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Plymouth Harbor on Sarasota Bay's employee newsletter

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Published by Plymouth Harbor on Sarasota Bay, 2019-05-31 10:21:41

The Current June 2019

Plymouth Harbor on Sarasota Bay's employee newsletter

PLYMOUTH HARBOR ON SARASOTA BAY Employee Newsletter–Issue 65

The Current
Recognizing our Armed Forces
JUNE 2019
Carol Roshto, a therapist at Rehab Care in the JUNE 6
Smith Care Center, served in the U.S. Airforce Burn n Earn
for six years after the start of the first Gulf War. “Don’t Stop Me Now”
“Although I am grateful to have served, most of
our armed forces gave much more than me,” JUNE 20
Carol said. “I just heard the call at a time of war Learn n Earn
and answered, nothing more. I am just glad to have been honorably “Self-Care is the new
discharged with my arms and legs still still attached. In the U.S. Healthcare”
military, all give some and some give all.”
In honor of Memorial Day, we would like to recognize our fellow Insights
employees who have served their country. Thank you for all you
have done, no matter how much or how little! JUNE 28
Food Truck Friday
Thank you for your service

Brian Bly - Marine Corps Andy Davis – Marine Corps

Marty Martel - Army Carol Roshto-Smith – Air Force

Anthony Mullen – Marine Corps Anne Danner – Army

William Brown – Navy Rene Weder – Switzerland
Charlie Davis – Army Marine Corps
Lyall Smith – Air Force
Jim Seipel – Air Force Fritz Kaufmann – Switzerland
Heather Boticelli – Marine Corps Marine Corps

Carlos Morales – Marine Corps

Marcos Franca – Brazilian Army

Monthly Motivation

“A moment of gratitude makes a difference in your attitude” -

JUNE 2019 Page 2

Walking Challenge Five Fast Facts: ALF

The SPRING Walking Challenge is The top five things you should know about
in full swing! the Assisted Living Facility Department

A friendly reminder: to ensure your 1. The Assisted Living Facility (ALF) is made up of
steps are accurately being tracked two residences: the Seaside (for assisted living
by Challenge Runner, it’s important to residents) and the Starr (for memory care res-
open both your tracking app AND the idents). 
Challenge Runner app every few days
2. Our ALF is licensed for 70 residents, and we
to allow them to sync. currently have 58. Of these 58, 24 were moved
in from the community and were never an
TROUBLESHOOTING independent Plymouth Harbor resident.

To ensure the best possible accuracy, 3. We currently have 55 full-time staff members in
all participants must sync their tracker six departments (Health Services, Administration,
to the Challenge Runner app routinely. Activities, Housekeeping, Dining and Reception).

It is encouraged to get into a daily 4. Our residents range in age from 73 to 102.
habit of opening your step-tracker and
5. The Martha Jane Phillips Starr Memory Care
allowing it to sync fully. Immediately Residence is named after current resident Phil
following, open your Challenge Runner Starr’s mother.
app and do the same. Not seeing your
steps reflecting as they should in Chal- Happy Grams
lenge Runner? Click the Sign Out button
within the app and re-login using your When you catch a colleague doing
something great, fill out a Happy Gram
username and password. ticket (your manager has them), have your
manager sign it, and present it to your
It is also recommended you log into
Challenge Runner via a PC, and dou- deserving colleague!
ble check that your tracking device is
reflected correctly within your account. Happy Gram recipients will be recognized during All
This can ONLY be done on a PC and not Staff and Department meetings.

a mobile device.

Still notice something’s off? Don’t wait!
Reach out to Summer Rentsch as soon

as you notice there is a problem.



JUNE 2019 Page 3

Burn/Learn n Earns Employee of the Month

June 6, 12-12:30 p.m. Sandra Franca, Housekeeping
& 2-2:30 p.m.
Notes from Sandra’s nomination form...
Burn: “Don’t Stop Me Now”
“She fights for her life, shares
earn $2 in Wellness Rewarsd Bucks her love, and cares for the more
than 80 residents who she takes
June 20, 12-12:30 p.m. care of as Laundry Aide. She
& 2-2:30 p.m. is a good example of how you
can get in life what you need
Learn: “Self-care is the new through work and faith. She
healthcare” does what is right and has faith
in life! It is our good fortune
earn $1 in Wellness Rewards Bucks to have someone so dedicated,
compassionate and considerate
Mobile Learn n Earns are also available. on our team!”
Call Summer (Ext. 377) or Elizabeth
(Ext. 350) to check-out a laptop!

*Special Note: The Mobile Learn ‘N Earn
opportunity will only be available for

Learn ‘N Earns. We will not be recording
Burn ‘N Earn activities.*

@PlymouthHarbor Kylie Willis, Dining Services
“She goes above and beyond to
@PlymouthHarbor help us girls in memory care
out. We all truly appreciate her
Wellness Center Orientations for taking time out of her day
to help with dishes and ensures
Did you know all employees and we have everything we need!
spouses get FREE 24/7 access to And always with a smiling face
and a very pleasant attitude.”
the Wellness Center? Call
Summer (Ext. 377) or Elizabeth Got Suggestions?
(Ext. 350) to set up an orientation
Do you have suggestions for our OnBoard
and get started! program? We want to hear them!

You can find suggestion forms at the OnBoard
drop box, located next to both timeclocks. Fill it
out and drop it in. If your idea is approved, you’ll

earn bucks!

JUNE 2019 Page 4

June Birthdays! Insights

Dorothy Michel Memory 1 A monthly luncheon connecting residents
4 and employees.
Kalynna Thompson Marketing 4
6 Featuring:
Lyall Smith Security 6
6 Susan Eckert
Luz Ruiztagle ALF 7
8 Friday, June 21
Eric Owen Security 8 12 - 12 : 30 p.m.
10 in the Club Room
Gordon Okawa Marketing 10 Contact Karen Smith
13 at Ext. 399 to sign up!
Bruce Lyons Maintenance 13
17 If you sign up to attend, please arrive on time. If for any reason
Fhadia Bonnaire-Fils Memory Care 17 you can no longer attend, please let Karen Smith know.
Danny Bushman SCC 18 The Current is Plymouth Harbor’s
19 monthly employee newsletter.
Leidy Guerrero Garcia Dining Services 20
Roberto Villar Bermudez Dining Services 21
Yesica Sanchez SCC 23
Tena Wilson Human Resources 25
Sandra Esparza Housekeeping 26
Greg Marcoux Maintenance 30

Edith Watts Home Care

James Seipel Transportation

Nadia Gutierrez SCC

Yadira Izquierdo Escalona SCC

Karen Novak SCC

Noemi Arreola Housekeeping

Mary VanSant SCC

Rosaland McDuffie Home Care

Joy Meyer Health Services

Alma Barreto-Vargas Dining Services

Samuel Bruneman Transportation

Garrett Leibold Dining Services

Jacqueline Miller Home Care

Sandra Franca Housekeeping

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