one erected
tendance, 27; &, supported by Lady Leigh; there is a
in 1893 by members of the congregation. The register house tor the mistress; Miss Maria Gillette, mistress

dates from the year 1538. The living is a rectory, Railway Station, Nicholas Adams, station master
annexed to that of Broadwell, joint gross yearly value, from

500 acres of glebe, £350, with residence, in the gift

Cholmondeley the Rev. the Hon. Canon Iloocham Francis, farm bailiff w the Grubb William, gardener to the Rev.

Henry Pitt M.A. Recwry Rev. the Hon. Canon Cholmondeley the Hon. Canon Cholmondel&y

Arnold Col. Stanley J.P. Adlestrop ha Iluckland Wm. gardnr. to Col. Arnold Woolliams Ernest, farmer, Lower frm

Burlingham H. & Co. coal merchants Price Mary (Mrs.), shopkpr. Post office Woolliams William, farmer, Fern farm

ALDERLEY is a parish and village on the road from iI dates from the year 1647. The living is 8 rectory, net
4 miles east-by-south from Char- Jearly value £160, including 26 acres glebe, with
Gloucester to Bath, of

field s~ation on. the Birmingham and llriswl. section of I residence, in the gift of Major-Gen. Hale, and held since

the Midland railway, 20 north-east from BrIstol and 9 1<846 by the Rev. Martin Henry Whish M.A. of Corpus

north-east from Ohipping Sodbury, in the Southern divi- Christi college, Cambridge. !Mount House is the resi.

sion of the county, upper division of Grumbalds Ash dence of Major-Gen. John M. Burn R.A. Major-Gen.
hundred, Chipping> Sodbury union and county court dis- Robert Hale J.P. o~ Alder1ey Rouse, is lord of the manor

trict, petty sessional division of Sodbury, rural deanery and sole landowner. The soil is loam; subsoil, graTel

of Hawkesbury, archdeaconry of Bristol and diocese of and sand. The land is principally in pasture. The

Gloucester. The church 01\ St. Kenelm, rebuilt about area is 898 acres; rateable value, £r,433; the popula-

1802, with the exception of the wwer, in the Renaissance tion in 1891 was 78.

styl~, is a battlemented edifice of stone, consisting of Sexton Charles Walker.
apsIdal chancel, nave, north porch and an embattled ' .. .
western tower of Perpendicular date erected about Post Office.-MIss Elizabeth Shearmur, sub-postIDls-
r458, with pinnacles and containing ~ clock and one tress. Lette~s through Wotwn-under-Edge r~eived at
bell: in the churchyard are several tombs to the Hale 7·45 a.m.; dIspatched at ~·30 p.m.; sundays at n·.55

family, including a monument of black and white marble a'!ll' PoOstal orders. are Issued here, but not paId.
to Sir Matthew Hale, Lord Chief Justice of the King's IS the nearest telegraph office &;

Bench, 1671-6, who was born in this parish November HiIles.ey IS the nearest money order office

I, 1609, and died December 25, 1676, aged 67: the old School (mixed), built in 1875, for 20 children; average

clock now in the tower was his gift, and bears date attendance, 16; & supported in part by Major-Gen.

:November I, 1673: there are 150 sittings. The register Ra1e; Mrs. l\fary Rooper, mistress

Burn Major-Gen. John Macvicar RA. Whish Rev. l\{,artin Hy. M.A. Rectory Parker Glenn, gardener to Major-Gen.

Mount house COMMERCIAL. R Hale

Hale Major-Gen. Robert J.P. Alder- Ashbee Alfred, dairy farmer, Dairy Stinchcombe Jane (Mrs.), hurdle ma.

ley house Clark Frederick, farmer, Park farm & S:lW mills, New mills

Lee Lady, The Grange Harding Edwin, gardener w Major-
1ill Mrs
General J. M. Burn

ALDERTON is a village and parish in the Vale 01 chilpel. Ily the wiil of the Rev. William Higford, 6

Evesham, a short distance north from the road from former rector, dated 1795, the interest of a sum which
TewkesblE'Y to Winchcomb, Bnd surrounded by pictur- is in the hands of the Charity Commissioners and

esque hills, from one of which, Alderton Hill, there are yields £8 I6s. a year, is distributed among the pOOl

most extensive views; it is 2 miles south-east from Beck- of the parish, at the rector's discretion. On Alderton
lord station on the Evesham and Ashchurch branch of Hill, adjoining the parish, numerous, specimens ot
the Midland railway, 10 north-east from Cheltenham and fossils are met with; the stone, which is' {)f the inferior

4 north-west from Winchcomb, in the Northern division oolite class, is hard and makes excellent Toads. Samuel
of the county, upper division of the hundred of TewkeSl- Gist-Gist esq. of Wormingron Grange, who is lord ot
bury, union, petty sessional division and county court the manO'l', the Earl of Wemyss and March V.D., LL.D.
district of Winchcomb, I1'Ural deanery of Campden, arch· and the rector are the chief landowners. The soil is
deaconry of Cirencester and diocese of GlouceS'ter. The clay; subsoil, stiff clay. The chief crons are wheat
church of St. Margaret is an ancient building of swne and beans. The area, with Dixton hamlet, is 1,75°
in the Gothic style of the 14th century, consisting of acresl ; the rateable value is £2,128; the population,
chanrel, nave of three bays, south -aisle, south porc'b including Dixton, in 1891 was 47=-'.

and an embattled western tower containing 6 bells: on DIXTON is a hamlet 2 miles south-soutb-west, and
the SoOuth side of the chancel is a mural tablet try the contains a large manor-house, over the- entrance of
Rev. Henry Higford, a former rector <If this pa!l'ish, which is a stone bearing the name of John Higford, and
who died March 24th, 1795, and was the last male the date 1555; it was formerly the residence of the
representative of the ancient family of t.hat name, who ancient family of Higford, but is now occupied by Frank
resided at Dixt<ln Manor House, and were large land- Rodbart Malleson esq. Upon a hill near the house are
owners in the county for over 300 Jears; there are the remains of a Saxon encampment.

some remains of 'ancient stained gla!5s, and e. climrch Parish 'Clerk, George Agg.

chest of early date: the church was restored in 1880 Po~t Office.-William Agg, ~eceiver. Letters arrive fr()IIl

at a cost of £550, and again in r892, and affords 200 Winchcomb n.s.o. at 9 1l.m\.; dispatched 4.15

liittinge. The <register dates from the year 1596. The Postal orders are issued here, but not paid. The

living is a rectory, gross yearly value £338, including nearest money order & telegraph office is at Beckford
216 acres of glebe, with residence, in the gift of trnstees, Church School (mixed), erected, with master's home, ill

and held since 1-875 by the Rev. Charles R<lgers Covey 1877, at the expense of the landowners, at .a cost of

LL.B. of St. Peter's C{)llege, Camhridge, Who is al~(J £1,200, for 1I0 children; average attendance, 85; John
Ticar of Great Wushbourne. Here is a small Wesleyan Adams, master; :Mrs. Mary Adams, mistross


ALDERTOX Day EEzabeth pIrs.), beer ~etailer Richardson George, market gardener,
Alderton field
Covey Rev.Chas. Rogers LL.B.Rectry Fluck Joseph, shopkeeper
.Sharp Thomas, baker
COMMERCIAL. Raines George, shopkeepeT r !1lC,t;; 'rhomas, haulier

Agg Robert, builder Hinton Frank, farmer DIXTON.
:Vlalleson Frank R<>dbart, Dixton house
Agg lVilliam, shoe maker, Post office Humphris James, farmer 3.uberts William, farmer

Banks Thomas, wheelwright :\fansell Lee, blacksmith

Clark WaIter, baker, Cambridge house Pollard Harry, shopkeeper

Cole Richard, farmer ~ogers Chas. farmr. Rectory Farm ho

ALDSWORTH is a parish and village, on the r03d new-roofed, and a memorial east window inserted to
from Cirencesi:e1" to Burford, 4 miles south-eaEt from Lawrence Smith and his Eisters: there are sittings for
Northleach. 10! north-north-east from Cirencester, 6~ 224 perwns. The register dates from the year 1682.

from Burford, 7 north from Fairford' station on the, The living i~ a. vicarage, net yearly value £lI8, in.

East Gloucestershire rection of the Great ""Vestem rnil· eluding 26 acres of glebe, with residence, in the gift of

way, in the Eastern division of the county, Brightwells Ohrist Church, Oxford, and held since 1893 by the Rev.
Barrow hundred, Northleach petty sessional diviEion. George Henry Barrett B.A. of Cambridge University.
union and county court district, rural deanery of North- Lord Sherborne. who is lord of the manor, and the
leach, archdeaconry Qf Cirencester, and diocese of Glou- Dean and Fellows of Chris.t Church, Oxford, are the
cester. The river Leach through the southern chief landowners. The soil is stone brash; subsoil, lime

portion of the parish. 'fhe church of St. Bartholomew, and freestone. The chief crops are wheat, barley, oats
anciently dedicated to St. Peter, is a small building of and turnips. The area is 3,350 acres; rateable va:ue.

stone in the Transitional and Decorated styles with mod- £1,414-;' the population in 1891 was 372,
ern additions, consisting of 'Chancel, clerestoried nave of Sexton, J oEeph Parrott.

three bays, aisle, north and eouth porches and a 'Western Post & M. O. 0., S. B. &; .Annuity & Insurance Office.-

tower with IIpire, cont3ining 3 bells: the aisle is em- Thos.Howse, sub-postmaster. Letters are received from
battled and enriched with Decorated work, and has two NOTthleach R.S.O. at 9 a.m.; dipatched 4 p.m.; sun-
handsome niches, with cr6cketed finials: the arcade day, arrive 10 a.m.; dispakhed Il a.m. .Bherborne.
belongs to the Norman 'transition period, the regt of is the nearest telegraph office

the building being debased Perpendicular; a stoup still School (mixed), for 100 children; average attendance"
remains in the north porch: the communion plate 67; Wm. Shaw, mas<ter; Mrs. Marion Shaw, mistress

consiEts of a chalice and paten of Queen's Anne's reign: Carrier. Thomas Howse, to Cirencester. mono wed. &

the church was restQred in 1877, when the chancel was fri. returning the same dUJ8

Barrett Rev. Geo. Henry B.A. Vicarage Garne Robert, farmer, 'Wall &; Black Howse Thomas, carrie'l', Post office

Pits farms JenkinS' Thomas & John, farmers",

COMMERCIAL. Game ·Wm. Thos. farmer, Green farm Cocklebarrow farm .

ColIett Charle·s, blacksmith Harris William, farmer &; wheelwright Porter George, road contractor

Collett W'illiam, blacksmith. Hayward Robert. SheTborne Arms P.H Slater rrhomas Reginald, farmer

Dix Alfred James, farmer HouIton John, farmer, Ladbarrow farm Waina John, baker & grocer

ALMONDSBURY is a village and p ari8h, formerly Almondsbury, and Robert C. Cann-Lippincott e8q. who
including the tithings of Hempton and Pate'hway, Over is lord of the manor of Over and Hempton and Patch-

and Tockington Lower, Gaunt's Earthcott and Lea, but way. are chief landowners. The soil is mostly clay; sub-
in March, 1885, tnese diviEions were abolished. Almondll-
soil, limestone. The chief crops are wheat, beaDE, pota-
bury is on the Bristol and Gloucest-er road, 8 miles Mrth
from Bristol, 4~ south from Thornbury, 20 north-west toes, roots and pasturage. The area. is 6,972 acres; rate--
from Bath. in the Southern division of the county. Ber-
keley, Thornbury, Lo'!er Langley an~ Swin~s~e~d hun· able value, £23,848; the population in 1891 was 1,548~
dreds, Thornb~ry'.TImon, petty seEsIonal dIVISlOn and
county coort dl!ltrIct, rural deanery of Stapleton, and Parish Clerk, John Williams.
archdeaconry and diocese Qf Bristol. The Bristol and
South Wales branch of the Great Western railway ihas a ALMONDSBURY tithing now includes the former titli~
ings of Gaunt's Earthcott, Lea, Hempton llnd Patchway,
station at Patchway. 2 miles south from the village, and
II6 from London. The church of St. Mary is an ancient Over and Lower Tockino'l;on. .
cruciform building of stone, principally in the Early Eng-
Post,~. O. &, T. 0., o. & Insurance Office
lish style, consisting of chancel, clerestoried nave of four
bays, aisles, north and west porches, and an embattled S. B. & AnnUIty
(Railw~y Sl;1b-Office. Letters s;ho~d ,hav-e R.S.O.
central tower, with pinnacles and spire, containing a clock GIouc~lSterslllre ~dded).-:-Mrs. Ameha Harcombe! sub-
and 8 bells: the east window is a memorial to Dr. Robert postmIstress. Fust arrIval, ~ond?n &; north mail 6·56
a.!? thr~ugh Gloucester & ~rIst~l. second, 12·30 p.~. ;
Gray, bishop of Bristol, 1827-1834: the porch is Norman, thud arnval, 5.20 p.m. Fust dIspatch th~ongh Bn~tol
and has a prie8t's chamber over it containing a fine chest II a.m.; seco.d, 3.50 p.m. through Bnstol; t~llrd,
in good preservation: the whole of the chancel is Early 5.40 p.m. ;<t?hr~rlbuonbu~gsahyCsaG,uls6oe.u5wc6aeysa.t.eOmrv;.~;frod.~I-rsMtpIh~,ststchhCreoedlul.a5g·~h4~B.Il~lnl.asItmDol!,,
English; the aisles are a. little later: the nave has some 8,45 p.m.
very late 'Windows: the church was restored in 1880-81, ost Office,
sub-postIDlstr~ss. Letters arrIve through BrIstol, at
at a cost of £1,860. The register dates from the year 8,45 a.m.;. dIspatched at 9·45 a.~. &, 7 p.m. ~ostal
orders are Issued here, but not paId. Henbury IS the
1695. The living is a vicarage, net yearly value 1306,
nearest money 'Order i& telegraph office
including 6 acres of glebe, with rellidence, in the gift of Post O~ce, East Oompton.:-Mlss Ann. P. Prewett, sub-
the Bishop of Bristol, and held since 1888 by the Rev.
Charles Oswald Miles M.A. of Trinity Oollege, Oxford. pos~Lstress. Letters arrIve from Bnstol, at 7· I~ a.m.
&i dIspatched a~ 7.30 . p ..ID.. Pos,tal orders are Issued
The great tithes are in the hands of the Ecclesiastical here, bnt not paId. PIlmng IS t~e nearest money order

Commissioners. Here are two '\Vesleyan chapels, and office. Nearest telegraph o!fice IS at Henbury
there is a Free Methodist chapel at East Compton, and Post Office, Patchway. :-Rlc~ard Chandler, sub-post-

at Patchway a Baptist chapel and an iron Mission master. L~tters arrIve VIa Almondsbury R.S.O.
GloucestershIre, 7. 15 a.m. Letter Box cleared at 9. 20 .
Church, seating. 150 persons. The Institute and Con- e.m. 4'·45 p.m. & 7.30 p.m. wl:e~ days only. Postal.
valescent Home, a fine bnilding with tower and clock, orders are IssuM here, but not pa.Ld

was erected by Sholto Vere Hare esq. in 1891, as a memo- Police Station, Hempton & :Patchway, George :Philpottsl.

rial to his wife: the Home is available for seven patients, oSergeant. & I constable •

who are received from any part of the country upon pay- SCHOOLS.

ment of a small lyaefneSe'dalearS.slyt0I'cfTvahfIaeeIouCfecfoe,hmeacsmr,hitIl'a.eiS:ecfS.lstyll'ODaEdnd>me'erunos..nnvedndetKrtnfotroloIlemebPeotwII'aareenrekdc,n,- P.NaaPf.ttoIco.OrhwnweIa~I6lIy,I (mm(C.mhIa.iIxsIXdtee0rd)0er,);n,b;MUb'']Ulartsv·l,.'e' .trWH·a1D.gIeteshIt h8ma6et8art,sePtnofeodrraw' sn9ce1r1e2e,,Scm.Ihd1I.e'rsl3ndt5crr.e.ees,ns"I;IiI.l.tl1'ni8.ae3rm3e,

[,200 an dt1'hD£et3hE0e0chc
at In·Odn
the .seat of Thomas William Chester Master esq. J.P.,

D.L. is a noble l'egidence with extensive park and grounds. 18 .reslden.ce for the ffils.tress; average attendance. 88;

Over Court, the seat Qf Robert C. Cann-Lippincott esq. MISS Rosma Musty,. mistress
is an Elizabethan mansion, standing in an extensive deer East Co~pt~n School IS wholly supported by Mrs. R. C.
park studded with trees. Here was a Roman eneamp-
Cann-Lippmcott, o~ Over Court, & an average at-
ment; there are still traces of Roman roads; near Knole
Park is a c,amp, and near Over Court a barrow. To the t.endance o~ 55; MISS Sara Eaton, mIstress .
Railway StatIon. PatchW6y. Fredk. Payne, statIOn magter

west are marshes. The Cattybrook brickworks are near CARRIERS TO BRISTOL.

the railway. Thomas William Chester Master esq. of Gough, from Littleton-.on-Severn, passes through to Bristol

Knole Park, who is lord of the manor of the tithing of at 9 a.m. returJling at .... 30 p.m. on tues. thurs. & sat

GLOU. 2·


Watkins, from .Aust, passes through Bristol at 9 a.m. Baylis, daily II a.m.; Gough, tues. thurs. & sat. 9

returning at +30 p.m. tues. thurs. & sat a.m.; return at 4.30 p.m.; Underhill, daily II a.m.

return 7 p.m

.A.L:MONDSBURY. Hammond George, Blue Bowl P.R Williams John, draper, land &; income
Harcombe Amelia (Mrs.), postmistress tax collector & parish clerk

PRIVATE RESIDENTS. Hendy Clara (Mrs.), farmr.Woodlands Young George, stone mason

Hinton George, carpenter OVER.

Baker Hiatt, Oaklands Hunt Charlotte (Miss), ladies' school Cann-Lippincott lWbert C. Over court
Clarke Henry Vaughan, Brygowan J effries Charle's, boot & shoe maker
Frost Walter, Hill crest King Francis, farmer, Haise farm Griffin Edwin, farmer, Court farm

Hillier William, Cattybrook Leonard Robert Cecil M.D. surgeon of Virgo Joseph, farmer, Over House frm

Leonard Robert Cecil M.B the Memorial Institute & Convales- EAST COMPTON.

Machen Miss, The Institute Ce'1l.t Home Pitts John

Master Thomas William Chester D.L., Lippiatt James, boot & shoe maker COMMERCIAL.

J.P. Knole park Lippiatt Reuben, tiler & plasterer Collins William, draper & grocer

Master Col. Thomas William Chester, Luton George, farmer, Court farm Garrett Henry, farmer, Washing Pool

jun. J.P. Knole park Luton William, farmer Hudd William, beer retailer
Miles Rev. Chas. Oswald M.A.Vicarage Machen Mary (~ss), matron of the Lansdowne Henry, farmer

Miles Mrs. Prospect house Memorial Institute & Convalescent Lippiate William (Mrs.), shopkeeper

Pacey Thomas, Beach house Home Purnell George, blacksmith

COMMERCIAL. ~Iemoria1 Institute & Convalescent Richards Charles, farmer
Home (~ss Mary Machen, matron) Rosser George, farmer
Attwell Luke, stone mason

Bailey Hy. farmer, Gaunt's Earthcott Mountstephen George, farmer Virgo George stone mason

(letters through Winterbourne, Mullett Uriah, farmer West Thomas: carpenter

Bristol) Parker J as. farmer, Almondsbury hill P .A.TCHW.A.Y
'IJircombe Jacob, farmer Parker Philip, farmer •

-:d3iss Frederick, commercial traveller & Pearce Edwd. blacksmth. & wheelwgt Fisher Frederick, The Elms

assistant overseer for Stoke Gifford, Pea-rce William, farmer Willway Septimus, The Elms

Hampton Rugman Wm. farmer, Hortham farm COMMERCIAL.

""I>Bl'()WU Mary Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper Skinscott Stephen, news agent Barton .A.1phonzo, farmer, Callicroft frm

_>Brown William. shopkeeper Tarlor Edwin, farmer, 'Gaunts Earth- Chandler Richard, grocer & post office

Bracey George (Mrs.), laundress cott (letters through Winterbourne, Dowding GOO.Edward,coal mer.Station

Carey Willlam, market gardene'r Bristol) Duck Henry, farmer .

Cattybrook Brick Works (E. E. Street Thomas .A.ugustus, farmer, Gaunt'a Faux Richard, market gardener

mgr.; W. H. L. Durnsford, sec) Earthott (letters through Winter- Fishlock Thomas, fiy proprietor

Chandler Arthur, grocer bourne, Bristol) Gifford James Edward, saddler

Chapman Wm. Swan hotel & farmer Thomas In. farmel', Woodhouse farm Hopkins A.ustin, farmer

Cooper William, bakeT" & shopkeeper Thomas John, shopkeeper Hopkins Levi, farmer

England Daniel, potato dealer Thomas William, farmer Humphries Joseph. New inn F.H
England Henry, haulier
Thomas William, farmer, Hempton Lambert Fredk. Railway inn P.R

Farr William, farmer, Knap House frm Weaver Obed, farmer, Lower Knowle Pearce William, blacksmith

Fox Edward, farmer, Bowsland farm Williams Fredk. assistant overseet' &.. Reynolds Joseph, plasterer & shopkeepr

Hall Rodney, farmer, Hempton farm clerk to parish council, l'J'ownsend ho Thompson John Greenwood, shopkeepr

ALSTON is a hamlet belonging to the parish of Over- turret, containing a clock and one bell: it was restored in

bury, in 'Worcestershire, 2 miles south from Beckford 1621 and again in 1'8,80, at a cost of £1,000, and affords

station on the Midland railway, and 5 north-west from roo sittings. Samuel Gist-Gist esq. of Warmington

Winchcombe, in the Northern division of the county, Grange, Didbrook, Cheltenham, is the chief landowner.

upper division of Kiftsgate hundred, Winchcombe union, The s()il is chiefly elay; subsoil, clay. The chief crop!

county court district and petty sessional division, rural are wheat, beans and roots. The area, including Little

deanery of llredon and archdeaconry and diocese of Washbourne hamlet, is r,060 acres; rateable value, 1,'543;

Worcester. Alston was formerly in Worcestershire, but the population in r'89r was 62.

under the Acts 2 & 3 William IV. cap. 64, and 7 & 8 . .
'Victoria cap. 61 was transferred to Gloucestershire. St. Letters receIved through Tewkesbury arrIve about 9 a.m. ;
Mary's, ~ chapel of ease to Overbury, is a building of letters collected 4.30 p.m. Nearest mo-ner order office,

.•stone in the Gothic style of the r4th century, consisting Beckford; telegraph office, Beckford statlOn

. ,of chancel, nave, north aisle, south porch and a wooden The children of the parish attend the school at Alderton

Attwood Charles, farmer 100dacre Charles, farmer, Up. Farenl Price Julia (Mrs.), farmer
Grimmitt Samuel, farmer Peart Williiam, shopkeeper

_ ALVESTON is a village and parish, containing the the population in r891 was 759. Nine Elms was trans-

hamlet of Earthcott and part of the hamlet of Rudg- ferred to this parish from Iron Acton, under the" Divided

way, and is on the Gloucester and Bristol road, 2 miles Parishes Act r882."

sMoiudt~hanfdromraiTlwhoayrn, b ury terminal station of a branch of the '
7 west-s()uth-west from Wickwar, 9 EARTHOOTT is a hamlet 2 miles south-east.

north from Bristol and I r7 from London, in the Southern RUDGWAY is a hamlet half a mile west, partly in this
division of the county, Lower Langley and Swineshead
hundred, Thornbury union, petty sessional division and and partly in OIveston parish.
county court district, rural deanery of Stapleton, arch.
, \2aconry and diocese of Bristol. The old church of St. Parish Clerk, Mrs. Emma Webb. •
~elen is an ancient building of stone, in the Early English
.tyle, consisting of chancel, nave, south porch and an em- Post Office, Alveston (Railway Sub-Office. Letters sho11ld
I battled western tower, but the church is now used only have R. S. O. Gloucestershire added. )-Stephen Annj
. for funerals. The new church of St. Helen, situated about postmaster. Mails arrive from Gloucester via. Charfield
at 6.35 a.m.; 3.30 p.m. from Bristol via Thornbury;
dispatched at 9.45 a.m. via Thornbury, 4.10 p.m. to

, a mile north, was erected in 1885, at a cost of £3,675, and Bristol, 6 p.m. to Gloucester via Oharfield, &. 7.40 p.m.

r~S a building of stone in the Decorated style, con- to Bristol via Patchway. Postal orders are issued here,

sisting of chancel, nave and an embattled tower, con- but not paid. The nearest money order & telegraph

taining a clock and 6 bells; there are 300 sittings. The office is at Thornbury

register dates from the year r742. The living is a vicar. Post Office, Rudgway (Railway Sub-Office. Letters should
-.age, net yearly value £239, including 24 acres of ~lebe, have R.S.O. Gloucestershire added.)-William Biddle,
'in the gift of the Dean and Chapter of Bristol, and held postmaster. Mails arrive from Gloucester via Charfield
at 6.45 a.m. ; from Bristol via Thornbury at 3.45 p.m.;
,since r887 by the Rev. Edward Lang:ey M.A. of Oaius
.College, Oambridge. Here are Wesleyan and Primitive dispatched at 9.30 a.m. &.. 4 p.m. to Bristol via Thorn-

Methodist chapels. Charities of £5 10S. yearly value, bury, 5.55 p.m. to Gloucester via Oharfield &.. 7.50 p.m.
.are given to poor women. Lieut.-Col. Henry Thomas to Bristol via Patchway. The nearest money order l;j
.Salmon D.L., J.P. of Tockington Manor, is lord of the telegraph office is at Toekington
manor, and Thomas and Edward Bush esqrs. are chief
landowners. The soil is in parts light loam; subsoil, Rudgway.-Wall Letter Box cleared at 8.45 a.m. & 8 p.m
limestone; in others stiff loam; subsoil, clay. Coral lime- Earthcott.-Wall Letter Box cleared at 2.30 p.m. Letters

stone abounds in the neighbourhood and supplies the lower should have Winterbourne, Bristol, added

Jevel with quantities of lime. which is much prized. The National School (mixed), built for 140 children; average

chief crops are wheat. barley" potatoes and some land in attendance, 90; there is a house for the teachers;

pasture. ThE! area is 2,553 ac!'es; rateable value, 1."5,016; Samuel Tutt, master


Infant School, EarthcJtt (mixed), erected in 1877, for 70 Carriers (from Thornbury through Alveston to Bristol)-

children; average attendance, 17; Mrs. Caroline David- Henry Baylis & William UnderhiJ, daily
son, Dl•ls•tress

ALVESTON. Doward Anna Tyler (Miss), Ship P.H Green Frederick Smith, Oak leaze

Brown William Hy. Grovesend house English Arthur, baker Gwynn John Crowther, Friezewood

Bush Edward, The Grove Hopkins Mary (Mrs.), coach builder Ponting Mrs. Glan mor

Bush Thomas, The Lawns Jones John Ford, frmr. Conygre farm Robinson Winfield, Lower Hazel

Fisher WaIter, The Green Leaf Tbomas, market gardener Ward William Allford, Fir leaze

Greswell Leonard Hy.Chilos.'The Grnge Moxham Charles, farmer COMMERCIAL.
Neate J ames Thomas, beer retailer
Jolly Lewis, Alveston house
Langley Rev. Edward M.A. (vicar) Peters George Henry, painter & decrtr Biddle William, postmaster
Taylor William, sawyer, Alveston dwn Coleman Catberine (Miss), shopkeeper
Martin J ames
Webb Emma (Mrs.), ladies' scbool, Croome Thos. timber & cider mer
Pitcher Charles
Alveston down Fowler WiHiam, farmer
Stutchbury Samuel. The Firs
WilIiams John, carpenter Hawkins James, builder
Williams Mark, carpenter & builder Hawkins William, tiler &; plasterer
Andrews Edward Richd. frmr. Street Olive Mary (Mrs.), farmer, Low. Hazel
Ann Stephen, painter & house decora- Riddiford Geo. Hy. assistant overseer

tor, Post office Cullimore Mrs. The Grange Saxton George 0& Edith (Mrs.),bakers

Barrett Daniel, blacksmith Clements George, farmer & shopkpr & grocers

Biddle John, farmer, Forty acres C:ements John, market gardener Smith Frederick, beer retailer

Boulton William George, carpenter Eacott Rose (Mrs.), farmer 3mitb Henry, blacksmith

Chambers William, shoe maker Mattbews Robert, farmer Watkins Luke, farmer

Chambers Wm.01iver,teachr.of music Rymer John, fal'mer Witbers Emily (Mrs.), grocer

Clark William, agricultural implement Savery John, agricultural implement Young Elizabeth Whetmore (Mrs.),

agent & blacksmith manufacturer, blacksmith & farmer farmer, Church farm

Cullimore Charles, carpenter RUDGWAY. Young Victor Cornock, auctioneer &
Curbis Hannah (Mrs.), grocer
farmer, Church farm

Curtis Robert Parker, plumber . Gardiner John, The Elms

ALVINGTON is a village and parish, on the western W. B. Marling: in 1897 a lych-gate was; erected as a

bank of the river Severn and on the high road from Newn- memorial to the Rev. W. AlIen: there 'lire about 250

ham to Chepstow, It miles north from Woolastone station sit,tings. The register dates from the year 1688. The

on the Gloucester and South Wales section of the Great living is a chapelry, annexed, together with that of Lan-

Western railway, 9! south-west from Newnham, 6~ north- caut, to the rectory of Woolastone, joint gross yearly value
east from Chepstow and 2~ south-west from Lydney, in £419, including 200 acres of glebe, with residence, in the

the Forest of Dean division of the county, hundred of gift of Sir William Henry Marling bart. and held since

Bledisloe, union and county court district of Chepstow, 1859 by the Rev. William Somerset LL.B. of Magd'llene

petty sessional division of Lydney, rural deanery of South College, Cambridge, who resides at 'Yoo:astone. Col.

