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Online Newsletter - 21 June 2016

Newsletter–June 21, 2016

$10.95 The Indian
Digital format only Treasure
Hunter’s Club
This Anthology book is from a
collection of treasure, adventure

and mystery short stories, by
multiple authors, in a book
format. It was compiled from
the Archives of one or more of
our six magazine publications:

–Lost Treasure–
–Treasure Cache–
–Treasure Facts–
–Treasure World–
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– Rockhound–

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Lost Treasure

Online Newsletter

June 21, 2016


Feature Club — page 4


page 17 — Favorite Finds


4 Good Hunting!
7 Special Bonus Feature From

Lost Treasure Magazine
11 THers' News

18 Tips From the Pros
19 Calendar of Events

2 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 6-21-16

LostTreasure Found Treasure
CELLEEBBRRAATTIINNGGOOUURR5500ththYYEEAARR Although we’ve called it Lost Treasure all these years, it
VPUOBLLUIMSHEER41 [email protected] turns out the treasure was in your hands the whole time.

PUBLISHER By André Hinds
MmMAAaNnNAaAGgGINiInGNgGEeDdEaIdTDi vtOIoeTRrrOt@isRinl og@s tlot rsCtetCarareaslaraulsauNrNreiee.i.ecclsloosememnn
WEBMAmSaTnEaRgin g [email protected]@m

Andy Sabisch [email protected]
Joe Patrick [email protected]

Lost Treasure will buy articles, photographs and cartoons Before 1966 there were no trea- trate on the ranches.
sure hunting magazines, just “men’s Gerald Pope purchased the maga-
that meet our editorial approval. Manuscripts, photographs, adventure” magazines such as
Argosy, True, Cavalier, Stag, Saga zine and modernized its look, added
and artwork will be handled with care, but their safety cannot and Swank. an editor and a team of artists, then
expanded it to include stories about
be guaranteed. Enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope John H. Latham was a part-time coinshooting and detector reviews.
writer for Argosy while working as
with all editorial submissions.We reserve the right to edit all an editor for a petroleum-related In 1987, Lee Harris purchased
magazine. It occurred to him that he Lost Treasure from Pope and is the
correspondence. Although we take every possible measure to could combine his avocation with his owner and publisher to this day. In his
current career, so he bought the peri- tenure, Harris held his own treasure
ensure validity, Lost Treasure, Inc. assumes no liability for odical rights to books by men such as hunting meet and has added maga-
Thomas Penfield and J. Frank Dobie zines Treasure Facts and Treasure
information shared in editorial content. in the summer of 1966 and created a Cache to the line-up.
magazine called True Treasure, cater-
Note: All advertisements are accepted and published on the ing to people interested in non-fic- One of Harris’ biggest accomplish-
tional stories about sunken treasure ments was, unknowingly, the fulfill-
representation that the agency and/or advertiser is properly and hidden caches. ment of one of John Latham’s biggest
dreams. In an early feature in True
authorized to publish the contents and subject matter thereof, Latham filled the early issues of Treasure magazine, Latham acknowl-
the magazine with stories about Oak edged he had caught the theme-park
and that the advertiser is not acting in violation of any laws Island, the Beale Cache, and numer- fever. After seeing the success of
ous tales of daring stagecoach rob- places like Disneyland and Six Flags
or regulations pertaining to the subject matter of said adver- beries. Over Texas, Latham envisioned his
own treasure hunting theme park.
tisements. The publisher shall be rendered harmless from Most amazing, the very first issue
of the magazine included a story of His vision never came to pass, but
and against any claims or suits for libel, violation or right of Mel Fisher’s search for the Atocha, Harris’ Internet efforts have helped
a gold-laden Spanish shipwreck off treasure seekers in their search by
privacy, plagiarism, copyright infringement, improper use of the coast of Florida, which he finally giving them access to 50 years’ worth
found 20 years later. of treasure magazine issues.
the mails or violation of criminal codes based on the subject
The quarterly magazine turned Perhaps it won’t be long before
matter of such advertisements. The publisher reserves the into a bi-monthly by 1968, and then the magazine and website are helping
Latham bought a competitor, Treasure you dive on a shipwreck via some
right to refuse advertising deemed objectionable in content World, and alternated the publication kind of augmented reality visor while
of the two magazines until folding you actually move around in the
and assumes no liability if for any reason it becomes neces- them together in 1976 and changing safety of your own living room. And
the name to Lost Treasure. maybe not.
sary to omit an advertisement.
Latham also created treasure-cen- But it’s a certainty that, as long as
IN MEMORIAM tric dude ranches in the West and later enough people are dedicated to find-
Coy Harris (1964-1996) sold the magazine in 1979 to concen- ing cached riches, Lost Treasure will
Kevin Harris (1965-2013) be around to help.

eSPydUeR,BatISwrNCo(RT1yI2ePMaTrisIsOAs(2uNG4e: AOsis)snZue$eIys3N)e3a$Er.59(915S.29,U5isS,sBSu&eS&s)C$HHR33iIin.9Pnc5lcT,ulSdIuOe&ddNe:HdC:i,nanOctlawunddaoe-,
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dCealivnearydaof, yaodurdfir$s1t i5ssupee. r(Pyrienaterd(inUt.hSe.UfSuAn.)ds only).
SAUlBloSwCR6IPtToIO8NwSeEekRsVIfCoEr Sd: eTliovlelr-yfroefeyo1u-r8f6ir6s-t
4is6su9e-.62(P2r4intePdleaisne tsheendUaSdAdr.e)ss change or correc-
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Dalilreactdvaelrltiasdinvger, timsinangu, smcraipntuss,crainpdts,gaennderaglenienrfaolrminaftoiormn attoio: nLtoos:t

