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Westchester Wellness August 2018

VOL. 1. NO. 3 AUGUST 2018
VOL. 1. NO.2 AUGUST 2018

BackStco hool!

PLUS: and Play—Your prescription for fun is inside! bTtihopineossacatlnanydodssuortrrouibcot krmoasf!itno

• Get Out
• Discover the Science of Sleep
• Experience the Healing Power of Halotherapy
•And more!

Repair. Restore.
Renew Your Skin

Highly-advanced laser skin treatments
at Tranquility Spa can turn back years
of accumulated sun damage, and age
signifiers such as brown spots,
red areas, fine lines, wrinkles
and spider veins.

For 26 years, people have been
visiting Tranquility Spa, often
from considerable distances, to
relax their bodies, focus their minds
and drift away from the stresses of
daily life – to enjoy massages, body
treatments, facials and spa parties for
special events. And now Tranquility brings
you Laser Skin Treatments by Cutera®.

Call Tranquility, schedule a complimentary
consultation, and see your skin
in a whole new light!

917 Central Park Avenue • Scarsdale • 914.713.0066 •
Monday-Friday 9AM-9PM • Saturday/Sunday 9-6PM • Ample Free Parking


After helping hundreds of Westchester & Putnam County herniated disc sufferers eliminate their pain, Local Doctor explains how…

“Back Pain Technology
Cheats Mother Nature
Helps Herniated Discs Heal Naturally… In As Little As 25 Minutes!”

At Last! Westchester County Doctor Offers Technology That Doesn’t Just End SEVERE Pain From Herniated Discs,
But Helps Your Body To Start Rebuilding Them… As Fast As Humanly Possible!
BBEeSstTPPaArtRT : You can check it all out for FREE if you like!

There is no doubt… technology has When you have a herniated disc, com- And check this out: Treatments are For that reason, Dr. Donath does a com- Why Limited To 17?
made all of our lives better… and easier. pressive forces cause your spinal bones to pleasant and simple. All you have to do is plete examination on every potential pa-
come together… basically squashing your lie on your back, listen to your favorite tient and only accepts you if he feels you Dr. Donath has limited the number he
Just about every miraculous medical disc. The space in between your bones de- music, read a magazine… or… take a nap! are most likely to get the pain relief and will accept right now to 17 because he
cure and comfort of modern living can be creases and the soft, jello-like disc material The wonderful technology does everything outcome you are looking for. does not believe patients should wait and
attributed to amazing breakthroughs in leaks out. while you simply RELAX the pain away! they should also get the quality personal
technology. Dr. Donath’s Special Deal For You! attention they deserve.
This disc material that leaks out is To sum up NSSD: Because the economy is so bad and Dr.
Heck, laser eye surgery can give people called a herniated disc and can cause se- • For most patients it is 100% pain- Donath wants to help you if possible, he is When you go for your free visit, I’m
who are almost as blind as a bat perfect vere pain, numbness and tingling in your less… offering the first 17 people who respond to sure you will see how unique and pleas-
20/20 vision. How amazing is that? neck, back, arms or legs when the hernia- this article a free consultation and NSSD ant the experience is. It’s nice to be
tion pushes into and “pinches” a nerve. in fact many patients actually fall qualification examination. treated like a person and not a number
That’s why it’s no surprise that technol- asleep during treatment! And if you qualify for NSSD treatments, or based on insurance coverage. It’s
ogy might be able to solve your back and So it makes sense, if you could slightly pull Dr. Donath will also give you one treatment also nice to know exactly what’s causing
neck pain from herniated/bulging discs or the spinal bones apart… that would open up • Works fast! Most patients get relief for FREE! And if you do not qualify, Dr. your pain and how to relieve it as fast as
sciatica…for good. the space, take the pressure off the disc, the after a handful of treatments – Donath will help you find the best option possible. Dr. Donath’s favorite cases are
disc off the nerve and solve the problem. for you. the one’s that were able to cancel back
Here is why: Back and neck pain can be Right? But the only problem is… how do you some after the very first! That’s why, if you suffer with pain from surgery after only a handful of treat-
devastating. And nothing is worse than do that? For years and years, doctors have • Is non-invasive so it does not have a herniated/bulging disc or sciatica you ments.
going to doctor after doctor… trying treat- been trying to do it with traction. the dangerous risks of surgery! should call 914-259-8104 right now. When
ment after treatment… spending money • Gets to the root cause of the prob- April answers the phone, simply tell her Dr. Donath also loves when a herniated
you can’t afford… and still suffering in But traction has been proven ineffective lem and helps it heal naturally! you would like your free non-surgical disc patient that is in excruciating pain and
pain. That’s why… and often very painful. Why? Isn’t modern technology wonderful? spinal decompression consultation and ex- thinks they’ve tried everything, lays down
And wouldn’t you like to… amination. If you are one of the first 17, on the NSSD table, takes a 25 minute
I bet you would love to instantly end Traction doesn’t work because when you Give This Great Technology A Try… she will schedule you within the next few nap… and… wakes up with all their pain
your pain… without any risk what-so- have a herniated or bulging disc, the area is days. If you are in a lot of pain or already GONE!
ever… and have it never come back for injured and when you try to move, your mus- For Free? scheduled for surgery, tell April and she
the rest of your life? cles go into spasm. Spasm is your body’s If you would, there’s great news. There will be sure to get you in immediately. Just imagine how it would feel to have
way of trying to protect you from causing fur- is a Doctor located at 222 Westchester Maybe even today.
Well, that might NOT be so easy. But, ther injury. That’s why traction hurts so much. Ave. Suite 405 in White Plains who has all your pain finally gone.
what if there was a wonderful advance- As soon as the traction starts… your muscles invested hundreds of thousands of dollars On right: Herniated disc with spinal
ment in technology that, with a handful of overprotect the area and spasm. in this wonderful technology and has been bones “squished” together. Imagine going to bed and being able to
simple, non-invasive treatments, could treating herniated/bulging disc and sciatica Center: NSSD slightly pulls the spinal
possibly have you out of pain and on your But the good news is: Now there is patients with incredible success. bones apart, opens up the disc space and sleep the entire night through…
way to healing naturally? technology that out-smarts your body’s His name is Dr. Jonathan Donath DC, allows herniated material to move back
natural spasm reaction. In other words: It MS and he is so excited about the results into the disc. … and waking up refreshed and ener-
Better yet, what if this technology could fools mother nature! he’s been getting, he would like to share it Left: Herniated material completely back
possibly heal your herniated/bulging discs with as many pain sufferers as possible. in center of disc allows the disc to heal gized… ready to take on the brand new
(instead of cutting it out like surgery) so This technology is called non-surgical naturally.
you have the best chance to live pain-free spinal decompression (NSSD) and here’s But There Is A Catch… day – without the pain and stiffness that
and do all the things you want and love to how it works… There’s always a catch... isn’t there? Your consultation and examination
do? Even though this technology has helped a should take about 60 minutes. During this has been terrorizing you.
NSSD is very different from plain trac- majority of the patients Dr. Donath has time you can get all of your questiones an- And imagine finally knowing you
And what if this technology was: tion because it has advanced computer tech- treated… it is not a wonder cure and it swered in a warm and friendly environment.
nology that actually senses your spinal does not help everyone. You will know exactly what’s causing your have the solution to your herniated disc
3 FDA cleared! muscles. When it starts to gently pull, it im- pain and the best possible way to solve it. pain.
mediately knows when your muscles start On the right: healthy disc. Dr. Donath will explain to you all your possible
3 Proven safe and effective! to contract and it stops pulling. As soon as Center: Herniated disc with soft disc options along with his recomendations so Well, you may not have to just “imagine”
your muscles relax, it starts pulling again. material leaking out. you can make the best choice for YOU. anymore… because… NSSD might start
3 Allows your herniated discs to On the left: Herniated disc material relieving your pain… in just 25 minutes!
heal naturally without the risky and The amazing thing is: the computer compressing or “pinching” nerve.
dangerous side effects of surgery! senses your muscles contraction so So, if you’d like to see if you qualify and
early… you don’t even feel what is going give this amazing technology a try for
3 Relieves pain fast… in some cases on. Which means you never feel any pain! free… give April a call at 914-259-8104
in as little as 25 minutes! In fact, the only thing most patients feel right now. Why wait one more day in pain
is… RELIEF!!! when the solution may be one quick phone
Well, guess what? There is such tech- call away? Call now before someone else
nology and there is a very good chance it But the best part is: NSSD is able to gets your free spot.
can help you… like it has already helps gently separate your spinal bones which,
thousands of herniated/bulging disc and in many cases, actually sucks the herni- One More Thing It’s Important…
sciatica sufferers all around the country… ated disc material back into the disc where Ever since getting this wonderful
it belongs! This takes away your pain and technology, Dr. Donath’s office has been
No Matter How Bad Your Pain Is, How allows your herniated and bulging discs to flooded with calls. For that reason, if
Long You’ve Been Suffering heal naturally! when you call, the lines are busy or you
go to voice mail… just keep calling back.
Or How Many Other Treatments And The possibility of living pain-free is well
Doctors Have Failed You! worth the time and effort it may take
you to get through and schedule your
Don’t laugh. It’s really true. Here’s appointment. 914-259-8104




Listen to your Thyroid Happy Staycation!
EDITOR: [email protected]
What is your body telling you? Enjoy a vacation at home. GABRIELLE BILIK

6 18 MANAGING EDITOR: 914-302-5236
[email protected]
Knuckle Cracking Smart TV Apps
Move over, Netflix!
7 914-205-4183
21 [email protected]
Meet The Wizard
It’s mosquito season.Watch out! of Water 914-202-2941
[email protected]
8 Larry Koffer, Club Fit Swim Instructor.
Get Out And Play 22 914-351-2424
[email protected]
Have fun this summer! Breathe Easy PAUL FORHAN
10 Halotherapy for good health. [email protected]
Acne Treatments 25 845-621-4049
[email protected]
11 Summer Cocktails JENNIFER CONNELLY
The Science of Sleep Delicious cocktail recipes. [email protected]

How your Zs can boost your brain. 27 PRODUCTION TEAM
12 Estate Planning
Benefits of What you need to know. DESIGNER/PHOTOGRAPHER
Moderate Exercise [email protected]
Radiofrequency Therapy
Get your teeth ready for Deadlines
Avoiding Postmenopausal Symptoms. the school year!


[email protected].

