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Yorktown News 02.13.20

Vol. 8 No. 46 Visit for the latest news. Thursday, February 13, 2020

Residents shine

in Yorktown’s Got Caitlin Cuevo , Leila
BY KATHERINE BORCHERT Hudson, Erisa McAuliffe,
11, come out on top in
After a night lled with music, dancing Yorktown’s Got Talent.
and even martial arts, judges crowned three
winners in the rst-ever Yorktown’s Got TalentPHOTOS: SARAH BUSSINGER
Talent show.
division and one winner in the youth divi- Hudson said that this was her rst solo win, commending her talent, and said she
Two winners were chosen in the adult sion. performance in front of Yorktown resi- hopes Yorktown’s Got Talent becomes an
dents and she was excited to play one of annual event.
In the adult group, 18-year-old Leila her favorite pieces, “La Source” by Al-
Hudson and 27-year-old Caitlin Cuevo phonse Hasselmans, which emulates a She plans to put the money she won to-
tied for their enchanting harp performance water fountain. ward music lessons.
and electric hoop dancing routine, respec-
tively. She also congratulated Cuevo on her SEE TALENT PAGE 3

LEGAL NOTICES 29 Huskers and withYorktown’s Real Estate Specialist
LEISURE 28 Rebels Shine.
SPORTS 20 pg 20
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Page 12 – Yorktown News OPINION Thursday, February 13, 2020

TOWN OF YORKTOWN Armchair Travel
Ilike to watch travel shows national lamb and rice dish,
REVISED SOLID WASTE COLLECTION SCHEDULE on TV. Globe Trekker is a READING, plov, but her main focus was
FOR THE WEEK OF FEBRUARY 17-21 favorite, especially with Ian WRITING & on learning some of the folk
Wright or Zay Harding as the CHOCOLATE dances and wearing the colorful
PRESIDENTS’ DAY travel guides. ese congenial KIM regional costumes for a dance
hosts bring you along on their KOVACH performance.
KITCHEN TRASH COLLECTIONS: adventures to remote parts of
‘Monday & Thursday’ will be changed to: Recently, my friend, Ellen,
‘Tuesday & Friday’ will be changed to: the world. You can imagine called to tell me that she just
yourself hiking up a mountain returned from a 27-day trip to
MONDAY COLLECTIONS will be on TUESDAY, FEB. 18 in Switzerland or trekking in Patagonia. Useful South America. “South America!” I exclaimed in
facts and amusing side trips add to the viewing surprise. My momentary travel envy got the better
No changes for regular Thursday & Friday collections
NOTE: Recyclables in Plastic Bags will not be collected! experience. of me and I snarkily asked, “But did you go to

I also like cooking shows with travel included as Easter Island?”

part of the episode. When I watch Pati’s Mexican “YES!” replied Ellen. “We stayed there for three

Table, I may not make the recipes that Pati Jinich nights!”

is demonstrating in her home kitchen, but I do Easter Island is one of my favorite someday-I’d-

enjoy watching her travel to small Mexican towns. like-to-go-to dream destinations. I have read ex-

We get to see local chefs cooking in their rustic tensively about the Moai statues on Easter Island

kitchens. I’ve learned a lot about di erent varieties going all the way back to my days as a Creative

* Friday, February 28th, 7:30 – 2:30 * of chili peppers, as well as tiny beachfront towns Writing/Anthropology double major in college.

E-WASTE DISPOSAL DAY: that tourists have not yet discovered. Ellen explained that the three-day trip to Easter
Bring your obsolete computer,
TV, laptop, monitor, VCR, For a culinary travel experience of a completely Island was an add-on to her organized adventure
keyboard, cell phone, etc.
di erent kind, I enjoy watching New Scandi- vacation trip to Brazil, Argentina and Chile. She

navian Cooking. A able host, Andreas Viestad, told me in detail about her vacation itinerary. I

takes viewers to locations in Norway to see where could picture each stop from episodes of Globe

TEXTILE RECOVERY DAY: the ingredients are grown or caught. Breathtak- Trekker. “No one knows how the Moai got to their
Bring bags filled with unwanted
clothing, shoes, rags, towels, ing views of ords, lush green valleys and quaint positions around Easter Island,” she said.
bed sheets, blankets, etc.
villages are on display since Andreas always cooks “Yes, they do!” I answered. I had watched a PBS

outdoors. He may be cooking on a portable grill or documentary where archeologists tried to gure

stovetop set up on a windy dock by the sea or on out how those massive stone statues were moved

a rocky outcrop. I am rarely tempted to try any of from the quarry sites where they were carved to

Refuse & Recycling Department these recipes but I am tempted to grab a sweater various locations around the island. Oral histories
2279 Crompond Road (behind Police/Court)
since many of these excursions are in cold and told of seeing the Moai “walking.” Archeologists

Questions?: (914) 245-4438 Drop-Off: 7:30 a.m.—2:30 p.m. windy locations. nally succeeded in moving a large stone Moai by Another travel-oriented show that I often watch using three long ropes tied around the stone head

on PBS is called Bare Feet with Mickela Mallozi. and shoulders. ree groups of team members

Mickela is an American dancer who likes to travel pulled and tugged on the ropes to slowly move the

to di erent locations across the U.S. and around tall statue across the ground. is jerking forward

the world to learn ethnic and popular dance styles. motion actually made the giant Moai statue look

I particularly enjoyed the episode on Uzbekistan. like it was “walking.” Ellen’s guide hadn’t told her

e sightseeing included gorgeous examples of that!

15th century Islamic architecture. e blue mosaic

tiles and vibrant colors of the ancient buildings Kim Kovach appreciates the convenience of armchair

PLUMBING & MECHANICAL and pottery were beautiful. Mickela sampled the travel.
MARTORANO formation and direction, housing modeling.
719 Route 6. Mahopac, NY discrimination, voting patterns, e reason for its popularity FROM PAGE 10 population migration, space
exploration, and the solar system is that it has been universally
theoretical) in so many ways itself are just a few of the ways found to be an aid in a number
it is virtually mindboggling. in which humans have applied of important ways: to help us in
data selection, to evaluate the pros
e e cacy of dams, hurricane and cons of a process, to provide
a cross section of analogies, to
LEAP INTO SAVINGS illuminate our own uncertainties,
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Valid on calls 1 hour or more ones and, perhaps most impor-
tantly, to suggest new questions.
For all your Plumbing, Heating, Gas
and Water Treatment Needs For those who are skepti-
56 years of excellence cal about its advantages, I call
your attention to the words of
famous computational modeler
and scientist Josh Epstein, “You
already model. You’re working
with models in your head. e
real question is just what as-
sumptions you are making and
how good that model is.” So,
the next time you hear someone
predict the future or make some
claim about the past, imagine for
yourself what model that person

Thursday, February 13, 2020 OPINION Yorktown News – Page 13



FEEL GOOD MUSIC Chronic Heel Spur
e playbill quotes the original show’s creator, Clarke Peters: “Louis said he never Plantar Fasciitis
State of the Art
wanted to sing songs that made people feel sad. He always wanted them to feel good ESWT/Shockwave Treatment
and have a great time.” Now Available

Jordanian lyrics veer from poignant (“Don’t Let the Sun Catch You Crying”) to Servicing the Community for over 20 years
cheeky, cautionary tales of the war between the sexes, awash in wit -- whether a Moe
is vowing to stay ”Safe, Sane and Single,” or asking his main squeeze, Caldonia, “what
makes your big head so hard.”

(As for the seemingly dated sexism, in this playfully broad context, it works its wily
charms even today, and is openly acknowledgd by an arch apology at one point for the
“chauvinistic songs.”)

To serve the diverse range of numbers faithfully, Mr. Peters conjured a collection of
complementary characters, namely Eat Moe (Quentin Avery Brown), No Moe (Tyler
Johnson-Campion), Four-Eyed Moe (Douglas Lyons), Big Moe (Tony Perry), and
Little Moe (Isaiah Reynolds).

ey function as gments of the imagination of Nomax (Napoleon M. Douglas), a
jilted young man who opens the show drinking his blues away while listening to the
blues on a 1940s tabletop radio.

Each actor brings a distinct persona to his role, and they all blend beautifully. What

they have in common are vocal chops, smooth dance moves (splits, ips, cartwheels,
square dance hoedown, tap), and infectious exuberance. e party atmosphere is boosted
considerably by the on-stage band of John Daniels (music director, piano), Steve Bleifuss
(trombone), Jim Briggs (clarinet, sax), Dave Dunaway (bass), Jay Mack (percussion),
Brian Uhl (trumpet).

I never remember a show moving with such energy, grace, Moe-mentum, musicality
and sheer fun. From the moment the Moes materialize until the moment they Moe-sey
o stage, this musical is magical, with just the right mix of mayhem, mugging and music.

