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Kelly's Directory of Buckinghamshire - 1899

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Published by Colin Savage, 2018-08-09 19:34:54


Kelly's Directory of Buckinghamshire - 1899


-=--- -- ----.

·uKELLY'S 1L .l.~:. '-' T() '.'-.1 1l : ..~, L'lIJ.,

.182. IS~ & l~~, HIGH He 1)0 ') "lL" J .... !'\.. • !O:\'IJ:~ \\' . I


1:. R • I .I. .• • • t: -:>~ "n."...) _. •~ \. ~ I I (~.::-_~::: a' ..

"L.'\· "....L'L" 'h.l:.. I-! ~ S : J. II .1.\ I - '-~U~'.'...'..'. 'L·"'.. J .... T\. \fS... ~ ~ ~ i~F •
• ,•

r: f" I L \ L \. /-; " ". '

.. • ... "- \ \ 1

. 1. j E • 1.1 . ! ' \ f - t ... I





Abbotts Aston, see Aston Boveney-Upper&Lower, Chinkwell Wood, see Eversaw, see Biddlesden 35

Abbotts 18 see Bumham 51 Dorton 74 Eythrope, see Waddesdon 117

Ackhampstead 13 Bovingdon Green, see Choulesbury 66 Farnham Common, see

Addington 13 Great Marlow 122 Church End, see Buck- l"arnham Royal......... 84

Adstock •••... .•.••...•.••••• 13 Bow Brickhill ... .••..• 40 ingham ..• .•. .••.•. ..• ..• 47 Farnham Royal............ 84

Akeley........................ 13 Boycott, see Stowe ..•..• 170 Cippenham, seeBumham 51 Fawley........................ 84

Amersham 14 Bradenham.................. 39 Claydon-East 66 Fenny Stratford............ 85

Amersham Hill, see Wy- Bradwell & Bradwell- Claydon-Middle 66 Filgrave, see Tyringham 176

combe............. ........• 197 New...... ...•••... ... ...••• 39 Claydon-Steeple .•. .•. ..• 67 Fingest... ..•...•••.......••..• 88

Ankerwycke, see Wrays- Bradwell Abbey............ 40 Clifton Reynes 68 Flackwell Heath, see

bury 196 Bray's Green, see Little Cold Brayfield 68 Little Marlow 125; &

!scott, see Wing 187 Missenden 131 Coleshill, see Amersham 14 Loudwater 117

Ash Hill, see Newport Brickhill-Great & Little 41 Colnbrook 68 Fleet Marston.•••••..•.••.•• 126

PagnelI..................... 134 Brill .•• 42 Coombe hill, see Wen- Flowers Bottom, see

ABhendon •••.•..••..•.•••.• 17 Brill Hill, see Dorton...... 75 dover ..•.••..•..........•. 180 Lacey •••.••..•.••••••••.•• 109

Asheridge,Bee Chartridge 56 Britwell, see Burnham... 51 Copy Green, see Great Ford, see Dinton 74

Ash Furlong, see Olney... 140 Broughton43 ;&seeBierton 36 Marlow 120 FortEnd, see Haddenham 92

Ashley Green 17 Bryant's Bottom, see Cores End, see Woodburn 192 Forty Green, see Bledlow

Askett, see Monks Ris- Prestwood 145 Cotton Hall, see Eton .•• 79 37; & Penn .••.•••••.••.•• 143
borough ••~ 44 Cowley, see Preston Bis- Foscott, see Foxcott...... 88
132 Buckingham

Aston Abbotts 18 Buckland or Bocheland 50 sett 144 Four Ashes, see Hasle-

Aston Clinton................ 18 Buckland Common, see Cowper's Oak, seeWeston mere........................ 98

Aston Sandford............. 19 Buckland... 50 Underwood .••..• 183 Foxcott, see Foscott...... 88

Astwood 19 Buffiers Holt, see Water Crafton, see Wing 187 Friarage, see Aylesbury 21

Austen Wood, see Chal- Stratford 179 Crawley-North............ 70 Frieth, ·see Hambleden... 93

font St. Peter............ 56 Bulstrode Park, see Ful- Crendon-Long 116 Frogmore Gardens, see

Aylesbury 20 mer89 :&Gerrard'sCrss 90 Creslow 70 Wycombe 199

Backham Hill, see 'Wend- Burcot, see Wing 187 Cross End, see Wavendon 179 Fulbrook, or Fnllbrook,

over 180 Burcott, see Bierton 36 Cryers Hill, see Hugh- see Hogshaw 101

Ballenger Common, see Burnham... .•••••.•••••.••.•• 51 enden ....•. ....••..• 104 Fulmer.••.•• .•• ..••••••••••••• 88 •

Great Missenden 130 Burnham East, seeBurn- Cublington 70 Fulmer Common, see

Barton Hartshom 32 ham 51 Cuddington.................. 71 Gerrard's Cross......... 90

Beachampton 33 Burston, _see Aston Ab- Dadbrook, see Hadden- Gawcott 89

Beacon'S' Bottom. see· botts............ ..•.•...•..• IS ham ..•... •••.••••• ... .•• 91 Gayhurst..................... 89

Stokenchurch...... .••••• 164 Bury End,see Amersham 16 Dadford, see Stowe 170 George Green, see Lang-

Beaconsfield 33 Bury Pond, see Choules- Dagnall, see Edlesboro" 77 ley Marish 110

Beaumond End, see Little bury...... 66 Darvill's Hill, see Lacey 109 Gerrard's Cross............ go

Missenden 131 Butler's Cross, see Elles- Datchet or Datchet St. Gold Hill, see Chalfont

Beaumont Rise, see Gt. borough 78 Helen's......... 71 St. Peter •••.••.••..••••.•• 55

Marlo,," 122 Cadmore End with Dean-North, see Hugh- Gorefields, see Stoke

Bellingdon, seeChartridge 56 Lewknor-up-Hill 52 enden 103 Goldington ...•••.••..•••• 16~

Berryfield,seeQuarrendon 148 Cadsdean, see Monks Denham 72 ; & see Quain- Grandborough, or Green-

Blddlesden •••••••••.•••••.•• 35 Risborough... .•• ....•. ..• 132 ton............ ... ... .•. ... 148 borough ••••••••••••.••••• go

Bierton 36 Caldecot, see Bow Brick- Denner Hill, see Prest- Gravel Hill, see Chalfont

BiertonHill, seeAylesbury 26 hill 40; & Newport wood 145 St. Peter 55

Blrdstane, see Aston Pagnell 134 Desborough,seeWycombe 198 Great Brickhill 41

Abbotts ..•....•• 18 Calverton . .•• .•• 53 Dial Hill, see Gt. Kimble 108 Great Hampden...... .••.•• 94

lhshopstone, see Stone... 165 Calverton End, SE'e Stony Dinton ... ....... ...... ..•..• 73 Great Horwood .••..• 102

Blackgrove - Upper, see Stratford 166 Ditton, see Stoke Poges 163 Great Kimble 108

Waddesdon ..••. •••.•. ••• 178 Castle Hill, see Bucking- Doddershall, seeQuainton 148 Great King's Hill, see

Bledlow 37 ham 45; &Wycombe.•• 198 Domey........................ 74 Hughenden 1°3; &

Bledlow Ridge, see Bled- Castle Thorpe............... 53 Dorton 74 Prestwood 145

loW' 37 Causeway Field,see Stone 165 Dorton Hill, see Brill... 42 Great Linford JJ4

BletchIey ••.••••.• 38 Chackmore, see Radclive 149 Downley, see West Wy- Great Marlow............... 119

Boar's Pond, see Chet- Chalfont St. Giles 54 combe.... 208 Great Missenden ••• .•• ..• 129

&w.rosttlael.1.......................................... 65 Chalfont St. Peter .•• 55 Draycott, see Ickford... 105 Great Penn's Mead, see
38 Chalkshire, see Elles- Drayton Beauchamp...... 75 Wycombe 199

Boeheland, see Bnckland 50 borough 78 Drayton Parslow 75 Great Seabrook, see

Boekmer End, see Med- Chalvey, see Slough 153 Dropmore 76 Ivinghoe ....••..•.•••••.•• 107

menham 128 Charndon, see Twyford.•• 175 Dropshort, see Fenny Great Woolstone 194

Boddin2'ton Hill, see Cllartridge 56 Stratford 85 Greenborough,seeGrand-

tterWendover 180 Chearsley 56 Dundridge,seeChartridge 56 borough 90
End, see Lane End 110 Ched~ngton 57 Du~ton
:......... 76 Greenend, see Hanslope g6

ker, see West Wy- Chemes .•••••.•••.••.••..•..• 57 Easmgton, see Chilton ..• 65 Greenlands,seeHambldn. 94

BottCOlDbe ••••••••••••••••••••• 208 Chepping Wycombe, see East Burnham, see Burn- Grendon Underwood...... 90

~ey, see Chesham...... 59 Wycombe 197 ham SI Grove 91

lph Claydon,see East Chesham 58 East Claydon 66 Grove Hill, see Chalfont

BouClaydon ••• .••.••••• .•• .•• 66 Chesham Bois... ..•... ••• ••• 64 Edgcott .•. .•• 76 St. Peter. ••.•• .•. .•••••••• 55
Chetwode •.• ... •••. ..• ..• .•• 64 ~dIesborough......
me End, see Little ••• 76 Haddenham .... ..•••. .••••• 91
1L....~OWI25 ;&Woobnm 192 ChicheIey .••.••.••.••..•••• 65 J<;llesborough 77 lIaddington Hill, see

~,see .Buckingham 44 Chil1:-ern Hills, see Aston Emberton 78 BaIton •••.••••••••.•••••••• 92
Cl10'OOn..................... 18 Eton........................... 79 Halton •••.••.••..•.••••••••••• 9~
~bold. ~ Buck-

lIlgham ••• .•• ••••••.•• .•• 44 Chilton ••••••. ••• •••.•• ••• .•• 65 Eton Wick, see Eton... ••• 79



Halton Wood, see Wend- Lathbury III Naphill, see Hughenden 103 Rockwell End, see Ham-

over 180 Latimer .................•... III Nasbury, see Whaddon 184 bleden 93

Hambleden •••.••••.•••....•• 93 Lavendon ••••••..•.••..•.•• 112 Nash..•.•••.••.•....•.••••••••• 133 Rockwood, see Chetwode 65

Hampden - Great & Leckhamsted, or Leke- Nearton End, see Swan- Ronghwood, see Chalfont
A 55
94 hampstead 1]3 bonrne 170 St. Giles

Hanslope •••.•.•••.•.•••.•.••• 95 Ledburn, see Mentmore 128 Nether Winchendon •••••• 185 Rout's Green, see Bled.

Hardmead 96 ~e 113 Nettleden 133 low 31

Hardwick •••.••..•.•......•• 96 Lee Common, see Great New Bradwell, see Brad- Rowsham, see Wingrave 188

Hartwell .••••••••.••••••••.•• 97 Missenden •••.•........•• 130 well 39 Rye (The), see Wycombe 19B

Harwood - cum - Single- Leigh Green, see Ashley Newland, see Wycombe.• 198 St. Leonards ••••••.••.••••• 150

borough, see Great Green •••.••.••..•.•.•••..• 17 Newport Pagnell ••••••.•• 133 St. Margaret's, see lving.

Horwood ••..••....•••••.•• 102 Lekehampstead, see Newton Blossomville•••••• 138 hoe IO'J

Havenslea, see Wooburn 192 Leckhamsted .....•....•• II3 Newton Longville.••..••.•• 138 St. Mary's, see Langley

Haversham... .•• .•. .•• .••.•. 97 Lenborough, see Gawcott 89 Newtown, see Langley Marish.•.•••...•••.••.••••• no

Bawridge •••.••.•.....••.•• 98 Lewknor-up-Hill,seeCad- Marish •••......•••........• IIO Salden, see Mursley.•.••• 133

Hazlemere ..•.......••...... 98 more End ..........•.... 52 New Wolverton, see Wol- Salt Hill, see Slough.••.•• 153

Hedgerley ••••••.••.•• ..•..• 98 Lillingstone Dayrell ... .•• II3 verton .....••••.•. ... ..•..• 191 Saunderton.•..•••••..•..•..• 130

HedgerleyDean, seeFarn- Lillingstone Lovell ..•... II4 Northall, see Edles- SchorneCollege,seeNorth

ham Royal............... 84 Linford-Great & Little II4 borough .......•.•.••.•..• 77 Marston .....•.....•.••.••• 127

Hedsor........................ 99 Linslade ....••.••.•....••••.• II5 North Crawley •......••.•• 70 Scotsgrove, see Hadden·

High Wycombe, see Wy- Little Brickhill .•..••.....• 41 North Dean, see Hughen- ham 92
combe .•••••••••••.•••••.•• 197 Li~tlecote, see Stewkley 161 den .......•.•••.••.•..••.•• 103 Scrub Wood, see Wend·

Hillesden •••••••••.•.....•..• 99 Little Hampden............ 94 North End, see Bucking- over 180

Hitcham •••••••••••••••.••••• 100 Little Horwood .....•...... 102 ham 47 ; & see Turville 174 Seabrook-Great&Little,

Hoggeston ••.••.••.••••••.•• 100 Little Kimble.............• 108 Northend Woods, see see Ivinghoe, 107; &

Hogshaw-cum- Fulbrook. 101 Little Kingshill, seeLittle Wooburn..•.••.•.....•..•• 192 Cheddington 57

Hollingdon, see Soulbury 160 Missenden .••••••..•.••••• 131 North Marston ••••••.•...• 126 Seer Green.•..••.••.•••••••• ISO

HollyBush Hill, see Stoke Little Linford...•••....••..• II4 NorthTown, seeWycombe 199 Shabbington 151

Poges ••.••..••.••.•••••.•• 163 Little London, see Brill.. 42 Notley, see LongCrendon II6 Shalstone ISl

Holly Green, see Bledlow 37 Little Marlow.......••.••••• 124 Oakley •••..•..•.•..••••.•••.• 138 Shenley Brook End, see

Holman's Bridge, see Little Missenden............ 130 Oak Mead, see Wycombe 198 Shenley Cqurch End ISI

Aylesbury ••• .••..•.••.•• 20 Little Seabrook, see Old Orchard Piece, see Sherington .••.•..••.•.•••••• 152

lIolmer Green, see Little lvinghoe .••........•.•.••• 107 Bieton ..•.••..•.•.•••..•.•• 36 Shipton, see Winslow... 190

Missenden ••••••••••••••• 131 Little Tingewick.see Tin- Oldwick, see Shalstone.•• ISI Shipton Lee, see Quain-

Horn Hill, see Chalfont gewick 173 Olney 139 ton 148
St. Pe~r ...••••••.••.•••.• 55 Little Woolstone •••...... 194 OngarHill,seeAmersham 17 ShreddingGreen,see Iver 106

Horsemoor Green, see Littleworth, see Wing ... 187 Orchard Piece-Old, see Shrubs (The), see Monks
Langley Marish ..•.••..• uo London-Little, see .Brill 42 Bierton •••.•.. ,.......... 3'6 Risborough

Horsendon •.••••.••..••••••• 101 Long Crendon.•....•••.•.... II6 Over Winchendon, see Simpson, see Sympson•.• 170

llorton 101 ; see Ivinghoe Long Street, seeHanslope 9S Upper Winchendon ••• 186 Singleborough, see Great

107 & Slapton•••••••••..• 152 Longwick, see Princes Oving .........•••• .....•..• 141 Horwood 102

Horwood-Great •.••.••••• 102 Risborough ••.••..•....•. 146 Owlswick, seeMonks Ris- Skipping's Farm, see

Horwood-Little ••••••••• 102 Loosley Row, see Lacey 109 borough ••.•.•.•..••.••••• 132 Ch~lfont St. Peter...... SS

Hudnall,seeEdlesborough 77 Loudwater .•...•.........•.• II7 Padbury ....•••.•......•••... 142 Skirmet, see Hambleden 93

Hughenden.•••••••••••.•..•• 103 Loughton •..••.....•.....•. u8 Parkfield, see Princes SkittleGreen,see Bledlow 37

Hulcott ••••••.••••••••••••.•• 104 Lower Boveney,see Burn- Risborough ...........•.•. 147 Slapton 152

Hundridge,seeChartridge 56 ham .••.......•...•....•..•• 51 Parmoor, see Hambleden 93 Slough, 153 & see Saun-

Hunt's Green, see Great Lower End,seeWavendon 179 Parsons Fee, see Ayles. derton ISO

Missenden ••••.••.•••••••• 130 Lower Hogshaw,see Hog- bury .... ••.......••.••....•• 21 Soulbul'y....•..•••••.....•..• 159

Hyde Heath, see Great & shaw.....•........••.••••... 101 Pednor, see Chartridge 56 Southcote, see Linslade 115

LittleMissendeDI30 ; & Lower Pollicott, see Ash- Penn... ....••.... .••.•. ..•..• 142 Speen, see Lacey 109

Chartridge 56 endon 17 Penn Street 143 Stantonbury 160

Hythe End, see Wrays· Lower Weald, see Cal- Penn'sMead,seeWycombe 198 Steeple Claydon............ 6j

bury........................ 196 verton 53 Peppersbill, see Shab- Stewkley 160

Ibstone 104 Lower Winchendon 185 bington .••....••.•.•...•• 151 Stewkley Dean, see

Ickford •••..••••.•••••••••••• 104 Ludgershall •••.••...••.••• II8 Petsoe End, see Ember- Stewkley 161

Ilmer or Ilmire •••••••••••• 105 Luffield Abbey.... .••.••••. II9 ton •.........•. ••.••. 78 Stoke Goldington 161

Isenhampstead Cheynes, Lyde (The), see Bledlow. 37 Petsoe Manor, see Em- Stoke Hammond ••••••••• 162

see Chenies ••• ••• •••••• ••• 57 Mackenzie Park, see berton ... .••..• .•..•. •••••• 78 Stoke Mandeville ••••••••• I~

Iver ••••••.•••••.•.•...••.••••• 105 Slough ...•••..••••.•..••..• 153 Pheasant's Hill, see Ham- Stoke Poges 16]

Iver Heath, see !ver•••.•• 105 Maids Moreton .••.•••..... II9 bleden...................... 93 Stokenchurch.•.•.•••••••.•• 164

lvinghoe.••.••••.•.••••••••••• 107 Marlow-Great .••.....•.•• II9 Pightlesthorne, see Pit- Stollidge, see Tingewick 173

Ivinghoe Aston, see Marlow-Little.••...•.•.... 124 stone •••..•.......•..•.•.• 143 Stone 165

Ivinghoe... .•.••• ••••••. ••• 107 Marsh, see Great Kimble 108 Pitchcott .•..••••......... ;.•• 143 Stony Stratford 166

Kimble-Great & Little 108 Marsh Gibbon .•••••• .•..•• 125 Pitch Green, see Bledlow 37 Stowe 169

Kimble Wick, see Great Marston-North .••...•.• 126 Pitstone,orPightlesthorne 143 Stutridge, see Cadmore

& Little Kimble•••.....• 108 Marsworth, seeMasworth 127 Pollicott-Upper&Lower, End 53

King's Field, Terrick, see Meadle. see Monks Ris- see Ashendon •.•.•...•.•• 17 Swanbourne 1']0

Edlesborough ••••••••••• 78 borough .••••••••.••.••..• 132 Pope's Walk,see Iver.....• 105 Sympson 1']0

King's HIll-Great, see Medmenham •••••..••.••••• 127 Potter's Row, see Great Taplow 111
Hughenden 103; & Mentmore .•••••.••••••,.... 128 Missenden .••.••.••... ..• 130 Tathall, see Hanslope... r/J

Prestwood •••.••.•••••••• 145 Middle Claydon •••.•••••••• 66 Pound Mead, see Wy- Tattenhoe 112

Kingshill- Little, see MiddleGreen, seeLangley combe 199 Terrick & Terrick Green,

Little Missenden •••.•• 131 Marish.••..•.••.•.•.•.••..• no Poundon, see Twyford 175 see Ellesborough ...... 18

Kingswood, soo Grendon Middle Weald,see Calver- PoyIe, see Burnham, 52 Terriers, see Hazlemere 9S

Underwood 91; & Lud- ton 53 & Colnbrook .....•...•••• 69 Tetchwich, see Ludger-

gershall •.••••••••••.•.••• uS Mill End, see Hambleden 93 Prebend End,seeGawcott 89 shall u8

Kite's Closes, see Clifton Milton Keynes •....••••.••• 129 Preston Bissett •••.•••••.•• 144 Thornborough 112

Reynes •.•• ••••••.••••••••• 68 Milton'sCave,seeBeacons- Prestwood .•.•••.......••.•• 145 Thorney, see Iver ••••••••• 106

Knotty Green, see Penn 143 field .•. .•• ••• .•• .•• .•• 34 Princes Risborough ••• .•• 145 Thornton 113

Lacey •.•••••••..••.•..••••.•• log Missenden-Great..••••••• 129 Quainton......... .•• .••.••.•• 147 Three Households, see
Lacey Green, see Lacey log Missenden-Little •••••.•• 130 Quarrendon •••.•..•.•••.•• 148 Chalfont St. Giles...... 55

Lake End, see .Burnham 52 Monks Risborough.•••••••• 131 Radc1ive •••.••.••..•••••••••• 148 Tingewick •••••••••••••••••• 113

Lamport, see Stowe •••••• 170 Moor (The), see Wooburn 192 Radnage ••••••......•.•••..•• 149 Tinker'sEnd,see Winslow 190

Land End log; & West Moor End, see Lane End log Ravenstone ...•••.••.••.••••• 149 Towersey 174

Wycombe 208 Moulsoe ........•............ 132 Retreat (The), see Stony Turville 174

Lang Meadow, see West Mount (The), see Princes Stratford....••.••...•••.•• 166 Turweston 11S

Wycombe •••••••••••••••• 208 Risborough ••••••••••••• 146 Rickford's Hill,see Ayles- Twyford 17S

I..angIey Marish 110 Mursley 133 bury........................ 26 TyIer's Green 176

Larkins Green,see AIDer- Muswell Hill, see Ludger- Ringshall, see I vinghoe 107 ',fyIer's Hill,see Chesham 9J

sham •••... 14 shall......... 118 Tyringham-eum-Filgrave 176




Upper Blackgrove, see Warrington, see Olney... 140 Whaddon........•............ 184 Wolverton & Wolverton

Waddesdon.•......•.....• 178 Waterside, see Chesham 59 Whaddon Chase, see -New 191

Upper Coveney,see Burn- WaterEaton,seeBletchley 30 Whaddon 184 Wolverton End, see Stony

ham 51 Water End, see Stoken- Wheeler End, see West Stratford 166

upper Hogshaw,see Hog- church.....•........•..•... 164 Wycombe ........•.....• 208 Wolverton St. Mary, see

shaw.•......•............... 101 Water Stratford 179 Whelpley Hill, see Ashley Stony Stratford 16~

upper Pollicott, see Ash- Wavendon 179 Green ....••.......••.•...• 17 Wooburn 192

endon ..........•.........• 17 Weald-Lower, Middle& Whitchurch..•.....•......... 185 Wooburn Green, see

upper Weald,see Calver- Upper,see Calverton... 53 Whiteleaf & Whiteleaf Wooburn..............•... 192

ton .....• 53 Weedon, see Hardwick 96 Cross Hill. see Monks Wood End, see Little

Upper Winchendon 186 Well End, see Little Mar- Risborough 132 Horwood, 102 & Med-

Upton, see Dinton......... 74 low 125 Wilderness, see Westan menham 128

Upton-cum-Chalvey, see Wellground,see Cadmore Underwood .....•......... 183 Woodham,seeWaddesdon 177

Slough 153 End 53 Willen 185 Woolstone - Great &

Upton Park, see Slough 153 Wendover 180 Winchendon - Lower & Little 194

Vale of Aylesbury, see Wenge, see Wing 186 Upper or Over 185&186 Worminghall 194

Aylesbury 20 Westbury 181 Winchmore Hill, see Wormstone, see Waddes-

Velvet Lawn, see Elles- Westcott, see Waddesdon 178 Amersham 14 don 177

borough 78 WestEnd,see Stoke Pvges 163 Wing 186 Wotton Underwood 195

Waddesdon 177 & Wycombe 197 Wingrave 188 Woughton-on-the-Green. 195

WaIler's Oak, see Amer- Weston Turville 182 Winslow 188 WraY$bnry 196

sham 14 Weston Underwood 183 Winslow Road, see East Wycombe Marsh, S2e

Walton, 178 &see Ayles- West Wycombe 208 Claydon 66 Wycombe 199

bury........................ 20 Wcxham 184 Wycombe-West 20?




With Reference to the Places under which they will be found in this Volume.

----.---- •


Addington manor, Lord Addington M.A., l.P. see Ad- Doddershall house, Captain William Harvey Pigott

~OI1 •••••••••••••••••••••.••••••••••••••.••••••••••••••••••••••• 13 R.N., 1.P. see Quainton ........•.•...•.••..•.......•..•....... I4B.

Adstock manor, Charles Matthew Prior esq. J.P. see Dorney court, Charles Henry Dayrell Palmer esq.

Adstock ••• ••.•••.•. ••• •••..• .••... ••• .•• ••• ••• ••• •••••• •••.•• .•• .•• 13 see Dorney ••••••••••••.•• .••••••••.••..••••.•• •••.•••••.•• •••••• 74

Akeley Wood, Mrs. Pilgrim, see Akeley....••.•• ..• 13 Dorton house, Charles Aubrey Aubrey esq. see Dorton 75

Alderbourne manor, Viscount Coke, see Gerrard's Cross 90 Drayton lodge, Stewart William Jenney esq. l.P. see

Ankerwycke, A. H. Benson esq. see Wraysbury •......•. 196 Drayton Beauchamp •••••. .•..••••• 15-

Ascott park, Leopold de Rothschild esq. D.L., l.P. see Dropmore, John Bevill Fortescue, esq. M.A. see Drop-

Wing •••... ..• .•. .•. •.•... .•. .••...... .•. .•. 187 more ...................••....••••............................ .••... 76-

Aston Abbotts abbey, Edwd. Hart esq. see Aston Abbotts 18 Dutchlands, The Hon. Mrs. Cecil Molyneux Howard,

Aston Clinton, Louisa, Dowager Lady de Rothschild, see Great Missenden ~....••......................•. 129-

see Aston Clinton...... ........•... .•. .••... .•. .•. .•...• 18 Eullworth house, Major Wm. Terry l.P. see Aylesbury 22

Aylesbury Manor house, Maj. Chas. Wm. Blewitt, see Fawley court, William Dalziel Mackenzie esq. H.A.,

Aylesbury .••••••••.•. ••. .•. •••.•• ••..•.•••.•••••... .•. .•..•. ... ••• 22 D.L., J.P. see Fawley 85

Bacres, Hy. Riversdale Grenfell esq. l.P. see Hambleden 93 Foscott Manor house, Mrs. Hall, see Foscott............... 88

Bangors, Tonman Mosley esq., D.L., l.P. & Lady Hilda Fulmer hall, Lltdy Willoughby, see Fulmer .....• 88

Mosley, see Iver ...................•..••....•..••......••..•.... 105 Fulmer Place, Admiral of the Fleet Lord John Hay
Beechwood, Henry William Cripps esq. M.A., Q.c., l.P.
G. c. B. see Fulmer ...•..... .•. .•...... .••..• 88

see Great Marlow ••• ..•••••.• ••. .•• .•.•••••••••.•• ... .•. ... ••• 122 Gayhurst, William Waiter Carlile esq. M.P., D.L., J.P.

Biddlesden park, The Baroness Kinloss, see Biddlesden 35 see GaJoTburst .•.... . .. .•...• 89

BletcWey park, Herbert Sawuel Leon esq. l.P. see Germans, Edward Walton Morrish esq. see Chesham... 59

}'enny Stratford ...•.. ..• •.. ••........•. ... .••.•. ... .•. .•..•.... 85 Glenisland, Lieut.-Gen. Sir RogerWilliamHenryPalmer

Blythe Wood house, George Hanbury esq. l.P. see bart. D.L., l.P. see Taplow .••..••...•.•..•..•..........•••.•• 171

Hitcham •.......•...... •..... .•. .•• 100 Great Linford Manor house, William F. E. A. Uthwatt

Bottrells, John Theodore Tussaud esq. see Chalfont St.. esq. see Great Linford •.. ... .•. ... •••... ....•.•••........•... 114-

Giles .•• ••. .•. ••.... ••• S4 Greenlands, Hon. William Frederick Danvers Smith

Boveney court, Mrs. Fitzadam, see Burnham ••..•....... 51 M.P., D.L., l.P. see Hambleden.............................. 93

Bradenham M:.nor house, Rev. John (iraves M.A., l.P. Grendon hall, Rev. Randolph Henry Pigott B.A., l.P.

see Bradenham......... ...•.. ..•... •.. .•. ... .•....... ... .•.... ... 39 see Grendon Underwood...... 91

Brayfield house, George Denis :Farrer esq. l.P. see Cold Gyldernscroft, Gen. Sir George Wentworth Alexander

Brayfield ...................•.....•. •••... ••• 68 Hig-ginson K.C.B., l.P. see Great Marlow ...........•... 120

Braziers End, Henry J. Turner esq. see Choulesbury... 66 Halefield, John William Markham esq. see Wendover..• 180

Brickhilllod?;e, Mrs. Maunsell, see Great Brickhill... ... 41 Hall Barn, Sir Edwd. Lawson bart. D.L., l.P. see

Brickhill Maoor house, Lady Pauncefort-Duncombe, Beaconsfield ••••...•••..•..... ••• .•.•••.......•. ••• .•. •••.•. •••.•. 3+

see Great Brickhill .•• .•. •••••• ••• ••• ..• ... .... ••.••• ••..•.....•• 41 Halton mansion, Alfred Charles de RothsCRild esq. see

Broadlands, Edwin Reynolds esq. see Chesham....•......• 59 Halton .......••.........•.......•....•..•..................•.••..•
Bulstrode park, Sir John William Ramsden bart. H.A., Hambleden Manor house, Charles A. Scott-Murrayesq.

D.L., J.P. see Gerrard's Cross go J.P. see Hambleden............................................. 93

Burnham priory, Capt. Wm. Farwell l.P. see Burnham 51 Hampden house, Earl of Buckinghamshire D.L., l.P.

Bury (The), William Lowndes esq. LL.B., l.P., see see Great Hampden .••.................. .•.•.•... 9'"

Chesham ••• •..... ...•.. .•....... 59 Hanslope lodge, Mrs. Walpole, see Hanslope ••. .••. .....• 95

Butler's court, Lieut.-Gen. Sir Francis Wallace Grenfell Hanslope park, Edward Hanslope Watts esq. J'.P. see

G.C.B., G.C.M.G., l.P. see Beaconsfield................•.... 34 HaJlsloJ)C .••...•••...••......•.•.•••.•..•...•..•.......•••••.~..... 95

Chalfont grove, Mrs. Sandars, see Chalfont St. Giles ..• 54 Harleyford house, Sir William Robert Clayton bart.

Chalfont park, Capt. Frederick Thomas Penton, D.L., M.A., D.L., J.P. see Great Marlow 120'

J.p. see Chalfont St. Peter........•.•..•.•••••••.......•.•...• 55 Hartwell house, Col. Edward Dyke Lee l.P. see Hartwell 91
Hedgerley park, Mrs. Henry Stevenson, see Hedgerley. !J8
Chequers court, Rev. Hubert Delavel Astley M.A. &

Lady Sutton, see Ellesborough............•..•••.......•.... 78 Hedsor house, Lord Boston D.L. see Hedsor................ 99

Chesham house, John William Garrett-Pegge esq. J.P. Highfields, Arthur D. Cripps esq. see Great Marlow ... 120

see Chesham Bois . 64 Horsenden house, LeonardJaques esq.l.p.seeHorsenden 101

Chetwode Manor house, Lord Lawrence l.P., D.L. see Horwood Parva, Mrs. Dauncey, see Little Horwood...... 102

<Jllet1fCHie •••.•••••....••.•.•••.•••••••.•.••••••••••••.•••••••••••• 65 Hughenden Manor, Coningsby Ralph Disraeli esq. H.P.,

Chetwode priory, Major George Frederick Green l.P. D.L., J.P. see Hnghenden •...•.....••.•.....•.••...•••••.•••• 103

see Chet,wode .••.•..•.•....•...••••..•••••••••••.••.•••••••••••• 65 Huntsmoorpark,RichardStephensTaylor esq.l.p.seelver 105

Chicheley hall, George Farrar esq. see Chicheley.•..••••• 65 Hyde house, Miss Fuller, see Chartridge ........••.•.•••.•• 56

Cippenham house, Col. George Shippen Willes l.P. IbstonQ house, Mrs. Brewis, see Ibstone 104

see Burnham ...............••.......••..•.•..••••...••....••..• SIlver Manor house, George Wills esq. see Iver 105

Claydon Camp, Robert Locke Lancaster esq. see Steeple Lady Mede, Henry Vivian Gibson-Craig esq. l.P. see

Claydon... ... .•. ••• ... ••• .•..•. .•• ... ••.... •.. ••. ... ••••••••• .•...• 67 Little Kimble ••• •..... .•. ••... .•. .•. ..••..••••..• I()IJ

Claydon house, Sir Edmund Hope Verney bart. Langley park, Sir Hobert Grenville Harvey bart. l.P.

F.R.G.S., F.R.M.S. see Middle Claydon..................... 67 see Langley Marish.••••••••••.•••••••••...•••.••••••••.•••••••• 110

Cliveden, Hon. William Waldorf Astor, see Taplow 171 Lathbury house, William Trevor esq. see Lathbury ••• III
Il'Court garden, Robert Griffin esq. l.P. see Great Marlow 120 Latimer home, Lord Chesham J.P. see Latimer ...••••••
Danesfield, Robert William Hudson esq. seeMedmenham 128 Lee Manor house, Arthur Lasenby Libertyesq. D.L.,

Daws Hill lodge, Earl Carrington P.C., G.C.M.G., D.L., l.P. see The Lee ••••••....•......•.••••.•:......•••.•..•.•••••• 113
199 Lilies, Vernon Brittain esq. see Weedon ...• .•. ......•••••• if'
J.P. see Wycombe

Denham court, Harold Wm. Swithinbank esq. J.P. see Lillingstone house, The Hon. Mrs. A. Donglas-Pennant,

Denham..•••••.....••....••....••..••••••••••.••....••••••••••••.•. 73 see Llllingstone Dayrell...••..•.••........••...•••.•.•••.••.•• IIJ

Denham Place, Mrs. Way, see Denham •...•••••••....•••••• 73 Lillingstone Lovell Manor house, Major James BogIe

Dinton hall, Lieut.-Col. Liebert Edward Goodall D.L., Delap l.P. see Lillingstone Lovell 11.4

l.P. see Dinton.......•...........................•••.••.•....... 73 Liscombe park, James Wyld Brown esq. see Soulsbury 160




Little Brickhill Manor house, Lieut. -Col. Alexander Stone (The), Col. R. W. Phipps :f.P. see Chalfont St.

Finlay I.P. see Little Brickhill •••... .••... 42 Giles ........•......... ..•...... ;~> 4

Little Linford hall, Major Wentworth Grenville Bowyer Stratton Chase, Henry Pocock esq. see Chalfont St. Giles 54

R.K.. see Little Linford 114 Swanbourne house, Right Hon. Lord Cottesloe M.A.,

Little Marlow Manor house, John Pattison Ellames esq. D. L , J.P. see Swanbourne 170

I.P. see Little Marlow 125 Taplow conrt, William Henry Grenfell esq. B.A., D.L.,

Little Missenden Abbey, Robert Leake esq. .T.P. see J.P. see Taplow 17I

Little Missenden 131 Thames Bank, Thomas Somers Cocks esq. D.L., .T.P.

Little Shardeloes, Capt. Thomas HenryTyrwhitt-Drake see Great Marlow 120

I.P. see Amersham 14 Thornton Hall, Fitzbugh Whitehouse esq. see Thornton 173

Tickford Abbey, Maj. Wm.•r. Bntler, see Newport
c.Long Crendon Manor ho. Mrs. Stone, see Long Crendon 117
Longhton manor, WaIter Cadman esq. see Loughton.•• 118 Pagnell 134

Maids Moreton Manor house, Arnold Burrowes esq. see Tile house, Abraham John Roberts esq. D.L., .T.P. see

Maids More1icJn................................................... I 19 LilJingstone Dayrell 113

Mallard's Court, :Mrs. Flower. see Stokenchurch .••.••..• 164 Towersey manor, James Whitehouse Griffin esq. J.P.
Mayertorne manor, Charles E. Wrigleyesq. see Wen- see 'rowersey 174

dover . 180 Turville Court, Clifton Brandon esq. see Turville 174-

Mentmore, The Right Hon. the Earl of Rosebery K.G., Turville park, Stafford O'Brien Hoare esq. D.L., J.P.

LT., P.C., F.R.S., F.S.A.• .T.P. see Mentmore ....••....•• 1~8 see Turville '. 174

Missenden abbey, Mrs. Carrington, see Gt. Missenden 129 Tnrweston house, John Locke Stratton esq. .T.P. see

Missenden house, Capt. John Otway Cuffe, see Little Turweston...... 175

Missenden... 131 Tyringham house, Henry C. Bucknall esq. see Tyring-

Nightingales, Mrs. Haden, see Chalfont St. Giles......... 54 ham..cum-Filgrave 177

Notley abbey, Hy. Reynolds esq. see Long Crendon ... 116 Uplands, Major John Maddy :Moore Hewett t.P. see

Old Manor House (The), Herbert Dodwell esq. .T.P. see Hughenden 104

Long Crendon 116 Upton court, :Mrs. Burton, see Slough 153

OYing house, Col. WaIter Caulfeild Pratt D.L., .T.P., see Vache (The), Thomas Newland Allen esq. .T.P. see

Oving............ .. 141 Chalfont St. Giles 54

Padbury lodge, Wm. Frdk. Gore-Langton esq.seePadbury 142 Waddesdon manor, Miss Alice de Rothschild, see

Parmoor house, Charles Alfred Cripps esq. M.P., B.C.L., Waddesdon , 177

II.A., Q.C., J.P. see Hambleden.............................. 93 Walton hall, Miss Pinfold, see Walton 178

Penn House, Earl Howe G.C.v.o., C.B. see Penn Street 143 Watercroft, Sir George Grove C.B., D.C.L., LL.D. see

Peverel court, Mrs. Bartlett, see Stone ..• .•• .•• ...... .•• .•• 165 Penn . 143

Pond Farm, J. :Mitchell Bruce esq. M.D., F.R.C.P. Lond. Wavendon Tower, Lieut.-Col. Henry Edward Burney

see Seer Green . 150 J.P. see Wavendon .

Prebendal House (The), William John Birch-Reynard- Welders, Right Hon. Charles Thomson RitcmlOl P.c.,

son esq. J.P. see Aylesbury................................. 22 M.P., .T.P., see Chalfont St. Giles 54

Priory (The), Lewis Wm. Reynolds esq. see Wycombe 199 Westbury manor, Wm. Swire esq. see Westbury 182

Rayners, Sir Philip Fredk. Rose bart. D. L., .T. P. see Westhorpe, Major Herbert Gordon, see Little Marlow 125

Tyler's Green 176 Weston Turville Manor house, Thos. Charles Hunter

Redfield, Capt. W. H. Lambton, see Winslow ..•.•••••..• 189 Hedderwick M.P. see Weston Turville.................•..• 183

Remnantz, John Danvers Power .T.P. see Great Marlow 120 West Wycombe Park, Sir Robert John Dashwood bart.

Richmgs park, Lieut.-Col. Charles Meeking M.A.~ .T.P. D. L., J. P. see '\\"est Wycombe 208

see Tver ". 105 Wexham park, Sir Charles Robert Pigott bart. D.L.,

Rough Wood, George James Robinson esq. .T.P. see JP. see Wexham... 184

Chalfont St. Giles . 54 Whaddonhall,Wm.Selby-Lowndesesq. .T.P. seeWhaddon 184

Ronghwood park, Robert Brocklehurst esq. see Chal- Whittington, Hudson Ewbanke Kearleyesq. M.P., .T.P.

font St. Giles 54 see Medmenham 128

Sefton Park, John George Bulteel esq. see Stoke Poges 163 Wilton Park, Wm. Baring Du Pre esq. .T.P. see Beacons-

Selby house, Richard Wm. Selby-Lowndes esq. .T.P. see fie1<1 •••.•••••.••.••.••.••••••••.••.••...•••..•.....•...........•.•• ~

Bletchley " 38 Winchendon priory, Joseph Napier Higgins esq. Q.C.,

Seymour Court, Thomas Owen Wethered esq. .T.P. see RA., .T.P. see Winchendon Lower 185

Great Marlow 120 Wing Lodge, Earl of Orkney J.P. see Wing 187

Shalstone Manor house, Mrs. FitzGerald, see Shalstone 151 Wingrave Manor house, William Russel Stewart Free-

Shardeloes, Thomas William Tyrwhitt-Drake esq. .T.P. man esq. J.P. see Wingrave 188

see Amersham '" 14 Winslow Hall, Norman McCorquodale esq. :f.P. see

Shenley house, Hon. Mrs. Isted, see Shenley Chnrch End 151 Winslow... 189

Spinfield, Robt. Hay Murray esq. .T.P. see Great Marlow 120 Wolverton house, H. J. Wingfield esq. see Wolverton 192

Stockgrove, Joseph Trneman Mills esq. see Soulbury ..• 160 Wooburnhollse,AlfredGilbeyesq. .T.P., V.D. seeWooburn 193

Stoke court, Augustus Henry Eden Allhusen esC!.. M.P., Woodlands, Viscount Curzon M.P., .T.P, see Iver 105

D.L., J.P. see Stoke Poges 163 Woodside bouse,Adelino Duchess of Bedford, see Chenies SS

Stoke house, Bernard Thomas Fountaine esq. .T.P. see Wotton house, Lieut.-Col. A. W. H. Hornsby-Drake,

Stoke Hammond... 162 see Wotton Underwood 195

Stoke park, Wilberforce Bryant esq. .T.P. see Stoke PogiS 163 Woughton house, Mrs. Levi, seeWoughton-on-the-Green 196

Stoke Place, Howard Henry Howard-Vyse esq. .T.P., D.L. Wycombe Court, Arthur E. Smithers esq. see Lane End 101)

see Stoke Poges ". 163 Yewden manor, Lady Sheffield, see Hambleden •••....•• 93

StoneDean,J. Wilmot Johnson esq. see Chalfont St. Giles 54





••••-. ' .

., <


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Best-make Machines on Hire.


. ~ 9- ACCf;SSORIf;S OF ~Vf;RY


-----.----- •

BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, taking its name from the town of The Chess flows by Chesham into Herts. The Thame is

Buckingham, is a southern inland shire, lying near the formed by a great many streams, and waters the Vale of

middle of England, equi-distant between the North Sea, at Aylesbury, and thence flows past Thame to the Isis at

the mouth of the Thames, and the Bristol Channel. Its Dorchester; it is after the junction of the Thame with the

area is rather below the middle size of J!.nglish shires; Isis that the latter properly becomes the Thames, though it

the main length of 53 miles is from north-west to is popularly known by the latter name throughout its

south-east, and its greatest breadth about 47 mile!?' course; it has trout, pike, eels, chub, perch, roach, gudgeon,

the shape is very irregular, and it has few natural bounc.\' &c. A small feeder of the Cherwell rises in Bucks. The

marks. On the north it is bounded by Northamptonshire; Midland Ouse runs through the hire for ab'lut 43 miles,

on the east by Bedferdshire, Hertfordshire and Middlesex, from near Brackley, by Buckin!:' "m, to Stony Stratford,

from which latter it is parted by the Colne ; on the south the thence through Newport Pagnell t Olney and into Bedford-

Thames parts it from Berkshire; on the west it is bounded shire; it receives the Tove, at f:ltony Stratford; a large

by Oxfordshire. stream from Wilmslow, and another at Newport Pagnell,

The area of thE' county was originally 457,694 acres, but called the Ousel, 30 miles long, flowing from Fenny Strat-

under the provisions of the "Local Government (England ford. The Thame is navigable at Thame, the Ouse through-

and Wales) Act, 1888 " (51 & 52 Vict. c. 41), the parish of out the county. The chief canal is the Grand Junction;

Stokenchurch, with 5,918 acres, and of Ibston~, 273 acres, which passes by IVinghoe, Fenny Stratford, and Stony Strat-
were transferred from Oxon to Bucks, Kingsey, with 1,431 ford; it has branches to Wendover, Aylesbury and Buck..

acres, being added to the former from the latter county, ingham; thus most of the towns in this county have water-

and the parish of NettJeden, reconstituted by the addition communication.

of part of Ivinghoe (with an area of 1,589 acres), trans- The chief railway is the main line of the London and

ferred to Herts; by these alterations the county area is now North Western, which proceeds from London, close to the

479,q60 acres. Hertfordshire border, by Tring, Leighton Buzzard, Bletchley,

'fhe population in 1831 was 13°,982 ; in 1841, 138,246; and Wolverton. There are branches from Cheddington

in 1851, 143,655; in 1861, 167,993; in 1871, 175,879; in junction on this line to Aylesbury; from Bletchley by Fenny
1881, 176,323; and in 1891, 185,284, viz., males 91,195, Stratford to Bedford, and thence to Cambridge, forming a

females 94,089. The number of houses was, inhabited, junction with the Great Northern at Sandy; from B1etcWey

40,043, uninhabited, 2,5°7, and building 240. by Winslow to Oxford; and from Winslow, on the latter

The shire was formerly inhabited by Britons, who were line, to Buckingham and Brackley and thence to Banbury.

driven out by a Belgic tribe, sometimes called Catyeuchlani, From Wolverton is a line to Newport Pagnell, belonging to

Catuellani and Cassii, and at the time of the invasion of the North Western Railway Company. The southern part

Britain by Julius Cresar they formed part of the Belgic force of Bucks is well provided by the Great Western railway,

under Cassibelaun, which fought with him. In the time of which comes in near Coinbrook, and crosses by Slough to

the Emperor Claudius the Romans got a footing here, and, Maidenhead, Reading and the west of England, sending off

it is thought, killed in this shire a leader called Togodumnus ; branches to Eton and Windsor; and to High Wycombe,

they afterwards planted the country, which they formed into thence passing through Princes Risborough to Thame and

part of province of Flavia Cresariensis; many of their roads Oxford; at Princes Risborough is the juncLion of the line to

are Jet to be tracel:., particularly Watling Street, now the Aylesbury; a line from Aylesbury to Buckingham connects

grand Holyhead road, by Brickhill and Stony Stratford; the northern and southern systems; from the High Wycombe

also Ikenield, Ikening, or AckneIl Way, thought to have line is a short branch to Great Marlow, and from Princes

been named after the Iceni; further, Akeman Street, and Risborough is the Watlington railway; from Colnbrook a

others unnamed; they had se\-eral stations, but none of any short line was opened in 1887 to Eltaines. In 1886, a tram-

great note. After the Romans went away, the English way line was laid down between Wolverton and Stony Strat-

came in and drove out the Welch, planting the country, ford. The Metropolitan Extension gives railway facilities to

which was made part of the great kingdom of the Mid- Amersham, Chesham and Aylesbury in this county. From

English or Mercia. The people of Bucks long spoke a re- the Quainton Road station on the Metropolitan Extension

markable dialect of English, of which there are some old there is a steam tramway to Brill. The Great Central (late
Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire) railway have con~
literary records.

During the Parliamentary wars the country was the field structed a main line from Nottingham, which enters this

of many severe contests. Many eminent names are con- county about six miles north-west of Buckingham, passing

nected "ith Bucks; among others may be' mentioned close to Quainton Road Junction, on the Metropolitan Ex-

Milton. Hampden, Cowper, Herschel and Edmund Burke. tension line, over which it has running powers to London.

The shire belongs to the chalk formation, and is cut across The Great Central Company are now (1899) constrncting a

in the middle hy the great chalk downs called the Chiltern line from Quainton Road to Princes Risborough to join the

hills; the central part of the shire is watered by the Thame, Great Western, providing an alternative route to London.

the northern by the Ouse, the southern by the Thames, and The chief products are chalk, limestone, lime, sand, gravel,

the eastern by the Colne. The highest hills in the Chilterns forest marble; beech, oak, and other timb9r ; wheat, barley,

are 905 feet high, near Wendover; Ivinghoe hills, 90.1- feet; clover, tares, turnips, hay; horses, cows, oxen, calves. sheep,

Mazzle hIll, near Brill, 744 feet; Bow Brick hill, 683 feet. lambs, pigs, butter and cream cheese; condensed milk is

The soil is chiefly good, though there are some gravels and prepared at Aylesbury, and in that neighbourhood ducks
wet clays, and sometimes sands; but these are ~more than are reared, which has now become a large industry; woven

compensated by the rich grounds in the Vale of the Thame, silk, bonnets, lace, shoes and paper are made; many persons

at Aylesbury, and on the banks of the Thames and Colne. are employed in the lace manufacture, of which the greater

The Thames, at the southern border, flows to London and part are females. The making of straw bonnets and hats

the sea, bearing large craft, and by canal it communicates and the plaiting of straw also employ a numb3r of females;

with every part of England; on its banks, in this county, the eastern part of the county, bordering on Herts and

are Great Marlow and Eton. The small river Wve, flowing Bedll, is the chief location of the straw manufacture. A

from Wycombe, falls into the Thames, near Hedsor, after trade peculiar to the county is that of the manufacture of

tnming several paper mills. In the 'rhames are found wooden chairs of various patterns, wooden spades, brush

barbel, tront, pike, carp, chub, tench, dace, roach, crayfish, handles, bowls, and various other articles of turnery from

eels, and other fish. At the southern part of the shire the beech and other trees, with which the county abounds;

river Colne, which turns many mills, falls into the Thames, High Wycombe is the chief seat of this trade.

and with its feeder, the Missen, or Misbourn, it waters the The shire is in the Midland circuit, sr.-iug and summer

south· eastern part of Bucks. assizes being held at Aylesbury, the laLter having been

BUCL\S. 1-


removed by Act of Parliament from Bnckingham: the NEWPORT PAGNEJ.L UNION.

qnarter sessions are also held at Aylesbury, and there are Astwood Moulsoe
12 petty sessional divisions. The county contains 225 civil Bletchley (township)
parishes, and is principally in the diocese of Oxford, and Bow Brickhill Newport Pa~nel1
forms an archdeaconry, which is sub-divided into the rural Bradwell Newton Blossomville
deaneries of Amersham, Aylesbury, BIetchley, Bucking- Bradwell Abbey
ham (first and second Ilortion), Burnham,Claydon,Ivinghoe, Brickhill (Great) Newton Longville

Mursley, Newport, Waddesdon, Wendover and Wycombe. Brickhill (Little) Olney Park

The Municipal boroughs are :-Buckingham, population, Broughton Petsoe Manor

in 189T, 3,364, and Wycombe, 13,435. Other towns are, Castle Thorpe Ravenstone

Amersham, 2,613; Aylesbury, 8,680; Chesham, 8,018; Chicheley Shenley Church End (town-

Eton, 2,494; Fenny Stratford, 2,614: Great Marlow, 5,283 ; Clifton Reynes ship)

Xewport Pagnell, 3,788; Princes Risborough, 2,318; Slough, Cold Brafield Sherington

5,426; Stony Stratford, 2,019 and Winslow, 1,704. Brill Crawler (North) Simpson

is an ancient town with a mineral spring. Emberton Stant oGnobludri•yngton

The Registration districts are :- Fenny Stratford (township) Tyringham-with-Filgra ve

Gayhurst Walton

No. Place. Area. Pop. in 1891. Hanslope Warrington (hamlet)

140 ..•..• Amersham 47,574 20,454 Hardmead Water Eaton (hamlet)

141 ...•.. Eton •••.....•...... 42,597 .....• 29,126 Haversham Wavendon

142 Wycombe 82,925 44,391 Lathbllry Weston Underwood

143 Aylesbury 73,912 25,586 Lavendon Willen

144 Winslow 34,525 ..• ..• 7,701 Linford (Great) Woolstone (Great)

145 •••..• Newpllrt P,,~nell 74,638 .....• 25,613 Linford (Little) Woolstone (Little)

146 ...... Buckingham ... 54,021 ..•... II,57I Loughton Woughton-on-the-Green

Milton Keynes
The following list gives the several poor law unions, with

the parishes contained in each:- WINSLOW UNION.