(ISSN 2330-1627)

824 ROUTE 6, SUITE 4

334 ROUTE 202, UNIT C1S
SOMERS, NY 10589



Listen to Your Thyroid

BY LINDA LONGERGAN nails and weight gain can also occur. Regulation of metabolism
CONTRIBUTING COLUMNIST is also affected. The foods we choose to eat and the amount of
physical activity we engage in play an important role in thyroid
Reoccurring storms caused metabolism.
many of my clients to be
placed in a tempting situa- After listening, I assured my client that making small chang-
tion. The winter was endless! When es in her diet should make her feel better. I shared with her the
we thought winter was over, we were importance of eating whole, real, nutrient-dense foods. Artificial
slammed with a tornado. As a result, sweeteners may disrupt hormone levels and have a negative im-
many clients on a quest to follow a pact on the endocrine system. I indicated a diet with no fat or the
healthy eating regime succumbed to wrong fats may weaken the immune system and possibly con-
grabbing convenient, sweet, high- tribute to a lack of energy. I told her to avoid fake fats, because
fat alternatives. these fats can contribute to poor healing and malfunction in the
hormone system. Natural foods such as extra virgin olive oil and
Recently, a particular client was a variety of nuts and seeds may be a better choice. Lastly, I shared
LINDA LONERGAN referred to me by her physician be- how protein ingested in adequate amounts is essential for produc-
ing thyroid hormones. I also told her eating a complete protein at
cause her labs showed a high blood each meal, containing all of the amino acids, was vital to feeling
sugar level coupled with possible abnormal thyroid levels. In ad- better, sustaining energy and losing weight.
dition, she had gained a great deal of weight in a short period
of time. She stated, “I am tired all the time. I attempt to read a I designed a plan specifically tailored to meet her individual
bedtime story to my children and fall asleep while reading. Trying needs. She seemed eager to try something that required no pills,
to stay awake, and to make myself feel good, I hunt for something shakes or meal replacements. What it required for her to attain
sweet, delectable and creamy. Every morning I think my brain is success was to be mindful of her selection of whole, nutrient-
in a fog. I’ll go upstairs looking for something, forget what it was dense foods whenever possible.
that I was looking for and come back downstairs again. No clue
of why I went upstairs in the first place. I’m only 40 years old and A month later she came in to see me and was anxious to tell me
I need a nap! Even when I take a short nap, I never feel refreshed how much better she felt. She had so much energy, she started a
when I wake up. I try to exercise, but between taking care of the walking program with her kids after school. She stated the temp-
kids, household duties and other responsibilities, the time needed tation for junk food was much less. She showed me how her nails
to exercise effectively becomes nearly impossible.” had strengthened and skin was clear. Added to all of these chang-
es, she lost 11 pounds. She exclaimed, “ I love how I feel! I feel
We have a general idea of what causes high blood sugar levels, better than I have felt in years. No more scoops of cookie dough
but what exactly is a thyroid level? Studies show how this small for me! I’m hitting the beach in a new bathing suit!”
butterfly-shaped gland plays a big part in the function of many
organs including the heart, brain, skin, pancreas and kidneys. It Linda Lonergan is a senior clinical nutritionist in private practice
utilizes the iodine found in the bloodstream to produce thyroid for 21 years working with people of all ages with most nutritional
hormones. When these hormones become unbalanced, the thy- disorders. Also new TV host and producer to show “Welcome to
roid gland can dysfunction and cause many side effects such as Wellness.” You may call or email her for a private appointment at
blood sugar abnormalities and lack of energy. Thinning hair, weak or 914-522-0729.



Knuckle Cracking: Carolyn Winuk, PT, SSF, TCR is a
Fact vs Fiction practicing physical therapist, an ISSA
certified Specialist in Senior Fitness
BY CAROLYN WINUK, PT, SSF, TCR ful rubbing of joint surfaces together. Based and a Tai Chi for Rehabilitation
instructor. An active member of
CONTRIBUTING COLUMNIST on that assumption, it is understandable that the American Physical Therapy
Association, Ms. Winuk is currently
the conclusion drawn was that repeated fric- pursuing her doctorate in physical
therapy. Since moving to Mahopac
When it comes to knuckle cracking, it tion would contribute to the cartilage erosion in 1998, Ms. Winuk has served on the
Board of Trustees of the Mahopac
seems as if most people fall into one of two regularly found in arthritic joints. Medical Public Library, and has been a member
of the Mahopac Central School
categories: those who crack, and those who studies conducted as early as 1911 identi ed District’s Health and Wellness Council
for over a decade. The former owner/
cringe when they hear the crack. Without the presence of a bubble or a cavity within founder of Moms In Motion Physical
Therapy, PC, a women’s health
hesitation, I can say that I am a cringer, and the joint at the time of cracking, responsible physical therapy practice, Ms. Winuk
now devotes her time to providing
admit to prescient visions of gnarled hands for the noise produced, but without revealing physical therapy services for older
adults in long term care and assisted
for my children each and every time they un- a direct link to an in ammatory joint change. living environments.

leash a cacophony of sound from their own Additional research conducted in 1947, 1971 ies did reveal, however, was that chronic and
repetitive knuckle cracking may lead to a re-
knuckles. In fact, I can still hear my mother’s, and again in 2015 using real time MRI duction in grip strength, ligamentous injury
and/or a propensity to swelling of the joints.
grandmother’s and great aunt’s voices, all technology, further, and more speci cally, On a positive note, similar research has also
pointed toward a temporary increased range
telling me that cracking my knuckles will detailed the “how” and “why” we hear a pop, of motion in a joint after it has been cracked.

lead to arthritis and permanent deformity. without providing signi cant clari cation as Let’s face it … our joints can be noisy. ey
pop, click, snap, crunch, crack and grind. But
Wondering if there was really any truth to to whether or not those forces are destructive not every noise denotes impending damage.
So what to conclude about the relationship
this old wives’ tale, I set about on a knuckle to the integrity of the joint. ese studies did, between knuckle cracking and joint impair-
ment? Robert l. Swezey, MD, and Stuart E.
cracking, fact- nding mission. however, demonstrate that the characteristic Swezey, authors of a 1975 study entitled “ e
Consequences of Habitual Knuckle Crack-
Ask anyone who habitually cracks their sound we hear upon cracking our knuckles ing,” perhaps summarized it best when they
deduced that “the chief morbid consequence
knuckles about why they do it, and they will emanates from powerful forces acting within of knuckle cracking would appear to be its
annoying e ect on the observer.”
most likely tell you that it provides either the lubricating uid of the stretched joint

physical or stress relief. How then, could capsule, not its bony surfaces. roughout

something so soothing and assuaging trans- the years, others have examined the relation-

late into something potentially harmful over ship between knuckle cracking and arthritis.

time? At a loss for answers from colleagues, One such observational study looked at se-

I searched published medical research, and lective cracking of some knuckles and not

discovered some interesting information to others within the same individual, while

help crack this mystery wide open. another followed habitual, lifetime knuckle

For many years, the characteristic “pop” crackers. Both studies revealed no signi cant

associated with cracking one’s knuckles was di erence in the presence of arthritic and/or

commonly thought by many health profes- deformed joints between cracked and non-

sionals and others to be produced by the force- cracked knuckles. What some of these stud-


Protect yourself from
ticks and mosquitoes

BY DR. RAJESH GUPTA When you come back indoors: LNIEGWHT
GUEST WRITER • Take a bath or shower as soon
as you can—this increases the LASER & ELECTROLYSIS
August brings many op- odds that you’ll wash off or spot SKIN REJUVENATION
portunities for outdoor ticks that may be crawling on you. TATTOO REMOVAL
activities. From camping • Inspect your gear and wash
and hiking to playing tag in the your clothes with hot water, fol- 914-241-3114
backyard, kids and adults alike lowed by a tumble in a hot dryer 120 Kisco Ave
can enjoy the warm weather. is also important according to Suite S
Make sure your family takes the the CDC. Mt. Kisco, NY
following precautions to avoid • Conduct a full body check
missing outdoor fun due to mos- for ticks, specifically in the fol- Patricia McMann
quito and tick bites. lowing areas: in and around hair,
ears, underarms, inside belly but-
Before you go outside: ton, between legs and the backs
• Use bug repellent on your of knees. [email protected]
skin and clothing. If you do find a tick, remove it
• The CDC recommends immediately. The easiest way to
wearing an EPA-registered in- remove a tick is by grasping the
sect repellent that contains ac- tick’s head. Pull firmly but gently
tive ingredients such as DEET to remove from skin.
or picaridin. Following these guidelines as
• Wear long-sleeved shirts, best as you can will help prevent
long pants and socks to cover tick and mosquito bites. It’s very
your skin. important to be aware of any
• Also tuck your pants into bites you or family receives after
your socks to reduce the odds being outside.
that a tick will crawl up your If you happen to get sick and
pant leg. suspect that a mosquito or tick is
• If you’re going into a brushy the culprit, see your doctor im-
area or the woods, wear repellent mediately. And remember AFC
that contains 20 percent or more Urgent Care (in the BJ’s Plaza)
DEET, picaridin, or IR3535 on is open 8 a.m.-8 p.m. Monday-
exposed skin. Friday, and 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Sat-
• Mosquitoes breed in stag- urday-Sunday. No appointment
nant water, so clean up toys and is ever needed; there is always
other items outside that may be someone available to help.
collecting water.
• Close gaps in your windows, Dr. Rajesh Gupta is the medical
walls, doors and screens to help director at AFC Urgent Care
keep mosquitoes from getting Yorktown.
into your house.



BY KIM KOVACH Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 4pm. and moon above and whisper a few thoughts

CONTRIBUTING COLUMNIST At Wilkens Fruit Farm, also in Yorktown of gratitude. Boost the fun factor and set up

Heights, you can pick your own peaches and the telescope that’s been gathering dust in the

We wait all year for summer (remem- nectarines in mid-late August. Check out their attic. Or grab a pair of binoculars and appreci-
ber shoveling snow and zero-degree farm market, bakery and winery tastings, too. ate these precious days and nights of summer.
temperatures?) and then complain
about the heat and humidity. Don’t stay in- Feeling playful? Try a round of miniature Summer fun is all around us. Act like a big
golf at Brookside Mini Golf in Yonkers or kid, have fun outside and enjoy summer to the

doors and let the summer days slide by. Think Saxon Woods Mini Golf in White Plains. fullest!

back to your childhood summers – riding There’s still plenty of daylight left. Boost the

bikes, making freezer pops, running through fun factor and head to the toy store. Buy a Kim Kovach

the sprinkler on the lawn, and chasing fireflies Frisbee, a badminton set and an adult-sized teaches

before bed time. Get outside and act like a kid jump rope for some outdoor fun in the back- fiction and

this month! yard. Purchase a pogo stick to add variety to non-fiction

August is the perfect time to eat breakfast your outdoor workouts. (My personal best is writing classes

outdoors. Bring your cereal and coffee out on 600 pogo jumps in a row, hands-free!) for adults

the deck, patio or back steps and listen to the As evening approaches, invite a few friends and creative

birds greeting the new day. (Can you identify over, light those tiki torches and fire up the grill writing classes

the birdsong of the cardinals, robins and blue to serve dinner outdoors. Dining al fresco adds for children

jays?) Wiggle your toes in the morning dew a relaxing vibe and permission to eat with your and teens.The

on the grass. Boost the fun factor and pick up fingers and make a mess. Corn on the cob, veg- author of six

donuts and a cup of coffee and drive to a local gie kebobs and cool slices of watermelon will fiction books,

beach,lake or reservoir to enjoy breakfast by the hit the spot on a hot summer night. Kim discovers KIM KOVACH

water.Relax and revel in the sound of the waves After dinner, slather yourself in insect repel- new ways

lapping at the shore. Watch the boats sail by lant and sit back and relax in a lounge chair. to boost the fun factor while walking, hiking,

and listen to the seagulls squawking overhead Observe the twinkling fireflies and listen to gardening and writing outside. Please visit her

along the banks of the Hudson River. the sounds of the crickets. Gaze up at the stars website at

Walking and hiking trails abound through-

out Westchester County.Lace up those hiking

boots and try Rockefeller State Park Preserve

or Ward Pound Ridge Reservation or Croton

Gorge Park. Boost the fun factor and explore

the trails on horseback at Twin Lakes County

Park in Eastchester.

