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Plymouth Harbor on Sarasota Bay's employee newsletter.

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Published by Plymouth Harbor on Sarasota Bay, 2017-08-01 12:26:36

The Current August 2017

Plymouth Harbor on Sarasota Bay's employee newsletter.



OnBoard Health Fair Attend and Earn AUGUST 2017

Thursday, August 17th from 7:30 a.m.—12:00 p.m. in the Wellness Center AUGUST 3 New!
Learn n Earn
What are the 2017 Health Fair dates and times? “An Introduction to
The official Health Fair will be held on August TRX Suspension
17th, from 7:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m., with our vendors, Training”
Biometric Screenings, and prize drawings. To help
accommodate schedules, we will also be offering AUGUST 8
thermography screenings and Biometric Screenings 401k Consultation
on Friday, August 18th, from 7:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. by appointment

Will there be prizes? AUGUST 10
Yes! There will be several vendors onsite, health Blood Drive!
screenings, chair massages, giveaways, and prize
drawings! Prizes include a kayak (pictured right), a AUGUST 10 New!
Nutri Ninja blender, and Fitbits. and
Will I have to make an appointment for my biometric screening? AUGUST 24 Repeat
Yes. Call Jennifer Bruneman at Ext. 443, between July 31—August 4, to schedule. Learn n Earn
Will I have to fast for the biometric screening? And how long will it take? “Everyday Heart
Yes. This is a finger-stick blood draw (not a full blood draw) that requires fasting Health”
and will take about 15 minutes. But please allow time to take advantage of all of
the other vendors who will be on-hand on August 17th. AUGUST 17
If I’m o during the Health Fair, can I still have my biometric screening done? Employee Health Fair
Yes. You have until August 31 to have it done at St. Armand’s Urgent Care Center.
How do I show that I improved/maintained good results from last year? AUGUST 18
You will need a copy of your results from last year with Interactive Health. (If you Biometric Screenings
don’t have this, you can get another copy by calling 800-840-6100 or go online for those who are unable
at: Then, make a confidential appointment to attend the Health Fair
with Chris Cooper, Wellness Director (ext. 377), and bring last year’s and this on August 17th
year’s results with you. (HIPAA policy is strictly enforced during this meeting.)
How will Chris measure improvement from last year’s screening?
She will compare the measurable markers from both years, i.e., Systolic and
Diastolic Blood Pressure, LDL Cholesterol, Glucose, and Triglycerides. If you show
improvement in any of these areas, you will have earned your OnBoard Wellness
Rewards Bucks.
Can my spouse participate in the Biometric Screening?
Yes, if s/he is covered by Plymouth Harbor’s health insurance plan, they can go to
St. Armand’s Urgent Care Center before August 31st. You will need to provide proof
they have done so in order to receive the $5 in OnBoard Wellness Rewards Bucks.
For more information, please see the Health Fair FAQ Sheet you received with your last
paycheck. If you have additional questions, contact Chris Cooper at Ext. 377.




le to earn Bucks! Notes from Gina’s nomination form:

DON’T MISS OUT! Gina is an excellent Server. She
OnBoard Bucks for the 2017 is patient with residents and staff,
calendar year must be earned and is willing to help others at any
by the Benefits Fair, held on time. Gina is a pro when it comes
to efficiency. She thinks above and
November 7th and 8th. beyond what task has been assigned
to her and works very hard. She has a
This includes the $40 OnBoard great attitude, not only toward her position, but toward her
Wellness Rewards Bucks required co-workers and managers. Gina will do anything that is needed
to ensure the residents have a wonderful dining experience.
for the 2018 insurance She is a wonderful member of our team - a true team player.
premium reduction. She is professional and very respectful toward residents and
View your OnBoard Wellness Binder
for Buck-earning opportunities! Employee Talent Thank you to all our
Show Recap! performers for sharing
We will host an OnBoard Bucks your talents and providing
“store” in December 2017, where an entertaining, but most
employees can spend excess bucks. importantly, fun show!
Congratulations to our
WHAT’S UP winners, “The Uptown
IN WELLNESS Girls” - Bert Adams, Eva
Duerr, Sheila Strahorn,
EQUIPMENT and Erica Underwood.
on Facebook for more photos!
Contact Wellness Director Chris
Cooper to schedule at Ext. 377 or

[email protected]


Are you interested in working
with Plymouth Harbor’s
Employee Health Coach?

Contact Employee Health Coach
Joan Weder at 941-374-0815

or [email protected]


Do you love animals? PETS!