LTorsetasTurreea,suP.rOe,. PB.Oox. B4o5x1548591,5G89r,ovGer,oOveK, O7K4374453. 4A5l.l Acollncteonntteinntthinis

tphuisbpliucabtliiocantiiosnciospcyorpiygrhitgehdt.edA.lAl lrligrihgthstsaraererreesseerrvveedd oonn tthhee eennttiirree

ccoonntteennttss::nnootthhiinngg mmaayybbeerreepprriinntteedd iinn wwhhoolleeoorrininppaarrttwwitihthoouutttthhee



L o s t T r e a s u r ehhttttpp::////wwwwww..lloosstt ttrrOOeeaannssuLuLrrieienn..cceeoomm

4 LOST TREASURE August 2016 Newsletter 6-21-16 3

Feature Club

Good Hunting!

45th Annual Indian Territory Treasure
Hunt Was A Huge Success!

This year’s 45th Annual Treasure ing the target was a challenge. The The Dollar & Cents Hunt was a
Hunt sponsored by the Indian top finishers are those with the most separate entry and drew 33 hunt-
Territory Treasure Hunter’s Club points after the 45 minute hunt. And ers were scrambling to find painted
May 28 & 29 was another good one. the winners were: Wheat Cent tokens buried for US
The weather was great, partly cloudy Morgan Silver Dollars. In addition
to sunny, and high temperature of 1st Place with 9 points, 3 quarter there were 800 Wheat Cents to dig
about 85°. There were 87 entries size & 2 dime size - Mark Lehman, up.
total in all the hunts, 77 adult entries Springfield, Missouri
and 10 Kids. Entrants came from Silver Half Dollar Hunt:
8 states: Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, 2nd Place with 6 points, 3 quar- This was a separate entry hunt and
Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, ter size & 1 dime size - Shane there were 37 entries hurrying to find
Tennessee, and Texas. This year’s Curtsinger, Rogers, Arkansas 90% Silver Walking Liberty Half
hunt had a total value of $14,600+ Dollars that were buried in the field.
in coins and prizes in all of the hunts 3rd Place (TIE) with 5 points, Buttons & Bows Hunt:
combined. This hunt has been held 2 quarter size & 1 dime size - Ken This is a Women Only hunt for
annually every year on Memorial Fanning, Pawhuska, Oklahoma  women 16-years-old and older. There
Day weekend since 1972. were 11 women entered scrambling
3rd Place (TIE) with 5 points, 5 for prize tokens and Silver Dimes
Deep Buried Competition Hunt:  quarter size - Shaun Kucera, Broken & Golden Presidential Dollar Coins.
This is a Competition Hunt where Arrow, Oklahoma  Main Coin/Prize Hunt:
the Quarter size targets (1 point) The Main Coin/Prize Hunt had
& the Dime size targets (3 points) Gold & Copper Hunt: Silver Dimes & prize tokens buried
are buried 6+ inches deep. The 10 This hunt was a separate entry in it for the entrants to dig. Total
hunters had easy digging, but find- hunt and drew 26 entries. There were value of the coins and prizes in the
painted tokens buried for Mexican
2 Gold Coin. There were also 800
Wheat Cents buried in this hunt.
Dollar & Cents Hunt:

4 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 6-21-16

Feature Club

Good Hunting!

Main Hunt was $ 10,800+. This 5050 won by Gerry Stach, Haskell, (800) 527-4011 won by Marilyn
total is the retail value of donated Oklahoma  Theiss, Kansas City, Kansas
& purchased prizes and the value of
the coins buried. The value of the Fisher F44 retail value $399 Minelab GO-FIND 40, retail value
coins and prizes in the Main Hunt donated by Fisher Metal Detectors/ $229 donated by Minelab (888) 949-
was over $ 7,000 above the total First Texas Products (800) 685-5050 6522 won by Bob Mende, Hereford,
of the entry fees collected for the won by Greg Wicks, Broken Arrow, Texas
Main Hunt, including late fees! All Oklahoma 
coins and prize tokens buried in the Minelab PRO-FIND Pinpointer
Main Hunt were Silver. The prize Garrett AT PRO retail value donated by Minelab (888) 949-6522,
tokens in the Main Hunt were num- $699.95 donated by American Det. retail value $186 won by Bob Cook,
ber stamped & painted Silver Dimes Dist. (800) 933-2897 won by Mathew Bartlesville, Oklahoma 
& Silver Quarters. Fortney, Pawhuska, Oklahoma 
Minelab PRO-FIND Pinpointer
Some of the big winners in the Garrett AT PRO retail value donated by ITTHC member Gary
Main Coin/Prize Hunt were: $699.95 made available at a special Carnes, retail value $186 won by
price by Garrett Met. Det. (800) 527- Duane Davidson, Shawnee, Kansas
Fisher F44 retail value $399 made 4011 won by Richard Knox, Tulsa,
available at a special price by Fisher Oklahoma  White’s Treasure PRO, retail
Metal Detectors/First Texas Products value $399.95, made available at
(800) 685-5050 won by Tim Griffith, Garrett ACE 350 retail value a special price by White’s Metal
Kellyville, Oklahoma  $349.95 donated by Garrett Met. Detectors (800) 547-6911 won by
Det. (800) 527-4011 won by Billy Wayne Starr, Wagoner, Oklahoma 
Fisher F44 retail value $399.00 Tallant, Purdon, Texas
made available at a special price by If you missed this you probably
Fisher Metal Detectors/First Texas Garrett ACE 200 retail value missed the best hunt in the country
Products (800) 685-5050 won by $349.95 donated by Indian Nations this year, says event organizers.
Frank Lawson, Dallas, Texas Detectors (918) 906-9912 won
by Mark Lehman, Springfield, To be added to the mailing list
Fisher F44 retail value $399 Oklahoma  for the 46th Annual Indian Territory
donated by Fisher Metal Detectors/ Treasure Hunt to be held May 27 &
First Texas Products (800) 685- Garrett AT PRO Pinpointer, retail 28, 2017, write to: I. T. T. H. C. Inc.,
value $149.95 made available at a P. O. Box 580961, Tulsa, OK 74158-
special price by Garrett Met. Det. 0961or e-mail [email protected] Newsletter 6-21-16 5