Feeling energetic? Invite a friend and rent

a canoe or kayak and work those arm mus-

cles on a warm summer afternoon. You can

rent kayaks and canoes on the weekends at

Wampus Pond Park in Armonk. At Hudson

River Recreation, you can rent kayaks, canoes

or stand-up paddle boards seven days a week

from noon to 5pm. Visit one of their three

locations at Croton Point Park, Croton River

and Tarrytown Lake and get out on the water.

Don’t forget to bring sunscreen and a water-

proof camera. Boost the fun factor and enjoy

a leisurely cruise up the Hudson River.Trinity

Cruises in Peekskill offers one-hour boat trips

with spectacular views.

Feeling hungry? Head to a weekend farm-

er’s market to purchase August produce at the

peak of freshness. There are farmer’s markets

across Westchester County brimming with

red ripe tomatoes, salad greens, zucchini, fresh

cheeses, baked goodies, honey and local treats.

Boost the fun factor and pick your own fruits

and vegetables. At Hilltop Hanover Farm in

Yorktown Heights, August is prime time to

pick squash, peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, cu-

cumbers, leafy greens, herbs, and flowers on


By Andrew J. Cavaliere, CLTC A
Are you looking for additional life insurance coverage…? Would you like to be able to k
purchase up to $3,000,000 of permanent life insurance with no medical underwriting…?
Sounds too good to be true…? Well it is not, provided you already have coverage in

Many clients today want more life insurance to protect their families and their business
interests, but do not want to go through the inconvenience of the full medical underwriting
process. This process can include a lengthy application, full financial disclosure, blood &
urine screening, a paramedical exam, an EKG exam, a DMV report, an MIB report and
the release of all medical records. Some clients just do not have the time or the interest
to go through this process… others are just plain scared of needles...! Either way, this
protocol which can take many months to complete can be avoided.

The Rapid App program is offered by Guardian Life Insurance Company, one of the a
highest rated carriers in the industry. The carrier will match up to 2X the death benefit n
of any existing life insurance policy that you have purchased in the last (4) years. The
application process is extremely simple and policies are issued in weeks rather than

Both Whole Life and Universal Life insurance policies are offered by Guardian. It is
important to note that clients must be between the ages of 20-60 and must have been
approved standard or better. In addition, Disability Waiver of Premium is available. The
Disability Waiver of Premium rider, when attached to an eligible life insurance policy,
helps you continue your policy’s coverage during disability. It does so by waiving the
premiums on a policy when the insured has suffered from a debilitating disability that has
lasted for at least six months.

What are the eligibility criteria? E
> Insurance policies must be fully underwritten within the last four (4) years. p
> Program is open to individuals with life insurance policies from an approved carrier list of 99 companies. e
> Policy must not have been issued as a result of reinsurance. r
> Risk class must be standard or better with no flat extras. t
> Insured must be between the ages of 20 and 60.
> Existing policies must be placed and in force.
> New contract cannot replace existing policy.

You are never going to be any younger or any healthier than you are right now. If you have purchased life
insurance recently and feel you need more, do not delay. The Rapid App program is one of the easiest ways to
secure permanent life insurance coverage with one of the best carriers in the world. See the carrier’s ratings:

A.M Best A ++
Moody’s Aa2
Fitch AA+
Comdex 98 out of 1001

For more information about Premium Financed Retirement plans, please call Andrew J. Cavaliere, CLTC at 914-682-2190 or toll
free at 877-676-9900. Andrew is certified in Long-Term Care (CLTC) from the Corporation for Long-Term Care Certification, Inc.
Andrew is a member in good standing of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), which is the premier Association of financial
professionals nationally. Andrew’s offices are located at 50 Main Street, White Plains, NY 10606 and at 263 Tresser Blvd, 9th
Floor, Stamford, CT 06901.

1 Guardian Life ratings as of 12-31-2017. The Comdex gives the average percentile ranking of this company in relation to all
other companies that have been rated by the rating services. The Comdex is the percentage of companies that are rated lower
than this company.


Some Acne Treatments
‘Suck’ – Literally

Aesthetician Jayme Bashian with Simply Posh Aesthetic Spa, a Division
of Advanced Dermatology PC, O ers tips on Advanced Acne erapy

Some acne treatments “suck” light to be “a safe and e ective duction of sebum and skin cells,
– literally. at’s why they modality” for treating mild-to- which block skin pores, in ame

are seemingly proving so moderate acne conditions. and swell skin follicles and pro-

successful, says medical aestheti- She concurs with dermatolo- mote growth of bacteria that

cian, Jayme Bashian, who is us- gists who advise that medical produce their own in ammatory

ing an advanced treatment sys- devices like eraClear™ should substances. e immune reaction gravate the condition.

tem that combines suction with not be considered a front-line to the bacteria leads to the all- · Wash your face at least twice

broadband light therapy to treat treatment for acne, since proper too-familiar acne bumps and red daily – more if you sweat – but

a common skin condition a ect- care and cleansing of skin at splotches on the skin. avoid scrubbing, which only ir-

ing some 17 million Americans, home and use of over-the-coun- Scientists indicate no “magic ritates the skin.

including 85 percent of young ter or prescribed creams, lotions bullet” is currently available for · Don’t pop pimples. at could

people between 12 and 24 years and ointments oftentimes clears treating acne, because the condi- cause scarring or infection.

of age. Called the eraClear™ up the condition. tion has many variants and can · Use makeup, skin or hair

Acne System, which has been “But, patience is not necessar- require more than a single thera- products labelled noncomedo-

developed by the eravant Cor- ily a virtue for those who must peutic approach. New therapies, genic (“not clogging pores”).

poration, the technology literally endure the dis guring appear- however, may be on the horizon. · Regularly wash sheets, pil-

suctions the skin to unclog its ance that acne gives to the skin, Patients not diagnosed with lowcases and other items in con-

pores, removing the oily, waxy and topical skin medications serious acne, but with skin un- tact with your acne.

substance – sebum -- produced take time to work,” says Bashian. responsive to more standard “Finally, if you’re not getting

by the sebaceous glands, and “Acne can a ect a person’s self- treatments, may be candidates desired results from your own

then applies intense light to kill image and social con dence.” for eraClear™, Bashian says. home care, contact a dermatolo-

the acne bacteria and limit fur- In fact, authors of a study pub- Although this device has not gist to determine next best steps,”

ther production of sebum, says lished earlier this year (2018) in undergone signi cant study yet Bashian says.

Bashian, who directs the Simply e British Journal of Derma- to determine its long-term e ec-

Posh Aesthetic Spa. e Spa is a tology found that acne patients tiveness, “clinical results to date Jayme Bashian is director and lead

division of New York- and New had a signi cantly higher risk have so far been exciting. Many medical aesthetician for the Simply

Jersey-based Advanced Derma- of developing major depression, patients are seeing obvious im- Posh Aesthetic Spa, a division of

tology PC and the Center for particularly within the rst year provements in their skin after Advanced Dermatology PC and

Laser and Cosmetic Surgery. following an acne diagnosis. only a few treatments,”she relates. the Center for Laser and Cosmetic

“It’s a one-two punch. Rid the Acne is considered a complex Some patients may require as Surgery. She is board-certi ed in

skin of the sebum and then elim- disorder, characterized by forma- many as four-to-six treatments, aesthetics.

inate the bacteria,” she states. tion of blackheads, whiteheads, though, before desired results are Advanced Dermatology P.C. and

Experts point to “a surpris- pimples, papules and pustules on obtained. the Center for Laser and Cosmetic

ing lack of research” supporting the skin, especially on the face and Meanwhile, Bashian o ers Surgery (New York & New Jersey)

claims of the long-term e cacy neck. Hormonal changes – like these tips for managing acne at is one of the leading dermatology

of acne treatment devices that those that occur during puberty or home: centers in the nation, o ering highly

have come to market in recent before a woman’s menstrual cycle · Treat acne early -- as soon as experienced physicians in the elds

years. Bashian says at least one – are usually to blame for the con- it develops. of cosmetic and laser dermatology as

study, published in the Journal dition, according to the American · Stick with an anti-acne prod- well as plastic surgery and state-of-

of Drugs in Dermatology, has Academy of Dermatology. uct; give it time – a month or the-art medical technologies. www.

found the combination of suc- Shifts in hormones can upset more – to work. Switching prod-

tion and “mid-infrared” laser skin biology, causing an overpro- ucts every few days may only ag-

Autumn AlClomIenAncdlJuoinsUisvFeor Yoga RetreatA Weekend Immersion WHAT’S INCLUDED
• Eco-Friendly Accommodations • Journaling
transformation THEABwEaAkeUnTYYoOurFSTpHiriEt &ADNoIRuOrishNYDoAuCrKBoSdTyAITMEiPnAd RK
• Daily Yoga + Meditation • On Site Nutritionist
• Farm to Table Meals • The Beauty
2 Coulter Road • Bakers Mills, NY 12811
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Better Sleep Can Prevent Cognitive Decline

Psychiatrist and Sleep Expert Dr. Alex Dimitriu O ers Tips on Sleep and Brain Health

