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final report edocumentation

final report edocumentation



(IMR 505)










1.0 The concept of (your organization)
1.1 Vision

Preserve, maintain and collect sports records for future generation use.

1.2 Mission
To assist in support, coordinate and advocate for identification, creation,
preservation, management, use of all records with respect to sport in Malaysia.

1.3 Objectives
i.) To raise awareness of the importance and relevance of the sport archives.
ii.) To maintain the sport records in systematic and consistent way.
iii.) To acquire the sports records that have value and quality according to
standard National Archive of Malaysia.
iv.) To become identification and dissemination at good practice in sports
development at all level.

1.4 Logo

This is Athleticks Sports Archive logo. The three figure in the logo are
represents the unity of all races in all sports in Malaysia. A sport usually plays in a
group of two or more people and just like football, the team consists of 14 players
and the players are not only come from only one race but also from other races
such as Malay, Indian and Chinese. This will makes those people from other races
work together and form a good unity between them to achieve a good result. Just
like this concept, the Athleticks Sports Archive also will preserve the sport
records from all races in Malaysia and maintain the unity within the races in
Malaysia. The blue color in the first figure signify the security. The security in this
context means that the Athleticks Sports Archive makes sure that all sports
records that being keep in Athleticks Sports Archive are keep in a thigh security
and safety. The records will be store in a room which only the staff with
identification to come inside the room or storage. The Athleticks Sports Archive is
externally and internally secure, environmentally secure and clean and orderly.
The black color in the middle figure represents the control, authority and receiving
the sports records in Athleticks Sports Archive. The Athleticks Sports Archive
maintain the authority of the records that are being keep in the sports archive and
ensure that the integrity of the record being maintain. Besides that, it is the
responsibility of the archives to control all sports records created by the
organization and ensure that they are put to use to the best advantage throughout
their life.

The turquoise color in the last figure symbolize the open communication and
also relate to electronic age and the world of computer. Athleticks Sports Archive
provides open communication with people outside of the archive so that people
will know the Athleticks Sports Archive better. Athleticks Sports Archive also not
only store and keep the record in the form of paper but also in electronic form. If
anything happen to the paper records, Athleticks Sports Archive still have the
records in electronic form as a back-up. Other than that, electronic form also not
difficult as paper to maintain the content of the record. Paper form need to be keep
physically so that the record will not damage and can be used for the future use.

1.5 Services.
Athleticks Sports Archive provide several services to people who want to use

their services to keep their records. These services will ensure that the Athleticks
Sports Archive trusted by the people who want use the sports archive.

The first service that provided by Athleticks Sports Archive is receiving the
records. Athleticks Sports Archive will receive the records regarding the sports in
Malaysia without regardless of the races in Malaysia. Athleticks Sports Archive also
will receive the records in any form and keep it in the archive safely.

Second is dispose the records. Athleticks Sports Archive provide a service to
dispose a record when the records are no longer needed. The records should dispose
when it is do not give any value to the archive. The disposal of records are based on
the dispose schedule which is provide by the National Archive of Malaysia.

Third is preservation service. Athleticks Sports Archive maintaining and
monitoring of the environmental conditions in the repository so that the records that
are keep in the archive is secure and in a good physical. Athleticks Sports Archive
also provide a Conservation and repair facilities and programs and copying and
photographic equipment and programmes.

The last service that offer by Athleticks Sports Archive is consultation. Athleticks
Sports Archive offer consultation in terms of handling of letter correspondence,
classification scheme, file keeping and preservation, preparation of disposal records
schedule and disposal of records in the Athleticks Sports Archive

In a nutshell, the services offer by Athleticks Sports Archive will ensure that
Athleticks Sports Archive is trusted by public. Athleticks Sports Archive service also
help the archive to achieve the Athleticks Sports Archive vision, mission and

1.6 Target User
a.) Minister of Sports Malaysia
b.) Sport institutions
c.) Athlete
d.) University who provide courses about sport
e.) Coach

1.7 SWOT Analysis

Athleticks Sports Archive is aiming to become well known in Malaysia and
as well as others countries. To make this comes true, the Athleticks Sports Archive
has come with SWOT analysis which will help the Athleticks Sports Archive become
a trusted and favorite archive to all people.

