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The Katonah-Lewisboro Times 01.02.20

VOL. 2 NO. 30 Visit for the latest news. THURSDAY, JANUARY 2, 2020

resBceudefopradrtanneirms awlith County stresses
volunteer pilots importance of
Census count
tion. Critics said it was intended

STAFF WRITER to intimidate households with im-

BY JESSICA JAFET migrants—even those who are U.S.
Getting your numbers right re- citizens— and could have distorted

ally counts—especially when they the nal count to the detriment of

A “dog person” or just determine how billions in federal all.

about any kind of person dollars are parceled out to vital Because the data can only be

would be touched by the services such as public safety and used to produce statistics, it cannot

mission of A New Chance health care. be shared with immigration or law

Animal Rescue (AN- at’s the message Norma enforcement agencies.

CAR), a nonpro t orga- Drummond hopes folks have in- It’s also about fair representa-

nization based in Bedford ternalized by the time the 2020 tion. Census numbers a ect the

Hills. It was formed in Census gets underway this month. balance of power in states and the

2011 by a mother-daugh- Mandated by the U.S. Constitu- allocation of seats in the House of

ter team who realized that tion, the head count has been con- Representatives. State o cials use

there was ample need to ducted every 10 years since 1790. Census data to redraw the bound-

rescue abandoned and un- Westchester’s commissioner of aries of congressional and state leg-

wanted dogs and a desire planning has been busily drop- islative districts.

by people of all ages in ping in on as many of its 45 towns, Calling them a “distraction,” the

the area to volunteer and villages and cities as possible in a U.S. Supreme Court didn’t buy the

help make a di erence for quest to drive home the impor- Trump administration’s reasons for

these animals. tance of an accurate population including the citizenship question

Sophia Silverman, a poll and so people “know what to and subsequently blocked it. Citi-

graduate of Fox Lane expect.” zenship in general, however, con-

High School, said her PHOTO COURTESY OF PILOTS TO THE RESCUE Drummond recently visited tinues to be a political lightning
family had been taking
Somers, North Salem and Lewis- rod.

in hundreds of foster dogs over the years. At age West Virginia, Kentucky and Louisiana. boro. According to Drummond, the

15, she and her mother Sharon decided to start “We are entirely foster-based,” Silverman said. Drummond has sought to county uses Census data to “make

their own rescue e ort and began welcoming stray e rescued dogs are nurtured and introduced erase any lingering fears related informed decisions every day.”

or surrendered dogs and those from kill shelters SEE ANIMAL RESCUE PAGE 3 to President Trump’s last-minute SEE CENSUS PAGE 3
in such states as North Carolina, South Carolina, bid to include a citizenship ques-

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ine-rs3ctoa0nren-omcot lbioner uccFootnmreesbuesilnteaeintdsio-swsnitiostohenrsoes.tiohcAneorpalootprpeoacrrsiotn,,oorres.
er valid for one (1) PfrreoFedruBeceetnsjSammaaiymn vMpaloreyorfero®mCosltoorreSatmo pstloeraen. dSuobnjeec(t1)tofreaeva3il0a-bmiliitnyu. tOe
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applied toward prior purchases. Retailer reserves the right to terminate, cancel or modify this o er at any time without notice. O er expires NXoXv/.X3X0/X, X20XX20.
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523906014143 523906014136

Nov. 30, 2020.
©2019 Benjamin Moore & Co. Benjamin Moore, Century, and the triangle “M” symbol are registered trademarks licensed to Benjamin Moore & Co. 12/19


ANIMAL RESCUE the fostering period, which lasts about family that sometimes being a supporting mission. Silverman said that the intake of
three to four weeks on average. ey can actor is just as important as being the main the dogs, including elderly dogs and some
FROM PAGE 1 choose a “foster-to-adopt” option, as well. character.” that might require medical care, comes
with a signi cant ongoing cost.
to home life; rst put with a host family “Some of our dogs have never known Even some airplane pilots have joined
and then eventually moved to a permanent kindness, never have lived in a home, never the e ort to save these vulnerable dogs. “Between bedding, transport, leashes,
home. “We place the highest emphasis on have known a warm bed,”Silverman added. collars, food and care, we are talking about
matching our dogs to adoptive families— e nonpro t group Pilots to the Res- upwards of seven- or eight-hundred dol-
we get to know what the families’lives look e bene ts of rescuing dogs are mu- cue, whose volunteer pilots rescue and lars per dog,” she said.
like and then match them to a dog that is tual, said Mary Pat Wachter of Katonah, transport animals, has partnered with AN-
appropriate.” a longtime volunteer whose family has fos- CAR to deliver dogs to our area.When the e operation, however, continues to be
tered multiple dogs. plane lands, the lucky canines are met by a worthwhile labor of love. “Looking at a
All of the approximately 145 dogs that ANCAR volunteers who give each indi- photo, three months after adoption, there
ANCAR takes in each year are tempo- “Fostering allows my family to be a cru- vidual animal a digni ed new lease on life is a light in the dog’s eyes—it is something
rarily housed within a 90-mile radius of cial bridge in making a love connection through fostering and adoption. that was not there before—a softness in
Bedford Hills. ose o ering their homes between dogs and their ‘forever’ families,” their face of a tension that has been re-
receive training support as well as supplies she said. “Of course, it is always hard to e work of the organization is support- leased. It is just the most beautiful thing
and paid medical care for the pet during say goodbye to the dogs when they get ed entirely by private donations and it re- to see.”
adopted, but it is a great reminder for my lies on dedicated volunteers to continue its

