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Published by Halston Media, 2021-03-31 22:41:16

Yorktown News 04.01.21

Vol. 10 No. 2 Visit for the latest news. Thursday, April 1, 2021

Town Board approves police
reform report

Police chief ‘fully expects’ body cameras to be
in next year’s budget

A young Yorktown BY BRIAN MARSCHHAUSER we just become a better community by sharing
resident looks for eggs EDITOR with one another. So, I really hope that does
at Downing Park. continue.”
e nal meeting of Yorktown’s Coalition on
PHOTO: Community Safety and Engagement ended last To that end, the Town Board has requested
BRIAN MARSCHHAUSER month with some actionable items and a lot of an annual report from the Yorktown Police De-
goodwill, but some community members hope partment—every February—about arrest data,
On the hunt the conversation around policing will continue use of force statistics and other important up-
without being forced to by New York State. dates.
Canceled last year by COVID-19, Yorktown’s Easter Egg Hunt
made its return on Saturday, March 27. e nine-member coalition was formed to BODY CAMERAS
comply with Governor Cuomo’s Executive Body cameras, including the cost of imple-
Some limitations were placed on the popular event, which was Order No. 203, which requires a municipal-led
held on the lower ball elds at Downing Park. Instead of one mas- “comprehensive review” of a department’s cur- menting and monitoring them, were a focus of
sive hunt, the town’s Parks and Recreation Department and the rent policies, procedures and practices. the coalition’s nal meeting. Its report recom-
Yorktown Lions Club held four smaller hunts—each separated by mends the beta testing of body cameras, with a
an hour—with a maximum of 80 children per time slot. A response to the national tumult following report due to the Town Board by April 30.
the killing of George Floyd, a Black man, by
Additionally, the hunts were divided by age group. e eggs, a white Minneapolis police o cer, completed “We want to identify the best product that we
which had candy inside of them, were not reused. Each hunt in- plans were required to be submitted by April 1 can use, that my people can go out there and
cluded an egg with a “Golden Ticket,”which could be redeemed for to assure continued state and federal aid money use with con dence, and that also instills the
a prize, such as a large chocolate bunny. to local jurisdictions. con dence in the community,”said Police Chief
Robert Noble.“We’ve got to gure out the cost,
All families were required to wear masks. e event was sta ed e Town Board approved the coalition’s re- as well.”
by the Alliance for Safe Kids, which helped scatter the eggs and port at its meeting on Tuesday, March 16. But
perform temperature screenings. now that Yorktown has complied with the ex- ough cameras require a hefty initial invest-
ecutive order, Councilwoman Alice Roker said ment, the larger costs are associated with data
For more photos, see pages 16 and 17. she hopes Yorktown is not done talking about storage and the manpower necessary to review
the issues. the footage. Steven Ronco, an assistant district
attorney with the Westchester District Attor-
“I think this kind of conversation that we’re ney’s O ce, was asked to weigh the pros and
having needs to continue,”Roker said at the co- cons of body cameras.
alition’s meeting on ursday, March 4. “I think

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Thursday, April 1, 2021 OPINION Yorktown News – Page 13

A look at the facts

BY TOWN SUPERVISOR pointing that former Town Fact: Utilizing the Overlay Fact: Town Board and architectural requirements, a
Supervisor Susan Siegel, who Concept
MATT SLATER was responsible for the 2010 Planning Board Review Is focus on complete streets for
GUEST WRITER Comprehensive Plan, has so e overlay district pro-
dishonestly endeavored to mis- posal was introduced as part Required business hamlets, and an e ort
In my rst campaign for lead town residents about the of Yorktown’s Destination Y
town supervisor, I promised overlay district plan; the rst campaign as a way to address e Town Board must ap- to preserve the integrity of our
to focus on the burden on part of which was unanimously chronic vacancies in our busi-
residential property taxpayers by passed by the Town Board this ness hamlets. is tool was rst prove any application before it community.
growing Yorktown’s commercial past November. introduced and approved as
tax base, revitalizing our down- part of the town’s Comprehen- can be considered under the pa- Fact: Full Environmental
town areas and tackling chronic While Siegel continues to sive Plan passed in 2010. Fast
vacancies such as the former shamefully misrepresent the forward, as was detailed by the rameters of the overlay district Review
Kmart, Food Emporium, and facts to advance her own per- COO of the Business Council
Shrub Oak Tire Center, which sonal agenda, the Town Board’s of Westchester on Jan. 7, 2021, which has not happened to date. All environmental reviews,
are dangerous anti-business Destination Y campaign and its when they toured our town at
blights within our community. work with the Business Council my invitation, they proposed Further, the Planning Board including those mandated by
of Westchester is designed to using overlay districts as one of
Shortly after I took o ce, the correct the lost commercial op- the ways to spur economic de- will perform an extensive review New York State and local law,
Business Council of Westches- portunity caused by past failed velopment and attract creative
ter toured the business hamlets leadership such as Siegel’s, investment within our com- of the project as it does for all are required. Any project that
and presented overlay districts which resulted in Yorktown munity.
as a tool that have been success- homeowners bearing the largest applications it is referred. does not meet these standards
fully introduced in other mu- local property tax share, as com- Fact: No Applications Have
nicipalities to adopt modi ed pared to commercial property Been Formally Submitted to Fact: Overlay District vs. will not be approved.
zoning requirements in targeted owners, in the entire county. the Town
areas in need of redevelopment In fact, rather than help usher Rezoning Fact: Full Public Input
and reinvestment. Overlay in proven tools such as overlay ere is no project currently
districts are a proven tool that districts that will help ease the being processed by the Town ere is no di erence be- Public input is required and
communities across our region, burden on local taxpayers, Ms. Board or Planning Board as
state and nation are implement- Siegel invested more time in part of the proposed overlay tween a rezoning and an welcomed as part of the ap-
ing to spur smart growth. In advocating for local taxes to district. is speci cally in-
fact, the creation of overlay be increased as recently as last cludes the proposed Underhill overlay district. Rezoning single proval process of any project,
districts in Yorktown was rst year’s town budget hearings. Farms and Yorktown Green
adopted as part of the town’s redevelopment, which will properties runs the risk of spot whether it be part of the overlay
comprehensive plan in 2010. Here are the facts of the receive independent and col-
proposed overlay districts: laborative evaluations just like zoning, which is illegal. Rather, district or not. At minimum,
at is why it’s so disap- any project would.
the overlay district proposal two public hearings are required

includes dozens of properties as part of the approval pro-

within two business hamlets cess under the overlay district

which is similar to the rezoning legislation.

that was accomplished as part Have a question? ere is no

of the Comprehensive Plan in need for residents to wait for

2011, which rezoned thousands courtesy of the oor at a Town

of properties under the Siegel Board meeting to ask questions

administration. about overlay districts or any

Fact: Advantages of the other town-related issue. e

Overlay Town Board welcomes con-

e overlay districts as structive comments and ques-

proposed includes speci c tions about the future of our

parameters that would not be community and makes ourselves

achievable under a traditional available for all of the residents

rezoning process. ese include of Yorktown.

the cost of your

long-term care will be
if you are not eligible

for Medicaid?



• Asset Protection • Elder Law • Wills, Trusts & Estates
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Page 14 – Yorktown News OPINION Thursday, April 1, 2021


MY my hand, the nest human being dable even to the most fearless that time “began” with the big of time. e existentialists and
PERSPECTIVE I have ever known, my mother among us. For me, the concept of bang. Not surprisingly, this same the phenomenologists believe
Rose, passed away. time has been a source of unend- premise is embraced by most that once consciousness ceases,
JAMES ing philosophical debate. physicists and cosmologists. But, so does time. In our youth, we
MARTORANO We are sentimental creatures. today, upon re ection, I disagree. experience time moving at a
We mark, celebrate, and mourn When I was in graduate school Time is not “real” like a rock, or snail’s pace; as adults, we yearn
The best part of my week anniversaries, birthdays, and all and forced to confront the topic tree, or human being.Time is an to slow it down. I am sure you
is when I sit down at my sorts of momentous events, as in a classroom setting, I embraced experience, not a “real” thing. e have heard modern-day would-
computer to compose this we bear witness to the inevitable the rather basic concept that time idea that time is motion, which I be gurus trumpeting the advice
weekly column.Today is di erent. passage of time with a mixture of equals change. Still possessing ascribed to for years, is neverthe- of “experiencing the now.” is is
It is the anniversary of my mom’s melancholia, joy, and resignation. this rudimentary notion, years less appealing because the objects not new but really a repackaging
death. At exactly 3:30 p.m. on What is this bizarre notion that later, I read Stephen Hawkins we examine (atoms, molecules, of the old existentialist concept
March 20, 1998, while holding we call time? book, “A Brief History of Time.” organisms, etc.) all involve mo- of placing supreme value on
Hawkins assumes that time is tion. And, all things move in the quality of one’s immediate
Time is ambiguous.Time is real and like all real things that space, leading to this general consciousness. is branch of
life and life is time. It is fascinat- we experience, has a beginning, assumption of the existence of philosophy has always counseled
ing and mysterious. It is intimate- middle and end. He proposed both space and time as tangible us to actualize the “human real-
ly familiar but ultimately formi- things. ity” of the spontaneous self. For
the existentialist, the past is only
Russell Girolamo Jr Stephanie Girolamo Burke Jennifer Thorp Gregory Bell Additionally, our language has a repertory of recordings to be
incorporated a wholehearted used in service of the present and
Auto | Home | Business | Life acceptance of assorted notions the future is but a set of dreams
Let us help you protect what’s most important. of time. What time is it? He to give the present direction and
arrived in the nick of time. We purpose.
914-962-9777 • had a great time. Our songs, our
culture, our religions, all wel- Please do not misunderstand
A lifetime of love, come time as a fact of life. But me. I am not so nalve as to sup-
continued. that doesn’t make our concept of pose that without sentient beings,
time accurate. time would not exist. If we were,
At Benchmark, we believe couples are better together. Spouses and companions for example, to explore a distant
who come through our doors, move in together and stay together. And we Before we delve into this planet and nd no conscious
wouldn’t have it any other way. quandary, we must, like good beings, that would not mean that
We make this possible by accommodating individual care levels while living philosophers, clarify what our time was absent.
together, right from the start, while tailoring services and experiences to words mean. What do we mean
each person*. by exist and real? When we What I am suggesting, howev-
pose the question—”Does time er, is that our most bene cial use
Benchmark Senior Living at Ridgefield Crossings exist?”—what are we really ask- of the concept of time is to view
ing? Without clari cation, the it as a phenomenological event
640 Danbury Road, Ridgefield I question can seem absurd; of arising from a particular mode of
course time exists! We use it to subjective experience. Employ-
Assisted Living | Mind & Memory Care measure the movements of the ing this particular philosophical
celestial bodies and to mark the lens, time becomes a function of
Life is Better with Your Better Half. Call 203.563.8126 to schedule a tour today. highlights of our lives. Yet, many rational consciousness.
have vehemently argued that our
*Please check with the community for any residency requirements. concept of time is antiquated Adopting this viewpoint frees
and erroneous. me from a slavish calendar-
attached recollection of the
One such voice, philosopher prominent events of my life, like
Sydney Shoemaker, proposes my mom’s passing. Writer June
that our notion of time as mo- Hillman poignantly points out
tion is invalid. For him, time is a the dangers of chaining ourselves
human construct that can oper- to non-experiential milestones. “I
ate without change. was allowing myself to pass my
hours out of touch with the real-
I suggest that much of the ties around me. Here, I was in the
turmoil over the concept of time midst of life, and I wasn’t seeing
has to do with language. Time, it, wasn’t hearing it, wasn’t feeling
like many other words, has sev- it. Rather than experiencing, I was
eral di erent meanings. As I see expending my time processing
it, there are two distinct uses of experience.” Hillman advises us to
the word in our culture: stop labeling, tagging, and mark-
ing our experiences but rather
Chronological time. is is to fully and robustly “experience
what we are most comfortable anew the world around us.”
with. Calendar and clock time.
I mark the anniversary of my So today, adopting her advice,
mom’s passing by day, year, and instead of solemnly marking a
even minute. We all do this with rather dark anniversary, I will
the notable events of our lives. spend March 20 recalling the
We “synchronize” our concept elegance and magic of the person
with the sun and the planets, but whom I loved so much, the
this designation is as arbitrary as charming appeal of her delightful
any other. laugh, and the overriding embrace
of her unbounded love.Today,
Psychological time. is is the I will be open to all the experi-
individual experience of the con- ences that life will bring, existen-
tinuum of our consciousness. If tially transcending the grief and
we are unconscious, time ceases. mourning that I have traditionally
If you ever had surgery, I am sure attached to this calendar day. My
you woke up wondering when mom would be delighted.
the doctors would operate. You
had no concept of the passage