Claydon (East) Marston (North)

AMERSHAM UNION. Drayton Parslow Mursley-with-Saldin

Amersham Chesham Dunton Nash
Ashley Green Chesham Boia
Beaconsfield Coleshill Grandborough Shenley Brook End (hamlet)
Chalfont St. Giles Latimer
Chalfont St. Peter Lee Hogston, or Hoggeston StewkJey
Chartridge Great Missenden
Chenies, or Islehampstead Penn Hogshaw-with-Fulbrook Swanbourne
Seer Green
Cheynes Horwood (Great),with-Single-Tattenhoe

borough Whaddon (township)

Horwood (Little) Winslow-cum-Shipton


AYLESBURY UNION. Bledlow-with-Bledlow-Ridge Marlow (Great)

Ashendon-cum-Pollecot Hartwell Bradenham Marlow (Little)

Aston Abbots Hawridge Chepping, Wycombe Rural Mlssenden (Little)

Aston Clintou-with-St. Leon- Hulcott Chinnor lOxon) Monks Risborough

ards Kingswood Ellesborough Princes Risborough

Aston Sandford Ludgersball Fingest Radnage

Aylesbury-with-Walton Oving Hampden (Great & Little) Saunderton

Bierton-with-Broughton Pitchcott Hedsor . Stoke Mandevire

Buckland Quainton Horsendon Stokenchurch

Chearsley Quarrendon Hughendon 'l'urville

Choulesbury Stone-with-Bishopstone Ibstone Wendover

Creslow Waddesdon IIImire Wooburn

Cublington Weedon Kimble (Great & Little) Wycombe (High)

Cuddington Westcott Marlow (Urban) Wycombe (West)

Dinton-with-Ford-and-Upton Weston Turville The hundred3 of Burnbam., Desborough and Stoke form
the Ohiltern hundreds, the stewardship of which i9 taken
Dl'ayton Beauchamp Whitchurch
by members as an office under Government in order to
fleet Marston Winchendon (Lower)
vacate a seat in Parliament.
Grendon Underwood Winchendon (Upper) '1'he following is a. list of the hundrods in the county,

Haddenham Wingrave with the parisheS! contained in them-
Hundred of Ashendon :-Ashendon, Astan Sandford,
Halton Woodham
Boarst,all, :Brill, Chearsley, Chilton, Dinton (part of), Dor-
Hardwick Wootton Underwood ton, East Claydon, fleet Marston, Grendon UnderwQod,
Grandborough, Hogshaw-with-Fulbrook, Illmire, Kings-
wood, Long Crendon, Ludgersball, Middle Claydon, Neth&'
Addington Maids Moreton 'Winchendon, North Manston, Oakley, Oving, Pitchcott,
Adstock Marsh Gibbon Quainton, Quarrendon, Shabbington, Shipton Lee, Stone,
Akeley Middle Claydon
Barton Hartshorn Padbury Towersey, Waddesdon, Wesrtcott, Woodham, WorminghaIl
Beachampton Pounden and Wotton Underwood
:Buckingham Preston Bissett
Charndon Radclive-cum-Chackmore Hundred of Aylesbury :-Aston Clinton, Aylesbury,
Chetwode Shalstone Bledlow, Bierton-with-Broughton, Buckland, .Cwld.ington,
Steeple Claydon Dinton (part of), Ellesborough, Great Hampden, Great
Edgcott Stowe Kimble, Great Missenden, Haddenham, Halton, Hartwell,
Foxcott or Foscott Thornborough Horsendon, Hulc::>tt., Lee, Little Hampden, Little Kimble,
Hillesden Thornton Little Missenden, Monks Risborough, Princes Risborough,
Leckhampstead Tingewick
Lillingstone Dayrell Twyford St. Leonard's, Stoke Mandeville, Upper Winchendon, Wen-
Lillin~on Lovell Water Stratford
Luffield Abbey clover and Weston Turville.
Hundred of :Buckingham: ----..A.ddington, Adstock, Akeley-
cum-IStockholt, :Barton Hartshorn, Beachampton, Biddles-
:Boveney Hedgerley Dean ton, Bourton, Bourtonhold, :Buckingham, Oharndon,
Datchet Hitcham Chetwode, Edgcott, Foxcott or Foscott, Gawcott, Hilles-
Denham den, Leckhampstead, Lenborough, Lillingstone Day-rell,
Dorney Horton Lillingst(me Lovell, :Maids Moreton, Marsh Gibbon, Pad-
Eton Wick Iver bury, Pounden, Prebend End, Preston BiJ&sett, RadcliTe.
}<'arnham Royal Shalstone-with-Oldwick, Steeple Claydon, St.owe, Thorn-
Langley Marish borough, Thornton, Tingewick, T()rweslion, Twyford, Water
l"nlmer Stratford and Westbury.
Gerrard's Cross Slough
Hundred of Bul'Ilham :-Amersham, Beaconsfield.
Hedgerley Stoke Poges Bovenny, Burnham, Chalfont St. Giles, Chalfont St. Peter,
Chenies or Islehampltead Cheynes, Chesham, OheshlI8
Taplow ., :Bois, Coleshill, Dorney, Farnham Royal, [Hedgerley D~
U p t o n - c u m - C h a lvey Hitcham, Penn, Seer Green and Taplow.


Wyrardisbury or Wraysbury


Hundred of OottQllloo: -AlJ!;on Abbotts, Cheddington, By the provisions of du, above mentioned AoIi the repre-

Choulesbury, Creslow, Cublington, Drayton Booucbamp, sentation of the boroughs of Aylesbury, Buckingham,

Drayton Par-slow, D\mton, Edlesborough, Great Horwood, Great Marlow and Wycombe was merged in that of the

Grove, Hardwick, Hawridge, Hoggeston, Ivinghoe, Lin- county.
~lade, Little Horwood, Marsworth, Mentmore, Mursley,

Nash, Nettleden, pjtstone, Shenley Brook End, Single- l\LE~mERS OF PARLIAMEKT FOR THE COUNTY.
borough, SI3ipton, Sonlbury, Stewkley, Swanbourne, Tat-

twhoe, Weedon, Whaddon, Whitehurch, Wing, Wingrave- Mid division, Hon. Lionel WaIter Rothschild F.Z.S. 148

with-Rowsham and Winslow. Piccadillv, London. W
Hundred of Desborough :-Bradenham, Chipping Wy- North divi~ion, William WaIter Carlile esq. D.L., J.P. Gay-
combe, Dinton (part of), Fawley, Fingest, Great Marlow, hurst, Newport PagneJ.I; & 10 Cadagan gardens & Carl-

Hambleden, Hedsor, High Wycombe, Hitchenden or ton & Junior Carlton clubs, London S W

Hughenden-Ihstone, Levrknor-up~'HtilI, Little Marlow, Med- South division, Viscount Ourzon J.P. Woodlands, near Ux-

menham, Radnage, Saunderton, Turville, West Wycombe bridge; 20 Curzon tStreet W; Carlton club SW; Con-

and Woobarn. stitution club SW; Travellers' club SW; Bachelors'

Hundred of Newport :-Astwood, Bletchley, Bow Brick- club W; Turf club W, & iMa.rlborough club S W, London
hill, Bradwell, :Bradwell Abbey, :Broughton, Calverton,

Castle Thorpe, Chicheley, Clifton Reynes, Cold Brafield, MILITAIW.

Emberton, Fenny Stratford, Gayhurst, Great Brickhill, Buckinghamshire is included within the No. 3, Home
Great Linford, Great 1Voolston, Hanslope, Hardmead, District Command.

Haversham, Lathbury, Lavendon, Little Brickhill, Little

Lindon, Littlll! Woolston, Loughton, Milton Keynes, Oxfordshire Light Infantry (3rd Battalion) Royal Bucks

Moulsoc, Newport Pagnell, Newton Blossomville, Newton ~filitia, Lieut. -Col. the Earl of Orkney, commandin15;

Longville, North Crawley, Olney, Olney Park Farm, W. Terry & A. W. H. Good, majors; Capt. G. F. Paske,

Ravenstone, Shenley Church End, Sherington, Simpson, instructor of musketry; Capt. C. E. G. M. Fairclol1gh,

Stantonbury, Stoke Goldington, Sto~e Hammond, Stony adjutant; Hon. Capt. G. Williams, quartermaster, High

Stratford (east and west sides), Tyringham and Filgrave, Wycombe

Walren, Warrington, Water Eaton, Wavendon, Weston YEOM.A.L'VRY CAVALRY.
Underwood, Willen, 'Wolverton and Wroughton-on-the-

Green. 2nd Yoomanry Brigade.
Hundred of Stoke :-Datchet., Denham, Eton, Fulmer,
Hedgerley, Horton, !vel', Langley Marish, Stoke Pages, :Formed of the Buckinghamshire ,& Oxfordshire Yeomanry._
Brigade Office, West street, Buckingham.
Uplion-cum-Chalvey, Wrexham and Wyrardisbury.

The County Lunatic Asylum, in the parish of Stone, is a Commanding Brigade, the Senior Commlplding Officer-.
Brigade Adjutant, Capt. L. Sandwith, 8th Hussars
large red brick building with stone dressingis, erected in
Buckinghamshire (Royal Bucks Hussars), depot, 'Yest'
1852, at a cost of £22,400, for 210 patients; it has since street, Buckingham; Hon. Col. Lord Chesham, lieuto-
col. oommanding; IIllin.-Lieut.-Cols. H. L. Elli~ & J.
been enlarged at an additional cost of £23,000, and will now F. Hatfield-Harter, majors; Surgeon-Lieut.-Col. H. W.
Kiallmark, medical officer; Vet.-Major. H. G. Lepper
hold 480 patients; in 1892 a new block was added for the M.R. C. V.S. vet. officer; Rev. Octavius William Cotton
nursing staff, and new workshops in 1898. A chapel has Selby-Lownde.~M.A. hon. chaplain; H. 'Blaughton, (regi-
been added with sittings for 200 persons. The number of mental sergeant-major.

patients in January, 1899, was 498. John Humphry Squadrons :-18t, Hon. Major A. B. LodeI', commanding;
MoR.C.S.Eng. medical superintendent; Hugh Kerr M.A., T. Plaxtol'l, squadron sergeant-major, Buckingham &
Stony Stratford; 2nd, Towcester; 3rd, Northampkn;
M.B., a.M. assistant medical officer; Charles Edward 4th, Hon. Major H. L. '\V. Lawson, commanding; Capt.
C. Grenfell, second in command; E. Thomas, squadron
C()bb, Aylesbury, treasurer; '\Villiam Cf()uch, Aylesbury, 51.'rgeant-major, High Wycombe.

clerk to the committee of visitors; Arthur Thomas Hobley, Volunteers.

hc·use llteward and clerk. Home C()unties Infantry Drigade.

The Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital, Aylesbury, Comprising the:-

founded in 1833, occupies a noblo range of buildings at the ut (Hertford~hire) Volunteer Battalion Bedfordshire Regi-
west end of tlle town, the foundation stone of which ment, Hertford

was laid in 1861. These are of red brick with stone facings, 2nd ('Hertfordshire) Volunteer Battalion Dedfordshire Regi-
ment, Great Berkhampstead
in the Italian style, the principal front being about 220 feet
in le~h, with a pillared portico; the entire east wing is 3rd Volunteer Battalion Bedfordshire Regiment, Bedford
2nd Volunteer Battalion Oxfordshire Light Infantry,Oxfurd
occupIed by the" Verney" ward, for men, the west wing 1st Bucks Rifle Volunteer Corps, see below
1st Volunteer Battalion Princess Charlotte of Wales's(Royal
contains the "Lee" ward, for women, the north wing, a
later addition, contains the "ErIe" reading room and Berkshire Regiment), Reading
Supply Detachment
several small wards. The infirmary is available for 50 in- Bearer Company
patients. In the entrance hall is a bust of Miss Florence Head Quarters, St. Mary's Butts, Reading

Nightingale, and in the board room are some portraits.
Charles Ifuoper M.R.C.S.En~. consulting surgeon; Wood-
field Eagles M.R.C.S.Eng., William Geo. Weaver L.R.C.P.

Lond., M.R.O.S.Eng. & Edwin Goodburn Woollerton

LoR.C.P. & S.Edin. surgeons; HoraceRose M.R.C.S.Eng.,

L.R.e.P.Lond. house surgeon ; Arth. Turner L.D.S.R.C.S.
Edin. dental surgeon; John Williams, Old Bank, treasurer;

Rev. H. B. MeNair M.A. chaplain; George Fell, sec. ; Mrs.

Heatiey, matron; John Wood M.P.S. dillpenser


Bucks formerly returned three members for the un- Commanding Brigade, Col. Earl Brownlow A.D.e., V.D
divided county, but under the provisions of the "Redistri- Aide-de-Camp, Hon. Major J. O. EIlison, 1st Volunteer
bution of Seats Act, 1885," it now returns three members
Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment
in three divisions. Brigade Major, Capt. E. M. Dunne
Supply & Transport Officer, Capt. H. T. Eve, 3rd Vohn-
No. I-The Northern or Buckingham division, com-
prises the lessional divisions of '!'shendon, Buckingham, teer Battalion Bedfordshire Regiment
Newport, Stony Stratford and Winslow (except so much as Senior Medical Officer, Brigade-Surgeon-Lieut.-Col. W, H.
is comprised in division No. 2), and the municipal borough
of Buckingham. Bull V.D. 1st Bucks V.R.C

No. 2-The Mid or Aylesbury division, comprises the 1st Bucks Rifles, Staff.-Hon. Col. Lord Addington V.D.,
sessional divisions of Aylesbury, Chesham, Desborough commanding; A. Gilbey V.D. (second in command) &
(second division) (except so much as is comprised in divi- the Hon. T. F. Freemantle, majors; Capt. W. O"en,
sion No. 3), and Lbslade and the parishes of Creslow, Oxford L.I. adjutant; Hon. Capt. J. C. Hedges V.D.
Oving, Pitchcott, Quainton, Shipton Lee and Whitchurch quartermaster; Rev. J. A. Cree, hon. chaplain; head-
in Winslow sessional division. quarters, The Armoury, Institute street, Marlow; Com-
panies-A, Capt. F. O. Wethered, High street, Marlow;
No. 3-The Southern of Wycombe division, comprises B, Capt. Rt. Drew Wheeler (in commandJ of detachment),
the lessional divisions of Burnham, DeS'borough (first divi- :Barracks, Wycombe; C, Capt. J. H. Hooker, Market
square, Bucking-ham; D, Capt. George Frederick Phill-
sion) and Stoke, and the municipal borou~h of Chipping pot, County hall, Aylesbury; E, Capt. A. J. de Winton,
D:ill hall, the Royal hotel, Slough; F,
Wycombe, and the parishes of West 'Vycombe and Woo- ; G, Hun.
burn and so much of the parish of Chipping Wycombe as :Major Heber Martin WilliamS', New Wolverton; H, Capt.
is not included in the ~Iunicipal borough of Chipping Sydney RuttyI' Vernon, Barraclua, Wycombe


4th (Eton College), Volunteer Battalion Oxfordshire saturda.y, for live &; dead. stock &; also for corn, &; mono

Light Infantry, O. Lowry, mlljor, commandant; day fOr calves

'A. A. Somerville, major j Major William J oseph Chesham, April2I, July 22 &; September 28. Market day,

Myers, acting adjutant j Hon. Capt. W. Durn- for corn &; cattle, on wednesday

ford M.A. acting quartermaster; Surg.-Capt. E. S. Colnbrook, April 5 &; October I6 for cattle

Norris M.B. medical officer; Rev. J. J. Hornby D.D. :Fenny Stratford, April I9 &; October rI. Cattle market,

aating chaplain; Companies-A, Capt. R. W. White- every alternate thursday

Thompson M.A.; B, Capt. the Rev. H. T. Bowlby; C, I Ivinghoe, May 6 & October I7, both for plea,sure

Capt. the Rev. F. J. Tuck M.A.; D, Capt. R. S. de Marlow, October 29 &; 30, for cattle

Havilland B.A., Eton College, Eton Newport Pa.,onell, June 22. Market day, wednesday

CHAMBER OF AGRICULTURE. Olney, Easter Monday, June 29 &; 30 (cherry fair), &;
October I3. Market day, thursday

Bucks, Lord Addington, president; George Fell, sec. I Princes Risborough, May 6 &; October 21. Market day,

Rickfords hill, Aylesbury thursday, for corn &; cattle

Slough, cattle ma.rket every tuesday

FAIRS AND :MARKETS. Stony Stratford, August 2 &; the friday following October

Amersham, Whit Monday &; Sept. 19. Market day, tuesday IO, both for pleasure. Market day for corn on Friday &;

Aylesbury, 3rd saturday in January; ,s'aturday next before I for cattle the first monday in every month

Palm Sunday; 2nd saturday in May; 3rd saturday in Wendover, May 13 &; October 2. Market day, tuesday

June; 4th saturday in September & 2nd saturday in Winslow, statute fair, wednesday before October II & two

October; 2nd wednesday in July, for wool; 2nd wednes- following days. Market for live stock 1st & 3rd wed-

day in December, for fat cattle. Market day, saturday j nesday in each month, & for corn every wednesday

sales for fat etock every wednesday Wooburn, May 4 & November 12

Buckingham, 3rd saturday in June, for wool &; saturday High Wycombe, monday & tuesday preceding Michaelmae

after Old Michaelmas day, for pleasure. Market day, day, for pleasure & hiring. Market day, friday


The force consists of 154 men & 7 private constables-I BUCKINGHAM (OR NORTH WESTERN) DIVISION.

chief constable, I superintendent & chief clerk, 5 divisional Superintendent, William Clarke, Buckingham
superintendents (one of the latter deputy chief constable), Population, 23,107 ; acreage, II6,9I3
6 inspectorR, 23 sergeants, 118 & 7 private constables; head Strength of Division, 23 lllen
quarters & reserve-8 constables.
Brill, George Knight, inspector

HEAD QVARTERS. STATIONs.-Ashenden, Brill, Ickrord, Leckhampstead, Long
Crendon, Ludgersball, *Maids Moreton, Marsh Gibbon,
STAFF. North Marston, Padbury, Preston Bissett, Quainton,
8teeple Claydun, Thornborough, Tingewick, Waddesdon,
Chief Constable, Major Otway Mayne, Aylesbury Westsbury
Superintendent & Chief Clerk, Joseph Watson ; office, Mar-
ket square, Aylesbury; Assistant Clerk, Sergt. Charles

AYLESBURY (OR CENTRAL) DIVISION. Superintendent, John J. Maneely, Police Station, High Wy-

Superintendent, Christopher Pitson, Police station, Ayles- combe
Population, 4I,155; acreage, II3,612 Population, 35,845; acreage, 85,753
Strength of Division, 30 men

Strength of Division, 29 men Chesham, Charles Summers, inspector; Great Marlow,

Linslade, Benjamin Bunker, inspector; Wendover, William George Marks, sergeant
STATIONs.-*Amersham, Amersham Common, Bledlow
Ridge, Bourne End, Chesham, Cholesbury, *Great
STATIONS.-Aston Clinton, Aylesbury, Bierton. Chedding- Marlow, Hambledon, High Wycombe, King's Hill, Lane
ton, Dinton, Edlesborough, Ellesborough, Great Missen- End, Loudwater, Penn, Penn Street, *Stokenchurch, Tur-
den, Haddenham, *Ivinghoe, Lee Common, Linslade, ville, West Wycombe, Wooburn Green, Wycombe Marsh
*Princes Risborough, Stewkley, Stone, *Wendover, Whit-


FENNY STRATFORD (OR NORTHERN) DIVISION. Superintendent & Deputy Chief Constable, George Sutton,

Superintendent, James Lait, Police Station,FennyStratrord Police station, Slough

Population, 37,764; acreage, I02,255 Population, 33,975; acreage, 56,474

Strength of Division, 28 men Strength of Division, 36 men

Winslow, Charles Trevener, sergeant; Newport PagnalI. her, Reuben Wharton, sergeant; Beaconsfield, John Pear-

Charles Anthony, inspector; 8tony Stratford, Thomas man, inspector; Burnham, Thomas Heath, sergeant;

Gascoyne, sergeant . Eton, John Roberts, inspector

STATIONs.-*Bletchley, Drayton Parslow, Fenny Stratford, STATIONs.-Beaconsfield, *Bumham, Chalfont St. Giles,

Great Brickhill, Hanslope, Lavendon, Loughton, New Chalfont St. Peter, Colnbrook, *Datchet, Denham, Eton,

Bradwell, Newport Pagnell, North Crawley, Olney, Sher- Eton Wick, Farnham Royal, Gerrard's Cross, !ver, Iver

.rington, Stoke Goldington, *Stony Stratford, Wavendon, Heath, Langley Marish, Stoke Poges, Slough, Taplow,

Whaddon *Winslow, Woolverton, Woughton-on-Green Wraybury

• Sergeantll' Stations.




LORD ROTHSCHILD, Tring park, Tring; & 148 Piccadilly, London w.

HENRY WILLIAM CRIPPS, ESQ., Q.c., B.C.L., M.A., Beechwood, Great Marlow.

LORD COTTESLOE, Swanbourne house. Winslow; & 43 Eaton square, London sw.

Marked thus t are also Deputy Lieutenants.

.Addington Lord, V.D., M.A. Addington manor, Winslow; Delap Major James BogIe, The Manor house, Lillingstone

& 24 Prince" gardens & Carlton club, London S W Lovell, Buckingham

:tAllhusen Augustus Henry Eden esq. M.P. Stoke court, Dent Edward esq. M.A. Fernacres, Fulmer, Stoke Pages

Stoke Poges RS.O RS.O.; & 2 Carlos place, Grosvenor square, London W

Arnaud Henry Bruce esq. M.A. 135 Ebury st.LondonS W De Salis Hy. Rodolph esq. Ivy lodge, Iver Heath, Uxbrg

:tAstJey Bertram Frankland esq. Chequers Court, Elles- Dickson James esq. Larchmoor, Stoke Poges RS.O

borough, Tring tDisraeli Coningsby Ralph esq. M.P. Hughenden manor,

illarrington Viscount, Beckett, Shrivenham RS.O. Berks; High Wycombe; & Oarlton club, London SW

& 42 Halfmoon street, Mayfair, London W Dodwell Herbert esq. The Manor, Long Crendon, Thame

llarrington Hon. Walter Bulkeley, Beckett house, Shriven- Du Pre Wm. Baring esq. Wilton park, Beaconsfield RS.O

ham RS.O. BerkJS; & 40 Harrington gdns. London SW Ellames In. Pattison esq. Manor ha. Lit, Marlow, Marlow

Eastick William esq'l 23 Chandos road, Buckingham FaTrer George Denis esq. Brayfield ha. Newport Pagnell
ll~ever William Frederick Holt esq. B.A. Yewden, Hamble- Farwell Capt. Wm. The Priory, Burnham, Maidenhead

den, Henley-on-Thames Finch Henry esq. The Gables, Linslade, Leighton Buzzard

Eennitt Col. Wm. Ward, Stoke. Green, Stoke Poges RS.O Finlay Lieut.-Col.Alex. Manor ho.Little BrickhilI, Bletchly

Eoswell In. Irvine M.D. Crawley grange, Newport Pagnell }<'ord Frederick Thomas esq. Kimber's house, Braywick,
'Bouwens Lieut.-Col. Lambart Henry, Fingest grove, near Maidenhead

High Wycombe Forrest. John esq. Grimsdyke, Lacey Green, Tring

'Brownlow The Right Hon. Earl P.C., V.D. Ashridge park, Fountaine Bernard Thomas esq. Stoke house, Stoke

BerkhampLSrtead; & 8 Carlton House ter. London S W Hammond, Bletchley

Bryant Wilberforce esq. Stoke park, Stoke Poges RS.O Freeman George Mallows esq. Q.C., RA. The Grange,

tBuckinghamshire Earl of, Hampden house, Amersham; & Wraysbury, Staines; &; 33 Phillimore gdns. London W

1 Wilton terrace, Belgrave square, London SW Freeman William RUJSsel Stewart esq. Manor house, Win-

'Bull Henry Edwd. esq. Maido Moreton ho. Buckingham grave, Aylesbury

Burke Francis Eustace esq. Hill house, Sandgate road, Fremantle Admiral Hon. Sir Edmund Robert K.C.B.,

Folkestone C.M. G., F.R. G. S. Admiralty house, Devonport; & 44
'Burney Lieut.-Col. Henry Edward, Wavendon tower, Lower Sloane street, London SW

Wavendon, Bletchley Fremantle 'I'he Hon. Cecil, Swanbourne, Winslow

.Burton William Schoolcroft esq. Ohildrey manor, Childrey, Fremantle The Hon. Thos.Fras. M.A. Holton park, Oxford

Berks Frye Frederick Charlwood esq. The Plat, Bourns
.Butcher Fras. Jsph. esq. Chesham Bois, Chesham R.S.O End 8.0.; & 25 Arundel gardens, Kensington, Londn.W

Butcher George esq. Aylesbury Garrett-Pegg John Wm. esq. Ohesham ho. Chesl.lam RS.O

tCameron of Lochiel Donald esq. F.RG.S. Archnacarry, Gibson-Craig Henry Vivian esq. Lady Mede, Little

Spean Bridge, N.B Kimble, Tring .

tCarington Capt. The Hon. Rupert Clement George Gilbey Alfred esq. V.D. lW'ooburn house, Wooburn

'Carington Lieut.-Col. The Hon. William Henry Pere- Gilbey William Crosbie esq. The Lea, Denham,Uxbridge

grine C.B. Burfield, Old Windsor, Berks Godwin Lieut.-Col. Algernon Arbuthnott, The Manor

Carlile James William esq. POIlJSbourne !park, \Hertford house, Wendover, Tring
~Carlile William WaIter esq. M.P. Gayhurst, New- Gold Henry esq. Hedsor, Bourne End S.O
~Cpaorrrt -PGaognmeml l; an 10 Cadogan gardens, London SW Good William esq. Churchmead house, Datchet, Windsor
Fr Culling esq. The Chase, Farnham tGoodall Lieut.-Col. Liebert Edward, Dinton hall,Aylsbry

Royal R.S.O.; & 14 Duke IStreet mansions, Grosvenor Grafton Gen. the Duke of K.G., C.B. Wakefield lodge,

square, London W Stony Stratford; &; 17 Carlton House tel'. London SW

.;:l:Carrington Right Hon. Earl P.C., G.C.M.G. Daws Hill Grant-Thorold Alexander William Thorold esq. Cosgrova

lodge, High Wycombe; Gwydir castle, Uanrwst; & 5° hall, Stony Straford; & 3 Grosvenor gdns.London SW
Grosvenor titreet, London W
'Carrington George esq.The Abbey,Great MissendenR.S.O Graves Rev. John M.A. Bradenham Manor house, High

Carson Major James Simpson, 33 Gloucester place, Wycombe
Portman square, London W Graves In. Hicks esq. B.A. Plomer Hill ha. High Wycombe

Chesham Lord, Latimer house, Chesham R.S.O.; & Strat- Gray Rev. Charles Edward M.A. Skipworth vicarage,

ton Audley hall, Bicester Selby, Yorkshire

Chester Charles Anthony esq Greaves George Richard esq. Western house, Winslow
~C1ayton Sir William Robert bart. M.A. Harleyford ho. Green Maj. Geo. Frederick, Chetwode priory,Buckinghm

Marlow; &; 29 Great Cumberland! place, London W Grenfell Lieut.-Gen. Sir Francig Wallace G.C.M.G.,

tCocks Thos. Somers esq. Thames bank, Great Marlow G.C.B., F.S.A. Butler's court, Beaconsfield R.S.O.; &;

lQltes Charles esq. Burcot cottage, Burcot, Leighton Buz- 16 Strat-ford place, London W
zard; &; 8a, Gloucester pt Portman square, London W Grenfell William Henry esq. B.A. Taplow court. Maiden-

'tCottesloe Lord M.A. vice-chairman of quarter sessions, head; & 4 St. James' square, London SW

Swanbourne ho. WinJslow; & 43 Eaton sq. London SW Griffin James Whitehouse esq. Towersey manor, Thams

Cremieu-Javal Paul esq. Beausite, Linslade, Leighton Buz- Griffin Robart esq. Court garden. Great Marlow

·zard; & 43 Hill street, Berkeley equare, London W Grounds Thomas Byam esq. Passenham manor, Stony

Cripps Charles Alfred esq. Q.O., B.C.L., M.A.• M.P. Par- Stratford
moor house, Hambleden, Henley-on-Thames; & 32 Elm Grove ·WaIter Fredk. eSC(. Stone ho. Penn, Amersham

Park gardens, Chelsea, London SW Gurney Thomas esq. Hartwell, Aylesbury

(;ripps Henry William esq. Q.C., M.A. chairman of Hadden Charles Stanton esq

quarter sessions, Beechwood, Marlow tHall Lawis Duval esq. M.A. 15 Grosvenor pI. London SW
ICurzon VUicount G'.LP. Woodlands, Iver, Uxbridge; &; 20 Hall Musgrave R~bert esq. Foscott manor, Buckingham

Curzon street, London W Hanbury Geo. esq. Blythe Wood house, Hitcham, Maiden-

:tDashwood Sir Robert John bart. West Wycombe park, head; & 28 Princes gate, London SW

High Wyaombe BJarrison Spencer Richard esq. The Hermitage, Burghil,

()~yrell C~pt. Edmund Marmaduke RN Hereford


~Harter James Franeis Hatfield esq. Cranfield court, Pigott Capt. William Harvey RN. Dodderahall hous&~

Newport Pagnell near Aylesbury

Harter Percival La Trobe esq. Stoney ware, Bisham, Pilgrim Charles esq

Great Marlow Power John Danvel's esq. Remnantz, Great Mal'iow

Harvey Sir Robt. Grenville bart. Langley park, Slough fPratt Col. WaIter Caulfeild, OVing house, Aylesbury

Hewett Major John Maddy Moore, Uplands, Hughenden, Prior Chas Matthew esq. RA. Adstock manor, Winslow

High Wycombe Prior Hy. Laurence esq. B.A. The Priory, Datchet,Wnds1"

Hibbert Leicester esq. Crofton grange, Orpington, RS.O. Purey-Cust Very Rev. Arthur Perceval D.D., F.S.A. Dean.

Kent of York, Tho Deanery, York

Higgins Capt. Charles Clarke, 20 Upton park, Slough fRobarts Abraham John esq. Tile house, Lillingstone

Higgins Joseph Napier esq. Q.a., RA. Winchendon Dayrell, Buckingham; &; 29 Hill street, London W

priory, Aylesbury; &; 24 The Boltons, London SW Robinson George James esq. Roughwood, Chalfont

tHiggins William Francis esq. RA. Chauntry house, Tur- St. Giles, Gerrards Cross RS.O

vey, Bedford fRose Sir Philip Frederick !bart. Rayners, Tyler's Green,_

Riggins Bernard Franeis Tyringham esq. M.A. Winchendon Amersham

priory, Aylesbury; &; 45 Thurloe square, London S W liGthschild Lord (lord lieut.), 'l'ring park, Tring; &; 148

Higginson Gen. Sir George Wentworth Alexander KC.R Piccadilly, London W

Gyldernscroft, Marlow; &; 9 Wilton crescent, Belgrave fRothschild Leopold de esq. Ascott park, Leighton Buz-

square, London S W zard; &; 5 Hamilton place, Londoa W

Hoare Sir Henry Hugh Arthur bart. Stourhead, near Bath Rowland William Richard esq. Ropley ho.Fenny Stratfrd

tHoare Stafford O'Brien esq. Turville park, Henley-on- Rowley Admiral Charles John, 'fhe Holmesland, Botle)!

Thames 8.0. Hants
Scott-Murray Charles Aloysius esq. The Manor house~
Hortin John Henry esq. Heath lodge, Iver, Uxbridge

~Howard-Vyse iHoward Henry esq. Stoke Place, Stoke Hambleden, Henley-on-Thames

Poges RS.O Scrivener Alfred ¥erry esq. Haglis ho. Wendover, Trini

Hubbard Lieut.-Col. the Hon. Cecil John, 1St. Alban's Seeker Edwd. Onslow esq. Denmark house, Slough

lodge, Westgate-on-Sea, Kent; &; 3 South place, Selby-Lowndes Rev. William Charles B.A. Rectory,

Knight,sbridge, London SW North Crawley, Newport Pagnell

Hudson Robert William esq. Danesfield, Marlow Selby-Lowndes Meyrick Edward esq. Mursley, Winslow

Irby The Hon. Cecil 8aumarez, Hitcham grng.Maidenhd Selby-LowndeSl William esq. Whaddon hall, Bletchley; &;

Irvine Patrick esq Carlton club, London S W

Jaques Leonard esq. Horsenden house, Tring Selby-Lowndes Wm. jun. esq

Jenney Stewarb William esq. Drayton lodge, near Tring Smith Samuel George esq. M.A. Sacombe pk.Ware,Herts

Kearley Hudson Ewbanke esq. M.P. Willttington, Medmen- Smith The Hon. William Frederick Danvers M.P. Green-

ham, Great Marlow; &; 41 Grosvenor pI. London S W lands, Henley-on-Thames; &; 3 Grosvenor pI. Lond.S W

Kenney-Herbert Edward Maxwell esq. 38 Norfolk square, Smyth Gen. Sir Henry Augustus K.O.M.G.,RA. St. John's

Hyde park, London W Lodge, Stone, Aylesbury

Knapp John Matthew esq. RA. Linford hall, Newport Snagge His Honor Judge Thomas William M.A. 14'

Pagnell; &; Wellington chambers, Buckingham gate, Courtfield gardens, London SW

London SW Stratton Col. John Heathfield RA. The Gage, Little'

tLawson Sir Edward hart. Hall Barn, Beaconsfield RS.O.; Berkhampstead, Hertford

& 20 Norfolk street, London W Stratton John Locke esq. Turweston house, Brackley

Lawson Harry Lawson Webster esq. M.A. Orkney cot. Swithinbank Harold William esq. Denham court, Den-

Taplow; &; 37 Grosvenor square, London 'W ham, Uxbridge

Leake Robert esq. Little Missenden abbey, Gt. Missenden Tarver Rev. Joseph M.A. Rectory, Filgrave,Newprt.Pgnlr

"Lee Col. Edward Dyke, Hartwell house, Aylesbury Taylor Charles esq. Horton manor, near Slough

Lehmannl Rudolph Chambers esq. Fieldhead, Bourne Taylor Thomas esq. The Cedars, Newport Pagnell

End 8.0 Taylor Richard Stephens esq. Huntsmoor pk.Iver,Uxbrdg

Loon Herbert Samuel esq. Bletchley park, Fenny Strat. Temple Earl, Newton park, Newton St. Loe, near Bristol;.

ford, Bletchley; & 17 Delahay street, London S 'W & Chandos house, Cavendish square, London W

Levi Capt. ,\Villiam John, Woughton house, iBletchley Terry Major William, Eullworth house, Aylesbury

tLiberty Arthur Lasenhy esg. The Manor house, The Thomas John eS<]. Brook ho. '\Vooburn, Wooburn Grn. S.O

Lee, Great Missenden RS.O Tompson Major Edward Oarrier Smith, New University

Little Robert es~. Oakley house, Slough club, London 8 W

Loder Alfred Basil esq. High Firs, Harpenden, Herts Tompson John Alfred esq. 1f.A. Dromenagh, Iver Heath,

Lovett Percival Casby Ernest, Soulbury, LeightonBuzzard Uxbridge

tLowndes Wm. esq. LLR The Bury, 'Chesham R.S.O Trench Col. The :lfun. William LePoer RE. St. Huherts,

Mackenzie William Dalziel esq. M.A. Fawley court, Gerrard's Cross RoS.O.; & 3 Hyde park gardens,

Henley-on-Thames ; &; 35 Park street, Grosvenor London W

square, London W Turner John Henry esq. Braziers End, Cholesbury, Tring

Mackenzie William Roderick Dalziel esq. Sunnyclose, Faw- TYlwhitt-Drake Rev. Edwd. M.A.The Rectory,.A.menhm

ley, Henley-on-Thames Tyrwhitt-Drake Capt. Thos. Hy. Lit.Shardeloes,Amrshm

Marten His Honour Judge Sir Alfred George Q.C., Tyrwhitt-Drake Thomas Wm. esq. Shardeloes,Amershm

LL.D. 21 Prince of Wales' tenace, Kensington, Lond. W Unite John esq. The Claptons, Woobum Green 8.0

Mather Robert esq. Highfield, Pembury, Tur.bridge Wells Verney Frederick William esq. M.A. Burnham lodge,

Meeking Lieut.-Col. Charles, Richings park, Colnbrook, Slough; &; 6 Onslow gardens, London SW

Slough; &; 31 Belgrave square, London SW Vernon Arthur esq. Borshams, High Wycombe

Morland Benj. Henry esq. The Cottage, Marsham,Abing-dn Vernon Wentworth Thomas Frederick Charles esq. M.A.

Morrell Charles esq. Milton Hill ho.SteventonRS.O.Berks Wentworth castle, Bamsley, Yorks; &; II Counaughi

Mosley Tonman esq. Bangors, Iver, Uxbridge place, London W

Murray Robert H3Y esq. SpinfieId, Marlow Watson James esq. I Clifton crescent, Folkestone

tNash John lHlartopp esq. Wellington lodge, Slough Watts Edwd. Hanslope esq. Hanslope pk.Stony Stratford

Orkney Ea~l of, Wing lodge, Leighton Buzzard Wethered Francis Owen esq. High street, Gt. Marlow

Osborn Samuel esq. F.R.G.S.Eng. iMaisonnette, Datchet, Wethered Thomas Owen esq. Seymour court, MarIo,,"

Windsor; &; la, Devonshire pI. Portland pI. London W Wheeler Thomas esq. 93 Easton street, High Wycombe

Owen Rev. Edward M.A. Bradwell lodge, South, Willes Rev. George Edward B.A. Calverton rectory, Stony

minster S.O. Essex Stratford

Penton Capt. Frederick Thomas, Chalfont park, Chalfont Willes Col. Geo. Shippen, Cippenham ho.Burnham,Slough

St. Peter, Gerrards Cross R.S.O Williams Joseph Grout esq. Pendley manor, Tring

Phipps Col. Ramsay Weston R.A. The Stone, Chalfont Williams Lieut.-Gen. Owen Lems Cope, Temple house~

St. Giles, Gerrards Cross RS.O Bisham, Marlow; &; 24 Hill street, London W

tPigott Sir Charles Robert bar~. Wexham park, Slough Woodbridge Henry William esq. Delaford park, Iver

Pig-ott Rev. Randolphe Henry B.A. Grendon Underwood, Wykeham Philip James Digby esq. Tythrop ho. Thama

Aylesbury Young George AugustllJS' esq

The Mayors of Buckingham and Chepping Wycombe, &; the Chairmen, for the time being, of all Urban and Rural
Disrtrict CouncilB in the county, are ex-officio magistrates

Clerk of the Peace, William Crouch, County hall, Aylesbury.

Deputy Lieutenant9, not Magistrates.

Hohwe Gen. the Earl, G.G.V.O., C.B. Peun house, .A.mers-I Lawrence Lord, Manor house, Chetwode, Buckingham;

am; & 21 Curzon street, Mayfair, London W &; 66 Pont street, London W




Local Government Act, 1888, 51 & 52 Vic. C. 41.

Under the above Act, Buckinghamshire, after the 1st April, The coroners for the county are elected by the County

1889, for the purposes of the Act, became an adminis- Council, and the clerk of the peace appointed by such,

trative county (sec. 46). governed by a County Council joint committee, and may be removed by them (sec.

consisting of chairman, aldermen and councillors elected 82-3)·
in a manner pre9cribed by the Act (sec. 2).
The chairman is, by virtue of his office, a justice of the The clerk of the peace for the county is clerk of the County
Council (sec. 83-1).
peace for the county, without qualification (sec. 46).

The police for the county is under the control of a standing The administrative business of the County (which wouhi

joint committee of the Quarter Sessions and the County if this Act had not been passed, have been transacted. by

Council, appointed as therein mentioned (sec. 9). the justices) is now transacted by the County Council. ..1

The County Council meets at Aylesbury.


Retire in March, 1901. Retire in ~Iarch, 1904.'

Addington Lord M. A., J. P. Addington house, Winslow Clarke Daniel, Havenfield, High Wycombe

Carlile William WaIter J. P. Gayhurst ho. Newport Pagnell Gilbey Alfred, J.P. Wooburn house, Wooburu

Cottesloe Lord D.L., J. P. Swanbourne house, Winslow Griffin James Whitehouse J.P. Towersey manor, Thame

Cripps Henry Wm. Q.C., l\LA., J.P. Beechwood, Gt. Marlow Lowndes William LL.B., J.P. The Bury, Chesham

Goodall Lieut.-Col. Liebert Edward D.L., J.P. Dinton hall, Morris WilIiam, Cressex farm, High Wycombe

Aylesbury Roads George, Chilton, Thame

Gurney William, Chalfont St. Giles, Slough Rooke Samuel Rigg, Ouse bank, Stony Stratford

Mosley Tonman D.L., J.P. Bangors park, Iver, Uxbridge Taylor Thomas, The Cedars, Newport Pagnell

Treadwell John, lJpper Winchendon, Aylesbury Terry Joseph Pitches, Berryfield, Aylesbury

Aylesbury with Walton. COUNCILLORS.

Horwood Thomas, Temple square, Aylesbury Borough of Chipping Wycombe.
Terry Edward, 45 Buckingham street, Aylesbury
Deacon Charles William (Western ward)
Borough of Buckingham. Hunt Charles Harman, Amersham hill, Wycomoe tllentrat
Higgens Frank, Radclive cottage, Buckingham
Vernon Arthur, Borshams, Wycombe (Eastern ward)


Batchelor John, TheRectory, Dagnall,Edlesborougb, Dunstble Kinross John, Riding court, Datchet, Windsor

Bennett William Stephenson, Tower house, Slough Leon Herbert Samuel J.P. Bletchley park, Bletchley

Buckinghamshire Earl of D.L., J. P. Hampden house, Great Liberty Arthur Lasenby D.L., J.P. The Manor house, The-

Missenden R.S.O Lee, near Great Missenden RS.O

Clarke Charles James, Haddenham, Thame Owen James, Shalstone grounds, Buckingham

Cripps Charles Alfred M.P., Q.C , RC.L. Parmoor, Ham- Power John Danvers J.P. Remnantz, Marlow

bleden, Henley-on-Thames Reynolds Edwin, Broadlands, Chesham

Dashwood ~ir Robert John bart. D.L., J.P. West Wycombe Rose John, Eythorpe, Park farm, Waddesdon, Aylesbury

park, High Wycombe Smith Edwin Philip, The Old Rectory, Hartwell, Aylesbury

de Salis Henry Rodolph J.P. Ivy lodge, !ver Hth. Uxbridge Soames Rev. George Pochin, Rectory, Lavendon, Olney S.O

Dodwell Herbert J .P. The Manor, Long Crendon, Thame Stratton George, Princes Risborougb, Tring

Drake Robert Ingalton, 17 High street, Eton, Windsor Terry Edward, 45 Buckingham street, Aylesbury

Elliott Daniel, Cheddmgton, Tring Thomas John J.P. Brook house, Woburn

Farwell Capt. Wm. J.P, The Priory, Burnham, Maidenhead Trench Col. the Hon. WiIliam le Poer R.E., J.P. St.

Finch Henry J.P. The Gables, Linslade, Leighton Buzzard Hubert's, Gerrards Cross RS.O

Finlay Lt.-CoI.Alex.J.P.The Manor ho. Lit.Brickhl.Bletchley Twinch John, Cippenham lodge, Farnham Royal, Slough

Ford Frederick Thomas J. P. Kimbers house, nr. Maidenhead Tyrrell Avery, Berkin manor, Horton, Slough

Fremantle The Hon. Thomas Francis M.A., J.P. Rolton Verney }<'rederick Wm. M.A., J.P. Burnham lodge, Slougb

park, Oxford Watts Edwin jun. Berkhampstead road, Chesham

Green Maj. Geo. Fredk. J.P. Chetwode Priory, Buckingham Weller George, The Plantation, Amersham

Gurney Thomas J.P. Hartwell, Aylesbury Weston William, Adstock fields, Winslow

Harper Edward, Ashendon, Thame Whiting Joseph Evans, Moulsoe buildings, Newport PagnelL

Hart Edward, The Abbey, Aston Abbotts, Aylesbury Wilmer John Robert, Newport Pagnell

Hipwell John Charles, The Lindens, Olney Woollard Frederick William, Ousedale, Stony Stratford

Horwood Thomas, Aylesbury Wylie Robert, Lime cottage, Bradwell, Wolverton R.S.O

James Julian Macfarquhar, Broughton house, Aylesbury Young David, Hope cottage, Newton Longville, Bletchley

Johnston Henry Jenner, Parkside, Beaconsfield RS.O


Clerk to the County Council, William Crouch, County County Surveyor, Robert J. Thomas Assoc.M.Inst.C.E.

Hall, Aylesbury County hall, Aylesbury

Coroners, Aylesbury district, George Fell, I Rickford's County Accountant, William Arthur Chapman, Oounty

hill, Aylesbury; deputy, Thomas Godfrey Parrott hall, Aylesbury

L.R.C.P.Lond. Church street, Aylesbury; Beaconsfield Co t A al W A FIe
district, George Allington Oharsley, High st. Beacons- un y n yst, alter William Fisher M.., ..•
field; deputy, Arthur Edmund Webs~r Charsley, High University Museum; Oxford.
street, Beaconsfield; Newport Pagnell district, John Inspector of Weights & Measures, Thomas Kyle Assoc.

Worley, 25 High street, Stony Stratford.; deputy, Edwd. Soc.Eng. County hall, AyleS'bury

Thomas Worley, 25 High street, Stony Stratford.; Organising Secretary to Mid-Bucks Technical Education
Winslow district, Geor~e Hanbury De'Ath L.RC.P. Committee, Wm. Hy. Lowndes, 8 Church st. Aylesbury
Lond. West street, BUCkingham -, -



NATURAL HISTORY AND SCIENTIFIC SOCIETIES.-High standing out in relief portions of shells, plates and spines of
sea-Ulchins, star-like joints of the stems of crinoids, with
Wycombe Natural History Society.
worm tracks and .~e1'pulOJ.
:\IuSF.GM. -Eton College Museum. From quarries at Gayhurst, Eckley, Salcey Wood and

PUBLICATIONS OF THE GEOLOGICAL SURVEY.-Maps.- Olney many fossils have been obtained; the shell called

'sheets: 7, Western London, St. Albans, Wendover, Windsor, l'ereb1'atula maxillatrr. abounds here. The scenery of the
~taines, Uxbridg-e, High Wycombe; 13, Oxford, Reading, tract occupied by thp Great Oolite is undulating, hilly, and

'Vantage. Quarter sheets: 54 N.E. Buckingham, Brackley ; often well-wooded, wilh an eastward slope to the Ouse; the

4S S.E. Bicester, Brill; 46 N. W. Newport Pagnell, Woburn ; dip of the beds is also in this direction, and their total thick-

... 6 S.W. Leighton Buzzard, Aylesbury, Tring; 52' S. W. ness is about 200 feet.

Northampton, Olney. Books.-Geology of the Country Pm'est Ml/I'ble.-We seemingly have the end of this for·

round Banbury, Bicester, Woodstock and Buckingham, by mation in Buckinghamshire; traces of it are seen in quarries

A. H. Green, 2S. Geology of the London Basin, by W. near the brook east of Tingewick church, at Thornton and

Whitaker, 13S. Lillingston Lovell; the beds consist of from 3 to 10 feet of

I!I£PORTANT 'YORKS OR PAPERS ON LOCAL GEOLOGY.- blue or brown clay, with about two feet of hard grey slaty
1861. Whitaker, W.-On the "Chalk Rock" in Bucks. limestone underneath, almost made up of oysters.
Journ. Geol. Soc., vol. xvii. p. 166. 1865. Whitaker, W.- Cornbrash.-We find the rubbly limestones which go oy
The Chalk of Bucks and the Totternhoe Stone. Journ. Geol. this name between Fringford, Tingewick and Buckingham.
.soc., vol. xxi. p. 398. 1867. Brodie, Rev. P. B.-Purbeck north of which town they extend past Maids Morel-on and
Beels &c. at Brill. Journ. Geol. Soc., vol. xxiii. p. 197. 1881. Akeley; eastwards by Thornborough and Beachampton, the
Huelleston, W. H.-Gasteropoda of the Portland Rocks. outcrop is two miles wide; near Stony Stratford it contracts
to half a mile, again widening between Brad well, Great
Oeol. Mag., p. 385.
Linford and Newport Pagnell; it is then obscured by the

Ouse gravels. but re-appears as a narrow band, not a quarter
~OTWITHSTANDlNG the extensive and varied character of of a mile wide, east of Sherrington, and curves round thence
the rocks of this county, they do not seem to have received to Newton Blossomville; it is largely quarried for road.
much attention from local geologists. We have admirable making, being very hard. Near Buckingham, on the Bour-
geological maps of the surface published by the Govern- ton road, we see hard blue limestones associated with beds
ment Survey between 1861 and 1865, and mainly the work of black and blue clay; near Thornborough, on the Leck-
of Messrs. Whitaker, Hull, Bauerman and Green; Mr. hampstead road, we have in the quarries good illustrations
Whitaker has also well and minutely described the Chalk of the manner of weathering of these limestones: the top
district, D.'. Fritton the Portland Beds and Lower Green- limestone bands are yellow and rubbly, then, under a bed
:tiand, and. the Purbeck Beds at Brill have been noticed by of sandy clay, we have solid limestone, yellow outside, blue
the Rev. P. B. Brodie; Mr. Macalister also published some within; lastly, at the base we find solid blue limestone only.
notes on the northern portion, in the Geologistfor 1861, but The change in colour is due to the iron, which exists in the
there remains an extensive field to be filled by those' who lower banks as a carbonate, whilst upwards it gradually
live upon the spot. Every quarry, brick pit, railway cutting, passes into a peroxide, under the influence of air and water j
or opening of whatsoever kind into the earth, should be the total thickness here is about 40 feet. Near Wolverton
diligently examined, carefully measured and drawn, and there are several quarries; here the Cornbrash is of blue.
continually examined for fossils; in this way the broad out- grey colour, very hard and finely laminated; fossils are
,lines we now possess must be filled up, and if only one numerous but difficul t of extraction. 'There are two curious
tperson in each parish could be induced to undertake such inliers at West Stan Hill and Marsh Gibbon; the first is,a
\Work, the gain to geological inquiry would be of real and very low hummock i a quarry here shows loose rubbly Corn-
great value.
brash, with a bed of pale blue clay, full of oysters. Marsh
Commencing with the oldest rocks, we find in the north Gibbon stands on a little hill of Cornbrash i there aTe several
that the river Tove has cut down into and exposed the Upper quarries here, which show loose rubbly stone on top, then
Lias Clays, which just enter the county between Grafton soft marly clay, and hard blue limestone at the bottom.
Regis and Ashton to Castle Thorpe, two or three milell The Oxford Clay.-This is a light-blue clay, weathering
rnorth of Stony Stratford; the Ouse has also exposed small yellow at the surface, and perhaps 500 feet thick; its western
patches near Stoke Goldington and Weston Underwood.
limit is defined by the beds of Cornbrash just described,:

THE OOLITE.-Ofthe sandy and slaty beds known as Nm·th- but eastwards it stretches over a wide expanse to Muswell

ampton Sand there are no good sections; indeed, these beds and Brill Hills, Quainton and Fenny Stratford; sections are

'have either thinned out or changed in character in this not common, but may sometimes be seen in brick-pits, rail-

direction. way cuttings, or drain cuttings ; towards the Ouse it occupies

The Great Oolite.-The limestones of this well-known bed the top of the low escarpment, forming a.heavy undulating

:are exposed in many quarries; from Brackley and Birming- country which rises with a short but steep slope above a

,ham it passes round by Stowe, Lillingston and Potterspury ; plateau formed of Cornbrash. Near Goddington we have

.Stony Stratford, Newport Pagnell and Cold Brayfield mark the base of the formation, here composed of hard, cream-

its eastern limit, but it stretches north-eastward from these coloured calcareous clay, containing A mnlonites Jason. ~·c. ;

points into Bedfordshire, simIlar beds are exposed round Newport PagneII, where

The limestones are of a compact and not oolitic character; Ammonites Calloviensis is found, with saurian bones, &c.;

-they are often soft and marly, and in such beds fossils are these, probably, are near the horizon of the Kelloway Rock

l1llost common; frequently we find only the moulds or casts of Wiltshire. The brick-pits near Padbury show shaly

-of shells, but they are generally entire, and appear to have dark-blue clay, with large nodules and septaria of limestone.

been deposited in still water. Clayey beds occur at the base, flryphOJa dilatata is common everywhere, with semi-trans-

above which come thin-bedded, cream-coloured limestones parent glassy crystals of selenite, called" fossil water" by

and marls, whilst the white, hard, fine-grained limestones the workmen, and yellowish lumps of iron pyrites.

