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Published by Colin Savage, 2018-08-10 10:00:28

American Glass Gallery - Auction #20

Online Auction - 2-15 May 2018

American Glass GalleryTM

Presents Auction #20:

Opens May 2, 2018 • Closes May 15, 2018

Lot #146: Extremely Rare
Harvey’s Prairie Bitters

Conditions of Sale: Auction #20, including Part II of The Ralph Finch Collection

1. Absentee Auction An example of how our absentee bidding system works: You bid $600.00
on a lot which is the highest bid received to date. The second highest bid
The items in this sale will be sold via absentee auction. Closing date: May 15, is $450.00. The current high bid level would be yours at $475.00, one bid
2018, 11:00 p.m., EST. increment higher than the other collector’s bid. Any additional bids submitted
by others below $600.00 will automatically be topped on your behalf by a rep-
2. Our Guarantee Regarding Descriptions resentative of American Glass Gallery, up to your stipulated high bid amount.
If no further bids on this lot are received beyond the $450.00, and the under
American Glass Gallery has made every attempt to describe correctly the bidder has not requested a “Call Back”, then you would have won the lot at
property being sold. Descriptions are guaranteed to be accurate as regards $475.00, not the $600.00 that you were prepared to pay.
authenticity, age, condition, and measurements to within one-fourth inch, as
represented in this catalog. Items in this catalog are not shown to scale. In American Glass Gallery will at NO TIME disclose bids pledged by others;
describing damage, exterior wear or manufacturer’s flaws that in our opinion, only the current “High Bid” level of a lot will be stated upon request. The high-
do not significantly detract visually or monetarily from the value of the item are est bidder as determined by American Glass Gallery shall be the purchaser. It
not listed and will not be considered for refund. The Auctioneers reserve the is the sole right of the auctioneer to settle any dispute between bidders and to
right to make verbal corrections and provide additional information at any time regulate the bidding procedure. The auctioneer reserves the right to refuse any
during the sale. bid he believes not to have been made in good faith.

3. Preview 5. “Call Back” Process

Items may be viewed by appointment from May 3, 2018 through May 14, 2018. If requested, the three top bidders of an item at the time of closing will be given
a “Call Back” over the next number of days in order to resolve the final sale
4. Bidding Procedure of an item. You can request this service by “checking” the appropriate box on
your absentee bid form or verbal agreement by phone. It is the responsibility of
You may submit your bids by mail, phone, FAX, email or through our on-line the bidder to insure he has qualified for this service.
auction site. If bidding by mail or FAX, please fill out the absentee form and
return it to us. Your bid, either written or oral, grants American Glass Gallery the Please note: No “Call Backs” will be executed for bids under $400.00.
authority to protect you up to the amount of your stated bid. Your bid will not In the event of tie bids, the earliest bid received will be the winning bid.
be removed once executed.
An example of how the “Call Back” process works: As an example, you have
Bidding Times: You can submit your bids anytime after receiving your catalog. bid $600.00 on a particular lot. Another bidder has submitted a bid of $900.00
Bids may be made by phone, daily, until closing day, May 15, 2018, from on the same lot. Assuming that as of the auction closing date you are among
9 A.M. - 6 P.M. Eastern Time. Incoming phone bids will be accepted on the the top three bidders on this lot and you have requested a “Call Back”, you
closing day (May 15, 2018) until 11 P.M. Eastern Time. Phone calls and Fax would receive a call informing you that you have been “Out Bid” and the cur-
bids after this time will not be honored. No exceptions. You may also place rent “High Bid” is now at $650.00. If you choose to continue bidding on this
your bids through our on-line auction service 24-hours a day once the site lot, you may now do so. Assuming that you now increase your bid to $700.00,
has opened for bidding, on or about May 2, 2018, continuing until 11:00 P.M. we would accept your bid but also inform you that we have a higher bid on this
Eastern Time, May 15, 2018. lot and must bid $750.00. At this time, an auction between you and American
Glass Gallery, representing the collector who submitted the bid of $900.00,
Please do not wait until the last day or two of the sale to place your bids! takes place. This bidding would continue until you drop out, or top the other
Because many collectors wait until the final few days of the sale to place their bidders high bid of $900.00. If the other bidder has not requested a “Call
bids, we anticipate the telephone and internet bidding to be very busy during Back” service, you would be awarded the lot. If however, the other bidder also
that period, so please plan accordingly. In the event of a tie bid, the earliest requested a Call Back, we must now call them. If they elect to increase their
received bid on the lot will take precedent. We would welcome your bids by bid over your high bid, we would in turn call you back. This back and fourth
phone so that we can answer any questions and assist you in your bidding. process would continue until one of the bidders declines to go any farther.

You may also telephone us at any time during the auction, prior to the closing If you have requested a “Call Back”, the auctioneers will need to contact you
of the sale, to check the status of your bids, to find the current bidding level, to on the days immediately following the auction closing between the hours of 8
open a bid, or to raise a bid on an auction lot. A.M. and 9 P.M. Eastern Time. Please supply us with all appropriate contact
phone numbers including, home, mobile and work numbers. Bidders must pro-
Bidding Increments are as follows: vide the appropriate telephone numbers where they can be contacted. If you
will be traveling or otherwise unavailable, bidders with “Call Back” privileges
Up to $250.00....................................................... increments of $10.00 will have the responsibility to contact American Glass Gallery twice daily during
$250.00 - $500.00................................................ increments of $25.00 the Call Back period.
$500.00 - $1,000.00............................................. increments of $50.00
$1,000.00 - $2,500.00........................................ increments of $100.00 Please note, every effort will be made to contact you during the “Call Back”
$2,500.00 - $5,000.00........................................ increments of $250.00 period. However, the bidder will forfeit their rights to a “Call Back” if the auc-
$5,000.00 - $10,000.00...................................... increments of $500.00 tioneers are unable to reach them. American Glass Gallery reserves the right
$10,000 & Up................................................... increments of $1,000.00 to discontinue Call Backs on any item in the sale (2) two days after the closing
date of the sale. At that time, the current “High Bidder” may be awarded the
Bids submitted between the above increments, whether by mail, FAX, email item even if Call Backs are still outstanding.
or on-line via the internet, will automatically be lowered to the closest lower

This is a minimum bid auction. Bids below the printed minimum will not
be accepted.

American Glass Gallery • Auction #20, May 15, 2018 • 248.486.0530 •

Conditions of Sale: Auction #20, including Part II of The Ralph Finch Collection


Successful Bidders, Prompt and full payment is due immediately upon receipt of The lots offered in this printed catalog are
our invoice. Absolutely no exceptions. Anyone failing to pay for items won will for- identical to the lots offered in the on-line
feit all rights to bid in any future American Glass Gallery sales. Any late or delayed catalog. However, due to space constraints of
payments may result in loss of return privileges for items purchased in the sale. the printed catalog, there may be some further
information available regarding some of the
No Items Will Be Mailed Before Full Payment Is Received. lots in the on-line auction descriptions.

Buyer Premium: A 15% buyer’s premium will be added to the hammer price Please visit us at
(18% if paying by Credit Card or PayPal), to be paid by the buyer as part of the
purchase price. For example, if you purchase a lot for $100.00, you will receive
an invoice for $115.00 if paying by cash, check or money order, plus any
applicable sales tax or shipping charges. and follow the link to the on-line auction.
The link and on-line auction will be available
Taxes: If you are a Michigan resident, a 6% sales tax will be added to your bill May 2, 2018. A post-auction price list will be
unless you have a valid resale number registered with us. available on our website, in printable form,
approximately 30 days after the close of the
Shipping: Shipping, handling and insurance are extra. With the exception of auction.
oversize items or excessive weight, we ship insured via U.S. Postal Service. Our
charges for shipping (excluding foreign shipments and oversized lots) are $18.00 We encourage you to contact us by phone
for the first item, $9.00 for each additional item together with extra insurance or email with any questions, for assistance
costs (we use current U.S.Postal Service insurance rates). Additional charges will with bidding, or further details or clarification
apply for oversize items and/or certain postal zones where USPS surcharges are on any of the lots in this sale. Your complete
in effect. If shipping and insurance charges are not included on your invoice, and satisfaction and confidence is our goal!
you do not intend to pick up your items at our office, please contact us to discuss
shipping options and charges. THANK YOU AND GOOD LUCK
Please allow two to three weeks for delivery after receipt of your check.

Payment: American Glass Gallery accepts Cash, Money Orders, Personal
Checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. If paying by Credit
Card or PayPal, an additional 3% will be added to the invoice total.

7. Refunds

Refunds will be given at the discretion of the Auctioneers. Items purchased must
be examined and request for refund made immediately upon receipt of the item
or items. Since opinions can differ, particularly in the matter of condition, the
Auctioneers will be the sole judge in the consideration of refunds. Refunds
requested on the grounds of authenticity must be made within 15 days of the date
of the auction, and such refund requests must be accompanied by at least one
supporting statement in writing from an authority recognized by the Auctioneers.
It is the Auctioneers sincere intention to consider any reasonable request for a
refund. Absolutely no returns for any reason after 30 days following the closing of
the sale.

This auction photographed by John R. Pastor and Jake Pluta • ©2018 American Glass Gallery. All rights reserved. • Catalog design & layout by Owen Neils • Printed by Spartan Printing, Lansing, MI

American Glass Gallery • Auction #20, May 15, 2018 • 248.486.0530 •

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- The dash is generally used to indicate that the descriptions are on opposite sides of the bottle or flask.

American Glass Gallery • Auction #20, May 15, 2018 • 248.486.0530 •


Detail from Lot 4


Rare & Choice Embossed
American Snuff Jars

Lot 123

Lot 124

Lot 122

PAGE 3Copy of patent drawing courtesy of William C. Ham.

Lot 150: Extremely Rare ‘Chinaman’ Bitters

T his rare and desirable figural bitters was discovered
at a small estate auction in Somerset County,
Pennsylvania about 12 years ago. Embossed “R.S.
this is a beautiful, near-mint example.
A rare opportunity to acquire this unique and charismatic
figural bitters.


Figural Pig Whiske

Lot 143

Lot 145


y & Bitters Bottles

Lot 142 Lot 144
Lot 141

PAGE 6 American Glass Gallery, Auction #20 • Closing May 15, 2018

Lot 1 Lot 5

cal Flask, an early Pittsburgh district TVILLLE GLASS WORKS PHILAD.A /
glasshouse, 1825 - 1835. Greenish GEN. TAYLOR NEVER SURRENDERS”
aquamarine, sheared mouth - blow- / BUST OF TAYLOR Historical Flask,
pipe pontil scar, Pt, near mint; (a ¼” Dyottville Glass Works, 1848 - 1855.
area of very minor, light roughness on Clear, medium emerald coloration,
the edge of the sheared mouth, other- sheared mouth - blowpipe pontil scar,
wise virtually attic mint). GI-2. A great Pt; (lightly cleaned to original luster with
example of this early beaded Wash- a 3/16” open surface bubble at base
ington flask with crisp, bold emboss- edge, slightly weak impression in the
ing and a much better than average shoulders, otherwise excellent). GI-38.
impression. Beautiful and scarce color for this mold.

Est.: $300 - $500 • Min. bid: $180 Est.: $800 - $1,600 • Min. bid: $400

Lot 2 Lot 6

“NEW JERSEY” / BUST OF TAYLOR plain), Historical Flask, probably Lock-
Historical Flask, Bridgeton Glass port Glass Works, Lockport, NY, 1848
Works, 1845 - 1855. Dense tobacco - 1855. Light-to-medium blue green, ap-
amber, sheared mouth - blowpipe plied round collar - blowpipe pontil scar,
pontil scar, Pt; (a couple of light Qt, virtually attic mint! GI-47. Pleasing
scratches and some minor exterior color, crisp, strong embossing, a clean,
wear, otherwise near mint). GI-24. A sparkling example.
very scarce-to-rare color. Not an easy
flask to find in any color, this example Est.: $400 - $600 • Min. bid: $200
is certainly one of the deepest in tone
that we have seen. Lot 7

Est.: $4,000 - $6,000 • Min. bid: $2,000 “THE FATHER OF HIS COUNTRY” /
Lot 3 plain), Historical Flask, probably Lock-
port Glass Works, Lockport, NY, 1848
“ALBANY GLASS WORKS” / BUST - 1855. Medium blue green, applied
OF WASHINGTON / “ALBANY / N round collar with lower bevel - blowpipe
Y” - SAILING SHIP Historical Flask, pontil scar, Qt, near mint; (just a trace of
1847 - 1850. Aqua, sheared mouth - typical, very minor exterior wear, and a
pontil scar, Pt, near mint; (just a trace 1 ¼” shallow in-making pontil flake that
of light high point wear and a bit of mi- extends to the edge of the base, other-
nor lip roughness including a pinhead wise perfect). GI-47. A good example,
flake and a shallow iridescent flake on nice color.
the inside edge that occurred when the
cork was pried out). GI-28. Compara- Est.: $400 - $600 • Min. bid: $200
tively scarce. A bright, clean, example
having nice character with some whit- Lot 8
tling and waviness to the glass.
Est.: $250 - $450 • Min. bid: $150 BUST OF WASHINGTON - (Reverse
plain), Historical Flask, probably
Lot 4 Lockport Glass Works, Lockport, NY,
1848 - 1855. Brilliant yellowish lime
BUST OF WASHINGTON - TREE green, sheared mouth - blowpipe pontil
Historical Calabash, America, 1850 scar, Qt, virtually attic mint; (just a faint
- 1860. Cobalt, applied sloping collar - trace of very minor wear on the reverse,
blowpipe pontil scar, Qt; (a potstone in otherwise pristine perfect). GI-47. A
the medial rib with a couple of hairline gorgeous, unlisted, and likely unique
cracks, 1 ½”, or less; some light inte- color for this mold, heavily whittled,
rior milkiness in lower third of flask). strong, crisp impression. A ‘finest pos-
GI-35. An eye-appealing and impres- sible example’.
sive Calabash, very rare color. Note;
the crack has been professionally Est.: $4,000 - $8,000 • Min. bid: $2,000
stabilized with a museum-grade, 3-part
adhesive. Provenance: Ex. Crawford
Wetlauffer, Judge Blaske collections.

Est.: $2,500 - $4,500 • Min. bid: $1,400

American Glass Gallery, Auction #20 • Closing May 15, 2018 PAGE 7

Lot 9 Lot 13

BUST OF WASHINGTON - (Reverse GLASS FACTORY Historical Calabash,
plain), Historical Flask, probably Lock- Ravenna Glass Works, Ravenna, OH,
port Glass Works, NY, 1848 - 1855. 1857 - 1865. Medium grass green with a
Bright, medium teal blue, sheared and yellowish tone, applied round collar, red
tooled lip - blowpipe pontil scar, Pt, iron pontil scar, Qt; (a fine hairline spider
very near mint; (3/16” open surface crack with a few ¼” to ½” legs on one
bubble and only a trace of minor wear). of the side ribs; a trace of minor high
GI-48. Gorgeous rare color, strong point wear, a bit of residue, otherwise
mold impression, excellent condition. excellent). GI-104. A beautiful and very
We have not seen another as nice since rare color for this Calabash, much more
the McCandless example that sold in difficult to find that the cornflower and
2012. Ex. Mike Roberts collection. sapphire toned examples.

Est.: $1,500 - $2,500 • Min. bid: $800 Est.: $600 - $900 • Min. bid: $300

Lot 10 Lot 14

Flask, probably Dyottville Glass SUTH - STEAM FRIGATE / “U.S.
Works, 1850 - 1860. GI-54. Me- STEAM FRIGATE / MISSISSIPPI / S.
dium emerald coloration, large applied HUFFSEY” Historical Calabash, prob-
blob collar - smooth base, Qt, near ably Millford Glass Works, Millford, NJ,
mint; (a little minor high point wear and 1852 - 1860. Medium-to-deep blue
some faint scratches, primarily on the green, applied sloping collar - “PH.
reverse, otherwise excellent). GI-54. DOFLEIN / MOULD MAKER / NTH 5!
Good depth of color and a particularly ST 84” (on base), iron pontil scar, Qt,
nice example having excellent char- very near mint; (a shallow, 3/16” flake on
acter with plenty of unevenness and the shoulder, otherwise perfect). GI-112.
crudity to the glass. Great color, tremendous character, the
glass is absolutely filled with bubbles!
Est.: $600 - $1,200 • Min. bid: $300
Est.: $2,000 - $4,000 • Min. bid: $1,000
Lot 11
Lot 15
/ C-T” Historical Flask, Coventry STEAM FRIGATE / MISSISSIPPI /
Glass Works, 1824 - 1830. Light yel- S. HUFFSEY” Historical Calabash,
lowish olive amber shading to a slightly probably Millford Glass Works, Millford,
deeper olive amber near the base, NJ, 1852 - 1860. Deep yellowish green
sheared mouth - pontil scar, Pt; (a little with an olive tone, applied sloping collar
high point wear and a small potstone - “PH. DOFLEIN / MOULD MAKER /
on the surface of one of the corrugated NTH 5! ST 84” (on base), blowpipe pon-
edges with some flaking around it; a til scar, Qt; (a 4” crack on the reverse).
couple of 1/16” minor flat flakes on the GI-112. Extremely rare and beautiful
sheared lip). GI-80. color, it’s twin, without damage, sold in
June, 2017, for $21,000.00!
Est.: $600 - $900 • Min. bid: $300
Est.: $1,000 - $2,000 • Min. bid: $500
Lot 12
Lot 16
cal Calabash, Isabella Glass Works, STEAM FRIGATE / MISSISSIPPI /
Brooklyn, NJ, 1850 - 1860. Bright S. HUFFSEY” Historical Calabash,
citron with a slight olive tone, applied probably Millford Glass Works, Millford,
sloping collar with bevel - blowpipe NJ, 1852 - 1860. Golden amber, ap-
pontil scar, Qt; (just a trace of spotty plied sloping collar - “PH. DOFLEIN /
light interior milkiness, and a potstone MOULD MAKER / NTH 5! ST 84” (on
on the interior of the base with a few base), blowpipe pontil scar, Qt; (1/4”
minor 1/8” legs, otherwise near mint). chip at edge of collar, a touch of light
GI-99. Rare color and the glass is filled high point wear, otherwise perfect).
with tiny seed bubbles. GI-112. A very desirable Calabash, in a
very rare color!
Est.: $1,500 - $2,500 • Min. bid: $800
Est.: $4,000 - $8,000 • Min. bid: $2,000

PAGE 8 American Glass Gallery, Auction #20 • Closing May 15, 2018

Lot 17 Lot 21

TREE Historical Calabash, America, a Pittsburgh district glasshouse,
1852 - 1860. Teal blue with a slight 1855 - 1865. Brilliant, yellowish citron
greenish tone, applied sloping collar coloration, large applied ring-type collar
with bevel - blowpipe pontil scar, Qt; - light iron pontil scar, Pt; (professionally
(some overall light interior cloudiness, cleaned to original luster and near mint
and an in-manufacture pontil chip, condition). GII-89. Gorgeous, eye-
otherwise excellent). GI-113. A most appealing color, and although the iron
unusual and rare color for this mold. pontil scar is very light, it is an added
With just a light interior cleaning, it plus as many of the GII-89’s are smooth
would likely present as virtually attic base). A big splash of color for your
mint! flask collection.