Thursday, April 1, 2021 OPINION Yorktown News – Page 15

What kind of fool am I?

BRUCE with that four-letter word in While we’re hanging around You,” essayed by the legend- of Trent—you know, the one in
THE BLOG the title, “What Kind of Fool the mid-20th century street cor- ary likes of Billie Holiday and 1563—mandated that the Julian
Am I” is, of course, a love song. ner, let’s not forget e Shirelles some blue-eyed board chair- calendar become Gregorian.
BRUCE singing “Foolish Little Girl,” of man named Frank who fooled
APAR One of my wife Elyse’s 1963 vintage. around with a bunch of guys Since this was just before the
favorite vocalists, Michael known as the Rat Pack. internet came along, with its
What better way to McDonald, rocks it out on e Remember the cryptic lyrics headache-inducing 24/7 news
pay homage to April Doobie Brothers’ “What a Fool in “ e Fool on the Hill”? Paul Our April Fools’ hit parade cycle, not everybody heard about
Fools’ Day than sing Believes.” McCartney says they were culminates with e Who’s the calendar ip.
about it—or listen to people who meant, in part, as a defense of de ant denunciation of the
know how to sing sing about FRANKIE WAS FIRST establishment, “Won’t Get As it turns out, the old calen-
it (if you ask me how a local “Why Do Fools Fall in Love” e Beatles’ one-time spiritual Fooled Again.” Except song- dar’s new year was—you guessed
prison stole its way into that guru Maharashi Mahesh Yogi. writer and cynic Pete Townsh- it!—April 1. You could imagine
sentence, I’ll plead the Fifth). is a classic doo-wop song fondly end explained it’s less a song the bizarre scene when the
remembered by Boomers. Ap- DON’T MESS WITH about revolution than against people not up on the latest news
April Fools’ Day has inspired parently, though, it’s not too MAHARISHI. revolution, as conveyed in the obliviously continued to pop the
some great popular music. e well remembered by the fools irony of the lyrical coda, “Meet cork, wear silly hats, and crank
headline up there is one of my curating websites devoted to Where critics sco ed at what the new boss, same as the old noisemakers on April 1 instead
favorites, by Anthony Newley, song lyrics. they saw as his silly persona, boss.” In other words, why of the new New Year date of
from a 1960s Broadway musical the boys valued the man’s wis- bother? You’ll end up pretty January 1.
he starred in and wrote, bearing Based on a quick search I dom. McCartney’s lyrics basi- much in the same place as you
the always timely, head-spin- did, it’s almost as if they think cally mock those who mocked began. What a bunch of April fools
ning title of “Stop the World, I the song rst became popular the Maharishi. they must’ve looked like—not
Want to Get O .” in 1981, as sung by Diana Ross ORIGIN STORY unlike we look today on New
of e Supremes. ey’re o by e one and only Elvis OK, enough of that foolish- Year’s Eve.
As with just about all songs only a quarter-century. e song, Pretzel (as we called swivel-
which hit No. 1 on the charts hipster Presley in the day when ness. What’s the origin story be- Like Pete Townshend said,
in 1956, was written and per- his lower-body thrusts shocked hind April Fools’ Day, you must some things never change.
formed by Frankie Lymon and TV censors), had a big hit with be wondering. Well, it started
“Fools Rush In (Where Angels a little while ago, in 1582. You Bruce Apar is a writer, actor,
e Teenagers. Frankie is the Fear to Tread).” might recall that the Council consultant, and community
subject of a 1998 movie titled volunteer. He can be reached at
same as the song. en there’s the sublime [email protected]; 914-275-6887.
torch song “I’m a Fool to Want

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Page 16 – Yorktown News OPINION Thursday, April 1, 2021

Question of the Week Vaccine Ramblings

What is happening with the BY JOHN F. MCMULLEN often has arm pain
Shrub Oak tire center? GUEST WRITER after taking them

Every week, Yorktown News will ask 2020, I met with him at the site with members My wife, We each had the Moderna
Barbara McMullen injection
Town Supervisor Matt Slater a “Ques- of our planning department to discuss potential and I at 11 AM
received our second waited a half-hour at the
tion of the Week.” If you have a question, ideas of what he can possibly do with the shop- vaccine shot-in-the-arm facility
on March 11, 2021 and went home
email yorktown [email protected] ping center.
e date held She had some swelling in
Last year, Councilman Tom Diana; our He has expressed interest in reinvesting in special signi cance the arm
for me and minor pain
building inspector, John Landi; and our code- his property here in the town of Yorktown. it was the 70th anniversary I had neither
of my father’s death just our normal reactions
enforcement o cer, Jason Zeif got involved at We’re hopeful he’s going to follow through on Our normal reactions
Some background: that is
the Shrub Oak tire center because there were that. We’re trying to work through that process. I have no problems with until 2 AM
shots when I woke up
broken windows there and it was an unsafe He’s seen our work on the overlay districts and with a scream
no fear of getting and the worst pain
condition. ey got in touch with the landlord, what we’re trying to accomplish there, which them in my life
never a reaction to in a useless left arm
and the landlord improved the site and made has piqued his interest. any of them
Barbara on the other hand Worse than
sure it was at least safer and it wasn’t as much of Honestly, that’s validation that the overlay is never happy about kidney stones
getting them broken wrist
a safety hazard. districts are the tool we thought they would be; snapped right leg
Just as with many other chronically vacant taking these chronic vacancies and leveraging assorted basketball
properties in town, I have been proactively in them to having landlords reinvest in their prop-
or so it seemed
communication with the landlord to encourage erties and coming up with creative proposals.

him to reinvest in his property. In the fall of

I was told by an
online nursing friend

I should ice it in 15
minute periods
and the strong
reaction indicated
the vaccine was

(small solace)
by the next morning the pain
was tolerable

It returned in lesser degree
every night for the next four
probably brought on by my
turning onto the arm in sleep

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classified, call Brett Freeman
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Thursday, April 1, 2021 OPINION Yorktown News – Page 17

Returning to LETTERS Hart. my products have come
Hart “started” this from, especially from a small
FROM PAGE 12 business such as White Oak
entrepreneurship at the

normal published in your newspaper young age of 4, his passion Farm. In modern society, to
on March 19. I wanted to for nature and tapping trees trace back where many of the
address the small, tight- continued into his adulthood. products I use come from

knit community that we ere is something special would be nearly impossible.

share in our town. With in every bottle of syrup I hope to hear more stories

CHAMBER will continue to keep the com- many Ma and Pa shops in produced. On top of this, about the endeavors of the
CORNER munity updated on new guidance our town, seeing a familiar Hart went through years of small businesses in our com-
as it becomes available. face around town is fairly technological innovations to munity. It is inspiring to learn

SERGIO Although this is all welcomed common. Small businesses keep his company up with about the hustle fellow York-
ESPOSITO news, I want to temper this by keep our community running; the demands of society. It is town citizens endure.
saying that speci c guidelines therefore, they deserve all the not common anymore to see
Paige Vellozzi

for each point are forthcoming. credit. For example, White a product go from farm to Yorktown Heights

I also want to mention that we Oak Farm, owned by Bri table. I enjoy learning where

Icontinue to be excited as it need to continue to be diligent
relates to the reopening of
our community and, looking by wearing our masks, socially Letters and Op-Ed Policy
into the not-too-distant future, I distancing, and washing our
can see a return to normalcy as hands. It is important that we Letters to the editor and op-ed submissions may be edited. The views and opinions
we knew it prior to this dreadful all work together to continue expressed in letters and op-eds are not necessarily those of Yorktown News or its
pandemic that took so many of this upward trend so we can all, affiliates. Submissions must include a phone number and address for verification.
our loved ones and caused such Not all letters and op-eds will necessarily be published. Letters and op-eds which
disruption in everyone’s daily nally, return to normal! cannot be verified or are anonymous will not be published. Please send your
lives. submissions to the editor by e-mail at [email protected] For more
e Chamber Corner is being information, call the editor at 914-302-5628.
As such, I wanted to share published by Yorktown News as an
in-kind service for its marketing
partner, the Yorktown Chamber of

recent guidance on the reopening Commerce.

process. As you may have already

guessed, and as of March 19, res-

taurants and local eateries have My Front DooCOrNTEST!
moved to an indoor capacity of
75 percent. is does not include In some cultures, the Show us
the city, which currently remains front door is considered
at a 50 percent indoor capacity.
the key in welcoming
Residential gathering guide- positive energy.
lines have also changed and, as
of March 22, indoor gatherings
are still restricted to 10 people,
but outdoor gatherings have
gone up to 25 people. For social

gatherings, like events and par- In Feng Shui, the chi the colors
ties, we are going to be able to (the life force energy)
have a max indoor capacity of is invited through the of your
100 people and a max outdoor front door. We want to
capacity of 200 people. It’s also invite our communities front door...
important to note that tness and show us your
centers will be able to resume to participate in creativity in decorating
indoor classes as well! Halston Media’s your front entrance.
Be it farmhouse chic or
On March 26, family enter- inaugural rustic country, we
tainment centers can open at a want to see it all!
25-percent capacity cap and on My Front Door
April 2, any events, arts, cultural
or entertainment venues can Contest.
reopen at a 33 percent capacity

with a cap of 100 people indoor We want to see how One family from each
and 200 people outdoor. What is

interesting is that these numbers people in our towns are of the Halston Media

can increase to 150 people and decorating their front newspaper towns
500 people, respectively, if there doors and their front (Yorktown, Mahopac,
is proof of a negative COVID entrance this season.
test prior to entry.To that end, We want to inspire Somers, Katonah/
there is also a new initiative and be inspired by the Lewisboro and
called the New York Forward colors and creativity North Salem)
Rapid Test Program. rough that come with this
a public/private partnership, it will be featured in the
April 22nd Home, Garden

is intended to facilitate rapid small, but important & Real Estate special

testing “to support enhanced part of the home. Get Creative! pullout keepsake!
economic activity” for events
and venues. How this will work
is unclear, and I look forward to
further guidance.