Sleep is as important to our ning to understand this cleansing novel therapeutic program for re- them to 30 minutes; don’t nap af-
health as good nutrition and process – called the glymphatic sys- ducing mild cognitive impairment ter 3:00pm.
regular exercise. Not get- tem – but it appears that the more based on the idea that clinical trials
ting enough sleep is detrimental waste that’s littering the brain, the in pursuit of a “magic bullet” drug · Keep your room cooler than
during the day. Use a fan or

to daytime functioning – to our easier it is for degenerative diseases have yielded little but that a com- noise machine to mask distract-

mood, energy, concentration and to take hold. Among these waste bination of therapies that address ing sounds. Try room-darkening

reaction time – and over the long products is beta-amyloid, the toxic multiple targets in the underlying shades if morning light wakes you

term, it contributes to obesity and protein best known for its presence pathology of Alzheimer’s might too early.

the risk of serious illness. But ac- in the brains of people with Al- have an additive or synergistic ef- · Take about 30 minutes to

cording to psychiatrist and sleep zheimer’s disease. e glymphatic fect. e program included life style wind down before going to bed.

specialist Dr. Alex Dimitriu, sleep- system, which becomes less e - changes, including sleep optimiza- Do something relaxing, like read-

less nights have implications well cient as we age, does its work while tion, as well as a regimen of medi- ing or listening to quiet music. If

beyond making you sleepy the we sleep, raising the possibility that cation and supplements designed you can’t fall asleep after 20 min-

next day. “Some of the most ex- better sleep can improve the pro- to optimize metabolic factors im- utes, do something relaxing for 20

citing research in sleep science is cesses that ush beta-amyloid and plicated in Alzheimer’s, correct minutes, or until you feel sleepy.

studying the e ects of sleep on the other toxins from the brain. imbalances, reduce beta-amyloid, · Sleeping on your side, partic-

brain and what happens when you Older adults with demen- and more.“ e study was small but ularly on your left side, may im-

deprive your brain of restorative tia su er sleep disturbances that showed impressive results,”says Dr. prove circulation while you sleep.

sleep,” he says. “New research sug- have generally been considered a Dimitriu. “Clearly this combina- · Don’t use a computer, tablet

gests that sleeping less than seven consequence of diseases such as tion approach shows promise.” or smart phone right before going

to eight hours a night can be linked Alzheimer’s. Now researchers are to bed! e light from the screen

to memory loss, cognitive decline, looking into whether sleep prob- IMPROVING SLEEP stimulates the brain and makes it

and even Alzheimer’s disease.” lems might themselves be a risk Everyone has trouble falling hard to fall asleep.

factor for cognitive decline, de- asleep occasionally. For most of “We’ve long known that sleep

OUR BRAINS DON’T SLEEP mentia, and Alzheimer’s. In a re- the millions of Americans who is important for overall health and

WHEN WE DO. cent study funded by the National regularly struggle to get to sleep especially for brain function,” Dr.

During waking hours, the brain Institutes of Health, it was found or stay asleep, improving sleep Dimitriu concludes. “Now, as we

is bombarded with more stimuli that losing just one night of sleep habits can restore a restful night’s uncover the mechanisms at work,

than it can process. When we go led to an immediate increase in sleep. Dr. Dimitriu makes these we have the opportunity to make

to sleep, the brain goes to work, beta-amyloid in the brain. ese recommendations: great strides in preventing and

making order out of chaos and beta-amyloid proteins clump to- · Don’t eat a heavy meal or drink treating cognitive decline and de-

archiving memories for later re- gether to form the amyloid plaques a lot of liquid close to bedtime. generative disease.”

trieval. It does this by strength- that impair communication be- Reduce or eliminate stimulants

ening critical neural connections, tween neurons and are a hallmark such as ca eine and nicotine

discarding unimportant ones, and of Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Dimi- during the day and alcohol in Alex Dimitriu, MD, is double

solidifying new memories. triu notes: “While previous studies the evening. board-certi ed in psychiatry

“We’ve all noticed, and research have shown that sleep deprivation · Exercise regularly – but early and sleep medicine and is the

has con rmed that ‘sleeping on it’ elevates the level of beta-amyloid in the day, not within several founder of the Menlo Park

helps us recall a newly learned task,” proteins in the brains of mice, this hours of bedtime. Psychiatry and Sleep Medicine

says Dr. Dimitriu. “ is explains is one of the rst to show that · Stick to a sleep schedule, Center in Menlo Park, CA.

why people su ering memory de - sleep may play an important role going to bed and waking at the

cits can recall a name from forty in clearing beta-amyloid in the same time each day, including

years ago but not what they had for human brain. is is an important weekends. Avoid naps or limit

lunch yesterday. eir brains have step in helping us understand the

become less e cient at making pathology of Alzheimer’s and po- Tea is good for your Heart & great for
your Soul. We carry Organic & over
new connections and storing new tentially how to prevent it.” 100 other varieties of Loose-Leaf Tea.

memories. Better sleep may im-

prove this key brain function.” REVERSING COGNITIVE

As with every organ in the body DECLINE Take 15% off
that converts fuel into energy, the “We are seeing more and more your first
brain produces waste that accu- evidence that sleep plays a critical
mulates during waking hours and role in maintaining brain function

is cleared out while we sleep. ere as we age,” Dr. Dimitriu continues.

is more space between brain cells “ e question of reversing cogni- Promo-Code
while we’re asleep, making it easier tive decline by improving sleep is MY-15
for cerebrospinal uid to ush out another interesting avenue for in-
toxins. Researchers are just begin- vestigation.” A 2014 study tested a


Limited exercise
proving healthy

after all

Orthopaedic surgeon Dr.Kevin Plancher with
Plancher Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine Offers

weekend warriors tips to avoid injury

An end-of-the-week-only ity in general — even if limited to “Many injuries occur as a result warriors “can up the exercise ante”
approach to exercise and weekends — has a major impact of sudden increases in activity or ab- during their normally busy week
sports may be healthy after on reducing incidence of disease normal movements before the body by spending a few minutes each
has been properly conditioned,” Dr. day doing some stretching – either
all,provided the “weekend warrior” and improving a person’s longevity. Plancher says. in the office or at home, climbing
stairs rather than riding the elevator
prepares properly, doesn’t overdo it But, he warns that exercise Meanwhile, “don’t believe the and occasionally swapping a cafete-
‘no pain-no gain’ adage. If you feel ria or restaurant seat for a brief walk
and uses the right equipment. gains can be washed out by injury pain, your body is telling you some- at the lunch hour.
thing is not right, and you need to
That’s the word from orthopae- unless weekend-workout enthusi- stop whatever you are doing,” says “Avoid sitting for long periods of
Dr. Plancher, who treats common time.Take a break; get up and move
dic surgeon, Kevin D. Plancher, asts take the necessary precautions sports injuries, such as Achilles ten- about.Regular engagement of mus-
donitis, ACL tendon tears, rotator cles and joints is not only healthy,
M.D., M.P.H., a leading sports to minimize risk, such as “warm- cuff and other shoulder problems, it can help reduce the incidence of
ankle sprains, shin splints and stress injury when participating in a sport
medicine specialist and clinical ing up muscles,tendons and joints fractures, hamstring and groin pulls, or a workout regimen on the week-
knee injuries and lateral epicondy- end,”he says.
professor of orthopaedics at Al- before engaging in strenuous ac- litis, or “tennis elbow,” caused by
repetitive motion. While some soreness in areas
bert Einstein College of Medicine tivity; wearing the proper gear, of the body not fully accustomed
Dr. Plancher’s comments fol- to strenuous activity is normal for
in New York. He says recent stud- including the correct shoes; and low the 2017 release of two major weekend warriors, ongoing pain
studies indicating the connection in a joint, limb or tendon is not
ies have shown how physical activ- knowing personal limits. between physical activity – even and should not be dismissed, Dr.
though it is somewhat limited – and Plancher emphasizes.
Step By Step a significantly lower mortality rate.
Reading Instruction “If you have serious pain that
One-to-One Tutoring In the March 2017 “JAMA In- does not respond to rest and home
ternal Medicine,” researchers re- treatment, see unusual bruising or
We use a multisensory port that the “weekend warrior” discoloration of the skin in a painful
reading approach, (Wilson approach to exercise, characterized area, or cannot put weight on a leg,
Fundations and Orton-Gillingham) by one or two weekly sessions of ankle or foot,contact your physician
to focus on: Shari Suss, Founder “moderate or vigorously intensive immediately,”Dr. Plancher says.
physical activity, may be sufficient
• Decoding strategies MA in Teaching/ to reduce risks for all-cause, cardio- Of course, the best medicine is
Special Ed Certified vascular disease and cancer mortal- no medicine at all. To avoid exer-
ity, regardless of adherence to pre- cise-related injury, especially if one’s
• Phonemic awareness vailing physical activity guidelines,” activity is limited to weekends, Dr.
which recommend regular exercise Plancher offers these tips.
• Phonics throughout the week.
In addition to proper warm-up
• Sight words Authors of another 2017 pub- before exercise:
lished report – this one in the
• Fluency “Journal of the American Geriatrics • Maintain a healthy weight level.
Society” – state that physical inac- For example, research indicates that
• Vocabulary tivity, often called a “sitting disease,” the rising rate of obesity among
is linked to more than 3 million individuals under age 65 is related
• Comprehension Schedule your deaths worldwide annually. to an increase in knee-replacement
• Spelling FREE Consultation Now! surgeries.
Dr. Plancher says that weekend
Our office provides your child with a quiet, rich, SEE PLANCHER PAGE 13
nurturing environment, free from distractions.