Est.: $800 - $1,200 • Min. bid: $400 Est.: $800 - $1,200 • Min. bid: $400

Lot 18 Lot 22

EAGLE / “F. L.” - CORNUCOPIA EAGLE - EAGLE Historical Flask, a
Historical Flask, Frederick R. Lorenz Pittsburgh district glasshouse, 1860
& Co., Pittsburgh, PA, 1825 - 1830. - 1875. Light-to-medium cornflower,
Bright aquamarine, sheared mouth - approaching a light sapphire coloration,
blowpipe pontil scar, ½ Pt, near mint; applied collar with flat band - smooth
(a 1/8” minor flake on the edge of the base, Pt, virtually attic mint; (just a small
sheared lip, and a 5/8” pontil chip from trace of faint interior milkiness, and a
the edge of the base, otherwise clean, paper-thin tiny pinhead open surface
sparkling, and near attic mint). GII-15. bubble). GII-92. A beautiful flask, and a
A very rare flask with a crisp, strong very attractive, rare color, for this mold.
mold impression, and virtually no high
point wear! Est.: $800 - $1,200 • Min. bid: $400

Est.: $800 - $1,600 • Min. bid: $400

Lot 19 Lot 23

Historical Flask, America, possibly probably Coventry Glass Works,
an early Pittsburgh district glass- Coventry, CT, 1835 - 1849. Clear
house, 1825 - 1835. Aquamarine, medium green with a slight emerald
sheared mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, tone, sheared, tooled and inward rolled
½ Pt, sparkling attic mint! GII-60. A mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, Pt, virtu-
comparatively scarce, early beaded ally attic mint! (just the slightest trace of
flask, and about as nice of an example faint wear, otherwise pristine). GIII-4. A
as you could hope to find! Clean and beautiful, and very scarce color for this
sparkling, with a good mold impres- mold, outstanding condition.
sion, and virtually no high point wear
as is often found on these flasks. Est.: $600 - $900 • Min. bid: $300

Est.: $600 - $900 • Min. bid: $300

Lot 20 Lot 24

/ GLASS, Co / WEST WILLINGTON / Pictorial Flasks, probably Coventry
CONN” Historical Flask, 1860 - 1872. Glass Works, Coventry, CT, 1835 -
Medium shading to deep golden 1849. Shades of olive amber, both
amber, applied round collar with lower with sheared mouths - blowpipe pontil
bevel - smooth base, Pt; (some scat- scarred bases, Pts, both near mint;
tered light scratches and minor exterior (one has a little high point wear and a
wear). GII-64. A very scarce color trace of washable interior residue; 2nd
for this mold, most examples being in example has a ¼” sliver flake from the
shades of blue green and olive green. median rib at the corner of the base,
In addition, nice character to the glass. and a couple of minor open surface
bubbles, otherwise excellent). Both
Est.: $400 - $800 • Min. bid: $200 GIII-4. A nice pair of early flasks.

Est.: $150 - $250 • Min. bid: $80

American Glass Gallery, Auction #20 • Closing May 15, 2018 PAGE 9

Lot 25 Lot 29

New England, 1835 - 1850. Medium “OHIO / J. SHEPARD & CO”, His-
olive amber, sheared mouth - blowpipe torical Flask, Zanesville Glassworks,
pontil scar, ½ Pt; (a few small spots Zanesville, OH, 1822 - 1832. Golden
of minor exterior wear including a ¼” amber with a slight orange tone,
patch on the shoulder of the reverse, sheared mouth - blowpipe pontil scar,
otherwise a bright, clean, very nice Pt; (a little scattered exterior wear as
example). GIII-12. Noted by McKearin is common on this mold, and a little
as “Comparatively scarce”, and a nice faint interior haze in the upper half of
example with a good strong mold the body). GIV-32. A classic early Ohio
impression. Masonic flask.

Est.: $125 - $225 • Min. bid: $70 Est.: $500 - $800 • Min. bid: $250

Lot 26 Lot 30

“KCCNC” Historical Flask, Keene CORN - MONUMENT / “BALTIMORE”
Marlboro Street Glassworks, Keene, Historical Flask, Baltimore Glass Works,
NH, 1820 - 1830. Medium yellowish 1845 - 1855. Yellowish ‘old amber’ with
olive amber, sheared mouth - blowpipe a honey or butterscotch tone, sheared
pontil scar, Pt, attic mint! GIV-20a. mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, Qt; (a touch
Note, this is the “20a” mold with the of high point wear as is common on this
faint dots on the shoulder above the mold, and a bit of minor roughness, 1/8”
curved ribbon. Listed as “Rare” by or less, on the inside edge of the sheared
McKearin, this is almost certainly the lip). GVI-4. Nice color, scarce with the
most difficult mold of the #17 thru. #21 blowpipe pontil scar, the majority being
Keene Masonics. Outstanding condi- either smooth base or iron pontil.
tion having virtually no high point wear.
Est.: $2,000 - $4,000 • Min. bid: $1,000
Est.: $250 - $450 • Min. bid: $150
Lot 31
Lot 27
MASONIC ARCH - EAGLE His- Keene Marlboro Street Glassworks,
torical Flask, Keene Marlboro Street Keene, NH, 1815 - 1830. Light yellow-
Glassworks, Keene, NH, 1820 - 1830. ish olive amber, almost an olive yellow in
Medium-to-deep olive amber, sheared, the shoulders, shading to a deeper olive
tooled and inward rolled mouth - blow- amber in the neck and base, sheared
pipe pontil scar, ½ Pt; (some light ex- mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, Pt, near
terior wear; a little scattered washable attic mint; (a trace of light wear; the
interior residue). GIV-24. A classic, embossing is a little weak, more so on
early New England flask. the reverse, otherwise perfect). GVIII-8.
Attractive light color, there are also a
Est.: $250 - $400 • Min. bid: $140 couple of nice threads of glass swirled
through the body.
Lot 28
Est.: $400 - $600 • Min. bid: $200
/ “OHIO / J. SHEPARD & CO”, His- Lot 32
torical Flask, Zanesville Glassworks,
Zanesville, OH, 1822 - 1832. Aqua- “KEEN” - “P&W” SUNBURST FLASK,
marine, sheared mouth - blowpipe Keene Marlboro Street Glassworks,
pontil scar, Pt, attic mint! GIV-32. A Keene, NH, 1815 - 1830. Yellowish olive
nice delicate example, a little lighter in amber, sheared mouth - blowpipe pontil
weight and color than most. In addi- scar, ½ Pt, near mint; (just the slight-
tion, a bright, clean, sparkling example! est trace of wear including a pinhead
open surface bubble). GVIII-9. A nice
Est.: $500 - $800 • Min. bid: $250 light example of this early New England
Sunburst Flask.

Est.: $400 - $600 • Min. bid: $200

PAGE 10 American Glass Gallery, Auction #20 • Closing May 15, 2018

Lot 33 Lot 37

SUNBURST FLASK, New England, SCROLL FLASK, Midwest, 1850 - 1860.
probably an early Connecticut glass- Brilliant, medium yellow with just a very
house, Coventry or possibly Pitkin, slight hint of olive, almost a lemon-yellow
1815 - 1830. Clear light-to-medium coloration, sheared and slightly flared
olive with a slight yellowish tone, mouth - iron pontil scar, Pt, attic mint!
sheared mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, (Note, there is a tiny bit of roughness on
½ Pt, virtually attic mint; (a little rough- the sheared mouth, but it is in-making,
ness or flaking from the glass extrusion and not post-manufacture damage).
at the side mold seam). GVIII-16. A GIX-11. A gorgeous flask that will
beautiful example, scarce color in a definitely stand out in a crowd, and very
pure green coloration, nice clarity and difficult to find in this virtually pure yellow
brightness to the glass. coloration. John Apple collection.

Est.: $800 - $1,200 • Min. bid: $400 Est.: $2,000 - $4,000 • Min. bid: $1,000

Lot 34 Lot 38

SUNBURST FLASK, Coventry Glass SCROLL FLASK, Midwest, 1850 - 1860.
Works, Coventry, CT, 1815 - 1830. Medium amber shading to a lighter yel-
Medium olive amber, sheared mouth - lowish golden near the sides, crudely ap-
blowpipe pontil scar, ½ Pt; (a little light plied short tapered collar - red iron pontil
exterior wear, trace of interior residue). scar, Pt; (an 1/8” flake and a couple of
GVIII-18. Another good early Sunburst, very minor, pinhead bits of roughness
this mold being noted by McKearin as on top of the mouth; some faint interior
“Comparatively scarce”. residue or haze in the lower portion of the
flask that would likely was out). GIX-11.
Est.: $500 - $800 • Min. bid: $250 An eye-appealing flask, scarce having
the applied collar. John Apple collection,
Ex. David Beadle collection.

Est.: $500 - $1,000 • Min. bid: $300

Lot 35 Lot 39

SCROLL FLASK, Midwest, 1850 - SCROLL FLASK, Midwest, 1845 -
1860. Beautiful, medium forest green, 1860. Brilliant citron, almost a lime
applied collar with flat band - iron pon- green, sheared mouth - blowpipe pontil
til scar, Qt, near mint; (minor, 1/8” flake scar, Pt, mint. Similar to GIX-11 (over-
on medial rib, and just the slightest blown in shoulders so stars not clearly
trace of faint wear, otherwise perfect). defined). Beautiful, bright color, nice
GIX-3. Excellent character, great eye- clarity and condition. This color stands
appeal, a beautiful and rare color for a out, or “pops”, in a run of Scrolls. Note;
Scroll Flask. Provenance: John Apple a slightly different mold variant having a
collection, Ex. Judge Blaske, Mike short pedestal-type base. Provenance:
Roberts collections. John Apple collection.

Est.: $1,500 - $2,500 • Min. bid: $800 Est.: $800 - $1,600 • Min. bid: $400

Lot 36 Lot 40

SCROLL FLASK, Midwest, 1845 - Lot of (2) Scroll Flasks, Midwest, 1850
1860. Medium cornflower blue, almost -1860. Shades of aquamarine, both with
a light sapphire coloration, sheared sheared mouths - iron pontil scarred
mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, Pt, near bases, ½ Pts; (the GIX-31 has a touch
mint; (just a touch of minor rough- of very minor high point wear, otherwise
ness on the inside edge of the lip). perfect; the GIX-32 has a ¼” iridescent
GIX-10. A beautiful example, scarce bruise and an open bubble on the inside
eye-appealing color, excellent condi- of the lip; a bit of in-manufacture rough-
tion! Provenance: Ex. Sam Laidacker, ness on the edge of the lip). GIX-31 &
Merritt Vanderbilt collections. GIX-32. The GIX-31 has a good deep
bluish color and a strong mold impres-
Est.: $1,000 - $2,000 • Min. bid: $600 sion, the GIX-32 is a scarce mold.
Provenance: John Apple collection.

Est.: $150 - $250 • Min. bid: $80

American Glass Gallery, Auction #20 • Closing May 15, 2018 PAGE 11

Lot 41 Lot 45

SCROLL FLASK, Midwest, 1845 - HUNTER - FISHERMAN Pictorial
1855. Medium sea green, sheared Calabash, probably Whitney Glass
mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, ½ Pt, Works, Glassboro, NJ, 1857 - 1865.
perfect! GIX-36. A rare little flask, Bright golden amber, applied sloping
attractive color, and almost eggshell collar - iron pontil scar, Qt, virtually attic
thin, with excellent character having mint; (just a trace of faint exterior wear,
a subtle band of tiny little bubbles otherwise perfect). GXIII-4. A solid,
through the midsection. Provenance: bright, clean example!
John Apple collection, Ex. Judge
Blaske collection. Est.: $200 - $400 • Min. bid: $120

Est.: $700 - $900 • Min. bid: $350 Lot 46

Lot 42 HUNTER - FISHERMAN Pictorial
Calabash, probably Whitney Glass
SCROLL FLASK, probably John Works, Glassboro, NJ, 1857 - 1865.
Robinson & Son Glass Manufacturers, Light-to-medium apricot coloration,
Pittsburgh, PA, 1830 - 1834. Aquama- applied sloping collar - iron pontil scar,
rine, sheared mouth - blowpipe pontil Qt, very near mint; (just a slight trace
scar, ½ Pt, attic mint; (a little light, of faint exterior wear including a barely
almost certainly, washable interior noticeable pinprick bit of roughness on
content residue). GIX-41. A scarce, the edge of the lip, otherwise perfect).
early Scroll Flask, especially in this fine GXIII-4. Beautiful peachy-apricot tones,
condition. Interesting note; this little nice light color, excellent condition, and
flask was found in the attic of a house with some nice bubbles and stretch lines
in Meredith, New Hampshire. A true through the neck!
“attic” find. Provenance: John Apple
collection. Est.: $600 - $900 • Min. bid: $300

Est.: $300 - $500 • Min. bid: $180 Lot 47

Lot 43 HUNTER - FISHERMAN Pictorial Cal-
abash, probably Whitney Glass Works,
“GENL TAYLOR NEVER SURREN- Glassboro, NJ, 1857 - 1865. Beautiful
DERS” (Cannon) - “A / LITTLE / strawberry puce with a slight apricot
MORE / GRAPE / CAPT BRAGG” / tone, shading to a deep reddish tone
(Grapes and vine) Historical Flask, in the upper shoulders, applied sloping
probably Baltimore Glass Works, 1848 collar - iron pontil scar, Qt, virtually attic
- 1855. Aqua, sheared mouth - blow- mint; (slight trace of light interior content
pipe pontil scar, Pt; (just a trace of faint residue in the side, almost certainly
interior residue, and a very slight touch washable). GXIII-4. Gorgeous and rare
of wear, otherwise attic mint). GX-4. color, outstanding condition.
A scarce flask, and a much better than
average example having a bold, strong Est.: $700 - $1,200 • Min. bid: $350
mold impression, and very little high
point wear. A good one! Lot 48

Est.: $400 - $800 • Min. bid: $200 “WILL YOU TAKE / A DRINK ? / WILL
A / (Duck) / SWIM ?” Pictorial Flask,
Lot 44 probably Lockport Glass Work, Lock-
port, NY, 1870 - 1880. Bright aquama-
CLASPED HANDS / “UNION” - rine, applied mouth with band - smooth
EAGLE Historical Calabash, possibly base, Pt.; (just a little very light wear on
A.R. Samuels, Philadelphia, PA, 1858 the reverse, otherwise sparkling, virtu-
- 1866. Medium-to-deep amber, ally attic mint). GXIII-28. A much better
applied round collar with bevel - large than average example of this scarce
rectangular red iron pontil scar, Qt, flask, clean, bright, highly whittled, and
near mint; (a light scratch near a fluted with a very strong mold impression!
edge, and a 3/16” flake at base edge).
GXII-43. A nicer than average example Est.: $400 - $600 • Min. bid: $200
of this Calabash, clean, having a good
impression, and virtually no high point
wear which is unusual for this bottle.

Est.: $225 - $450 • Min. bid: $150

PAGE 12 American Glass Gallery, Auction #20 • Closing May 15, 2018

Lot 49 Lot 53

WILL A / (Duck) / SWIM ?” Pictorial WORKS” - PHOENIX / “RESURGAM”
Flask, probably Lockport Glass Work, Historical Flask, Baltimore Glass Works,
Lockport, NY, 1875 - 1885. Rich, blu- 1860 - 1870. Yellow with a slight olive
ish aquamarine, tooled sloping collar tone, applied round collar with bevel -
with ring - smooth base, ½ Pt, virtually smooth base, Pt; (a little faint dullness
attic mint. GXIII-29a. Another great or haze, mostly on the interior, some of
example, good rich color, good mold which may wash out, otherwise would
impression, nice character. Noted by easily clean with a couple of days in the
McKearin as “Extremely rare”, and tumbler, if desired; a touch of faint exte-
certainly more difficult to find than rior wear). GXIII-54. A very scarce and
the pints. beautiful color, heavily whittled.

Est.: $400 - $600 • Min. bid: $200 Est.: $1,500 - $2,500 • Min. bid: $750

Lot 50 Lot 54

Calabash, probably Sheets & Duffy DARD / N H”, 1855 - 1862. Medium-
Glass Manufacturers, Philadelphia, to-deep amber, applied double ring
PA, 1850 - 1860. Medium blue green collar - smooth base, Pt; (a little high
with a teal tone, almost a teal blue point wear, mainly on the reverse, and an
coloration, applied round collar with open interior bubble, otherwise very near
bevel - iron pontil scar, Qt; (just a mint). GXV-7. A nice clean example with
touch of typical light wear including a strong, crisp embossing. In addition, a
very minor pinhead flake at side rib; very heavy example having what appears
some faint interior haze, some of which to be some extra glass near the base.
would almost certainly wash out).
GXIII-47. Est.: $400 - $600 • Min. bid: $200

Est.: $400 - $800 • Min. bid: $200

Lot 51 Lot 55

Historical Flask, Baltimore Glass GHER / 806 LOMBARD, ST. / PHILA.”,
Works, 1860 - 1870. Light honey am- America, 1885 - 1895. Yellowish honey
ber with some golden tones, applied amber, strap-side flask, tooled double
round collar with bevel - smooth base, collar - smooth base, Qt.; (some high
Pt; (small pinhead bit of roughness point wear, primarily on the reverse, also
on the edge of the collar; a ¼” open a little on the steer’s head, otherwise
bubble on the shoulder of the reverse). excellent). A very scarce-to-rare picto-
GXIII-53. A nice bright example, scarce rial whiskey, nice light color. The last
color, and with some nice character to recorded example offered at auction
the glass. was more than 25 years ago!

Est.: $400 - $800 • Min. bid: $200 Est.: $200 -$400 • Min. bid: $100

Lot 52 Lot 56

WORKS” - PHOENIX / “RESURGAM” Strap-Sided Flasks, America, 1885 -
Historical Flask, Baltimore Glass 1895. Shades of honey and golden
Works, 1860 - 1870. Bright, light amber, tooled double ring collars -
golden amber with some honey tones smooth bases, Qt, Pt, and ½ Pt; (½ pint
along the sides, applied round collar is near mint; Qt.& Pt. have been profes-
with lower band - smooth base, Pt, sionally cleaned with a little ground
virtually attic mint; (just a slight trace wear and light scratches remaining). Qt.
of minor exterior wear, otherwise per- embossed, “JOHN HAY / 152 & 154
fect). GXIII-54. A clean, bright, crisp WASHINGTON ST. / COR. LIBERTY
example, heavily whittled, and with a ST. / NEW YORK”. A nice set. The Qt.
strong mold impression. is a private mold and rare; Pt. & ½ Pt are
embossed in a slugplate and scarce.
Est.: $800 - $1,200 • Min. bid: $400
Est.: $200 - $400 • Min. bid: $100

American Glass Gallery, Auction #20 • Closing May 15, 2018 PAGE 13

Lot 57 Lot 61

Pottery Gemel Flask with Floral Early, Freeblown Chestnut Bottle,
Motif, probably America, possibly East probably South Jersey, possibly
Liverpool, Ohio, 1840 - 1860. Dark Wistarburgh Glass Works, 1760 - 1790.
brown “Rockingham-type” glaze, flask Clear, medium olive with a strong yel-
with ovoid body, ornate floral and vine lowish tone, high-shouldered chestnut
motif on both sides, curved necks with form, sheared mouth with an applied
ring-type collared mouths, ht. 7 ¼”, string rim - blowpipe pontil scar, ht.
perfect. A rare and unusual gemel 9 ¼”; (a few light scratches near the
flask as most examples were typically shoulder and some expected typi-
blown using colorless glass. Prov- cal exterior wear). Some light paddle
enance: Ex. Judge Blaske Collection. marks remain on the flattened sides. A
nice example of an early Mid-Atlantic
Est.: $200 - $300 • Min. bid: $100 type chestnut bottle.

Lot 58 Est.: $500 - $1,000 • Min. bid: $250

Lot of (2) Fancy Pottery Flasks, prob- Lot 62
ably America, possibly East Liverpool,
Ohio, 1840 - 1860. Both with dark Freeblown Chestnut Flask, probably
brown “Rockingham-type” glaze, ovoid New England, 1790 - 1820. Bright, yel-
bodies, curved necks with ring-type lowish olive amber, almost a deep olive
collar, one example with a shamrock yellow, chestnut form, crudely sheared
and thistle motif, the second example mouth with a applied ring collar - blow-
with floral and vine motif, both 7”; (the pipe pontil scar, ht. 8 ¼”; (a touch of typi-
shamrock and thistle example is per- cal minor exterior wear; a small ring of
fect; second example with floral and light interior content haze, otherwise very
vine motif has a shallow ¼ flake from near mint). Nice size, and a very crudely
base edge, otherwise perfect). Scarce. applied ring collar.

Est.: $200 - $300 • Min. bid: $100 Est.: $250 - $400 • Min. bid: $140

Lot 59 Lot 63

Early, Ribbed Melon-Type Flask, Freeblown Chestnut Flask, probably
probably Keene Marlboro Street America, possibly Mid-Atlantic region,
Glassworks, Keene, NH, 1815 - 1830. 1770 - 1810. Bright medium yellow
Brilliant yellow olive, 20 wide, heavy green, large flattened chestnut form,
melon-type vertical ribs, sheared sheared mouth, crudely applied string
mouth with an applied ring collar - lip with a trailing thread of glass wrap-
sand type pontil scar, Pt, virtually attic ping around the neck - blowpipe pontil
mint; (tiny pinhead bit of roughness on scar, ht. 9 3/4”, near mint; (a few faint
the top edge of the lip, and only the scratches and typical light exterior wear,
slightest trace of faint wear, otherwise otherwise perfect). A beautiful early
pristine). Attributed to Keene, and Chestnut bottle, scarce size, unusual
likely an earlier products. Scarce mold, and rare color. Note, some faint paddle
rare color, outstanding condition. marks are visible on the flattened sides.

