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LTMTDS vol 2

Keywords: Conductivity Healing

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
Adi Da Samrajashram, 2008




H I S D I V I N E P R E S E N C E,

Avatar Adi Da Samraj



The Divine Reality-Way of Adidam
Is An ego-Transcending Relationship,

Not An ego-Centric Technique






The Divine Siddha-Method of The Ruchira Avatar xv
An Introduction to the Series
The Living Divine Person Reveals the Secrets of
Turning the Total Body-Mind to Him 3

An Introduction to My “Bright” Form 9
by Jonathan Condit, PhD
The Supreme Yoga of Radical Devotion 11
to the “Bright” Divine Form of Reality Itself 15
by Ruchiradama Quandra Sukhapur Rani Naitauba 20
I Am Here To Embrace Everyone
The First Conversion 83
1. The Western World and The Godless Life 104
2. The Westerner In Everyone Must Be Converted 109
3. The Principle of Sacrifice 123
4. The Master Is The Means 135
5. The Manliness of Surrender
6. There Is God or There Is The self-Contraction

The Whole Bodily Yoga of Radical Devotion

7. The Yoga of Body, Emotion, Mind, and Breath
8. Are You Just Coping?
9. True self-Observation
10. Do Not Do That Anymore
11. The Drama of The Total Body-Mind
12. What Is Your Conclusion About Reality?
13. The Tacit Obviousness of Real God
14. The Functional “I” Is Awareness Present

As Intelligence

15. Awareness-and-Intelligence Must Be 151
Guided To Respond
16. Surrender To The Source 168
17. Life Bowed Is True Life 191
18. Simply Turn The Faculties of
The Body-Mind-Complex To Me
The Two Fundamental Dimensions of Reality
19. The Happiness That Transcends The World 276
20. The Cosmic Principle of Unity and
The Divine Principle of Revelation 315
21. The Grace of Trust 321
22. Have You Experienced A Reality That
Corresponds To Your Words?
23. Throw Yourself Into The Fire 333
24. Real God Is God-As-Guru
25. The Nameless, Mindless, Thoughtless, 340
Presumptionless, Knowledgeless 347
Love-Bliss-Current of Existence 351
Beyond The Programs of egoity
26. The Cow, The Addict, and The Puritan: 381
The Three self-Based Strategies For Dealing
With The Trouble of self

27. The Basic Principle
28. Feeling Loved By Me Is Not The Key To Practice
29. A Single Spontaneous Gesture
30. The Devotional Yoga of The Breath
31. The Foundation Practice Cannot Be Bypassed
32. The By-Me-Given Practice of Consideration

(With Its Eight Limbs)
33. Just How Much Do You Want To Realize?
34. How Magical! How Profound!

The Heat of Reality
35. You Must Change Everything To Practice
Radical Devotion To Me 398
36. Uncomfortable Is It! 419
37. The Godly Struggle 423
38. You Cannot Think and Talk At The Same Time 426
39. Leonardo’s Molecules and The Original Ralph 431
40. Out-Grow The Universes In Mind 442
41. The Way Out of Pleasure and Pain 450
42. There Is No “I” About It
43. To Realize The Divine Requires A Thorough 456

Transformation of Habit 461
44. The Tar Baby and The Rabbit:
A Tale of Non-Response 475
The Only Domain That Is
45. The Samadhis of egoity
46. The Way of Non-Separateness
47. My Eternal Work
48. I Will Be Incarnated Countlessly

Through My Devotees

My Sphere of Love-Bliss

Notes to the Text of My “Bright” Form 533
Glossary 553
The Universal Offering of Avatar Adi Da Samraj 585

by Ruchiradama Quandra Sukhapur Rani Naitauba 591
The Sacred Literature of Avatar Adi Da Samraj 610
The Structures of the Divine Avataric “Source-Texts”
Given by Avatar Adi Da Samraj

The cover images for the four volumes of
The Divine Siddha-Method of The Ruchira Avatar,

chosen by Avatar Adi Da Samraj in 2005


The Living Divine Person
Reveals the Secrets
of Turning the Total
Body-Mind to Him


by Jonathan Condit, PhD
(senior editorial assistant to Avatar Adi Da Samraj)

In the magnificent Discourses contained in this book, the Living
Divine Person Reveals the secrets of how human beings can
receive His Gifts of Radiant Joy, Boundless Love, and Perfect
Truth: by turning the total body-mind to His “Bright” Form. Such
turning is the epitome of heart-response to the Divine Reality. It is
the conversion from mere mortal existence to a life of participation
in the Great Process that Outshines time and space.