Forest, and arohdeaconry and diocese of Gloucester. The Walter Bentley Marling J.P. of Ganna, who is lord of the

church of St. Andrew is an anc~ent building of stone, manor, and Higford Higford esq. J.P. Berks, of 23 Eaton

in the Decorated style, consisting of chancel with south place S.W. are tbe chief landowners. The soil is gravelly;

chapel, nave of three bays, soutb aisle, ,south porcb, subsoil, limestone. The cIlief crops are wheat, barley and

IIDd an embatttled western tower with pinnacles contain- turnips. Tbe 'Irea is 1,49'8 acres of land and 500 of water;

ing a clock and 5 bells: in the south chapel are mural rateable value, £2,815; the population in 1891 was 408.

monuments to the Noel family, and there are memorial Parish Clerk, Georg-e Harris.

windows t.o the Hon. WilIiam Middleton Noel, 1859, and Post & Telegraph Office.-Mrs. Mary Ann Lewis, sub-

Anne (Yates) his wife, 1851, Robert Alvey Darwin esq. of postmistress. Letters arrive ut 7.30 a.m.; dispatched

Elston Hall, Notts, Sir Samuel Stephens Marlinrx 5.20 p.m. through Lydney, which is the nearest money

bart. of Stanley P.ark M.P. d. 22nd October, 1883, and Drder office. PDstal orders are issued here, but not paid

Margaret (Williams) bis wife, d. 13th April, 1885, and to National School (mixed), with residence, built by D. Hig-

Daniel Alfred White, d. 1891; tbe church was restored in ford DavalI Burr esq. for 90 children; average attend-

1858, and in 1890 a new cho:r vestry was built by Capt. ance, 61; Miss E. Roberts, mistress

Iliddle RDbert Biddle Harry, farmer, Alvington court Robins John, shopkeeper

Marling Waiter Bentley (ColoQnel 4th Ewms John, blacksmith SneIl Charles, farmer

Ilatt. Glostersh. Reg.) (J.P. for Hodges John, farmer, Barnage farm Taylor Thomas, farmer, Court end

Glostersh. & Mon.), oClanna Lawrence Elizabeth (Mrs.), farmer Thorne Albert, boot maker

Slade Miss Baker, Clanna cottage Lewis Mary Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Thorne Phrebe (Mrs.), beer retailer

TOWDilend Rev. William M.A. (curate Post office Turner Jas. cowkeepr. &; 8SSt. oversr

in charge) McDonald James, head gardener to Wintour James, Globe inn & farmer

Woodroffe Mrs. Severn lodge Co1. W. B. Mar1Jing J.P. Clanna Wintour Worthington, farmer, Parks

Ilaker George, farmer, Cottage farm Phillips John, farmer, Glebe farm Workman Charles, grocer

AMBERLEY is an ecclesiastical parish, formed out will hold about 70 persons. A working men's social club

of the parishes of Minchinhampton and Rodborough in is held here every evening. M,oor Court, formerly called

1840: it is one mile west from Minchinhampton, and is Mugmore House, is the residence of Lady Charles Pel-

about one mile from either Nailsworth or W OQdchester ham-Ointon; Highlands, of Mrs. Blackwell, and White-

tltations on a branch from Swnebouse junction of tbe moor, of Mrs. Blenkin. The population of the parish in

Bristol and Birmingham section of the Midland railway, 1891 was 1,494.
and 3 south from Straud, in the Mid division of the
county, H()rsley petty sessional division, Stroud union ST. CHLOE is a hamlet half a mile north from Amber-
and county court district, rural deanery of Stonehouse ley, a quarter of a mile from Woodchester station on
and archdeaconry and diocese of Gloucester. The eldest
son of Earl Rus'sell takes the courtesv title of viscount the Nailsw<Jrth branch of the Midland railway.
from this place. The church of the HOly Trinity, erected Post, M. O. & T. 0., S. B. & Annuity & Insurance Office.

in 1836, is a building of stone in the Gothic style, con- -Henry Leech, sub-postmaster. Letters arrive via

flisting of small chancel, nave, and a western bell-cot Stroud are delivered at 8 a.m. & 5.30 p.m.; dispatched

containing I bell: the cost waS' defrayed by the late at 4.50 p.m. week days only. On sunday the telegraph
David Ricardo esq.; in 1875 it was reseated, and stained office is open from 8 till 10 a.m
windows inserted, and a new organ introduced at the
Wall Boxes, Pinfarthings, cleared at 4.10 p.m. & Thees-

combe, 4.15 p.m. week days only

expense of Mrs. Frith and her family: the church will NORTH AMBERLEY (or Littleworth) is a hamlet in
seat nearly 600 persons. The register dates from the the ecclesiastical parish of Amberley, I mile and a quarter

year 1836. The living was declared a rectory Feb. 20, 1866, west from Minchinhampton parish church, and contains
under the District Church Tithes Act of 1865, net yearly a Wesleyan chapel. The soil is cla,y; subsoil, rock. Tbe
value [,270, including 21 acres of glebe, with residence, land is mostly in pasture. The chief crops are wheat.
in the gift of Mrs. Blackwell, of Highlands, and held and turnips.
since 1892 by the Rev. Henry Summerhayes M.A. of
Emmanuel College, Cambridge. The Blackwell Memorial Parish Clerk, Edmund Harding.
Room, used for weekly meetings, was built by Tmblic SCHOOLS.

subscription as a testimonial to the late Rev. Robert Parrchial, Amberley (mixed), built in 1888, for ~o
Edward Blackwell, perpetual curate here from 1836, and children; average attendance, 145; James StoH, m~er


St. Loe's Endowed Middll) Class, for all boys born in there shall be 10 free boys, 5 to be selected from thoslt
the parishes of Rodborough & Woodchester, & endowed born in the parishes of Woodchester or Amberley & 5

with £IOO, left in 1692, by Nathaniel Cambridge esq. ; from those who have for 3 years attended la public
the school was reorganized about' 1889, under a scheme elementary school in one of these parishes; 'Valter
of the Charity Commissioners, which provides that Haines RA. Corpus Christi College, OXford. head mstr

AMBERLEY. Smith WilIiam Lang:ey Harding Edmund, apaI'tments

PRIVATE ~ESIDENTS. Stafford Miss Harris Alfred, apartments

Clint{)n Lady Charle;J Pelham,Moor crt Stepheng Charles, 2 The Pines' Hunt Jesse, Amberley inn

Bennett Joseph Summerhayes Rev.Henry M,A.Rectory Matthews George, bilker, Littlewort4

Blackwe~l Mrs. High:ands Tebbitt Mrs. The Deyne Miles Wm. &; Edward, golf club mas

Blenkin Mrs. )\'bitemoor COMMERCIAL. Annie (}{rs.),baker & beer ref

Cook Miss .ilder Emma (Mrs.), apartments, Niblett Wm. P. buildr. &, quarry own!;'

DuV'is Mrs. 1 The Pines Alder Wlliiam. butcher & grocer Ollerenshaw Thomas, golf clu9 make~

Duvis Wi~liam, The Cottage Bidmead Annie (Mrs.), apa1'tments Pike Henry. sho.pkeeper ,.

Harris Tom, The Grove (letters re- Bou~hton Mary Ann (Mrs.),shopkeepI Richards Fredk. Charles, apartments
ceived through Woodch~ster)
Dowle James Edward, apartments Smith Annie (Miss), apartments

HeelasArchrbald Hay Grant.LittIewrth C:arke Charles Edward, apartments \Yorking Men's Social C~ub (James

Robday Leonard. Hillbrook house Cooke James, beer retai:er Stott, sec.),Blackwell 1'

Holloway George John, Hill house Cowley Leonard, p~asterer

L'Oste Mrs Cull Henry, beer retailer ST. OHLOE.

Ramsey Miss, Cotswold cottage Davis W~lliam, apartments Haines Walte.r B.A

Ritchie Mu. H1iHslea cottage Griffin Samuel Bowley, grocer Humphries Mrs

Scnse Hastings, The Mount Guild Janet (Miss), apartments Taynton James Henry, St. Chloe ho

Smith John, Glendale I Ha~liday Benjamin, boot maker \Yaring 'rhomas James

AMPNEY CRUCIS is a parish and village, on the 197 acres of glebe, with residence, in the gift of the Rev.

road tJetween Cirencester and Fairford, 2! miles east R.Dunll l\f.A. rector of Wanstrow, and vicar here 1869-74

from Cirencester, 5i west from Fairford and 20 south. and 1876-82, and held since 1883 by the Bev. John Hinton

east from Gloucester, in the Eastern division of the Bluck B.A. of St. John's College, Cambridge. A ceme-

:unty, hundred of Crowthorne and Minety, Cirencester tery, about three-quarters of an acre in extent, W8.!I

,nion, petty sessional divi8ion and county court district, given to the parish in 1888 by Mrs. Francis Sc1ater.

fural deanery and archdeaconry of Cirencester and diocese owner of the estate; the lych-gate was erected by

llf Gloucester. The cooreh of the Holy Cross, or Sanctre E. W. Cripps esq. and in the centre of 'the cemetery

Crucis, is a building o()f stone in the Early English style, stand,s a cross erected about 1890 by' William Flux esq.

consisting ()f chancel, nave. transepts. south porch, and Ampney park is the seat of Edmund William Cripps esq.

an embattled western tOwer containin~ 5 bells: there J.P. lord of the manor and principal landowner. The
are ~everal tablets to theo Pleydell and Blackwell families, soil is chiefly strong clay, on gravel and lim~stone Tack.

and four stained windows, the east window being a The chief crops are wheat, barley and beans. The area

memorial to' Mrs. Elizabeth Dunn, and there are others is 3,196 acres; rateable value, £2.,197; the population in-
toQ the Gifford family and to Robert PI~ydell, d. 1719; 1891 was 490.
~he ch~c.el retains 8J piscina, and in theo nor~h transept
19 a plscI~a and a tomb of m.arble. to. a kmght of the Post Office. James Edwards, ,sub-postmaster. Letters
Lloy~ family. who once held thIS ~a~or, the bowl o()f the
font IS Early Norm~n: there are ~Ittmgs for 200 persons. through Cirencester arrive at 7 a.m.; dispatched at
In the churchyard IS a cross. saId to have been erected
by .Abbot Parker at the close (If the 14th century; its 6.20 p.m. ; sundays. 12 noon. Cirencester is the nearest
height is about 10 feet and the head is adorned with
money order &' teleO"raph office. Postal orders ar61
. d h b t t '" Od
Issue ere, u no pal ,

Wall Letter Box, near school, cleared at 6 p.m.; sundays,

four niches. flanked by richly carved buttresses, and con- 11.40 a.m

taining sculptured figures representing the Virgin and Free School (mixed), with master's residence, &; an en..

Child. a crucifix, -With figures of the Holy Virgin and St. dowment of alxmt £80 yearly, derived from l"lerdeU's

John on either side, Gyraldus. first Abbot of Tewkesbury, charity; it will hold 130 children; average attendance,

and Robert Fitz-Hamon. The register dates from 1566. 1°4; 12 children are clothed free; Charles R. WElod·

~he living is a vicarage. net yearly value £IOO. including man. master; .:Mrs. 'Voodman, mistress

Bluck Rev. In. Hinton RA. Vicarage Burfitt Henry, farmer, Ford farm Legg John, beer retailer

Cripps Edmund Wm.J.P.Ampney pk Cemetery (John Haines, clerk to the Mitchell Cornelius. Crown inn

Elwes Mrs. Ampney cottage burial board) Nicholas John & Samuel, farmers,

Lane Henry CDleGeorge.builder & joiner & general Sheep House farm

jobbing work; estimates furnished Newman Ashley. farmer

COMMERCIAL. &c. Park cottage Radway Charles. brewer & maItster

Areher John. farmer, Ampney fields Doran William, shopkeeper Radwuy Geo. frmr.Atnpney Park farm

Barnfield Alfred George, farmer Edwards James~ b:acksmith, Post off Ricketts Joh:p., wheelwright

Barton Edward. farm bailiff to E. W. Gardner MicbaeJ. market gardener Smith Beuben, boot maker

Cripps esq. Ampney Knowle Haines John, baker Sterry In. millr.(water},.!.mpney mill

B~ackford Daniel. tent proprietor Haines John, jun. poultry dealer Turk Charles, brewers' manager

Bridgeman Wm. farmer, Dirts farm Holder Charles, plasterer

DOWN AMPNEY (or Amney) is a parish, on the living is a vicarage, net yearly value £140. including 10
acres of glebe, with residence, in the g-iit of Christ Church,
Wiltshire border. 5 miles south-west from Fairford
Oxford. and held since 1875 by the Rev. William Slatter
terminal station of the East Gloucestershire branch of Leonard M.A. of Christ Church, Oxford. .A. charity of
£1 18s. yearly, left in 1854 by Mr. Cook, is applied to
the Great Western railway. 2! north from Cricklade, and educational purposes. Down Ampney House, now oecu-
pied by Henry Martin Gibbs esq. J.P. was built by the
6 south-east from Cirencester, in the Eastern division ot Hungerford family in the reign of Henry VII. and ig a

the 'County, hundred of Crowthorne and Minety. Ciren- fine specimen of the architecture of that period. At thE\-
west end of the village is a canopied stone cross. restored,
cester union and petty sessional division and county court
in 1878 by 1\Irs. Paul Butler, late of Down Ampney House,
district, rural deanery of Fairford. archdeaconry of in memory of her husband. The Earl of St. Germans is
lord of the manor and SQle landowner. The soil is loamy;
Cirencester and diocese of Gloucester. The church of subsoil, clay and gravel. The chief crops are wheat,

All Saints is an a.ncient and very interesting building ot oats and barley. The area is 2,541 acres; rateable value,
£2,5II; the population in 1891 was 304.
stone in the Early English and Later styles, consisting
Parish Clerk. Alfred Martin.
of chancel, clerestoried nave, aisles, south transept, south

porch. and a massive embattled western tower with pin-

nac1es and spire containing 5 bells: in the south transept,

placed within an ornamented arch, is an altar tomb,

with recumbent efli~ies of a knight in armour and a

lady, representing Sir Nicholas de Villiers and his wife:

WinoIththeeffing?IerstI~naaisrlme oius a ma;ble mo~ument. richly gilt. Post Office.-G-eorge Ben]'amin Abel sub- ostmaster.
ford kt. 0 b• 1634, and r knef>ling, to SII' Anthony Hunger- frSohmundfCfai1y'.slc,'k.. l9adeta'ametr: 7. '2I5h,a . pm.; dl0tSpatcheedy
SI· r John Hu ngerford kt. b I 637'· Ltet6ters tp'lm ,; kl de nepaorestsa1 mOoTdners
a d '3&0
0. O()r er .•
the transept was rebuilt by the late Earl of St. Germans
cont rIObu t ed t the restoratoIon 0f de ehgrap b 0 t ceotISpaaid IC a e.
G .C.B. wh0 aIso 1argeIy a~e 0
the church in 1863: the lych-gate was erected at the cost ". Issu e ere,. un. •

of 1\Irs. Paul Butler. late of Down Ampney House, in NatIonal School (mIxed), bUIlt In 18$4. for 105 children,

1877: the church was reseated in 1897 by H. Martin anrage attemlance. 45; there IS a house for the

Gibbs esq. of Down .A=pney House. and now affords 250 master; George B. Abel, master .

sittings. The register date6 from the year 1603. The Cr,rr:'er.-'Wm. Haines, to Cirencester. every mono &; fri


Gibbs Henry Martin J.P.Down Amp- Bennett Frederick Edwin, land ste- Horton Henry, frmr. Broadway farm

ney house ward to the Earl of St. Germans Ricketts Richard, carpenter, wheel·

Leonard Rev. William Slatter Co-operative Stores Limited (Mrs. wright, blacksmith & machinist

M.A. Vicarage Frederick Bennett, sec) Ricketts Stephen, crpntr. & wheelwrt

Haines William, carrier Ruck Henry, farmer, Castle Hill farm
Herbert J. Thomas, blacksmith
COMMERCIAL. Sutton Robert, boot & shoe maker

Abel Geo.Benjamin,school & post mstr Hiscock David, farmer, Rook Tree frm

AMPNEY ST. MARY is a parish and village, near Ampney St. Peter, joint net yearly value £128, including

the road between Cirencester and Fairford, 3~ miles east 90 acres of glebe, in the gift of Mrs. Daubeney and the

from Cirencester, 4! west-by-north from Fairford and Bishop of Gloucester alternately, and held since 1894 by

::ro south-east from Gloucester, in the Eastern division the Rev. Frederick Douglas Bateman M.A. of Sidney

of the county, hundred of Crowthorne and Minety, Sussex College, Cambridge, who resides at Ampney St.

Cirencester union, petty sessional divis:on and county Peter. Here is a. Primitive Methodist chapel, erected in

.court district, and in the rural deanery and archdeaconry 1866. The charities are of £2 2S. 2d. yearly value. The

.of Cirencester and diocese of Gloucester; the village is Dean and Chapter of Gloucester are the principal land-

.called ASHBROOK, which district also comprises many owners. The soil is light clay and stone brash; the

houses in Ampney Crucis parish. The church of St. subsoil, clay and limestone rock. The chief crops are

Mary is a small and ancient building of stone, in the wheat, barley, beans and peas. The area is 1,288 acres;

Late Norman and Early English styles, consisting of rateable value, £1,053; the population in 1891 was 113.

-chancel and nave and a western turret containing one
bell, dated 1747; the font is of Early date: the church Letter Box cleared at 5.25 p.m. Letters through Ciren·

is now, however, disused, and the inhabitants attend cester, arrive at 8,3° a.m. Poulton is the nearest

that of Ampney St. Peter. The register of baptisms money order & telegraph office

and marriages dates from the year 1602; burials, 1605. The children .of this parish attend Ampney St. Peter

'The living is a vicarage, now united with the rectory of National school
I IAsh Edward, farmer, Elm farm
Cole Hy. Edwin,frmr.Can Court farm Russell Joseph, beer retailer

Cole Henry, farmer, Ashbrook Hall Mark, baker & shopkeeper Truman James, mason

AMPNEY ST. PETER is a villagB and parish, 3~ Bishop of Gloucester alternately, and held since 18'94 by

miles east from Oirencester and 20 south-east from the Rev. Frederick Douglas Bateman M.A. d Sidney

Gloucester, in the Eastern division of the county, hun- Sussex College, Oambridge. There is a charity of 2

dred of Crowthorne and Minety, Cirencester union, petty acres of land, known as "Church ground," let annually

sessional division and county court district, in the rural during the burning of an inch of candle to the highest

deanery and archdeaconry of c:Jirencester and diocese of bidder, and the proceeds are devoted by the church-

Gloucester. The church of St. Peter is a small building wardens to church expenses &c. In the parish are the

{)f stone in the Transition Norman style, consisting of remains of a Roman encampment, of irregular form,

~hancel, nave of two bays, north aisle, south porch, vestry called "Ranbury Ring." William Turner Stevens esq.

.and a low saddleback tower at the west end, containing is the principal landowner. The soil is stone brash,

~ bells: the north aisle, vestry and organ chamber were oolite and clay. The chief crops are wheat, barley and

1lodded in 1879 at a cost of £1,7°7, from the plans of the peas. The area is 563 acres; rateable value, £916; the

late Sir G. G. Scott R.A.: the stained east window was population in 1891 was 189.

-erected by the late Dr. Bulley, President of Magdalen Parish Clerk James Day.

College, Oxford, and Margaret, his wife, as a m e m o r i a l ' .
to her parents, the Rev. Edward Andrew Daubeney, a Letter Box c~eared at 5·45 p.m. Letters thr~ugh ~uen.
former incumbent, and to his wife; there is another cester, arrIve at 8 a.m. Poulton, Il miles, IS the

memorial window to Miss Daubeney, and one given by nearest money* orde: & telegraph office;. but thosB
Mrs. Richards and Mrs. Butler: the fine marble reredos ma:ked thus receIve letters from Fauford S.O.

is a memorial to the late Rev. Thomas Daubeney: there arrIve at 10 a.m

are 200 sittings. The register dates from the year 1620. National School (mixed), erected, with master's house,

The living is a rectory, with the vicarage of Ampney in 1873, for children of this & the adjoining parish of

St. Mary annexed, joint De6 yearly value £128, including Ampney St. Mary; it will hold '0 children; average

'90 acres of glebe, in the gift of Mrs. Daubeney and the attendance, 58; Wm. Seott, master; Mrs. Scott, mist

{Marked thus * receh'e their letters COMMERCIA.L. Jackson George, farmer, Oharham. fm

through FaiIiord S.O.) *Boulton Arthur, farmer Luckett Charles, carpenter

. PRIVA.TE RESIDENTS. Bowles William, beer retailer Paine George, baker

Dateman nev. :Frederick. Dougla,s M.A. Day James, farm 'bailiff to R. Dau- *Stevens William Turner, yeoman,

RE'ctory beney esq Ranbury

Daubeney Mrs. Ea}'tington house Edwards Lomsa (:VIrs.), organist at Sutton Thomas, overseer

Daubene.v Robert.. Eastington house parish church Wilkins J3mes. Red Lion P.R

~oore William Lamer Jonathan, bee!' rE-tailer lYoolls William, butcher

·Stevens Willia~ Turner, Ranbury Lloyd Benjamin, baker & shopkeeper

ARLINGHAM: is a parish and village, r mile and 8 Kenilworth, Stratford-on-Avon and Wotton-nnder-Edge
for the support of an infants' school: Hodges Carter esq.
half ea t from Newnham station on the Gloucester and of Gloucester, left £200, the interest of which is given
to persons not in receipt of parochial relief: Mrs. Jane
South W.u ranch of the Great Western railway, but Campbell left £400, the interest of which is given to the
poor of the parish, and there are several smaller charities.
separated m it by the river Severn, across which is Capt. George Lindsay Holford C.I.E. of Weston Birt
House, is lord of the manor and chief landowner. The
'8 ferry at high water, 13 miles south-west from Glou- soil is loamy; subsoil, marsh clay and sand. The chief
crops are wheat and beans, and much land is in pasture.
'Cester, 8 0 • est from Stonehouse, in the Northern The area is 2,390 acres of land and 835 of water; rat~·
able value, £3,485; the population in 189I was 566.
division of the county, Upper Berkeley hundred, Wheaten-
OVERTON is a hamlet, I mile north-west.
hurst union Wh tminster petty sessional division, Newn- Sexton, Charles Harper.
Post Office. - Mrs. Matilda Ayland, sub-postmistress.
ham county co t district, and in the rural deanery, Letters arrive from Stonehouse at 9.5 a.m.; dispatched
at 4.5 p.m. Postal orders are issued here, but not
archdeacon y an ~iocese of Gloucester. The church of paid. The nearest money order & telegraph office is
at Sau!
St. Mary s a bu ldin~ of stone in the Early English,
Decorated and Early Perpendicular styles, consisting of Kational, rebuilt in 1869, for 100 children; average at·

'Chancel, nave, ~outh porch and an embattled .estern tendance, 48; it is endowed with £40 yearly, left by
John Yate esg.; Charles Cooper, master
tower containin a clock and 6 bells: the east window Infant, built in 1869. for 68 children; average attendance,

is stained and ther are 6 other stained windows, one of 45; & supported in part by Vale's charity of £6 IIs.6d.
&; Campbell's charity of £7 10S. annually; Mrs. Annie
which is a memon 1 to John Sayer esq.: the church was Cooper, mistress
Carrier to Strond.-:M:rs. Rosannah Phillips, fri. return·
restored in 1868 a a cost of £300, and has 300 sittings. ing same day

The register of b ptlsms dates from the year 1539;

burials, 1540; ma nages, 1566. The living is a vicarage,

gross yearly value from 136 acres of glebe £180, with

l'esidence, in the g f of. Mrs. John Sayer, and held since

1893 by the Rev. Henry Bevis M.A. of Christ's College,

Cambridge. The P ymouth Brethren have a place of

meeting here. Th es amount to £IIO IIS. yearly

3Ild are derived in t rom the Court House estate,

left in 1765 by John 1. e sq. and Mary Yate, of Arling-

ham; there is also h 'nt rest of £200 left in the year
1:832 ~y the late C. " ~ • of Arlingham, to be given
to this place alterna _ th the towns of Warwick,


ARLI:r\GH..A.:M. Hobbs William, blacksmith Wilcox Arthur, farmer, Rectory faI'Illl

Bevis Rev. Hy. M.A. The Vicarage Merrett Mary Ann (Mrs.), farmer, Withers Goorge,. farmer, Upper Milton

Carter Mm. Giles Friday Street farm End farm

Merrett Mrs. John Merrett Jas. frmr. St. Augustine's fm OVERTON.
Perks Miss, Clapsgate house Merrett Elizaobeth (Mrs.), farmer
~Ierrett Robert Henry, farmer, Slowwe BalIinger Sarah (Mrs.), farmer
Saver Mrs. Slowwe house ~Ierrett William Phipps, farmer & as- Browning :Frederick & Thomas, frmrs.
sistant ovel'seer Wick farm
Yeimer Capt. Chas. R.N.The Reddings

COMMERCIAL. Phillips Rosannah (Mrs.), carrier Camm Charles, ship & trawl owner;

Burcher Elizabeth (Mrs.), farmer, Phipps Thomas Samuel, farmer, West tea gardens; pleasure boats; col-

Wharth farm End farm lection of old china &c. on view,

Burroughs Frederick, New inn Sendall George, Red Lion inn Severn view

Butt ElIen (Mrs.), farmer, Court farm Turner Thomas, farmer, Slowwe farm Hayward Edwin, boot maker

Carter John, farmer, Puckpool farm Yernon Oatherine (Mrs.), farmer, Hayward Henry, farmer

Cousins William, baker Lower Milton End farm Merrett Tlhomas Gilbert, farmer

Fluck Henry James, farmer, Hill ho Yernon John Pickering', farmer Severn View hotel, for visitors, tour.