Est.: $1,200 - $1,800 • Min. bid: $600 Est.: $400 - $600 • Min. bid: $200

Lot 60 Lot 64

Early, Ribbed Melon-Type Flask, Freeblown, Nailsea-Type Flask,
probably Keene Marlboro Street Glass- probably England, possibly America,
works, Keene, NH, 1815 - 1830. Me- 1850 - 1880. Colorless and cranberry
dium shading to deep olive amber, 20 cased glass with opaque white loopings
wide, heavy melon-type vertical ribs, combed throughout, teardrop form,
sheared mouth with a crudely applied sheared and firepolished mouth - pontil
flat banded collar - sand type pontil scar, ht. 6”, near mint; (a 3/8” flake from
scar, Pt, near mint; ( minor 1/8” flake the edge of the pontiled base, possibly
from the top of the crudely sheared in-manufacture, otherwise perfect). A
mouth, otherwise perfect). Another beautiful flask, a great deal of workman-
great example of an early melon ribbed ship, and scarce with the cased glass
flask, very scarce color. construction.

Est.: $800 - $1,200 • Min. bid: $400 Est.: $150 - $300 • Min. bid: $80

PAGE 14 American Glass Gallery, Auction #20 • Closing May 15, 2018

Lot 65 Lot 69

Pattern Molded Pocket Flask, prob- Pattern Molded Pocket Flask,
ably Continental, 1815 - 1830. Clear Zanesville Glass Works, Zanesville, OH,
medium-to-deep cobalt, 12 widely 1820 - 1830. Rich, medium amber, 10
spaced vertical ribs, flattened circular diamond pattern, flattened chestnut
body, sheared mouth with an applied form, sheared mouth - pontil scar, ht. 5
thin flange collar - blowpipe pontil scar, 1/8”, near mint; (just a touch of typical,
ht. 6 ¾”, virtually attic mint; (trace of light exterior wear, otherwise excellent).
expected faint wear). Similar to McK, Similar to MW, plate 97, #4. From an old
plate 239, #4. A big, impressive, early time Ohio collection, a great example,
flask. At almost 7”, it is considered a excellent overall condition.
“grandmother” size flask. A very beau-
tiful flask, the wide melon ribs provide Est.: $1,200 - $1,800 • Min. bid: $600
a variegated appearance to the color.

Est.: $400 - $600 • Min. bid: $200

Lot 66 Lot 70

Pitkin Type Flask, probably Eastern Pattern Molded Globular Bottle, Mid-
Pennsylvania, or Mid-Atlantic, 1810 west, 1820 - 1840. Greenish aquama-
- 1830. Clear, medium green with a rine, globular form with 18 ribs swirled
emerald tone, 24 broken rib pattern to the left, sheared mouth with crudely
swirled to the left, flattened horseshoe applied band - blowpipe pontil scar, ht.
form body, sheared mouth - blowpipe 7 ¼”, near mint; (a little minor lip-edge
pontil scar, ht. 5 1/8”; (some typical roughness or pitting, possibly in-making,
scattered light exterior wear, and a and just a trace of light interior milkiness).
little roughness or minor pitting on the An interesting and rare pattern molded
top edge of the lip, possibly in-making, glob. 18 rib is very rare in globs, almost
otherwise near mint). See MW, plate all are 24, occasionally 28 or 30. The lip
89, #5. Nice color, good character, application is also different. Very strong
and a smaller, more diminutive size. pattern, a nice example.

Est.: $400 - $800 • Min. bid: $200 Est.: $500 - $800 • Min. bid: $250

Lot 67 Lot 71

Pitkin Type Flask, New England, 1790 Pattern Molded Globular Bottle, prob-
- 1820. Light yellowish olive, almost ably Zanesville Glass Works, Zanesville,
an olive yellow, 36 ribs swirled to the OH, 1820 - 1835. Aquamarine, globular
left, flattened ovoid body, sheared form with 24 ribs swirled to the left,
mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, ht. 5 ¼”, sheared, tooled, and outward folded
perfect! Similar to MW, plate 88, #6. mouth - pontil scar, ht. 7 ¾”, virtually
A much better than average example attic mint; (just a trace of typical, faint
with crisp, very strong, tight ribbing all light wear, otherwise perfect!) A great
the way to the base, and with virtually example having the classical, almost
no high point wear. A great example! perfect, globular form; bright, clean, and
in excellent condition. Aqua “Globs”
Est.: $800 - $1,200 • Min. bid: $400 are much more scarce than their amber

Est.: $500 - $800 • Min. bid: $250

Lot 68 Lot 72

Rare Pitkin Type Flask, New England, Early, Pattern Molded
1785 - 1820. Bright medium olive, Pan, Midwest, prob-
patterned with 38 vertical ribs over 36 ably a Pittsburgh district
ribs swirled to the right, flattened ovoid glasshouse, 1820 - 1840.
form, sheared mouth - blowpipe pontil Aquamarine, patterned
scar, ht. 6 ¾”, near mint; (just a little in a 15-rib dip mold, cy-
minor light high point wear, primarily lindrical with wide flaring
on one side only, otherwise excellent). sides, outward folded rim
A very rare rib count, the gaffer using - base with terminal ring and pontil scar, ht. approximate 1 7/8”; rim dia.
both a 38 rib mold, and a 36 rib mold 8 1/8”, base dia. approx. 3 5/8”, near mint; (heavy base wear, some minor
to create this flask. The great majority interior wear and scratches, otherwise perfect). A delicate, beautiful and rare
of broken swirl Pitkins have the same piece of Midwest pattern molded tableware.
number of ribs for each.
Est.: $400 - $800 • Min. bid: $250
Est.: $800 - $1,200 • Min. bid: $400

American Glass Gallery, Auction #20 • Closing May 15, 2018 PAGE 15

Lot 73 Lot 77

Pattern Molded Open Sugar Bowl, Lot of (2), Stiegel-Type Engraved
probably England, possibly America, Flip Glasses, probably America, 1770
1770 - 1820. Medium-to-deep - 1800. Both are colorless, smaller ex-
cobalt blue lead glass, hemispherical ample with engraved crosshatch pattern
bowl patterned with 20 ribs swirled within elliptical band above 12 sunken
to the left, applied tall pedestal foot panels; large example with engraved
with pontil scar flaring outward to a floral and leaf motif on one side, and
sheared and inward folded rim, ht. smaller floral motif on reverse, ht. 5 ¾”,
3 ¾”, rim diameter, 4 ¼”, near mint; and 7 ¾” respectively, both are virtually
(a little light exterior wear and faint perfect. Forms, construction, and en-
iridescent bloom, otherwise perfect). graving very similar to McK, plate 7, #4,
See AP, page 196, #155. A beautiful, and plate 22, Nos. 2 & 3. An outstand-
early sugar bowl. ing pair of Colonial period flips.

Est.: $250 - $450 • Min. bid: $140 Est.: $200 - $400 • Min. bid: $120

Lot 74 Lot 78

Blown Three Mold Toilet Water Early Blown Wine Glass, or Small Chal-
Bottle, probably Boston and Sand- ice, Ohio, or possibly NY State, 1830
wich Glass Company, Sandwich, MA, - 1860. Greenish aqua, non-lead bottle
1825 - 1840. Medium to deep cobalt glass, straight-sided bowl flaring outward
blue, tapered ovoid form, geometric to a sheared rim, applied stem with knop,
pattern with vertical ribbing, sheared, applied circular foot, ht. 4”, perfect. Very
tooled and outward flared mouth similar to McK, plate 80, #13. A beautiful,
with correct “tam-o’shanter” type well executed piece of American blown
stopper - blowpipe pontil scar, ht. 6 glass. Note; there is a primitive handwrit-
½” (including stopper), virtually attic ten collector tag on the base, “N Y State
mint; (just a trace bit of wear). GI-7, Redford or Redwood ? G.S. McK”. Per-
type 2. McK, plate 105. haps this piece may have been an early
purchase from Geo. McKearin.
Est.: $150 - $250 • Min. bid: $80
Est.: $400 - $800 • Min. bid: $200
Lot 75
Lot 79
Blown Three Mold Creamer,
America, possibly Mantua, Ohio, 1822 Large Freeblown Vase, America, prob-
- 1829. Colorless, globular body ably an early South Boston glasshouse,
with geometric pattern, wide neck possibly Pittsburgh, PA, 1815 - 1840.
flaring outward to a sheared rim with Colorless, blown from a heavy gather of
a tooled, crimped pour spout - solid lead glass, compressed globular body
looped handle crimped and curled with wide neck and outward flared rim,
at lower attachment, blowpipe pontil applied baluster stem, conical foot with
scar, ht. 3 ½”, perfect! GII-33. The polished pontil scar, ht. 8 ¾”; (expected
GII-33 pattern is an extremely rare typical light usage wear, otherwise
mold attributed to the Mantua Glass perfect). See AP, pages 271 - 287. An
Works. These early BTM creamers are unusually large and handsome early
scarce and this one is certainly rare! blown vase. Purchased at an estate sale
in Portsmouth, NH.
Est.: $400 - $600 • Min. bid: $200
Est.: $200 - $400 • Min. bid: $100
Lot 76
Lot 80
Lot of (2), Scarce Blown Three Mold
Hats, America, 1820 - 1840. Both are Freeblown Witchball and Stand,
colorless, blown and formed into min- America, possibly Western NY State,
iature ‘beaver’ form toy hats, sheared 1850 - 1870. Medium sapphire blue
and flared brims with inward folded rim freeblown witchball with some subtle
- blowpipe pontil scarred bases, ht. 2 deeper striations, dia. 5 3/8”. Freeblown
1/8” and ¾”, both perfect. 1st exam- teal blue vase with nearly straight sides
ple is from a GII-13 (blown in a castor flaring outward to a tooled, sheared
bottle mold for pattern), and second rim; tooled knopf stem with pontil
example is similar to GII-17 (with two scarred pedestal foot flaring outward to
horizontal rings above vertical ribbing, a sheared and inward folded rim, ht. 7
and below diamond pattern). Rare, as 7/8”. Both near mint. The ball and stand
hats are unlisted in this mold. are likely a “married” set from the pe-
riod, beautiful colors and well executed.
Est.: $175 - $350 • Min. bid: $100
Est.: $300 - $600 • Min. bid: $150

PAGE 16 American Glass Gallery, Auction #20 • Closing May 15, 2018

Lot 81 Lot 85

Freeblown Footed Fishbowl, prob- Early, Freeblown Utility or Storage
ably New York State, possibly Conti- Jar, America, 1840 - 1860. Clear,
nental, 1850 - 1870. Emerald green, medium green with an emerald tone,
non-lead bottle glass, globular body cylindrical, short narrow neck with an
with tooled, round heavy ring-type applied ring-type collar - blowpipe
collar - applied pedestal base flaring pontil scar, ht. 7”; (trace of faint exterior
outward to a sheared, tooled, and usage wear, otherwise perfect). A beau-
inward rolled rim, ht. 9 3/8”, perfect. tiful, very attractive jar, good color. Ex.
The majority of freeblown fishbowls George McKearin collection. An early
were made from colorless glass, rarely hand written collector tag remains on
aqua, this is the first example we have the base, “Collection / Geo McKearin
seen in emerald. May also have been / P.P. Lot 102”. Regardless of prov-
made for apothecary use. enance, or region blown, a nice early jar.

Est.: $200 - $400 • Min. bid: $100 Est.: $250 - $450 • Min. bid: $150

Lot 82 Lot 86

Heavy, Freeblown Tumbler, America, “A. STONE & Co / PHILA” FRUIT JAR,
probably Congressville Glass Works, possibly a Pittsburgh district glasshouse,
Saratoga Springs, NY, 1860 - 1880. 1865 - 1875. Aquamarine, cylindrical,
Rich, medium-to-deep emerald green large applied collar with internal thread-
non-lead bottle glass, barrel form with ing, “A.STONE & Co / 3 / PHILADA.” (on
sides curving inward toward base, lugged threaded stopper) - early smooth
sheared and fire polished rim - blow- base, Qt, near mint; (a 3/8” shallow chip
pipe pontil scar, ht. 3 ½”; (some ex- on the underside of the threaded stopple;
pected minor usage wear, otherwise a 3/8” chip and a 3/8” area of iridescence
excellent). A very heavy, attractive on the internal neck threads of the jar).
tumbler, filled with tiny seed bubbles, RB #2748.
blown from the same metal as the
spring water bottles of the period. Est.: $500 - $800 • Min. bid: $250

Est.: $100 - $200 • Min. bid: $50 Lot 87

Large, Early, Freeblown Bowl, Ohio, America, probably 1870 - 1871. Aqua-
or Western PA, 1830 - 1850. Honey marine, cylindrical, ground lip, heavy
amber, cylindrical with nearly straight wire coil clamp and original glass lid “I
sides, heavy outward folded rim - I” (on inside of lid), Qt., virtually attic
blowpipe pontil scarred base, ht. 5 mint! RB# 2874. A crude, bubby, eye-
1/8”, dia. 7 ¾”; (some scattered mod- appealing jar.
erate usage wear; a 3/8” partially open
bubble on the exterior, and a ½” open Est.: $500 - $800 • Min. bid: $250
interior bubble). A beautiful, unques-
tionably period, Midwest bowl similar Lot 88
in color to many of the Midwest globs.
Old sticker of side of bowl, “#628 / “WHITMORE’S / PATENT. / ROCHES-
Mon River / McKearin Coll./ $375.00” TER / N.Y.” - “3” (on reverse), America,
probably Rochester Glass Works, Roch-
Est.: $400 - $600 • Min. bid: $200 ester, NY, 1868 - 1875. Aquamarine, cy-
lindrical, ground lip, original brass wire
Lot 84 bail and glass lid with raised cross fins,
“PATE NTED / JANY 14TH 68” (around
Early, Freeblown Preserve Jar, perimeter of lid), Qt., near mint; (shallow,
America, probably New England, paper-thin a 3/16” flake from top edge
1840 - 1860. Golden amber, cy- of ground mouth, otherwise perfect!)
lindrical with nearly straight sides, RB# 2964. A clean, bright, beautifully
shoulders with a slight inward curve whittled example.
to a sheared and outward flared rim -
blowpipe pontil scar, ht. 9 ½”; (some Est.: $400 - $600 • Min. bid: $200
scattered light exterior scratches and
usage wear, a couple of thin rings of
faint interior content haze, otherwise
excellent). A great early New Eng-
land jar with age-appropriate wear.
Very similar to McK, plate 72A, #4.

Est.: $400 - $600 • Min. bid: $200

American Glass Gallery, Auction #20 • Closing May 15, 2018 PAGE 17

Lot 89 Lot 93

ESTER / N. Y.” - “JSC” monogram, BUNKER HILL PICKLES” Jars, Amer-
probably a Western New York State ica, 1885 - 1895. Yellow, aquamarine,
glasshouse, possibly Rochester Glass and honey amber, all are cylindrical with
Works, Rochester, NY, 1879 - 1890. tooled square collars - smooth bases,
Aquamarine, cylindrical with ground ht. 7 ½”, 5 ¼”, and 8” respectively; (the
lip, glass lid with raised cross fins - yellow and aqua examples are pristine
smooth base, Pt., both jar and lid are perfect; the large honey-amber jar has
attic mint! RB# 2562. been lightly cleaned with some light
interior haze remaining). The emboss-
Est.: $800 - $1,200 • Min. bid: $400 ing is extremely bold and crisp on the
yellow example; aqua example is bright
Lot 90 and sparkling.

(Beaver Chewing Log) / “BEAVER”, Est.: $100 - $150 • Min. bid: $50
Canada, probably Ontario Glass
Co., Kingsville, Ontario, 1900 - 1910. Lot 94
Beautiful light golden, or honey
coloration, cylindrical, ground lip with Lot of (3), “SKILTON FOOTE & CO’S
zinc band and dark amber glass insert / BUNKER HILL PICKLES” Jars (one
- “10” on base, Qt, perfect! RB# 424. with 85% original label), America, 1885
A beautiful example, nice detail on the - 1895. Bright yellow, almost a lemon
beaver. yellow, with a very slight olive tone, aqua-
marine, and honey amber, all are cylindri-
Est.: $1,000 - $1,500 • Min. bid: $500 cal with tooled square collars - smooth
bases, ht. 7 ½”; (the yellow example has
Lot 91 a shallow 1/8” flake at the edge of the
base, and a trace of wear; the other two
(Beaver Chewing Log) / “BEAVER”, examples are virtually perfect). The aqua
Canada, probably Ontario Glass Co., example is scarce with the label.
Kingsville, Ontario, 1900 - 1910. Pale
light green, cylindrical, ground lip with Est.: $100 - $150 • Min. bid: $50
zinc band and aquamarine glass insert
- “2” on base, midget; (jar is perfect, Lot 95
glass lid has 1/8” flake on inside edge
of rim). RB# 424. Good strong mold Lot of (2), “SKILTON FOOTE & CO’S
impression on beaver. / BUNKER HILL PICKLES” Jars,
America, 1880 - 1890. Aquamarine and
Est.: $200 - $300 • Min. bid: $100 light honey coloration, square and cy-
lindrical, both with early applied square
Lot 92 collars - smooth bases, ht. 6 ¾” & 7 ½”
respectively, both are sparkling attic
Lot of (2), (Beaver Chewing Log) / mint! “BUNKER HILL / BRAND” (on
“BEAVER” Jars, probably Ontario reverse of aqua jar). The square aqua
Glass Co., Kingsville, Ontario, 1900 jar is scarce, especially in this condition,
- 1910. Shades of pale light green, bright clean and whittled; the honey am-
cylindrical, ground lips with zinc band ber example is boldly embossed, bright,
and aqua glass inserts - “8”, and “5” clean and beautiful.
on bases, Qt., and ½ Gal.; (the ½ Gal.
is perfect; the Pt. has a ¼” shallow Est.: $75 - $150 • Min. bid: $40
iridescent bruise on the outer edge
of the lip, and the zinc band does not Lot 96
tighten down on the jar, otherwise
perfect). RB# 424. Strong impression “SKILTON FOOTE & COS / BUNKER
for the beaver on the pint jar. HILL PICKLES / TRADE MARK” (Motif
of Monument, Fence & Barrels), Amer-
Est.: $100 - $150 • Min. bid: $50 ica, 1890 - 1900. Colorless, in the form
of the Cape May, NJ lighthouse, tooled
sloping collar - smooth base, ht. 11 ½”;
(a little spotty faint interior haze, and a
1/8” paper-thin open surface bubble at
edge of base, otherwise excellent). Z
p.376. A very rare and desirable figural

Est.: $400 - $600 • Min. bid: $200

PAGE 18 American Glass Gallery, Auction #20 • Closing May 15, 2018

Lot 97 Lot 101

Figural Monument Cologne Bottle, “PATENT / CHAMPION
probably one of the South Boston TRAP” (stenciled in black),
glasshouses, possibly Boston and Early Glass Ball Launcher,
Sandwich Glass Works, 1860 - 1888. Continental, 1880 - 1900.
Opaque milkglass, obelisk form fash- Retains original paper label
ioned after the Bunker Hill Monument, inscribed, “A.D JANSEN
tooled ring type collar - smooth base, / AQUEBUSIER DU ROI
ht. 11 7/8”, perfect. See MW, plate / Rue de la Madeleine /
114, #3. Scarce size. This is the largest BRUXELLES”, linking it to
of several known sizes, in addition to the early Belgian gun manufacturing trade of Adolphe Jansen. Heavy spring
various recorded colors. coil and throwing arm, swivel wooden base, length 24 ½”. Remarkable state
of preservation! Discovered on an early Tuscan, Italy shooting estate.
Est.: $175 - $350 • Min. bid: $100
Est.: $2,000 - $3,000 • Min. bid: $1,200

Lot 98 Lot 102

Large, Fancy Peppersauce Bottle, “MORESON’S GLASS BALL - PATD
America, 1850 - 1860. Aquamarine, JUNE 15 1876” Target Ball, probably
unusual pyramid form with heavy England, possibly America, 1876 - 1890.
roped corners, applied sloping collar - Smoky grey-blue coloration, quilted
sand type pontil scar, ht. 11”, virtually diamond pattern above and below center
attic mint; (faint trace of milkiness near band, 3-piece mold, rough sheared
the base, in one side, otherwise mint). mouth, dia. 2 5/8”, perfect! Extremely
A very scarce to rare mold. Note, rare, only a handful of these “MORE-
there is a tall narrow panel on two of SON’S” balls are known to exist. This
the sides, likely where something was particular example was found along with
peened out of the mold. the above trap, and the following two
lots of target balls, on an early estate in
Est.: $175 - $350 • Min. bid: $100 Tuscany, Italy.