CENSUS deliver the o cial count to the and 10 percent of residents have the dubious distinction of being Background checks have to be
president by Dec. 31. some sort of disability. On top of the ninth hardest county in the made, so people should apply as
FROM PAGE 1 that, 8.3 percent are living in pov- state to count. Only 76 percent of soon as possible. Training begins
About 5 percent—most likely erty and might not have access to households submitted responses. in January.
It, municipalities, school dis- those who use post o ce boxes, a computer.
tricts, hospitals, nonpro ts and have rural route addresses, or have Back then, the county just let In February, the bureau will
regular citizens need solid num- been displaced by natural disas- Collectively, these special needs the federal government “do its begin counting people in “group
bers to “apply for grants and to di- ters—will get a form delivered to groups represent about 250,000 thing,” but decided to get proac- quarters” such as prisons, assisted
rect resources where they are most them. people, or 25 percent of the popu- tive after uncovering awed data, living facilities and college dorms.
needed,”she said. lation. Drummond said.
e less than 1 percent who live Students who commute will
Census data is also used to help in very remote areas such as north- e county intends to reach As part of a nationwide ef- have to be logged in at their resi-
resolve local issues and to plan for ern Maine and Alaska will have to out to senior centers and nutrition fort in 2018, the county reviewed dences.
future development. It a ects the be tracked down and surveyed. programs, not only to educate se- housing addresses and found
size of the slice of tax sales pie mu- niors about responding online but 370,000—24,000 more units than In general, barriers to participa-
nicipalities sometimes rely on to If residents haven’t responded what to expect if someone comes were “o cially”accounted for. tion seem to be apathy, concerns
balance their budgets. by mid-April, they can expect to to their door. about data con dentiality and
be visited by a Census taker. “If that doesn’t worry you, it privacy, fear of repercussions and
New York has lost congressio- “ ere are so many scams out worries me,”Drummond said. distrust of government.
nal seats in the past, so it’s impor- e bureau is now allowed to there that a ect our seniors. We
tant that its population is tallied canvass building managers and really want them to be careful, but Some of the units were likely But, Drummond said, many
correctly, Drummond told the neighbors. we want them to respond to the empty, but even if there were only want to know “what’s in it” for
Somers Town Board in Novem- Census,”Drummond said. one person in each of them, that them personally.
ber. “If they’ve been knocking on would have made the “di erence
that door, and nobody answers, ey should always ask for ID in Westchester County being over, When asked what would make
More importantly, she said, cit- they are allowed to ask neighbors and should never give out their or being under, a million people. it worth doing their civic duty,
ing a George Washington Insti- how many people are living in that bank account, credit card or Social they usually mention more money
tute of Policy report, Census data unit,”Drummond said. Security information. at’s huge,”she said. for health care, xing potholes and
is used to determine the distri- e county found that seven bettering their children’s educa-
bution of $880 billion in federal As a last resort, the Census will e county is hoping to estab- tion.
funds each year. use tax forms, food stamps, Med- lish “hubs” in public facilities such municipalities were not comply-
icaid rolls and data from Housing as libraries and to recruit teenage ing with monthly requirements en there are those who are
“Every person that is not and Urban Development, Veter- volunteers to help seniors com- to report things like residential unaware that the Census exists—
counted is a loss of approximately ans Administration, Health and plete the Census online. building permits. like 20-somethings, new immi-
$2,500 a year to local municipali- Human Service, Social Security grants and visiting workers—and
ties and the county,” Drummond Administration and Internal Rev- It will be rolling out a website “You know, there’s basements need to be brought up to speed.
said. “ at means that just 400 enue Service to obtain the count. with “visual aids,” including the and attics. ere’s second oors
people not getting counted is a county’s logo, photos of the actual and rst oors. Whether they’re Getting to the parents through
million-dollars-a year loss.” Census data cannot be shared mailings and versions of the Cen- legal or not, we don’t care, and their kids is one tactic for raising
with any other federal department. sus in Spanish. neither does the Census Bureau,” awareness, Drummond said.
For the rst time, the majority Drummond said.
of Americans won’t be getting a e questions are very basic: Last spring, County Executive Drummond said schools are
Census form in the mail. Instead, name, sex, age, birth date, race, George Latimer formed the Cen- In October, it o ered training being encouraged to weave lessons
95 percent will receive “invita- ethnicity, whether the person is of sus 2020 Complete Count Com- sessions to get the outliers back on about the Census into subjects
tions”to respond to it online. Hispanic, Spanish or Latino heri- mittee. track. such as math and science—much
tage and what his or her relation- like they did with environmental
Letters will be mailed to the ship is to “Person 1,” the owner or “ e mission is very simple— e Census Bureau plans to issues.
public on March 16, April 8 and renter of the home. we want to make sure that if you hire more than 6,200 people to
April 20. reside in Westchester County that knock on doors in Westchester “My child came home from
Drummond has raised concerns you are counted. e potential loss and Putnam. school one day and said, ‘Mom!
Responses also can be submit- over whether seniors and disabled of dollars and representation is Do you know how many water
ted by phone or mail. Residents residents would have the tech sav- what is at stake here,”he said. “ ey are not necessarily 9-to-5 bottles there are in the ocean?’
have until the end of July to re- vy—or equipment—to respond jobs. ey are looking for people
spond. e Census Bureau must electronically. Sixteen percent of During the 2010 Census, to go to people’s homes when they at’s how we learned to recycle;
Westchester’s residents are over 65 Westchester’s population earned are home—nights and weekends,” our kids guilted us into doing it.”
Drummond said.

