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Online Newsletter - 18 July 2017

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Online Newsletter - 18 July 2017


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Lost Treasure

Online Newsletter

July 18, 2017


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Feature Club

The Mother Lode

Mineral Society

The Mother Lode Mineral Society Fairgrounds, 900 N. Broadway each of the earth sciences, lapidary arts
(MLMS) was established in 1936 year, usually in March in Turlock, by providing quality instructions on
and is devoted to educating, enlight- California. state of the art equipment.
ening and educating its members and
the public in many areas evolving This is a family event and includes Regularly scheduled field trips
from its mission in the earth sciences rocks, minerals, fossils, jewelry, are coordinated for the purposes of
and lapidary arts. beads, fluorescents and more! education and material collecting,
informative and instructive monthly
The club participates in, teaches Learn to make beautiful jewelry general membership meetings, pro-
and promotes classes at the Modesto out of natural rocks and gemstones duction of an annual Mother Lode
Junior College in beginning and from demonstrators. Children’s Mineral Society Show, promoting
advanced lapidary, beginning and Activities include such crafts as the mission of the society.
advanced jewelry making, lost wax making your own bracelet, and carv-
casting, stone setting, wire wrap- ing soapstone. Club Officers 2017
ping, beading, gem carving, intarsia President - Candy Wiegand
and faceting. There are usually over 40 deal- Vice President - Bud McMillin
ers selling rocks, minerals, fossils, Secretary - Doris Buus
Additionally, they have programs jewelry, beads & supplies, and much Treasurer - Janet Steigerwald
at their club meetings on fossils, more. Property Manager - Loren
geology and florescent minerals for Jameson
junior and regular members, as well For more information, con- Field Trip Chairman - Craig Plante
as participating in regularly sched- tact Bud & Terry McMillin at (209) Field Trip Co-Chair - Misty
uled field trips to seek out and col- 524 3494, e-mail bud.mcmillin.b7yj@ Watson
lect rocks, minerals and fossils. or log onto www.tur- House Director - Debee Loyd Editor - Mark Pieczarka
The Mother Lode Mineral Society Scholarship Sec. - Helga
is one of the premier gem and min- Their meetings are on the first Feddersen
eral clubs in Central California, with Sunday of the month (except for July Membership Sec. - Ernie
a prize winning monthly publication and August) at the Tuolumne River Feddersen
called the Ghost Sheet and one of Lodge on 2429 River Rd., Modesto, Federation Director - Bob Rush
the largest annual Gem, Mineral and beginning at 12:45 for the juniors Postal Director - Phylis Kyle
Fossil shows in the state. and 2:30 for the general meeting. Show Directors - Bud & Terry
The club holds an Annual Rock Guests and prospective new mem-
& Gem show at the Stanislaus bers are always welcome to attend.

Their mission is to expose and
educate the general public to the joys

4 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 7-18-17

Feature Club cont'd...

Webmaster - Kevin Hunt
Historian - Debbie Bettencourt
Sunshine Sec. - Connie Williams
Community Service - Terry McMillin
Junior Rockhounds - Angela Mendoza
Past Three Presidents - Jerry Pettis, Bob Rush
and Mike Whittier
MLMS Show Advertising - Chris Whittier.
For more information, log onto the club website
at & www. Newsletter 7-18-17 5

Feature Club cont'd...

The Mother Lode
Mineral Society

6 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 7-18-17

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Page 56




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Colonial Finds
Are They From the

UK or US?

Page 8

SGTteeaxoMtaergseaTigraseataozsriunyreeoanTnatldehsie:s folGFlraoererwe!tting aSpWwPseIaEaeNgnpe!agtset3rae3kbess oins ufrsopmreLvoieswt Torfewashuarte
inAcTlGuoldd ed
Hawaii you can expecSt waseaepLsotsatkTerseasure subscriber.

Divining Rods
Used To Find

Gene Moose has his hands
together using the divining

By John Christopher Fine

Bob “Frogfoot” Weller called. He up my dive gear. ground. They wanted to know where
had two inventors with him who were “Whirly-gigs?” That’s what Bob to look along Florida’s east coast
asking him about locations of sunken Atlantic Ocean beaches.
Spanish galleons off Florida’s coast. called them. I’d heard of many devic-
es over time touted as sure fire trea- I took out a copy of my new book,
Bob always opened his home to sure finders. “Treasures of the Spanish Main,” that
people seeking advice. With his wife explained the location of many shal-
and diving companion, Margaret, he Kind of like putting on muscle low Spanish galleons that wrecked
authored nine books that describe without the work. Exercise machines offshore.
their exploits diving for treasure. that take the sweat out of fitness.
I told them that treasure from the
At the time of the inventors’ visit, One magazine ad even featured 1715 feet was scattered along miles
about two years before his death, Bob a muscular model wearing a device of shallow underwater reefs, ledges
was considered the “dean” of under- that the maker promised would burn and under sand from Ft. Pierce to
water treasure divers. fat even while the person was asleep. Sebastian. I also informed them that,
while they could detect on beaches,
He always had a project in the Over the centuries many charla- the shipwrecks were being worked
works and was always willing to tans offered treasure finding devices under an admiralty claim and State
share his knowledge with others. for sale akin to the map where “X” of Florida lease permit by the Mel
marks the spot. I was skeptical, how- Fisher group. They could not dive for
“They’ve got something like ever, agreed to meet the men. treasure there.
‘whirly-gigs’ and want to try it on
shipwreck sites. Can I send them Like Frogfoot I try to always take They also wanted the location of
to you? They’ve read some of your time answering readers’ questions or potential sites in Palm Beach County
articles and books.” by sharing experiences with others. further south than Ft. Pierce, since
they were staying locally.
It was late afternoon and I’d just The two men were from out of
come back from diving. I told Bob state and had an electronic device I told them that finds of Spanish
that they would be welcome to visit, they invented that they said would silver colonial coins had been made
just to give me time to rinse and hang cause two rods to activate when
hidden treasure was located under-

86 LLOOSSTT TTRREEAASSUURREE NFeewbsruleatrtyer270-1178-17

use their echo-location to find coins

under the sand."

