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2019 YWCA Delaware Annual Report. Published Fall 2020

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2019 YWCA Delaware Annual Report

2019 YWCA Delaware Annual Report. Published Fall 2020

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Y E A R S real time

2019 Annual Report

Letter From Our
Chief Executive Officer

Dear Friends,

For 125 years YWCA Delaware has delivered the precise services needed to real women, facing real issues, in real time.
It is our ability to anticipate needs, plan ahead for the future and adapt quickly to changing conditions that successfully
advance equality of opportunity for women and their families to ensure their best chance at reaching their full potential.

In 2019 the strengthening of our Care Team model streamlined access to trauma informed services. Women and their
children living at our emergency and transitional shelter, Home-Life Management Center, had direct access to Economic
Empowerment Programs that helped them increase household income, Youth Programs that strengthened their children’s
self-esteem and resolve to finish high school, and for many, counseling and support services to overcome the violence and
abuse that caused them to become homeless.

YWCA’s Sexual Assault Response Center (SARC) nurtured external partnerships with healthcare, police, and legal service
providers to simplify the maze of systems that women must navigate while recovering from violence. A reliable source of
earned income is a critical factor for independent decision making and YW’s Women Achieving New Directions (WAND)
innovative partnerships with employers like LYFT and Delaware Department of Transportation (DELDOT) resulted in living
wage jobs. Our national partnership with McDonalds 360 supported entrepreneurship to supplement household income.

The impact of our Racial and Social Justice Program deepened through volume and intensity of Dialog to Action:
Conversations About Racism groups held statewide, Action Forums to harness talent and energy to advance access
and upward mobility for marginalized groups and our advocacy initiatives for policies and practices that improve economic
security, health, safety and social equity.

While the power of our work is impressive, it would be impossible to achieve without the many individuals, organizations,
businesses and public agencies that support us with time, talent and funding. With you behind us, no matter the challenge,
we at YWCA Delaware can continue to get up and do the work of justice every day and for years to come.

With gratitude,

Stephanie L. Staats
Chief Executive Officer

Our Mission

YWCA is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice,
freedom and dignity for all.

Our Vision

YWCA Delaware is the leading organization for social change and is widely recognized as the
highly effective, inclusive and uplifting force that empowers women to achieve their full social
and economic potential.

YWCA Delaware Board of Directors


Nancy Crake, President
Ann Bookout, Vice President
Paula Jenkins-Massie, President Elect
Karen L. Smith, VP Board Resource
Elise Laskas, Treasurer
Stephanie Dorsey, Secretary
Carolann Wicks, Assistant Treasurer


Laura Adarve
Kristen L. Bender
Tamara C. Brown
Jesal Chopra
Colette Daney
Patricia P. Grant
Diane Kifer
Kim Snedaker
Michele Turulski
Karen (“Renna”) Van Oot

Honorary Members

Pamela S. Finkelman
Claire LaMar Carey
Olga Ramirez
A. Leslie Stanford, Ph.D.
Eva L. Verplanck, Ph.D.

YWCA Delaware Executive Team

Stephanie L. Staats, MPA Chief Executive Officer
Donna Connor, CFRE Chief Development Officer
Patrick Gunnin, MS Chief Programs Officer
Robin Mandell, Chief Financial Officer
Elizabeth McCourt, JD Chief Health and Safety Officer
Patricia Pettaway Ward, Chief Housing Officer
Cynthia de Leon, Human Resources Consultant

Annual Report 2019 | YWCA Delaware 3


YWCA Delaware’s Home-Life Management Center assisted 278
formerly dependent families, 106 of whom were children, to gain
housing stability. These families are now on solid ground to turn
their lives around.

Our innovative residential program designed for emergency and transitional housing, helps clients gain critical skills to
keep them from returning to homelessness. Residents take part in training programs, workshops, and other supports.
They have regular access to case managers, financial counselors, and life skills instruction such as healthcare awareness,
consumer education, conflict resolution, and household management.
Kathy came to Home-Life with her four grandchildren after she was no longer able to keep up with her bills and became
homeless. Her daughter living with addiction had drained the family’s resources. While at Home-Life, she worked with
case managers and financial counselors. She improved her credit, purchased a car and was able to move with her grand-
children into an apartment. She is working to purchase a home.
Laverne relocated to Delaware from Pennsylvania with three children seeking safety and support. She was 8 months
pregnant and needed to find housing as quickly as possible. While the financial counselors made her aware that
homeownership was a real possibility, they knew the time constraints. Rapid-Rehousing was able to get her Section 8
voucher transferred from Pennsylvania to Delaware. She was approved for housing in time to return home with her new
baby after giving birth.
YWCA Delaware was able to help 86% of families in the program transition directly to safe and stable housing.