The strength of Athleticks Sports Archive is the thigh security of the archive. The
Athleticks Sports Archive building is equip with a high level of security including the
internal of the archive. The front gate of the archive is using the boom gate which
people who want to come in to the building need to leave their identification card at
the security guard. They only can get their identification card when they are getting
out from the building. The internal of the archive is also equip with 24/7 security
cameras and all movement in the archive are recorded and guarded in the security
room. The storage room where all the records being keep only can be access by the
staff identification card and their biometrics data. The archive also equip with safety
tools incase anything happen in the Athleticks Sports Archive.

The weakness for the Athleticks Sports Archive is the location of the archive. The
location of Athleticks Sports Archive is located at Negeri Sembilan, where the town is
not in the central of the Malaysia city. People might found it as far from the city as
many building and institution are in the central of Malaysia city which is in Kuala
Lumpur. People also might think twice before want to go to Athleticks Sports Archive
as it almost takes one and a half hour from the central of the Malaysia city.

The opportunities of Athleticks Sports Archive is that the Athleticks Sports
Archive can grow faster and will be well known in Malaysia. Athleticks Sports
Archive is not like the regular archive that keep many types of records. The Athleticks
Sports Archive keep only the sports records in Malaysia, whether it is a traditional
sports or the modern sports. There are many kind of sports in Malaysia and it need to
be preserved so that the future generation can play it and know about the sports.
Athleticks Sports Archive also can go further to other country as other countries also
have many types of sports that people from other countries do not familiar or do not
know the existence of the sports.

Lastly is the threats of Athleticks Sports Archive. The threats of Athleticks Sports
Archive is the archive that might run the same function as Athleticks Sports Archive,
which is preserving sports records in Malaysia. People might choose other archive to
keep their sports records. Not only that, the digital age also might become a threat to
Athleticks Sports Archive as the electronic age or the digital age grow faster every
time and it might difficult for Athleticks Sports Archive to catch.

In a nutshell, Athleticks Sports Archive will become a well-known sports in
Malaysia and strive to help all people to preserve the sports records for the future
generation use.

1.8 Advantages using Athleticks Sports Archive.

In this modern era, preserving a record is very necessary and important to make
sure that the record is not extinct and the future generation can use it. There is several
advantages of using Athleticks Sports Archive in preserving the reords.

The first advantages of using Athleticks Sports Archive in preserving the records
is hiring expert workers. Athleticks Sports Archive is striving to become trusted and
international archive. To make sure these become reality, Athleticks Sports Archive is
hiring only expert workers in record management field to work inside Athleticks
Sports Archive. The qualification for workers that work in Athleticks Sports Archive
is from Bachelor Degree in Records Management, Master in Records Management
field and also PhD in Records Management field. Workers who study in this field will
manage and the records effectively and efficiently. They are having a knowledge on
how to receive the record, doing preservation and conservation of record if the record
is damage and know how to dispose the record according to the disposal schedule.
These workers also have the knowledge on what environment to keep the record so
that the record can last for more than twenty years.

Second is security. Athleticks Sports Archive building is equip with a very thigh
security. Inside of the building is install with more than twenty security camera and
CCTV system. Every floor, every corridor of the Athleticks Sports Archive is install
with this security camera so that every single movement in the building will be
recorded. The door that is not for open access is install with smart access door and
staff biometric data which only the staff with identification card and biometric data
can access the room and exit from the room. The building also is a fire-resistance, as
for prevention from fire. The main gate of the building also install with a boom gate
with a security guard guarded the main gate 24 hours a week. People who have
business and consultation with Athleticks Sports Archive need to do the body search
and leave their identification card with the security guard. The security guard also is
not a regular security guard but actually a police man.

Third, accessibility. Athleticks Sports Archive is accessible to public. Public can
reach Athleticks Sports Archive through phone, email or just walk in to Athleticks
Sports Archive. The Athleticks Sports Archive customer service is accessible 24
hours and people can contact Athleticks Sports Archive anytime they want. This is
because there is people that is assign to handle the Athleticks Sports Archive

customer service. Other than that, people can just walk in to Athleticks Sports
Archive if there is something they want to know and the entry is free of charge.

Lastly is record keeping in electronic forms. Record is usually in the paper based
form where it is difficult to maintain the physical of the paper. In Athleticks Sports
Archive, they we offer to keep record in electronic form. Record that keep in
electronic form is easy to retrieve, as it need computer to keep it. The staff job to
maintain the physical form also will be easy as it do not need a thigh care. Athleticks
Sports Archive also offer to keep the record in the paper form so that people who need
the record can use it in short period of time.

