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Published by morgan chaney, 2019-12-04 19:33:19

Untitled presentation

Untitled presentation

Low Organized Games

Morgan Chaney


● Two laps around the gym
● Touch your toes for ten second (feet together)
● (feet apart) touch your toes for ten seconds
● Take turns switching arms going across the chest (ten seconds)
● Take turns put arms behind you head (ten seconds)
● Rotate your arms in a circle for ten seconds

Table of contents

1. Warm-ups
2. Battle ball
3. Helicopter
4. Gutter Ball
5. Gaga Ball
6. Pick Pocket tag
7. Red light Green light
8. Who has the chicken?
9. Cops and Robbers
10. What time is it Mr.Wolf?
11. Blind Four Corners
12. Zip-Zap-Zop
13. Whose the Murder?

Battle Ball

Items: yoga ball and a smaller throwing ball

Instructions: split the class into two teams. Then place the yoga ball in the
center of the court and have each member of both teams stand in a line across
their side of the court, facing the ball

Take the smaller ball and attempt to throw it at the big yoga ball in the
middle. The objective is to get the ball to roll over to the other teams side.

Students are not allowed to touch the big yoga ball or throw the ball at other
students are it will cause and automatic out for that student

Helicopter Number of students: as many or little as desired
Items: long rope,

Step 1: pick one person to be the helicopter. This person will be holding the

Step 2: have everyone else stand around the helicopter at least the same
distance away as the rope it.

Step 3: the helicopter will take one end of the rope and spin it around making
allowing the rope spin around in the circle low to the ground

Step 4: once the rope get a student they have to try to jump over the rope. If a
student gets hit with the rope than they are out.


· You may not touch the rope or try to grab the rope when it comes around
to you. You may not hold on to people or stand far from the rope to where it
doesn’t can’t even touch you.

· Helicopter make swing the rope up high but no higher than to the knees

Number of members: starting off more than 3 people Gutter Ball

Items: At least 2 ball


Step 1: the game starts off with everyone in a circle. First start the game off with everyone having their legs
open to more than shoulder width apart. Than allow the students to lock in their feet by having everyone’s feet
touch the person next to them.

Step 2: Then pick two to three people to stand in the middle of the circle holding the balls their objective is to
try to roll the balls in between the students’ legs.

Step 3: during this time the students in the circle will be using one hand to push the ball from going in
between their legs. If the ball ends up going in between your legs you are out.

If the ball ends up going between the space that’s between you and another student than the both of you are will
be out.

Step 4: once the Circle starts getting smaller to where there can only be on person in the middle rolling balls
in between legs. Than as the circle gets down to 4 or 5 people there will be no one in the middle and one the
students in the circle will just be trying to roll the ball into each other’s legs. Until you get down to the last
two they will be facing in front of each other toe to toe. Then they will be battle it out the last person is the
Restrictions: once you are out of the game you may not come back in until the game is completely over.
You may not help throw balls or roll them in between the other players’ legs if you are out

Gaga Ball

Number of members: as many as you want
Items: Gaga pit and two to three balls


Step 1: game starts off with everyone in the gaga pit. Make all students standing up again the gaga pit wall. Every student
must be touching the wall with at least one hand.
Step 2: one person will be outside of the pit through the balls in at any point of time. When the first ball is thrown into the
pit students may not move or go after the ball until the ball bounces on the ground three time while saying ” Ga-Ga Ball”
Step 3: once ball bounces at least three times than the students may run after the ball using one hand to roll the ball at
someone's feet. The main objective of this game is to hit as many people as you can out but rolling the ball to hit them on
their leg below the knees and below
Step 4: this game is exactly like Doug ball the last one standing is the winner


· Student who are in the pit if a student hit the ball to hard and it goes out of the pit they are out.
· There will be no Wall huggers allowed at this game. If you find students just standing on the walls they will be asked to
either try to get the ball or it will be an automatic out.
· Students may not use the walls to jump up on or help them from getting touched by the ball.

· Once are hit and is out of the game you cannot come back in the game. Instructor has the option to let players who want to
get back in, if the catch a ball the way through out of the pit.

· Pushing and shoving is not allowed as well as hiding behind other players. If the ball hits you above the knees than you are
not out of the fame

Tail Tag)

Need Flags or a strip of cloth to be used as a
Players have a tail inserted into his/her belt or
pocket that is hanging at the back-side.
All players chase one another trying to collect
tails, while protecting his/her own.
Players with the most tails collected in a
specified time are the winners.