Lastly, on April 5, the 11 p.m. SUBMIT A HIGH RESOLUTION PHOTO, ALONG WITH:
curfew will be lifted for gyms
and tness centers as well as a • Name • Town • Street (Optional) • In a few sentences, tell us about your front door.

host of other types of businesses. • Phone Number (so we can contact you) It can be about your design process or the story behind it.

And on April 9, outdoor amuse- Send all entries to [email protected] by Saturday, April 10th.
ment parks will return at a 33
percent capacity. e Chamber

Yorktown EasPage18
Yorktown News – Thu

Yorktown’s Easter Egg Hunt was held Saturday, March 27, at Downing Park.

A child
meets the

The Schuelein
searches to
see if they
won a “Golden



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ster Egg Huntursday,April1,2021 Page 19


And Allan and
they’re Ava Garb

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HEALTH INSURANCE & EMPLOYEE BENEFITS myoisummsaeinseam?gtahenadatcygooenuddistcieooenn?dthitaiot n

sical vocal group Charles Newman Co. TThheeItIctchhy yDoDgo!g!

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Page 20 – Yorktown News Thursday, April 1, 2021

FOOTBALL Yorktown’s Marco McKnight carries the ball,
with Joseph McEniry (11) in blocking position.
Yorktown beats Lakeland, 21-7

BY MIKE SABINI back Justin Meyreles (18 carries, “During halftime, the team was

CONTRIBUTING WRITER 115 yards, 4-8, 48 yards passing) fueled up and eager to get our rst

scored his rst varsity touchdown, team W. Halftime was a crucial

Pantelis Ypsilantis won his rst a 1-yard run 50 seconds before moment for us. I had a chat with

game as Yorktown’s head coach halftime. e rst of three Vicente (assistant) coach Brandon Trager,

with a come-from-behind 21-7 Lyon PATs tied the game at 7-7. he told me to look for the cutback

triumph against visiting Lakeland “Our rst TD drive was ex- on the open eld on buck sweep.

on Friday, March 26. actly what we had been looking Sure enough, Coach was right, and

“I feel like my team came of age for,” Meyreles said. “Everyone was I had a house call.”

a little bit before our eyes,”Ypsilan- hungry to punch the ball in for the Moments later, Marco McK-

tis said.“ ey have dealt with a tre- rst time. It shows how important night (7 carries, 51 yards, 2 recep-

mendous amount of adversity. Last that rst TD was to us because we tions, 28 yards, 7 tackles), inter-

week, they proved they were ght- came out ready to play in the sec- cepted a pass and returned it 22

ers and this week they tasted the ond half.” yards for a touchdown to seal the

end zone. at was a big moment Meyreles gave Yorktown a 14-7 Yorktown victory.

because they proved something to lead with 8:28 remaining in the Evan Makar (14 carries, 56

themselves. ey just continue to third quarter. He rst went left yards), Vincent Cappelli (9 tackles

grind in practice and listen to the before cutting back right to the 1 sack), and Dino Bowen (8 tack-

coaches. ey executed the game middle of the eld for an electrify- les, 1 sack) also helped ignite Yor-

plan and were able to overcome an ing 38-yard touchdown run. ktown.

extremely talented Lakeland team. “ at second TD run felt elec- Danny Libretti (7 rushes, 65

I couldn’t be happier right now.” tric,” said Justin, who is the fourth yards, 10 tackles) got the Hornets

Yorktown sophomore quarter- Meyreles to play for Yorktown. on the board with a 6-yard touch- PHOTO: JACK CATLIN/JACKCATLINPHOTOS.COM

down run with ve minutes left in Lakeland’s Danny Libretti (11) goes up field against Yorktown.
the opening quarter. Austin Ber-

gen’s PAT put Lakeland up 7-0.

Anthony Fiorentino, Ian job along with Vin and Adamo coach Mike Meadows. “We have

Wisker, Carl Lund, Kevin Hickey, blocking till the whistle, which to gure out ways to maintain the

and AJ Knopf opened up the holes let me nd some space to run positive play.”

on the touchdown. through,” Libretti said. “Unfortu- Lakeland (1-1) will look to do

“It felt great getting points on nately, the outcome didn’t end up that when they travel to John Jay-

the board,” Libretti said. “ e the way we hoped, but I’m still Cross River at 1:30 p.m. Saturday,

whole o ensive line and Adamo extremely proud of my boys, and April 3.

(Labriola) and Vin (Scialdone) did we’re looking for a big bounce- Later that day at 7 p.m., York-

a great job blocking for me. Go- back week against Cross River town (1-1) will play at Rye—a re-

ing up early in a game like that is ( John Jay).” match of the 2019 Section 1 Class

huge.” Labriola (11 rushes, 46 yards), A title game,which was won by the

Trailing 21-7 early in the fourth Tyler Santucci (6-14, 70 yards), Garnets.

quarter, Libretti did his best to get and Michael Mulhern (1 catch, 7 “We still have a ton of things

Lakeland back in the game, rush- yards, 11 tackles) contributed to to x, but I know my boys will be

PHOTO: BOB CASTNER/CASTNERPHOTO.NET ing for 45 yards on ve consecutive the Hornets’ e ort. ready to rock and roll next week

Lakeland’s Adamo Labriola runs with the ball with Yorktown’s Anthony carries. at took Lakeland from “We came out red up and were and get ready for a defending
Cicinelli looking to make the tackle.
its 11 to the Yorktown 44. able to follow the game plan, but champion Rye team,” Ypsilantis

“ e line once again did a great we lost some steam,”said Lakeland said.

Thursday, April 1, 2021 SPORTS Yorktown News – Page 21

Yorktown stays undefeated

Huskers beat league rivals Mahopac and Somers

BY MIKE SABINI champs. We can’t wait to continue with the last game, where the majority of the

CONTRIBUTING WRITER our successful season.” hitters hit on the court,”Torres said.“Our

Yorktown (4-0, 3-0) won the season defense had a set plan and we communi-

Yorktown entered its contest at Ma- series from Somers when it won on cated. e communication was key.”

hopac on Friday, March 26, looking for the road 3-1 (25-11, 25-27, 25-10, 25- Knoesel (17 digs, 3 kills, 3 aces, 2 as-

its rst sweep of the season and it did just 16) against the Tuskers on Wednesday, sists), Waschenko (6 kills, 3 blocks, 2

that, when they defeated the Indians, 3-0 March 24. digs), Fasce (29 assists, 9 digs, 4 aces),

(25-21, 25-22, 25-12). “Everyone was red up to play Somers Silverman (7 assists, 3 digs, 2 aces), Tro-

“We were very determined to sweep for the second time and thrilled that pea (2 digs), Appelle (1 kill), Strauss

Mahopac since we haven’t yet swept a beating our rivals doubled as winning (2 aces, 1 dig), Vanessa Mulaj (1 kill, 1

team this season,” said Yorktown’s Olivia our rst two league games,” said Cane, block), and Melagrano (1 kill) all con-

Waschenko.“Every player went in with a who registered 18 kills, 5 aces and 3 tributed to the win against Somers.

mentality to give it their all and succeed blocks against the Tuskers. “What really enabled our team to get

in three sets, which truly was re ected on e Huskers set the tone in the rst the win was smart hitting and our serve,”

the court.” set with a dominant e ort, winning it by Torres said. “ e set we lost we missed

Waschenko (7 kills, 1 dig), Gia Tropea 14 points. seven serves, which contributed mostly

(1dig), Jackie Knoesel (3 assists, 12 digs), “Our team had urgency for each point to why we lost that set. Jackie Cane had

Maddy Chen (3 digs), Allison Torres (13 from the rst serve,” Cane said. smart hits and tipping in the deep cor-

kills, 3 digs, 1 block), Aniyah Seales (10 After Somers won a two-point thriller ners and short. e back row analyzed

kills, 2 blocks), Olivia Fasce (18 assists, 4 in the second set, Yorktown re-estab- the open spots and communicated it to

aces, 5 digs), Shannon Appelle (1 block), lished its dominance in the next two sets, the hitters.”

Lauren Strauss (1 assist, 4 digs), Jackie winning both. Two days earlier, in a 3-1 win against

Cane (9 kills,1 assist,8 digs),Jenna Raba- “We stopped missing our serves and visiting Somers, Torres recorded her

di (1 kill), Allie Silverman (2 kills, 17 as- making unforced errors,” Cane said. 100th career block.

sists, 7 digs), and Paige Melagrano (1 kill, “Our middles, Aniyah Seales and Al- “It means a lot to me because I started

1 block) all took part in the victory. lison Torres, shut down the other side o freshman year barely knowing how

“ is win meant a lot to us since it was with their strong blocks.” to block and then learning and work-

our rst sweep,” Waschenko said. “We Seales (8 kills, 5 blocks, 1 assist) and ing hard towards it because I had never

never let up and played every single rally Torres (11 digs, 4 kills, 2 blocks, 1 ace) played middle before,” said Torres, a ju-

like it was our last. is was also a key were a dominant presence against Somers. nior. “It was a shame that last year I n-

win because it was a league game and a “Our blocking was successful because ished the season with 98 blocks but it felt FILE PHOTO/BOB CASTNER/CASTNERPHOTOS.NET

major season goal we have is to be league we were blocking cross and learned from good nally getting that 100.” Yorktown’s Aniyah Seales makes a block at the net.

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Page 22 – Yorktown News SPORTS Thursday, April 1, 2021

VOLLEYBALL Lakeland sweeps Somers and Ossining


Lakeland nished its week Lakeland’s Emily Kubicsko Lakeland seniors: Victoria Tsui,
with a 3-0 (25-19, 25-17, 25- Lauren Groccia, Lydia Aryee, Caitlin
14) victory at Somers on Sat- Wisker, and Emily Kubicsko (Cathleen
urday, March 27, led by Em-
ily Kubicsko (9 kills), Caitlin Gallagher not pictured)
Wisker (8 kills), Kayla Jen-
(12 assists), and Lucy Kemp (7
assists). Lakeland’s Victoria Tsui waits for the ball to come
A day before, the Hornets
(3-2, 2-1) won on their senior
night 3-0 (25-20, 25-19, 25-
23) against visiting Ossining.

Kubicsko, Wisker, and Tsui,
all captains, and Lauren Groc-
cia, Lydia Aryee, and Cathleen
Gallagher are the Lakeland se-

“It meant a lot to win on our
senior night because we have
six seniors on our team and we
really want to do well this year,”
Kubicsko said. “We are all so
grateful to be given this oppor-
tunity to play for one last year
and we are excited to keep pro-
gressing and hopefully come
out with many more wins.”

Kubicsko (13 kills), Jennings
(8 kills), and Wisker (7 kills)
were ferocious at the net.