.are more usually found near the top. Between Brackley and The Coralliue Oolite.-The sands and limestone at Head-

.Buckingham there are many quarries, as near Westbury. ington and Stanton St. John, near Oxford. appear to pass

.At Shalstone Hill :Farm there is a bed of very hard, white eastwards into a clayey band containing Ostl'ea sandalinn,

limestone, composed almost entirely of broken shells, and which has been traced by Worminghall, Oakley, BoarstaIl,

:yielding a beautiful building stone. In the valley of the round Muswell Hill, and through Dorton to the base of

Thornborough Brook there are some large quarries, exposing Quainton Hill. At Studley there is a bed of grit, "8 sort of

-a section J)f more than 30 feet; a fault, with a downthrow argillaceous chert, rich in Pi1linOJ, Ammonites, and other

to the east of 10 feet, runs across the quarry; very interest- organic remains; " this may mark the transition.

ing exposures of "fauUs," or dislocations of the beds, may Kimnlel'iil.qe Clay.-The Coralline Oolite having become

.also be seen in a quarry near South End, On Whittlewood itself a clay band, or being absent altogether, there is nothing

Forest there are several quarries; here, on blocks of stone over the greater part of Bucks to separate the two great

\Which have been long exposed to the weather, one finds clay masses named after Oxford and Kimmeridge from one


anotheI,. It is, however, cOllsiuereu that the Kimmeridge seam of "black coprolites" is fUUllU. about 40 or 50 feet
Clay forms the plains and low grounds between Thame, below the top of the Gault; it has been worked at Edles-
Brill, Waddesdon and Aylesbury; the lower boundary line borough, Puttenham, Cheddington, Northall, Billington, &c.
is drawn by the Gefllogical Survey to end off near Stewkley,
but this is marked" wholly conjectural; " it is a bluish-grey The Upper Gl'eensand.-This formation overlies the Gault
or yellow shaly clay, often bituminous, saudy towards the and extends from between Henton and Princes Risborough
base and with irregular bands of limestone nodules: like the to about a mile north-east of Buckland, from which point it
Oxford clay, it is best fitted for pasture land; oaks grow is hardly traceable, although it is once more seen in the
brick-yard at Eaton Bray; here we have six feet of pale-grey

- - !:rr=I tI I ~I }It-III~ I~ " 1[1

tlr--l! I" J I~' --

,;/ ....:;;. ,'/1-''i/' - -W~ I ~I ---

q, - 11 If V-_ J==- .

Diagram Section of small faults in the Portland Stone, Brill. This dislocation of the beds was seen in a small pit about two thirds

o()f a mile south-west of the church. The <lark bands are two shaly layers; the greatest displacement, or "throw," only amounts to two

feet. (After A.. H. Green, Geol. Survey.)

well upon it; from the impervious nature of this wide clay marl, underlaid by the same depth of greenish sandy clay,

tract there are no springs. Near Hartwell and Aylesbury At Buckland it is seen in the sides of a pond, and a stream

this Kimmeridge clay is largely worked for brick-making; Q 0 Ot"i ~ ••~!2:
here it is of a dull leaden colonr, lignite (fossil wood) is I='
common and fossils abound; Ammonites biplexoccurs, with "'C1 ~ 1='0
the original beautiful shelly lustre still preserved, and many ~"'"=:l"", W ~=1
of the fossils sparkle with iron pyrites and are found entire :ora>
and in great perfection. . '"•~e~n'a"> l::::

Portland Beds.-The lower part is sandy, above which •~
come beds of limestone; the main outcrop passes north- - .--1, . A
L:ast from Thame by Cuddington and Dinton to Aylesbury - ;>O'C:l ..... '" ....
<> <> i;l
and Bierton; outlying masses occur at Muswell Hill, Brill,
Ashendon, Whitchurch &c. There are several sectIOns at a(') (')tal"'i"O~8::a::;S:' :'"0."...~'"~~El ~~~ ~~~ ~O..Q... ,;...?..t:r(0~ti:d.:..-.T. :c:=-;+.'C'D ~
Brill, where it is quarried for building; here, at the base, we CD CD ~Cbl-.oI :;;:
~ee the Portland Sands with green grains, and then lime- t:r' ~ .~.... c." &
stones with bands of clay and grit, altogether about 25 feet p..CD
thick; in one pit, south-west of the church, a number of tt(D
,gmall faults were seen, dislocating the beds about two feet 'I<IQl ~ I=' I=' I=' 0 :::><
at each step. ,Near Aylesbury the Portland limestone is
-called" pendle ; " it is soft and sandy. Tl'igonia gibbosa with '<l~Ill0,p?i'W ..
Cardium dissimile are the most common fossils. B...t. ~: lP.~$l~
Purbe£k Beds.-These are thin-bedded limestones and I 0 ..... t-"'.
-clays of freshwater origin; they come above the Portland :::J • :Si
beds at Brill, also capping the ridge between Whitehurch _.
ami. Oving, and they crop out east of Cudrlington and south- g.egt-~(')>=l.:od~lQ£'!S!I'.0.~~~ !:.ll
.east of Stone; the limestones are drab-coloured, close- Ir'n:l. "~"4 .~.... ~1""'_ g;
grained, and in beds six or eight inches thick; the total
thickness is about ten feet; fish teeth and scales occur, with 0~
<the little crustacean known as Cypris. ....:::Il t::'
~~ Y~J .~..
THE CRETACEOUS FORMATION.-The sandy beds at the ~.
lhase, known as Lower Greensand, are very irregular in occur- t:l
rence ; in the north-east they are called the Wohul'n sands, l!5 !it
which come southwards from Great and Little 'Brickhill to l:$
!Fenny Stratford, where they are overlapped by the Gault g~:. P-
'Clay; here they form dry, hilly ground; on a hill near E~l:~:~>' '~' ~
Great Brickhill there is a section 30 feet deep, showing 0 '<l
·coarse reddish sands resting on Oxford clay; scattered I • '-1- ~, I:S
through the sands are "red coprolites," or phosphatic ....=:l
nodules, for which the sands are siftAd, the coprolites are ~ • 0- :'":"- §
then ground up for manure; the same bed occurs at .Rush- ~........ ......•<D
moor brick.yartt and at Potton in Bedfordshire, and Upware, ~ c.,.p.r plpTJ.. III ~
near Cambridge. More than twenty speci"~ of fossils native
10 the bed have been found here by Mr. W. Keeping, besides ~ ~~ ~ ~
mumbers washed out of lower formations, especially the
Kimmeridge Clay. At Wavendon there is an outlier con- ~>d (I)
taining seams of fullers' earth; passing southwards the
Lower Greensand crops out again at the south of Stone; ~
there it rests partly on P.urbeck, partly on Portlanll beds,and ~&~
presents indications of Wealrlen beds at its base. At Hart- lTJ (JQ:;p :i:' ~ is,
well a bed of brown and white sand, about eight feet thick, l:;)
!has been used for glass-making; there is a small outlying S·I.s.I:.I:.. a~> ;;l .§~ :::J ~'t:S
patch south of Oving, and others on Mnswell Hill, Brill,
morth of Chearsley, &c. ; the main mass also crops out again ... ....•et- l:i'''44 g; §~
morth of Haddenham. Quamton Hill is also capped by m tl>
tLower Greensand. S-~ a. ~"~"'~~
"" .... .get- §~.
Gault.-This is a thick mass of pale-blue clay, some- p;"~
times shaly, often with whitey-brown phosphatic nodules. ~ P-
Entering the county in a broad band three miles wide, ex- ~~
~~O....". ~,'pI~"
tending from Towersey to Henton, we tr.lce it by Weston .~... 0 ~~
I':l (JQP-
'Turville to Hulcott; here the olltcrop broadens to seven ,~p ~~,i~:~T t:l ~~
miles between Cubbington and Wing on the west and Buck- 1<D •
land and Eaton Bray on the east. The manner in which it ~Il' ~ i:;'~
overlaps the Lower Greensand we have already seen; its (..'.).. p.
~t:l ~ ~;§
~~III 0
~I" s0:::- ~~
'<l ~ ~(t",i~.
0"" '"" ~~
- S~ t:l
~~ , ~~~ .~.... t:l ~.
I=' ~..... a. ~~~
''"" .... ...p..~ !m 0 :il r;i:'t~~
III rJ> l?,. lIS '
=:l 0~4 ~.....
~ ,p~

..... ,.,a "'"... ,.s::






"'"~P~"o':' ~;
Dl t':J


.~1lQ Oll II:l
..&.....~~ ,VpJ'~" <%
:> ~ E:l :;:

't:: ::l!
""Cl El't::
~ ::- ~.
~ ~
(l) <i:
~ ~
El III li;'
~ t:l ~ I
<D I
l::. - ',I
... ....en 0

tl> III
•III ~
(l) I
(l) (l) I
...(l) =:l
..,• ~ 0

I'l I

l>:' I

~. -0
~ •
.. •I

et- r,.. •II
l:r I

thickness is about 130 feet in the south and 205 feet in the

north-east, and it is dug for brick and tile making. A rich


church; at Risborough it is, perhaps, 60 feet thick; in the at Hedsor, Burnham, &c. There are several outliers on the

road cuttings about Bledlow and Henton we see beds of chalk, as at Penn, Pollard Wood, &c. No fossils have been

crumbling whitish sandstone, sometimes hard, and these found.

are covered by clayey dark-green sand seldom exposed. The London Clay.-This rests on the Reading Beds round
Numerous springs burst out at its junction with the Gault Fulmer, at ~toke Common, !vel', Hed Hill, &c. ; it is a stiff
below, which have determined the sites of a whole string of brownish clay, often containing large nodules called septa'l'i{1~

villages. which are rounded lumps of impure limestone, traversed b)">-

The Chalk.-This well-known rock constitutes a large por- fissures filled with carbonate of lime.

tion of the south of the county, rising in the Chiltern Hills to THE DRIFT.-In attempting to trace the beds of stratifietl

about 900 feet above the sea level; the lowest beds are of soft rocks of which we have been speaking, the geologist finds

whitish chalk mal'l, about 80 feet thick, and form rising that they are largely covered over and obscured by irregular,

ground between Bledlow, Risborough, and the reservoirs often thick, masses of clay full of pebbles, or by more or less

between Tring and Marsworth. The top of this d.ivision is extensive patches of sand or gravel. These deposits tire
formed J:>y the hard T?ttern!w~Stone, a rat~er brownIsh sandy relics of the,9lacial pl'1'iod ; ~he
chalk With dark grams; It IS well seen m a small quarry I by melting IceberO's, or possibly clays were probably dropped
pushed out from the end of

near" Tring Wharf," and in several road cuttings along the a great glacier whi«:h travelled down from the north into

line just mentioned. Bedfordshire. The northern side of the Ouse valley between

Lower Chalk.-This division is about 400 feet thick and is Brackley and Olney is tolerably free from Drift, but south

without flin~s; it forms the slope ?f the great chalk esca~p- of this line and i'preading over the plain formed by the

ment, and IS exposed along the Sides of the valleys whIch Oolitic Clays we find thick and varied deposits; clean gravel

cut it back; the top is marked by a thin but very constant beds occur round Hardwick, between Finmere and Bucking-

bed of Chalk rock, hard and pinkish; we see this layer in a ham, and round Stowe and Akeley. In the gravel-pit at

large chalk-pit one mile north of Henley, and in various chalk- Tingewick we see fa Ise-bcdded coarse gravels with beds of

pits between the latter town and Marlow, also near High soft clean sand. Xear Buckingham there several ex-

Wycompe, Chesham, &c. Well-sinkers call it" rock," and amples in gravel-pits of the manner in which these beds are

have to blast it on account of its hardness. sometimes contorted and bent into curves; this is supposed
Upper Chalk with Flints.-This mass is .some 3?O fe~t to be due to the grounding of icebergs; similar cases occur

thick and forms the eastern slope of the ChIltern Hills; It at Foxcott and Maids Moreton. The stiff clay drift is well

may be distinguished from the lower beds not only by the shown round Leckhampstead, where it contains striated

presence of Hints, but !?y the character of the fossils. We boulders of carboniferous limestone, &c. There is also a

find in it many species of sea-urchins, sponges, &rc., whilst connecting link in the shape 0.1 clayey dirty gravels which

in the Lower Chalk whorled and spira.l univalve shells occur. are widely distributed.
~eech tre~s grow largelJ:' over .thls tract of, an.d Over the chalk hills there is much" clay wi,th Hints," pro-
theIr wood IS used for chalr-makmg. The chalk Itself IS bably a result of the decomposition of the chalk during long
much for lime; it is got in large pi~s fr~m 50 to ISO ages.

fe,et deep; the men work at t~e top of ~he p~ts cro.wbars, The Ogse river-gravels cover much ground; they abound
dlslodgmg great masse~, which break to pieces m ~h~Ir fall; in oolitic fossils, especially belemnites, which are sometimes
fortu~ately the chalk IS traver~ed by fissures or Jomts,. for collected by the villagers, who consider them, when pounded~
were It one homogeneous mass It would be scarcely possIble an excellent cure for rheumatism!

to work it.. The Chiltern Hills e~ten~ivepros- Flint Implements, the tools of the early inhabitants of thi'l
pect and rise sharply from the OolItIC pram whIch lIes to the country before they became acquainted with the use of

north-west. metals, have only been found in one or two places. Pulpit

'TERTIARY BEDS-EoCENE FORMATION.-Occupying a large Wood, near Princes Risborough, appears to have been the
triangle between Colnbrook, Beaconsfield and Rick~~ns- site of an ancient encampment, and Ha~es of flint occur in

worth, we find sands and clays of an age altogether dlstmct numbers; they were probably used as kmves ; rounded to?ls,

from and later than, those rocks of which we have hitherto caUed scrapers, which would be useful in cleansing SkillS,

been'speaking. have been found here too; a rude flint arrow-head was

Readi1l(J Beds.-These extend eastwardly from Woburn by found by Mr. John Evans in 1866, on the surface of a field

Burnham, Beaconsfield, Hedgerley, Chalfont St. Peter's and between Edlesborough and Tring, at the foot.of the chalk

Denham; they consist of variegated plastic clays with light- hills. Many more would doubtless turn up If they were

coloured and green sands; they are exposed in brick-yards intelligently looked for. W. J. H.

The following Table shows the acreage under each kind of crop, and the numl::er of horses, cattle, sheep and pigs in

Buckinghamshire, as taken from the Agricultural Returns, 1897 ;-



Corn and cereals . Horses for agriculture and brood mares . 13,145
3,72 4
Roots, artificial grasses, cabbage, kohl-rabi Unbroken horses, I year and above . 1,495
and rape . 30 ,061
26,9 88 Ditto, under I 3,Tear .
Clover and grasses . 14,795
Permanent pasture . 34-,355 Cows in milk or calf . 12,718
Bare fallow . 236,448
Orchards . Other cattle ;- II,II4
Market gardens 0 ••••••••••••••• 2 years and aboye . 74, 82 9
3,135 37,352
Nursery gTounds . 63 2 I year and under 2 . 82,473
Woods and plantations . 142
Under I year . 4,221
32 , 125
Ewes kept for breeding ......•••....•...•.•......• 25,539

ODIt·thteor, suhneae•epr, I year old .
I year :.

Sows kept for breeding .

Pigs .


Buckinghamshire contained in 1891, inhabited houses .

~ari811e8 ••.••..•.•••.•••••..•.••••••••....••.•....••.•••...•..••••••••••••••..•••.•••..•.•••.•..•••••

In ] 874, owners of land below ] acre .

Owners of land of I ~re and upwards .


Total acreage of rated lands 456,209

Rateable value [,1,054,455

Mountain and Heath land, acres .

Total acreage of the county .


ACKHAMPSTEAD formerly a. detached portion of Marlow, is the principal landowner. The soil is flint,
the parish of Lewknor in Oxfordshire: for poor law and gravel and loam; subsoil, various. The chief crops are
school purposes it was, 25th March, 1885, attached to wheat and barley and a great portion of wood. There
Great Marlow, but ecclesiastically it is annexed to Ham- are only three farms and a few cottages, for which see
bleden. Henry W. Cripps esq. Q.C., M.A. of Beechwood, I Marlow.

ADDINGTON is a. parish 2 miles north-west from poor and in teaching poor children to read and binding
Winslow station on the Bedford and Verney Junction them to some trade. This place has, since 1887, given
section of the London and North Western railway and 5 the title of baron to the Hubbard family. Addington
south from Buckingham, in the Northern division of the Manor, the seat of Lord Addington, is pleasantly
.county, hundred, petty sessional division, union and situated in a well-wooded park of 300 acres; the house,
.county court district of Buckingham, rural deanery of erected in 1857, from designs by Mr. Philip Hardwick,
Gaydon, archdeaconry of Buckingham and diocese of architect, is a mansion of brick with Bath stone quoins
Oxford. The church of St. Mary is a building of stone and dressings, in a modified form of the French chateau
in the Early English style, consisting of chancel, nave, style, and has three lofty towers and some fine conserva-
;llisles, vestry, south porch and an embattled western tories. Lord Addington is lord of the manor and
tower containing 4 bells: the church has been restored sole landowner. The soil is clay and gravel; the greater
by the patron and all the windows are stained: there portion of the land is pasture. The area is 1,286 acres;
are several monuments to the Busby family, formerly assessable value, £1,887; the population in 1891 was 100.
Imds of the manor, and one to the Poulett family: there
are 156 sittings. The register dates from the year 1558. Letters arrive through Winslow at 7 a.m. &; 4·45 p.m.
The living is a rectory, net yearly value £188, includ- Wall Letter Box cleared at 7 a.m. &; 4.45 p.m.; sun-
ing IQl acres of glebe, with residence, in the gift of days 9 a.m. The nearest money order &; telegraph
Lord Addington, and held since 1886 by the Rev. Mack- office is at Winslow, 2 miles distant

wood Stevens. The ancient stocks are still in position School (mixed), erected by the 1st Lord Addington,
Ilear the church. A charity, the interest of £720 in in 1876, for 60 children; average attendance, 28; John
Reduced £21 per Cents. is applied to the relief of the Herbert Webster, master

PRIVATE RESIDENTS. COMMERCIAL. Mathison John, head gardener tG

.A.ddington Lord M.A., J.P., V.D. Adams Joseph, farmer Lord Addington

.Addington manor; 24 Princes gate Hay Colin, farmer &; steward to Lord Perkins Char:es, gamekeeper to Lord

& Carlton club, London S W Addington, Home farm Addington

Hubbard Hon. Rose, Seven Gables Hunt Matthias, estate carpenter Warr Arthur, farmer, Bridge farm

Stevens Rev. Mackwood, Rectory Luck William, estate smith

ADSTOCK is 8. parish and small village, l i miles 1897 by the Rev. Edwin Paine, of St. Bees. Land com-

east from Padbury station on the Banbury and Bletchley prising 4a. 2r. 4p. left for the repairs of the church is

branch of the London and North Western railway, 3 now (1899) let at £6 a year. Here is a Wesleyan chapel,

north-west from Winslow and 4 south-east from Buck- built in 1889 and seating 100 persons. Charles Matthew

ingham, in the Northern division of the county, hundred, Prior esq. who is lord of the manor, Lord Addington, the

petty sessional division, union and county court district Rector, and Mr. Stephen Francis Jones are the principal

of Buckingham, rural deanery of Claydon, archdeaconry landowners. The soil is clay; two-thirds of the land is

of Buckingham and diocese of Oxford. The church of pasture and one-third arable. The area. is 1,130 acres;

St. Cecilia is a. very ancient building of stone, consisting assessable value, £1,621; the population in 1891 was 330.

()f chancel, nave, south porch and an embattled western Sexton Edward White.

tower containing 2 bells: there is an ancient stone font: '
and in the nave a monument to three successive rectors Post Office.-William Linford, sub-postmaster. L~tters

Ilamed Thomas Egerton, and all of the same family, who arrive through Winslow at 7.30 a.m. &; 5.20 p.m. dis-

held the living from 1587 to 1720, and another to the patched at 6 a.m. &; 4.15 p.m. week days only. Postal

memory of the Rev. Alexander Burrell M.A. 50 years orders are issued here, but not paid. The nearest money

rector of this parish, who died 1771: the church was order &; telegraph office is at Padbury, 2 miles distant

r.estored in 1875, at a cost of £1,200, and in 1880 a A School Board of 5 members was formed 18 Feb. 1875;

clock was placed in the tower at a cost of £80 raised by W. A. Perkins, Padbury, clerk &; attendance officer to

subscription: on the front of the porch is a sun dial with the board

the date 1581: there are 170 sittings. The register Board School, built in 1877 at a cost of £720, for 65

dates from the year 1538. The living is a rectory, net children; average attendance, 56; William Hy. Har-

yearly value £274, derived from 290 acres of glebe, with wood, master

re>idence, in the gift of Philip 'Hart esq. and held since Carrier to Buckingham.-Harvey Smith, mono wed.&; sat

Sear Edwin, farmer

Ilaynes Miss Clarke Alfred, farmer, Pilclh farm Sear Geo. farmer, Hogg's Piece fann

Chapman Joseph Cummins Stephen, stud groom to C. Sear Joseph, farmer

Paine Rev. Edwin, Rectory M. Prior esq Stocker William, Crown P.H

Phillips Daniel Weld M.R.C.S.Eng. Garrett Richard, farmer Tompkins Fanny(Mrs.),btchr.&;shpkpr

Adstock house Jones Stephen Francis, farmer &; land- Weston Wm. farmer, Adstock fields

P.rioI' Char1e~ Matthew J.P. Adstock owner, Mill farm White Edward, farm bailiff to J. Chap-

manor King John, Chandos P.R man esq

AKELEY is a parish on the road from Buckingham allotment of 12~ acres. Akeley Wood, the residence of
to Towcester, 21 miles north from Buckingham station Mrs. Pilgrim, is a half-timbered Elizabethan cottage,
on the Verney Junction and Banbury branch of the Lon- standing in about 200 acres of well-timbered grass land,

don and North Western railway, in the Northern division part of Akeley Wood, a celebrated old cover, was left by
()f the county, hundred, petty sessional division, county William of Wykeham to New College, Oxford. The
ctJurt district and union of Buckingham, and in the rural Warden and fellows of New College, Oxford, are lords of
deanery of Buckingham, archdeaconry of Buckingham the manor; Abraham John Robarts esq. of Lillingstone
and diocese of Oxford. The church of St. James the Dayrell, the trustees of the late Lawrence Robert Rall
.Apostle, entirely rebuilt in 1854 by private subscription, esq. of Foscott, and Mrs. Pilgrim are the principal land-
is a building of stone, in the Early Decorated style, owners. The soil is clay; 1mbsoil, clay. The land is
1:onsisting of chancel and nave, and an embattled tower about equally divided between pasture and arable. The

on the south side, the basement of which forms a porch: area is 1,277 acres; assessable value, £1,535 148. 8d.;
the tower has an octagonal turret or spire at one angle, the population in 1891 was 380.
rising about 24 feet above the parapet, and contains a Sexton, Jonas Knibbs.
dock and 2 bells: there is 8 memorial window of Munich Post Office.-Mrs. Harriet Dytham, sub-postmistress.
-glass, erected in 1884 to the Rev. John Holford Risley Letters through Buckingham arriTe at 6.40 a.m. k I

RC.L., M.!.. 34 years rector (1841-74): the organ was p.m.; dispatched at 1.30 &; 5.30 p.m. week days &
introduced by privat-e subscription in 1854: there are II.30 a.m. sundays. Postal orders are issued here, but
257 sittings. The register dates from the year 1682. not paid. The nearest money order office is at Buck-
The living is a rectory, net yearly value £175, ingham &; telegraph office at Lillingstone Dayrell, :a
including 46 acres of glebe, with residence, in miles distant
the gift of Mrs. Pilgrim, and held since 1891 National School (mixed), erected in 1854, &; subsequently
by 1Ihe Rev. Alfred George Oleminson RA. ot enlarged for 100 children; average attendance, 65;
St. John's College, Oambridge. The Wesleyan chapel, William l, master

buil~ in 1829, win leat 100 perS<lns. There is 8. poor's Carrier.-William Henson, to Buckingham, daily


Cleminson Rev. Alfd.Geo.B.A.Rectory Denchfield Frederick William, farmer Miller John, Greyhound P.R. & baker

Pilgrim Mrs. Akeley wood Dunkley George, bricklayer Mumford John, farmer

COMMERCIAL. Dunkley J oseph, wood dealer Nicholls Jemima (Mrs.), Bull &I

Dytham George, shopkpr. & post office Butcher P.H

Attwood George, farmer Flint Sarah (Mrs.), shopkeeper Tibbets Thomas, builder

Attwood Mary (Mrs. ),farmr.& grazier Henson William, butcher & carrier Watts Robert, brickmaker & farmer

Attwood Robert, farmer Hickinbottom Elizabeth (Mrs.), shpkpr Winterburn John, farmer

Clarke John Elias, butcher & farmer Hubbard Robert John, farmer

AMERSHAM (formerly Agmondesham) is a market Rumsey M.D. 1824, and various memorials to the family

and union town and parish, on the Misbourne stream, of Eeles, 1727-1815: in the south aisle are inscribed

with a station about I mile from the town on the Ayles- stones or mural monuments to Edward Childe, 1676;

bury extenliion of the Metropolitan railway; it is 3! Philip Ayres esq. 1712 and the Rev. John Drake LL.D.

miles from Chalfont Road station on the same line, 7 50 years rector of Amersham, d. 26 June, 186o; and in

from High Wycombe station on the Great Western rail- the vestry a mural tablet to the Rev. Benjamin Robert-

way, 8 from Berkhampstead station on the London and shaw, rector of Amersham, 1728-43: in the south cross

North Western railway, 4! south from Beaconsfield, 3 aisle are brasses, with effigies, to John de la Penne,

south from Chesham and 26 from London, in the 1537, and Elizabeth, his wife, 1521; and to Henry

Southern division of the county, hundred and petty ses- Brudenell esq. 1430 and Alianora, his wife: in the north

sional division of Burnham, county court district of aisle is a brass effigy and inscription to Thomas Car-

Chesham, rural deanery of Amersham, archdeaconry of bonell esq. 1439 and Elizabeth, his wife, 14°°; there is

Buckingham and diocese of Oxford. The town consists also a mutilated brass of an ecclesiastic: the exterior of

of two streets intersecting in their centres where the the church was substantially restored in 1890, at a total

Market house stands, and is lighted with gas by a cost of £2,134, a portion of this sum being contributed

company and supplied with water by the Amersham, by the Rev. E. T. Drake, rector, and T. W. T. Drake

Beaconsfield and District Waterworks, opened in 1896, esq.: there are 400 sittings. The register dates from

from a reservoir at ColeshilI. Amersham was for-' the year 1561. The living is a rectory with the chapelry

roerly a parliamentary borough by prescription, but of Coleshill annexed, net yearly value {I,050, with resi-

was disfranchised by the Reform Act of 1832 (2 and 3 dence in the gift of Thos. Wm. Tyrwhitt-Drake esq. and

Wm. IV. c. 45). The church of St. Mary is a hand- held since 1863 by the Rev. Edwd. Tyrwhitt-Drake M.A.

some structure about 125 f{let in length, chiefly of Per- of Magdalene College, Cambridge, and surrogate. There

pendicular date, and consists of chancel with north aisle are Particular Baptist, General Baptist and Wesleyan

or Drake chapel, nave of four bays, with clerestory, chapels, and near Chesham Bois is a small Primitive

aisles, richly groined, south porch and an embattled Methodist chapel. The cemetery for the Church of

western tow{lr with pinnacles, surmounted by small spire England covers two acres; that for Nonconformists is of

and containing a clock and 6 bells: the nave and aisles similar extent; both are under the control of a joint com-

are divided by arcades of five pointed archei of Late mittee of the Amersham and Coleshill Parish Councils.

Decorated work: the stained east window was removed The Town Hall, which stands in the centre of the town,

here from the chapel of Lamer Manor House, Herts, on and was erected by Sir William Drake kt. who died

its reconstruction by Sir Bennett Garrard, 6th bart. M.P. in 1682, is an edifice of brick, the lower stage

for Amersham in 1761: there are also in the chancel forming an open piazza; the upper floor consists

other memorials to the family of Drake, including a of a large hall, surmounted by a lantern turret,

mural monument, by Bacon, to Thomas Drake Tyrwhitt- with clock, and is used for transacting public business

Drake esq. of Shardeloes, M.P. for Amersham, d. 1810; and for entertainments, and will hold 250 persons. There

a monument to William Drake esq. M.P., LL.D. d. 8 are six almshouses, built in the year 1657 by Sir William

Aug. 1796; and in the ve.stry a mural tablet. to Dr. Drake, formerly owner of Shardeloes, for the benefit of

Thomas Drake, rector of Amersham, 1775, and Elizabeth, six poor widows of farmers and tradesmen, who each
his wife, 1765; several memorial windows have been receive~. per week and a new gown every two years,
placed to the Drake family, including ~rederick also on the longest day 9s. 4d. and on the shortest day
Drake, Edward Drake and Mrs. Barbara Tyrwh~tt-Drake, IS. 4d. each, besides two loads of wood annually for
of Shardeloes, d. 5 Nov:. 1883, Th?ma~ Ty.rwhltt-Drake, firing: and six almshouses, built by Miss Day, for six
d. 24 July, 1888, and ~hzabeth Juha, hls.wlfe, d. 4 July, elderly females, endowed with 7s. {lach per week. The
1885: on the north SIde
with demi-effigy, placed of the chancel IS Wai~mlioanmuDmreankte, Tothill chSanreitlli'es~, Woaolmlperr'is~inHgalvesa';i Wharton's and Mrs.
in a niche, .to Sir Bent's' ous sums, altogether

bart. d. 1?69, and on the. south SIde, also III a recess, amounting to about £400 a year, are applied to different
between pIllars of .the DOTIC or~er, a cen?taph of black purposes. The market day is Tuesday, and fairs are

and gold, above whIch are medallion portraIts of Montagu held on Whit-Monday and on the 19th September. Here
Drake esq. M.P. for Amersham, d. 1698, and Jane are two flour mills and an extensive brewery and malt-
(Garrard), d. 1724: the mortuary chapel of the Drake ings are carried on by Messl's. W. and G. Well{lr. Shards-

family, on the north side of the chancel, has on the north loes, the ancient seat of the Drake family, stands
~ide a magnificent tomb, by Peter Sc~eem~ker, consis~- in a park of 700 acres, and is occupied by Thomas
Illg of a sarcophagus of black marble, gIlt WIth figures III William Tyrwhitt-Drake esq. J.P. lord of the manor and

white marble, beneath an elliptic arch, supported on principal landowner. Little Shardeloes is the seat of
pilasters, t~ Montague Garrard Drake esq. M.P. f?r Capt. Thomas Henry Tyrwhitt-Drake J.P. The soil is
Amersham .III .1713, 1715 and 1727 and for. Bucks III principally chalk and flint. The area is 6,000 acres.
1722 ; he dIed In 1728; over the vestry door IS a tablet chiefly arable, with much woodland; assessable value.
to Margaret, wife of the Rev. John Drake L~.l? rector of £10,170 ; the entire population in 1891 was 2,613, in-
Amersham from 1826; at the east end of thIS IS a monu- cluding 4 officers and 105 inma~s in the workhouse.
ment, with emblematical carving, in white marble, by

Bacon, to Elizabeth (Drake), widow of the R{lv. Richard COLESHILL is a hamlet and chapelry in the parish
Frank D.D. rector of Alderton, Suffolk: on the south
side are other memorials, by Bacon and others, to of Atr.ersham, li miles south, formerly in the county of
William Drake, jun. esq. LL.D., M.P. for Amersham, d.
1795 and Emily, his wife, d. 1806; Elizabeth (Raworth), Hertford, but by the Act 2 & 3 William IV. cap. 64 is-
wife of William Drake esq. d. 1757; Rev. Charles Tyr- now included in this county; it is about one mile ancf
whitt-Drake A.M. 1816; Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas a half from Amersham, on a hill, with much woodland.
Tyrwhitt-Drake esq. 1801 and Henry and Francis, his
sons, 1793-1801; Rachel, widow of William Drake, jun. The reservoir of the Amersham, Beaeonsfield and District
Waterworks Co. Limited is situated here; it supplies
Amersham and district, and has a capacity of 100,000
gallons. The church of All Saints, a chapel of ease to
esq. 1784 and Mary, his wife, 1778; Mary (Annesley), St Mary's, Amersham, is a building of flint and brick in
wife of the Rev. John Tyrwhitt-Drake M.A. rector of the Gothic style, consisting of chancel, nave, south porch
Amersham, d. 1827; and to Joane (Tothill), wife of and a small tower containing one bell: the are 300 sit-

Francis Drake esq. of Esher, 1625: in the south aisle is tings. Edmund Wailer, the poet, born in this hamlet,

a. brass, with the effigy of a child, to John, son of the March 3, 16°5, was M.P. for Amersham in two parlia-

foregoing, d. 1623: in the chancel is an altar tomb, with ments of Charles I.; and the celebrated Algernon Sidney
fluted pillars supporting a pediment, beneath which are represented it in 1679. Among the curiosities here is the-
kneeling figures of a lady and gentleman, and below an celebrated WaIler's Oak. The soil is principally chalk
inscription to Elizabeth, widow of William Bent esq. of and flint. The area is 1,810 acres; assessa·ble value,

Corby, Laic. 1730, and to George Bent, her son, 1714; £2,398; the population in 1891 was 516.
near which is a mural tablet, with an account of her
bequests to the town by will, dated June 25, 1728: Larkins Green is in this hamlet.

in the north eros! aisle is a mural tablet to James Winchmore Hill, 11 miles west, lies between ColeshiD


and Penn, being situated partly within the boundaries patched at 7 a.m. &; 3.5 &; 6.2S p.m. Nearest telegraph
office is at Amersham, 2 miles distant
of both those places.
Wall Letter Box, Coleshill, cleared 6.30 a.m. 2.25 &i
Post &; M. O. 0., S. B. &; Annuity &; Insurance Ofh~e, 6.30 p.m.; sunday, 1.25 p.m

Coleshill.-Allen Moore. ISears, sub-postmaster. Let-

ters through Amersham., arrive at 7 & II a.m.; dis-


Post, M. O. &; T. 0., T. M. 0., Express Delivery, Parcel Lond. Chalfont St. Peter; Chesham, No. 1 district, In.

Post, S. B. &; Annuity & Insurance & Stamp Office, Foot Churchill L.R. C.P.Lond. <;hesham; No. 2 dis-

High street.-Miss Emily .Ann Bettesworth, postrnis- trict, Thomas Freeman Long L.R.C.P.Lond. Chesham r

tress. Letters arrive from London &; all parts of the Missenden district, Edgar Olive Turner M.R.C.S.Eng. r
South of England per mail cart from ~lough at 5.22 L.R:C.P.Lond. Gr~at Missenden

a.m.; delivery commences at 7 a.m.; London, 9 a.m. Supermtendent RegIstrar, Robert Orton, High streetr

& 6 p.m.; dispatched at 9.45 &; 11.40 a.m. & 4.20 & Amersham; deputy, Robert Henry Rushforthr

7.15 p.m. Letters from Berkhampstead, including Amersham

North of England, Scotch & Irish letters, arrive at 5.10 Registrars ot Births &; Deaths, Amersham sub-districtr

a.m.; dispatched at 7. IS p.m. Box for London closes Frank Bryan, Union street, Amersham; deputyr

at 7.15 p.m. Box for Berkhampstead closes at 7. IS p.m Ebenezer T. King, Amersham; Beaconsfield sub-die--

Town Sub-Post &; M. O. 0., S. R & Annuity & Insurance trict, Richard Hedges, Beaconsfield; deputy, F.

Office, New Town.----Gilbert Hobbs, sub-postmaster. Wingrave, Beaconsfield; <Chalfont sub-district, Frank

Letters arrive from London at 7 a.m. & 12.30 &; 6.30 Register, Chalfont St. Giles; deputy, Ebenezer

p.m.; dispatched at II.15 a.m. & 3.30 & 6,45 p.ll Vaughan, Chalfont St. Giles; Chesham sub-district.

Post Office, The Common. Thomas Matthews, sub- Miss Ann G. Ford, Chesham; deputy, John Harding,

postmaster. Letters dispatched 7.25 a.m. & 6.10 p.m. ; Chesham; Missenden sub-district, William Douglas,

delivered 7.30 a.m. & 6. IS p.m. week days; sun- Great Missenden; deputy, Robert Douglas, Great

days, delivered 7.30 a.m.; dispatched 7.25 a.m. Postal Missenden

orders are issued here, but not paid. Amersham, 2 Registrar of Marriages, Thomas H. King, High street,

miles distant, is the nearest money order & telegraph Amersham; deputy, Ebenezer T. King, Amersham

office The Workhouse, a building in the Elizabethan style,

Roadside Letter Box at Chesham Bois, cleared at 7.45 was erected in 1838 for 350 inmates; Isaac Summers,

a.m. &; 3 & 6,45 p.m. week days & 6,45 p.m. on sundays master; Rev. Edwd. Bickersteth Cooper M.A. chaplain;

Wall Letter Box, Bury End, cleared at 8,4° a.m. & 3.15 Frederic Senior Turner L.R.C.P.Lond. surgeon;

& 6.55 p.m.; sunday, at 9.45 a.m Mrs Louisa Summer." matron

Wall Letter Box, Market square, oleared at 5 & 9.10 School Attendance Committee.
a.m. 3.20 & 7 p.m.; sunday, at 7 p.m
Meets at the Workhouse on every alternate board

COUNTY MAGISTRATES day, at 10.30 a.m.

Acting for the Amersham sub-division of the petty sps- Clerk, Robert Orton, High street, Amersham

sional hundred of Burnham. Attendance Officer, Thomas Knight, High st. Amersham

Grove Walter Frederick esq. Stone house, Penn,Amersham PUBLIC OFFICERS.
Tyrwhitt-Drake Rev. Edward, M.A. The Rectory,

Amersham Certifying Factory Surgeon, Frederic Senior Turner

Tyrwhitt-Drake Capt. Thomas Henry, Little Shardeloes, L.R.C.P.Lond
Assistant Overseer, Collector of Income Tax &; Poor's

Tyrwhitt-Drake 'rhos. Wm. esq. Shardeloes, Amersham Rates, Thomas Knight, High street

The Chairman, for the bme being, of the Amersham Clerk to Charities & Vestry Clerk, Robert Henry
Rural District Council, is an ex-officio m!.tgistrate c Rushforth

Clerk, Robert Henry Rushforth, High street PLAOES OF WORSHIP, with times of services.
Petty Sessions held fourth monday in month at Town
hall at 10.30 a.m. The following placeS' in the hundred St. Mary's Church, Rev. E~ward Tyrwhitt-Drake M.A~
of Burnham are in the district: Amersham, Peun &; rector; 10.30 a.m. &; 3 &; 6.15 p.m.; wed. 10.15 a.m
Baptist, Rev. John William Colley; 10.30 a.m. & 6 p.m. ;_
mono &; tues. 7 p.m

AMERSHAM RURAL DISTRICT OOUKOIL. Baptist (Particular), 10.30 a.m. ,&; 6 p.m.; tues. 7 p.m.

:Meets at the Amersham Guardians' Board Room on every Primitive Methodist, The Common, 10.30 a.m. & 6 p.m
alternate Board Day, at 2 p.m. Wesleyan, 10.30 a.m. & 2.30 & 6 p.m.; wed. 7 p.m
Brethren, The Room, 10.30 a.m. &; 6.30 p.m
Clerk, Robert Orton, High street, Amersham
Treasurer, Frederick Butcher, Chesham

Medical Officer of Health, Frederic Senior Turner Free Grammar, High street, endowed by the Rev Robert'

hR.C.P.Lond. Broadway house Challoner D.D. who in 1624 left land as an endow-

Burveyor of Highways, J ames McPherson, Broadway ment for a Free Latin Grammar school; it will ac--
Sanitary Inspector, Albert B. Crowhurst, High street commodate 60 boys; average attendance, 30; Ernest

PUBLIC ESTABLISHMENTS. Harry Wainwright RA. of St. John's College, Cam-

bridge, head master

Cemetery, Robert Henry Rushforth, clerk to the joint Free Endowed National (mixed), for 340 children, 120

committee Amersham & Coleshill Parish Councils boys, 120 girls &; lQO infants; average attendance, 84-
!Day's Almshouses, Robert Henry Rushforth, clerk boys, 65 girls & 69 infants; William G-arton, master;

!Drake's Almshouses, hobert Henry Rushforth, clerk to Miss Gertrude Hayward, mistress; Miss May Beves..

the trustees infants' mistress

Volunteer Fire Brigade, Town hall, Capt. J. E. Mead National School (mixed), Amersham common, built in

AMERSHAM UNION. 1873 & enlarged in 1891, for 120 children; average·
attendance, II5; Mrs. Sarah Saunders, mistress

Board day, alternate tuesdays, at 10.30 a.m. at the Work- National School (mixed), Coleshill, for 130 children;
house. average attl)ndance, IIS; Fredk. Stubbings, master

The union comprises the following places :-Amersham, Metropolitan Railway Station, Arthur Skey, station.

Ashley Green, Beaconsfield, Ohalfont St. Giles, Chalfont master

St. Peter, Ch.enies, Chesham, Chesham Hois, Coleshill, Conveyance to London.-Omnibus leaves Griffin hotel
Lee, Great MIssenden, Penn & Seer Green. The popula- to meet all trains

tion of the union in 1891 was 20,454; area, 47,574 OARRIERS to :
acres; assessable value, £81,75°

Clerk to the Board of Guardians &; Assessment Com- Chesham-Frederick Free, from the 'Griffin,' every
mittee, Robert Orton, High street, Amersham
Treasurer, Frederick Butcher, Chesham vi'·tues. frL & sat. at 12 & returns the same evenings at 6

London-Hodgkinson, High street, mono &; thurs.
Relieving &; Vaccination Officers, 1St district, Frank Chalfont St. Giles & St. Peter & Uxbridge, to ' Lamb/-
Bryan, Amersham; 2nd district, Frank Baynham, Old Bailey, & 5 Bartholomew Close E C, returning 'Wed.

Chesham & sat
~edical Officers &; Public Vaccinators, Amersham &; Uxbridge Edward Mason, mono tues. thurs. &; sat. a11-
Penn districts, Frederie Senior Turnf'r L.R.C.P.Lond. II a.m. returning same day

Amersham ; Beaconsfield district, Francis J ohnson, Wycombe Fred Free, tues. &; fri. at 9 a.m. returning:

Beaconsfield; .lJhalfont district, Chas. Brooks L.R.e.p. same evem•ng



PRIVATE RESIDENTS. Gardner James Cardwell M.R, RCh. Turner Frederie Senior, Broadwayho

Breed Mrs. High street Cantab. 'Dhe Firs, High street Tyrwhitt-Drake Capt. Thomas Henry

Cheese John, Woodville ho. High st Goodyear Mrs. High street J.P. Little Shardeloes

G"larke Mrs. Apsiey house, High st Greaves Edward Harrison, High st Tyrwhitt-Drake Rev. Edward M.A.,

Clarke Henry G. Station road Halt Mrs. High street J.P. Rectory

Coleman Miss, High street Holloway Rev.George LL.B.Church st Tyrwhitt-Drake Thomas William J.P.

Colley Rev. John William (Baptist), King Thomas H. High street Shardeloes

High street Milner Mrs. Beel house, The Common Wainwright Ernest Harry RA. (head

Dawson Miss, High street Orton Robert, High street master Grammar school), High st

Dickinson Miss, Orchard End, The Rushforth Robert Henry, High street Weller George, The Plantation

Common Selby Thomas, Broadway Weller Gerard M. H. Rumseys,

Faught Rev. Frederick Le Clere B.A. Skey Arthur, Flint cot. The Common Church street

(curate), High street Sladen John, The Gables, Station road WeIler Miss, Church street

Ferry Rev. William Bromley RA. Statham Charles Holloway, High st \Vhitaker Donald, White ho. Church st

(curate), Union street Statham Miss, High street Winfield Thomas, Tresco ho. High st

Ford Clement Garrett, Ohureh street Stuart Miss, High street Young Mrs. Woodcroft, Station road

Ford Hugh Chesterton, Arundel Toovey Miss, High street ,Young Mrs. Lynwood, High street

house, High street

COMMERCIAL. I• Greaves Edward Harrison M.R.C.S.Eng. k L.R.C.P,
Lond. surgeon &; physician, High street
Addison Henry, White Lion P.H. The C1lmmon

Aldridge Hannah (Mrs.), shopkeeper, High street ' Grimsdell Harry, blacksmith, The Common

•.udridge Sarah (Mrs.) &; Emily (Miss), drapers, High st Grist Ronald, manager of the Capital &; Counties Bank,

Amersham, Beaconsfield &; District Waterworks Co. Lim. High street

(Robert Henry Rushforth, sec.; H. G. Clarke, manager) Gurney Marion (Mrs.), baker &; corn chandler, Union st

.A.mersham Conservative Club (T. McQuhae, sec) Haddon Albert Henry, chemist, High street

Amersham Gas Light &; Coke Co. Limited (Henry G. Hailey Catherine (Mrs.), baker, High street

Clarke, manager &; sec.), High street Hawkins David, farmer, Rain's farm, The Common

.A.mersham &; District Ballot &; Sale Building Society (Jas. Hill Charles, boot maker, Union street

E. Mead, sec.), High street Hill Elizabeth (Mrs.), farmer, Prospect ho.The Commill

Archer Charles, farmer, Weedon Hill farm Hill George, butter factor, The Common

Arnott Charles, beer retailer &; boot maker, Union street Hill Joseph, beer retailer, The Common

Atkins Benjamin, dyer, Union street Hilsden Levi, miller (water), Quarenton mill

Avis Charles, chair maker, Union street Hobbs Gilbert, Temperance hotel, Station road

AyleU James, beer retailer, Bury end Hobbs J. &; Son, coal merchants, Bury end

Ayres Thomas, blacksmith, High street Hobbs 'William, farmer, Quarenton farm

Bailey Arthur, builder, High street Hodgkinson Emily (Mrs.), shopkeeper &; carrier, High It

Eerkley Arthur John, farmer, Union street Keen Frederick, shopkeeper, Union street

Berry William, Griffin hotel, family &; commercial, &; Keen Joseph, butcher, High street

posting house, High street King Ebenezer T. deputy registrar of births, deaths

Bettesworth Emily Ann (Miss), postmistress, High st &; marriages

Bizzell Alfred P. grocer, china, glass &; earthenware dealer, King Edwin Ernest, clothier &; draper, High street

67 &; 72 High street King Thomas Howes, chemist, stationer &; registrar of

Brackley John, beer retailer, Winchmore hill marriages &; insurance agent, High street

Brazil George Herbert, butcher, High street Knight Thomas, assistant overseer, collector of poor rate.

Bright William, boot maker, High street &; income tax, High street

Bryan Frank, relieving &; vaccination officer &; registrar Knowles George, Hare &; Hounds P.H. Union street

of births &; deaths, Union street Lane Charles, shopkeeper, Bury end

Capital &; Oounties Bank Limited (branch) (Ronald Grist, Langston John, harness maker, Broadway

manager), High street; draw on head office, 39 Thread- Line George, wheelwright, The C1lmmon &; Broadway

needle street, London E C Line Harriett (Mrs.), blacksmith &; wheelwright, High s\

Cemetery (Robert H. Rushforth, clerk t() the joint com~ Macdonald Henry S. Old King's Arms P.H. High street
Macpherson J ames, surveyDr of roads to the Amersham
mittee Amersham & Coleshill Parish Councils

Cheese John, solicitor &; commissioner for oaths, Wood- Rural District Council, Broadway

ville house, High street Martin Elizabeth (Mrs.), plumber, Union street

Chidwick Benj.gardener to Geo.WeIler esq.The Common Mason Edward, corn chandler &; carrier, High street

Clark .Annie (Mrs.), farmer, Bendrose Mason Thomas, beer retailer, High street

Clarke & Hawkins, auctioneers &; valuers, High street Mead James E. grocer &; seedsman, High street

Olarke &; Bonner, grocers & provision dealers, &; agents Morton Thomas Henry, boot maker, High street

for W. &; A. Gilbey Limited, wine &; spirit merchants, Muckley Arthur, Station hotel, family &; commercial,

High street Station road

Crook Obadiah, insurance agent, High street Orton Robert, clerk to the guardians &; assessment k

Crowhurst Albert B. veterinary surgeon, &; sanitary school attendance committee, &; supt reg. of Amer-

inspector to rural district council, High street sham union &; clerk to the RuralDistrict Council,High s'

Darlington George, builder, contractor, house decorator, Pain Thomas, turner, Winchmore hill

plumber, brick, tile &; lime maker, & insurance agent, Parslow Thomas, Old Griffin P.H. Mop end

High street. See advertisement Payne John, farmer, Hyrons farm

Death Herbert Alfred, baker &; caterer; diploma London Phillips Henry Edward, Swan P.H. High street

Exhibition Pursey George, beer retailer, Winchmore hill

Dumbarton William Henry, butcher, High street &; Read Frederick, Crown family &; commercial htl.High Id

Child's farm, Woodrow Reading Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, The Common

Dell Robert, farmer, Bury end Redding John, shopkeeper, High street

Edwards Arthur, new~ agent, London road Redhead WiIliam, ironmonger, Union street

Eyers Mary (Mrs.), baker, High street Redrup George, hair dresser, Union street

Fleet Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, The Common Richardson John William, basket manfctr. Station road

Francis William, turner, Winchmore hill Rushforth Robert Henry, solicitor, clerk to the county

Free End(}wed Latin Grammar School (Ernest Harry magistrates, Drake's & Day's Almshouses, the join'

Wainwright B.A. head master), High street committee of the .A.mersham &; Ooleshill Parish Coun-

Fuller Henry, draper, Union street cils &; t(} the charities, &; vestry clerk &; deputy supt.