4 Annual Report 2019 | YWCA Delaware

SARC – Sexual assault can happen to
Hope & anyone and have lifelong impact
Healing on the victim and their families.

Survivors who seek services from the Sexual Assault
Response Center (SARC) come from all social and
economic backgrounds. More than 2011 victims in crisis
utilized SARC’s emergency advocate intervention to
facilitate trauma recovery, with 88% effectiveness.

Yesenia was raped at 18 while a college student. While she
gained the courage to take her assailant before the campus
judicial board and have him expelled, she faced anxiety,
depression, and suicidal thoughts for decades.

She came to our SARC program and decided to become an
advocate for other survivors. Training as an advocate broke
her cycle of depression and anxiety. It freed her from what had
held her hostage for many years.

Annual Report 2019 | YWCA Delaware 5

Economic Empowerment –
A Fresh Start

YWCA Delaware helped families recover from traumatic events that impacted
their economic well-being such as job loss, death of a loved one, illness,
foreclosures, identify theft and other financial issues. Program participants
learned budgeting, saving, how to build or repair credit and improve credit
scores. The support from YWCA’s economic coaches makes participants whole
and better able to cope with unexpected emergencies.
Roger and Vicki were facing foreclosure. Roger is a disabled veteran and a triple
by-pass recipient. He suffered a massive heart attack, could not work and the
family fell behind on their mortgage. Our economic empowerment team helped
the family obtain a modification to their VA loan which was approved in October
2019. They’ve been in the home for years a place where they will now live out
the rest of their retirement years. In 2019, 82% of families facing foreclosure
achieved housing stability. Additionally, 56 families became first time
homeowners and are on their way to a solid financial foundation.

6 Annual Report 2019 | YWCA Delaware

Achieving New Directions

WAND, Wo(men) Achieving New Directions showed clients how to turn a passion, great idea, side job, or hobby into a
legitimate and profitable business.

Ebony was a teenage mother. Now an adult working to support her family she is also building a business, Praize Fitness.
Her business works with churches to help their congregations become healthier through exercise and nutrition.
She has also launched a line of fitness wear.

YWCA provides women like Ebony with tools for achieving financial stability. Clients continue to have access to business
advisors and other resources after completing programs.

During 2019, WAND Wo(men) Achieving New Directions served 557 clients through workshops, round tables, and
one-to-one coaching; 82% of those clients have improved household income through employment and launching
small businesses.

Annual Report 2019 | YWCA Delaware 7

2019 Donor Listing

Generous contributions from individuals, businesses, organizations and the public
sector help YWCA Delaware to meet the needs of our community and change lives
every day. We offer our heartfelt thanks to the following supporters, whose gifts
help to advance our mission to empower women and eliminate racism.

This robust society of multi-year donors helps to ensure our financial stability and future sustainability,
and serves as philanthropic leaders to the community. We offer our deepest appreciation to members of the
Changing Lives Society for making a long-term financial commitment to support YWCA Delaware’s current and
future work.

Influencers *
This group of donors provides significant support to YWCA Delaware’s work with a long-term commitment of at
least $500 annually and positively influences the impact of our mission and the families we serve.