This profound conversion cannot be accomplished by any
form of self-effort—because “self” is the very thing that must be
undone. Thus, the Discourses in this book are also the Blessing-
Touch of His Divine Presence Avatar Adi Da Samraj, the Ever-
Living One Who Appeared in a human Bodily Form in order to
make possible the Yoga of unmediated devotion to the Divine.
This Gesture of Avataric Incarnation, intuited in the most ancient
traditions of humankind, is the Ultimate Gift.

Throughout His human Lifetime (1939–2008), Avatar Adi Da’s
Bodily Form was Transfigured, literally En-Light-ened, by His
Divine State, such that His Form could serve as Graceful Means for
direct Attraction to His Divine Person. The “Brightness” of His
Bodily Form is what makes it possible to engage the devotional
practice of turning to Him:



When you are Sighting My Divinely-Avatarically-Born bodily

(human) Divine Form, you are actually Beholding the Perfect

Reality That I Truly Am.

—My “Bright” Sight

And, by means of the photographs and recordings made dur-
ing His physical Lifetime, Avatar Adi Da’s “Bright” bodily (human)
Form is available to be Sighted forever—in the Great Process of
Realizing His Divine State:

The One before you now is That Un-“caused” Space, Self-

Radiant without limit. This is why you find Me Attractive, if you do.

Even without “knowing” altogether why, this is your intuition. This

is what you are responding to. This Body is a unique Signal, a

unique Sign, the Doorway to Who I Am and to Realization Itself. All

you need to do in any moment is to relinquish all other preoccupa-

tions and Commune with Me. Then you are at My Seat and Place,

and My Realization is yours.

—August 24, 1992

Establishing His “Bright” Form
in the World

In October and November of 1993, a series of events took
place that marked a deeply significant moment in Avatar Adi Da’s
Lifetime, and initiated the Instruction Given in My “Bright” Form.

For more than twenty years, His Divine Presence Avatar Adi Da
Samraj had devoted Himself to the service of others through a pro-
found Submission of His Radiant Being to address the questions,
concerns, and limitations of those who approached Him for
Instruction. Beginning with His first formal offering of Sighting of
His Form and Listening to His Discourse on April 25, 1972 (the
occasion that opens My “Bright” Word ), and through all the fol-
lowing years of Instruction (some of which is given in My “Bright”
Sight), the Divine Avatar had been Working to Communicate the
Way of Realization of His Reality-State and to establish the means for
His Blessing-Work to continue even beyond His physical Lifetime.


The Living Divine Person Reveals the Secrets of
Turning the Total Body-Mind to Him

On the morning of October 23, 1993, Avatar Adi Da was seated
with a few devotees in the main room of His residence at Adi Da
Samrajashram (the Fijian Island of Naitauba). The generous win-
dows of the large room were open, looking out over the wide
ocean waters beyond. The devotees present had asked to meet
with Avatar Adi Da in order to offer Him a “surprise”.

One of them, an American by birth, formally approached the
Divine Avatar on his knees, in the crouched posture traditionally
used in Fiji as a sign of respect and humility. He presented to his
Master a wooden tray covered with a cloth and a salusalu, a tradi-
tional Fijian garland elaborately made of various kinds of leaves
and flowers.

When Avatar Adi Da lifted the cloth on the tray, He uncovered
something small in size but great in significance—a Fijian passport
for Himself, and Fijian passports for the devotees in the room.