It all comes together without a hitch under the skillful supervision of director and
choreographer Richard Sta ord and assistant choreographer Kristyn Pope. ey’ve
mounted one of the ashiest, funnest, most satisfying shows I’ve ever seen at WBT.

If you have a hankerin’ to party hearty, Five Guys Named Moe is Moe-st highly rec-
ommended. And while you’re getting tickets for this show 914.592.2222; Broadway e-, you might as well get them too for the next party at Westchester Broadway

eatre: All Shook Up, with the songs of Elvis Presley, running March 5-May 3.

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Page 14 – Yorktown News OPINION Thursday, February 13, 2020

Night Noises Gobble,
I’m a lucky woman. I have a husband the entire inside was coated in brown liquid. “I need you to turn over because I can’t
who has always supported my creative stand the snoring another second. I need to TRACY
endeavors; he’s my biggest fan and o ers Two cans of Pepsi had burst and sprayed sleep.” BECKERMAN
meaningful, constructive
criticism. Sounds like a everything brown. e cans lay open on “I’m not snoring.” Iknew she meant it in the
marriage made in heaven, “Yes you are. I’ve been tapping, touch- kindest, most considerate
right? Well, let’s just say we their sides on the rst shelf. ing, pushing and shoving you for almost an way, but when my doctor
have our moments. hour.” told me I had a turkey neck, I
I breathed a sigh of relief “ at’s you snoring and I’ve been trying to wondered what kind of jail time
“What’s this week’s ignore it because I didn’t want to wake you,” I would do for dermatologisti-
column about?” he asked as JUST for that one. Something he said. cide.
he stood chopping Romaine JO ANN unusual always seems to “Are you serious? How can I be snoring if
lettuce onto his plate. happen when you’re away.” I’ve been trying to get you to stop all night?” “ at’s something I really
JO ANN could have gone my whole life
“I’m writing about night “OH, I also intend to is conversation was happening in pitch without knowing and not felt
noises,” I replied as I watched him toss some FRANCELLA mention the snoring.” Ken darkness and as I nished speaking, I heard any sense of loss,” I told her. “I
olives into his salad. another loud snore. have enough issues with these
cleared his throat and swal- brown spots on my face that
“Really, what’s that about?” he asked. “Are you kidding me? You’re snoring as make me look like I got splat-
“Relax; it’s not what you think. I’m go- lowed as he continued to I’m complaining to you about your snoring?” tered by gravy.”
ing to write about the time you went on a
business trip and at 2 a.m. the huge antique construct his salad. “I can’t “It’s not me!” “P t,” she said, peering at my
mirror over the downstairs replace crashed I put the lights on ready for a real knock- gravy spots. “ ose are nothing.
to the oor. I knew we should have replaced really blame you anymore since I now wake down, drag out ght. I was going to get Just sun damage. We can zap
the old cord on the back for something some sleep if it killed me…or him. As the those in a minute.”
sturdier, but I loved the idea of keeping it myself with my own snoring,” I confessed. room lled with light we saw Coco sound
original. e sound was unbelievably loud asleep at the foot of the bed and snoring to “Well, that’s good to know,” I
and I was scared to death.” “Did I always snore or is it just getting her heart’s content. She stretched, yawned said with some relief.
“Another time when you were away, I and turned her back to us and continued her
heard what can only be described as two louder?” I asked sheepishly. snoring. I turned o the light and we settled SEE BECKERMAN PAGE 15
gunshots coming from downstairs. is also back into bed. Somehow it was okay if it
occurred in the middle of the night and it “Yes you always snored, and yes, it’s getting was coming from Coco. I can’t explain it.
took all the courage I had to make my way at’s just the way it is.
down the stairs to see what it was. It was louder.”
even worse going back upstairs after nding [email protected]
absolutely nothing amiss. at was a sleep- “Never mind,” I said. “Remember the time
less night. e next morning, weary and
exhausted, I went down to the kitchen to I kept trying to get you to stop snoring?
make tea and when I opened the refrigerator
First I touched your foot with mine. Just a

little love tap so you would barely wake, but

you kept snoring. After a while I touched

your arm hoping that you would turn over

and stop snoring, but no dice. It just kept

coming, rhythmically torturing me. Finally I

began pushing you and at one point I didn’t

even care if I pushed you o the bed. I just

needed you to stop snoring. After the hard-

est nal push, you nally said, “WHAT?”

Fun Facts About 40% of adult men and 24%
by Jo Ann of adult women snore. Snoring
occurs when throat muscles relax.




($500 value)

aMdtevonefstrrtiteaotieosrnetdtmtyrahioyaei!uslnrt 914-246-0457 

3631 Hill Blvd (2nd Fl) | Jefferson Valley | [email protected]

Thursday, February 13, 2020 OPINION Yorktown News – Page 15
BECKERMAN could do—it was genetic—and I came from a long
line of turkey necks dating back to my ancestors in CABINETRY • COUNTER TOPS
FROM PAGE 14 the old country who needed those necks to store TILE & STONE • SHOWER DOORS
matzoh balls during the cold, lean months in Siberia.
I couldn’t imagine how years of slathering my CLOSET SYSTEMS & MORE!
face with baby oil and lying with an aluminum foil is was not something diet or exercise could solve. I
re ecting sheet under my face when I was a teen would need a professional turkey neck intervention. Your premier kitchen & bath remodelers all under one roof!
could have possibly caused sun damage, and yet
here I was. I actually hadn’t even realized how bad “So, what can I do about my neck,” I asked SHOWROOMS:
it was until she held some kind of blue light over my dermatologist. Aside from zapping a few sun 19 Old Doansburg Rd. 101 Greenwood Ave.
my face which illuminated all the sun damage that spots, I generally preferred to grow old gracefully
I’d accumulated over my 55 years. Under that light, rather than look like someone who’s had their face Brewster, NY Bethel, CT
my face looked a little like a Rorschach test, and, if stretched too tight. But I was curious if there was
I interpreted it correctly, it appeared to be either a anything that I could do that wouldn’t be too much 845-278-0070 203-748-9000
speckled lobster or an exploding butter y, neither of a big deal.
of which was a good look for either a lobster or a SOUTHEASTKITCHENANDBATH.COM
butter y or my face. “ ere are some injections we could give you that
would melt the fat. Or we could do liposuction in
Still, the sun damage was something I had that area.”
already suspected. e turkey neck was not. I typi-
cally only looked at my face directly, head on, not She showed me some before-and-after photos
from the side. But it was my pro le that gave away of some of her patients and I had to admit, they
my drooping neck. Or maybe it was my drooping looked really great.
chin. I wasn’t sure because they all seemed to be
connected, which was essentially the problem. Kind “OK, but what’s the recovery time?” I asked.
of like when your ankles and calves merge to form “Not that long,” she said brightly. “You just have
cankles. Of course, this was something a few good to wear this on your head for a week or so.”
turtlenecks or some other form of clothing could She whipped out a stretchy contraption that
hide. But it occurred to me that come summer looked, for all intents and purposes, like a jock strap.
when turtlenecks were out of season, I might look She showed me a picture of what someone actually
a little strange wearing big sweater or a ski mask looked like with the jock strap thing around their
when it was 90 degrees out. face and neck and it was as bad as I had imagined.

ere had actually been a time or two when I did en she told me the price.
catch my re ection from the side and noticed that “What do you think?” she nally asked.
things that had once been rm were now droopy, “I think I could buy a cool used car for the cost
not dissimilar from the rest of my body. When I of the turkey neck procedure,” I replied. “I’ll look so
mentioned it to my parents, who also, shockingly good in it nobody will notice my neck.”
had turkey necks, they told me there was nothing I
My dog Monty now has his own Instagram account!
To see what he’s doing, come follow him at @

To advertise in Yorktown News, call Brett Freeman at 845-208-8151 or email [email protected]

Pain Shooting Down One Leg?