$10,000 & Above $1,000 to $4,999 Robalee M. & Alan W. Deike
John Donnelly**
Kemal Erkan** Beth Albano Margriet & Hardy Drane**
Betty B. Garrett June Alt** Pamela S. Finkelman**
Deborah I. Hartnett Lauren Anderson Donna K. Gunkel
Jan M. King** Mary Jo Anderson** Anna C. Hamilton**
Grace Messner** Susan Andersen** Michele Hart-Henry**
Charles & Patricia Robertson Rebecca Aronow Margaret T. Harrell**
Ann C. Stanford** Beverly K. Bach Karen Hudson**
Eva L. Verplanck, Ph.D. Pamela Baker** Carol & Pat Ireland**
Lynn Herrick Sharp & H. Rodney Sharp III Davida & Donald Baker II** Dr. Isaias Irgau**
Sally Rask Youth Scholarship Dr. Beverley Baxter Ph.D. Judith Jeffcott
Kristen Bender** Paula Jenkins-Massie**
$5,000 to $9,999 Dr. Mark F. Sylvester & Gary Johnson**
Louise H. Jones*
Tracy Crowley in Honor of Midge Pettinaro Patricia H. Bender Lynne & Fred Kielhorn
Eileen Donnelly & James Powers** Jerry & Michel Bilton** Elena Kupchik**
Anne & John Fields Ann Bookout** Claire LaMar Carey & Harmon Carey
Melissa K. Gonville** Myrle Gilpin Bowe** Linda E. Lewis & Peter L. Bogetti
Sarah Gore** Atlanta T. Brown** Robin Mandell**
Lynn Herrick Sharp & H. Rodney Sharp III Ms. Catherine Cambridge & Kimberly Y. Markiewicz**
Catherine & Roger Holcomb Linda D. & Michael McGrath**
A. Leslie Stanford* Mr. Edward Keeling** Dr. James & Mrs. Carol McKelvey**
Marge & Donald Stitz** Melissa R. Carson** Ruth I. Mette
Ellen Marie Nobles-Harris** Jesal Chopra** Dr. Freeman & Mrs. Lois Miller**
United Medical Leadership Team** Kimberly Connell** Janice & Fred Mink
Jay & Kashmira Sonecha/ Nancy Crake** Darlene C. & Sean ONeill**
Colette Daney** Karen & David Pensak**
Sonecha Foundation Cynthia de Leon
Dr. Lax N. & Guni Dedhia**
8 Annual Report 2019 | YWCA Delaware

Suzanne Perry Carol E. Arnott-Robbins Lucy & Stuart Comstock-Gay
Dawn Philo** Lesley Aulick Stacy Conn
Nancy & Paul Pinson** Deirdre Avant Kathleen Connolly
Diane Rogerson** Myrna Bair Donna Connor
Maxine Rosenthal** Sharon Baker Claude Cooper
Cecilia Russell** Jennifer Balotti Carlos & Rebecca Cotto
Dr. William Schickler & Rochele Barham Jessica Cowperthwait
Charlotte Barnes Katherine Cowperthwait
Mrs. Wendy Schickler ** Patricia & Louis Bartoshesky The Honorable Barbara D. Crowell
Laurie Silverstein Valencia L. Beaty, Esq. Michelle Cullen
Karen L. & Frederick Smith, Jr.** Debra L. Berke PhD, CFLE Susan Cycyk
Susan Smith Ada Bickert Josiah Daniel
Kimberly A. Snedaker** Marcie Bierlein Vincent Daniels
Pauline C. Snell Sherri Billings Dallas M. Danish
Ruth Sokolowski** Janet Blanchfield Lisa Davis
Stephanie L. Staats** The Honorable Lisa Blunt Rochester Ashley S. K. Davis
Gail Stewart Art & Megan Bookout Juliet Dee
Jocelyn Stewart Susan Bookout Tamara DeFur
Christine S. Sullivan** Margaretta Brokaw Julia Diebold
Hilary & Jeff Suwyn ** David Brown Keri A. Diebold
Suwyn Family Foundation Dr. Sarah E. Brown & Ajit M. George Cristina DiSabatino
Deborah Talbert** Tamara Brown Catherine DiSabatino
Maria Taylor** Jennifer Brown Pamela Dixon
Michele Turulski** Kristin & Jeffrey Brownlee John Dooley
Mary Vane Barbara Buckley Stephanie Dorsey
Katherine Ward** Sherry W. Burke Carolyn T. & William J. Doyle
Michele Whetzel** Maria Bynum Katherine Driscoll
Dave White Allan Cairncross & Patricia Murdock Valerie Edwards
Carolann Wicks** Theresa Cancro & Dominic Chan Lynn C. Evans
Dr. Gail Wynn** Eileen Daney Carzo Troy & Dave Farmer/Farmer’s
Lynn & Mike Zbranak** Caroline Chahalis
Andrea K. Zimmerman, Ph.D. Lori J. & Thomas L. Cherney Famous Fish
Jennifer Cho Catherine Fields
Up to $999 Laurel L. Christie Susan Finizio
Chrysa Cohen Rev. Roberta Finkelstein
Anonymous Bebe R. Coker Lorraine M. & Richard Fleming
Laura M. Adarve Leah Coles Laura Fontana
Mary Akhimien, Esq. Anne Collier Michelle Frey
Amanda Alcaraz Sue Fuhrmann
Maria Archer
Annual Report 2019 | YWCA Delaware 9