LT Get March 2013 Largest CirCuLation of
any treasure PubLiCation-
$5.50 the treasure hunter’s
Magazine of ChoiCe

color Digital

Encrusted California

today!!Treasure Gold Rush!
Found! James Marshall’s chance discovery of

Proof that persistence
can pay off.

$ave time &Page14
GOLD in 1848 radically altered the lives of
hundreds of thousands of men and women.

Page 16


money...Mine For Diamonds
in New York?

Page 56




Click this adPage11

Colonial Finds

Are They From the
UK or US?

Page 8

SGTteeaTxoMthaergseaTigraseataozsriunyreeoanTnatldehsie:sfionlAGFclTraoelGreurwoe!tlddtiendg aSpWwPseIaEaeNgnpe!agtset3rae3kbess oins ufrsopmreLvoieswt Torfewashuarte
Hawaii you can expecSt waseaepLsotsatkTerseasure subscriber.

Treasure - silver bars, gold doubloons, silver pieces
of eight, golden necklaces and chains, and ancient
pistols from Spanish sailors lost when their galleon
was shipwrecked in a hurricane. This is the stuff
dreams are made of. Photos by Myriam Moran
unless otherwise noted.

Where To
Find Treasure

By J.C. Fine

“Pieces of eight, pieces of Highway,” a stretch of Atlantic wrecked off shore from Ft. Pierce to
eight…” cackled Flint the parrot Ocean from the Straits of Florida Cape Canaveral.
perched upon Long John Silver’s north of Cuba, offshore of ragged
shoulder in the classic tale of buried islands once called, among other It was dangerous work, robbing
pirate treasure. things, “Los Cayos des Martirs.” banks. Armed guards were always
present and large safes had to be
None have walked a beach, bare- Treacherous shallow reefs and breached to get to the money.
foot and carefree, without yearning shoals of the Florida Keys, their
for a chance to discover a buried sand bars and hungry sharks wait- When asked why he robbed banks
chest full of gold doubloons. ing to devour any hapless mariner by an impertinent inquisitor, John
wrecked there. Dillinger replied, “That’s where the
Many there are that have found money is.”
great fortunes in the sands of time, Further along the coast in the
and many more that have tried and wake of the Gulf Stream are the Where do you find treasure? Start
come away with trinkets and trash, Treasure Coast and Gold Coast, where treasure was lost; that’s where
however gaudy and symbolic of that places aptly named for treasure finds treasure will be.
dream. along the beaches, thrown up by
storms from sunken galleons that Underwater treasure diving pio-
It was called the “Golden neer Mel Fisher operated a family
chicken farm in California.

www.LowswtTwr.eLaossutTrere.caosmurNe.ecwomsletAteprri6l -22011-616 171

with Kip and his divers and reported

later finding an area under a light bur-

den of sand where the “Ocean floor

was carpeted with gold.”

Kip and Mel are gone, as is Bob

Weller, a contemporary of Kip’s who,

with his wife, Margaret, found many

great discoveries of sunken treasure

from the remnants of the 1715 feet.

None of these early treasure diving

pioneers came upon a sunken galleon

sitting upright on the bottom, rigging

and spars askance, torn sails still

attached. Time and tide, hurricanes

and storms reduced the wreckage to

bones. If any wood survived the ele-

ments and boring worms it was only

because it was buried under deep lay-

ers of sand.

Early treasure divers had to cope

with ways to move sand. The ships

of the 1715 fleet wrecked in rela-

tively shallow water, thrown up on
Who has not dreamed of finding treasures such as these? Gold chains, gold and the beaches in some cases, wrecked
silver coins, a belt of gold worn by a queen. Bob and Margaret Weller discovered
amazing treasures in the many years they dived on sunken Spanish galleons off on shallow offshore reefs where they
the coast of Florida. were battered by high winds and

The Spanish set up salvage camps

He met a girl from Montana, mar- ily arrived in Sebastian, Florida, Kip on the beach and sent messengers to
ried her, got involved in diving and and his “Real Eight” treasure finders St. Augustine for help.
opened a tiny dive shop in his garage. were bringing up a fortune in Spanish When word got out pirates as well
as English and French ships came to
As Mel’s Aqua Shop grew and gold and silver.
lines of dive equipment became avail- Mel was hooked. He went to work cash in on the treasure.

able, Mel and Dolores, called “Dee”

by her friends and family, made an

important decision.