As a kid growing up on a farm

I understood that some people had

certain gifts. There were elements in

nature that could not be scientifically

dissected or precisely explained.

One farmer was tasked with find-

ing water. They desperately needed to

dig another well.

We went down to a creek bank

where he cut a “Y” shaped branch

from a willow tree.

With his sharp knife he whittled

the end, peeling off the bark so about

a foot of bare wet willow wood

showed. We went back up the moun-

tain to a place where a well could be

conveniently located near the farm

The divining rods crisscrossed when Mick McGlaughlin walked forward and house.
passed them over the bronze cannon. Wilbur Long held the willow

branch at the ends of the Y with the

thumbs on his fists facing his body

on Lantana’s public beach and that I research boat captain passed on the and walked back and forth in the

heard reports of coins being found off coordinates to Mel’s treasure hunting area.

Manalapan about a mile north of the ships. At one spot the willow branch

Boynton Beach Inlet. "Mel and his family of divers dipped down with force, bending

I took out nautical charts and eventually found the ‘Big Pile’ with toward the ground. Wilbur scratched

showed them the spots to look. They the discovery of the Atocha and out the place in the earth with his

studied the charts and information Santa Margarita in an area called the boot to mark it.

in my book, enjoyed soft drinks, ‘Quicksands’ about 40 miles south of “Want to try it?” He asked me.

thanked me and left. Key West. “Not everybody has the gift,” he said.

A few months later, when Bob "Mel was open to trying all man- I was anxious to try and see if it

Weller and I were working on research ner of devices that promised to locate would work for me or if my friend

for underwater treasure projects, I underwater treasure. had a special gift that only he could

asked if he ever heard from the two "He even accepted the idea of tak- use to successfully locate water

men he’d sent to see me. Did they ing out trained dolphins that could underground.

locate any treasure on the beaches

with their whirly-gigs’

“No. I never heard from them

again,” Bob laughed. “So many peo-

ple call me with all manner of inven-

tions. Mel Fisher used to get lots of

people that were certain their inven-

tions would find treasure. His elec-

tronic wizard was Fay Field’s.

"I vividly remember Fay Feild’s

‘Squirometer.' That’s what Mel Fisher

called it. A tow fish was dragged on a

cable behind a research boat.

"The device Fay Feild invented

would print out a chart where the

‘squirk’ needle jumped, which was

where to search.

"We had one print out on the boat

that Fay was confident was sunken

treasure. Mel looked at the print out

and wrote on it ‘The big pile.’

"Might have been since we didn’t Gene Moose at the barn where an underground water pipe leads to a spigot. Here

dive on that spot immediately. The the rods crisscrossed. He said they had never done that in his hands before.

www.wLwos.LtTorsetTarseuaresu.croem.coNmewFselebtrtuear r7y-1280-1177 97

Wilbur walked the field
his rods signaled
showed me how the location of the
to hold the wil-
“You try it,”
low branch, one Gene told me. I
did. He showed
end of the Y in me how to hold
the wires.
each hand with
“I make them
my fists closed, from old politi-
cal signs they
hands backwards, Mick McGlaughlin using divining rods stick in the road.
I Just bend them
thumbs around over a buried electrical line that goes about eight inch-
es to hold at right
my fists facing to an outside light post. Photos by John angles, leave the
rod about a yard
my chest. Christopher Fine. long or a little
more,” he told
I went back me. I took the rods in my hands.
“Make fists. Keep your thumbs
and forth starting down and away. Just hold them in
front of you about six inches apart at
a good distance your chest level.”
I followed Gene’s instructions, but
from where the when I passed the pipe, nothing. I did
it three times, nothing.
spot he marked Gene took back the rods. Sure
enough, they flared out in his hands
was located. as soon as he passed over the pipe.
“It works with electric lines as
When I well,” Gene said. “My grandmother
had the gift. Not everybody can do
approached the it,” Gene said. “Try it again.”
I remembered Wilbur Long on the
place where farm in upstate New York of so long
ago with the willow branch.
Wilbur had discovered the under- became a field hospital that received I took the rods as Gene instructed,
held them in front of me and walked
ground water source the willow 500 wounded soldiers, both Union toward the house.
When I got to the spot where the
branch dipped down. and Confederate. pipe was, the two rods turned out to
the sides and touched my shoulders.
I could feel the bending in my The gray water pipe was stopped “No way you can stop them turn-
ing,” Gene said. “Let’s try it on an
hands. I saw the end of the branch up. I could not snake out the drain electric line.”
We spent the next half hour locat-
dip toward the earth at the exact place successfully so I called a friend and ing underground electric lines to
poles from the house then went to
where Wilbur would dig his well. neighbor, Gene Moose, to come over the well.
The rods moved out in our hands
“Let’s remember where this spot and take a look. at the precise location of the sunken
well pipe and underground electric
is. Get some rocks and we’ll make a When Gene got out of his truck he wires.
My neighbor, Mick McGlaughlin,
pile on top of it.” took two rusty bent wires out of the lived his whole life in Adams County,
On the way back to the house back. “Let’s have a look,” Gene said. He and his father, Bob, have
detected Civil War relics on their
Wilbur stopped at a water well pump We first went down into the cellar

at the barn. He pumped out some where the drain ran from the house

water, letting it splash on the earth. outside under the ground. We then

“Try it there,” he told me. I took went behind the house.

up the willow branch, walked away “Let’s see if I can find the pipe.”

from the water on the ground then That was all Gene said. He took the

advanced toward where he’d let the two steel rods in his work rough

pump spill water. As I came close farmer’s hands and walked a distance

the willow branch dipped strongly away then came toward the back of

downwards. the house.