New Year

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The Staff John Jay High School
responds to vape crisis
JODI WEINBERGER e following is from the Katonah- linked vaping to 1,479 cases of a
Lewisboro School District: mysterious lung disease, nation-
EDITOR: 914-302-5830 wide. At least 33 people had died,
[email protected] By late October, the Centers for including one in New York State.
DiseaseControlandPreventionhad Surveys report that the incidence
BRIAN MARSCHHAUSER of teen vaping continues to rise.
SPORTS EDITOR: 914-302-5628 Officer Secret held a
[email protected] turn in day for vapes. e news prompted O -
cer Frank Secret, John Jay High
Vape: No Questions Asked” kiosk
914-351-2424 JOHN BUCKLEY outside of his o ce in the high
[email protected] school’s main hallway. e idea
Choosing the gained immediate support from
PAUL FORHAN right real estate administrators as a way to actively
914-202-2392 agent matters. support the school’s alcohol and
[email protected] drug prevention policies.
845-621-4049 knows our community. e kiosk was open one day
[email protected] Call me today! only: Friday, November 15. It was
JENNIFER CONNELLY a simple, three-panel display fea-
914-334-6335 JOHN BUCKLEY turing several news articles about
[email protected] Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker the dangers of vaping. In front of
BRUCE HELLER Office: 914.238.3988 it, on the counter, O cer Secret
914-202-2941 Mobile: 914.227.4201 placed a plastic container with a
[email protected] [email protected] crosscut on the cover. e initiative
was communicated through morn-
PRODUCTION TEAM ing announcements. It also spread
TABITHA PEARSON MARSHALL through word of mouth.

PRODUCTION MANAGER “I don’t think any other school
DESIGNER/PHOTOGRAPHER in the area is doing something like
[email protected] this,” said O cer Secret. “I was a
little nervous about it.”
ASST PRODUCTION MANAGER In one day, students dropped in
approximately 20 vapes and two
DESIGNER dozen pods. e following Mon-
[email protected] day, even though the kiosk was
gone, students continued to give
EXECUTIVE TEAM O cer Secret their vapes.
“I gave mine to my friend and
PUBLISHER: 845-208-8151 she dropped mine in for me,” said
[email protected] one student.

SHELLEY KILCOYNE “Some students turned in pods
VP OF SALES: that were dark. ey looked like
they had been re lled,”said O cer
845-621-1116 Secret.“ e kids were scared.”
[email protected]
While students at John Jay High
Deadlines School sign a Code of Conduct at
the beginning of each year which
THE KATONAH-LEWISBORO TIMES states that each school of the Ka-
DEADLINE tonah-Lewisboro School District
is a non-vaping, non-smoking, to-
THE DEADLINE FOR ADVERTISEMENTS bacco-free campus, vaping material
has been found in the high school
AND EDITORIAL SUBMISSIONS IS THE for the last few years. If a student
is found with vaping material, he or
THURSDAY BEFORE THE NEXT she is suspended. However, there are
PUBLICATION DATE. signs that vaping at John Jay High
School may be decreasing. e
FOR MORE INFORMATION, quantity of vaping material found in
CALL JODI WEINBERGER AT the school’s bathrooms is less than
914-302-5830 OR EMAIL last year, reports O cer Secret.
[email protected]
Days after John Jay High
Location School’s “Turn in Your Vape: No
Questions Asked,” a second vape-
BAILEY COURT related death was con rmed in
334 ROUTE 202, UNIT C1S New York State. e school plans
to have another “turn in your vape
SOMERS, NY 10589 day”in the spring.

PUBLISHED WEEKLY BY “In the meantime,” said Princi-
HALSTON MEDIA, LLC pal Steven Siciliano, “students are
encouraged to hand over devices at
©2019 HALSTON MEDIA, LLC any time—no questions asked—to
O cer Secret and families are en- couraged to have conversations at
home about the dangers of vaping.”


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2019: e year in Generation next
review, part I
is column originally tive history is the

These stories are the appeared on Feb. 14, story of the 20th
highlights of the
year in review, but MAN lunar lander su ered a 2019. BRUCE Century. Millenni-
I’m actually pretty sur- OVERBOARD sad blow when the plant THE BLOG als, Gen Zers, and
withered and died its rst Without a their descendants
night as the temperature sense of BRUCE will author whatev-
loss, there APAR er tale this century
prised we viewed them in RICK plunged to minus 170 de-
the rst place. Look them MELÉN grees Celsius on the dark is no sense of life. will tell.
up if you still believe that side of the Moon. I’m not
Upon learning

ction is stranger than sure what the Chinese are earlier this year of ELUSIVE

truth. up to, but if they’re going the passing of my BLESSINGS

to put a factory up there, delivery costs wife Elyse’s 94-year-old father, Dr. It’s woven into the fabric of human

MAN SCREAMING ‘WHY DON’T YOU for my new sneakers are going to literally Leonard “Buddy” Middleman, a existence that children outlive their