Greenway Geonge, mason Wathen John, carpenter ists, picniCIS' &c. ; dancing &c.; plea.

Greenway Jesse, shopkeeper Weeks Matthew, beer retailer 'sure boats on hire (George Ashby,

Greenway Thomas, mason Williams Maria (Mrs.), threshing ma- proprietor)

Bobbs Hannah (Mrs.), shopkeeper chine owner

ASH CHURCH is a village and parish, pleasantly The soil is principally clay; subsoil, clay and gravel.

seated on the high road from Tewkesbury to Winchcomb The chief crops are wheat, vetches and beans. The area

and Stow, extending to the Worcestershire border, and is :4,244 acres; rateable value, £10,866; the population

a station on the Midland railway, and junction of the in 18g1 was 703.

Evesham, Malvern and Tewkesbury branches, 128 miles PAMI~GTON is a tithing, village and hamlet, half a

from London, 2 east from Tewkesbury, 9 south-west mile south-east.

from Evesham and 8 north-west from Winchcom'b; it ASTON-UPO~-CARRANT is a tithing- and hamle~,

is in the Northern division of the county, lower division about I mile east-north-east. Here is a Wesleyan Metho-

of the hundred, union and petty sessional division and dist chapel, built in 1845.
county court district of Tewkesbury, rural deanery of

Winchcomb and archdeaconry and diocese of Gloucester. !"IDDIXGTON is a tithing and hamlet, I~ miles south.

The Thirle brook, a feeder of the Swilgate, flows through N.!TTON is a hamlet half 8 mile l'lOuth-by-east, in

the parish. The church of St. Nicholas is an ancient Fiddington tithing. Here is a Seventh day Baptist
building of stone in the Norman style, with additions chapel.

mostly of the 14th century, and consists of chancel,

clerestoried nave of six bays, south porch, north aisle l\ORTHW.lY is a tithing and hamlet, half a mile

and an embattled western tower of the 14th century, north, Northway House is the residence of Mrs.Steward.

with four pinnacles, and containing 6 bells: it has a Parish Clerk, James Wasley.

handsome carved oak screen and some remains of ancient Post Office, Aston Cross.-Alfred Drinkwater, sub-post.

stained glass: the church was restored in 1888-9, at a master. Letters arrive by foot post from Tewkesbury

cost of £575, and affords 450 sittings. The register at 7.15 a.m.; dispatched at 5.55 p.m. Postal orders

dates from the year 1555. The living is 8 rectory, are issued here, but not paid. The nearest money

yearly value £160, with 22 acres of glebe and residence, order office is at Tewkesbury. The telegraph office is

in the gift of Sir G. A. -Cayley hart. and held since 1887 at Ashchurch railway station

by the. Rev. Henry Leach M..!. of Emmanuel College, Wall Letter Box, Pamington, cleared at 5.30 p,m. on

Cambridge, and hon. canon of Gloucester. The charities week days only

are of £25 yearly value. Ashchurch House is the pro- Wall Letter Box, Aston-upon-Carrant, cleared at 5.20 p.m

pertY and seat of Nathaniel Percy Milne esq. D.L., J.P. Wall Letter Box, Railway station, cleared at 6.15 p.m

and Walton House the property and seat of Col. Henry A School Board of 5 members was formed in 1871; H.

Gillum Webb J.P. '£he trustees at the late John Tombs, A. Badham, Tewkesbnry, clerk to the board; William

Messrs. John Moore, Francis Henry Pagett and Charles Davis, 70 Barton st. Tewkesbury, attendance officer

Adam Yeend, C. A. Hay esq. of 127 Harley street, Lon- Board School (mixed), built in 1842, with residence fQr

don, E. W. Wall esq. Thomas Ralsey esq. of Wickwar, master, for 120 children; ave:-age attendance, 31 boys,

H. A. Badham esq. of .Tewkesbury, Mrs. Evans, of 36 girls & 32 infants; William Pickman, master; Miss

'lrewythen, iJenbig-l>-hire, Miss Downs, Mrs. Steward Amy Stevenson, assistant mistress

and Capt. Stone, of Cheltenham, are the chief ~andowners. Railway Station, William Lewin, shtion master

.A,SHOHVRCH. Johnson John, farmer, Starve All farm Hopton William, hrmer

Brotheridge John Thould,Ashchnreh rd Jordan Samuel Warder, farmer Horsford Harry, farmer

Denley Charles, Ashchurch road :Newman Richard, farmer, Court farm Jones Georg'e & Tom .Alexander, fo:r-

Douglas Mrs, Ashchurch road Rose John, shopkeeper mers, Home Down farm

Fowler Kenelm Carlos, Ashchurch rd ASTON. Martin Stephen, farICer .
Leach Rev. Renry M.A. (rector), Rec- Marsh Frederick, fan~er

tory (& hon. canon of Gloucester)) Baron Charles Prescot, The Villa Phillipg. William Henry, farmer
Lenton Edward B. Ashchurch road Bennett John, carpenter Roberts 'Villiam, farmer

Milne Nathaniel Percy D.L., J.P. Ash- Davies James, Queen's Head P.H Walker William, beer retailer

church house Drinkwater Alfred, grocer & post office "\Vebb Joseph, farmer, Home downs

Webb Col.Henry Gillum J.P.Walton ho Goodson William C~Jfeinsks)i,nsfa, rmblearcksmith N A T T O ~.
Wright John, Ashchurch road Hogg Sarah Ann

COMMERCIAL. Prew Thomas, farmer Capel George, Ifarmer
Purser M~y Ann (Miss), farmer
Greening Wm. Hy. farmer, Manor frm Wyman John, miller (water)

. Lewin William, coal, coke, lime & salt 1Vilkes Chas. Jas. farmer, Upper farm NORTHWAY.

merchant, Railway -station Yeend Charles Adam, farmer Steward Mrs. :Korthway house
Matthew John, farmer, Church farm G-reem' ng Alfred, ml°11er (wat er) l0lI;I.
Meadows Charles, shopkeeper FIDDIl\GTON.

Smith 'V. H. & Son, booksellers &c. Allkins Samuel, farmer farmer, Northway mill

Railway station Clarke Alfred Henry, farmer, Fidding- Greening John, farmer, Northway fnn

PAMINGTON. ton manor Hill Elizabeth (Miss), farmer
Day Charles, farmer HQPton In. Chas. frmr. Cowfield farm

J3eckett William, farmer llobbs Wm. farmer, The Rectory frm Pearse William, farmer

ASHLEWORTH, anciently Escelenorde, is a parish parish, vessels load and discharge. The church of St

and compact viliage, on the north bank of the river Bartholomew, anciently dedicated to St. Andrew, is an
Severn, which is here crossed by a ferry to Sandhurst, edifice of stone, chiefly in the Perpendicular style, with
7 miles east from Newent station on the Gloucester and some Early English and Decorated portions, and consists
of chancel with north aisle of equal size, nave of four bay~,
Ledbury section, and 5 north-north-west from Gloucester nOl"th transept, sOlith aisle, north porch, and an embattled
station on the Gloucester and South 'Yales section of western tower with spire, containing 6 bells, one of which
the Great Western railway, in the Northern division of
was recast in 1884, and the whole were rehung in 1894
the county, hundred of Berkeley, G:oucester union, petty at a cost of £80: the rood-loft stairs remain, and there
sessional division and county court district, and in the is some herring-bone masonry in the north wall which is
Tural deanery, archdeaconry and diocese of Gloucester: at considered to be Saxon: hi the ehancellU'e several stained
.Ashleworth QU:ly on the river, on the west side of the


windows: the church was rest::>red in 1869, at a cost of trustees of the late Thomas Fulljames, wilD are lords of
£1,4°0, under the direction of the late Thomas FulIjames the manor. and Carriek Moore esq. are the principal land-
C.E. and architect: there are sittings for 260 persons.
The registers, which are in a very perfect state of pre- owners. The soil consists chiefly of lias clay, and in the
flervation, date from the year 1566. The living is a rec-
tory, net yearly value £120, including 103 acres of g:ebe, lower portion, bordering on the river, is &. fine tract of
with residence, in the gift of the Bishop of Gloucester, and alluvial soil, containing some of the finest meadow and
held since 1889 by the Rev. Basil Edwards M.A. of Caius orchard land in the county, and celebrated for its dairy
College, Cambridge. The Rectory house, pleasantly situ- produce. The chief crops are wheat, beans and clover.
ated, has a fine view over this and the adjoining parishes. The parish contains 1,651 acres of fertile soil; rateabla
The charities are of about £25 yearly value, arising from
land. The old manor house, now called "the Old Vicar- value, £3,435; the population in 1891 was 450.
age," exhibits marks of considerable aril:iquity, and is Sexton, John Davies.
occupied by Miss Ful!james. Foscombe, the property and
residence of Capt. Hedley H. Oalvert, is a fine mansion Post Office.-Mrs. Mary Ann Turk, sub-postmistress".
standing on an elevated site and was designed and built
by the late Thomas FulIjames esq. : from the front tower, Letters arrive from Gloucester at 7.30 a.m.; dispatched
which is more than 300 feet above the level of the sea, thereto at 6 p.m.; box closes' 5.50 p.m. Gloucester ill
a magnificent view is obtained, extending over eight the nearest money order office, ~ Hartpury, telegraph
counties: in the grounds are some fine oak trees. The office

National School (mixed), built in 1842, for 120 children;

average attendanoo, 72; Miss Janie Evans, mistress

Carriers to Gloucester.-Davis, from Ashleworth, wed.
& sat. ; Turner, from Hasfield &i Ashleworth, mono wed.
& sat. returning same days

PRIVATE RESIDENTS. Clarke Charles, farmer &i assistant Jell William, hay & coal dealer

Calvert Capt. Hedley H. Foscombe overseer, Rectory farm Jones Ann (Mrs.), farmer, Colwells

Clark Alfred, The Cott.age DalIman Joseph, carpenter, The Green Lane Geollge, ,shoe maker

Davis William Davis Henry, tailor Lane Thomas, jun. carpenter &; wheel-

Edwards' Rev. Basil M.A. Reciory Davis John, blacksmith wright
FulIjames Miss, Old vicarage Davis John, carrier Lane William,shoe maker &; shopkeep~

Fulljames Robert Charles Old vicarage Ferris Charles, Queen's Arms P.H Roberts David, fatmer, Croft farm

Long Mrs. The Cottage Finch George James, farmer, Stream Surman Jsph. farmer, Stonebo)V farm

Long Thomas, Goodrich villa Freeman Henry Thos. fail"IIler, Bilsrton Surman 1Villiam Jas. 8'ssistant over-

Roberts Franci:s, Greenfields Griffin John, farmer, Crewdens' seer for Hasfield
Taylor Sidney Healing Lewis, shopkeeper & baker Taylor Thomas, roal dealer, Whitencl
Hooper John, farmer, Harpers Tipton George, farmer, Green farm

COMMERCIAL. Hopkins John, coal dealer Tovey John, farmer, Yew Tree farm

Arkell Frederick, butcher & farmer, Hopkiuso Jaseph, shoe maker Turner W,alter, carrier

Box bush Hopkins WilIiam, beer retailer & canal Vallender GeOl'ge, farmer, Broad st.

Clark Elizabeth (Mrs.), farmer, Ash- ca,rrier, Quay Watts Isaac, shopkeeper

leworth court. . Jelf David, Boat ,P.H. &; farmer, Quay

ASHTON-UNDER-HILL is a village and parish, on £225, and held since 1895 by the Rev. John Gough M.A....

the river Carrant, which rises in the parish, and extend· LL. B. of Trinity College, Dublin, who resides Bit BeckfGrd.

ing to the Worcestershire border, with a station on the Near the church is an ancient stone cross on three steps

Evesham and Ashchurch branch of the Midland railway, with a sun-dial. The chief landowners are William Bald-

8 miles north-east from Tewkesbury and 5 south-west wyn eSI}. who is lord of the manor, John Baldwyn, Oharles

from Evesham and I07 from London, in the Northern Attwood and the trustees of the late Herbert New esqrs.

division of the county, partly in Upper Tewkesbury and 'jlhe soil is loamy lias; subsoil, blue clay. The chief crops

partly in Tibaldstone hundreds, Evesham union and rounty are wheat, beans, seeds a.nd roots. The area is 1,64Q

court district, petty sessional division of Winchcomb, acres; rateable value, £2,682; the population in 1891 was

rural deanery of Campden, archdeaconry of Cirencester and 361.

diocese of Gloucester. The church of St. Barbara is a Parish Clerk, John Clements.

building of stone in the Early English style, with traces Post Office. John Olements, sub-postmaster. Letters re.

of Perpendicular work, consisting of chancel, nave of four ceived through Tewkesbury, arrIve at 9.15 a.m.; dis-

bays, small north aisle, south porch, and an embattled patched at 3.15 & 6,40 p.m. Beckford is the nearest

western tower with pinnacles, containing 5 bells; in 1868 money order office. The telegraph office is l\t the rail-

it was enlarged by taking in the school-room formerly way station .

attached to the north ais:e: there are several mural A School Board of 5 members was formed Oetober 21.

tablets to the Baldwyn family, dating from 1816 to 1857; 1'87.9; Edward Wadhams, Hampton, clerk to the board ~

the east window is stained: the church affords 259 sit- John Gements, attendance officer

tings. The register of marriages and burials dates from Board School (mixed), built in 1876, for 90 children;.

the year 1586; baptisms, 1596. The living is a chapelry, average attendance, 37; Miss Edith Teale, mistress

annexed to the viearage of Beckford, net yearly value I Railway Station, Henry Cripwell, station master

Baldwyn John elements l\Iarg-aret (Mrs.), beer retlr ~iiles Richard, wheelwright

Baldwyn William Coles 1Villiam H. farmer Moore Charles, hurdle & ladder maker

Roberwn Edward Cope Samuel, beer retailer Panting Wm. By. farmer & butcher

Taylor James Cormell Frederick, farmer, Manor frm Peart Georgoe, farmer

CO~ERCIAL. Court & Son, bakers Roberson Edwd. M.R.C.S.Eng. surgn
Cresswell John, beer retailer Roper John, shoe maker

Baldwyn John, farmer &; landowner Drinkwater David, farmer Spiers WiIliam, coal merchant

Baldwyn WilIiam, landowner Gibbons Sarah Anne (Miss), grocer &; Swinbourne Samuel, basket maker

Barnett Charles, shopkeeper draper S'latter Gharles, farmer

Barnett William, farmer Gill llaniel, farmer Taylor James & Co. coal, brick & tile

Bayliss Jonathan, carpenter & builder Riggins Thomas, blacksmith merchants; & at Beckford

Chandler Jasper, wheelwright Idions John & Sons Limited, coal Turner Oha-rles, builder

Clements John, tailor, school attend- merchants, Railway ,station Turner Henry, builder

ance officer, & post office J eenes J ames, farmer

ASTON BLANK, "otherwise" Cold Aston, is a par:sh credence and piscina: on the north wall of the nave is an
inscribed tablet to mles Garter, ob. 1664: the church
and village, about I mile west from the old Roman foss- was thoroughly restored in 1876, at a cost of £1,292, under
the direction of Mr. Cutts, architect, of London, when
way, 2! miles south-west from Bourton-on-theWater sta- some fragments of carved Norman work were found and
built into the porch: the church affords 120 sittings. The
tion, and 2 miles from Notgrove station, both on the Ban- register of baptisms dates from the year 1813; marriages,
bury and Cheltenham section of the Great Western I'!lil- 1754; burials, 1813. The living is a vicarage, net yearly:
way, 4 north from NorthIeach, and 20 east from Gloucester, value £94, including 120 acres of glebe, with residence,
in the gift of the Lord Chancellor, and held since 1892
in the Eastern division of the county, Bradley hundred, by the Rev. 'Charles Leslie Balfour. There are charities
NorthIeach union, oounty court district and petty ses· of about £12 yearly value, the rent of 30 acres of land,
sional division, rural deanery of NorthIeach, archdeaconry which is expended in coals for the poor. Lord Henry
of Cirencester and dioeese of Gloucester. The church of Francis Pelham - Clinton - Hope, of Oastleblaney, cC),
St. Andrew is an ancient building of stone in the Norman Monaghan, Ireland, is lord of the manor and chief land-
and Perpendicular styles, consisting of chancel, nave,
flouth porch and an embattled western tower, with pin- owner. The soil is stone brash; subsoil, stone brash.
nacles and containing 5 bells: the chancel has no east
window, but the east wall is adorned with two richly

carved and canopied niches: the chancel also retains a


The chief crops are wheat, barley, oats and turnips. The a.m.; dispatched, 4.10 p.m. Bourton-on-the-'\Vater is
area is 2,250 acres; rateable value, £1,137 j the population
in 1891 was 255. the nearest money order & telegraph office. Postal
orders are issued here, but not paid
Sexton, John Wright. ~ational School (mixed), erected in 1860, by the late
Post Office.-Robert Hicks, sub-postmaster. Letters ar- Henry Thomas Hope esq. for 60 children j average at-

rive through Cheltenham via Notgrove station at 9 tendance, 43 j lsaae Burt, master

Acock Arthur Aeock &; Tayler, auctioneers, valuers Owen Geo. Keepers' Arms P.B. &; bakr

Balfour Rev. Charles Leslie, Vicarage &; land &; estate agents Pullen Daniel, shopkeeper

Barton Mrs Acock rrhomas, farmer Walker Thomas Barton, farm bailiff to

Tayler James W Handy Lawrence S. farmer, Ast~n frm Mrs. Barton

Hart Murtha J. (Mrs.), apartments 'Yells Charles, farmer

COMMERCIAL. Hicks Robert, shopkeeper &; beer 'fe- Wilkins William, farmer, Elm bank:

Acock Arthur, farmer tailer, Post office Wright John, blacksmith

ASTON SOMERVILLE is a village and parish, 3 residence, in the gift of and held

miles east from Ashton-under-Hill station on the Ash- since 1893 by the Rev. Stephen Fry Whitehead B.A.

church and Evesham branch of the Midland railway, and of Hatfield Hall, Durham. The mortgagees of the Somer..

5 south from Evesham, in the Northern division of the ville estate are lords of the manor and with Peregrine

county, lower division of the hundred of Kiftsgate, Eve- Prince esq. of the Hall, are the principal landowners. The

sham union and county court district, petty sessional soil is of a clayey nature; subsoil, stiff blue clay. The

division of Winchcomb, rural deanery of Campden, arch- chief crops are wheat and beans. The area is 993 acres j,

deaconry of Cirencester and diocese of Gloncester. The rateable value, £1,160 j the population in 1891 was 107.

church (not named) is a building of stone in the Norman Parish Clerk, William Dale.
style, consisting of chancel, nave and a western embattled
tower, with crocketed pinnacles and containing 2 bells and Letters through Broadway arrive at 9 a.m. &; 4·45 p.m.

clock; on the floor of the tower is an ancient recnmbent The nearest money order & telegraph office is at

stone effigy .of a knight in armour, supposed to represent Broadway
one of the Somervilles: there are 120 sittings. The re- Letter Box c:eared at 8.40 a.m. & 4.50 p.m. week days only

gister dates from the year 1600. The living is a rectory, National School (mixed), for 80 children; average attend-

net yearly value £160, including 40 acres of g~ebe, with ance, 20 j Miss Harriet Dale, mistress

Whitehead Rev. Stephen Fry B.A., Princ~ Peregrine, The Hall Bryant Thomas, farmer, Lower

Rectory Barrett Alfred, farmer

ASTON-SUB-EDGE is a village and parish ex- been written: the transfer of the book from the church

tending t~ the Worcestershire border, 2! miles north- to which it properly belongs' may be accounted for by the

west from Ohipping Oampden station on the Oxford and fact that the two parishes were for many years served by

Worcester section of the Great Western railway, 8 north the same clergyman, who resided at Mickleton: there are

from Moreton-in-the-Marsh, 7 east-by-south from Eves- entries relating to' the Porter family, for many years

ham, in the Eastern division of the county, upper division connected with this parish, and from whom sprang Endy-

Of the hundred of Kiftsgate, union and county court mion Porter, the faithful attendant of Charles I. j also of

district of Evesham, petty sessional division of Campden, the Overbury family, t~ which belonged Sir Thomas Over-

rural deanery of Campden, archdeaconry of Cirencester bury, who was poisoned in the Tower, 15th September,

and diocese of Gloucester. The church of St. Andrew 1613. The living is a rectory, yearly value from tithe

is a small modern building of stone, consisting of chancel rent-charge £250, with residence, in the gift of the Earl

and nave and a western turret containing one bell, cast of Harrowby P.C. and held since 1888 by the Rev.

in 1797: in 1884 the windows were renewed in stone and Matthew Churton Theol.Assoc.K.C.Lond. who resides at

the chancel re seated, and in 1890 the interior was tho- the Old Manor House, Weston-sub-Edge. The Earl of

roughly restored at the cost of the Earl of Harrowby. A Harrowby P.C. is lord of the manor and principal land-

marble tablet has been erected to the Rev. Ralph Francis owner. '1'he soil is strong loamy clay; subsoil, clay.

Watson ~f.A. rector here, 1871-87, who suddenly died in The crops are wheat and beans. The area is 755 acres;.

the pulpit whilst pronouncing the benediction: there are rateable value, £1,005 j the population in 18g1 was 141.

100 sittings. The existing register of baptisms dates from Parish Clerk, John Ladbrook.

the )"ear 1719; marriages and burials, 1720 j but in the Letters are received from Campden S.O. which is also

parish chest at Mickleton there is preserved a parchment the nearest money order &; telegraph office j arrive a'

volume of quarto size, containing a register of baptisms, 8.30 a.m

marriages and burials, dating from 1539, and evidently Wall Letter Box cleared at 4.45 p.m

flelonging to the adjoining parish of Aston-sub-Edge: National School (mixed), erected in 1663, for 45 child-

the words" Aston Register" can be traced in very pale ren; average attendance, 27; Miss Ada Brittain, mis-

ink on the onter cover, over which, in a later hand and in tress &; Miss Georgina Davis, assistant mistress; ther8

darker ink, the indorsement, "Mickleton Register," has is a house for the mistress
I IBiles William, farmer
Coldicott Alfred, farmer, Manor farm Dyde WiIliam, 'blacksmith

BuUingham Josiah, farmer Davis George, cabinet maker Hopkins Henry, farmer

A UST is a tithing and village of Henbury parish, on £1 yearly value, are distributed in bread on St. John'.
the navigable river Severn and on the high road from day; and there is an endowment of £20 yearly given by
Sodbury to the Old Passage ferry (now disused) to Chep- Mr. Harcourt towards the expenses of divine service.
stow, 12 miles north from Bristol, 4 west-by-south from There are traces of the Fosse road between this place
Thornbury and 4! north-west from Pilning station, on to Cirencester. The cliffs here contain a. rich bed of
the Brilitol and South Wales section of the Great Western fossil bones and gypsum. Robert C. Cann-Lippincott esq.
railway, in the Southern division of the county, Henbury of Over Court, Almondsbury, who is lord 'of the manor,
hundred, Thornbury union, petty sessional division and and Thomas Bush esq. of .Alveston, are the chief land-
county court dishict, rural deanery of Stapleton, arch- owners. The soil is clay and loam; subsoil, new red
deaconry and diocese of Bristol. This place derives its sandstone and blue lias. The chief crops are wheat,
name from the ancient Roman passage (Trajectus An- barley and pasturage. The area is 978 acres of land and
gusti) across the Severn. The church (name not known) 1,155 of water j rateable valuable, £2,296; the popula-
is an ancient building of stone, consisting of chancel, tion in 1891 was 159.
nave, south porch and an embattled western tower con-
taining a clock and 2 bells: the font is. Perpendicular: By a Local Government Order, dated March 25, 1884.
there are 150 sittings. The register dates from the year a detached part of Olveston, known as Cote Farm, was
:1538. The living is a chapelry attached, together with amalgamated with this parish.
that of Northwick and Redwick, to the vicarage of Hen-
bury,. in the gift of trustees, and held since 1800 by the Parish Clerk, John Vizard.
Rev. John Hugh Way M.A. of Oriel College, Oxford, Letters arrive from Thornbury R.S.O. by messenger, at
who resides at Henbury j the Rev. Albert Turner
A.K.C.L., ~LL of Aberdeen University, has been curate 9.30 a.m. Wall Letter Box cleared at 3.30 p.m.; sun-
since 1883 j John Wickliffe, the reformer, was presented days, 10.30 a.m. The nearest money &; telegraph office
to this living by King Edward TII. in 1374. Here is a is at Tockington
Free Methodist chapel, built in 1896. The charities of Infants' School, built in 1878, for 30 children; average
attendance, 18; Miss Letitia Mary Ebert, mistress.
The elder children attend the school at Northwick
Carrier.-.A.mos Watkins, to Bristol, tues. thurs. &:, sat

Tu~er Rev. Albert )<I.A., A.K.C Alvis John, salmon fishery proprietor, Alway Thos. farmer, Old Passage fnn

VIcarage Cliff house Cornock: William, jun. farmer, Tan

.Alvis George Saml. farmer, Cote farm AIway John, farmer, Manor farm House farm


E:inO'seott 'William, shopkeeper Russell George, Old Boar's Head P.R Spratt John, farmer
Par~ott Fdk. farmer & assist. avers!!' & carpenter
. "'-atkins Amos, carrier

Parrott Henry, farmer Sansum Henry, farmer York Cutherine CMrs.), farmer

A VENING is a parish and village, situated in a vallry, the head of the Avening valley, close to the Aven stream;

on the high road from Tetbury to Minchinhampton and it is mentioned in Cromwell's inventory of the manor

Stroud, 2~ miles east from Nailsworth terminal station houses of Sion monastery (1534), and become by the
on a branch of the Midland railway, 3~ north-west from grant of Henry VIII. the property of Sir Andrews Wind-

Tetbury terminal station on the branch of the Great West- sor, 1st Baron Windsor KB.; his descendant sold it to

ern railway from Kemble junction, 6! south-east-by-south the Sheppard: family, from whom it passed, with the

from Stroud, 16 south from Gloucester, 8 east from Durs- manor of .Avening, to the Playne family in the last cen-

ley, in the Mid division of the county, Longtree hundred, tury; Mrs. Erskine Pollock succeeded her grandfather,

