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Published by Jason Blewitt, 2020-02-19 22:02:33

back cover

back cover



Installed General Power Outlet – 10AMP minimum

Level ground, not exceeding 10cm gradient over 1m Placements that display limited coverage will need
to be detailed to operations team for appropriate
No obstructions present i.e. pedestrians, emergency exits and/or equip- preparation.
ment, service hatches or access doors
Strong Optus internet connection RED BLUE GREEN
Notes will need to be supplied to installers to confirm
Machine Accessibility – H 1920mm, W 1120mm (exclusive of additional the terrain type so they can Load off road pallet jack.
40cm on left and 30cm on right-hand) and D 1120mm

Flooring – identified risks and/or fragile surfaces for pallet jack

Location undercover and free from rain or any other environmental

Full direct sunlight to the screen needs to be limited


Truck requires H 3.7m clearance and designated loading zone or safe
street parking

Ground – identify terrain type (i.e. Grass)

Ground free from speed humps or obstacles restricting route to location

Ramp access – identified obstructions i.e. no gutters or steep slopes

Route access – requires H 1920mm and W 1120mm to access facility and
no obstructions i.e. bollards from truck to location

Facility doors – require H 1920mm and W 1120mm to access

Access can be achieved from _________am or _________pm OR 24/7 NOTES


How do we refill ? Truck Tanker Trolley

Truck requires H 2.05m clearance and designated loading zone or safe
street parking

Machine location – less than 25m from truck to refill by hose or easily
accessible by portable water trolley, requiring W 1.2m to access facility
and no obstructions i.e. bollards, steep slope etc.

Machine Accessibility – 30cm exclusion zone on right hand side of kiosk

GENERAL COMMENTS: (*Please add detailed photos of placement location, using machine footprint mat where possible)

3w a t e r . c o m . a u

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