“We were able to be so suc-
cessful in getting a lot of kills
because we were able to pass the ball to target really well
throughout the entire game, which allowed our setters to be
able to give us the sets we need,” Kubicsko said.

Tsui (15 assists) and Aryee (8 assists) also played an impor-
tant role in the sweep against the Pride.

“We were able to win all three sets because our passing was
always in system allowing us to side out easily,” Kubicsko said.
“Our defense was another key reason we were able to do so
well and have the lead for the majority of the game. It was our
senior night, which helped us stay energized and motivated to
come out with the win against Ossining.”

Walter Panas avenged an earlier loss to the Hornets when it
won at Lakeland 3-1 (24-26, 25-14, 25-23, 25-13) on March

Trailing 14-11 in the rst set, Lakeland (3-2, 2-1) rallied,
eventually winning the last two points of the set, with Wisker
serving the nal point to secure the opening frame.

“We were able to win that rst set because we were playing
strong defensively,” said Tsui, who registered 11 assists against
the Panthers. “We were moving to the ball and we were cover-
ing the court well, so we were able to minimize our mistakes.”

Panas bounced back to win the second set before Lakeland
appeared to have control of the third set, up 20-15. e Pan-
thers though came back to win that set, to go up two sets to one.

“Again, we were playing strong defensively and we were serv-
ing well in the beginning of that set,” Tsui said. “Towards the
end of that set our coverage wasn’t as strong and that was a big
contribution to the loss.”

e decisive fourth set was tied at 5-5, before Panas went on
a 14-5 run to take control of that set and ultimately, the match.

e match, like the one the week before which Lakeland
won, was a typical, hard-fought Lakeland-Panas a air, where
each set in both matches could’ve been won by either team.

“We are both strong teams and pretty evenly matched, it is
just a matter of which team plays more consistently throughout
the game,” Tsui said.

Kubicsko (14 kills), Aryee (11 assists), Jennings (7 kills), and
Wisker (7 kills) all contributed to the Hornets’ e ort versus

Thursday, April 1, 2021 SPORTS Yorktown News – Page 23


Yorktown excels on the slopes

BY MIKE SABINI “ en she struggled with dete- tional championships on Feb. 25. PHOTO COURTESY OF CHUCK SOLOMON
CONTRIBUTING WRITER riorating course conditions in her In the sectional championships,
second run, due to the 55/60-degree Kevin Kouril (senior, team captain) races slalom at Thunder
is past ski-racing season was a temperatures, and she was narrowly McGovern tied for 13th-place with Ridge.
uniquely challenging one because of edged out of the Top 9 racers who a Su ern racer, in a time of 33.36,
the COVID-19 pandemic, but Yor- moved on to the sectional champi- and Schluter followed immediately PHOTO COURTESY OF CHRISTOPHER BRAUN
ktown, whose races were all held at onships,” Nufer said. in 14th place (33.38) while Kouril
placed 19th (34.24). Hannah McGovern (senior, team captain) trains slalom at
under Ridge in Patterson, was up McGovern, an All-League ath- Victor Constant Ski Slope, West Point Military Academy.
to the task. lete, placed 19th (31.34), and soph- Yorktown nished in third place
omore Kaitlinn Campana placed in the sectional team champion-
“Our skiers kept a really positive 23rd (32.73). ships, just less than two seconds be-
attitude, and arguably worked harder hind second-place Scarsdale.
on snow than they’ve ever had to in For the boys, Kouril dominated
past years, with less practice and rac- this year with a rst- and second- “Normally, the Top 11 athletes
ing time than we’ve ever had before,” place nish in each of his two regu- at sectionals, deemed All-Section,
said Yorktown coach Wendy Nufer. lar season races, and then registered qualify to compete at the state cham-
an impressive fourth-place nish pionships at Whiteface Mountain,
“My team captains—seniors Han- in the North League B Champi- in Lake Placid, while the athletes
nah McGovern and Kevin Kou- onships on Feb. 24, with a time of who place 12th through 15th are
ril, and juniors Christine Aery and 31.56 seconds. considered states alternates, and
Eddie Schluter—did a ne job of they earn All-Section Honorable
pitching in to help train the younger Sophomore Matthew McGovern Mention,” Nufer said. “However,
athletes, while still concentrating on placed seventh (33.00) at the league the pandemic circumstances led the
improving their own racing tech- championships and Schluter placed New York State Public High School
nique,” the coach added. “I’m very eighth (33.24). Athletic Association to have to can-
proud of their leadership and focus cel states this year. Despite that dis-
this season. ey really rose up to Freshmen Reilly Doller placed appointment, I know our boys were
meet all the challenges head-on.” 20th (35.82) and Cameron O’Brien overjoyed to discover how close to
22cnd (37.26). state team quali cation they would
In the North League B Girls have placed, had the championships
Championships on Feb. 24, Aery, Team-wise, Yorktown’s boys not been canceled this season.”
a two-time All-League recipient earned a second-place nish in the
and sectionals’ racer beginning with league championships, just three Nufer said that it will be tough
her freshman year, put in a rst run seconds behind Horace Greeley. to lose her seniors to graduation,
of 27.45 seconds. at tentatively but that feeling is cushioned by the
placed her ninth, beating out a two- Since Kouril, McGovern, and amount of talent returning next
time states participant. Schluter all placed within the top winter.
nine, they each earned All-League
honors and quali ed for the sec-


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Where the Sun Always Shines!

Monday, June 28th - Friday, August 20th

Large Outdoor Play Yard, With 8 Fun Stations,
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WEEK 1: Beach & Sea Shells WEEK 2: Super Heros
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Page 24 – Yorktown News Thursday, April 1, 2021

Leading up to Lakeand High School’s graduation, Yorktown News is working with parents to highlight 15 or so seniors a week, with the goal of featuring all
250-plus members of the Class of 2021.

Molly Young — Parents: Robert Sayani Aggarwal — Sayani is Krystabella Noelle Gad — A Laurel Palmaffy — Laurel is a Roseanna DeIulio — Roseanna
and Jill; Sisters: Allison and the valedictorian of her class well-rounded, quick-witted, member of the National Honor ran for the varsity track and
Emily. Molly has enjoyed and loves to engage in science free spirit with a steadfast Society, Class of 2021 Club, and cross-country teams. She is a
extracurriculars such as Law research. She also loves to bowl; passion for engineering and has taken many AP classes. member of the National Honor
Enforcement Club, Pioneers, and she is the captain of the girls architecture. Maintaining a 4.0 She loves to spend time with Society and Italian Honor Society.
as a cast member in the musical, varsity bowling team. She enjoys GPA, Krystabella is a member of her family and friends, painting, She has volunteered for the town
“Urine Town.” Her favorite HS the outdoors and hanging out the National and Spanish Honor cooking and reading. She has camp and the local church. She
memory: football games with with friends. She will attend Societies, Yearbook Club, and been accepted into multiple plans to pursue a career in the
her friends. After completing Cornell University where she Student Government. She is the colleges and is looking forward to medical field in the future.
BOCES culinary program, she will plans to major in chemistry. president of the Class of 2021 making her college decision.
continue to explore the culinary Club and founder/president of the
field. Women Leading Women Club.

Nicolas Dubbioso — Nicolas is Brandon Cassese — Brandon has Matthew Frogel — Matthew Juliana Moscati — Member: Caitlin Wisker — Caitlin is a
the son of Chrissy and Matt and played football for four years is a National Honor Society National and Spanish Honor member of the National Honor
brother of Ally. He enjoys hanging at Lakeland. He has a passion member, lighting master for Societies; Class of 2021 Club, Society. She is also captain of
out with friends. Nicolas plans for fitness and when off the Wig N Whiskers, and lighting varsity soccer. Juliana has the varsity volleyball team, on
to pursue a career in sports field, you will find him in the productions at Yorktown Stage volunteered with the SOAC Youth which she has played since
management. gym. Brandon plans on studying for the past four years. He enjoys Soccer program. She enjoys eighth grade. Caitlin has been
business and finance in college. hanging out with his friends writing, singing, and spending a member of Girl Scouts since
Brandon also enjoys good music and getting coffee at Starbucks. time with her friends. uliana kindergarten. She plans to major
and a good steakhouse. He attends the New Visions will attend the University of in childhood education in college.
Engineering program and will Rhode Island, majoring in health
continue his studies in aerospace sciences to pursue a career in
engineering. physical therapy.

Arian Vidal-Moreno — Arian is a Grace Morgan — Grace is Jason San Lucas — Parents: KatyAnne Meier — KatyAnne Amanda Cole — Amanda has
member of the TSTT Program, currently attending PNW Parents: Blanca and Nilton; attends the New Visions a 4.0 GPA and is a member of
track team, and VP to the Leos BOCES where she is studying Brothers: Nilton and Dennis. Engineering Program at BOCES the National Honor Society and
Club. In 2018, he volunteered cosmetology. A member of Jason played JV and varsity soccer this year. She is a member of the Spanish Honor Society. She
on a missionary trip that worked National Honor Society and the for five years and was senior the National Honor Society and played on varsity basketball
on the restoration efforts for National Technical Honor Society, captain. He loves to hang with plans on studying mechanical and soccer for four years and
houses and agriculture destroyed she loves theater and is the friends and play video games. He engineering in the fall. KatyAnne received All-League honors.
during Hurricane Maria. After president of the Drama Club. enjoys JV Bagels. Best memories: loves animals, fostering dogs, Amanda is still deciding on which
graduation, Arian plans on Grace is the current reigning Miss TJ Elementary. Jason will attend and pet sitting. Good times college she will attend but plans
studying locally pursuing his Italia NY and plans on attending University of Albany majoring in include spending times with to study nursing.
passion for biology. FIT beginning in the spring. computer science. friends and going to the beach.

Thursday, April 1, 2021 Yorktown News – Page 25


Home of tHe GaeLs

Transfer Tuesday!

WHEN: Tuesday, April 13, 2021 — 4PM — 7PM

OPEN TO: All Current 9th and 10th Grade Students

RECEIVE: An In-Person Campus Tour for
all Attendees

EARN: An Instant Admissions Decision When You
Bring Your High School Transcript!

Pre-Registration is REQUIRED!

RSVP Today!

