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The Plymouth Harbor Foundation 2016 Impact Report

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Published by Plymouth Harbor on Sarasota Bay, 2018-10-25 14:46:04

The Plymouth Harbor Foundation 2016 Impact Report

The Plymouth Harbor Foundation 2016 Impact Report

Impact Report 2016


“Love cannot remain As we finish our fifth year of operation, the
by itself — it has no Plymouth Harbor Foundation continues to be
meaning. Love has to committed to supporting the most positive aging
be put into action and experience possible. That commitment extends
that action is service.” from our core constituents—our residents—to
those who deliver the loving care and services—
—Mother Teresa our employees—to those who enjoy the benefits
of having happy and healthy residents and
Garry Jackson, Secretary/Treasurer; Cade Sibley, Chair; employees—our community.
Harry Hobson, Vice Chair
Among the top reasons that people engage in
philanthropy is the desire to make an impact on
someone’s life. Understanding that a gift has no
impact until it is used, we have taken some time to
compile the pages that follow. They are filled with
stories of how your gifts have impacted the people
at Plymouth Harbor and beyond. We hope you will
find that your gift has filled many hearts and we
extend our deepest gratitude for your contributions.

The Plymouth Harbor Foundation Board of Trustees

Lee Byron, Trustee
John Cranor, III, Trustee (not pictured)
Bruce Crawford, Trustee
Lee DeLieto, Trustee
Rebecca Levy-Sachs, Trustee
Bill Johnston, Trustee
Jay Price, Trustee
Phil Starr, Trustee
Tom Towler, Trustee

“Pure joy is watching “Philanthropy has taken many “As CFO for almost 20 years, “The amount of support for the
Plymouth Harbor continue forms this year. As you walk around I have seen many donations Foundation’s projects continues to
to grow and, just as exciting, campus you will witness evidence of come into Plymouth Harbor, overwhelm me. Our donors dream
is the ongoing fulfillment amenities made possible through our some very significant. But the big, give generously, and continue
generous donors, be greeted by staff passion and enthusiasm over to inspire others to do the same.
of the Plymouth Harbor who benefited from our scholarship the past year of donors who
Foundation’s commitment want to make things happen It is so rewarding.”
to the support and service of programs or received financial is unprecedented. It makes me
our residents and the greater assistance due to an unforeseen realize that one doesn’t have to —Becky Pazkowski
accident, and enjoy enhanced be a Gates or a Buffet to make Senior Vice President of Philanthropy
Sarasota community.” a difference. Just a few dollars
educational and specialized can have a tremendous impact IMPACT REPORT 2016 | 1
—Cade Sibley, Chair programs. Being a member of the
Plymouth Harbor family continues to on a young person’s life.”
be rewarding on so many levels.”
—Garry Jackson,
—Harry Hobson,
Vice Chair


Resident Impact Life’s most persistent
and urgent question is,
Resident Assistance:  Benevolent Care
‘What are you doing
It can, and it does, happen. Residents plan, for others?’
invest, save, and feel they have sufficient
funds to last them throughout their life. Then —Martin Luther King, Jr.
something happens…perhaps a major health
event, or a market shift. One just does not IMPACT REPORT 2016 | 3
know what the future holds. Any one of our
residents could suffer a catastrophic event and
their financial resources could be significantly
affected, making life at Plymouth Harbor a

More and more residents are reaching this pivotal point each year. But you
won’t see it on their faces and you won’t hear it discussed in social circles.
Benevolent care—assistance with basic living expenses and medical costs—
at Plymouth Harbor is very personal and private, yet it exists and continues to
increase each year.

Plymouth Harbor’s commitment is to care for our residents throughout their
life. That alone is paramount in our residents’ decision to make Plymouth
Harbor their home. We are grateful for the gifts that our donors make to
support our Resident Assistance Fund, and we stand committed to that

Resident Impact

Pilgrim Hall Rejuvenation

The rejuvenation of Pilgrim Hall was a highlight of 2016, having celebrated
its grand opening on December 22. The goal of the project was to design
an intimate, comfortable space to seat 100-120 people utilizing state-of-
the-art technology, acoustics, and lighting to accommodate all residents,
including those with hearing, mobility, and sight challenges.


In an effort to achieve our goal, the following • The décor was chosen carefully to The grand opening celebration on December
upgrades and changes were made to Pilgrim coordinate with the restaurant and lobby, 22 included a red carpet photo booth, self-
Hall: with some added enhancements. guided tours, and a formal ribbon cutting
ceremony. Over 220 people attended the
• Seating was replaced with new seats. • Upgraded video technology includes a event, which was sponsored by WBRC
There are 105 seats total: 95 permanent new high-definition pan/tilt/zoom video Architects (the project architects) and Integrity
and 10 removable, to accommodate camera, a new large stage screen, two 55” Sound (the audio-visual supplier and installer).
scooters or wheelchairs. TV monitors, and a video recorder.
• Integrated audio system includes new • Acoustical treatments included interior
surround-sound and a new microphone walls, ceiling, and exterior corridor, all
system, with all new microphones. A carefully designed and fitted to provide the
portable sound booth was added to the best acoustical experience inside the hall.
back of the hall.
• Satellite areas for viewing and listening
• Enhanced lighting was added, including to Pilgrim Hall performances were added
decorative sconces to the side walls, in the Wellness Center, MacNeil Chapel,
recessed lighting to the ceiling and stage, and Club Room (pictured above), in order
and LED theatrical lighting with two to increase viewability and accommodate
movable spotlights to the stage. guests who wish to have options for
attending events.