What you need to know about symptoms
and treatment of sciatica…

Ask the Doctor Q: Do I have sciatica? re-evaluated. If your symptoms persist, you may
A: You probably do if you feel a sudden and severe receive an injection of steroids at the nerve root
John Abrahams, MD, FAANS pain, along with numbness and weakness, radiating to reduce pain. If this regimen fails, physicians will
Chief, Neurosurgery from the buttocks down the back of one leg to the offer surgery. However, if a patient comes in unable
Co-Director, Spine Surgery, foot. The pain can be crippling. It is usually intense to stand – basically bed-bound – we advise surgery
Orthopedic & Spine Institute when you walk, diminishing when you lie down. sooner. It is important to know that 80 to 90 percent
Northern Westchester Hospital of patients get better without surgery.
Q: What causes sciatica?
Learn more about A: The sciatic nerve branches from the spine in the Q: What can I expect from surgery for sciatica?
Dr. Abrahams and lower back through the hips and buttocks and runs A: This minimally invasive procedure takes under
advanced spine surgery at down the back of each leg to the foot. Sciatica occurs an hour, and consists of removing the disc material when this nerve is pinched in the lower back by spinal pressing on the nerve. Most patients are pain-free
disc herniation – protruding disc material – or by following surgery. We have seen patients who arrived
400 East Main Street | Mount Kisco, NY 10549 a larger fragment of disc material. Disc herniation unable to stand or walk for more than a few minutes,
914.666.1200 | usually occurs during normal activities, such as walk out the same day after surgery, completely
rising from bed. asymptomatic. Sciatica recurs in ten percent of people,
who may suffer recurrent bouts of the condition
Q: Am I at risk for sciatica? throughout their life.
A: Sciatica is common. More than three million
Americans are diagnosed with the condition annually.* Did you know?
Apart from the fact that 10 to 15 percent of patients
have a family history of back problems, there are no 80 to 90 percent of patients with sciatica
risk factors. No behavior predisposes you to it. get better without surgery.

Q: What are my treatment options? *
A: If you have sciatica and it is not severe, you will back-pain-and-sciatica
typically receive oral steroids (anti-in ammatories) for
seven days. Once you’re more mobile, you will engage
in physical therapy for a period of time and then be

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Page 18 – Yorktown News Yorktown’sThursday, February 13, 2020

Sophia Bukhover, 8 Officer Angel Garcia singing the National Anthem
Erisa McAuliffe, 11, winner of the Yorktown’s
Got Talent Show

Maeve McElvaney, 14

Master of Ceremonies, Bruce Apar, Town Clerk Diana Quast, Country music Caroline and John Paterno
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Got TalentThursday,February13,2020 Yorktown News – Page 19
Natalie and
Ethan Xiao, 13 Zachary

Caitlin Cuevo and Lelia
Hudson, winners of the
Yorktown’s Got Talent Show

Lucia Carucci,
9th grader


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Page 20 – Yorktown News Thursday, February 13, 2020


Huskers and Rebels shine at divisionals

Finateri and Russo each take rst


Yorktown and Lakeland/Panas’ wrestling squads will have Yorktown’s Andrew A Lakeland-Panas wrestler
plenty of representation at the Section 1 tournament this Finateri stands on the picks up his opponent.
weekend. podium after taking
first place in the Yorktown’s Samson
e rst day will start at 8:45 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 15, at Sleepy 120-pound division. Newberger battles
Hollow, and the second day begins at 10:15 a.m. Sunday, Feb. for position.
16, at Clarkstown South. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO
e nals on the second day are scheduled for 2 p.m. Yorktown’s Daniel Furlong is fired up. MARSCHHAUSER
Both Yorktown and Lakeland/Panas earned their spots at
the sectionals, by virtue of impressive divisional performances,
at the Division III championships at John Jay High School on
Saturday, Feb. 8.
Yorktown quali ed seven of their grapplers for the sectionals,
including senior captain Andrew Finateri (120 pounds), who
placed rst at John Jay.
“It meant a lot to me because it was actually my rst time
placing rst at divisionals,” Finateri said. “I wrestled as well as I
did because I stuck to the plan my coaches put out for me, and
it resulted in great wrestling.”
Huskers’ Joe Tornambe (99, third), Chris Constantine (99,
fourth), Marc Pisani (132, third), John Falcone (132, fourth),
Dean Patierno (145, third) and Dillon Carter (152, fourth) also
quali ed for the sectionals.
Yorktown coach Eric Fama said that focus and hard work over
the course of the season has allowed his squad to continually
“We are proud of the kids who quali ed,” Fama said. “ ey
worked hard all year. We still have more work to do to nish the
season strong. Four out of seven kids will be returning next year
(Tornambe, Constantine, Falcone and Carter).”
Last year, the Huskers sent just ve wrestlers to sections,
“It’s great that we are sending seven people to sectionals [this
year],”Finateri said,because it “shows the program is improving.”
Lakeland/Panas had six of their grapplers qualify for the
sectionals based on their performance at John Jay. ey are
Gio Russo (113, rst), Austin Bergen (126, second), Connor
McGannon (182, third), Charlie Dubrawski (220, third), Pat
Hickey (285, third) and Spencer Maja (106, fourth).
Rebel coach Dave Bergen said having six wrestlers qualify for
sectionals is an improvement on last year’s result.
“We only got four guys through last year and two of them
graduated,” Dave Bergen said. “We have two guys (Russo and
Hickey), that are going back and four going for the rst time.
ese kids have been working hard and they earned their spots.
I am proud of all of them.”
Practice and good teammates put the Rebels in position to
perform as well as they did at John Jay.
“We have been really focused this past week,” Dave Bergen
said. “Everyone pushing each other to work harder and be ready.
We had a great regular season and it allowed us to be prepared
to compete today.”
Austin Bergen said it meant a lot to place second at divisionals.
“Last season, I couldn’t even make top four, so it really is a
big improvement,” Austin Bergen said. “I was able to wrestle so
well today because of my focus on this tournament all week at
practice and working hard every day to sharpen my technique.”
Lakeland/Panas (14-8) nished their regular season with a
54-27 loss at Putnam Valley on Feb. 4.
Joshua Frogel (99, forfeit), Niko Rezaj (145, pin), Declan
Fullerton (170, pin), Charlie Dubrawski (220, pin) and Hickey
(285, 6-3 decision), registered wins for the Rebels against the
Yorktown (9-16) ended their regular season a day later at New
Rochelle, losing 64-13, with Tornambe (99, forfeit), Finateri
(120, major decision) and Falcone (132, decision) recording
wins for the Huskers.

Thursday, February 13, 2020 SPORTS Yorktown News – Page 21

Varsity Rebels’ 4x200 relay earns historic sectional title
Roundup2/4-2/10 Lakeland/Panas hockey wins League 3 crown

CONTRIBUTING WRITER proud, and con dent, for when it
competes at the state quali er on Lakeland/Panas’ 4x200-meter sectional champion relay team: Makayla Waugh, Millie Lichtenwalner-
Lakeland/Panas Sunday, Feb. 23, which will also be Sebaugh, JaLia Williams and Taryn Hodge
Track and Field at the armory.
Lakeland/Panas is looking for- of pool sprint work, and weight attempt to qualify for nationals,
SECTION 1 CLASS A “I think the girls relay will have ward to the return of Salazar, as training, and has worked up to 75 in the 1,600-meter sprint medley
CHAMPIONSHIPS an excellent chance to qualify for they train for the state quali er. percent e ort running.” relay, at the North Shore Invita-
the state championships, at the tional, on Feb. 14,” Johnson said.
Wednesday, Feb. 5 (Armory quali er, in two weeks,” Johnson “We have to stay focused and Before the Rebels compete at
Track and Field Center, New York said. healthy over the next two weeks,” the state quali ers, Lakeland/ Both of the events Johnson was
City) Johnson said. “Lauren Salazar will Panas will see action in two big referring to will also be held at the
e Rebels winning the relay be returning for a tune-up meet events. armory.
It was quite a performance made for a great nish for Lake- next week, and she also has a good
for Lakeland/Panas, whose girls land/Panas. chance to qualify in the long jump “We are running the relay SEE ROUNDUP PAGE 22
4x200-meter relay team of Millie well. She has been doing a combo (4x200) at the Eastern State
Lichtenwalner-Sebaugh, Makayla “It was a really nice way to cap Championships on Feb. 18 and
Waugh, Taryn Hodge, and JaLia o the meet,” Johnson said. “We
Williams, took rst place, at the were running without our second
Section 1, Class A Champion- fastest leg (Lauren Salazar), who
ships. sprained her ankle at counties.
Taryn Hodge was the next ‘man’,
e sectional title is the rst woman up, and she did not disap-
ever for a Lakeland/Panas’ girls point.”
relay squad.
As a team, the Rebels placed
“It is a huge step forward for the 12th out of 23 teams.
Lady Rebels, and a sign of things
to come this spring,” Lakeland/ Two individual performances
Panas coach Ryan Johnson said. that stood out for the Rebels
were Grace Adeyeye, who placed
e highly talented quartet won fourth in the 55-meter hurdles
the sectional championship with a with a time of 8.87, and Hodge,
time of 1:47.51. e performance who took fth in the long jump,
with a leap of 15-4.5.