Gardner James Cardwell M.B. &; B.C. surgeon, The Firs, registrar of Amersham union & sec. of Amersham,

High street Beaconsfield &; District Waterworks Co. Lim. High A

George William, shopkeeper, High street Saunders George, beer retailer, The Common

Gibb! Emma (Mrs.), beer retailer, High street Scott Edward, butcher, Union street

Gilbert Thomas, Chequers P.H. Bury end Scott John, baker, The Common

Gilbert William, Saracen's Head P.H. Union street Sibley.Arthur A. miller (water), High street

Glenister William, beer retailer, The Common Sladen John, butter &; egg merchant, Bury end

Gomm Robert, carman, High street Smith Henry, brick maker, The Common

Gomm Sarah (Mrs.), milliner, Hig-h street Southam Ann (Miss), shopkeeper, High street

(Jray John Jos. farm bailiff to T. W. Tyrwhitt-Drake Stone John G. tailor, High street

esq. Cold Morehams Summers baac, master of workhouse, Union street


T.arbuck WTIliam. greengrocer, Union street Whiteside John, baker, High street

Tomlins Fred-erick, beer retailer, High street Wilkins William, coal merchant, Bury end
Williams M. &; Sons, agricultural implement repairers ~
'Toovey Clement, shopkeeper, Union street

Toovey Frederick S. furniture broker, High street general plumbers, High street

Toovey James T. chair maker, Bury end Williams Fred P. builder, High street

Turner Frederick Senior L.R.C.P.Lond., M.R.C.S.Eng. Wilson Ernest, hair dresser, High street

surgeon, certifying factory surgeon, public vaccinator Wilson Waiter John, harness maker, High street

& medical officer to Amersham, Penn & Coleshill dIS- Wingrave Thomas, builder, High street

trict & medical officer of health to Rural District Coun- , Woodbridge Joseph, boot &; shoe maker, The Common

cil, Broadway house Woolhead Charles, shopkeeper, The Common

Ward George, photographer, High street Young Elizabeth (Miss), fancy draper & millnr. nigh it

Weller W. & G. brewers & maltsters, Church street


Fawcett Edmund Alderson, The Rosary) COMMERCIA.L. Hudson Arthur, Red Lion P.H

Helps Mrs. Bun~alow Boag Goo. farmer, Hertfordshire farm Lane Stephen (Mrs.), wheelwright

Hodgson Mrs. 'l'he Larches Butcher Edward, farmer MuckIey Mary (Miss), beer retailer
Howland Thomas Arth. Rushey mead Cyster Elizabeth (Mrs.), Magpie r.H Newton WaIter, miller (wiud)

Inwards James, Orahard house Gibbs James, farmer, Fragnall farm Palmer Ephraim, grocer

Jarvis Mrs. Nosseghem Gurney James, land steward to H. Pursey Geo. Plough P.H. &; chair ma

Shaw Mrs. Prospect villa Pocock esq. Brentford grange Sears Allen Moore, boot &; shoe maker

Taylor Mrs. Tom, Porch house Gurney Wm. farmer, Glory farm &; post office

Turner Mrs Hatch Joseph, chair maker Slade James, blacksmith

lfeatherby Edward, Co:eshill house Hobbs Joseph, beer retailer & potter Ware Frederick, farmer, Ongar hill

ASHENDON is a villag-e and parish, and is the head 1670. The living is 80 vicarage, with that of Dor-

'Of a petty sessional division (sessions held at Brill), I ton annexed, joint net yearly value £160, in

mile south from the Wotton station on the tramway from the gift of Earl Temple, and held since 1871 by the Rev.

Quainton road, and 4! south-west from Quainton John Cramer Add'ison RA. of St. John's College, Oam-

Road sta,tion on the Metropolitan Extension railway, 9 bridge, who resides at Dorton. The finest examples of

weSlt from Aylesbury, and 4 east from Brill, in the saucer-shape fibulre known are tW() of the Anglo-Saxon

Northern division of the county, hundred of Ashendon, period, 3! inches in diameter and iewelled, found in this

union and county oourt district (}f Aylesbury, rural deanery parish and placed in the collection of the late Lord

of Waddesdon. archdeaconry of Buokingham and dIocese Braybrooke F.S.A. Earl Temple is the lOrd of the manor

0f Oxford. The church of St. Mary i5 an ancient build- and principal landowner. The soil is lOam and clay;

ing of stone in the Decorated, Early English and Perpen- subsoil, clay and limestone. The land is principally used

dicular styles, consisting of chancel, nave with clerestory, for pasture. The area is 1,790 acres; assessable valuet
Ilnd an arcade of three arches connecting it with the south £2,479; the population in 1891 was 199.

aisle, south por?h .and ~ western t(}wer containing 3 bells; Pollicott (Upper and Lower) form a hamlet in this
there are two pls~mre; I~ th.e chancel,beJ.leath a depressed parish about half a mile SOUlth ()f th village.
erocketed ar{'h WIth fimal, IS a tomb WIth the figure of a ' .e
cross-legged warrior in chain mail, the hauberk rooching Letters through Thame arrIve at 9 a.m. & 4.30 p.m.

to his knees and oovered with a surcoat; his right hand Wall Box cleared at 5 p.m·i. sunday, 8.45 a.m. The

grasps his sword and his left the scabbard, the left arm nea~est Ill;0ney order & telegraph office is at Brill, about

bearing a large heater-shaped shield; the effigy is said 2 .miles dIstant . . .

to be that of Sir John Bugden (or BuckJtotJt) of Pollicott· NatIonal School, bUIlt ID 1775, for 40 children; average

there are also many mural monumenihs; the church. attendance, 16; the elder children attend the school

affords 100 siUings. The register date.s from the year at Wotton

Luckett Misses, Ivy cottage Curtis Albt. Edwd. farmr. East farm Ridgway Emma (Mrs.)& Frank,farmn
Ridgway Wm. Hy. farmer, Watbridg~
Harper Edward, farmer, Hill farm

COMMERCIAL. George Thomas John, farmer, Upper Tompkins Shadracht farmer, Upper

Boughton Richd. farmer, Eastend frm Pollicott Pollicott

Churchill Alfred, Red Lion P.R Read Thomas, farmer Watts Edward, blacksmith

ASHLEY GREEN is a parish, formed by an Older of mains of an old Danish fort; the walls and moat are still

the County Council, dated 16 March, I8g6, from the civil in a state of preservation. The breeding of pheasants is

parish of Chesham; it is situated on a hill on the borders carried on extensively in this parish. The land is chiefly

of Herts, about 3 miles north-east from Chesham, and 2! arable. The area is 3,500 acres; assessable value, £2,868 ;

'from Berkhampstead station on the main line of the Lon- the population in 1891 was 56!.

don and North Western railway, in the Mid division of Leigh Green, Il miles SQuth, and Whelpley Hill, 3

the county, hundred of Chesham, Amersham union, Ches- miles ell!st, are places in this parish. There is a school

ham petty sessional division and county court district, chapel at Whelpley Hill, in wJlich divine service is held

rural deanery of Amersham, archdeaconry of Bucking- once every Sunday. By the will of Thomas CurtiS', (}f

ham and diocese of Oxford. The ecclesiastical parish Berkhampstead. £6,000 was left to support a, scho(}l at

was formed October 29, 1875. The church of St. John Whelpley Hill in this parish, the remainder to a clergy-

the Evangelist, erected at the cost of Miss Dorrien, and man of the Church of England for performing one

consecrated in 1875, is a building of flint with stone dres- service in Whelpley Hill school chapel every Sunday.

sings, in the Early English style, consisting of chancel, Parish Clerk, Ezra Waterton•

.nave of four bays, south aisle, south porch and a bell Post & M. O. 0., S. B. & Annuity & Insurance Office. •

turret over chancel arch containing 2 bells: the stained James Palmer, sub-posrtmaSlter. Letters through Berk-

-east window is a memorial to Col. R. A. Smith-Dorrien, hampstead arrive at 8.15 a.m. & 4.30 p.m.; dispatched

who died in 1879, and was inserted by his family: the at II.30 a.m. &; 8.20 p.m; sunday, dispatched, 8.20

~ast end of the chancel has been adorned with mural paint- p.m. The nearest telegraph office is at Berkhampstead,

ings, executed as a memorial to the late Miss Darrien, 3 miles distant

founder of the church: there is a fine eagle lectern of Schools.

carved oak: there are ISO sittings. The register dates National (mixed), for 90 children; average attendance,

from the year 1875. The living is a vicarage, net yearly 80; & supported in part by Mrs. Smith-Dorrien; Miss

value £250, with residence, in the gift of Thomas .Alger- Rose Abbey, mistress

non Smith-Dorrien-Smith esq. of Tresco, Scilly Islands, National (mixed), Whelpley Hill, built in 1880, for 100

and held since 1884 by the Rev. John Ross Barker M.A. children; average arotendance about 41; supported in

'6f Trinity College, Dublin. Here is a small Baptist part by a bequest of Thomas Onrtis esq. meIlJtioned

'Chapel, seating 50 persons. In Grove farm are the re- above; Miss Mercer, mistress

Earker Rev. John RosSi M.A. Vicarage COMMERCIAL. Brown Jas. farmr. & pheasant breeder

Northoote Hon. Amyas Stafford, The Bunker Jonathan, frmr. Leigh green

Thorne Barnes Edwin, farmer, Whelpley hill Burley George, Eagle P.B
Shelley Frederick, The ~horne
Batchelol" Thomas, farmer & pheasant Dickens Fredk. William, farm bailiff
w Capt. Curtis, Spencer's farmt
Woodiwiss Samuel, Sloughlands Stud breeder, The Grove farm

farm; & at Sedgemere, East Finch- Bedford Barnett & William, farmers Whelpley hill

ley, London N Bedford Edwin & Ephraimt farmers BUCKS. 2


Denoh Thomas, 'White Horse P.H. Long John, farmer, Pressmoor Puddephatt John Stephen, farmer

Whelpley hill Miles Jas. farmr. & pheasant breeder Robinson Fred, stud groom to S.

Fuelling George, farmer, Grove lane Newman James, farmer Woodiwiss esq. Sloughlands

Lane Frederick John, farmer Palmer James, baker, Post office Slmlllons Edwd. farmer, The Moors-

Lane Frederick Quincey, farmer Potter William, farmer, Snow hill WilSQn Jesse, farmer, Whelpley hill

ASTON ABBOTS (or Albbots kston) is a smaJ~ £107, including 99 acres of glebe, with residence, in the
village and parish 3! miles north-west from Marston gift of Lady Wantage, and held since 1887 by the Rev.
Ga.te station on the Aylesbury and Oheddington branch Thos. Waddon Martyn, of Magdalen College, Oxford.

of the London and North Western railway and 5i north- The Congregational chapel, erected in 1839, will seat 150;
east from Ayles,bury, in the Mid diVlision of the county, the Primitive Methodist chapel, erected in 1862, seats

union and county court district of Aylesbury, hundred 01 150, and has a Sunday school attached. A Church Room
Cabtesloe, Linslade petty sessional division, formerly a was erected here in 1898, and is used for technical in-
peculiar of the Bishop of London, but now transferred to struction. The parish allotments comprise 18 acres. The
,the diocese of Oxford and archdeaconry of Buckingham abbey, the property and residence of Edward Hart esq.
and in the rural deanery of Mursley. This place derives a mansion of brick and stone, was anciently a seat of the
its suffix of "Abbots" from the fact that the manor abbots of St. Albans; it stands pleasantly overlooking
belonged to the Abbey of St. Albans, the abbots of which the town and vale of Aylesbury, and in the grounds is a
religious house had a. country seat here. The church sheet of water. Aston is a meeting place for the Roths-
of St. James is a small building of stone, chiefly of the child stag hounds. Lord Wantage is lord of the manor.
Decorated period, oonsisting of chancel, nave, south porch The principal landowners are Lord Wantage, Edward Hart>
and a western embattled tower with square turret, COIl- esq. Joseph Major-Lucas esq. Mr. William Geo. Elliott
taining 5 bells and a chiming clock striking the quarters; and Messrs. Charles and Henry T. Birdsey. The soil is
there is a good piscina in the south wall of the chancel; sand and gravel; subsoil, sand. The chief crops are
in 1890 an organ chamber Wl8S built, and an organ added grass and wheat. The area is 2,198 acres; assessablEl'
at a cost of £200; the stained east window is a memorial value, £2,976; the population in 1891 was 281.
to Rear Admiral Sir James CIarke Ross kt. d. 1862, and Burston (or Birdsttane), caUed in Domesday Book
J;ady RoS's, d. 1857, both of whom were buried in the "Bricstock," and about I mile south-west, is in this
churchyard; the church was re9tored and partly rebuilt parish; ~t n<lw contains two farms.
in 1865-6, a,t a cost of about £.1,23°, under the superin- Post Office.-Mrs. Mary Busson, sub-postmistress. Let-

tendence of the late G. E. Street esq. R.A.; the towel', tars through Aylesbury arrive at 8.30 a.m.; dispatched'

which is the only portion of the old church n<lw standing, 4.55 p.m. week days only. Postal orders aTe issued
is of the 14th century, the remainder being of the nth here, but not paid. The nearest money order & tele~
century; there is an ancient oak cheslt containing the graph office is at Wingrave, 2 miles distant

registen and parish documenlts; the church furniture Parochial School (mixed), built in 1874, & enlarged 1896p
wa.s presented by Mrs. Th<Jrnton and family from the for H20 children; averag~ attendance, about 6o; Arth.
proceeds of private sales of their own work; there are E. Harris, master; Mrs. Harris, mistress
150 sittings, 60 being free. The register dates from Oarriers. Joseph Kent, to Aylesbury, daily; John Higgsp

the year 1559. The living is a vicarage, net yearly value to Aylesbury, sat. only


Denchfield Mrs. Burston house Humphreys John, Bull & Butcher

Elliott Mrs Brandon George, blacksmith P.R. & baker

Eustace Frank Busson Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Kent Jsph. Royal Oak P.R. &; carrier

Gates B. John Post office Miller Jane (Mrs.), shopkeeper

Gates Miss Capp John, shoe maker Mortimer Charles Thomas, farmer

Hart Edward, The Abbey Denchfield William Henry, farmer &; Pargeter Thos. A. frmr. Up. BurstoD

Hatton Mrs. salesman, Lower Burston Roads James, farmer, Norduck

Martyn Rev. Thomas Waddon (vicar) Elliott Wm. Geo. farmer, Oxley's farm Roads Jsph. jun. frmr. Vicarage frm

McKean Beverley Blair, The Firs Ranis Geo. H. farmr.Long Moor frm Sinfield Arthur, shopkeeper

Pitt Mrs Higgs, John, coal mer. & carrier Stranks Joseph, shopkeeper

ASTON CLINTON is a township, parish and village will hold 400 persons. The former seat of Warwick, 3rd

on the road from Aylesbury to Tring, from which it is and last Viscount Lake, who died June 24, 1848, is now the

4! miles north-west, 4 south-east from Aylesbury, and 31 property and residence of Louisa, Dowager Lady de Roths-
miles from Stoke Mandeville station on the Aylesbury child, the mansion having been rebuilt on an enlarged

section of the Metropolitan railway, in the Mid division scale by the late Sir Anthony de Rothschild bart. TbEl'

of the county, hundred, pettty sessional division, union manorial rights were extinguished in 1814 by the" In-

and county court district of Ayleg.bury, rural deanery of closure Award," in exchange for 5 or 6 acres of land.

Wendo·ver, archdeaconry of Buckingham and diocese of The Dowager Lady de Rothschild, L{)l'd Rothschild, of

Oxford. The Chiltern hills run through this parish and Tring Park, Alfred Charles de Rothschild esq. of Halton,

the village is supplied with water from them by the the Rector, and the Mercers' Company are the chief land-

company which supplies Aylesbury. 'Dhe church of St. owners. The soil is stiff loam; subsoil, clay. The chief

Mlichael is a building of stone, in the Eail'ly English crops are wheat, barley, beans and clover. The entire

style, with Perpendicular additions, consisting of chancel, area of the civil parish is 3,809 acres; assessable value,

nave, aisles, &Quth porch and an embattled western tower with St. Leonard's, £6,497; the entire population in 1891

containing 6 bells; it was reS'toroo in 1867 at a cost of was 1,393, of which 1,246 are in the ecclesiastical parish.
£1,000, of which £500 was given by John Hall esq. late St. Leonard's, part of the civil parish of Aston Clintonp

a resident in this parish, being a portion of a large sum is now a separate ecclesiastical parish.
of money left to him as trustee by a lady for the purpose Sexton, Damel Bishop.
)f resrtoring and building churches, and a sum of £250 Post, M. O. &; T. 0., T. M. 0., Express Delivery, Parcel
was presented by the late Sir Anthony de Rathschild Post, So B. &; Annuity & Insurance Office. Wm. Sharp,

bart.; an organ was built in 1894 at a cost of £280; a sub-postmaster. Letters through Tring; delivery at 7

andsome stone pulpit has been erected; the churchyard & 9·45 a.m. &; 5 p.m. for callers only; dispatched at

is partially surrounded by a belt of lime trees; there are 1. 25 &; 7.35 p.m

418 sittings. The register of baptisms dates from the Wall Letter Box, Tring road, cleared at 1.20 a.m. &;

year 1566, and burials and marriages, from 1560. The 7.30 p.m. week days &; 5.30 p.m. on sundays

living is a rectory, net yearly value £545, derived from Schools.
510 acres of glebe, with residence, in the g-ift of Jesus
College, Oxford, and held since 1881 by the Rev. Thomas Namonal (for boys). built in 1887 for 150 children;
Williams M.A. late fellow of Jesus College, Oxford, average attendance, 92; Frederic Beman Fells, master
and surrogate. Here is So Baptist chapel, built in 1830
and rebuilt in 1846, and again rebuilt in 1897, at a cost British, built in 1860, for 120 girls>; average ILtJtendance,
of £500, and has sittings for 500 persons. Services are
also held in Aston Hall, a building erected in 1878 and 100; & for 120 infants; average attendance, 85; Miss
Jes's!e Peake, girls' misttress; Miss NeIlie Wright,
infants' mistress

holding 120 persons. Turpin's charity of £10 net yearly Carriers to:

is for bread. About 1660 Sir Gilbert Gerrard bart. of BuckIa.ndr--iPhlIip Menda.y, weds. &; Stilts

Flamibards, Harrow, bequeathed land now (1899) pro- Waddesdon---Crook Levi, weds

ducing £25 yearly, for the repairs {If the church. The Dondon-Goorge Read, mon.&; thnrs. returning tues.& S8~

preparation of straw for plaiting was formerly an An omnibus far pMsengers &; parcels in conneotion. with

impOTtant employment of the inhabitants of this> parish, MetropolitMl railway, leaves AS1bon Clinton every w..8ek

bUJt is now decreasing. Arnthony Hall, erected in 1884, day for Aylesbury at 8,40 a.m. &; 12.40 &; 5.15 p.m.;

by .he Dowager Lady de Rothsehild for entertainments, returning 10.IS a.m. &; 4 &; 7.15 p.m


PRIVA.TE RESIDENTS. Cartwright Albert, beel' retailer Read Frederick, pure Aylesbury duck

Barber Herbert John, Brewery house Clark Charles Isaac, Rose & Crown breeder for exhibition & show pur-

Battersea Lord M.A.; & Surrey ho. P.R. & brtcher poses; for particulars, see advert.

Hyde Park place, London W De Fraine George, carpenter end of book

Burrow Vincent M.B. Baywood house Co-oper~tive Stores (James Casemore, Read George, The Rothsohild Arms

Casemore Mrs sec) hotel; good accommodation for

Hervey-Bathurst Felton Fowler Charles, farmer ... travellers, cyclists &c.; stabling &

Jenkins l~ev. HowN William B.A.. Gates Geo. beer rtlr. Aston wharf posting, general cartage contractors
Gate~ William, corn dealer & meal- &; furniture removers
(curate), Pleasant viNa

Rothschild Dowager Lady de; & 19 man, Western road Rhodes George, plumber &; decorator

Grosvenor place, London W Gilbert Richard, land steward to Lord Ridgway Wm. beer rtlr. &; duck brdr

Schaefer Miss Rotfuschild Hobinson Charles, plait straw dealer

Vogt William, The Lawn Gomm Charles, timber merchant & Roffe Henry, The Bell P.H

Williams Rev. Thoml1lSl M.A. Rectory dealer; timber bought by lump, RoUe John, carpenter & shopkeeper

measure or standing, fencing tim- RoUe Jsph. plait straw dlr. &; farmer

COMMERCIA.L. bel' &c. for sale Rolfe Lucy (Miss), shopkeeper

.Antbony BaU Gccdson John, duck breedr.& shpkpr Ryall John, plumber &; house decortr

.bhdown Henry, carpenter to Gow~ Thlmas, pig dealer Saunders Evelyn (Miss), village nurse

DO~Slger Lady de R{)thschild Gregcry James, farmer for Dowager Lady de Rothschild

Aston Clinton Cricket Club (F. B. HaJI Wm. In. farmer, Vaohes farm Sharp Henry, boot maker

Fells, sec) Hambridge WiNiam Frederick, stud Sharp Wm. plait straw dlr. Post office

Ballad .Ann (Mrs.), farmer grocm to Lord Battersea M.A Sheerman John, collector of taxes

Ballad Joseph Purssell, farmer, Hand Henry, house steward to Stone John, boot &; shoe maker

Rookery Park farm Dowager Lady de Rothschild Stranks William, chimney sweeper

Barber H • .J. & Co.brewers &; agents Hervey-Bathurst Felton, land steward Swan Coffee Tavern (Samuel Taylor.

for Barclay, Perkins &; Co. Limited, to Dowager Lady de Rothschild manager)

London, Aston Clinton brewery Horwood Elizabeth (Mrs.), farmer, Terry Edward, Partridge Arms P.H.

Barter Ann (Mrs.), laundress Lodge farm &; carpenter

Bandy John &; Henry Charles RS.S. Howe Robert, omnibus proprietor &; Th<lrn Isabella (Mrs.), shopkeeper

shoeing &; general smiths, agricul- livery stable keeper Thorn Joseph, straw plaiter

tural implement makers &; repairers, Keen Geol'ge, straw dealer Thorne Williaan, beer retailer

jobbing &; mechanical work of all Keen Joseph, ooal dealer &; farmer Todd Thomas, baker, grocer, corn

kinds executed, Rothschilds'smithy King George, builder dealer, "'provision merchant &; general

Bishop Daniel, beer retailer Lc'\"egrove Reuben, beer retailer stores

Bishop Winifred (Mrs.), Oak P.B Molique Miss, manageress Asto:J. Tomlin Mary Ann (Mrs.), shopkeepet'

Bishop Thomas, farmer, College frm Clintcn Institute for the Training Tompkins William Ernest, coach

Bonham Joseph, plumber of Serv3Ilts, founded! &; supported builder, carpenter, joiner &; under-

Bunce WilIiam, Waggon & Horses P.R by the Dowager Lady de Rothschild taker, wheelwright &c. ; estimates

Burnbam Charles, coal merchant Munger Harry, beer retailer furnished

Burnham Frederick, straw dealer Nicholls Charles, plait straw dealer Ward Lydia (Mrs.),beer rtlr.&; shpkpr

Burnham James, hay straw dealer Parker Joseph, Palm-in-Hand P.H Warren William Hedley, head gardener-

& merchant &; forage contractor; &; Piper Ellen (Mrs.), grocer &; draper to Dowager Lady de Rothschild
at Westbourne park, London W Plater Edward RS.S. shoeing &; gen. Weeden Henry, coal dealer

Burnham Walter, carter smith, agricultural implement ma. White Thomas, cattle dealer

Burnham Wm. coal dealer &; fancy dlr & repairer, iron fencing mnfr.&;c.&;c White William, plait straw dealer-

:Burrow Vincent M.B., B.S., M.RO.S. Pughe Sylvanus Evans, assistant Wright George, Wllite Lion P.H

Eng. surgeon, Baywood house overseer &; collector of highway rates I Wright John, butcher

ASTON SANDFORD is a small secluded parish on year 1600. The living is a rectory, net yearly value £97.
the Standbridge brook, a tributary of the Thame, 4! including 44 a.cres of glebe, with residence, in the gift of

miles east from Thame station on the M>3.iidenhead and the trustees of the late John Dover esq. and held since

Oxford section <If the Great West-ern railway, which is 1895 by the Rev. Edward Simeon Elwell D.D. of Worcester

the nearest, and 7 south-west from AyleSlbury, in the College, Oxford. The trustees of the late John Dover

:Mid division of the county, hundred of Ashendlon, petty esq. are lords of the manor and sole land<lwners. The

sessi(}nal divisaon, union and county court district of soil is stiff wet clay; subsoil, same. The chief crops are

Aylesbury, rural deanery of Aylesbury, archdeaconry of wheat and beans. The area is 679 acres; assessable value,

:Buckingham and di<>eese of Oxford. The church of Srt. £822; the population in 1891 was 48.

Michael is a small building of stone, in the Early English Sexbon, Joshua Riggins.

style, dating from the 13'th century, and consists of This place is included in Haddenham School Board

chancel and nave; the former oontains an ancient United District, formed 17 March, r873.

aumbry; there are three stained windows, and in the Lette1'ls arrive through Thame about 9 a.m. Wall Box

chancel a tablet ro the Rev. Thomas Scott, recl<>r 1801-21 ; Manor House, cleared at 5 p.m.; sundays, 9.20 a·.m.

the church was restored in 1877-8, at a cost of £792, and Ifuddenham is the nearest money <lrder &; telegraph
office, about I mile distant
affords 80 sittings. The register dates from about the I

Elwell Rev. Edward Simeon D.D'I Be1grove Richard, farmer \Way Thos. Edwd.frmr.The Manor fm

ASTWOOD is a village and small parish on the borders wives, dated r534; there are three marble mural tablets
of Bedfordshire and <In the road from Newport Pagnell to to the Lowndes family, and one to Samuel Cranmer, 1640;
Bedford, 7 miles south-west from Bedford, 6 nOl"th-east within the chancel rails are four black marble slabs,.
from Newport Pagnell terminal stati<ln of a branch of the three t<l the Lowndes family and one to Thomas Layborn
London and North Western railway, and 71 SQuth-east esq. r723; the church was restored in 1893 and a new
from Olney station, on the Bedford and Northampton organ added; there are 120 sittings. The rf'gister

branch of the Midland railway, in the N<Jl'1thern divisaon dates from the year 1666. The living is a vicarage,

of the county, hUndred, union, petty sessional division and net yearly value £15°, including 12 acres of glebe, with
county court district of Newport Pagnell, and in ihe residence, in the goift of the Lord Chancellor, and
rural deanery of Newport Pagnell, archdeac<lnry of Buck- held since 1893 by the Rev. Hector Maws<ln M.A. of St.
ingham and diocese of OxfQ1'd. The church of St. Peter Bees. Here is a Congregational chapel, built in 1847 and
is an ancient building of stone, consisting of chancel, holding 50 perS<lns>. wwndes' charity of £4 IOS. is for
nave of four bays, with c1erestory, south aisle, modern distribution yearly in money, on Easter Monday. John
south porch and an embattled western tower of the Irvine Boswell esq. <If Crawley Grange, who is lord of th&

Decorated period, oontJaining 3 bells and a clock, opposite manor and 0:11. Edward John Stracey-Clitherow, of Boston

the porch is the base of 8Jl ancient stone cross; House, New Brentford, Middlesex, are the principal land-
the piers and arches of the nave are also Decora- owners. The soil is strong clay; subsoil, clay. The chief

ted, but. the clerestory and roof Perpendicul'3r; crops are wheat, barley and <lats. The area is 1,256

the ront., a Decorated work, ha.s> a plain square bowl sup- acres; assessable value, £I,I85; the population in 1891
parted on four circular shafts with moulded caps and was 187.
bases; in the church there are three fine bra'Sseos, with
effigies, to Thoma,s Chibnale and Emma and Alice his Parish Clerk, Charles Flute.



Past Office. Jahn Higgins, sub-postmaster. Letters Kat,ional School (mixed), built in 1853, for 80 children;

thraugh Newport Pagnell. Box cleared at 4.45 p.m. average attendance, 40; mistress

week days; no sunday post. Postal orders are issued Carrier to Bedford.--Enoch Holland (from Newport Pag-

here, but not paid. Cranfield is the nearest money nell), mono wed. & sat
order & telegraph office, 4 miles distant

Mawson Rev. Hector M.A. Vicarage Finch James, baker & butcher Pfttit Mary Ann (Mrs.), farmer; res.

Brighty Gee. farmer, Astwood Bury Higgins John, blacksmith, Post office Stagsdeu

Cranfield Henry S. Manor farm Wooding John Lewis, Swan inn

AYLESBURY is a market and union town, parish, head t"W('~n this church and the cathedraJ of Lincoln. At
of a petty sessional division and county court district, an J,a.rly period a bishop of that see, in compliance with
a Papal reqfiisition, presented a foreigner, who was
in the Mid division of the county, in a hundred to a I-dative 01 his own, to the rectory, and he appro-
which it gives name, rural deanery of Aylesbury, arch- priated it in the usual form to the deanery of Lincoln,
deaconry of Buckingham and diocese of Oxford; and so that it became annexed to it; subsequently, iliis
stands on an elevated site formed of PO'J'tland rock, and arrangement was reversed, and the rectory attached
at its highest point is about 300 feet above the level to a. prebendal stall, and, until the abolition, during
of the sea; it is near the centre of the county, 40 miles 1837-45, of peculiar jurisdictions, once nearly 300 in
from London througlh Wendwer, Amersham and Ux- number, the church of Aylesbury was exempt from
bridge, 38 through 'iring, Berkhamstead and Watford, ordinary episcopal visitation, as a peculiar of the dean
and 35 miles direct from Baker Street station on the and chapter of Lincoln.
Metropolitan Extension railway, with which is now incor-
The church of St. Mary, a fine cruciform building,
porated the old Aylesbury and Buckingham line and by undoubtedly replacing a church of Saxon origin, stands
the London and North Western railway, to its terminal on the we.stern side of the town, nearly at its highest
station in the town, on a branch diverging from elevation, and is therefore a conspicuous object from
the main line at Cheddington. The Great Central rail- all parts of the surrounding country: the most. ancient
way company's new route from :Kottingham to London portions of the existing structure are Early English 0{
also runs into the town, which is 43~ miles from Lon- the 13th century, the transepts being fine specimens
don by the Great Western railway, by a branch from the of the Early English: the church consists of
main line near Maidenhead; the town is also' 30 miles ::hancel, nave, aisles with chapels, transepts, south porch,
north-north-west from Windsor, 16 north from High and a massive central embattled tower of Early English
Wycombe, 17 south-east from Buckingham and Bicester, date, with panelled battlements of Perpendicular character,
10 east-north-east from Thame and IQ west-south-west from within which rises a small turret and spire of wood-
from Leighton Buzzard, in Bedfordshire. It stands on work covered with lead, erected in the 17th century; the
a. branch of the Grand! Junction canal and gives its tllwer contains a peal of S bells and a saints' bell, dated
name to the large and fruitful Vale of Aylesbury, long 1621: it has been wholly refaced with rubble stone, the
celebrated for verdure and fertility, which, extend!ing turre.t and spire recased with lead and ornamental clock
from the foot of the Chiltern Hills and the western dials of cast iron affixed: to the exterior. The chapellS
border of Hertfordshire towards the north to Wingrave date from the 14th and 15th centuries, both containing
and Oving, is skirted by the hills of Pitchott and Quain- piscinre: the south porch and the western entrance are
ton, and stretches westward almost to the verge of fiJ.le specimens of Early EngJish: the west window, LlIite
Oxfordshire, losing its appellation in the tract of wood- Perpendi<::ular, is filled with stained glass, prEsented by
land formerly known as "Birnwood," or "Bernwode" Acton Tindal esq. in 1862: in a recess beneath 8
Forest. mouldE'd and feathered arch in the north transept lies
the effigy of a knight in white marble, clad in the
During the civil war Aylesbury was garrisoned for plate and chain armour of the 14th oontury, the head
the Parliament in 1644-5, under Col. Bulstrode: Prince resting on a helmet; the figure was long supposed
Rupert appeared before the town, 20th March, 1643, to have formed part of the tomb of James BoWer,
but no engagement then took place: the skirmish known founder of the Grey Friars monastery, once standing
a.s "the Battle of Aylesbury" occurred at Holman's in the town, having been found buried in grounds once
Bridge, near the town, on Nov. I, 1642. The town attached to the monastery; the slight clrmoriul bearings
was incorporated and made a parliamentary borough by which can be discerned' appear, however, to be those
a. charter from Que.en Mary in 1553-4, the right of of the Lee family, of Quarrendon, and the figurElt may
election being originally vested in the corporation alone, therefore represent a member of that family: there is
afterwards by the pot wallopers, and in 1804 was ex- also in this transept a fine old Elizabethan monument
tended to the three hundreds of Aylesbury, which con- "With quaint inscription to Lady Lee, wife of Sir Henry
tinued to return two members to Parliament until the Lee K. G. of Quarrendon, with alabaster figures of her-
self and children; and within Early English niches,
passing of the "Redistribution of Seats Act, 1885" (48 in the wall of the north aisle, are two stone coffins
& 49 Vict. c. 23), by which the representation was of the 12th century, discovered in the course of some
merged into that of the county. repairs made about 1850: the chancel is Early English:
the stained east window, a fine triple lancet, richly
The town having, by neglect, lost its charter, was ornamented with shafts and carved capitals, is filled with
governed by a Local Board of Health, but by the " Local designs copied from an old window of this period in
Government Act, 1894," it is now under the control of Chetwode Priory; on either side are three lancets, also
an rrban District Conncil of 18 members, formed under stained: the chancel stalls, dating from the 15th cen-
the pro,isions of the "Local Government Act, 1894" tury, are in a good state of preservation and the roof
is a. fine specimen of the waggon or cradle roof: the
(56 and 57 Vict. c. 73). chancel contains an aumbry and a sepulchre of Early
The town, with Walton, is abundantly supplied with English date: on the north side of the tower is a
vestry, with upper storey, containing an ancient fire-
water from the Chiltern Hills by a. public company, place and a baluster window: in the north transept are
established in the year 1867, which also supplies the
villages of Aston CIinton, together with St. Leonard's, two piscinre, a trefoil-headed reredos and a sepulchre, both
Early English, and on the south side a rich niche, with
Buckland, Drayton, Beauchamp, Eythrope, Ha1ton, Hart- croeketed pediment: the Lady chapel, a beautiful work
well, Stone, Upper Winchendon, Waddesdon, Wendover, of the 14th century, was restored in 1897 at a cost of
Westcott, Weedon, Hastoe and Wigginton, and the town £400, under the direction of Mr. John Oldrid Soott
of Tring in HertfOTdshire. The reservoirs are at Dan- F.S.A. in commemoration of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen
cers End, Buckland and New Ground, near Great Berk- Victoria: below it is an ancient Saxon crypt entered
hamstead. by a flight of stone steps: the sacristy attached

The town is lighted with gas, supplied by 110 company to the vestry contains a wardrobe a.nd locker of oak
formed in 1861.
of the early part of the 16th century: the stained west
A complete system: of sewerage has been applied to window of the north chapel was inserted in 1870 by
the town at an expease of £25,000; the whole of the Mr. Thomas Perrin, and in the south chapel is a
sc-wage is conducted by main conduits to one outfaIl
memorial window erected in June, 1871, by Mr. and
about a mile from the town, where works have been
Nected for dealing with it by precipitation, for which the
Scott-Moncrieff system was adopted in 18g6, at a cost
of over £300.

The ecclesiastical history of Aylesbury derives its
chief interest from the c()nnection which existed be-


Mrs. James Ceely, to their son: and another, placed square, erected 1874, will seat 700 persons. Attached

in 1873, by Miss Hatten, to the memory of her father is a small free reading room.

and mother: two small statues of SS. Peter and James, The Cemetery, on the Tring road, was formed in

the patron saints respectively of Quarrendon and Bierton, 1856 at a cost of £1,$00: it contains IQ acres of ground

placed on either side of the doorway of the south tran- and is under the control of a burial board of 9

sept, were given by the late Sir G. G. Scott kt. R.A.: members; there are two chapels, a; mortuary and a

the oak benches are in fa~-simil& of the ancient seating keeper's residence.

of the church: the font is Norman, and nearly 3 feet Four ecclesiastical foundations are recorded to have

in diameter, and has a circulwr escalloped bowl, with boon established here: I. the hospitals of St. John and

rich scroll work round the upper part, and stands on St. Leonard, about A.D. 1361 and 1372, for needy and

a. cushioned! base carved with foliage: the whole of the leprous persons. 2. The Franciscans or Grey Friars,

interior and exterior of the church was thoroughly re- by James Boteler, third Earl of Ormonde, in 1386, and

pildred! and restoroo under the direction of the late Sir surrendered October I, 1538. 3. A Fraternity or Chan-

G. Gilbert Scott kt. R.A. and the work successfully try, in the time of Henry VI. 1425, by J. Singleton

completed in 1869, at a. cost of upwards of £18,000: the and J. and J. Baldwin. 4. A house of Mathurines or

reredos, presented in 1891 as a memorial to the late Trinitarians.

H. A. P. Cooper esq. is of gilt mahogany, with painted The Corn Exchange, erected in 1866 on a site formerly

panels, depicting various scripture scenes. The church- occupied by the White Hart inn, adjoining the County

yard, which was closed against interments Dec. I dh, Hall, is a structure of red dressed brick with stone

1855, is extensive, well kept, and planted with avenues facings in the Elizabethan or Jacobean style, with a

of trees. The most illustrious of those who have held handsome and lofty triple arched entrance; and Over

the prebendal stall of Aylesbury was Dr. John Hacke.t, the central arch facing the Market square is a

who during the sitting of the Long Parliament, made capacious oriel; the space below is divided from a

the memorable appeaJ. before the House of Commons pathway on each side by short stone pillars supporting

on behalf of Cathedral Establishments, 12th May, 1641; an arched roof. The Meat Market, built in 1863,

and was a munificent restorer of the Cathedral of Lich- abuts on the Exchange.

field; there are 1,150 sittings, 650 being free. The In the centre of the town is a large and commodious

register dates from the year 1564. The living is a Market square, to which all the roads and principal

vicarage, net yearly value £240, including 85 acres of streets converge as to a common centre.

glebe, in the gift of the Bishop of Oxford, but pro hac The Market, held every Saturday, is abundantly sup-

viee the Orown, by lapse, and held since 1895 by the Rev. plied with meat, grain, cattle, pigs, poultry and other

Constantine Osborne Phipps M,.A. of Exeter College, Ox- agricultural produce, and is well attended. Sales of

ford, and surrogate. The great tithes are paid directly fat stock are held on Wednesdays. The fairs are no~

to the Bishop of Oxford. held as follows: 3rd Saturday in January; Saturday

The Clergy House, situated in Parsons Fee, was es- next before Palm Sunday; 2nd Saturday in May; 3rd

tablished in 1885. Saturday in June; 4th Saturday in September, and 2nd

The church of St. John the Evangelist, in Cambridge Saturday in October. The Wool Fair is held on the

street, erected in 1883 as a chapel of ease to the parish 2nd Wednesday in July; the Fat Cattle Fair on the

church, at a cost of £3,355, is an edifice of red brick, 2nd Wednesday in December.

consisting of nave, to which a chancel was in 1894 The clock tower, erected in the Market place in

added: it has 500 sittings. 1876-7 at a cost of about £750, raised by subscriptions,

Walton is an ecclesiastical parish, formed in 1846 out is a structure of blue stone with Bath stone dressings,

of Aylesbury parish; once it was a separate hamlet, from designs by David Brandon esq. a'l'chitect, of

but now forms part of the town and is under the London, and is 70 feet in height. The illuminated

same local government. The church of the Holy Trinity, clock, presented to the town in 1857 by Acton Tindal

erected about 1845, is a. plain structure of flint with esq. when he purchased the manor, was originally placed

red brick facings, consisting of chancel, nave, aisles, in the Market House erected by the Marques-s of Buck-

west porch and a western tower with pinnacle contain- ingham in 1806, on the site of an earlier edifice built by Sir

ing one, bell: in 1886-7 the church was enlarged, re- John Baldwin, Lord Chief Justice of the Common Plea,>,

seated and improved by the erection of 81 tower and in 1530, for which Henry VIII. gave the timber;' the

porch, at a cost of about £1,259: there are 600 sittings, fmIndation stone of the tower was laid by Mrs. Acton

180 being free. The register dates from the year 1863. Tindal, July 11, 1876, and the building entrusted to

The living is a vicarage, net yearly value £250, with the Board of Health, June 25, 1877. Temple street

residence, in the gift of the Church Patronage Society, and square are said to derive their names from the

and held since 1893 by the Rev. Charles William Pearson Te;nple family of Stowe, and Bourbon street from Louis

M.A. of Oxford University. The population of Walton XVIII. who during the usurpation of Napoleon I. re-

ecclesiastical parish in 1891 was 2,°38. sided at the mansion of Hartwell, about 2 miles from

St. Joseph's Catholic church, in High street, is a tem- Aylesbury.

porary iron building, seating 150 persons. A Presbytery There are three banks in the town: the Savings Bank

has recently been erected. being now transferred to the Post office; the Bucks

The Baptist chapel in Walton street, built in Architectural and Archreological Socie.ty has its head

1828, will seat 200 persons. The Wesleyan chapel quarters here. The Literary Institute, in Tem~le street,

in Buckingham street, erected 1893-94, at a cost built entirely at the expense of Lord Rothschlld, from

(including site) of £5,500, is a rectangular build- whom it is held at a peppercorn rent, was opened in

ing of red brick with stone dressings, in the 188o; it contains a spacious reading-room on the grO'Und

Classic style, from designs by Mr. J ames Weir floor, and on the first floor a library of 1,600 volumes,

F.R.l., RA. of Westminster, and Mr. W. F. Taylor, fitted with oak and glass book-cases, the gift of Lady

of Aylesbury. The main entrance is supported by Rothschild. It is also well supplied with daily. and

four granite pillars with carved stone capitals, and in weekly papers and periodicals &c. Three weekly news.-

the vestibule is a brass plate inscribed with the names papers are published hexe, for which see further on.

of the principal founders. The interior i81 surrounded The Victoria Club for Working Men, instituted bv the

on three sides by galleries fl.nd on the fourth side is an late Baron Ferdinand J. Rothschild M.P. and erected
organ and choir loft: in the rear are vestries &c.: the at a cost 01 £4,000 as a memorial of the Queen's Jubilee,
chapel will seat 470 persons. The old Wesleyan chapel was opened on Whit Monday, 1887; it contains a read-
in Friarage, built in 1837, is now used for Sunday ing-room, with a reference library of about 300 volumes,
lrehool and other purposes. The Christadelphian hall billiard and committee rooms, lecture hall, coffee bar
in Albert street, Tring road, seats 40; and there, is and steward's apartments; there are now (1899) over 400
an ancient Christian chapel in Cambridge street.
The Congregational church, in High street, is an On the south-east of the Market square is the County
edifice of brick, with stone dressings in the Early Hall, a large a..'ld imposing structure of red brick, WiTh
English style, and was erected in 1874 at a cost of stone dressings, erected from aesigns by Sir John
£3,000, on the site of an ancient Nonconformist meei\;- Vanbrugh; and contains the offices of the clerk of the
ing house known as "Hale Leys:" there are sittings peace and County Council, the county surveyor, the
for 650 persons.
The Primitive Methodist chapel, in the Bu~ingham county inspector of weights and measures, and the county
record office in addition to the respective courts of jm-

road, erected in 1882 at a. cost of nearly £600, to tice and judges' lodgings. The assizes, quarter sessions

replace the former building in Station street, is a and some divisional petty sessions are held here and the

structure of red brick with stone dressings, and will general county business is also transacted here. The

leat 250 persons: there is a Sunday school attached. officP!il of the chief constable of the County Po'

Thl!! Evangelistic Free Assembly Hall, St. Mary's the Hall.



The Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital, founded in Charities.-John Bedford, in the year 1619, gave a real

1833, and carried on until 1862 in premises originally estate, now (1899) yielding about £643 yearly, to the

private, now occupies a noble range of buildings at the poor aud for the repairs of the highways of this parish;

west end of the town, the foundation stone of which the management is now vested in trustees, incorporated

was laid in 1861 by the late Lady VeTney, d. 1890, by Act of Parliament under the name of "The Incor·

sister of Miss Florence Nightingale. These are of red porated Surveyors of the Highways of Aylesbury": Tho!.

brick with stone facings, in the Italian style, the prin- Hickman, gent. gave by will, in 1695, a real estate in

cipal front being about 220 feet in length, with a pillared this parish, now worth about £155 a year, besides alms-

portico: three storeys, with a basement containing houses for the habitation of poor people, to be disposed

kitchens and cellars: on the ground floor is the en- of by the trustees, churchwardens and overseers of the

trance hall and surgeon's and matron's apartments; on town of Aylesbury for the time being, to such poor people

the first floor are ,small wards for special cases, head as do not receive parish relief; there are also doles dis-

nurses' rooms and above are probationers' and servants' tributed by this charity to the extent of about £70'

bedrooms, as well as an operating room: the entire east There are also Holloway's charity of £44 and Clements' of

wing is occupied by the "Verney" ward, for men, and £40 yearly; Eman's charity for widows amounts to about

below it receiving and waiting rooms and a dispensary; £40 a year; Harding's charity of £544 a year, left in

the west wing contains the "Lee" ward, for women 1719, is mainly for apprenticing; clothes are also distri·

and children, below which are dining rooms and a buted to the poor in the parish of Walton, and there

board room; the north wing, a later addition, con- are besides some smaU charities more closely connected

tains the "ErIe" reading room and several small with Walton, as well as doles left to be distributed to the

wards. In the. grounds, which are spacious and well prisoners in Aylesbury gaD!. Simon Miles gave 16 acres
kept, h a fully-equipped laundry, and a detached lllor- of land and two tenements, vested in trustees, to repair

tuary. The infirmary is available for 50 in-patients. the highways belonging to WaIton: this charity amounts

During the year 1894 a total of 297 in-patients to £60 a year. The land has been sold, and the proceeds

were treated in the institution and 1,567 out- invested in the name of the Trustee of Public Charities for

patients. In the entrance hall is a bust of Miss the benefit of the Charity.

Florence Nightingale, and in the board room are por- In the year 1818 upwards of 200 human skeletons werl1
traits of the late Right Hon. Sir Haxry Verney bart. discovered in a field on the right side of the Buckingham
P.C., D.L., J.P. (d. 12 Feb. 1894), Robert Ceele.y esq. road, near Holman's Bridge, and about a mile from th~
F.R.C.S. and Dr. Lee LL.D. The institution is managed town; these appeared to have been buried in a confused
manner, and are supposed to have been the remains of
by a body of governors, and is maintained chiefly by
persons who fell in the battle fought here in 1642 between
annual subscriptions and collections. the Royalists from Oxford, under Prince Rupert, and Sir
Her Maj~sty's Prison, built in r845 on rising ground William Balfour, the commander of the Parliamentary

midway between Aylesbury and Bierton, was in 1895 con- garrison of Aylesbury, when the latter was victorious;
verted into a female convict prison, and will hold 270 after the lapse of more than a century and a half, the

prisoners; there are at present (1899) 130. bones were collected by the late Lord Nugent and buried
The Masonic Hall, in Ripon ,street, was erected in carefully in Hardwick churchyard, and a tablet erected

1882 on the site of the. old Fives Court; the upper over the spot. In September, 1861, human remains were
portion of the building is used for masonic purposes found on the premises of the late Mr. Robert Gibbs, in
Church street, but without any traces of coffins: the site
and the lower for entertainments &c.; the concert hall
is supposed to have once been a cemetery, connected with
will seat 200. The meetings of the Buckingham Lodge, some ancient hospital or religious house.

No. 591; the Buckingham Chapter, No. 591 and the Rose The manor of Aylesbury passed in 1802, by purchase,
Oroix Chapter, No. 142 are all held here.
from Sir John Pakington D.C.L. eighth bMonet, who
The Public Swimming and Slipper baths were erected died 6th Jan. 1830, to Richard, second Marquess of Buck-
in 1895. from plans by Mr. Guest Luckett F.I.A.S. of
ingham K. G. whose descendants, in 1849, sold the estates
Aylesbury, at a cost of nearly £3,000, £2,000 of which to Acton Ti~dal esq. The lord of the manor parted with
was given by the late Ferdinand J. Rothschild M.P. The his franchise as the owner of the tolls of the market and
fairs to a company, incorporated by Act of Parliament
swimming bath is 62 by 21 feet, and there are 19 dressing in the year 1863, called the Aylesbury Market Company.
boxes and 8 slipper baths. The present lord of the manor is John Parker esq. F.S.A.
of High Wycombe. The chief landowners are Lord
The A.ylesbury Detachment of the 4th Squadron of the Rothschild, the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, and thQ.
Royal Bucks Hussars tYeomanry C~valrv) has its hl'ad
quarters at the George Hotel; those of the D Company trustees of the Bedford and Harding charities. The
of the J:st Bucks Rifle Volunteers are at the County Hall. Manor House, on Bierton Hill, built by the late Acton
Tindal esq. is spacious and commands extensive views
The Bucks County Cricket ground, in the Wendover of the 8urroundin~ country, is now occupied by Major
road, laid out in 1894, comprises 28 acres, with facilities Blewitt. The Prebendal House, the private pro-
for football, tennis and bowJs. perty of the Very Rev. Arthur Perceval Purey-Cust

The making of pillow lace, here c_ lied" bone lac- ," for D.D. dean of York, vicar of Aylesbury, 1875-6, was
which the county was formerly famous, has, like beveral so:d from the prebendal estate about the yeM 1801
to redeem the land tax of the landed property: this
other handicrafts, largely succumbed to the influence of house was for some time the residence of the notorious
machinery; it is, however, still carried on in a number
of villages, but only to a very limited extent; straw John Wilkes, the satirist, who represented the borough
plaiting, more recently adopted here, seems in many of Aylesbury in Parliament in 1757, and is now the
residence of William John Birch-Reynardson esq. J.P.
places to have superseded lace making; but this new
industry, like many others, has suffered from foreign Eullworth House As the residence of Major William

competition. The printing works of Messrs. Hazell, Terr•v J.P.