Lot 99 Est.: $800 - $1,200 • Min. bid: $400

Cathedral Pickle Jar, America, 1850 Lot 103
- 1860. Light blue green coloration,
square with beveled corners, arched Rare, Pattern Molded Target Ball (with
Gothic panels, three with quatrefoil de- remnants of original feathers), probably
sign and beaded trefoil motif, applied Continental, possibly Italy, 1875 - 1900.
ring collar - large iron pontil scar, ht. Pale green, pattern molded with 20
11 ¾”, attic mint. A beautiful example, ribs swirled to the right, rough sheared
this mold can be found in both smooth mouth, dia. 2 ½”, perfect. An extremely
base and with iron pontil. This one has rare, important, and interesting target
a great pontil and nice clarity to the ball. To our knowledge, prior to the
glass. In addition, plenty of eye-appeal discovery of this ball, along with the
for the money having crude, heavily colorless ribbed and swirled example in
whittled, wavy glass. Lot #104, there were no confirmed pat-
tern molded target balls known.
Est.: $400 - $600 • Min. bid: $200
Est.: $400 - $800 • Min .bid: $200
Lot 100
Lot 104
Large, Cathedral Pickle Jar, Willing-
ton Glass Works, Willington, CT, 1850 Rare, Pattern Molded Target Ball,
- 1860. Aquamarine with a bit of an probably Continental, possibly Italy,
ice-blue tone, square with beveled cor- 1875 - 1900. Colorless, pattern molded
ners, arched Gothic panels with ribbed with 15 vertical ribs over 20 faint ribs
columns, sheared mouth with an ap- swirled to the right, rough sheared
plied ring collar - sand type pontil scar, mouth, dia. 2 ½”, perfect. Prior to the
ht. 11”, near mint; (a little faint haze discovery of these balls along with the
below one of the shoulders, a slight thrower in Lot #101 on an early Tuscan,
trace of light exterior wear). Zumwalt, Italy estate, pattern molded target balls
p.456. These early ‘Willington Pickles’ were unknown. Colorless target balls in
are always popular and it is easy to general are very rare. These balls may
see why. A great looking jar. have been a special order. Extremely
rare, interesting, and possibly unique.
Est.: $800 - $1,200 • Min. bid: $400
Est.: $400 - $800 • Min. bid: $200

American Glass Gallery, Auction #20 • Closing May 15, 2018 PAGE 19

Lot 105 Lot 109

Early, Threadless Insulator, probably “PAT. OCT. 1874 - TRADE MARK”
New England, 1865 - 1870. Deep olive Figural Inkwell, America, 1874 -
amber (blackglass), 2-piece mold, 3 1880. Aquamarine, in the form of an
½” ht. x 3 ¼” dia.; (a couple of minor early locomotive, sheared and factory
iridescent bruises on the dome, ¼” ground mouth - smooth base, ht. 1
or less, a little roughness and a few 7/8”, near mint; (a slight trace of minor
shallow flakes, 3/8” or less, around the interior residue or faint haze; a 3/16”
edge of the base, as is common on flake from edge of ground mouth,
these early crude pieces). CD 740. A likely in-manufacture, otherwise excel-
good early example, and in overall nice lent). MW, plate 76, #6, Covill #715,
condition. Faulkner, p.180. Note, this is the more
rare and smaller of the two known
Est.: $400 - $600 • Min. bid: $200 locomotive inkwell molds.

Lot 106 Est.: $800 - $1,200 • Min. bid: $400

Lid & Pot, England, 1870 - 1890. Lid Rare Cone Ink Bottle, America, 1840
with decorated with dark blue letter- - 1860. Rich, medium sapphire blue,
ing over light blue primrose pattern; early conical form, sheared, tooled and
pot, or base of jar, decorated with an inward rolled mouth - blowpipe pontil
attractive dark blue transfer pattern scar, ht. 2 1/2”, perfect! Similar to C
of English primrose, ht. 1 ½”, dia. 2 #23. A gorgeous ink bottle, rare and
5/8”; (minor 1/8” flake from top edge outstanding color, nice clarity, beauti-
of rim of pot, other excellent). Scarce fully whittled. A top-shelf example and
original matching pot and lid, excellent undoubtedly one of the choicest cone
condition. inks to be offered at auction.

Est.: $150 - $250 • Min. bid: $80 Est.: $1,200 - $1,800 • Min. bid: $700

Lot 107 Lot 111

Pattern Molded Inkwell with Match- Cone Ink Bottle, America, possibly
ing Cover, America, or possibly a Midwest glasshouse, 1840 - 1860.
Continental, 1820 - 1840. Deep cobalt Beautiful medium emerald coloration
blue, 12 widely spaced vertical ribs, with a slight mossy tone, conical form
compressed cylindrical body with with squared shoulders, sheared and
short neck, sheared wide mouth - cor- outward rolled mouth - blowpipe pontil
rect matching pattern molded cover scar, ht. 2 ½”; (a couple of shallow
with an applied solid knopf finial - both open bubbles on the top edge of the
base and cover with glass tipped lip and inside the neck; a couple of
punty scar, ht. 2” (including cover), flakes on the underside of the outward
very near mint; (a little faint exterior folded mouth, otherwise excellent).
‘bloom’). Covill #1066. Beautiful, whittled, nice color, and with
a scarce lip treatment.
Est.: $125 - $250 • Min. bid: $70
Est.: $250 - $450 • Min. bid: $140
Lot 108
Lot 112
“S. I. / COMP.” Figural House Ink-
well, America, 1880 - 1890. Aqua- Umbrella Ink, America, 1840 - 1860.
marine, figural house with a ‘mansard Medium bluish-green with an emerald
style’ roof, tooled square collar tone, 8-sided umbrella form, sheared,
- smooth base, ht. 2 5/8”, near mint; tooled and inward rolled mouth - blow-
(lightly cleaned to original luster and pipe pontil scar, ht. 2 3/8”; (profes-
near mint condition). C #681, Faulkner, sionally cleaned to original luster with
p.117, MW, plate 76, #8. Blown for the a just a little typical light exterior wear
Senate Ink Co. of Philadelphia, a clas- remaining). Similar to C#143.
sic, popular figural ink.
Est.: $100 - $200 • Min. bid: $50
Est.: $150 - $250 • Min. bid: $80

PAGE 20 American Glass Gallery, Auction #20 • Closing May 15, 2018

Lot 113 Lot 117

Umbrella Ink, America, 1840 - 1860. Umbrella Ink, America, possibly an
Beautiful, medium sapphire blue, early New Hampshire glasshouse,
8-sided umbrella form, sheared, tooled 1840 - 1860. Light-to-medium yellow-
and inward rolled mouth - heavy blow- ish olive amber, 8-sided umbrella form,
pipe pontil scar, ht. 2 ¼”, sparkling sheared mouth - blowpipe pontil scar,
attic mint! Similar in form to C#131. A ht. 2 ½”, virtually attic mint; (just a very
fantastic example with excellent color minor trace of wear, otherwise per-
and clarity. It is a very pleasing depth fect). Similar to C#141. An attractive
of color, not too light, and not too example with crude wavy glass and in
dark. In addition, some nice waviness a lighter tone than most. These colors
and character to the glass. The heavy tend to be deeper and sometimes have
blowpipe pontil adds as nice touch as a “muddy” appearance. This example
well. A top example. easily passes light.

Est.: $1,200 - $1,800 • Min. bid: $700 Est.: $250 - $400 • Min. bid: $140

Lot 114 Lot 118

Umbrella Ink, America, 1860 - 1870. Umbrella Ink, America, probably an
Deep, vivid cobalt blue with a slight early New England glasshouse, 1840
violet tone, almost an electric blue, - 1860. Yellowish olive amber, 8-sided
8-sided umbrella form, sheared mouth umbrella form, sheared and inward
with an applied square collar - smooth rolled mouth - blowpipe pontil scar,
base, ht. 2 3/8”; (lightly cleaned to ht. 2 3/8”; (lightly cleaned to original
original luster and near mint condition luster and virtually attic mint condition!)
with just a touch of light wear remain- Similar to C#143, with a more distinctive
ing, but no other form of damage). shoulder, and octagonal mold inden-
This piece is about as deep and vivid tation on the base. Heavily whittled,
of color as you could hope to find in a beautiful color and clarity, excellent
cobalt example condition.

Est.: $600 - $900 • Min. bid: $300 Est.: $275 - $450 • Min. bid: $150

Lot 115 Lot 119

Umbrella Ink, America, 1855 - 1865. Umbrella Ink, America, 1840 - 1860.
Rich, medium-to-deep plum amethyst, Medium-to-deep yellowish olive, 8-sided
8-sided umbrella form, sheared and umbrella form, sheared and inward rolled
inward rolled mouth - early smooth mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, ht. 2 3/8”,
base, ht. 2 3/8”; (tiny, pinhead open near mint; (just a slight trace of faint wear,
surface bubble at base edge, other- and a touch of very light interior residue or
wise perfect). Gorgeous color, lighter faint stain in one side, otherwise perfect).
than most, and also having excellent An attractive example in a pure green
character to the glass. This excep- coloration, having no trace of amber.
tional example is a true amethyst tone,
and much scarcer than the puce colors Est.: $250 - $400 • Min. bid: $140
normally encountered. Ex. Ed & Kathy
Gray collection. Lot 120

Est.: $1,200 - $1,800 • Min. bid: $800 “FARLEYS / INK”, an early Stoddard
glasshouse, 1842 - 1855. Yellowish ol-
Lot 116 ive, 8-sided, domed shoulders, sheared
mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, ht. 1 7/8”,
Umbrella Ink, a Stoddard, New Hamp- very near mint; (just a tiny pinprick bit of
shire glasshouse, probably Granite roughness on the edge of the sheared
Glass Co., 1842 - 1860. Medium mouth, and a faint touch of light wear,
olive amber, 16-sided umbrella form, otherwise perfect). C#526, Faulkner,
sheared and tooled mouth - blow- p.63-64. A very nice example, good
pipe pontil scar, ht. 2 1/8”, attic mint. color, character, and embossing.
C#153. A scarce little New England
inkwell and one of three sizes known in Est.: $300 - $500 • Min. bid: $180
this form.

Est.: $400 - $600 • Min. bid: $200

American Glass Gallery, Auction #20 • Closing May 15, 2018 PAGE 21

Lot 121 Lot 125

“FARLEYS / INK”, an early Stoddard ALLEN WOGA / 1/2. ST.” (on applied
glasshouse, 1842 - 1855. Olive amber, seal), Early Case Bottle, probably
8-sided, domed shoulders, sheared Continental, possibly blown for a New
mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, ht. 1 ¾”, Orleans merchant, 1770 - 1800. Light
mint. C#526, Faulkner, p.63-64. An- yellowish green, rectangular case form,
other good example, this one in more sheared mouth with applied string rim -
of an amber tone. blowpipe pontil scar, ht. 7 ¼”; (trace bit
of faint interior haze, otherwise perfect).
Est.: $300 - $500 • Min. bid: $180 Purchased in the 1960’s from an elderly
woman in east Texas, Charlotte Woga.
Lot 122 The bottle had been in her family and
belonged to one of her ancestors, an
“J.J. MAPES / No 61 FRONT ST / N - early New Orleans merchant.
YORK”, 1824 - 1835. Light yellowish
olive with a slight amber tone, rectan- Est.: $800 - $1,600 • Min. bid: $400
gular with concave corners, sheared
wide mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, ht. Lot 126
4 3/8”, near mint; (a minor 1/8” shallow
flake on a panel edge near the base, “J. T. DALY / CLUB HOUSE”, America,
and a trace bit of interior residue, likely 1860 - 1870. Clear, medium olive green,
washable, otherwise perfect). MW, square tapered gin form, applied rounded
plate 75, #15. A rare snuff jar, and disk mouth - early smooth base, ht. 9”;
a great example, with crude seedy (a little typical minor exterior wear, and a
glass and in a much lighter color than little light haze or dullness near the base
normal. on the lower third of the body, otherwise
excellent). A great looking early Ameri-
Est.: $2,000 - $4,000 • Min. bid: $1,000 can gin, and one of three companies that
marketed a “Club House” gin to the early
Lot 123 pioneers in California, and the West.

“A. DELPIT / NO 16 / ST LOUIS ST Est.: $200 - $400 • Min. bid: $100
/ NEW ORLEANS”, America, pos-
sibly Pittsburgh, 1845 - 1858. Bright Lot 127
yellowish-green with an olive tone,
rectangular with wide beveled corners, “OLD LONDON DOCK - GIN. - A.M.
sheared, tooled and outward flared BININGER & CO: / NO. 19 BROAD ST
mouth - iron pontil scar, ht. 4 5/8”; N.Y.”, America, 1860 - 1875. Bright me-
(professionally cleaned with a little faint dium olive, square with beveled corners,
dullness and minor light wear remain- applied sloping collar - smooth base,
ing, but no other form of damage). ht. 9 ½; (some high point wear near the
Extremely rare color, beautifully whit- base on a couple of the side panels,
tled and with good strong embossing. and a 1/8” flake on the side of the lip).
A top early snuff jar! BPK-9 (See Bininger Bottles, by Jim
Bender). A good clean, bright example.
Est.: $4,000 - $6,000 • Min. bid: $2,000 Note, a small early hand-written label
near the base on one side with a 1924
Lot 124 date (likely when the bottle was found).

“A. DELPIT / NO 16 / ST LOUIS ST / Est.: $150 - $250 • Min. bid: $80
NEW ORLEANS”, America, possibly
Pittsburgh, 1845 - 1858. Yellow, with a Lot 128
very slight olive tone, rectangular with
wide beveled corners, sheared, tooled “OLD LONDON DOCK - GIN - A.M.
and outward flared mouth - iron pontil BININGER & CO, / NO. 338 BROAD-
scar, ht. 4 ½”; (professionally cleaned WAY.”, America, 1860 - 1875. Medium
with a slight bit of light dullness and yellowish olive, square with beveled
faint wear remaining, but no other form corners, applied sloping collar - smooth
of damage). Another great example, base, ht. 9 ½, near mint; (just a touch
these don’t come around often. Excel- of minor exterior wear including a tiny
lent overall condition, strong emboss- bit of roughness at one of the base
ing as compared to most. corners, otherwise perfect). BPK-10
(See Bininger Bottles, by Jim Bender).
Est.: $1,200 - $2,400 • Min. bid: $700 Another nice example, good clarity.

Est.: $175 - $350 • Min. bid: $100

PAGE 22 American Glass Gallery, Auction #20 • Closing May 15, 2018

Lot 129 Lot 133

BROADWAY N.Y.” (including an early CURED”, America, 1865 - 1875. Beau-
Bininger & Co. advertising envelope), tiful, bright honey amber with some nice
America, 1863 - 1875. Medium yellowish tones through the shoulders
strawberry puce with apricot tones, and upper shield, figural Indian maiden,
square with beveled corners, applied sheared and inward rolled mouth -
sloping collar - smooth base, ht. 9 ¾”; smooth base, ht. 12 ¼”; (approx. ½”
(a couple of tiny pinhead open surface of the inner rolled lip is missing, or has
bubbles, otherwise virtually attic mint). some chipping, as is often the case with
BPK-15. Beautiful color, fantastic char- these bottles, and likely occurred when
acter - the glass is absolutely filled with the cork was pried out). A very scarce
tiny seed bubbles. Envelope is rare and desirable ornate figural whiskey.
and shows a man in colonial dress.
Est.: $1,400 - $1,800 • Min. bid: $700
Est.: $1,000 - $1,500 • Min. bid: $500

Lot 130 Lot 134

BROAD ST / NEW -YORK” Handled America, 1860 - 1870. Gorgeous, light-
Whiskey, America, 1860 - 1870. to-medium copper-apricot coloration,
Medium-to-deep olive green, cylindri- barrel form, applied square collar -
cal with conical shoulders, applied smooth base, ht. 9 ¾”; (just a slight trace
solid handle crimped at lower terminal, of very minor wear, otherwise attic mint!)
applied round double collar, smooth A terrific example that passes plenty
base, ht. 7 ¾”, virtually pristine; (just of light, beautifully whittled, in a scarce
the slightest trace of faint wear includ- color, almost a cinnamon tone in the
ing a tiny pinhead open bubble on lower third of the body.
the reverse, otherwise sparking attic
mint). BPK-31. Whittled, rare color, Est.: $800 - $1,200 • Min. bid: $400
outstanding condition.

Est.: $4,000 - $6,000 • Min. bid: $2,000

Lot 131 Lot 135

ST. / N. Y.” Figural Cannon Barrel, ST. / PITTSBURG”, probably a Pitts-
America, 1865 - 1875. Light golden, burgh district glasshouse, 1860 - 1870.
almost a honey coloration, figural can- Medium-to-deep amber, barrel form,
non barrel, sheared mouth - smooth applied square collar - early smooth
base, ht. 12 3/8”, near mint; (trace base, ht. 9 3/8”, virtually attic mint; (tiny
bit of faint wear and a minor area pinhead flake at base edge, otherwise
of iridescence on the inside edge pristine). A very scarce barrel, and a
of the rough sheared lip as is often great example with strong bold emboss-
encountered, and possibly in-making, ing, having virtually no high point wear,
otherwise excellent). BPK-30. A nice and with a perfect square collar which is
example. Labels indicate they held not easy to find!
either gin, or cognac.
Est.: $800 - $1,200 • Min. bid: $400
Est.: $800 - $1,200 • Min. bid: $400

Lot 132 Lot 136


Cannon Barrel, probably America, LANCASTER, N Y” (on base), Figural

1865 - 1875. Medium amber with Barrel, Lancaster Glass Works, 1865 -

a slight orange tone, figural cannon 1875. Medium topaz with some warmer

barrel, crudely applied blob collar - honey tones, barrel form with embossed

smooth base, ht. 13 3/8”, virtually bung hole and wooden staves around

attic mint; (slight trace of faint exterior midsection, applied round double collar

wear, otherwise perfect!) J.T. Gayen - smooth base, ht. 9 5/8”, near mint; (a

is believed to be one of the earliest spot on minor roughness on the inside

distilleries from Altoona, Hamburg, edge of the lip, possibly in-making, and

Germany. A great example, excellent a thin ¼” shallow open bubble on the

character, very heavily whittled! side, otherwise excellent). A scarce

Pictured on this pageEs:t.(: $f1r,o00m0 - $l1e,5f0t0 •tMoinr. biigd:h$6t0)0 Lot 123, Lot 117, Lot 50, Lot mold, beautiful color. 78.