Parkside Corner Shopping Center
3565 Crompond Road, Suite 201 Cortlandt Manor, 10567


A Little RF May Go a Long Way
in Relieving Vaginal Issues

OB/GYN Dr. John oppil with River Place OB/GYN O ers Tips
for Avoiding Postmenopausal Symptoms

Does your special area feel a Dr. oppil, of River Place e University of Texas ness, burning sensation and ir-
little di erent? For wom- Ob/Gyn in Austin, TX, is us- Southwestern Medical Cen- ritation. Forty percent of those
en struggling with vagi- ing an RF system developed ter is answering that call. It has with symptoms said the prob-
nal issues in their postpartum or by Viveve Medical Inc. to treat been recruiting 100 patients to lems a ected them emotionally,

postmenopausal phase,a touch of vaginal-related issues. An earlier continue evaluating the e cacy and fully a third indicated their

radiofrequency (RF) energy may clinical study, published in 2017 of radiofrequency, as well as the lifestyle was impacted. Yet, most

be all that’s needed – and just in the Journal of Sexual Medi- hybrid fractional laser, another troubling,he says,was the 33 per-

what the doctor ordered. cine, indicates the device’s e ec- nonsurgical device, for treating cent of symptomatic women who

Considered a “trendy catch- tiveness in treating vaginal laxity vulvovaginal symptoms and vagi- reported not having seen a gyne-

all” term by some health profes- through stimulation of the body’s nal laxity. cologist in at least two years prior

sionals, “vaginal rejuvenation” natural production of collagen Dr. oppil, meanwhile, to the survey.

refers to a host of female health and formation of elastin ber. strongly encourages women Reconstructive surgery may

issues, ranging from vulvovaginal “ e additional collagen can with vulvovaginal problems to be advised for women requiring

problems to vaginal laxity, sexual improve vaginal tone, increase seek the advice of gynecologists. more extensive rejuvenation to

dysfunction, prolapse (collapse vaginal lubrication and promote at’s because problems with a improve pelvic and vaginal func-

of the vaginal walls), pelvic- oor heightened vaginal sensitivity, woman’s external genital area, tion. Dr. oppil, however, and

troubles and even the aesthetic thereby enhancing sexual inti- called the vulva, are often linked his counterparts in the Ameri-

look of the vulva. Many of the macy,” Dr. oppil explains. “Ra- to other pelvic troubles, including can College of Obstetricians

problems are due to vaginal child- diofrequency also appears to po- prolapse, urinary urgency and in- and Gynecologist remain cau-

birth, which stretches the vagina tentially correct urinary leakage.” continence, he says. tious about the value of cosmetic

and causes laxity, and the onset of A second clinical study – this “Unlike other physicians, such vaginal surgery,which is intended

menopause when estrogen levels one examining the Viveve device’s as plastic surgeons and derma- simply to change the aesthetics of

decline, triggering vaginal atro- safety and e cacy in women tologists, the gynecologist spe- the vaginal anatomy – not correct

phy – a thinning, drying out and who experience diminished sex- cializes in the female anatomy, any functional problems.

in ammation of the vaginal walls. ual function after childbirth -- is treating problems of the pelvic

“Nonsurgical approaches to scheduled to start soon (in 2018). oor. He or she can conduct the John oppil, MD, leads River

vaginal rejuvenation still repre- Authors of research published necessary examination of the Place Obstetrics and Gynecology

sent an ‘evolving eld’ of medi- earlier this year (2018) conclude pelvic area and consult with the in Austin,Texas. A board-certi ed

cine, but application of radiofre- that, based on “clinical experi- patient about next best steps,” he obstetrician-gynecologist and a

quency (RF) to resolve problems ence,”non-surgical, energy-based emphasizes. Fellow of the American College of

involving vaginal dryness and options, such as RF and laser Dr. oppil refers to numbers Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Dr.

irritation, vaginal laxity, pain dur- therapy, seemingly serve as ef- in a recent survey by the North oppil also is an assistant professor

ing intercourse and even urinary fective treatment approaches for American Menopause Society. at Texas A&M University College

incontinence is so far proving patients with “mild-to-moderate” Fifty-one percent of the 358 of Medicine and the president

successful in patients,”saysTexas- medical issues, but that “more ro- postmenopausal respondents elect of the Texas Association of

based obstetrician-gynecologist bust” studies of these devices are indicated they experienced such Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

John oppil, MD. needed. vulvovaginal symptoms as dry-

PLANCHER • Participate in varied activities. approach to sports and exercise, so at the Albert Einstein College
Doing the same type of exercise that you can maintain a healthy of Medicine in New York. Since

over and over can put undue stress level of activity well into old age 2001, he has been listed annually

• Eat well-balanced meals that on speci c areas of the body and and have fun doing the exercise or in the Castle Connolly directory as

provide necessary nutrients to cause repetitive motion injuries. sporting activity,”Dr. Plancher says. a “top doctor” in his eld. Plancher

strengthen muscles and tendons. • Wear shoes and use equipment Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine is

• Know your sport. If necessary, proper to the activity. Kevin D. Plancher, MD, MPH, is a a comprehensive orthopaedics and

get some lessons from a profes- • Act your age. Don’t expect to board-certi ed orthopaedic surgeon. sports medicine practice with o ces

sional or talk to a trainer. Improper do at age 60 what you were doing He founded Plancher Orthopaedics in New York City and Greenwich,

playing technique and posture are at age 30. & Sports Medicine and serves as CT. For more information, visit

oftentimes to blame for injuries. “Simply put: be smart in your clinical professor of orthopaedics


Back to School Blues
What they mean and how to beat ‘em

BY GABRIELLE BILIK cording to therapist Sally at can trigger uneasy and children about what ings and seeing friends,
MANAGING EDITOR Saint, what life was like feelings. Parents can feel worked well or not the while parents can look
before school and the out- that they will miss having previous year, forward to is as a time to
The annual circulation side world created the rst their children around.” get involved with school
of back to school separation of the family “It’s important for a activities and programs,
memes is about to unit. For some students child or teen to assess Rosenberg says.
begin. Often parents are however, the back-to- themselves rst before
depicted jumping for joy “It is very much needed school blahs are indica- the parent shares their All of the experts rec-
while sulky children lurk as a healing time for any- tive of something more observations,” Saline says. ommend open commu-
in the background. How- thing that needs process- serious. Students who “Examine why certain nication between parents
ever, this represented bal- ing,” she says. face academic challenges things went well and what and children.
ance of sadness and joy such learning disabilities, behaviors and attitudes
isn’t always accurate, ex- For parents and stu- ADHD or social anxiety, helped them along. en, “When the time to re-
perts say. dents like this, back to for instance, have an extra link the goals for this year turn to school appears on
school can be a sad time, tough time mustering ex- to some of those successful the calendar, and as the
As the memes suggest, because it means the end citement about going back e orts.” last few weeks approach,
some parents are eager of that respite. to school, says Dr. Sharon the parent needs to tune
to return to predictable Saline, Author of “What Saline suggests families in to how the child is feel-
schedules and a break According to Dr.Steven Your ADHD Child post the list of goals and ing,” Saint says. “Just be
from all-day childcare, but Rosenberg, Ph.D., a psy- Wishes You Knew: Work- tools to reach them in a aware, if there is excite-
many are equally sad— chotherapist and behav- ing Together to Empower common place, like the ment great, if there is not,
some experts even use the ioral specialist, people can Kids in School and Life.” kitchen, and check in peri- then allow your child to
term depressed—at the experience back to school odically to see what works express whatever emotion
thought of shorter days dread—even depression— HOW TO COPE or needs tweaking. it is—as it may change
and more rigorous respon- as early as July 19. Saline recommends daily—just hear them out.
sibilities for their families. Rosenberg suggests
“As of that date, the setting up collaborative focusing on the positive ere is no need for false
e summer holiday summer is half over,” plans during a calm con- when sadness strikes. positivity from the parent.”
can represent for some, ac- Rosenberg says. “Kids versation between parents
start to see television com- For students, school can
mercials for back to school. mean more social gather-


Get back
on schedule
before school starts

Tips from Chris Brantner, Certi ed Sleep Science
Coach at for getting your family ready
for early wake up calls

Back to school can be a terri- days starting a week or so before FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL ‘18
ble time for all involved due school starts. Don’t expect them
to changing sleep schedules. to be able to stay up late one winding down for bed. ick cur- o and go to sleep. So make a rule
e fact is that it’s hard for kids to night and suddenly go to bed an
get back into the routine of going hour or two earlier the next. is tains can help block out the light of no devices an hour before bed.
to bed and waking up early. is will inevitably end up with them
can lead to and exacerbate nega- and trick the brain to begin calm- And de nitely keep devices out of
tive feelings about the beginning of ghting bedtime the night before
the school year. It’s crucial you do school,which will lead to stress and ing down for bed. the bedroom, as they may prove
what you can to get your kids back anxiety. Not to mention, a brutal,
on a good sleep schedule in time for grumpy early wake up call the next • Cut device time an hour be- too much of a temptation even for
school to start. is can do wonders morning.
for their mood and outlook.... and fore bed. Smartphones and tab- the best of kids.
your own personal sanity as a par- • Get blackout curtains for your
ent. kids’ rooms. e sun lingers late lets are creating a sleep epidemic.
into the evening still when school
A few tips: begins. e light can make it dif- e harsh light inhibits melatonin Chris Brantner is the Certi ed Sleep
• Move bedtime forward by ten
or fteen minutes every couple of cult for kids to wind down, as it production. And not only that, so- Science Coach at His
signals your kids’ brains that they
should be up and playing instead of cial media, games, and the like all expertise has been featured on NBC

further excite your kids’ already ex- News, Reader’s Digest, Mealth,

citable brains, making it more dif- Bustle, and more.

cult for them to shut their brains


Tradition Of Excellence In Healthcare™

The Plaza at Clover Lake is a Premier Assisted Living nestled within 50 lush acres
with its own breathtaking lake, walking paths and picturesque views.

Also accepting NYS Medicaid.
24 Hr. Supervision • Case Management • Medication Management • Nutritional Support and Specialized Diet Menus

Housekeeping Services • Laundry Services • Personal Care Assistance • Diabetic Program

838 Fair Street • Carmel, NY 10512 • 845-878-4111 • [email protected] •



Opting to vacay at home can have some surprising bene ts

BY JEREMY BROWN traveling abroad given all of the REDUCED MENTAL STRAIN your friends might decide to back
Let’s face it, traveling is tough. out. A vacation at home means
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF political chaos in the news, said that you can bring friends and
Between the planning, herding family along, thereby increasing
Dr. Tanya Elliot, Chief Medical everyone into various modes of the fun without straining your
transport and scheduling activi- wallet. “Play tourist in your city
As the summer winds down, O cer at EHE (taniaelliottmd. ties, it’s a wonder you have any with your friends, family and
families tend to book trips com). “Other contributing fac- time to actually do any vacation- peers to grow your relationships,”
to the beach, the moun- tors are cost, especially if you ing on your vacation. Choosing said Cory Sarrett, a consultant
tains or the lake as one last get- have a big family, and the de- to stay local removes the men- for La Galerie Hotel in New
away before the fall arrives. gree of planning that has to take tal strain that sometimes comes Orleans. “Strong relationships
along with traveling. “You don’t are crucial to your mental health.
However, opting to toss out place in order for your trip to go have to plan each moment of the You’ll create memories and learn
day, meals, lodging, additional who is there for you. Good times
the travel plans and stay at home o without a hitch.” Here are a unplanned-for events and back- can help you escape the stresses
up plans just in case,” said Angel of your daily life.”
is becoming more and more of few more reasons why people are M. Hoodye, a licensed profes-
sional counselor. “Choosing to BETTER SLEEP
an attractive options for families. choosing to forego a hotel stay in keep your vacation local frees Sleep is a crucial part of one’s
you up to enjoy what is around
“Part of it has to do with people’s favor of home sweet home. and nearby.” physical and mental health and
vacations, with their constant
concerns about safety when IMPROVING schedules, activities and itinerar-
RELATIONSHIPS ies, aren’t always the most condu-
Psychotherapy & Addiction Counseling cive to getting the most Zs. “My
Traveling with friends can be wife and I learned that lesson the a great bonding experience and hard way years ago taking our two
LCSW-R, MBA also gives the kids some compan- boys to Disney World,” said Bill
ionship as well. But when you Fish, a Certi ed Sleep Science
201-390-8347 LCADC, CASAC have to weigh in travel expenses,