If You Have Any Questions, Please Contact
Mr. Brian Bruder – Director of Admissions

[email protected]
914-232-5061 Ext. 137 | (914) 232-5061 | 54 Rt. 138, Somers, NY 10589

Page 26 – Yorktown News Thursday, April 1, 2021


Retail building proposed for Route 6

BY BRIAN MARSCHHAUSER sign Consultants,prepared the site lock Hill Farm, which is located solar panels, inverters, and other scaping plans designed to shield
EDITOR plan for the property’s owner, Rick in the towns of Yorktown and electrical equipment,” according the solar panels.
Cipriani/Envirogreen Associates. Cortlandt. e farm is proposing to a resolution passed in January.
A 13,278-square-foot retail to build a solar array on a 4-acre e nal solar project on the
building is being proposed for A public informational hearing portion of the property located in Joseph Shanahan,vice president board’s agenda last week involved
East Main Street in Mohegan was held at the Planning Board Yorktown. A public hearing on of real estate and permitting for the construction of solar canopies
Lake, on the same property as an meeting on Monday, March 22. the plan was closed. Con Edison Clean Energy Busi- at the shopping center at 1426
existing 7,700-square-foot build- nesses, was dismissive when asked East Main St., which houses JV
ing that houses Dunkin Donuts, e updated plans include 141 Next up was a proposal by by the Planning Board about the Bagels, among other tenants.
among other tenants. parking spaces, which is enough Con Edison Clean Energy Busi- resolution.
to accommodate a restaurant use nesses to build a 1.87-megawatt e applicant,Ecogy New York,
Plans to develop the 8.8-acre in the one-story building. ground-mounted solar facility on “Quite candidly, that resolution removed from its plans a canopy
site initially included two build- a 34-acre parcel on Foothill Street contains some rather—I’ll call that would have fronted East
ings totaling 16,000 square feet. “Not that there are any poten- in Mohegan Lake. A 20-lot sub- them unfounded; some of them Main Street and instead placed it
However, the New York State tial tenants selected at this time,” division was previously explored are actually outrageous—claims in the rear of the building.
Department of Environmental Riina said, “but we gured we for the property, which would be of the solar industry and this par-
Conservation nixed that plan would go for that as a potential leased from its owner, William ticular project,” Shanahan said. “I think we all appreciate that
because it would have disturbed maxing out.” Lockwood. the canopies were moved o
wetlands. In a letter written to Yorktown’s Main Street,” said Rich Fon,
e Planning Board’s review e solar farm would neighbor Planning Department, Dr. Jeremy Planning Board chair. e Shrub
“At the end of the day, this is of the plan will continue at future the Putnam Valley High School/ Luft, schools superintendent for Oak resident said Ecogy needs to
the plan they would go along with, work sessions. Middle School campus. Both Putnam Valley, expressed concern implement “aggressive screening”
which is quite di erent than what the Putnam Valley Town Board about increased stormwater run- of the canopies.
we were hoping for, which puts SOLAR PROJECTS and the Putnam Valley Central o created by the removal of trees.
us back to opening up the [plan- Also at its meeting last week, School District Board of Educa- However, Websly Darbouze, en- “ is would be something very,
ning] procedure again,” said Joe tion have publicly criticized the gineer for the project, said mitiga- very di erent than…the look and
Riina, whose company, Site De- the Planning Board continued its project, saying it would “destroy tion e orts would actually reduce feel of the area,”Fon said.“You really
review of three separate solar en- the picturesque setting of the Put- stormwater runo by 15 percent. have to pay some mind as to how
ergy projects. nam Valley Middle School/High these things are going to be screened,
School campus as a beautiful adja- “I think it’s a much more attrac- at least from the bottom up.”
First up was the 118-acre Hem- cent forest is replaced by unsightly tive plan than I rst imagined,”
Planning Board member John e Planning Board will con-
Saving a Life EVERY 11 MINUTES COVID Counter Kincart said after reviewing land- tinue its review of the projects at
future meetings and work sessions.
aloneI’m never • Active Cases: 196 TOWN GREEN
Life Alert® is always • Last Week: 189 uneventful existence that many
here for me. • New Cases: 87 • Wednesday, April 7, Conser- have been dealing with for the
• Total: 4,007 vation Board, 7:30 p.m. past year.
One touch of a button According to information pro-
sends help fast, 24/7. vided by Westchester County • ursday, April 8, Lakeland Westchester County’s only
Board of Education, 7 p.m. true country fair will be held
GwPiSth! Government at Sept. 10, 11, and 12, at the
Work Visit, york- Grange Fairgrounds in York-
Help at Home Help On-the-Go, or lakelandschools. town Heights. e plan is to
• Tuesday, April 6, Town org for agenda information or to bring back everything that the
® Board, 7:30 p.m. watch/participate. community knows and loves
about the Grange Fair. e food,
Batteries Never Need Charging. • Tuesday, April 6, Advisory Yorktown Grange the games, the rides, the ani-
Board on Architecture and Com- Fair mals, the crafts and, of course,
For a FREE brochure call:I’ve fallen and I can’t get up! munity Appearance, 7:30 p.m. the tractors.
e theme for the 97th Yor-
1-800-404-9776 ktown Grange Fair will be Yorktown Lions
“Out and About at the Fair”— Golf Outing
a celebration of the emergence
from the socially isolated and

Prepare for Brewster NY e Yorktown Lions Club’s
power outages Mulligans and Margaritas Golf
with a Generac Outing will be held on June 7 at
home standby Somers National Golf Club.
Register at yorktownlion-
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877 516 1160
Battle of
FREE Yorktown

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A $695 Value! clean-up day, the Battle of Yor-
O er valid February 15 - June 6, 2021 ktown, will return on Saturday,
April 24.
Special Financing Available
e event was canceled in
Subject to Credit Approval 2020. But in 2019, 656 volun-
*To qualify, consumers must request a quote, purchase, install and activate the teers collected more than nine
generator with a participating dealer. Call for a full list of terms and conditions. tons of trash.

To register for this year’s
event, call the town’s Refuse and
Recycling Department at 914-
245-4438. e town will supply
trash bags and safety vests.

Thursday, April 1, 2021 Yorktown News – Page 27

My Community Bulletin Board

Service: 914-669-9679 GOLD • SILVER • DIAMONDS
Auto Sales: 914-485-1195
Fax: 914-669-9685
6 Dingle Ridge Road - North Salem, NY 10560
The Buying Service We simply pay more!

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[email protected]

You need it done, We do it!

BUYING ONLY Items for sale? KITCHENS You need it done, We do it! ROOFING

914-837-0411 •
Westchester license WC27524-H15 • Putnam license PC2271-A

Direct: 914.788.4549
Cell: 914.659.2051 All Lighting • Service Upgrades • New Homes • Dedicated Lines
Fax: 914.930.1111 • Generator Service • Code Correction • A/C Lines • Smart Switches
DBroaungclhasMCa.nPaegterri RITEWAY
[email protected] • Pool • Audio • Data • Security Cameras • Violations Removed NMLS# 39875 ELECTRIC INC.
3565 Crompond Road • Suite 202 • Cortlandt Manor, NY 10567aCRreorgarirnsegtseeprdeodnthdMreonoutrgtLhgea3ngrdedeBrp.raMortkoyerrptgr-oaNvgieYdBeSrrsoD.kCeeproamLrtipcmeanennsyetNdoMfinFLFiSnloa#rni4cd3iaa6.l8LS,iCecreovnristcleeadsn.bdCytTMth-aenMPoeronrBntrgsaaynglvceahnBNiraoMkDeLerSpOa#rn3tml2y5.e5nN3to8ot,fYABoanMnkkoeirrnstggBaarganendLcSheenNcduMerriLtoiSers#.MA1o1ll4rlt0og0aa6ng8es Safety is r goal
[email protected]
Insured Lic# E6
Cell 914.564.1246

from Physicians Mutual Insurance Company.
Call to get your FREE Information Kit GU
TH TTER GUA 15% 10%
IsasTntibNmaco:ltuiuPeladt1s5r.et0sAohTcfitNsfhce)ee;rip.nRPtsCiaaduenrerrtcatrieicnfikicpicgneaaudttassienroBagClin4c2(3ti5iet8n0ae/tAdGBio4A(fn3:IoD.9Dr:Te(CoGhs2nAiigs5e:n0BsaiE4npt;3eseP9udcABr)ifia:)P.ncCrc2ooe5vf0ifpdeQoer)lr;isciIsnya/sncnueodrrtatPniarficevcevaaeiPtlneaotblioilvcefeytiBPnhe1is5nC0eOtfiy;(ptGcseAa.R:llCiPdo11e5-n8r0t.0aGP0cAr-to;9duN6us9Yc-:f4tPo7n1r85o10ctoNoamYrv;parOlieelKsatp:beoPledn15edi0ntaOfaioKllsrl; Promo Code: 285
6255 1Subject to credit approval. Call for details. YOUR ENTIRE WE INSTALL


CALL US TODAY FOR 1-855-478-9473

Mon-Thurs: 8am-11pm, Fri-Sat: 8am-5pm, Sun: 2pm-8pm EST



Call Brett Freeman at 845-208-8151 to find out how.

*tpotrBdOioemtao9shcre8teetehrs2yrripac7nocvnut9oraigroe6tlceeindds;hrsSeipsatoluarslaanineiopnnl.ydordpMNtlwfrkmooaoinhNrsvpaiismlalYuyieacl:r.uruesc5SemunhN5oqpsa4muYispsn3ip,erlegW1iee.eH,fiSnsmwe;nedNlsaaaientYasrncAirmCtmhca.m:ieLnoHnusitugemmItyCnreo,iitcrmat2paaNno0topndin2YonSpe2,cnttlP7hoipase4ulmnecys8tdr.anpp-FhnaaDaaironnmyndCuoamySAstnNhieebcn.YohnSiefn,wootaRcgsrlfedomo.esrAm.ctusaMykl.bltcblTuioajooieunsnmnctbede.tbdsCfrtNoesCowSYrsfiotLio.uthr.BhstbLirhtjLdeeCcrt | 844-222-6771

Increase referrals and name recognition. Advertise in the Yorktown News Bulletin Board and reach over
7,000 USPS delivered addresses every week. Call 845-208-8151 today!

Thursday, April 1, 2021 LEISURE Yorktown News – Page 28

CLUES ACROSS 25. One point east of due 51. Upset 14. What students receive For puzzle solutions, please see
1. One who manufactures south 52. 1991 men’s Wimbledon 17. Semitic peoples
6. Science degree 28. Businessmen may have champ 20. Beats per minute
9. Database management one 54. Central Chinese province 21. Family of drugs
system 29. Grass part 56. Predisposition 23. Atrocious
13. Desert 31. Running back Gurley 60. A notice of someone’s 25. Type of microscope
14. Inventor Musk 33. Unwavering death (abbr.)
15. Welsh valley 36. Options 61. One-time Kentucky Rep. 26. __ or bust
16. Round Dutch cheese 38. Annoy 62. Swiss river 27. Icelandic poems
17. Saying 39. Greek mountain 63. Dried-up 29. A citizen of Pakistan
18. Comedian and TV host 41. Pastas 64. Finger millet 30. Very pale
19. Uppermost portions of 44. Fishes 65. __ Allan Poe 32. Metric linear unit
the brain 45. Wrap 66. German river 34. Sea eagle
21. City in Transylvania 46. Potentially a criminal 67. Brew 35. Biblical judge of Israel
22. Where astronauts go (slang) 68. Kenyan river 37. Isaac’s mother (Bib.)
23. Men’s hairstyle 48. Seize 40. Sino-Soviet block (abbr.)
24. Indicates position 49. The Constitution State CLUES DOWN 42. Cool!

1. Millisecond 43. Large hotel room
2. Acts as military 47. Type of boat (abbr.)
assistant 49. Picked
3. Knot in a tree 50. Type of hookah
4. Husband-and-wife 52. Attack
industrial designers 53. Directs
5. The Ocean State 55. Belgian WWII
6. Point the finger at resistance fighter
7. Parts in a machine 56. Finished negotiation
8. Midway between 57. Heroic tale
northeast and east 58. Middle Eastern country
9. Portray precisely 59. Protein-rich liquids
10. Blister 61. Malaysian Isthmus
11. Mental illness 65. Spielberg’s alien
12. Nose of an animal

To solve a sudoku, the numbers 1 through 9 must fill each row, column and box. Each number can
appear only once in each row, column and box. You can figure out the order in which the numbers will appear by using
the numeric clues already provided in the boxes. The more numbers you name, the easier it gets to solve the puzzle!