Pilgrim Hall Rejuvenation Carl Denney
and Winnie Downes

“We have been in the last three years of Don Wallace’s annual shows in the
Plymouth Harbor theatre. Due to our active experiences on stages in many
cities, we also have produced five shows of our own in this theatre.

What a joy to be at the opening of the new theatre at Plymouth Harbor!
Pilgrim Hall is now a jewel of designed fabrics in the seating and
carpeting, with brass rails and strips in the gorgeous wood flooring of the
stage. The acoustics are state-of-the-art, a primary feature! The lighting
is also magnificent, as are the walkways and numerous curtains, also
professionally designed.

We just completed the annual production to our packed audience.
Thirty-one residents participated! ‘The best ever’ we have been told!

On such a stage, in such a theatre we have all been joyfully included, from
the successful fundraising drive to the completion of this Pilgrim Hall,
surely the nurturing ‘soul’ of life at Plymouth Harbor!”

Ted Rehl Maryanne Shorin Charles Gehrie

Resident Director of resident services Resident

“I have performed in many halls in the United “Over the years, we have been somewhat “When I was asked to be part of the visioning
States and in Geneva, Switzerland. This limited as to what we could offer in guest and planning teams for the rejuvenation of
renovated hall not only is the most beautiful presentations and performances, because of Pilgrim Hall, I was pleased because I felt
hall I have ever performed in, but it has the limitations with our audio/visual equipment there was a dimension that I could provide
best acoustics of any. It is a pleasure to attend or our performance space. It is very exciting that others couldn’t, because of my limited
performances here and have a chance to to now have the ability to offer a wider range sight. What we have gained in the new hall
perform in this beautiful and inspiring space.” of programs with our rejuvenated hall. It is options…with the monitors, Club Room,
has really made our programs better, more Chapel, and Wellness Center connections…for
professional, and will continue to do so!” those who might seek them. I am delighted to
have been part of that effort.”


Resident Impact

Supporting zest for life

The Foundation supports
musicians to play during
the Sunday Champagne
Brunches in the Mayflower
restaurant. Music at the
brunches has proven
to be very popular and
adds a special ambiance.
(pictured is Peter Simms,

Two portable massage chairs were added to the Wellness Lifelong learning is a theme at
Center to accommodate chair massages for residents by Plymouth Harbor, as residents never
certified massage therapists Lucy Guzman (pictured) and
Manny Flores. (Luzy Guzman’s massage certification was tire of learning new and innovative
supported by the Foundation in 2014.) Chair massages things. The Foundation has been able
are offered two days a week and residents sign up when
they arrive. to offer partial support for several
educational offerings at Plymouth
8 | IMPACT REPORT 2016 Harbor. Popular offerings in 2016

included an array of art classes,
including water color and acryllics.

Privately hosted parties, cocktail
receptions, and large events

have been increasingly popular
at Plymouth Harbor. So much so
that purchasing our own height-
adjustable bistro tables became
a must. The Foundation was able
to support the purchase of these
tables, now in full use throughout

the campus.

Plymouth Harbor’s OnBoard employee wellness
program has joined efforts with residents to collect
donations for four non-profits in Sarasota. To streamline
the donation collection and distribution, a Donation
Center was established and appropriately identified
on the ground level of the Tower. The Foundation
supported the purchase of the Donation Center and
signage. Pictured is Lisa Siroky, Plymouth Harbor
administrative assistant in Residential Services, a stellar
volunteer at the Sarasota County Animal Services.
Other collections are for All Faith’s Food Bank, Meals on
Wheels, and Resurrection House.


Resident Impact


Plymouth Harbor celebrated 50 years on
Monday, May 23, 2016 with a huge celebration
in the Mayflower restaurant. More than 230
guests attended the event, which included a
commemoration of 50 years by Suzanne Atwell,
Vice-Mayor of Sarasota; special remarks about
our past and present from John Patterson,
attorney and longtime friend of Plymouth Harbor;
and a video presentation entitled Celebrating Our
Past. Envisioning Our Future.

President and CEO Harry Hobson (right) emceed the event, and Chaplain Rev.
Dick Sparrow gave the invocation. Rev. Dr. Wes Bixby, Senior Minister (left)
of the First Congregational United Church of Christ led guests in a responsive
reading and benediction that included a salute to our founder Rev. Dr. John
Whitney MacNeil and a nod to our 50 year journey.

All in all, the celebration was a success and a real tribute to a spectacular 50
years, and another 50 to come!


Employee Impact As we work to create light
for others, we naturally
onboard employee program light our own way.

In 2015, Plymouth Harbor introduced a new —mary ann radmacher
wellness program aimed at employees, now
known as OnBoard. As an organization, we IMPACT REPORT 2016 | 11
greatly value the health and well-being of
our employees. OnBoard was created to help
promote this notion, placing a greater emphasis
on overall wellness, and offering programs and
benefits to help educate, motivate, and reduce
stress among employees.