The next day Wilbur called the As he approached an area in line

well drillers. When they came they with where the drain pipe would have

sank a well right on the spot Wilbur exited, about 25 feet from the house,

found with the willow branch and the rods swung out and touched his

marked with a rock pile. shoulders.

Wilbur related that his mother had Gene went further out behind the

the gift for divining water under- house into a field. He continued to

ground. use the rods as he walked back and

There have been all sorts of forth.

plumbing problems at our pre-Civ- Each time he crossed the place

il War farmhouse in Gettysburg, where the pipe was his rods would

Pennsylvania. swing out.

It is located right across from the Gene asked me to stand where he

battlefield where three days of fight- first discovered the pipe in back of

ing from July 1 to 3 in 1863 saw the house.

51,000 casualties. The farm itself was His rods marked it more than 100

part of the Union Army’s artillery feet away. It was where the property

reserve. owners many years ago laid a waste-

On July 1, 1863, the farm and barn water drain from the sinks. As he

180 LLOOSSTTTTRREEAASSUURREEFNeebwrusalerytte2r071-718-17

private land with great success. They even tell how deep it was,” Mick One advertisement on the Internet

discovered rifles, bayonets, belt recounted and explained that his was headed “Find buried treasure

buckles, badges, buttons and bullets. grandfather would be able to tell well -Gold.” I went to the Internet site

When Mick came over to help drillers where to dig and the depth for Simmons Directional Locating

diagnose a problem with the farm where they would find water. Instruments. The company offered

truck I showed him the metal rods Two tales of forbearers from both Garrett treasure detectors for sale

Gene Moose gave me to keep. Gene Moose and Mick McGlaughlin along with their rods.

Mick looked at them and said he about ancestors that found water The ad read “In the precision mas-

thought they were longer than ones and also had special gifts not easily ter rod a small amount of radiant

he used in the past. explained by science. energy mineral ore is used to stimu-

“You used divining rods?” I asked. “Look it up on the Internet. You’ll late the crystals in the power tube.”

“Not for a long time. I had surgery find a lot about dowsing and ‘water The ads indicated that their rods

and steel rods were put in my back. witching.’ In the old days some ran from $1,395 to $2,995 and offered

I figured that that would make it believed it was contrary to beliefs a “30-day money back guarantee. If it

impossible for them to work,” Mick and disliked the practice. Some peo- does not perform exactly as adver-

answered. ple still do. That’s how it was called tised return it in good condition and

“Let’s try them,” I said. I was water witching,” Mick said your money would be immediately

curious to see if Mick could pick up Of course the next logical step refunded.”

the underground pipe in back of the would be to see if the divining rods Another Internet site on Wikihow

house. would indicate where treasure or arti- offered instruction on “How to use

I took the two rods and held them facts were buried in the ground. divining rods in six steps.” Various

as Gene showed me. When I walked For that I rely on my Garrett All sub-headings came up such as “phi-

over the pipe, again about 25 feet Terrain Gold treasure detectors, both losophy and religion and paranormal

from the house, they swiveled out on land and underwater. beliefs.”

and touched my shoulders. Would something as simple as two The site stated that “Although

I gave the rods to Mick to try. “I rusty, bent steel rods react to a canon dowsing has never been scientifically

made my rods out of brass or cop- barrel or other object? proven to work in a controlled set-

per. I never used iron or steel. These Easy enough to try since there are ting, the practice remains popular.”

rods are much longer than the ones I plenty on display on the Gettysburg There were references to electric

used.” battlefield. and magnetic energy and an “ideo-

Mick took them up, held them in Before going out to try divining motor effect.”

his fashion and, wearing heavy duty rods on something other than water Various references were made to

farm boots, walked toward where the or buried electric lines, I followed people using divining rods to locate

pipe was buried. Mick’s advice when I was on the water underground and even missing

As soon as Mick passed over the Internet. I went on Google and typed people and unmarked graves along

spot the two rods crisscrossed in in “divining rods.” A lot came up. with metals and gem stones.

front of him. “The rods crossed,” I The first bore the heading “The If the use of divining rods was a

remarked. kingdom of the occult.” That appar- sure way to find buried or sunken

“They always cross for me. I was ently went back to Mick’s caution treasure then a lot more treasure

surprised to see that they went out that there was some form of paranor- would be discovered and that has not

to the sides with you. Guess I didn’t mal activity surrounding the use of been my experience.

lose my touch even with steel rods in divining rods or dowsing. Keeping an open mind is impor-

my back.” tant. It seemed that only when I

We tried it a few times. Each remembered my trials with the

time Mick passed over the pipe willow branch from childhood

the rods crisscrossed in front of and cleared my thoughts of pre-

him. We went out front to see if existing notions did the divining

it would work with the buried rods work for me on the under-

electric line. ground pipes and buried electric

I used the rods first. They cables.

swiveled out away from me. The ideomotor phenomenon

Mick took them and when he is a phrase coined by William B.

walked over the electric line the Carpenter in 1852.

two rods crisscrossed in front of The age of Ouija boards,

him. The same happened over séances with turning tables, pen-

the underground pipe coming dulums and dowsing rods was in

from the well. bloom.