Kyle Gay Kelly Knapp Judy Pappenhagen
Patricia F. Genzel Ann Koch Patricia Pettaway Ward
Imogene B. Geoghegan Susan Komins Orenda Poindexter
Tomika Giles-Rogers Jeff Kowalczyk Barbara A . Perry*
Kristine Gjonpali Kristen Kuipers Beverly Peterson
Dr. Karin Gladney Marie Laberge Don Peterson
Linnea Goddess* Gregg Landis Karen Poore
Amelia Grabowski Crystal & Robert Langstaff Claudia Peña Porretti, J.D.
Patricia Grant Mary Lanshe* Betsy Price
Rayna Gray Elise Laskas Cynthia Primo Martin
Teresa Grey Carol A. & Michael Leach Thomas Przybylski
Patrick & MaryJo Gunnin Karen (Renna) Van Oot, J.D. MSS, MLSP Kristine Qualls
Judith Gupton Wiley Svetlana Lisanti Tracey Quillen Carney
Nat’e Guyton Pat Loeffelholz Olga Ramirez
Sharon Hake Elizabeth Lockman Rosalyn Reed
Janet Hall Kathleen Lomas Kate & Tom Regan
David Hancock Caroline Lunger Jane Rensi
Diane E. Harris Ruth Lytle-Barnaby Dawn Rittenhouse
Terra L. Harris Marilyn Maguire Chamblin Rooney
Sarah Harrison Mary E. Maloney Denise Rosaio
Nanci Hersh Carla Markell Deborah Ross
Elizabeth Higginbotham Barbara Marrs Michelle Rowland
F. Renarde Hill Maria Matos Clytia Royster
Jennifer Hill Sarah E. McBride Ernest Ruppe
Phyllis E. Hill Kevin McCooey Yolanda Rushdan
Pamela J. Hoffman Elizabeth McCourt** Sue Ryan
Thomas Holmes Patrick McCrummen Terese Sabbato
Robin Horn Harriet Memeger Jennifer Saienni
Lynne Howard Matt Meyer, New Castle Maureen Sandberg*
Amy Hughes Dionna Sargent
Claudia Hughes County Executive* Alice Sawyer
Ebony Hunter Marjorie Meyermann Sandra Scheibe
Marilyn Hyte Susan Mierzwa Karol A. Schmiegel
Amira Idris Lynn Miller Pamela Scott
Lynn Ingersoll Danielle Minner* Dr. Gwendolyn Scott-Jones
Nagalaxmi Jarugumilli Peggy P. Mitchell Suzanne Seubert
Janice Jessup D’Veda Mitchell Marcille Sewell-Liningham
Monique Johns Martha Moffatt Carla Sexton
Elizabeth M. Johnson Chanele Moore Peggy Shane
Yoki Johnson Suzanne Moore Joan L. Sharp, CFP, RLP, CAP, MSFS
Angela D. Jones Fern Moore Jennifer Sheran*
Elizabeth Jordan Lori Morgan Susan Sherk
Johanna Jordan Susan Morgan Joanne Smeltz
Jill J. Keefer Fiona Mulligan-Foss Jennifer Smuts
Kay Keenan Ruth Neal-Dixon Vivian Suh Spahr
Liam Kemmerley John Nichols Rita Speakman
Sebnem Kesen Marie Oakberg Anita L. Sterling
Diane Kifer Kathleen O’Keefe* Elizabeth C. Stevenson &
Mary E. Kimball Linda L. O’Neal
Judith L Kling Carmen Ortiz Charles J. Tisa
Susan Klugerman Linda N. Outlaw
Jacquelyn Overberg

