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Yorktown News 02.25.21

Vol. 9 No. 49 Visit for the latest news. Thursday, February 25, 2021

Eagle Scout ensures legacy of Tuskegee Airman

NICK TRUJILLO and the Tuskegee Airmen be- dition of placing ags around
STAFF WRITER came the rst Black Ameri- the headstones of veterans on
cans to y in the U.S. Army Memorial Day. Upon discover-
When BSA Troop 164 mem- Air Corps and paved the way ing Rushin’s plaque, Brown real-
ber Benjamin Brown rst found for full military integration in ized there was no place for him
the grave of Tuskegee Airman 1948. e Airmen played a big to leave a ag. “After that, Mr.
James Rushin in the Amawalk role in dispelling racist notions Rushin’s grave became a manda-
Hill Cemetery, he felt both ex- about Black people, including tory area to double check for an
cited and confused. He was the thought that they were in- American ag,” he said.
thrilled to have discovered the capable of operating an aircraft,
grave of a military pioneer but a belief held by many white Brown has been an admirer
confused as to why there was no Americans during the Jim Crow of military history from an
headstone to commemorate his era, according to the History early age. Following his discov-
life, only a basic plaque. channel website. ery, there was no question what
he would choose for his Eagle
Brown, a senior at Yorktown Despite earning their status Scout project. “I know exactly
High School, completed his as elite pilots and war heroes— what I’m doing, I need to get
Eagle Scout project on Satur- him a headstone,” he said. “I feel
day, Feb. 13, in front of a small ying approximately 1,500 mis- incredibly fortunate to give this
crowd at the cemetery. He sions from 1941 to 1945 and American patriot the recogni-
honored the life of Rushin and destroying over 260 enemy air- tion he deserves.”
unveiled a new headstone and crafts, according to the National
shadowbox containing pictures Park Service—the aviators faced e ceremony began with two
from Rushin’s life, a short biog- racism and segregation during color guard members perform-
raphy and a write-up about the their time in the military and ing a ceremonial triangular fold
Tuskegee Airman, both written upon returning home from the of the ag. Brown remembered
by Brown. war. the life and accomplishments of
Rushin. He said, “Mr. Rushin
During World War II, Rushin e idea for Brown’s project was not only a member of the
came during the Boy Scout tra- groundbreaking, elite Tuskegee
Airmen, and a 30-year veteran
of the NYPD, but a father, hus-
band and role model.”

Keith Holmes, assistant scout-
master and mentor to Brown,
spoke about Rushin’s career and
legacy. He shared an anecdote

SEE AIRMAN PAGE 2 James Rushin’s new headstone and shadowbox PHOTO: NICK TRUJILLO



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Page 2 – Yorktown News Thursday, February 25, 2021

The Staff AIRMAN is a real American hero. is is it brilliantly,” he said. moved to Yorktown Heights and

EDITORIAL TEAM FROM PAGE 1 somebody, who in years of preju- State Sen. Pete Harkham rec- attended Pace University on the
EDITOR: 914-302-5628 dice and hatred, still served his ognized the historical signi - G.I. Bill following his service.
[email protected]
BRIAN MARSCHHAUSER about how Rushin had excelled country with an honest heart. cance of Brown’s project. “ is is He served for 23 years as a ho-
SPORTS EDITOR: 914-302-5628
[email protected] so much during his training that And not only during his mili- not just an Eagle [Scout] proj- micide detective in Harlem for

ADVERTISING TEAM he was named an instructor of tary years but years later in his ect, this is a history project,” he the NYPD. Following that, he
his own class with three weeks NYPD years.” said. Harkham spoke of the un- served as chief of security in
(914) 806-3951
[email protected] left. “Not only was James Rushin Latimer praised Brown for just treatment the Tuskegee Air- Madison Square Garden. He

BRUCE HELLER a Tuskegee Airman, a pioneer, carrying out a project that will men received following the war. passed away on Sept. 14, 1998.
(914) 486-7608
[email protected] somebody that broke barriers,” enshrine Rushin for the rest of “ ey came back to a country Brown said that studying

LISA KAIN he said. “He was the best of the time. “Whoever comes here for that did not welcome them and Rushin’s life taught him what it
(201) 317-1139
[email protected] best.” whatever other purpose will they should’ve been welcomed means to truly be a great person.
(914) 760-7009 Westchester County Execu- know that this man lived, that back as heroes,” he said. “He just inspired me to be more
[email protected]
tive George Latimer said, “ is he served his nation, and he did Following his service, Rushin like him,” Brown said. “Always
(914) 299-4541 better yourself, always do what’s
[email protected]
JENNIFER CONNELLY right. You can never stop.”
(917) 446-7757
[email protected] During his research, Brown
(914) 924-9122 found a quote from Rushin dur-
[email protected]
GABRIELLE BILIK ing his time at Madison Square
[email protected] Garden that resonated with him.

PRODUCTION TEAM Rushin said: “One should never
stop striving to educate them-
PHOTOGRAPHER selves and better themselves.”

[email protected] Brown said that quote, “Really
ART DIRECTOR/ hit home with me. at’s what I

[email protected]
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$150 PER YEAR FOR FIRST CLASS MAIL. reported that Unicorn Contract-
ing paid $2.85 million to pur-
PERIODICALS POSTAGE PAID AT chase the Soundview Preparatory
SOMERS, NY AND AT School property. at is correct.
However, we also reported that
ADDITIONAL MAILING OFFICES. $350,000 of that sale price was
POSTMASTER: contingent on the development
being approved. at is not cor-
SEND ADDRESS CHANGES TO rect. While that condition was
YORKTOWN NEWS AT included in the initial contract of
sale from May 2020, an amend-
118 N. BEDFORD ROAD ed contract from August 2020
SUITE 100 upped the sale price from $2.5
million to $2.85 million and re-
MOUNT KISCO, NY 10549 moved that condition. e sale
price has been paid in full and is
(ISSN 2329-8693) not contingent on any develop-
PUBLISHED WEEKLY BY ment being approved. We regret



Thursday, February 25, 2021 Yorktown News – Page 3

State reps weigh in on nursing home controversy

Attorney general’s report said deaths were ‘underreported’

