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Published by John Wemple, 2019-05-22 11:12:18

colony time

Colony time

By John wemple
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Table of Contents

1 Welcome to colonial america
2 please follow the law and come to our town 3 we pay
well come and get a job 4We got the best clothes in the land
5 Check out our school 6 Come on and travel 7 Being a kid is
great but chores are bad
8 yum that was good food 9 Fun is great!!!!!!!!!!!10 glossary

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Welcome to the 13 Colonies!

A colony is a place owned by another country.The 13 colonies in
America were owned by England and ruled by King George .The
duke of york took land from the dutch without firing a gun.but he let
the dutch still live there because they had no other place to go.He
brought a lot of ships with 60 canons and the dutch only had 20
canons total.So they just gave the land to the duke of york but the
duke of york made a exception as long as the dutch folo the british

Colonial timeline

1492 1607 1619 1653 1776



Next Next Europeans england Finally the 13
First Christopher Next England Africans arrived in
Columbus came started the came to Plymouth has all colonies broke

from eyrup. On first colony in the massachusetts. the apart and came
colonies america because
the mayflower and jamestown colonies in control the patriots won

when they got virginia. as slaves. the revolutionary

they they met war and became

native americans . america.

please Follow The law And Come To Our Town

The town was run by the governor.The roads were thin and bumpy
and made form rock and tore up. Only a few of the buildings were
big streets were small and close together.People let animals into
the house’s like cows,pigs,chickens, rabbits and goats.People
threw trash on the street’s. Now we have garbage truck’s to take
our garbage away and we have animals in pens and coops and dog
houses.Our governor is the leader of a state and a mayor is our
town or city leader.


We got the best clothes in the land

Colonial clothes depended on how much money you had. People
with a lot of money had fancy clothes. People in our time that are
rich look the same as other people.our clothes are different than
theirs we have shoes like Jordans and lebrons a bunch more.
Colonists had boots made out of leather and they had birches and
jackets rich people had brightly colored silk coats.and they and the
woman had slipper.

Shoe compre

we pay well come and get a job

Hi my name is John and I will be telling you about the jobs in my
town. Look there is a farmer and his barn.The farmers had to do
everything like taking care of animals. Growing fruits and
vegetables like
squash,tomatoes,corn,beans,strawberries,blueberries. Is that kids
doing work. Kids were out of school by 12 years old. The kids had
to milk the cows and get eggs and so on .Blacksmith at work I
wonder what he is making. The blacksmith made stuff like ice/wood
tongs,anvals,wrenches, axe heads,musket balls and other metaal
stuff. It's the women doing their job I wonder what she is doing.
The women take care of the children,made soap,clean
clothes,made clothes and knitted.


Come On And Travel

Colonist's can taraval all over the place some ways they can travel
most of the time you would be walking around, if you had to travel
far you should use a house and buggy, if you have to go across
seas you have to use a ship. Their is a mailman to give me my
letter.A mailman use a stagecoach to get around and deliver
letters to people. Look over their there are some soldiers that are
high in rank travel on horseback and lower rank traveled on foot.
Native americans traveled in light coones and on foot.





Come on and travel slide 2

Then Both Now

They travel on Both travel We travel on
ship,stage on ship,
coach,horse ship,foot car,plane,train,
and horseback blimp,foot,hor
buggy,foot, seback.

Check Out Our School

Our school is much different to colonial school for example we have
many teachers per class and they have one teachers at the one
schoolhouse for all grades. Our subjects are reading, writing, math,
social studies, science.Their subjects are math,reading,writing.


Being a Kid is Glorious but Chores are as
Bad as Torcher

Kids had fun like us but it was different. What made it different they
is that they had to do all their morning chores then go to school
then do afternoon chores then time to play.Some things they played
were blind man's buff,ball in a cup,sack races,morris,tag and
playing cards.some chores they did were milking cows,churning
butter,helping cook.

Being a Kid is Glorious but Chores are as
Bad as Torcher

pay off

Yum yum that was good food

A food to start the day. The colonist ate different things for breakfast
a special treat was apple pancakes you only got it on special
occasions like on your birthday. On any other day you would eat
food like eggs and toast oatmeal for breakfast. For launch they
would have to make bread if they wanted a sandwich ome food
they would eat for launch are

Food from the 1700s

Apple pancake


Together Finally

The colonists had been tired of england telling them what to do. So
they started a war with england in 1776 called the revolutionary

They wanted a change because british soldiers were allowed to go
into houses and ask for whatever they want, tea tax, paper tax. The
colonist won

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Were free


Birches like underwear


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