Watson, and Viney Limited, in the Tring road, opened

here in 1867" employ over 500 hands, and connected with
it is an institute in Silver street: about I I acres
of land opposite to the works have been laid out as a
recreation ground and allotment gardens for use of the

staff, the allotments being cultivated by over 50 members. The population of the town and parish with Walton in

Cottag'es have also been provided. The cottagers in the 1871 was 6,962, in 1881 7,79'!J, and in 1891 8,922, includ-
neighbourin~ vil1ll.ges are chiefly employed in raising early' ing 117 officers and inmates in the workhouse. 4.S in Bucks

ducks for the London market, and this business is now General Infirmary, and 222 in the Convict Prison. The

extensive. area is ~,880 acres; rateable value, £37,668.

waTdhoTJ·erakhcceseonAemtrnpegdcalI'tnoSey-tdSr,I.wCohtiressI.rsge.smCum.aop1np11yd1y8ee7nst0sht;eaidbsmlMIc'aSoihnlmkeydpCoa'ifonllmtyhIp8Wea6In'6ftay,hrahhmmasevl'rle1s'ktbsm.drhaanelt'1hacydhe. GdS.lr1'o"ebndA"bssS,, HFwt•I'hSSaet.soArwH•y"ri'all'0mltftI1e8eAn8ty5a10nei.fldslbWopunuraeybIlvtioWosnh1I'utemhdanb'1eydtSqtutBehhaeortr10oEa,utlg7ee0hcM0t oaprrn.padI.RH0Dblu'"V-n.,..In.-·.
office at Cham. in Switzerland: the London office is at 10

Mark lane E C. Parish Clerk, Joseph James Jenns, 13 Ripon street.


Post, M. & T. 0., T. M. 0., Express Delivery, Parcel There are eight dispatches of parcels on week days only
Post, S. B. & Annuity & Insurance Office, High street. Money, Savings Bank, Government Annuity & Insurance

--.John William Billson, postmaster Business.-Daily from 8 a.m. till 8 p.m

Letters are dispatched on week days at 5,6.45, 7.55,8.55, Telegraph Business. 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. week days; sun·

9.45 & 10·45 a.m. & 12.4°, 2, 3,45, 6,45, 7. 15 & 9 p.m.; days, 8 to 10 a.m

on sundays at 6.5 p.m Postal Orders are issued & paid from 7 a.m. untilg p.Dl

Letters are delivered at 6.45 & 9·45 a.m. & 2.20 & 6,45 Ordinary Business.-This office is open on week days

p.m. on week days & 7.15 a.m. on sundays from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. On I!lunday the office is open.


only from 8 a.m. till 10 a.m. but the letter box each month, &; at the Literary Institute, Princes Ris-
remains open 8S on other days borough, the third Thursday in each month at II
'Town Sub-Post, 'M. O. 0., S. B. &; Annuity &; Insurance The following places are in the Petty Sessional district:-
Office.-Box cleared at 5, 7.45 &; 10.25 a.m. & at 1.40,
Aylesbury with Walton, Aston Clinton with St.
5.25, 7·5 & 8.15 p.m week days; 5 a.m. &; 5.5 p.m.
Leonard's, Aston Sandford, Bierton with Broughton.
sundays Buckland, Cuddington, Dinton with Ford &; Upton,
Drayton Beauchamp, Ellesborough, Fleet Marston,
Town Sub Post &; M. O. 0., S. B. &; Annuity &; Insurance Haddenden, Halton, Great and Little Hampden, Hard-
Office, Buckingham Street.-Box cleared at 5, 8 &; 10.30 -w:ck, Hartwell, Horsendon, Hulcott, Illmire, Great and
Little Kimble, Lee, Great Missenden, Little Missen-
a.m. &; 1.40, 5.35, 7 &; 8,45 p.m. week days; 5 a.m. & den, Monks Risborough, Princes Risborough, Quarren-
don, Stone-with-Bishopstone, Stoke Mandeville, Tower-
5.15 p.m. sundays sey, Waddesdon, Weedon, Wendover, Westcott, Weston
Turville, Lower Winchendon, Upper Wmchendon

Offices :-1 &; 2 Rickford's hill.
Meetings held each alternate monday at 6 p.m.

Members. Public Establishments.
Chairman, J. C. Garner.
Vice-Chairman, E. T. Mack'rtill. Aylesbury Market Co. Temple square, Henry Wyatt, sec
Buckinghamshire Architectura.l & Archreological Society.
Retire in April, 1900.
Museum, Church street, John Willianrs, treasurer
W. Andrews I Thomas Green Cemetery, Tring road, Thomas Parrott, clerk to the burial

C. A. Boughton R Thorp board; Charles 'Wise, keeper & sexton
J. C. Garner John Turner Corn Exchange, Market square, William Thorne, sec

Retire in April, 1901. County Court, !beld at the County hall every month;
office, 25 Walton street; His Honor Sir Alfred George
Thomas Field R. W. Locke Marten Q.G. judge; Edward Wilkins, registrar & high
William Foat T. R Seaton bailiff
Henry Wyatt
W. H. Gilkes

Retire in April, 1902. The district includes the following places :-Aldbury,
Ashendon, Aston Clinton, Aston Abbotts, Ast<>n Sand-
J. H. K. Fowler I John Reader ford, Aylesbury-with-WaIton, Bierton-with-Broughton,
William Smith Buckland, Buckland Common, Creslow, Cublington,
C. S. Madder Cuddington, Dinton, Drayton Beauchamp, Ellesborough,
J. Newman I E. T. Mackrill Fleet Marston, Halton, Hardwick, Hartwell, Hulcott,
Kimble (Great), Kimble (Little), Marsworth, Oving,
Officers. Pitchcott, Pitstone ; Prestwood Comm~m, in the parish
of Stoke Mandeville; Puttenham., Quainton, Quarren-
Olerk, George Fell, I Rickford's hill don; St. Leonard's hamlet, in the parish of Aston Clin-
Treasurer, Charles Edward Cobb, Bucks &; Oxon Bank, ton; Shipton Lee hamlet, in the parish of Quain-
ton; S1loke Mandevillel, Stone, Tring, Waddesdon,.
Aylesbury Weedon, Wendover, Westcott, Weston Turville, Wood-
Medical Officer of Health, Charles Hooper M.R.C.S.Eng. ham, Whitchurch, Wig-ginton, Winchendon (Lower),
Winchendon (Upper), Wingrave &; Rowsham &; Wotton
Temple square Dnderwood
Surveyor, Sanitary Inspector, Inspector of Canal Boats &
Certificated Bailiffs, John Reader, Frank John Brown,
Manager of Sewage Works, James Haynes Bradford, William Thorne, John Millburn, .John N. Hodgkinson,
Rickford's hill all of Aylesbury
Collector, James Standwell Mayne, Rickford's hill
This Court has also bankruptcy jurisdiction, and for
AYLESBURY RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL. bankruptcy purposes !Deludes, in addition, the dis-
Meets at Workhouse on last wed. in each month. tricts of the County Courts of Chesham, Thame &;
Wycombe, George Mallam, I St. Aldate's, Oxford.
Clerk, Frederick B. Parrott, Bourbon street, AJ~esbury official receiver
Treasurer, Charles Edward Cobb, Bucks & Oxon Bank,

Medical Officer of Health, Alexander Thomson Morrison

M.B. &; ROb. Waddesdon
Sanitary Inspector, James Hill, 39 Bicester road
Surveyor of Highways,Wm.John Cook, 61 Buckingham st

OOUNTY MAGISTRATES. County Hall, Market square, William W. Walker, keeper

For Three Hundreds of Aylesbury Petty Sessional County Police (head quarters), Market square, Major
Division. O~way Mayne, chief constable; Joseph Watson, super-
intendent & chief clerk
Buckinghamshire Earl of D.L. Hampden house, Great
County Police Station, Exchange street, Christopher
Missenden RS.O Pitson, superintendent; the local force consists of la
Astley Bertram Frankland esq. D.L. Chequers court,Tring
Butcher George esq. Aylesbury superintendents, 2 sergeants & 5 constables
Carrington George esq. The Abbey, Gt. l\Essenden RS.O
Court Leet & Court Baron (the courts are held at the
FOl'l'est John esq. Grymsdyke, Princes Risborough S.O Crown hQtel), John Parker esq. F.S.A. High Wycombe,
Garrett-Pegge John William esq. Chesham house, Ches- lord of the manor; Edward Wilkins esq. steward

ham Bois, Gerrards Cross RS.O Free Ass1lmbly Hall, St. Mary's sq. J. E. Taylor, supt
Gibson-Craig Henry Vivian esq. Lady Mede, Little Inland Revenue &; Stamp Office, Whitehall street, Henry

Kimble, Tring J ames White, surveyor; Excise, John Worthington,
Godwin Lieut.-Col. Algernon Arbuthnott, Manor house, supervisor; James Edward Lawrence, officer
Judge's Lodgings, Market square, Mrs. Sarah Crook,
Wendover, Tring housekeeper
Goodall Lieut.-Col. Liebert Edward D.L. Dinton hall,
Literary Institute, Temple street, T. J. Groom &; H. P.
Bartlett, joint hon. secs
Griffin Jas. Whitehouse esq. Towersey manor, Thame Masonic Hall, Ripon street, W. H. Bridgeman, correspndnt

Gurney Thomas esq. Hartwell, Aylesbury Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital (The), Charles Hooper
Jaques Leonard esq. Horsendon house, Tring M.RC.S.Eng. consulting surgeon; Woodfie:d Eagles
Jenney Stewart William esq. Drayton lodge, Tring M.RC.S.Eng., W. G. Weaver M.RC.S.Eng. &; Edwin
Leake Robert esq. Little Missenden Abbey Goodburn Woollerton L.RC.P. & S.Edin. Wendover,
Lee Edward Dyke esq. Hartwell house, Aylesbury surgeons; Horace Rose M.R.C.S.Eng., L.Re.p.Lond.
Liberty Arthur Lasenby esq. Lee manor, Great Missen- house surgeon; Arthur Turner L.D.S.R.C.S.Edin. den-
tal surgeon; John 1Yilliams, Old Bank, treasurer; Rev.
den R.S.O C. O. Phipps M.A. ch3!plain; George Fell, sec.; Mrs.
Lowndes William esq. The Bury, Chesham Heatley, matron; John Wood M.P.S. dispenser
Scrivener Alfred Perry esq. Haglis house, Wendover
Volunteer Fire Brigade; engine house, Bourbon street;
Smyth Gen. Sir Henry Augustus K.C.M.G., RA. St. Dick Seaton, captain & 17 men
John's lodge, Stone, Aylesbury
'rerry Major William, Eullworth house, Aylesbury
Buckinghamshire Roval Bucks Hussars; maxim gun &;
'Tyrwhitt-Drake Capt. Thomas Henry, Little Shardeloes, stores, Georgp. hotel, under Quarterma;;;tel' Seaton, of
Amersham the Aylesbury Detachment of the 4th Squadron

Wykeham Philip James Digby esq. D.L. Tythrop house, VOLUNTEERS.
ISt Bucks Rifles (D Company), County hall, Captain,
The chairmen of the Rural &; Urban District Councils Goorge Frederiok Phillpot, commanding
for the time being, are ex-officio magistrates

Clerk to the Magistrates, Frederick Bayford Parrott,

Bourbon street
Petty Sessions are held at the County hall on Saturday

a~ 11; at the Hall, Great Missenden, on eo Monday in


AYLESBURY UNION. Organising Secretary to Mid-Bucks Technical Education

Board day, every 2nd, 4th &. if any 5th wednesday in f>;very Committee, William Henry Lowndes, 8 Church street
month at II a.m.
Registrar of the Court of the Archdeaconry of Bucking-
The Union comprises> the following places :-Asbendon, ham, Thomas Horwood, Temple square
Aston Abbotts, Aston Clinton-with-St. Leonards, Astan
Sandford, Aylesbury, Bierton-with-Broughton, Buck- Sheriff's Officer for Bucks,John Reader, 20 &. 22 Temple n
land, Chearsley, Cholesbury, Creslow, Cublington, Cud-
dington, Dinton, Drayton Beauchamp, Fleet Marston, Superintendent of Police, Christopher Pitson, Exchange s~
Under Sheriff for BuckS', Thomas Parrott, Bourbon street.

Town Crier, Francis Herbert Slade, 14 Cambridge street

Grendon Underwood, Haddenham, HaIton, Hardwick, PLAiCES OF WORSIDP, with times of Services.
Hartwell, Hawridge, Hulcott, Kingswood, Ludgershall,
Oving, Pitchcott, Quainton, Quarrendon, Stoke Mande- St. Mary's Church, Rev. Constantine Osborne Phipps M.A.
ville, Stone, Waddesdon, Weedon, Westcott, Weston
Turville, Whitchurch, Winchendon (Upper), Winchen- vicar; Rev. Arthur John Jones MoA. Rev. H. G. Stave.
don (Lower), Wingrave-with-Rowsham, Woodham &. ley, Rev. R. Hayes Robinson &. Rev. Arthur Henry An.
Wootton Underwood. The population of the union in stey, curates; 8 &. II aom. &. 3 &. ~ p.m.; daily 8 a.m. &.
1891 was 25,942; area, 75,411 acres; assessable value in
5.30 p.m
1898 was £154,024 Holy Trinity Church, Walton, Rev. Charles William Pear-
Clerk to the Guardians &. Assessment Committee, Fredk.
son M.A. vicar; II a.m. &. 6.30 p.m.; weds. 7.30 p.m
B. Parrott, Bourbon street, Aylesbury Baptist, Walton street, Rev. David Witton, minister.
Treasurer, Charles Edward Cobb, Old Bank, Ayle·sbury
Relieving &. Vaccination Officers &. Collectors to the 10.45 a.m. &; 6 p.m.; mono &. thurs. 7 p.m
Cathohc, Sto Joseph's, High st. Rev. Father J. So Mayne.
Guardians, ut district, John Thomas J eIIeries, Gran-
ville street, Aylesbury; 2nd district, Thomas Frost, priest; holy communion 8 a.m. mass II a.m. vespers 6-
Cuddington; 3rd district, Charles Edward Scott, p.m.; week days, 7. a.m. &. friday 8 p.m
Whitchurch Congregational, High street, Rev. David Arthur Davie9.
Medical Officers &. Public Vaccinators, 1st district, Ctlarles II a.m. &. 6 p.m. ; thurs. 7 p.m
Hooper, Aylesbury; 2nd district, Vincent Burrow M.B., Prilllitive MeLhodist, Buckingham road, Rev. Rober'
B. S. Aston Clinton; 3rd district. Thomas Godfrey Par-
rott L.R.e.P.Land., M.R.C.SoEng. Aylesbury; 4th dis- Middleton; 10045 aom. & 6 pom.; wed. 7 p.m
trict, Andrew McFarland, Whitchurch; sth district, Wesleyan, Buckingham street, Rev. Henry James Sykes
Alexander Thomson Morrison MoB., RCh. Waddesdon;
6th district, Herbert Grove Lee M.D. Thames; 7th dis- &. Rev. William George Triggs; 10.30 aom. & 6 p.m. ~
trict, James Shaw MoD., C.M.; 8th district, Thomas thurs. 7.30 p.m
Freeman Long M.R.C.S.Eng., L.R.C.PoLond. Chesham Evangelistic, :Free Assembly hall, St. Mary's square, J.
Superintendent Registrar, Frederick R Parrott, Bourbon E. Tayl{)f, supt.; II a.m. &. 6.30 p.m.; thurs. 7.30 p.m
street, Aylesbury; deputy, Thomas Parrott, Bourbon Christadelphian Hall, Albert street, II a.m. &. b p.m.•

wed. 7030 p.m
Lecture Hall, Castle street; thurs. 7 p.m
Salvation Army, High street; 7 & 11 a.m. & 3 &. 6.30 pom
Boat Chapel, Walton; 3 pom

street, Aylesbury SCHOOLS.

Registrars of Births &. Deaths, Aylesbury sub-district, Endowed Grammar school, on the south side of St. Marts.
John Thomas J efferies, Granville st. Aylesbury; de- churchyard, originally founded &. endowed about Ion
puty, J ame~ Newman; Ha.ddenham sub-district, Thos.
Frost, Cuddington; deputy, Henry Janes; Waddesdon with £ 8 yearly by Sir Henry Lee, of Ditchley: .. in 1714

sub-district, Charles Edward Scott, Whitchurch; de- Henry Phillips esq. bequeathed the sum of £5,000 for
puty, John Bloomfield the augmentation of the benefaction; the ~choul was
Registrars of Marriages, In. Thos. Jefferies, Granville opened upon the increased foundation ,)U the 3rd ('1
street, Aylesbury &. Charles Edward Scott, Whitehurch October, 1720, then providing instruction for 15 boys.
The Workhouse, nearly opposite H.M. Prison, is a struc- in Latin & 135 in reading, writing &. arithmetic: in
tUiI'e of red brick, in the late Tudor style; it was 1862 the Charity Commissioners sanctioned a new
scheme, dividing the school into upper &. lower; in th~
opened at Michaelmas, 1844, and will hold 400, but the latter all boys are free &. English only is taught; in the.
present number of inmates varies from 100 to 150;
William Ratheram, master; Rev. Constantine Osborn upper school capitation fees of £6 & £7 a year are
Phipps MoA. chaplain; Thomas G. Parrott M.R.C.S.
paid &. in addition to English, Greek, Latin, French,
Eng., LoR.CoP. medical officer; Mrs. Fanny Ratheram, mathematics &. drawing are taught. The free boys are
admitted into the lower school at seven years of age &;
matron; Miss tA. K. Bidwell Marsh, industrial trainer tlie vacancies are filled up from those who have priority

School Attendance Committee. in a list kept by the head master under the direction

Meets at the Workhouse. of the trustees: Rev. Christopher Ridley RA. London,
head master; Thomas Osborne master of lower school
Clerk, Frederick B. Parrott St. Mary's National, Oxford road, blllit in 1845, for 360.
Attendance Officer, John Newton Hodgkinson children; average attendance, boys 140, girls 100, infants

120; Benjamin White, master; Miss Rarriett C.

PUBLIO OFFICERS. Walters, mistress; MiSS! Emma Morris, assist. mist

British (boys, girls &. infants), Church row, built in 1872,

Certifying Factory Surgeon, William George Weaver &. enlarged 1885, for 556 children; average attendance.

M.R.C.S.Eng 419; Henry Bridle, master; Miss Mary Montague,

Clerk to the Aylesbury Endowed School, Frederick B. mistress; Miss l"anny Ward, infants' mistress
St. John's National, Cambridge street (girls & i~ants).
Parrott, Bourbon street

Clerk of the Peace for the County &. the Committee of built in 1852 &. enlarged in 1893 for 140 girls & 300

Visitors of the County Lunatic Asylum &. to the Bucks infants; average attendance, 123 girls' and 150 infants.

County Council, William Crouch, County hall Miss Emily Howe, girls' mistress; Miss Arnold & Miss

nerk to the Commissioners of Taxes for the Three E. Pitson, assistants; Miss Hannah Payne, infants' mis-

Hundreds of Ashendon &. Clerk to the Magistrates for tress; Mrs. A. Moore, Miss Eva Payne &. Miss E. M.

the Division of the Three Hundreds of Ashendon, Henry Hill, assistants

Small, Buckingham Holy Trinity, Walton. built for 230 childreD; average-

Clerk to the Commissioners of Property &. Income Taxes attenliance, 222; Waiter A. Hutchins, master; ~bsl

for Aylesbury Division, to the Commissioners of Land E!.len Whitehouse, mistress

Tax, Thomas Parrott, Bourbon street l\--:EWSPAPERS.
Collector of Taxes for Aylesbury-with-Walton, John Mill-

burn, 5 Cambridge street Aylesbury Reporter, Thame Observer &. Weekly .Adve:r-

Olerk to the Trustees of John Bedford's Charity, Thomas tiser, Market square, Lewis Poulton, proprietor & pub-
Parrott, Bourbon street
lisher; published friday for saturday

Oerks to the Trustees of William Harding's Charity, J. &. Bucks Advertiser &. Aylesbury News, Bourbon street.

T. Parrott &. of Hickman's Charity, J. &. T. Parrott Lewis Poulton &. 00. proprietors &. publishers; published

(llerk to the Trustees of Endowed Schools, Frederick B. sat. See advertisement

Parrott, Bourbon street Bucks Herald, Wa!ton street, George Turner De Fraine,

Coroner for the Aylesbury District of the County of proprietor &. publisher; published saturday. See adrt

Bucks', George Fell, I Rickford's hill; deputy, Thomas Railway Stations.
Godfrey Parrott L.R.C.P.Lond. Ohurch street
County Inspector of Weights &. Measures, Thomas Kyle, Great Western &; Metropolitan (joint) Friarage, AlexandeJ'
Assoc.SocoEng.; offices, County hall Robinson, station master

County Surveyor, Robert J. Thomas Assoc.M.Inst., C.E. London &. North Western Wm. L. Walton, stationmastel'
Great Central
Oounty hall


Omnibus Services. Drayton Beauchamp-Menday. 'Crown.' wed. &; sat

A.ston Olinton, in co'nnection with. iMetropolitan Railway. Ford-G-regory. 'Bull's Head,' wed. &; sat
Granborough-Tompkins, 'Rose &; Crown.' wed. &; sat. ;
Leaves' The Bell," Aston, 8.40 a.m.; 12.40 &; 5.15 p.m. ; Grendon-Cannon. 'Two Brewers,'
arrives Aylesbury 9.35 a.m.; 1.35 &; 6.10 p.m. Leaves Haddenham-Ray, 'The Crown,' wed. &; sat.; &; Wood-
Aylesbury, 10.15 a.m.; 3.55 &; 7.15 p.m.; arrives
Aston, 10.45 a.m.; 4.40 &; 7.50 p.m. Passengers wish- bridge, 'King' Head,' wed. &; at
ing to join the 7.15 a.m. up train from Aylesbury will HaIton-Alfred Ginger, 'White Swan,' wed. &; sat
be conveyed by giving notice the previous night Ham Green-Cannon, ''I'wo Brewers'
Hardwick-Hughes, 'Buckingham Arms,' &; Morris,

Thame. passing tfhroug-h Hartwell. Stone. Dinton &; 'Angel,' wed. &; sat
Hartwell J ames Hillsdon. 'Angel'; .Tames Kitson, 'Bull's
Head'; Monk. 'Rose &; Crown'; &; Smith, 'Bull's
Leaves "The Swan," Thame, 7.30 a.m. &; 4.15 p.m.; Head,' wed. &; sat
arrives" The Crown," Aylesbury. 9 a.m. &; 5.45 p.m. Hemel Hempstead-Crook, 'The Crown,' wed
Leaves Aylesbury, 11.15 a.m. &; 7.30 p.m.; arr!.ves Hogstone-Morris, 'Angel,' wed. &; sat
Thame. 12.45 a.m. &; 9 p.m
Hulcote-Rogers. 'Angel,' wed. &; sat

Whitchuroh, in connection with the Metropolitan Rail- Kimble (Great)-Spittles, 'Rose &; Crown,' wed. &; sal
way tihrough Hardwick. Kimble (Little)-Coles, 'Bull's Head,' wed. &; sat
Kingswood-Hillsdon. 'The Angel,' wed. &; sat

Leaves Whirtohu.roh. 8,45 a.m. &; 2.30 p.m.; arrives Leighton Buzzard-Rogers, 'Angel,' mono wed. &; sat
Ayleslbury. 9.40 a.m. &; 3.30 p.m. Leaves AY':esbury. Long Crendon-Payne, 'Angel'; &; Hillsdon, 'Angel,"
11 a.m. &; 7.30 p.m.; arrives Whitchurch. 11.45 a.m. &; wed. &; sat
8.15 p.m. Note.-On saturdays the 'Eus also leaves Long Marston-Webb, 'Crown,' sat
Aylesbury at 5.30 &; 8 p.m. arriving at Whitchurch at Longwick-Coles, 'Bull's Head,' wed. &; sat
6.15 &; 8,45. p.m.; returning at 5.30; reaching Ayles- Ludgershall-Faulkner, 'Red Lion,' wed. &; sat.; &;
Stevens, 'Two Brewers,' wed. &; sat
bury at 6.10 p.m
Marston (North)-Gregory, 'Two Brewers,' wed. &; sat.;
An Omnibus from the George Hotel (Thomas Richard Carter,' Harrow,' wed. &; sat
Seaton. proprietor). meets all trains.
Marsworth-Webb, 'Crown,' sat

Missenden-Simeon Peedle, 'Angel,' wed. &; sat.; Sladen,.

Conveyance. 'Bull's Head,' wed. &; sat

Great Western Railway Co. Thomas Richard Seaton, Monks Risborough-Coles, 'Bull's Head,' wed. &; sat
ag-ent. The George hotel Mursley-Morris, 'Angel,' wed. &; sat
Oving-Carter, 'The Harrow,' wed. &; sat.; Clarke-,.
Lcndon &; North Western Railway Co. William L. Walton,
goods agent 'Two Brewers,' mon. wed. &; sat.; Buckingham,
'Buckingham Arms'; &; Gregory, 'Two Erewers:
Metropolitan Railway Co. officeSJ Corn exohange. Market wed. &; sat
llquare; J oseph Grindley Rowe. traffic manager Prestwood-Simeon Peedle, 'Angel,' wed. &; sat

Sutton &; Co.; George Tabor. agent, Kingsbury square Princes Risborough-Coles &; Hickman, 'Eull's Head,"

Water Conveyance. wed. &; sat
Quainton-'Varner, 'Bull's Head,' daily

London &c. (by the Grand Junction canal), John Landon Stewkley-Tofield, 'Rose &; Crown '
&; Co.; office. Canal wharf, Walton street, Aylesbury. Stoke Mandeville-Coles, 'Eull's Head,' wed. &; sat.; &
Telegrams. "Landon. Aylesbury"; Telephone 3, Ayles- John North, 'Bull's Head,' wed. &; sat
Stone Causby, 'Bull's Head,' wed. &; sat.; Hillsdon,.
'Angel,' wed. &; sat.; .Tames Kitson, 'Bull's Head,"

CARRIERS' CARTS. with the places they go to. inns they wed. &; sat.; Smith,' Eull's Head,' wed. & sat
start from &; days of departure. Swanbourne-Morris, 'Angel,' wed. &; sat
Thame Olles, , Eull's Head,' wed. &; sat
Amersham-Sladen. 'Eull's Head,' wed. &; sat
Askett--Coles. 'Bull's Head,' wed. &; sat Tring-Crook, 'Crown,' wed.; &; Emery, 'Rose &.
Aston Abbotts-John Higgs, 'Rose &; Crown,' sat.;
Crown,' sat
Kent. 'Harrow,' daily; 'I'ofield. 'Rose &; Crown,' sat Waddesdon-Levi Crook, 'Crown,' wed. thurs. & sat.;
Aston Clinton-Burnham, 'Eull's Head,' wed. &; sat.;
James Roads &; Sons, 'Two Brewers,' daily
Crook. 'Crown,' weds 'Veedon-Simons Alfred, 'Rose &; Crown,' daily;
Berkhampstead-Crook. 'Crown,' wed. & sat
Simons ,V. 'Rose &; Crown,' daily
Bicester-Faulkner, 'Red Lion,' wed. &; sat Wendover-Norris, 'Bnll's Head'; Peedle, 'Angel,' wed•.

&; sat.; Seeley, 'Bull's Head,' daily; Sladen, '-Bull's-
Bierton-Rogers, 'Angel,' wed. &; sat. &; Hill at 'Rose & Head,' wed. &; sat

Crown.' wed. &; sat Westcott--Faulkner. 'Red Lion'; & Dennis, 'TwOo

Bishopstone Carter Elij ah, 'White Swan,' wed. &; sat Erewers,' wed. &; sat

Bradenham-Coles.. 'Eull's Head,' mon. &; fri Westan Turville Alfred Ginger, 'White Swan,' wed. &;

Brill-Payne, 'Red Lion,' wed. &; sat sat

Buckland-Menday, 'Crown,' wed. & sat.; Burnham, Whitchurch-Buckingham, t Buckingham Arms,' wed. &;

'Bull's Head,' wed. &; sat sat.; Carter, 'Harrow,' wed. &; sat.; Rickard. 'Two

Chearsley-Payne. 'Red Lion,' wed. &; sat.; &; Hanson. Brewers,' daily; Clarke, 'Tw() Brewers,' mono wed.

'Bull's Head,' wed. &; sat &; sat.; Morris, 'Angel,' wed. &; sat.; Scott, 'Red

Chesham-Charles Catling, 'Bull's Head,' sat.; Catling, Cow,' wed. &; sat.; Sheffield, 'Buckingham Arms,"

'Rose &; Crown,' wed. &; sat wed. &; sat

Chilton-Payne, 'Red Lion,' wed. &; sat 'Vilstone-Wehb, 'The Crown,' sat

Claydon (East)-Tompkins, 'Rose &; Crown,' sat Winchendon (Lower)-Smith, 'Bull's Head,' wed. & sat

Cublington-Tofield, 'Rose &; Crown,' wed. &; sat; Elan- Winchendon (Upper)-Andrews, 'Rose & Crown'

chett, 'Red Lion,' wed. &; sat Wing-Syratt, 'Rose &; Crown,' wed. &; sat

Cuddington-Causby, jun.• Bun's Head,' wed. & sat.; Wingrave-Rogers, ' Rose &; Crown'; Hedges Mrs.

Smith, 'Bull's H!:jad,' wed. &; sat.; David Webb. 'Rose Susan, "' The Angel,' wed. & sat.; Ellis, 'Bull's Head,"
&; Crown,' wed. &; sat
Dinton-Allen, 'King's Head,' wed. & sat.; Hillsdon, Winslow-Morris, 'Angel,' wed. &; sat
'Angel,' wed. &; sat.; &; James Kitson, 'Bull's Head,' Woodham-Smith, 'Rose & Crown,' wed. & sat
wed. &; sat
Wycombe-Coles & Hickman, 'Eull's Head,' wed. & sat

PlUVATE RESIDENTS. Bell Miss,The Willows,Buckingham rd Boughton John King, 7 Walton terrac~
Bates Misses, 8 Milton villas, Wend- Boughton Wm. Rntland,13 Granville st.
Abbott Reginald A. B.45 Bucknghm.rd over road
Adams Edmonds, 32 High street Braidwood P. Murray M.D. The Old

AdamSl Mrs. I I Ripon street Bennett Mrs. 55 High street House, Walton street

Alcock Mrs. 9 Ripon street Biggs Mrs. 20 Tring road Bridle Henry, 43 Bicester road

Aldridge George, Wendover road Billson John William, Wendover road, Bridgman William Henry, 5 Milton

Birch Tom, 13 Exchange street villas, Wendover road

Allen Wm. Haines. 25 Bicester road Birch-Reynardson William John J.P. Broad Hy. Eustace, 65 Buckingham s¥

Anstey Rev. Arthur Hy. M.A. (curate The Prebendal house Broderick James Thomas, I Manor

of St. Mary's), The Clergy house Blamire Thos. The Chestnuts,Tring rd Park villa, Bierton road

Baker Mrs. 4 Milton viIs.Wendover rd B;pwitt Major Chas. Wm.TheManor ho Burnham Henry, 81 Walton street

Ball Mrs. 61 Buckingham road Bliss Matt.Cambridge Callon Richard, Kingsbury square

Barfoot Mrs. 20 Bicester road Boughtan Cecil Cannon Frank, 37 Bicester road


Cannon George, 67 High street Hutchins WaIter Arthur, School house, Randall Robert John, 66 High street

Cannon Mrs. 47 Buckingham street Walton street Reader George, 27 Victoria road

ChiIton Oharles, 2;1 Buckingham road Ingram James, Virginian cottage, Reader John, 22 Temple st. &; Wood-

Clark Arthur W. Milton house, Wend- Granville street bine cottage, WaIton

over road James Julian Macfarquhar, Broughton Richards Mrs. 2 Market street

Clench Mrs. 7 Highbridge walk house, Tring road Ridgway Miss, 27 Bicester road

Clarkson Percy Edwards, 59 Bucking- Jo11nson Miss, 22 Queen street Ridgway Mrs. 17 Buckingham road

ham road Johnson Miss, 26 TriIJg road Ridley Rev. Christopher B.A. (head

Coates Chas,I Essex vils.Gt. Johnstone Barnett, 21 High street master of the endowed schools &;

Cobb Charles Edward, The Fnarage, Johnstone Hy.Christopher, 22Tring I'd chaplain to county lunatic asylum),

Rickford's hill Jones Rev. Arthur John M.A. (curate St. Mary's square

Cooper Mrs. Caroline, The Friarage, of St. Mary's), The Clergy house Roads Miss, 5 Castle street

Rickford's hill Jones Wm. Price, 25 Buckingham I'd Robinson Alexander, 16 Granville st

Cooper Mrs. 18 Granville street Keymer Rbt. SI. Cubitt, Grnvlle. st Robinson Robert Fredk. 8 Tring roaa--
Copcutt Jam~s, 26 High street
Kingham Joseph, 45 Bicester road Robinson Thomas William, 63 High st

Crasler Waiter, 5 I Buckingham road Kingham Miss, The Willows, Bucking- Rose Horace, Royal Buckinghamshir&

Crouch Henry, WaIton crt. WaIton st ham road hospital

Crouch William, 12 Rickford's hill Knight George Vernon, Bierton lodge, Rose Mrs. 14 Bicester road

Daniels Mrs. 41 Buckingham road Bier:on road Rowe John, 19 Britannia street

Davies Rev. David Arthur (Congre- Kyle Thomas, Wendover road Rowe Jsph. Grindley, 32 WaIton st

gational), 13 Bicester road Landon Henry, 59 Waiton road Ryder Edwin, 12 Tring road _

Dean John Benjamin, 7 Milton villas, Landon John, WaIton s~reet Sarsons Matthew Henry, I Suffolk

Wendover road Lawrenson Rev. Michael (Catho:ic villas, Bicester road

De Fraine Geo. Turner, 3 WaIton ter chaplain to Her Majesty's Prison) Seamons Mrs. 65 Buckingham road

Dent Daniel Thomas, 23 WaIton road Learner Mrs. 35 Bicester road Sherriff Mrs. 49 Buckingham road

Dobson Mrs, 18 St. Mary's square Lepper Geo. Andrew,I8 &; 20 Walton st Simmons Miss, St. Mary's square

Dyson Thomas, Hayden Hill house, Lepper Hy.Gurney, 18 &; 20 Walton st Simpson George, 64 Bicester road

Haydon hill Lepper Thos. William, 31 WaIton st Slate Alfred, IQ Tring road

Eagles Mrs. 30 Tring road Lett John, I2a, High street Smith Mrs. Ann, 7 Railway street

Eagles Woodfield, 9 WaIton terrace Locke Robt. Wm. 18 Buckingham st Staveley Rev. Henry Collingwood M.A.

East James, 49 Cambridge street Long:ey .Alfred John, The Villas, (curate of St. Mary's), The Clergy

East Joseph, 14 Tring road High street House

Edgington Fredk. 'rhos. 32 Bicester I'd Longley Frdk. The Croft,WaIton I'd Stevens ~Iiss, 59 Buckingham street

Elliott Mrs. 39 Buckingham road Longley Herbt.Jn. The Villas, High st Stevens Thomas Jones, 6 Milton villas,

Elliott William, 159 Cambridge street Longley :Mrs. The Villas, High street Wendover road

Ellis John Correl William, 2 Park Lowndes Joseph Lee, 8 Church st Strugnell Frank, 77 WaIton street

villas, Bierton road LOWlldes Wm. Hy. 8 Church street Sykes Rev. Henry James (Wesleyan),

Fell Geo. Whitehall, Whitehall street l\Iaggs Mrs. The Cottage, Bierton hI 4 Granville street

Fell Geo. jun. Whitehall, Whitehall st Major In. Willow la.Buckingham I'd Taylor In. Elphinstone, Wendover I'd

Field Thos. The Primroses,Rickfrd's.hl Mann ~Irs. Osney ho. Ardenham st Terry Major William J.P. Eullworth

Fisher James, 41 Bicester road Manning Geo. Herbert, 33 Walton st house

Francis Henry, 6 Tring road Marks George, 6 Nelson terrace Terry Edward, 45 Buckingham street

Freeman Alfred, 31 Buckingham road Martin Harry (H. M. assistant in spec- Terry John, 4 Bicester road

}<'rench Mrs. 19 Buckingham road tor of schools), 12 Bicester road Terry Miss, 14 Rickford's hill

Garrett Charles, Wendover road Mayne Major Otway, 17 Walton street Thorne William, 27 Buckingham road

Gerrett Alfred Charles, 24 Tring road Mayne Rev. Father Joseph Stanislaus 'l'horp Mrs. 24 Bicester road

Gibbons Mrs. 10 Silver street (Catholic), The Presbytery, High st Thrasher George James, 69 High st

Gibbs Miss, 71 High street Mayne William Henry, 3 Granviile st Tooley Mrs. II Exchange street
Gooderidge Mrs. 96 High street
Mayor Edwd. Robert, 16 St.Mary's sq Triggs Rev. ""Yiiliam George (Wes-

Green Thomas, Kmgsbury Mead James, sen. IQ Bourton street leyan), 35 Buckingham road

Grinnell Melitz Joseph Vines, Ard- Meritt :Mrs. 17 St. Mary's square Turner Ar,hur, 19 BUCkingham street

enham house Midd:eton Rev. Robert (Primitive Turner Henrv, I Park viIs. Bierton I'd

Gunn Mrs. Manor cot. Bierton hill Methodist), 33 Buckingham road Turner John; 19 Buckingham street
IGurney Fras. Wm. 18 Buckingham I'd Yliddleton Herbert, 28 Tring road
Walker George Edward L.R.e.p.

Gurney Miss, 19 Granville street Middleton Miss,Hintlesham ho.New st Lond., D.P.H. (governor & medical

Gurney Mrs.Green End ho.Rckfrd·s.hl Middleton Robert Buckingham,Hintle- officer H.M. Female Convict Prison).

HaLlblen John, 23 Castle street sham house. 1\"ew street Bierton road

Hampton Miss, 63 Buckingham road Millburn In. Bower bank, Bierton rd Walker Louis Edward, Spenser house,

Hayes-Robinson Rev. Roger M.A. Ylitchell Mrs. 28 Bicester road WendoveL' road

(curate of St. Mary's),TheClergy ho Newman James, Buckingham street Walthew Mrs. Ivy cottag-e, WaltJn

Heam Henry Adolphus, 2 Milton viIs. Nicholls William, 15 Castle street Ward Mrs. William, 28 High street

Wendover road Osborne Thomas, 9 Church street Ward Robert, 69 Buckingham street

Hedges John Cooper, 44 Cambridge st Page Carl S. 13 WaIton terrace Weaver Wm. Geo.Ceely ho.Church sf;

Hildyard Harry Robert, Byron house, Parrott Fdk. Bayford, The Chestnuts Webb James William, 32 Tring road

Wendover road Parrott John, 5 Bicesler road Webb Miss, 3 Church street

Hill James, 39 Bicester road Parrott ~Irs. The Chestnuts Webb Thomas, 16 Tring road

Hill Mrs. 21 Buckingham road Parrott Thomas, WaIton house Wells James, 37 Buckingham road

Hills Herbt. Bedford ho. Market sq Parrott Thos. Godfrey, I Church st West Waldemar Shipley, Temple sq

Hitchcock Mrs. I Granville street Parry Rev. Arthur Lancelot (curate of Westwood George, Kapunda house,

Hoilier Miss, Ashlee house, Prospect Stone), 3 Park viIs. Bierton road Walton street

place, Waiton street Parry Richard, 15 Bicester road Wheeler Charles, IS WaItoll street

Homeyer Mrs. 59 High street Parslow Lewis Willie, 91 Walton st Whi e Harry, 16 Bicester road

Hooper Charles, 8 Temple square Partridge Robert, 3 Bicester road White Henry J ames, II Bicester road

Hopcroft Thomas, 172 Cambridge st Peacock Ge-Jrge, 17 Granville'~treet Wick E. J. London & County Bank ha

Horton Jsph. Plomer, 69 Bucknghm.rd Pearson Rev. Charles William l\LA. Wilkins Edward, 23 WaIton street

Horwood CoL Thomas, WaIton villa Oxon. (vicar of Holy Trinity), The Williams John, Bank house

Horwood Misses, II Gt. Western st VicaraQ"e, WaIton Wilson-ffrance Mrs. I Milton vi'llas,

Horwood Thomas Horwood Ginger, Phipps Rev. Constantine Osborne M.A. Wendover road

65 High street (vicar of St. Mary's), Vicarage Witton Rev. David (Baptist), Victoria

Howe Philip, SI High street Pig-ott Chas. Brook cot. Oxford road villas, Trin~ road

Howes William, 13 Queen street Pocock Mrs. 55 Buckingham road Worthington John, 33 Bicester road

How9 Frederick. 94 High strpet Poulton Lewis, 63 Buckingham street Wyatt Henry, WaIton grange

Hows Mrs. 34 Bicester road Purssell Mrs. The Laurels, Walton st Young Jas. Clacher, SI Cambridge st

Hughes Hughes Wm.29 Buckinghm.rd Purssell Wm.Young, Fern vil.Tring I'd

COMMERCIAL. Adams Charles Thomas, auctioneer, land agent at

Abraham William Thomas, chimney sweeper &; drain appraiser, & a!!ent to the Guardian Assurance Co.
cleaner, gas-tar work of all kinds done, coal merchant,
well-sinker & soot dealer, estimates furnished for all (No. 25 I) (fire, life & accident), 31 Market square; &; at
kinds of contract work, contractor to H.M. Government,
lOO Cambridge street Wendover, Tring

Adams Edmonds, grocer, I High st. &; Oambridge st Adams George, boot maker, 3 Market street
Adams George,tobacconist & hair dresser, 31 Kingsbnry sq

Ailward Alfred, chimney sweeper, II6 Cambridge street


Ailward Alfred, smith &c. II Ebcnezer place, New st Benton Sarah (Mrs.), apartments, 108 High street

Ailward Susan (Miss), laundress, 47 Buckingham road Bierton Association for the Protection of Persons & Pro-

Allen William Thomas, Red Lion P.R. Kingsbury perty (George Fell, solicitor & sec.), I Rickford's hill

.!msden Harry Edward, New Railway tavern, Great Billington George, boot & shoe maker, 16 Temple street
Birkhead Sarah (Mrs.), beer retailer, 3 High street et
Western street

Anderson Robert White, beer retailer, 25 Walton green Cambridge street

Andrew Wm. True, beer retailer, 64 Cambridge street Bishop Henry, oil dealer, 21 Walton green

Andrews John, furniture dealer, 46 Cambridge street Bishop Thomas Handy, ,saddler, harness, collar & whip

Andrews William, baker, 33 Oxford road maker, II High street & 3 Cambridge street

Anglo-American Oil Co. Limited (S. R. Lawes, manager), Blackmore Sarah Ann (Miss), temperance hotel & dinin$

13 Oxford road; depot, Hartwell siding rooms, 12 Market square

Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Co. (Carl D. Page, man- Blamire Thomas, Star P.H. Railway street

ager), Tring road Blencowe W. & Co. Lim. ale & spirit merchants (John

Armstrong Carollne (Miss). stationer, bookseller, Wm. Nunn, branch man.), II & 13 Great Western st

jeweller & dealer in fancy goods & Berlin & other wools, Bliss John, farmer, Dunsham farm

26 Market square Bliss Matthew, grazier, Cambridge street

Atkins Caroline & Henrietta (Misses), costumiers, Bier- Blofield Stephen, coal merchant, L. & N. W. R. station

ton road Bodell Charles, shopkeeper, 31 & 33 Ardenham street

Atkins Percy 1Vm. Bricklayers' Arms, 19 Walton terrace Bonham William, grocer, 24 Temple street
Bonnick Mary Ann (Mrs.), laundress, 10 Buckingham
Avery Harry Havelock, beer retailer, 18 Oxford road
yard, Buckingham street
.A.xtell William, coal dealer, 24 Walton green
Aylesbury Association for the Protection of Persons & Boughton W. R. & C. A. grocers, 37 Buckingham street
Property (Thomas Parrott, treas.), Bourbon street Bowden Martha. (Mrs.), laundress, II8 Cambridge street

Aylesbury Brewery Co. Llm. (The). brewers, malt- Bradford Jane W. & Fanny M. (Misses), fancy repository,

sters & spirit merchants, Walton brewery & 5 High st 4 High street

Aylesbury Chrysanthemum Soc. (J. H. Garner, hon. sec) Bradford James Haynes, architect & surveyor, & sani-
Aylesbury Church of England Temperance Cricket Club tary inspector to Urban District Council & manager of
sewage works; office, Rickford's hill
(H. C. Smith, hon. sec)
Aylesbury Co-operative Society Lim. (George Fox, sec.; Braidwood P. Murray M.D. surgeon; home for resident
patients, The Old House, Walton street
William Petch, manager), 40 High street
Aylesbury & District Liberal Association (William Long, Brandon Henry, coachman & gardener, to Mrs. Gurney,
8 Rickford'!> hill
sec.), Cambridge street
Aylesbury & District Licensed Victuallers' & Beersellers' Brandon Lizzie (Miss), dress maker, 17 Walton road
Protection Association (J. K. H. Fowler, hon. sec.; L. Bray Abel, dairyman., IQ St. Mary's square
Brazell J oseph, baker, 52 Kingsbury
N. Simms, chairman, Bull's Head hotel)
Aylesbury Endowed Grammar School (Rev. Christopher Brazell Mary Ann (Mrs.), tobacconist, 16 Silver street
Ridley RA. head master; Thomas Osborne, master of Brewer Hy. Edwd. private schl. 24 Walton st.& Station sb
Bridges William, tailor, 12 Park street
Lower school), St. Mary's square
Aylesbury Floral & Horticultural Society (R. F. Robin- Brisker Peter, beer retailer, 20 Ardenham street
British & Foreign Bible Society (Rev. Charles W. Pear-
son, sec.), County hall
Aylesbury Foods Company Limited (G. V. Knight, son M.A. sec.); depot, Market square
manager). foods for poultry, goame & dogs, Mill street Broad E. & Son. drapers, carpet & rug warehouses,
Aylesbury Hunt Steeplechases (H. G. Lepper, hon. sec; silk mercers, milliners & dress makers, & gentlemen's
outfitters, & agents for the Ocean, Accidental & Guaran-
Richard Fowler, hon. clerk of the scales)
Aylesbury Market Co. (Incorporated by Act of Parlia- tee COrporation Limited & the National Provident
Mutual Life Assurance; office, Market square
ment) (Henry Wyatt, sec.). Temple square
Aylesbury Old Bank (Cobb, Bartlett & Co.), Market sq. ; Brooking & Co. wholesale & retail coal, corn & seed
draw on London & Westminster Bank Limited, London merchants & hay & straw dealers, 35 Market square &
Aylesbury Permanent Benefit Building Society (J. C. Canal wharf
Gardner, sec.; J. & T. Parrott, solicitors; John Brooks James, painter, 6 Bicester road
Brooks Martha (Mrs.), monthly nurse, II Buckingham
Reader, surveyor), office, Bourbon street
Aylesbury Printing Works Cricket Club (G. Pescod, sec) yard, Buckingham street
Aylesbury Printing Works Institute & Reading Room Brown Wllliam & Co. auctioneers, appraisers &;
(Hazell, Watson & Viney, proprs.; George Fox, sec.), estate agents & agents for the Sun Fire & Life In-
surance Co. Market square; & at Tring
Silver street
Aylesbury Public Swimming & Slipper Baths, Bourton Brown Edward, fishmonger, 7 Cambridge 6treet
Brown Harry, news agent, 40 Oxford road
street & Friargate street

Aylesbury Quoit Club (Alfred Horne, .sec); ground, Bryant John, boot & shoe maker, I Buckingham street
Buckinghamshire (Royal Bucks Hussars) Yeomanry
Cooper's yard, Buckingham street

Aylesbury Reporter, Thame Observer & Weekly Ad- Cavalry (4th squadron, Capt H. L. W. Lawson, com-

vertiser (neutral) (Lewis Poulton, proprietor & pub- manding; quartermaster, Seaton); stores, George htl

lisher; published fri. for sat.), Market square Bucks Advertiser & Aylesbury News (Lewis PoulOOn &

Aylesbury Town Cricket Club (Charles Gordon Murray, Co. proprietors, printers & publishers; pub. sat.), Bour-

hon. sec) bon street. See advertisement

Aylesbury Typographical Society (In. Clark, local sec) Bucks Architectural & Archreological Society (John

Aylesbury United Football Gub (F. C. Brazell & Ben Williams, treasurer), Museum, Church street

White, secs.), The Bell hotel Bucks Chamber of Agriculture (Geo. Fell, sec.), I

Aylesbury Working Men's Fanciers Club (A. Goldsmith, Rickford's bill

.gee.), Bull's Head hotel Bucks County Cricket Club (J. C. W. Ellis, assistant sec.),

Bailey Gertrude (Miss), dress maker, III Cambridge st The George hotel; ground, Wendover road

Bailey W'illiam, boot maker, 15 St. Mary's square Bucks County Medical Officers of Health Association

Baily Albert, dairy, I4 Church street (Alexander Thomson Morrison M.R, B.Ch., B.A.O.

Baker J ane (Mrs.), apartments, 4 Nelson terrace Waddesdon, president; George H. De'Ath, sec)

Baldwin John, commercial traveller, 71 Buckingham st Bucks Herald (Conservative) (George Turner De Frame,

Bandy Sarah (Mrs.), laundry, I Mount Pleasant proprietor & publisher; pub. sat.), Walton street.