BY BRIAN MARSCHHAUSER “ at does not in any way change the to- legislators requested the gures to help FILE PHOTO/BRIAN MARSCHHAUSER
EDITOR tal count of deaths but is instead a ques- guide decision-making. ose who asked
tion of allocating the number of deaths questions or probed further, he said, were Gov. Andrew Cuomo
State legislators may rein in Governor between hospitals and nursing homes.” “publicly ridiculed and attacked” by the
Andrew Cuomo’s executive powers in governor’s administration. Harckham, who served in Cuomo’s
the wake of a report that determined his e scrutiny over the state’s han- administration from 2015 to 2018, was
administration “underreported” COVID- dling of nursing homes is nothing new. “ at information was withheld,” By- sworn in by the governor when he was
19-related nursing-home deaths by ap- On March 25, the state Department of rne said. “We asked for it. We knew that elected to the state senate. He said that
proximately 50 percent. Health controversially mandated that it was missing information—that they he has never had a conversation of that
nursing homes must not deny readmis- weren’t including the hospital deaths nature with Cuomo.
Data obtained from surveying 62 nurs- sion to residents “based on a con rmed from nursing-home residents.”
ing homes, a roughly 10 percent sample or suspected diagnosis of COVID-19.” “I spoke with him [last] week,” Harck-
of total facilities across the state, suggests A new policy was announced on May 10, Both houses of the state legislature are ham said. “We had a very good conversa-
that “many nursing home residents died saying a hospital cannot discharge a pa- discussing this week potentially reining tion on a number of issues. I read the same
from COVID-19 in hospitals after being tient to a nursing home unless they test in Cuomo’s executive powers, which were reports. at’s just not been my experi-
transferred from their nursing homes,” negative for the virus. bestowed upon the governor early on in ence. at doesn’t mean we always agree.
which was not re ected in the state’s ac- the pandemic. But, Harckham said, leg- We certainly don’t on policy. But they’ve
counting of COVID-19 deaths, the at- In a private virtual meeting earlier islators must be “careful what they wish always been professional phone calls.”
torney general’s o ce said last month. this month with state legislators, Me- for,” as stripping executive powers in a
lissa DeRosa, a top aide to Cuomo, said pandemic could make it more di cult is week, the senate was expected to
New York State, which lost a months- the administration “froze” with regard to to take action. At the very least, he said, pass a package of bills aimed at improv-
long legal battle with the Empire Center, data requests because of concerns about “the legislature needs to have a seat at the ing situations in nursing homes. Harck-
has since been required by a State Su- a potential federal investigation. en- table so we’re not hearing about things af- ham said he’s particularly concerned about
preme Court judge to release data that President Donald Trump pounced on the ter the fact.” sta ng levels.
includes nursing-home residents who controversial March 25 mandate and had
died in hospitals. On Feb. 10, the Depart- been using the topic as a “political foot- If the legislature takes no action, the law “ at’s the kind of positive action we
ment of Health provided the dates and ball,” DeRosa said, and the state was con- that granted Cuomo’s executive powers will need to be taking. Not be part of the
locations of more 14,000 deaths involv- cerned the data “would be used against expire on April 30. bomb throwing,” Harckham said. “Now
ing long-term care residents, including us.” is the time to focus on the work at hand
almost 5,000 that occurred in hospitals. “We have a choice,” said Assemblyman and not contribute to the toxic atmo-
State Sen. Peter Harckham (D-South Chris Burdick (D-Bedford), “whether to sphere.”
For example, at a nursing home in Yor- Salem), in an interview with Yorktown just let it lapse, or do we take action before
ktown Heights, zero in-facility patient News, said the governor’s administration then? ere’s no question in my mind that
deaths were reported throughout the was not acting “in good faith” in its re- we need to take a hard look at that.”
pandemic. However, on Feb. 10, the state porting of the data.
reported that six residents died outside of Last week, U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand
the facility between May and January. “I think by the governor’s own words, (D-New York) con rmed that there is an
they didn’t provide enough data or trans- ongoing federal investigation into Cuomo’s
But to Dr. Howard Zucker, New York’s parency,” Harckham said. handling of nursing homes during the pan-
Health Commissioner, the AG’s report demic. e state senate is also launching an
was not a revelation of conspiracy. If any- Citing both the AG’s report and DeR- investigation.
thing, he said, the report proved there osa’s comments, Assemblyman Kevin
was “no undercount” in the total num- Byrne (R-Mahopac) said there was “ab- Byrne is among the state legislators also
ber of deaths. e health department has solutely” an attempt by the governor’s of- calling for a legislative impeachment com-
always “publicly reported the number of mission “to investigate and recommend po-
fatalities within hospitals irrespective of ce to mislead the public on the number tential counts of impeachment against the
the residence of the patient,” he said in a of nursing-home deaths. He said Cuomo governor.”
January 28 statement. prioritized his political image and fear of
federal prosecution over the health and Adding fuel to the re, Assemblyman
e attorney general’s report “is only safety of New Yorkers. Ron Kim (D-Brooklyn) said last week that
referring to the count of people who were he received a “threatening” phone call from
in nursing homes but transferred to hos- “No one ever said the total number of Cuomo after speaking out against his ad-
pitals and later died,” Zucker continued. deaths was inaccurate, and that’s not the ministration’s handling of nursing homes.
question here,” Byrne added. Cuomo has denied Kim’s version of events,
but Byrne said he “believes” his colleague.
For months, Byrne and other state

Aviation art on display at Riverfront Art Gallery

BY NICK TRUJILLO art career, which has spanned over tion, Melvin drew airplanes and William Melvin at work PHOTO COURTESY OF DANIEL THALER
STAFF WRITER 70 years. His catalog of watercolor war scenes in his teenage years. He
paintings and pen and ink draw- attended the Central Art Academy
Fascinated by ight since he ings contain history of the evolu- in Cincinnati for two years. After
was a boy, artist Bill Melvin mas- tion of American aviation. working in package design and ad
tered the style of watercolor paint- production for 45 years, he retired
ing and combined his love of art Melvin’s fascination with planes in 1992 and returned to his pas-
and aviation to create pieces de- began at an early age. His father sion.Melvin has produced 197 wa-
picting legendary aircrafts and would take him to the Cleveland tercolor paintings since 2007.
pilots. For the rst 91 years of his Air Races every year. ose races
life, Melvin was a resident of Cin- are some of the most famous air- e Riverfront Art Gallery is
cinnati, Ohio. In October of 2020, craft events to ever occur and are located on the fourth oor of the
he moved to Shrub Oak to live often considered to be the golden Riverfront Library in Yonkers.
with his daughter. age of aviation, beginning in 1929 Melvin continues to add to his col-
and running until 1949.Legendary lection to this day, as his 198th wa-
His body of work is on display pilots such as Amelia Earhart and tercolor painting is in production.
at the Riverfront Art Gallery in an Charles Lindbergh ew planes at
exhibit titled,“Come Fly with Me,” the races. e exhibition not only shows o
until March 18. e exhibit will his proli c collection, but also his
showcase a selection from Melvin’s Inspired by the Cleveland races lifelong passion and a mastery of
and his father’s passion for avia- his craft.

Page 4 – Yorktown News Thursday, February 25, 2021

‘We’re doing nothing wrong’ AMERICAN LEGION POST 1009

ATV riders push back against potential legislation Veterans organization
seeks donations