Our inspiration for building this program came not only from our employees,
but also from our residents. Building a strong sense of community and
creating an outstanding living environment depends, in no small part, upon
our success in recruiting, hiring, retaining, and developing the highest quality
work force possible. After all, it is the combination of residents, employees,
and services that defines the soul of Plymouth Harbor.

This program focuses on enhancing employees’ well-being through the seven
dimensions of wellness: Environmental/Community, Emotional, Intellectual,
Physical, Professional/Vocational, Social, Spiritual. Since its inception,
OnBoard has grown exponentially, offering a variety of components designed
to positively affect the life of every employee at Plymouth Harbor in one way
or another. Many of these components are funded through generous gifts to
the Employee Assistance Fund, such as our Workplace English classes for
our Spanish-speaking employees; Insights luncheons; training and education;
scholarships; financial hardship awards; and more.

Workplace English Classes Insights “Insights gives us an
Because of your gifts, Plymouth Harbor was amazing look into the lives
able to offer a Workplace English class for the Insights is a monthly luncheon that features a resident or
first time to our primarily Spanish-speaking couple who share stories from their career, education, and experiences of our
employees. This course provided employees or hobby. Lunch is provided for the nearly two dozen residents! It feels like we
the opportunity to break the language barrier employees who attend. Insights is also audio- and video- are hearing the life story of
and interact with residents and peers on a new taped, serving as a record for employees who are unable to parents or grandparents. 
and deeper level. A total of five employees attend, and a memory for the resident and their families that I often walk away saying
participated in this 10-week course, which can live on for years to come.
was administered by State College of Florida’s ‘Wow, I had no idea!’ 
Workplace Education Program. Classes were While employees and residents interact each day on a The Insights program has
offered on the Plymouth Harbor campus for the professional level, the purpose of Insights was to bring them been tremendously valuable
convenience of our employees. In May 2016, closer together on a personal level. Residents’ journeys have
participants were presented with a certificate brought them to Plymouth Harbor from all over the world, to me as I seek a more
of completion. with résumés ranging from inventor to professor to Senator personal connection with
to CEO—but you may not know it from a passing interaction.
12 | IMPACT REPORT 2016 As a result, employees largely know residents by who they are our residents.”
today. Insights allows employees to get to know residents in
their earlier lives—their childhood, careers, challenges, and —Karen Smith
Resident Services Coordinator

Emp loy e e Tr ai ni ng and Education

Throughout our more than Two state-of-the-art medical mannequins “The addition of the mannequins
50 years, Plymouth Harbor were purchased for the Smith Care Center and enhanced the way we’re able to train our
has made a profound Home Care departments—Simple Susie and
commitment to providing Simple Simon. These realistic mannequins are staff in the Smith Care Center because
the best possible care to our specifically constructed for scenario-based we are now able to practice hands-on,
residents and their families. training in a wide variety of basic to advanced real-life scenarios. In February 2017,
This notion goes hand in patient care and management skills. They for example, we focused on improving
hand with providing the are made up of material that approximates
best available training and skin texture, have dentures, realistic eyes, our response to Code Blue drills.
educational opportunities ear canals, several injection sites, as well as Additionally, at our annual Skills
for our employees. In mouth, nose, and tracheostomy openings and Fair we were able to practice peri-care,
2016, through gifts to the several stoma sites. Overall, these mannequins mouth care, foot care, and more with the
Employee Assistance Fund, allow staff to enhance and perfect skills in a mannequins. Ultimately, it allows us to
we were able to provide staff controlled environment. offer the highest quality of care possible
with enhanced tools and
training. CPR training to our residents.”
Additionally, several non-healthcare staff
members expressed an interest in CPR Training —Eva Duerr
in order to better serve our community in case
a need arises. As a result, Plymouth Harbor Staff Development Coordinator
provided a course here on campus for all
employees who were interested. The course
was attended by 10 non-healthcare staff
members and was instructed by the CMR CPR


Emp loy e e Scho l ar s hi ps

For many years, Foundation Scholarship ($2,000) Foundation Scholarship ($1,500) “Through the incredible
donors to the Carol Bello Dallas Conklin opportunities offered at Plymouth
Foundation have Daughter of Martha Chavez, Dining Staff Harbor, I was able to foresee and
graciously provided Housekeeping Staff realize a future I didn’t think
the means for Dallas has completed the Art was possible! Thank you and any
employees to reach Carol is in her final year at Florida of Sound Recording Course of continued success will be the fruit
their educational State University, pursuing a the Audio Engineer Training of your generosity.”
goals and, ultimately, degree in social work and political Program at Clear Track Studios
realize their dreams. science. She plans to go on to in Clearwater. He has been a
We are proud to law school, eventually working musician and writer of music
announce that in in government and helping to since grade school. He now
2016 we were able create better opportunities for hopes to build his passion into a
to increase our immigrants by improving laws and career, pursuing the technical and
scholarship awards regulations. production aspects of recording,
from eight in 2015, to eventually working in music
10, for a grand total Foundation Scholarship ($2,000) production and engineering.
of $18,000. Venise Andre
Dining Staff

