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Engadine Music Tuition and Band Student Newsletter December 2018

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Engadine Music Tuition And Band Student Newsletter December 2018

Engadine Music Tuition and Band Student Newsletter December 2018




2018 is almost over! Opening in 1980,
Engadine Music
We hope the year has been wonderful for you in learning your Store has been
instrument and achieving your musical goals.
serving the
In this newsletter you will find some information on important dates for both musicians of
band and private students for 2019, practice tips to help you keep going over Australia ever since
the break, information on our instrument repair and rental services, and also with a complete
some information on some of the fantastic range of instruments we offer at range of quality
Engadine Music from iconic companies such as Fender and Yamaha.
musical instruments,
accessories, music
On behalf of our private teachers and band tutors, Engadine Music wishes lessons, and repairs,
you all the very best for Christmas and the new year and we very much look with the best prices,
forward to seeing you continue on your musical journey in 2019.
 advice and after-
sales service in the


Contact Us

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proceed to website)


(02) 9520 3044


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email shop)


25 Station St,

Engadine, NSW, 2233


Ten Tips For Practice

With summer holidays coming up some of you might be thinking you can take a break
from practicing and playing until lessons or
band start up again…don’t do that!

Like anything, whatever you put into music
will be reflected in what you get back from
it. But summer holidays are a great time to
keep working on your skills, so here are 10
tips to help you during your practice sessions
at this time of year.
1. Practice Regularly

…even during the holidays!
2. Have a Goal

It might be to play for your family at Christmas,
pass exams next year, move into a higher level
band, start your own band, or play some gigs;
having a goal will help you keep focussed on why
you are practicing.

3. Warm Up

Playing through some warm up exercises will help get your body and mind set for the practice session

4. Don’t Avoid The Tough Stuff

We will never improve if we don’t tackle the challenging material. Break it down into small components if
that helps by focussing on a few notes at a time very slowly before speeding it up.

5. Keep A Practice Diary

It will help you focus on the challenges, work toward goals, and also help you realise what you have
achieved already!

6. Develop Muscle Memory By Using Consistent Technique

Be it fingering, picking, breath, bow movement…be consistent with your approach and technique, as that
will help you develop your playing to a much greater level.

7. Learn Songs Not Exercises

We play an instrument to play music, not scales and arpeggios. Work on songs that you love.

8. Use A Metronome

Yes, it is hard at the start! You will hate it. It can be confusing. But developing timing is essential for all
musicians. A strong sense of timing will make your own performances that much better, but will also help
with locking in with other musicians when playing with others.

9. Practice away from your instrument

You can visualise chord changes, try to work out songs by ear, clap rhythms, sing to the radio or music on
your phone. Make music a part of your life at every chance you get.

10. Be Positive

Think of how you talk to yourself when it comes to music. It’s easy to tell yourself you’ll never get it…but
don’t give up. When you get down, just think of how far you’ve come!


Instruments play at their best with regular servicing. General wear and
handling, changes in temperature and humidity, perhaps the instrument
being dropped can all affect the delicate balance and performance of an

Our workshop is equipped with industry-leading tools to ensure the repair
is completed both effectively and with minimal impact on the original finish
of the instrument.

Almost every repair is completed within a 7-day period, and the consistent
praise and appreciation of our customers is testament to the quality of the
work we offer.


"I know that the most Since 1946, Fender's iconic Stratocasters,
joy in my life has Telecasters and Precision & Jazz bass guitars
come to me from my have transformed nearly every music genre;
violin." - Albert everyone from beginners to the world’s most
acclaimed artists have used Fender instruments
There are many good reasons to learn and and amps, and now the company is not only a
listen to music.
revered music industry name but also a cultural
Some of these include:

1. Music contributes to students’ personal And now Engadine Music is a stockist of
wellbeing through developing self- Fender products!

image, self-confidence, self-esteem, etc

Whether you are looking for an electric or
2. Music primes the brain for learning
acoustic guitar, bass, amplifier or accessory, let
us find the product that is right for you.

3. Contributes to cognitive development
You can browse what is currently in stock here,
but check back regularly as we will be adding
4. Helps develop fine motor skills
new products regularly.

5. Music makes you happier
Educators believe that music
supports academic achievement
6. Music lowers stress and improves health
and helps children acquire
knowledge skills and attitudes
7. Music helps you sleep
that will influence them
throughout their lives
8. Improves visual and verbal skills

9. Keeps an ageing brain healthy

Music is something you can enjoy
throughout your entire life that will bring you
immense pleasure and benefits…so don’t
give it away!