Page 22 – Yorktown News SPORTS Thursday, February 13, 2020

ROUNDUP P.J. Kowal said the win was a saves. BYSNS 6, ETBE 2 Lakeland/
true team e ort. “It feels great seeing all the hard Saturday, Feb. 8 Panas players
FROM PAGE 21 e BYSNS bounced back after
“We were lucky enough to have work the team puts in every prac- celebrate a
Lakeland/Panas every player there tonight,” P.J. tice and game trying to get better their loss to Greeley, with a 6-2 tri- goal.
Hockey (9-7-1, 4-0-1) Kowal said.”Everyone played as and better,” Jimenez said. “But a umph against ETBE (Eastchester/
hard as they could, knowing that huge shout out to the coaching Tuckahoe/Bronxville/Edgemont). PHOTO: BRIAN
LAKELAND/PANAS 3, CARMEL 3 we needed to win the game. is is sta for turning this organization MARSCHHAUSER
Friday, Feb. 7 (Brewster Ice by far the best team I have played around, these past few years. ey “It was a huge win, especially
with in my four years of varsity, really deserve this league title more since we are trying to get to sec- period to seal the victory.
Arena) and we weren’t going to let another than anyone.” tions,” Bonitatibus said. “ e team “ ey never stopped putting the
P.J. Kowal’s goal, assisted by team take our game from us.” was led on senior night by Frankie
e Rebels’ next game will be at (Vigiletti) and really rallied behind pressure on,” Bonitatibus said of
Frankie Kowal and Jack Tuite, with e Rebel senior captain said it 4:20 p.m. Friday, Feb. 14, against him and captain Sava.” his players. “ ey had a drive like
a 1:13 remaining in the game, gave means a lot to win the league title. Fox Lane, at the BIA. I haven’t seen before.”
the Rebels a 3-3 tie against Carmel, Leading 2-1 at the end of the
and clinched sole possession of the “I’ve never been undefeated (in BYSNS Hockey (6-12) second period, the BYSNS ex- Ian Woloshyn (3G), Vigiletti
League 3 title. the league) before, on any team, ploded for four goals in the third (1G, 3A), Makarenko (1G, 2A),
and it just shows that all the e ort GREELEY 7, BYSNS 2 Brunco (1G) and Gergley (31
It was the rst league title for we have been putting in this season Friday, Feb. 7 saves) helped the BYSNS record
the Rebels in 10 years. If Carmel has paid o ,” P.J. Kowal said. “We e BYSNS fell to Horace the win.
had won, the two squads would’ve are not done yet.”
shared the league championship. Greeley, 7-2, at Brewster Ice Arena. “ e key to the four-goal out-
Joseph Jimenez put the Rebels Greeley led 1-0 at the end of the burst were the blocked shots and
“We were on the power play and up 1-0 with 13:18 remaining in rst period, before garnering con- perfect positioning, before the rush
got the puck deep in the o ensive the rst period, o assists from An- to the net,” Makarenko said.
zone,” P.J. Kowal said.”My brother drew Dzubak and Colin Cody. trol of the game by outscoring the
fore-checked hard and picked up BYSNS 3-1, in both the second,
the puck behind the net. He found “My teammate (Dzubak), saw and third periods, respectively.
me in front and I ri ed it in. It felt me get a step on the defender and
great to tie it up that late in the he dished a beautiful tape to tape “It came down to Greeley capi-
game and seal the league title.” pass, and I was lucky enough to talizing on their chances and tak-
have that opportunity,” Jimenez ing advantage of our mistakes,”
Lakeland/Panas coach Bart said. BYSNS co-coach Joey Bonitatibus
Mucci said that he never felt so said. “We had a lot of chances, un-
good about a tie before. After Carmel took a 3-1 lead, fortunately the bounces just didn’t
Jimenez, courtesy of assists from go our way.”
“Scoring with a little over a Dzubak and Frankie Kowal, sliced
minute to tie it, what an amazing the Rams’ lead in half, with 13:55 Jonathan Graham (1G), Sava
feeling,” Mucci said. “Our team left in the game. Makarenko (1G), Tommy Eber-
played hard all night. Carmel had hardt (1A), Carson Brunco (1A),
won nine in a row coming in. It is a “It felt great to score the goal, to Matt Gergley (19 saves), and
very good team,that you can’t make get us back into a one-goal de cit,” Hawken Hellebo (9 saves) pro-
mistakes against. I am just very Jimenez said. duced for the BYSNS.
proud of the e ort, from our team.”
Aaron Hathaway starred in goal
for the Rebels, making 38 clutch

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Thursday, February 13, 2020 SPORTS Yorktown News – Page 23


Yorktown ends Hornets’ winning streak

Lakeland clinches League II-C title; Fallo named COY

BY MIKE SABINI (5 points) and Rob Nardelli (4 game, but this time we capital-

CONTRIBUTING WRITER points), scored for Lakeland as ized on them,” Roni Brucaj said.

well. “Also, our defense was really

Led by Tony Granitto (17 good.”

points, 10 rebounds) and Roni YORKTOWN 52, SOMERS 47 Yorktown started the week

Brucaj (15 points, 7 rebounds), Yorktown also won against vis- with a 47-45 loss at Walter Panas

Yorktown won their biggest iting rival Somers 52-47, on Feb. on Feb. 4, with Miller (13 points,

game of the year, knocking o 7. 5 rebounds) and Roni Brucaj (13

host Lakeland on the Hornets’ “Well, we knew we played a points, 4 rebounds), doing the

senior night, 56-53, on Monday, really bad game the rst time honors for the Huskers.

Feb. 10. against them o ensively as we

e loss ended the Hornets’ shot poorly, scoring only 30 LAKELAND 71, BREWSTER 39

nine-game winning streak and points as a team,” Roni Brucaj Lakeland (15-4, 8-1), clinched

was their rst League II-C loss said. “So we wanted to play hard- the League II-C title with a 71-

of the season. er and show them that we are 39 triumph at Brewster on Feb. 6.

“It tells everyone in this sec- better. It felt great.” “Clinching the league was a

tion and this state that we are Roni Brucaj (19 points, 4 as- team goal we set from the be-

not done yet,” Granitto said. “We sists, 4 rebounds) and Eddie ginning of the year,” Karaqi said.

are working hard, every day, ev- Brucaj (12 points, 8 rebounds), “Our team knew that we could

ery practice. People should know ignited Yorktown to the victory. clinch the league title against

Yorktown.” “We moved the ball around Brewster, so we wanted to make

With 21.5 seconds left in the and ran our sets, which enabled FILE PHOTOS/BRIAN MARSCHHAUSER
game, Granitto made the rst of us to get open shots like every SEE BOYS BASKETBALL PAGE 24 Jack Kruse, named All-Section, spots up from three.

two foul shots, putting the Husk-

ers up, 54-53.

“I knew my teammates, I knew

my coaches, had con dence in

me, so I had con dence in myself

to make that shot,” Granitto said.

Rob Miller scored 7 of his 11

points in the nal quarter, in-

cluding two clutch free throws

that gave Yorktown a 56-53 ad-

vantage with 9.4 seconds left in

the game, before the Huskers’ de-

fense held o Lakeland on its last


“Rob is the guy we want on the

foul line,” Yorktown coach Mark

Pavella said. “He is a senior, he’s

been here before, multi-sport

athlete. He’s just a tough kid, he’s

a leader. I expected him to make

those shots.”

Yorktown (10-9) has won nine

of their last 12 games after a 1-6


prior games, what it takes to play

at this level,” Pavella said. “We EXTREENCCCDDLChChAhIuHClCenUh1eeTdebhcshecEacjHe0CekupecknkEcAseMckEAakP&t&ckTLolRmtflToIt&HAuAIeAOoFphNefddirlpEeRErenlljjiGreuru&egPEAatOmrssperlagBettfTelrToStaecaesBBiYsIucntansY&tueNoregaurtnilruSicttmrnGApnCseareCeTrgioolre-rEasntCEC*ssUFolCqtisouirbOrMulspunsottroeirnlaSmpseretsFmsiTcio*ltte!neirosnEnxtst!ra "Service was fast, courteous
have a young group, so the rst and professional." Mark C
seven games, really showed that. 100%ALGLUWAROARNKTEED
We bought in, in the second half In business for over 40 years!
of the season. We are playing
good basketball now. We have Schedule now & SAVE!
good leadership in Roni (Brucaj)
and Rob Miller, our two cap- (845) 628-2580
Eddie Brucaj (9 points, 8 re-
bounds) and Sam Pincus (4 250 OFF$ NEW
points), also contributed to the OFFER EXPIRES 2/29/20

Leading the Hornets was se- Coupon must be present at time of service. Cannot be combined with any other offer.
nior Je rey Owusu (20 points).
“It’s senior night, he was ready OFFER EXPIRES 2/29/20
to play, Je rey has played well (EXCLUDES SERVICE CONTRACT)
all year for us,” Lakeland coach
Steve Fallo said. “It’s no di erent Coupon must be present at time of service. Cannot be combined with any other offer.
from any other night.Tonight, he
just put up a few more points.”