174Est,.: $L80o0t- $117,2300, •LMoint. b2id3: $,4L00ot

American Glass Gallery, Auction #20 • Closing May 15, 2018 PAGE 23

Lot 137 Lot 141

“WEEKS & GILSON. SO. STODDARD “good Old Bourbon / in a
N.H.” (on base) Glasshouse Whiskey hogs” (line pointing to pigs
Cylinder, South Stoddard Glass Co., rear-end), America, 1880 -
1860 - 1873. Yellowish olive amber, 1890. Golden amber in the
cylindrical, 3-pc. mold, applied sloping head shading to a beauti-
collar with ring - smooth base, ht. 12”, ful light honey coloration
near mint; (a little typical light exterior through the body, figural pig,
wear, a couple of tiny pinhead bits of tooled ring collar - smooth
roughness on the edge of the lip). A base, length 6 5/8”, spar-
beautiful example, heavily whittled. kling attic mint! Scarce. A great example of this classic figural pig whiskey.
The neck is a little longer than most Whomever the bottle was blown for certainly had a sense of humor.
and with a slightly offset mouth, giving
it a bit of a ‘stovepipe’ look. Est.: $400 - $600 • Min. bid: $200

Est.: $500 - $800 • Min. bid: $250

Lot 138 Lot 142

/ C.W.” Handled Chestnut Flask, AMANN & Co / CINCINNATI
America, probably Whitney Glass- . O”, America, 1873 - 1880.
works, Glassboro, NJ, 1850 - 1860. Medium amber shading to
Medium-to-deep golden amber, large deep amber through the head,
chestnut form body with an applied figural pig, ground mouth -
solid handle tooled and crimped at smooth base, length 10 3/8”,
lower terminal, applied mouth with girth 11 ½”, attic mint! R/H
small ring collar - blowpipe pontil scar, #B81.4. A top example with great character, strong, bold embossing, and
ht. 8 ¾”, near mint; (just a slight trace virtually no high point wear which is so often an issue with these bottles. A very
of typical faint exterior wear, otherwise scarce mold, and almost impossible to find in this virtually pristine condition.
attic mint). See MW, page 229. A clas- Provenance: Joe Kray collection.
sic from the Whitney Glassworks.
Est.: $2,000 - $4,000 • Min. bid: $1,000
Est.: $150 - $250 • Min. bid: $80

Lot 139 Lot 143

(Grapes & Leaves Floral Pattern), AMANN & Co / CINCINNATI
Engraved Back Bar Bottle, possibly . O”, America, 1873 - 1880.
Alloa Glass Works, Edinburgh, Scot- Light-to-medium golden
land, c.1841. Deep cobalt, almost a amber, figural pig, applied
violet coloration, cylindrical with ornate square collar - smooth base,
engraving of grapes and vines around length 9 ½”, girth 11 ¼”, near
the entire bottle, applied double ring mint; (some minor traces of
collar - polished pontil scar, ht. 12 content residue, and just a bit of light exterior wear, otherwise perfect). R/H
¾”, perfect. An exceptional back-bar #B81.2. Scarce. A nice clean example with good clarity, excellent condition.
piece exhibiting tremendous skill and Note, this is the “short fat” mold. Provenance: Joe Kray collection.
workmanship. Possibly blown as a
presentation piece and likely unique. Est.: $1,600 - $3,200 • Min. bid: $800

Est.: $800 - $1,600 • Min. bid: $400

Lot 140 Lot 144

Figural, Applied Face Seated Bear, “BERKSHIRE . BITTERS
Russia, 1880 - 1910. Bright aqua- - AMANN. & Co / CINCIN-
marine, figural seated bear with collar NATI . O.”, America, 1873
and oval pendent for label, applied - 1880. Medium-to-deep
face, sheared and fire polished mouth golden amber, figural pig, ap-
- smooth base, ht. 10 1/8”, perfect. plied square collar - smooth
This is the large of two sizes that the base, length 9 5/8”, girth
applied face bears can be found in (in 10 3/8”, virtually attic mint;
addition to the small pomade jars). (slight trace of very faint wear, otherwise perfect). R/H #B81. This example is
the “short thin” mold. Scarce, especially in this fine condition. Provenance:
Est.: $125 - $250 • Min. bid: $70 Joe Kray collection, Ex. Mary Ballentine collection.

Est.: $1,600 - $3,200 • Min. bid: $800

Colorful Historical

Lot 8

Lot 36

Lot 14

& Figured Flasks

Lot 35

Lot 37

Lot 33

Lot 30

PAGE 26 American Glass Gallery, Auction #20 • Closing May 15, 2018

Lot 145 Lot 149

PHILBROOK & TUCKER / BALTIMORE”, Baltimore Glass Works,
BOSTON”, America, 1870 1850 - 1860. Beautiful yellow-olive
- 1880. Bright, yellowish coloration, 6-sided, applied sloping
honey amber, figural pig, collar with bevel - iron pontil scar, ht. 9
applied double ring collar ½”; (professionally cleaned with some
- smooth base, length 10”, minor ground wear remaining, as well
mint. R/H #S217. A great as a little roughness along a mold seam
example, nice and light, and with virtually no high point wear that is where the glass extruded out during
often an issue with these molds. Provenance: Joe Kray collection, Ex. manufacture). R/H #W83. A rare, very
Howard Crowe collection. desirable pontiled bitters - beautiful
color and character with some surface
Est.: $800 - $1,600 • Min. bid: $400 lines swirled throughout.

Lot 146 Est.: $2,500 - $4,500 • Min. bid: $1,500

America, 1870 - 1880. Yellowish “old”
amber with a honey tone, square with “R.S. GARDNER & Co / PROPRIETORS
stacked barrels forming the corners - CLARKSBURG. W.Va” Figural China-
and edges, domed block pattern man Bitters, 1868 - 1873. Deep, almost
shoulders, applied sloping collar - a chocolate amber, figural Chinaman with
smooth base, ht. 9 ¼”, near mint; (a ½” long ponytail, applied sloping collar with
cooling line, likely occurring in manu- bevel - smooth base, ht. 11 3/8”, near
facture, in the applied lip, otherwise mint; (a little light wear on the label panel,
perfect). R/H #H67. Exceedingly rare, and a 1/8” flake at the edge of the base
beautiful condition. Among the Top 10 on the reverse). R/H #T4-L. Extremely
most desirable bitters! Joe Kray collec- rare and desirable, only the 2nd example
tion, Ex. Chris Batdorff collection. offered for sale in more than 15 years. A
local find from an estate auction, Somer-
Est.: $8,000 - $12,000 • Min. bid: $4,000 set County, PA.

Lot 147 Est.: $7,000 - $12,000 • Min. bid: $4,000

1867” (on base), America, 1867 - 1875.
Gorgeous, clear, bright medium yellow “THE / FISH BITTERS - W.H. WARE
coloration, figural ear of corn, applied / PATENTED 1866”, America, 1866
short tapered collar with ring - smooth - 1875. Bright, light yellowish honey
base, ht. 12 ½”, attic mint! R/H #N8. amber, figural fish form, applied ring col-
A beautiful example, and a lucky find lar - smooth base, ht. 11 ½”, near mint;
from a house sale in the town of North (a minor pinhead flake on the shoulder,
East, PA, near the southern shore of and two open bubbles along the sides
Lake Erie. Fantastic color, clarity, and on the reverse, ¼” or less, otherwise ex-
condition! cellent). R/H #F45. A bright, attractive,
light example with plenty of yellowish-
Est.: $1,500 - $2,500 • Min. bid: $800 tones. Bold embossing which is unusual
for this mold, and with virtually no high
Lot 148 point wear.

“NATIONAL / BITTERS” - “PATENT Est.: $400 - $600 • Min. bid: $200
/ 1867” (on base), America, 1867 -
1875. Aquamarine, figural ear of corn, Lot 152
applied short tapered collar with ring
- smooth base, ht. 12 ½”, virtually attic “THE / FISH BITTERS - W.H. WARE
mint; (just a trace of very faint interior / PATENTED 1866”, America, 1866 -
content haze, otherwise perfect!) R/H 1875. Medium amber with shading to a
#N8. One of the great classics of lighter honey coloration along the side,
American figural bitters, and a “must- figural fish form, applied ring collar - “W.
have” for an serious run of “Corns”. H. WARE / PATENT 1866” (on smooth
Provenance: Joe Kray collection, Ex. base), ht. 11 ½”; (some light scratches
Howard Crowe collection. and high point wear; a tiny pinprick of
roughness on the lip, and some light
Est.: $5,000 - $10,000 • Min. bid: $2,500 interior residue or faint haze). R/H #F46.
A scarce mold with the offset neck.
This example would benefit greatly from
a little soap and water, or light cleaning.

Est.: $250 - $400 • Min. bid: $140

American Glass Gallery, Auction #20 • Closing May 15, 2018 PAGE 27

Lot 153 Lot 157

TERS / Y. FERGUSON.”, America, America, 1860 - 1875. Beautiful apricot
1860 - 1870. Aqua, barrel form, ap- puce with some strawberry tones, barrel
plied square collar - smooth base, ht. form, applied square collar - smooth
9 ¼”, near mint; (a little minor rough- base, ht. 9 ¼”; (just a slight trace of
ness on the edge of the square collar faint minor wear, otherwise attic mint).
including a couple of shallow flakes, R/H #B171. Beautifully whittled, great
1/8”, or less, otherwise very near mint). color, excellent condition. A little more
R/H #O86. A rare and very desirable of the apricot coloration comes through
bitters that is definitely not getting any in this one.
easier to find. A beautiful, bright, clean
and attractive example, one that will Est.: $400 - $600 • Min. bid: $200
stand out in any run of barrels!
Lot 158
Est.: $4,000 - $6,000 • Min. bid: $2,000
Lot 154 BITTERS - GREELEY’S”, America, 1860
- 1875. Apricot puce with rich strawberry
“B. T. 1865. S. C. / SMITHS / DRUID tones, barrel form, applied square collar
BITTERS”, America, 1865 - 1875. - smooth base, ht. 9 3/8”; (a 5/8” area of
Medium-to-deep amber, barrel form, fine roughness on the back edge of the
applied square collar - smooth base, collar; a touch of typical very minor wear,
ht. 9 3/8”; (a slight touch of light otherwise excellent). R/H #G102. A little
exterior wear, and a ¼” open bubble deeper, richer strawberry tones in this
on the inside edge of the lip, otherwise example.
very near mint). R/H #S124. A fresh
find from an estate sale in Fullerton, Est.: $400 - $600 • Min. bid: $200
CA. And, as noted by Ring / Ham, a
rare barrel! Boldly embossed, and with Lot 159
nice character and crudity to the glass.
Est.: $1,800 - $3,200 • Min. bid: $1,000 / BITTERS - GREELEY’S”, America,
1860 - 1875. Medium-to-deep pink-
Lot 155 ish puce, barrel form, applied square
collar - smooth base, ht. 9 ¼”, virtually
“OLD SACHEM / BITTERS / AND / attic mint; (just the slightest bit of faint
WIGWAM TONIC”, America, 1860 - exterior wear, otherwise perfect!) R/H
1875. Beautiful light copper topaz, #G102. A great example, whittled,
barrel form, applied square col- excellent condition, color, and with no
lar - smooth base, ht. 9 ¼”, perfect! issues to the square collar.
R/H #O46. Fantastic color, excellent
character, heavily whittled, and in attic Est.: $600 - $900 • Min. bid: $300
mint condition with a perfect square
collar. And, in addition to the scarce Lot 160
and eye-appealing color, it is nice and
light virtually all the way to the base. “GREELEY’S BOURBON / BITTERS”,
A choice example! America, 1860 - 1875. Medium copper
apricot coloration, barrel form, applied
Est.: $1,200 - $2,200 • Min. bid: $700 square collar - smooth base, ht. 9 ¼”,
perfect! R/H #G101. A great example,
Lot 156 one that passed plenty of light, nice
color, and in attic-mint condition with a
“OLD SACHEM / BITTERS / AND / perfect square collar, which is not easy
WIGWAM TONIC”, America, 1860 - to find in these early barrels.
1875. Brilliant light golden or honey
coloration, barrel form, applied square Est.: $500 - $700 • Min. bid: $250
collar - smooth base, ht. 9 ¼”, virtually
attic mint; (just a trace bit of minor
wear, as well as a couple of tiny pin-
prick bits of roughness on the edge of
the square collar, otherwise pristine).
R/H #O46. A great example in a very
attractive lighter color with plenty of
yellow, nice clarity, bold embossing,
and excellent condition.

Est.: $400 - $600 • Min. bid: $200

PAGE 28 American Glass Gallery, Auction #20 • Closing May 15, 2018

Lot 161 Lot 165

STOMACH / BITTERS”, America, 1865 / X / BITTERS - PATENTED / 1862”,
- 1875. Bright, light, yellowish honey (with original labels), America, 1862 -
coloration, rectangular cabin form, ap- 1885. Gorgeous, virtually pure yellow
plied sloping collar - smooth base, ht. coloration, cabin form with 4 logs above
9 ½”, virtually attic mint; (a tiny sliver the label panel, applied sloping collar -
of roughness along the bottom edge smooth base, ht. 10”, pristine perfect;
of the applied collar on the reverse, (bottle is sparking attic mint; front label
otherwise, ‘out-of-the-mold’ pristine is 100% complete; rear label more than
perfect). R/H #H155. Strong emboss- 90% complete). R/H #D110. A choice,
ing, and certainly one of the lightest, top-shelf, example with great color and
prettiest examples, that we have seen eye-appeal.
in some time. A choice, top example!
Est.: $1,000 - $2,000 • Min. bid: $500
Est.: $1,400 - $2,200 • Min. bid: $800
Lot 166
Lot 162
STOMACH / BITTERS”, America, America, 1862 - 1885. Beautiful, olive
1880 – 1895. Medium to deep golden yellow coloration, cabin form with 6 logs
amber, rectangular cabin form, tooled above the label panel, applied sloping
sloping collared mouth – smooth base, collar - smooth base, ht. 9 ¾”; (a ½”
ht. 9 5/8”, perfect. R/H #H154. A barn fissure and associated minor repair, likely
find from the Defiance, Ohio area, this from an impact bruise, on one of the roof
example has one of the strongest mold corners, otherwise bright, clean, and attic
impressions that you could hope to mint). R/H #D105. The noted issue with
find. the roof corner is not easy to see. The
color is spectacular, nice and light, with
Est.: $200 - $350 • Min. bid: $120 plenty of olive!

Lot 163 Est.: $200 - $400 • Min. bid: $100

MICH”, 1865 - 1870. Amber, cabin “S T / DRAKE’S / 1860 / PLANTATION
form with a three-tiered thatched roof, / X / BITTERS - PATENTED / 1862.”,
roped corners, applied sloping collar - America, 1862 - 1885. Bright honey
smooth base, ht. 9 ¾”; (lightly cleaned amber with some lighter yellowish
to original luster; a ½” hairline in one of tones, cabin form with 6 logs above the
the base corners, otherwise excel- label panel, applied sloping collar - 6
lent). R/H #B92. Ex. Judge MacKenzie dots on smooth base, ht. 10”, virtually
collection. Since the MacKenzie sale, attic mint; (a tiny, pinhead bit of rough-
the bottle has been lightly cleaned, ness at base edge, otherwise pristine
and the crack professionally stabilized. perfect). R/H #D105. Here is a great
Displays as virtually mint! example with a crisp, bold mold impres-
sion, in a pretty color, slightly lighter
Est.: $1,200 - $2,400 • Min. bid: $600 than most, that won’t break the bank!

Lot 164 Est.: $150 - $250 • Min. bid: $80

“OK / PLANTATION / 1840 - PAT- Lot 168
ENTED / 1863”, America, 1863 - 1875.
Brilliant, yellowish honey amber, Arabesque motif / “DRAKES” /
triangular with beveled corners, ap- Arabesque motif / “PLANTATION /
plied sloping collar - smooth base, ht. BITTERS - PATENTED / 1862”, 1862
11 ¼”, attic mint! R/H p.408. A scarce - 1880. Apricot amber with some nice
and desirable mold, these don’t come rich reddish-strawberry tones through
around often, especially in this fine the lower third of the bottle, cabin form,
condition, bright, clean and sparkling! applied sloping collar - smooth base, ht.
Triangular bitters are few and far 9 ¾”; (just a trace bit of faint wear along
between, and the “OK Plantation” is the roof edge, otherwise very near mint).
considered by many to be among the R/H #D102. Scarce mold, nice color,
choicest molds in the group. excellent condition. Provenance: Ex.
Rodger Sweetland collection #32.
Est.: $1,500 - $2,500 • Min. bid: $800
Est.: $400 - $600 • Min. bid: $200

American Glass Gallery, Auction #20 • Closing May 15, 2018 PAGE 29

Lot 169 Lot 173

- PATENTED / 1869.”, America, 1869 SON. MICH.”, America, 1870 - 1880.
- 1875. Bright honey amber, cabin Bright honey amber, square with bev-
form with 5 logs above the label panel, eled corners, applied sloping collar
applied sloping collar - smooth base, - smooth base, ht. 8 7/8”, overall very
ht. 9 ¾”, near mint; (just a slight touch good condition; (a couple of pinhead
of faint wear, and a slightly weak mold flakes on one of the beveled corners;
impression, otherwise excellent). R/H a tiny 1/8” flake on the edge of the lip,
#D109. An interesting crude example some spotty minor exterior wear, faint
with heavier glass through the lower dullness, and interior content stain).
portion of the bottle. R/H #W61. Extremely rare. The bottle
looks like it could have been found
Est.: $400 - $600 • Min. bid: $200 under a porch or in a crawlspace.

Lot 170 Est.: $800 - $1,200 • Min. bid: $400

“S T / DRAKE’S / 1860 / PLANTATION Lot 174
/ X / BITTERS - PATENTED / 1862.”,
America, 1862 - 1885. Deep cherry “GERMAN HOP / BITTERS - DR. C.D.
puce, virtually black in reflected light, WARNER / READING, MICH. - WAR-
cabin form with 6 logs above the label NER - 1880 - WARNER - 1880”, America,
panel, applied sloping collar - smooth 1880 - 1890. Golden amber, square with
base, ht. 9 ¾”; (a touch of minor wear domed shoulders, tooled sloping collar
including a light surface scratch and a with ring - smooth base, ht. 9 ¾”, near
¼” onionskin thin open surface bubble, mint; (just a touch of minor wear includ-
otherwise excellent). R/H #D105. ing a 3/8” scratch on the side of the
neck; a trace of faint interior milkness,
Est.: $200 - $400 • Min. bid: $120 otherwise excellent). R/H #G25. A rare
bitters, this being the larger and scarcer
Lot 171 size.

“JOHN / MOFFAT - PHOENIX / BIT- Est.: $400 - $600 • Min. bid: $200
America, 1845 - 1855. Clear, medium Lot 175
olive with an amber tone, rectangular
with beveled corners, applied sloping “A. R. THAYER’S - IRON BITTERS /
collar - sand type pontil scar, ht. 7”, THE GREAT TONIC - LANSING MICH.”,
very near mint; (the bottles appears as America, 1875 - 1885. Aquamarine,
virtually attic mint, but may have been rectangular with beveled corners, ap-
very lightly cleaned). R/H #M108. plied square collar - smooth base, ht.
Very rare as noted by Ring / Ham. A 7”, sparkling attic mint! R/H #T15. An
great example, nice character, one of extremely rare bitters, seldom offered
the most desirable of all the Phoenix for sale, and even more so in this abso-
molds. Ex. David Ellis collection. lutely pristine condition.

Est.: $4,000 - $6,000 • Min. bid: $2,500 Est.: $800 - $1,600 • Min. bid: $400

Lot 172 Lot 176

1840 - 1850. Medium olive with an PA”, America, 1870 - 1880. Rich, blu-
amber tone, rectangular with beveled ish aquamarine, square with beveled
corners, applied ring collar - blowpipe corners, applied sloping collar - smooth
pontil scar, ht. 5 ¾”, near mint; (a little, base, ht. 8 ¾”, sparkling attic mint!
likely washable, interior residue in the R/H #F54. A scarce bitters, and a
shoulders, and a little minor wear near great looking bottle, from a small town
the base on one side). R/H #M110. in northeastern Pennsylvania. This
Outstanding character having a drawn- particular example is as nice as you
up neck with a crude ring collar! Dug could hope to find in “out-of-the-mold”
in Zanesville, OH back in the 70’s and pristine condition! If you collect “condi-
only washed with soap! tion”, this would be one for you!