Tetbury union, Stroud county court district, and Nails- W. Playne esq. in the lordship of this manor in 1884.

worth petty sessional division, rural deanery of Stone- Belemtlites and other fosslls are frequent in the neigh-

-bouse, archdeaconry and diocese of Gloucester. Th!: bourhood, and remains of a ~man fosse road still exist.

church of the Holy Cross is an ancient cruciform build- There is also a tumulus which is marked by an upright

ing of stone, originally Norman, of which the chancel re· stone. Mrs. Erskine PoJlock, who is lady of the Manor,

mains, and the building has naye, transepts, north porch, George Lowsley-W'illiams esq. Robert Calcutt esq.

and a low embattled central tower containing 5 be~ls, the Edmund Kimber eEq. and A. T. Playne esq.

tenor being cracked: in the church is a curious monu- . are the principal landowners. The soil is light

ment to the Hon. Henry Bridges, dated 1615: the tracer- loam; subsoil, oolite. The chief crops are wheat,

ied east window was restored in 1889, and filled with barley and oats. The area is 3,600 acres; rateable

stained glass, as a memorial to Capt. Playne, 1St Batt. value, £3,552-; the population in 1891 was 984. Avening

Rifle Brigade, eldest son of the late W. Playne esq. of includes the hamlets of .Aston, about 2 miles east-by-

Avening CJurt, and father of Mrs. Erskine Pollock: a north, and Nag's Head, about 1 mile east.

new org:m was provided in 1896: the church was re- Sexton, William Vincent.

stored in 1887, and affords sittings for 230 persons. The Post, Parcel & M. O. 0., S. B. & Annuity & Insurance

register dates from the year 1557. The liying is a ree- Office. Charles Essex, sub-postmaster. LeUers ar-

tory, tithe rent-charge £600, net yearly value £650, in- rive through Stroud at 7.30 a.m.; dispatched at 5.30

eluding 104 acres of glebe, with residence, in the gift ef p.m. sundays: included. The nearest telegraph, office

the Rev. E. W. Edwards M.A. and held since 1857 by is at Minehinhampton .

the Rev. Franci~ De Par~vicini B.A. of. W?rcester Co]ege, I P~oli~e Station.-Wi:lliam Jo~es~ constable

Oxfotd. Here IS a BaptIst chapel, built III 1806, and en- :NatIonal School (mIxed), built III 1842 & enlarged ID 1893,

larged in 1821, and affording 200 sittingE. The charities, for 150 children; average attendance, 143; the school

amounting in all to £33 yearly, are for educating and ap- is supported in part from the charity mentioned above;

prenticing poor children and other purposes. Avening Court Alfred MOrTis, master; Mrs. Lucy Savery, mistress;

the seat of R. Erskine Pollock esq. Q.C., J.P. stands at Miss Bessie Sparks, infants' mistress

PRIVATE nESIDE~TS. Essex Charles,freestone quarry owner, bacon curer; also dealer in flour,

Calcutt Robert, .Avening lodge Post office corn, meal, china, hardware, patent

Cox Misses, The Folly Essex Thomas, Cross P .H. & free- medicines & boots & shoes, High

De Paravicini Rev. Fra~. RA.Rectory stone quarry owner Street stores

Edwards Rev. Edgar William M..A. Fowler John, farmer, Aston Jellyman Joseph, farmer, Summer-

(curate), The Old Rectory Fowles Esther (Mrs.), :;,hopkeeper we~l (postal address, Tetbury)

Frost Rev. William E. (Baptist), FGw:es George E. miller (water & Jones Ralph, beer retailer & painter

Mount Pleasant steam)- & assistant overseer & clerk Maller Reuben,carpenter& wheelwrigt

GolightlyCapt.Robert Edmund D.S.O. to parish council, .Avening mills May William, plasterer
Mortimer Thomas James, farmer 4-
Brooksida Fawles Hubert, baker & farmer

Kimber Edmund, Avening house Fawles John, tailor, Nag's head beer agent, Waodhause );

Pollock R. Erskine Q.C., LL.B., J.P. Fawles Paul, tailor Powell Jabez, smith

Averring court Fawles Rowland, Butchers' .Arms P.H Reading Room (Rev. E. W. Edwara....

CO:MMERCIAL. Fowles William, builder, Nag's head hon. sec)

Baker Wm. farmer, Star & Garter frm Fowles Zilpah (Miss), dressmaker Rowland Mary Ann (Mrs.) & Sons.

Bennett Mary PEss), dressmaker Garlick Richard, farm bailiff to R. farmers, Church farm

Carey James, farmer, The ,\-Varren Calcutt esq . IWwland Charles, farmer. Hill farm

(postal address, Tetbury) Glastonbury Elijah, beer retailer Rowland Edwal'd, builder

Cave 'Vm. & Geo. frmrs. Lowesmoor Green George & Son, wheelwrights & Singleton James, tiler & plasterer

Contes ~1artha (Mrs.), shopkeeper, smiths Smith Alb~rt, head gardener to R.

Nag's head Harman John, New Inn P.H Erskine Pollock esq

Coates Mary Ann ()Irs.), laundress Heaven Mary (:'1rs.), farmer, Brand- Sparrow George, farmer

Coates Rhoda (Miss), shopkeeper house farm , Sparrow JoseRh, Nag's Head inn

Cox Ellen (Miss), dressmaker Hopkins William, blacksmith Strange Henry, haulier

Dee John, Sawyers' .Arms P.H. &; Ind Fredk. Wm. grocer, draper, Underwood Isaac, shoe maker

carpenter butcher, tea &; provision dealer &:

IA VONMO UTH is a place situated, as its name im- I per hour, and extensive wharves for foreign beasts, slaugh~

plies, at the mouth of the .Avon, and in the parish of ter houses, and refrigerating chambers have been erected.
Shirehampton, but since the Bristol Boundaries Exten- The dock is extensively used by the steamers from Canada
sion Act, 1895, included partly within the bounds of the and the United Sbates, and by the Government transport
City of Bristol and partly in the couuty of Gloucester; department, for the landing and embarkation o'f troops,

it lies I! miles west of Shirehampton village, 6~ west-by- as well as in the importation of grain, provisions, petro-

north from Bristol and about three quarters of a mile leum and timber: its connection with the Great Western,
from the Dock and .Avonmouth stations on the Great :Midland, and. London and ~outh Western railways, trucks
Western and Midland joint railway, and the dock is also from which run on its quays and alongside its warehouses,
connected with the South Western system; a direct line places it in a highly advantageous position for the quick

of railway from the Severn tunnel is now (1897) in course transit of imported goods: the warehouse and transit

of construction between Pilning and .Avonmouth. The sheds have now an area of 750,000 square fMtl the Mid-
dock, now belonging to the Corporation of Bristol, afforc.s land and Great Western companies having a joint depot
great facilities far the docking of vessels of large size, af more than 17 acres: during the year ending 30th April,
and for the rapid transfer and dispatch of merchandise; 1897, this dock received steamers to the extent of
it is 2,200 feet in length and 500 feet wide, with an area 235,600 tons net register, which is equal to' a carrying
of about 18 acres, and is surrounded by sheds having an capacity of 67,642 tons. Since the Corporation acquired
area of 759,000 square feet; the entrance lock is 454 feet the dock, in 1884, large sums have been spent on improve.
long by 70 feet wide, with a depth of water'on the sill at ments, especial attention having been given to the,meat
high water ordinary spring tides of 38 feet, and at high trade by the erection of commodious lairs, slaughterhouses
water ordinary neap tides of 27 feet; vessels, of whatever and refrigerating chamberS'. There is a pontoon dock,
size, can dock 'On any tide throughout the )-ear, and in no constructed by R. Stephenson and Co. Newcastle-on-

instance since the opening has there been the slightest Tyne, and capable of lifting vessels 400 feet in length, for
detention from want of water: as there is no bar, vessels the purpose of painting or repairs. The church of St.
drawing up to 30 feet of water can proceed from sea up to .Andrew (a chapel 'Of ease to Shirehampton), erected in
Kingroad anchorage, within one mile 'Of Avonmouth dock 1892 and consecrated in ril93, is an edifice of stone in the

gates, at anr time of the day or tide; in 1893 a large Decorated Gothic style, consisting at present only of

£oaling crane was constructed, capable of tipping 200 tons. chancel, nave and south aisle, and has 400 sittings; Rev.


George Herbert Ford has been curate in charge since H. M. Customs, James T. Ashley, examination officer;

1893. The register (births and marriages only) dates Stephen Hook & George Craddy, preventive officers

from the year 1893. A large piece of ground surrounding Mercantile Marine Office, A. Dent R.N. supt.; J. W.
the church, the gift of P. Napier Miles esq. of King's
Westan, is intended for a future vicarage, parish rooms Hall R.N.R. & H. M. Hambling, deputy supts
&;c. The iron church, erected in 1882, is now used as a
men's club room, and for a branch of the Bristol library. National School (mixed), built in 1886, for 150 boys &.
The Congregational chapel, a structure of brick, erected
150 girls; average attendance, .137 boys & 150 girls;
George Taylo,r, master

in 1886, will seat 200 persons. Here is also a Wesleyan City Police Station, Sergeant John Cole & 3 constables;

Mission room. There Bre two first-class hotels, the

"Royal" and "AvoDIDouth." The population of the RAILWAY STATIONS.

village of Avonmouth is about 1,500, and chiefly engaged
at the docks. Dock, John WilIiam Lait, station master

Post, M. O. &; T. 0., S. B. &; Annuity &; Insurance Office. Avonmouth, Jacob John Rogers

-.Mrs. Margaret Edwards, sub-postmistress. Letters CARRIERS.
from Bristol arrive at 8 a.m. &; 1.30 & 6 p.m.; box

closes ID.30 a.m. & 5 & 8 p.m.; sundays, 7.40 p.m G. W. R. 00. J. C. Wall, Prince street; 26 Redcliff~

PUBLIO ESTABLISHMENTS. street & High street, Bristol

Dock, Capt. Charles Hodder, dock master; John Robson, Midland R. Co. Joseph William Chappelle

traffic manager

Aveline Henry Eider, Dempster &; Co. steamship National Telephone Co. Limited (caD

Falconsr Henry Barclay,Sherborne viI owners (branch), Docks office)

Ford Rev. George Herbert (curate) Falconar Henry Barclay, surgeon, & Noyes Elizabeth C. (Mrs.),apartments

Hawker Stephen, Rockleaze surgeon to the Docks committee, PalmerThomas James,scripture reader

Howell WilIiam Sherborne villa Parsley Hannah (Mrs.), grocer

COMMERCIAL. Fenton Mary J ane (Mrs.), draper Phillips Emma (Mrs.), grocer

AlIen Charles, boot repairer Frankcom Jesse, shopkeeper Phillips Emma (Mrs.), refreshment.

Anglo-American Oil Co. Limited (F. GifIord Frank S. supt. Anglo-Ameri- rooms, Docks

S. Gifford, superintendent) can Oil Co. Limited Playle Frederick, hair dresser

Arthur Edward, hair dresser Great Western Railway (Richard Prescott, Dimsdale, Gave, Tugwell &;

Ashley James T. examination officer Arscot, goods inspector) Co. Limited (branch) (J. S. Lewis~ •

H.M. customs Harris John, shopkeeper manager; daily, 10.30 to I); draw

Bristol Docks Committee (Francis Hembery Stephen, confectioner on head office,50Cornhill,London EO

Brooke Girdlestone, sec. &; mana- Hodder Capt. Charles, dock master Reilley Chas. Robt. Royal Hotel P.R

ger; John Robson, traffic mgr.; Hole Frances (Mrs.), baker Rogers Jacob John, station master

Chas. Hodder, dock master) Hook Stephen, customs officer Room Jane (Mrs.), apartments

Bristol Free Library (branch); open Hart Joseph, farmer Shaw William, shopkeeper

mondays, 5.30 t() 7.30 p.m Howes Joseph & Sons, butchers Shirehampton & Avonmouth Co-

Bristol Grain Washing &; Grinding Co. James Henry R. ship broker (branch) operative Society Limited (J. S.

Lim. (G. Brown, manager) King C. J. &; Sons, stevedores Cook, manager)

Bristol Port Sanitary (Infectious Lait George, farmer Stone Charles, Avonmouth hotel

\ Diseases)Hospital for Children(J\Irs. Lait John Wm. dock station master Stonestreet Newman- James, custom

i~ Mary Rex, m-atron) Lee Jane (Mrs.), grocer house officer .

aI?pern Samuel, shoe maker Lord Relen (Mrs.), private school Stride &; Davis,builders &; contractors;

inlpital &; Counties Bank Limited Lord John, coffee tavern office, Shirehampton

thibranch) (John E. Mills, manager; Luxford John, baker Stride Albert, house furnisher

rou,Pen, ID·30 to I daily); draw on McCullock Henry, coal dealer Strong Thomas, farmer

maJead office, 39 Threadneedle street, McKenna James, stationer Taylor George, schoolmaster, Almade~

W......ondon EO Marks Bros. boot makers Thatcher Isaac, butcher

1:.hapman Robert, ship smith Masonic Hall (St. Andrew's 10dge,No. Thomas William Henry, Marine hotel

Cole John, police sergeant 2,5.P) (Gporge Godwin Norris, sec) 'froth James, lighthouse keeper

Craddy George, customs officer ::\fercantile Marine Office (Albert Dent Watkins Thos. manager of rifle buttS'

Davies John, tailor R.N. superintendent) Watts Charles H. greengrocer

Davis Charles, refreshment rooms Midland Railway Co. (Joseph WilIiam Wildsmith O. E.superintendent (Great

Davis William, farmer Chappe]e, goods agent) Western Railway)

Dickens Albert, port sanitary inspector Missions to Seamen Institute (Thos. Williams Emma (Mrs.), grocer

Edwards Margaret (Mrs.), draper & James Palmer, scripture reader)

post office

A WRE is a parish on the west bank of the navigable ing from land and house left by various benefactors in
river Severn, with a station, 11 miles south-west from the years 1670, 1745, 1771, 1791, 1825, 1831 and 1883.
the village, on the South Wales section of the Great In 1883 Miss M. Barber lefl; the interest of £900 t()
Western railway, 3! miles south-east from Newnham, be distributed yearly to the poor. Oaklands Park is
7 south from Westbury, 15 south from Gloucester and now (1897) unoccupied; the mansion is a fine build-
128 from London, in the Forest of Dean division of the ing of forest stone standing on an eminence from which
county, hundred of Bledisloe, Westbury-on-Severn union, extensive views of the surrounding country can be ob-
Newnham county court district and petty sessional divi- tained. The trustees of Sir Thomas Rich's and some
sion, rural deanery of North Forest and archdeaconry other charities, commonly termed " the Gloucester
and diocese of Gloucester. The Great 'Western railway trustees," are the lords oil the manor. Part of the manor
has a line for goods and mineral traffic from Awre to of Ruddle is in this parish. The chief landowners are
the Forest of Dean. The parish is governed by an Urban the Crown, Mrs. Wade-Wait, the trustees of Sir Thomas
District Council of 9 members, formed under the "Local Rich's charities, and RusseIl James Kerr esq. of Th(}
Government Act, 1894," which supersedes the Local Raie, Newnham. The soil is sand and loam; subsoil.
Board established in 1863; the offices are in Blakeney. brick earth and limeshme. The chief crops are grass~
wheat and roots. The area of the centre parish is 4,093
The church of St. Andrew is an ancient building of stone acres of land and 1,860 of water, tidal water and fore-
shore; rateable value, with BIakeney, £10,057; the popu-
in the Early Eng:ish and Decorated styles, consisting lation of the two parishes and Urban district in 189x
was 1,148.
of chance~ nave of five bays, north aisle, &Duth porch
and an embattled western tower containing a clock and Parish Clerk, WaIter Cadogan.
6 bells: the east and west windows are stained: the
church was restored in 1875, at a cost of £2,500, under URBAN DISTRICT COUKCIL.
the direction of Mr. WaIler, architect, of Gloucester, For name•s of members & officers, see Blakeney.
prineipally through the munificence of the late Henry
Crawshay esq. who gave £2,200: there are 350 sittings: Post Office.-lrenry Cadogan, sub-postmaster. Letters
in the churchyard is a venerable yew tree. The regis- through Newuham arrive at 7.30 a.m.; dispatched
ter, including Blakeney, dates from the year 1538. The at 6,45 p.m. Postal orders are issued here, but not
paid. Blakeney is the nearest telegraph office
living is a vicarage, net yearly value £230, including 8
acres of glebe, with residence, in the gift oil the Haber- National School (mixed), built about 1864, for 60 child-
dashers' C<lmpany, who are likewise the owners of the ren; average attendance, 40; John Derham, master ~
great tithes, and held since 1877 by the Rev. Wiiliam Mrs. S. A. Derham, sewing mistress
Richard Savage M.A. of Trinity College, Cambridge.
~here are charities amounting to £16 108. yearly, aris- Railway Station, Henry Harve~·, station master


*(Marked thus have their letters de- *Teesdale Mrs. Kingsland house Ebborn Fraucis Chas. farmer, North-

livered direct from Newnham.) Trott John, Box farm ington farm

Bennett James J.P. Little Box farm *Wade-Wait Mrs. New house Goode Jonn. barge owner, Hamstalls

*Bolton Miss, Hawf.eld COMME:RCIAL. Hunt John, farmer

Conquest Joseph Awre Elizabeth (Mrs.), farmer .Ipnner .Tane (Mrs. ), farmer, :IS"ew

Derham John, Rose cottage BabeI' Francis, dairy farmer, fruit House farm

Gay Thomas James, The Cottage grower & horse breeder, Hall farm Jenner OliveI', farmer, Guy Hall farm

.Iones Mrs. Edward Owen, Underdean Bennett Jas. farmer, Little Box farm Mitchell Edwin, dairy farmer, Field ho

Morse Major Richard, Bray's court Cadogan Fras. frmr. Craddock's frID Pierce Saml. Red Hart P .H. & frmr
Morse Capt. Thos. R. Bray's court Cadogan Henry, farmer, & Post office Trott John, farmer, Box farm

Price Mrs Cadogan Walter! fishery owner Turley Henry, blacksmith

Savage Rev. William Richard M.A. Cope Geo. Cshhaosp. k•WeeIpteI'r. mstr. mariner Virgo George, jobbing gardener
Vicarage Dally John, Wetmore William Cox, farmer

J3ADGEWORTH is a parish and village, 3 miles water. Col. Albert H. Godfrey is lord of the manor

south-west from Leckhampton station on the Chelten- of Badgeworth, and Francis Adams Hyett esq. of Pains-
ham and Bourton section of the Great Western railway,
2 miles east :Brom Churchdown on the Birmingham and wick House, is lord oil the manor of Bentham. The
Bristol section of the Midland railway and 4 south-west
from Cheltenham, in the Northern division of the principal landowners are Major J. H. Selwyn-Payne,
county, upper division of the hundred of Dudstone and
Kin,g's Barton, Cheltenham union, petty sessional divi- George .lames Witcomb esq. Francis A. Hyett esq. Mrs.
sion and county court district, rural deanert of Chel-
tenham and archdeaconry and diocese of Gloucester. Selwyn-Payne, the trustees of ,Mrs. Strangways, and Col.
The church of the Holy Trinity is a building of stone
in the Decorated style, consisting of chancel, nave of A. H. Godfrey, Shurdington. Badgeworth Court is the
three bays, south porch, north chapel, dedicated to St.
property and residence of Major John Handcock Selwyn-
Margaret, and an embattled western tower containing
Payne. The soil is clayey; subsoil, clay. The chief
6 bells: in St. Margaret's chapel is a memorial to William
Lawrence, ob. 1682: the stained east window was erected crops are grass, beans, wheat, oats and barley. The
by Mrs. Selwyn-Payne, as a memorial to her father,
area is 3,180 acres; rateable value, £7,496; the popula-
and there are memorial windows to the late Col. J.
Selwyn-Payne (d. 1880), to the Rev. John Frederick tion in 1891 was 847. Two parts of this parish were

Christie, vicar here from 1836, and to Miss S. Bubb: transferred. to Great Shurdington by Local Government
there are 230 sittings. The register dates from the
year 1559. The living is a vicarage, net yearly value Board Order 14,564, March 25, 1883.
£160, including 36 acres of glebe, with residenee, in
the gi~t of and held since 1849 by the Rev. Alfred William BEN'DH~f, 11 miles south-east, and LITTLE WIT-
EIlis-Viner RA. of University College, Oxford. The CO~lIl, 2 miles are hamlets. At Little Witcomb
Principal and Fellows of Jesus College, Oxford, are the south,
impropriators. St. Peter's chapel of ease, in the ham- is a Baptist chapel, built in 1869.
let oJ! Bentham, erected in 1889, by Mrs. Strangways, as
a memorial to her brother and son, is a building of Parish Clerk, WilIiam Crook.
'Stone, in the Early English style, consisting of nave
and south porch: the stained west window is a memorial Letters are delivered from Cheltenham by a foot mes-

to Mrs. Strangways (d. 1891): there are 200 sittings. senger at 8.45 a.m.; dispatched at 5.30 p.m. The

There are several charitable donations, amounting to nearest money order &; telegraph office is at Leek-
£23 yearly, for apprenticing poor boys and for distri-
bution to the poor. At C<lOl Pool is a spring of mineral hampton. Letters for Crickley Hill &; Little Witcomb

through Gloucester, via. Great Witeomb

Wall Letter Boxes, Badgeworth, cleared at 5.30 p.m.;
sundays, 10.30 a.m.; The Reddings, cleared at 6.5

p.m.; no collection on sundays; & Bentham, cleared

at 6 p.m.; no collection on sundays

National School (mixed), built, with teacher's residence,
in 1840, for 90 children; average attendance, 21; Mrs.

Sarah A. Hopkins, mistress

National School, Bentham (mixed), built in 1878, en-

larged in 1896, for 70 children; average attendance, 50;

Mrs. Eleanor Wallace, mistress

BADGEWORTH. Critchley Allan Lindsay, farmer, Smith Reuben, market gardener, Red-

pmVATE RESIDENTS. Hunt court dings

(Marked thus * have their letters Crook William, pari'lh c:erk *Smith Sydney H. farmer, Crickley

through Gloucester.) Davis John, farmer, Yew tree Hill farm

*.ArnoId Hy. The Ferns, Crickley hill Dimery Albert, mrkt. grdnr.Reddings Weaver Henry, farmer, Reddings

Bendy John James, Norwood villa, Dimery Thos. mrkt. grdnr. Reddings Wilkins Alfred, market gardener, Ban.

The Reddings Evans George, farm bailiff to E. furlong

*Clerk AllenH.Haroldstein,CrickIey hI Apperly esq. Cold Pool farm Wilkshire Wm. farmer, Banfurlong

*Cook Francis, Belmont, Crickley hill Exell Fil"dk.mrkt.grdnr.The Reddings Wilson Mary Ann (Mrs.), farmer,

Davis Harry J eynes, Trehale Gee Richard, market gardener, Ban- Crippetts

Gibbings Miss, The Chestnuts, The furlong Wood Wm. carpenter, The Reddings

Reddings Gill Thomas, gardener, Reddings Yeates Wm. mrkt. grdnr. Banfurlong

Green John George, Glenleigh, The Godwin Frank, mrkt. grdnr. Reddings BENTH.A.M.

Reddings Godwin George, market gardener,The

Low William Wallace, Poplar villas, Reddings Arkell John, Elmlea

The Reddings Harris John, farmer, Brook farm Arkell William, Elmlea

Oldaker Reginald, Calthorpe house, Hill Robt. Chas. farmer, Green farm Bubb The Misses

The Reddings Huggins Hannah (Mrs.), market gar- Sadler Mrs. Elm cottage

,Paris Edwd. Manor ho. The Reddings dener, Banfudong Vance Mrs. Henley house

Pizar Charles, Cambria vil. Reddings Hunt Albert, market gardener, The Clark Alfred .Tames, bricklayer

Selwyn-Payne Major .Tohn Handcock Reddings Clark EIia8, builder, Bentham cottage

J.P. Badgeworth court Lapworth William, market gardener, Coopey Isaac R. & Sarah &; Annie

'*Ticehurst Rowland, Crickley lodge The Reddings (Misses), farmers, Boucher's farm
Coopey William B. assistant overseer
Verrinder Mrs. The Reddings Lever John, farmer, Reddings

VineI' Rev. Alfred William Ellis-B.A. Lovesey John, market gardener Giles Joseph, farmer, The Elms

Vicarage *Lulham Edward Thomas, farmer, Harvey Francis, horse dealer

Whittaker Thomas H. The Grange, Crickley farm, Crickley hi:! Peart Thomas haulier

The Reddings Maslin .Tames Alexander, market Price Wm. Odd Fellows' Arms P.H

COMMERCIAL. gardener, The :Reddings Wig"all Henry farmer

'*.1Hwater Edward, farmer, Dry hill, May George Robert, market gardener, '" ,

Crickley hill ReddinlJ's LITTLE SHURDINGTON.

Averiss WiIliam, market gardener, Nunney .lames, farmer, Oak villa SeaIy George, farmer, Yew Tree

lfhe Reddings Oakey William, farmer, Stauby's farm

llames John, market gardener, The Peugh Tom .Alfred, market gardener, LITTLE WITCOMB.

Reddings The Reddings
13arton .lames, market gardener, Ivy Portlock Wm. hawker, The Reddings Letters should be addressed Gloucester

eottag-e, Reddings Pritchard Hy. blacksmith, Reddings Christie Rev. John (curate)

Eeach Wm. markt. gardener,Reddings Procter Jame9, farmer, Reddings frm Chllingbourne Miss, The Retreat

"Bishop Thos. mrkt. grdnr. Banfurlong Procter Hobert, gardener, Reddings Palmer Edgar, Marlborough house

Bliss Waiter, farmer, Reddings Seils Joseph, farm bailiff to George Witcomb Geo. James, Witcomb court

.cox Charles, market gardener, Rose- Stibbs esq Cook Edward Herberl, butter dealer,
Wood view
-dale "Villa, Reddings Staite Wi!liam, lihopkeepel"


Gregory Edwin J. farmer, Hill farm Nott Thomas, farmer Palmer Frank W. farmer, Harmers

Johnson John, farmer, White Cross Organ William & Ernest,lime burners Smith Sarah Ann (Mrs.),butter dlr

Nash Henry W. farmer Organ Sidney, general dealer Steel Leonard, Twelve Bells P.H

Nott Lewis, farmer, Springfie:d Paget Mary (Mrs.), farmer Wiggall Thomas, butcher

GREAT :BADMINTON is a parish and vil:age, 8 I elaborate wood carvings executed by Grinling Gibbons r

miles east from Yate station on the Bristol and Birming- the entrance hall is a noble and highly decorated apart-

ham section of the Midland railway, 6 east from Chip- ment, looking northward and affording from the prin-

ping Sodbury, II north-west from Chippenham, 15 north- cipal entrance a grand and extensive view; a spacious

east from Bath and in the Southern divisioo of the lawn lies in the foreground; beyond, a wid~ avenue of

county, Grumbalds Ash hundred, Chipping Sodbury beech trees nearly 3 miles in length, at the end of which

union and oounty court district, Sodbury petty ses- is distinctly seen the lofty dome of the Worcester lodge r

sional division, rural deanery of Hawkesbury, ar{lh- the park is well timbered, principally with oak and elm

deaconry of Bristol and diocese of Gloucester. The trees, some of which are of very large dimensions, in-

church of St. Michael, a modern building of stone in eluding two celebrated oaks, the "Fitzherbert" and

the Classic style, consecrated in 1783, consists of chan- "Duchess"; large herds of red and fallow deer quietly

cel, nave Qf four bays, aisles and a western tower with roam or rest beneath the shade of their widely spread-

pinnacles, containing 3 bells: it has a highly enriched iug branches, the whole forming a picture truly noble

ceiling and handsome monuments to former dukes and and magnificent: the kennels are situated at a short

other members of the Beaufort family: in July, 1855, distance from the mansion and have been very much

Field-Marshal Lord Raglan, who died in the Crimea, improved by the present duke: new stables, containing

June 28, 1855, during the seige of Sebastopol, was buried 60 boxes and 20 stalls, were erected in 1884. The

here: the chancel was added in 1875, at a cost of £1,75°, Marquess 011 Worcester is lord of the manor and sole

and a fine marble monument to the first Duke of Beau- landownel'. The soil is various; the subsoil is oolite.

furt, who died January 21, 1699, has been transfer'red The chief crops are wheat, barley, oats and roots. The

here from the Beaufort chapel at Windsor Castle, where area is 1,764 acres; rateab:e value, £2,248; the popula-

it was originally p~aced: the font is of beautiful veined tion in 18g1 was 520.

marble: there are 250 sittings. The register dates from Parish Clerk, James Lawes.

the year 1538. The living is a donative vicarage, gross' Post, M. O. ,& T. 0., S. B. & Annuity &; Insurance Office

yearly value £150, with residence, in the gift of the (Sub-Office. Letters should have 8.0. Gloucestershire

Marquess of Worcester, and held since 1880 by the Rev. added).-Miss Mary Walsh, sub-postmistress. Letters

George Henry FQrd B.A. of Trinity College, Dublin. arrive at 4.40 a.m.; the North mail arrives at 9 a.m.