Venise is attending Valencia
Community College to pursue a
degree in business management.
She is the youngest of five siblings,
the first to finish high school, and
the only one to go on to college.
She lost her mother when she was
only 10 years old, and she hopes
that by furthering her education,
she will be fulfilling her mother’s


Foundation Scholarship ($2,000) Foundation Scholarship ($2,000) Evelin Corsey Scholarship Jane T. Smiley Scholarship
Dayle Cortes Desiree Whatley ($1,500) ($2,000)
Son of Hernando Cortes, SCC Home Care Staff Kaylee Hood Valerie Bixler
Nursing Staff Dining Staff Daughter of Shelley Bixler,
Desiree is a student at Manatee former SCC Nursing Staff
Dayle has been accepted into the Technical College, studying to Kaylee is a student at University
University of Florida Innovation become a Surgical Technical of South Florida, majoring in Valerie aspires to become a dental
Academy to pursue an accounting Assistant. She recently earned health sciences and healthcare hygienist, helping to educate
degree. He hopes to become a her Associates in Arts degree at administration. She hopes to earn patients on the importance of
CPA within the next five years. State College of Florida and hopes her master’s degree, eventually dental health and prevention. She
to eventually earn a Bachelor’s in becoming a speech pathologist is currently at State College of
Health Science. and helping children with speech Florida pursuing her associates’
disorders adjust to the society degree and will then continue on
around them. to the dental hygiene program.

Foundation Scholarship ($2,000) “I have been given the opportunity I felt very relieved and fortunate
Hannah Matosky to work closely with the strategic when I found out that I was a
Daughter of Steve Matosky, technology team at GolfNow, recipient of a 2016 scholarship
Security Staff a division of the Golf Channel. from Plymouth Harbor. It was a
GolfNow is the leading provider weight off my family’s shoulder,
Hannah is a senior at the of online tee times, golf course especially going into my senior
University of Central Florida, technology, and service solutions. year at the University of Central
earning a bachelor’s degree in I am the Marketing and Strategic Florida. Upon graduating, I
human communications. After Initiative Intern for the company, hope to use my degree to further
graduation, she hopes to work and my tasks include assisting my career. I want to eventually
in brand development and has all business leaders in their work my way up to a Marketing
several internships lined up along daily responsibilities, as well as Director, where I will be helping a
the way. completing several projects of my company brand their business.”


Bea Davis Scholarship ($1,500) “It takes hard work and Jeannette Gehrie Music
Vernicia “Nici” Crenshaw dedication, but no matter what, Scholarship ($1,500)
Dining Staff and Daughter of Lucas Smith
Michelle Brinson, follow your dreams! With the Son of Edna Pineda,
Housekeeping Staff help of the Plymouth Harbor Housekeeping Staff
Foundation, I am able to continue
Nici is a student at Meridian to pursue my dreams, and words At six years old, Lucas is Plymouth
College, studying obstetric cannot describe how thankful Harbor’s youngest scholarship
sonography. She is intrigued by recipient. His mother shares
3D and 4D ultrasounds, and has I am.” that he has consistently shown
a passion for helping parents first an inclination for music and
“meet” their babies by seeing even demonstrated an ear and
their faces through this advanced talent for it during testing. This
technology. Nici says she scholarship allows Lucas to take
immediately knew this was the drum and keyboard lessons.
career for her when she was first
introduced to it in high school. “I like to play drums because it is
really fun. Before I started drum
lessons I would tap on everything
with my fingers or sticks to make
sounds. I learned at my music
lesson that this is called rhythm.
I want to start to play with music
when my teacher says it is time.”


Emp loy e e Har ds hi p Suppo rt On Tuesday, March 29, 2016, Maria Gutierrez’s life
was forever changed.
Unforeseen financial setbacks
can be devastating for In the middle of the night, Maria, a member of our
employees. While every housekeeping staff, and her family found themselves
employee works hard to provide the victims of a catastrophic house fire. Suspected to
for their families, unplanned be electrically caused, the fire trapped not only Maria,
expenses just happen. When but her husband Jose Esparza, their son Jorge, and his
those financial challenges two daughters, Olivia and Jesenia, ages 7 and 5.
become more than they can
handle, the Employee Hardship By some miracle, Maria was able to escape and was
Fund is a resource they can not seriously harmed. Sadly, the rest of the family
turn to. A gift of fellowship, was not so lucky. They were taken immediately to
a kind hand, and a generous the hospital for multiple injuries and burns, each
heart makes all the difference. undergoing treatment and surgery. Her son Jorge,
Each year, somewhere between who had gone back into the house several times to
five and ten employees find find his daughters, was severely burned. He was taken to Blake Medical Center, where he
themselves in need of additional underwent multiple surgeries and remained in the ICU for several weeks. Maria, with the
resources. The Employee help of her daughter, Sande Esparza, and her brother, Jose Gutierrez Perez, was left to
Hardship Fund is given pick up the pieces, knowing that their home was destroyed and they had lost everything.
generously by our donors.
While Maria, her brother Jose, Sande, and their families took shifts at the hospital, doing
what they could to help their loved ones, a far-reaching network of support began to
take shape. Because Sande and Jose are also employees at Plymouth Harbor (in Dining
Services), the Plymouth Harbor community was alerted immediately—rallying behind
them and organizing donations of all kinds just hours after the incident took place.
Emergency funds were issued from the Good Neighbor Fund, which provided immediate
financial relief and a sense of peace of mind for the family. In addition, Sande’s husband
created a GoFundMe account where employees and residents alike flocked to make
donations in support of their loving family. When all was said and done, family, friends,
and neighbors had donated $15,280.