Select one child,to start the game and be the “stoplight”.
All the children line up on the other side of gym.
The ‘stoplight’ yells “Green light!” and the children lined up start
Object of game: The first one to make it to the stoplight wins and is
now the stoplight.
It gets tricky when the stoplight changes…
The stoplight should yell “Red light!” to get children to stop.
Any movement by a child means she is sent back to the beginning.
The stoplight can also call out “yellow light” which means the
children can only walk very slowly.
Variations to this game include yelling “red light” two times in a row,
or adding body movements. Say “green light” with your arms up one
time and then say “red light,” but throw your arms up again to
confuse runners into thinking your body language says “green light.”


1. You have two or more taggers, and two
youth with rubber chickens.
2. The taggers run and tag children to
freeze them.
3. The students with the rubber chickens
can run around and unfreeze the
4. After a few minutes switch the taggers
and the chickens.

Cops and robbers This popular version of tag is also commonly known as “jail
tag” or “police and thief”. Participants will be split into
Team Tag game two groups at the start of the game — “cops” and
“robbers”. The cops must pursue the robbers and tag them
in order to catch them. Once tagged, a robber must sit in a
predefined location that is called the “jail”.

Robbers can release fellow robbers who have been
imprisoned in jail by tagging them, as long as they don’t
get tagged themselves during the prison break. The game
is over when the cops have managed to round up all of the
robbers. Some versions of this game will allow the robbers
to hide before the cops can look for them.

What time is it Mr Wolf One player is chosen to be Mr Wolf. Mr Wolf stands at the
opposite end of the playing field from the other players, facing
away from them. A call-and-response then takes place: all
players except for Mr Wolf chant in unison "What's the time, Mr
Wolf?", and Mr Wolf will answer in one of the two ways:

Mr Wolf may call a clock time (e.g., "3 o'clock"). The other
players will then take that many steps, counting them aloud as
they go ("One, two, three"). Then they ask the question again.

Mr Wolf may call "Dinner time!"/"Lunch Time", when Mr Wolf
will turn around and chase the other players back to their
starting point. If Mr Wolf successfully tags a player, that player
becomes the new Mr Wolf for the next round.

Blind Four Corners Required: Blindfold
Players: Medium to large groups
Here’s a quick game that can be played in a classroom or gym.
Select one player to wear a blindfold and they are to be placed
into the center of the room.
Once the player is blindfolded and in position, the other players
must stand in one of the four corners.
They must do this very quietly (no talking allowed) and within 10
If a player is not in a corner by the time your done counting, that
player is out of the game.
The player that is blindfolded will point to one of the corners and
all the players in that corner will be out of the game.
To be fair you cannot go to one corner, make noises and then
quickly move to another corner.
If no one is in a selected corner, the players have 5 seconds to
get to another corner before a new corner is selected.
The one person that was never found will be the new player in
the middle.

Invite students to stand in a circle. Ask the group to repeat the Zip-Zap-Zop
words “Zip, Zap, Zop” three or four times, all together. Introduce the
activity: Imagine that I have a bolt of energy in my hands. To start the
game, I will send the bolt out of energy out of my body with a strong
forward motion straight to someone else in the circle (use hands, body,
eyes, and voice to make contact across the circle) and say, “Zip.” Explain
that the next person takes the energy and passes it immediately to
someone else saying “Zap.” That person passes it on to another
participant with a “Zop.” The game continues and the “Zip, Zap,
Zop” sequence is repeated as the energy moves around the circle.
Encourage all plays to use their whole body to send energy and to
make eye contact. They can send the energy to whomever they want
but the goal is to include all players. Practice the game. If there is a
mistake, encourage students to simply resume playing without
discussion. The group challenge is to go very quickly and stay
consistent in rhythm; if students struggle, pause the game, discuss
strategy and try again.

Whose the Murder

Have your students sit or stand into a circle. Pick on
person secretly to become the murder. You may have
everyone closed their eyes as you pick one of your
students to be the murder.
The person selected to be the killer has to discreetly find
a way to wink at as many students as he or she came.
When the killer is doing this he or she is picking one
person at a time to die.
If a student happens to look at the killer without
knowing and the killer winks or makes a small gesture
to the student, he or she now than is dead.
Once a student is picked to die he or she must either sit
down or eliminate themselves from the game.

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