There are almshouses for six poor men or women, erected & the London mail at 4 p.m.; dispatched for London

and endowed by Mary, first Duchess of Beaufort, in & all parts at 9.45 a.m.; for the North only at 5.15

1705, and partly supported by a yearly rent of £94 p.m. & for LOlldon & all parts at 18.20 p.m. Money

charged on the estates of the Duke of Beaufort; each orders issued & paid from 9 B.m. till 8 p.m. Tele-

inmate receives 3S. 6d. per week and fuel. ill 1862 a graph office open 8 to 8

reading room was erected here by the Duke of Beau- National Endowed School (mixed), built in 1705 &; 8

fort for the workpeople, tenantry and others, honorary south wing added in 1876, for 100 children; average

members being admitted at a higher charge; the in- attendance, 87; supported by the Marquess of Wor-

stitution is self-supporting, and is also used as a lecture cester; Henry Nicholls, master; :l\1iss Lizzie Ta;ylor,

room during the winter months. mistress

Badminton House, now the seat of the Marquess of CO~-VEYANCE.

Worcester D.L., J.P. is a large and noble building in Porter's omnibus to Chippenham, daily, at 9 a.m. in

the Classic style, situated at the southern extremity winter & 8.30 a.m. in summer
of a park, consisting of about 1,500 acres; it was pur- Eli Pitt's omnibus to Bath from Luckington, on wed. &;

chased by the Beaufort family from the Botelers towards sat. at 8 a.m. returning same day

the close of the 16th century, but has been much altered, Ralph Goulding's omnibus to Yate station from Sherston,

enlarged and improved since that time, and DQW con- on thurs. at 9.30 a.m. returning same day

sists of three sides o~ a square, facing respectively east, Thomas Andrews' onuubus t<> Yate station from Lucking-

north and west; to the east side is attached the church, ton, on mono & sat. at 9.30 a.m. returning same day
to the west the extensive stabling and other neeessary

buildings; the house contains several large and well- CARRIERS.

proportioned state rooms, the walls of which are adorned Reuben TIes, to Chipping Sodbury, daily, at 5.15 p.m

with valuable oil paintings by the old masters, and Nichols, to Bristol from Sherston, tues. returning on thurs

Worcester Marquess of, D.L., (LP. Gloucestershire (Royal Gloucestershire Nicholls Henry, schoolmaster & assist-

Badminton house Hussars) Yeomanry Cavalry (D ant overseer

Ford Rev. Geo. Henry B.A. Vicarage Squadron,Badminton Troop) (Major Pierce Thomas, farmer, Cape farm

Butler Harry, frmI'. Badminton farm Wyndham Quin M.P. commanding; Reading Room (Rev. George Henry

ColI.' Samuel &; Joseph, carpenters & Capt. David Lindsay; G. Parker, Ford B.A. sec)

undertakers troop quarter master) Russell Elijah, blacksmith & farrier

Cowper-Ooles Samuel HOQd, land agt. Head David, house steward to the Tucker Richard, farm bailiff to the

&; steward to the Marquess Marquess Marquess

Cross William, tailor Jones Charles, grocer &; draper Walsh Mary (~Iiss), stationer, Post

Dale Will, huntsman to the Marquess Lloyd Elizh.(Mrs.),preparatory school office

Davis Joseph, farmer & brewer, Port- Lloyd Richard William, deputy Watts James, baker

cullis hotel steward to the Marquess &; sec. to Watts Sarah (Mrs.), shopkeeper

Dyer Henry, stud groom to the Mar- the Badminton Farmers' Club Wood Stephen Roger, butch~r

quess of Worcester Nash 1Villiam, head gardener to the York George, clerk of the works to

EvansLouis,estate theMarquess Marquess the Marquess

:BAGENDON, or Badgington, is a parish: and village, the year 1630. The living is a rectory, net yearly value
3i miles north from Cirencester and ~4 south-east from £150, including 78 acres of glebe, with residenee, in the
Gloucester, in the Eastern division of the county, Crow- gift of Jesus College, Oxford, and held since 1892 by the
thorne hundred, Cirencester union, petty sessional divi- Rev. Walter Richard Hickman B.A. of Emmanuel College,
sion and county court district, and in the rural deanery Cambridge. Bagendon House is the residence of Mrs.
and archdeaconry of Cirencester and diocese of Glou- Croome, who is lady of the manor and principal land-
cester. The river Churn forms the eastern boundary owner. The soil is principally stone brash; subsoil, ooliw
of the parish. The church of St. Margaret is a building limestone rock, with beds of clay and gravel. The chiet
of stone principally in the Perpendicular style, consisting crops are wheat, oats, barley and turnips. The area is
of chancel, nave of three bays, north aisle, south porch 1,146 acres; rateable value, £887; the population in

and a western saddle-back t{)wer containing 2 bells: the 1891 was 182.

nave and aisle were new-roofed i. 1875: the arcade PERROT'S BROOK is a hamlet, half a mile south--eBi't,
separating the nave and north aisle is Norman, and dates near which are portions of two lines of ancient entrench·
from about II50: the ext~rior exhibits insertions and ment·~, thrown l'lp by the Britons in 556 A.D. as a defence
additions of PerpendiCUlar character, probably dating against Cedric, King of the West Saxons.

from abont 1470: the font is Norman and probably Letters throngh Oirencester are delivered at 7.30 a.m. k
coeval with the earliest part of the structure; the stained cleared from a Wall Letter. Box at 6.25 p.m. Ciren-
cest~r is the nearest telegraph office & North Cerney
east window is a memorial to the Re:v. William Dyke M.A. nearest money order office
rector 1861-80, and was erected by his widow: the church
was thoronghly restored in 1889, at a cost of £578, and National School (mixed), built in 1873, for 50 children;
affords sittings for 103 persons. The l'egister dates from
avernge attendance, 30; Miss Kate Twnmey, mistress


Croome Mrs. Bagendon house COMMERCIAL. Smith Arthur, farmer,Perrots Brook

Hickman R !v. WaIter Richard B.A. Barker George, miller (water),Trinity Townsend William, Bear inn, Perrots

Rectory mill brook

Haines Mrs. Moorwood house Smith Albert, farmer

:BARNSLEY is a village and parish, on the road be, M.A. of Exeter College, Oxford. The charities amount

tween Cirencester and Oxford through Burford, 4 mile'!! to £12 7s. 4d. yearly, arising from bequests by Sir James
north-east from Cirencester, where is the nearest railway Musgrave and Mrs. Wise, and are distributed in coal
station, 7 north-west from Fairford, 20 south-east from and money. Barnsley Park is the seat of Wenman

Gloucester, in the Eastern division of the county, Bright- Aubrey Wykeham-Musgrave esq. D.L., J.P. who is lord
wells Barrow hundred, Cirencester uniDn, petty sessional of the manor and sole landowner; the mansion is a

division and county court district, rural deanery of Fair- building of stone in the Italian style, rebuilt about 1750:

ford, archdeaconry of Cirencester and diocese of Glouces- the great hall and staircase are very handsome: the park
ter. The church, said to have been dedicated in honour extends over 350 acres. The soil is loam and clay; sub-

of the Blessed Virgin Mary, is an ancient building of \!Joil, oolite. The chief crops are wheat, beans and barley.
stone, the earliest parts of which are in the Transition The area is 2,163 acres; rateable value, £1,718; the popu~
Norman style; it was restored in 1841, and consists of lation in 1891 was 227.
chancel with vestry, nave, north aisle, north porch and Parish Clerk, Richard PODle.

a western tower containing 3 bells: all the windows are Parish Meeting, Rev. D. G. Compton M.A. chairman
stained, the east window being a memorial to Mrs. How- and hon. clerk.
man, wife of the previous rector: in 1877 an organ Post Office. Charles Thornton, SUb-postmaster. Letters

chamber (the gift of the present rector) was added to are received from Cirencester at 8.30 a.m.; dispatched
the chancel, and an organ erected aJ; a. cost of £180, at 4.40 p.m. Postal orders are issued here, but not
raised by subscriptions: there are 182 sittings. The paid. The nearest money order & telegraph office is

register dates from the year 1574. The living is a rect<Jry, at Bibury
net yearly value, £186, including 16 acres of glebe, with Parish School (mixed), built, with mistress's house, in

residence, in the gift of W. A. Wykeham-Musgrave esq. 1873, for 60 children; average attendancey 43; Miss
and held since 1874 by the Rev. Daniel Goddard C<Jmpton t Annie Prickett, mistress

Compton Rev.D. GoddardM.A.Rectory Lamer Job, cowkeeper Reading Room (Rev. D. G. Compton,

W~·keman-Musgrave Wenman Aubrey Margetts Joseph, blacksmith sec)

D.L., J.P. Bamsley park Poole James, carpenter Richards Mr!!. Caroline, shopkeeper

COMMERCIAL. Poole Richard, slater & plasterer Thomton Charles, pose office

Bridges Charles 'William, Greyhound Poola Richard, jun. slater Townsend Arthur, farmer, Poultmool'

inn &; farmer Pumell John M. baker & confectioner, farm

KirtIand William, shoe maker corn & flour dealer & general stores

:BARNWOOD is a parish and village, intergected by patients from the upper and middle classes, and. is prin-
the old Roman Ermine street from Gloucester to Ciren- cipally supported by the payments of inmates; it is
cester, about a miles east-south-eas~ from Gloucester
crOss and B south-west from Oheltenham, in the Northern available for 160 patients. The Manor House, now the
division of the county, upper division of Dudstone hun-
dred, union, petty sessional division and county court residence of Richard John Talbot, was the birthplace in
1802 of Professor Sir Charles Wheatstone kt. F.R.S. the
district of Gloucester, ftnd in the rural deanery, arch- inventor of the stereoscope, who, in conjunction with Sir
deaconry and diocese ()f Gloucester. In 1882 a. portion
of St. James' parish in Gloucest~r, including Coney Hill, William Fothergill Oooke kt. brought the electric tele-
was annexed to this parish for civil purposes only. The graph into general use as a means of communication,

church of St. Lawrence is a building of stone, partly of the first wires being erected on the London and Blackwall
railway in 183B. The land is of freehold tenure. The
the 12th century, the tower being of a much more recent
date, and consists of chancel with north aisle, nave of three principal landowners are the trusteeS' of Barnwood House
bays, north aisle, north porch and an embattled western
Hospital, the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, and the
t{)wer with pinnacles containing 6 bells: there are nine authorities of the County Asylum. The soil in general is
light sandy loam; subsoil, gravel. The chief crops are
stained windows: the chancel arch is a. fine example of
wheat, barley and roots; there is' also much pasture.
Norman work: the font is Perpendicular: the church was
The area is 1,147 acres; rateable value, £9,934; the
restored in 1874 at a cost of £976, and affords 220 sittings.
The register dates from the vear 1651. The living is a population in 1891 was 1,462, including 206 in Barnwood

vicarage, net yearly value [240, including 2! acres of House Lunatic Asylum, and 436 in the County Lunatic
glebe, with residence, in the gift of the Dean and Chapter Asylum. The ecclesiastical population in 1891 was 1,243-
of Gloucester, and held flince 1891 by the Rev. FranHs
Harvie Fowler M.A. ()f Queen's College, Oxford. There Vicks Mill and Woods Mill were transferred to this
is ll! Mission Church in Longleavens, an outlying portion pari~h from Wotton St. Mary by Local Government
of Barnwood parish, which will seat 70 persons. At Board Order 16,525, March 25th, 1885.

Coney Hill is a Presbyterian Mission hall erected in 1884. Parish Clerk, Robert Salcombe.
Letters through Gloucester arrive about 7 a.m. 11 a.m.
This parish receives a share of £7 annually from CDx's
(Badgworth) charity. The Countr Asylum in this parish, I p.m. & 3 p.m. The nearest money order office is at
opened in 1883, occupies a charmmg situation at the foot
of some outlying spl1rs of the Cotsw<Jlds and is built on Wotton. Letter Box cleared at 9.30 a.m. & 6.30 p.m.

the block ·system: it is intended to hold from 1,000 to on week days & 8.15 a.m. on sundays. The telegraph
1,200 patients, but the portion at present erected will
hold only about 400. Barnwood House, a registered office is at Gloucest~r
hospital for the insane, is intended for the reception of Wall Letter Box at Coney Hill, cleared at 8.10 a.m. &

9 p.m. week days only
National SchDol (mixed), built in 1873, & enlarged in

1893, for 150 children; average attendance, 134;
there is a residence for the master; Samuel Higgin-
son, master

Alford George, 3 Moseley villas Solignac Baroness, Leslie court Compton Thomas, head attendant at

Beaven William, Sunny meade Soutar James Greig M.B., C.M. supt. the Hamwood hospital

Bennett Mrs. Hill view of Barnwood House hospital, Barn- County lJnnatic Asylum (Frederick

Bonnor Benjamin J.P wpod house Hurst Craddock M.A., M.R.C.S.

Champney Alfred C. The Brooklands Stone Wm. Dalt.on, 4 Moseley view medical superintendent; Edward

Fowler Rev. Fras.Harvie M.A.Vicarage Talbot Richard John, Manor house Whishaw Henley L.R.C.P.Land.
Godby William Henry, The Limes Townsend A. D., M.R.C.S. (assistant medical offi(ler in charge; J ames

Goulding Frederick, Clarence cottage medical officer), Barnwood House Thompson, clerk to the oommittee

Grimes Harry, Barnwood cottage hospital, Barnwood house of visitors &; to the asylum)

Hall Henry, 2 Moseley villas Wood Waiter, Avenue cottage Davis George, farmer, Bridge farm

Henley Edward Whishaw L.R.C.P. Wyatt Robert Sanson, Coney hill Duun Alexander, gravel merchantp

Edin. (medical officer in charge), COMMERCIAL. Barnwood gravel pits

County Lunatic Asylum Bannister William (Mrs.), dressmaker, Garland John, market gardener, Elm-

Hewlett Daniel, Bamwood court 2 Fern cottages bridge road

Hibbard Thol. Wm. Barnwood lodge Barnwood House (registered hospital Greenway Frederick, jobbing gardener

Holbrook Charles, Eldonhurst for the insane) (Jas. Greig Soutar Greenwood Jas. farmer, Lobley's frrm
Long Goorge Edward, farmer
Hill James Cotesworth, The Moors M.B. resident superintendent)
Bennett John (Mrs.), laundry, lndus- Margetts David, builder, Highfield rd
Jones William, Coney hill

Lemon Mrs. The Oaklands try cottage Merrett Albert, sand &; gravel mer-

Martin Samuel, Lynthorpe Bullock Charles, shopkpr. Coney hin chant, Highfield road

Ridcliford Mrs. Chalfont Clifford Henry Goor~e, forem~m mason Merrett Albert, market gardener
Seekings Jo~eph John J.P. Holmhurst at Gloucester ca~ht'rlTa1. .. "Fern cots


Merrett William, gardener, Rheam John, farm bailiff to the Barn- Short Wm. beer retlr. Cheltenham rd

Sandpits wood House Asylum, Barnwood Symonds George, farm el', Elmbridge

Morgan Henry, farmer, Elmbridge House farm Taylor George, butcher, Coney hill

Packer Henry, manager of the Darn- Rickards Mark, market gardener, Old Vick Wm. miller (water), Fisher's mill

wood steam laundry Tram road Wellington John Wood, market gar-

:R.atcliffe George, jobbing gardener Ryder William, shoe maker dener, Coney hill

Richards George, carpenter &; builder Salcombe Robert, market gardener Wilkes William, haulier

GREAT BARRINGTON is a parish and village, on sittings for 200 persons. The register dates from about
the eastern border of the county, on the river Windrush, the year 1547. The living is a vicarage, gross yearly
which separates it in part from Little Barrington, and is value £202, including 41 acres of glebe, in the gift of
-; miles west from Shipton station on the Oxford, Wor- E. R. Wingfield esg. and held since 1896 by the Rev.
-ce:!lter and Wolverhampton branch of the Great Western William Charles Emeris M.A. of New College, Oxford,
"Tailway, 6 east from Northleach, and 10 south from who is also vicar of and resides at Taynton, in Oxford-
Stow-on-the-Wold, in the Eastern division of the county, shire. The charities are of £13 yearly value and are
Upper Slaughter hundred, Stow-on-the-Wold union, distributed in kind. Barrington Park House, situated
county court district and petty sessional division, rural in a well-wooded deer-park of about 120 acres and c:lose
deanery of Stow, archdeaconry of Cirencester and diocese to the church, is a mansion in the Italian style, two
()f Gloucester. A portion of Great Barrington once formed spacious wings in the same style having been added in
part of Berkshire, but by the Acts of 2 &; 3 Wm. IV. c. 1873-4, and is the property and residence of Edward
-64 and 7 &; 8 Vict. C. 61, it became for all purposes part Rhys Wingfield esg. D.L., J.P. who is lblrd of the manor,
of Gloucestershire. The church of St. Mary is a build- patron of the living and chief landowner. The soil i:!l
ing of stone in the Norman and Perpendicular styles, loamy; subsoil, fteestone and clay. The chief crops are
-consisting of chancel, clerestoried nave of three bays, wheat, oats, barley and turnips. The area is 2,983
north aisle, north porch and an embattled tower contain- acres; rateable value, £2,443; the population in 1891
ing 6 bells: in the aisle is a handsome marble monument was 496.

'With figures of an angel and two children, erected by Parish Clerk, George Lord.
Edmund Bray, in 1720, to the memory of his children,
and in the chancel are mural tablets to Mary (de Car- Post, M. O. &; T. 0., S. B. &; Annuity &; Insurance
donell), d. 1787, wife of William, 2nd Baron and ISt Earl Office. Henry James Barrett, sub-postmaster. Letters
Talbot; and to George Talbot, 3rd Baron Dynevor, who received through Burford R.S.O. Oxon, arrive at 8
a.m.; dispatched at 6 p.m. week days only
died 9th April, 1852, and Frances (Townshend) his wife:
Schools (mixed), erected in 1876, by Edward Rhys Wing-
here is also a recumbent effigy, much mutilated, of a field esg. for 150 children; average attendance, 96;
knight, but which bears no date or name: the church has Henry James Barrett, master; Miss Wheeler, mistress
been restored since 1873 at a cost of £1,5°0, and affords

Waine William Hall James, blacksmith Wakefield John P. farmer

Wingfield Edward Rhys D.L., J.P. Hide George Duke, farm bailiff to Wheeler Ann (MI'SI.), Slhopkeeper &

Barrington park Edward Rhys Wingfield esq wheelwright

COMMERCIAL. Mason Benjamin Wm. miller (water) Wheeler Sarah (Mrs.), blacksmith

Uifford Sidney Charles, shopkeeper, &; Organ George, shoe maker Wriglesworth Thomas Coulson, land

estate carpntr. to E.R.Wingfield eSQ Pinching John, New inn steward to Edward RhY8 Wing-

Dunford Richard, haker & grocer Waine Richard Henry, farmer field esg

LITTLE BARRINGTON is a parish and village, since that date; this sum is applied partly to the repairi
()n the Oxfordshire border, on the river Windrush, by of the church and the surplus is given to the poor. A
Parish Room was erected in 1891, by Mrs. Hurst. iBar-
which it is divided from Great Barrington, and on the rington Grove, the property of Rabert Henry Hurst esg.
()xford and Cheltenham road, 7 miles south-west from of Horsham Park, Sussex, and now occupied by Algernon
'Shipton station on the Oxford, Worcester and Wolver- Seymour Bernard Oakley esg. is a handsome mansion of
'hampton branch of the Great Western railway, 3 west stone, pleasantly situated in its own grounds and sur-
rounded by plantations. R. H. Hurst esg. is lord of the
1rom Burford and 6 east from Northleach, in the Eastern manor and principal landowner. The soil is stone brash;
subsoil, freestone. The chief crops are wheat, barley,
uivision of the county, Upper Slaughter hundred, North- oats and turnips. The area is 1,260 acres; rateable
leach petty sessional division, union and county court
district, rural deanery of Northleach, archdeaconry of value, £gfJ3; the population in 1891 was 135.
Part of this parish was transferred to East Leach Tur-
.(;irencester and diocese of Gloucester. The church of
ville, by Local Government Board Order 14,578, March
-St. Peter is an ancient building of stone, in the Norman 25th, 1883.
-and Perpendicular styles, consisting of chancel, nave of
Parish Clerk, Charles Cook.
-two bays, north aisle, south porch and an embattled Letters received through Burford (Railway Sub-Office),

western tower containing 3 bells: there are monuments arrive at 7.45 a.m. Letters should have R.S.O. Oxon
added. Great Barrington is the nearest money order &
to the Greyhurst family (1730) and that of Greenaway telegraph office
~I8I5): the church affords roo sittings. The register Wall Letter Box cleared at 6.15 p.m
-dates from the year r6B7. The living is a vicarage, The children of this parish attend the school at Great
..gross yearly value £BB, with residence, in the gift of

the Lord Chancellor, and held since 1866 by the Rev.

Richard Rice M.A. of Queen's -College, Oxford. There
-are charities of £53 yearly value, arising from lands left
in 1719, ancl sums of money left by various testators

-Burst Arthur Reginald Hayward William, farm~r Richards Mark &; William '1 homBs,
farmers, Barrington downs
Oakley Algernon Seymour Bernard, Hurst Arthur Reginald, farmer
Richards John, farmer, Hollow farm
Barrington grove Messer Helen (Miss), shopkeep~r
Wheeler George, farmer
Rice Rev. Richard M.A. Vicarage Messer Minett William, farmer

'Hayward J ames, farmer

.BATSFORD is a parish and village about Il miles Sir E. J. Boehm bart. R.A. to John Thomas, Earl of
lIlorth-west from Moreton-in-the-Marsh station on the Redesdale D.C.L., F.S.A. d. 2 May, 1886; and others to
Dr. Burton, prebendary of Durham, a. former rector,
'-Great Western railway and 7 south-west from Shipston- and to members of the Freeman family, formerly pro-
on-Stour, in the Eastern division of the county, Kiftsgate
hundred, Shipston-on-Stour union and county court dis- prietors of the parish; and four stained windows: the
church affords sittings for 300 persons. The register
.trict, petty sessional division of Moreton, rural deanery of
Campden, archdeaconry of Cirencester and diocese of dates from the year 1562. Tlile living is a rectory, with
the chapelry of Moreton-in-the-Marsh annexed by an
Gloucester. The church of St. Mary, rebuilt in r86r-2 by
,the Hon. Miss F. E. Mitford, under the direction of Mr. Order in Council, September 27, r887, joint net yearly
Poulton, architect, of Reading, is an edifice of stone, in value £433, including 96 acres of glebe, with res: l~nce,
.the Later Norman style, consisting of apsidal chancel, in the gift of A. B. Freeman-Mitford esg. anci held
nave and a tower at the south-west angle, with spire and since r887 by the Rev. Spencer John Jones M.A. of
..containing one bell: on the floor of the chancel is a
.beautiful monument in black and white marble to the Worcester College, Oxford, who resides at Moreton.

Hon. Miss Frances Elizabeth Mitford (sister of the last Pensions to the yearly value of £89 I6s. 8d. are given
rbaron and only Earl of Redesdale), who died 7th Nov. to the poor of this and some other parishes, from a fund
-:::866, and in othe)' parts of the interior are tablets to the
created by deed in 1856, by the Earl of Redesdale: there
1St Baron Redesdale, who died r6th January, 1830, and are other charities of £12 yearly value by the late Mrs.
Lady Frances (Percival), his wife, who died 2!2nd August, Ann Freeman. Batsford Park is the seat of Algernon
1817; ther~ is al~o a fine memorial tab~et by the late
Bertram Freeman-Mitford esq. C.B., D.L., J.P. and
Lady Clementine Mitford; the house is & handsome


~tone building, pleasantly seated near the village, on an Wall Letter Box cleared at II.30 a.m. & 6.15 p.m. on
elevated site and surrounded by a beautifully-wooded week days only. Letters through Moreton-in-Marsh,
park. A. lB. Freeman-Mitford esq. C.B. is lord of the the nearest money order & telegraph office, arrive at
manor and sole landowner. The soil is clay and gravel; 8.30 a.m. & 1.45 p.m
subsoil, clay and oolite. The chief crops are wheat,
barley, oats, roots and pasture. The area is 932 acres; The children of this place attend the school at Moreton-
rateable value, £1,7'92; the population in 1891 was 1I2.

Freeman-Miliord Algernon Bertram Batsford Estate Office (Walter P. Davis &J Vine, farmers, Blenheim farm

C.B., D.L., J.P. & Lady t.,1emmdine, Evans (Caldwell, Nuneaton), estate Kennedy .Tohn, sub-ag-ent to A.B.Free-

Batsford park; & Carlto'l,TruvcJers' agent to A. B. Freeman-~Iitf,)rd man-Mitford esq. C.B. Selwyn lodge

&; Marlborough clubs, 1".)Ol1:ln esq. C.B) Lewis Evan, farmer, Malcolm hoU!e

:BAUNTON is a parish and vil:age bounded on the west value £200, including 370 acres of glebe, in the glft of

by the river Churn and the Roman fosseway on the east, Thomas VV. Chester Master esq. and held since 1888 by

11 miles north of Cirencester and IS! south-east from the Rev. Edward Henry Ball M.A. of Sidney Sussex

Gloucester, in the Eastern division of the county, hundre:! Oollege, Cambridge, who resides at Stratton. Thomas

of Crowthorne and Minety, Oirencester union, petty ses- William Chester Master esq. of the Abbey, Cirencester, is

sional division and connty court district, and in the rural lord of the manor and sole landowner. The soil is clay;

deanery and archdeaconry of Cirencester and diocese of subsoil, rock. The chief crops are wheat, oats and beans.