They would give everything up,

pack what they had into a car, and

drive to Florida to join up with Kip

Wagner and his team of treasure


Mo Molinar, a black Panamanian,

came with the family and remained a

loyal diver and treasure boat captain

to the end.

Kip Wagner had a humble cabin

on the beach off where the 1715 trea-

sure fleet wrecked.

He was not a diver, not a trea-

sure hunter, and didn’t even own a

metal detector, but every morning

he strolled the beach in front of his


After storms Kip picked up gold

and silver coins in the sand. These

were the 1950’s.

Kip was so lucky he decided to go

into treasure hunting full time.

Diving was in its infancy. By When coins remain underwater for long periods of time they become encrusted
the time Mel Fisher and his fam- with other coins and objects they have come in contact with.

812 LLOOSSTT TTRREEAASSUURREENeAwpsrille2tt0e1r 66-21-16

Harassed by indigenous people This silver box was found in the Mel and Dee’s sadness was
from the interior, attacked by swarms Quicksands, the “Atocha” galleon assuaged with a new commitment
of mosquitoes and the unconquerable site being worked by divers. The diver to make a discovery a tribute to the
tropical heat, rain and dire condi- found this metal box and inside was a loss of their son, his wife and diver.
tions, the hapless Spaniards buried gold cross studded with emeralds and a Fast on the heels of Dirk’s discovery
their loot in the sand. large emerald ring. of the cannons, vast treasure was
found and the second galleon, Santa
Some was recovered when relief steps of Art McKee. Margarita, likewise explored.
ships arrived, some forgotten to time. Many teasers were found in the
While permits are required and
The site of the Spanish salvage clear, shallow water and these early admiralty jurisdiction ceded to states
camp is located right off what is now successes did not sate his desire to under the Abandoned Shipwreck Act,
the McLarty Museum. follow his dream to discover the treasure hunters continue to make
lost galleons “Atocha” and “Santa finds on Florida’s beaches.
Placards proclaim the history of Margarita.”
the wrecking and the location of the A spit of beach at Mile Marker 74,
sunken fleet just offshore. Archivist Jack Haskins, working just where two 4 x 4 foot concrete
in the Spanish Archives of the Indies slabs are thrown up in shallow water
Artifacts and treasure on display in Seville, came across an interesting at high tide, hunters with treasure
at the museum point to the lure of reference from the journals of Don detectors have revealed coins and
sunken treasure nearby. Francisco Nunez Melian, a salvor jewelry over time.
sent from Cuba to reclaim treasure
After Kip Wagner’s death, Mel from the 1622 fleet. “The San Felipe, known as ‘El
Fisher and his team continued to Lerri,’ wrecked offshore there,” Bob
work sites that he claimed in admi- That was shared with Eugene Lyons Weller said of the site.
ralty. who followed up on the research and
provided it to Mel Fisher. Detecting on the curving spit
Salvage then was permitted under of sand that has come to be called
federal admiralty court jurisdiction With Melian’s salvage camp iden- Treasure Beach has yielded a golden
and Mel Fisher filed many admiralty tified, Mel Fisher moved his opera- piece of jewelry studded with emer-
claims then subcontracted the sites to tion some 40 miles off Key West. alds as well as many pieces of eight.
Seventeen years of searching On Treasure Beach echoes of the
Fabled treasure hunters Bob and resulted in the discovery of cannons cry of Long John Silver’s parrot Flint
Margaret Weller and Bob Marx suc- from a Spanish ship. can be imagined.
cessfully worked the 1715 fleet, as
did many other legendary divers. When the numbers on the canons “Ocho Reales,” an ounce of
were compared to a manifest Eugene Spanish silver clipped from a bar of
After Mel Fisher’s death his fam- Lyons obtained from archives, it was almost pure bullion and many other
ily continued to operate under the provenance. artifacts have also been recovered on
admiralty claims and subsequent per- Treasure Beach.
mits with the State of Florida. Mel Fisher, his family and divers
had found the Atocha! In Bob Weller’s day he told a fam-
Eventually the rights to these ily to snorkel along Treasure Beach.
claims were transferred and the 1715 The celebration was short lived, Their finds included an encrusted
fleet continues to be worked offshore however. On returning to the site to pistol and rapier.
of the beaches every summer season continue salvage, Mel’s son, Dirk,
by intrepid contract salvors hoping to his newly wed bride, Angela, and Coins are washed up after every
hit a pocket of gold coins overlooked another diver were drowned when hurricane in this precarious spot
by divers before them. their large salvage tug overturned at where the roadway is almost as wide
night. They were buried in the same as the space between bay and ocean.
Every season divers discover more Hawaiian clothes in which they were
treasure. Winter weather makes the wed. Bob Weller used to say, “Mel
ocean unpredictable. Fisher’s slogan is ‘Today’s the Day.’
Mine is ‘Follow Your Dreams’.”
While there can be calm days in
winter, when working close to shore Many books are available that
is possible and the danger to small describe the exploits of salvage divers
salvage vessels is nil, it is in summer along Florida’s coast. Articles point
when the ocean is usually flat that the way to places where Spanish gal-
most diving takes place. leons wrecked offshore.