Engadine Music Store offers a wide range of preloved instruments to rent. If you would
like to try an instrument but don’t want to commit to purchasing just yet, renting is a great
option. With a preloved instrument rental through EMEC, you always have the option to
purchase your instrument or upgrade to a new instrument.

Email [email protected] for more information.


With Christmas and a new school year fast purchased within Australia are covered by a
approaching, you might be thinking it is time to look three year warranty.

into a new instrument. When it comes to brass and 3. Consistency

woodwind, the Yamaha range represents the best Yamaha takes great pride in quality control for
value for the student. The instruments are easy to every instrument made. All are thoroughly
play, crafted for perfect intonation and tested before leaving the workshop. Technical
manufactured to a very high standard so they will innovation combined with Yamaha’s
survive trips to school and lessons with the kids traditional techniques produce a consistency
who own them.
that means lesson and practice time can be
Quality instruments give kids the best possible start focussed on learning rather than
to music and the greatest chance of seeing them compensating for an inferior instrument.

go on with music for many years.The right 4. Low Maintenance Cost

instrument into the right pair of hands is very Such well designed instruments, made from
important, especially at the start. Playing an quality materials, are subject to much less
instrument that performs and responds as expected wear and tear than others. The result? Far
and is easy for kids to get a start on will make all less cost on maintenance and less time with
the difference.
the instrument in the repair shop.

Five things to consider when purchasing a student 5. A Sound Investment

instrument include:
As well as the reasons already stated,
Yamaha instruments hold their value far more
1. Ease of Play
than other brands, so when it is time for your
Nothing will deter a student more in the first young student to move onto another
stages of learning than an instrument that is instrument, the resale value will be far greater
hard to get a note from. Yamaha’s student than other brands.

range of brass and woodwind instruments are

designed with this in mind; they are easy to When considering costs and benefits over the
play through and get a result from, which will lifetime of an instrument and the rewards
ensure that their first experience with the experienced by the student as they achieve their
instrument is a good one and something they musical goals, Yamaha musical instruments make
wish to repeat.
compelling case.

2. Durability

Yamaha instruments are built to last. A kid’s Engadine Music is a Yamaha Pro Network dealer;
instrument is likely to get a knock or two in its this means we can offer you the best advice, price
lifetime. Some of the budget line instruments and after-sales service on the entire range of
are also manufactured from very soft metals Yamaha brass and woodwind instruments. Call,
that bend and twist with even careful use. email, visit our website or store for more
Yamaha instruments are renowned worldwide information and the best offers on brass & wind.
for their strength and durability. A Yamaha
instrument can still be playable in twenty
years time. Sadly the same cannot be said for
all student brass and woodwind instruments.
And all Yamaha brass and wind instruments


Band Students, Is It Time To Consider Private Lessons?

Learning to play in a band setting is fantastic. It Part of reason why we practice is to help develop
can be fun, engaging, inspiring, maybe a little scary the fine motor skills required to actually play the
playing to an audience, a great chance to make instrument. This takes time and at least some
new friends, and so much more. The band directors discipline with consistent practice.

do a fantastic job working with their students, but it Effective practicing will also help you with
is very difficult for a band director to give much memorising music and learning your instrument
individual attention to students like a private well.

teacher will be able to do. And that individual I have always encouraged my students to keep a
attention offered in a private lesson will greatly practice diary. They can write down questions,
enhance the student’s experience in band as they challenges and triumphs during they week as they
will be more confident in their own technique and come up, not try and remember days later when
playing ability.
they see their teacher in the next lesson.

Many people are convinced that music is Be on time for your lesson. Show your teacher the
something you can or can’t ‘do’. respect they deserve. Bring everything the teacher
To be honest, nothing could be further from the expects of you. Make sure you have a playable
truth. We wouldn’t expect someone to put on a pair instrument.

of joggers and be able to run a marathon straight And as with anything else, what you put into
up or someone to pickup a paintbrush and produce something is what you will get back from it and the
the equivalent of the Mona Lisa with their first more effective practice time you spend with your
attempt. But for some reason we feel it will be instrument the better you will be and the more you
different when it comes to playing an instrument or will enjoy it. And this will make you want to practice
being able to sing (well).