“I never did this with electri- Mick McGlaughlin experimenting with divining rods Carpenter tried to describe

cal wires before. My grandfa- on cannons displayed. The rods crisscrossed when the scientific basis for what

ther could find water. He could he advanced and they passed over the cannon barrel. was apparently honest belief by

wwww.Lwowst.TLroesatTsrueraes.cuorme.cNoemwsFleetbterur a7r-y182-01177 119

operators that the movement of rods, cally move the rods by his own con- Russ said. He followed up by saying
pendulums, tables and Ouija boards scious motor volition. that the magnet example was only an
worked independent of the facilita- analogy and not related to the way the
tor’s will. Gene decided to detect close to the instruments he manufactures work.
barn. When he passed over the water
Carpenter studied people that he pipe that ran under the ground to sup- When asked why the instruments
decided were honest, putting aside ply the barn with water the two rods work Russ replied, “With the charge
those that manipulated the public for crossed in front of him. in the instrument, it is unlike that
gain and known frauds. which exists in nature. Consider the
“Well, I’ll be,” Gene exclaimed. sun. There are ultra violet rays. You
Carpenter concluded that, despite Divining rods never crisscrossed for can’t see them. The rods point. You
the manipulator’s will, volition him before. Several attempts pro- can’t see the energy field. A sense of
or emotion, the mind can subcon- duced the same effect. feel is telling you the direction.”
sciously create muscular movement.
Suggestions, Carpenter found, can Gene then went out into the fields Russ concluded with a notion
influence motor behavior. and was able to locate a large under- many have considered. “I think we
ground water source. The rods went all have the ability, but because of
The ideomotor effect was also out to the sides and touched his culture we’ve suppressed it. There
described by Ray Hyman in 1999 shoulders. is mother’s intuition, that’s ok. For
when he studied various phenomenon males it is not. It’s there. Not every-
involving pendulums, rods and Ouija “I can’t keep them from going. body has cultivated it.”
boards. I’m holding them as tight as I can,”
Gene said. While Russ’ comments didn’t
Hyman wrote, “Honest, intelligent explain how the rods worked for
people can unconsciously engage in I decided to contact Russ Simmons, Mick or Gene, nor for me, the next
muscular activity that is consistent owner of Simmons Directional step was to go into the field and see if
with their expectations.” Locating Instruments. the bent rods would work on objects
besides underground electric cables
With those preludes in mind I The advertisement indicated that and water sources.
returned to the divining rods Gene Russ offers private instruction in the
gave me and repeated the walk overs. use of locating instruments. He was Mick and I went to where bronze
Holding the rods in my clenched most cordial on the phone. cannons from the Civil War were dis-
fists, my thumbs down over my fin- played. He took the rods and walked
gers, there was no possible way that I Russ Simmons graduated as a away from the first cannon. Then he
could turn the rods in my hands. math major from the University of came toward the bronze barrel.
I tried several times to do it using As the rods passed over the cannon
my fingers, but could not move the "I got into metal detecting in the they crisscrossed in his hands. Mick
rods out to the sides. early 70’s. Typical nickels and dimes, repeated the experiment many times.
every so often I got lucky and found a
I could not see how Mick necklace. In the late 70’s I got hooked We went to several cannons; each
McGlaughlin could, even if he want- up with Anderson Rods. I had medio- time Mick walked toward a cannon
ed to, use muscles to cause the rods to cre success using them to find small barrel the rods crisscrossed as he
crisscross in front of him. caches. passed over it. There was no mistake.
The divining rods reacted in Mick’s
The ideomotor explanation did not "When I found silver dollars and hands every time they passed over a
apply in this situation. Movement of silver half-dollars in a glass jar, I said bronze cannon barrel.
the rods was not due to conscious or there’s something more to this than
unconscious motor or muscular activ- just finding water. Using divining We made no attempt to prove the
ity stimulated by the mind. rods to find water has been around for validity of these divining rods scien-
eons," Russ said. tifically.
I brought the ideomotor explana-
tion up when Gene Moose came over He described the opportunity that It was a simple test to determine
again to visit. Gene took up the rods presented itself in the last 80’s to take if they would work on objects not
and clenched them tightly in his fists, over Anderson’s business. related to water or electricity.
his thumbs out of the way.
“I’ve been doing it ever since. The phenomenon was fascinating.
“Look at my knuckles. They’re Anderson developed quite an instru- Perhaps some things need no expla-
white,” Gene said as he passed back ment. I took over the rights to the nation.
and forth over the water drain pipe. instruments and have been making
them to his specifications since,” That divining rods work for some
The rods forcefully moved out to Russ explained. is clear. Whether they can be used to
the sides and touched his shoulders. find buried treasure remains to be dis-
I watched Gene’s hands and arms When asked how the rods work he covered. They did “find” the bronze
carefully and detected no motor or answered, "The instrument is loaded cannon barrels.
muscular movement. with the same sample you are looking
for. It develops an attraction to that Sources:
“Gene, try to move the rods out by element. Actual field work with subjects of
using your muscles or fingers with article, use of equipment, research
your hands clenched as you had them "You follow that directional line and interviews.
in your fists, “I asked. until you can narrow it down and
make a recovery. Think of a magnet,
Gene tried. He could not physi- that is a quick and dirty analogy,"

102 LOST TREASURE NFeewbsruleatrtyer270-1178-17

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Favorite Finds

These are finds made recently by has been impacted by flooding of a token and a neat stamp, which
writer/professional treasure hunter the Susquehanna River several times looks like it was used in an official
Andy Sabisch on Facebook. over the recent years and sections capacity years ago. Have to do some
are now being torn down. The temps investigation, but the odd things are
Andy said, “Well, traveling 450 were in the low 20’s and then the those that my wife and I prefer to
miles from Michigan took me into snow started…glad my wife came find.
the same weather I left…guess I back with the van after visiting some
need to check the compass next time friends in the area. “No wonder people think we are
and head south instead of east half crazy when they see us in the
“A handful of coins, a few wheats, snow or hunting in a downpour.”
“Got out to an older town that

14 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 7-18-17

Tip From the Pros

Fair Evaluation

Fairground coin-shooters lead (Visitors out for a good time and from fairground employees, or
a retroactive existence. Their fun hungry for junk food don’t from acquaintances who visited
worry too much about the place when it was open, and
comes after all the people are dropping a few coins.) may have even lost some of
gone and everything Where were the rides? (People
has been packed away. the coins themselves.
bouncing around on bungee cords, I’ve found that such spots are
Yet it’s those people who lost or dangling upside-down in always much more productive
the coins, and they’ve lost them mid-air and hanging over the than the surrounding territory
at the places that are now open railings of screeching cars that within the grounds, and it stands
take 70-degree curves and
ground. to reason
So it’s not the best idea to bring 80-degree slopes at 95 miles an that they should be.
your detector to a vacated site hour can drop a lot of pocket Although you wouldn’t want
without having first investigated to restrict yourself exclusively to
where the centers of the action change in the grass and gravel.) such places, it’s a wise move to
It’s not hard to find informa- start your searches at them first.
were when the fair was open.
Where was the food court? tion like this in local publications,