Tracy Christen Reimann
Before you place your home on the JD, LLM, P.C.
Hi, all:
market, contact ENVIROSTAR about With the new year
& new administration
replacing your aging underground there are a lot of changes
in Estate Planning & Asset Protection.
DON’T HOLD UP storage tank (UST). It it required by
most insurance companies prior to Don’t be left in the dark.
THE SALE OF insuring property. Come in (virtual or actual) for a chat

YOUR HOME! ESTIFMRAETEES so you are informed & prepared.


WIiItNhNth--isGGcoRuRpoOOn oUUnly.NNCoDDuponTTmAAusNNt beKKpreRRsenEEtedMMat OtOheVVtimAAe oLLf the 1998 Estate Planning & Administration • Elder Law
• Special Needs Planning
esWtiimthathteis.cNouoptoton obnelyc. Comoubpionnemduwsittbheapnryesoetnhteedr aotffteherst.imEexopfirtehes e6s/t3im0/a2te0.21
Not to be combined with any other offers. Expires 9/15/19 • Real Estate • Business Formation, Sale & Purchase

We are the name you trust for environmental needs Professional Expertise
Personalized Touch
845-279-9555 •
376 Route 202, Somers, NY 10589

Thursday, April 1, 2021 LEGAL NOTICES Yorktown News – Page 29

La Junta de Educación del Distrito Escolar Central de Yorktown, POR LA PRESENTEUDPADAVAISTOEdDe qHueallastRoenunMióneAdniuaal, lElleecrcsió1n2A/n3u1a/l 2d0el (Dnisetrwito aEdscdorlaersys)Voto de Presupuesto de los
residentes ddeelmDaisytoritdoeE2s0c2o1la, rc,ocnuealliffiicnaddeosvoptaarrapvoortmaráeqnuilna*asNdreOeuvnToiotEanc:eiswónehssceoonblareprelusa tedtneicnelalgrDaticshitóreintsoed, esiengaltlseotvoapsráleasacticema,abpdoloeesnapslaaeractaeaflekateeñroíhasydigpeuhileaenEntesac(tpuieroelasnuFporeunecsathosHdiieltl,l cdYaiosnrtkrittgooewetnscvHoeelarigry)hytcsco, oNnnufeeulvspairnYopogróksf,oiteorl
martes 18 para votar sobre proposición prowpeuebstaanledg/aolmreenmte.aLialsaudrndarse, csosnesfi.nes 7:00 de
de la elección de dos (2) miembros de la Junta de Educación y cualquier de votación, estarán abiertas de la
mañana a 9:00 de la noche, hora vigente.
TAMBIÉN SE AVISA que una audiencia pública sobre el presupuesto propuesto 2021-2022 del dDeisctroitnosuElstacroelalrsiCtioetnhwtareanbl kdpesa!raYoernkctoowntnrasr eellleenvlaarcáe a cabo el lunes 10 de mayo de 2021
virtualmente y / o en la Escuela Media Mildred E. Strang, dependiendo de las circunstancias.  Favor para la reunión virtual y/o la ubicación:
TAMBIÉN SE AVISA que la siguiente propuesta se presentará a los votantes en la reunión anual:
  Yorktown News
¿Se autorizará a la Junta de Educación del Distrito Escolar Central de Yorktown, Condado de Westchester, Nueva York, a construir mejoras en los edificios del Distrito con índole de
instalación de aire acondicionado en los espacios ocupados grandes, como cafeterías y gimnasios, tales mejoras a incluir equipos originales, maquinaria, aparatos y trabajos auxiliares o
relacionados requeridos en conexión con los mismos, a un costo estimado máximo de $4,000,000; y el monto de $4,000,000 se transferirá del Fondo de Reserva de Capital de Mejoras de
Edificios e Instalaciones al fondo de capital pCaoranttaal pcrtopUóssito?
  SE AVISA que cualquier residenYteordketlodwisntrNitoewens cisadloaceastceudelaatdel distrito y en las Editorial Submissions de 9:00 de la Share Your Milestones
TAMBIÉN oficinParsesasdmreinleisatrsaetisvaasndduprahnotetoesl horario mañLaentayoau3r:0n0edigehlbaotrasrdken(otiwempo
  uynseinrfáo prmubelicdaedeoh5xae8enln3sclt0aioó(snon)mrcaealemrditmeialapei.lurcayeo(ossmt)[email protected]dcaosnedfpomaartrmaeaii.daleSvadidusobtcosmopnyiúsolbsrakilioctsonoewssc,cncaiónasneí[email protected] wImebpudeesl tdoisatoprirlhtaooa.Ptnornoaipvnieedrdsaaadnryns.eoSruáennacndeemuxasednaot
TAMBIÉN SE AVISA  que la Ley de aalt
presupuesto final aprobado la página
  ctpaaerndtdiacidrioalnateosss5dp:0ea0rnadoeemlliacnaatracgriódonedneeol m1d9ieebdmeebráaronbrddileedsBiheltcaaert2ioldbJs0uift2Yroon1olrtna.darsmkLRdtavoeesoawdcaEviandaadnc,.uNtcaeScoensaumtwceietissóseo,pner11endmc01eíl0f8aabic,eiJNalnus.nsdteaerdlpaereJEsudenuntcataapdcaiaórsna anlanoteqsueleacNyceSoooelenrmwckcsatrisdeoon,[email protected]tflnoosrpdkrtaedoitrdnoanaRwdmt2oaon7sae2edd5ys,ia.
TAMBIÉN SE AVISA que las peticiones que nombran dne1Som0uEdi5btuer4ec91ayc.0diTó0ohn,me:MirceoiliuiosndnteoKriecsshciadoer,gnNecYia
Crompond Road, Yorktown Heights, Nueva York a más for this announcement. Send
específicos; los candidatos se postulan en general. Las
nominado/a; deben dirigirse a la Secretaria del Distrito; ddeebreensidseerncfiriamdaedlacsapnodridaaltmo eonloasc vaenidnitdicaitnac.oLaMa(2sso5esu) ilvngfo-utatiaKednndistterecessoscv,sauNecaYdalifni1sctet0aasd5mod4sep9bde.eednSl edsiensrdtrlilteon,addeabseenninladiJcuanrteal
de cada firmante y  deben indicar el nombre y domicilio envelope if you’d like your
Término    Nombre del último o última titular
Tres (3) años, expirando el 30 de junio de 2021 Peter Bisaccia photo returned. a self-addressed stamped
Tres (3) años, expirando el 30 de junio de 2021 Jackie Carbone envelope if you’d like your
  Junta de aprobpahcoiótno friermtuardnaepdo.r
TAMBIÉN SE AVISA que todas laalsmpernoopsuPPe6hsh0toaodtsíotasdoseasSnuctubueamsblqdmiutetieeliardspRsteoeirousYnonoinósranktqAounweunanl.o sea la Educación deben ser presentadas con una petición de al menos 38
votantes cualificados del Distrito
tep2d lT DTd Ap aTvpTaaáxñ7aiíuaAAAAricarstlpo2rrebdiMMíMMhstaadces5droeauioadBBBBlet,llcaCaeolsnliohIIIIiadtrsÉÉÉÉtreaaiendleoonte5NNNNlsagoesemsndtl,icdapasddmSSSveSpecesteaeobEEEoexrEiácóartbleplnlsiaacnaroAAAodAdosni,sd,óLlVíVVnReVetaeERteneeIiIIteIeerSScSXadSyso3nunduAsCAeAaeA0dnEmdeand Edirlloqlqóqdateiá,qqcPleruuinuícYeuluutavTdoeeatevgeiaoosAoOeesroalrtLeenrerrqycatkmdaelsASoluudutclcaa,ro,aroÁSiaíieeehleaóswltoBlg.dnrmogiqenSveniiAiuva.srosaeOaspeoDtciTHtsuncerrcLrvttooOesooroeaudtoIdesasCilna,pedgatpenomatlDIer7hemenrclsTrareetOetidsUsvesalcapnnoiMo,oiínmurDtnaabcSyNNrpsyS1ctsesáneNtthleaoorsItuoaaayehEp0suuNmaeeavalueseruntminabuaoSibd5wwfotOaekGemotántidlrhgnnmtcnoetemrsv4tsflssOoDaeánvteaopoiuolstpaeeca,9náido1sardiEwnhrtttdexosiseoe1tTYtcneti.0oOerteaitootgmbsdesnhsiBdaeo1roSFós0ncfteiitpnaepddngseruioáOEo8neaetdock,cdYuoe.tieernR.msprilnannieLueoMlnnarIsblodNwtstm[email protected]meulettbeAiluaauoygocotOgalielrcrnersenoSsnriphatonpaweidacb.sthepilYtdewdacaooaeegihsaoDbensóocaerlKfioednldofiaoSnurfeesrrEitegdsa-naoNifs.hkeaarnetsncshd.stdeprovyVltsateecdvcduoiie-aSoroiflumnooOreowateenidlRectwaiueautrmnlle,aTrtaasuanoodullb’snaeDbaaN.OrddrefteitaeprmsoeiosliisacinceYsSoddeallsrEi9etoiiidnecen,ipkrpzetteNaniccnaaadteradnto.ecitdoeróedrAd,siaeolólneaeeUl2aDnvlbne7dalSOoaitemn22sseaEtft50laiSsral8rNca1rieveñu:tiCCn34oorcyOanra0tIrenaodEaAfeqniamddncestiuvmaeesitcypinielreelaoapialoanaldDlaucpanLadisdgomraduseenempcteyy3arRlatdolidñoauthdcDoreoeaaaeiaSniócenslemdleosnaLLwoeepaYSpfavaaEtonor,tcoroexpdrnrhuedueiábhpryttrYreetp2rentaou-idobebatotitketov3eo7ectrrcttednelanrmedyeteard:niso2hea0osodkareenoertesr5cpqesi0itahrlsws.itcaosrsoeifsn-cusbvcóCeuiTaetsdnnewnnetcadoerlounádhbierdnienaydedaotneto,umNccao.emmtsnacrntnlmnilihuinaDHenLaideenobaoasvwioadtugecpeieoswtecstsOeinlnaiulloeriqimtssu,etseglebersoOrt.frensltuwiryodaieihturdoeccntNuadnieotadeoterrwpnsiaeniesnsnndeisortverilRll(,óoda-rsitdaayddaehctlipdsEaolnNlutroineoeormatdessínapannradiauharsdsoaarfellldcaaddaooiselaanonsnnlae,crliooPsvdlltcvfyuuaantdcsadeoidYfaennpiirbaotuidergntbtpelaoevScuoiliatoieYeoeellnesoa-reodsoyepolilcenrmkoitictfsr.cfdah-ooattrbdi(eseecebo5yrkoeUrnneesssa)wd)rr.tneeepsl.acddaasnDnnsaerieríóiateicioHrcadrnclseliieehaseuelcddacltlaialahagabelecdolbosqhsoiesóduDooturla8snnealriivisdea,:c,ol3oqtrbtiNierrs0totudeiluanettuedeegroddnlseiealutateslvoecseodlauaancOslsenearlinab,YtófsvlmeiasmoedcncoorshitbsdbSYTmiioeittrlOaonspoiopuhagkeyeaatlñpebaaer8afnerobemtftlieraeyrrrkcsr:oehtnoders3msener-itstdsre.tqeneome0soasoressaperiVuacntsanwtlesdcqnayaoeiaaastelbhadmarute,uhnisrrnr3SeileoeyemtdiosdDceln:edlssetoNaau0aioeoNcptcmdudene0lldenymrllpdorreeucliaseeieeoawtaeedsgcocyoaspsstcxmalma.a-eodreoaoñsnecmtorldqancdrslabfaesonollairpoiaioudannislraootcatú[email protected]ndeelisneDfred3caaroeldoefslála:lraldrdoSsis0teíserueDrahyalhtrrau0tesgzcocbiamirresbosogfciniiuossdtauimhpstijiuanodaeatatsrneastoarid,ltrtdthiateoydrrttorleesiboooo5naatsyot,illeysnd
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  com, or give us a call at 914- Le Justi ed, no hyphens