But the support didn’t stop there.


At Plymouth Harbor, miracles really do happen. Employee Cards, letters, and donations continued to pour in,
Jeanne McArthur (eTech) had been off work the day and within a matter of weeks, the Plymouth Harbor
the fire occurred because of her uncle’s passing. When community had raised more than $20,000 for Maria and
Jeanne came back to work, she heard what Maria’s family her family. Bins were placed on the Ground Floor of the
had been through. Later that same day, Jeanne met her Tower, where residents and employees donated items the
Aunt Mary at the home where her uncle had lived. She family needed to start over—clothes, linens, furniture,
mentioned Maria’s situation, suggesting the home’s and more. Additionally, Plymouth Harbor rented a U-Haul
furniture could be donated to them in their time of need. in order to deliver added furniture from the Fund Shop.
When Maria and her family were finally able to move into
Without hesitation, in an act of extreme kindness and their new home weeks later, they were blessed with all
generosity, her aunt suggested they offer the entire home the necessities they would need.
up to Maria’s family—free and furnished, for as long as
they needed. They immediately contacted Harry Hobson, After several weeks, multiple surgeries, and countless
President/CEO of Plymouth Harbor, to run the idea past prayers, Jose, Jorge, Olivia, and Jesenia were all released
him. Upon hearing of their plan, Mr. Hobson responded from the hospital. Together, they worked to rebuild their
by saying, “This act of kindness is yet another example lives in the new home.
of the sense of community we all experience here are
Plymouth Harbor.” He expressed his gratitude on behalf At the staff Christmas party later that year, the Gutierrez
of Plymouth Harbor for thinking of Maria and her family. family was recognized and welcomed back to the
The plan was immediately put into motion. Plymouth Harbor family. There wasn’t a dry eye in the
room. Today, the family is doing remarkably well and still
resides in the house the McArthur family generously


Community Impact

Volunteer Services to the Sarasota Community

We are proud to present the following 89 Mote Marine Sarasota Chamber of Commerce
area organizations that received collectively Mote Marine Laboratory Sarasota Concert Association
over 11,500 hours of loving volunteer National Letter Carrier’s Sarasota County Democratic Party
services from residents, employees, and Sarasota Education Foundation
trustees of Plymouth Harbor last year. Food Drive Sarasota Institute of Lifetime
New College Foundation
All Angels by the Sea Fairways Homeowners Assoc. New College of Florida Learning (SILL)
Episcopal Church Family Safety Alliance New College Property Corp Sarasota Memorial Healthcare
First Congregational UCC New Life Worship Center’s
All Faith’s Food Bank First Presbyterian Church Foundation
Alzheimer’s Association FL Health Care Activity Coord. Food Pantry Sarasota Memorial Healthcare
American Cancer Society Orchard Place
Asolo Theater Guild Assoc. Dist. VI Pines of Sarasota System
Bay Haven School Florida Bar Association Planned Parenthood Sarasota Memorial Hospital
Bird Key Homeowners Association Friendship Center for Plymouth Harbor, Inc. Sarasota Memorial IRB
Booker High School Plymouth Harbor Foundation Sarasota Music Archive
Boys & Girls Club Healthy Aging Premium Estate Liquidators Sarasota School System
Center for Architecture/Sarasota Glasser Schoenbaum Realtor Association of Sarasota Sarasota United for
Children’s Healthy Pantry
Christ Church Longboat Key Human Services Center Manatee (RASM) Responsibility & Equity
Church of Motion Gulf Coast Conservation Resurrection House Selby Public Library
Church of the Palms Ringling College Selby Scholars
Church of the Redeemer Foundation Ringling Museum Smith College
Community Foundation of Healthy Start of Sarasota Rotary Club of Sarasota Southside Elementary
Jewish Family & Children Services Rotary Club of Sarasota Bay St Patrick’s Church
Sarasota John and Mabel Ringling Museum Rotary Club of Sarasota Keys St. Joseph’s Catholic Church
CYD Leadership Junior League of Sarasota, Inc. Saint Armands Key Suncoast Blood Bank
Dial Hope Foundation Keep Sarasota County Beautiful Suncoast Technical College
Emma E. Booker Library Foundation of Sarasota Lutheran Church Teen Court BOD
Literary Council Saint Martha’s Catholic Church United Way Sun Coast
Elementary School Longboat Key Library Salvation Army of Sarasota Van Wezel Foundation Board
Meals on Wheels Samaritan Counseling Visible Men Academy
Women’s Exchange
of the Gulf Coast Woodland Community Church
Sarasota Architecture Foundation
Sarasota Audubon Society