A broad smile spread over Avatar Adi Da’s beautiful round face
as He motioned the devotee who had presented the passports to
come forward into His embrace. There was much exclaiming and
congratulating, in celebration of this long-awaited event. Avatar
Adi Da had been granted Fijian citizenship.

At that time, Avatar Adi Da had already lived at Naitauba for
ten years, creating a Hermitage Ashram and imbuing the entire
Island with His Blessing-Power. But, since He was a citizen of the
United States by birth, there had been no guarantee that the Divine
Avatar would be able to remain at Naitauba—which He had so
fully combined with Himself Spiritually and Transcendentally—for
the rest of His physical Lifetime. Therefore, when the government of
Fiji (which, at the time, was conservative in naturalizing people not
born in Fiji) granted citizenship to Avatar Adi Da, His permanent
residence at Naitauba was guaranteed.

Although Avatar Adi Da had always Worked for the benefit of
all, His permanent establishment in His principal Place in Fiji—on
the International Date Line, between East and West—marked the
end of His specific and necessary Work of Submission in the West.
His Embrace of all beings in all places and times, at a more pro-
found level, had begun. This Freedom from the requirement to live
in the Western circumstance and culture—sealed by now having



relinquished American citizenship—was a great joy to Avatar Adi Da,
about which He would speak on many occasions in the coming

The mark of My becoming a Fijian citizen is the last
stroke of My Work to acquire Naitauba Spiritually.
The “karmas” that I Embraced by being Born in the

West and that required My Submission in the West—those

are over. I no longer must make that Submission. Something

in the magic of the moment when I was granted citizenship

here has purified much. —November 11, 1993

That evening, Avatar Adi Da invited all His devotees at Adi Da
Samrajashram to mark this most auspicious event by gathering
together and celebrating with Him. The occasion was an explosion
of joy, and praise erupted as devotees chanted, offered gifts, and
spoke ecstatically to their Beloved Divine Guru.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj celebrating with devotees His reception of Fijian citizenship
October 23, 1993


The Living Divine Person Reveals the Secrets of
Turning the Total Body-Mind to Him

In the midst of the ecstasy and celebration, Avatar Adi Da gave
a sublime Talk about how His devotees must grow beyond the
“Godless” mentality of the West to become sensitive to His Divine
Love-Bliss, His tangible Blessing-Power. That Talk (a portion of which
appears in this book on pp. 6–7) was the first in a series of Discourses
that would continue for the following six and a half months.

In the wake of Avatar Adi Da’s reception of Fijian citizenship,
two further and extraordinarily auspicious events unfolded in the
coming month. Avatar Adi Da was Moved to formally Empower
the two most significant holy sites at Adi Da Samrajashram.

Just four days after receiving His Fijian passport, on October 27,
1993, Avatar Adi Da (accompanied by a large group of devotees)
climbed to the highest point on the Island, approximately 600
feet above sea level, and performed an Empowerment of the holy
site there. By doing so,
Avatar Adi Da was Estab-
lishing an Eternal Locus of
His Blessing-Radiation, at
the very point where (as
He had told His devotees)
He first Spiritually Set Foot
on His Holy Island when
He arrived by seaplane on
October 27, 1983. To honor
the unique sacred nature
of this site, Avatar Adi Da
had given it the name “Pada-
vara Loka”—meaning (in
Sanskrit) “the Place (Loka)
of the First Footstep Day

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
Empowering Padavara Loka

October 27, 1993



Then, on November 19, 1993, Avatar Adi Da performed the
most profoundly important Empowerment of His entire Life—the
Empowerment of the site that was to be His own burial place. This
is the holiest temple in Adidam, forever a uniquely potent Source-
Place of His Transmission of Blessing for this world and all worlds.
Avatar Adi Da named this temple “The Outshining ‘Brightness’” (or,
in shorter form, simply “The ‘Brightness’”), as an indication of its
unique function as the principal locus of His Eternal Work of
Outshining all of conditional existence, even forever after His own
physical passing.1

Avatar Adi Da Samraj Empowering
The Outshining “Brightness”
November 19, 1993

The Living Divine Person Reveals the Secrets of
Turning the Total Body-Mind to Him

