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Published by arcayla.cavalier, 2019-12-05 20:54:15

LOG Presentation

LOG Presentation

Low  Organized  Games

ArCayla Cavalier
KINE 1151-P06

Monday-Wednesday 7:00-7:50 am
November 10, 2019

Table  of  Contents  

●  1.Warm Up
●  2. Speed Beans
●  3. Flag Palooza
●  4. King/Queen
●  5. Aerobic Relay
●  6. Noodles
●  7. Lighthouse
●  8. Free The Prisoner
●  9. Broom Hockey
●  10. Step Frog
●  11. Time Machine
●  12. Horse, Gallop, and Hay
●  13. Odds and Evens

Warm  Up

-Two laps around the top of the gym
-Right arm over Left (10 seconds)
-Left arm over Right (10 seconds)
-Behind the back right arm (10 seconds)
-Behind the back left arm(10 seconds)
-Straddle down (10 seconds)
-Straddle right (10 seconds)
-Straddle left (10 seconds)
-10 Jumping jacks

Speed  beans
Instructions:  The children will be split into
even teams. The children are supposed to
ride a scooter backwards to the opposite
side of the gym to collect a bean. Each
rider collects one bean
Objective: . This game is a relay, the team to
get the most beans in 7 minutes wins.
Equipment: scooter boards, beans
Space Requirement:
Time Requirement: 5 Minutes

Flag  Palooza
Instructions: Everyone has to grab the the giant
flag lift the flag high, hands above the head while
there is one person that has a whistle who yells out
the colors of the flag.Whenever the caller calls a
color,  the children holding the parts of the flag
that is that color has to run under the flag to the
opposite side. The whistle blower also yells out a
number before they run.While they are running
the other kids are counting aloud the number that
was called and when they finish counting they
hurry up and pull the flag down and who ever is
under the flag is out.

Objective:The objective is to get to the other side
before the counting is done.

Equipment: Colorwonder Flag,Whistle

Space Requirement: Full Court
Time Requirement: 10-15 Minutes


Instructions: Everyone must shoot
the ball at least once in the round.
You can only dribble with one hand
behind the back.

Objective:Whichever team stays on
the court the longest is the kings
and queens of the court. 

Equipment: basketball

Space Requirement: Half of the

Time Requirement: 2 Minutes

Aerobic Relay

Instructions: everyone is split into teams and given a starting area they feel
most comfortable and confident in. There will be different sections of the
game involving a race, hopscotch, push ups, bikes, scooters and jump rope.

Objective: The objective is to be the first team to finish at each station and
cross the finish line.
Equipment: chalk, jump ropes, timers, bikes, scooter boards
Space Requirement: full court
Time Requirement: 5 Minutes


Instructions: Similar to tag,
everyone plays, but only two
people have a noodle.

Objective:The objective is to
tag the people without the
noodle the fastest. Have to get
as many people out in 3
Equipment: Pool noodles
Space Requirement: NO
specific space needed
Time Requirement: 3 Minutes


Instructions: In this game, one player is designated to be the lighthouse, One quarter of the players
assumes the role of “rocks” and they scatter in a bounded area, and all the other students become ships
and boats of various sizes. The ships blindly navigate their way with their eyes closed , attempting to
reach the safety of the lighthouse. If a boat bumps into a rock, the boat becomes and extension of the
existing rock and makes the noise “swish” (water lapping against the rocks). The lighthouse constantly
goes “Beep! Beep! Beep!” to help the ships reach the safety of the lighthouse.

Objective: The object of this game is to make is safely to the lighthouse.

Equipment:No equipment is required
Space Requirement: Half of the court
Time Requirement: 2 Minutes

Instructions: Children are divided into teams, each team selects one child from
their team to be the prisoner of the other team; the two prisoners are placed in jail.
The jail can be a designated area or a chalk box if playing outside. The teams each
line up and the object of the game is to free the prisoner from the other team. The
teams must get to the prison by going to the other team’s side to free the prisoner.
If tagged, that child then becomes a prisoner too and must go to jail. If a child
makes it to jail, he or she is safe as long as he is inside the prison. The rescuer can
only rescue one person at a time and can choose the right time to “break for it.”


Equipment: No equipment is required.
Time Requirement: 5 Minutes



Instructions:  Make two goals opposite of each other and start the game with a
face-off in the center of the room. Opponents attempt to hit the puck into the
opposite goal and the goalie can block shots in any way he desires. Penalties
may be assessed for delaying the game, holding the puck with hands or feet,
high sticking or other unnecessary roughness. The opposite team may receive a
free shot (except for goalie) on goal when penalties occur. For large groups limit
the number of players and substitute once a score is made.

Objective: Keep the ball out of their bridge.
Equipment: brooms, rubber ball, boxes or buckets (to be the goals)
Space Requirement: Half of the court OR FULL COURT
Time Requirement: 10 Minutes


Instructions: Students are paired up. One partner is the frog and the other is the
leaf thrower.The floor is hypothetically the pond.The leaf thrower has to create
a path for “the frog” to make it across the pond to the other side.
The thrower uses lily pads to make the path and “the frog” can only step on

Objective:The objective is for “the frog” to make it to the other side of the pond.
Equipment: lily pads
Space Requirement: full court
Time Requirement: 3 Minutes

Time  Machine

Instructions: Students are paired up. Each pair has a hula hoop. The hula hoop
is used as the “time machine”. One partner is the time traveler and the other
partner has the time machine.

Objective: Teleport the fastest to the other side of the court
Equipment: hula hoop
Space Requirement: full court
Time Requirement: 5-10 Minutes

Horses,  Gallop,  
and  Hay  

Instructions: Children are split up into teams of
3-4 students. Each team member must Gallop on
a noodle “horse” to the other side of the court to
pick up a bean bag and bring it to the haystack
“team base”.

Objective: The team that finishes in 45 seconds
Equipment: pool noddles, bean bags
Space Requirement: Half of the court.
Time Requirement: 45 se

Odds  and   Instructions: The group is split up into two teams,
odds and evens. The dice is rolled at the start
of each round. If an even number is rolled, the
evens chase the odds. If an odd number is
rolled, the odds chase the evens. If you are

tagged, you switch teams.
Objective: The objective is to get the most

people on your team
Equipment: Dice:
Space requirement: Half or full court

Time: 1 minute

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