Gloucester. The church of St. Christ{)pher is a small The area is 1,367 acres; rateable value, £817; the popula-

building of stone, in the Early English style, consisting tion in 1891 was 133.

of a nave only and a western be:fry containing 2 bells: Parish Clerk, Charles Winstone.

it was restored in 1877, when a curious fresco of the patron Letters received through Cirencester at 7 a.m. Cirencestel"-

saint, with a defaced inscription above, wall discovered is the nearest money order & telegraph office. Wan

on the north war o{ the nave: there are 130 sittings. The Letter Box cleared at 6.45 p.m

register dates from the year 1625. The living is a vicar Mixed School, built in 1876, for 30 children; averag~ at--

Iage, annexed to the rectory of Stratton, joint net yearly tendance, 26; Mrs. Agnes Morris, mistress
Curtis William, shopkeeper Porter Thomas Tarling, Iarmer Townsend George Henry, farUl'~'l'

Hayward Waltr. frmr. &miller (water)

:BEACHLEY is a ham:et and ecc:esiastical parish and he:d since 1878 by the Rev. Edward Green B.A. of
.formed August 23, 185°, from the parish of Tidenham, on
the extreme point of the peninsula formed by the rivers Trinity College, Dublin. Beachley Lodge is the resideneA
Severn and Wye, 3l miles south from Tidenham station
on the Wye Valley railway, and 4 miles from Chepstow of Richard Palmer Jenkins esq. J.P. The principal land.
station on the South Wales section of the Great Western
owners are R. Palmer Jenkins esq. J.P. and Sir William
railway, and 10 miles south-west from Lydney, in the
Forest of Dean division of the county, Westbury hundred, Henry Marling bart. of Stanley House, King StanJey.

Chepstow union and county court district, Lydney petty The sail is gravelly; subsoil, liestone. The chief crops
sessional division, rural deanery of South Forest, arch-
deaconry of Gloucester and diocese of G:oucester. The are wheat and turnips. The area is 325 acres; the pOpllP,
church of St. John, erected iu 1833, is a plaiu cruciform
edifice of Beachley stone, consisting of chancel, nave, tran- lation in 1891 was II2. •
septs, and a western bell cot containing I bell: there are
Sexton, Henry Bowen.
120 sittings. The separate register dates only from the
Post Office.-Mrs. Jane Prickett, SUb-postmistress. Lei;-..~
year 1836; an earlier entries are included in the registers
ters through Chepstow arrive at 8·30 a.m.; dispatched
of Tidenham. The living is a vicarage, gross yearly value
£75, with residence, in the gift of the Bis1?-op of G:ouc~ster, at 6.10 p.m. & IQ a.m. on sunday. Tutshill is the

nearest money order & telegraph office

Infants' School, built in 1840, for 30 children; average at-

tendance, 14: the school is supported by R. Palmer

Jenkins esq. J.P. ; , mistress. The elder

children attend the schoo:s at Tidenham & Chepstow

Atkins Richard, The Cottage Farr William, fisherman Prickett Jane ()'frs.), sub-postmis-

Green Rev. Edward B.A. Vicarag-e Hawker Fred, fisherman tress, Post office

Jenkins Richd.Palmer J.P. BMchleylo Jones Frederick, fisherman Saunders George, Three Salmon inn...

Pearce William Jones Morgan, Pier inn Till Henry, fisherman

Trnyhern Jos-eph Miller David, salmon fishery lessee Trayhern Charles, fisherman

COMMERCIAL. Price George, fisherman Trayhem Richard, fisherman

Prickett Charles, fisherman Williams Thomas William farmer,

Cumper Charles, pilot Prickett In. mgr. to R. P. Jenkins esq Beachley farm

BECKFORD is a village and parish and station on the residence of Captain Henry .!.shton Case-Walker J."P.:

Ashchurch and Evesham branch of the Midland railway, 6 in the grounds is a. unique avenue of box trees, about lIO

miles "north-east from Tewkesbury, 9 north from Chelt-en- yards long, and said to be several centuries old; attached

• ham and IIS from London, in the Northern division of to the hall is a private Oatholic Chapel. William Freeman

the county, Tibaldstone hundred, Winchoomb union, esq. of 21 Old Square, London, Mrs. Blackburne, Capt.

county court district and petty sessional division, rural Case-Walker, the trustees of Mr. Woodward, Mrs. Thomas,

deanery of Campden, archdeaconry of Cirencester and d~o- of Tewkesbury, and the Vicar are the chief land{)wners.

cese of Gloucester. The village, which is on the river The soil is good, both arable and pasture, and consists of

Carrant, a little on the high road from Tewkesbury to -first stratum (top of hi;}), oolite limestone; second.

Evesham, on the Worcestershire border, presents a re- upper lias; third, marlstone; fourth (valley), lower lias.

markably clean and interesting appearance. The c!mrch The chief crops are wheat, beans and roots. The area is-

of St. John the Baptist is an ancient bui:ding in the Saxon 2,693 acres 3 roods 39 poles (about one-half is pasture

and Norman styles, c::msisting of chancel, nave, south land); rateable value, £4,714; the population in 1891 was

porch and an embattled central t{)wer with pinnacles, con- 433.

taining a clock and 6 bells: there are three mural tablets, GR.A.FTON, I mile north-east; BANGROVE, 2

one to the Wakeman family dating from 1830 to 1833, and south, and DIDCOT, I! miles east, are hamlets.

two to the Timbrill family dating from 1848 to 1865: the Parish Clerk, Joseph Clarke

chancel arch and that. of the entrance doorway are fine Post, M. O. & T. 0., S. B. & Annuity & Insurance Office.
examples of Norman wor~: there are 400 sittings. The -Wm. Smith, sub-postmaster. Letters from Tewkes-

register dates from the year 1549. a'he living is B bury at 8.20 a.m. & 4 p.m.; dispatched at 4.55' & 6.40 "
vicarage, with the chape:ry of Ashton-under-Hill annexed, p.m. There is also a telegraph office at the ra]way

joint net yearly value £225, with residence, in the gift station

of the trustees of the late J. Gough esq. and held since Wall Letter Box, Station, cleared at 7 p.m
1895 by the Rev. John Gough M.A., LL.B. of Trinity Poliee Station, Samuel Harrison, sergeant, & Z cJnstables

College, Dublin. There are three cbaTit:es, two of which School (mixed), bui:.t in 1863, for 80 cbildren; average

are in land, bringing in together about £60 yearly, which attendance, 76; there is a residence for the mistress;

is in the hands of trustees and is applied to the relief of Mrs. Annie Clarke, mistress

the poor of the parish; the other, consisting of the interest Railway Station, John Collins, station master

of £20 left by Elizabeth Hale, and placed in the bank, is

distributed in bread to the poor of the parish. A saline CARRIER.
spring runs through the parish. Beckford HsI: was the I William Beasley, from Dumb~eton through Beckford to

anc:ent mansion of the Wake:nan fc.mi:y, but is now the; Cheltenham on thurs. & sat

GLOL'. 3


BECKFORD. Chandler George Surman, farmer, I merchants, Railway station; &:i at

PRIVATE RESIDENTS. Beckford House farm .A.shton-under-HilI

Arkell Henry, Court house Clarke J oseph, income tax collector & Wealsby George, farmer, The Elms,
Clay furlong
Case-Walker Capt. Henry Ashton J.P. parish clerk
Williallls John &:; Co. conI merchants,
Beckford hall Clements Henry, tailor
Railway station
Dawson-Thomas John Blackwell J.P. Davis Thomas, blacksmith

The Towers Hall William, grazier DIDCOT.
Dudley Mrs. Eastville Hardwick John, farmer
Freeman Captain William (late I3~h Lamb William, farm bailiff to Capt•. Stanley James, farmer

Hussars), Manor house H. A. Case-Walker J.P GRAFTO:N.

Gough Rev. John M.A.,LL.B.Vicarage Martin Frederick, farmer, Dalton ho Alcock Miss

Jones George ~Iatthews Charles, insurance agent Archer Thomas, carpenter

Nind Arthur William, The Villa Perkins Allen, farmer, Wren's nest Cormell Frederick, farmer

Nind Mrs. J. S. The Villa Pope Christopher, Beckford inn Crump John, farmer

Rotherham William, Thorn villa Saunders Herbert, wheelwright Saunders William, farmer &:; haulier

Slade F.rederick, WestviIle Smith Brothers, bakers, grocers & BANGROVE.
Smith James, Ivy bank general provision merchants

COMMERCIAL. Smith William, baker, &; post office Knight Charles,farm bailiff to Thomas

Burge Nathan & James, saddlers & Smith William John,assistant overseer James esq

harness makers "arlor J ames & Co. coal, brick &. tile\ Sexty William, farmer

EERKELEY is a town and parish comprising the are sittings for 950 persons. The register dates from the
market town of Berkeley, with the tithings of .Alkington, year 1653. The living is a vicarage, yearly value £450,
Breadstone, Hamfallow, Rinton and Ham and Stone, in including 5 acres of glebe, with residence, in the gift of
the Northern division of the county, head of a petty ses. Lord Fitzhardinge, and he~d since 1884 by the Rev.
sional division, in Berkeley hundred, Thornbury union, Jonathan Lett Stackhouse M.A. of Trinity College, Dublin,
Dursley county court district, and in the rural deanery and Exeter College, OXford, and domestic chaplain to Lord

of Dursley and archdeaconry and diocese of Gloucester. Fitzhardinge. The district church of St. John, at Purton,
The town is near the navigable river Severn, with a is a building of s,tone in the Early English sty:e, erected in

.station half a mile north on the Sharpness branch from 1874 at a cost of £1,000, and consists of nave with apse,
.Berkeley Road junction on the Bristol and Birmingham south porch and an open western turret containing I bell:

-section of the Midland railway; it is also 3; miles south there are 120 sittings. The iron church of St. Michael,
at Breadstone, was opened December 19th, 1878, and has
from the Gloucester and Berke:ey canal, II4 from London, 100 sittings. The school-chapel at Wick, erected by the
15 south-south-west from Gloucester, 8 from Thornbury
landed proprietors of the parish in 1875, is a build:ng of
and 19 north from Bristol. The town was constituted a stone, seating 100 persons. The Mission chapel of St.
"borough in the reign of Edward 1. and was then governed
by a mayor and aldermen; but the oharter has been an- Maurice, in the ham:et of Newport, I! miles south-east,

nulled, and the corporation 'Was dissolved in 1885 under and near the road from Bristol to Gloucester, erected at

the provisions of the" Municipal Corporations Act, 1883" a cost of about £200, and opened on Wednesday, August
(46 and 47 Vict. c. 18): the mace, presented to the cor- 8, 1883, is a plain structure of wood, consisting of chance:,

poration by one of the former lords of Berkeley, has been nave, south porch, and a bell-turret in the centre" of the
returned to Lord Fitzhardinge, the present owner of the nave containing I bell: the communion table is of carveJ
Oastle. This place confers the title of earl and baron oak, and between the chancel and nave is a raod screen

on the Berkeley family. The town is lighted with gas by surmounted by a cross: the chapel will seat about 120
persons. .A new mission room used chiefly for Sunday
a company. On December 4th, 1894, five parish councils school purposes and week-night services, was dedicated
were formed, under the" Local Government Act, 1894"
(56 and 57 Vict. c. 73), to control respective~y Berkeley by the Bishop of the diocese in October, I8g6, and will
borough and each of the tithings of Alkington, Hamfallow, seat about 100 persons. The (Xmgregational chapel, bu It

Hinton and Ham and Stone; the tithing of Breadstone in 1836, was restored in 1896 at a cos>t of over £3°0, and
is managed by a. "parish meeting." The church of St.
Mary is a large and ancient edifice of stone, chiefly of the affards 273 sittings. There is a Wes:eyan chapel, built
in 1805, and seating 208 persons; and another at Halmore,
Decorated period, but with portions of Late Norman and
erected in 1829; there is also a Baptist chapel at Wood-
Early English date, consisting of large chancel with
ford and one at Xewport, buJt in 1710 and rebuilt in 1825.
BMkeley chapel on the south side, nave of seven bays, The cemetery, at the north end of the town, opened in
.aisles, north porch with parvise, and a detached embattled 1866, at a cost of £1,600, is 3 acres in extent, and has
ltower, about 90 feet in height, with pinnac~es, and con·
taining a clock and 6 be:ls; in the chancel is a memorial a lych gate, used as a mortuary chapel, and a house for
the sexton; it is under the control of El joint committee
'Window to Dr. Edward Jenner F.R.S. the discoverer of
O'f fourteen members. The Berkeley Institute, consisting
vaccination, d. 25 January, -1823, erected by public sub. of a reading room and a library of 300 volllltles, was
scription in 1873, at a cost of £500: and there are others opened in 1888. The kennels of the Berkeley fox hounds
10 Sir Mauric6 Frederick Fitzhardinge Berkeley, 1st Baron are at Ham. Lord Fitzhardinge is the master; Bristol,
Fitzhardinge, d. 17 October, x867, to Mrs. WoolwrightF,
Gloucester and Cheltenham are convenient p:aces for hunt-
Mrs. Palaire-t, James and Elizabeth Croome, Mr. Cooke,
the Hon. Elton Vivian Gifford, d. 2 Ju~y, 1893, and to ing visitors. The Berkeley Hunt Agricultural Society
Francis William Fitzhardinge Berkeley, 2nd Baron Fitz- holds an annual show on the August bank holiday, of

hardinge, d. 29 JlUle, 1896, and to members of the Hickes cattle, horses and dairy produce, the cheese show being
family: in the church is an altar tomb with recumbent
effigie~. in alabaster, to Thomas 2nd Baron BerkeleYI ob. the largest in the county. The trade consists chiefly in
1361, and Jane (Ferrers), his wife; on another tomb is coals, timber and cheese. Near the station are the pre-

an effigy in white marble to James 6th Baron Berke:ey, ob. mises of the Va:e of Berkeley Dairy Co. Limited. Fairs
'1463; and there is a third tomb, with 'ala-baster effigies are held on the 14th of May and second Monday in De-
-and inscription, to Sir Henry Berkeley kt. 7th Baron
Berkeley, Db. 26 November, 1613, and Catherine (Roward), cember, for cattle and pigs, and markets are held on
bis wife; there are other memorials to Charles, 2nd Earl the first Wednesday in each month excepting May and
December. The Cottage Hospital, established in 1877,
of Berkeley K.B. d. 24 September, 1710• .and Elizabeth, was in 1886 named "The Berkeley Hospital"; it has
wife of S~r Thomas .Berk~ey, ob. 1635: the walls of the twelve beds and is now managed by a committee of which
£hurch retain a great deal of mural painting. ranging Lord Fitzhardinge is president and Georgina, Lady Fit~­
hardinge, lady president. There are numerous charities,
from the 13th to the 15th century, most of which has amounting in the whole to f,I30 yearly. Edward Jenner
M.D. (Edin. and Oxon.), F.R.S. who ;introduced the prac-
'been renewed; the space above the chancel arch has re·
mains of a "Doom," and other spaces over the ~plays tice of vaccination, was born here. May 171 1749, being
-and siI:s of the windows are also decorated, chiefly with the son of the Rev. Stephen Jenner, then vicar of Ber-
,grotesque patterns in red and black; the reredos of stone, keley; he died January 25, 1823, and was buried in the
representing the four Evangelists with our Lord in the church. The manor embraces nearly thirty parishes, ani!
is one of the most exensive in the kingdom: it Wa3
.centre, was erected in 1881 by Lady Fibhardinge .to the
memory of her father and mother: the font is Norman and granted by William the Norman to Roger de Berkeley, lord
dates from about II2O: the church was thoroughly re- of Dursley, who having espoused the cause of King Stephen
in opposition to the Empreiil Matilda, was, on the acces·
stored and re-seated in 1865-6, under the direction of the
late Sir G. Gilbert 8cott R.A: at a. cost of about £5,000, sion of Henry H. dl>prived of the title and estates, which
defrayed by the 1st Baron Fitzhardinge and the were then conferred in II54 upon Robert Fitzhardinge,
a wealthy cituen of Bristol, who assumed the title of Baron
parishioners; during the progress of the work an in-
llcribed Roman tile and two bases of co:umns were found; de Berke:ey.
Berkeley Castle, now the residence of Lord Fitzhardinge,
Sn 1889 the tower was restored at a cost of £100: there
is one of tb.e most ancient and interesting feudal for-


tre3ses yet remaining in England; it was rebuilt in the 7.5 &; 9.45 p.m. (box cleared for dispatch next
latter end of the 12th century by Prince Henry (afterwards morning). Sundays, office open 8 to 10 a.m. for te:a-

Henry H.) and the above-named Robert Fitzhardinge, grams &; letters

and has remained in the possession of his descendants down Wa] Letter Boxes, Berkeley Road station, cleared at 7.40

to the present time: it consists of an outer courtyard, a.m. &; 5.45 p.m.; Wanswell, cleared at 8.50 a.m. &;

entered through a low, but massive., gateway tower, and 6.20 p.m.; Newport, c:eared at 9.35 a.m. &; 5.30 p.m. ;

<lnce surrounded by various buildings, the foundations of Breadstone, cleared at 8.20 a.m. &; 5.20 p.m.; Halmore,

which still exist, an inner courtyard, still inclosed by cleared at 5 p.m.; Pumon, cleared at 4.30 p.m.; Wood-

buildings, and lastly the circular keep, which forms part ford, cleared at 9.10 a.m. &; 5 p.m.; Ham, 9.50 a.m. 1&

of the north-west side of this courtyard, projecting into 5.45 p.m. &; Newlands, cleared at 4.15 p.m. all week

and extending beyond it. Beyond the low embattled wall days only

which bounds the outer ward, are terraced gardens, with OOUNTY MAGliSTRATES FOR BERKELEY PETTY
lawns, shaded by finely grown firs and cedars: in the SESSIO:KAL DIVISION.
outer ward hangs a. bell, once in a :Buddhist temple near
Ningpo, but brought to England by Capt. Dewe C.B. and Fit:zhardinge Lord, Berkeley castle, chairman
presented by him to the late Lord Fitzhardinge. Another Browne Lt.-Col. J ames Henry Granville R.A. Blanchworth
arched gate, with portcullis grooves, conducts to the inner
ward, which has on the south-east the great hall, 62 by 32 ft. house, Dursley
and 32 ft. in height; the windows are fil:ed with heraldic Hoare Arthur esq. Stone court, Stone, Falfield R.S.O
stained glass, on the walls hang fami:y and other portraits Jenner-Fust Herbllrt esq. LL.D. Hill court, Falfield R.S.O
and armour, and over the fireplace are suspended the Matthews Thomas Gadd esq. Newport Towers, :Berkeley
remains of two standards carried at Culloden (16 April, \Yiuterbotham iRerbert Brend, The Actrees, :Berkeley
1746) by the regiment of .Augustus, 4th Earl of :Berkeley
K. T.: a wide staircase of black oak leads to the chapel, Cferk to the Magistrates, Charles Scott RA
which retains its OTiginal painted roof, and on the wa] Petty Sessions are held at the Petty Sessional Court about
under the arched passage leading to it are traces of black
letter texts in French and Latin, taken from the book every three weeks, on wednesdays, at II a.m. The fol-
lowing' places are included in the Petty Sessional Divi-
sion :-Berkeley & all the tithings therein, viz.: Alking.
hon, Breadstone, Hamfallow, Hinton & Ham &; Stone

of Revelations, and dating from about 1400 ; the windows DISTRICT IDGHWAY BOARD.

contain ancient stained glass, and some cl the original Meets at the Clerk'S' office on the 1st wednesday in every
floor tiles remain; adjoining 'the chapel, and forming the
month at ID a.m.
south side of the courtyard, are several drawing-rooms, Clerk, Charles Scott RA. Canonbury street
and music and breakfast rooms, hung with portraits and Treasurer, Frederick J. Sermon, National Provincial :Bank
tapestry; the keep, reached from this ward by a flight Surveyor, R. E. Shatford, Hogsdown, Berkeley
, of steps, is nearly circular, and has walls about 50 feet
in height, with several projecting semi-circular bastions, PUBLIC ESTABLISHMENTS.
and strengthened by buttresses; the enclosed area, about
Berkeley Hospital (The), High street, Waiter Robt. Awdry
25 feet higher than that of the .inner courtyard, is now M.B. medical officer

chiefly turfed, but there are buildings containing bed· Cemetery, Charles Scott RA. clerk to the joint burial

rooms on tha south side, and on the north is the longi- committee
tudinal structure cal~ed "Thorpe's tower," from which an Police Station, Benjamin Weaver, Isergeant & 2 constables

extensive view is afforded of the Vale of Berkeley. In this VOLUNTEERS.

castle, after experiencing all the indignities and cruelties Gloucestershire (Royal Gloucestershire Hussars)Yeomanry
that could be conceived, the unfortunate Edward ll. was Cavalry (A Squadron, :Berkeley troop), Cal)t. William
murdered by his keepers-Sir Thomas Gournay and Lord Heywood Playne, commander; Lieut. Lion&! E. Barry;
MaltraverS-21 September, ,13°7; above the steps leading
to the keep is an apartment called" King Edward's room," Joseph Bennett, quartermaster; Sergt.-Major J ames
and shown as the place where the deed was committed; Bernard Parkert drill instructor

but the scene of this murder was more probably the PUBLIC OFFlOERS_

4' dungeon room," which is in the bastion adjoining the Steward to Lord Fitzhardinge'lr Manors in the County of
steps on the other side; beneath this chamber is a dungeon Gloucester, Charles Scott B.A. Canonbury street

28 feet deep. The castle was besieged by the Par:iamen- Assistant Overseers, William Ratten, for borough of Ber..

tary forces in 1645, and surrendered upon honourable keley, Salter ·street; Henry Edwin Ghosley, for Ham &;

terms, but was afterwards given back to George, 8th Stone, Hamfallow &; Breadstone, Salter street; Richard
Baron Berke1ey K.B. on condition of its being rendered Edward Shatford, for Alkington, HOglsdown
incapable of defence; the castle is open to visitors on Medical Officer & Public Vllccinator, Berkeley DistriC't,
Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays on payment of & Thornbury Union, Walter Robert Awdry l\'LR High st
small fee; and the proceeds are devoted to the support ot Registrar of Births, Deaths &; Marriag~s, Thornbury Sub-
local charities. White Cliff Park, one mile south-west of district, Henry Codrington, Canonbury street i deputy,
the castle, is the property of Lord Fitzhardinge; it is \Yilliam iHatten, Salter sti'eet
about 336 acres in extent, and is used as a. deer park. Relieving &; Vaccination Officer, No. 2 District, Thornbury
Lord Fitzhardinge,' Mr. Thomas :Breadstone Croame, of Union, Henry Codrington, Canonbury street
Breadstone. and Rev. Sir Edward Harry Dutton Colt bart.
M.A. rector of Monk Okehampton, Devon, 11r8 the prin- PLACES OF WORSHIP, with Times of Services.
cipallandowners. NeWTlOl't Towers is the seat of Thomas
St. Mary's Church, Rev. Jonathan Lett Stackhouse :M.A.
Gadd Mll>tthews esq. J.P. and Wickselme is occupied by
Thomas Parnel1 Parnell esq. M.A. The soil is various, vicar; 8 &; It ll.m. &; 6 p.m.; children's service, 2.30
with sand and clay; subsoil, marl, clay and gravel. The
chief crops are wheat, harley and beans. The area of tae p.m.; week. da)'lS, daily, 7.30 a.m. (holy communion)
entire parish is 13,420 acres of land, 2,320 of water; rate-
St. .Tohn'lI Churcl1, Purton, u a.m. &; 6 p.m.; thurs. 7
able values-Berkeley, £2,628; Alkington, '£9,015 ; Bread-
p.m. (in winter) •
-stone, £2.918; Ham and Stone, £7,412; Hamfallow,
£5,847; Hinton, £t6,000; the population in ~89I was, St. Michael's Iron Church, Breadstone. 3 p.m .
Berkeley, 8go; A.lkington tithing, I mile east, 818; Bread-
stone tithing, 2 miles north-east, 120; Ham tithing, half- Wesleyan, II a.m. &; 6 p.w.; every other thuu. at 7 p.m
a-mile south, and with Stone, population, 830; Hamfallow
tithing and Halmore and Wanswell hamlets, ~ mile north, Wesleyan, Halmore
.x.020; Hinton tithing and Purton hamlet, 3 'miles north,
St. Maurice Mission Chapel, Newport, 1I a.m. &; 6 p.m

Mission Church, Wick, 3 p.m .

Mission Room, Brookend, wed. 7 p.m. (wint81')

Baptist, :IS'ewport

:Baptist, Woodford, 6 p.m ' . \ .

Congregational, 10.45 a.m. .& 6 p.m. ~ thurs. 7.30 p.m

1,629; and Stone chapelry, ~ miles Bouth; the latter will SCHOOLS.
be found under a separate heading.
. Nation~ erected in 186J; &; ,sUJPported by Lord Fitz·
hardinge, for 184 1;Ioys. 184 girls &; 100 infants; average
SHARPNESS, port and village... in the tithing of Hin- attendance, ISO bo)"S, i25 girls &; 80 infants; Amos

ton, in this parish, will b~ found under a separate heading. Moss, master; Miss C. E. Pulham. mistress; MiSlS E.

Parish Uerk, Alfred James. . . E. Rose, infants' mistress
National, Wi~k, iheld in the chapel. fo1" 60 children; aver'
Post, M. o. &; T. 0., S. B. &; Annuitv &; Insurance Office.
-Miss M. M. Ford, postmistres;: Letters are de- a~e attendance, 7; Mrs. Redfard, mistress

livered at 7.& 10 a.m. k 2.30 p.m.; dispatched at 9.30 Public Elementary, Pmwn (mixed &; infants), built in

a.m. ~ 1.30, $, 7.5 (for North &; Midlands), 7.20 k 1871 for 200 children, &; snpported. bY' Mr. George
9·45 p.m. (box cleared for dispatch next morning). Miiller, of Ashley Do.vD Orphanage, "Bristol; 8veragl'
Money order office open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sun-, attendance, 85 boys &; girls &; 55 infants; .John Pa'ge,
days, letters are delivered at- 7.30 a.m. & dispatched at master; Miss Mary B~nnett, infants' mistres~
. OLor. 3·



Omnibus from the 'Berkeley Arms' meets most of the Berkeley Road, James William Gunter, station master

trains at Berkeley station Berkeley, William Henry Payne, station master

Marked thus t receive their letters Gazard John, Sal'ter house Oakey George, Brookend

through Dmsley. Gazard Robert, Canonbury street Paradise Mrs. Bam

PRIVATE RESIDENTS. Ghosley Henry Edwin, Salter street Parnell Thos. Pamen M.A. lWickselme

Fitzhardinge Lord J.P. Berkeley cast:e Griffiths Griffith, Maryport street Parslow John, Breadstone<

Awdry WaIter Robert M.B. High strlilet tRaIling Mrs. Wick Pearce John S. The Elms, Hinton

Ayris Mrs. High street Hat·field John Rayner, Salter street Peter James, Ham villa

Bailey Thomas Tearce, Wallgaston Hatten William, Salt-er street Pool Miss, High street

tBallinger Miss, Wick Hickes Miss, Swck house Sermon Fredk. J. Bank boo Market pl

Beard ~Irs. The Myrtles, Newport Hodgson John, Woodford bill Sinderbv WilIiam, Salter street

tBrowne Lieut.-Col.James Henr)'Gran- Rooper Edgar, Newport Spedding George William (lay mil!-

ville J.P. (late RA.),Blauchworth hv Rooper Thomas. Newport sioner), High street

Bruce Andrew, Ham Legge Mrs. Sevemlodge Stackhouse Rev. Jonathan Lett M.A..

