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Plymouth Harbor on Sarasota Bay's employee newsletter.

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Published by Plymouth Harbor on Sarasota Bay, 2017-04-03 14:14:27

The Current March 2017

Plymouth Harbor on Sarasota Bay's employee newsletter.


MARCH 2017

Healthly Living with Health Coaching

give health coaching a try. “I went
into it with an open mind, and I
figured if it didn’t work for me that I
could stop at any time,” he says.

Health coaching continues to grow Since then, Franco has continued to MARCH 2017
in popularity - but what exactly does lose weight and has learned to be DATES TO REMEMBER
working with a health coach mean? more mindful of what he is doing
and what he is eating. “Because MARCH 9
Health coaches serve as a sounding I work in the kitchen, I have food and MARCH 23
board, working with clients to change available and temptation around Learn n Earn
behavior through healthy thinking, me at all times,” he says. “Now “The Ins and Outs
appropriate fitness, and nutritional while I’m at work, I see that I’m of Label Reading”
wellness. However, the overall goal of more aware of when and what I’m
health coaching varies from person eating. In my personal life, I’m more MARCH 14
to person. While many are concerned cautious, but I’m also not limiting 401k Consultation
with losing weight, coaching is about myself. I can honestly say this by appointment
so much more than that - it’s about whole time I haven’t had a salad.”
finding new and healthier ways to MARCH 24
approach situations that happen in Unlike Franco, Bert Adams (SCC) Insights
our everyday lives. Because, let’s face admits she was a little reluctant Connie Meadows
it, what works for one person doesn’t when it came to working with “You Never Know
necessarily work for another. a health coach. “I was worried What’s In Store
it would be prescriptive, and I For You”
Joan Weder, Plymouth Harbor’s honestly didn’t think I’d have the
Employee Health Coach, knows that time every week to talk for 15 MARCH 25
first-hand. That’s why her goal is to minutes about my health,” she says. Keep Sarasota
work with our employees as much, or “But talking to Joan is like talking County Beautiful’s
as little, as they wish toward reaching to a friend. Not necessarily asking Great American
unique, realistic, and achievable goals. for help, but telling someone else Cleanup
what’s going on in my life. I look
Franco Valencia (Dining Services) forward to it.”
began working with Joan after the
Benefits Fair. He had been exercising Since starting with Joan, Bert has
and eating healthy, but for some almost met her goal for weight loss.
reason had hit a wall in his weight loss. Her biggest goal, however, was not
After talking with Joan, he decided to losing the weight, but learning new
ways to maintain her weight loss.
“I’m a junk food addict,” she says.
“Now, I eat less of it, but I haven’t
given it up.”


WHAT’S Continued from page 1 that to make a difference.”
UP IN Overall, health coaching has
WELLNESS For Bert, it keeps her motivated to helped Joe to become a more
be accountable to someone other sophisticated shopper and to
EQUIPMENT than herself. In addition, she has be more mindful about what
ORIENTATION learned simple tricks to healthy he’s going to eat and when. “It’s
eating and how to be more aware about looking ahead at the bigger
Contact Wellness when it comes to label reading. picture and planning to be healthy.
Director Chris Valuck “My attitude toward weight loss It’s an awesome benefit,” he adds.
to schedule an orientation: has changed. I see it as less of
a chore and more of something For Tena Wilson (Support
Ext 377 or I choose to do. I see that it’s Services), a huge benefit is Joan’s
[email protected] working for me even though it’s ability to accommodate her
not every week,” she adds. schedule. “I have a long commute
HEALTH COACHING to work, so the best time for me
Joe Devore (SCC) had an overall is 7:15 a.m. on my way in. Not a
Are you interested goal of weight loss as well. After problem! We talk every Tuesday
in working with learning that Plymouth Harbor morning; each week I come away
was offering health coaching, he with some practical tips and
Plymouth Harbor’s was excited about the opportunity advice that are very helpful,” Tena
Employee HealthCoach? to couple education with his use says. “Joan offers insights and
of the Wellness Center. perspectives that I may not have
Contact Joan Weder considered before. Her approach
at 941-374-0815 or “I learn a little something each is completely supportive and non-
[email protected] time I talk with Joan,” Joe says. judgmental. It’s a great feeling to
“The first few times, I ended up have someone 100% behind you
Valentine Update learning that some of the things I in your wellness efforts!”
thought were healthy weren’t as
Our Valentine’s Day card event good as they could have been. For No matter what your goal, Joan is
was a great success! Thank example, I was drinking orange ready and willing to help. To learn
you to those who stopped by juice each morning without more, contact Joan at 941-374-
to help make over 50 cards considering the sugar content. For 0815 or JoanW@PlymouthHarbor.
that went to both Smith Care me, it was something as simple as org.
Center and Callahan Center
residents. SCC’s Dining EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH

Services team placed cards on LORI HOSKINS,
the tables in the Chart Room, DINING SERVICES

and in CC, the cards were A few words from Lori’s
handed out to each resident. nomination form:

Through all her positions,
Lori has always been so
positive and has had a happy
disposition. She always goes
above and beyond for staff
and residents. From making
a resident comfortable when
stressing over a reservation to
a last-minute party platter for a last-minute unannounced
guest. Lori also jumps in to help staff no matter what — from
helping on the floor to hemming pants and sewing buttons and
everything in between.



Join Plymouth Harbor for Keep Sarasota Plymouth Harbor is bringing
County Beautiful’s 2017 Great American back the employee talent
Cleaup! This cleanup will be held on two show from years ago!
separate dates:
SATURDAY, MARCH 25 Do you have a hidden talent
Lido Beach, from 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. that you’d like to show off?
Meet at Plymouth Harbor at 10:00 a.m.
SATURDAY APRIL 22 (EARTH DAY) Or do you and your
Lido Beach, from 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. coworkers want to put
Earn $1 OnBoard Food & Fun Buck per cleanup! together a performance

Whatever the case,
SATURDAY, MAY 13 start planning!
Downtown Sarasota Post Office
1661 Ringling Blvd, Sarasota, FL 34230 The Talent Show will be
From 2:00-6:00 p.m. held in June 2017.
Earn $1 OnBoard Food & Fun Buck!
Exact date to be announced.


Connie Meadows was born in Maryland, and graduated from the
University of Connecticut with a degree in psychology. Connie’s
first job was with a consulting firm, but in 1966, she moved to The
Hague to work for the Insurance Company of North America. After
becoming Director of the European region, she moved to Brussels
for more than a decade. She eventually moved back to Maryland and
formed a company that provided financial services and managed
condominiums. But she didn’t stop there – Connie then became
CFO of Ocean Petroleum before retiring in 2000. What lead her
into her many different careers? Join us to find out!

12:00-12:30 p.m. on Friday, March 24th. Lunch is Sign up by Friday, March 17th by contacting Karen
provided in the Private Dining Room. Smith at Ext. 399.


ANA PEREIRA Photo Feature
Photos by: Pete Berkery, Security
Ana is always kind and
caring. My husband came
here to Plymouth Harbor for fundraisers when
we lived on Longboat Key. We spent much of our
time here and decided that this was where our
future life should be spent!

Keke Martin Home Care 1st
Elsy Cruz Housekeeping 6th
Audrey Brown Maintenance 10th
LaToya Jackson Home Care 11th
Kay Stotler Smith Care Center 11th
Christina Halverson Wellness 13th
Patricia Martinez SCC Housekeeping 13th
Amber Coney Smith Care Center 16th
Hugh Kelly Maintenance 16th
Kiauna Harden Smith Care Center 17th
Harry Hobson Administration 17th
Mary Beth Trollinger Dining Services 21st
Marsha Johnson Smith Care Center 23rd
Joan Brown Home Care 24th
Julio Guerrero Dining Services 25th
Krystle Harvey Marketing 25th
Lejla Denic Smith Care Center 26th

The Current is the employee newsletter of
Plymouth Harbor on Sarasota Bay

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