16 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 7-18-17

THers' News

The crystal_dagger. Photos courtesy of Miguel Angel Blanco de la Rubi at


Archaeology Dig In Spain Yields Additionally however, a large an ivory hilt and sheath, which ren-
Prehistoric ‘Crystal Weapons’ number of crystal arrowheads were ders it an exceptional object in Late
Even in modern times we are found together, which be suggestive Prehistoric Europe... The blade is
fascinated by crystals - from the of a ritual offering at an altar. 214 mm in length, a maximum of 59
diamonds we use as a sacred symbol mm in width and 13 mm thick.
of partnership, to the plethora of The arrowheads have the char-
“healing” gems that can be found in acteristic long lateral appendices of Its morphology is not unheard of
a New Age gift shop. flint arrowheads from the area - but in the Iberian Peninsula, although
So we can only imagine how investigators remarked that “even all the samples recorded thus far
ancient people viewed these trans- greater skill must have been required were made from flint and not rock
parent rocks with hidden structure. to produce these unique features crystal...
Evidence of the esteem in which when using rock crystal.”
crystals were held can be found in The manufacture of the rock crys-
a “remarkable set” of ‘crystal weap- Structure 10.042-10.049 is anoth- tal dagger blade must have been
ons’ found in the megalithic tombs er large two-chambered megalithic based on an accumulation of trans-
of southwestern Spain. construction made from slate slabs. mitted empirical knowledge and
At the site of Valencina de la In the second chamber archaeolo- skill taken from the production of
Concepcion, archaeologists have gists found the body of a young male flint dagger blades as well from
uncovered crystal arrowheads, an aged between 17 and 25 lying in the know-how of rock-crystal smaller
exquisite dagger blade, and cores fetal position along with a large set foliaceous bifacial objects, such as
used for creating the artifacts, that of grave goods. Ontiveros and Montelirio arrow-
date to the 3rd millennium BCE. heads...
The Montelirio tholos, excavated These included an undecorated
between 2007 and 2010, is “a great elephant tusk laid above the young It was obtained from a large
megalithic construction...which man’s head, a set of 23 flint blades, monocrystal at least 220 mm in
extends over 43.75 m in total,” con- and numerous ivory objects. length and 60 mm in width. Given
structed out of large slabs of slate. that these single crystals are hexago-
At least 25 individuals were Additionally, red pigment made nal, they would have a similar width
interred within the structure , along from cinnabar had been sprayed over along all their different axes.
with “an extraordinary set of sump- the body and the objects surround-
tuous grave goods...the most notable ing it. The rock crystal source used in
of which is an unspecified number creating the crystal weaponry has not
of shrouds or clothes made of tens The “remarkable crystal dagger been pinpointed exactly at this stage,
of thousands of perforated beads and blade,” however, was not found with though analysis suggests two poten-
decorated with amber beads.” these grave goods, but instead in the tial sources, “both located several
upper level of this chamber. hundred km away from Valencina.”

The rock crystal dagger blade Given the technical skill and dif-
appeared in the upper level of ficulties involved in creating the
Structure 10.049 of the PP4- objects from crystal, rather than
Montelirio sector, in association with Newsletter 7-18-17 17

THers' News continued...
flint, researchers believe the motives vidual: the rock crystal dagger from These objects would have had a
behind their construction must have Structure 10.042-10.049 was found "surplus value" based on the exoti-
been very specific.They note that in the upper level of the main cham- cism and rarity of the raw material,
while crystal objects were found ber (10.049) in which no human the techno-economic investment of
throughout the site... bones were identified; in Montelirio, their manufacture (a know-how lim-
neither the core nor the arrowheads ited to very few people) and their
The more technically sophisticat- can be ascribed to any on 20 indi- use linked to the world of beliefs and
ed items, however, were deposited viduals found in the main chamber. funerary practices.
in the larger megalithic structures...
Lastly, in the case of Ontiveros, They probably represent funerary
As such, it is reasonable to assume the only available publication offers paraphernalia only accessible to the
that although the raw material was no evidence that the 16 arrow heads elite of this time-period.
relatively available throughout the were associated to any particular
community... individual. On the other hand, rock crystal
must have had a symbolic signifi-
Only the kin groups, factions It seems therefore reasonable cance as a raw material invested with
or individuals who were buried in to suggest that rock crystal may special meanings and connotations.
megaliths were able to afford the have had a dual significance for the
added value that allowed the produc- Chalcolithic society of Valencina. The literature provides examples
tion of sophisticated objects such as of societies in which rock crystal and
arrow heads or dagger blades. On the one hand, it had a social quartz as raw materials symbolise
significance due to the exoticism vitality, magical powers and a con-
In this respect, however, it is of the material and the fact that its nection with ancestors
important to note that, paradoxi- transformation required very spe-
cally, none of the most sophisticated cific skills and probably some degree In her analysis of European
artefacts studied in this paper can of technical specialisation. Neolithic religion, Marija Gimbutas
be ascribed to any particular indi- linked the ritual and votive use of