BY BRIAN MARSCHHAUSER town-owned parkland. e hiking and LaBarbera said, “ ere’s nowhere for us NICK TRUJILLO
EDITOR walking trails, LaBarbera said, are usu- to go, and not even a designated spot for STAFF WRITER
ally too narrow to accommodate ATVs, us to be allowed to go.”
In developing a law to expel o -road so he generally rides with his friends and One of the primary sources of income for the
motorists from Yorktown’s parks and family on the outer trails, which are 50 LaBarbera, asked why ATV riders get American Legion Post 1009 has been the ability
trails, lawmakers are attempting to solve to 60 inches wide and lled with rocks. a bad rap, surmised that negative head- to host business events and parties in its rental hall
a problem that doesn’t exist, ATV riders lines written about the worst of his ilk space. Due to COVID-19 social distance regula-
told Yorktown News. “Everyone’s just crawling back there,” play a part. tions, the veterans organization has been unable to
LaBarbera said. “Nobody’s going 50 host large gatherings for over 11 months, harming
“We’re not doing anything wrong mph. It’s not young kids. It’s families. “You get this kind of mindset when its ability to make money.
back there,” said Scott Samoyedny, a you’re only exposed to the negative,” he
46-year-old Shrub Oak resident. ey’re just trying to get out there and said. “To a hammer, everything looks e post’s building needs a new boiler installed,
have fun.It doesn’t mean they’re destroy- like a nail. and is now calling on the community to help them
Jim Martorano Jr., superintendent of ing the trails. ey’re using the trails. It’s
the town’s Parks and Recreation Depart- not an issue. We pass people and we “I just don’t think we have a voice,” nd the funds for it. e Sons of the American Le-
ment, told the Yorktown Town Board wave, and they wave back. We’re doing LaBarbera added. “I hope this gets bet- gion Squadron 1009 has started a GoFundMe cam-
earlier this month that he is concerned nothing wrong.” ter in the future. We don’t have a place paign, raising a total of $6,700 of its goal of $10,000
about the health and safety of the people to ride. I don’t want my kids to not go at the time of this writing (visit and
who use the trails. At the Town Board meeting, a Recre- back there and enjoy themselves. I grew search “American Legion Post #1009 Boiler Re-
ation Commission member also worried up riding. I want my kids to experience placement Fundraiser”).
“When you have high speeds on these about the potential damage to the town the same thing.I hope that a small fringe
trails in the middle of the woods, bad ball elds.If he saw that occurring,Sam- group of older upset hikers doesn’t take According to its most recent newsletter, the post
things can happen,” Martorano said, oyedny said,he would try to put a stop to that away.” had been in its best nancial standing in decades
noting the di culty emergency services it. “I know that costs a lot of money,” he before COVID-19 forced them to shut down last
would have in reaching an injured hiker said.“And I know that’s disrespectful.” Samoyedny said he plans to speak out March. e rental hall has only been rented out three
or rider. in opposition to this proposed law at up- times at half-capacity since then. It usually is rent-
All-terrain vehicles and dirt bikes coming Town Board meetings. ed around 30 times at the full 100-person capacity.
To Gerry LaBarbera, a 36-year-old are not accounted for in Yorktown’s
Shrub Oak resident, that argument decades-old code. Even if they were, the “ is is what we like to do and allevi- eir newsletter reads, “from December 31, 2019 to
doesn’t hold water. toothless law prohibiting vehicles on ate our stress. I ride without about 15-20 December 31, 2020 our post has had our bank ac-
town property o ers nothing in the way guys when I ride, and we respect every- counts drop over $19,000 despite all our best e orts.”
“We’re going 10-15 mph. If it’s an of penalties or nes. e town is looking body,”Samoyedny said.
open stretch, we’ll hit 20,” LaBarbera to remedy this by developing a stronger e post has been active in Yorktown since the
said. “If it’s a blind turn, we slow down law with sti er penalties. “ ey keep taking everything away. 1920s and has been in its current location on Vet-
and approach it with caution.” ere’s nowhere to go and there’s noth- erans Road since 1957. It has served the Yorktown
ATVs must be registered and can be ing to do around this area,” he added. community by hosting many patriotic events and
Yorktown has dozens of miles of inter- ridden on private property. However, “I think the police have other things to ceremonies and honoring veterans.
connected trails on thousands of acres of worry about.”

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Thursday, February 25, 2021 Yorktown News – Page 11
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Page 12 – Yorktown News OPINION Thursday, February 25, 2021

APAR so we can make it to our job or LETTERS
to the store to stock up on sus-
FROM PAGE 9 tenance. (I didn’t specify spirits Saving the Soundview farmhouse
but I know that’s what you were
HAPPY DANCE thinking, so l’chaim!) To the editor, process. For example, in 2012, a developer was
Overnight, it can turn cranky Just to clear up the continuing confu- planning to demolish a stone mansion on the
VISIONS OF WARMTH site of the former Franciscan High School on
kids awaking from their slumber e texture of life is constantly sion about how to save the farmhouse on the Lexington Avenue and Strawberry Road. e
into dancing fools by closing Soundview property. Planning Board felt the building should be
schools. enriched by its contrasts. e saved and worked with the developer to re-
more white stu that accumu- e farmhouse CAN BE SAVED if the purpose the building into seven condominium
Even unburdening a vehicle of lates these frigid winter days, the property is taken out of the proposed Yorktown units while the rest of the property would be
several inches of snow can be a more our minds turn to what Heights Overlay District and rezoned for R-3 developed for single family houses. e plan
form of therapy. It creates a liber- spring and summer will feel like multi family. also included saving a World War II era air-
ating, almost cleansing sensation, when they come back around the plane spotting tower on the site.
like rinsing shampoo o a dog. mountain of ice and snow we’ve It’s all up to the developer. He can save or
come to know so well this winter. demolish the building. e zoning designation e development was never built. But the
If that canine analogy gives doesn’t make a di erence. example is as valid today as it was in 2012.
you pet lovers pause, forgive me; e more eagerly we antici-
it’s been a while since I sham- pate those thermal days waiting e Town Board can condition saving the So, let’s be clear. e current Underhill Farms
pooed myself, let alone anything for us somewhere over the rain- farmhouse as part of a multi-family rezoning plan for 165 units and 20,000 square feet of
with twice as many legs, one tail bow, the more we’ll rejoice anew application. e Town Board can also include commercial space isn’t the only way to save the
more, and a longer leash. But, when warmer days once again other conditions, like limiting the number of farmhouse. at’s simply wrong.
trust me, like every other hus- play the ice breaker to indulge units that can be built, as part of the rezoning
band throughout history, I easily our annual sensual pleasure. resolution. Susan Siegel
can relate to what it’s like to
spend time in the dog house. Just the thought of it is e Planning Board can also save unique Yorktown Heights
enough to make you melt. and/or historic buildings as part of its review
When there’s enough snow
afoot to impede our motorized Bruce Apar is a writer, actor, KAPOOR • A portion of the highest-impact vegetable
movement, enough can’t be said consultant, and community proteins emit less that the lowest impact-animal
for the Highway Department volunteer. He can be reached at FROM PAGE 8 proteins.
crews who plow ahead undaunt- [email protected]; 914-275-6887.
ed, around the clock, granting us ere is a growing awareness that our diet and • Tomatoes grown outdoors or in high-tech
safe passage as soon as possible, food choices have a signi cant impact on our car- greenhouses are more climate-friendly as com-
bon “footprint.” What can you do to really reduce pared to those grown in greenhouses heated by
Prepare for the carbon footprint of your diet? gas or oil.
power outages
with a Generac IS “EATING LOCAL” THE SOLUTION? • Environmentally minded beer-drinkers
home standby “Eating local’ is a recommendation you hear may be interested to know that draught beer is
generator responsible for fewer emissions than recyclable
often. While it might make sense intuitively cans, or worse, glass bottles.
SCHEDULE YOUR FREE IN HOME since transport does lead to emissions, the hard
ASSESSMENT TODAY! numbers state a di erent story. Eating locally For more information on how your food choic-
would have a signi cant impact if transport was es impact the environment and better understand
877 516 1160 responsible for a large share of food’s nal carbon your diet’s carbon footprint, you can visit bbc.
footprint. However, for many foods, this is not com/news/science-environment-46459714. e
FREE the case. GHG emissions from transportation “diet calculator” has a unique way to convert the
make up a very small amount of the emissions food of your choice to the equivalent of emissions
7-Year Extended Warranty* from food, and what you eat is far more impor- from a car or heating a home. For example, did
A $695 Value! tant than where your food traveled from. you know that a daily cup of co ee contributes
O er valid March 16, 2020 June 30, 2020 to approximately 155kg of annual GHGs? at’s
As an example, eating local beef or lamb has equivalent to driving a car 400 miles or heating
Special Financing Available much more of a carbon footprint than most other an average home for 24 days.
foods. Whether they are grown locally, or shipped
Subject to Credit Approval from the other side of the world, matters very REDUCE YOUR FOOD WASTE
*Terms & Conditions Apply little for total emissions. is does not imply that Most people don’t realize how much food they
we should not eat local and support our local
farmers. It’s about understanding the trade-o s throw away every day—from uneaten leftovers
and di erences between eating smart and eating to spoiled produce. e EPA estimates that in
local. 2018, about 68 percent of the wasted food we
generated, or about 42.8 million tons, ended
KNOW THE CARBON FOOTPRINT OF YOUR up in land lls or combustion facilities resulting
DIET in an increase of methane emissions. Reducing
food waste not only saves money and reduces
Managing your diet can make a big di erence methane emissions, but it also conserves energy
to your personal environmental footprint, from and resources by preventing pollution involved
saving water to reducing pollution, and the loss in the growing, manufacturing, transporting, and
of forests. Cutting meat and dairy products from selling food. You can also support your commu-
your diet could reduce an individual’s carbon nity by donating untouched food that would have
footprint from food by two-thirds, according to otherwise gone to waste to those who might not
the Oxford study, published in the Journal of have a steady food supply. Find your closest food
Science. When it comes to our diets, the Inter- bank and donate your untouched leftover food
governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to those in need. Last but not the least, you can
says we need to buy less meat, milk, cheese, and also compost your food scraps rather than adding
butter, but also eat more locally sourced seasonal them into your kitchen garbage bag.
food and throw less of it away.
Yorktown100 is a 100-percent volunteer group of
Knowing how and where your food is pro- neighbors working to reduce our carbon footprint by 5
duced is also important, as the same food can percent a year through various programs. Visit us at
have huge di erences in environmental impact. and help make a di erence. Shubir
For example, Kapoor manages digital product development at a
global renewable energy analytics organization. He is
• Beef cattle raised on deforested land is a member of Yorktown100 and a responsible member
responsible for 12 times more greenhouse gas of society looking for ways to reduce our environmental
emissions than cows reared on natural pastures. impact and move towards sustainable living.