All Faiths Food Bank Alzheimer’s Walk
As the 6th leading cause of death in the U.S., Alzheimer’s
Plymouth Harbor adopted All Faiths Food Bank, a local non-profit organization that Disease is close to many of our hearts. On November
fights hunger in the community, as our corporate charity in 1995. Since then, Plymouth 12, 2016, more than 30 Plymouth Harbor employees and
Harbor has participated in numerous food sorting events for All Faiths Food Bank. In their families came out in support of the Walk to End
2016, Plymouth Harbor employees volunteered for the first time on a monthly basis, Alzheimer’s. Overall, Plymouth Harbor contributed over
participating in nine monthly sort days, each time packing thousands of meals for those $1,900 to the $194,800 raised in total that day.
in need.
Keep Sarasota County Beautiful
Sarasota County Animal Services In 2004, Plymouth Harbor adopted a stretch of John
“I’m so proud that Plymouth Harbor has chosen the Ringling Boulevard through Keep Sarasota County
Sarasota County Animal Services as a designated Beautiful’s Adopt A Road program. As a part of this
donations recipient. The shelter is full of our local, commitment, employees participate in four annual
cleanups along John Ringling Boulevard, Lido Beach, and
homeless pets that are waiting for their second chance. the Longboat Key area.
Plymouth Harbor donations help brighten their lives
while they are waiting at the shelter. It feels good to give

back to our community’s furry friends in need.”

—Lisa Siroky
Residential Services Coordinator
and longtime volunteer at SCAS


State of Jobs eTeam

It is no secret that the healthcare The eTEAM, for Teens and Elders Achieve More, is a group of high school students who
workforce is shrinking and our donate their time and incredible brain power on Saturday mornings to help residents
need for workers is growing. with electronic devices. Over the last 3.5 years, the eTEAM has provided 172 residents
over 800 hours of volunteer time. In turn, the students receive community service credit
To that end, Plymouth Harbor is participating in local toward high school and college scholarship credit.
initiatives to address this shortage, and is seeking new
ways to create awareness of careers in our industry. Anthony Anastasio Harbor each Saturday for “I was searching for
It is an honor to serve our residents and care for them Anthony (far left) is a the eTEAM, generously volunteer opportunities
throughout every stage of life. Our hope is to share the senior at Venice High volunteering his time when I came across the
joy our employees experience working in this industry School. He learned of the alongside Ethan. eTEAM at Plymouth
and inspire individuals who are looking for fulfilling, eTEAM through Plymouth Harbor. This experience
meaningful careers. Harbor’s participation in Amanda Rodriguez has really helped me
the 2016 State of Jobs Amanda (second from left) gain confidence when
Therefore, Plymouth Harbor participated in the third conference, and began is a freshman at Suncoast interacting with new
annual State of Jobs conference at Suncoast Technical volunteering in November Polytechnical High School. people and allowed me
College in October 2016. This conference was put 2016. In addition to She began volunteering to use my skills to help
on by the Chamber of Commerce Talent 4 Tomorrow volunteering, Anthony with the eTEAM in others.”
initiative, and invites high school students to attend, works part-time at Publix. January 2017. In addition
explore career tracks, and prepare for college by to volunteering, Amanda —Ethan Marks
interacting with and learning from local businesses Ethan and plays tennis and basketball
and schools. Nearly 400 high school students from all Sam Marks for her school.
over Sarasota County attended the event, where our Ethan (second from right)
goal was two-fold: is a junior at Sarasota
Military Academy. After
• Introduce Plymouth Harbor to the emerging seeing a flyer at his school,
workforce he began volunteering as
a member of the eTEAM
• Inspire students to consider service to seniors as a in February 2016. After
career path school, Ethan hopes to
further his education
We hope to continue to participate in this initiative and eventually become a
and others like it, sharing our unique perspective of an Physician Assistant. Sam
industry where we can truly make a difference in the (far right) is Ethan’s father.
lives of others. He drives him to Plymouth


Donor Impact

Philanthropy is The Plymouth Harbor Foundation has completed its fifth year in
almost the only operation. So much has been accomplished, and many lives have been
positively affected through the kind and generous donations from all
virtue which of you. The year 2016 was a most impressive year, with total gifts
is sufficiently topping $4 million — $2.525 million in current gifts and pledges,
appreciated by and $1.546 million in deferred giving. In the pages that follow, we are
thrilled to offer the names of all of those who have proudly supported
mankind. the efforts made by the Foundation. Thank you so much for your gifts!

—Henry David Thoreau

Elsa Ann Price has played in providing growth,
renewal, and assistance
Resident throughout our campus! Sharing
in this impressive accomplishment
“Approaching my 24th year as is awe-inspiring, and brings joy to
a resident of Plymouth Harbor, my heart!”
nearly a quarter of a century,
I feel blessed that my home
is a pleasing, intimate part a
beautiful, thriving, and growing
community. The energy, vitality,
and anticipation reflected among
our Plymouth Harbor family is
due in part to the support the
Plymouth Harbor Foundation


Honor Roll of Generosity

The following generous donors made gifts or pledges to The
Plymouth Harbor Foundation during the calendar year 2016.