Mel Fisher left the 1715 fleet to There’s treasure to be found, not
subcontractors to head south into the simply by dreaming, by following
Florida Keys. that dream to where the treasure lies.

His dream was to find ships of the Sources:
1622 fleet, galleons containing enor- Diving on the sites of Spanish
mous wealth wrecked in a terrible Galleons, archive research, and inter-
hurricane. views with treasure diving pioneers.

He started work on the 1733 fleet
in the ocean vicinity off Tavernier
and Key Largo, following in the foot-

www.LwoswtTwr.eLaossutTrere.caosmureN.ecowmsleAtteprril62-2011-616 193

Treasure Facts

Back Issues
Treasure Cache Treasure Facts

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THers' News

Mel Fisher Days July 15-16

Friday, July 15 – Kick Off Hunt for treasure onboard one of While you’re there, ask our team
Party With The Golden Crew Mel Fisher’s Treasure salvage ves- how you can sign up to dive the
at 202 William Street. sels. Explore with the professionals wreck site of the Atocha, the richest
and take home authentic shipwreck Spanish galleon ever salvaged, and
Mel Fisher’s famous 90′ treasure treasure. This is a free event. help search for the fortune in trea-
salvage vessel JB Magruder will be sure that remains to be found.  Hunt
on display at the dock behind the Treasure Hunting Boat Tours for treasure onboard one of Mel
Schooner Wharf Bar at the Historic Friday, July 15th, 4:30 – 7 p.m. Fisher’s Treasures salvage vessels.
Seaport. See the equipment they use Tours are 20 minutes each Explore with the professionals and
to uncover treasure up close. Meet 202 William Street at the Schooner take home authentic shipwreck trea-
and get autographs from the Golden Wharf Bar Dock sure.
Crew of the Atocha Mother Lode Mel Fisher’s famous 90′ treasure
discovery along with the current salvage vessel JB Magruder will $10 per person in advance; $12
treasure-hunting crew! Enjoy a great arrive and dock behind Schooner per person day of event
happy hour and have your picture Wharf Bar at the Historic Seaport
taken with Mel Fisher’s hand prints, to kick off events. The crew will 100% of all net proceeds will ben-
which are in concrete at Schooner be leading tours of their ship giv- efit Wesley House Family Services,
Wharf Bar, one of his favorite haunts! ing you the chance to step onboard Inc.
the famous JB Magruder to see
Cupcake Contest with a chance to the equipment they use to hunt for VIP Tours of the Fisher Family’s
win and Authentic Atocha coin (retail treasure, where the treasure is stored, Private Conservation Laboratory
value of $1,400) how they map the wreck site, the
wheel house, and what it’s like to Friday, July 15th 
50/50 Raffle, Live Auction, Book be onboard a real treasure hunting 200 Greene Street (side entrance -
Signings, Live Music boat!  They are the ones who dive look for the pirates)
and find sunken shipwreck treasure Go behind the scenes and see
While you’re there, ask the team and have some pretty incredible sto- millions in authentic treasure. Learn
how you can sign up to dive the ries to share. You don’t want to miss how each artifact is carefully con-
wreck site of the Atocha, the richest the chance to meet them! served using the highest standards of
Spanish galleon ever salvaged, and archaeology and conservation.
help search for the fortune in trea- Space is limited to eight people
sure that remains to be found.   per tour. Each tour is 45 minutes. Newsletter 6-21-16 11

THers' News continued...
$12 per person in bracelets that were

advance; $15 per person recently handed in to the

day of event. museum. They were dis-

Saturday, July covered by Poul, Kristen

16 – “Party Like A and Marie that make up

Local” Block Party the metal detector group

200 Block of Front Team Rainbow,” says

Street the museum’sFacebook

The Mel Fisher Days page.

“Party like a Local” Their full names are

block party will take Poul Nørgaard Pedersen,

place Saturday from 6 – Marie Aagaard Larsen

10 p.m. Come dance the and Kristen Dreiøe.

night away with a free “One of the brace-

concert! lets was decorated in

The world famous The seven bracelets likely belonged the Jelling style – an

Mel Fisher silent auction will offer to a Viking nobleman and may have art style that is thought to be closely

over $20,000 in exotic items includ- been used as oath rings for his men. related to the upper class in Viking
ing everything from gourmet dinners (Denmark National Museum photo) society. This could mean that some
Photos courtesy of http://www.ancient-
to luxurious vacations and authentic of those closest to the king were
treasure from the Atocha, The Santa based in Vejen Municipality.”
Margarita and the 1715 fleet ship- amateurs-find-largest-ever-viking-
wrecks. gold-hoard-denmark-006118 The group found the pieces in a
field in Vejen, which is in Jutland.