• A chocolate bar from the deforested rainfor-
est emits more than a serving of low impact beef.

Thursday, February 25, 2021 TOWN GREEN Yorktown News – Page 13

COVID Counter Ethics, 5 p.m. ship fundraiser ra e for 2021. who donated the Champion gen- optimism, the 97th annual Yor-

• Monday, March 1, Yorktown Ten seniors from Yorktown and erator. ktown Grange Fair, currently

• Active: 221 Board of Education, 7 p.m. Lakeland high schools will share Tickets are available to pur- scheduled for Sept. 10-12.

• Last Week: 260 • Tuesday, March 2, Town $5,000 in scholarship money from chase at In the spirit of community,

• High: 541 ( Jan. 10) Board, 7:30 p.m. a generator ra e. or via check (send along with your the Grange needs volunteers to

• Low: 6 (Aug. 13) • Tuesday, March 2, Advisory e Champion dual-powered name, address, phone number, and organize and sta an event to re-

• Total: 3,507 Board on Architecture and Com- generator (gasoline and propane) email address to “ e Yorktown member. ere are plenty of op-

According to information pro- munity Appearance, 7:30 p.m. is the prize. e winning ticket Lions, PO Box 30, Yorktown portunities to help with all activi-

vided by Westchester County • Wednesday, March 3, Conser- will be drawn at the Lions’ rst Heights, NY 10598”). ties. Assistance will be needed for

Government at Work vation Board, 7:30 p.m. summer concert on June 27. You All money raised by the Yor- the competitions including Lego,

Visit, yorktown. don’t need to attend to win, as a ktown Lions Club is returned to needlework, photography, bak-

org, or for spreadsheet will maintain the the community through various ing, woodworking, horticulture,

• ursday, Feb. 25, Zoning agenda information or to watch/ names of ra e numbers of each donations and initiatives. livestock, poultry, and audience

Board of Appeals, 6:30 p.m. participate. participant. e cost will be $20 Grange Fair participation contests. ere are
for one chance and $100 for six Volunteers Needed also posts available to help the fair
• ursday, Feb. 25, Lakeland Generator Raffle chances. run smoothly—everything from
School Board, 7:30 p.m. the gate to the garbage. To lend a
is ra e has been made pos-
• Monday, March 1, Board of

e Yorktown Lions Club sible by John McLean, the Home e Yorktown Grange has hand, visit

Question of is launching its major scholar- Depot New Rochelle manager, started planning, with cautious and ll out the volunteer form.

the week with My Community Bulletin Board
Can you provide us
with a COVID-19 BUYING ONLY Items for sale?
Call us!
vaccine update? JEWELRY • COINS
will ask Town Supervisor Matt CALL FOR APPOINTMENT years!
Slater a “Question of the Week.”
If you have a question, email yor- Service: 914-669-9679 GOLD • SILVER • DIAMONDS
[email protected] Auto Sales: 914-485-1195
On ursday, Feb. 25, ACME Fax: 914-669-9685
will be administering the second PAINTINGS • FULL ESTATES
dose of the COVID-19 vaccine to 6 Dingle Ridge Road - North Salem, NY 10560
200 people at the Capellini Com- The Buying Service
munity Center.A little more than a We simply pay more!
month ago, ACME had 200 slots
for vaccination. It was lled within Contact Barry
10 minutes. ey had their people
get their rst shot. e second shot 914-260-8783
had to be delayed because weather
issues out down South disrupted [email protected]
the deliveries across the coun-
try. ey came to us because they ELEVATORS • STAIR LIFTS • WHEELCHAIR LIFTS • RAMPS
needed a larger facility to adminis- • Sales • Rentals • Service • Buybacks
ter all the doses in one. StaNyewinantdheRehcoonmdietioynoeduLLifotsve!
Locally Owned & Operated
Town Clerk Diana Quast and I
also continue to advocate to bring Visit Our Display Center: 747 Pierce Road, Clifton Park, NY, 12065
a vaccination hub to Northern
Westchester. is week, we sent DENTAL Insurance
another letter out to the state re- Physicians Mutual Insurance Company FREE
questing them to approve a vac- Information Kit Yocuor ubldusbineehssercea. rd
cine distribution center in York- A less expensive way to help
town similar to others that have get the dental care you deserve! Call Brett Freeman at 845-208-8151 to find out how.
been established down county.
We’ve o ered them several poten- CALL 1-855-225-1434
tial sites. Even the Je erson Val- NOW!
ley Mall o ered to utilize some of
their space. Get help paying dental bills and keep more money in 1-855-225-1434
your pocket
Regarding the availability of This is real dental insurance — NOT just a discount plan Visit us online at
vaccines, it really is a supply and You can get coverage before your next checkup
demand issue. e demand con-
tinues to eclipse the supply, which Don’t wait! Call now and we’ll rush you a FREE MB17-NM003Ec
is the real problem. What we’re Information Kit with all the details.
hearing, and what we’re hopeful
for, is as we get closer to the spring Insurance Policy P150NY
the supply will continue to grow 6129
to meet the demand. Until that
time, residents should continue Increase referrals and name recognition. Advertise in the Yorktown News Bulletin Board and
to take the preventative measures reach over 7,000 USPS delivered addresses every week. Call 845-208-8151 today!
that work: wear a mask, practice
social distancing, wash your hands
and protect your COVID pod.