Maizie Abuza David P. Cerone G. Duncan Finlay, M.D. Alyson Harris
Access Fire Protection, Inc. Carol Conti-Entin Sandra Forbes
Peter & Thelma Adams Aubert & Sandra Coran Gregory Fosselman Director of Accounting
Duffie Adelson John M. Cranor III Stephanie Foster Services, Plymouth Harbor
Carolyn Albrecht Joan P. Sheil & Bruce B. Crawford Marcia & Arnold Freedman
Terry & Maureen Aldrich Margaret D’Albert Angelo & Christine Furgiuele “When I saw all of the good
Mary Allyn John & Alida de Jongh Leon & Pat Gainsboro things that the Foundation was
Kathy Ames-McCormick Lee DeLieto Charles Gehrie able to accomplish because of
Arthur Ancowitz Jack Denison Eugenia K. Glasser the generosity of the donors, I
Ann B. Anderson Joseph Devore Cynthia Grenfell thought…I want to be part of
Andrew’s Tree Service Richard & Judith Diedrich James Griffith, M.D. that. I wrote a check for a current
Anonymous (3) Harold & Kathryn Dombrowski Alan B. Grindal, M.D. gift, and joined the MacNeil
Al & Barbara Balaban Dutchman Window Cleaning Nancy A. Gross Society by making the Plymouth
Graham & Patricia Barkhuff Brian Hall Harbor Foundation one of my life
Tom & Marie Belcher Services Jerry & Joelle Hamovit insurance beneficiaries. The effort
David & Ruth Beliles Mavis Ebel Lorna Hard was pretty easy, but the feeling
Joe Berkely Jeannette Ebelhar Alyson Harris it gave me to be a donor and to
Randy & Camilla Bishop Chuck & Susan Eckert Catherine Kautsky honor my late mother with the gift
Bob & Robin Bolan Marty & Carol Edelman was so rewarding.”
Kay Bosse Elsie Dreffein Charitable Trust & Daniel Hausman
Nancy Boston Estate of Anne Moore Richard & Edna Hausman IMPACT REPORT 2016 | 23
Bill & Ann Brackett Estate of Beatrice Doheny Celia Catlett & Gene Heide
Molly Brzica Estate of Fran Knight Christine Heider
Martha Buenneke Estate of Joan Runge George & Florence Heitler
Ann Burroughs Estate of Vera Kohn Harry & Nancy Hobson
Lee Byron Leota B. Ester Joanne Hogan
Gina Canneto Dorothy Evans Tom & Wendy Hopkins
Weta Cannon Janet Fassler Mrs. Jack Hunkele
Margaret Ferguson Estelle Hurley

Addie Hurst Nora Kerr Martha Jane Phillips Starr George & Deborah Nimick
Joe & JoAnn Iaria Marian S. Kessler Field of Interest Fund Karen Novak
Integrity Sound, Inc. Hild Kjeldbye Jerry & Barbara O’Connor
Marjory Irvin Kathryn Kurtz Andrea Matthias Gordon & Arlene Okawa
Garry Jackson Chris & Margo Light Gerry & Walt Mattson Mort & Sandra Olds
Henry & Janet Jacobs Jean Lions Kelly McArthur Robert & Mathilda Overall
Doug & Karen Johnson Nick & Catherine Lloyd George McGonagill Drs. Sarah H. & George Pappas
Geri Johnson Robert & Elizabeth Locker Virginia McIntire Nora Patterson
Susan Johnson Tom & Sallie Luebbe Muriel Merbach Becky & Paul Pazkowski
Elizabeth & William Johnston Gerda & Vytas (Mac) Maceikonis Judith Merrill Ish Pedersen
Francie Jones Cindy Malkin Michael & Janice Metzger Jacques & Pierrette Perron
Harriet V. Josenhanss William Manley Molly & Fred Moffat, M.D. Betty Jean Peters
Gerald & Nancy Kaplan Jeanne Manser Kenneth & Judith Mueller Elsa Ann Price
Lois Katzenbach Elaine Marieb Jim & Elizabeth Murphy Leslie Juron & Jay Price
Helen H. Kelly John W. Markham III Ray & Ann Neff Cerita Purmort
Karl & Ricky Newkirk

John Cranor III

Trustee, Plymouth Harbor, INC.
Plymouth harbor foundation

“Plymouth Harbor has been here for over 50
years. Yet when you look at the architecture
of the building, you would think that it was
built in the last 10 years.

I am inspired to give to the Foundation
because those who came before us made
every effort to sustain and improve the
physical structure and grow the quality of
life here. I consider it an honor to be a donor
and a trustee!”