Est.: $800 - $1,200 • Min. bid: $400 Est.: $500 - $800 • Min. bid: $300

PAGE 30 American Glass Gallery, Auction #20 • Closing May 15, 2018

Lot 177 Lot 181

NAH / GEORGIA.”, America, 1875 America, probably 1870 - 1875. Golden
- 1885. Rich, medium to deep cobalt, amber, square with beveled corners,
square with beveled corners, applied applied sloping collar - smooth base,
sloping collar - smooth base, ht. 9 ht. 8 7/8”, very near mint; (just a trace
5/8”, very near mint; (the bottle ap- of scattered very minor wear, and a
pears to have been lightly cleaned, and little faint interior content haze, some of
there are some very fine swirl lines to which may wash out, otherwise perfect).
the glass, but it certainly presents itself R/H #S176. An extremely rare bitters,
as virtually attic mint). R/H #S140. super hard to find, especially in this fine
A choice example of this desirable condition.
southern bitters.
Est.: $400 - $800 • Min. bid: $200
Est.: $1,200 - $1,800 • Min. bid: $700
Lot 182
Lot 178
LOCK / N.O”, probably a Pittsburgh - 1885. Beautiful, light honey amber,
glasshouse, 1870 - 1875. Deep olive square with beveled corners, applied
green, square with beveled corners, sloping collar - smooth base, ht. 9 3/8”,
applied sloping collar - smooth base, very near mint; (a shallow, very minor,
ht. 9 5/8”; (a dug bottle with just a bit 1/8” flake off one of the beveled corners,
of minor haze, some light scratches, otherwise perfect!) R/H #R66. A good,
primarily along the top edge of the front clean, light example.
panel, and a little light wear including a
shallow open bubble and tiny flake on Est.: $100 - $200 • Min. bid: $60
back edge). R/H #A83.5. The condition
issues are minor, with a light cleaning Lot 183
the bottle would display near mint!
Est.: $1,200 - $2,400 • Min. bid: $700 - PHILADA”, America, 1870 - 1880.
Golden amber, square with beveled
Lot 179 corners, applied sloping collar - smooth
base, ht. 9 ½”; (professionally cleaned
“GREER’S ECLIPSE / BITTERS - to original luster with some ground
LOUISVILLE, KY.”, Midwest, possibly wear and a few small scuffs or areas of
Louisville Glass Works, 1870 - 1880. abrasion remaining; a little roughness
Honey amber, square with bev- and a 1/8” stress line in the top of the
eled corners, applied sloping collar lip). R/H #D46. A very rare Philadelphia
- smooth base, ht. 9 ¼”; (profession- bitters, it has been more than 20 years
ally cleaned with a little minor wear since one has been offered at auction.
remaining, and a tiny pinprick bit of
roughness on the edge of the lip). R/H Est.: $300 - $600 • Min. bid: $180
#G110. These don’t come around
often. As noted by Ring / Ham, a rare

Est.: $200 - $400 • Min. bid: $100

Lot 180 Lot 184

LOUISVILLE / KY.”, a Midwest glass- BITTERS”, America, 1870 - 1880. Beau-
house, 1870 - 1880. Golden amber, tiful, bright honey amber, square with
square with rounded corners, “Lady’s beveled corners, applied sloping collar
Leg” neck, applied collar with flat band - smooth base, ht. 9 1/8”, sparkling attic
- smooth base, ht. 9”; (the bottle has mint. R/H #T72. A rare bitters, especially
been lightly cleaned, and has a minor in this light color and virtually pristine
3/16” open bubble on a side shoulder condition. Only the 2nd example offered
and just a trace of wear). R/H #B256. at auction in more than 15 years. And
Extremely rare, believed to one of only what a great name! Who would not want
a few known to exist. A great name for a Standard American Bitters?
a bitters, and likely marketed to the
“well heeled” early Kentuckians. Est.: $400 - $800 • Min. bid: $200

Est.: $500 - $1,000 • Min. bid: $300

American Glass Gallery, Auction #20 • Closing May 15, 2018 PAGE 31

Lot 185 Lot 189

probably American Bottle Co., Streator, FAMILY BITTERS - NEWARK, N.J.
ILL, 1905 - 1910. Medium amber, U.S.A”, America, 1890 - 1900. Bril-
square with beveled corners, tooled liant honey amber, square with beveled
sloping collar - “A B Co” (on smooth corners, tooled sloping collar - smooth
base), ht. 9 5/8”, near mint; (trace of base, ht. 5 ½”, virtually attic mint. R/H
very minor wear including a pinhead #L51. A very rare and attractive sample
flake at beveled corner, otherwise bitters, bright, clean and sparking.
excellent). R/H #W141. A scarce mold Est.: $300 - $600 • Min. bid: $150
listed as “Very Rare” by Ring / Ham.
Provenance: Ex. Carlyn Ring collection. Lot 190

Est.: $100 - $200 • Min. bid: $60 “AUGAUER BITTERS - AUGAUE4 BIT-
TERS Co / CHICAGO”, America, 1890
Lot 186 - 1900. Medium-to-deep teal green,
rectangular with wide beveled corners,
“DR J. HOSTETTER’S / STOMACH tooled sloping collar - smooth base, ht.
BITTERS” (with 70% complete original 4 1/8”, perfect. R/H #A134.5. Extremely
label), America, probably a Pittsburgh rare in this sample size with only one, or
district glasshouse, 1860 - 1870. possibly two, being offered at auction in
Deep olive green, square with bev- the past 15 years.
eled corners, applied sloping collar - Est.: $250 - $450 • Min. bid: $140
smooth base, ht. 9 ½” x 3” dia; (bottle
is virtually perfect - just an onionskin- Lot 191
thin open bubble on back corner; label
darkened from age, but mostly legible). “DR CAMPBELLS / SCOTCH BIT-
R/H #H194. A very crude example, TERS”, America, 1885 - 1895. Beauti-
the embossing also is different running ful light golden, or honey coloration,
almost to the base edge. strap-sided flask form, tooled double
ring collar - smooth base, ½ Pt, near
Est.: $300 - $500 • Min. bid: $150 mint; (lightly cleaned to original luster
and virtually attic mint condition). R/H
Lot 187 #C31. A scarce form for a bitters, there
are very few whiskey, or flask shaped
BITTERS”, America, probably a Est.: $200 - $400 • Min. bid: $120
Pittsburgh district glasshouse, 1860 -
1870. Deep olive amber, square with Lot 192
beveled corners, applied sloping collar
- smooth base, ht. 9 ½” x 3” dia, virtu- “GILBERT’S - SARSAPARILLA - BIT-
ally attic mint! R/H #H194. This is the TERS - N.A. GILBERT & CO. - ENOS-
variant with the underscore line below BURGH FALLS VT.”, America, 1880
the “R” in “DR”. A great example of - 1890. Light golden or honey amber,
this large, early mold, Hostetter’s. octagonal, tooled square collar - smooth
base, ht. 8 5/8”; (a little light patchy inte-
Est.: $200 - $400 • Min. bid: $120 rior haze or content stain, otherwise very
near mint). R/H #G42. A rare bitters, the
Lot 188 noted light stain could easily be removed,
if desired, with just a couple of days in
“DR J. HOSTETTER’S / STOMACH the tumbler. This example also has a
BITTERS” (with 80 - 98% original la- little whittling to the back label panel.
bels), Lorenz & Wightman, Pittsburgh, Est.: $300 - $600 • Min. bid: $150
PA, 1863 - 1872. Gorgeous, light-to-
medium yellow with a slight olive tone,
square with beveled corners, applied
sloping collar - “L & W” (on smooth
base), ht. 8 ¾”; (bottle has a very
minor, 1/8” or less, pinhead flake on
the edge of the lip, otherwise sparkling
attic mint; original labels darkened a
bit but legible). R/H #H195. Fantastic
color, condition, and eye-appeal!

Est.: $500 - $800 • Min. bid: $250

PAGE 32 American Glass Gallery, Auction #20 • Closing May 15, 2018

Lot 193 Lot 197

Lot of (2), “COLE BROS. / VEG- “HERKULES BITTER” / (GA mono-
ETABLE BITTERS - BINGHAMTON gram) / “1 PINT”, America, 1880
N.Y. - G. L. COLE PROP’R”, America, - 1890. Deep grass-green, or “7-Up”
1885 - 1895. Aquamarine and amber, green, globular body with flattened
both rectangular with beveled cor- sides, tooled mouth with flat band -
ners, tooled round collars with small smooth base, ht. 6”; (the top of the lip
bevel - smooth base, ht. 7 ¾”; (amber has been lightly polished, otherwise
example near mint with just a trace of near mint). R/H Supplement 2, #H98.5.
light interior residue; aqua example Extremely rare, believed to be only the
has a bit of faint haze and a ½” chip third example discovered in this small
from edge of base). R/H #C189. The size. Recently found with a period brass
amber example is noted as “Rare” by sprinkler spigot in the mouth, it was
Ring / Ham. likely used as a makeshift watering can.

Est.: $100 - $200 • Min. bid: $50 Est.: $600 - $900 • Min. bid: $300

Lot 194 Lot 198

/ Manufactured by / A. M. ROOS, MICH.” (on base), Bitters Bottle, (com-
Kingston, N.Y.” (painted label with plete with original label, contents, and
white background, black lettering, and neck foil), America, 1890 - 1900. Color-
gold trim), America, 1885 - 1895. Col- less, square with a “Lady’s Leg” neck,
orless, decanter form, tooled double tooled square collar - smooth base, ht. 7
ring collar - smooth base, ht. 8 ¼”, 5/8”, virtually pristine perfect. R/H #K6L.
attic mint. R/H p.473. Extremely rare, Colorful, 98% complete original label,
believed to be one of two, or possibly KALAMAZOO / CELERY PEPSIN / BIT-
three known examples. In addition to TERS / (stalk of celery) / P.L. ABBEY Co. /
manufacturing his bitters concoction, KAMAMAZOO, MICH. Rare! Kalamazoo
A. M. Roos was apparently a hotel was once known as, “The Celery City”
Est.: $300 - $600 • Min. bid: $150
Est.: $200 - $400 • Min. bid: $100
Lot 199
Lot 195
HEIMER & Co” (with original colorful, KALAMAZOO, MICH.” Store Counter
graphic labels), America, 1890 - 1900. Advertising Clock, 1890 - 1900. Ornate
Golden amber, square with beveled metal clock in the figure of a celery pep-
corners, tooled sloping collar - smooth sin bottle on a pedestal above an eagle,
base, ht. 9 ¾”; (bottle is perfect; 90% flag, leaves, and produce. The pot-metal
complete front and back labels). R/H or iron clock appears to have a painted
#R20. A very scarce Chicago bitters, or lacquered finish, ht. 13 ½”; (clock not
and certainly rare with original colorful original to the piece). Ex. Rare, possibly
and graphic labels depicting a full- unique. Joe Kray collection, Ex. Chris
length Indian chief holding a rifle. Batdorff, Elvin Moody collections.

Est.: $200 - $400 • Min. bid: $100 Est.: $300 - $600 • Min. bid: $150

Lot 196 Lot 200

“BERLINER MAGEN / BITTERS CO.” Lot of (2), Label-Only Bitters Bottles,
(with original labels), America, 1890 America, 1885 - 1900. “DR. BARNARD’S
- 1900. Amber, square with beveled EXTRACT DANDELION, YELLOW
corners, tooled sloping collar - smooth DOCK AND Wild Cherry Bitters.”, “C. E.
base, ht. 8 ¾”; (bottle is perfect; origi- HOLMES, M.D., NEWARK, N.J.”, and,
nal wrap-around label on three sides “Dr. BRADY’S MANDRAKE BITTERS”,
of the bottle is 98% complete). R/H “Prepared by Dr. R.W. BRADY, Hones-
#B86. A scarce bitters put out by the dale, PA.”. Colorless and aquamarine,
Zien Bros, Metropolitan Block, Milwau- both are oval with tooled mouths -
kee, Wis. Label touts the bitters as a smooth bases, ht. 8” and 8 ¾”; (both
panacea for among other things, sea bottles and label on Barnard’s are near
sickness, “hysteric hypochondriacal”, mint; label on Brady’s is 80% complete).
and pains of labor. R/H #B23L & #B195 Both are rare.

Est.: $100 - $200 • Min. bid: $50 Est.: $100 - $200 • Min. bid: $50

American Glass Gallery, Auction #20 • Closing May 15, 2018 PAGE 33

Lot 201 Lot 205

- YORK”, America, 1850 - 1860. Co- - 1855. Sapphire, almost an ‘electric’
balt, rectangular with beveled corners, blue, rectangular with beveled corners,
applied sloping collar - blowpipe pontil applied sloping collar - blowpipe pontil
scar, ht. 10 1/8”; (lightly cleaned to scar, ht. 6 3/8”; (a touch of faint dullness
original luster with a little scattered or light haze on the back label panel,
fine wear and faint scratches remain- otherwise excellent). Odell, p.5. Ex.
ing, primarily on the reverse). A great Sam Greer collection #3, also illustrated
example, nice embossing, some of the in their color plates. Rare in aqua, and
letters are also ghosted on the front. believed to be unique in this sapphire
Dewey Heetderks collection, pur- coloration. Per Greer catalog, “One of
chased from Sam Greer in 1976. the best colored medicines”.

Est.: $5,000 - $10,000 • Min. bid: $2,500 Est.: $4,000 - $8,000 • Min. bid: $2,000

Lot 202 Lot 206

A & A”, America, 1850 - 1860. Medium America, 1845 - 1855. Medium corn-
bluish green, square with beveled flower blue, rectangular with beveled
corners, applied sloping collar - iron corners, rough sheared mouth - glass-
pontil scar, ht. 9 ¼”, virtually attic mint; tipped pontil scar, ht. 5”, near attic mint;
(just the slightest trace of typical faint (an in-manufacture cooling line in the
wear, otherwise perfect). Odell, p.11. neck, as mentioned in the Greer catalog,
A rare, very desirable colored pontiled otherwise perfect). Odell, p.269. Prov-
medicine. This is large size variant. Ex- enance: Ex. Sam Greer collection #1239,
cellent character with heavily whittled, also illustrated in their color plates. It
glass. It has been more than 20 years was believed to possibly be a unique
since this bottle has been offered at example in 1989, and remains so today.
auction. Ex. George Waddy collection. Beautiful color!

Est.: $4,000 - $7,000 • Min. bid: $2,500 Est.: $2,000 - $4,000 • Min. bid: $1,000

Lot 203 Lot 207

Granite Glass Company, Stoddard, port Glass Works, Lockport, NY, 1850
NH, 1850 - 1860. Yellowish olive amber - 1860. Beautiful, deep cornflower, or
in the shoulders shading to a deeper medium peacock blue (Greer), cylindri-
olive amber near the base, rectangular cal, applied sloping collar - iron pontil,
with beveled corners, applied ring col- ht. 7”, attic mint! Outstanding color that
lar with bevel - iron pontil scar, ht. 7”, shades from a deep cornflower, to al-
attic mint. Odell, p.324. Outstanding most a light sapphire. It was catalogued
color, character, and condition! Also as “Medium peacock blue”, in the Greer
included, a “Smith’s Green Mountain sale. Regardless, a very rare color for
Renovator” Dose Glass, c. 1900. a Merchant cylinder (or any Merchant
Dewey Heetderks collection. bottle). Ex. Sam Greer collection, #748.

Est.: $3,000 - $5,000 • Min. bid: $1,500 Est.: $2,000 - $4,000 • Min. bid: $1,000

Lot 204 Lot 208

YORK”, probably an early Stoddard, PORT / N.Y.”, probably Lockport Glass
NH glasshouse, 1845 - 1851. Medium Works, Lockport, NY, 1845 - 1855.
olive coloration, rectangular with bev- Medium-to-deep yellowish green,
eled corners, applied sloping collar rectangular with concave corners, ap-
- sand type pontil scar, ht. 7 3/8”; (tiny plied sloping collar - blowpipe pontil
trace of lip edge roughness, otherwise scar, ht. 5 ½”, virtually attic mint! Rare
pristine perfect). Odell, p.47. Strong, and desirable color, excellent character
very bold embossing, virtually “out-of- with some crudity and waviness to the
the-mold” pristine condition with no glass, outstanding condition. A great
high point wear, about as nice of an example!
example as you could hope to find!
Est.: $1,000 - $1,500 • Min. bid: $500
Est.: $1,500 - $2,500 • Min. bid: $800

PAGE 34 American Glass Gallery, Auction #20 • Closing May 15, 2018

Lot 209 Lot 213

/ G.W. MERCHANT / CHEMIST - - ALBANY / NY”, America, 1850 - 1860.
LOCKPORT / N.Y.”, probably Lockport Medium emerald with a slight yel-
Glass Works, Lockport, NY, 1845 - lowish tone, rectangular with beveled
1855. Medium-to-deep “Lockport” corners - large round iron pontil scar,
green, rectangular with concave cor- ht. 9 5/8”, near mint; (just a touch of
ners, applied sloping collar - blowpipe faint light wear, and a slight trace of
pontil scar, ht. 5 ½”; (a 1/8” flake on interior residue). A great example, nice
the inside edge of the mouth, and just condition, color, and clarity, and with an
a touch of faint exterior wear, other- impressive pontil! Note; this is scarce
wise excellent). Scarce color, most are mold variant with “N Y” centered below
in shades of blue-green, this one has “ALBANY”, and not offset as the major-
more of a greenish or emerald tone. ity are.

Est.: $300 - $500 • Min. bid: $150 Est.: $400 - $800 • Min. bid: $250

Lot 210 Lot 214

/ G.W. MERCHANT / CHEMIST - RILLA - NEW . YORK .”, America, 1850
LOCKPORT / N.Y.”, probably Lockport - 1860. Clear, medium bluish green,
Glass Works, 1845 - 1855. Medium- square with beveled corners, applied
to-deep “Lockport” blue-green, rectan- sloping collar - deep domed base with
gular with concave corners, applied iron pontil scar, ht. 9 5/8”; (some fine
sloping collar - blowpipe pontil scar, light scratches and minor exterior wear; a
ht. 5 ½”; (a little light exterior wear, shallow pinhead flake on base, at one of
mainly on the back label panel, and a the beveled corners, otherwise excellent).
little minor interior residue that would A little less blue, and a bit more of a
likely wash out). Scarce with the greenish tone than some. Good charac-
blowpipe pontil, most examples in this ter with some whittling and waviness to
mold are smooth base, or iron pontil. the glass.

Est.: $200 - $400 • Min. bid: $120 Est.: $300 - $600 • Min. bid: $180

Lot 211 Lot 215

/ G.W. MERCHANT / CHEMIST. - COMPOUND”, America, 1850 - 1860.
LOCKPORT / N. Y.”, probably Lock- Aquamarine, rectangular with beveled
port Glass Works,1845 - 1855. Light corners, applied square collar - blow-
“Lockport” blue-green, rectangular with pipe pontil scar, ht. 8 ¼”, near mint;
concave corners, applied sloping collar (just a trace of very light wear includ-
- iron pontil scar, ht. 5 ¼”, near mint; (a ing a minor pinhead bit of roughness
3/16” area of minor lip edge roughness; on the back edge of the square collar,
a little in-making glass extrusion at the otherwise perfect). Odell, p.241. A big,
mold seam, otherwise perfect). This beautiful, impressive medicine, bright
example has the peened out, “L O” clean and whittled.
mold repair on side panel. Believed to
have held sarsaparilla. Est.: $400 - $600 • Min. bid: $200

Est.: $175 - $350 • Min. bid: $100 Lot 216

Lot 212 “B.O. &. G.C. WILSON / BOTANIC
DRUGGIST / BOSTON”, America, 1850
“G.W. MERCHANT / LOCKPORT. - 1860. Aquamarine, rectangular with
N.Y.”, America, 1850 - 1860. Light- beveled corners, large applied disk col-
to-medium “Lockport” blue-green, lar - blowpipe pontil scar, ht. 9 ¾”; (the
rectangular with narrow beveled cor- bottle may have been lightly cleaned,
ners, applied sloping collar - blow- but certainly appears as very near mint;
pipe pontil scar, ht. 5 ½”; (a shallow a tiny flake at base corner and touch
1/8” flake on side panel, otherwise of light wear, otherwise perfect). Odell,
sparkling attic mint). One of the p.374. A big, bright, clean example with
scarcer “Merchant” molds, this hav- some nice waviness and character to
ing the narrow rectangular body with the glass. A lot of bottle for the money.
curved shoulders, and long neck.
Sparkling clean with nice character. Est.: $250 - $450 • Min. bid: $150
Ex. Sam Greer collection #744.

Est.: $300 - $500 • Min. bid: $150

American Glass Gallery, Auction #20 • Closing May 15, 2018 PAGE 35

Lot 217 Lot 221

INGTON ST. - BOSTON”, America, TURE”, 1845 - 1855. Aqua, square with
1850 - 1860. Aquamarine, rectangu- beveled corners, sunken indentation for
lar beveled corners, applied sloping pill box on side panel, applied narrow
collar - blowpipe pontil scar, ht. 9 disc collar with streaks of olive-yellow
¾”, near mint; (the bottle has been - blowpipe pontil scar, ht. 6 ¾”; (a
lightly cleaned, but is in virtually “attic” shallow 1/8” flake on the top of the lip;
condition, a trace bit of minor wear on a ¼” chip on the underside of the lip,
the back shoulder, otherwise perfect). a pinhead flake on a panel edge, tiny
Odell, p.77. A rare Boston pontiled star crack in shoulder). Odell, p.183.
medicine, large impressive size, Believed to be a unique example, previ-
whittled, and in excellent condition. ously sold in 1999. Crude, whittled, and
Provenance: Gary Enters collection. filled with tiny seed bubbles.