Offices in NY & NJ
[email protected]


Coach and the co-founder of FINANCIAL SAVINGS cated to reading each day. And collect ev-
“We wanted to maximize our trip doing as is one should prob- eryone’s smart phones and lock them some-
much as we could in that period of time, where for the duration for the trip. e best
but noticed that our sons were almost nas- ably be at the top of the staycations are the ones that are technology
ty at where is supposed to be the ‘happiest list! When you subtract free.”
place on earth.’ When we looked back, we hotel fees, plane tickets,
were staying out each night to watch re- dinners out, theme park DISCOVERING YOUR HOMETOWN
works and then getting them up early in the admission and all the other costs that come Guaranteed there are places in your area
morning to head back to the park, and they from going away, you might nd yourself
weren’t getting nearly the sleep they needed walking away from your vacation more ush that you’ve never visited. Museums, parks,
for their age. We have since adjusted how we than before you left! “Take the savings you attractions, beaches and hidden treasures are
plan our time on vacation, as we want ev- have from this year’s local vacation and apply usually just a car ride away. But we’re often
eryone enjoying themselves while still giving it to a future trip,” said Hoodye. “Knock o a so focused on our day-to-day lives that we
their body and brain the charge it needs with bill, you can travel in the upcoming year with tend to pass right by them. A staycation pro-
a good night of sleep. us, if you are plan- more funds in your pocket. vides the perfect opportunity to visit a local
ning staycation and you stick to your normal spot that you’ve been meaning to hit up, but
sleep patterns, you will be setting yourself CONNECTING WITH FAMILY haven’t gotten to yet! “Consider how often
up in the best position to wake up the next When you’re free from having to make we take for granted the parks, museums,
morning fully rested and ready to attack the ights, check schedules and book hotel beaches and events that are in our local area,”
next day of fun!” says Hoodye. “Take a quick moment and
rooms, you and your family might actually think about how you have always planned to
have a chance to hang out together and en- go to that neighboring city or town for the
joy some stress-free downtime. e key is to day to visit and check out the local surround-
make sure you all consciously choose to be ing, but you never do. is is your time, use
together. “Plan a board game or movie night it wisely.”
with your family,” said Elliot. “Do a family
cooking day. Take everyone to the bookstore
to select a new book. Have 1-2 hours dedi-


Your smart TV
can save your life

19 years ago, that all changed tural content he used to consume,
and he began studying and learn-
ing about nutrition. When he Braun started using his smart TV
turned 65, he had a stress test, and
was told by the angiographer that to search out health and nutrition-
three of his four bypasses had col-
lapsed,but they still felt his progno- centric videos. In a short span of
sis was good. Braun, however, took
the news as a further call to action. time, he rearranged his entire
“I’m thinking to myself,‘I’m OK
now,I don’t have any real problems, diet and healthcare regimen, par-
but I’m walking closer and closer
to the edge of that cli ,” he said. “I ticularly as it related to the various
could drop dead at any minute.”
BY JEREMY BROWN Up until this point, he had been medications he’d been taking.
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF using YouTube the way most
Americans do, he said. “I took myself o of statins, I
For years, Donald Braun, a “My way of looking at YouTube
prominent attorney in Yor- up until then was with a laptop and took myself o the beta blockers,
ktown Heights, was living laying in bed,” he said. However,
an unhealthy lifestyle and not forgoing the usual political or cul- I took myself o Prilosec, which
worrying about the consequences.
I’d been taking because my stom-
“For lunch, I’d have four pieces
of rye bread, 12 Oreo cookies and ach was having problems. I even
a glass of milk,” he said. “I’d have
soda galore,Tootsie Rolls,M&Ms. took myself o aspirin.” PHOTO: JEREMY BROWN
Just the worst diet you could eat.” In addition, he began educat-
Donald Braun at his office in
After having a coronary bypass ing himself on various nutritional Yorktown Heights.

“ e science of nutrition is just lose an ounce, I haven’t done a bit

exploding with new evidence,” he of exercise. Just eating healthy, I

said. “And the medical profession dropped my entire gut.”

is stuck in the mud.” Braun recognizes that his ap-

Among the supplements Braun proach is unorthodox and may

CARING HEARTS began adding to his diet, were not be for everyone. But it’s been
Omega 7, a fatty acid that’s been working well for him and he plans

shown to increase the breakdown to continue scouring YouTube and

of fat,K2,a vitamin that is believed other sources for nutritional in-

to help reduce calcium buildup in formation. However, he says that

the arteries, and sulfur, which has perhaps the best advice for healthy

been said to detoxify the cells, re- living comes not from a high-end

Because We Understand duce hardening in the arteries and smart TV, but from a much more
Home Is Where The Heart Is.
even improve the complexion. ancient source.

Undertaking this new lifestyle, “Hippocrates said 2,500 years

Braun began to see results. ago, ‘Let food be thy medicine,

“I was about 160 pounds, with and let medicine be thy food,’”

a 35-inch waist, and I’m now 140 he said. “And he was absolutely

Caring Hearts And Hands LLC Is A Dependable pounds,” he said. “I haven’t tried to right.”
Non-Medical Provider Of Affordable Care,
Services And Helpful Support To Seniors. Here are a few apps you can use on
your Smart TV, Apple TV or Roku:
Companion Care
Personal Care YouTube Daily Burn Grokker
Daily/Weekly Visits
24 Hours/7Days There are count- Offering cardio Primarily a
Nursing Home Care less workout and workouts, yoga yoga-based app,
Assisted Living Care health channels and fitness and Grokker also
Respite Care available here nutrition tips from offers strength-
Lite Meal Prep that are sure to personal trainers, training and
Errands • Bill Prep meet you at your this is a one-click Pilates workouts,
Transportation & More fitness level. stop for everything as well recipes to
you need to get fit. help you refuel!
We Can Provide Caregivers, HHAs, LPNs.
Free Consultations.




Meet the Wizard of Water


For Club Fit swimming instructor Larry Koffer, be-
ing in the water is just a way of life.
“I love swimming,” he says, “and I’ve been doing
it all my life, one way or another.”

Born and raised in the Bronx, Koffer began swimming
in the Bronx River and was a competitive swimmer in
high school and college. “I wasn’t the fastest guy on the
team,” he said. “I remember when we’d swim, my coach
would use a sun dial to time me!” Koffer, however, is just
being modest. In fact, he was the Bronx Park Depart-
ment 100-meter swim champion in 1964.

From swimming in the river to swimming in the pool,
Koffer knew that he had found a second home in the
water. From then on, he was always trying to find a way
to get wet, diving in whenever and wherever he could.


Larry Koffer proudly shows off
his commemorative Hudson
River Swim t-shirt.



KOFFER ened up and approach swimming shark ns before entering the
as fun, when they get it, it’s like
FROM PAGE 20 bells go o . Suddenly it all ts.” water. “It wasn’t a competitive

When he sold his construction Ko er’s enthusiasm and passion race kind of swim,” said Kof-
business, the opportunity suddenly for swimming has earned him the
presented itself to make swim- nickname “ e Wizard of Water.” fer. “It was mostly just people
ming a full-time pursuit.“Looking Although, in the interest of full
at retirement, I thought, what am I disclosure, he admits that he is re- there to celebrate the river.”
going to do?’”he said.“So I became sponsible for the moniker.
a Red Cross instructor.” At the outset of the race,
“On some memo, I signed o
Ko er’s Red Cross training as ‘the Wizard of Water,’ and it Woolf admitted to being a
eventually paved the way for him stuck!”he says, laughing.
to become a swimming instructor little nervous.“You look across
at Club Fit. At the club, Ko er After months of training, Kof-
says that he gets a particular thrill fer and his swimming partner, the river and they say,‘See that
from passing on his love of swim- Jessica Woolf, decided to brave a
ming to people. one-mile swim across the Hudson white billboard? Just swim to
River. e event, a bene t to help
“I love teaching people how to raise money for the Hudson River there!’ she said. “I’m going,
swim,” he says. “It’s magical to me. Pool, was originally scheduled for
Swimming is an out-of-this-world July 28, but was postponed due ‘Where? What white bill-
experience. It’s the perfect exercise to rain. Luckily, Sunday the 29th
and it’s very meditative.” dawned bright and sunny and the board?”
swim was on. “ e weather on
He says that he really enjoys be- Sunday was beautiful,” said Woolf. On the river, the swim-
ing able to work with people who “ e river was calm and it went o
aren’t used to being in or around without a hitch.” mers were guided in part by PHOTO COURTESY OF JESSICA WOOLF
the water and seeing that “mo- the “Clearwater,” the 106-foot
ment” when it all clicks for them. Ko er said that the mood on sloop built by Pete Seeger in Larry Koffer and Jessica Woolf prepare
“I teach a lot of adults,” he says, the river was jovial and celebratory, 1969. “ ey put it in the mid- to swim across the Hudson River.
“and they haven’t learned how to with music and a festive atmo-
swim, and they’ve got some anxi- sphere. One pair of mischievous dle of the river and you’d swim this massive body of water.”
ety about it. And to get them loos- swimmers even donned a pair of
to the red sails,” said Woolf. “And After crossing the Hudson,Kof-

it slowly moved closer to where fer might try for a two-mile swim,

you had to go.” he said. But, whatever comes next,

Still, despite the challenges of he is just grateful for every day in

swimming across the Hudson, the water. “When I was in junior

both Ko er and Woolf made sure high school, my best friend’s fam-

to take some time to appreciate ily had a house on the lake, so I

their circumstances. “You stop in came up here 50 years ago,” he

the middle of the river and you said. “And now, to be back here as

ip your goggles up to look around an adult, living here, swimming in

and you go, ‘Oh my gosh,’ said the lake, having wonderful friends,

Woolf. “You’re one little speck in this is perfect.”