10 Annual Report 2019 | YWCA Delaware

Judith Stodolny Corporations, Foundations & Quinton E. Primo, Jr. Fund for
Sarah Stowers Organizations Racial Justice
Amy Streaker
Susan Sullivan Action Unlimited Speer Trust
Juan (Sunny) Sun Allstate Foundation State Employees’ Charitable Campaign
Job Taminiau Amazon Smile Foundation TD Bank USA
Charles & Miriam Tarver Artesian Resources Corporation TD Charitable Foundation
Michele & Gary Tashman Artisans’ Bank Unitarian Fellowship of Newark
Michelle Taylor Bank of America First Unitarian Church of Wilmington
Sheryl Telford Barbacane, Thornton & Company United Medical, LLC
Kathy Thaeder Barclays Women’s Leadership Center
Betty Ann Themal Benevity
Patricia H. Thomas Borgenicht Foundation Government
Cheryl S. Thomas BTL Foundation
Jacqueline P. Thornton Capital One City of Newark, Department of
Genevieve Tighe Christ Church Christiana Hundred Planning and Development
Vera Toliver Christiana Care - Community
Ann Tolman City of Wilmington, Department of
Kimberly Tomczak Investment Fund Real Estate and Housing
Christine Trumpfheller* Cinnaire
Lorie Tudor Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Delaware Criminal Justice Council
Annette Turlington Delaware Department of Education
Marie Vacca Violence (DCADV) Delaware Department of Health and
Jan Waldauer Delaware Community Foundation
Michael Wallace DuPont Social Services
Debra Waltemeyer Female Harmony Society of Delaware Department of Services for
Barbara Washam
Deborah Watson Hanover S. Presbyterian Church Children, Youth and Their Families
Gregory L. Watson First Unitarian Church - Halstead Delaware Department of State,
Alexandra Weber Fund for Women (DCF) Collaborative
Michelle Wei HSBC Bank USA, N.A. Office of the Bank Commissioner
Sue Weissinger Jack & Jill of America, Inc. Delaware Economic Development Office
David Wheland Kenney Family Foundation Delaware Grant-In-Aid
Stefanie Whitby-Scalessa Laffey McHugh Foundation Delaware State Housing Authority
Michael White Lamb Insurance New Castle County, Department of
Ann Wick M&T Bank
Yolanda Wilcox Marshall Reynolds Foundation Community Services
Jane Wilkie News Journal Sussex County Council
Doris B. Wilkins* U.S. Department of Agriculture
Dave Wilkinson U.S. Department of Housing and
Charlotte A. Williams
Erica Williams Urban Development
Sarah Wilson U.S. Department of Justice
Susan Wilson
Robert Wilson
Lois Winkler
Nina Worthington
Denette Wright-Clark
Robert Young
William Young

Annual Report 2019 | YWCA Delaware 11

2019 Financial For the Year Ending December 31, 2019
Report (unaudited)

Statement of Statement of
Activities Financial Position


3% Youth
4% 3% Housing
7% 10% RSJ
Economic Empowerment
9% 32% Fund Raising 3% Youth
Administration SARC
Contributions /CSoprpe9oc%iraaltiEovnesnts 3% Housing
Foundations / 32% 10% RSJ
Economic Empow
Government 9% Fund Raising
12% United Way

2% Earned Revenue
Investment Allocatio1n3%

4% 5%
28% 13%

9% Contributions / Special Events 5%
Foundations / Corporations
12% Government 28%
66% United Way
Earned Revenue
Revenue Investment Allocation


Contributions/Special Events $335,800 Cash and Cash Equivalents $77,900

Foundations/Corporations $417,400 Accounts receivable $466,800

Government $2,397,800 Pledges receivable $474,800

United Way $64,400 Prepaid Expenses $30,100

Earned Revenue $161,800 Investments $6,496,500

Investment Allocation $248,800 P roperty and Equipment - Net $1,165,200

Total Operating Revenue $3,626,000 Escrow - Reserve for replacement $286,900

Expenses Total Assets $8,998,200
Personnel/Benefits $2,431,520 Liabilities

Insurance $67,800 Accounts Payable/Accrued Expenses $269,400
Loans Payable -
Professional Services $288,200 Delaware State Housing Authority $1,210,800

Supplies $219,700

Telephone/Internet $42,600 Total Liabilities $1,480,200
Occupancy $319,300

Professional Training $57,500 Net Assets

Client Support Services $218,700

National Support/Dues $18,900 Without Donor Restriction $2,286,000
With Donor Restriction $5,232,000
Outreach $101,800