Barnard Charles, printer, see Hunt, Barnard & Co See advertisement

Bartlett Harold Pickburn, journalist, Rugby house, Bucks Land & Building Co. Limited (Henry Wyatt, sec. i

Ripon .street Horwood & James, solicitors); offices, 7 Temple sq

Dateman Daniel, shopkeeper, 55 New Zealand, Bucking- Bucks & Oxon Union Bank Limited (John Williams.

ham road manager), Market square; draw on London & West-

Bates Nellie Blanche (Miss), dress maker, 83 High street minster Bank, Limited, London E C

Eeales Benjamin, tailor, 4 Station street Bucks (1st) Rifle Volunteers (D Company) (Capt. George

Beales Eliza (Mrs.), apartments, 101 New street Fredk. Phillpott, commanding); armoury, County hall

Bedford Matthew Henry, Bricklayers' Arms P.H.Walton st Bull's Head Family & Commercial Hotel j good

Beechey Job, cab proprietor, 17 Cambridge street accommodation for sporting & commercial gentlemen,

Bell Family & Commercial Hotel (The). first-class stabling, posting &c. &c. (L. N. Simms, proprietor),

8ccommodation for commercial gentlemen &c.; bil- Market square
liards, posting, stabling &c. & head quarters for ericket, Bunyan James, carter, Northern road
football & cycling clubs (Hugh Ashworth, proprietor), Bunyan John, fancy dealer, 58 Cambridge street
. Burgess George, Black Horse P.H. 6 Castle street
Bender George, Coach & Horses P.H. 41 Market square Burge~ George, shoe maker, 48 Cambridge street


Buss Richard, draper, 18 Cambridge street Dimmock Frederick, jun. beer retailer & shopkeeper,

Butcher Thomas & Sons, bankers, High street; draw 109 Cambridge street

on Prescott & Co. Limited, London E C Dodson Louisa (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 73 New street

Butcher William John, pianoforte tuner, 69 Bicester road Dorrell Reuben, pig dealer, Northern road

Cain David, carter, 10 St. John's road Dowsing D. storekeeper to the Prison, Bierton road

Callon Richard, engineer & manager to Chiltern Hills Dukes & Co. chinal dealers, 4 Market street

Spring Water Co. Limited, King~bury Dukes James, watch maker, 12 High street

Campbell Frederick, fishmonger, 4 & 6 Kingsbury square Dunford Edmund, Horse & Jockey P.H. Buckingham road

Cannon Geo. brick, coal &c. mer. see Ward & Cannon Dunn Laura (Mrs.), ladies' outfitter, 18 High street

Cannon Sarah (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 13 Buckingham s~reet Dunn William, insurance agent, 43 Buckingham road
Dunning Florrie Mary (Miss), dress maker, IIO Hi~h st
Carter Joseph, pig keeper, 4 St. Mary's square

Carter Sarah Elizabeth (Miss), fancy .repos. 13 High st Dyson Thos. & Co. tea vendors & prov. stores,49Markt.sq

Cartwright WaIter, dairyman, 36b, High street Eagles Woodfield, surgeon & surgeon to Royal Bucking-

Cemetery (Thomas Parrott, clerk to the burial board; ham Hospital, 9 Walton terrace

Charles Wise, keeper & sexton), Tring road Eames J. A. & Co. cycle makers & implement agents,

Challis Joseph Henry, superintendent of Prudential In- Walton street

surance Co. 21 Bicester road Earl William, gardener & florist, 6 Buckingham road

Chamberlin Geo. wheelwright, 13a, Buckingham street East James M.R.C.V.S. veterinary surgeon, 49 Cam-

Chapman In. Hy. Buckingham Arms, 31 Buckingham st bridg-e street

Chapman William Arthur, county accountant,County hall East Timothy, hide & skin dealer, 13a, Buckingham st

Chenells Adam Joseph, grocer, 53 Cambridge street Edgington F. & Co. manufacturers & merchants 01

Chiltern Hills Spring Water Co. Limited (Henry Wyatt, waterproof goods of every description, india rubber

sec.; Richard Callon, engineer & manager); office, goods, horse clothing, tarpaulins, covers, tents, rick-

Ohurch row cloths, sacks, ropes &c. High street & 219 Kent road,.

Chilton Charles Cornelius,draper & clothier,7, &; 15 High st London SE
Chimes Geo. foreman of works at the prison, Bierton I'd Edner William Leonard, boot & shoe maker, 2 Silver sl
Christian Knowledge Society Depot (Lewis Poulton), Edwards John, bootmaker, 95 Cambridge street

Market square Eggleton Edwin, coal dealer, 14 Upper Hundred

Ciappessoni F. watch maker, 17 Buckingham street Ellingham Thomas &; Chas. William Cullum, hardware
Clark Allan, fancy repository, 29 Kingsbury
dealers & oil shop, 75 Buckingham street
Oark Chas. plumber & painter, Great Western street Ellingworth Chas. basket maker, Highbridge walk
Clark George, glass & china dealer, 3 Temple street Elliott Herbert J osiah, insurance agent, 17 Mt. Pleasant
Clark Jane (Mi~s), seamstress, I Castle street
Elliott William, tobacconist, 63 Caznbridge street
Clark WaIter, bookbinder, 29 Kingsbury
Embling Dora (Miss), dress maker, 8 Silver street
Clarke Anthony, beer retailer, 50 Oxford road
Facer Charles William, grocer & agent for W. & A. Gilbey
Clarkson Percy Edwards, agent for Hopcraft & Korris Limited, I & 3 Bourbon street
Lim. brewers, 20 Buckingham street
Faulkne.r Jane (Mrs.), shopkeep~r, 50 Cambridge street
Clewley William Edward, tailor, 14 Cambridge street Fell Goorge, solicitor, commissioner for oaths & pprpetual

Coales James Denis, coal, coke & manure merchant, 53 commissioner, clerk to the Urban District Council,.

Buckingham st.; depot, L. & N. W. R. station coroner for Ayle·sbury district of Bucks, solicitor to the

CokeI' Sidney, canal wharfinger, WaHon street Mid Bucks Conservative Association & to the BiertoD

Oollings Frances (Mrs.), straw hat ma. 5 Cambridge ter & Wingrave Society for Protection of Persons &

Collingwood H. B. (Miss), assistant superintendent to Property, sec. Buckingham Chamber of Agriculture &;

H.M. Prison, Bierton road the Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital, & clerk to Symon

Collins Charles David, hair dresser, 8 Bourbon street Miles & Bierton Feoffee charities & to the Stoke Mande-

Collins Esther (Mrs.), fish & game dealer, 4 Bourbon st ville School Board, I Rickford's hill

Collins Harry George, grocer, 6 Temple street Fiander Percy, grocer, 18 Silver street

Cook Wm. John, road surveyor, 61 Buckingham street Field & Son, goldsmiths, silversmiths, wakh makers,

Corn Exchange (William Thorne, sec.), Market square jewellers, electro-platers & opticians, The Old Bank

Cottage Garden Protection Association (L. N. Simms, house, Market square

sec.), Bull's Head hotel Figg James, baker, 20 Cambridge street

Fox Frederick William, butcher, 34 Cambridge street & Fipkin Thos. jobbing gardener,3 Granville pl.Granville st

60 High street Fisher Albert, butcher & cattle dealer, 30 Buckingham S1

County Court (His Honor Sir Alfred George Marten Q. C. Fisher Edward, wholesale & retail butcher, 42 & 44 Kings-
judge; Edward Wilkins, registrar & high bailiff), bury

25 Walton street Fisher Fredk. Geo. jobma.81ter &; fly propr. 42 Walton st

County Hall (Wm. W. Walker, keeper), Market square Fisher Robert, butcher, 6 High street

County Police (head quarters) (Major Otway Mayne, chief Fitzsimmons Matilda (Mrs.), haberdasher, 13 Britannia si

constable; Joseph Watson, supt. & chief clerk), Mar- Fleet Amos Charles, wholesale & retail basket, sieve,

ket square hamper & wicker furniture manufacturer & dealer in

Courtney James', Prince of Wales P.H. 24 Station street osiers, 34, 36 & 38 Kingsbury

Cowley Daniel James, Nag's Head P.B. 65 Cambridge st Fletcher Thomas, chimney sweeper, 31 Upper hundreds

Oox Albert, Plough P.H. 40 Buckingham street Foat William, upholsterer & decorator, 20 High stree.t

Cox David, coach builder. 22 Station street ForesteI'>S A. O. Court Star No. 1598 (W. H. GiIkes, sec.),.

Coy Samuel, tailor, 13 Temple street V~otoria clu.b

Crane Thomas, Borough Arms P.H. Park street Foster Charles, cabinet maker, 29 Walton street

8rocker Annie Eliza (Mrs.), laundress, 41 Albert street Fowler John Kersley Henry, wine & spirit merchant, ..

Crocker Hy. Jonas, plasterer, 21 Norfolk tel'. Park street Walton street

Crook Samb (Mrs.), housekeeper, Judge's lodgings Fox Edward, grocer, 21 Walton terrace
Crouch Charles William, watch maker, 9 High street Fox Frederick W:illiam, butcher, :'i1 Cambridge streell

Crouch Henry, farmer, Walton court, Walton street Fox GeQrge, storekeeper, 10 Queen SJl:reet

Crouch William, solicitor & commis'sioner for oaths, Francis Henry & Son, china & glass dlrs.35 Buckingham st"

clerk of the peace, clerk to county council & clerk to Franklin Edward RQlbert. linen draper, 9 Market sltreet

the visiting committee of the Bucks County Lunatic Free Aissem1bly Hall (J. E. Taylor, supt.), St. Mary's sq
Freeman, Hardy & Willis Llm. (John Robert Stur-
Asylum, County hall

Crown Hotel, first-class family 1& commercial & post- gess, manager), boot & shoe manufrs. 25 & 27 Market sI}'

ing house; spacious stabling, coachhouses, loose Freemasons, Buckingham lodge of, Ko. 591 & Ferdinand

boxes for hunters, posting, billiards &c. (Mrs. Mary De Rothschild, No. 2,420 (W. H. Bridgeman, sec.).

White, proprietress), Market square Masonic hall, Ripon street

Darnell Sydney, butcher, 133 Cambridge street Frog:ey Fanny (Mrs.), midwife, 4 Albert street

Darvell Charles Benjamin, baker, 9 Bourbon street Garner J. & Son, confectioners & bakers, 57 Walton st

Davill Thomas, hair dresser, II Buckingham street Garner Joseph Charles & 00. confecrtioners, 39 Market s<}

Deamer Phillip,fishmonger & greengrocer,57 Cambridge st Garner Mary Ann & Elizabeth (Misses), dressmakers, 9'
Deeley James, jobbing gardener, 2 Fleet st. New street Granville street

De Fraine George Turner, general printer & proprietor Gas Light &; Coke Co. (Frederidr B. Parrott, sec.;'

& publisher of the' Bucks Herald,' Walton st. See advt George Lane, manager), 87 High -street

De Fraine Joseph, hair dresser, 28 Cambridge street Gates George, boot maker, 27 Walton street

Denchfield Emma (Mrs.), beer retailer, 4 Cambridge st Gayler Joseph, Prudential insurance agent, 3 Queen st

Dickens George, butcher, 9 Queen street George Family & Commercial Hotel &; Posting House

Dixon Samb (Mrs.), laundress, 13 Walton road (Thomas Richard SaltQn, propriebor), Market square

Dixon Wm. Thomas, shopkeeper, IS Britannia street Gibbs S. (Mrs.), furnishing apartments, 34 High street.


Giles George Gilbert, plumber, Eastern street Hooper Charles M.R.C.S.Eng., L.S.A. surgeon &:, mp-dicaI

Gilkes Tholl1JllJS Peach, house decorator, 7 Walton street officer of healith to Urban Dis.trict Council &:, medical

Gilkes William Henry, plumber, IS &:, 17 Gt. Western at officer &:, public vaccinator, No. I district, Aylesbury

Glenister Henry, boot repairer, 54 WaIton street union, &:, oonsulting surgeon to Buck.s General In-

Glover Susan Harriett (Mrs.), wardrobe dealer, I MaIden fiTmary, see Hooper &:, Parrott

terrace, New street Hopcraft & Norria Limited, brewers (Percy Edwards

Gomm JQseph, buwher, 31 Oxford road Clarkson, agent); stores, 20 Buckingham street

Goodchild Abel, grocer &:, baker, 37 Cambridge street Hopcraft Harry, who. &:, retail confectioner, 17 High street

Goode bne (Mrs.), baker &:, corn dealer, Britannia S1treet Hopcraft Henry, Red Cow P.H. 32 Buclcingham street

Goodey Henry John, grocer, 10 &:, 12 Cambridge street Hopcroft Fredk. grocers' traveller, 71 Buckingham road

Goodridge Henry, eating house, 45 Market square Hopcroft Willlam, shopkeeper, 96 WaIton street

Goodyear Janoe (Mrs.), grocer, SI Walton street Hopkins Ellen (Mrs.), grocer, IS West street

Goss William, greengrocer, 69 Oambridge street Hopkins Robert, agricultural &:, horticultural seedsman,

Gray Lisle Ernest, draper, 9 &:, II Kingsbury square fruiterer, florist &:'c. wreath maker &:'c. 5 Market street

Green Charles, shopkeeper, 16 Buckingham streelt Horsey G. Mather L.D.S.R.C.S. dentist, 35 High street;

Green Henry, manager of minercll water factory, 93 weds. II a..m. to 4 p.m

Bicester road Horton Edward,Prudential insurance agent, 8I Bicester rd

Green ThOlffias, builder, 56 KiIig"Sibury Horwood &:, James, ll{)licitors, Temple s9uare

Green Willi3m ¥orke, builder, 14 &:, 16 Walton street Horwood Thomas- (firm, H{)rwood &:, James), solicitor &:,

Gregory Charles, horse dealer, 93 Bicester road commissi{)ner for oaths &:, perpetual commissioner for

Greyhound Private & Commercial Hotel; taking acknowledgments of married women, registrar

first ·class accommodation for commercial men, visitol"S, of the archdeaconry of Buckingham, &:, C.V. Temple sq
tourists &:'c. (E. W. Sturt, prop.), corner of Market sq How, butcher, 62 Albert streeJt
Howard Arthur Baxter, Ship inn P.H. Walton street
Grimsdale Henry Thomas, carpenter, Kingsbury
Grinnell Melitz Joseph Vines, tanner, currier, leather Howlett Benjamin William, tailor, 29 New st
Hubbard Arthur, jobbing gardener, 17 St. John's road
cutter &:, merchant, grindery dealers kc. Temple st
Grist Seth Limited, builders, Railway street &:, at Bierton Hughes Martha (Mrs.), saddler, 13 Walton street
Hunt, Barnard &:, Co. printers, Granville work,s
Groom Thomas Joseph, grocer, I ~Iarket street
Hustler Orbell James Devereux, Derby Arms family &:,
Grove Albert. tailor, 4 Ra.ilway street
commercial hotel, caterer, spacious stabling &:, loose
Groves Jane (Mrs.), apartments, 80 High street
Gulliver Samuel &:, Co. Lim. wine &:, spirit merchants, boxes &:'c. &:, agent for Wheeler's brewery, St. Mary's sq
Ingram, Whitfield & Co. nurserymen &:, florists, bulb
Gunning Edwin Charles, White Swan P.H. WaIton street &:, seedsmen, Walton nurseries, Wendover road
Ingram ,Jamea, professor of music; pupils prepared
Gunstone Eliza C~Irs.), apartments, 57 :Kew street
for examinations, subjects: the organ, piano, singing,
Gurney Henry, beer retailer, 22 Stoke road, 'WaIton
harmony &:'c. &:, organist of the Wesleyan church,
H.M. Prison (Dr. G. E. Walker, governor), Bierton road
Viirginian cottage, Granville street
Hall Edward, chimney ~weeper, 3 Anchor lane
Hall Edward, The Rising Sun inn &:, shopkeeper; accom- Inland Revenue &:, Stamp Office (Henry James White,
modation for travellers, cyclists &c.; large stabling, surveyor; John Worthington, supervisor; James' Ed-
ward Lawrence, officer), Whitehall street
loose boxes, posting &:'c. Oxford road
Inns James, beer retailer, 32 Kingsbury
Hall Richard, general dealer, 27 l'pper Hundred International Tea Stores (Ernest Gardner, manager), 15
Hall Valentine Tudor, fried fish shop, 86 'High street
Hamblen John, manager of brewery, Castle street Market square
Hams Edwin James, confectioner, 61 Cambridge street Ivatts William, boot &:, shoe maker, 27 Kingsbury
Harris Elizabeth (Miss), laundress, 8 Brookside terrace, James Julian Macfarquhar (firm, Horwood &:, james),

Hlighbridge walk solicitor &:, commissioner of oaths, Temple square

Harris Rebecca Alice (Mrs.), apartments, 21 St. Mary's sq Jarrott Edmund, grocer, 47 Market square
Hawes John, beer retailer &:, sh{)pkeeper, 88 High street Jarrott George Henry, confectnr. 3 &:, 5 Great Western st
Haynes Henry, ooltbreaker &:, horsedealer &:, Anchor P.H. Jams Frederick, baker, 16 Britannia street
Jarvis James, tailor, 29 High street
34 Walton s.treet
Jefferies John Thomas, registrar of births &:, deaths for
Haymlrd Thomas, dairyman, 169 Oambridge street
Hazell, Watson & Viney Limited (of Kil'by street, Aylesbury sub-district, &:, marriages for Aylesbury
Hatton garden,London EO &:, 52 Long acre,London WC), union, relieving &:, vaccination officer &:, collector to the
letterpress printers, electro &:, stereotypers, bookbinders guardians, No. I district, II Granville street
& printing ink makers (Robert J. ElEston, manager), ,Jenns & Sons, wholesale &:, retail bedding &:, mattress
manufacturers, house :furnishers, cabinet makers &:,
Tring road &:, California
upholsterers &1 furniture removers, 33 &:, 41 Bucking-
Hearn Henry, plumber &:'c. I Cambridge street
Heam Henry J ames, agent for Locke & Smith Lim. ham street &:, 50 Kingsbury square
J enns J oseph J ames, parish clerk, Ripon ho. Ripon st
brewers, 66 High street
Jewell &:, Co. builders, 88b, High street
Heam Henry James, beer retailer, Wendover road
Jones Sarah (Mrs.), Aylesbury temperance hotel,High st
Hearn James, toll collector, IS Northern road
'Hedges & Son, dealers in linseed &:, cotton cakes, ,Jowett William, furnishing &:, general ironmonger, oil
manures, &:, ale stores, Cambridge street &:, New st.; &:, color warehouse, gun, sporting &:, ammunition
vendor, Sheffield tools &:, cutlery &C. &:'c. 3 Kingsbury sq
stores at Bicester &:, Winslow Judges' Lodgings (Mrs. Sarah Crook, housekeeper),
Hedges J ames William, poultry &:, egg mer. 40 Castle st
Market square
Herbert James, baker, 26 New street Juvenile Foresters' Society (J. Heffer, sec.), Victoria club
Heritage WaIter, marine store dealer, 122 Cambridg-e st Juvenile Hearts of Oak Society (Henry Nunn, sec.),
Hester Frances Rutter, feather cleaner, Highbridge walk
Victoria club
Hicks George, c{)rn dealer, 74 High street Keen Joseph, coal merchant, London &:, North Western
Hieber Theodor, New inn P.H. 'Wendover road
Riggins Thomas, s-hopkeeper, 30 Kingsbury Railway station, &:, at Aston, Clinton

Higgs W. &:, Son, Government contractors, job masters, Keen Rosa (Miss), dress maker, 107 Cambridge street
hay, straw &:, corn merchants, dairymen & farmers, Keen Samuel, beer retailer, Anchor lane
brakes, broughams, wagonettes &:, horses &:, traps for Kemp Wm. mineral water traveller, 72 High street
hire, Willow road Kempster George Richard, machinist, 23 Walton terrace
Keymer Robert Samuel Cubitt F.Gld. O. organist of the
Hill. James, ~nitary. inspec'tor for Aylesbury Rural Dis-
trIct CounCIl, 39 Blcester road parish church &:, professor of music, Granville street
King- Henry, cabinet maker &:, sexton of St. Mary's, II7
Hill WiIliam, butcher, 2 Temple street
Hills &:, Pa1'ltridge, millers (water &:, steam), Walten Cambridge street

Roller mills King John, outfitter, 18 Temple street &:, Market square
Hinton James, boot meker, B Stoke road King-ham Joseph &:, Sons, grocers, Market square

Hitchcock Mary Ann (MM.), milliner, 27 Cambridge st Kingham George, bread &:, biscuit baker &:, con-
Hobley Arthur Thomas, steward at the Bucks asylum, 15 fectioner, corn &:, flour dealer, brown bread a. speciality,
27 Buckingham street
Granville street
Kingham ,John, engineer &:, machinist, sewing machine
Hodgkins J ane (llis.), grocer, 73 Cambridge street

Hodgkins William, dairyman, Wendover road agent, cycle maker &:, repairer, 23 High street. See

Hodgkinson In. N. schl.abtendance oflicer,32 WhiItehall st advert

Holden &:, Sons, tailors, 25 Kingsbury Kyle Thomas, Assoc. Soc. Engineers, county inspector

Honour Charles (Mrs.), apartments, 32a, High str~t of weights &:, measures; offices, County hall

Honour Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 25 Railway st Lancaster Levi, shoe maker, 175 Cambridge street

Hooper. Parrott &:, West, physicians &:, surgeons,Temple sq Landon Adelaide Alice (Miss), dress maker, 7 Bourbon st


ILandon John &; Co. canal carriers &; forwarding agents, I Moody Edward, beer retailer, 1 Church row
Canal wharf, Walton street. Telegrams," Landon, Moore Henry, drapers' traveller, 178 Cambridge street
Aylesbury" ; telephone, 3 Aylesbury Moore Henry, grocer, 34 Oxford road

Landon Henry, farmer, Elm farm Moore Raymond, beer retailer, Wendover road

Lane George, manager of gas works, 89 High street Morris William C. agricultural engineer & machine

Langston Emily (Mrs.), dress maker, 16 Exchange st owner, Walton Engine works

Langstone WaIter, boot maker, 62 Bicester road Mortimer John, beer ret. & coal dealer, 47 Cambridge st

Lawrence James Edward, inland revenue off. Whitehall st Morton Sydney Herbert, beer retailer, 77 Oxford road

Lawson Mercy (Mrs.), hair dresser, 9 Walton street Munday Alfred, general dealer, 41 Walton street

Lazarus Harriett (Miss), umbrella. maker,33 Cambridge at Munday Joseph, beer retailer, 35 Castle street

Lehmann F. F. (Mrs.), watch maker, 23 Market square Munday Thomas, dairyman, 3 Nelson terrace

Lepper & Sons M.R.C.V.S. veterinary ,surgeons, 18 & 20 Nappin Robert Wm. beer retailer, 41 Castle street

Walton street Nash Emanuel, boot repairer, 62 Walton street

Lester & Sons, coach builders, 7 &; 9 &; 20 Britannia st Nash Frank, builder, 41 Tring road & 135a, Cambridge s\

Lines Thomas, shopkeeper, 7 Buckingham street Nash Williarn, dairyman, Park street

Literary Institute (Lord Rothschild, president; T. J. National Society Depot (Lewis Poulton), Market square

Groom &; H. P. Bartlett, joint hon. secs.; T. J. Neill Robert, manufacturer of artificial teeth, old sets

Groom, treasurer; William Ward, librarian), Temple st re-modelled &c. &c. 4 Bicester road

Loader &; Sons, corn merchants, Oorn Exchange bldgs Newman .James, sculptor, monumental & general

Locke Eliza, Mary &; Caroline (Misses), girls' boarding mason &; deputy registrar of births & deaths, 51 Buck.

&; day school, 10 Temple square ingham street
Locke Robert William, brick, tile &; lime manu· Newman John Edward, New Zealand P.H. 67 ~ew Zea-

factorer; coal, sand, slate, gravel &; firebrick merchant; land, Buckingham I'd

office, 18 Buckingham street; works, Hartwell Newman Ralph, fruiterer &; greengrocer, 8 & lOTemple st

Locke Thomas, beer retailer & registered lodging house, Newns Henry, jobbing gardener, 82 Cambridge street

68 Oxford road Newns Jacob, insurance agent, 8 Northern road

London Central Meat Co. Lim. butchers, 16 Cambridge st Newton Charles James, boot maker, 14 Mount street

London & County Banking Co. Limited (branch) (Chas. Newton William, Railway tavern, 17 &; 19 Station stree\

Pigott, man.), Market sq.; draw on head off.Londn.EC Nicholls Mary Ann (Mrs.), dress maker, 51 Parson's fee

London &; North Western Railway Co.'s Basket works, Nippin Harry Lewis, sculptor, monumental &;

basket mas. (Chas. Fredk. Adkins, foreman in charge) general mason, designs &; estimates furnished for tombs,

Long William, baker &; confectioner, 71 Cambridge st crosses, headstones &c. &;c. 18 Kingsbury square

Longley & Son9, silk mercers, drapers, dress makers &; Nippin Thos. Prudential insur. agt. 19 St. :Mary's sq

milliners, family mourning &; funeral furnishers, whole- Norman Hannah (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 14 Park street

sale dressmakers' supply stores, art fabrio warehouse, North & Randall (propnetors, Robert J. Randall &;

28 Market square &; 37, 39 &; 41 High street William C. Morris), non-Intoxicating hop beer Bc

Lovegrove Mary Ann (Mrs.), dressmaker, 17 Exchange at mineral water .manufacturer9, established

Loveless Elizabeth (Mrs.), aprtmnts. West vw.Victoria st 1851; work9, High street & Market place,

Lowndes William Henry, organising secretary to the Bicester

Mid-Bucks Technical Education Committee of the North Harriett (Mrs.), milliner, 41 Kingsbury square

Bucks County Council, 8 Church street North Mary Ann (Miss), seamstress, 79 Cambridge st

Lowndes W. Selby, manager of The Mutual Life Insur- Nunn John William, brewers' agent & sec. of the Vale of

ance Co. of New York, 49 High street Aylesbury Lodge of Oddfellows, 13 Cambridge street

Lucas John P. pawnbroker, 10 Walton street Oddfellows Independent Order of, Vale of Aylesbury

Luckett Guest F.I.A.S. architect, surveyor & modeller, Lodge (John William Nunn, sec.), Bull's Head hotel

2 Church street &; Temple square Ody Thomas, clothier, tailor &; outfitter, I Temple st

Ludgate Daniel, boot maker, 66 Oxford road Oliffe Frederick, chimney sweep, 8 Nags Head passage

Luff Isaac George, coal merchant, 71 New street Oliver William Henry, cycle maker &; dealer, & agent

Luff Samuel Jesse, grocer, 126 Cambridge street for all the leading makers; cycles let on hire, repairs

Macey Sidney, artificial fly dresser, 13 Railway street &c. &c. I Highbridge walk & 88 High street

l\IcKay Mary Ann (Mrs.), dress maker, 68 High street Olliffe James, beer ret. &; chimney sweeper, I Station st

Mackrill EdwaJ'd Thacker &; Sons, g-asfitters, Kingsbury sq Olliffe Richard, Dark Lantern P.H. 1 Silver street

Madder Charles Samuel & Son, wholesale & retail Osborne Henry, tailor, 12 Silver street

general drapers, valuers of drapery, stocks, fixtures &c. Osborne Thomas, master of endowed Lower school, 9

&c. 39 Buckingham street Church street

Manning George Herbert, architect &; surveyor, Walton st Padgett Frank .Joseph. L.D.S.R.C.S.Eng. (firm,

Marks Richard, Barley Mow P.H. 8 Nelson terrace Mawer & Padgett), dental surgeon & hospital prizeman

Marshall George, monumental mason, 52 Albert street in dental surgery &; mechanical dentistry; attends

Marshall James Thomas, watch maker, 20 Silver street Wednesdays, 47 High street, Aylesbury; residence, 8

Masonic Hall (W. H. Bridgeman, correspondent), Ripon st High street, Hig-h Wycombe

Mawer & Padgett L.D.S.R.C.S.Eng•• dental sur. Page Mary Sophia (Mrs.), King's Head hotel, Market sq

geons, estab. 1875, 47 High street, Aylesbury; resi- Palmer Edwin Thomas, chemist &; wine merchant, 19

dence, 8 High street, High Wycombe Market square

Mayne S. & Son, builders &; contractors, decorators, Palmer Robert, shoe maker, 35 Kingsbury square

undertakers, funeral furnishers &; builders' merchants, Panting John, traveller, 7 Exchange street

Station street Papps Hector Alfred, journalist, 86 High street

Mayne James Standwell, assistant overseer &; collector Paradine Emanuel, plumber &;c. 22 Cambridge street

of Urban District &; poor's rates, 9 Rickford's hill Parker John (fi:rm, Parker & Son), solicitor &; commis-

Mayne Sarah (Mrs.), dress maker, 123 Cambridge st sioner for oaths &; lord of the manor of Aylesbury kc.

Mead James, jnn. tailor, 6 Bourbon street &c. 25 Walton street

Menday William .Joseph. tea dealer, grocer, pro- Parrott J. & T. solicitors &; clerks to lHIarding's &; Hick-

vision merchant & general stores & agent for all the man's charity trustees, 14 &; 16 Bourbon street

leading makers of biscuits, jams, tinned goods &c. 14 Parrott Frederick Bayford, solicitor &; commissioner t()

High street administer oaths &; acknowledgments & clerk to the

Metropolitan Railway Co. (Joseph Grindley Rowe, traffic magistrates for the Three Hundreds &; to the Ayles-

manager), offices, Corn Exchange bldgs. Market sq bury Endowed Schools, &; to Guardians, the assessment

Mid-Bucks Conservative Association (John Ten-y, see. j &; school attendance committees, &; superintendent

George Fell, solicitor), 1 Rickford's hill registrar of Aylesbury union, to Aylesbury Rural
Mid-Bucks Technical Education Committee (William District Council &; sec. to Aylesbury Gas Light tt

Henry Lowndes, organising sec.), 8 Church street Coke Co. Limited, Bourbon street

Mlddleton Emily (Miss) & Herbert, drapery, ladies' Parrott Joseph, coach builder, 5 Bicester road

outfitting, baby linen, berlin wool &; art needlework Parrott Mary (Mrs.), dress maker, 22 New street

warehouse; descriptive list of bridal &; infants' outfits, Parrott Thomas (firm, J. &; T. Parrott), solicitor, clerk

post free, 10 High street to the burial board, the Bedford charity trustees & to-

Midwinter David, cattle dealer, 1 Albert street the property, land &; income tax commiS'Sioners, dep.

Millburn .John. auctioneer, valuer, house, land &; mpt. registrar &; under-sheriff of Bucks, Bourbon st

insurance agent &; secretary to the Vale of Aylesbury Parrott Thomas Godfrey L.R.C.P.Lond., M.R.C.S.Eng.

Mutual Building Society, 5 Cambridge street (firm, Hooper, Parrott &; West), surgeon, deputy

Miller Annie (Mrs.), fancy draper &; millnr. 33 Kingsb" coroner for Aylesbury district &; medical officer &; publie

Miller Elizabeth (Mrs.), dress maker, 132 Cambridge s't vaccinator No. 3 district &; workhouse, Aylesbury union.

Mobley James, shopkeeper, 33 Albert street Church street


Parsons .A1bert John, general dealer, 38 Cambridge st Royal & Central BuckS' Agricultural Association (Fredk.

Partridge Robert, miller, see Hills & Partridge B. Parrott, hon. sec.), 16 Bourbon street

Pass Frederick, coach builder, 25 High street St. Mary's Church Rooms (Mary Baldwin, caretaker),

Paxton David, dairyman, Stoke road 14 Temple square .

Paxton John, shopkeeper, 36 AIbert street Sale Edward, grocer, 25 Buckingham street

Payne Robert, band master, Stoke road Sale Frederick, antique furniture dealer, 36 New street

Peacock George, newspaper reporter, 17 Granville street Sale Henry, wholesale picture frame manufacturer, cabinet
Payne Samuel Glendening, photogrllJpher, 43 High street maker, upholsterer & general house furnisher &c. 21
Buckingham street
Pearce George, tailor, 36 Whitehall street
Samms Elizabeth Annie (Mrs.), dress maker, 36 High st
Pegram James & Co. tea dealets, 16 High street
Samuels Frederick, general printer, 46 Kingsbury sq
Peirce Walter, grocer, 41 Park stri"let
Sanford James, locksmith & gasfitter, 26 Cambridge si
Pell George, beer retailer, 4 Great Western il'oad
Pettit .James & Co. importers of wines & spirits; Sarsons Matthew Henry, wholesale, retail & builders'
ironmonger, oil, paint & color warehouse, electric bell
established 1737, Market square fitter, gun & sporting ammunition vendor & beehive
Petty Thomas, market gardener, Victoria street
Pigott Chas. man. of London & County Bank,Market sq manufacturer, gasfitter, whitesmith, tinplate worker,
hot water engineer & fitter &c. Market square
Pitcher Charles Henry, cattle dealer, Walton road
Sayell Arthur Charles, secondhand furniture dealer, 22
Pitson Christphr. supt. of police, Exchange street
PlateI'l John, hawker, 12 Buckingham yd. Buckingham et Britannia street
Sayell Edward, O:d Millwright's Arms P.H. Walton I'd
Pleace Charles, Britannia Inn P.Hl. Buckingham road
Pollard Sergt. Oharles, aSSIstant clerk, County police sta- Scott Robert, grocer & tobacconist, II Market square
Scott Sarah Ann (M1'9.), nurse, 75 New street
tion, Market square
Seaton Alfred, horse dealer, 22 Great Western street
Porter William, beer retailer, Friargate road
Poulton Lewis & Co. proprietors & publishers of 'Bucks Seaton Dick, assistant hotel proprietor, Market square
Advertiser & Aylesbury News,' Bourbon street. See Seaton Thomas Richard, farmer, Prebendal farm
Seaton Thomas Richard, The George hotel,
Poulton Lewis, bookseller, stationer &; printer, book- family & commercial & posting house, Market square
binder & fancy repository & publisher of the 'Ayles- & Ang-el P.R. Kingsbury
bury Reporter, Thame Observer & Weekly Adver- Seaton Thomas Richard, wholes'ale & retail wine & spirit
tiser,' & depot of the National Society & Christian merchant, The George hotel & Angel P.H
Knowledge Society (see also Poulton Lewis & Co.), Sharp John, tinman, 12 Walton street
Sheppard Francis, Harrow Inn P.H. 3 Buckingham street
Market square
Sherriff Mary (Miss), laundress, 33 Mill street
Poulton Thomas, hair dresser, 58 High street
Prentice James, beer retailer, Nag's Head passage, Cam- Sherriff Thomas, pastrycook, 8 Market street
Simmonds John, Chandos Arms, & coal dealer, High st
bridge street
Price Emily Jane (Miss), milliner, 6 Brookside terrace, Simms Charlotte (Miss), apartments, 5 Granville street
Simms Levi Kewton, BuIl's Head family & commercial
Highbridge walk
hotel, Market square
PridmoreWm.Edwd.baker & shopkpr. 36 Buckingham st Simonds Benjamin, brewers' agent, 60 Cambridge street
Prunty James, bird cage maker, 22 Castle street Sims Frederick, tailor, 4 Eastern road
Singer Manufacturing Co. (The), 22a, High street
Purssell Francis, grocer & SUb-postmaster, 7, 9 &; II Sirett Emma (Mrs.), laundress, 17 Wendover road
Wendover road Slade Francis Herbert, town crier & bill poster, 14 Cam~

Putman George, cooper & churn manfr. 27 High street bridge street
Small Heber Henry, dyers' agent, 25 Whitehall street
Putman James, rope & twine maker, 79 Bicester road Smith John & James, builders, 53 Bicester road
Rayner Daniel, butcher, 5 Buckingham street Smith William &; Sons, family butchers, 7 Market street
Smith David, brewers' agent, 5a, Granville street
Read Joseph, beer retailer, 67 Bicester road
Reader & Son, auctioneers, valuers, appraisers, sur- Smith George, baker & mealman, 83 & 85 Walton street
Smith Job, bookseller & stationer, 58 Kingsbury square
veyors, house, land & estate agents &c. &c. 20 & 22 Smith John, bricklayer, 2 Mount Pleasant

Temple street Smith Mark, butcher, 45 & 47 Walton street
Reader Elizabeth (Mrs.), laundress, 16 Church street
Reader In. auctioneer &c.(see Reader & Son), & sheriff's Southam John, beer retailer, 15a, Buckingham street
Speed Wm. bailiff to Hy. Wyatt esq. Turn-furlong,Walton
officer for the county of Bucks & surveyor to the
Spragg & Son R.S.S. blacksmiths & farriers, iron
Aylesbury Permanent Benefit Building Society, 20 &
fencing, gate & hurdle manufacturers &c. &c. 35
22 Temple street Cambridge street
Reed Frederick, maltster, 50 Walton street Spragg Arthur, hatter, hosier, glover & gentlemen's com~
Richards George, linen draper, 13 Market square plete outfitter, 14 Market square
Richings Frank, cook & confectioner, wedding break-
Stanley Jsph. gardnr. to Mr. Thos. Parrott,37 Walton I'd
fasts, ball suppers, evening parties, dinners & lun-
cheom~ supplied, 31 High street Stanley William, cycle maker, 40 Walton street
Rickard Joseph, greengrocer, 29 Buckingham street Stedman Charles (Mrs.), young ladies' boarding &; day
Rickard Sarah (Mrs.), laundress, 15 Mount Pleasant
Rickard William, White Lion P.R. 42 Castle street school, 5 Church street
Rickett William, bricklayer, 17 New street
Roadnight Ann (Mrs.), ladies' nurse, 17 Rickford's hill Steel George, general draper, 24 Buckingham street

Roadnight Job, tailor, 4 Castle street
Roberts Benjamin, Prudential insur. agt. 49 New street SteggaIl Charles &; Co. photographers, 2 Bicester road
Roberts Caroline (Mrs.), beer retailer, 78 Walton street Steggall Ellen (Mrs.), refreshment rooms,9 Gt.Western I'd
Roberts Henry Waiter, engine driver, Ivy cottage, Stephens Emma (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 73 Buckingham st
Stephens Thomas James, .grocer, 34 Buckingham street
Friarage terrace, Great Western street
Robinson AIex. station master (G. W. &; Met.), Friarage & I Cambridge terrace, Cambridge street
Stevens J oseph & Son, engineers, fitters, locksmiths,
Rodwell Alfred, boot maker, 41 Ardenham street
Rogers Joseph, miller (steam & water), Aylesbury mill & gUI1Jsm.iths, gasfitters, electric bell fitters, hot &; cold
water engineers &c. 9 Buckingham street
Haydon mill, Hartwell
Rogers Kate (Mrs.), seamstress, Buckingham yard, Stevens AIther, baker & corn dealer, 193 Cambridge street
Stevens William, butcher, 55 Cambridge street
Buckingham street
Stevenson George & Co. fishmongers, 8 Silver street
Rose & Son, bakers, I West street
Rose George, coal merchant, L. &; N. W. railway statn Stokes George William, tobacconist, 33 High street
Rose Horace M.R.C.S.Eng. house surgeon to the Royal StranksJsph.shoemg & jobbing smith,IIa,Buckingham. st
Strugnell Frank, architect & surveyor, 77 Walton street
Buckinghamshire Hospital, Buckingham road
Rowe & Co. general furnishing & builders' ironmongers, Sturt Edward Weaver, "Greyhound" private & com-
oil, colo1" & iron merchants, Sheffield tools & cutlery & mercial hotel, corner of Market square

cycle agents &c. 29 Market square Sulston Elizabeth (Mrs.), carter, 5 Wendover road

Rowe Joseph Grindley, traffic manager for Metropolitan Surfleet Walter, chemist &; druggist, 5 Kingsbury sq
Railway Co.; office, Corn Exchange, Market square Tabor George, stationer, newsagent, bookseller, book~

Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital (The) (Charles Hooper binder & fancy goods dealer, &; agent for Sutton & Co.
M.R.O.S.Eng. consulting surgeon; Woodfield Eagles Kingsbury square
M.R.C.S.Eng., W. G. Weaver M.R.O.S.Eng. &; E. G. Talbot AIice (Mrs.), monthly nurse, 29 Up... Hundreds
Woollerton Wendover, surgeons; Horace Rose M.R.C.S. Taylor William Frederlck & Son, architects &; sur-
Eng. house surg.; Al'thur Turner L.D.S.R.O.S.Edin. veyors, 26 Temple street; &; at Bierton
dental surgeon; John Williams, Old Bank, treas.; Geo. Technical Education Science &; A.rt Classes (John Williams,
Fell, sec.; Mrs. Mary Anne Heatley, matron; John treasurer), Great Western street

Wood M.P.S. dispenser)


Terry Edward, grazier, 45 Buckingham street Ware James, butcher, 23 Kings'bury square

Thatcher Henry, coal merchant, 19 Bicester road Wat·son Joseph, police superintendent, 9 Exchange street •

Thomas Charles Kaines. brewer, maltster & hop mer- Watts A. E. wholesale & retail boot & shoe manufacturer,

chant (John Hamblen, manager),The Brewery, Castle st leather cutter & grindery merchant, 6 Market street

Thomas Robert J. As.soo.M.lnst. C.E. county surveyor of ',,"atts Arthur Edwin, boot & shoe warehouse, 21 Market Sq

Bucks, County hall Weaver Blanche (Mrs.), wardrobe dealer, 24 Cambridge st

Thompson Emma (Mrs.), apartmentlS, 82 High street Weaver William George L.R.C.P.Lond., M.R.C.S.Eng.,

Thomson Arthur Ernest, butcher, 4 Silver street L.S.A. surgeon, surgeon to Bucks General Infirmary,

Thornton Sarah (Mrs.), Green Man P.H. Market square Admiralty surgeon, certifying factory surgeon, Ceely

':I'horp Robert. grocer, wine merchant, provision dealer, house, Church street

bacon curer & pork butcher, Temple square Webster & Cannon. builders &; contractors, cement,

Thorpe Geo. beer retlr. & boot & shoe ma. 12 Bourbon st slate, timber &; general building material merchants,

Thrustle Robert, farm bailiff to Thomas Richard Seaton brick & tile manufacturers, 42 Cambridge street

esq. 18 California Webster Phrebe (Mrs.), Cross Keys P.H. Market square

Tibbatts Elizh.(Mrs.), registry office for srvnts'78 High st Weedon George, gardener to Woodfield Eagles esq. II

Timms Frederick James, butcher, 6 & 8 Cambridge street Walton terrace

Todd E.,G.& K.(Misses), costumiers & millnrs.53 High st Weedon William Henry, shopkeeper, 8 Albert street

Todd Charles, beer retailer, 4 Mill street Welford George Alfred, higgler, 47 New street

Todd Henry, estate carpenter, 27 Wendover road Wells Alfred, Eagle inn, Kingsbury square

Tofield Jeremiah & Son,plmbr.& painter,24f,Buckingham st West Albert Thoma's, hair dres,ser, 14 Silver street

Tombs Thomas Charle's, coal merchant, 57 High stree,t West Charles Philip, outfitter, 17 Market square

Tomes Willie, boot & shoe maker, 4a, High st·ree·t West Waldemar Shipley M.A., M.D., B.C. surgeon,

Tooley Harry John, watch maker, 39 Kingsbury square Temple square

Toon Mary (Miss), dress maker, 40 Whitehall street West William, furniture broker, 7 Friarage road

Toovey Henry, cabinet maker & upholsterer, carpet Weston Geo. Thos. hair dresser & taxidermist, 8 High st

planner, french polisher, blind maker & furniture maker Weston Herbert George. breeder of Aylesbury ducks

& repairer, 3 Temple square for exhibition &; show purposes,' Mount street. For full

Towersey Emanuel, basket maker, 12 Temple street particulars see advert

Towersey Emma. (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 102 Cambridge st Weston Wilfrid James, poultry breeder, 76 Oxford road

Trickey Lucy (Miss), dress maker, 34 Kingsbury square Westen William, duck breeder, 31 Mount st. Oxford road

Tuckwell David, wood turner, 14 Ardenham street Westwood George, brewers' engineer, 52 Walton street

Turner Arthur,19Buckingham st Wethered Thomas & Sons Limited brewers (David SInith,

Turner Ellen (Miss), dress maker, 9 Oxford road agent), sa, Granville street; stores, New street

Turnham Betsy (Mrs.),Two Brewers P.H.23Buckingham st Wheeler Seth & Son, corn, cake & flour merchants &;

Turnham Ernest Nathaniel,WhiteHart P.H.IsExchange &t forage contractors, 2 Kingsbury square; bakers & con-

Turnham James, shopkeeper, $9 Cambridge street fectioners, 7 Kingsbury square & stores, Britannia st

Turpin Edwin, grooer & provislOn mer. 30 Cambridge st Wheeler Henry, saddler & harness ma. 60 Kingsbury sq

Tweddle Geo. travelling draper,Nithsdale ho.Cambridge st Whiskin Chas. Frerlk. commercial trav. 139 Cambridge st

Uff Rebecca (Miss), dress maker?,. 25. Granville street Whitaker Robert, pianoforte warehouse, 9 & II Temple st

United Patriots Benefit Soc. (E. Hams, sec.), Victoria club White Ann Matilda (Ml's.), apartments,s Walton terrace

Vale of Ayle>sbury Cattle ASlsurance As.sooiation (George White Annie Eliza (Miss), dress maker, I Nelson terrace

Fell, sec.), I Rickford's hill White Elizabeth (Miss), milk dealer, 34 Castle street

Vale of Aylesbury Church Choral Association (Robert White Henry James, surveyor of taxes, Whitehall street

Samuel Cubitt Keymer, choir master), Granville st White Mary (Mrs.), Crown hotel, Market square

Vale of Aylesbury Cycling & AtWetic Club (E. S. Mack- White Sarah (Miss), dress maker,S Temple square

rill & J. W. Reader, joint secs.); head quarters, Bell inn Whitehouse Annie (Miss), coal dlr. Canal wharf,Walten st

Va.le of Aylesbury Mutual Building Society (John Mill- Whitley Annie (Miss) dress maker, II Castle street

burn, sec. & surveyor), ~ Cambridge street 'Wilkins Edward, solicitor, commissioner for oaths, regis-

Vale of Aylesbury Orchestral Society (Robert Samuel trar & high bailiff of Aylesbury county court, steward

Cubitt Keymer, conductor). Granville street of the manor of Aylesbury with Bierton, solicitor to

Vale of Aylesbury Sacred Harmonic Sooiety (R. S. C. Aylesbury Licensed Victuallers' Association &local solici.

Keymer, conductor), Granville street tor to National Union of Teachers, 25 WaIton street

Varney Emma (Mrs.), laundress, 4 Upper Hundre~s Williams Harriett Jane (Mrs.), County Arms P.H. 124

Victoria AtWetic & Gymnastic Club (H. Gough, sec.), Cambridge street

Kinglsbury Williams John, manager to the Bucks &; Oxon Union

Victoria Club for Working Men(1887) (Julian Macfarquhar Bank Limited & agent for the Provident Life & County

James, hon. sec.; Henry Wyatt, treas.; Robert Clarke, Fire Office, Market square

steward), Kingsbury Willis George, boot maker, 12 Buckingham street

Vincent Edward Whitby, hair dresser, 7 Gt. Western road Wilson Artbur, grocer, 8 Market square

Vincent John Henry, general dealer, 84 Walton street Wilson Eliza (Miss), laundress, California.

Volunteer Fire Brigade (Dick Seaton, captain), Bourbon st Wilson James, White Horse P.H. 33 Market square

Wadham Mary (Mrs.), music teacher, 27 Cambridge street Winder W. H. dep. medical officer to the prison, Bierton rd

Walker Edwin Joseph, grocer, 173 Cambridge street Wise Charles, superintendent of cemetery, Tring road

Walker Dr. G. E. governor of H.M. prison, Bierton road Wood Harry, plumber, Queen's Head P.H. Temple squar&

Wa.lker Henry, general dealer, 21 Walton street Wood .John. pharmaceutical chemist & dealer

Walker Mary Ann (Miss), grocer, 25 Whitehall street in photographic materials & chemicals & dispenser to

Wall John, pig dealer, Great Western road the Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital, 35 High street

Walton Penny Bank (Rev. Charles William Pearson M.A. Woodbridge Edwin, beer retailer, 38 Buckingham street

chairman), Walton Woodhouse Charles, Saracen's Head P.H. Rickford's bill

Walton William L. station master L. &; N. W. Railway, Woodhouse Charles, butcher, 134 Cambridge street

77 High stu-eet Woodward James, boot maker, 62 Cambridge street

Ward & Cannon. brick, cement, slate & pipe mer- Worthington John, supervisor of Inland reven.Whitehall st

chants; every description of Sta:ffordshire bricks,coping, Wright & Co. tailors, 18 Market square

cress, pipes, junctions &c. blue &; red quarries, fire- Wright Arthur George, dispensing & family chemist,

bricks & fire lumps, chimney tops, garden edging; all 16 Market square

kinds of sanitary ware, cement, plaster laths &c. coal Wright William, beer retailer, 28 Whitehall street

&; coke, 30 High street; & L. & N. W. station Young Men's Christian Association (Aylesbury brancb)

Ward Joseph, The Bear P.H. 43 WaIton street (John Wood & Frederick C. Bartlett, joint secs.),

Ward Robert Halloway. carpenter, joiner, builder & 36 High street & Rickford's Hill hall

house decorator; works, 40 Cambridge street; & resi- Young George, fancy repository. 10 Market square

dence, 170 Cambridge street Young James Clacher M.R.C.V.S. veterinary surgeon,

Ward Thomas, plumber, Railway street SI Cambridge street

Ward William, hair dresser &; musical instrument dealer, Young John Dore, confectioner, 5 Temple street

I37 Market square

EA..RTON HARTSHORN is a parish on the borders district of Buckingham, and in the il'ural deanery of
of Oxfordshire and on a feeder of the river Ouse, 4 Buckingham (first portion), archdeaconry of Bucking·

miles west-south-west from Buckingham station on the ham and diocese of Oxford. The church of St. James

Verney Junction and Banbury branch of the London is an ancient cruciform structure in the Perpendicular

and North Western railway, and 8 north-east from style, consisting of chancel, nave, transept, south porch

Bicester, in the Northern division of the county, hun- and a western turret containing 2 bells; the transept

dred, petty sessional division, union and county court was added in 1841 by W. H. Braclllbridge esq. then


patron; the clock, given by the late Dr. Clark, is placed about equal portions. The area is 845 acres; assessable
in the west gable. The register dates from th. year 1534. value, £995 12S. 6d.; the population in 1891 wall 102.