Augie Karaqi (11 points),
Jack Kruse (8 points), Mike Ar-
cure (5 points), Aidan Welcome

Page 24 – Yorktown News SPORTS Thursday, February 13, 2020

Rob Miller hauls in a rebound. Rob Nardelli (No. 12) and Mike Arcuri (No. 1) FILE PHOTOS/BRIAN MARSCHHAUSER

Lakeland’s Jeff Owusu, named All-League, goes up
strong against Yorktown on Jan. 17.



sure we got it against them.”
Karaqi (18 points), Owusu

(15 points), Arcure (11 points)
and Brian Cummins (10 points),
did the honors for the Hornets.

“We played terri c defense
and really shared the ball of-
fensively,” Karaqi said. “It was a
total team e ort.”

Add Value LAKELAND 67, JOHN JAY 47
to Your Home Two days earlier, Lakeland

When we’re done, there is nothing left to do. won at John Jay-Cross River
67-47, led by Karaqi (21 points),
Nardelli (17 points), Kruse (10
points), Owusu (9 points) and
Arcure (7 points, 6 assists).

Kruse and Karaqi earned All-
Section, and Owusu and Nardel-
li were named All-League, with
Fallo earning League II-C ,
Coach of the Year honors.

“Our coaches got Coach of
the Year for our league,” Steve
Fallo said. “It’s given to me, but
coach Will Fallo and coach (Bill)
Casey, have been a huge part of
why we have been successful.”

Roni Brucaj earned All-Con-
ference and Eddie Brucaj All-
League, for the Huskers.

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Thursday, February 13, 2020 SPORTS Yorktown News – Page 25

Too much, too soon

Doctor advises against youth sports specialization

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- 5 49 99 14 49 - 599 YOUR- 5CHOICE - 5 YOUR CHOICYEOUR CHOICE2CMC2G88ro0e8ea26amc0f8r9th2bW8s8aimnnreSaaicntnA'isc®oLhnTE5e®ao1Wc2ohP0lrceSP.necct.hRSatecthetingS$1SA2A4LL.9E9Eeach$22DKDLoS33riaeri89C2MttiCGw53WAh,v148,Ri25neWRaru82YCo0erge$,,lem,E22aticlO2IDr43®eamic99-TWcp0Ur2f82IGuio53rr0H9ltrShl87oRAnlai67/bVWc8Asn,rDRI2aACoadm2M3LSrtC2Giml9eiDiHtaCE893vnpenn8rr1wMaeSaog0eO1Ec89eer4chaaiA2,I6taCmcCXnc0tn8AEr'9ih2scRb®Wo88haDinT5n*nr®o1YeW$ai2OocPntU0l'irsccSRoeSAPh.CnTnLeH9c®eEaoctcOW9.h2ohIRC0lrESaeSPteC2MnC2G8e8cro0ec8eta26amcct0fh8.r9th2bW8s8haiRmennreaaitcnSatn'iisc®othnenT5®co1Wtg2oPh0lrceSP.neecct2CM.C2MthC2GR88i8Sarro00nete8eecaat22h6amgc0ecf08ftr9thi29tnhbWD2LT1BAI8s8g8sami20imamtiienmn9rtt"tnie4Waapitaa3cnECait4n$San4c'ci1scanxa®oi6A9c'hihrts,lnT®t5u.Lt2ctt®9meho1T3®E5mWuD9i2no6sPo1e2CM1C2G03llrrps8c8ao42nrePDio0erS8eP.ii4av2rlnc6amotecc0P0rcf8e$eSrc9tS,thni2.o..bWc82shlr8eRaar3liRm.nEtnRr9SawGBSRe3RW.aatieA$i7c2ncEi4eLtnigtI.B19'EtihTgaWsc9®o3hcHDL2BIT1AhelShAmi20,nmTtiie594LwFSASYW4U1hLatt"tti4t2Wpt®aaR3eEiACi83/o4$tot1Sain4cm1m4dauuilxaiW62iA9cch5Di7tnAuritl,lC2ttu.ooLt2ct6thi9mePAhtii83®5Et$mueHDbm9eSitn,tE6sPg06yCel1a3lhr0rn6Apsac42n11DPira,4imi4-nvreCPc.Sottcr0Pr1eP$..eypS,ngi4o.aa.c52SuAlrneaVa/Sr3elg.t9$tR9cwmueBRl3RW2R6fARcit29PttEieeigbIl.eB1ttTgaWh9hrRpeLD3hhcHl9eShAm,sRhariH.it2uws,REeAtss94E*dDACtm6AteeS,E6S9aain$mppG,4nCPir7g4SbAr.gt9srre22DoLSDKclRda.4l33eiirDciaeerii89lcctA$*tstpbiw352DLT1ABI.aWAhn,v7e149ehem,Rii52nl2e0aCum82YeCl.94.tiriLege®$,,l9m,e22ticlOtta"tDr43®.ei4Wi-pc99-t9aEpt9aUrr2$28IGu3EiCo53rd450$il9rSl87SaoRn4nlca1i67n/,VcaGAnx,a*rDi6IA29acCohdmi3LrSrtt,DL2BT1IAgll9etiaiHu.taE9Lt3v2pcenttmir29m01weMamheagO1iti3el®cE99mr4uDc9hiAtt."n,t6Isti4WpCtXea1a3l3rEpCsE4a42nan4cDiria4ixaiv6rcchotir0tPr,let$eutS,2cttniom.ehc2lr3®YmuD$air3ln6s.OeR91w3lrBpURs3RWa42nDiriSR2iEi4ievirgIcABot1t0TPgaWrCeLe3hS,nciHH9o.elSEhAc,2alrhacOt9a2r3RlheA.t4IdR9wDACCBtR63AeES,Ei62niig,4nBC1Rtgg43hAgElS9h,lRat2lGeetDS4edA.t*6AeA$,6n7,4n4Lg4g.99lEle922DKLDSoe33riaeriDL2IT1AB89ttmi2i0w53WmAhitie,v914tt"ti4Wp,Rit52naea3aECu4$28CSan4cr1gea,,lxai6m,A9ch22itirtcl,ltu.Dr43Lt®2ctet9meihc993-®EmuDp9irn26s82IGue1i3lo35rrp0sal42nrSlD78ironli4iL2DI1TABvaric67ot/V0PcrmiA2ne0$,emrDS,nitiieo.I29ac2olrtt"dtm3aiL4Srr3Wlptt.aal9R39eE2wiCi4B$ta22DDLKoSR2DLB1ITAESa33WRn4vcpen12rmii233a02xa1miEiwe6riMaaiAtii9egcIerie9h89B0ia1tgrt1tTgatWt",tlcti4tiWu.w335hptLtWAra024hcctatHcl9Sm,3hhvAeE,ChA144$ha,3®SaE2tn4m2cu1DRt9,Riie25nAaetnxa6si64daA9c0uXhDA82ieCrCt1t,3ll6rAtrgeu.pseLtS1,,l2,ctEta69m4m2,nenhDi22rti3®cEl,4mMniuCD94iivDrrn43®6cseg4otAi0ePr1gc3l99-e9r$LpesplrSR,a2n42in82o.IDiGrlue,c2ilr4iDivor35erc0aotr30ll0Pr*.rle87o$enlRS,9niaw0o.i76Bc/2RVlrc3WRna,2r3rDli.2I2EieaR9iowg,IdBBmR1t3S3WRTrgaWtVli3h92eEiiceHiilgStIaehAB,13tvpTgaWnhart2r3h1RwceMHAltSheAs,a4dg1haDAt2CtiR6eAr4tAco4deS,EADA6C,tn6nAteS,4,EnC6SnXsg4,4nCA:gg49AAlRgC9lleRDleeALDe*4u22,*eDt5.Ee2ial6xSi5tc0ty,eph2Fnne8Nosa2izk,oNznhleRpw,.,waNInneWcdtlSsun,S,doAcezOazs,rLlTe7n.e'REohazoczshlee,,
2886828 49- 5SALE