View of Padavara Loka from The Outshining “Brightness”

Through these three events—the reception of Fijian citizenship,
the Empowerment of Padavara Loka, and the Empowerment of
The Outshining “Brightness”—His Divine Presence Avatar Adi Da
Samraj fully Established His Island-Hermitage as His “Bright” Form,
an extension of His Body in the cosmic domain.2

In the Mystery of His Divine Play, it was in conjunction with
these Great Events that Avatar Adi Da was Moved to Give the
Outpouring of His Instruction contained in My “Bright” Form.
From a pointed address to the limits of “Westernized” culture, to
precise descriptions of the whole bodily Yoga of devotional turn-
ing to Him, to examination of the presumptions about Reality at
the core of one’s life, to unlocking the cunning strategies of the
egoic self, to the intensity of true esoteric practice, and finally to
the unique and Unfathomable Nature of His Reality-Way and
Eternal Work—Avatar Adi Da’s Discourses from this period stand
as a remarkable Gift of His Teaching-Revelation.

The Temple at The Outshining “Brightness”

Avatar Adi Da Samraj attended by
Ruchiradama Quandra Sukhapur Rani Naitauba

Adi Da Samrajashram, 2008


The Tacit Obviousness
of Real God

December 13, 1993 25


A VATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: What is your presumption about
God? Where did all of this conditional reality come from?
How does all of this happen to be? “Consider” it.
Is it possible to presume that “there is no God” and have that
presumption make any sense? I have Discussed with you the lim-
itations of the conventional “religious” notion of “God” as the
“Creator”. Setting that discussion aside for the moment, however,
is it not worth “considering” the Mystery of the fact of all of this?

People who casually dismiss the Reality of God are generally
dismissing mere ideas and being reactive. But how could all of
this conditional existence be? If there is nothing but material exis-
tence and material processes, how could even that be the case?
Such a proposition presumes, perhaps, that there must be some
time or some place in which there is nothing. But, if there is noth-
ing, how could there be anything?

It is not merely logical—it is tacitly obvious that some Immense
Power and Intelligence is required for all this to be existing.
Whatever the connection between that Power and Intelligence
and all particular events, is it not tacitly obvious that there must
be such an Immense Power and Intelligence?

Well! That is God enough to begin with—and it is not a matter
of naive belief or conventional “religious” propaganda. In other
words, the tacit acknowledgement that this conditional realm is
necessarily arising in a Great Power and Intelligence is enough



God to begin with. However that Power and Intelligence is ulti-
mately to be described, and whatever It has to do with all of this
conditionality altogether, and however It may be Realized, is it not
obviously, tacitly so that a Great Power and Intelligence is That
within Which this conditional realm is arising?

This is not an intellectual acknowledgement. It is tacitly obvi-
ous that It Is So. But materialists say that reality is nothing but
matter (or material processes). They proclaim this because they
cannot get out of the holes of the body. Nor can you. You are
inside all the holes of your body, and you cannot get outside—
not just the external holes, like your eyes, and so on. There are
other holes, too. There is a hole in the middle of your head. If you
could get out of the hole in the middle of your head, you would
see more of this universe, more of what is being manifested alto-
gether. Your view of conditionally manifested existence, and the
view of the materialists, is based on your being fastened behind
your holes. Like the materialists, you have no greater “experience”.

Not everyone is locked behind their holes, however. Many
people, not just Realizers, have all kinds of perceptions beyond
the body, and there are the reports over thousands of years from
such people—many of you among them—who have these “expe-
riences”. Why should the reports be casually dismissed? There is
a hole in the brain core, and, when you go through it, you go to
someplace else—to many places else. The mechanics of this capa-
bility are obvious, and they can be directly perceived and directly
“experienced”. Other planes, other “worlds”, other beings—other
forms of manifestation subtler than this—are actually existing in
the conditional sense, just as this appearance is. Such a report is
also worthy of being taken seriously. Whatever your “experience”,
there is also the vast “experience” of all beings altogether—and
their “experience” is widely reported.26

Even from more ordinary human beings who do not go outside
the holes in the body there are countless reports that should not
be dismissed, reports of forms of “experiencing” and perception
that are extraordinary but nevertheless within the context of the
body—sometimes called “extrasensory perception”, or “psychism”,
“premonition”, “clairvoyance”, “clairaudience”.27 Not every single


The Tacit Obviousness of Real God

individual who makes such a report is necessarily to be taken
seriously, but the totality of this report is certainly to be taken seri-
ously. Therefore, even conditionally manifested reality is a much
bigger reality than people presume when they are stuck behind
their holes.

