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Plymouth Harbor on Sarasota Bay's employee newsletter

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Published by Plymouth Harbor on Sarasota Bay, 2019-03-29 11:08:03

The Current April 2019

Plymouth Harbor on Sarasota Bay's employee newsletter

PLYMOUTH HARBOR ON SARASOTA BAY Employee Newsletter–Issue 63

The Current APRIL 2019

Staff Spotlight: Welcoming New Faces APRIL 1
Spring Walking
LAUREN PFINGSTON, Marketing Office Coordinator Challenge Begins

Lauren is our Marketing Office Coordinator. APRIL 1
Originally from Deltona, Florida, she moved Stairwell Trivia
to Indianapolis for 10 years, before moving Begins
to Sarasota to be closer to family. Lauren has
two daughters, Mila (5) and Grace (1). Her APRIL 4
hobbies include yoga, reading, knitting, and Burn n Earn
jeopardy. Before working for Plymouth Harbor, “Walking on Sunshine
Lauren worked in property management Part 2”
where she discovered her love for volunteer
work. She helped organize philanthropy APRIL 18
events, her favorite being a casino night to Learn n Earn
raise money for the Boys and Girls Club, and “Managing Stress
she would like to organize something similar Through Change”
here in the future. by Health Fit

MICAYLA DAVIES, SCC Administrative assistant APRIL 24
Blood Drive
Born and raised in Manatee county, Micayla
then attended FGCU where she earned her LOOKING AHEAD
Bachelor’s in health care administration
before moving back with her dog, Mowgli. MAY 31
She has worked in health care since she was Small Changes
15. Her first job was at the optometry practice Challenge ends
where her mom works. She began as the “file
girl” and was then was trained in every MAY 31
department. While in school, she interned Scholarship
with and then was hired by an OBGYN practice. applications due
Micayla also acted as a caretaker for her
grandmother during her later life stage, and
when this job came around it seemed like a
perfect fit for her experience. Recently, she
learned that her grandpa worked here as a
security guard!

Monthly Motivation

Your body hears everything your mind says. Stay positive. - Anonymous

APRIL 2019 Page 2

Stairwell Trivia Foundation Scholarships 2019

Ready to get some steps, learn a Applications are due May 31.
few fun facts, and earn Wellness Eligible employees must have been employed

Rewards Bucks? for 12 months or more to apply.
Try out Stairwell Trivia!
Bea Davis Memorial Scholarship, $1,500
Pick up your trivia form and stairwell map
from the Wellness Department or your Housekeeping employees and their immediate family
break room anytime before April 10th members
and get ready to hit the stairs.
Jane Smiley Scholarship, $2,000
Answers to trivia questions will be posted
on each floor in the stairwells. Participants Employees and their immediate family members

will have from MONDAY, APRIL 1ST Evelin Corsey Scholarship, $1,500
until the FRIDAY, APRIL 12TH deadline
to complete and turn in their trivia form. All
forms will be collected by Summer Rentsch. Jeannette Gehrie Music Scholarship, $1,500
Completed forms with correct answers will
receive $5 in Wellness Rewards Bucks! Employees and their immediate family members

NOTE: the use of elevators to complete this Charleen Sessions Scholarship, $2,000
challenge is prohibited.
Fall Walking Results
Residents Association Scholarship, $2,000
Congratulations to all of our Fall
Walking Challenge participants! This Employees and their immediate family members
quarter’s competition was extremely
close, with only a few thousand steps Collinsworth Scholarship, $2,000
separating first and second place:
Employees and their immediate family members
Brian Bly Gaylord Family Nursing Scholarship, $2,000
2,059,345 steps
Employees and their immediate family members
Honorable Mention to Liz Acs
2,059,345 steps Bruce B. Crawford and Joan P. Sheil Scholarship,
Red Hot Chili Steppers Employees and their immediate family members

7,553,035 steps Veronica Holak Barton Scholarship, $5,000

Honorable Mention to Bod Squad Employees and their immediate family members,
7,539,709 steps preference to one-parent family.

General Education Scholarships (4 awarded),

Employees and their immediate family members

Walking Challenge Reminder

The SPRING Walking Challenge
begins MONDAY, APRIL 1!

All participants earn $1 in OnBoard
Wellness Bucks per 100,000 steps walked.


Contact Summer Rentsch at ext. 377

APRIL 2019 Page 2

Burn/Learn n Earns Employee of the Month

April 4, 12-12:30 p.m. Steven Parsons, IT
& 2-2:30 p.m.
Notes from Steven’s nomination form...
Burn: “Walking on Sunshine
Part 2” Steven has staff constantly pulling
him in different directions, yet he
earn $2 in Wellness Rewarsd Bucks will help you at the drop of a hat
and make your issue his priority.
April 18, 12-12:30 p.m. He is constantly working to make
& 2-2:30 p.m. our daily work-lives easier and
more efficient, and he takes the
Learn: “Managing Stress stress that comes with technology
Through Change” off of us!

earn $1 in Wellness Rewards Bucks James Seipel, Transportation
“He is always willing to be of
Mobile Learn n Earns are also available. assistance and goes above and
Call Summer (Ext. 377) or Elizabeth beyond. He is friendly, fun, inter-
(Ext. 350) to check-out a laptop! esting, and caring. I appreciate all
that he does for the residents, and
*Special Note: The Mobile Learn ‘N Earn always with a smile on his face!
opportunity will only be available for Thank you, Jim.”

Learn ‘N Earns. We will not be recording Donations, please!
Burn ‘N Earn activities.*
On the ground floor of the Tower are four donation
We want to hear your story! bins for All Faith’s Food Bank, Resurrection House,
Meals on Wheels, and Sarasota Animal Services.
Our employees do some pretty incredible
things, and we want to hear about them! If you have
If you or someone you know has a story non-perishable
to share, whether it’s about a cool hobby, food, toiletries,
a trip, an accomplishment, a unique paper grocery
upbringing or overcoming a life bags, or cat and
challenge, contact Kalynna Thompson dog items, please
(Ext. 431, [email protected]). drop them off

@PlymouthHarbor here!


APRIL 2019 Page 2

April Birthdays! Insights

Elizabeth Santiago Housekeeping 2 A monthly luncheon connecting residents
Tasha Trotman Dining Services 9 and employees.
Maryanne Shorin Resident Services 10
Marty Seehusen Security 12 Featuring:
Ed Malloy Transportation 16
Sequoia Felton Housekeeping 17 Bill Brackett
Doug Glaser Security 20
Shaneka Ford ALF 21 Friday, April 19
Susana Berry Dining Services 22 12 - 12 : 30 p.m.
Barbara Purifoy SCC 23 in the Club Room
Melissa Berthold Dining Services 24 Contact Karen Smith
Pat Ringstaff Health Services 25 at Ext. 399 to sign up!
Donna Bastien SCC 27
Norma Caro Dining Services 29 If you sign up to attend, please arrive on time. If for any reason
Victoria McCann SCC 29 you can no longer attend, please let Karen Smith know.
Martie Ford SCC 30
Lucy Guzman SCC 30

Happy Grams Wellness Center Orientations

When you catch a colleague doing something great, fill out Did you know all employees and
a Happy Gram ticket (your manager has them), have your spouses get FREE 24/7 access to the
manager sign it, and present it to your deserving colleague! Wellness Center? Call Summer (Ext.
377) or Elizabeth (Ext. 350) to set up
Happy Gram recipients will be recognized during All Staff
and Department meetings. an orientation and get started!

The Current is Plymouth Harbor’s
monthly employee newsletter.

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