$ 99 Wet/Dry Vac $- 5S A L E WITH ACE
$ WITH ACE 4.25 peak hp. Includes 7' hose, $19.99
REWARDS CARD* 2 extension wands, car nozzle,
GearWrench 20 Pc. Ratcheting 14$ 99
® Craftsman® 9 Gal. $ 99
Wet/Dry Vac each
119 Combination Wrench SetS A L E REG. $74.99
- 5Ace 1/$21H2P4.99 $ WITH ACE utility nozzle, wet nozzle.4.25 peak hp. Includes 7' hose, Craftsman® 51 Pc. SALE DeWalt® 14 Pc.
REWAR2D8S8C6A8R28D* Mechanic's Tool Set Titanium Drill Bit Set,
2 extension wands, car nozzle, 10" Circular Saw Blade,
® utility nozzle, wet nozzle. Craft2s802m098 an® 9 Gal. Impact Driver Right Angle
Ace 1/2 HP 2560282 Wet/Dry Vac
S A L EAttachment or Right Angle
YOUR SCuHbmOeIrCsiEble
Bit Extension
S AwSLuitEmhpVPerutmicpal YOUR CHOICESubmersible
DeWFlaolatt® 20 Volt MAX 2560282
DeWalt® 20 Volt MAX Kit,URtilietycPiupmpr,ocating Sump Pump SAVE
Lithium-Ion Impact DeWalt 20 Volt MAX YOU2R5 CHOICE SAVEFloat
Driver, Drill/Driver - 5So$ra1S2wAA4YW4L,.n3o9iE7tuCh9g5P6Aila.rce.y.ecS$6ARGu$9eL.rwlE9ai9a$7WRnr.rd4EIsd.TWS9C9HeAaa-RrAr$wd5DC,*SE CARD* with Vertical $ 4.25 peak hp. Includes 7' hose,
Kit, Reciprocating
Saw, Circular Saw 23854L5im8i,t214a9t2th5i7s7p,r2ic3e9. 3114, 48580 2294346, 2363240, 2393213, 2466449
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$ SALE $ WITH ACE S ARELGE. $74.99 2 extension wands, car nozzle,

$124.99 2200201RMLE, 0W02A, VRersDioSns:CCAA,DRS,FDN,*NR,NW,SO,TR SALE utility nozzle, wet nozzle. ®


or Angle Grinderwith Vertical2385458, 2492577, 2393114, each 4.25 peak hp. Includes 7' hose, Craftsman® 51 Pc.
Mechanic's Tool Set
2 extension wands, car nozzle,
Float REG. 74.9948580 2802098
23931e2a2c, h2398386 utility$nozzle, wet nozzle. REG. $74.99
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® Mechanic's Tool Set
GearWrench® 22080P20c9.8Ratcheting
4.25 peak hp. Includes 7' hose, Combination Wrench Set
2 extension wands, car nozzle,
utility nozzle, wet nozzle. 2886828
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Craftsman 9 Gal. SAVESump PumpUtility Pump, ® $ 99
Wet/Dry Vacwith Vertical43756...SALE $74.99 -$5 $124.99 REWARDS CARD* Craftsman® 9 Gal.
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Ace 1/2 HP 119FloatWith Ace Re4w.2a5rdpseCaakrdh,*p. Includes 7' hose, Ace 1/2 HP
Submersible YOUR CHOICE SAVE Craftsman 9 Gal.124.99 $ 2200201ML, 002, Versions: CA,DS,FN,NR,NW,SO,TRYL$iomSuiAtP1aLyaE$t6t9hu2.is9tei9lpxi.trtiyceenn.osizoWRz4L1nlEie8/Imw2TW5, i8wHHatA01PneRAdtaSDCtsnuSt,EbohcmziCsazeArplresrRni.icobDelze*.zle, Submersible
YOUR CHOICE Sump Pump Sump Pump ® SAVE
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2200201ML, 002, Versions: CA,DS,FN,NR,NW,SO,TRWith Ace Rewards Card,*
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Limit 1 at this price.
Limit 1 at this price. 2 extension wands22,0c02a01rMnL, o00z2,zVelresi,ons: CA,DS,FN,NR,NW,SO,TR
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Utility Pump, Ace 1/2 HP each 2560282
43756...SALE $74.99 -$5 Sump Pump
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43756...SALE $74.99 -$5 48580 SALE $ WITH ACE
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Utility Pump, Combination Wrenc

43756...SALE $74.99 -$5 SALE $ WITH ACE 2886828

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Impact Driver Right Angle DeWalt® 14 Pc. Attachment or Right Angle
2802098 Titanium Drill Bit Set, Bit Extension
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Combination Wrench Set GearWrench® 20 Pc. Ratcheting - 5S A L E $ WITH ACE
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Page 26 – Yorktown News SPORTS Thursday, February 13, 2020


Huskers’ Lucas stars
in varsity debut

Portante helps Hornets get revenge


Yorktown freshman Olivia Yorktown’s Melissa Severino looks for a teammate.

Lucas scored 10 points in her

varsity debut, 9 in the third

quarter on three treys, in the

Huskers’ 51-32 triumph against

the Hornets on Saturday, Feb. 8.

“ e reason we brought her

up was for exactly what she

did—just to shoot,” Yorktown

coach Brian Mundy said of Lu-

cas. “We were lacking some out-

side shooting so far this season,

and we really needed to make a

move, make an adjustment, just PHOTOS: BRIAN MARSCHHAUSER

to open up our game a little bit, Yorktown’s Emily Ward drives by Lakeland’s Eddie Vivanco.
because teams were starting to

adjust on our inside game. So put them in.” 6 of her team-high 12 points, to

we were hoping maybe this will Yorktown (9-10) led 15-4 at cut the Huskers’ lead to 19-10.

open it up enough for us to get the end of the rst quarter. “Hannah is a tough kid,” said PHOTOS: BRIAN MARSCHHAUSER

some outside looks.” “We knew what we needed Lakeland coach Miranda Man- Lakeland’s Nancy Pagliaroli spots up for three.

Lucas (4 steals, 3 rebounds, 4 to do and we executed our plays gan. “She brings a lot of energy

de ections) said that her team- very well,”said Yorktown’s Ashley and intensity, every time she opening half, all from Zeolla, to “It was a huge win for us,” said

mates were very helpful in setting Zeolla, who scored a game-high steps on the court.” go up 26-10 at halftime. Lakeland senior captain So a

her up for those outside looks. 15 points. “We cut to the basket, Megan Jennings, Nicole “We got a lot of open looks to Portante. “We knew we needed

“My team was really focused we got open looks, especially for Haughney and Nancy Pagliaroli myself, to drive to the basket, and to win and it felt great to do it

on just getting everyone open our guards, our shooters, and we came o the bench to give the our rebounds were there from the on their senior night, since I am

and having the best shots, and got open looks to the basket.” Hornets a spark in that stretch other forwards,” said Zeolla, who also a senior. We knew Yorktown

have them take it,” Lucas said. “It Trailing 19-4 early in the sec- as well, Mangan said. added 7 rebounds and 3 steals. was a great team and we needed

was just my luck that I had the ond quarter, Lakeland sharp- Yorktown answered back by e shooting prowess of Lucas to come out strong in order to

best, open shot, and I happen to shooter Hannah Devane scored scoring the last 7 points of the allowed the Huskers to add to beat them.”

INCOME TAXES their lead by outscoring Lake- e Hornets were led by Por-

land, 16-11, in the third quarter. tante (12 points), Hormazabal

Lakeland’s Sarah Pinkowsky (9 points), and Bri Monte (4

stole the show in the fourth blocks).

quarter, where she scored all 9 of “We played great team de-

her points. fense,” Portante said. “We were

LOCAL TAX PREPARATION EXPERTS FOR OVER 30 YEARS “I am happy for Sarah, she is all able to be in help and crash

the best kid,” Mangan said. “She the inside when the ball was in.

does everything we always ask Bri Monte played amazing de-

of her. She is one of our best fense and held one of their best

shooters, so I was happy she got players to one point. We had

a couple of opportunities at the great communication and were

end of the game, to step up, and tough and that is why we got the

“Tax preparation THOMAS J. LANGTRY, E.A. show that.” win.”
FORMER I.R.S. AGENT Yorktown’s Jesse Barer (9 Ward (7 points), Boyle (6

CHRISTOPHER S. LANGTRY points, 7 rebounds, 5 de ec- points), Lucas (6 points), and
tions, 4 assists), Artesa Gashi Severino (6 points) led Yorktown.
(7 points), Melissa Severino (5 Also, on Feb. 4, Yorktown fell

points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists), to visiting Walter Panas, 53-36,

Lindsay Boyle (3 points), and led by Zeolla (13 points, 10 re-

Emily Ward (2 points, 4 steals), bounds, 2 steals), Severino (7

and Lakeland’s Ava Pagliaro (3 points) and Barer (13 rebounds),

points), Angelina Ameneiros while host Lakeland lost to John

NOW BOOKING TAX APPOINTMENTS! ( rst 2 career-varsity points), Jay-Cross River 56-45, paced by

237 ROUTE 6, 2ND FLOOR Haughney (2 points), Tyler Hormazabal (15 points).
845-628-9300 Hormazabal (2 points), Amanda On Feb. 6, visiting Brewster
[email protected] ¼ MILE FROM OLYMPIC DINER
WWW.LANGTRYTAX.COM OFFICE HOURS: BY APPOINTMENT ONLY Cole (1 point), and Eddie Viv- nipped Lakeland 52-51, as Hor-

anco (1 point), all earned their mazabal (22 points) and Devane

** 20% OFF FOR NEW CLIENTS & REWARD FOR REFERRALS ** way into the box score. (17 points) did the honors, with

Lakeland (5-14) turned the host Somers winning 47-33

Tax Preparation · IRS Representation · Payroll & Sales Tax · Small Business Accounting tables two days later, winning at against Yorktown, which was led

Langtry Tax & Financial is a limited liability company Yorktown on the Huskers’ Se- by Barer (8 points), Zeolla (8

nior Night, 35-30. points) and Gashi (7 points).