Est.: $200 - $400 • Min. bid: $100 Est.: $1,200 - $2,400 • Min. bid: $600

Lot 218 Lot 222

- RANSOM & STEVENS - DRUGGISTS America, 1840 - 1850. Deep aquama-
BOSTON”, America, 1843 - 1850. rine, 6-sided, applied sloping collar with
Aquamarine, rectangular with wide bevel - large, sand type pontil scar, ht.
beveled corners, applied sloping collar 8 1/8”, virtually attic mint; (slight touch
- blowpipe pontil scar, ht. 8 ¾”, near of faint light exterior wear, otherwise
mint; (as noted in the Greer catalog, pristine!) Odell, p.157. A great rarity,
some light interior content haze, oth- outstanding condition, filled with tiny
erwise perfect). N#512; Odell, p.289. bubbles, beautiful with the large arched
A rare medicine, nicely whittled. panels, a pleasing and eye-catching
Provenance: Ex. Sam Greer collection, bottle.
Est.: $1,500 - $2,500 • Min. bid: $800
Est.: $300 - $600 • Min. bid: $180
Lot 223
Lot 219
“HALL’S - PALINGENESIA - OR America, 1840 - 1850. Aquamarine,
/ REGENERATOR - BOSTON”, 6-sided, applied sloping collar - blow-
America, 1850 - 1860. Aquamarine, pipe pontil scar, ht. 6 3/8”; (profession-
octagonal, applied sloping collar - iron ally cleaned, some scattered etching
pontil scar, ht. 9”; (lightly cleaned to and ground wear remaining). Odell,
original luster and near mint condition p.157. Extremely rare. This is the smaller
with just a touch of typical, very minor of two sizes, and only the 2nd example
wear remaining, otherwise excellent). of this size offered in more than 25
Odell, p.157. Extremely rare, believed years.
to be one of only two, or possibly three
examples extant. A large, impres- Est.: $800 - $1,200 • Min. bid: $400
sive early medicine, bright, clean and
attractive. Lot 224

Est.: $800 - $1,600 • Min. bid: $400 “DR ROSE’S - PROPHYLACTIC /SYR-
- PHILAD.A”, America, 1845 - 1855.
“COOPER’S ALTERANT / BOS- Aquamarine, cylindrical with 8 indented
TON”, America, 1845 - 1860. Aqua- panels, applied sloping collar - blowpipe
marine, square with narrow beveled pontil scar, ht. 6 7/8”; (professionally
corners, applied disc mouth - blow- cleaned; a 1/8” flake or bit of roughness
pipe pontil scar, ht. 7 ¼”, sparkling at edge of lip). Extremely rare, believed
mint! Unlisted, and believed to be to be one of only two or three known
a unique example! A great rarity, examples, and only the 2nd offered for
very heavily whittled, bright, clean sale in the past 20 years.
and sparkling, a choice early Boston
medicine. Est.: $800 - $1,200 • Min. bid: $400

Est.: $1,200 - $2,400 • Min. bid: $600

PAGE 36 American Glass Gallery, Auction #20 • Closing May 15, 2018

Lot 225 Lot 229

America, 1840 - 1855. Aquamarine, dian) “TONIC / PREPARED BY / GEO.
oval with indented front panel, sheared W. HOUSE”, 1845 - 1855. Aquama-
and inward rolled lip - blowpipe pontil rine, oval, sheared and outward folded
scar, ht. 5 3/8”, near mint; (the bottle mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, ht. 5 ½”,
has been lightly cleaned, but displays perfect. Odell, p.53. A great pictorial
as virtually attic mint). Bright, clean, pontiled medicine, beautifully whittled,
and whittled, a very nice example and always popular with the large
of this scarce, to rare, Erie pontiled standing Indian figure.
medicine. The glass is quite thin and
delicate. It is amazing the lip is perfect Est.: $300 - $500 • Min. bid: $180
and the bottle survived.

Est.: $175 - $350 • Min. bid: $100

Lot 226 Lot 230

FLOWERS - WASHING CHILDREN America, 1849 - 1855. Aquamarine, rect-
- REMOVING ERUPTIONS / CLEAN- angular with concave corners, bulbous
ING THE TEETH / PERFUMING THE neck with an applied round collar - blow-
BREATH - NEW YORK”, America, pipe pontil scar, ht. 8 ¼”, near mint; (just
1850 - 1860. Aqua, rectangular with a slight trace of faint interior milkiness
concave corners, applied square near the shoulders, and a touch of minor
collar - blowpipe pontil scar, ht. 5”, wear including a pinhead flake at base
virtually attic mint! Odell, p.131, An edge, otherwise perfect). Odell, p.218.
outstanding early medicine, extremely The “H. Lake’s” are not easy to find in
rare, likely a unique example! Heavily this nice of condition. In addition, this
embossed and also most unusual for is the rare variant with the larger square
what it purports to treat. lettering.

Est.: $800 - $1,200 • Min. bid: $400 Est.: $800 - $1,200 • Min. bid: $400

Lot 227 Lot 231

ACHE REMEDY / PREPARED BY H.G.O. CARY”, Zanesville Glass Works,
- DR. WM. PRICE”, America, 1850 Zanesville, OH, 1850 - 1855. Deep,
- 1860. Deep aqua, rectangular with bluish aqua, oval with indented panels,
beveled corners, applied sloping applied square collar - iron pontil scar,
collar - iron pontil scar, ht. 6 ¼”, ht. 8 1/8”; (professionally cleaned to
sparkling attic mint! Odell, p.369. original luster; an impact bruise at the
Extremely rare, and possibly unique. edge of the base on the reverse with
A great looking early medicine with a few radiating cracks, ¼” to 5/8”).
strong, bold embossing, good deep An extremely rare, probably unique,
color, and outstanding condition. pontiled Indian medicine Tremendous
Pontiled remedy bottles are scarce, eye-appeal with large lettering, bold
and this one may be unique! embossing, whittled, and rich color.

Est.: $1,800 - $3,600 • Min. bid: $1,000 Est.: $600 - $1,200 • Min. bid: $300

Lot 228 Lot 232

LINIMENT” / (Man with pipe and AN / LINIMENT”, America, 1853 - 1859.
cane) - “PREPARED AT / MECHAN- Aquamarine, cylindrical, sheared and
ICVILLE / SARATOGA CO N.Y.”, inward rolled mouth - blowpipe pontil
America, 1850 - 1860. Aquamarine, scar, ht. 5 ¾”; (professionally cleaned to
rectangular with narrow paneled original luster with just a little faint haze
sides, sheared and inward rolled remaining on the interior of the neck,
mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, ht. 4 otherwise excellent). Odell, p.116. An
5/8”, attic mint! Odell, p.55. A top extremely rare pontiled Indian medi-
example of this scarce pictorial medi- cine from Albany, NY, and only the 2nd
cine, excellent condition and with example to be offer at public auction in
good strong embossing. almost 30 years.

Est.: $400 - $600 • Min. bid: $200 Est.: $400 - $800 • Min. bid: $200

American Glass Gallery, Auction #20 • Closing May 15, 2018 PAGE 37

Lot 233 Lot 237

GISTS / CIRCLEVILLE. O.”, Midwest, ELIXIR”, America, 1845 - 1855. Aqua-
probably Zanesville Glass Works, marine, hexagonal, applied sloping
Zanesville, OH, 1850 - 1860. Aquama- collar - blowpipe pontil scar, ht. 6 3/8”,
rine, cylindrical, applied square collar attic mint. Note, there are some minor
- blowpipe pontil scar, ht. 7”; (profes- cooling lines in the neck that occurred
sionally cleaned to original luster, at the time of manufacture, but are not
otherwise excellent). Odell, p.351. considered damage, and mentioned
An extremely rare, heavily embossed, for completeness. Odell, p.226. A very
early pontiled druggist, believed to scarce pontiled medicine having nice
be one of only two, or possibly three, character, bright, crisp, and sparkling.
known examples.
Est.: $400 - $700 • Min. bid: $200
Est.: $250 - $450 • Min. bid: $150
Lot 238
Lot 234
“DR. - BLOCKSOM’S - CHEMICAL JELLY”, America, 1840 - 1845.
- WAREHOUSE - ZANESVILLE”, Aquamarine, rectangular with beveled
Zanesville Glass Works, Zanesville, corners, sheared and outward folded
OH, 1845 - 1860. Brilliant aquama- lip - blowpipe pontil scar, ht. 6 5/8”,
rine, 12-sided, applied square collar - sparkling attic mint! Odell, p.148. A
blowpipe pontil scar, ht. 4 1/8”, bright, top example of this rare, early, Boston
clean, and virtually attic mint. Odell, medicine having excellent character
p.36. A scarce, desirable druggist, es- with crude wavy glass and patches of
pecially in this fine condition, and the minute bubbles swirled through the
smallest of several sizes known in this body. These don’t come around often,
mold. Read J. William Barrett’s article, especially in this fine condition.
“The Brothers Blocksom”, Antique
Bottle & Glass Collector, May, 2018. Est.: $600 - $900 • Min. bid: $300

Est.: $400 - $600 •Min. bid: $200 Lot 239

America, 1845 - 1860. Aquamarine,
“BLOCKSOM / BROTHERS”, Zanes- rectangular with wide beveled corners,
ville Glass Works, Zanesville, OH, applied square collar - blowpipe pontil
probably 1845 - 1855. Aquamarine, scar, ht. 5 1/8”, near mint; (just a faint
rectangular, sheared and inward rolled touch of wear including a narrow open
mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, ht. 2 ¼”; bubble on the inside of the neck, other-
(the bottle appears to have been dug, wise virtually attic mint). Odell, p.384.
and has just a little faint dullness, or Bright, clean, and strongly embossed.
iridescence, to the glass, but no other An extremely rare liniment. This is the
form of damage). Rare, possibly one only example that we can find that has
of their earlier bottles. been offered at auction in more than 20
Est.: $200 - $400 • Min. bid: $100
Est.: $400 - $700 • Min. bid: $200
Lot 236
Lot 240
America, probably Lockport or Lan- “Dr. PINKHAM’S / EMMENAGOGUE”,
caster glassworks, New York, 1850 probably an early Ohio glasshouse,
- 1860. Light-to-medium cornflower 1845 - 1860. Deep aquamarine, square
blue, cylindrical, applied sloping col- with beveled corners, applied sloping
lar - blowpipe pontil scar, ht. 4”; (a collar - blowpipe pontil scar, ht. 5 5/8”,
1/8” flake at edge of base at the mold sparkling mint! Odell, p.280. A beauti-
seam, and a little light overall inte- ful example, bright, clean, and with
rior haze). N #18; Odell, p.7. A nice some nice whittling and waviness add-
Western, NY pontiled medicine, in a ing character to the glass. The squatty
delicate, but pleasing color. square body is distinctive and helps to
set it apart from many of the other early
Est.: $200 - $400 • Min. bid: $100 medicines.

Est.: $175 - $275 • Min. bid: $100

PAGE 38 American Glass Gallery, Auction #20 • Closing May 15, 2018

Lot 241 Lot 245

VT”, America, 1850 - 1860. Aquama- America, 1845 - 1860. Aquamarine,
rine, rectangular with beveled corners, oval, applied ring collar with small bevel
applied disk mouth - blowpipe pontil - blowpipe pontil scar, ht. 6 1/8”, per-
scar, ht. 8 ¼”, near mint; (a little light in- fect. A very rare medicine, not listed by
terior residue or spotty faint haze, some Odell, and considered “Exceptional” by
of which might wash out, otherwise Holst. Bright, clean, whittled, and spar-
perfect). Extremely rare. Unlisted by kling, a fantastic example! Provenance:
Odell, and rated “Exceptional” by Holst, Gary Enters collection.
it has been more than 20 years since
another example has been offered at Est.: $175 - $350 • Min. bid: $100
public auction. A large and impressive
bottle. Gary Enters collection. Lot 246

Est.: $300 - $600 • Min. bid: $180 “J. & J. REAKIRT / PHILAD.A - WHOLE-
SALE - DRUGGISTS”, America, 1845
Lot 242 - 1860. Aquamarine, rectangular with
beveled corners, applied sloping collar -
“DR. WOOD’S / AROMATIC SPIRIT blowpipe pontil scar, ht. 5 ¼”, attic mint.
- BELLOWS FALLS V.T”, America, A rare pontiled druggist, and likely the
1850 - 1860. Aquamarine, oval, ap- same firm that put out “Reakirt’s Medi-
plied sloping collar - iron pontil scar, cated Breast Julip”. Strongly embossed,
ht. 7 ½”; (just a slight trace of very brilliant and sparkling, with some nice
faint interior residue, otherwise virtually character and waviness to the glass. In
attic mint). Odell, p.379, N #699. A addition, virtually “out-of-the-mold” pris-
scarce bottle, nicely whittled, excellent tine condition. Provenance: Gary Enters
condition. Provenance: Gary Enters collection.
Est.: $150 - $250 • Min. bid: $80
Est.: $250 - $450 • Min. bid: $150
Lot 247
Lot 243
“WM A. BACON / LUDLOW. VT.”, America, 1845 - 1855. Aquamarine,
America, probably 1856 - 1858. oval, applied sloping collar - blowpipe
Aquamarine, oval, applied slop- pontil scar, ht. 6 ½”, perfect! Odell,
ing collar - blowpipe pontil scar, ht. p.209. According to Odell, Hugh Kelsey
5”, near mint; (slight trace of minor advertised as a botanic physician, 1846
wear, otherwise excellent). Odell, - 1849, and later patented a pain extrac-
p.15. Advertised Essence of Jamaica tor. Very scarce. Provenance: Gary
Ginger, as well as Excelsior Hair Oil. Enters collection.
Scarce. Provenance: Gary Enters
collection. Est.: $125 - $225 • Min. bid: $70

Est.: $125 - $225 • Min. bid: $70

Lot 244 Lot 248

NEW YORK”, probably 1850 - 1855. America, 1850 - 1860. Bright, rich
Aquamarine, oval, sheared, tooled aquamarine, cylindrical, applied sloping
and inward rolled mouth - blowpipe collar - blowpipe pontil scar, ht. 5 7/8”,
pontil scar, ht. 4 3/8”, attic mint! The near attic mint. Odell, p.325. Probably
Comstock company put out several for Smith’s Tonic Syrup. Rated as “Ex-
products and had an interesting his- ceptional” by Holst. Provenance: Gary
tory. See Odell, pgs. 85-87. Scarce, Enters collection.
particularly so in this sparkling condi-
tion. Gary Enters collection. Est.: $125 - $225 • Min. bid: $70

Est.: $100 - $200 • Min. bid: $60

American Glass Gallery, Auction #20 • Closing May 15, 2018 PAGE 39

Lot 249 Lot 253

RIVER - KENTUCKY”, America, 1845 CEA - PHILAD.A”, America, probably
-1855. Light aquamarine, rectangular 1845 - 1850. Aquamarine, rectangular
with beveled corners, sheared, tooled with narrow beveled corners, applied
and outward rolled mouth - blowpipe sloping collar - blowpipe pontil scar,
pontil scar, ht. 6 ¾”, near mint; (a little ht. 6 3/8”, sparkling, virtually attic mint!
faint dullness in the neck, and minor Odell, p.304. Extremely rare. Bright,
exterior wear, otherwise excellent). clean, and with a pleasing plump form.
Odell, p.5. A rare medicine, this ex- Provenance: Ex. Sam Greer collection
ample also having nice character with #1489.
a whittled, pebbly appearance to the
glass. Provenance: Ex. Sam Greer col- Est.: $400 - $800 • Min. bid: $200
lection #122.
Lot 254
Est.: $400 - $600 • Min. bid: $200
Lot 250 & AGUE / CURE”, America, probably
1848 - 1857. Aquamarine, rectangular
“B. F. WILLIAMS - SYRUP OF SAR- with beveled corners, applied sloping
SAPARILLA / & / IODID OF POTASS collar - blowpipe pontil scar, ht. 6 ½”,
- NASHVILLE TENN”, America, prob- virtually attic mint; (trace bit of very faint
ably 1854 - 1859. Aquamarine, rect- interior haze, primarily in the shoulders,
angular with beveled corners, applied otherwise perfect). Odell, p.249. Ex-
sloping collar - iron pontil scar, ht. 9 tremely rare, not listed by Agee, bright,
3/8”; (a tiny bit of roughness along with clean, and with crisp, strong embossing.
a minor, paper-thin, 1/8” flake on the From Oswego, NY. Provenance: Ex. Sam
back of the lip; professionally cleaned Greer collection #1152.
to original luster and near mint condi-
tion). Odell, p.373; DeG #223, listed Est.: $800 - $1,200 • Min. bid: $400
as Extremely Rare. A bright, clean,
example. Lot 255

Est.: $800 - $1,600 • Min. bid: $400 “JOHN M. WINSLOW / ROCHESTER.
OF / HOARHOUND”, America, 1845
“GENUINE - SWAIM’S / PANACEA - 1860. Aquamarine, rectangular with
- PHILADELPHIA”, America, 1824 - narrow beveled corners, sheared and
1830. Aqua, rectangular with beveled inward rolled mouth - blowpipe pontil
corners, sheared, tooled, outward scar, ht. 5 1/8”, sparkling mint. N#693.
rolled mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, ht. Very rare. A great bottle, with a great
7 ¾”; (a trace of minor wear, mainly on deal of embossing, that is also very
the back label panel, otherwise attic crude.
mint). Odell, p.335. Rare. One of the
choicest examples that we have seen, Est.: $500 - $800 • Min. bid: $250
very bold embossing, crude, whittled,
and great condition. These were Wm. Lot 256
Swaim’s first bottles, replaced by the
round bottles in 1830. “GUERNSEY’S BALM - NEW YORK
- PATENT”, America, 1845 - 1860.
Est.: $500 - $800 • Min. bid: $300 Colorless, square with narrow beveled
corners, sheared, tooled, and outward
Lot 252 flared mouth - blowpipe pontil scar, ht.
4 5/8”, near mint; (slight trace of light
“LOPER’S / Panacea / Phila.”, interior content haze, otherwise perfect).
America, 1850 - 1860. Deep Odell, p.155. Very rare, good strong
aquamarine, oval, applied sloping embossing, and attractive with the
collar - blowpipe pontil scar with iron colorless glass.
residue, ht. 8 1/8”; (some faint light
haze, but no other form of damage, Est.: $300 - $500 • Min. bid: $150
and otherwise very near mint). Odell,
p.228. Extremely rare, whittled, and
with very bold embossing. Believed
to be the 1st example offered at
auction in the past 25 years. Prov-
enance: Ex. Sam Greer collection

Est.: $400 - $800 • Min. bid: $200

PAGE 40 American Glass Gallery, Auction #20 • Closing May 15, 2018

Lot 257 Lot 261

UP / NEW YORK”, America, 1840 - / MASS.”, America, 1845 - 1860.
1855. Aquamarine, oval, sheared and Aquamarine, oval, applied square col-
inward rolled mouth - blowpipe pontil lar - blowpipe pontil scar, ht. 7”, near
scar, ht. 4 5/8”; (slight trace of faint mint; (a couple of tiny pinprick flakes on
haze, but no other form of damage, the edge of the square collar, otherwise
and otherwise perfect). Odell, p.197. perfect). Rare, heavily whittled, and in
Very rare. Strong, crisp embossing. excellent condition.
Provenance: Ex. Sam Greer collection
#921. Est.: $200 - $400 • Min. bid: $120

Est.: $400 - $600 • Min. bid: $200

Lot 258 Lot 262

CATION - PHIL.A”, America, probably / FOR / MALARIA.”, probably 1885
1845 - 1855. Aquamarine, cylindrical, - 1886. Vibrant cobalt blue, square
sheared, tooled, and outward flared with beveled corners, applied large
thin flanged lip - blowpipe pontil scar, mushroon “Tippecanoe”-style mouth -
ht. 3 ¾”, perfect. Odell, p.196. Another smooth base, ht. 5 5/8”, very near mint;
very rare medicine, and only the third (just the slightest trace of faint wear
example to be offered at auction in the including a ¼”, onionskin-thin open
past 15 years. A great example, strong surface bubble on a beveled corner,
embossing, and amazing that the thin otherwise virtually attic mint). Great
flanged lip has survived in perfect depth of color, extremely rare and desir-
condition. Provenance: Ex. Sam Greer able, one of the all-time classic “greats”
collection #913. in cure bottles!