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for this announcement. Send envelope if you’d like your for this announcement. Send
a self-addressed stamped photo returned. a self-addressed stamped
envelope if you’d like your bYTSCYYohepooreofrukooknstrotrceptotawaoswtnhnrcntDetcsNNoneUdeneeawestwxaadstscdlpipetislinunshnutbveoehsleloteiofcalcooaStarpteut9ieeotn1udnid4franay-3yeot 0du12.’1d-58li8kN3eeLLo.0epdeyBto-itoteteuteerddedrrfesrs.omsuTtrodhbaaemtinRlhvoidyesioaeseOrdwikdo,[email protected],oyhnMasolsutnotnmKiesdcioa,.cNoYm1. 0549.
Submispshiootno sreturned. date. Varsity coaches should expressed in letters and op-eds Your
submitted to Yorktown Letters and Op-Ed Policy submit results and information are not necessarily those of
eed to be high- Letters to the editor and by e-mail to [email protected] Yorktown News or its affiliates.
on. Images that are op-ed submissions may be
ted at a low resolution
be published. Submit

Page 30 – Yorktown News LEGAL NOTICES Thursday, April 1, 2021

presupuesto se llevará a cabo el  Martes 4 de Mayo de 2021, a las 7:00 de la tarde, virtualmente, por Zoom, o en TBD, dependiendo de las circunstancias en a ser determinado, en la cual
se presentará el presupuesto para el año 2021-2022.
Educación deben ser llenadas:
                                    Periodo                                                         Nombre del último o última titular
             3 años - expira el 30 de junio de 2024                 Ángela Conti thanks!
             3 años - expira el 30 de junio de 2024                 Michael G. Daly
             3 años - expira el 30 de junio de 2024                 Karen Pressman
Cada petición debe dirigirse a la Secretaria del Distrito, debe ser firmada por al menos 25 votantes cfouramliafic, asedopsrYeysoeernskttaatrroádnweanclooNnsfoveorwmtaisdntaeds con las disposiciones de la sección 2018 de la Ley
de Educación. proposición de presupuesto y proposiciones en esencia de la siguiente cualificados del distrito en dicha elección y reunión
anual del distrito:
SE RESUELVE que, a ser determinado, se reserve para cubrir los gastos estimados para propósitos escolares para el año escolar 2021-2022 y que la Junta de Educación del Distrito
Escolar Central de Lakeland esté autorizadaCaornectaaucdtarUimspuestos para cumplir con los m2:isPmRoOsP. U   E  ES   Td  A i t D o  E riBaOl NSOubmissions
PROPUESTA Share Your Milestones
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5:00 P.M. el 18 de Mayo de 2021. PtÁhGaINnAksW!EB DYISoTrRkItToOwEnN INNGeLwÉsS FYiEllSePrAsÑOL:  YN legals specs:
POR ORDEN DE LA JUNTA DE EDUCACIÓN Promote Your Charity header-Univers 57 condensed regul
LAKELAND CENTRAL SCHOOL DISTRICT [email protected] body-Adobe Caslon pro 10/11
DE SHRUB OAK com, or give us a call at 914- Le Justi ed, no hyphens
Lynn Cosenza
Secretaria del Distrito


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Thursday, April 1, 2021 LEGAL NOTICES Yorktown News – Page 31

UPDATED Halston Media llers 12/31/20 (new address)
*NOTE: when putting these into place,YpOlReaKsTeOWtaNkeCEhNyTpRhAeLnSaCtHioOnOLoDISaTsRiItCcTan get very confusing for
  web andYO/oRrKeTmOWaNilHaEdIGdHreTsSs,eNsE.W YORK
The Board of Education of the Yorktown Central School District, HEREBY GIVEtShNaOnTkIsC!E, that the Annual Meeting, Annual School District Election and Budget Vote of the residents of the
School District, qualified to vote at school meetings in the District, will be held in the Cafeteria of the French Hill School, Yorktown Heights, New York on Tuesday, May 18, 2021 for the
purpose of voting by voting machine on the statement of estimated expenses for the ensuing school year (School District Budget), for the purpose of electing two (2) members of the Board
of Education, and for voting on any propositions legally proposed. Polls, foYr tohrekptuorpwosne Nofevwotisng, will be open from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM prevailing time.
NOTICE IS ALSO GIVEN, that a public hearing on the proposed 2021-2022 budget of the Yorktown Central School District will be held on Monday, May 10, 2021 virtually and/or at the
Mildred E. Strang Middle School, depending upon circumstances.  Please check the website for the virtual meeting link and/or location:
NOTICE IS ALSO GIVEN, that the following proposition shall be presented to the voters at the annual meeting:
 CShAaPllIYCTtohAoreLknBtPotoRawaOcrndtJNEoUCef wEsTdsPuRicsaOltoPiocOnaSotIefTdtIhOaeNtYorktown Editorial Submissions Share Your Milestones
Central SchooPl Dreisstsricrte, lWeaessetcsheasntderpChooutnotsy, New York, be authorizedLteot cyoonusrtrnuecitgihmbpororsvekmneonwts to the District’s buildings in the nature of
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Page 32 – Yorktown News LEGAL NOTICES Thursday, April 1, 2021

held on Tuesday, May 4, 2021, at 7:00 p.m. virtually, by Zoom, or at TBD, depending upon circumstances, at which time the budget for the 2021-2022 school year shall be presented.
NOTICE IS HEREBY FURTHER GIVEN that the Annual Meeting for the purpose of voting on the Budget and Propositions and electing three members to the Board of Education will be held
at the VAN CHOERRETBLAYNFDUTRVTILHLEEREGLIEVMENENthTaAtRpYetSitCioHnOs OnoLmGinYaMtiNngAScaIUnMdi,dMatoehsefograntthhLeaaoknfefi,kcNesY!o,f in said District, Tuesday, May 18, 2021, from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Daylight Savings Time.
NOTICE IS member of the Board of Education must be filed with the District Clerk at her office in the District
Office, 1086 East Main Street, Shrub Oak, NY, not later than April 19, 2021 at 5:00 p.m.  The following vacancies on the Board of Education are to be filled:
                                      33   yy ee  aa  rr ss   ––   ee  xx ppTiierriirnnmgg JJ  uu  nn  ee   33  00  ,,  22  00  22  44                                                                  AM   ni c g h eaNlaealCmGoe.nDtoYiaf olLyarskttIoncwumnbNenetws
                3 years – expiring June 30, 2024                                Karen Pressman
Each petition must be directed to the Clerk of the District, must be signed by at least 25 qualified voters, and shall be in accordance with the provisions of Section 2018 of the Education law.
NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that the Budget Proposition, and Propositions in substantially the following form, shall be presented to the qualified voters of the District at such Annual District
Editorial SPRuObPmOSisITsIOioNn1s– 2021-2022 BUDGET Share Your Milestones
SRRcEEhSSoOO11YooLL01l rDVV08kEEi,stNDDotMrw:,.icoBtnthuebaNndettefTaoKwBuritsdDshcoiRsborioez,loaeNacddpYa,pttoS1reou0ldepi5vrtaiye4attt9ead.xetsotommeeetetthteheesstaimmaet.e  YsPd  ohr e reo k Psxut psR lo de Orw ne b Pdn le eiO tN ua SsrseueITewsbIsOsmfoaNbrintyts2dect–hdhpeoBhtooUoTl Sthpo/uusVrrEpsHdosaICeysLEfoBr OthNeDscPhRoOolPyOeSaIriaLTn2ebIO0tyo2oNyu1uot-ru2thrl0ife2ne2e,siapwgnehhdcbeitoathhrlasemtrktohintme’oswBeanoatsrd of Education of the Lakeland Central
You can ceomnatai(atlahcu)yet to h uf roi nsk r [email protected],rsdaenovfaamEriodouuuscnatstcniohonot otoolf beLuxadbsckeeaeesfteloaedanr.nedtShdeutChvbeeeenmshttinircimaselelsaxsSittoecfpodnhursotbuoocstllaiaecDlnabcistoybtirosetitchntoefoD$fi1sS,th4rir0cu0tb,,0aO0n0adk; t,oinexthpeenCdoutobhneritrriaetehsfno,nore,fivniWnegcrealsusgadtecrinhmyg.eesSptneeretrn,liadmwnuiednsdaPdrayuitncngoasmts, New York (the “District”), is hereby
5830 or and costs incidental thereto and to

halstonmedia(v(a.cbocn)) tod  e   m d i n   .  tsottuhhpcaaahttyaiantmhtaaeonxuitniinsctteishpreaeartsseiotbsnoyhnaovlsfol asbtieadediddbineotatntexhdr,emsbaaionsgehinetgdtmadhtrsoleebsagoytYisaolfoaestntemardhmkieadettmooeDsBwdohioysauionaatlnrlrr.idNtkccbtotoeeoofacmwfwnroEesomndo,[email protected];n.euaddtnhpd$oa1ryi,za4eb0dl0e,t.0o0b0etoispsuayedsuinccpyhtoohhcrmeokotpstoootr,[email protected]vmotonineeowdmtnnatteondadeitaxcc.oelleedcte$d1,4in0i0n,s0t0a0llmanedntsa in such years
tax is hereby