Thursday, February 13, 2020 SPORTS Yorktown News – Page 27


Team Israel to play in Rockland County

Tokyo-bound Team Israel will Lakeland graduate
play a few exhibition games in Jonathan de Marte is a
Rockland County as they prepare member of Team Israel
for the 2020 Summer Olympics
( July 24-Aug. 9) FILE PHOTO

e rst game against the New
York Boulders will be played at 7
p.m. Monday, July 13. e next
morning at 11, Team Israel will
face NYPD’s Finest baseball team.
Both games will be played at Pali-
sades Credit Union Park (Pomona,

Team Israel quali ed for the
Summer Olympics by winning a
round-robin tournament against

ve teams from Africa and Europe.
Other qualifying teams are South
Korea and Mexico. Japan, the host,
automatically received a spot. e

nal two spots will be determined
in the spring.

Tickets for the exhibition games
will go on sale on Monday, March
2 ( A portion of
the proceeds will bene t the Israel Lakeland High School graduate,
Baseball Association to help o set Jonathan de Marte, 26, is expected
their Olympic expenses and help to play for Team Israel in Tokyo.
grow the sport of baseball in Israel.

The New York Boulders will host an exhibition game against Team
Israel on July 13.

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Full Service Remodeling Company • Design Services • Cabinetry Distributor
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[email protected]

Page 28 – Yorktown News LEISURE Thursday, February 13, 2020

CLUES ACROSS (abbr.) 55. Kid 13. Autonomic nervous For puzzle solutions, please see
1. Small deer 30. Hand out cards 58. Inland Empire Expanded system
4. Khoikhoi peoples 31. Distinctive Asian Learning Symposium 19. Southern India island
9. South African statesman antelope 59. Engaged in conflict 21. Grab quickly
14. Keyboard key 33. Arabic greeting 60. Former CBS 24. Ancient Mesopotamian
15. Remove 37. Of I sportscaster city
16. A conspicuous 38. Hip hop trio 64. Characterized by unitya 25. With three uneven sides
constellation 39. Meat roll 65. Working-class 26. Football visionary Hunt
17. Data executive 41. One’s mother (Brit.) 66. Corners 27. Primordial matters
18. Retired NASCAR driver 42. __-GYN 67. __ de plume 31. Facing towards the flow
20. Tightens 43. Belgian city 68. Influential French artist of a glacier
22. A picture of the Virgin 44. Plucks 69. “Very” in musical terms 32. “A Delicate Balance”
Mary 46. Leak slowly 70. Financial account writer
23. “The Mission” actor 49. Denotes a particular 34. Emits coherent radiation
Jeremy region CLUES DOWN 35. Commercial
24. Confidently 50. General’s assistant 1. Long, flat abdominal 36. Groups of foot bones
28. More (Spanish) (abbr.) muscles 40. Out of print
29. Sports highlight show 51. Divides 2. Small Eurasian willow 41. Partner to cheese
3. Justified in terms 45. German river
of profitability 47. Concluding speech
4. Required 48. Spanish dish
5. River that starts 52. Prominent California
in Turkey cape Point __
6. Disfigure 53. Any high mountain
7. A way of 54. Ethiopian lake
communicating 56. Mr.
(abbr.) 57. Excessive fluid
8. Leaks slowly accumulation in tissues
9. Shady place 59. Large, flightless bird
under trees 60. Oil industry term (abbr.)
10. Made a speech 61. Something one can
11. Long, angry draw
speech 62. Officers in charge
12. Mortar trough 63. Greek island

To solve a sudoku, the numbers 1 through 9 must fill each row, column and box. Each number can
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apple bk-YORKTOWN NEWS - GYS - 1-21-202.indd 1 1/16/2020 10:54:15 AM

Thursday, February 13, 2020 LEGAL NOTICES Yorktown News – Page 29

PUBLIC NOTICE Underhill Avenue, Yorktown as is practicable in the Town Westchester.SSNY agent designated as agent of the LLC

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE Heights, New York 10598 on Board Room, Town Hall, 363 upon whom process against may upon whom process against it

that a Public Informational Monday, February 24, 2020 at Underhill Avenue, Yorktown be served & shall mail process may be served. SSNY shall mail

Hearing will be held by the 7:00 pm or as soon thereafter as Heights, New York as follows: to Nelson Salazar, 66 Edgewood process to Ekrem Cebel 2368

Planning Board of the Town of possible on the following matter: Rd., Katonah, NY 10536. General Evergreen road, Yorktown, NY

Yorktown in Town Hall, 363 Application of American NEWMAN #01/20 Purpose. 10598. Purpose: any lawful

Underhill Avenue, Yorktown Custom Builders for approval Property Address: 388 LC FORMATION NOTICE purpose.
Heights, New York 10598 on of a building lot created by London Rd. Notice of Formation of LLC FORMATION NOTICE
Monday, February 24, 2020 at deed with submitted plan titled, Section 17.17-3-27

7:00 pm or as soon thereafter as “Subdivision map prepared for is is an application for a Tournade LLC. Art. Of Org. Whitlist LLC,Arts of Org. led

possible on the following matter: Anneke Le el,” prepared by renewal of a special use permit led with SSNY on 12/03/2019. with Sec. of State of NY (SSNY)

Application of Alex Cochran Gabriel E. Senor, P.C., and dated for an accessory apartment. O ce Location: 46 Storm Street, 9/26/2019. Cty: Westchester.

for approval of subdivision with December 1, 2019. Apt. #2F, Tarrytown, NY 10591. SSNY desig. as agent upon whom

submitted plans titled,“650 Pines It is proposed to legalize a DELELLO #02/20 SSNY designated as agent for the process against may be served &

Bridge Road Yorktown, NY,” 20,890 square foot lot in the R1- Property Address: 2906 LLC upon whom process against shall mail process to 37 Pound

3 Sheets, prepared by Ciarcia 20 zone to build a single-family Hickory St. it may be served. SSNY shall Ridge Rd., Bedford, NY 10506.

Engineering, P.C., and last residence facing Gregory Street. Section 27.09-3-3 mail process to: 46 Storm Street, General Purpose.

revised December 5, 2019. is application will also require is is an application for a Apt. #2F, Tarrytown, NY 10591. LLC FORMATION NOTICE

It is proposed to subdivide the approval of Stormwater, proposed addition with a front Purpose:to engage in any and all

an 8.06 acre parcel in the R1- Wetland, and Tree Permits. e yard setback of 27.04’ where 30’ business for which LLCs may be Operation Restoration NY

80 zone into three single family site is located at 387 Granite is required and a combined side formed under the New York LLC LLC,Arts of Org. led with Sec.of

residential lots. e site is located Springs Road, also known as yard setback of 21.51’ where a law. State of NY (SSNY) 10/15/2019.

at 650 Pines Bridge Road, also Section 27.14, Block 1, Lot 74 on minimum of 24’ is required as per LLC FORMATION NOTICE Cty: Westchester. SSNY desig. as
section 300-21 and Appendix A agent upon whom process against
known as Section 70.10, Block 1, the Town of Yorktown Tax Map. of the Town Zoning Code. is
property is located in a R1-10
Lot 29 on the Town of Yorktown e above listed site plan may zone. Notice of Formation of 433 may be served & shall mail process

Tax Map. be viewed on the Town’s website GLYNN #03/20 COMMERCE ST., LLC Art. to BlumbergExcelsior Corporate
Property Address: 2032
e above listed subdivision at http://www.yorktownny. Of Org. led with SSNY on Services, Inc., 16 Court St., 14th
Breton Ct.
plan may be viewed on the org/planning/public-hearings, Section 37.18-2-44 1/21/2020. O ce Location: Fl., Brooklyn, NY 11241. General
is is an application for a
Town’s website at http://www. or in the Yorktown Planning County of Westchester SSNY Purpose.
proposed 2nd oor addition with
y o r k t o w n n y. o r g / p l a n n i n g / Department, located at 1974 a rear yard setback of 21.08’where DONATE YOUR CAR
a minimum of 30’ is required as
public-hearings, or in the Commerce Street, Room 222, per section 300-21 and Appendix Wheels For Wishes
A of the Town Zoning Code. benefiting
Yorktown Planning Department, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598.
is property is located in a R1- Make-A-Wish®
located at 1974 Commerce Street, Please do not hesitate to call the 10 zone. Hudson Valley