DIE?’ AT SPIDER TRIGGERS POLICE skyrocket. And if they intend to grow those sudden realization washed over me. It parents. If that can be called a bless-

RESPONSE weird vegetables that they use in Chinese left me ush, humbled, and endowed ing for the parents, neither my dad

is is the kind of thing that can happen food, like water chestnuts and bamboo with a familial authority that only the nor my wife’s dad were particularly

only in Australia. Apparently the passer-by shoots and “tree ears,” my farm-to-table passage of time and the passing of life blessed in that way.

who heard the commotion didn’t notice restaurant is going to have to move their can bestow. My father lost his eldest son, my

the spider, and I’m guessing that the police table. And I don’t want to say any of this too With my parents long gone, in the brother Stephen, a full quarter-cen-

responded with riot gear, stun guns and a loudly because there is a tree right outside moment that my father-in-law took tury before he himself passed away.

rolled up newspaper. If you are a human my o ce and I don’t want it to hear. his last breath, my life was rede ned. My father-in-law who just passed

and you get “SWATted,” it’s dangerous. But Just like that, in the transitional mo- had lost his son, my wife’s brother

if you are a spider and you get swatted, it’s POLICE SEARCH FOR MOTHER ment of loss, I was transmuted into Marc, eight years ago, and had lost his

game over. Later it was determined that HARASSING COLLEGE WOMEN TO Bruce the Elder, the paterfamilias. grandson, our son Harrison, 16 years

the spider had escalated the situation, so no DATE SON As he and others of the World ago. I remember Buddy muttering

charges were led. e Baltimore Sun reported that a woman War II generation take their nal mournfully, almost incredulously, “a

in her mid-50s was allegedly stalking the bow, awash in our gratitude for their grandparent isn’t supposed to outlive

NEARBY GALAXY IS HURTLING campus of Towson University showing her courage and sacri ces, the Baby his grandson.”

TOWARDS MILKY WAY AND COULD son’s photo to coeds and asking them if Boomer generation is next in line to

WIPE OUT LIFE ON EARTH they’d like to date him. She’ll probably be out dispense the wisdom of our advancing UNNATURAL PROGRESSION

e talk on the streets is that there is a there looking until she comes across another age, while hopefully tamping down Without loss, there can be no life.

Large Magellanic Cloud running around mom with a picture of a daughter she’s trying the impulsive foolishness of our false When the loss is cruelly untimely,

out there and it’s making a bee-line for our to unload. As annoying as this woman may sense of superiority towards younger and totally counter-intuitive, as it is

galaxy, and speci cally, my car. Currently the be, imagine what the son is like if his mom generations. when parents bury children, it throws

Large Magellanic Cloud is about 163,000 would go to these lengths to keep him from the natural progression of generations

light years away, but could get close enough moving back in after he graduates. THE MYTHS OF MEMORIES into dizzying disarray.

to put an end to life as we know it a couple We may never have been called I tacitly accepted a while ago that

billion years sooner than expected. ey said LIGHTSABER DUELING NOW Millennials in our youth, but who’s the mantle of family patriarch one day

the same thing two billion years ago and RECOGNIZED AS COMPETITIVE kidding who? Our coming of age in would fall on my shoulders. Now that

look what happened. I consulted several SPORT IN FRANCE the Fifties and Sixties was no less it has come to pass, I accept it and can

cosmetologists about this and none of them e French Fencing Federation has sanc- fraught with the naivete and angst live with it. Saying goodbye to a par-

seemed too concerned about it. tioned the Star Wars phenomenon in order that attends every next generation of ent is an anticipated milestone on the

to get younger people interested in the sport parents and workers. pathway of life.

FLORIDA MAN SHOVES PIZZA IN DAD’S of fencing. If the French ever recognize We’re arguably not better than any- Saying goodbye to a child is neither

FACE AFTER LEARNING HE HELPED robot battling, South Park trivia, Pokemon body younger; what we are, inargu- an anticipated nor acceptable part of

DELIVER HIM AT BIRTH Go and drone racing, they can host their ably, is older. Quickness by seniors to the natural order of things. It violates

Why this information should in ame own Geek Olympics. May the farce be with criticize our juniors -- through hoary the sacred circle of life that connects

the son so much is one mystery, and why you, but any fencing I do is going to be with generational generalizations -- has parent to child and generation to

this didn’t already happen in Australia is a guy who runs a pawn shop in the Bronx. more to do with envy than it does generation.

another. But I will say that if the dad took with studious analysis of their behav- In summoning the fortitude to

more than 30 minutes to help deliver him, BIRTH CONTROL PILLS LINKED TO ior. Age is supposed to bring wisdom, carry on the legacy of those from who

the birth should be FREE! e bigger ques- FEWER SEVERE KNEE INJURIES IN but it also can bring grumpiness that we came, and who, as pre-ordained,

tion is how come I never get attacked with TEEN GIRLS makes the wisdom unwelcome. have left us, it’s ennobling to remem-

pizza? After the pizza attack maybe some A new study suggests that teenage girls I instinctively harbor utmost regard ber that we also embody and draw

other guy could come along and thrash me who are taking birth control pills are less for those of my father-in-law and my strength from those who came from

with an orange soda, and then somebody likely to injure their knees than those who father George’s generation. ey all us, but left before us, and whose spirit

with dessert could nish me o . It’s a case are not on oral contraception. If you re- entered this world on the cusp of, or will remain before us, to inspire gen-

of assault and pepperoni. ally think I need a joke here you need your in the midst of, e Great Depres- erations yet to be born.

knees examined. sion; they fought their way abroad

CHINA GROWS FIRST PLANT ON THE See you next week for part two of e and at home through the Great War; Bruce Apar is a writer, actor, consultant,

MOON Year In Review! they nanced homes and built careers and community volunteer. He can be

Chongqing University’s experiment to during post-war prosperity, they reached at [email protected]; 914-275-

grow a cotton seedling on board a Chinese Say hello at: [email protected] birthed Baby Boomers. eir collec- 6887.