In a nutshell, Athleticks Sports Archive give many advantages to people who use
their service. It is totally a worth for people.

2.0 Full basic floor plan
2.1 With site layout (external)

2.2 Without site layout

3.0 Space consideration and requirements
3.1 Public areas
2D floor plan

3D floor plan

3.1.1 Research Hall

Function of Research hall:
For the convenience of researchers, a spacious hall is provided, with
a seating capacity of 150 at any one time. It is equipped with a service
counter, finding-aids room and computers. The research hall handles
materials inquiry and assists users in finding information needed. It also
focuses on teaching users in information searching and retrieval skills. It
contains four rooms inside which are Large Scale Research Room,
Audio Visual Research Room, Electronic Research Room and Microfilm
Research Room.

3.1.2 Finding Aids Room

Function of Finding aids room:
Finding aids room is a room that provides researchers tools to help

them to find information in specific group of records, collection, or
series of archival materials. This room is the first thing to look before
handling a collection inside the archive. It also helps researchers or users
to locate the records that they are seeking. Furthermore, it provides
archives inventory list. This room also provides users with abstract, the
scope and contents and the biographic or administrative history to get a
sense of what the collection about.

3.1.3 Leisure Area

Functions of leisure area:
A place for visitors to rest without doing anything. In this area,

archive provides something eyes-catching to attract visitors. It is
also comfortable and has homely environment that makes visitors
feel at ease. They may relax and loosen up in this area, or simply use
it as a favourite corner to give themselves a break from all the hectic
in life.

3.2 Staff Area
2D floor plan

3D floor plan

3.2.1 Meeting room

Function of meeting room are:
A meeting room is a space usually set aside for people to get together, often

informally to hold meetings, for issues to be discussed, priorities set, and
decisions made. Usually all the staff in the organization will be meet in this room.
Besides, this room is to contribute and share information and do a presentation on
a project to the top management.

3.2.2 Registry room

Function of registry room::

The registry room is area in every administrative unit must have where
the record in the room will be kept. This room will keep the active record
which the records are currently active and mostly being used in daily
operation in the staff area. Beside that, there will be a record officer that will
manage the room . The room have water sprinkler, smoke detector and
humidifier to maintain the condition of the record.

3.2.3 Discussion room


The discussion room is a room that used for discussion among the staff in the
staff area. This room provide a comfortable environment for the staff to discuss
about their work and job. Not just that, the staff can discuss informally in this
room between them. In this room, there are bookshelf for the staff to do

3.3 Storage area

Storage is the area for keeping and preserving records that are related to
Malaysian sports and have values in terms of national and historical. Athleticks
Sports Archive has nine storage areas namely, paper-based records 1, paper-based
records 2, photographic records (colour), photographic records (black and white),
magnetic records, large scale records, microfische records, microfilm records, and
electronic records. Athleticks Sports Archive’s storage has two strong rooms, and
they are located in paper-based records 1 and large scale records storage areas.
These strong rooms were built for keeping and preserving the most valuable
Malaysian sports records and can only be accessed by authorized personnel which
is in charge for managing and securing these records. All storage areas are
equipped with smart access and security cameras for security reasons. As for the
floor, every storage area uses the same colour for standardization, which is green.
This archive has two future expansion areas for any renovation in the future.
Storage areas are protected areas and visitors and researchers are not allowed to
linger around in these areas for safety of records purposes. All in all, storage is the
biggest area among other areas, which takes about 60 to 80% of the whole
building. After all, the main purpose of an archive is to keep and preserve records
of value, so it is just rational that storage is the biggest area of the building and
only authorized personnel are allowed to access the areas.

Figure above shows the storage areas plan in 2D.
Figure above shows the storage areas in 3D.

3.3.1 Paper based storage
Paper-based storage is the area to store and preserve paper-based documents
or records that are of value related to all kinds of sports in Malaysia. The
storage for storing paper-based records for Athleticks Sports Archive is
divided into two areas, which are known as paper-based records 1 and
paper-based records 2. These two areas have the same function, that is to keep
and preserve valuable documents or records of sports in Malaysia in papers,
but paper-based records 1 has a strong room which is to keep highly
confidential records from unauthorized access.

-To keep and preserve paper-based documents or records related to all sports
in Malaysia that are valuable and meaningful.
-To preserve these records so that they stay in good condition without any
signs or damage such as yellowing of paper due to oxidation by maintaining
the temperature and humidity in the area with air-conditioners and
-To ensure the security of the records by equipping the area with smart access
door, water sprinklers, smoke detectors and security cameras. For highly
confidential records, they are stored in a strong room in paper-based records 1.
-Non-authorized personnel is prohibited from entering the strong room for
security reason.