Interest Expense $14,300 Total Net Assets $7,518,000

Total Operating Expense $3,780,320 Total Liabilities & Net Assets $8,998,200

12 Annual Report 2019 | YWCA Delaware

Stay Connected! | [email protected]

2019 @ywcade

Results YWCA Delaware

2019 Program Results

YWCA PROGRAMS Individuals Key Outcomes Results
Home - Life Management Housing Security 1 86%
Center and (unduplicated) 83%
Rapid Rehousing Formerly dependent families become self-sufficient and 82%
278 positioned for upward mobility. Families achieve housing 82%
Financial Empowerment stability. 87%
WAND Economic Empowerment 88%

– Entrepreneurship Individuals demonstrate increased financial health. 97%
– Employability 91%
1494 Families experiencing a foreclosure crisis achieve housing
Youth Development 1120 stability after interventions.
Individuals develop viable strategies to increase household
Sexual Assault Response income through employment or entrepreneurship.
Center (SARC)
Youth Development

Youth develop a sense of purpose, a positive view of their
personal future and goals that support their social and
economic mobility.

Health and Safety

2011 Victims in crisis utilize emergency advocate intervention
to facilitate trauma recovery.

Racial Justice & Social 907 Racial and Social Justice
5810 Increase awareness of how racism and other forms of
Total Served oppression hinder certain groups from participating as full
"citizens" of our communities.

Individuals are empowered to take democratic ownership
of their communities, protect themselves and their
neighbors and embrace individuals from all backgrounds.

Annual Report 2019 | YWCA Delaware 13

YW – Youth A Bright Future

Youth throughout Delaware developed confidence and action plans to explore their direction in higher education,
career paths, and entrepreneurship. YW Youth worked with students in schools and summer programs such as SITE
(Summer Internship Teen Employment). YW Girl joined with similar programs from other non-profit agencies to form
Delaware Girls Circles.

YW Youth provided life enrichment services to 1120 at risk youth; 87% developed a sense of purpose and positive view of
their personal future. Aliyah is following in her mother Ebony’s footsteps. After attending YWCA’s SITE program, she has
blossomed from a shy teen to someone with a line of products helping students with their school work.

Youth Programs promoted goal setting and supported social and economic mobility. Youth participating in the summer
programs received stipends. Older students were placed with agencies offering employment opportunities.

14 Annual Report 2019 | YWCA Delaware

Racial & Social Justice

Promoting Change

YWCA Delaware is on a mission to eliminate racism and empower women. During these challenging times, YWCA’s Dialogue
to Action has promoted measurable change. Dialogue to Action: Conversations about Racism is a dynamic program that
moves us from talk to meaningful action! Conversations about racism was attended by 134 people who were encouraged
to dive into the real issues and root causes and take action to directly address systemic and institutional racism. Following
the six weeks of discussion, the groups developed action plans; 91% of people reported feeling empowered to engage in
ongoing activities. In 2019, YWCA groups addressed the banking desert which exists along the Route 9 corridor in Delaware.
Groups also developed a program, Votamos, to register Spanish speaking voters throughout the state. Additional programs
were attended by 773 people, of whom 97% reported an increased awareness of how racism is societal, systemic, and
institutional and how we are all part of the system.
In solidarity with groups throughout the state, YWCA in conjunction with Christ Church Christiana Hundred sponsored the
5th Annual MLK VOICE 4 YOUTH communications contest. High school students throughout Delaware were challenged to
express how Dr. King’s legacy inspires them and to share, through poetry, speech, rap, and creative expression how they
want to contribute to social change.

AAnnnnuuaal lRReeppoorrtt22001199 | | YYWWCCAADDeelalawwaarree 15

Delaware real women Administrative Office
100 W. 10th Street, Suite 515
real issues Wilmington, DE 19801
Y E A R S real time (302) 655-0039 Center for Social &
[email protected] Economic Progress
153 E. Chestnut Hill Road, Suite 102
Newark, DE 19713
(302) 224-4060

Home-Life Management Center
709 N. Madison Street
Wilmington, DE 19801
(302) 658-7110

Sexual Assault
Response Center (SARC)
153 E. Chestnut Hill Road, Suite 102
Newark, DE 19713
(302) 224-4060 x210
24/7 Sexual Assault Response
Helpline: (800) 773-8570

Southern Delaware
20151 Office Circle, Suite 2
Georgetown, DE 19947
(302) 273-1300

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