BRETT FREEMAN, PUBLISHER 2 Letters to the editor and op-ed submissions may be edited. The views
JODI WEINBERGER, EDITOR TRACKS and opinions expressed in letters and op-eds are not necessarily those
TABITHA PEARSON MARSHALL, PRODUCTION MANAGER of Katonah-Lewisboro Times or its affiliates. Submissions must include a
BAILEY COURT, 334 ROUTE 202, UNIT C1S phone number and address for verification. Not all letters and op-eds will
Editorial Office: (914) 302-5830 SOMERS, NY 10589 necessarily be published. Letters and op-eds which cannot be verified or
Fax: 914-617-8508 are anonymous will not be published. Please send your submissions to
[email protected] ©2018 HALSTON MEDIA, LLC
the editor by e-mail at [email protected]
For more information, call the editor at (914) 302-5830


Jump in!

While many adults Year’s Day. Members gather on READING, navia for centuries. I read about run back outside and jump into
spend the rst day of the beach in Coney Island every WRITING & a group of employees in Sweden the frozen water again. e
the New Year sleeping Sunday from November through CHOCOLATE who take a little eld trip on Finns swear by it!
late and lounging on the couch April to swim in the chilly At- KIM their lunch break once a week to
with the remote in hand, why lantic Ocean. KOVACH jump into icy water. ere is a e idea of the Polar Bear
not start your new year o with video, of course, “Sweden o ce Plunge appeals to me. e
a splash? ose hardy members You can spot the hardy Polar and a release agreement before workers relax with lunchtime icy requirements are very low—no
of the Coney Island Polar Bear Bear Club regulars as they spread participating in a swim. Winter swim” showing these co-workers swimming experience neces-
Club have the right attitude. out in a circle on the beach and weather swimming can pose a jumping into the cold water with sary, no age limits. You just have
Promptly at one o’clock in the do jumping jacks and stretches risk of hypothermia. But fans snow covering the ground. to walk or run across the cold,
afternoon on New Year’s Day, before making a bee-line into of cold water swimming believe damp sand and splash into the
the annual Polar Bear Plunge is the icy water. Members often that this activity promotes good In Finland, a favorite activity icy waters lapping the Brooklyn
a 116 year tradition with a dip in wear o cial Polar Bear Club circulation, releases endorphins is to jump into a rectangular hole shoreline. en everyone shrieks
the frigid waters of the Atlantic hats, sweatshirts and robes. Some and reduces stress. cut into the ice on a frozen lake and laughs and runs back to grab
Ocean. intrepid souls form another circle or take a plunge into the icy wa- their dry clothing and talk to the
in the choppy waters and whoop Fans of cold water swimming ters of the Baltic Sea. e idea is TV reporters. Sounds fun!
e New Year’s Day Polar Bear it up. Others swim around for a around the world have been to immerse yourself in the chilly
Plunge is open to everyone. ere few minutes before running back plunging themselves into icy water for 30 seconds to one Kim Kovach set her own personal
is no fee to participate but dona- on shore to grab dry towels and lakes across Europe and Scandi- minute to release endorphins, get record when she was in eighth
tions are encouraged for di erent sweat shirts. out and run into a sauna to warm grade by jumping into the cold
charities. e 2020 plunge will up and sweat and release toxins backyard pool on anksgiving
raise funds to create a more sus- I read that the Polar Bear Club from your body, and nally to Day.
tainable and cleaner environment requires guests to sign a waiver
in the Coney Island community
as well as for programming for Happily
Coney Island youth. Ever
Considered the oldest winter
bathing club in the United States,
the Coney Island Polar Bear Club
was founded in 1903 by Bernarr
MacFadden, a wealthy publisher
and health and tness enthusiast.
Mr. MacFadden believed that a
dip in the icy water was bene -
cial for stamina and the immune
system. Club members swim
all winter long, not just on New

The Fountain of Youth may Schedule your consultation today.
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to meet

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Brian Porco, Austin, 1, Dina, Santa Can
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Here comes Santa Claus Judith Le Gall, Jeff
Peck, Brian Porco,
ndy Mike Peck, Marc and
ne Ava Baiocco, Santa
Claus, Madeline
r Fire Department DePonto, 7, Rebecca
e Run on Dec. 15.
panied Santa Claus Zibell, and Dominic
unity handing out Mangone
eeting children. Santa and Judith
Le Gall waving to
people as they
drive by.
Jacob, Ryan, 4, Alison,
Kierstin Grice, 6, Santa and
Brian Porco

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Track, boys swimming seasons underway