By Chris Cooper, Wellness Director: JEANNE
If you love animals, how about volunteering MCARTHUR
at the Lakewood Ranch Humane Society by
walking a few pups or playing with kittens?  ¡ ¢ £ ¤ ¥ ¦

Or, if you have a teenager, they can earn § ¨ © ¡
community service hours by walking a
dog! I was initially hesitant to sign up ©¨ ¨
because I’m unable to volunteer during
the week, and can only do an occasional ¨ ©¨ ¡ ¡
weekend. I was also worried that I’d be
locked into a regular commitment. But, Have a funny, cute, or creative
it couldn’t be easier. The shifts are very picture of your pet(s)?
flexible - you sign up each month through an online website and
volunteer when you can. They are happy to have you. Below is We’re looking for the best
some additional information that might help with your decision: pet picture every month

• The dog care shifts are 7:00 a.m., 12:30 p.m., and 6:00 p.m. from employees! The
• There is a maximum of 13 dogs at any one time. winner, selected by the
• Shifts consist of feeding, a 15-min. walk, and tidying their space. OnBoard team, will be included
• Shifts can be 1-2 hours, depending on how many dogs are in in the following month’s

residence and how many volunteers are at each shift (ideally 4). issue of The Current.
• Cat care is daily, morning and evening, and consists of feeding, Send image, your name,
pet name, and department
playing and tidying up the cat room.
• There are only two requirements: 1) Fill out an application in to Communications
Specialist Kathy Messick:
person; 2) Participate in a 1-hour orientation prior to your [email protected]
first shift.
• The shelter is in Lakewood Ranch, just off I-75 & University.

If you’re not interested in working directly with the animals, (who
doesn’t like holding a puppy or kitten), but still want to help, other
opportunities include the reception desk, adoption events, donating
food or towels, IT support, etc. Visit for more details.

If you have additional questions, please let me know (Ext. 377).
I can say that I love going there and I know you would, too! It’s
heartwarming to see those little faces when you walk through the
door. An added bonus: you’ll earn thousands of steps walking!

Principal Financial Group 401k Update Don’t forget to sign up!

401k. Your retirement statement is now available online, on-demand. To view it, 10
create your account and login at: 1:30-4:30 . .
Assistance with your password. If you forgot your password, or wish to change
it, select “Forgot Your Password” on the password entry page. You may also To sign up, contact Wellness
contact a representative of the Principal Financial Group® for assistance at Director, Chris Cooper at Ext. 377 or
1-800-986-3343. [email protected].
Update your email address. To ensure you receive timely notifications when Earn $2 in Wellness Rewards
your statement is available, let Principal know if your email address changes. OnBoard Bucks! Please consider
You can change your email address online at any time after you login, under giving the gift of life.
Your Profile/Update Email Address.
Change how you receive your statement. You can choose to receive a paper
copy of your statement free of charge. If at any time you would like to change
how you receive your statement, go to Your Profile/Subscriptions & Email
Preferences to indicate your mailing preference.
Questions? Contact: Kyle Rogers, Human Resources Manager, at Ext. 207.


KRYSTLE HARVEY, MARKETING We think Plymouth Harbor is a
great place to work, and we’ll be
Krystle can solve any problem there is! asking if you agree by participating
If she can’t, she knows exactly who to call in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune’s
who does. She is an Office Coordinator, “Best Places to Work” survey.
extraordinaire! She truly is a gem!
“Best Places to Work” is a survey competition
Jeannie Humphrey Smith Care Center 2nd to determine which participants are the best
Judy Sarnowski Smith Care Center 2nd employers in the region. It consists of two
Yessenia Marino Housekeeping 3rd parts: 1) The employer completes an online
Bob Maffucci Dining Services 3rd survey, detailing company policies, practices,
Charlotte Kimball Housekeeping 4th benefits, and demographics; 2) Employees
George Kingston Landscaping 5th complete a paper survey of statements using
Desiree Whatley Home Care 6th a scale of five points ranging from “Agree
Janice Martin Front Desk 8th Strongly” to “Disagree Strongly.”
Kathy Messick Philanthropy 9th
Joe Devore Smith Care Center 14th Surveys will be distributed to each
Tony Roman Dining Services 16th department and will need to be completed
Scott Gabrielsen Transportation 17th and mailed to the Best Companies Group
Irlande Saint-Vil Home Care 18th by Wednesday, August 9th (postage-paid
Claudia Cavero Home Care 19th envelope provided).
Pete Berkery Security 21st
Kathleen Collins Front Desk 21st If Plymouth Harbor makes the list, we will
Cesar Collazo Dining Services 21st celebrate with a Food Truck Friday!
Brenda Garcia Home Care 23rd
Louise Phillips Home Care 25th Congratulations to the following
Matthew Stout Dining Services 25th employees, who correctly answered
Barbara Fabian Home Care 26th
Andrew Rusin Dining Services 27th our Fire Safety RACE-PASS
test in July and earned $10!

Tasha Trotman, Dining
Eric Owen, Security

Ed Malloy, Transportation
Glenn Smith, Maintenance

Brandi Burgess, SCC
Felipe Morales, Dining
Tamika Fairclough, SCC
Edna Pineda, Housekeeping
Scott Gabrielsen, Valet
Sequoia Felton, E-Tech

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