Room 222, Yorktown Heights, Planning Department at 914- SORVINO #04/20 * 100% Tax Deductible
Property Address: 415 * Free Vehicle Pickup ANYWHERE
NY 10598. Please do not hesitate 962-6565 with questions or for * We Accept Most Vehicles Running or Not
Spring Dr. * We Also Accept Boats, Motorcycles & RVs
to call the Planning Department more information. Section 48.18-2-41
is is an application to allow
at 914-962-6565 with questions ALL PERSONS
an existing front porch with a
or for more information. INTERESTED in the above front yard setback of 45.58’where
a minimum of 50’ is required as
ALL PERSONS matter may appear before the per section 300-21 and Appendix
A of the Town Zoning Code.
INTERESTED in the above Board in person, by agent, or Call:(914)468-4999
is property is located in a R1-
matter may appear before the attorney and will be heard before 40 zone. * Car Donation Foundation d/b/a Wheels For Wishes. To learn more about our programs or
financial information, call (213) 948-2000 or visit
Board in person, by agent, or any nal determination is made. LLC FORMATION NOTICE

attorney and will be heard before BY ORDER OF THE NHST House LLC, Arts of DENTAL Insurance
Org. led with Sec. of State of
any nal determination is made. PLANNING BOARD OF THE NY (SSNY) 12/2/2019. Cty:

BY ORDER OF THE TOWN OF YORKTOWN, Physicians Mutual Insurance Company

Information Kit
TOWN OF YORKTOWN, RICHARD FON A less expensive way to help
get the dental care you deserve!
CALL 1-855-225-1434

CHAIRPERSON PUBLIC NOTICE Get help paying dental bills and keep more money in
your pocket
GIVEN that a public hearing This is real dental insurance — NOT just a discount plan
PLEASE TAKE NOTICE will be held by the Zoning Visit us online at
that a Public Informational Board of Appeals of the Town You can get coverage before your next checkup
Hearing will be held by the of Yorktown on Thursday,
Planning Board of the Town of February 27, 2020 at 6:30 Don’t wait! Call now and we’ll rush you a FREE MB17-NM003Ec
Yorktown in Town Hall, 363 P.M. or as soon thereafter Information Kit with all the details.

Insurance Policy P150NY

Saving a Life EVERY 11 MINUTES

Did you know? aloneI’m never
Life Alert® is always
Sweethearts who want to keep their relationships running strong know that Valentine’s Day is here for me even when
celebrated each year on February 14. But even the most ardent Valentine’s Day enthusiast might not
know just why this day designed for lovers to express their a ections for one another is celebrated in away from home.
mid-February. According to the Library of Congress, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly why Valentine’s Day
is celebrated on February 14, though the date might have ties to the ancient Roman celebration of One touch of a button Help at Home FIRST AID
Lupercalia. Lupercalia was a spring festival celebrated each year on February 15. e holiday was moved sends help fast, 24/7. FREE! KIT
to February 14 after the spread of Christianity. e Christian faith had several early martyrs named GwPiSth!
Valentine, and each of them were celebrated with a saint day on February 14. But the unique history of ® WHEONRDYOERU!
Valentine’s Day and its association with February 14 as well as its romantic sentiments does not end there. Help On-the-Go
I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!
e Library of Congress also notes that, in the Middle Ages, people believed birds selected their mates
on February 14. As a result, it was not uncommon for lovers to recite prose to one another on this date. Batteries Never Need Charging.

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Page 30 – Yorktown News CLASSIFIEDS Thursday, February 13, 2020

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Thursday, February 13, 2020 BUSINESS & REAL ESTATE Yorktown News – Page 31

Why the Secure Act of 2019 may not make you feel very secure

e passage of the Setting (MEPs) easier to utilize. An open GUEST For example, a $2 million IRA further assess the Secure Act, we
Every Community up for Retire- MEP can help deliver a low-cost CORNER would result in the bene ciary (a are hopeful that there may be
ment Enhancement (SECURE) retirement plan for small business noneligible designated bene ciary) some creative planning solutions
Act of 2019, e ective Jan. 1, owners. ANTHONY J. paying income taxes on $200,000 to this problem. e promulga-
made a number of signi cant ENEA of additional annual income at tion of the regulations by the IRS
changes relevant to IRA’s, 401(K) (f ) An individual can now their income tax rate. While a in the near future should help
s and other quali ed retirement take a quali ed birth or adop- IRA, 401(K) or other quali ed “conduit”trust can still be utilized shed some light on the planning
bene ts. tion distribution of an amount plan over their lifetime. us, if for the bene ciary of one’s IRA, options available.
up to $5,000 from a quali ed one is not married (for example, 401(K), etc for both one’s spouse
However, within the SECURE plan, 401(K) or IRA without any single, divorced and/or widowed) and children, if the child(ren) do Anthony J. Enea is a member of
Act there is one provision that is withdrawal penalty; and and does not have a designated not fall within one of the classes Enea, Scanlan and Sirignano, LLP
causing great angst for individuals bene ciary, (the bene ciary) will of persons de ned as an eligible of White Plains. He focuses his practice
without a surviving spouse or any (g) A 529 plan can be used to no longer be able to stretch the designated bene ciary, they must on wills, trusts, estates and elder law.
other eligible designated bene - pay down student loan debt up distributions from the inherited draw down the entire plan within Mr. Enea is past chair of Elder Law
ciary for their IRA, 410(K), or to $10,000 during the lifetime of IRA, 401(K) during their lifetime 10 years or take a one-time lump and Special Needs Section of the New
other retirement bene ts. a student and pay for certain ap- as stet the bene ciary of a plan sum distribution. York State Bar Association (NYSBA).
prenticeship programs. us, after participants who died before Dec. He is the current chair of the Senior
e most signi cant and posi- a student has graduated, the left- 31 2019. ey must draw down is one change is estimated Lawyer Section of the NYSBA.
tive changes in the SECURE Act over funds in the 529 plan can be the entire IRA, 401(k), etc. within to raise $15.7 billion of tax Mr. Enea is the past president and
are as follows: used to pay student loan debt up 10 years of the plan participants revenue over 10 years, compared founding member of the New York
to $10,000 over the lifetime of death or make the distribution in to a cost of $16.3 billion for all Chapter of the National Academy
(a) e age to commence the student. one lump sum. us, depending the changes implemented by the of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA).
required minimum distributions on the size of the IRA potentially SECURE Act. He is the president of the Westchester
from one’s IRA, 401(K), etc As one can imagine all the incurring signi cant income tax County Bar Foundation and a Past
(April 1 of the following calendar above stated changes to the liability. As previously stated, this will President of the Westchester County
year) is changed from age 70 1/2 rules for IRA’s, 401(K)s and be an area that will create signi - Bar Association. Mr. Enea can be
to age 72 for those who reached other quali ed retirement plan PUZZLE cant angst for those with large reached at 914-948-1500 or at
age 70 1/2 after Dec. 31, 2019. distribution rules will cost the SOLUTIONS retirement plans with bene - [email protected]
federal government billions in tax ciaries who are not an eligible
(b) Contributions can continue revenue. In fact, it is estimated Corresponding to designated bene ciary. As we can
to be made to a traditional IRA that just changing the required Last Week’s
after age 70 1/2 so long as you are minimum distribution age
still working. is allows the rules (RMD)from 70 1/2 to 72 years February 6 Issue
for an IRA to be more closely of age will cost $8.86 billion over
aligned with 401(K) plans and 10 years. APARPR
Roth IRAs.
Not surprisingly Congress
(c) Prior to the enactment of found a way to pay for all of
the SECURE Act if one worked the changes stated above over a
less than 1,000 hours per year, 10-year period by mandating that
they were ineligible to participate distributions from IRAs, 401(k)
in the company’s 401(K) plan. s, and other quali ed plans made
to anyone other than an eligible
e new law requires an em- designated bene ciary, being a
ployer to o er an employee who spouse, minor child, disabled
worked more than 1,000 hours individual, chronically ill person
in one year or 500 hours over two and an individual not more than
consecutive years to plan partici- 10 years younger than the plan
pation. participant; be made within 10
years from the death of the plan
(d) Small business owners can participant.
now receive a tax credit of up to
$5,000 for starting a retirement us, the SECURE Act elimi-
plan. nates the ability of everyone other
than the above de ned eligible
(e) Small business owners will designated bene ciaries from
be able to join together to o er being able to stretch an inherited
de ned contribution retirement
plans. e new law makes the use
of open multiple employer plans


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