18 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 7-18-17

THers' News continued...
villages that brought him tons of
A statue of the Yellow Tiger. Photo treasures, and a failed escape that
courtesy of http://mysteriousuniverse. resulted in the Yellow Tiger’s defeat
org/2017/03/legendary-ming-dynasty- and death and the sinking of 1,000
boats said to be loaded with precious
sunken-treasure-found-in-china/ metals and jewelry, never to be seen
again. Until now.
white quartz nodules to a symbol of
death and regeneration often associ- Archeologists announced recenet-
ated with funerary spaces.
Quartz and rock crystal were even
portrayed as rocks with great super- Enter Lost Treasure’s July Hunt Sweepstakes for a
natural powers in European Christian chance to win a Teknetics Patriot Metal Detector
Teknetics Patriot Metal Detector
In his Lapidarium, King Alfonso
X the Wise of Castile (1276-1279 If you do not have access to the Lost Treasure OnLine web site, you may enter
CE) emphasised its power to con- by mailing a post card or 3” x 5” piece of paper in an envelope no larger than
nect human beings with the spiritual 9.5” x 4.5” with your name and full address, inclu ding zip code, along with the
world, as well as its ability to protect answer to these questions: How Deep will the Teknetics Patriot detect coins? (An-
them from danger. swer can be found in the ad above.) Mail to: Teknetics, P.O. Box 451589, Grove, OK
74345-1589. Entries must have a postmark between July 1st - July 31st and must be
Interestingly though, despite received by Aug. 3rd, 2017. You may enter as o en as once per day, either by mail
being found relatively frequently in or online at, but not both. Multiple daily entries will be discarded.
burials of the 4th and 3rd millennia No purchase necessary to enter sweepstakes void where prohibited. Complete rules
BCE, crystal implements disappear
from later funerary monuments in and a list of winners can be found on the sweepstakes page at:
the Early Bronze Age (beginning of
the 2nd millennium BCE) - a "truly
striking" development, researchers Lost Treasure respects your right to privacy. As part of the registration process, you will be added to our
say, as it would seem "the use of list to receive special Lost Treasure mailings & special o ers puls our FREE email Newsletter.
this raw material as grave goods
was almost entirely abandoned," Newsletter 7-18-17 19
although the reason remains a mys-

Courtesy of

Submitted by Len Myers.

Legendary Ming
Dynasty Sunken
Treasure Found
A famous Chinese legend that
has inspired many treasure hunt-
ers involves the brutal leader of a
peasant uprising nicknamed Yellow
Tiger, looting raids of Ming dynasty

THers' News continued...
ly that the legend of the sunken capital of Sichuan in the Sichuan according to Gao Dalun, director of
treasure of Zhang Xianzhong, the Province. Sichuan Provincial Cultural Relics
Yellow Tiger, is true. and Archeology Research Institute.
The items found include large Sichuan residents may want a big
They found over 10,000 items at amounts of gold, silver and bronze chunk of those items since Zhang’s
the bottom of the Minjiang River coins, jewelry, and iron weapons conquest in the 1640’s of the area
where it meets the Jinjiang River, such as swords, knives and spears. came after some of the most brutal
50 kilometers south of Chengdu, the mass killings in history – an esti-
And that’s just from one boat, mated one million dead out of a
population of three million.
WARNING DECALS The Yellow Tiger – so nicknamed
because of his yellow color and
Protect Yourself and heavy “tiger” chin – was said to have
Your Belongings! counted his killings by collected
heads, hands, feet, ears and noses.
Protect Your Detectors
and Your Property! Needless to say, he was hated
by locals and his rumored treasures
• Heavy duty vinyl self-adhesive decal’s warn that your were desired by other groups.
property is protected by ELECTRONIC AUTOMATIC
ALARM SYSTEM. Upon hearing that the army of the
• Frighten burglars away. Manchu Qing Dynasty was head-
• Apply easily to glass, metal, plastic or wood. ing his way, Zhang loaded his loot
• Ideal for home, apartment, car, truck, factory, ware- in 1,000 ships and headed back to
house, equipment, store or boats. Shaanxi province.
• Great low-cost security system.
• Color decal’s 2 3/4” x 1 3/4” During the escape, the ships sank
• 1 pkg = 4 decal’s for only $3.00 includes s&h and Zhang either went down with
his treasures or was killed by the
Click on this ad to order OnLine Manchu forces, possibly helped by
the betrayal of one of his officers.
or call 800-423-0029 Ext 2
The story of finding the legend-
ary treasure is just as interesting,
although not as gruesome.

Silver items had been found along
the shores of the Minjiang since
the 1950s and were often linked to
Zhang but never proven.

However, a water diversion proj-
ect in 2005 revealed a hollowed-out
log with seven silver ingots in the

That was followed in 2011 with
the discovery of gold and silver
coins by workers digging sand for

At that point, as is usually the
case, treasure hunters and looters
converged on the location.

As objects rumored to be from the
Yellow Tiger began to appear on the
black market, local police investigat-
ed and last October busted 10 artifact
looting gangs and 70 traffickers and
recovered hundreds of artifacts in
the largest looting case ever solved
in China.

20 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 7-18-17

THers' News continued...
The Sichuan Provincial Cultural Accompany a Hunt for
Lost Jacobite Gold
Relics and Archeology Research Although only one leather bag of
gold coins has ever been recovered,
Institute took over the area and, no other treasure in Scottish history
has inspired such controversy as the
beginning in the dry season this lost Jacobite Gold.
The story begins in 1745 when
January, drained the river and dug Prince Charles Edward Stuart
(Bonnie Prince Charlie) arrived in
down through five meters of muck Scotland claiming the thrones of
Scotland, England and Ireland, in the
until they struck gold … and silver name of his father James Stuart (the
Old Pretender). Charlie managed to
and jewelry and weapons and solid secure financial support from both
Spain and Rome.
gold seals with engravings proving Spain pledged 400,000 livres
(or Louis d'or) per month for the
they belonged to Zhang. Jacobite cause in Scotland, but get-
ting these funds to the rebel army
Excavations by the archeologist was proving difficult.
The first instalment of gold was
will continue...then they have to dispatched in 1745 by Charles'

decide how to protect it from more

treasure hunters and looters looking

for the no-longer-mythical other 999

treasure ships.