Est.: $500 - $800 • Min. bid: $250 Est.: $5,000 - $8,000 • Min. bid: $2,500

Lot 259 Lot 263

Label only, “COXE’S HIVE SYRUP, Motif of Castle / “TRADE / MARK
F. WHITTEMORE, / Druggist and MINT / CURE”, America, 1875 - 1885.
Apothecary, / ESSEX, CONN.”, Golden amber, figural pyramid-form
America, 1830 - 1850. Pale aquama- building with four large windows and a
rine, cylindrical, sheared and outward door on two sides, applied square collar
flared thin flanged lip - blowpipe pon- - smooth base, ht. 9”; near mint; (just a
til scar, ht. 3 1/8”; (bottle is perfect; trace of very faint interior content stain,
original label is 95% complete, dark- and a pinhead flake at panel edge,
ened a bit from age, but completely otherwise perfect!) A very rare and
legible). Bottles from this period are desirable figural cure bottle, believed to
very rare with original labels. Ex. Sam be 1st example offered at public auction
Greer collection #426. in the past 15 years!

Est.: $200 - $400 • Min. bid: $100 Est.: $1,500 - $2,500 • Min. bid: $800

Lot 260 Lot 264

1850 - 1860. Bluish aquamarine, ABLE / DYSPEPSIA CURE” - (motif of
cylindrical, applied sloping collar Roman Soldier with Sword) - “PRE-
- iron pontil scar, ht. 7 3/8”; (lightly PARED FOR THE U. S. / BY L. AND
cleaned to original luster; a couple N. ADLER MEDICINE CO. / READING
of faint patches of light interior stain PA. U.S.A.”, America, 1880 - 1890.
or residue, otherwise very near mint!) Golden amber, rectangular with bev-
Odell, p.224. A very scarce, to rare, eled corners, tooled sloping collar with
New Orleans medicine advertised for ring - smooth base, ht. 8 7/8”; (lightly
gonorrhea, gleet, gravel, neuralgia of cleaned to original luster and near mint
the bladder, incontinence of the urine, condition). BA2, #120. A great looking,
price $3.00 per bottle. extremely rare, pictorial cure listed as
“Super Great” by Agee.
Est.: $200 - $400 • Min. bid: $120
Est.: $1,400 - $2,200 • Min. bid: $700

American Glass Gallery, Auction #20 • Closing May 15, 2018 PAGE 41

Lot 265 Lot 269

FRED SANDELIN - OAKLAND, CAL.”, HAIR TONIC”, America, 1860 - 1870.
America, 1880 - 1890. Aquamarine, Pink amethyst with some reddish
rectangular with beveled corners, strawberry tones, rectangular with bev-
tooled sloping collar - smooth base, ht. eled corners, applied ring collar with
8 7/8”, perfect. An extremely rare cure, bevel - smooth base, ht. 7 3/8”, virtually
unlisted by Agee, and about as nice of attic mint; (just the slightest trace of
an example as you could hope to find! faint wear including a couple of tiny pin-
We’ve been told that this bottle, espe- head open surface bubbles, otherwise
cially in this condition, comes around perfect!) DF, p.48. A great example
about “once in a lifetime”. Ads touting fantastic color. Many of these early hair
the marvels of this cure can be found bottles have been dug and cleaned, but
as early as 1883. not this one!

Est.: $500 - $800 • Min. bid: $250 Est.: $800 - $1,200 • Min. bid: $400

Lot 266 Lot 270

E. SUIRE & Co / CINCINNATI” (with HAIR - REGENERATOR”, America, 1865
partial original labels and proprietary - 1875. Light-to-medium pinkish puce
tax stamp on base), America, 1875 with an amethyst tone, rectangular with
- 1880. Medium cobalt blue, square beveled corners, applied double ring col-
with beveled corners, applied sloping lar - smooth base, ht. 7 3/8”; (very slight
collar - smooth base, ht. 7 ¾”, virtu- trace of faint wear, otherwise pristine!) A
ally attic mint; (pinhead open bubble scarce, lighter-than-normal color for this
on shoulder, otherwise pristine). A mold with excellent clarity, beautiful con-
scarce, desirable elixir, and very rare in dition. Both this, and the following Lot in
this attic-found condition with partial the golden yellow coloration, are choice,
original labels. top-shelf examples!

Est.: $200 - $400 • Min. bid: $120 Est.: $500 - $800 • Min. bid: $250

Lot 267 Lot 271

MACISTS” / (P&L monogram) / / HAIR - REGENERATOR”, America,
“LEESBURG / VA.”, America, 1890 - 1865 - 1875. Brilliant golden yellow,
1900. Medium -to-deep cobalt blue, rectangular with beveled corners, ap-
oval with flattened front panel, tooled plied double ring collar - smooth base,
prescription-type collar - smooth ht. 7 3/8”, ‘out-of-the-mold’ pristine per-
base, ht. 8 1/8”, near attic mint; (just fect! An extremely rare and desirable
a slight trace of minor wear, and a color for a Dr. Tebbett’s. You will find 50
little faint interior content haze that or more examples in shades of puce or
would likely wash out, otherwise per- amethyst, before you will find one in this
fect). An attic-type bottle that has not coloration. Note, Dr. Tebbett’s was from
been dug. A rare and very desirable Manchester, NH.
colored druggist, impressive size.
Est.: $800 - $1,200 • Min. bid: $400
Est.: $800 - $1,200 • Min. bid: $400
Lot 272
Lot 268
(Owl perched on Motar) / “TODCo” / RESTORER - NEW YORK.”, America,
(monogram) / “TRADE MARK”, 1865 - 1875. Medium-to-deep plum
Wide Mouth Salt Jar, Whitall-Tatum amethyst, rectangular with beveled
Co, Millville, NJ, 1890 - 1910. Medi- corners, tooled, likely applied ring col-
um-to-deep cobalt, square with bev- lar - smooth base, ht. 7 1/8”; (profes-
eled corners, tooled ring-type collar - sionally cleaned to original luster and
“W T.CO. / U.S.A” (on smooth base), otherwise near mint condition). See DF,
ht. 9 5/8”; (professionally cleaned to pgs. 7-8. Beautiful, rich color through
original luster with a little light matte- the shoulders shading to a deep, dense
type finish remaining, primarily on the amethyst, through the lower half of the
lower part of the front panel). Scarce body.
large size, considered the ‘grand-
pappy’ of the owl druggists. Est.: $250 - $400 • Min. bid: $140

Est.: $250 - $450 • Min. bid: $150

PAGE 42 American Glass Gallery, Auction #20 • Closing May 15, 2018

Lot 273 Lot 277

America, 1880 - 1890. Colorless, probably Saratoga Mountain Glass-
figural horse hoof, sheared, threaded, works, Mt. Pleasant, NY, 1860 - 1866.
and factory ground mouth with original Medium olive green, cylindrical, applied
screw-on zinc lid - “PATENTED JULY sloping collar with bevel - smooth base,
20TH 1880” (on smooth base), ht. 5 Qt, near mint; (just a couple of onion-
3/8”, near attic mint; (a ¾” sliver type skin-thin open surface bubbles and a
flake from the top and inside edge little minor exterior wear). T# N-3:A. A
of the ground mouth, otherwise both beautiful example, bubbly glass, excel-
bottle and threaded lid perfect!) A rare lent condition. A rare and desirable
veterinary bottle, also a choice item for mold that does not come around often.
collectors of figural bottles. The Avon Spring was known as the
“Saratoga of Western New York”.
Est.: $200 - $400 • Min .bid: $120
Est.: $1,400 - $2,200 • Min. bid: $700
Lot 274
Lot 278
probably New England Glass Bottle “CONGRESS & EMPIRE SPRING CO
Company, Cambridge, MA, 1825 - / C / SARATOGA. N.Y.”, America, 1865
1833. Beautiful yellowish olive with a - 1875. Brilliant yellowish olive, cylindri-
slight amber tone, cylindrical, applied cal, applied sloping collar with bevel
sloping collar with bevel - sand type - smooth base, Qt, near mint; (a few
pontil scar, Qt, virtually attic mint; partially open surface bubbles, otherwise
(slight trace of faint exterior wear, oth- attic mint). T# C-14:A, variant 3. Beauti-
erwise perfect). T# C-1:C. A rare early ful, eye-appealing color, and as noted by
mineral water. The quarts are certainly Tucker, rare in the yellow-olive tones.
much harder to find than the pints,
and this one is a fantastic example in Est.: $300 - $500 • Min. bid: $150
character and condition!
Lot 279
Est.: $1,500 - $2,500 • Min. bid: $800
America, 1872 - 1889. Aquamarine,
“LYNCH & CLARKE / NEW YORK”, cylindrical, applied sloping collar with
probably New England Glass Bottle bevel - smooth base, Pt, perfect! T#
Company, Cambridge, MA, 1825 - S-55. Outstanding condition, beautifully
1833. Yellowish olive amber, cylindri- whittled, and very rare. Believed to be
cal, applied sloping collar with bevel - only a handful known to exist, and one
sand type pontil scar, Pt, perfect! T# that very few of even the advanced col-
C-2:B, type 2. Another great example lector will have. A great Saratoga bottle.
of an early Lynch & Clarke. Outstand-
ing color, lighter than most, excellent Est.: $3,000 - $5,000 • Min. bid: $1,500
clarity, whittled. About as nice of an
example as you could hope to find.

Est.: $400 - $800 • Min. bid: $200

Lot 276 Lot 280

SOUTH HERO. VT.”, probably a (Motif of Rock) / “C&W / SARATOGA
South Stoddard glasshouse, 1865 N.Y.”, America,1865 - 1872. Beauti-
- 1873. Clear, medium olive amber, ful, deep teal blue, cylindrical, applied
cylindrical, applied sloping collar with sloping collar with bevel - smooth base,
bevel - smooth base, Qt, pristine Pt, sparkling attic mint! T# S-37:B. This
perfect. T# V-8. A rare mineral water, bottle was originally found on historic
beautiful color, nice character, out- Mackinaw Island, Michigan. As noted
standing condition. A great example! by Tucker, a scarce mold, rare color!
We originally sold this bottle about eight
Est.: $1,000 - $1,500 • Min. bid: $500 years ago. The owner has consigned a
portion of his collection to us, including
this outstanding example.

Est.: $800 - $1,200 • Min. bid: $400

American Glass Gallery, Auction #20 • Closing May 15, 2018 PAGE 43

Lot 281 Lot 285

& Co / SARATOGA Co N.Y. - OLD Ohio, or Midwest glasshouse, 1850
SARATOGA / SPRING / WATER”, - 1860. Very deep, rich aquamarine,
America, 1868 - 1880. Medium blue almost a blue-green, cylindrical, applied
green, almost a teal tone, cylindrical, sloping collar - iron pontil scar, ht. 7
applied sloping collar with bevel - ¼”; (lightly cleaned with just a trace of
smooth base, Qt.; (a little minor light faint wear remaining, and otherwise
haze, primarily around the shoulders; a appears as very near mint). A very
¼” chip along the bottom edge of the scarce-to-rare soda. Initials “P.D.F”
beveled collar). T# S-43:A. A scarce represented Peter D. Ferguson, an early
bottle in a pleasing scarce color. Prov- Cincinnati bottler. Bubbly glass, heavily
enance: Ex. Howard Dean collection. whittled, rich deep color, a great looking
Est.: $800 - $1,200 • Min. bid: $400
Est.: $175 - $350 • Min. bid: $100
Lot 282
Lot 286
WATER”, America, probably 1855 “J. LAMPPIN / MINERAL WATER /
- 1859. Deep, rich aqua, oval, large UTICA. - UTICA BOTTLING / ESTAB-
applied blob collar - iron pontil scar, LISHMENT”, probably a western New
ht. 7 ¾”; (two small potstones on the York State glasshouse, 1850 - 1860.
reverse, with small radiations, otherwise Light-to-medium blue green with a slight
excellent). T# M-21:E, Variant with iron teal tone, cylindrical, applied blob collar
pontil. Extremely rare, possibly one of - iron pontil scar, ht. 6 ¾”; (just a trace of
the first Hanbury Smith’s bottles prior very minor wear, otherwise attic mint). A
to moving his operation from Ohio, to great example with some nice whittling,
New York. See “Hanbury Smith, Dr. good color, and excellent condition. It
Noseberry and Jeny Lind”, by Donald appears to be an “attic-type” example
Tucker, AB&GC, January 2018. that has not been dug and cleaned.

Est.: $500 - $800 • Min. bid: $250 Est.: $200 - $400 • Min. bid: $120

Lot 283 Lot 287

SMITH”, America, 1865 - 1875. Me- / MICH - MANUFACTURER / OF /
dium-to-deep olive yellow, cylindrical, MINERAL & / SODO WATER” (soda
applied sloping collar - smooth base, misspelled), 1852 - 1860. Sapphire blue,
Pt, attic mint! T# M-21:B. Beautiful, cylindrical, applied blob collar - iron
attractive color, outstanding condi- pontil, ht. 7; (professionally cleaned to
tion, the glass is filled with plenty of original luster with a little minor light
tiny seed bubbles. Not an easy one wear remaining, including a 7/16” open
to find, especially in this color and bubble on the reverse that has some
condition. Provenance: Ex. Ronnie depth to it, otherwise excellent). John
Landry collection. Williams produced both lemon water
and soda pop. A rare Michigan colored
Est.: $100 - $200 • Min. bid: $60 squat soda.

Lot 284 Est.: $400 - $800 • Min. bid: $200

SMITH”, America, 1865 - 1875.
Medium olive coloration, cylindri- “A P SMITH / CHARLESTON” (in
cal, applied sloping collar - smooth rectangular slugplate), America, 1845 -
base, Pt, near attic mint; (just a slight 1855. Light sapphire blue, cylindrical,
trace of very minor wear, primarily applied sloping collar - iron pontil scar,
on the reverse, otherwise perfect). ht. 7 3/8”; (professionally cleaned with
T# M-21:B. A great example, crude some overall light etching and ground
glass having plenty of character, and wear remaining; a partially open bubble
also in outstanding overall condi- with residue on the collar). Scarce
tion. Provenance: Ex. Ronnie Landry color. This mold is likely the earlier of
collection. the A.P. Smith’s, and comes in a variety
of colors. These bottles are almost
Est.: $100 - $200 • Min. bid: $60 impossible to find in mint, or near mint

Est.: $200 - $400 • Min. bid: $100

PAGE 44 American Glass Gallery, Auction #20 • Closing May 15, 2018

Lot 289 Lot 293

“HEADMAN / PHILADA - F. W. H.”, Lot of (2) Sodas, “B. PIETZ / PIQUA.
America, probably 1849 - 1850. Clear, O.”, and “B. PIETZ & Co. / PIQUA. O.”,
medium blue green, cylindrical, applied America, 1870 - 1880. Aquamarine and
blob collar - iron pontil scar, ht. 7 ¼”; blue green, both cylindrical with “THIS
(professionally cleaned to original BOTTLE / NEVER SOLD” on reverse,
luster with some scattered light ground applied blob collars - smooth bases, ht.
wear remaining). A scarce soda, 7 ½” each, both examples are virtually
believed to have been blown approx. attic mint; (aqua example has a ¼” chip
1849 - 1850 (see Tod von Mechow’s at edge of base, otherwise both excel-
comprehensive website, Soda & Beer lent). Scarce sodas, the aqua example
Bottles of North America). retains it’s original wire closure.

Est.: $150 - $250 • Min. bid: $80 Est.: $200 - $400 • Min. bid: $100

Lot ??? Lot 290 Lot ??? Lot 294

Lot of (2), Scarce New Jersey Sodas, “BOSS & Co”, Pastorius, Schulz & Co.
America, 1850 - 1865. “G.A. KOHL Iron City Glass Works, c. 1864. Deep
/ LAMB.T / N.J. - IMPROVED / K / olive green in the shoulders shading to
PATENT”, and “KEHOE & PURCELL / a dense (black glass), in the lower body,
TRENTON / N.J. - K & P”. Shades of 3-pc. mold, porter form, applied sloping
medium-to-deep bluish green, applied collar with ring - “PASTORIUS SCHULZ
blob collars - iron pontil and smooth & CO PITTS PA” (on early smooth base),
base, ht. 7 3/8” and 7” respectively; Qt, perfect! Pastorius, Schulz & Co. was
(the G.A. KOHL has minor exterior wear, only in business for the one year. A very
and a little light haze in the shoulders, rare Cincinnati porter. Excellent character
otherwise excellent, and with a fully in- having crude, wavy, heavy glass.
tact iron pontil; the PURCELL has some
light wear and scratches). Est.: $1,800 - $3,200 • Min. bid: $1,000

Est.: $150 - $250 • Min. bid: $80 Lot 295

/ O.”, Wm. McCully & Co., Pittsburgh
“J. X LAUBE” / (Cross) / “AKRON, Glass Works, 1860 - 1870. Deep olive
O.” Soda Water Bottle, America, amber, cylindrical, 2-piece mold, ap-
possibly Middletown Glass Works, plied sloping collar with bevel - “W.
Middletown, NY, 1890 - 1900. Light- McCULLY & Co PITTSBURGH PA” (on
to-medium sapphire blue, cylindrical, smooth base), ht. 9 ¾”; (trace bit of faint
Hutchinson-style blob collar - “M wear, otherwise pristine perfect). A very
G W / 2” (on smooth base), Pt, ht. scarce, to rare, early porter bottle, es-
7”; (appears to be a dug bottle that pecially in this outstanding, ‘attic’ found
has not been cleaned, with a just condition! Note; the Pittsburgh Glass
a little minor exterior wear, and a Works advertised making ‘black bottles,
small patch of light interior milkiness, carboys, demijohns, & c’.
otherwise excellent). A scarce and
desirable colored ‘Hutch’. Est.: $1,500 - $2,500 • Min. bid: $800

Est.: $300 - $600 • Min. bid: $150 Lot 296

Lot 292 Demijohn, America, 1875 - 1885. Light
sapphire with a lavender hue, almost a
“CITY. BOTTLING. WORKS / TO- “periwinkle blue” coloration, cylindrical,
4-piece mold, applied sloping collar
LglEaDssOh.oOusHeI,O1.”8,7p0ro- b1a8Lb8ol0y.taD?Me?eid?pwest with bevel - smooth base, ht. 11 ½”, at-
tic mint! A subtle, but very pretty color
cornflower blue, almost a sap- that is definitely a little more unusual.
phire coloration, cylindrical, applied Note, there is a horizontal mold seam
elongated large blob collar - smooth near the base of the neck, and the
base, ht. 6 3/8”; (lightly cleaned with
a little minor wear remaining including texture of thLe ogltas?s?o?n the neck above
a shallow 1/8” flake on the base, and
another on the inside edge of the lip). the line is more crude, suggesting a
Very rare, with only a few known. This mold repair or change in the neck of the
most unusual closure was patented bottle. A beautiful example.
in 1862 by Albert Albertson, of NYC.
Est.: $300 - $600 • Min. bid: $180
Est.: $200 - $400 • Min. bid: $100

American Glass Gallery, Auction #20 • Closing May 15, 2018 PAGE 45

Lot 262: Henion’s
Sure Cure for Malaria

T he Henion’s Sure Cure For Malaria bottle is
unquestionably attractive, colorful and extremely rare.
But beyond that, it is one of the most widely recognized
patent medicine bottles known and the only other example
to share the distinctive, perhaps iconic “Tippecanoe”-type
mouth of H. H. Warner’s figural log with canoe bottle (patent
date of 1883 on it’s base).

This fine example was originally discovered by the consignor
around 1965 on his family farm in Webster, NY, near
Rochester. At the time, he was just a boy and a budding
archeologist and treasure hunter. He discovered the bottle
along with several other patent medicines in a trash pile on
the farm. In addition, the home was still filled with old furniture
and other antiques. The consignor has held on to the bottle
for more than 50 years. This is the first time that this great
bottle is being offered at public auction.

As a further point of interest, the consignor tells us that “...the
entire property was bordered with a stone fence. The family
that built the farm used the larger boulders as the outsides of
the stone fence and filled the center with trash and smaller
rocks. I wonder what treasures are within those walls. Just a
random removal found among other things, a jewelry box with
civil war veteran medals, glass perfumes and mason jars filled
with canned goods….some still sealed.”

PAGE 46 American Glass Gallery, Auction #20 • Closing May 15, 2018

Skilton & Foote T hese beautifully embossed food bottles were used
Bunker Hill Pickle for a variety of pickles and sauces produced by
Bottles: Lot 93 The Skilton & Foote Company of Somerville, Mass.
which was founded by George C. Skilton in 1860. The firm
remained in operation until about 1907.

This is an affordable and fun group of food bottles to
collect, coming in many molds and sizes. Colors
run from aquamarine to various shades of amber,
and occasionally shades of green and citron,
which are considered the rarest and most prized.

Watch for additional fine examples in our
upcoming auctions.

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