There will be delicious food, cold Ms. Larsen told the Danish National

beer and cocktails provided by some gold hoard ever discovered in Museum (press release in Danish)

of the best vendors on the island. Denmark was recently found by that she was using her metal detector

Make sure to get in on the first ever three amateur archaeologists. for just 10 minutes when she struck

“Mel Fisher Days T-shirt Lottery” At 900 grams (1.948 pounds), the gold.

for a chance to take home the booty! hoard consists of seven beautifully The Danish National Museum said

Starting Monday, July 11th, worked bracelets, six of gold and the “bangles” date to the 900’s AD.

T-shirts can be purchased for the first one of silver. The silver piece weighs “We really felt that we had found the

ever “Mel Fisher T-shirt Lottery” at about 90 grams. gold at the end of the rainbow when

both of the Mel Fisher retail locations, “At Sønderskov Museum we are we found the first ring, but as there

200 Greene Street or 613 Duval. extremely excited about six gold appeared more up, it was almost

Wear your official 2016 unreal,” Ms. Larsen told

Mel Fisher Days T-shirt the museum.

and be at the “Party Her husband is

like a Local “block Dreiøe, and Pedersen

party Saturday by 9:30 is their friend.

p.m. to find out if you Sønderskov Museum

are the lucky winner curator and archae-

who will take home a ologist Lars Grundvad

Treasure Chest full of said:

$2,500 Silver Dollars! “At the museum we

This is a free event. had talked about that

For more, log onto it could be interest-

http://melfisherdays. ing to explore the area with a metal detector,

list-php/ because a gold chain of

67 grams was found in

Largest Ever 1911. But that amateur

Viking Gold Hoard The group Team Rainbow Power includes Poul Nørgaard archaeologists in the

Found By Amateurs Pedersen, Marie Aagaard Larsen and Kristen Dreiøe.  course of a few days

The largest Viking (Photo by Jørn Larsen) would find seven Viking

12 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 6-21-16

THers' News continued...
The power of a jarl depended upon logical survey would give clues as to
Photo credit: eBay, courtesy of http:// the goodwill of his supporters. The why the treasure was buried. jarl’s essential task was to uphold the
quarter-may-be-worth-much-more- security, prosperity, and honor of his He hopes the news of the find will
followers. help archaeologists raise money for
than-you-think/21390381/ an excavation, perhaps this fall, of the
But why did such fabulous wealth site, which is being kept secret for now.
bangles, I had in my wildest dreams end up in the ground? both Pentz and Team Rainbow Power will be com-
never imagined.” Grundvad ask. pensated before the hoard goes on
display at the Denmark National
He said the seven bracelets are Mr. Pentz said perhaps someone Museum.
likely connected to the one found in buried it with the intent to go back
1911. and retrieve it later, but for some Courtesy of http://www.ancient-
reason was unable to.
The Denmark National Museum’s ology/amateurs-find-largest-ever-
Viking expert, Peter Pentz said: “To “It would be interesting to exam- viking-gold-hoard-denmark-006118
find just one of these rings is huge, ine the wreck site closer as it might
so it is something special to find enlighten us as to why this valuable Submitted by Len Myers.
seven. The Viking Age is actually treasure has ended up in the ground,”
the ‘silver age’ when it comes to Mr. Pentz said. Check Your Change - This
hoards. The vast majority of them Quarter Could Be Worth
contain only silver. If there is gold, it Mr. Grundvad agreed an archaeo-
is always a small part, not like here,
the majority.”

Mr. Pentz said there’s no doubt
in his mind the treasure belonged to
Viking elite, and the bracelets may
have been used by a chief as alliance
gifts, or as rewards or oath rings for
his men.

According to in
an article on Viking social classes,
their society was divided into three
groups: the middle classkarls, the
noble jarls and the slaves or bonds-
men þræll. 

People could move from one class
to another, the article states, adding:
Jarls were distinguished by their
wealth, measured in terms of follow-
ers, treasure, ships, and estates.

The eldest son of the jarl was on the
fast track to becoming the next jarl.
But, by gaining enough fame and
wealth, akarl could become a jarl. Newsletter 6-21-16 13

THers' News continued...
A Lot More Than 25 Cents

CHICAGO (WGN) — The year

1970 may be your lucky number.

Check your pockets for a quarter

made that year, because it could be

worth a lot of money.

Bids for the coin below have

topped more than $35,000 dollars

on eBay because it has a mistake.

On the back — just above the

word “dollar” — there is a tiny


The mistake happened when the

quarters were printed over 1941

Canadian quarters. Detail of the Carolingian vessel of the famous Viking hoard. (Historic
“This is one of the most fas- Environment Scotland) Photos courtesy of http://www.ancient-origins.
cinating and intriguing proof mint
errors ever discovered,” the listing era-silver-pieces-unearthed-scotland-020870
reads. There are currently more than

300 people interested in the item

Courtesy of


Click this ad UMa.Sde.Ain Roman-Era Silver
to order Pieces Unearthed
This Fine Digging A hoard of 100 silver items,
* Cuts through any roots Tool is Made of including coins and jewelry, which
* Digs through Aircraft Quality come from the 4th and 5th centuries
Steel, Heat Treated AD, found by archaeologists.
any type of ground and Tempered. The treasure belongs to the period
* Ideally suited for Metal of the Roman Empire’s domination
in Scotland, or perhaps later.
Detecting, Camping, Almost 200 years ago, a team of
Nursery and Landscaping Scottish laborers cleared a rocky
field with dynamite. They discov-
Plus you get a handy Cadorra Belt Holder with ered three magnificent silver arti-
plastic insert to carry the standard digging tool. facts: a chain, a spiral bangle, and a
hand pin.
The belt loop is 3 1/2” However, they didn’t search any
deeper to check if there were any
more treasures. They turned the field
into a farmland and excavations
were forgotten.
Now, archaeologists have returned
to the site and discovered a hoard (a
group of valuable objects that is
sometimes purposely buried under-
ground) of 100 silver items.
According to Live Science, the
treasure is called the Gaulcross
hoard. The artifacts belonged to