Courtesy of http://mysteriousuni-

essfulvTeHresres.orGgu/i2d0e17BW/031_/l2epggendcaorlyo-rm.qixndg- 2/7/2012 11:17 AM Page 1


Submitted by Len Myers. Dr. Archibald Cameron. A central

character in the story of the lost trea-

Treachery and Skullduggery sure. (Public Domain).


This collection of vital treasure
hunting material includes:

- “The Successful Treasure Hunter’s Guide”, a book filled with great how-
to information;
- A dozen research forms, which give you a specific plan for research;
- A dozen entry-search agreements, which help you make an agreement to
search with the land owner.
- A dozen treasure inventory forms, which help you keep track of your
finds for future hunts on the site.

Click on this ad to $24.95
order OnLine

Call today 800-423-0029 Ext 2
or send your order to:

LTI Publications, Inc. P.O. Box 451589
Grove, OK 74345 (Please include tel # for mail in orders) Newsletter 7-18-17 21

THers' News continued...

brother Henry, who was residing in but it was intercepted by men of the Inverness, he fled to the Western
France. Clan Mackay, who were loyal to Isles.
King George II of England.
The French sloop Hazard Before news of his defeat reached
(renamed the Prince Charles) suc- In 1746, after Bonnie Prince France, two frigates, the Bellona and
cessfully landed its monies on the Charlie’s Jacobite army was mas- Mars, were loaded with hundreds
north coast of Scotland at Tongue, sacred at the Battle of Culloden near of casks of brandy, medical sup-
plies, guns and ammunition, and hid-
Click the blue ad above & order your copy of the den below deck was the payroll for
Charlie’s Jacobite army and funds
Treasure Hunter’s Logbook for his rebellion – 8 big bags of gold
coins amounting to 1’200’000 livres.
or call 800-423-0029 ext. 2
On the 10th of May 1746, the
Bellona and Mars sailed into Loch
nan Umah near Fort William on
Scotland’s west coast - where they
unloaded the stores and treasure.
Six caskets of gold were transported
about 20 miles (32.19 km) over-
land and buried somewhere near the
banks of Loch Arkaig, just north of
Fort William.

The secret location of the gold was
entrusted to Murray of Broughton, a
Jacobite fugitive who was expected
to distribute the gold to the clan

But when he was apprehended
by government forces the treasure
was entrusted first to Lochiel, chief
of Clan Cameron, and then to Euan
Macpherson of Cluny, chief of Clan

In September 1746, Prince
Charles escaped on the French frig-
ate L'Heureux and Macpherson
of Cluny retained control of the
treasure. And for the next 8 years
he famously lived in exile in the
Scottish Highlands at a mysterious
location known as Cluny’s Cave,
which was featured in Robert Louis
Stephenson's “Kidnapped.”

Prince Charles became obsessed
with securing his treasure in Scotland
and in 1753 he sent his loyal sup-
porter, Dr. Archibald Cameron,
Lochiel's brother (who was acting as
secretary to the Old Pretender) back
to Scotland on a covert mission to
secure the treasure.

Dr. Cameron based his treasure
recovery mission at Brenachyle,
by Loch Katerine, but he was

22 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 7-18-17

THers' News continued...

opened grave – Bygone Lochaber,

Somerled MacMillan (1971).

It might be wise to study Parish

records to determine who might have

been buried in this cemetery at the

time of Dr. Cameron’s arrest.

Chambers History records a gath-

ering of men in Glen Mallie at a burn

near Kinlocharkaig, in which some

of the treasure was hidden:

“The time fixed for the rendez-

vous was altered to a week later,

during which interval 15,000 of the

louis d’ors were secretly buried in

the wood on the south side of Loch

Arkaig, about a mile and a half from

the head of the loch, by Doctor

The author searching for the Jacobite Gold in 2015. Source: Author provided. Cameron, in the presence of Sir
Photos courtesy of Stuart Thriepland, Major Kennedy,
prince-charlie-treachery-and-skullduggery-accompany-hunt-lost-jacobite- and Mr. Alexander MacLeod; and
021313?nopaging=1 when the day at length arrived,

only two hundred Camerons, a few

betrayed by the notorious "Pickle," a that before Dr. Cameron was arrest- MacLeans, a hundred.

Hanoverian spy. After being arrested ed, he and Alexander MacMillan of "Divided into three parcels of 500

and charged for his part in the 1745 Glenpeanmore hid the Prince’s gold louis Dors each, two of which were

Jacobite uprising, he was drawn and at the Callich burn. buried in the ground and (the third

hanged in 1753, becoming the last It is also a family tradition that he placed under a rock in a small rivu-

Jacobite to be executed. and Doctor Archibald Cameron of let)."

The Stuarts' papers are currently in Lochiel hid the Prince's gold at the There are only three significant

the possession of Queen Elizabeth II Callich burn while the Hanoverian rivulets (burns) in Glen Mallie and

and they record several accusations, troops were hot on their heels com- the entire area around Kinlocharkaig

claims, and counter-claims among ing from Murlaggan private burial- which could be explored in a day -

the Highland chiefs and Jacobites in ground, where they hid it for a with a sufficient number of treasure

exile as to the fate of the gold. time among loose soil from a newly hunters.

They also include an account from

around 1750, drawn up in Rome by

Archibald Cameron, which prove

Cluny "had not or could not" account

for all of the gold. Charles finally

accused Cluny of embezzlement and

the gold became a source of discord

and grievance among the surviving


Having spent over a decade

researching the known historical

texts and records pertaining to the

whereabouts of this treasure, I have

been able to derive four solid clues

as to the possible whereabouts of

the gold, from the hard evidence and

stories associated to this gold hoard.

Search Zones Prince Charlie’s Cave is marked on maps, but no known cave is

Clan Cameron archives record found at the site. (Author provided) Newsletter 7-18-17 23

THers' News continued...