One Trusted Office

Your Dental Needs
a partner with the firm MEaLkeDr,EFRragLaAleW&, EDSi CTAosTtaEnzPoL, ALLNP. NING

PrEaLcDtEiRceLAaWre,aEsSTpArTimE PaLrAilNyNfIoNcGused on

Medicai&dSPPlEaCnIAnLinNgEE●DSSApTecTiOaRlNNEeYeds Planning
Planning for Home Care ● Planning for Nursing Care

MWedilicPlasriad●ctPiTlcaernuansrietnasgs p●●riSMmpaeecrdiilaiyclafNoiecdeudAssepdPpolalnincnaintgions
GuaPrldainanninsghifoprsHaonmdeECsatraet●esPl●anAnisnsgetfo-Pr NroutrseicntgioCnarPe lanning

Wills ● Trusts ● Medicaid Applications
Guardianships and Estates ● Asset-Protection Planning

Selected since 2013 as a New York Metro Area Super Lawyer
Past Chair of the Westchester County Bar Elder Law Committee
MembSPeearlse,tcNCtehedawisrinoYcfoetrh2ke01WS3teaassttecahBNesaetwrerAYCsoosrukoncMt.yeEtBrladoreAErrledLaearSwLuapSweercCLtoaiomwnymeEirtxteeecutive Committee
MembMeer,mNbeart,iNonewalYAorckadSteamte yBaorfAEssldoce.rELldaewr LAawttoSercntieoynsExecutive Committee

Member, National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys

[email protected]

2074 C2r0o74mCproomnpdoRndoaRdoad 3503T50heTohdoeroedForerme dFrAevmendueAvenue 888 Route 6, Mahopac, NY 10541
YorktoYwornktHoweingHhetsig,hNtsY, N1Y051905898 Rye,RNyYe,1N05Y8010580
Tel: 9T1e4l-:294154--224454-20440 Tel:T9e14l:-992154-1-091205-1010
Fax: 9F1a4x-:294154--274450-73403 Fax:F9a1x4:-992154-1-091215-1011



How the therapeutic healing of halotherapy could help you

BY GABRIELLE BILIK to, on their website. ing, sleep apnea, sinusitis, bronchitis, colds,
MANAGING EDITOR “A popular form of natural therapy in flus and more.The room is made of himalyan
salt bricks, decorated with salt lamps and the
Popular idioms give salt as a natural Europe and Russia,” reads the website, “Dry floor is covered in Himalayan salt rocks.
therapy a bad rap. “Rubbing salt in a Salt Therapy, is a natural and holistic treat-
wound,” for instance, indicates mak- ment for adults and children that has been “The room is 100 percent sterile. It kills
ing something awful even worse. However, known to aid in detoxifying the respiratory bacteria and viruses on the spot by sucking
the phrase bypasses the natural antibacterial system, healing skin conditions, promoting water out of the bacteria through its walls,”
properties of the practice. For many people, better breathing, sounder sleep and overall explains Marta Dulaba, who manages the
salt, whether gargled or thrown over their wellness.” Park Avenue location, “If you have a cold,
shoulder, is the first tool used in warding off it opens ups your passage ways so it can
threats to their well-being. During a halotherapy session, guests are breathe—it breaks up mucous.”
invited to kick back and relax in either an
But what if reaping the healing properties antigravity chair, a luxurious leather seat with Dulaba, who runs for exercise outside in
of the mineral were as easy as breathing? En- a blanket, or a bed made of pure Himalayan the city, said her weekly salt room sessions
sea salt while tiny salt particles are pumped have alleviated symptoms of her exercise-
Once You Find Uster businesses like Breathe Salt Room, with through the air. induced asthma.

one of its franchises in Katonah, that offer Fans of halotherapy say it can alleviate AnnMarie D’Agostino, a frequent visitor
halotherapy, or dry salt therapy as it’s referred symptoms of allergies, asthma, COPD, snor- to the Katonah location, says her regular salt

Gemstone Organic Lip Personalized Baby Items,
Jewelry Balm & Toys, Cards,
Incense Cream Essential & Items

Healing Therapeutic CARD$ofMMAaRhTop&acGIFTS Homemade Gifts
Magnets Oils Soaps Organic & More!


845-628-0300 • 2 Clark Place, Mahopac, NY 10541


sessions have kept her healthy during PHOTOS: GABRIELLE BILIK
winter, a time when she was previously
prone to respiratory issues like colds and

“I think this is doing great things for
my system,” she says, adding that she
incorporates the practice into an anti-
aging regimen, considering the effects
she’s noticed inside and on her skin. She
and others say regular salt sessions give
them a “glow.”

For those with skin conditions such as
eczema, employees recommend wearing
clothing that expose the skin and utiliz-
ing one of the salt beds for closer expo-
sure and privacy.

Depending on age and stage of your
condition, the website suggests two to
three sessions a week for up to 30 ses-
sions. The treatment’s efficacy is esti-
mated at 75 to 98 percent, according to
the website.

For those that prefer a more guided
experience, yoga, sound baths and other
group sessions and workshops are of-

Jess Erick, who works at the Katonah
location, says she experienced the ben-
efits of halotherapy before ever working

After her first session, Erick, a singer-
songwriter, said she felt more relaxed,
however she didn’t realize the respira-
tory benefits until she sang later that

“There was space in my lungs that
wasn’t there before,” she said.

Erick says she routinely incorporates
halotherapy into her wellness routine
and recommends the practice to others
for relaxation and the respiratory ben-

“I did not foresee working here and
feelings so strongly about what we do,”
she said.

A single 25-minute session in the salt
rooms is $35 and a 25-minute session
in the salt bed is $40. Packages are
offered. Breathe Salt Rooms are located
in Westchester and Manhattan. For
more information visit breathesaltrooms.
com, which explains how the salt works,
answers FAQs and offers links to research
provided by the Salt Therapy Association.


Tips for your
Salt Therapy Session

from Breathe Salt Room Manager Marta Dulaba


“For anyone who hasn’t been here before, I “If you prefer to rest you won’t need any-
highly recommend wearing something comfort- thing, just yourself. If you want to do a relax-
able.” ing activity bring a book or headphones and
“For women who take care of their hair in a relaxing music.”
certain way, i.e. blowouts or permanent tech-
niques, cover your hair with a cap.” TECHNIQUE:
“For those who want to expose their skin, wear
shorts and a tank top.” “Sit up straight to make sure your lungs can
open up. Taking deep breaths, inhale, hold for
three seconds and exhale slowly up to five
times. This can be done periodically every five
minutes or so.”

Open to the Public • Monday-Wednesday-Friday • 11am-3pm

Private tours and classes by appointment

The Hat Factory • 1000 N. Division Street #9 • Peekskill, NY • 914-402-5566

Find us at: Hastings on Hudson Farmers Market • Chappaqua Farmers Market

• Irvington Farmers Market • John Jay Farmers Market • NYBG Farmers Market

• & Select Like-Minded Fair Trade Coffee Houses & Cafes


CSWoEcETkStUaMMilEsR Daquiri
A typical daquiri not only
contains natural sugars from
strawberries, but has
added sugar as well.
Many include berries

frozen in syrup and

come in at around 255

BY LINDA LONERGAN calories per serving.

CONTRIBUTING COLUMNIST Typically they include

frozen berries, white

As a health and wellness columnist and the host of the new TV sugar, lemon-lime soda,
show “Welcome to Wellness,” many clients often ask me for and rum.
low-calorie alcoholic alternatives to the high calorie sugar- and
syrup-laden adult beverages commonly served in the summer. If a daiquiri is your
desire, simply substitut-

Here are some substitues for classic summertime favorites, all of ing one tsp. Stevia for

which are delicious with or without alcohol. sugar can go a long way.
Make sure you use fresh
Mojito berries, or ones that are

A cool refreshing Mojito, can be the perfect beverage at a summer flash frozen without

event, however a standard ingredient in many mojitos is sugar. At its addititives. A daquiri

baseline (that’s without all the sugary flavors you can get at restaurants) blended with berries,

it’s about 200 calories. A typical mojito contains rum, mint sprigs, fresh Stevia, real lemon-lime

lime juice, sugar, club soda and lime. juice, and light rum can

Option 1: To make a lower-calorie mojito, subsitute 1 teaspoon aga- come in at 60 calories.
ve nectar instead of sugar. Combine with 1 oz. of light rum, some fresh

Vodka Sodalime juice and fresh mint leaves.
Option 2: Use gently crushed watermelon cubes in place of the sug- This low-calorie classic

ar for a refreshing, colorful substitute. doesn’t top more than 80

calories to begin with and

with a few fresh ingredients, TIPS TO MAKE
R COHEN AUDIOLOGY you can add flavor without
ASSOCIATES sacrificing your waistline. “SKINNY”

Option 1: Ginger vodka, * Always choose
lime seltzer and a lime wedge
fresh unsweetened
Option2: VanillaVodka,black juices or seltzers

ANNOUNCEMENT cherry seltzer, and a mint sprig * Avoid artificially
If alcohol is not something
Dr. Robert A. Cohen, Audiologist colored and flavored
Over 35 Years Of Licensed you desire, simply combine a lime syrups and mixers
Professional Experience: seltzer with the juice of of 4 to 5 whenever possible
lemons or limes, some fresh mint,
and sliced strawberries and ice for a * Adding fresh fruit

Formerly the Owner/Director of cool and colorful treat in all varieties with
Sprain Brook Audiology, As I always say, when you start different spices can
make an otherwise
eating well and feeling great, you
typical drink
Director, Connect Hearing & want to continue to choose wisely wonderfully delicious
former Director of Audiology for the rest of your life. This is es-
pecially true for those hidden high * Many times fewer
ingredients mean
at ENT & Allergy Services. calorie frozen delights. fewer calories
Whether you are a former patient or Moderation is key for your waist-

line, as well as a healthier summer!

would like to become a new patient, Linda Lonergan is a Senior Clinical
Dr. Cohen offers high end hearing Nutritionist that has been in practice 21

aids at substantial discounts. years for all ages and for most nutritional
disorders. Call or email for private

CALL 914-649-0943 TODAY appointment NutritionKaye. com or call
914-522-0729. you can catch Linda as

FOR AN APPOINTMENT she hosts the new Host of the new TV
show, “Welcome to Wellness,” Wednesdays

at 8:30 p.m. Comcast channel 8.


