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Published by electricianetobicoke, 2018-06-25 14:48:57

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How An Electrician Etobicoke Can Help With Power Strips
During Home Parties

There are times you will need more appliances or electrical outlets for temporary applications. If you are hosting a home party,
chances are that your electrical outlets won’t cater for all appliances and lighting. Extension cords and power strips are necessary
during those times. Sometimes, homeowners tend to use extension cords or power strips for permanent applications. They assume
that they are safe and can work well in such situations, but that isn’t the case. If you want to host a bash, it’s okay to use power
strips but only for hours, and an electrician Etobicoke can help with laying the connections.
It is paramount that homeowners understand the dos and don’ts of using extension cords and power strips. You may think that
power strips and extensions cords are same thing, but there is some difference. While both are used to provide extra sockets for
use, they work in different situations. Power strips consist of a cable that has a plug and a set of sockets placed within a plastic box.
Extension cords tend to be much longer, but they are less stable. Typically extension cords feature two or more plugs. You need to
use extension cords for a few hours and not for several days. Power strips, at least can work for several days, but again they are
intended for temporary use.

When using power strips for your home applications, you should know that they only handle small loads. You can use them for the
computer, television, or a radio, but they cannot power major appliances like power tools or space heaters. They also have different
ratings for voltage, so an electrician should help you pick the right one that will meet your electrical needs during a party. If you are
going to use an appliance like an oven, you need to consider installing the right wiring.

Because a bash only lasts for a few hours, you can use power strips to get electricity for the music system or television set, but
remember that they are not intended to serve as a proper electrical circuit. When you are done using the strips, disassemble them. If
you continue using them, you will realize that they don’t have longevity and stability to work for long, and they will fail eventually.
You may damage your device or they may trigger home fires. Make sure that you have a strip comprising a surge protection device.
The protection device is found in the box of the strip and features a switch indicator or small light.

It may seem a small thing, but the surge protection device protects your gadgets from short circuits or power surges. An electrician
helps you determine whether or not you have the right strip for the event. When doing the connections, you should not plug in a strip
to another strip or a power extension cord. When you connect multiple extensions together, it creates the quickest way of getting a
fire or having appliance damage.
An electrician Etobicoke will help you with your electrical connections when you have a bash and make sure you don’t experience
downtimes or risks of fires breaking out.

If you are a resident of the city of Etobicoke and you are in need of electrical services, look no further for we are the bes t electrical
company to call. We are a team of qualified Etobicoke electricians and electrical contractors who pride themselves on offering
unparalleled and unmatched electrical services. From the day of our inception, we have been a reliable electrical contractor offering

a wide range of electrical services for local residents in Etobicoke and the surrounding areas. With us, no job or project is too small
or too big for us to handle. Our services are open and available to all, be it residential or commercial customers.

To ensure that we fully deliver to your specifications, our technicians work closely with you. We listen to your suggestions and
concerns, give you our professional advice and then do the job in the most satisfactory manner. Our Etobicoke electricians ar e
thoroughly trained and fully licensed. They also come with years of experience working in the electrical industry.

Residential Etobicoke Electrical Services.

The following are some of the residential electrical services that we offer. The list is not exhaustive but just a highlight of the many services that we
offer to the Etobicoke homeowners.

 -Recessed lighting installation.
 -Outlet wiring.
 -Installation of Landscape lighting.
 -Panel and circuit breaker replacement.
 -Wiring of specialty appliances.
 -Corrections of code violation.
 -Installations of Light and Dimmer fixtures.

Commercial Electrical Services.

Our insured and certified electricians work closely with our commercial clients in order to give them services which are efficient and to see to it that
their businesses and commercial ventures continue to operate as intended. Some of the electrical services which our commercial clients can source
from us include, but not limited, to:

 -Installation of standby generators.
 -Commercial build-outs.
 -Replacement and repair of the circuit breaker.
 -Banner installation.
 -Installation and repair of electrical and florescent display signs.
 -Downlighting, Florescent and Commercial LED.
 -Installation of safety and parking lot light.

Emergency Electrical Services.

Our vast experience in the field has taught us that electrical problems can happen even at the most unexpected of times. This is precisely why we run
an emergency desk that is fully operational on a 24/7 basis. We want to ensure that we come to your rescue as soon as we possibly can. Whether the
service required is commercial or residential, you can contact us at any time and we will be there for you.

Why Choose Us.

Highly professional.

Our electricians are courteous and friendly. We treat your business or home like we would treat ours-with respect. We provide our clients with upfront
pricing and scheduled appointments.


We have the knowledge and the tools to do the job right the first time. Once you contact us, we take the shortest time to avail our services. You can
fully trust us to deliver to your satisfaction.

We are fully insured, licensed and bonded.

What this means is that we are a genuine electrical company that fully operates within the law. All our dealing are legal and we are fully certified to
offer electrical services in the town of Etobicoke and its environs.

Reasonable Charges.
Our rates are pocket friendly and reasonable. We care about your financial well being that is why we always strive to work within your planned budget.

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