14 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 6-21-16

THers' News continued...
the Pict people who lived in are now on loan and display
at the National Museum of
Scotland before, during, and Scotland in Edinburgh.

after the Roman era. In 2013, two groups of
researchers studied the field in
The artifacts were found northeastern Scotland with the
help of metal detectors.
by a team led by Gordon
It was the first time when
Noble, head of archaeology at researchers explored the field
after such a long time.
the University of Aberdeen in
During the second day of
Scotland. work, they uncovered three
Late-Roman-era silver “sili-
When they started work quae,” or coins, that dated to
the 4th or 5th century AD.
in the field, they didn’t think
They also found a part of
to search for more artifacts, a silver bracelet, silver strap-
end, and several pieces of
but were trying to learn more folded hacksilver (pieces of
cut or bent silver).
about the context of the dis-
They examined the field
covery made nearly two cen- over the next 18 months, and
as a result, they unearthed 100
turies ago. pieces of silver all together.

The researchers claim that The silver was not mined in

the field also contained two

man-made stone circles - one

cessfuldae(1TrnaeH6tdTdie7nhr0tpghsei–eettGhco1ouer5itetshhd0eweee0prerNBBreteWhevCegoi)1oil._Bviut2ehsrpnloiygcntodzpeiBcesorcAailoongovdfref-.qxnducsiSrllaevo2sremc/rbe7erhn/ooLet2o-fma0sctht1hihesa2;epRpDhfeoied1)nmr1odepa:nssen1;nef7Crdsooia)flAminMaqthtuGsewamaPiebtuaarhpgllalciet,cnrwezoclo1osheosted:mdfoAruoia)nrbgptslmhehid-eieleconl.uoptspnesnwa;taietBnh/-) a
Museum in Aberdeenshire, and
(National Museums Scotland)


This collection of vital treasure

hunting material includes:

- “The Successful Treasure Hunter’s Guide”, a book filled with great how-
to information;
- A dozen research forms, which give you a specific plan for research;
- A dozen entry-search agreements, which help you make an agreement to
search with the land owner.
- A dozen treasure inventory forms, which help you keep track of your
finds for future hunts on the site.

Click on this ad to $24.95
order OnLine

Call today 800-423-0029 Ext 2
or send your order to:

LTI Publications, Inc. P.O. Box 451589
Grove, OK 74345 (Please include tel # for mail in orders) Newsletter 6-21-16 15

THers' News continued...
Scotland during the Roman period, viously been uncovered in Scotland. Holloway wrote that the Vikings
and instead came from somewhere Actually, on October 13, 2014, April “conducted raids on Carolingian
else in the Roman world. Holloway of Ancient Origins report- lands between 8th and 10th century
ed on the discovery of one of the most AD” and explained that in a “few
During the ‘’Late Roman peri- significant Viking hoards found there records, the Vikings are thought to
od, silver was recycled and recast to date. have led their first raids in Scotland
into high-status objects that under- on the island of Iona in 794.”
pinned the development of elite soci- She wrote: "An amateur treasure
ety in the post-Roman period.’. hunter equipped with a metal detec- TheVikings attacks led to the down-
tor has unearthed a massive hoard fall of the Picts. Holloway reported:
The researchers believe that some of Viking artifacts in Dumfries and “In 839, a large Norse fleet invaded
of these silver pieces, such as the Galloway, in what has been described via the River Tay and River Earn,
chunks of silver called ingots, may as one of the most significant archae- both of which were highly navi-
have served as currency, much as a ological finds in Scottish history. gable, and reached into the heart of
gold bar did in more modern times. the Pictish kingdom of Fortriu. They
"According to the Herald Scotland, defeated the king of the Picts, and the
The recent discoveries help shed more than 100 Viking relics were king of the Scots of Dál Riata, along
light on the date of the Gaulcross found, including silver ingots, arm- with members of the Pictish aristoc-
hoard. It seems that some of the bands, brooches, and gold objects." racy in battle. The sophisticated king-
objects were connected with the dom that had been built fell apart, as
elites. The findings also included “an did the Pictish leadership.’’
early Christian cross from the 9th or
The silver hand pins and bracelets 10 century AD made from solid sil- Courtesy of http://www.ancient-
are very rare finds, so the research- ver, described as having unique and
ers concluded that the objects would unusual decorations.There was also ogy/impressive-gaulcross-hoard-
have belonged to some of the most a rare Carolingian vessel, believed 100-roman-era-silver-pieces-
powerful members of the post-Roman to be the largest Carolingian pot ever unearthed-scotland-020870
society. discovered.”