Figure above shows the area of paper-based records 1
Figure above shows the area of paper-based records 2

Figure above shows area of strong room for paper-based records 1.

3.3.2 Large scale storage
Large scale records storage is the area to keep and preserve records such as
maps, plans, and drawings related to sports in Malaysia that are of value. The
area is equipped with lateral metal cabinets as to accommodate the large size
of these kinds of records properly. There is a strong room in this area as to
secure the most valuable large scale records of sports in Malaysia.

-To keep and preserve large scale Malaysian sports records such maps, plans,
and drawings that are of value.
-To protect these records from damage by providing appropriate equipment for
storing such as lateral metal cabinets, and air-conditioners and dehumidifiers
for ensuring the stability of temperature and humidity in the storage area.
-To secure the large scale records that are highly valuable from unauthorized
access by storing them in the strong room in the storage area.
-For ensuring the security of these records, the area is equipped smart access
and security cameras.
-Non-authorized personnel are not allowed to enter the area for security

Figures above show the area of large scale records
Figure above shows the strong room in large scale records

3.3.3 Magnetic records storage
Magnetic records storage is the area for keeping and preserving valuable
records that are related to sports of Malaysia in the forms of CDs, DVDs,
video tapes, and cassettes. These magnetic records are stored in metal cabinets
instead of open shelves to secure the records from damage. The storage area is
equipped with air-conditioners and dehumidifiers to maintain the appropriate
temperature and humidity of these magnetic records, so they can last longer
for research and reference purposes.

-To keep and preserve magnetic records such as CDs, DVDs, video tapes, and
cassettes that are related to sports in Malaysia and have values in terms of
national and historical.
-To preserve the magnetic records by maintaining appropriate temperature and
humidity in the storage area so that they stay in good condition.
-To ensure the security of the records from unauthorized personnel by
installing smart access and security cameras in the storage area.

Figures above show the storage area for magnetic records.

3.4 Processing area
2D floor plan

3D floor plan

3.4.1 Receiving room

1- Receiving Room
 To receive the records once the records come to the archive.
 All the records need to be checked once again and being recorded by the staff.
 To transfer the records to another places.
 This area is needed to have clean environment to secure the records carefully.
 The receiving room should be nearer to the archival and non-archival supply
rooms such as the triage area and the treatment / processing areas.

3.4.2 Triage room

2- Triage Room
 Is a very temporary storage area for incoming materials where accessions
records are generated and decisions are made.
 From this area, materials will be moved to the holding room, the treatment
area or possibly directly to processing or other areas of the building.
 Materials held in triage may be contaminated. So, the room must be tightly
isolated to prevent potential spread of contamination by insects, mold etc.
 All the materials need to be inspected and placed on carts for transfer to the
next site / area.

3.4.3 Treatment area
Is made up of 3 separate spaces: all related each other.

a) Space 1:
Dirty room
 Is a space with negative air pressure where infested collections can be placed
without fear of infecting other collections in the building.
 Is the place where materials known to be contaminated are placed as quickly
as possible upon learning of their condition.

b) Space 2:
Work room
 Is where contaminated materials are cleaned and determined to be safe to
introduce into the processing / collections area.
 Need hot and cold water and sink.
 Floor drain in the work room.

c) Space 3 :
Humidifying room
 Is used for materials that require re-humidification prior to processing or use.
 Other materials will need humidification to change their set prior to use (such
as tightly rolled maps that may also be fragile)


Alhamdulillah, first at all we would like to thank to Allah who is most beneficent
and merciful. This assignment has been completed due to the support of many people
and we wish to acknowledge them.

We owe a debt of gratitude to Dr Ezza Rafedziawati Binti Kamal Rafedzi,
lecturer of Planning And Design Of Records And Archival Repositories (IMR 505),
the completion of this assignment could not have been possible without the
participation and assistance from the lecturer for letting us to understand this

We really grateful because have managed to complete this assignment within the
time given by Dr Ezza Rafedziawati. This assignment can’t be complete without the
effort and cooperation.

We also would like to thank to our parents. For giving us the opportunity to
continue our study and supported us mentally and financially.

Lastly, we would like to thank all those who helped us throughout the process of
this assignment.

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