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Plymouth Harbor on Sarasota Bay's employee newsletter.

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Published by Plymouth Harbor on Sarasota Bay, 2018-07-03 08:21:56

The Current July 2018

Plymouth Harbor on Sarasota Bay's employee newsletter.

Plymouth Harbor on Sarasota Bay Employee Newsletter–Issue 54

The Current JULY 2018

The Health Fair is coming! JULY 1
Summer Walking
On August 22 and 23 Plymouth Harbor will be holding its Challenge Begins
annual Health Fair in the Wellness Center. The event will
take place from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. on both days. JULY 5
Learn n Earn
Employees will be able to get their biometric screenings Exercise with
completed, talk with representatives from various Elizabeth
health-related businesses and vendors, and learn more
about how they can make sure they are staying as healthy JULY 11
as possible. Biometric screenings are one of the three Blood Drive
requirements to receive the reduced 2019 insurance
premium, and the Health Fair makes it easy to check that JULY 12
off your list. YOGA For Beginners
with Health Fit
A variety of vendors will be present on both days this year.
In years past we have had JULY 26
dermatologists, dentists, YOGA For Beginners
dieticians, personal trainers, with Health Fit
ophthalmologists, and more!
A list of vendors specific to LOOKING AHEAD
this year’s Health Fair will be
released as the event draws AUGUST 22-23
closer. Health Fair

All employees are encour-
aged to attend, and if you
do you could win one of the
giveaway prizes!

June 2018 Page 2 J

Learn n Earns are going July Learn n Earns I

MOBILE! July 5th,12-12:30 p.m. & 2-2:30 p.m. A
Exercise with Elizabeth
Unable to get away to attend a Learn n Earn in 2
person? Do you work the night shift? We’ve got you July 12th, 12-12:30 p.m.
“YOGA For Beginners”
covered! For one month after their original pre-
sentation date, Learn n Earns will be available on a with Health Fit

computer! July 26th, 2-2:30 p.m.
“YOGA For Beginners”
Watching the videos is simple:
with Health Fit
1 Call Summer (Ext. 377) or Elizabeth (Ext. 350)
Participants can earn up to $2 in
to check-out the Wellness Center laptop for 1 hour. Wellness Rewards OnBoard Bucks per

2 Watch the 30-minute video. month for attending these events.

3 Complete the short Q&A sheet.

4 Turn in your completed Q&A sheet and the
laptop to earn your 1 Wellness Buck!

Employee of the Month!

Trisha Roman, Housekeeping

Notes from Trisha’s nomination form...

“She is a rock! The department seems to run as a
well-oiled machine…with flare. Her approach is
flawless, considerate, empathetic and logical in
every situation. The best part? She’s funny and
doesn’t even know it! Like a simple ray of sunshine.”

2 June 2018 Page 3

Introducing the Healthy Selfie Challenge! Introducing: Canteen

A well-being initiative aimed at sharing all the wonderful a member of the Compass Group partners with
wellness activities Plymouth Harbor employees do
each and every day. Plymouth Harbor

1 Do something that serves your On May 22nd a micro-market was installed
personal well-being, either on your own in the Smith Care break room which provides
expanded features that encourage a health-
or with friends or family.
ier lifestyle. There is a focus on fresh foods,

multi-purpose snacks, and better for you

2 Get out your phone or camera and beverages.
snap a selfie. Our goal is to offer variety and choice to

To be entered into that month’s draw- ensure that there is something for everyone. If
you are looking for a beverage or snack outside
ing for Food & Fun Bucks, email your of what is offered in the micro-market, you may
want to walk down and see the new vending
3 selfie to [email protected] machines outside of the maintenance office.
by the last day of each month

r (limit 1 selfie per month per person).

Tips to protect yourself Shining Star

from the Florida summer sun Ed Malloy, Transportation

• Avoid sun exposure “Ed deserves a Shining Star
between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. for his extra efforts during
This is when the sun’s rays a recent wellness trip. When
are strongest. the coolers for the trip could
not be found he immediately
• Dermatologists recommend stepped up to assist. He took
using sunscreen with 30 SPF. the time to have the residents
lunches ready and waiting at
• Protect your eyes, too! Look the end of the kayak trip. Ed
for sunglasses that block even went out of his way to
99-100% of UVA and UVB help the residents recycle the
rays. lunch containers. Thank you,
• If you do get a sunburn,
treat your skin with cold
compresses, moisturizer, and
anti inflammatory medicine
such as ibuprofen.

June 2018 Page 4

July Birthdays!

Aniesha Frett Dining Services 2 Insights
Liz Acs Housekeeping 3
Jamie Kraus Dining Services 4 A monthly luncheon connecting
Marie Saint-Louis ALF/MC 5 residents and employees.
Deb Burris Dining Services 5
Marcos Franca Landscaping 5 Featuring:
Haley Coles Home Care 5
Barbara and Al Balaban
Brandi Burgess SCC 8
July 27
Jessica Alexis Home Care 10 12 - 12 : 30 p.m.
in the Club Ro om
Coretta Byrd Dining Services 10 Contact Karen Smith
at Ext. 399 to sign up!
Jaylon Wideman Dining Services 10
The Current is Plymouth Harbor’s
Sabrina Grimste SCC 11 monthly employee newsletter.
Amanda White Housekeeping 12
Tammy Lowe SCC 12

Jaque Craft SCC 13
Justin Leathers Accounting 13
Malik Gonzales Dining Services 15
Fidel Martinez Dining Services 15
Ana Pereyra Housekeeping 15
Paul Pazkowski Housekeeping 15
Tony Mullen Maintenance 15
Ed Snook Dining Services 16
Lissette Sanchez SCC 16
Patricia Boustedt ALF/MC 17

Tara Mitchell SCC 18
Dennis Macias ALF/MC 19
Katharine Taylor ALF/MC 20
Ryan Thompson ALF/MC 20

Lois Neuenschwander SCC 23
Cesar Etayo Maintenance 23
Godeena Neal Dining Services 27
Anquanesha Rutledge ALF/MC 28
Alex Palacio Maintenance 30
Troy McDuffie SCC 30
Wiladine Cherichel ALF/MC 31

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