Indoor Track 28) Lauren Mullaney (junior), 3:48.31
31) Amelia Walsh (junior), 3:51.78
Sunday, Dec. 15 (Armory Track, New York City) GIRLS 1,500 METERS
8) Lily O’Shoughnessy (freshman), 5:32.43
BOYS 55 METERS 19) Quade Albert (junior), 5:44.22
10) Andrew Lucassen (sophomore), 7.10 29) Lauren Mullaney (junior), 6:04.60
55) Aidan Oates (sophomore), 7.60 35) Arcadia Ohnemus (junior), 6:09.50
69) John Quiban (junior), 7.70 40) Madeleine Panek (junior), 6:32.06
75) Tyler Leitner (senior), 7.80 47) Abigail Andrew (freshman), 6:47.36
94) David Zimiles (senior), 7.96 49) Juliana Percoco (freshman), 6:55.16
99) Keran Heneghan (junior), 8.04
107) Nathan Kim (sophomore), 8.14 GIRLS 3,200 METERS
111) Samuel Teich (senior), 8.18 3) Clodagh McGroary (senior), 10:47.71
114) Hudson Siegel (sophomore), 8.23 4) Kelsey Crawford (junior), 10:53.61
118) Michael Fassert (senior), 8.29
128) Sam Knowlton (sophomore), 8.54 GIRLS 55 METER HURDLES
139) Aidan McGroary (senior), 8.65 17) Sara Rabinowitz (senior), 11.26
147) William Beame (sophomore), 8.91 20) Olivia Flynn (sophomore), 11.47
21) Alyson Parker (sophomore), 11.50
BOYS 300 METERS 28) Jennifer Termine (sophomore), 12.48
22) Tyler Leitner (senior), 42.39 29) Oona Kerrigan (senior), 13.43
29) Jasper Meikie (senior), 43.37
38) John Quiban (junior), 43.92 GIRLS 4X800 RELAY
77) Oscar Demarco (junior), 48.12 2) John Jay, 10:16.14
82) Troy Panek (sophomore), 48.63
92) Seth Samuelson (junior), 49.47 GIRLS SHOT PUT NOVICE
95) Zachary Melnick (junior), 49.82 15) Sophia Boubli (junior), 21-04.75
99) John-Paul Ryser (junior), 50.12 24) Lainie Ingersoll (junior), 18-06.50
109) Anthony Mupo (sophomore), 51.63 31) Maeve McGroary (sophomore), 16-09.25
112) omas Norris (junior), 52.71 33) Casey Richman (junior), 16-07.25
125) Phillip Valvano (junior), 57.67 36) Krista Longo (sophomore), 15-10.50
38) So a DiLeo (sophomore), 15-08.50
14) Bryce Walsh (junior), 1:37.85 Boys Swimming (0-4)
39) Oscar Demarco (junior), 1:50.56
53) Zachary Melnick (junior), 2:02.51 EDGEMONT DOBBS FERRY IRVINGTON 86
54) omas Norris (junior), 2:03.37 John Jay’s Kitanya Brown opened the season with a
strong fourth-place performance in the 600-meter race at Wednesday, Dec. 4
BOYS 1,000 METERS the Armory Track in New York City. • 200 Medley Relay: John Jay 2, Ardsley 12
3) Max Goodman (sophomore), 2:48.10 • 200 Freestyle: John Jay 3, Ardley 13
31) Peter Gressler (junior), 3:11.71 BOYS TRIPLE JUMP • 200 Individual Medley: John Jay 5, Ardsley 11
38) Evan More eld (junior), 3:16.69 6) James Meikle (senior), 36-01.75 • 50 Freestyle: John Jay 3, Ardsley 13
45) Jack Mango (senior), 3:23.23 • 100 Butter y: John Jay 3, Ardsley 13
54) Jackson Andrew (junior), 3:36.79 GIRLS 55 METERS • 100 Freestyle: John Jay 5, Ardsley 11
65) Kyle Beame (sophomore), 3:50.59 18) Abigail Scinicariello (junior), 8.19 • 500 Freestyle: John Jay 3, Ardsley 13
62) Sara Rabinowitz (senior), 8.78 • 200 Freestyle Relay: John Jay 8, Ardsley 0
BOYS 1,600 METERS 96) Oona Kerrigan (senior), 9.07 • 100 Backstroke: John Jay 13, Ardsley 0
7) Samuel Posner (senior), 4:44.56 132) Caitlyn Kerrigan (freshman), 9.39 • 100 Breaststroke: John Jay 10, Ardsley 0
10) Max Goodman (sophomore), 4:53.00 • 400 Freestyle Relay: John Jay 12, Ardsley 0
11) Connor Jenkins (senior), 4:53.25 GIRLS 300 METERS
22) Liam Tuohy (sophomore), 5:10.32 32) Olivia Flynn (sophomore), 50.27 JOHN JAY BREWSTER 38 VS. BYRAM HILLS
26) David Lovejoy (senior), 5:19.67 79) Molly Hickey (junior), 54.72 BRIARCLIFF PLEASANTVILLE VALHALLA
43) Bryce Baird-Taylor (senior), 5:35.59 WESTLAKE 51
87) Kyle Wol (sophomore), 6:43.40 GIRLS 600 METERS
4) Kitanya Brown (senior), 1:46.55 Tuesday, Dec. 9
BOYS 3,200 METERS 10) Abigail Scinicariello (junior), 1:52.10 John Jay-Brewster su ered their second-straight de-
22) Logan Aceste (junior), 12:02.17 28) Alyson Parker (sophomore), 2:02.95 feat, despite rst-place nishes from senior Kevin Crane
47) Jennifer Termine (sophomore), 2:14.95 in the 200 Freestyle (2:01.01) and 200 Individual Med-
BOYS 4X400 RELAY ley (2:18.01).
8) John Jay, 4:02.62 GIRLS 1,000 METERS • 200 Medley Relay: John Jay 3, Byram Hills 7
2) Morgan Johnson (senior), 3:15.00 • 200 Freestyle: John Jay 4, Byram Hills 4
BOYS SHOT PUT NOVICE 4) Samantha Comstock (senior), 3:21.87 • 200 Individual Medley: John Jay 4, Byram Hills 4
11) Sawyer Reed (junior), 29-10.50 5) Liliana Carey (junior), 3:23.09 • 50 Freestyle: John Jay 1, Byram Hills 7
7) Lily O’Shoughnessy (freshman), 3:25.41 • 100 Butter y: John Jay 3, Byram Hills 5
BOYS LONG JUMP 22) Sophie Guo (junior), 3:43.51 • 100 Freestyle: John Jay 3, Byram Hills 5
4) Andrew Lucassen (sophomore), 19-07.25 • 500 Freestyle: John Jay 3, Byram Hills 5
13) James Meikle (senior), 17-05.75 • 200 Freestyle Relay: John Jay 3, Byram Hills 7
19) Jasper Meikle (senior), 16-08.50 • 100 Backstroke: John Jay 1, Byram Hills 7