Another important hoard has pre-

16 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 6-21-16

Favorite Finds

Favorite Finds
From Facebook

Today’s Favorite Finds come from Ron Morrison on Facebook.
Ron said, “Hey folks, these are the finds from my last few hunts...
Some very tough locations I might add, but sometimes I like the tough conditions because it keeps you hungry

and focused, and it also opens you up to dig more signals.
Thanks for looking and, as always, HH!”

Courtesy of Newsletter 6-21-16 17

Tip From the Pros

One – Or

By Jay Pastor

No one loses one others buried nearby not digging up as many
coin at a time. that were not as easy good coins as you’d
Coins fall out of pock- expect, based on the
ets, out of open palms, to detect. They site you’ve researched
or off horizontal sur- may be positioned and selected, listen
faces that get knocked at odd angles, under carefully for weak
over. Often some of foliage, near debris, signals and, above
them stay lost. or just deep enough to all, slow down!
The lesson here is to require a more The additional finds
check carefully over painstaking approach. you make that way
the area where you I’ve found this to be may be much better
found a good coin. true. And I’ve been than the one you
Chances are there are told the same by other originally discovered.
detectorists. If you’re

18 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 6-21-16

Calendar of Events
This section is provided by Lost Treasure magazine as a
free service for non-profit treasure clubs and organizations.

JUNE $7 for adults; children 12 and under at (816) 436-0697, or visit the club
25th – 26th – Oglesby, Illinois. are free. For more information, go to website at
The First National Treasure Hunt
sponsored by the Illinois Valley 24th – 25th – Java Center, New
Historical Research & Recover SEPTEMBER York. The 18th Annual International
Association at the Lehigh Memorial 9th – 10th – Penticton, BC, Hunt sponsored by the Genesee
Park, 1150 E. Walnut Street. Lots of Canada. The Okanagan Treasure Valley Treasure Seekers at Beaver
great prizes including name brand Hunters’ Annual Treasures in the Meadows Family Campgrounds.
metal detectors will be given away Sand Open Treasure Hunt sponsored There will be plenty of silver and
during the scheduled hunts. Raffles by Minelab, Garrett, Tesoro, White’s tokens planted for each hunt and
for other prizes will be held through- and Westjet Airlines. 100% of pro- prizes include detectors, gold coins,
out the day of each event. For hunt ceeds go to Pediatric section of the silver coins and many other items of
rules, an entry form and more infor- Regional Hospital. A free breakfast interest to metal detectorists. There
mation, visit and lunch will be provided for all will be raffles, drawings and a magic
paid participants. Registration fee is show Saturday evening. The hunt
JULY $95. Registration form and flyer on application is available for download
29th – 31st – Nekoosa,Wisconsin. the website at at or by contacting
The MidState Metal Detector Club’s php. For more information, e-mail John Howard at 34 Bayberry Lane,
20th Annual Open Hunt and State Chairperson Joanne Birch at okana- Rochester, NY 14616 or jwhoward@
Championship at the Deer Trails [email protected]
Park Campground, 13846 County or Ken Dewerson kdewerson@shaw.
Road Z. Contact Steven Miller, ca OCTOBER
N3091 CTY RD B, Hancock, WI 8th – Cullman, Alabama. The
54943 or e-mail [email protected] 10th – Berne, New York. 43rd Annual Deep South Treasure
for more information. You can also The Empire State Metal Detector Hunt sponsored by the Warrior
log onto the club website at http:// Association’s 46th Annual Club Basin Treasure Hunters Association Hunt and Picnic will be held at the Saturday. Main hunt entry fees
Berne Town Park. The club will received before August 31 will get
AUGUST again have over $6,000 in coins a prize token from the main prize
20th – 21st – Sonora, California. and token prizes to be given away, board. For more information, contact
Grab your sense of adventure and including 1,000 coins (all Barber David Scales at (205) 529-8955 or
your gold pans and head for the Gold coins or older except for a few silver Joe Box at (205) 451-7693, or log
and Outdoor Festival at the Mother dollars). All members and families onto
Lode Fairgrounds 10 a.m. -5 p.m. are invited to the picnic for free, so
both days. Presented by the Delta don't forget to bring a dish. For more 22nd – Irving, Texas. The Lone
Gold Diggers and sponsored by Gold information, e-mail rlaconrad@aol. Star Treasure Hunters Club’s 42nd
Prospectors Association of America. com or call (518) 449-2911. To view Annual Open Hunt at the Mountain
Bring the family for an old-fash- a hunt form, log onto http://media. Creek Preserve, corner of Nursery
ioned good time and the chance to and Hunter Ferrell Road in Irving.
bring home gold and prizes. Events 506344f0ae879ce6372cee1e.pdf Last year 14 metal detectors, 25 gold
will include panning for real gold, coins and much more was awarded.
equipment demonstrations, claim 18th – Lathrop, Missouri. The Contact Robert Jordan at bobby.jor-
jumper detecting hunt, prospecting 40th Annual Open Hunt sponsored [email protected] or call (972) 839-
seminars, a chance to win buried by the Mo-Kan Search and Recovery 6647 for more information or go to
treasure and in door prizes. There Club at the Lathrop Antique Show
will be vendors, information on how Grounds. For more information,
and where to go gold mining, and e-mail Terry Theiss at outboundace@ E-mail upcoming events to manag
plenty of family fun. Admission is, call Chuck Clevenger [email protected] Newsletter 6-21-16 19

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