Joseph Queior Ina Schnell Maryellen “Squeak” Stevens Gil & Elisa Waters
Susan Raccoli Harold & Helen Schwartz Swift Family Foundation WBRC Architects
Leonard & Annemarie Ralston Jeanne Seiberling Nancy R. Taylor Allan Weis
Alice Rau John & Jane Seiler Sandy Taylor Ann Weiss
Kathleen Rehl Helen Service Akgun Temizer Joel & Mary Ann Wiedmont
Ted & Fran Rehl Charleen Sessions Betty Templeton James W. Wiggin, M.D.
Angie Reichheld Joseph & Maryanne Shorin The Loyola Group Willis A. Smith Construction, Inc.
Jon Rick Cade & Whit Sibley Julia Thieriot Jill Wilson
Jamie Robinson Carol & Morton Siegler Michael & Dinah Tippery Tena & Tom Wilson
Brian & Jean Rushton Jean B. Simon Thomas Towler & Nancy Lyon Pauline Wittenberg
Ruth Carmichael Restricted Fund Jane T. Smiley Felix & Reina Troiano William Woeltjen
Franklin & Rebecca Sachs Jack & Margaret Smith United Way Suncoast Dale & Cindy Woodling
Bobi Sanderson Dick & Mary Jane Sparrow Chris Valuck Beverly Wright
Shirlee Schachtel Bill & Judy Stanford Sallie & Wilson VanArsdale Edward Yasuna
Norma Schatz Phil & Barry Starr Mary C. von Glahn

While it is our intent to accurately list all who made gifts during the year, we apologize for any omissions that may have occurred.

Carol and
Morton Siegler


“There is so much activity
and so many things to do here
at Plymouth Harbor, it is a
pleasure to be able to help make
improvements through charitable
giving. This is our home, and we
want it to be the best it can be,


MacNeil Society Memb ers

The MacNeil Society represents a group of individuals
who have thoughtfully included a gift to The Plymouth
Harbor Foundation in their estate through a bequest,
gift annuity agreement, trust arrangement, life
insurance, or retirement plan. We are very grateful
for the thoughtfulness of these living and deceased

Charleen Sessions Tom & Marie Belcher Beatrice Doheny* (2015) John W. Markham III
Elsie Dreffein* (1996) Walt* (2016) & Gerry
Resident Joe Berkely* (2016) Matilda Fontaine* (2015)
“As a professional librarian, I spent many days Charles Gehrie Mattson
working in various libraries and later volunteering Charles R. & Gloria J. Nancy A. Gross Susan Lawrence Mauntel
many hours in public libraries, mainly in program Broderick* (2015, 2014) Alyson G. Harris Jeanne McNulty* (2016)
development. Naturally, my bequest support after Harry & Nancy Hobson Anne Moore* (2016)
I am gone would be for libraries. The Foundation Celia Catlett Allen & Stephanie Becky & Paul Pazkowski
helped me determine the language for my bequest & Gene Heide Theodore & Fran* (2016)
agreement, and now I feel assured that my gift Hochfelder
will be used in the way I wish and to further the Even T. Collinsworth* Henry & Janet Jacobs Rehl
library efforts for the enjoyment of Plymouth Harbor (2016) Susan Johnson Joan Runge* (2015)
residents.” Elizabeth & William Bobi Sanderson
Ruth Carmichael* (1998) Charleen Sessions
26 | IMPACT REPORT 2016 Johnston Joan P. Sheil
Evelin Corsey* (2013) Fran Knight* (2016) Jack & Margaret Smith
Vera Kohn* (2016) Phil & Barry Starr
Bruce B. Crawford Gerda & Vytas (Mac)

John & Alida de Jongh Maceikonis

Jeanette M. DeVore

Harold & Kathryn

Carl Denney &
Winnie Downes

*Denotes donor deceased and the year.

Tribute Gifts Acknowledgements

Tribute giving provides a way to honor or memorialize Staff
a friend or loved one. The following were named in Becky Pazkowski, Senior Vice President of
tribute giving during 2016.
In Honor Of In Memory Of Janet Hevey Kathy Messick, Communications Coordinator
Molly & Fred Moffat, M.D. Susan Ames Vera Kohn Sandy Taylor, Executive Assistant
Kay Belyeu Richard Mahig
Gene Heide & Barky Joe Berkely George Manser Special thanks to:
Barkhuff Susanne Bolan Walt Mattson Design: Paula Murray, Artefact Design, Inc.
Even Collinsworth Jeanne McNulty Photography: Brian Beecher, Pete Berkery,
Janet & Henry Jacobs Marlow Cook Anne Moore Herb Booth, Jennifer Bruneman, John de Jongh,
John Davis Fran Rehl Gordon Okawa, Phil Starr, Greg Wilson
Justo Martinez & Lizette Craig H. de Jongh Mary Jane Stewart
Shenehaz Charles Edwards Don Wallace The Plymouth Harbor Foundation
Timothy Eisenmann Simeon A. & Naomi W. was voted a finalist in the Best
Ted Rehl Otto J. Glasser, USAF Non-Profit category in the 2016
Lydia & Marco Hecht Wittenberg Sarasota Herald-Tribune Readers’
Jean Simon Ruth Hess Elton & Penny Yasuna Choice.

Sandy Taylor

Wood Shop


1Gifts by Source Donor Impact
New Legacy BY SOURCE | BY FUND | BY ALLOCATION Zest for Life: Program <1%
Members Resident Assistance <1%
(MacNeil Society)CommunityStaff Zest for life: Employee Assistance 2%
& Vendor <1% Capital Greatest Need
+0163825 2 5+7321438%25% 56% (unrestricted) 4%
Board of

Residents Gifts by FUND
(Estate Gifts) $4,061,039
Programs New Legacy members
2% (Macneil Society)





dollars Resident
allocated Capital Items
by use


The best and most
beautiful things in the
world cannot be seen
or even touched. They
must be felt with the


—Helen Keller

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