Page 14 Yorktown News – Thurs

Yorktown Heights | $1,499,000 White Plains | $849,000 Cortlandt Manor | $799,000
Sale Pending on this gem set on 3+ acres. Sale Pending on this 6 unit (1BR each) multi Sale Pending on this extensively updated 5BR
Main house w/state of art kit, cottage, lush family. Parking for each unit. Great location Colonial on cul-de-sac. High ceilings, natural
plantings, expansive pool area & tennis courts. near train, shops & entertainment. light, HWF, moldings, oversized garage.
Denise Giordano 914.844.1745 (c) Barbara Bodnar 914.649.2018 (c) Russell Gerroir 917.282.9371 (c)

Cortlandt Manor | $695,000 Mahopac | $635,000 Mount Vernon | $630,000
Sale Pending. Pride of craftsmanship shines Sale Pending on this pristine, refurbished Stunning 3BR in Fleetwood. LR w/FPL, MBR
in this 4BR. Crown moldings, tray ceiling, farmhouse. Kit w/SS & granite, shiplap. Wide suite, fin LL, CAC, kit w/SS, HWF, fenced
HWF w/inlay, fin LL. Covered deck. plank floors, vintage doors. 1.7 acres. yard, patio. Walk to train & restaurants.
Barbara Bodnar 914.649.2018 (c) Pauline Angrisani 845.664.4579 (c) Candace D’Addario 914.602.3041 (c)

Holmes | $536,500 Mahopac | $500,000 Yorktown Heights | $483,000
Sold. Upscale Cape with modern finishes. Sale Pending on beautiful Contemporary. Sold. Meticulously maintained Split. Inviting
4BR on cul-de-sac. 5+ acres, LR w/FPL, EIK Lake Casse beach & clubhouse. EIK w/gran- entry, EIK w/granite & SS, oak HWF, LL fam,
w/SS, HWF, 1st fl MBR. Parking for 4 cars. ite, space for office, FPL, high ceilings. deck. Rights to Sparkle Lake.
Deborah Glatz 845.206.1215 (c) Kenneth Dobbins 914.924.2791 (c) Deborah Glatz 845.206.1215 (c)

Yorktown Heights | $349,900 Mahopac | $225,000
Sale Pending on this well maintained 2BR end Sale Pending on this Cape style home.
unit in 55+ JV. MBR w/bath, garage, SGD to Three levels, corner lot, lake rights to Lake
deck. Amenities include pool & clubhouse. Lincolndale. Somers schools, 2 car garage.
JoAnn Coogan 914.572.0177 (c) Patricia "Patty" Canniff 914.907.5916 (c)

Lower Hudson Valley Regional Office | 366 Underhill Ave, Yorktown Heights, NY

-+).-%,+,-.+ -&,%.+ *)*+,-$. *, . ()$ -)). +& -'. -%*$-&,*+). -+), .+'-.*&$-!-&$-&,."(&,'+",('.+ -&,%.+&$.+'-.&(,.- !)( --%.( ., -. ( !+& . )).+%%("*+,-%. -+,#'-$.+'-.)*"-&%-$. *, . . -!+', -&,.( . ,+,-.+%.+. '( -'.('. +)-%!-'%(& .
. ()$ -)). +& -'. -%*$-&,*+). -+), . )). * ,%. -%-' -$ . ()$ -)). +& -'. -%*$-&,*+). -+), . #)) .%#!!(',%., -.!'*&"*!)-
+&$.*,. + .*&")#$-.+!!'( * +,*(&% . ), (# . -)*- -$.,(. -.+""#'+,- .*,.*%.&(,. +''+&,-$.+&$. (#.% (#)$.&(,.'-) .#!(&.*,. *, (#,.!-'%(&+). -'* *"+,*(& .

sday, February 25, 2021 Page 15

Montrose | $775,000 Cortlandt Manor | $720,000 Yorktown Heights | $699,000
Sale Pending. Peaceful Oasis on cul-de-sac. Sold in only 12 days. Desirable 3BR in Sale Pending on this Colonial in Bridle Ridge. 4BR,
4BR/3BA, EIK, soaring windows, FPL, HWF, Hollowbrook Mews. Golf, community pool & EIK w/granite & SS, HWF, marble FPL, porch &
office, fenced yard w/pool. MBR w/WIC & bath. clubhouse. Impressive finishes, 14 ft ceilings. patio, 3 season rm. MBR w/lrg WIC. Comm pool.
Candace D’Addario 914.602.3041 (c) Maureen Connolly 914.419.6251 (c) Debra Bravoco 914.610.6277 (c)

Yorktown Heights | $550,000 Yorktown Heights | $550,000 Yorktown Heights | $550,000
Sold in just 8 days. 4BR Colonial set on .5 Sale Pending on this 4BR in Bridle Ridge. Sold in 6 days. Expanded 5 BR Split level,
acre less than 1 mile to Taconic. EIK, HWF, Spacious rooms, EIK, MBR w/FPL, fin LL gabled roof. Level property, HWF, walk in
fam rm w/FPL, 2 car gar. Tree lined yard. w/kit, patio & porch. Comm pool. attic, spacious LL fam rm leads to yard.
Maureen Connolly 914.419.6251 (c) Maureen Connolly 914.419.6251 (c) Denise Giordano 914.844.1745 (c)

Mahopac | $477,000 Yorktown Heights | $435,000 Carmel | $389,900
Sold. Pristine Ranch, kit w/granite & SS, LL Sold in 13 days. Lovingly cared for 3BR, EIK, Spacious 3BR/2BA Ranch on nearly 1 acre. EIK,
office/den, HWF, deck, fenced yard. Oversized ample storage, HWF, level yard, patio, CAC. HWF, DR w/SGD to deck. LL fam rm w/FPL,
2 car gar, attic storage. Close to schools & shops. door to patio. Full attic storage. Mins to train.
Pauline Angrisani 845.664.4579 (c) Andrea “Andi” DePalma 914.588.5781 (c) Lydia Gallo 914.844.9654 (c)

Sales Pending: Yorktown Heights | $225,000 Peekskill | $125,00
Mahopac | $230,000 | 4 Lot Subdivision First floor, end unit in Jefferson Village. Lrg Better than renting. 1BR first floor, bright kit,
Mohegan Lake | $99,000 | Single Building Lot sun filled 1BR, Enjoy great amenities – pool, lrg windows. Located near shops, restaurants
clubhouse, gym, library. In unit W/D. & train. Pool in complex.
The #1 Land Seller in all of Westchester, Putnam & JoAnn Coogan 914.572.0177 (c) Loretta Krawiec 917.662.0391 (c)
Dutchess Counties Since 1/1/2000 - 1/10/2020
as per MLS Statistics.