The living is a vicarage with that of Chetwode annexed, Parish Clerk, Mrs. Susannah Smith.
joint net yearly value £49, including 46 acres of glebe,
in the gift of Major G. F. Green, of Chetwode, and held Letters through Buckingham delivered at 8.30 a.m. Wall
since 1896 by the Rev. Charles Bolden B.A. of Christ's Box. cleared at 12.25 &; 4-55 p.m. week days only. The
College, Cambridge, who is also rector of and resides at nearest money order &; telegraph office is at Tingewick,
about 2 miles distant
Preston Bissett. Edward James Athawes esq. M.A. of
Xevill House, Chatham, who is lord of the manor, William There is no school in the parish, the children attend
at Chetwode
Lowndes esq. of Chesham, Owen Clarke esq. and Mr.
Richard Holt are the principal landowners. The soil is Carrier to Buckingham.-Thomas Small, tues. wed.
clay; subsoil, clay. The land is arable and pasture in fri. &; sat

Halt Clement, farmer Palmer Joseph, farmer, Lower farm Swift Goorge, Fox P.IH
Holt Thomas, farmer Row Elizabeth (Mrs.), farmer Thame John, farmer
Hughes Ambrose, farmer Row Mary Ann (Mrs.), farmer

BEACHAMPTON is a parish and village on the buted by the late rector: there are 160 sittings. The
borders of Northamptonshire the river Ouse forms the register dates from the year 1560. The livin~ is a
boundary between the counties-4 miles south-west from rectory, net yearly value £232, with 25 acres of ~lebe
and residence, in the gift of Caius College, Cambridge,
Wolverton st3tion on the London and North Western and held since 1891 by the Rev. Joseph Gould M.A. of
railway, 6 north-east from Buckingham station on the Caius College, Cambridge. There are a few charities
Verney Junction and Banbury branch of the same amounting to £31 yearly, the bequest of Sir Simon
line, and 2! south-west from Stony Stratford, in the Bennet bart. who died c. 1631; also £35 from Elmer
Northern division of the county, hundred, union and charity. The Hall farm, formerly Beachampton Hall, is
county court district of Buckingham, Stony Stratford picturesquely situated on the banks of the Ouse, but the
greater part of it was pulled down in the last century, the
petty sessional division, and in the rural deanery of Buck- materials being utilised to construct the present out-
ingham (second portion), archdeaconry of Bnckingham houses and barns. A very fine C31rved oak staircase leads
and diocese of Oxford. The Church of the Assnmption up to the banqueting hall, which is panelled to the ceiling
of the Virgin Mary, erected at the beginning of the with oak, and the window still contains the royal arms in
14th century, is a small edifice of stone mostly in the stained glass. Sir James Robert Walker bart. of Sand
Perpendicular style, and consists of chancel, nave of four Hutton, Yorks, who is lord of the manor, Earl Carrington,
bays, ai511es, south porch and a tower containing 3 bells: it W. E. Bennett esq. and the trustees of Elmer's charity
contains a, monument to Sir Simon Bennet bart. sometime are the principal landowners. The soil is strong clay;
lord of this manor, who died in 1631, erected 128 years subsoil, lrimestone. The chief crops are wheat, oats,
after his death by University College, Oxford, to which beans and barley. The area is 1,492 acres; assessable
foundation he had been a great benefactor; there is also a value, £1,635; the population in 1891 wail 181.
hand..ome marble monument to Simon Bennet esq. Lord
~Iayor of London, nephew to Sir Simon Bennet above men- Parish Clerk, James Alderman.
tioned, whose daughter and heiress Frances married J ames
(Cecil), 4th Earl of Salisbury: the east window was Post O:6ice. :Mrs. Sarah Gibbs, sub-postmistress. Letters
erected to the memory of the late Bishop Wilberforc6 tnrough Stony Stratford arrive at 7.30 a.m.; box
(d. 19th July, 1873), whose kneeling effigy appears in closes at 4.55 p.m. week days &; 10 a.m. sundays.
the lower portion: there are brasses to William Bawdyn, Postal orders are issued here, but not paid. Stony-
1600, and to A!ice, wife of George Baldwyn, d. 21 Feb.
16n: and memorial windows to Lady Mary Russell and Stratford is the nearest money order &; telegraph office, .
the Rev. Richard Norris Russell, a former rector: the 3 xniles distant
reredos, an elaborate work in ala'baster, contains in the
centre a repre'lentation of "The Crucifixion:" the organ School.
was presented by Lady Mary Russell: the choir stalls and
sittings are of carved oak: the church was compl~tely 1'e- National School (girls k infants), built in 1876, for·
stored in 1873-4, at a cost of £3,4°0, principally contri-
40 children; average attendance, 36; Miss Sarah Hall,

mistress ,

Gould Rev. Joseph M.A. Rectory Cook Richard. farmer Panter Henry, farmer
Whitehead Mrs Faulkner George, carpenter Rogers Alfd. Geo. farmer, Mill farm
Lovell George, farmer, Grange farm Verey Frederick, farmer, Hall farm '
COMMERCIAL. Panter Charles, Bell inn

Bartlett IS36c, f'llrmer


BEACONSFIELD is 8 town and parish on a hill John and Catherine Eliza Charsley by their children ~
near the Wooburn stream, 2! miles north-east from the panels of the font were carved by Miss Matilda
Wooburn Green station on the Maidenhead and Oxford Charsley, of their daughters: the stained east ~
section of the Great Western railway, 9 north from winc10w was erected in 1869 to the memory of the Rev.

Windsor, si north-east-by-east from Wycombe, 2~ John Gould, rector here from 1818, and there are others

north-east from Loudwater, and 71 north from Slough, to Henry Reginald Sykes esq. the Rev. Canon C. H. Chol-

in the Southern division of the county, hundred and meley M.A. rector 1885-g6, Arthur and Pascoe St. LegeI'
petty sessional division of Burnham, union of Amer- Grenfell esqs. and Lady Lawson, d. 1897: the church was
sham, county court district of High Wycombe, rural restored in 1869; the south porch was erected in 1886, in
deanery of Burnham, archdeaconry of Buckingham and memory of the Rev. Samuel J ames Bowles M.A. rector

diocese of Oxford. The town has been governed by a 1867-85: there are 450 sittings: in the churchyard is a' ,
Local Board under the" Public Health Act, 1848," from marble sarcophagus, with four urns and a pyraxnid in the .
July, 1850, until the "Local Government Act, 1894," centre, to Edmund Waller, the poet, who died here 21St.
established an Urban District Council, and it is lighted October, 1687. The register dates from the year 1631..

with gas by a limited company, the works being in the The living is a rectory, net yearly value £39°, with resi-

Peun road. This place gave the title of Viscountessl dence, in the gift of Magdalen College, Oxford, and held'

(1868) to Mary Anne, wife of the Rt. Hon. Benjamin since 1896 by the Rev. George Albert Cooke M.A. fellow -

D'Israeli P.C. and of Earl (1876) to that distinguished of that ('ollege. Here is a Congregational chapel, built in
statesman himself, who was also Viscount Hughenden, 1880, with 360 sittings; the old chapel, built in 1800, is'
but both titles became extinct on his death, 19th April, now used as a !:choolroom. Norfolk House School, in the
1881. The church of St. Mary and All Saints is an High street, is a private establishment preparing' boys for- .

edifice of flint with Bath stone dressings in the Per- the public schools and for the Royal Navy. The house
pendicular style, consisting of chancel with aisles, nave and grounds are in a healthy situation and have a play-

of four bays, aisles, north and south porches and an g'round, tennis and fives court, and cricket and football'

embattled tower with pinnacles and turret, containing field; head master, Cecil Thomas Marcon M.A. of Wor--

a clock and 8 bells: the tower, which is the oldest por- cester College, Oxford. The police station, with inISpeC-.
tion, dates from the 15th century: there is a tablet to tor's r£>8idence attached, was built in 1872: the village-
Edmund Burke, the distinguished statesman, who died hall, built by Sir Edward Lawson bart. in 1886, will seat,
here, 9th July, 1797, and on 9th July, 1898, another 500 persons. The charities amount to about £'290'
memorial to him was unveiled by the Earl of Rosebery : annually; three of the donors were Edmund Waller,

there is also a tablet to his only son Richard, who pre- who in 1699 gave £7 10S. yearly, E. Waller in 1810 a.

deceased him, and near his grave is a brass: the stone benefaction of £35 yearly, and F. Waller another of £14-
pulpit and font were presented in memory of 169. yearly j Lady Hyde'lJ charity of £50 is distri'



buted annually to widows and orphans; Mary Tompson's Tyrwhitt-Drake Rev. Edward M.A. Rectory, Amersham

charity, left to the parish about 1898, produces £130 'l')Twhitt-Drake Capt. ThomlllS Henry, Little Shardeloes,

yearly. Fairs are held on the 13th of February and 10th Amersham

of May. The Right Hon. Edmund Burke, M.P. for Wend· Tyrwhitt-Drake Tho-. Wm. esq. Shardeloes, Amersham

over, 1765-74, purchased an estate here on which he The Chairman, for the time being of the Beaconsfi'eld

resided at a house named "Gregories," but afterwards Urban District Council, is an ex-officio magistrate '

called "Butler's Court," where he died 9th July, 1797, Clerk to th~ l\Iagi~tra.tes, Arthur Edmund W~bster
aged 68, and was buried in the church; his widow,
Charsley~ High street .
who died in 1812, disposed of the property, and the
house was burnt down about a year after her death. Petty Sessions are held alternate mondays at the Police
Hall Barn, formerly the residence of Edmund Waller, court & at the Town hall, Aruersham, every fourth
and the property for many years of the WaUer family, monday in the month at 10 a.m

but now the seat of Sir Edward Lawson bart. J.P. is The following p;aces are within the district :-Beacons-
a mansion of brick with stone dressings, seated in a field, Burnham, Chalfont St. Giles, Chalfont St. Peter,
be!,utifully wooded park of about 400 acres in extent, Dorney, Farnham Royal, Gerrard's Cross, Redgerley

with extensive and well laid out gardens and pleasure Dean, SeN Green, Hitcham & Taplow

grounds, and an ornamental water of 2 acres well nm.A.N DISTRICT COUNOIL.
stocked with fish: in the grove is an old flint structure
known as Milton's Cave, where he is supposed to have Offices, High street.
written portions of " Paradise Regained.:" the grove is also
noted as the spot where the poet Waller sat to com- ~Ieeting day, la"t tuesday in every month, at Reading
pose many of his poems. Wilton Park, the property of Room, Broadway, at 8 o'clock in the summer & 7
o'clock in the winter.

William Baring Du Pre esq. J.P. is at present the resi· Members. •
dence of Henry White esq.: the mansion, a spacioul Retire in 1901.

·stuccoed building with a long terrace on the south side, Chairman, John Rolfe.
standing in an extensive and well-wooded park of 350 Vice-Chairman, Henry Jenner Johnston.
acres. Sir Edward Lawson bart. J.P. who is lord of the
-manor, W. B. Du Pre esq. J.P. of WiHon Park,Earl Howe, George Allington Ch'\l"sley Sir Edward Lawson baIt.
Charll~s Keville Biggs esq. and Lieut.-Gen. Sir Francil W. Herbert Fowler J.P
'Grenfell G.C.B., G.C.M.G., J.P. are the principal land. Richard Hedges .,
owneNl. A considerable quantity of beech wood is grown James Honour Edward Morford
'here, hence the name of the parish, Becen- (Becon-) field,
I Herbert Henry Rolfe


i.e., t,he field of the beeches. The soil is gravelly loam; Clerk, George Henry C'harsley, High street, Beacons-

subsoil, chalk. The area. is 4,5°4 acres; assessable value, field & Sloug-h

£7,967; ,the population in 1891 (including part of the Treasurers, Thomas 'Wheeler & Co. Easton street

hllmlet of Cole:3hill) was 1,773· Medical Officer of Health, Willoughby Kennedy M.A.',

'Parish Clerk and Sexton, Thos. Tapping, Aylesbury st. M.B., M.R.O.S.Eng., L.R.C.P.Lond., D.P.H. Hig-h st

Assistant· Surveyor & Collector, Herbert Watson, High st.
Post, M. &; T. 0., '1'. M. 0., Express Delivery, Parcel Sanitary Inspector, Thomas Weedon, Beacon.field
Post, S. B. & Annuit,y & Insurance Office (Railway Sub-
office. Letters should have R.S.O. Bucks added). PUBLIC ESTABL:rSH:MENI1S. f

Miss Mary Elizabeth 1nitfield, postmistress. Letters County Police Station, Windsor street, John Pearman,

delivered in the town at 7 a.m. 12 noon &; 7.40 p.m. ; inspector; the local force consiosts of I inspector & :a

dispatched at 9.1$ a.m. &; 2.4$ &; 8,35 p.m.; sundays, constables

,Jelivery 7 a.m.; dispatch, 8 p.m New Hall

SESSIONAL DIVISION. Clerk to the Commissioners of Land Tax, Arthur Edmund

Webster Obarsley, High street; Steward of Beaconsfield,

Wines Lieut.-Col. George Shippen, Ohippenham house, Chalfont St. Peter, Wooburn, Penn, Holmer &; Beamood

Slough, chairman &; Hedsor Manors, Georga Allington Charsley, Hig-h st

Curzon Viscount M.P. Woodlands, Uxbridge -Coroner for the Beaconsfield District, George Allington

Irby Hon. Cacil Saumarez, The Grange, Hitcham, Charsley, High street; deputy, Arthur Edmund Web·

Maidenhead ster Charsley, High street r

Lawson Sir Edward bart. Hall Barn, Beaconsfield RS.O Medical Officer &; Public Vaccinator, Beaconsfield District,

Trench 001. Hon. William le Poel'l R.E. St. Huberts, Ger- Amersham Uniol\, Francis- Johnson M.R.C.S.Eng.

rard's Cross RS.O L.R.O.p.r. Burke house, High street

Oarr-Gomm Francis Culling esq. D.L. Farnham chase, Registrar of Births &; Deaths, Beaconsfie:d Sub-Distri.l:t,

Farnham Royal, Slough Amersham Union, Richard Hedges, High street ;
PLACES OF WORSIDP, with times of services. 1\ ~
Dent Edward esq. M.A. Fernacres, Fl11mer, Slough
Du Pre Wm. Baring esq. Wilton park, Beaconsfield R.S.O b
FarweU Captain William, The Priory, Burnham,
Maidenhead . St. Mary &; All Saints' Church, Rev. George Albert Cci li:e
M.A. rector; Rev. Arthur Bevill Browne B.A. curate;
Gold Henry esq. Hedsor, Maidenhead
sunday, 8 &; 11 a.m. &; 2.15 &; 6.30 p.m.; daily, 8 a.m.

Garrett-Pegge John William esq. Chesham house, Ches- &; 6 p.m. holy communion; also on thursdays at 8 a:m

bam Bois C{)ngregational, Rev. John Stay; sunday. IX a.m. & \6

Grenfell Lieut.-Gen. Sir Fraucis Wallace G.O.B .•G.C.M.G., p.m.; thursday~ 7 p.m .(~ I

F.B.A. Butler's court, Beaoonsfield KATIONAL SOHOOLS. average ~tt-erlA~

'Grenfell William Henry esq. B.A. Taplow court, Boys', built in 1873, for '120 children,' averagl!•"t-~
Maidenhead ance, 98 : Arthur Baker, master
Grove WaIter Frederick esq. Stone house, Penn,Am~rshm
Girls', built in 1873, fOr roo children;

Lawion arry
Hanbuty George esq. Blythewood, near Maidenhead &Dce, 115; Miss Esther Heath, mistress att.en;d.-
Infants', built in IS73, for 1$0 children; average.
Ta.plow Law~on Webster esq. M.A. Orkney cottage,

Pl'nton 001. 'Frederick Thomas, Chalfont park, Chalfont ance, 120; Miss Sara Fry, mistress • 1 f:r

St. Peter, Gerrard's Oross R.S.O Carriers to London.-William Hlire, from Lake's lane to
Phipps Col. RamsaY Weston, '!'he Stone, Chalfont St. 'Lamb,' Old Bailey, mono &; thurs.; A. Roberts I; 00.
from Aylesbury street to Garrard'a Cross, Uxbl'idge ~
(Wes, Gerrard's Cross R.B.O

Robinson George James esq. Roug-hwood park, Chalfont London, daily except sat. at 6 p.m. returning from

St. Giles, Gerrard's CrOllS R.S.O • Lamb,' Old Bailey, daily at 6 p.m. exceptllat "

PRIVATE RESIDENTS. ')ormer Misses, Windsor end Lawson Sir Edward bart. D.L., J.P.

Browne Rev. Arth. Bevill RA. (curate) Grenfell Lieut.-Gen. Sir Francis Wal- Hall Barn ,~

Oharsley Arthur, The Gregories lace G.C.B., G.C.M.G., F.S.A., J.P. Marcon Oecil Thomas M.A. Norfolk b.

Oharsley Arthur Edmnnd Webster, Butler's court Marcon Miss, Norfolk house

HIgh S'l'eet Hemsted' Miss "Iyers Mrs. Essex house, High stree'

Gharslpv George Ailing-ton, The Elms Johnson Francis M.RC.S. Burke ha. Parker Miss, LiVtle Hall Barn

Oooke Rev. George Albert M.A. (rec- High street Perryman Thomas, Windsor stree~

tor), Rectory Johnston Henrv J. Park side Shaw Thomas. John, BeechCToft

Du Pre Wm. Baring J.P. Wilton park Kennedy WilIoughby !lLA., ~LR Stay Rpv. John (Congregational)

]~owler Herbert, Burke cottage, Ayles- Burke house, High street White Henry, Wilton park

bury end ,Lane Thomas F. High street Withall George, Hall pottage


COMMERCIAL. King William Franci>:, butcher, 'High street
Lane Thomas F. White Hart hotel, family, com·

Baglpy Alfred, builder, High street mercial &; posting house; caterer to cricket club &;

Ilagley B. &; Sons, builders, Wycombe road head quarters of cycling touring club &; lawn tennis

Bagley James, builder, contractor &; undertaker; estab. club at Beaconsfield. " I went to the White Hart." (See

lished 50 years "Referee," July 31st, 1892. Dagonet), High street

Barton Frank, Old Elm Tree P.H. Aylesbury end station, Wooburn green, G.W.R

Beaconsfield Chair Manufacturing Co. Lim. (J. !H. John- Les~ie Henry, shopkeeper, Windsor street

stone, sec.), Aylesbury street LaB-lie J ames, beer retailer, Aylesbury street

Benvon William, corn dealer Loosley Thomas,, High street
Iler~yman Harry, Farriers' Arms P.H. Aylesbury street Mauners Richard, boot maker & insurance agt. High It
Marcon f'ecil Thomas ~LA. boys' private school, prt'para-
Illake Elizlllbeth (Mrs.), baker, Market place

Blake Louisa (Mrs.), baker, Windsor street tion for the public school &; Royal Navy, Norfolk house

Blinko Henry, butcher, High street school, High stre"t

Ilrookman Arthur, baker, High street Marshall Emma (Mrs.), grocer, High street

Bunee William, Old Hare P.H. Aylesbury street Morford }:dward, wholesale & retail grocer, High street

Capital &; Counties Banking Co. Lim. (Geo. Augustus Morgan .James, Oross Keys P.H. High street

Green, mgr.), open sat. 11 to 3 p.m.; draw on head Mundy Tom, accountant, High street

office, 39 Threadneedle street, London E C ~ewman vVilliam, head gamekeeper to Sir Edward Law-

Charsley Arthur.. solicitor, High street son bart

Charsley Arthur Edmund Webster, solicitor &; com· Oakley Ann (Mrs.), hand lace maker, High street

missioner for oaths; clerk to the magistrates for the Pearrnan John, inspector of police, Windsor ·street

Ilurnham hundred &; to commissioners of Land Tax; Peedell WaIter (Mrs.), shopkeeper, High street

deputy coroner for Beaconsfield division of South Bucks, Perryman Rowland, corn & coal dealer. High street

High 'Street Rawling-s John, Georg-e inn, High s·treet

Charsley George Allington, solicitor &; coroner for the Reading (The) Romus &; Library (Augustus Day, sec.),

Beaconsfield division of the county, High street; &; at High street

Eton &; Slough Reeves J esse, shopkeeper, Aylesbury street

Charsley George Henry, solicitor &; clerk to Urban District Rendell John, butcher, Broadway

Council, Hjgh street Rizza Della, hair dresser, Windsor street

Cheale Archibald E. draper, London house, High street Roberts A. &; Co. carriers, Aylesbury street

Child William &; Son, builders, High street Rolfe .John & Robert, a,uctloneers, Widgenton

Clark Emma (Miss), shopkeeper, High street house; &; agents to Sir Edward Lawson bart

Clarke H. & C. (Misses), ladies' school, Leigh ho. High S't RoUe John, chimney sweeper, Windsor street

Coleman Eli Henry, furniture dealer, High street Salmon .Joseph, Grevhound P.H. licensed victualler,
Coleman Frederick. outfitter, High street •
retailer of Harman &; Co.'s Ales, Uxbridge, Middlesex;

Cyclists' Touring Club, head quarters (by appointment), Windsor street

White Hart hotel, High street Saracen's Head Royal Hotel (James Woodroof,

Day Augustus, furniture warehouse, Aylesbury street proprietor), family & commercial hotel, livery &; bait

Day Uriah, general draper &; outfitter, family grocer &; stables; good accommodation for tourists; good stables

agent for W. & A. Gilbey Lim. wine &; spirit merchants, for hunters; patronised by royalty, High street

&; british wines, Market place &; Aylesbury street Saunders Annie (Mis'S), beer retailer, High street

Eldridge Charles Holmes, plumber, High street Sheail Mary Ann (Mrs.), beer retailer, Windsor street
Shurve~l James,. shopkeeper &; baker, High s,treet
Fletcher. Bertram Frank, sadd:er &; harn~s& ma. High st SneIl John, tailor, High street

Fletcher Clara. (~Iiss), drpss maker, High street

Fowler Herbert, insurance agent, Aylesbury street Spencer &; Redhead, grocers, Aylesbury end

Gas Company Limited (John RoUe, chairman) Stevens &; Sons, butchers, High street

Gibson George, farmer, Holloway farm. Stevens Arthur William, Swan P .H. High street

Gower Albert, butcher, High street Stevens Catherine (Miss), d'reS'S ma. Wilton vil. High st

Gower George Smyth, engineer, High street Thomson Janet &; Elizabeth (Misses), farmers, Wilton

Grimmett Charles, White Horse P.R. High sh·oet. Park farm •

Hanslow Charles Edward, chemist &; stationer, High street Thomson John, farmer, Davenies farm

Harding Caroline (Miss), baker, High street Tripp Hubert John, smith &; carrier (established over So

Hare George, fllirmer years), Aylesbury street

Hare William, carrier, Loakes lane Tripp William, RS.S. smith, Aylesbury street

Harris James, cromney sweep, High street Vere George, fishmong-er. High street

Hatch John M.RC.V.S.L. veterinary surgeon &; in- Watkins Elizabeth (Mrs.), china &; glass deoJer

spector under the Contagious Diseases (Animals) Act Watkins John Henry, wheelwright

for Sontq Bucks, High street Watson Herbert, assistant surveyor &; collector to the

Hedges R:chard, land surveyor. &; registrar of births &; Urban D'strict Council, &; asS'istant (}veI'$er, High street

deaths for No. 5 Beacon'Sfield sub·district, High street 'YeedoD Thomas, hay &; cattle dealer & beer retailer, &;
mspecwr of nuisances, rmg-h street
Hine James, farmer, Hyde farm

Hitchcock Charles Was-sell, plumber, High street Weston Harry, shopkeeper, Windsor street

Hollis Charles, fishmonger, High street Wrote Fred, carpenter to Sir Edwaxd Lawson bart

Honour Jas. frmr. hurdle &; birch fm Whitfield Mary Elizaheth (Miss), PQstmistress. ..

Jaycock-George, tobacconist & hair dresser, High street WiJIliams Nary (Mrs.), coal dealer. Windsor str.e-et

Johnson Fraucis M.R..C.S.Eng., L.RC.E.I. surgeon &; Wilson J ames, beer retailer, High street

t medical6fficer &; public vaccinator,Beaconsfield district, Wingrov6 Edmund .A:. secretary Gas Co. High gj;reet

Amersham union, Burke house, High street Witt Gearge, saddler &; watch maker, High street

Kennedy Willoughby M.A.Glas., . M.B.Lond., M.RC.S. Woodl'Oof J-amesJ jobmaster. High street

Eng., L.R.C.P.Lond., D.P.H.Camb., physician &; medi- Woost-er Job, fanner., Seely?s farm.

ool,tpmcer o()f health.. to th~ Urban. D.i.s-kict CoW1cil.. WJ'i,g-htI Emesn Olli~. -boat &; shoo IQ.aker, High street
Burke house, High street 1 •
, Wrighh George, organist

lUDDLESDEN is a parish on the Northampton- there are some tablets to the "Morgan family, whose

shire border, 31 miles north-east-by-ell,st from Brackley vault is under the chancel: the chapel affords 140 sit.
station on the Banbury and BletcWey section of the
Lon<l9D and North-Western railway and 6 north-west tings. The register dates from the yeat' 1695. The'
from Buckingham, in the Northern division of the living is a vicarage, net yearly value [8o, with 33
eonnty, hundred, ~tty sessional division and county acres of glebe, in the g-ift of the trustees of the late Major
court district of Buckingham, union of Brackley, and 1.. F. H. C" M.organ-Grenville, and held sinoe 1898 by the
in the rural deanery of Buckingham (first portion) Rev. D'Arcy Str:mgwayes Morton M.A. of Worcester Col-
and archdeaconry of Buckingham and diocese of lege, Oxford, who is also rector of Whitfield, where he re·
Oxford. The original church of St. Margaret has sides. At Evershaw, in ,this paris~ was formerly
long since disappeared; the private chapel in Biddlesden a chapel dedicated to St. Nicholas. Biddlesden
Park, probably erected at the beginning of the 18th Park, the seat of the Baroness Kinloss, is aboui
century, by a Mr. Sayer, now serves as a parish church IS0 acres in extent and trockly wooded, and a portion
is well stocked with deer; the house, a substantial
and is a plain edifice of red brick with stone dressings, building of stone, occupies the site of a priory of the
with a western turret containing a clock and one bell: Cistercian order, founded here in 1147 by Ernald de



Bosco, and colonised from Garendon, Leic. It was dedi- is 3,068 acres; assessable value, [2,183; the populatioD
cated to SS. Mary and Nicholas, and at its dissolution in 1891 was 155.
had 12 monks and 51 servants, and revenue valued at
£135; the mansion is surrounded by extensive pleasure Parish Clerk, David F':nch.
grounds with large fish ponds. The trustees of the late There is no parish school. Children attend Syresham
Major L. F. H. U. Morgan-Grenville J.P. are lords of the Letters received through Brackley at 9 a.m. Wall Box
manor and the principal landowners. The soil is chiefly
cleared at 4.45 p.m. Brackley is the nearest money
gravel; subsoil, limestone; the land arable and pasture, order, 3 miles & Syresham the nearest telegraph office, Jl
about equal, with about 180 acres of woodland. The area
mile distant
Carrier to Buckingham.-Whitlock, lIat

Kinloss The Baroness, Biddlesden pk Chapman Thomas Blackwell, farmer, Richardson James & Son, farmeu,.

Gorr:al farm Home & Castle farms
Finch David, gardener to the Baroness Sear Robt. Jas. farmer, Park field~

Abernethy Thos. farmer, Hogpits frm Kinloss Thompson Duncan, farmer

Bishop Edwd. farmer, Needle's Hole Gulliver John, farmer, Dropshort fm Webb Samuel, gamekeeper to the

Deauford In. farmer, Thatcham Ponds Lamoourn Elizh.(Mrs.),farmr.Evrshw Baroness Kinloss


BIERTON is a parish and scattered village, on the yearly in sixpences: Reeves charity of £15 annually, de-

road from Aylesbury to Leighton Buzzard, one mile and rived from two cottages and one acre of ground, is for the

a half north-east from Aylesbury station, in the Mid poor of the haml'6t of Broughton: Mr. Allen left, ill'

division of the county, in the hundred, petty sessional 1832, £100 Consols, the dividend to be given in bread

division, union and county court district of Aylesbury, on Christmas Eve. Part of an urn, IS inches in

rural deanery of Wendover, archdeaconry of Bucking- diameter and 12 in depth, found about 1870 on a farm

ham and diocese of Oxford. The Aylesbury and Ched- occupied by Mr. Bell, was presented by him to the

dington branch of the London and North Western rail- museum of the Bucks Archreological Society. In January,

way and the Grand Junction canal pass through the 1861, excavations were made in a pightel belonging tlY

parish. The church of St. James is a cruciform Mr. James Bonham, 85 paces eastward of the church and

structure of local lias stone in mixed styles, erected abutting on the road: in this little field were found the

about 1280, in the Early Decorated period, but very remains of at least two distinct generations of men,

much altered in the Perpendicular period, consisting 01 separated from each other by long intervals of time, and

chancel, nave, aisles, transepts, north porch and an comprising eight skeletons, lying in various positions:-

embattled western tower with small spire containing a three rectangular openings were also discovered about

clock and 6 bells: on the north side of the chancel is 5 feet below the surface, which contained ashes, and on

the old aumbry, with a trefoiled arch, now used as a a level with these were undoubted traces of a Romano-

Cledence table, and on the south a with plain British interment, consisting of a circular excavation I

shafts and a good fluted basin: the arcades of the nave foo~ 9 inches in depth and about the same in diameter,

are Decorated, the east window Late Perpendicular: fitted with a large sepulchral urn of lead; in a circle at

there is a plain Norman font with cable moulding, and a radius of 3 feet from this were found a number of

a curious monument, the inscription on which states mortuary urns and 10 feet distant another: a number of

that it "was erected and set vpp at the propper coste Rechen Pfenning or Nuremburg tokens, a testoon or

and charges of Mrs. Crecily Bosse, the widdowe of the shilling of Henry VIII. a halfpenny of James I. one of

late Mr. Samvel Bosse," who died 21st December, 1616, William Ill. and other coins were met with on the

and that he had nine sons and four daughters; the same spot. In the "Old Orchard Piece" implements of

monument represents the deceased and his lady kneel- war, coins, human bones &c. have been discovered from

ing opposite each other, 'with their children in the same time to time. About 1830 three halberts, a breast

position, the sons behind the father and the daughters plate and bones of horses and men were found here;

behind their mother: on the pillar of the north tran- one of the three halberts measured eight feet six inche!J

sept are two oval shaped tablets to the Rev. Timothy in len~th, the head is 32! inches long, and fastened too

Shaw, vicar of Bierton for 34 years, who died in 1786, the staff by four screws, and it weighs eight pound!J

and to his wife: the interior of the church was re- eleven ounces: all the spears found here were of th6'

paired and reseated in 1852, and the gallery removed, Stuart period; on the skeleton of one man two larglJ

and in 1885 the chancel was restored by the Eccle- buttons, gilt beneath and hollow, still remained. John

.siastical Commissioners, under the direction of Mr. Parker esq. is lord of the manor; and Leopold de Roth-

Ewan Christian, at a cost of about £600: there are 300 schild esq. D.L., J.P. of Ascott Park, is the chief land-

sittings. The register dates from the year 1560. The owner. The soil is clay with a portion of stone brash,

living is a vicarage, with that of Quarrendon annexed, but chiefly loam; subsoil, clay and limestone. The chief

net yearly value £312, with residence, in the gift of the crops are wheat, beans, barley and clover. The area is

Dean and Chapter of Lincoln, and held since 1877 by 2,442 acres; assessable value, £4,887; the populaiilon in

the Rev. John Langton Gurney, of St. Bees. The Baptist 1891 was 740. Broughton, 2! miles south, and Burcot~

chapel, erected in 1831, was enlarged 1885, and will seat half a mile south, are hamlets in this parish.

180 persons. The Wesleyan chapel, built in 1877, has a Sexton, John Busby. .

stained window, pla.ced to commemorate the introduction Post & M. O. 0., S. B. & Annuity & Insurance Office.-

'of Methodism into Bierton; the chapel will seat 225 per- James William. Bonham, sub-postmaster. Letter!f

sons. The Bucks Evangelistic Mission hall here will hold through Aylesbury arrive at 6.40 a.m.; dispatched
ISO persons. Hill's charity, now (1899) producing [190 at 6.45 p.m. No mail on sundays. Aylesbury is the
)"early, is derived from. 64 acres of land, left in
1723; of this Bierton school receives about £40 nearest telegraph office, 2 miles distant .
National School (mixed), built in 1849 & enlarged 18B5,
Yearly, the balance being expended in purchasing great- for 136 children; average attendance, 120; George
Makin, master; Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Makin, mistress
coats for poor men, apprenticing poor boys &c.: the
Feoffees' charity (of unknown origin) produces £42

yearly, half of which, by order of the Charity Com- Carrier.

missioners, is expended in church expenses and half in Edward Rogers, to Aylesbury, wed. & sat.; to Leighton

the relief of the poor: Bosse's charity of £2 is given Buzzard, tues.; to Tring, fri

BIERTON. Bonham J·ames Smith, cattle &c. Norwood Thomas, farmer

Bonham Mn. Pedler's cottage dealer, Fir cottage Norwood Thomas, jun. cattle dealer~
Goodey Henry John
Griffin Mrs. Merton cottage Ellis Thos. duck-breeder & cowkeeper Granden Hill house
Gurney Rev. John Langton (vicar)
Taylor William Frederick Grist 8eth Limited. builders, con- Norwood William, farmer

Wright William, The Poplars tractors & timber merchants & saw Reading In. Red LionP.H.&cattle dlr

mill proprietors, builders' material Rickard Henry Edward, carpenter &;

dealers, Staffordshire goods & sani- builder.k contractor, undertaker,

tary ware &c. &c house decorator &c. &C. Bierton sa'"

COMMERCIAL. Hayward Amos, shoe maker mills

Archer Mary Ann (Mrs.), coal dealer & Ha,yward Joseph, boot maker Roberts Richard, blacksmith & assist-

shopkeeper Hill Harry,duck breeder & poultry dlr ant overseer & clerk to the parish

Bell John, farmer, Ivy House farm Hill John, farmer, Homs farm council

Bell Thomas, farmer, Church farm Hill Wm. duck breeder & poultry dlr Rogers Edward, carrier

Bliss John, farmer Jeffs John, baker & farmer RoUe Richard, beer retailer

Bonham James William, grocer, baker, King James, 0081 dealer & shopkeeper Smith George, g-razier

butcher, provision dealer & general Miles George, Th& Plough P.R. & Taylor William Fredk. architect &;

.tores, Post office market gardener surveyor; & Temple st, AylesbUl1


'Thorne J oseph, Bell inn Jeffs Thomas, duck breeder Howman Edward Davison

West Kate (Mrs.), beer retailer King' Geo. Seven Stars P.H. &:. grazier Brill Fred1ericik, cowkeeper

1Yhite Richard, duck breeder Roads Ann (IMrs.), gl'llzier &:. farmer Chappin Frederick, duck breede!"

Woodward Alfd. Chas. beer retailer Vright Albert, farmer Gray Henry, duck breeder

BROUG1HTON. White George, beer retailer Grist In.Wesley,'av.Sunny bnk
Horwood William, grocer
Bates Wm.mllr. (water),Broughton m: nURCOTT. King John, farmer, HilPs Charity fnn

Horwood Geo. Jas. landowner &; farmr Grist John W·esley, Sunny bank Thorne Walliam, duck breeder

:BLEDLOW is a parish, on the borders of Oxford' soil is in some parts chalk loam, other parts stiff clay;
subsoil, chalk, or ragstone and clay. The chief crops are
shire, with a station one mile north of the village, on wheat, beans, peas and barley. The area is 4,112 acres;
.the Wycombe, Aylesbury, Thame and Oxford branch of assessable value, £4,187; the population of the civil parish
the Greltt Western railway, 44 miles from London, 2! in 1891 was 978, which includes Bledlow Ridge, Pitch
miles west-south-west from Princes Risborough and 5~ Green, half a mile north, Rout's Green 2! miles south,
east-south-east from Thame, in the Mid division of the
county, in the hundred of Aylesbury, petty sessional Forty Green, I! north-west, Skittle Green, three-quarters
division of Desborough second division, union of Wy-
.combe, county court district of High Wycombe, rural of a mile north-west, and Holly Green, I north, and of
deanery of Aylesbury, archdea.conry of Buckingham and the ecclesiastical, 580.

Sexton, Richard Piggott.

diocese of Oxford. The Princes Risborough and Wat-
lington railway passes through. The church of the BLEDLOW RIDGE is an ecclesiastical parish formed

lIoly Trinity, restored in 1876 at a cost of £1,400, is in 1868 and is 3 miles south from Bledlow village, in
an ancient structure of flint and .stone, in the Transition the rural deanery of Wycombe. The church of St. Paul,
Norman style with Decorated windows and derestory consecrated by the late Bishop of Oxford, July 13th,
.added, and consists of chancel, clerestoried nave of 1868, is a building of flint with Bath stone fa.cings, in
lour bays, aisles, south porch and a western tower con- the Early English' style, and consists of chancel and
taining 5 bells: the inner doorway of the south porch is nave with south porch, and a western turret contain-

very fine, consisting of a pointed arch with small cir- ing I bell, and the church contains an organ added by
.cular shafts of Early English date; on the right of the vicar: the cost of building, with purchase of site,
this door there is an unusually large holy-water stoup;
{lver the outer door is a dial and near the entrance the including burial ground and endowment, was over
,tone base of an ancient cross: the north aisle contains £4,000, defrayed chiefly by Mrs. Grace, of Eastbourne:
a canopied niche and a double piscina, and the south aisle there are 230 sittings. The register dates from the
bas also a piscina and retains traces of two recessed tombs: year 1861. The living is a vicarage, net yearly value
'in the chancel is a brass of a former vicar (15 25) in Eucha- £186, with residence, in the gift of five trustees, and
ristic vestments: the walls of the nave and aisles bear
traces of some ancient paintings: the font is of Norman held since 1868 by the Rev. John Hillmer RA. of
date, elaborately carved, and there are several tablets of Trinity College, Cambridge. There is a Wesleyan Metho-
the early part of the last century to members of the dist chapel, built in 1887. The area of the ecclesiastical
parish is 1,738 acres; the popUlation in 1891 was 39B.

Parish Clerk, Jonah Britnell.

lillancks family: since 1895 a new chancel screen, altar Letters arrive at 9.30 a.m. from Tetsworth via Stoken-
table and litany desk, all executed by Mr. Harry Hems, of church (Oxon)

Exeter, and four stained windows have been provided: Stokenchurch is the nearest money order office, and
there are 2II sittings: the churehyard is bounded on the Wei'1t Wycombe, telegraph office
east by a deep and woody glen, into which several springs
of water fall, and, uniting, form a small lake called" The Post Office, Bledlow. Herbert Stratford Brazell, sub-post-

Lyde," in which large quantities of watercress are grown master. Letters arrive from Princes Risborough S.O.
101' the London markets. The register dates from the by foot post at 8.30 a.m.; dispatched at 4.20 p.m. &:. a

year 1592. The living is a discharged vicarage, net yearly Ilecond dispatch via Oxford at 6.5 p.m. Postal orders

value £IlO, including 134 acres of glebe, with residence, are issued here, but not paid. The nearest money

in the gift -of Earl Carrington, and held since 1895 by. order &:. telegraph office is at Princes RisborouO'h, 3

the Rev. John Stephen Pritchitt, of Charsley's miles distant '"
Hall, Oxford. There is a small Wesleyan chapel Wall Letter Boxes.-Pitch Green, cleared 8,40 a.m. &:. 4·5
here, and another at Bledlow Ridge. The school of the
Wycombe union, occupying what was formerly the work- &; 7·5 p.m.; Railway station, cleared at 8.30 a.m. &;
3·55 &:. 7. 15 p.m. week days only; Bledlow Ridge, cleared
Muse, is here: there are four acres of land adjoining 4. 20 p.m.; 9·35 a.m. sundays

fne school, which are cultivated by the boys, and the Schools.
girls do most of the domestic work. The charities
produce £62 yearly, inclusive of rent for the poor's land A School Board of 5 members was formed 27 Dec.
1873, W. T. Pycraft Padbury, High Wycombe, clerk
()f 35 acres for fuel; the principal testators have been- to the board; J. W. Avery, attendance officer
Henry Smith in 1608, John Blanoks in 1671, Marg.
llabham in 1672, and Edmund Slaughter in 1831. On Boam School (mixed), Bledlow Ridge, built in 1874, &;
a lofty hill in this parish is a Greek cross, cut into the enlarged in 1898, <for 124 children; average attendance,

turf, and similar to that at Whiteleat in Monks Ris- 66; John William Turner, master

borough, and is said to have been cut by the Saxons to Parochial (mixed), built in 1868, &; enlarged in 1891, for

commemorate a victory over the Danes. Earl Carring- 13'5 children; average attendance, 96 ; Edwin Cation,

ton and the Provost and Fellows of Eton College are master .
lords of the manor. The principal landowners are Earl Wycombe Union (mixed), average attendance, 66; Geo.

Carrington P.C., G.C.M.G. Eton College, James Brit- Harold Quint, master; Mrs. Edith Sarah Quint, matron

Illell esq. and Messrs. Gibbons and Alfred Crouch. The Railway Station, John Greenaway, station master

:BLEDLOW. Elmes Maurice, Queen P.H Wooster Edwa.rd Lee, farmer, Manor

Folley William, Holly green Folley Fredk Jas. farmer, West field House farm

Roberts George Holm lodge Folley James. Red Lion P.R

l'ritchitt Rev. John Frederick Stephen Folley John, farmer, Manor farm BLEDLOW RIDGE.

lVright Hobert, Rosedeen Folley William, builder, Pitch green PRIVATE RESIDENTS.

Gomme Chares, carpenter Dearsley Mrs. The Firs

OOKMERCIAL. Gomme Edwin, jun. carpenter, Pitch Hillmer Rev. John RA. Vicarage

Austin Herbert James, paper maker green Joslin Henry C. Loxboro' hOllse(postal

(Joseph Austin, manager),Bledlow&; Grange John, farmer, Forty green address-High Wycombe)

North mills (409) Greenaway Thomas, Seven Stars P.H. COMMERCIAL.

Avery James William, assistant over- Station Avery Geo. farmer &:. aSilist. overseer

8eer&~chl.attendance officr.Piteh grn Heybourn Thomas, shopkeeper Britnell James &:. Sons, farmers

Avery Willaby, farmer, Brewhouse fm Hill Thomas, beer retailer &; butcher, Britnell Jonah, beer retailer

Bowler Jesse, poultry brdr.Forty grn Pitch ~reen Brooks John, farmer

Ihazell Herbert Stratford, grocer &:. Newell William, blacksmith &:. beer Edmonds Albert Charles, Light

post office, Church end retailer, Perry lane Dragoon P.H

lJumhamGeQ.poultry breeder,Forty gn Reading Thomas, farmer, Pitch green E~g-leton Francis, farmer, Radnag&

Brooks John, fal'IIler &:. miller (water), ;;;topps Jacob. farmer. Holly green Bottom farm

Holly green Walker Thos. farmer, Bakehouse frm Farey John, farmer, Shinnal's farm

CQrey James, boot maker Watts Edwin, poultry farmer,Ford ho Fpssey Geor!!'e, farmer
IDester Achille,
Wil1iam. farmer
pit lane John, farmer
poultry farmer, Sand- Wp'h-tPl" 'fhoma!l, bakpr, Ford I FGeoams emye
White Robt. Old Three Crowns


Horwood Thos. frmr. Lodge Hill farm, Keen Robt. butcher & higg-ler & miller Rogers Charles. shopkeeper

(Postal address. Princes Risboro') Keen Stephen (Mrs.), farmer Rose Checkley, farmer, Ridge farm

James Walter. Two Brewers P.R. & Lutman James, farmer Taylor Thomas, farmer. Pankridge fm

blacksmith Newell James, chair turner White Wm. (Mrs.), frmr. & shopkp:r

13LETCHLEY i!l a parish, village and railway station tion of W. White esq. F.S.A. of London: the winrlows

I mile west from Fenny Stratford, 12! miles east from and doorway of the chancel, which had been modernized
Buckingham, 6! south from Newport Pagnell and 4(j~ and misplaced, have been reset; some few remains- of

from London, in the Northern division of the connty, ancient glass preserved, the body of the church J.tted
hundred~ petty sessional division, union and county court with oak seats, and the tower pinnacles, set up by Willis,

c:istrict of Newport Pagnell, rural deanery of Bletchley, removed: the pulpit was the gift of the Rev. W. Bennitt,

archdeaconry of Buckingham and diocese of Oxford. About rector; the cloth for the communion table was wOl'ked

half a mile from the village, but in the parish of l?elllly and presented by Mrs. Williamson, of Little Brickhill
Stratford, i~ BletcWey station on the London and North vicarage; white and gold altar cloth preselltl·d by Mr.

Western railway, being the junction of the Bedford and and Mrs. Wright, of Brooklands, on Eailter-day; th&
Cambridge and the Bb-nbury and Oxford branches with the organ was designed by the Rev. W. G. Corker, of :1"em.,.

main line. The parish comprises the township of Stratford: there are 463 sittillgs, one-third being free.
Bletchley with the hamlet of Water Eatan. 'rhe parish The register nates from the year 1665. The living is a

is supplied with water from Brickhillton, the Fenny Strat- rectory, net yearly value £460, with residence, in the gift
ford water works. Bletchley was, in 1898, added of Samuel Bennitt esq. of Harborne, and held since 1861

to the Urban District of Fenny Stratford. The by the Rev. William Bennitt M.A. {)f Trinity College,

{lhurch of St. Mary, approached through a fine Oxford and surrogate: the rectory house, erected in 1834,
avenue of very ancient yews, is an edifice of is a mansion in the Gothic style. A Wesleyan chapel was
stone, mostly in the Perpendicular style, some portions, erected here in 1895. Selby House, the residence of
however, being as early as the 12th century; it consists Richard William Selby-Lowndes esq. J.P. is pleasantly

of a large chancel with north aisle, forming a chantry of situated near the church; the ancient mansion was pulled
the Grey de Wilton family, clerestoried nave ef four down in 1871 and a handsome gabled residence erected on

bays, aisles, south porch, and a fine embattled western the same site, which is surrounded by some fine elm trees.
tower containing a clock and 8 bells, one of which was re- The trustees of the late Sir Philip Henry Pauncefort-Dun- III .. 868, and in 1893 the entire peal underwent reno- combe bart. of Great Brickhill (d. 1895) is lord of the
vation at a total cost of £125, the tenor bell, weighing manor and principal landowner. The soil is strong

18 cwt. being recast: a part of the ceiling of the chancel, clay; subsoil, clay <and gravel. The chief crops
which is in twt>lve compartments, is painted and orna- are wheat, oats, beans and barley. The area of the

mented with portrnitsl of the Apostles; the remainuer parish is 2,324 acres, viz. Bletchley, 1,171; Water Eaton»

over the sacrarium consists of a " Tetragrammaton" in 943; assessable value, Bletchley, £3,106; Water Eaton,

a triangle surrounded by cherubs: the church was re- £5,999; and the population in 1891 was 697, viz.

&tored by Dr. Browne Willis, in 1704, at a cost of [1,345, Bletchley, 456; Water Eaton, 24I.
in accordance with the prevailing taste, but quite out of Parish Olerk, John Jones.

character with the sty:e of the building: in the chancel
are four early sedilia, all of which, hidden by the restora- Letters for Bletehley arrive from Bletchley Station about 7

tion of 1704, have since been uncovered: the reredos is a.m. Wall Box, in village, cleared at 9·45 a.m. &; 6·4<>
of Painswick and Mansfield stone: the east window of p.m. week days & 10.40 a.m. on sundays. The neares~

five lights was filled with stained glass in 1886: the stalls money order &; telegraph office is at Bletchley Station,

are of carved oak: between the chancel and the north about half a mile distant
ebapel is an ancient table tomb, with an effigy. in white Wall Letter Box, opposite Eight Bells P.B. cleared at § &;

marble, to Richard de Grey, sixth Baron Grey de Wilton, 10 a.m. &; 3 & 8.15 p.m.; sunday, 7·45 p.m
National School, built in 1862, & enlarg-ed 1885, to hold
who died at Water Hall in 1442, and was buried here, and 93 children; average attendance, 73; Miss Louisa Yates~
also his son and grandson; the effigy was repaired and re-
cut by Weston the statuary, at Dr. Browne Willis's expense; mistress; Miss Agnes Hunt, infants' mistre~s

at the foot of the figure is a helmet, said to have belonged Water Eaton is a ha.m.let of the parish of Bletchley,

to Lord de Grey; in the chapel, which is also the m<lr- half a mile from Fenny Stratford: the Grand Junction
tuary of the family of WiIlis, is a raised table tomb to canal and the river Ouzel run through this part of th~
the wife of Dr. Dr01me Willis, who died at Whaddon RaIl parish. Here is a Wesleyan chapel.

in 1724, and an inscribed marble slab to Dr. Willis him- Letters arrive from Bletchley Station. Wall Box clearecl

self, who died at the same place, 5 Feb. 1760; and in the at 9.10 a.m. &; 7,40 p.m. week days & II a.m. sunJays
north wall of the chancel is a very curious bras5 with National School, erected in 1873, at the sole cost of Sir P.

effigy to Thomas Sparke, a former rector, who died in D. P. Duncombe bart. for 60 children; average attend-
1616: the church was restored in 1867-8 under the direc- ance, 33; Mrs. M. A. Allum, mistress

BLETCHlLEY. Cutler Joseph, grocer W..lT'ER E.1TON.

Bennitt Rev. William M.A. (rector & French James. farmer
Goodin Hy. Shoulder of Mutton P.R Fry Thomas, Chestnuts
surrogate). Rectory Bates John, George inn

Craven Fredk. Brooke, Brooklands Hands John, George P.R Chambl'rlain William. hosier

Bird Dennis M.A. The Leys Ho:mes Alfred' James, carpenter
Selby-Lowndes Richard William J.P. Hollo_ay Mrs. & Prof. Alfred. Chappell Thomas, shopkeeper
ladies' college, Bletchley hall. See Colman Joseph, farmer
Selby house Goodman Jas. farmer, Gowland farm

Slark Mrs. 'l'he Hatch advert
Hopcraft Alfd.&; Ernest,brewery stores Goodman Robert. Plough P.B
James John, carpenter Hitchcock Wm. By. farmer &; miller

Clarke Thomas, farmer, Windmill farm Meag-er Frederic. wheelwrig-ht Lacey Thomas, beer retailer

& Tattenhoe Sanders Fanny (Mrs.), Eight Bells htl Makeham Henrv,-, farmer, Home farm
Cook George, dairyman Simpson Richard, farmer, Manor frm Makeham Waiter, farmer

Cook James, farmer Stevens Arthur John, tailor Yirrell Thomas, brick maker

Crane Thomas, Old Swan P.B Taylor John, farmer, Bletchley Leys

BLETCHLEY STATION, see Fenny Stratford.

BOARSTALL is a scattered village and parish, in a section, containing one bell: in the chancel are two
hilly district on the borders of Oxfordshire, 7 miles marble monuments to the Aubrey family,' and the
north-west from Thame station on the Maidenhead and I stained east window bears the arms of Sir John Aubre1
Oxford section of the Great Western railway, and 8 bart. D.C.L. and M.P. for Bucks, impaling those of hi.
Ilouth-east from Bicester station on the Bletchley and two wives Mary (Colebrook) and Martha Catherine
Oxford branch of the London and North Western rail- (Carter); he died I March, 1826, being then father of

way, li west from Drill, on the road from that place to the Rouse of Commons: the baronetcy became extinc.

Oxford, from which it is about II miles north-east, in on the death. without issue (before 1859) of Sir Thomas
the Northern division of the county. hundred and petty IDigby Aubrey 7th bart.: the church was restored in 1884-

sessional division of Ashendon, union and county court I by J. A. Aubrey esq. at a cost of £1,635, and affords

district of Bicester, rural deanery of Waddesdon~ arch- 200 sittings: on Saturday, Dec. 5, 1812, the church wait
deaconry of Buckingham and diocese of Oxford. The entered and a silver chalice and paten, and some pewter
church of St. James, rebuilt in 1818 by Sir John Aubrey vessels stolen: in the churchyard are the remains of BD
hart. on the foundations of the original structure, is a ancient cross. The register dates from the year 1640'

.mall edifice of stone in the Perpendicular style, con- The living ill a vicarage annexed to Brill, joint net yearlY

li,sting of chancel and nave, with a turret at the inter- value £200, in the gift of Chas. Aubrey .Aubrey esq. and


held since 1889 by the Rev. Henry Causer Duthoit B.A. spiral staircases communicating with apartments over-
Caius College, Cam bridge, who resides at Brill. There the gateway: it was until recently occupied as a farm-'

are charities amounting to £20 a year, left by Edward house, and still presents an interesting and strlkingly
Lewis esq. and Lady Penelope Dynham, the former of picturesque appearance on entering the village from

£12 yearly, to be distributed amongst the poor, and the Brill. Charles Aubrey Aubrey esq. of Dorton, is the
latter, of £8, for the purpose of apprenticing poor boys. chief landowner and lord of the manor. The soil il
During the Civil ·War, Boarstall House was garrisoned gravel and stiff blue clay; subsoil, loam and gravel.
for the King in 1644, and on its evacuation by the The chief crops are wheat, barley and beans, and about

Royalists the Parliamentary party at once seized it, and two-thirds of the land is pasture. The area is 3,080
used it as an effective basis of attack against the King's acres; rateab~e value, £2,977; the population in 1891
forces at Oxford; being again taken by the Royal forces, was 188.
under Colonel Gage, it successfully resisted the Parlia- Parish Clerk, Thomas Gibbs.
mentary troops, under Skippon and Fairfax, until 1646, Letters received by rural messenger from Brill at 9.15
when, after a siege of 18 hours, on the 10th of June in a.m. Wall Box cleared 4.10 p.m.; sundays, I.4S p.m.
that year, it was surrendered to Fairfax by Sir (,har~es The nearest money order & telegraph oflke is at Brill,
Campion, the governor: a massive gateway, with em- about 2 miles distant

battled turreLs at the corners, reached by crossing a National School (mixed), built in 1874, for 60 children;
stone bridge over the moat, is all that now remains: average attendance, 40; Arthur Ranson, master; Mrs.
two turrets have rooms in them, and two others contain Ada Ranson, mistress

Blake Henry, farmer, Tower farm Craddock Alfred Henry, farmer, New Kirtland John, farmer, Arngrove farm

IBlake William, Home farm, Panshill Park farm Read John farmer, Manor farm

CoIlett John, farmer, Arngrove Dodwell Edmd. farmr. Touchburge fm Sulston .Ann (Mrs.),farmer,TheLaurels

Collett William, farmer, Panshill Hawes John, farmer, Pasture farm

:BOTOLPH CLAYDON, see Claydon East.