NOTICE IS HEREBY FURTHER GIVEN, that the aforesaid PropBMoeosdiutfinoontrdKshRisaocllaoaBd,pU,NpSSeY/auV1riEto0eHn51It4Ch09Le0E.b,SaBelOlonNtdsDfoPr RthOePvOotSinITgIOmNachineSNsueiiwntess,u1b10s10ta8,nMNtiao.llBuynethtdeKfofiorsdlclooRw,oiNnagYda, bbreviated form:
YES                                                                            NO
RESOLVED: a self-addressed stamped 10549. There is no charge
(a)        That the Board atoonftdaEldvceuohcsiacttlieoosfn$foo1fr,4Lu0as0kee,0lba0yn0d;th(Cbe)e Dtnhtiarsattrl iaSctctahaxonoepdislnhtDhvooeietsreolteoxrbirpcpeyteetnovuidoffrtSnyethheodreduurin.’ebdftoOhlriae,kkeian, gciynglourtudehirgenagCteopuarenmltimioeusinnoatfroyWf cenososttctsthoeasentxdecrecaeofanodsdsrts$ePt1hliunf,i4-tcsan0idada0med,n0nr,n0teNa0osleusttwonheecdpYreaeosmytrtokase(aumtnhnctpedh. e“SctDdooeisnstthtd,reiscafti”ind),aintsacxhinetgoretbbhyeeraleeuovtifhe,odarinazenaddmtcooouplnleutcrncteohdtastione
various school buses
exceed the estimated
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Thursday, April 1, 2021 LEGAL NOTICES Yorktown News – Page 33

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Page 34 – Yorktown News CLASSIFIEDS Thursday, April 1, 2021

ADOPTION Certified & ready to work in plus battery storage system. 638-2102 Online reservations: free premium movie channels!
months! Call 855-543-6440. SAVE money, reduce your $50 Free next day installation! Call
Family-oriented single woman (M-F 8am-6pm ET) reliance on the grid, prepare for discount - new rentals. Code: 888-508-5313
looking for welcome a child into power outages and power your “ToTheBeach2021” (Expires DISH TV $59.99 For 190
her life. Any ethnicity welcome, FOR SALE home. Full installation services 2021-06-01) Channels + $14.95 High Speed
expenses paid. Please call (347) available. $0 Down Financing Internet. Free Installation, Smart
470-5228 or my attorney: (800) Lightly used Golden Option. Request a FREE, no SERVICES HD DVR Included, Free Voice
582-3678 for more information. BuzzAround XL GB117 obligation, quote today. Call Remote. Some restrictions
mobility scooter, purchased 1-888-871-0194\ HOME SERVICES apply. 1-888-609-9405
AUTO DONATIONS mid-2019 and garage kept FREE WOOD CHIPS,
Drive Out Breast Cancer: in excellent shape and is SPRING CLEAN UPS, FREE WOOD CHIPS,
Donate a car today!The very clean. Price: 900. Also Older gentleman in search LEAF REMOVAL, GUTTER TREESERVICE PRUNING
benefits of donating your car available, hitch mounted of small apartment, ideally CLEANING, FIRE WOOD & LARGETAKE DOWNS,
or boat: Fast Free Pickup - 24hr Harmer AL100 Universal Lift inside someone's home. DELIVERY INCLUDED, SCRAP STUMP GRINDING, FIRE
ResponseTax Deduction - Easy to transport scooter for 900. Has a full-time job and METAL & CAR REMOVAL. WOOD DELIVERY INCLUDED,
To Do! Call 24/7: 855-905-4755 Call: 845 270 8543 / email: references. Please call Bob CALL BILL, SALEMTREE & FREE ESTIMATES, 46
[email protected] at 818-304-4003. LANDSCAPING 914-763-5237 YEARS LOCAL EXPERIENCE.
Buying diamonds, gold, Craftsman snowthrower selection of full/partial week Price Guarantee! $59.99/mo
silver, all fine jewelry and 9 HP 28" width, gas run- rentals. FREE Color Brochure. with 190 channels and 3 months
watches, coins, paintings, -electric start, used little Holiday Real Estate, Inc: 1-800-
better furs, complete estates. $375--originally $800
We simply pay more! Call 914-248-8402 PUZZLE SOLUTIONS
Barry 914-260-8783 or e-mail
[email protected] Privacy Hedges -SPRING Corresponding to Last Week’s March 25 Issue
BLOWOUT-5/6ft Green Giant
EDUCATION Regular price $199, Now only
$69 each. FREE Installation/
COMPUTER & IT TRAINING FREE delivery,Trees are selling
PROGRAM! Train ONLINE to get fast! 518-536-1367 www.
the skills to become a Computer
& Help Desk Professional
now! Now offering a $10,000 HEALTH
scholarship for qualified
applicants. Call CTI for details! VIAGRA & CIALIS! 60 pills
(844) 947-0192 (M-F 8am-6pm for $99. 100 pills for $150
ET) FREE shipping. Money back
TRAIN AT HOME TO DO guaranteed! CallToday: 800-
MEDICAL BILLING! Become 404-0244
a Medical Office Professional
online at CTI! GetTrained, HOME IMPROVEMENT

The Generac PWRcell, a solar

Check out our Facebook & Twitter pages!

Just look at that handsome B E STTH EP RAIRCEEAS ! I N
Gun Sales & Ammunition 1928 Commerce St, Suite C
cat that is a bit shy, but Gun Accessories Yorktown Heights, NY 10598
when feeling secure he
warms up and is very
loving. If you are interested [email protected]
in giving this boy the
loving home he is waiting
for please call for an


Harley FFL Services & Transfers

These two bonded dogs have NRA Basic Pistol/Personal Protection
been through a lot and now UTAH Concealed Firearms Course
deserve a loving forever home Private Lessons
Chumpa together. After a horrible bout Permit Assistance PICKUP HOURS
& Precious with severe mange that left Refuse To Be A Victim™ BY APPOINTMENT
them unable to walk because Group and Private Classes ONLY!
of the pain, they are healthy
and full of life. Call us to set
an appointment to meet these

beautiful, sweet dogs.

Putnam Humane Society, 68 Old Rt. 6, Carmel 914-455-4210

Open 7 days a week from 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Thursday, April 1, 2021 BUSINESS & REAL ESTATE Yorktown News – Page 35

Is now the time to gift your LEGAL NOTICES
commercial real-estate holdings?
As has been well docu- GUEST interest rate environment makes
mented, the current CORNER it an opportune time to utilize Mira Capital LLC, Arts of Raycon or, LLC, Arts of
federal estate and gift estate planning tools such as a Org. led with Sec. of State of Org. led with Sec. of State of
tax exemption of $11.7 million ANTHONY J. Grantor Retained Annuity Trust NY (SSNY) 3/4/2021. Cty: NY (SSNY) 3/4/2021. Cty:
per person is scheduled to sunset ENEA (GRAT). Westchester. SSNY desig. as Westchester. SSNY desig. as
(expire) on Dec. 31, 2025. agent upon whom process agent upon whom process
reduced the value of commercial ere are many factors beyond against may be served & against may be served & shall
Unless the current exemption real estate (apartment buildings the estate tax bene ts that shall mail process to Mariano mail process to 691 Saw Mill
is made permanent on or before and retail spaces), particularly need to be considered before Gomide De Faria, 38 Sage Ter., River Road, Yonkers, NY
Dec. 31, 2025 (which is highly in New York City and other one gifts assets. Perhaps most Scarsdale, NY 10583. General 10710. General Purpose
unlikely because of the present large cities. Values have dramati- important being whether one is Purpose
political environment in Wash- cally fallen because of current comfortable making the gift and
ington), on Jan. 1, 2026, the projected vacancy rates and rent whether the gift should be made NOTICE TO
new federal estate and gift tax defaults. us, many properties outright or to a trust. How- NEW YORK
exemption will be approximately have lower current valuations, ever, in the current environment RESIDENTS
$6 million per person. us, in a thus, allowing one to convey said with the potential likelihood of
mere four years, it is likely that if properties to loved one’s and/ both federal and state estate tax Homeowner Funding is now offering homeowners a chance
one does not act, they will have or trusts for loved one’s while exemption being reduced, taking to make necessary energy efficient home repairs and will be
lost the opportunity to take ad- maximizing the current gift tax steps to reduce one’s taxable offering its services to families who:
vantage of a total of $5.7 million exemption amount. estate is imperative. 1. ARE UNABLE TO PAY CASH FOR NECESSARY HOME
of gift tax exemptions that pres-
ently exist. us, incurring the is bene t is further en- Anthony J. Enea is a member of REPAIRS.
possibility of signi cant federal hanced if one does not gift a Enea, Scanlan, and Sirignano, 2. CANNOT AFFORD HIGH OR ADDITIONAL MONTHLY
and state estate taxes upon their majority interest in the premises LLP of White Plains. He focuses his
demise. and/or the entity owning the practice on Elder Law, Wills,Trusts, PAYMENTS.
premises, thus, allowing the and Estates. He is the past chair of 3. HAVE BEEN TURNED DOWN FOR FREE STATE OR
It should be noted that in transferor to further discount the Elder Law and Special Needs
November 2019, the IRS advised the value of the property gifted Section of the New York State Bar GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS.
taxpayers that if they make by utilizing a discount for lack Association. He is the current chair of
taxable lifetime gifts after 2017 of marketability and a minority the 50+ Section of the NYSBA. He REPAIR TO INCLUDE:
and die after 2025, the exclusion interest discount. is discount is the past president and founding ROOFING • SIDING • WINDOWS • DOORS & MORE...
used in calculating the gift will will further reduce the amount member of the New York Chapter of
be the amount when the gift was of the gift tax exemption utilized the National Academy of Elder Law Money Is Now Available Through up to $25,000
made and not that of 2026. us, by the gift. Attorneys. He is the president of the Approved Lenders to Qualified
they will not claw back into Westchester County Bar Foundation Applicants* for Home Repairs
one’s federal taxable estate the Finally, as if the above were and a past president of the Westchester
amount gifted on or before Dec. not su ciently convincing that County Bar Association. He is also No Money Down No Equity Required
31, 2025. a once in a lifetime opportu- a certi ed elder law attorney as
nity exists to shelter assets from accredited by the National Elder CALL TODAY: (800) 736-9629
In addition to the signi cant estate taxes, the current low Law Foundation. Anthony J. Enea or visit
bene t of gifting resulting from can be reached at 914-948-1500 or
the current federal estate and gift at [email protected] *Approved applications will have the work completed by a quality repair crew provided by: HOMEOWNER FUNDING
tax exemption, the COVID-19
pandemic has signi cantly WHY DO WE





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Page 36 – Yorktown News Thursday, April 1, 2021

Denise Giordano of
Coldwell Banker Stands STRONG
With the Yorktown Community

I Don’t Fool Around When It Comes to Selling Homes!

• Multi Million Dollar Producer “Denise Giordano is a highly skilled agent who
• 16 Year Real Estate Specialist uses her many years of real estate experience
• 34 Year Yorktown Resident masterfully. She brings in a talented stager and
• Consecutive Coldwell Banker Award Winner photographer to achieve optimal results. Our
• I “Design Your Home to Sell” house received thousands of hits online within
• My Yorktown Listings Sell Above Asking Price the first week and had several showings. We
sold within one week,and Denise guided us
through the entire process and was always
responsive and helpful when we needed her.
She is trustworthy and very nice. I highly
recommend her without hesitation!” ~DF

Contact Me Today for the Expert Real Estate Representation You Deserve.

Denise Giordano Awarded to Top 15% of
914.844.1745 (m) CB Agents Internationally.

ABR, Accredited Buyers Representative
SFR, Short Sales and Foreclosure Resource
Smart Home Certified
Associate Real Estate Broker

[email protected]

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Sales Price, All Property Types, Yorktown.

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