Spotlighting the Spotlight

Student-athletes from John Jay love paper comes in the they were in elemen- what would it be and why?
bagels, hate Facebook, and really want All tied at 20 percent, the most popu-
to y. mail to see who we MARSH tary school or earlier,
pro led that week. MADNESS which is a testament lar answers were ying, teleportation,
How do I know these things? Because to the local youth super-speed and time travel.
they told us, of course! Perhaps my
Some other answers were telekinesis
Top athletes and team captains have favorite question we BRIAN sports leagues. and endurance.
been pro led in these pages nearly every MARSCHHAUSER
week since this paper’s inception. ask is: “If you could If you’re a teen What is your favorite place to eat in
We ask them how they prepare in have one superpower, who loves a sport but
practice and execute on game day. We At 35 percent, Empire Bagels (in
ask them about role models and be- what would it be has never played it, Cross River) is the favorite place to eat
ing leaders. We ask them about where for John Jay athletes. at was followed
they’ve been and where they’re going. and why?” I recently don’t lose hope. Some by the Reading Room (18 percent) and
Tengda (12 percent), both in Katonah.
We also ask them about music, food started to notice that many student- star athletes didn’t begin playing middle
and superpowers. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or
athletes answered “teleportation.” I was school or high school. Snapchat?
Usually, our interviews with student-
athletes are reserved for the post-game. skeptical at rst. Wouldn’t you want What do you plan to study in college? Facebook was popular when I was in
We ask them about the goals/points they high school, but almost no teenager uses
scored or stopped. en we usually wrap super-human strength or the ability to More than one-third (38 percent) said it anymore—as evidenced by the ZERO
it up with a nice quote about a hard- students who listed it as their favorite
fought win or tough defeat. leap tall buildings in a single bound? they want to study business in college. social media app.

I’ve been watching sports for a long But the more I thought about it, the Coming in second at 13 percent was Snapchat was the clear-cut winner,
time. Long enough to know that answers earning 53 percent of the vote. Insta-
to these questions rarely deviate (because more I realized how incredible it would physical therapy. gram got 33 percent and Twitter got just
when they do, it becomes news). Ath- 13 percent.
letes, even high school ones, are guarded be to snap my ngers and be in Hawaii. Another 25 percent said they were
against saying anything too controversial BE SPOTLIGHTED IN A FUTURE ISSUE
when discussing their team’s perfor- Or maybe I’ll go to Italy on my lunch undecided, which would have also de- We’re always looking for more ath-
mance, and rightfully so.
break or Disneyland after work. Who scribed me as a high schooler. I am envi- letes to spotlight in this section. Parents,
But the Athlete Spotlight is an invita- players or coaches can email suggestions
tion to show o their personality, which needs a Trader Joe’s in Katonah-Lew- ous of kids who know where they want to [email protected]
is why I’ve always loved this section. Please include the athlete’s grade, the
isboro when you could do your grocery to go, set their coordinates, and travel to sports they play, their accomplishments,
Many parents and players have told and contact information. If you have
me it’s also their favorite thing we do. shopping at a Trader Joe’s in Malibu? their destination undeterred. I still shrug suggestions for questions, send those
over, too.
ey ip to the sports section when their I like the way these kids think. when people ask me what I want to do

is led me down a rabbit hole of with my career.

reviewing the last 12 months of Athlete What music do you listen to before a

Spotlights, which should come as no game?

surprise given my analytical nature. I Have you ever seen an athlete wear-

started making a tally of how student- ing headphones in pre-game warmups

athletes answered certain questions to and wondered what they’re listening to?

see what trends I could spot. Well, wonder no more! Many of them

When did you start playing (your (45 percent) are listening to rap. e

sport)? only other repeating answers were pop

A whopping 89 percent of the and “throwback,” which to them prob-

students-athletes we interviewed said ably means songs from the early 2000s.

they started playing their sport when If you could have one superpower,

I’ve got a lot of ambition. That’s why



Now accepting middle and upper school applications.