Thomas Santore 845.590.5488 (c)

-%.( ., -. +*'. (#%*& . ",.+&$., -. #+).
!!(',#&*, . ", .
&-$. .+.%# %*$*+' .( . . . ()$ -)). +& -'.+&$., -. ()$ -)). +& -'. ( (.+'-.'- *%,-'-$.%-' *"-. +' %.( &-$. . ()$ -)). +& -'. -+). %,+,-. . '(!-', .*& (' +,*(&. -'-*&.*%.$-'* -$. '( . +'*(#%.%(#'"-%., +,. + .*&")#$- . #,.&(,. -.)* *,-$.,(."(#&, .'-"('$%.+&$., -. #),*!)-. *%,*& . -' *"-

Page 16 – Yorktown News SCHOOLS & CAMPS Thursday, February 25, 2021


MESMS students are top performers

Chinmayi Goyal and Amani Award, given to the girls plac- Amani Gupta Chinmayi Goyal
Gupta, eighth graders at Mil- ing in the Top 150 spots.
dred E. Strang Middle School, ways called me the unique one spatial visualization, everyday the most important part of her
have earned top honors in the “I have always been fascinat- of the family because I usually
prestigious American Math ed by math,” Chinmayi said. “I divert from the standard way of applications, and reading and preparation, but before that it
Competition. feel like math never gets mo- solving problems.”
notonous. Each new day I can interpreting graphs and tables. was ensuring a solid footing in
e AMC 8 test, given look forward to learning a new Some of the areas covered in
each year to eighth graders concept and exploring it. e the AMC 8 test include count- “ is was de nitely one of both math and problem solv-
in the United States and sev- AMC 8 competition gave me a ing and probability, estima-
eral other countries worldwide, chance to explore my competi- tion, proportional reasoning, the hardest tests I have ever ing. “I had to make sure that
provides an opportunity for tive streak and problem ana- elementary geometry includ-
middle-school students to de- lyzing skills. It was a great way ing the Pythagorean eorem, taken,” Amani said. “However, I had the correct foundation,”
velop positive attitudes towards for me to gain experience with
analytical thinking and math- math competitions.” I believe that if you practice she said. “Once I mastered the
ematics. e exam is a chance
for students to apply their Amani scored 19 out of enough, you can conquer any- basics, it became easier to com-
learned math skills to unique 25 points and was in the top
problem-solving challenges in percentage of the more than thing.” prehend the di cult concepts
a low-stress and friendly envi- 56,000 students who took the
ronment. It is governed by the exam in the fall. She earned the Chinmayi said practice was and problems.”
Mathematical Association of highest score out of the group
America. of students locally who took
the test at Pace University.
Chinmayi, who took the
exam in November, earned a “Having a home lled with
Distinguished Honor Roll spot math wizards de nitely helped
and nished rst in her group in setting the tone,” said Am-
at Cornell University. Her n- ani, who remembers being
ish in the Top 120 girls out introduced to math at a very
of more than 56,000 students young age by her parents, both
who took the test places her in computer engineers. “Ever
contention for the DE Shaw since then, I have loved to play
with numbers. My parents al-

Now Accepting Share Your Milestones
Registrations Let your neighbors know about the special moments in your life, whether
it’s a birth, engagement, wedding or anniversary. Send us a photo and
announcement at [email protected] or mail it to Yorktown
News, 118 N. Bedford Road, Suite 100, Mount Kisco, NY 10549. There is no
charge for this announcement. Send a self-addressed stamped envelope if
you’d like your photo returned.

for the 2021-2022 School Year!

tom thumb preschool Stay & Play
Safety Club
Now accepting registrations
for September! Before and After School Program
for Lakeland Schools
Operates on a Academic Calendar (Sept.-June)
Before School Care from 6:50am
Hours: 6:50am-6pm • For Ages 3-5 • 2:15 or 3:15 After School Care until 6pm
Dismissal Programs | Before and After Care Available

ThumBelina Now accepting registrations
A school for two’s for September!

For children who will be 2y.o. by Dec. 31st

1/2 Day or Full Day Programs • Before Care from 7:30am • After Care until 6pm

Summer Camp

9am-3pm | Choose your own days | Registration begins late March
Our camp is based on the concept of “The Power of Play”—
having fun learning, exploring and improving social skills.

For Ages 31/2 to 5th Grade • Before and After Camp Care Available

The Tom Thumb Campus

For more information, call 914-528-5600
Owner Nancy Brophy • cell: 914-282-6602
1949 East Main Street, Mohegan Lake NY

Thursday, February 25, 2021 HEALTH & WELLNESS Yorktown News – Page 17

Ten ways to eat your way to heart health

BY AMY ROSENFELD the colors, the better. Fruits and vegetables are rich in 7 CHOOSE MORE PLANT BASED MEALS
GUEST WRITER vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are protective Plant-based proteins like tofu, nuts, seeds, lentils, and
against heart disease. Make eating fruit and vegetables
The foods you eat can have a major impact on fun and easy by keeping freshly chopped crudité, beans are just as rich in protein as animal choices with
your risk for heart disease. A heart healthy diet undressed chopped salads, and bowls of roasted veggies the added bene t of more ber, vitamins and minerals.
can be delicious! And, it’s not as challenging in your fridge. Keep frozen fruits and vegetables in the Beans and lentils in particular have soluble ber, which
to stick to as you may think. Check out these 10 food freezer for easy cooking. has been shown to reduce cholesterol levels. Include
recommendations you can follow to reduce your risk of “Meatless Monday” into your weekly dinner repertoire.
heart disease. 4 CHOOSE LEAN MEATS, EGGS, AND LOW FAT You will be amazed at how full and satis ed you feel.
FLAVOR When consumed in moderation, lean red meats, It’s not just about what you eat, but how you cook it.
poultry, and low-fat dairy have a healthy amount of
Salt and sugar in large amounts can have an impact protein and saturated fat. To keep your saturated fat in- Choose healthier cooking methods like baking, grill-
on your heart. Focus on avoring foods with fresh take low, keep portions of meats and poultry to the size ing, sautéing, roasting, braising, or steaming. Limit
herbs, spices, vinegars, and citrus, instead of salt. Read of the palm of your hand, stick to under 6 whole eggs frying and instead try an air-fryer to get that crunch.
food labels and choose options that are less than 200 per week, and limit cheese to small 1-2 oz portions.
mg of sodium per serving. Limit fast and processed 9 PERSONALIZE YOUR PLATE
foods. Choose unsweetened options and sweeten 5 EAT FISH TWICE PER WEEK Eat the foods that your family loves in a healthier
naturally with honey or maple syrup. Use fruit purees Fish have heart healthy fats called omega-3 fatty
in baking instead of sugar. Save salty snack foods and way. Get creative! Try baking or grilling, instead of
sugary desserts for a special treat. acids. Omega 3s help to reduce blood pressure and frying. Limit portion sizes by serving your favorite dish
heart rate, protect against cardiac rhythm disturbances, as a side instead of the entrée. Add more vegetables in
2 CHOOSE WHOLE GRAINS reduce triglycerides and easy in ammation. Instead of or swap in whole grains. Have some fun in the kitchen,
Whole grains are rich in B vitamins, minerals, and choosing meats higher in saturated fat, try eating sh reinventing your family favorites.
ber, making them perfect for heart health. Choose twice per week to reduce your risk for heart disease.
Don’t like sh? Start with a neutral choice like cod or 10 IT’S THE OVERALL PATTERN THAT MATTERS
whole grains like brown rice, quinoa, barley, and tilapia and build from there – grilled sh tacos are a Eating an occasional French fry or slice of cake isn’t
whole-wheat breads and pastas. Oatmeal in particular tasty option!
has been shown to reduce cholesterol levels and be going to derail your heart health. It’s all about the
protective against heart disease. Don’t like the taste of 6 SNACK ON NUTS AND SEEDS overall pattern and the choices you make most often.
whole grains? Start slowly by mixing together white Nuts and seeds are rich in healthy unsaturated fats, Focus on eating healthy foods most often and save
and brown rice or purchase white whole wheat breads. others for a special treat. Heart healthy foods are the
which protect against heart disease. One palm full of best medicine to reduce your risk of heart disease.
3 EAT THE RAINBOW! any nut or seed is the perfect snack – rich in protein,
Fill half your plate with colorful fruits and vegetables healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. Swap out butter on Amy Rosenfeld is a registered dietitian at the Center for Healthy
toast for nut butters. Have a variety of nuts and seeds Living at Northern Westchester Hospital. Check out our
at each meal and snack. e richer and more vibrant in your diet to get the most bene ts. wellness classes o ered virtually through the Center for Healthy
Living. Visit