BRADENHAM is a parish on the high road from held since 1865 by the Rev. John Graves M.A. of Exeter

High Wycombe to Princes Risborough, li miles north- College, Oxford, and J.P. Bradenham was for many year.

west from West Wycombe station on the Maidenhead a seat of the noble family of Windsor, having been pur-
and Oxford section of the Great Western railway, 4~ chased ill 1500 by Sir Andrews Windsor kt. created in
miles north-west from High Wycombe and 4~ south 1529 Baron Windsor of Bradenham. Bradenham House,
from Princes Risborough, in the Mid division of the built by William, second Baron Windsor K.R is a large
county, hundred of Desborough, second division of Des- mansion with gardens, overlooking an extensive green
borough petty sessional division, union and county court and adjacent to the church: it is now the seat of th&
district of High Wycombe, rural deanery of Wycombe, Rev. Johu Graves M.A., J.P. rector, who is also lord of
archdeaconry of Buckingham and diocese of Oxford. the manor and the principal landowner. The Earl
The church of St. Botolph is a small building of flint of Beaconsfield K.G. who died in 1881, spent the-
and stone in the Late Decorated style, consisting of earlier years of his life here, and went from
chancel, nave, north chapel, south porch, which is Saxon this house to High Wycombe to deliver his
(built by William, second Lord Windsor, in the year first political speech in the yt>ar 1832. Lord Windsol',
1542), and a low Norman embattled western tower con- above mentioned, died 20th August, 1558, and was
taining 3 bells and a clock; two of these bells are 600 buried here with great pomp: Sir Edward Windsor,
years old: a portion of the nave and the whole of the third baron, entertained Queen Elizabeth here in 1566..
cnancel were rebuilt in 1863 under the superintendence on her return from visiting the University of Oxford.
of the late G. E. Street esq. R.A. in the Decorated About 1640 the manor was purchased from the Windsor!
style. There is an ancient brass of a priest in a by Sir Edmund Pye bart.: it was afterwards purchased'
chasuble, some old glass in the east window of the by John Hicks esq. grandfather to the present owner.

chapel, also a marble tablet to the memory of Isaac 'fhe soil is light; subsoil, chalk and flint. The chief
D'Israeli esq. D.C.L. author of "The Curiosities of crops are wheat, barley and oats; the area is 968 acres;
Literature," and of his wife Maria. who resided for assessable value, £1,175; the population in 1891 was 152.
many years at Bradenham House, where he died 19 Jan. Parish Clerk, Ralph Ball.
1848, and was interred under the chancel: the chancel Post Office.-William Goodchild, sub-postmaster. Let-
has two stained windows and the nave one, besides the ters arrive from High Wycomhe at 7.55 a.m.; dis-
west window, erected in commemoration of Her Majes- patched 4.55 p.m. Box cleared at 4.55 p.m.; 10.2$
ty's Jubilee in 1887: in the chapel is a handsome altar a.m. on sundays. Postal orders are issued here, but
tomb to the Hon. Charles ·West, eldest son of Charles, not paid. West Wycombe is the nearest money order &i
fifth Baron De La Warr, and Elizabeth (Pye) his wife: telegraph office, 2 miles distant
there are 90 sittings. The register dates from the year School, built &; given to the parish in 186?, for .'io cbil-

1627. The living is a rectory, net yearly value £125, in- dren j average attendance, about 30 j M1SS E. Farmer,

eluding 17 acres of glebe, with residence, in the gift of and mistress

Graves Rev. John M.A., J.P. (rectDr), Biggs Raymond, farmer, Park farm Saunders Noah, farmer
Saunders William, farmer, Small Dean,
Manor home Biggs Richard, farmer, Manor farm
Sharpe Thomas, farmer
King- Rev. William Richard Cambridge Clark William, farmer, WaIter's Ash Stallwood John. farmer, Avering down
Wooster Sarah (Mrs.), timber dealer
M.A. (curate), The Rectory Goodchild Charles, Red Lion P.R

Page John P. White house Goodchild Wm. grocer, Post office

Ball Ralph, b:acksmith Harris Isaac, chair manufacturer


BRADWELL is a parish one mile south from the W01- to the poor in lieu of common rights when the parish

Terton station on the main line of the London and North was inclosed in 1788, the rent of which is given in coals.

Western railway, 31 south-east from Stony Stratford and William Selby-Lowndes esq. of Whaddon Hall is lord of

41 from Newport Pagnell, in the Northern division of the manor. Mrs. Jones and J. Greaves and G. Wilkin-

the eounty, hundred, petty sessional division, union and son esqrs. are the chief landowners. The soil is light

county court district of Newport Pagnell, rural deanery clay; subsoil, clay and stone. The chief crops are-

and archdeaconry of Buckingham (second portion) and wheat, oats, barley and beans. The area is 834 acres;

diocese of Oxford. The river Ouse flows through the assessable value, £8,184 j the population with New lJrad-

parish. The church of St. Lawrence, given in 1275 to the well, in ;1:891, was 2,899, excluding that place, 455.

priory of St. Mary at TickfOl'd, is an ancient edifice of Parish Clerk, Alfred Bird.

stone in the Early English and Decorated styles, consist- Post Office, Bradwell.-Edmund Sear, Ilub-postmallter.
ing ~f small chancel, nave, south aisle, with an arcade of Letters through Wolverton R.S.O. arrive at 7.5 a.m'.

three arches, north porch and a western tower containing 12 noon &; 6,45 p.m.; box cleared at 9.10 a.m. &; 12.30
4 bells: the church was restored in 1868 and affords 170 &; 6.55 p.m.; sundays. 7.5 p.m. Postal orders are
sittings. The register dates from the year 1577. The issued here, but not paid. The nearest money order &i
living is a vicarage, net yearly value £30, with residence, telegraph office is at Stantonbury, 2 miles distant.
in the gift of the Lord Chancellor, and held since 1869 by Infants' school, erected by the London &; North Westem
the Rev. Kitelee Chandos-Baily RA. of University College, Railway, &; opened in 1891, for 60 children; average
Durham, who is also incumbent of Tattenhoe. Here is attendance, 50; Miss Amy E. A. Brown, mistress .
• small Wesleyan Methodist chapel. There is a charit,y
of about [,13 17s. a year, left by the Rev. J. Bume for dis- NEW BRADWEI~L is a portion of this parish for civil
tribution to poor householders and for the education of purposes, but for ecclesiastical it is a separate vicarag~
Jix children j there are also 15 acres of land awarded annexed to Stantonbury j it is situated on the north-east


Bide of the Wolverton railway works, and is principally chapel in North street. The land is principally the

inhabited by the men employed there. There is a sta- property of A. Greaves esq. and the London and North

tion here on the branch of the London and North West· Western Railway Company. The population of the eccle-

ern railway from Wolverton to Newport l'agnell, opened siastical parish of Stantonbury in 1891 was 2,489,

in 1867. New Bradwell is supplied with water and gall Parish Clerk, John W. Pidgen.

from works the property of the Railway Company. St. Post, M. O. &; T. 0., T. M. 0., Express Delivery, Parcel
James' church, erected in 1859, for New Bradwell and
Post, S. B. &; Annuity & Insurance Office, Stantonbury.
Stantonbury, is a building of stone in the Geometric ~harles Frederick 'Sykes, !lub-postmaster. Letters
atyle, from designs by the late G. E. Street esq. R.A. through Wolverton R.S.O. arrive at 6.30 &; II a.m. &;
consisting of chancel, nave of four bays, aisles, south 6 p.m.; dispatched at 9.30 a.m. &; 2.10 & 8 p.m.; sun·
chapel, south porch and an unfinished tower at the north-
west angle, containing one bell: a north aisle was added days, 8 p.m
in 1898: there are sittings for about 500 persons. The re- Wall Letter Box, cleared at 9.40 a.m. &; 7.25 &; 7.So p.m. ;
gister dates from the year 1653. The living is a vicar.
age, annexed to that of Stantonbury, joint net sunday, 2.IS p.m

A School Board of 7 members was formed Aug. I, 1895;

yearly value £246, with residence and 2 acres of Nicholson, Newport Pagnell, clerk to the board;

glebe, in the gift of Earl Spencer, and held since 1891 Walter Dredge, attendance officer
by the Rev. Arthur Chorley Woodhouse M.A. of St,. Board School (mixed), New Bradwell, built in 1859, for
John's College, Cambridge. The church and schools, 800 children; average attendance, 251 boys, 165 girls
with residences, were built principally by the share- & IS4 infants; George Henstock Howitt, master; Miss
Amy Williams, mistress; Miss Sarah Ann Heacock,
holders of the London and N orth W es tern Rail wtiva•ve infants' mistress
Company, and opened in 1859. The re is aP rimi

Methodist chapel in Thompson street and a Baptist Railway Station, Bradwell, Henry Roddis, station master

BRADWELL. OOMMERCIAL. Miles Charles Henry L.R.C.P.LJlhi.
surgeon, &; medical officer & public
Andrews Sidney, grocer & draper

Bellairs-Harries Mrs. Bradwell house Bates William, grocer voocinaror, No. 4 district Newp'ort

Chandos-Baily Rev. Kitelee RA. Busby Simeon, bill poster Pagnell union
Carrol George, boot 1nak~r :Mould Charles, watch maker
Vicarage Pa~mer Joseph, butcher

COMMERCIAL. Cook Job, greengrocer

BBBl~'arrl~ddwEAihlnf.zrehLd.e.,vJiac,naBrepeel(lnMtPer.srR.)! Uotton William, boot maker Parkes Thomas E. (Mrs.), stationer
CowleyEh'zabeth (MIS'S), dress maker
" Durham Thomas, grocer Pidgen John William, watch maker &;
VictorIa P.R Edward David. baker &, llurcher stationer, High s1:Jreet

Radbone John, New inn P.R

ChllSp WEalmtI~lry,.(Mgrrosc.)e,rPrmce AlbertP.H Floyd Eliza (Mrs.), shopkeeper Smith Dinah (Miss), shopkeeper
Eeles . Ganderton Thomas Henry, butcher Smith John, County Arms P.H

Jackman WIlham Alfred C.blacksmlth Giltrow Thomas, Cuba hotel Spiers Carcline (Mrs.), draper
~ear Edmund, baker, Post office
• tar~s John, farmer Goodman IHerbert, shopkeeper Strange Anne (Mrs.), shopkeeper

Grant Thomas Alfred, grocer, High st SuttQn John Charles, draper

Wylie R(}bert, farmer Gosbell Joseph, shoe maker Sykes Chas. Frdk. tailor, &, post office

Harrup Sarah (Mrs.), baker, High st Tarry Sam, butcher

NEW BRADvVELL. Heathcote Rachl.(Miss), drpr.& millnr Toogood Arthur, Foresters ATnls P.R

'Ohipperfield Rev. Hr'bt. Fras. (Baptist) Hewlett Joseph, grocer Tooth Char:es, 'butcher

Craddock Mrs Hug-hes Arthur George, grocer Tranfield George H. builder

'Goodwin Rev. R. Binnall (Primitive Hyde John, seedsman &, grocer Walker Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeepllr

Methodist) James John, baker Watson Elzbth.(Mrs.),boot &, shoe ma

Merrin Rev. William (curate) Kemp Henry & Sons, build'ers, con· Woodward Benjamin, boot maker

Miles Charles Henry tractors, plumbers &; glaziers Wolverwn Ir.dustrial Provident So-

Redden Miss Lines Henry WilIiam, hairdresser ciety Limited (Branch)

Woodhouse Rev. Arthur Chorley M.A.. Millward Daniel, Railway inn Wylie Robert, farmer

Vicarage Moore Frederick, baker Wylie Janet (Mrs.), butcher, High It

BRADWELL ABBEY, formerly el'tra-parochial, is of trees. Near ~he house is a small chapel now desecrated
and used as a stable; it is about 19 feet long and u
now a parish 2 miles south from Wolverton station,on the wide, with a good mullioned window at one end and
·"London and North Western railway, 4 south-east from similar windows on either side. The Mercers' Company
Stony &tratford and 5 from Newport Pagnell, in the are lords of the manor and sole proprietors of the land,
Northern division of the county, hundred, petty sessional The soil is cold clay; sub-soil, stone and clay. The chief
division, uni()n and c()unty court district of Newport cr()ps are wheat, barley and beans. The area is 650
Pagnell. About a quarter of a mile west from Bradwell acres; assessable value, £2,148; the population in 1891
was 16.
stood the Benedictine priory of St. Mary, founded about
IIS5 by Mainfelin, Baron of Wolverton, originally as a Letters through Wolverton R.S.O. arrive at 7 &; 11.40
cell to the monastery of Suffield, the revenue of which in a.m. &; 7 p.m. The nearest money order &; telegraph
the 23rd of Renry VIII. was £'53 IIS. 2d.; the priory office is at Stantonbury, about 2! miles distant. Old
appears to have been partly rebunt as a mansion, and is 'Bradwell is the nearest post office, about I! miles dist
now a farmhouse. occupied by Mr. Samuel Punter; it
was formerly moa.ted and appro~ched through an avenue

Punter Samuel, farmer, Bradwell Abbey farm

BOW BRICKHILL is a scaMered village and parish will seat ISO. The charities for distribution amount to

'2! miles east from Fenny Stratford station, on the £16 yearly. The Duke of Bedford, who is lord of the

.Bletchley and Bedford section of the Lond(}n and North manor, the trustees of the late Rev. Robert Delap and

Western railway, and 7 south from Newport Pagnell, in Mrs. John Knapp are the principal landowners. The soil
jhe Northern division of ,the county, hundred, petty is clay and sand; the subsoil is chiefly clay. The chief

sessional division, union and county court district of crops are wheat, barley and beans. The area is 1,716
Newport PagneH, rural deanery oil Bletchley, arch- acres; assessable value, £2,69°; the population in 1891
deaconry of Buckingham and diocese of Oxford. The was 464.

church of All, conspicuously situated on the edge Caldecott is a hamlet half a mile north-west from Bow
of a steep hill, on the side of which the village lies, is an Brickhill and 2 miles nOflth~east from Fenny St'l'8tford.
ancient structure of sandstone in the Norman and Per- Sexton, John Tansley.
pendicular styles, consisting- of chancel, nave of three Post Office.~Harry John Collins, sub-postmaster_
baJ-s, aisles, south porch and an embattled western tower Letters arrive from Bletchley Station about 7 a.m. &

containing- 4 bells; the fabric was repaired by Dr. BrowJle 1.45 p.m.; box cleared at 7 a.m. &, 1.45 p.m.; closes
'Willis, the well-known antiquary, in 1757, and the at 7 p.m. &; on sunday at JI.20 a.m. Postal orders are

interior was restmed in 1883; there are 250 sittings. issued here, but not paid. The nearest money order

The register dates from the year 1633. Tlhe living is a office is at Fenny Stratford &; telegraph office at Littllt

rectory, net yearly value £292, with residence, in the Brickhill, 2 miles distant
~ift of the Rev. R. Knight, and held since 1894 bv the A School Board of 5 members was formed 24 July, 1874;
Rev. John Frederick Groves M.A. of S1. Peter's College, Frederick Bodler Simpson, Fenny Stratford, clerk to

Cambridge. Here is a Congregational chapel, endowed the board &; attendance officer

by Miss Hillier with £50 a year, to hold 100. The Wes- Board School, built in 1878, for 100 children; a'"erage
leyan chapel, erected in 1840' and enlarged in 187Q, seats attendance, 8o; the building includes a turret with

120 persons. The Church Mission room, erected in 1898, clock; Edwin Charles Richard Langley, master


Groves Rev. John Frederick M.A. Day Charles· Armstrong, farmer Kent George, cowkeeper

(rector), Glebe house Day Osborne Thos. farmer, Caldecott Morris George, plasterer

lackson Miss, The Cheverells Dickins Charles, farmer Norman Thomas, wood dealer

Jackson Arth.Willisford, TheOheverells Garratt James, ,apartments RoS'S William, blacksmith

Stokes Mrs. Garratt Charles, farmer Waite Edward, shoe maker

Westoby William !.mos Scarborough, Gates Harry, bricklayer Wait George, coal dealer

Old Rectory Gee Ge.orge, grocer Willison Joseph, farmer

COMMERCIAL. Hartwell William, shoe maker Wilson George (Mrs.), WheatsheafP.H

Claridge Eli, farmer Heady William, farmer Wootton Andrew, wheelwright

Claridge William, baker Howes Ann (Mrs.), Plough P.R Yates Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper

GREAT BRICKHILL is a parish and village on the meat and money. The feoffees' charity, yielding about
Brickhill hills, on the borders of Bedfordshire, the river £23 yeall'ly, is appropriated to the general uses of the
Ousel forming its eastern boundary, 3 mile.s south from poor, and 16 cottage.s occupied rent free. The poor's
Bletchley station on the London and North Western land of 8 acres produces £10 yearly for fuel. The trus-
railway, 3 south-east from Fenny Stratford, 10 south tees of the late Sir Philip Henry Paunceforl-Duncombe
Newport Pagnell, rural deanery of Bletchley, archdea.conry bart. are lords of the manor and principal landowners.
the Northern division of the county, hundred, petty The Manor House, the seat qf Lady Pauncefort-Duncombe,
sessional division, union and county COUDt district of is an elegant mansion, redecorated in 1859, and
Newport Pagnell, rural deanery of Bletchley,archdeaconry commanding a panoramic view of tJhe surrounding
of Buckingham and diocese of Oxford. This place is country, in grounds of about 100 acres; the conserva-
ropplied with water by the Fenny Stratford Water Works, tories are very fine. The sand hillis here a,re of great
which are in this parish, and was opened November, elevation and picturesquely planted. Brickhill Lodge is
1890, at a cost of £10,000. The church of St. Mary is a the residence of Mrs. Maunsell. The soil is various,
building of stone of the DecoraM~d period, consisting of some sand, other clay; subsoil, clay and gravel. The
chancel with side chapels, nave of four bays, aisles, south crops are dhiefly pasturage, some Wheat, oats and barley.

porch and a central tower with turret containing 6 very The area is 2,325 acres; assessable value, £3,568; the
fine bells and a clock; in the chancel is a small piscina; population in 1891 Was 522.
there are numerous tablets to the Duncombe family from
Parish Olerk. James Cox.
1559 to the present time. as well as to the families of
Darton, Pauncefort and Ohase; the roof of the church Post &i M. O. 0., S. B.. &i Annuity &i Insurance Office.-
and chancel were heightened and the whole fabric under-
went a thorough restoration in 1867, chiefly at the cost Mrs. Louisa Cox, sub-postmistress. Letters through
of Sir Philip Duncombe Paunceforl-Duncombe bart. (d. Bletchley Station at 7.15 a.m. &i 12.40 p.m.; box
1895): there are 300 sittings, 200 being free. The re- cleared at 12.30 &i 5.40 p.m.; sundays 10 a.m. The
gister dates from the year 1558. The living is a rectory,
llet yearly value £340, principally arising from 271 acres nearest telegraph office is at Little Brickhill, 2 miles
of glebe, with residence, in the gift of the trustees of the
late Sir P. H. P. Duncombe bart. and held since 1876 by distant
the Rev. Montague Brymer Nepean M..!.. of Christ's Col- Wall Letter Box, cleared at 12.25 &i 5.35 p.m. &i 9.50 a.m.
lege, Cambridge, and rural dean of Bletchley. There is
8 B'ilptist chapel built in 1812 and seating 100 persoIl!!; sunday
and a Wesleyan MeIl:hodist chapel erected in 1877, with Assistant Overseer, James Cox, Little Brickhill
80 sittings. There are several small charities, amounting Free &ho.ol (boY's &i girls, mixed), built in 1837 &;
to about £17 yearly, which sum is distributed in bread,
enlarged 1886 for 110 children; average attendance,

96; supported by ,Sir E. P. D. P. Duncombe bart. &; the

rector; William Hy. Daborn, master; Mrs. William Hy.
Daborn, mistress
Carrier. J oseph King, to Leighton Buzzard, tues. &;
fri. returning same days

Duncombe Paunceforl- Lady,Manor ho Clements. Wm. farmer, Westfie:d fl"lli Knight William, farmer

MaunseR MrS'. The Lodge Cox Jaml3s, tailor, Post office Langler William, baker

Nepean Rev. Montague Brymer M.A. Curtis J ames, farmer McKnight Emma (Mrs.), grocer

Rectory Curtis Thomas, insurance agent Mead. William, farm~r

COMMERCIAL. Fields Thomas, Red Lion P.R Newens Thomas, shopkeeper
Franklin William, farmer Smith James, miller (water)

BlGxham Giles, head gardener &i farm Gurney ehas. farmer, Eaton Leys 'rooth Edward, carpenter

bailiff to the trustees of Sir Philip Hammond Mary (Mrs.), farmer, Tooth Samuel, carpenter

Henry Pauncefort-Duncombe bart Home farm Turner Wm. farmer, Rect<>ry farm

Bowden Thomas, farmer, Park farm Hobbs William, grocer Wells John, gardener

BIasosington Hy. Albert, blacksmith Hoskins In. Arlh. frmr.Galley La. fm Woods Ohas. Duncombe Arms

LITTLE BRICKHILL is a p.arish and village on William Rose K.C.B.; she died 12th Oct.Qber, 1861; there
the borders of Bedfordshire, on the London and are other memorial windows to the late Rev. Thoma.s

road and the old "Watling Street," 2 miles south-east Pym Williamson, vicar, 1860-86, and to his wife; the
from Fenny Stratford sta,tion on the Bletchley and Bed- church has been repaired at various times,and about 1700
ford section of the Lo-ndon and North Western railway WlaJS renovated through the munificence of Dr. Browne

and 9 miles wuth from Newport Pagnell, in the Northern Willis, and more completely in 1864, the chancel being
division o-f the coull!ty, hundred, petty sessional division, rebuilt by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners; it now

tmion and county court district of Newport Pagnell, rural affords 200 sittings; the churchyard was enlarged in 1870,
deanery of Bletchley, archdeaconry of Buckingham and and the added portion consecrated in 1871; on the south

diocese of Oxford. This place is supplied with waiter side is a tomb inscribed to a" True Blue." The register Great Brickhill by the Fenny Stra,u{)fd Water da.tes from the year 1559, and beJtween the yeaiTs 1561

Works. The church of St. Mary Magdalen, standing on and 1618 contains the names of 42 pel"SOns who" suffered
the brow of a hill, below which runs the Roman Watling
Street, is an ancient building of stone of the Decorated death and were buried," no doubt referring to their being

!lOO Perpendicular styles, oommencing from the I4'tb hanged in connection with assizes held here, one of ilie

century, and consish of chancel, nave of four bays, south victims being "Cecily Revis, burned in 1596"; there
aisle with chapel, south porch, embattled weS'tern tower,
are two eDJtries reloating to the Civil war, one the burial
aupported by four large buttresses, containing a clock of a wo-man "Agnes Potter, of Dunstllible, wllUnded a\
and 4 bells; the chapel, at the end of the south aisle the battle of Edge Hill," and the other that of a so~dier
of the King'iS army, slain by the Parliamerutarians, Augnst
contains a piscina and aumbry; and has a ha,gioscope; it 27th, 1644. There is a. record of the vie-ars of this

opeIl8 into the chancel, and is now used as a parish fr<>m the year 1227 to 1890. The living is a titular
vestry, a.nd has hanging on the wall a. curious
framed and coloured panel, containing an account vicarage, net yearly value £'170, in the gift of the Bishop
of a certain William Benne-tt, son of an alderman of
of Oxford, and held since 1886 by the Rev. William
Chester, wtho died here in 1652 on his way from London Bickham Banting M.A. of Brasenose. College, Oxford.
to Chester; on the north side are some remains of an
aacient chantry chapel,with a. trefoil-shaped piscina of the This vi:lage was formerly the first place in the county a'
14th century; this chapel, supposed to have contained the which the judges arrived on going the Norfolk circuit,
tomb of the founder of the church, was blown down in and from 1433 t.o 1638 the assizes and general gaol
deliveries for Bucks were held here on aecount of its
the yea.r 17IO, after having been for sometime used as beiDJg the nearest spo.t in Buck>s to the metropolis, with
a good road and accommodation for man and horse; in
• village school; there is a small brass to Robert Seling, Sarlon's map 00 1574, it is marked as an assize town,
1696; a stained east window has been erected to Frances, and election as well as o.ther county meetings were also
convened here. There are charities of £s for educational
widow of t1he Right Hon. Sir George Henry Rose G.C.H. purposes, the Church and Poor Charity of £23 108. i.
clerk of the parliaments and mother of Field MaN-haI divided between the provision of coal for the poor and the
Lord Strathnairn G.C.B., G.C.S.I. and of his bro.ther Sir


church expenses, the Poor Allotment Charity of £x6 the parish. The situation of this village on the highest

yearly, is also for coals, Penrose's of £3 for blankets, and part of the Ilrickhills (fr. Brichelle) and adjoin-

Albdy's of £8 Ss. for bread and education for the poor; ing the Woburn plantations is picturesque and

most of these charities are derived from money inveSJted eminently healt.hy. The soil for the most part is ligM

in Consols, the results of the salels of land and houses on the hill and heavier below; subsoil, clay and red sand.

left by benefactors: the vicar and churchwardens, Major The chief crops are wheat, oats, beans and barley. The

A. Finlay and Messrs. W. Goodman, W. BettE. and J. Woods area is X,360 acres; assessable value, £x'978; the popula-

are the trustees. The history of the manor dates from tion in x89x Was 3X2.
the x2th century, it having belonged to the Giffard
Post &; T. O. &; Express Delivery Office. Mrs. Jane In.
family, Earls of Buckinglliam in II64. Amongst the gram, sub-postmistress. Letters through Bletchley

names of the ownel'1S appear Humphrey, Duke of Bucking- Station arrive at 6.30 a.m. &; x p.m.; post leaves at 7.30
a.m. &; I. 10 &; 6.30 p.m. week days; 10.45 a.m. sun·
ham, killed at Northampton, 27 July, 1460, Sir Henry days. Postal orders are issued here, but not paid.
Great Brickhill is the nearest money order office
Marney kt. xst baron Marney, d. 24 May x523, William
Carey, Sir Thomas NeviIle Abdy bart. d. 20 July, x877,

Sir Chas. Duncombe, kt. d. x7II, Sir Wm. Rose, Lord

Strathnairn and Admira.l Douglas. The manorial rights National School, built in x847, by the NationaJ. Society

have ceased; the present owner of the manor is Lieut.- on glebe land, enlarged in x887, &; again in x893 &; 1898.

Col. Alexander Finlay. The trustees of the late Sir Philip for 100 children; average attendance, 75; Miss Mary

Henry Pauncefort-Duncombe bart. also have property in Berrill, mistress; Miss Sarah Berrill, assistant mistress

Banting Rev.Wm.Bickham M.A.(vicar) COMMERCIAL. Frost William, farm bailiff to Lieut.-
Barrett Benjamin Col. Finlay

Chesterman Mrs Harden George, shopkeeper Goode George, shoe maker

Finlay Lieut.-Col. Alexander J.P. The Betts William, farmer Goodman 'lhomas, grocer

Manor house Eversden Joseph, Green Man P.R Haddon John, George &; Dragon P.H

Goodman Miss Franklin 'WaIter J ohD, farmer Mead John, Bull inn

Hughes Mrs Frost Alford, gamekeeper to Lieut.- Smith Alfred, butcher

Wills Mrs. Pemose house Col. Finlay Woods John. tax collector

BRILL is a parish and ancient town, 7! miles north- Earl Temp~E\ are the principal landowners. The soil ill

west from Thame, X2 north-east from Oxford, 8! soulh- various; subsoil, various. The land is principaLly used

east from Bicester '8Jld x3! west from Ayle&bury, in the for pasture. The area is 2,994 acres; rateable vaJue,

Northern division of the county, hundred and petty ses- £5,09X; the population in 189x was x,251.

sional division of Ashendon, union and county court dis- 'Little London is a picturesque hamlet half a mile south
trict of Tlhame, rural deanery of Waddesdon, archdea- from Brill adjo:'ning Oakley.
conry of Buckingham and diocese of. Oxford. The town
issea-ted near the Oxford border of the coun1ty. There Post, M. O. &; T. 0., T. M. 0., Express Delivery, Parcel

is a tramway (The Oxford and Aylesbury), with a ter- Post, S. R &; Annuity &; Insurance Office. Frederick
minus x mile nort)h from this place, passing through George Holmes, sub-postmaster. Letters arrive through
Thame at 8 a.m. &; 1.30 p.m.; dispatched at 9.50 a.m.
Waddesdon Road siding, Wescott, Wotton station, Church &; 5.40 p.m.; sundays, arrive 8 a.m. &; dispatched 5.40
siding, Wood siding, to tlhe Metropolitan Extension rail. p.m. Telegrams through Aylesbury
way at Quainton Road station 8 miles north-east; pas-

!lengers cain join or leave the tramway at any of these sid-
ings or stations: rl:ramcars run twice daily eaoh way. OOUNTY MAGLSTRATES FOR THE ASHENDEN

The church of All Saints is an ancient edifice of stone, in PETTY SESSIONAL DIVISIO~.

the Norman, Early English and Perpendicular styles, Pigott Rev. Rando:ph Henry RA. Grendon hall, Ayle!l-
consisting of chancel, erected in xI8·83, at a. cost of £'250,
nave, soutJh porch and a plain western tower of Perpen- bury, chairman .

dicular date wi,th a small le·ad-covered spire and contain- Temple Earl, Wotton house, Aylesbury
ing 6 bells, a. saints' ben -and a large chiming clock, Griffin James Whitehouse esq. Towersey manor, Tham~

placed 22 Dec. 1894, at the cost of Mr. T. H. Seargeant, Dodwell Herbert esq. The Manor, Long Crendon, Thame
of London: at the east end of the north aiSlle there is an Higgins Bernard Francis Tyringham- esq. WlichendoD

Early English window; and there are also two Norman priory, Aylesbury
doorways: fue font consists of an octagonal basin on an Higgins Joseph Napier esq. Q.C.. RA. Winchendon
heptagonal ba-se: an addition was made on the 'north side priory, Aylesbury
of the church in 1838, when tJhe old Saxon wa!.l on that Pigott Capt. Wm. Harvey R.N. Doddershall ho. Aylesburr

side was removed: painted figures on both sides of the Clerk to the Magistrates, Edward Henry Thomas Few-

chancel arch, which had been plastered over tG preserve son Small M.A. Town hall, Buckingham

them from destruotion by tihe PuriJtans at the time of Petty Sessions for the division are held at the Police
the Civil 'War, have recenbly been exposed to view: the
court, Brill, at IX a.m. on ,the fourth monday in each
ohurch was restored in x889 at a cost of £2,000: tht'
Saxon wall on vhe south side ha,s been removed and a month. The fd:.lowing are the p~aces included in the
new south ai,sle corresponding ·to the nOl"th buil,t: all the
Petty SesoSional Division: Aslhendon, IBcokafrosrtdaJ, l,KBinrgilsl-t
lid features of t1he churoh have been retained: there are Ohilton, Dorton, Grendon Underwood,
300 ~ittings. The register dates from the year 1569. The
living is a vicarage, united with Boarstall, joint net yearly wood, Long Crendon, Ludgershall, Oakl€y, Shabbing-
value £200, with residence, in the gift of Chas. Aubrey
ton, Studley End, Whitecross Green, WottOD.. Under-

wood, WGOdham, WorminghaCl L

Aubrey esq. and held since x889 by the. Rev. Hy. Causer Police Station, George Knight, inspector, &; 2 constables

Duthoit RA. of Caius College, Cambridge. Here is a Con-

gregational chapel, built in 1839, and seating 200 persons; PLACES OF WORSHIP, with times of service!.

there is also a Wesleyan chapel, built in 1841:, with sittings All Saints' Parish Church, Rev. Henry Causer Dnthoi'
for 140, and a Congregational chapel at Little London, built
in x847 and seating x50. There '8re four almshouses B.A. vicar; 8 &; II a.m. 3 &; 6.30 p.m.; daily services"

endowed by Alice Carter in x591. A sum of £300 a year, -8.30 a.m. et 4.30 p.m
derived ,from the rental of a farm at BoarS'taIl, is dis-
Congregational, Brill, Rev. Benjamin Baxter; 10.30 a.m.
tributed yearly to the poor of Brill and Oakley; also
Lewis's charity ()f £8; Pym's free sclho()l! charity is fo1' &; 6 p.m
the education of xo ohildren; Sir John Aubrey's charity Congregational, Little London, 2.30 &; 6 p.m
Wesleyan, u a.m. 2 &; 6 p.m

is an endowment of £60 a yt'ar on behalf of the National School!!.

schools; Hal"t's charity is for apprent:cing poor boys.
The Hampden House Seihool for young ladies cemma'nds a National (mixed), re-erected in x870, for x60 childrenf
!lplendid view of the surrounding country. In the im- average attendance, . II8; George Ager, master; Mrs.
mediate neighbourhood of the town, at tlhB foot of Dorton Ager, mistress
bilil, is a minerall spring, the waters of which .are eha'y. Infants', built in x858, for 70 children; average attend->
beate, and have been successful in the cure of various ance, 65; Mrs. WiIson, mistress •

complaints. The ma'nor was once pal"t. of tlhe ancient Carriers.

demesnes of the Crown; and the Pa'ace, remains of William Wh:te, to Thame, tues.; Oxford, wed. &; sat
which are -still standing', was said to have been a favourite
William Wheeler, to Oxford, wed. .\ sat.; to Bice.ster, M
residence of King Edward the Confessot'. King John
!lpent his Ohrist'DUl.S 'here in X20.~, and He'nry H. and Albert Sanders, to &; from the tramway, daily
Henry Ill. also held their courts here. Ohar" es Aubrey George Payne, to Aylesbury, wed. Iw sat.; &; ~aIIl'

A.ubrey esq. of DortO'Il, who is 10rd of the manor, and tues.; .\ Bicester, friday


PRIVA.TE nESIDZNTS. Gross John, farmer, Cold harbour Nixey Andrew, miller (wind), High d

AlIen Richard, Windmill street Crowther William, Sun hotel Oakley Harry, saddler &; tarneS9

Anstiss Tt.cmas, Rose cottage,High st Edmands .Toseph, farmer, Olearfields maker, Church street

Baxter Rev. Benjamin (Congregatnl) Franklin Jas. boot ma. The Common Oxford &; Aylesbmy Tram Road. Co.

Bond Mrs. WaLerloo house Frost John, farmer, Poletrees farm (Ralph A. Jones, mgr.), The Grove

Droob J.~rs. 'rho Square Gibson Jas. coal merchant, High street Page Miss, Manor High school for

Clarke Misses (The), Hampden house Gibson Wm. Deeley, baker, High st girls

Cook Robert Haldane M.D. New house Gollings John, coal merchant &; mana- Payne Samuel (Mrs.), shopkeeper

Darvill Thomas ger to Brill Brick &; Tile works, Tem- Pointer John, baker, Windmill street

Duthoit Rev. Henry CauseI' RA. The pIe street Quartermain James, marine store dlr

Vicarage Graham John William Francis L.S.A. Rhodes Thomas (Mrs.), ironmonger,

Elliott Mrs. Church street Lond. surgeon &; medical officer & Church street

Graham James William Francis, public vaccinator No. 7 district, Rolfe Arthur Benjamin. Red Lion

Waterloo house Brill district, Thame union &; Pid- P.H.; wine &; spirit merchant, gro..

Lovegrove Miss, Temple street dington district, Bicester union &; cer &; provision dealer, Church st

Mumford John Aubrey, Temple st certifying factory,Waterloo house Smith Henry, shopkeeper, Tem:t>le st

Parsons Wm. Ormond ho. Temple st Griffiths Lewis, manager to Cross Smith Ada Emile (Miss), hoarding ho

Parsons Mrs. -Tames, High street Roads Brick & Tile ,Co. The Nest SmiTh James, seed mer. Windmill si

Perkins Mrs. The Green Guntrip James, farmer, Windmill st Smith James Laing, boot maker.

Pickering Jonathan, Temple ,street Hawes, Richard, farmer, Nap farm Windmill street

Pritchard Mrs. Temple street Heiss George, baker & beer retailer, Taylor William, cooper, Windmill Fll

Smith Miss, Nashville house Windmill street Tilley Henry, bui:der, High street

Welford James, sen Holmes Fk. Gco.poslJmaster,Temple st Tompkins Robt. farmer, Little London

COMMERCIAL. Humphreys Thomas (Mrs.), farmer, Tompkins Wm. farmer, Leaphill farm

Temple farm Tottenham &; Holmes, chemislJs.

Adams Joseph, baker &; confectioner, Humphreys Thomas, coal agent, printers' & stationers, &; agents for

grocer &; provision mer. High st Windmill street W. & A. Gilbey Lim. wine &; spiril

Beck David &; Sons, boot makers, Hunt Arth. Ernest, grocer, Temple st merchants, Post office, Temple st

Temple stroot Hunt Thomas draper, Temple street Truran Albert J. hair dresser & tobac·

Boughton Thomas, agent to Hopcraft Hunt Wm. gr0cer &; gen. dlr. Righ st conist, Temple street

& Norris, brewers & coal merchants, Hurst George, blacksmith &; shop- Turner John, farmer, Tramway farm

Windmill street keeper, Church street Uff Joseph, Rose & Crown P.R.

Brill Brick & Tile Co. Lim. (W. J. W. Jennings Thomas, builder, undertaker, Church stree,t .

Patterson, sec) contractor, house decorator &; dealer Umfrey Frank, commerCIal school &

Brooks Hy. land surveyor, Temple st in builders' materials, Temple street assistant overseer

Bunyon John Augustus, carpenter & Jennings Thomas (Mrs.), stationer & Welford James, jun. SW~lfi P.H
painter, High stree~
fancy goods, Temple street Welford William, grocer, Church st

Eurnell Thomas, farmer, Muswell hill Jones Ralph Augustine, manager to Wheeler Jas. shopkpr. Windmill stree\

Butler Arthur, plumber & glazier the Oxford & Aylesbury Tram Road Wheeler Richd. shoe ma. Temple st

Eutler JoselJh, plumber & giazier Co. The Grove Wheeler WaIter, boot ma. Temple st

Chowns George, farmer, Lapland Judd Albert Frederick (Mrs.), draper, Wheeler Wm. beer retlr. Windmill st

CIarke Misses, hoarding school for High street Whichel:o John, butcher, High stree'

young ladies, Hampden house Knight George, inspector of police, & farmer, Spring-field farm

Coleman Stephen, grocer & provision Police station White Edward, builder, High street

dealer, High street LeaI' Herbert Nelson RA. land agent White Harriet (Mrs.), shopkeeper.

Cook Robert Haldane M.D., O.M. sur- to the Dorton & other estates, Brill Windmill street

goon, New house house White WilJiam. carrier

Cross Roads Brick & Tile Co. (Lewis Marriott Richd.decorator,Windmill st Wilkins Thomas, station master, Ayie!-

Griffiths, manager) Mole John, coal deal~r & lodging ho bury & Oxford Tramway

BROUGHTON is SI parish and village on the road gister dllltes from the year 1720: and there is a list of

from Newport Pagnell to Woburn. 3 miles south-south- rectors from 1294, in which year Benet de Feriby held

east from Newport Pagnell terminal stat,ion of a branch the rectory. The living is a rectory, net yearly value £137,

from Wolverton of the London and North Western rail- with 16 acres of glebe and residence, in the gift of R. Woo

way, in the Northern division of the county, hundred, G. Tyringham esq. and held since 1893 by the Rev. Chas.

petty sessional division, u'nion and county court diSltrict Coryndon Luxmoore M.A. of Pembroke College, Oxford.

of Newport Pagnel1, rural deanery of Bletohley, arch- The charity of Francis Duncombe esq. left in 1716.

deaconry of Buckingham and d!iocese of Oxford. The amounts to about £45 yearly, which sum is equally di·

ohuroh of St. Lawrence is a. substantial building of vided for educational purposes, church repairs and for

stone, chiefly in the Early Decorated! style, and consists the general use of the poor. Roger William Giffard

of chancel, nave, ,south porch a'nd an emba,ttled western Tyringham esq. of Lelant, Cornwall, is lord of the manor

tower containing a ('lock 1lJld 5 bells: upon the wa~Js are and sole landowner. The soil is mixed; subsoil, gravel

ancient paintings of the "Las,t Judgment," the "Pas- and day. The chief crops are wheat, barley, oats and

sion," and figures of St. Dunstan and St. George: at roots. The area is 1,020 acres; assessable value, £1,19"1;

the nomh-east ang:e of the nave is a. good staircase tur- I the population in 1891 was 122.

ret: in the chancel are two memorial windows, and P' h Cl k Th Wt
within ,the communio'n rails are three brasses to Agnes, arlS er, omas a son.

wife of John de Broughton. son of Robel't de Broughton, 'Wall Letter Box CIleared SIt 5.20 p.m. week days. Letters
1399; to John de Broughton, son of ~obert de Brough:on, through Newport Pagnell arrive at 8 a.m. Milton

14°3,< and to Mary. (Edmonds), WIfe of Thomas Dun- Keynes is the nearest money order office &; Newpori
Pagnell the nearest telegraph office about 3 miles dist
tchoemrebeareesqal.so16m5e5m,orWiIat~hsftoourthseofnasmailnyd three daughters:
of Ches,ter: on the '
School, built i'n 1864 by the ~ate W. R Tyringham esq.
north side is a llItained window to W. Ridgway: the
for 50 clhi::dren; average llittendance, 23; & partly sup-
church WIllS thoroughJy restored in 1880-1, at a cost of ported by the char1ty named above; Miss Char:otte
Garrett, mis:ress
£1,225, and affords 133 sittings, 101 being free. In the

churchyard ill' an ancient coped .stone coffin-lid. The re-

llutler Philip Ernest, Bronghton ho Bosworth John Shepherd Oranfield, Sparkes A:fred, butcher & beer rtlr
Luxmoore Rev. Charl~s Coryndon farmer, Lodge farm Stanford J oseph, ."hopkeeper

M.A. Rectory King William, shopkeeper Syratt Sam!. farmr. King's Read fI'm

Clark Wm. Thos. farmer, Brook farm


B U C !{ I N G HAM.

BUCKINGHAM is a municipal borough, market and piece, presented by a former Marquess of Buckingham,
union town, head of a petty sessional division and county
court district and includes in the parish the chapelry of being a copy of Raphael's "Transfiguration:" but from
'Gawoott, the hamlets of Bourton, Bourtonhold and Len-
borough and th8 precinct of Prebend End, in th8 1862 extensive repairs and alterations were made from
Northern division of the county, hundred of Buckingham
and in the rural deanery of Buckingham (first portion), plans by the late Sir G. G. Scott R.A. who was a native
8rchdeaconry of Buckingham, and dioces8 of Oxford, on
the London road to Birmingham, and has a station on of Gawcott, a hamlet of this parish, and these have been
the line of the Buckinghamshir8 railway, which runs
hom Bletchley on the London and North Western line continued under the direction of his son, John Oldrid Scott
to Banbury, 57 miles from London by road and 60! by
rail, 17 north-west from Aylesbury, 24 north-north-east esq.: the nave has been completely reconstructed, with
from Oxford and 8 east-by-south from Brackley.
llew windows, buttresses and parapets of the Early De·
Buckingham is a place of very considerable antiquity,
and once had a castle. A branch of the Roman .Akeman corated style; a no ble chancel was added at the cost ot
Street from Chesterton, in Oxfordshire, crosses part of
the hundred and parish of Buckingham, and many the last Duke of Buckingham and Chandos K.G. (d. 1889),
Roman coins have at different times been dug up in the
vicinity. At the time of the Domesday survey Buck- and a spacious chancel aisle, the gift of the late Lord
ingham was included with the hamlet of Bourton.
Addington, erected to serve as an organ chamber and
The seigniory of Buckingham was for a long period
vestry; the total cost, including the chancel, amounted
held by the Staffords, Earls and Dukes of Buckingham,
from whose cr8st the borough derives its arms, viz.: to about £15,000: many stained windows have been
"per pale gules and sable, a swan, wings endorsed,
erected as memorials, and include one to the Rev. H.
On 15th March, 1725, a dreadful conflagration broke Roundell, late vicar, who died on St. Stephen's Day, 1863;

<lut which consumed 138 houses, or more than a thIrd another to a former curate, who died at Zanzibar, and
part of the town as then existing, and no uniformity was
observed either in setting out the streets or rebuilding the stained east window, presented in 1890, at a cost of
the houses; the town is pleasantly situated on th8 river
Ouse, which environs it on every side except the north, over £400, by the Buckingham Needle and Thread
a.nd is crossed by three substantial bridges; it is paved
and is lighted with gas from works the property of the Society: in 1883 the high pews were removed and the-
Buckingham Gas Light and Coke Co.; a number of
shops and some of the street.g have since 1895 been side galleries taken down: in 1888 the organ was en-
furnished with the electric light, supplied by the local
Electric Light and Power Supply Co.; the water supply larged by private subscription and in 1890 the chancel
is derived from wells. The Grand Junction Canal has a
branch to this town. floor was laid with black and white marble at a cost of

In the reign of Edward Ill. Buckingham was governed £ 110: the total cost of the various restorations from 1873
by a mayor and two bailiffs, and in that of Henry VIII.
by a bailiff and burgesses, but was not regularly incor- to 1890 amounted to £6,383: since that date the floor of
porated till the reign of Queen Mary, whose charter,
the sanctuary has been repaved with marble, a chiming
dated 27th Jan. 1553, was renewed by Charles II. in
1684. By the Municipal Corporations Act, 1835 (5 &; 6 apparatus fixed in the towel', and the whole of the carving
lrilliam IV. c. 76), the government was vested in a
mayor, four aldermen and twelve councillors, the cor- in the chancel completed at a cost of £4,200: attached to
porate body being styled Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses
(,f the borough and parish of Buckingham, in the county the church is an endowment of £18 18s. yearly, given by
cf Buckingham. The Borough has a Commission of the
Peare. Mr. Box for the repair and maintenanee of the organ:

The borough sent two representatives to Parliament there are 960 sittings. The register of baptisms and

from 36 Henry VIII. (1544-5), until the passing of the burials dates from the year 1561; marriages, 1559. The
"Representation of the People Act, 1867," (30 &; 31 Vict.
e. 102), which reduced the number to one, and by the Eving is a vicarage, net yearly value £315, with residence,
4i Redistribution of Seats Act, 1885," (48 &; 49 Vict. c.
23) the representation of the borough was merged in in the gift of the Bishop of Oxford, and held since 1899 by
that of the county.
the Rev. • Before
The most conspicuous ornament in Buckingham is the
(;hurch of SS. Peter Ilnd Paul, erected in 1777-81 on a 1445 Buckingham was a chapelry attached to the
hill of natural rock, supposed to be the site of an ancient
castle built by one of the Giffards, Earls of Buckingham, neighbouring church of KIng's Sutton, but was at that
prior to the Conquest, parts of the foundations of which
are occasionally uncovered and constitute its only date made a separate vicarage; the great tithes, together
vestiges. The old church, a cruciform edifice, had a
lofty spire, 163 feet in height from the ground, which with the manor of Gawcott, were appropriated to a pre-

collapsed on the 7th Feb. 1699; the building remained bendal stall in Lincoln cathedral, called the prebend of
for a series of years in a dilapidated state, until on the
26th March, 1776, the tower fell, and the whole structure Sutton-cum-Buckingham, once held by the illustrious
'Was thereupon removed and the present church erected
on a new site. A large and ancient well, substantially William of Wykeham, but surrendered to the Crown in
lined with stone, was discovered near the church several
years since by some workmen, and in 1877 some good 1547. The Vicarage house is an ancient building, sup-
masonry was revealed under the bank on the south-east
side of the hill. The church, begun in 1777. was completed posed to have been built in the reign of Charles II.; i~
in four years at an expense of £7,000, the greater part
()f which was contributed or raised by Richard, Earl stands on a site originally given to the benefice when it

'Temple K. G.; it is constructed of 8tone, and consists of was first constituted a vicarage in the year 1445, and the
-chancel with aisle, nave of 6 bays, aisles, south porch
-and a battlemented western tower with pinnacles and a present vicarage garden, sloping down to the river Ouse,
light tapering spire, which rises to the height of ISO feet
from the ground, and containing 8 bells and clock: the appears to be precisely the ancient "Field of Walnuts,"
interior was originally designed in the Classic style, with
of that early date; in the large dining-room of the house
-columns and arched ceiling, richly ornamented: the altar
is a beautiful and massive chimney piece, finely designed

and carved out of slabs of rude marble, discovered in the

parish and presented by the Marquess of Buckingham to

the Vicarage. A school-chapel of stone in the Early

English style, after a design by the late G. E. Street

esq. R.A. was erected in 1865 to serve the joint fur-

pose of a day school and a mission chapel for the wurk-

ing people of that portion of the town; it will I;eat 60

persons. At the north end of the parish is a.nother

mission chapel of iron and wood, built in IB7~, and Stat-

ing 80 persons.

The Congregational church, built in 1857 at & cost of

£1,995, is an edifice with a gabled front of Cosgrove

stone and Bath stone dressings in the Early English

strle, and consists of nave and an aisle separated by an

arcade of four Pointed arches resting on circular pillar.

and has an open arcaded porch: there are 460 sittings.

In 1876 Sunday schools were erected at a cost of about

£1,3°0; and class-rooms in 1879 at a east of £380; they

will hold 250 children; average attendance, 135.

The Wesleyan chapel, built in 1834, will hold 35D

persons; the Primitive Methodist chapel, built in 1840,

has sittings for 250.

The Cemetery, established in 1856 by the parish,

actin~ through a burial board, is about & quarter of •

mile from the town, on the Brackley road, and now con-

sists of 4! acres of land, an additional I! acres having

been added in 1897, planted with shrubs and sur-

rounded by a brick wall, surmounted by It. lighl. iron

railing; the mortuary chapels are of red and white brick,

with quoins of Bath stone. in the Decorated and Early

English styles; the sexton's house forms It. lodge at the

entrance: it is under the ch~rge of It. buri,," board of

nine members, elected by the vestry.

The chapel of St. John's Royal Latin school, now in·

corporated with an English school, under the manag~

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