If we were to ask any good or great musician about You can call the shop on (02) 9520 3044 or
their journey with their chosen instrument, we will email [email protected] for
soon discover that they have put in a lot of time and
effort to achieve the level of ability they currently more information on lessons.

enjoy. Even the legends, those who have changed more!

the way an instrument has been played or music So why should I consider having music lessons
written, all have stories of long hours, weeks and through Engadine Music Education Centre?
years of dedication to learning and mastering the Engadine Music offers the best in music lessons in
the Sutherland Shire. How can we say this?

So do we ‘need’ a teacher or does it just happen The teachers at Engadine Music are selected by
if you move your fingers enough on your other highly experienced music teachers and
instrument? educators. Prospective teachers must meet a
A teacher will add value to any efforts of the certain standard in both instrumental and teaching
student. A teacher will identify, caution and correct ability before they will even be considered. Some of
bad habits. A teacher will show the student the teachers working through the teaching studios
appropriate exercises and songs for the current at Engadine Music are in fact amongst some of the
level of ability, or perhaps just slightly above the finest musicians in Australia. You just never know
current level to push the student to the next level. A who or where your teacher may have played with
teacher will show the student new genres and and in what venues they may have done so.

important artists; good listening habits and an Lessons are conducted in sound-insulated private
open-mind are both important for musical growth.
studios with air-conditioning available in a clean
A good teacher will also know that they need to and safe environment (which is important if
help the student develop the practice of teaching dropping younger kids off and getting them to walk
themselves and being able to work through the in by themselves).

challenges of their instrument on their own.
The teaching studios are located to the left at the
So how can you maximise your lesson time with top of the stairs in our building; to the right is the
a teacher? shop and this is where you can buy whatever
Perhaps the most obvious thing is to practice accessories and supplies needed for your lessons.
consistently what the teacher has asked you to do. That makes always being prepared a lot more
While we may assume that is a given, in my convenient. You don’t need to go chasing books,
experience some students (and their parents) have strings, reeds or whatever from somewhere else.

felt that one lesson per week is enough and there is
Engadine Music offers lessons for all popular
no real need to work on anything between lessons. instruments and singing. If your child is ready to
Once someone is shown where to place their make even more progress on their instrument, why
fingers they’ll be able to do it, right?
not organise some lessons with us?

We think you will be glad you did!




Private music lessons run in accordance with Term 1 commences Tuesday, February 29,
school terms.
2019. Each school’s band program starting date
Lessons break over the school holidays will be decided by the respective schools and
parents subsequently notified. We aim to
commence each program within the first 2
Term 1, 2019: Starts Tuesday 29th Jan - weeks of the school year (in 2019 this will be
Finishes on Saturday 13th April
sometime in week 2 or 3, as it is an 11 week

Term 2, 2019: Starts Monday 29th April -

Finishes Saturday 6th July
All training band equipment will be delivered
to the school on the first band day of the
Term 3, 2019: Starts Monday 22nd July - year.

Finishes Saturday 28th Sept

Term 4, 2019: Starts Monday 14th Oct - BandFest will be held in the final 2 weeks of
Finishes Saturday 21st Dec
Term 2.

Band inquiries can be emailed to
AMEB Music Exam enrolments for first [email protected]
Sydney Metro Session opens January 21 and

closes March 4. The exam period runs from
April 27 to June 15. This also includes the
"Rockschool" exams.

The Engadine Music Annual Concert is
scheduled for Term 3 2019.



Our music teachers can prepare students of all ages for public music exams on their chosen

More information regarding exams is available on our website, or you can email
[email protected]


We extend a warm welcome to Desiree van Loon, local singing teacher, choir director & voice coach,
to Engadine Music!

Desiree has extensive teaching and performance experience and is keen to launch small group
vocal workshops for beginners of all ages, and a Preschoolers' group!

‘Discover Your Voice’ is a beginner vocal
workshop for people of all ages.

‘Little Musos’ is a 5 week course of fun,
games and friendship for pre-schoolers aged

3 to 5 with their parent participating in a 45
minute session per week.

More information on group workshops can
be found here.


Engadine Music offers the best private music lessons in the Sutherland Shire. Our teachers are
qualified and experienced musicians, able to offer lessons for students of all ages and all
stages of development, from young kids just starting out to adults including retirees looking for
a challenge or hobby, or looking to further their musical skills.


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