Prostate Cancer: The News is Good

Modern advances in everything
from diagnosis to treatment

Ask the Doctor Q: Am I at risk for prostate cancer? high risk, robotic surgery to remove the prostate or
A: Approximately 15 percent of men develop prostate some form of radiation is advised. Robotic surgery is
Warren Bromberg, MD, FACS cancer – one to two out of 10. Its prevalence increases performed under general anesthesia with a few small
Chief, Urology Division with age. Risk factors include family history, obesity, incisions, an overnight stay in the hospital, and return
Co-Director, Institute for Robotic and smoking, a diet high in animal fats, and being of to normal activities in a few weeks.
Minimally Invasive Surgery African-American descent.
Northern Westchester Hospital Recent advances in radiation allow treatment to be
Q: What symptoms should I look out for? administered daily for just one to four weeks. SpaceOAR
Learn more about Dr. Bromberg, How are men diagnosed? hydrogel may be temporarily implanted between the
visit A: Most men with early-stage prostate cancer have prostate and the rectum before radiation to reduce the
no symptoms. The only way to detect the disease in side effects of treatment.
The care and safety of our community its earliest and most treatable stage is though a
during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) test. The higher the Q: What about the possible side effects of
is our top priority. We have put maximum amount of PSA in a man’s blood, the greater the prostate surgery that many men worry about
safety measures in place to prevent likelihood prostate cancer is present. Through the PSA most – incontinence and erectile dysfunction (ED)?
exposure to the coronavirus by anyone test, we are nding earlier and less advanced prostate A: While national rates for post-surgery incontinence
who comes to the Hospital for emergency cancer. As a result, far fewer men develop the advanced are 10 to 20 percent, rates at NWH are one to two
or scheduled care. Don’t delay care. Please stage of the disease with metastasis (spreading). At-risk percent. As for ED, nerve-sparing surgical techniques can
continue to wash your hands, wear a men should start getting tested annually at age 40; preserve the crucial nerves needed for normal sexual
mask, and practice social distancing. all others should be screened annually from ages function in the majority of cases. But if ED occurs, the
50-70 and then selectively thereafter. good news is, it’s treatable.

Q: What happens if prostate cancer is found? Did You Know?
A: For low risk prostate cancer (based on the
aggressiveness of the cancer) about 40% of men can With the PSA test, prostate cancer is found
begin a program of active surveillance, which involves earlier. As a result, far fewer men develop
close monitoring with PSA, exams and at times, the advanced stage of the disease with
MRI imaging. When the cancer is of intermediate or metastasis (spreading).

November 2nd – Novem
HEALTH• F&REWE hEeLaLrNingESJSoin• us for our 5-Day SpeFREE otoscopThicursday, February 25, •2021 FRE
Page 18 – Yorktown News
November 2nd – NovFive things to know about csocrleoerniencgtal canceeforxraawmaninxdabtuipoilndruteopvcheencktion
of o

Though largely preventable, Reserve Your Spot Today! (914) 24• FREE hearing • FREE otoscopicGUEST
colorectal cancer is the
second leading cause of screening examination to checkCORNER
cancer deaths in the U.S., ac- are determined to raise awareness screenings. genetic conditions, such as Lynch
of the disease and shed light on ere are a few colorectal syndrome, and lifestyle risk fac-
colorectal cancer prevention. tors (diet, obesity and smoking,
cancer screening strategies, among others) do raise the risk of
including at-home stool tests and
for wax buildupa colonoscopy exam. At-home developing colorectal cancer at a
cording to the American Cancer WHAT IS COLORECTAL DR. DAVID
Society (ACS). CANCER? KAUVAR tests are designed to detect DNA young age. erefore, preventative
MMaMsaksaskshskashvhaevaemvememtetgrowth on the inner lining of the
Younger people are at risk for etcolon or rectum. ese growths
getting the disease – the ACS Colorectal cancer starts as a abnormalities or blood in your measures and screening earlier, at
estimates that in 2021 ap-
proximately 10.3 percent of new er the most 2.4 GostfoHcool,lzowrherciectahcl mchainagchretrg.bCeeosaylombnpoltseocomspsyt,ylamegoesr4ea5imvaspaooiprltpaaonsbte.dleto,50, are even
colorectal cancers occur in people Reserve Your Spot Today! (91are called polyps.Some types ofWe o
thtehtiheriemrimramtactahct!hch! !polyps can change into cancer
inrmicachyliuinncdrleudidnoergaplcrtoohhceoeslsueswde,maoedaritel,td’s thirovsewtaenv2edr,.rre4elimaGbalienHsfoztrhmecmoufospstrteeovemenct-- reWchHAaTrCgAeNaIbDlOeTO
under age 50. over time, but not all polyps h•eecaouaasreblcSecpnseeelauecmsar,ciepaatrrirotyais.eiitrlvnawleryiWyeinnloetgiAdclkorloceefsalsrahmlilsiyotuceioicosuatadeokndonrrirtgsnAdacieCg.einomtnq.rmcPruoegeoehrtafltohionocltpnhi’rasrtelhinteycdceasitiw,etaasbi-lenimltsywhd, ionofitapmasnohnrrngretoeyldycpecdpei2oonceodll’atly.ouCsilyr4prrpeeOeesxsc.ciaVGtofnamrolIslousDiH,cdnntate-hdnawmNz1etnc2d9hededeuraerp.o.wreac4rkawmNciDaenntrecncogeduihetGasrnhurrewtNmwaeeikcmhmginmHhartaeegeieeiahcaforsrencwtzankviehkgangiedrcesitacssiehgesnfrieueaeaiamgiantacrspdttHPbisohgefdrerReattEioraWviploeoOoasaneamAetrcuclrkesMeLhoigehmtgvdisTiaptichsveelO!oamieHenshnttaralTtiktyger?nyhdhcartEcsercoceoooeles!polCthledomclkoaleeOhoonunrhssrocrecoogeLeo!scehspatcOpataclyatneeooalrrNolvpelooucggpeycCaar,pclaneeoAytrnilicioovNlesgcaeukeaerpCrbcwfiblEsobaealnryRylee,
“Colorectal cancer is no longer become cancer. e chance of a LIM
polyp turning into cancer de-
a disease that only a ects older pends on its type. Colon cancer •ACASTTNOaeCAnnDWrLRivdOsWHTiprRmoA,SHhEcTCnuAClemResATTaiEaGcATerEErnLtYsNhitPtSCnIeJrHENAeoSwgOaNGmaiUCJFanyLEOionDiiRtRdgiJ,uIwnoossaf.ispunfmhosoeunaruPdcfealunrseuoerotcdsseabetrfciudyolsolotslameoorvrrniaauaoni5nlsoaycrbc-toaluoeDpm5idaerpetsa-lu.NaD5syyeestw-ea,hSiDYepnyoircrporlaksuccSe-edhy-iepncdgSi-eapclrrmheeeiadgaEabuiucintlcvlatsiea.raeliEMiynn,lintveanaakgkEetteeha!vsnoeuhfaeriltergtehhn!tdoy otlebirxf!eeeprsrrtcdoyiicsleeeetssaendd
populations,” said Dr. David and rectal cancer are often
Kauvar, director of gastroenterol- grouped together because they
ogy at NewYork-Presbyterian have many features in common.
Lawrence, and an assistant WHAT ARE COLORECTAL
professor of medicine at Colum- CANCER SYMPTOMS AND
bia University Vagelos College
of Physicians and Surgeons. $RISK FACTORS?
“While the rate of the cancer has Colorectal cancer symptoms
decreased among older adults,
largely due to regular colonosco- NoNvNoevomevmebmebreb2ren2rdn2dn–d–N–oNvNoevomevmebmebreb6ret6rht6hthare similar to those of common
pies, the rate of this disease has OAVbFAeSIChLRAe•EaBrELdSNEu?INpGerSioArRsEound qualiNHtyeowsapYniotdarlka-nPdreNsbeywteYrioarnk-LParwesrbeyntcee- meats. Avoid smoking and exces-
more than doubled among adults sive alcohol consumption. If you
younger than 50.” agastrointestinal issues and usu-