Callander Capt. George ETskine (lat-e Legge William, Canonbury house (vicar), Vicarage

R.A.), Middleton house, Purton Lett Rev.WilliamRasleighB.A. (curate), Stevens Arthur Frederic, The Leaz&

Clark George, Salter street Vicarage Sutton Daniel, High street

Cook IvIlrs. Maryport street :'vlabbett MPrs. Bevington Veal Rev. "1'hos. (curate), Maryporl s_

Qooke Mrs. Salter street Mackint{)sh Mrs. High street tWilliams AntonyChampeTnowne,Ne-w-

Croome Thomas Breadstone', Bread- Manning Miss, Canonbury street lands

stone house Matthews Thomas Gadd J.P. Newport Winterbotham Herbert Brend J.P.Th&

Croome The Misses, Breadstone house towers. Newport Actrees

Ford Mrs. Market place Nicholls Rt. Hill view, Berkeley heath Woodcock WaIter, High street

COMMERCIAL. Cbarles David, photographer, Salter street

Adams James, coal mer. Woodford & Berkeley Road t':tatn Church House (Rev.J.L. Stackhouse M.A. vicar) ,Salter si

Adams Thomas, draper &; grocer & distributor of fishing Churchill John, baker, Market place

licenses. :Market place, & farmer, Tan house Clark George, estate derk, Berkeley estate offices

Aldridge Ambrose, pilot, Purton Clark Thomas, farmer, Oakhunger

.Alien Charles, smith, Balmore Clutterbuck John, farmer, Bucketts hill

AlIen Henry, lime merchant, Swanley C{jdrington Anna Maria (Miss), ladies' school,Maryport st

AlIen Mark, master mariner, 'Wanswell Codrington H~mry, registrar of births, marriages & deaths.

Alien Robert, farmel', Clapton farm to Berkeley sub-district & relieving- & vaccination officer

AIIJass Gearge, furniture dealer, High street & collector & school attendance officer to Ko. 2 districtp
Alpass John, grocer & butcher, Salter street Thombury union, Canonbury street

Alpas9 Thomas, grocer & baker, Salter street Cole· Thomas, ·shopkeeper, Woodford

tAmesbury Wadham, farmer, Goldwick, Alkingham Cooke John, farmer, Halmore

Awdry WaIter Robert M.B.Durh. surgeon &; medical offi- Cooke Thomas Edward, Fox & Goose P.R. Halmore

cer &; public vaccinator to Berkeley district, Thornbury Cooper Thomas, tailor, Salter street

union, High street Cope Ellen (Mrs.), Swan P.H. High street

.A.ylifIe Charles, carpenter & wheelwright. Salter street Cope James, beer retailer, Ham

Baron Zebedee George, farmer, 'Wanswell Court farm, Cope William, plasterer. Market place

HamfalIow Cornock Absalom, wheelwright, Heathfield

Baglin George, farmer, Newport Ccrnock Frank, Ship inn, Stock lane .

Bailey Robert, farmer, Abwell house tCornock John, farmer, Blanchworth

Baker George, farmer, Heathfield tCornock Nicholas, farmr. Bayneham Court fm.AlkingtoD

Baker Jose-ph, fruit dealer, Woodford Cornock Richard. manure, \Seed & agricultural implement

Ballinger Henry, farmer, Newport agent, Sisons· house, 1Vanswell

Barber Harriet &; Mary Ann (The Misses). frmrs. Blisbury Coupland Louisa (Miss), day school for young ladies,

Barber John, farmer, Blackball Canonbury street

Barber Stephen, wine & l!lpirit merchant, High street Cox James William, Berkeley Arms P.H. & farmer,Purton

!!arton John, farmer, Bevington Creese Edmund, basket maker, Ha!more
Ben Edward Mason, drap~r, High street
Croome George, baker, Woodford

Bell Henry, carpenter, High street Croome Thomas Breadstone, land agent & steward to

Bennett William Charles, blacksmith, Salter street Herbert .Jenner-Fust esq. LL.D. Breadstone house

Berkeley Cricket Club (Itichard Hunt, hun. sec) Cullimore George Frederick, farmer, Mobley farm

Berkeley Cycling @jlub (Charles Chul".::hill, hon. sec) Cullimore Thomas, farmer, 8wanley

. Berkeley Dairy Co. Limited (The Val<:l of) (A. T. Price. tDaniell William Augustus, farmer, Upper Wick

managing director), Station Davis Catherine Esther (Mrs.), Fox P.H. Woodford

Berkeley, Dursley & Sharpness Gazette (published satur- Davis Thomas James Summers; farmer, Rinton

days: W. Hattl:'n, agent), Salt'lr tS'treet Daw Robert (1\1rs.). farmer, Comely farm, Cla.pton

. Berkeley Gas WorM Lim. (Mrs. :E. Moss, sec.), Salter 8t Derrett George Daniel, farmer, Rookery farm, Hamfallow

Berkeley Gymnasium (J. R. Alpass, hon. sec.), SaIter st Thmery George, 'builder & contra.etor, Pitbrook

llerkeley Harriers (Harry Woodward. hon. sec) Dlmery Herbert, grocer, Wanswell

Berkeley Hospital (The) (WaIter Roben Awdry M.B. meel. Discombe In. gamekpr. to Lord Fitzhardinge, BevingtoD

_ officer; Miss HalfoI'd, matron), Maryport street Dowdeswell John William, pilot, Purton

Berkeley Blmt Agricultural Society (George Clark, sec) Dowthwaite Frederick, master mariner, Wanswell

B('rkeley Institute (William Stephen Hatten, hon. sec.), Drew William, farmer, The Worthies

Salter street Eamets Ellen (Mrs.), beer retailer &; shopkpr. Heathfield
Berkeley Permanent Friendly Society (Amos Moss, sec.), -I Eley Ernest Edward, farmer, Hengaston

Salt-er street Evans George. farmer &; collector of taxes, Woodford

Berkeley & Sharpness Football Club (Rugby) (William S. Everett William Joseph, pilot, Wanswell .

Ratten, ban. sec) Eyles Charles, carpenter, Woodford .

Blakemore Thomas, plasterer, Salter street Fear Benjamin, cooper, Canonbury street

Boulton William, plumber, Lynch road Fisher John Bassett, hair dres.ser, Canonbury iStreet

Boulton William, shopkeeper, Ham Ford M. M. (Miss), postmi!ltress, Market place

Boys Henry, gardener to J. S. Pearce esg. Hinton Foxwell Benjamin, farmer, Breadstone

Brinkworth John, pilot, Brookend Foxwell Benjamin Clean, butcher, Breadst{)ne

Britton Faith (Mrs.), shopkeeper, High street Freeman Albert Francis, cycle agent, Canonbury stree'

Drown Edward, Berkeley Arms family & commercial hotel, Fryer Esther (Miss), shopkeeper, \HaIrnore

Market place Fryer Henry, farmer, Halmore •

Brilwning William, Boar's Head inn, Salter street Gabb John, farrier, Woodford -

Bruce Andrew, surveyor &; clerk of works to Berkeley Garton Alfred, ironmonger &c. Canonbury street

Castle estate, Ham Gazard Joseph, farmer, Priors wood (letters via Slim·

Druton Henry, Mariners' Arms P.H. Salter street brid~, Stonehouse)

Butt Elizabeth (Mrs.), shO!]Jkeeper, Purton Gazzard James Herbert, beer ret. & farmer, Hook street;

Caseley )Villiam John, farmer, Park farm, Peddington Gazzard Thomas, farmer, Halmore .

Cemetery (Charles Scott B.A.. clerk to the joint burial Gazzard Thomas Henry, farmer, Panthurst farm

committee; John Philli~, keeper) . Ghosley Henry Edwin, accountant, estate &; insurance

(ihamberlain Thomas, baker, Kewport • agent, agent to the Al!lUl Line of Steamships & assistant


.overseer for the tithings of Breadstone, Hamfallow &; Merrett Frank, house decorator, Salter street •
Merrett Frederick, farmer, Hook street
'Ham &; Stone, clerk to the Breadstone parish meeting Merrett J oseph, mason, Salter street

&; Hamfallow &; Ham &; Stone parish councils, Vicarial :Merrett Louisa (:Mrs.), fancy draper, Salter street
tithe 'Office, Salter street Merrett William, park keeper to Lord Fitzhardinge, White

Gibbins Edward, farmer, Oakhanger farm CIlff park
Gloucestershire (Royal Gloucestershire Hussars) Yeoman- :\'1iles William., shoe maker & draper, Brookend
Millard J ane (~Irll.), shopkeeper, Canonbury street
ry Cavalry (A Squadron, Berkeley Troop) (Capt. Wm. :Morgan George, rilot, Pitbrook
Heywood Playne, commander; Sergt.-Major J. B. Morgan Hichard, pilot, Brookend
Mc.rgau Thomasl pilot, \Vanswell
Parker, drill instructor) MOils Eliza (M1'8.), grocer &; 'sec. to Berkeley Gas Works
Gveeniield Thomas, stationer, High street
Greenwood Robert, hair dresser, Market place Limited, Salter street

Gregory &; Son, builders & steam saw mills National Provincial Bank of England Limited (branch)
Greswell Clement Edward., farmer, Peddington grange
GrifIey Mary Ann (Mrs.), 'beer retailer, Dammas down Frederick J. Sermon, manager), Market 'Place; draw
Griffiths Arthur Edward, farmer, Hamfield
on head office, II2 Bishopsgate within, London E C
Grove WiIliam Edward, saddler, Canonbury street
Keal George, blacksmith, Breadstone
Gwinnett Thomas Henry, oBhoe maker, Canonbury itreet Neale Benjamin &; Hastings, farmers, Halmore
iHadley -, miller (steam. & water), Sea mills 11\p.ale .Tohn, f::trmer, Brookend farm
Hale-Thomas, wheelwright, Woodford
Keale Martin Henry, farmer, Middleton, Purton
Hall George, farmer, Canonbury farm.
'tHaIling William, wheelwright, blacksmith & farmer, Keale Thomas George, farmer, Willis elm, Clapton
Nicholls George, beer retailer, Lynch road
Wick, &; farmer, Hogsdown farm
KichoUs J3;;;. decoyman to Lord Fitzhardinge. Decoy pool$
Halmore Institute (C. T: Rake, oSQc)
Rarding Jane (Mrs.), farmer, Hertsgrove farm., Wanswell Xicholls William, farmer, Alkington
Harding William, farmer &, cattle dealer, Saniger_ farm Xoak WaIter Frederick A.P.S. chemist &; agent for W. &;

'Harris J. &. Sons, plumbers &c. High street A. GiLbey Limited, wine &; spirit merchants.
Harris Burland, farmer, Billow farm, Breadstone
RarriSl Charles, farmer, Breadstone Organ Thomas, pilot, Purton
Hart Daniel, haulier, Hythsfield Organ William, beer retailer & wheelwright, Newport
Hat~eld John Rayner L.R.e.p., L.R.C.S.Edin. surgeon,
Palmer Peninnah (Mrs.), beer retailer, Salter street
High IStreet
Parker Sergt.-Major James Bernard, drill instructor,
Hatten William, assistant overseer for Berkeley borough Salter street
&; deputy registrar of birth!}, deaths &; marriages,
Parslow .Tames, farmer, Manor farm, Breadstone
Thornbury sub-district, Salter street Parsons Alfred, farmer~ Breadstone
Peter J ames, land agent to Lord Fitzhardinge, Ham villa.
Ha1'"ker Sidney William, farmer, 1Yoodford
Hazel WiIliam, haulier, Woodford Phillips Geo. Xelmes Leonard, beer retlr.&; butcher,Purton
Heaven William, shopkeeper, Salter street Pick Frederick, pilot, The Lynch
Pick Pame~a (Mrs.), farmer, Purton
Hendy J. house steward to Lord Fitzhardinge, Church cot
Heskins Ann (Mrs.), beer retailer, Maryport street Pick Thomas Herbert, White Lion r.B. High street

Rill Thomas, pilot, Wanswell Pickard Edmund, farmer, Salter street

lIill William, haulier, Kewpol't tPonting Emma (:\'1iss), farmer, Halt's farm, Alkington
Povey Alfred James &; George, farmers., Appleridge farm,
Hodder Martha (Mrs.), cowkeeper, Purton
tHooper Amelia C~1I's.), farmer, Upper Wick Peddington
lIooper George, farmer, Heathfield
lIooper Jane (Mrs.), farmer, Rood green Powell George, farmer, Green farm, Breadstone
Hooper John C. The Bell P.R. Berkeley heath
House OliveI', farmer, Woodford Powell George Thomas, farmer, Crawless farm

Hughes Edwin, waterman, Hook street Powell Joseoph, farmer, Breadstone
Isaacs James, grocer & baker, High street Powell 'l'homa!i George, farmer, Kits green
lames Alfred, florist &; parish clerk, Salter street Price Arthur, farmer, Oakleaze
James Thomas, coach builder &; wheelwrig-ht, Berry croft Price Frank, pilot, Brookend
Price Henry, carpenter, Wanswe~l
fJames Thomas haae, farmer & farrier, Wick Price Susannah Zeborah (Mrs.), Salmon P.H. Wanswell
Price Thomas, pilot, Brookend.
King Thomas &; Son, butchers, Hig-h street &; Salter st
King Frooerick, beer retailer, Mobley Price Thomas Henry, pilot, Brookend
King J ames, farmer, \Voodlands, Clapton Price )Yilliam, canal pilot, Purton
Kmg .Tohn, haulier, Ham PUllin James, gamekeeper to Lord Fitzhardinge, H&.more
King John, pilot, WansweIl Pullin Lawford, farmer, Severn House farm
Ki.f~ John Taylor, shopkeeper, Wanswell Rawle William, huntsman to Lord Fitzhardinge, High st
Km~ .Toseph, farmer, New park (postal address, FaI-
Reynolds Robert, beer retailer, Salter street
field R.S.O) Reynolds Stephen John, tailor, Canonbury street

King William, farmer, Beving-ton Riddiford Charles W. miller (water), Stone mill'.,Woodford
King~cott John, farmer, Peddington Roberts Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Woodford
Knight George, builder, Salter street
Knight Henry, White Hart hotel, High street Robertson Jane (:\'Irs.), Pilot inn, Purton
Kr.ight John William, George inn. Market place
Knight Thomas, shoeing smith, MarJport street &; beer Robinson Edgar, gamekeeper to Lord Fitzhardinge, Cold
elm, Alkingion
retailer, Market place
tangford John, beer retailer &; ,shopkeeper, Brookend Robinson -William, shopkeeper, Salter street
Rudge Emanllel, watch maker, Market place
L:mnder John, Pear Tree inn, Wanswel Rummells OliII, farmer, Bushey farm, Breadstone
Laver Mary (Mrs.), farmer, Woodford
S8vage Saul Powell, farmer &; cattle dealer, Adey's farm,
'I.,£\gge D. Son &, Pearce, auctioneers, valuers &; estate
agents, Canonbury house Breadstone

Legge Alfred, farmer, Severn lodge & White Hall farm, Scott Charles RA. solicitor, commissioner for adminis-
Breadstone ~ tering oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature & for

Legge Wm. wholesale wine &; spirit mer. Canonbury ho taking -affidavits in the Supreme Court of South Aus-
Leonard Arthur John, farmer, Oldlands farm, Halmore tralia; clerk to magistrates, tQ highway board &; joint
bllriar committee &; parochial charity trustee-s, steward
Leonard George, farmer, Pool farm, Halmore of Lord Fitzhardinge's manors in t,he county of Glou-
Leonard George Kelmes, farmer, Browns mill
LeanaI'd Mary C~Irs.), farmer, Lug~'s farm cester; official receiver in bankruptcy for the Glou-
Lewis George, agricultural engineer, agent for all kinds cester &; Cheltenham. divisions, Canonbury street
Sermon Frederick J. manager of Kational Provincial Bank,
of agricultural machinery &; cycles; inventor &; maker
of bicycle stands, \Voodford treasurer to highway board &; burial joint committee &;
Lewis -John, farmer, Kin~'s Hill farm, Hinton
1<cng Samuel & Daniel, farmers, Berkewy heath to the parish councils of Berkeley -& tithin~s, Market pI
Lovelock Edward, coffee tavern, High street Shatford Richard Edward, farmer &; assistant overseer &;

Mabbett Henry James, coal merchant, Canonbury street road surveyor, Hogsdown
Mackinto-sh Janet C~Iiss), fancy repositorv, High street
Mackintosh William, draper & ontfitter, High street ShiC'~ds Henry, farmer, Floodl!ate farm, Ham
l\lalpass Sydney Henry, beer retailer, Bevington Shore Richd. gardener to Lord Fitzhardinge,Canonbury st
Meadows Esun, White Hart inn, Kewport
tSimmons John, farmer, \Yick.
Merrett Alfred, boot &; shoe maker, & ref:eshment rooms, Small Vincent, water bailiff to Severn Board of Conser-

Salter street vators, Station road
Smart Henry, pilot, Brookend
Smith Charles, pilot, Purton
Smith Daniel, canal pilot, Pitbrook
Smith Emma (Miss), stationer, iHigh street

Smith George, pilot, Brooken1

Smith Henry, pilot, Purtoll


tSmith John, Greyhound inn, Wick Watts Elizabeth C~Irs.), farmer, Hyths£eld

Smith Joshua, farmer, Huntingford, Alkington Webb John, Spread Eagle inn, ~ewport
Smith William, brick maker, Salthouse Webb William Henry, chimney sweeper, Stock lane

Smith William Charles, pilot, PurtQn Welham William Mash, grocer & draper, High street
Smith William Henry, pilot, Wanswell 'Werrett John, farmer, l\Iarlpool farm, Breadstonc
Stamp John Henry, farmer, Michael, Wood lodge, Alking. Westaway John, farmer, Pocklington farm, Purton
'W hitmore & Son, printers, High street
ton (letters via Wotton-under-Edge) \Yi:.liams Alfred, pilot, Wanswell
Willsher William Evan, grocer, baker, draper & corn
Stevens Arthur Frederic M.R.C.S.Eng., L.R.C.P.Edin.,
L.M~urgeon, The Lea7.e . dealer; china, earthenware, hardware, boot & shoe, oil
& coal stores, Newport
Stinchcombe Alice (Miss), dress mak~r, Salter street
Summers Mary Ann (Mrs.), beer retailer, Halmore Wilson Henry, farmer, Cold eIlO, Alkington
Tanner Joseph, pilot, Wanswelil
Taylor Henry, farmer, Blue Gates farm, Clapton tWintle Thomas Holder, farmer, Upper Wick
Taylor Mary (Mrs.), farmer, World's End farm Wood Alfred, bill poster, Maryport street
Thompson John W. baker &; confectioner, High street
Timbrell Edith (Mrs.), dress maker, Salter street Woodcock \Valter, professor of music, organist & choir-

'I'imbrell Robert, farmer, Breadstone master, High street
Townsend William, earthenware dealer, High street
Trotman 'I'homas, market gardener & farmer, 8wanley Woodman William John, carpenter, Station road
Turner Richard George, farmer, Acton farm, Halmore
"'codward James, beer retailer, Halmore
Vickerstaff Thomas, draper & grocer, High street \Yorkman William, farmer, Upper Wick
'Wakeman George James, watch maker, High street
Wrightson Frederick, gamekeeper to Lord Fitznarding&~
Walters Alfred Thomas, baker, Canonbury street
Bushey grove

York William, carpenter, High street


BEVERSTON is a parish and village, 2 miles west 1225, is now in ruins and covere.i with ivy: some massive-

~om the Bath and Cirencester road, 2 miles west from Norman piers and groining remain in perfect condition,

Tetbury station on the branch of the Great Western rail- as well as portions of the external walls many feet thick:

way from Kemble junction, and s! south-west from Nails- in 1873 the base of a circular tower Qf Isolid rubble~

worth terminal station of a branch of the Midland railway, masonry, 24 feet in diameter, was discovered in the 1'00-

in the Eastern division Qf the county, Berkeley hundred, tory garden close by: the Castle is now the property of

Tetbury union and petty sessional division, Malmesbury Capt. George Lindsay Holford, of Weston Birt, whO' is

county court district, rural deanery Qf Dursley, arch- lord Qf the manor and so-le landowner. The soil is sandy

deaconry and diocese of Gloucester. The church of St. and clayey; subsoil, principally oolite. The chief crops

Mary is a small building of stone in the Early English and are wheat, barley, oats and turnips. The area is 2,084

later styles, consisting of chancel and nave, south porch acres; rateable value, £1,649; the population in 189'1

and a western tower containing 2 bells l- on the tower is was 168.

a bas-relief of Our Lord holding a banner: there are 180 Sexton, John Lucas.

sittings. The Tegister of baptisms and burials dates ,Let.ters through Tetbury, the nearest money order &
frreocmtoryth, eneyteayr ea15rl6y5;vamluaerr'i£a1g8e4s,, 1563. The living is a telegraph office, arrive at 9 a.m. & 6 p.m. Letter Box
including 104 acres of
glebe, with residence, in the gift of the Crown, and held cleared at 10 a.m. & 6.15 p.m. week days only

since 1896 by the Rev. Edward Williams Evans L.Th. of National School (mixed), built, with mistress's house, in

University College, Durham. The Castle, which is sup- 1841, for 50 children; average attendance, 37; Miss

posed to have been rebuilt by Maurice de Gaunt about Charlotte Turner, mistress

Evans Rev. Edward Williams, Rectory Lems Daniel, carpenrer Pearce Edward, shopkeeper

COMMERCIAL. Maller Arthur,carpenter & wheelwright Underhill Wm. blacksmith & shopkeepl"

Drew Wm.Tyndall, farmer, Park farm Mf\;ler Matilda Jane (Mrs.), carpenter lVarner William, farmer, Nesley

Garlick James, farmer, Castle farm & wheelwright White John, farmer, Babdown

BIBURY is a scattered parish and picturesque village r to the parish by the late Lord Sherborne. Bibury Courtr

surrounded by the Cotswold Hills, and is on the road I the property of Lord Sherborne, and now occupied by

from Cirencester to Burford, and on the river CoIn, 6 Rowland Durrard Cooper esq. is a fine mansion, situated

miles south from Northleach, 7 north-east from Ciren- close tQ the church in a pleasant little valley surrounded

cester station on the Great West.ern railway, and 24 south- by well-grown trees and shrubberies, and forms in plan

~st from Gloucester. The parish includes the hamlets the shape of the letter E; the older portion is Tudor,

of Ablington and Arlington, with the chapelry of Winson, but one wing was rebuilt from the designs of Inigo Jones~

in the Eastern division of the county, !hundred of Bright- in 1639, in the Renaissance style; the river CoIn flows

wells Barrow, Northleach union -and connty court district, through the grounds, and within a few yards of the

petty sessional division of Fairford, rural deanery of Fair- house. Ablington Manor, the property of Godfrey Cox-

ford, arcbdellconry of Cirencester and diocese of Glouces- well-Rogers esq. and which has been in the possession of

tel'. The church of St. Mary is an ancient structure in the f,amily for 300 years, is an interesting mansion of

the Norman, Early English and later styles, consisting of Elizabethan date, with modern additions; the river Ooln

spacious chancel, embattled nave of seven bays with clere· flows through the grounds. Lord Sherborne, G. Cox-

story, aisles, south porch and an embattled tower, con- well Bogers esq. and Wenman Aubrey Wykeham-:Musgrav~

taining a clock and 6 bells: the roof is of Spanish chestnut esq. of Barmley Park are the principal landowners. The

and exhibits some fine carving of the time of Henry VII.: soil is oolite; subsoil, stone brash. The chief crops ar~

t~a north and south doorways are Norman: the stained cereals and roots. The area of the entire parish is 5,198

east window was erected in commemoration of Elizabeth acres; rateable value, £3,423; the population in 1891 was

(Coke), wife of James (Dutton), first Lord Sherborne; 695. Ablington tithing, I mile north-west, and Arlington

she died 1845: the interior of this church was thoroughly tithing- adjoining, are not distinctly rated to tne poor.

repaired in 1855, and fitted with low open seats, and At Arling-ton is a Baptist chapel, erected about 1747, and

now affords 500 sittings. The register dates from the re-built in 1833. Winson will be found under 8 separate-

year 1551. The living is 8 vicarage wit.h the chapelry of heading.

Winson annexed, joint yearly value £773, with residence, SH..\GBOROUGH, the seat of a Roman settlement, is
in the gift of Lord Sherborne, and held since 1874 by the
Rev. the Hon. Frederick George Dutton :M.A. of Christ three quarters of 3. mile south; Coneygar or Coneygore"

Church, Oxford. Bibury had formerlv a peculiar juris- another Roman site, I! miles south-east.

diction, including Bibury, Winston, Barnsley and Alds- Parish Clerk and Sexton, Alfred Gleed.

worth, and the seal of the Peculiar is still in the possession Post, M. O. & T. 0., S. B. & Annuity & Insurance Office.
of the vicar. The Jesus Almshouses here were founded -Lancelot Belcher, sub-postmaster. Letters arrive-
by Hugh Westwood, for a master and three poor co- from Swindon via Fairford 8.0. at 6.15 a.m. & 4.15

brethren. the master receiving IS. 6d. and the others p.m.: dispatched at 11.15 a.m. & 7.15 p.m.; sundays

IS. 4d. each weekly, with other emoluments arising out of dispatch, 7. IS p.m •

a yearly rent-charge of £18, on lands in the parisbes of Wall Box at Bibury cleared at 11.25 ft.m. & 6.,,\0 p.m. ;

Ampney Peter, Ampney Crucis and Ashbrook, belonging sundays, 10 a.m. Wall Box at Ablington cleared at

to George Blackwell esq. Mrs. Sackville and her niece, 6.25 p.m.; sundays, 6.25 p.m

Mrs. Cresswell, left £200, now invested in £229 178. 8d. National School (mixed), built in 1847, for 183 children;'

C{)nsols, the interest being for the poor. Tawney's average attendanc(', 31 boys, 29 girls & 28 infants;

charity, producing' £2 10S. a ye'Jr, is for four poor wido~s. there is a house for the master; John W. DoodsODp
Bere is a reading room and libra!), built and presented m:lster; ~riES Em:ly Sbnley, mistress


Carriers to Cirencester.-George Pl'itchett, daily; Cor-I Here is a station of the Gloucester Constabulary; Henry

nelius Miles, wed. fri. & sat.; :Fairford & back, S3t Wiggins in charge & one constable

BIBURY. ~rorris Alfred, saddler & harness maker ARLING'l'ON.

Cooper lli>wland Burrard, Bibury court Pinchin William, butcher Bt MMrrss. Ivy cott8ge
Dutton the Rev. the Hon. Frede·rick ReSa~di'nthg,sReoeo)m & Library (Raymond Beaar noeny
Gray Rev. Archibald (Baptist)
George M,A. (vicar), Arlington cot SmlaInthd RBa. yCmooonpde,r geasmq ekeeper to Row- Spurrl'ereRv. Walter f..I..T..orat·10 (curat e)

COMMERCIAL. Turner Thomas, miller (wateT) COMMERCIAL.

