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Published by Anna Swesey, 2019-05-13 21:21:34

Anna Harris Professional Portfolio May 2019

Anna Harris, MSN, RN

627 Luscombe Street

Independence, OR 97351
(509) 312-0742
[email protected]



Full Resume

Teaching Philosophy

Utilizing the sociocultural theory (SCT) and the philosophy of progressivism, my perspective on education is that educators and students must

work collaboratively in the learning process until independence in understanding and practice can be achieved. My teaching style promotes assisted

learning while students begin the process of problem-solving. I mentor students closely at first and help facilitate acquirement of knowledge and

skills necessary to care for the health and wellbeing of diverse patient populations. Once students develop confidence and experience, I will begin to

withdraw coaching to promote autonomy and self-motivated learning. My role as an educator is to support and encourage students to gain confidence

in moving toward independence in their professional career. Through mentoring students toward independent nursing practice, educators develop a

foundation of self-sufficiency and reflection essential for continual growth in an ever-changing health care environment.

To do this, I first look at each learner as an individual with a distinctive background that shapes their outlook and understanding. Each person

has perceived strengths and weaknesses that can affect self-confidence, drive, and enthusiasm. I continually look for opportunities to provide positive
feedback, constructive criticism, and affirmation as I believe they are essential for each person’s growth and wellbeing. To support each learner’s

unique perspective and learning styles, I utilize multiple teaching methods including visual and auditory presentations, hands-on opportunities, case

studies, and tea projects.

I also strive to foster a teaching and learning environment that promotes honest and open communication. The learning environment should

present an atmosphere for discussion between the students and educators where opinions and feelings can be voiced candidly. I believe learning is

enriched with debriefing, reflection, and opportunities for constructive feedback. My goal is for students to feel open to sharing their beliefs and

perceptions and comfortable to adapt and grow through their learning process.

Sample Professional Work

Sample Syllabi

Pathophysiology Syllabus Warfarin Syllabus

Sample Course Preparation

Sample Test Questions Sample Assessment Plan

Sample Lesson Plan

Sample PowerPoint Presentation

Cardiovascular System

Sample Lecture

Video #1 Video #2 Video #3 Video #4 Video #5

Sample Interactive Game

Cardiovascular System Game

Sample Prezi Presentations

Warfarin Management Basics CNA-2 Clinical Day #1

Poster Presentation

Incivility Poster Presentation

Screen Cast-O-Matic Presentation

Factors that Impact Warfarin

Certifications and Licenses

Nursing License


Simulation Certificate

Working hard for something we don’t care about is called

stress: Working hard for something we love is called passion.

-Simon Sinek

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