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Published by Jason Blewitt, 2020-02-19 22:02:35

back cover

back cover

Spring water water3™ perform a 4-stage filtration process:
is locally and
sustainably Step 1. Media filtration process (3-5 micron);
sourced by involving the use of sand or zeolite to remove
water3™ sediment and improve the turbidity of the spring
water for effective downstream UV disinfection.

Step 2. Activated Carbon Filtration (5 micron);
for the removal of volatile organic compounds,
chlorine and improve taste and odour.

S tep 3. 1 Micron Filtration; further particulate
filtration down to 1 micron for improved UV
transmittance during subsequent disinfection step.

Step 4. UV Disinfection; disinfection of spring water
to remove pathogenic microorganisms. UV unit has
been validated by the manufacturer to achieve
the US-EPA standard of a 4-log virus disinfection
and a 5-log bacterial disinfection.

*Spring water is batch tested and samples retained, ensuring the
highest quality end product for the consumer.


1 water3 Sourcing Transport & 3 Stage UV
Process Supplier Storage Carbon
2 Transport Treated Water Transport to UV Dispensal
to Kiosk Storage Kiosk

3 Customer Dispensal Download App
or Sparkling

3w a t e r . c o m . a u

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