Woodman Edward Fredk. !Swan com- Adams George Mallard, haulier
Arkell Jas. shopkeeper, assistant over- merrial & family inn & posting house Belcher Launcelot, butcher, Post office

seer for Bibury & CoIn St. Aldwins Yells Edward, farmer, Bibury farm Belcher Olivia (Miss), grocer &; draper
Brindle William, shopkeeper
.Al3LINGTON. Cock J. n. .& Co. blacksmiths
Barge Joseph i&; James, plumbers,
Comely Bazil, farmeT

painters & glaziers Barton Robart Field Walter, carpenter &; wheelwright

Cullerne J ames, shoe maker Gibbs Mrs. Ablington manor Hathaway Wm. cooper & beer retailer

Gleed Alfred, carpenter & parish clerk Bartlett Thomas, miller (water) ~Iiles Cornelius, ~arrie'T

Hooper Elizabeth (Miss), groce'l" Cadle Joseph, farmer .'tIiles Edmund, blacksmith

Jenkins James, stone mason Curtis George, shopkeeper Norris J esse, farmeT

Lees Ralph, farmer ~iills William, farmer Pl'itchett George, carrier

Lees Raymond, farmer .'t!ills William, jun. corn dealer Purnell Emily (Mrs.), baker

Meikle J ames, farm bailiff to Lord Randell John, farmer Randell Ernest, baker

Sherborne, Kilkenny Smith William, baker \Yilton Edmund, shopkeeper

BIRD LIP is a hamlet, forming a portion of the Post & T. O.-Mrs. Hannah Driver, sub-postmistress.
parishes of Cowley Brimpsfield and Witcomb, on the road Letters arrive frQm Gloucester at 9 a.m. & dispatched

from Gloucester to Cirencester, 7 miles south-east fl'-om at 5.10 p.m. Painswick is the nearest money order
Gloucester and 6 south-west from Cheltenham, in the office. Postal orders are issued here, but not paid

Northern division of the county, Rapsgate hundred, Chel- Parochial School (mixed), built in 1877, by Colonel Robert
tenham county court district, petty sessional division of Richardson-Gardner M.P.,:F.S.A. then resident at Cow-
Cheltenham and Cirencester, and Cirencester union. The ley Manor, for 45 children; average attendance, 28;
inhabitants attend the churches a·t Brimpsfield, Cowley Miss Edith A. Smith, mistress
and Bentham. There is a Baptist chapel, erected in 184I.
The soil is sandy, light and shallow; subsoil, limestone Carriers (passing through).-William Butler, from Caudl~
rock. The chief crops are wheat, barley, oats, turnips Green, every tues. thur.s. & sat. to the Crown inn.
and pasture.
Oheltenham, returning same days; George Harris•.

frQm Briinpsfield to Gloucester, mono &I sat

ButJer Re'V. Arthur G. Beechwood Driver Alfred, wood dealer IHarvay John, farmer

Helps Arthur, The Knap Driver Hannah (Mrs.),grcr.Post office Long William Hy. Royal George· hotel

Lane Mrs. La burnam villa Gastrell James, timber me'l'chant Menett Raymond, blacksmith

Long Miss, Birdlip viI:a Gibbs Maria Hardcastle (Mrs.), Black Pinching Wm. farme'l", Ivy Lodge farm-

Shipway Mrs Horse temperance hotel Turney Thos. Air Balloon P.H. & farmr

Hanuis Martin, carpenter We~ch Geo. farmer, Birdlip House fnn

COMMERCIAL. Hayward Francis, farm bailiff to Jas. Williams Charles, baker & grocer

Darter Sarah Ann (Mrs.), harness mkr Horlick esq

BISHOP'S CLEEVE is a township, parish and exten- is supported by voluntary subscriptions. The charities,
derived chiefly from money invested in the funds, IIlre
sive village, forming with its hamlets the hundred of
Cleeve; it is on the road from Cheltenham to Evesham, now of the yearly value of nbout £27, which is distributed

Il miles north-east from the Cleeve station of the Mid- among' the poor of the parish by the trustees, Southam-
de-Ia-Bere, formerly the seat of the Earl 'of Ellenborough.
land railway, and 3i north from Cheltenham, in the North- is an ancient building which LeI.and says was built in the
ern division of the county, in Winchcomb union and C'Ounty reign of Henry VIII.; it is charmingly sea.ted and com-
court district, petty sessional division of Cheltenham and mands exquisite views of the vale of Gloucester and the
rural deanery of 'Winchcomb and archde3conry and dio- Malvern Hills, but is at present unoccupied. Ilishop's
Uleeve Grange is the residence of Frederick Thomas
cese of Gloucest-er. The church of St. Michael is a large Griffiths esq. Clevelands, the property of A. C. Bennett
building of stone, mostly in the Norman style, with some esq. of Grove House, Stalybridge, Blandfo:rd. is at present
later additions, and consisting of chancel, nave of three unoccupied. The manorial rights are now held by Mrs.
Noblett; a court leet is held here every two years. Mrs.
bays, aisles, a noble south porch of curious workman- Noble-tt, James Hutchinson esq. J.P. The Poole, Hereford~
ship and an embattled central tQwer with pinnacles, con- J. S. Gibbons ·esq. F. T. Griffiths esq. Messrs. William
Page and George Ballinger, Christian W. Lawrence esq.
taining a clock and 6 bells with chimes: there is a hand- J.P. o.f Sandywell Park, Messrs. ·Alfred Henry Taylor.
some marble monument to the De la Bere family, dating James Page and William Henry Holliday, of Cheltenham,
Rev. G. G. Coventry RA. rector of Woolstone. John
from 1735 to 1742 and restored in 1803 by Thomas Bag- Minett esq. William Togwell, and the rector, are the prin-
hott De la Bere esq. : in the south transept. in a rece8s, cipal landowners. The soil is .strong loam; subsoil,
is the recumbent effigy of a knight, cross-legged, and gravelly mixture. The chief crops are wheat, beans, bar-
still bearing traces of colouring: at the east end of the ley and seeds. The area of II:he entire parish is 8,150
acres, principally arable; township, 1,823; rateable value.
south aisle is a recumbent effigy of a nun, and there are [3,531; the population in 1891 was. parish, 1,794; town-
ship. 646. The hamlet of Stoke Orchard will be found
remains of mural paintings on the wall of the north aisle. under a separate heading.
The church is now (1897) undergoing extensive repairs:
GOTHERINGTON is a hamlet about a mile north.
there are 350 sittings. The register dates from the year Here is a chapel of the Countess of HUIlltingdon's Con-
1563. The living' is a rectory, with the hamlet of Stoke nexion. Rateable value, £2,072 10S.; the population in

Orchard annexed, joint net yeany value £600, including 1891 was 36+
Parish Clerk, J ames Tarling.
450 acres of glebe, with residence, in the gift of the trus-
tees of the late Mrs. na~an, of Cheltenham, and hel:l SOUTllAM, I! miles south-south-east, and Brock-
~ince 1895 by the! Rev. Thomas Jesson LL.B. of the Uni- hampton, I! south-west and 2~ north-east from Chelten-
versity of Lond<lD. The Bishops of Worcester formerly re-
ham. form a parish, to which parts of Bishop's Cleeve
sided in the house now occupied by the rector. St. and Woodmancote have been added. Rateable value.
Peter's Mission church, Cleeve Hill (attached to St. £4,231 15s.; the population in 1891 was 310.
Michael's), is a building of stone, consisting of chancel
WOODMANCOTE is a parish, I mile east, to which
and D3ve; some of the windQws contaiQ old stained glass: Bushcombe Lane from Bishop's Cleeve was added by
the church will seat about 100 persons; services are held Local Government Board Order 14,693, March 25. 1883.
Rateable value, £2,251; the population in 189I was 31:2.
at 6.30 p.m. on Sundays. Here is also a chaTlel of the Here is a Presbyterian ch3pel and a chapel of the Counte.&
Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion. aeeve Hill, which of Huntingdon's Connexion.

is about 1,130 feet above sea level, includes several scat-
tered farms and other houses: it is nearly 2 miles from
the church, and affords commanding views of the sur-
rounding' country. Here is a common of 1,200 acres,

ovel' which the inhabitants of Bishop's Cleeve, Southam
and Woodmancote have commonable rights. The remains
of an entrenchment, called II The Camps," still exist on

Cleeve Clond. The Convalescent Home, erected in 1892-3,
by public subscription, at a cost of about £4,OCO. and in

connection with the ChelteIlham Hospital, is of stone and


Post &:i M. O. 0., S. B. &:; Annuity &; Insurance Office.- SCHOOLS.

Mrs. Elizabeth Jones. sub-postmistress. Letters thrQugh A School Board of 5 members was formed June 13th,

Cheltenham arrive at 7.15 a.m. &:i 4.10 p.m. ; dispatched 1874. for the united districts of Bishop's Cleeve & Wood.
at 10.5 a.m. &; 6.5 p.m. Gotherington is the nearest
telegraph office. Telegrams received at &:; dispatched mancote; H. A. Badham, Tewkesbury, clerk to the

board; William Pearce, attendance officer

from Qeeve railway station, but not delivered. Letter Board: (mixed), built with residence for master about

Box, Cleeve station, cleared daily, except sunday, at 1835, for 140 children; average attendance, II3 boys &;

5 p.m girls & 38 infants; William Henry Cox, master j Mrs.
Emily Agnes Cox. mistress
Post &:; T. O. Gotheringwn.-Henry Edginton, sub-post- A School Board of 5 members was formed March 10, 1875.
master. Letters through Cheltenham arrive 8 a.m. &; for Gotherington; J. H. Stephens, Winchcombe, clerk
4·35 p.m.; dispatched at 9.45 a.m. &; 6 p.m.; sunday to the board

arrival 8·45 a.m.; dispatch, 11.30 a.m. Postal orders Board, Gotherington (mixed). built with residence for

are issued here. but not paid. Bishop's Cleeve is the master in 188r. for 120 children; average attendance,

nearest money order office 65 boys &:; girls &; 25 infants; William Evans, mas-

Wall Letter Box, Southam, cleared at 10.25 a.m. &:; 6.15 ter; Miss Jane Thompson, assistant mistress

p.m A School BO:l.rd of 5 members was formed Nov. 16th.

Post Office, Cleeve Hill.-Edward Phillamore Watts, 1875, for Southam; J. H. Stephens, Winchcombe, clerk
to the board

sub-postmaster. (Railway Sub-Office. Letters should Board. Southam (mixed). with residence for mistress,

have R.S.O Gloucestershire added). Letters arrive at for 55 children; average attendance. 34; Miss Bailey.
5· r5 a.m. & 3· 15 p.m.; dispatched. r2·30 & 6·55 p.m. mistress

Postal orders are issued here. but not paid. Prest- Cleeve Railway Station, James Hadley, station master

bury is the nearest money order & telegraph office Carriers to Cheltenham.-James Trueman, tues. thurs.

.Police Station. Hy. Inkerman Harvey, constbl. in charge & sat. & Wm. White, tues. & sat.; returning same days

BISHOP'S C'LEEVE. Tarling John. beer retailer Holder Charles, farmer. Brockhamptn

"Banham Rev. Daniel J . h B A Tomkins lYilliam. farmer Holde'r William, farmer & haulier.

(curate). Rose vil;a OSla . , Trenfield'Vm. beer retailr.King'sHead Brockhampton

Fall Mrs. Th~ Priory GOTHERIXG'TON. Kent Wm. Hy. farmer. Ne,wland house

Godard John James·, The Laurels Bray Mrs Mace iThos. farmer. Woontley farm •

Griffiths Arthur F. The Grange Crompton George Page Wm. farmer, Pigeon House farm

-Griffiths Frederick Thos. The Grange Reeve John WOODMANCOTE.

Hopkins Henry, Manor house Willis Mrs
Ru'band Thog. Arthur, Lake. house Pitt Daniel R. Providence place
COMMERCIAL. Allen ",Vm. farmer. New House farm

.lesson Rev. Thomas LL.B. Rectory BBlJ'uhuabtlnbedrlGeEremoRrmgl.cesh, a(f'~ral'dr.'.Lm'r'Fs),A,rfmaMremarn'esorr framr'ms mn DenIey Thomas. farmer
Osborne Mliss. Southfield cottage Edwards James, farmer 1
Yerdon Rev. Bertram Howard (curate), Cook Henry, farmer. Brickhouse farm Ellis Mary (Mrs.), farmer & ando,mer
Home farm
CCorews1sewye1U,1'.TTl.'u'h''Ioamma. sc. aSrpheunttteeTr m· .n.n.. grcr Green 'VHlliam, grocer &; stone mason
W"nniatt Mrs. EQ~ 'l'emont villa HoHlliday fHenry William, farmer.


Aldridge Emma (Mrs.), farmer Edginton Henry, shopkpr. Post office aymes arm
Hawley & Son. grocers Jackson Sarah (:\frs.), shopke€per
Ballinger George, farmer, Finsbury cot Holmes William, poultry dealer &c Jennings Dani~l, fanner

Davis Helen J. (Miss), grocer Hone Edward. farmer & landowner Kitchen Thomas. farmer

Edgington William, baker &; registrar Jackson Thomas, farmer Minett Joseph, farmer &; landowner.
of births & deaths for Cleeve sub- Kitkm AmelilL (~Irs.), fanneT
Wllshpool farm

district. Winchcombe union Preston. George Henry, farmer & land- Organ Thomas,farmer 0& beer retailer.

Gilder William (Mlrs.). 'beer retailer owner, HaIes farm Bottomlev farm

Godard John James,farmer &; assistant Price Charles, farmer Potter 'Villiam, farmer

overseer Reeve George. Malt Shovel inn Spencer Arthur William. farmer

Huband Thomas Arthur F.R.C.Y.S. Reeve George, jun. farmer Stanton William. stone mason

veterinary surgeon, Lake house Reeves 'Villiam, farmer &; landowner Surman Ambrose. assistant overseer

Minett Jesse, cooper 80llis John, blacksmith. Thompson Arthur Richard, fa.rmer.

Minett John, farmer, a:eveland farm Stait6' Thomas. farmer Longwood farm

"Mansell Waiter, blacksmith Thompson James, farmer Watts Edward Phillimore, jun.farmer,

Oldacre W. & Co. corn merchants \Yilks Joseph. farm bailiff to Mr. Wm. Wickiields
Pearce Wm. school a.ttendance officer Henry Holliday , Wilcox ",Yilliam. farmer

Perks Thomas. Crown & Harp P.H Wvman Richard, wheelwright
"Pitt Edwin. farmer J CLEEVE HILL.
"Price John &; Son, painters SOUTHA~ i& :QROCKHA01IPTON. Dobell Edmund. Bram~eigh

"Pruen Georgeo Hy. farmer, Home farm Holder Mrs. Brockhampton Friskney John S

Ride &; Co. bakers; &; at Cheltenham Brasington Thomas. farmer Hora Whinfield. The Rockery

"Sheppard Harry William, farmer Burroughs Francis Charles. farmer, ~Iorg'an John Sidney. Ashleigh

Shipway Hem:ng, farmer, MJalveTll vw Kayte farm Whittle Mrs. :M. J. St. Elmos

Stephens Edward. farmer Crease Georgeo, farmer, Wingmore frm. Yiend John, The Tower

Tarling James, wheelwright Brockhampton Convalescent Home

Togwell William, farmer & assessor of Erlginton George. farmer Goulding- Atwell, Rising Sun hotel

queen's taxes Harvey Anthony, cattle dlr. Villar farm Slinn William. horse' trainer

BISHOPSTON is an ecclesiastical parish in Gloucester- is surrounded by a wall 20 feet high. The trustees of
Bishop :Monk's Horfield trust are lords of the manor and
shire. formed July 22, r862, out of the civil parishes of
Mervin Herbert Nevil Story-Maskelyne esq. of Bassett
Staplaton. Horfield, and St. Andrew Montpelier in 1893. Down House, Swindon, and John Shadwell esq. are the
with another part added from Westbury-on-Trym, 2 chief landowners. The population in 1861 was 1,400;
miles north from Bristol and within the parliamentary in 1881 was 3,8°3 and in 1891 was 5,683, including 173
borough of Brishll. as extended under the -provisions of in H. :M. Prison.
the" Redistribution Act. 1885," and in Berkeley hundred,
Lawford's Gate petty sessional division, Barton Regis Sextoness. Mrs. Corp. 6 Princess place.

union. Bristol county court district. and in the rural Post. M. O. &; T. 0., S. B. &; Annuity & Insurance Office.
deanery of Stapleton and archdeac(mry and diocese of
Bristol. The church of St. Michael and All Angels is an Gloucester road.-William Henry Edwards. sub-post-

edifice of stone in the Gothic style. consisting of chancel. master. Letters received through Bristol & box cleared
nave of five bays, aisles, transepts. vestries and a western
bell-turret, with a spire 82 feet in height: the memorial 8·55. 9·55 & II.rO a.m. 12.40, 2·55. 4·ro. 5.10, 6.55,
8.40 & lI.30 p.m.; sundays, 4. 8.40 & !I.30 p.m .
east window was erected by Mrs. Richards, widow of the
Rev. H. Richards, and there are four other stained SCHOOLS.
windows and sittings for 800 persons. The register
dates from the year 1862. The living is a vicarage, British (boys), Gloucester road, Alfred James. master
St. Michael's (girls), Gloucester road, built in 1873 for
net yearly value £300 with residence. in the gift of the
Bishop of Bristol. and held since 1888 by the Rev. Edward 150 children; average attendance. 140; Miss Jane
Evans }'LA.. of Caius College, Camhridge. Here are Free Tonkin. mistress

Methodist and Wesleyan chapels. Her Majesty's Prison. St. Michael s (infants). Gloucester road. built in 1883 for
situated in thi! parish, stands in grounds of 9 acres, and 150 children; average attendance, 150; Mrs. E. Bally.

(The llames of the residents are arranged in streets &:

included with those of Bristol.)


:BISLEY-WITH-LYPIATT is a township and mansion, an ancient and celebrated edifice, formerly
parish, 3~ miles east-by-north from Brimscombe station possessed by the Throgmortons, is said to be one of the

on the Swindon, Stroud and Gloucester branch of the places where the conspirators of the Gunpowder Plot

Great Western railway, 4 east from Stroud, and 102 from held their meetings j 8 letter is still extant addressed

London, in the Mid division of the county, Bisley hun- to Robert Catesbye, at Lypiatt, from William Parker.

dred, Stroud union, county court district and petty Lord M:onteagle, and supposed to refer to this plot.

sessional division, rural deanery of Bisley and arch- Jaynes Court is the residence of Francis R. Miers esq.

deaconry and diocese of Gloucester. The original pari~h Sir J. E. Dorington bart. M.P. who is lord of the manor,

of Bisley included the villages of Bussage, Chalford and Charles Holbrow Stanton esq. Whiteshill, near Stroud,

France Lynch, but under an Order of the County Council, and Charles Henry Thomas Driver esq. of Lilly Horn

dated August loth, 1894, and confirmed by Local Govern- House, Oakridge, are the chief landowners. The soil is

ment Board Order, 21st November, 1894, Chalford was chiefly stone brash; subsoil, oolite rock. The chief crops

constituted a. civil parish, and includes the villages of are barley, oat.s and wheat. The area of the DId parish

BUllsage and France Lynch. The church of All Saints is was 7,237 acres; rat~uhle vlllue, [8,326; the population

a building {)f ..stone in the Decorated and Perpendicular in 1891 was, of the eivil pal-ish, including Chalford, 5,171

styles, consisting of chancel, clerestoried nave of three and of the ecdesiastical, 1,687; the estimated population

bays, aisles, south porch and a western tower with spire, of the existing parish is 2,000. Birchfield tithing was

containing a clock and 8 bells: the church was thoroughly added to Miserden by "The Divided Parishes Act, 18B2."

rest-ored in IB62, from the designs of the Rev. W. H. Parish Clerk, George Pegler.

Lowder M.A. curate here, IB60-4, but formerly an archi- Post &; M. O. 0., S. B. &; Annuity &; Insurance Office.-

tect, and now vicar of Southminster, Essex, and has Benjamin Clarke, sub-postmaster. Letters arrive from

sittings for 450 personS'. The register dates from the Stroud at 8.20 a.m. &; 3.15 p.m.; sunday 8.20 a.m. j

year 1547. The living is a vicarage, net yearly value dispatched 10.15 a.m. &; 4.45 p.m.; on sundays dis-

[,15°, with residence, in the gift of the Lord Chancellor, patched at ID.30 a.m. Chalford is the nearest tele-

and held since 1873 by the Rev. Thomas Keble M.A. and graph office

formerly fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford, hon. canon SCHOOLS.
National (mixed), partly endowed, built in 1854, for 200
of Gloucester and rural dean of Bisley. Here is also a
Wesleyan chapel. The court house is used for the children j average attendance, lID j James David, mstr
Carriers to Stroud.-Mrs. Caroline Hunt &; Frederick
meiltings of the parish council, and has also a news room,
supplied with daily papers and periodicals, and has an Nicholls, daily
attached library of about 100 volumes. The Infectious

Diseases Hospital, of the J"oint Hospital Board, formed EASTCOMBE is a hamlet, I} miles south-west, 4 east-

by the Stroud Urban, Stroud Rural and the Nailsworth by--south from Stroud, 2 narth-by-west from Brimscombe

Urban District Councils, is an Iron structure, and stands railway station. The Church of England school-chapel

within this parish. There are charities of about £165 here was built in 1B68; the Baptist chapel, built in IB76,

a. year derived from Consols and land left by Mr. John received an addition in 1878. Here is an Orphanage con·

Taylor in 1732, by the Ridler family in 1697, by Mr. nected with the Sisters of the Church, Kilburn Park road,

lluUer in 16BB, by Mr. Allen in 1734, by Mr. Oharles Londun N. W. &; available for 16 orphans.

llallinger in I79B and by Mr. Townsend in 1801: there are Post Office. Jacob Antill, sub-postmaster. Letters arrive

also church lands, which have been in possession of the via Stroud at 9 a.m. &; 5 p.m. (callers only); dispatched

parish from time immemorial, and the origin of which at 4.50 p.m.; sundays, arrive 9 a.m.; dispatched

is unknown: thesl' charities provide for the repairs of 10 a.m. Bussage is the nearest. money' order office &;

the church, for the education of a certain number of Postal orders are issued here, put not paid. Chal-

boys, and for sundry gifts to the poor of linen and bread. ford is the nearest telegraph office.

In different parts of the parish are several tumuli of SCHOOLS.
very ancient date, and many Roman remains have been
found in the neighbourhood, including a. Roman villa Kational (mixed), built in 1868, for 90 children; average
near Oakridge, and Roman altars dug out of a tumulus on attendance, 60; there is a house for the master, Fredk.
llisley Common and now preserved at Lypiatt Park. The J ames Pitfield
old manor house called "Over Court," the property and British (mixed &; infants), built in 1876, for 150 children;
residence of Gen. John Gordon C.n., J.P. was granted average attendance, So boys &; 25 infants; Alexander
to the Princess Elizabeth (afterwards queen) towards the Clegg, master; Miss Elizabeth Ford, infants' mistress

maintenance of her estate; in 1619 it was given by ELOO1m is a hamlet 2 miles north-west, and BID-
James I. for a certain consideration, to George Villiers, FIELD a hamlet 4 miles north.
Duke of Buckingham, and was by him sold to Thomas
Tayloe, clothier; fra~ments of Roman pottery have been THROUGHAM is a hamlet 2 miles north-east.

fonnd on the site. Lypiatt Park is the seat of Sir John OAKRIDGE and TUNLEY will be found under the

Edward Dorington bart. 1\'LA., M.P., D.L., J.P.: the heading of Oakridge.

BISLEY-WITH-LYFIATT. Davis Thayer, jun. frmr. Hansteads Ratcliffe Geo.Rt.Ridler,frmr.Stancmbe

PRIVATE RESIDEXTS. Dickenson Arthur, farmer RestaU William &; Son, builders

Christie Mrs Farrar WiUiam David, coal merchant, Roe George, collector of Queen's taxes

Devonshire Misses The Abbey j &; at Stroud Roe Thomas, wheelwright

Dorington Sir John Edward J\LA., Fawkes Richard, farmer, Sheephouse Rowles Henry, frmr. Lower Nash end

M.P., D.L., J.P. Lypiatt park; 30 Fewster JosephEdwin,painter &; plmbr 8cott Walter, farmer, Stancombe ash

Queen Anne's gate &; Athenreum &; Gardiner Jasper, farmr. Mid. Lypilltt Skinner Alfred, farmer, Battlescombe

earIton clubs, London S W Goddard WiIliam, farmer, Ferris- Skinner David, butcher &; farmer

Douglas John, The Firs court house Skinner Harry WaIter, New inn

Gordon Gen. John C.B., J.P. Overcrt Hill Thomas, farmer, Catswood Trinder Alfred, farmer, Derretts

Keble Rev. Canon Thomas M.A.(vicar Hitchings John, farmer, Elcomb Wathen Mary (Mrs.), farmer

&; rural dean), The Vicarage Hook Josiah, farmer, Nash end Watkins George Browning, farmer

Maude Rev. Thos. (curate),TheChantry James Elizh.(Miss),grcr.& linen drpr Wigga~l Douglas Frederick, baker &i

Miers Francis R. Jaynes court James John William, rtailor deputy registrar of births &; deaths

Vowles Miss, Mansion house Johnson George, farmer, Southmead for Bisley sub-district, Stroud union

Watts Mrs. Yew viI:a Jordan Robert, hau:ier Wiggall William, clerk of W()rks

COYMERCIAL. Leach John, farmer, Tuniey Wilcox Joseph, George P.H

Armitage Ernest, land steward to Sir Leech Sarah (Mrs.),frmr. Rookwoods I WooUs Char:es, saddler

J. E. Dorington bart. M.A., M.P., Lugg James, Bear inn Workman Hannah (Mrs.), shopkeeper

D.L., J.P. Park farm Maller Wi:Iiam, blacksmith THROUGHAM.

Armstrong Andrew, farmer, Calfway Messenger John, blacksmith Dangerfield Andrew farmer Throug-
Backhouse William Henry, collector of Nation John, plumber & glazier ham farm ' ,

bighway rates, Bismore bottom News Room (James David, sec. &; li· DauO'erfield John farmer
llrain William, tailor Roe eWilliam far~er
Clark Thomas Waiter, shopkeeper Parsons Leonard, relieving officer, No. Sampson Jo;eph farmer Slad farm
Chlrke Benjamin, grocer, Post office 2 district, &; registrar of births &;
,• ,

Clarke Frederick, farmer, Calfway deaths for BUsley sub-district,Stroud EAoTCOMBE.

Corson John Wield, farmer union Evans Rev. John (Baptist)

D~vid J ames, :Kational school-master Partridge George,frmr. Sidenham frm Fawkes Mrs. Triangle
&; organist of the parish church Pegler George, paris<h c:erk Antill Henry, shopkeeper &; Mker

Davies Mary (Mrs.), frmr. Watercomb Pepworth EmmaNaomi(Mrs.),IleUP.H Davis Arthur James, Red Lion ?H

D&vis Thayer, sen.farmer,Upper Soth- Randall Athelstan Cuthbert, plumber Freeman Henry, farmer (,

meads farm &; g:azier Halliday In. Hy.Lamb PtR.. &; c'oal d!t'

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