In any case, one need not think of “God” as the “First Cause”.
In fact, it is part of the ego-game to think of “God” as the “First
Cause”, or the “Cause” of everything.

In Reality, That Which is called “God” Is That Great Power and
Intelligence without Which there would not be anything.

However, Real God is not the “Cause” of anything.
Real God Is Acausal—not to be “blamed” for all of this that
you are involved in.
Real (Acausal) God Is That in Which everything is potential.
Real (Acausal) God Is That within Which everything is arising.
Real (Acausal) God Is That Power of egoless Mere Being Which
Is Vast, Infinite, and Beyond comprehension—Tacitly, Self-Evidently
Real (Acausal) God Is Reality Itself—all-and-All-Including and
How do you become “Godless” if you are exercising Reality-
intelligence? It is only when you forget to do so that you become
When you exercise Reality-intelligence, the tacit certainty of
Real God is directly and tacitly registered, completely obvious,
and (altogether) Self-Evident. In that case, you simply regard all of
this conditional arising in the disposition of your tacit certainty,
which always “leans” you toward the Reality-Divine. There is
much more than that “leaning” to Realize, but tacit certainty of the
Self-Evidence of Reality Itself establishes you in the constantly
“Godward” disposition. Therefore, you must never forget to exer-
cise the moment to moment disposition in which the Reality-
Divine Is Tacitly, Obviously So.
You forget to exercise the tacit certainty of Intrinsic Reality-
intelligence whenever you identify with the “lower” (or merely
superficial) body-mind. However, when you keep Intrinsic Reality-
intelligence constantly alive, and (thus and thereby) keep the



heart alive moment to moment, there is always a tacit certainty of
egoless Real God—Which Is the Perfect Power of Being, Reality
Itself, the Self-Evidently Divine Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and
Self-State of all-and-All.

One of you was saying earlier that she is “upset with God”
simply because she is here and apparently identified with the
body-mind-complex. My question to her is: Why are you on the
“you” side of the hole in your head? Real God is not forcing you
down inside there. You are. Real God is the Opportunity to go
beyond identification with the body-mind-“self”.

However, Real God is not found merely by going through this
door in the head and getting to the other side. No—on the other
side of that hole there is more conditional reality, there are more
places of potential ego-bondage. Real God may be Intuited in those
places, “considered” there, and you may be moved “Godwardly”
in those places as well—but those places are not (themselves)
Real God, any more than this conditional realm, in and of itself, is
Real God. On the other hand, paradoxically, the conditional realm
is Only Real (Acausal) God. There Is Only Real (Acausal) God.
That within Which everything is arising Is the “Substance” of every-
thing arising. So here—so there.

Many think that the “Way to God” is by ascending—by going
through the holes, upward and further upward. That is not the
Way to Real God. Ascent can be part of a process in which Real-
God-Realization is (in due course) entered into—but movement
through the holes (particularly through the central hole in the brain
core) is a means to enter into conditional reality more profoundly.
That movement is a means to enter into spheres of conditional
existence that have their own limitations, yes—but not the partic-
ular limitations associated with your “experiencing” on “this side”
of the holes, interior to the holes of the apparent body-mind-“self”.
Real (Acausal) God Is Beyond all conditions, Beyond all “worlds”—
therefore, Beyond all wandering through the brain core.

Your ego-possessed bondage is the limit on Real-God-Realization.
It is also even a limit on “experience” in the most ordinary (or
conditional) sense. You bind yourself by your own contraction,
reactivity, seeking, ego-possession.


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