Arisaig: 56° 54′ 39.71″ N, 5° 50′ 33.07″ W (author provided).  stayed with Cluny at his cage for
some time.
In 2003, a fascinating letter was in English studies at Strathclyde
discovered in a secondhand shop University, recently proposed a solu- At least some of the treasure
in Winchester, Hampshire which tion to this mystery - concluding would have been stashed nearby for
was passed to the West Highland there never was a cave as it is ease of access.
Museum in Fort William. marked on maps.
First locate Cluny’s Cage, then
It details the deathbed confession Ms. Eliphinstone believes early determine a search zone around it.
of Neill Iain Ruairi, who claimed to mapmakers confused the word This is an extremely hazardous loca-
have passed the loch when the trea- ‘cage’ for ‘cave’. She claims the tion so please search with care.
sure was being buried. maps mark the location of "Cluny’s
Cage," which would have been a If you get out there, remember,
Hiding in the trees, he waited and crudely built refuge of the 18th chief the chances are high that Jacobite
watched, and when the clansmen of Clan Macpherson. supplies including guns and ammu-
finally retreated he helped himself to nition were buried alongside the gold
a bag of gold coins. The cage was said to have been coins.
located somewhere on the southern
He was later injured in a riding slopes of Ben Alder on the north- If so, the mineralization and cor-
accident and in his last breaths he western shore of Loch Ericht. rosion around the burial site will be
whispered: “a bag of gold coins is easier to locate than the actual gold.
buried near Arisaig, under a black Ms. Elphinstone found a clue to
stone, with a tree root springing this mystery encoded within Robert Red/brown discoloration might be
from it.” Louis Stevenson’s book ‘Kidnapped’ found on soil and it would be pru-
which supported her theory. dent to keep an eye open for small
According to Clan Cameron ref- rusting iron objects, broken glass
erence records, some French gold Knowing Stevenson borrowed and bottle caps, pottery fragments,
coins were found buried in nearby heavily from Cluny’s younger parts of flasks and wire, or anything
woods in the 1850’s. brother’s account of the “Cage,” she else which might be a remnant from
searched the area and found rocks the hidden supplies or discarded
Arisaig is located on the west forming a natural fireplace, match- items from the men who buried the
coast and its beaches, fields, and ing Stevenson’s description of the treasure.
woods have never been methodically back of the cage in “Kidnapped.”
explored for the treasure. By Ashley Cowie
Ms. Elphinstone states, “There are Ashley Cowie is an author,
For decades, hill walkers in rocks slightly higher than the cave researcher, explorer, film-maker and
Scotland have been confused by on the maps which almost exactly fit blogger about lost cultures and king-
the presence of a “cave” marked the near contemporary descriptions doms, ancient crafts and arts, the
on Ordinance Survey maps of Ben of Cluny’s Cage, although the veg- origins of legends and myths, archi-
Alder. etation has gone.” tecture, iconography, artifacts and
treasures. Visit- https://ashleycowie.
The cave is called Prince Charlie’s Cluny was the last keeper of the com
Cave, but nobody has ever found Jacobite gold when Charles fled to Courtesy of http://mysteriousuni-
a cave at that location! Novelist France and it is known that Charles
Margaret Elphinstone, a lecturer dynasty-sunken-treasure-found-in-
Submitted by Len Myers.

Murlagan, Callich Burn: 56° 58′ 42.2
8″ N, 5° 16′ 20.82″ W 
(author provided).

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nothing but silver quarters and larger mation, contact Joe Box at (205)
29th – Renton, Washington. The coins. Fun hunts each day plus a 451-7693 or e-mail ulozifind@wind-
Cascade Treasure Club’s 27th annual night hunt on Saturday. Contact Don, or Tom Wiggs at (256) Newsletter 7-18-17 25

Calendar Cont'd
546-3642 or e-mail twiggs1@com- 14th – 15th –Antlers, Oklahoma. were seeded in the Hunt Fields. WWATS Rendezvous Hunt at the K Contact Robert Jordan at (972) 839-
River Camp Grounds on the river 6647 or [email protected] or
OCTOBER under tall, beautiful trees. For more visit the club’s website at www.
7th – Cullman, Alabama. The information, log onto www.wwats. for more infor-
44th Annual Deep South Treasure org mation.
Hunt sponsored by Warrior Basin
Treasure Hunters Association 15th – Epsom, New Hampshire. NOVEMBER
(WBTHA) will be held at Smith The Granite State Treasure Hunters 11th – Round Rock, Texas.
Lake Park, 416 County Road 385, Octoberfest Open Event. Estimated The Austin Metal Detecting Club’s
Cullman. There will be four hunts, $5,000 in cash and merchandise. Veterans Day Open Hunt at the Old
Silver Bonanza, Dollar Bill Hunt, Treasure Chest valued at $1,000. Settler’s RV Park. The event will
Relic Hunt, and Main Hunt, plus a Raffles include metal detectors, include three hunts, including two
Hula Hoop Hunt for between hunts. 50/50, and Scratch Tree. Picnic silver. Tokens will be planted for sil-
Also raffles and many prizes. For lunch provided. Go to www.gsthc. ver dollars and other prizes. In addi-
more information and a hunt flyer, org for detailed information and an tion, the Texas Association of Metal
visit or contact event application. Detecting Clubs (TAMDC) is spon-
David Scales (205) 529-8955 or soring a hunt that afternoon on site.
e-mail; Joe Box 28th – Irving, Texas. 43rd Annual For hunt flyer and more information,
at (205) 451-7693 or www.ulozi- Lone Star Treasure Hunters Club see the Austin Metal Detecting Club
[email protected]; or Lawrence Open Hunt, rain or shine. One busy website at or
McKelvey at (205) 283-0099 or day! Last year we awarded 18 metal contact Jim Lawhon at jlawhon@
[email protected] detectors, 35 gold coins, many other or by phone at (512) 632-
great prizes, and 3,759 silver coins 3139.

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