Why are younger people more ally can include abdominal pain,
often diagnosed with colorectal blood in stool, changes in bowel
cancer and what preventative habits, tiredness, fatigue, unex-
steps can be undertaken to ad- plained weight loss and decreased
dress this alarming trend? appetite. ose whose family
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In recognition of Colorectal oafnyoonuefrconeosuesfarwornyueemsrwtendheeicsewatalehrpisrenotacgherdienuargersin. g
tDecr.hDtneacovhtliodengcKohal!uonvgoalro!isga !

gastroenterologist with NewYork-
ResReerRsveersveYerovuYeorYuSorpuSorptSoTpotodTtoaTdyoa!dy(9a!1y(9!41()9421)4425)4-26546-6516-8616818members experienced colorectal retcoogynoizuerthbheeeayhroieunangrgdaeridasgewaisthout aINnCREASE IN COLORECTAL Presbyterian Lawrence and Hudson E

cancer should inquire about un- aalplo,paros cpyere•itav.tPiesNeifotEoprWlsec!aretFeehnaiignthugrrbiesukst not CANCER AMONG YOUNG Valley hospitals, and an Assistant
dergoing genetic testing as they Professor of Medicine at Columbia
fdoersigAnDeUdLtToSh? elp
Cancer Awareness Month in are at high risk for the disease. Wi•nmsccueoeFlollutooamsWidnrtwleliceaeincdltprturhWigogeapntdltertthceioehchenlnyweuapceoerogcnirdtmetryiwucitiahoaeednhoctoerbnrreogoesirsctemntlwthwhtidt2homgtooet’ioa.rseute4sefmrchaltawrldGtbtdr2oocshaoosc’’eh4.siHsa4nptceGzssh2GekerHra.osHesn4rtzpcgztybG2hcleotyre.uHaeo4uItsrtbwcznhgt’GshlgeocehnHaumpdaorsozseibgttstorycleaeoyeepualaermeclssetsebehsttc,laorayaelterelhmrveeacsgoarhtsieumirywalaegalprevbchhbgahasyllecciaeametlaaer,vrbgdtobaalerlieieelana,bbllee, University Medical Center. For
March, Dr. Kauvar and his col- In addition to family history, more information, visit
leagues at NewYork-Presbyterian hudsonvalley.
factors that can increase your risk

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• FREE hearing screenaisnegat soeaftVsoieaftVEoidfagVEeidaAgEIedAgeI AI cu
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check for wax buildup
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Thursday, February 25, 2021 HEALTH & WELLNESS Yorktown News – Page 21

Exercises to improve posture and body movement

Welcome back to my called “postural”) muscles consist GUEST reserve oxygen to increase your STRENGTHENING
guest corner. As an mostly of the slow twitching CORNER endurance (and it is important EXERCISES
experienced physical to rst focus on stretching before
therapist, I provide guidance to bers that provide the spine LIZE working on strengthening the • Isometric exercises (like an
our readers to get our bodies into with good stability to elongate LUBBE postural muscles); “elbow plank”) with minimum
a better alignment and balanced and maintain a good posture, joint movement
posture. assist in taking a long walk and into a slouched, hunchback pos- • Strengthen the weak phasic
keep us balanced. e postural ture: our head in a forward posi- muscles (no stretching required); • Light weights with higher
To provide a better posture, muscles are aerobic or oxygen tion, shoulders rounded, dropped and repetitions
stability and movement of our based and have great endurance; ribcage, arched lower back and
bodies, we rely on our muscu- they are the marathon runners of belly protruding. As a result, it • Lift the ribcage and use the • Use of body weight with
loskeletal system. Our muscu- our body. e phasic muscles, in becomes di cult to straighten diaphragm for deep breathing. higher repetitions to challenge
loskeletal system consists of the contrast, contain high density of and lengthen our spine in a good your aerobic metabolism
skeleton (bones), muscles, joints, fast twitching bers and are less elongated posture. is is caused Here are some tips on how to
tendons, ligaments, cartilage reliant on oxygen to contract in by the postural muscles tighten- stretch and strengthen the two • Long walks, swimming and
and other connective tissue. In shorts burst of energy as re- ing up and the phasic muscles groups of muscles: cycling
this article, I will highlight the quired; they are the sprinters and getting weaker. It can further
more than 600 muscles in our heavy weight lifters of our body. result in joint instability, neck STRETCHING EXERCISES STRENGTHENING THE
body—and speci cally the skel- and back pain, lack of energy HOLD FOR 30 SECONDS WEAK PHASIC MUSCLES
etal muscles that are under our Our bodies are dynamic sys- due to shallow breathing and a
voluntary control. tems. We are designed to move. general feeling of fatigue and • Doorway stretches with arm • Resistance with heavier
To that end, our postural and even depression. on up in high “V” to stretch the weights
Dr. Vladimir Janda, a neurolo- phasic muscles work together to chest, and then slowly rotate
gist and rehabilitation specialist, keep our musculoskeletal system To get our body back in bal- neck from side to side • Fast repetitions
was a pioneer in examining and in balance. e postural muscles ance and in a good well-being • Lie on back or stand with
understanding the interaction (such as the neck exors, hip state we need to: • Lie on back with knees bent back against a wall and use ther-
between the red and white bers and passively release the psoas, aband to stretch arms sideways
of muscles. In his book, “Muscle exors (psoas), pectoralis, biceps • Get up and move; as you exhale with diaphragm out for the scapula strengthening
Function Testing” (1983), he ex- and hamstrings) are mostly the • Elongate and decompress breathing • Bridging for glutes
plains that muscles contain tonic the spine in a good aligned • BOX up during the day:
(red bers) and phasic (white - exors of our body and prone upright posture; • Lie on back and lift one leg using the diaphragm as lid to
bers) and how these bers of each to shorten and tighten up. e • Stretch the tightened straight up with use of a non- breathe, the abdominals as front
group work in balance to function phasic muscles (such as the ab- postural muscles and strengthen stretchable belt to stretch the of the box, the glutes as back of
together. Some muscles have both dominals, glutes, shoulder blade these muscles to build up hamstrings, then wide open for the box and pelvic oor as bot-
tonic and phasic characteristics stabilizers and triceps) consist the adductors, cross over the tom of the box
depending on what our body mostly of the extensors are prone body or the ITB and form a “4” Finally, use your mind-muscle
movements require of them. to weaken and lengthen when to cross one ankle over opposite connection to achieve a better
not in use. knee for the pyriformis (a small awareness of how your body
e tonic (or more commonly buttock muscle) moves in space. If you experience
During this COVID slump, any joint, muscle of body pain,
when we sit too much, we get • Stand with heels o a step to please contact your health care
stretch out the calf muscles provider.

New Dental Practice in
The Roma Building!

New Owner

(914) 243-7777

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