RejuTvIMeEnFOaR tion
BY JEREMY BROWN took over the spa two years ago. have to do it anymore. And waxing
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF “Facelogic was known for regular is more painful than laser!” PHOTOS: JEREMY BROWN
traditional facials,” she said. “And
From cutting-edge laser when I took over the spa, I just In addition, Facelogic also fea- Yelena Kozlyansky alongside one
treatments to next-level started bringing newer technology tures a laser facial rejuvenation of Facelogic’s cutting-edge laser
body sculpting procedures, to add more advanced and aggres- treatment that uses a heat-based hair removal machines.
Facelogic is bringing the premier sive procedures.” laser to stimulate the body’s natu-
Med Spa experience to Westchester. ral processes to heal and replenish and just have little love handles or
Among the services Facelogic skin tone. “It targets pigmented things that bother them.It will take
“Our goal is to provide the com- offers is a new laser hair removal lesions on the skin,” Kozlyansky off one to three inches of fat tissue.
munity with access to high qual- treatment that offers clients a 90 explained. “Things like brown It’s good for women who have had
ity spa services such as laser hair percent permanent removal of un- spots, broken blood vessels, any- babies and they have some loose
removal, laser facial rejuvenation, wanted hair. The best part, accord- thing age-related. Some people skin on their abdomen.”
trusculpt 3D, hydrafacial MD and ing to Kozlyansky, is a new cooling have hormonal changes that cause
traditional facials,” said Dr. Yelena crystal technology that makes the pigment on the skin, so it helps to On top of all of the advanced
Kozlyansky, the owner of Facelog- treatment much less painful that it bring out one single tone.” spa treatments offered by Facelog-
ic. “We provide our clients with has been in the past.“The laser cools ic, Kozlyansky says Facelogic also
education on skin care and anti- on contact so the patients don’t feel Another innovation Facelogic offers traditional facials, as well as
aging resources at a relaxing and it as much,” she said. “And laser is proudly offers is truSculpt 3D, a education on skin care and anti-
pampering environment, while of- permanent. Waxing you have to do body contouring procedure that aging resources.
fering it at a reasonable cost.” every month. Laser treatment isn’t uses heat to dissolve body fat and
really that much more expensive radio frequency to tighten the skin. “Everyone’s asking for these
A chiropractor and licensed than a waxing, so you’re definitely “It dissolves small pockets of fat so kinds of treatments now,” she said.
massage therapist, Dr. Kozlyan- getting more out of it, because after it helps people get bikini ready,” “So we’re trying to stay ahead of
sky spearheaded the addition of six sessions or so, you don’t really said Kozlyansky. “It’s ideal for peo- the curve. That’s what the last two
these new procedures when she ple that are at their normal weight years have been about.”

Artisanal Mead made right here, in the Hudson Valley

Find us @ 914-299-3683 or


Four Estate and Elder
Law Planning Topics That
You Should Not Neglect

BY SALVATORE M. DI Medicaid for a certain period based selors exist in many areas in part

COSTANZO, ESQ. on the value of the assets transferred. because it is nearly impossible to

GUEST COLUMNIST The five-year look-back period know everything about every- PHOTO COURTESY OF
must be contemplated where clients thing. One issue we often see SALVATORE M. DI COSTANZA

We have all heard the say- intend to be proactive in preserving are clients who are proficient New York. Mr. Di Costanzo is an
ing ‘life is full of regrets.” I their assets. The optimal planning at preparing their own income attorney and accountant whose
have compiled a list of the technique is to create a Medicaid tax returns, but don’t account for main area of practice is elder law
most common regrets that I often Trust, usually for a house, and in changed circumstances, for in-

hear from clients, but more often, some cases other assets. If you create stance,their incapacity. When this and special needs planning. He is a

their family members, during my a Medicaid Trust and transfer your happens, family members who member of the National Academy of

practicing as an elder law and spe- assets to the trust, the assets trans- may not be as experienced, strug- Elder Law Attorneys and a frequent

cial needs planning attorney. If you ferred to the trust cannot be counted gle because they now have to form author and lecturer on current elder

have neglected any of these topics, as available assets for Medicaid plan- new relationships. I advise clients law and special needs topics. Since

my hope is that you will take proper ning purposes after five years from to form these relationships early in 2013, Mr. Di Costanzo has been

measures before it is too late. the date of the transfer. If you don’t the lives so their family members selected each year by the rating service,

have long-term care insurance, it is have someone to turn to. Super Lawyers as a New York Metro

1.FAILINGTO PREPARE A borderline foolish not to consider this leading elder law attorney. He can

PROPER POWER OF ATTORNEY planning technique. Clearly, if you Salvatore M. Di Costanzo is a partner be reached at (914) 925-1010 or via

AND STATUTORY GIFTS RIDER. wait too long, the five-year look-back with the firm of Maker, Fragale & e-mail at [email protected]. Visit

I frequently explain to my clients period becomes an issue as you age. Di Costanzo, LLP located in Rye, his practice specific website at www.

that one of the most important doc- New York, and Yorktown Heights,

uments I can prepare is a power of 3.EXCLUDING FAMILY

attorney (“POA”) and statutory gifts MEMBERS OR OTHER LOVED Are You Stuck At Home?
rider (“SGR”). Failing to have these ONES FROM FINANCIAL AND

documents, necessitates a guardian- ESTATE PLANNING MATTERS. Do you have problems with:
ship proceeding, which is costly and Finances can be complicated at BALANCE, STIFFNESS, PAIN OR WEAKNESS?
burdensome on family members. any time of life, but an illness or Help Is On The Way!

A good illustration of the impact cognitive impairment can cause
of not having a POA and SGR usu- financial matters to become over-

ally involves a spouse who is inca- whelming or even unmanageable. As a PT with 28 years experience (15 in home care),
pacitated and requires care. Usually, Discussing one’s finances is com- I would love to help you with your physical needs in the
we are planning to apply for Med- monly considered taboo,even with- comfort of your own home. As a bonus, for every paid

icaid to cover the cost of such care in a family. Keeping one’s financial service provided, I will perform a volunteer

and that planning might involve the information close to the vest, how- service, (ie walk your dogs, weed your garden, take out
the garbage, run an errand...) at no additional charge!
transfer of assets from the ill spouse ever, can have unforeseen conse-

to the well spouse. If no POA and quences. Often it falls on family or

SGR exist, we must commence a loved ones to piece together the fi-

guardianship proceeding to effectu- nancial picture like a jigsaw puzzle,

ate the planning. This results in the but without an image to follow. A

family having to privately pay not missing piece can have dire impli-

only for legal fees associated with cations. Being unaware of certain

the guardianship proceeding, but income and assets could, for exam-

for the cost of care until the guard- ple, delay eligibility for a spouse’s or

ianship is completed. parent’s Medicaid benefits or result

2.IGNORINGTHE FIVE-YEAR in the denial of an application or af- I provide individual attention and genuine caring
LOOK-BACK PERIOD. fect distribution of a loved one’s Es- service for you or your family member. Call or text
tate pursuant to their final wishes.
me to schedule your full evaluation and let me
The five-year look-back period is customize a program for you.

the five-year period preceding the 4.CREATING ATEAM OF Sarah G. Montgomery MSPT
date you enter a nursing home. If PROFESSIONAL ADVISORS 845-661-7490
you transferred assets during this AND COUNSELORS.

period, you will be ineligible for Professional advisors and coun-


LoveProducts We

Avoid the sensory overload of the farmer’s market with
this practical shopping list pad.
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Light your camp re or repit (also replace & woodstove)
this summer with these 100% biodegradeable, recycled,
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Somesh N. Kaushik, ND, BAMS,

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Ayurvedic & Naturopathic Physician

Ayurvedic and Naturopathic Clinic

A mind-body-spirit approach to health and healing.
Personalized treatments unique to each individual.

Yellow Monkey Village [email protected]
792 Route 35 Cell 646-670-6725
Cross River, NY 10518
914-875-9088 (M, T, W)


Why Driving in
the Fall Can be


Weather conditions can to admire the changing of you. According Fall Driving Tips
be unpredictable in the foliage. If you’re driving to the National
fall. A bright, beautiful behind a car with out- Highway Traffic Safety Being prepared for fall’s inclement weather and
afternoon can turn rainy of-state plates, give them Administration, drivers hazardous driving challenges is half the battle.
and cold in minutes. And a little extra space just in describe being “blinded” • Watch your speed: Drive a bit slower when faced with
with days getting shorter, case they stop short for a after exposure, and this fall driving hazards, especially if you’re driving around a
you could find yourself photo. sometimes leads to school bus.
commuting to or from accidents or near misses. • Keep your distance: Leave a little more space
work in darkness. FOG between you and the car in front on rainy or foggy days,
Cold fall mornings Sun glare can also during dawn or dusk, and in areas with wet leaves. This
BACK-TO-SCHOOL cause problems when the will give you more time to react.
TRAFFIC often lead to fog, which sun sets behind drivers. • Stick with low beams: Keep your headlights on low
can greatly limit your In this case, sunlight can when driving in the fog (and rain). High beams will only
Fall means back to school driving visibility and bounce off your rearview cause glare.
for kids, which means more perception of distance. mirror or reflect off • Clear frost away from your windows: Frost can reduce
cars and buses on the roads. Fog tends to occur in low traffic lights up ahead, visibility and response time on the road.
Drivers also need to watch places or areas surrounded and this can blind you • Approach traffic lights carefully: Sun glare can make
out for increased pedestrian by hills, water, mountains, for a split second while it harder to see traffic lights change, so approach them
traffic in the morning and and trees. One common your eyes adjust. It can with more than the normal care.
afternoon as children walk mistake drivers make also make it hard (or • Avoid using products that increase gloss: Washing
to and from school and during foggy conditions impossible) to see traffic and waxing with these products can magnify the fall’s
their neighborhood bus is putting on their high lights, which can prevent sunny glare and make it hard to see.
stops. beams instead of staying you from knowing if • Clean your windshield, inside and out: When your
with their low beams. This you’re supposed to stop windshield’s illuminated by sunlight, dust particles,
RAIN only makes visibility worse or go. streaks, and smudges become magnified, making it
The first rain in a few because your high beams hard to see the road.
will bounce off the fog and • Watch for wildlife: especially in the early morning and
weeks can be particularly create glare. evening hours.
dangerous, as water pools • Check your tire pressure: Since fall weather rapidly
on top of dust and oil When driving through changes from warm to cold, your tires will often expand
that haven’t had a chance fog, slow down and stay and contract. This can lead to a loss of pressure.
to wash away and makes well behind the car in
the pavement extremely front of you so you’ll have DEER Call The Zimmerman
slippery. adequate time to stop if you The fall season Allstate Agency for a free
need to.
LEAVES (AND LEAF brings an increase quote and receive a
PEEPERS) FROST in deer activity $10 Amazon gift card!
During the fall, because it’s their
Fall foliage is certainly time for mating (NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. MUST PRESENT
beautiful, but as leaves temperatures tend to drop and migrating. If DECLARATIONS PAGE TO BE ELIGIBLE )
begin to fall, they litter dramatically during the you live in a deer-
the roads, making streets night, which can lead to heavy area, watch 845-621-2557
slick while obscuring traffic morning frost and icy for darting deer,
lines and other pavement spots on the road. This especially when
markings. They also hide is especially common on driving at night.
potholes and other road bridges, overpasses, and
hazards. And when it rains, shaded areas of the road.
it can make those wet
leaves on the roadway as SUN GLARE
dangerous as ice. Fall is also a bad time

And where there are for sun glare on the roads.
turning leaves, there are Sun glare can impact your
leaf peepers. These leaf- sight for seconds after
peeping drivers tend to exposure, making it hard to
crawl along the roads and see pedestrians, oncoming
make unpredictable stops traffic, or the car in front

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