To learn more:


Harvey’s top student-athletes announced ROUNDUP

PHOTO COURTESY OF THE HARVEY SCHOOL Senior Joshua Shapiro, of Armonk, and junior Keegan FROM PAGE 10
Glucksman, of Bedford Corners, have been named as the top
Harvey School Athletic Director Ray Lacen poses with the school’s student-athletes of the fall term by Harvey School’s athletics • 100 Breaststroke: John Jay 7,
top student-athletes of the fall term: Keegan Glucksman, of department. Byram Hills 0
Bedford Corners, and Joshua Shapiro, of Armonk.
Shapiro, a Cavalier Scholar with a 4.28 GPA in the fall term, • 400 Freestyle Relay: John Jay
was also an outstanding player on Harvey’s varsity soccer team, 6, Byram Hills 0

nishing second in both goals scored and total points. JOHN JAY BREWSTER 66 VS.
Varsity soccer coach Alex Morse o ered high praise for Sha- NORTH ROCKLAND 88
piro, saying, “Josh did not just make solid contributions on the
eld, but he provided excellent leadership to the younger players,” ursday, Dec. 11
Coach Morse said. “ is award con rms that Josh is committed Sophomore Michael O’Donnell
to giving his best in everything he does,” the coach added. earned a rst-place nish in the 100
Glucksman was named the top female student-athlete. e Butter y (1:00.59) for John Jay.
captain and No. 1 female runner on the varsity cross coun- • 200 Medley Relay: John Jay 4,
try team, Glucksman earned a Cavalier Scholar certi cate for North Rockland 10
achieving a GPA of 4.10 for the fall term. She was a Hudson • 200 Freestyle: John Jay 2,
Valley Athletic League All-League selection who recorded her North Rockland 13
best nish in the 5K this year with a time of 23:28. In prais- • 200 Individual Medley: John
ing the work ethic of his runner, coach Christian Coscio said, Jay 5, North Rockland 11
“Keegan gave 100 percent to cross country this season, and her • 50 Freestyle: John Jay 3, North
outstanding academic achievement shows that she strives for Rockland 13
excellence in the classroom, too.” • Diving: John Jay 0, North
Athletic Director Ray Lacen said Shapiro and Glucksman Rockland 10
“epitomize what de nes a top student-athlete and have served • 100 Butter y: John Jay 6,
as excellent role models for their younger teammates.” North Rockland 9
• 100 Freestyle: John Jay 5,
"Service was fast, courteous • 500 Freestyle: John Jay 5,
and professional." Mark C North Rockland 11
• 200 Freestyle Relay: John Jay
In business for over 35 years! 8, North Rockland 0
• 100 Backstroke: John Jay 10,
(845) 628-2580 North Rockland 0
• 100 Breaststroke: John Jay 10,
• 400 Freestyle Relay: John Jay
OFFER EXPIRES 1/31/20 8, North Rockland 0

Coupon must be present at time of service. Cannot be combined with any other offer. JOHN JAY BREWSTER 43 VS.
$250 OFF HEATINNGEWSYSTEMSchedule now & SAVE!EXTREENCCDCDLChChAhuHICleUCn1heTedebhcshceEacHje0CkeupkcenkEAcsMekcEAaPk&&tckTLloRmtfloTIHtAA&uIeOAFophNefiddrEpEleRrenlljjiGreuu&regPAEtaOmrssperlagBfeTttelTroSteaceasBBYisIunctaYns&NouetregaruntilruSictmtrGnnpACseraeTCegrioolre-ErasnCtECs*UsFoqlCtisouiOrrMbulspusonttroierSlnampseretsmTFsicio*lt!teneirosnEntxst!ra ARLINGTON 49
John Jay fell to 0-4 by dropping
Coupon must be present at time of service. Cannot be combined with any other offer. a close meet to Arlington on
ursday, Dec. 18.

e team picked up rst-place
nishes in the 200 Medley Relay
(Kieran Brown/Kevin Crane/
Michael O’Donnell/Josh Hiller,
1:52.58), 200 Freestyle (Kieran
Brown, 2:00.10), 200 Individual
Medley (Kevin Crane, 2:09.34), 100
Butter y (Kieran Brown, 1:00.66),
500 Freestyle (Josh Hiller, 5:37.36),
100 Breaststroke (Kevin Crane,
1:11.76) and 400 Freestyle Relay
(Michael O’Donnell/Kieran Brown/
Josh Hiller/Kevin Crane, 3:40.79).
• 200 Medley Relay: John Jay 6,
Arlington 4
• 200 Freestyle: John Jay 4,
Arlington 4
• 200 Individual Medley: John
Jay 4, Arlington 4
• 50 Freestyle: John Jay 1,
Arlington 7
• 100 Butter y: John Jay 4,
Arlington 4
• 100 Freestyle: John Jay 3,
Arlington 5
• 500 Freestyle: John Jay 4,
Arlington 4
• 200 Freestyle Relay: John Jay
3, Arlington 6
• 100 Backstroke: John Jay 3,
Arlington 5
• 100 Breaststroke: John Jay 5,
Arlington 3
• 400 Freestyle Relay: John Jay
6, Arlington 3

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