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The Somers Record 03.25.21

Vol. 10 No. 49 Visit for the latest news. Thursday, March 25, 2021

SCSD shelves
student survey

BY CAROL REIF to more than 6 million youth across the

STAFF WRITER country, according to Somers Partners in

Prevention (SPP), the community-based

e Somers school district will not re- coalition that has worked with the school

sume conducting an anonymous student district on similar projects.

survey that contains sensitive questions According to SPP chair Kathy Cucchi-

about alcohol, sex, suicide and drug use. arella, the coalition’s mission is “to build a

It had hit the pause button on the safer community by e ciently addressing

survey last week to provide parents with alcohol and drug use,as well as other risk-

another chance to stop their child’s par- taking behaviors through advocacy, hope,

ticipation. awareness, and education.” e frame-

“After some parents expressed concern, work focuses on “preventative measures,

the district chose not to continue the sur- positive experiences, and qualities that

vey,” according to a statement released by young people need to grow up healthy,

the district Monday, March 22. “How- caring, and responsible,”she said.

ever, enough of the students have taken e institute has identi ed 40 such

Somers senior fullback the anonymous survey to provide accurate “supports and strengths” that deal with
Jack Kaiser rushed for two
touchdowns and 131 yards. data points.” the relationships and opportunities young

PHOTO: ROB DIANTONIO Parents had already been given the people need. e remaining so-called as-

Tuskers win big in chance to say “no” to having their sixth- sets–said to “bu er youth from risk and
season opener
through 12th-graders participate, and the risk-taking behaviors”–address social-
Somers football opened their season with an impressive 28-7 win over Ma-
hopac on March 20. e game also featured a father and son coaching show- students were told by teachers that they emotional strengths, values and commit-
down. Read all about Tuskers gridiron action on page 20!
didn’t have to take the survey or answer ments, Cucchiarella said.

any questions that made them feel un- On ursday, March 18, schools Su-

comfortable, the district said ursday, perintendent Dr. Raymond H. Blanch

March 18. sent a note to parents explaining the

Somers students had taken the ques- reasoning behind conducting the survey,

tionnaire, titled the “40 Developmental which is part of the Drug-Free Commu-

Assets: Attitudes & Behavior Survey”and nities program sponsored by the Centers

developed by the Search Institute,in 2011 for Disease Control and Prevention.

and in 2019. is year’s survey includes “ ese anonymous data points are an

additional questions pertaining to vaping important tool in district and commu-

and COVID-19. nity e orts to support students’ social,

In the past 25 years of youth develop- SEE SURVEY PAGE 8
ment research, the survey has been given

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10 pg 18

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Page 2 – The Somers Record Thursday, March 25, 2021



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Thursday, March 25, 2021 The Somers Record – Page 3

Your Neighbor
Bridging the gap

Braver Angels aim to heal political divide

BY CAROL REIF own hatred.” comedians and political cartoon- f

STAFF WRITER “ is venomous reaction is ists, it hasn’t done anything to s
not what our country had stood move the country forward, Brav- S
Can this democracy survive? for in the past. ere were di er- er Angels contends. r
Randy Freeman thinks it can, ences, but we lived with the dif- ‘BRAVER’
as long as people are willing to ferences with a degree of respect d
stop talking at, and start listening for people’s beliefs and values on BEGINNINGS B

to, each other. both sides,” Freeman wrote. s

As the new Mid-Atlantic re- Formerly called Better An- Freeman was the New Jer- Sue Ruskin-Mayher PHOTOS COURTESY OF BRAVER ANGELS g
gional leader of Braver Angels, gels, Braver Angels was founded sey state coordinator for Braver o
Randy Freeman s
the Somers woman is part of a in December 2016 in response, Angels in 2018. She became the e
team working to form a local al- it says, to “the rancor and po- New York state coordinator last cultural, racial and gender back- w
BUILDING BONDSliance that aims to be one pav- larization between people from year and was recently named its grounds would get along. Her t
ing stone in the path to healing the two political poles.” It has leader for the Mid-Atlantic re- fears proved unfounded, Free- Better Angels was founded in
the nation’s political and social sent its missionaries all over the gion. Ruskin-Mayher is a retired man says. 2016 in South Lebanon, Ohio, a
divides. e largely volunteer or- country, setting up thousands of school teacher, teacher educator Because they had prepared by by David Blankenhorn, Bill N
ganization has positioned itself workshops dedicated to repair- and mindfulness instructor. participating in, or observing, Doherty, and David Lapp. It m
as a space where di erences are ing the rift between liberals and While some might nd the a Braver Angels workshop, the changed its name to Braver An-
respectfully recognized and con- conservatives; holding nontradi- turbulent tween years challeng- delegates had learned the value gels in 2020 “to re ect the cour- t
versations that will support com- tional online and college debates; ing, Ruskin-Mayher actually en- of listening to each other. age needed to bridge the divide.” c
mon goals can take place. It’s not forming local alliances and o er- joyed teaching middle-schoolers. “When you hear, truly hear e name was inspired by Abra-
unlike marriage counseling. ing training to government o - “ e trick is not trying to con- the other person’s story, you ham Lincoln’s March 4, 1861, n
Braver Angels alliances are lo- cials and to corporations seeking trol them, but getting them to soften,” she says. inaugural address in which the t

cal groups who, after members to improve company culture and collaborate,” she says. Freeman cited as evidence of president called on Americans g
have participated in a workshop objectives. When she rst found out the workshops’ success “odd cou- to summon the “better angels” of A
and paid dues, want to keep the It also facilitates one-on-one about Braver Angels, she was ples” among the convention’s at- their nature and nd the where- f
conversation going and nd com- conversations by o ering guide- certain she’d t right in. tendees, including the presidents withal needed to form a more
mon ground, the nonpro t says. lines for discussing sensitive is- “I’m a person who tries to lis- of a college’s Republican and perfect union. A
Alliances must have at least sues with the goal of nding joint ten to the other side. I really want Democratic clubs; a Christian “We are not enemies, but
one “red” leader (Freeman) and actions to resolve them. to know what people, whose and a Muslim; and a gay married friends. We must not be en- s

one “blue” leader and have no ere is a “library” with rec- positions may be diametrically woman and the leader of a con- emies. ough passion may have m
more than a 60/40 split in red/ ommended books and resources opposed to mine, are saying,” servative organization that did strained, it must not break our m
blue membership. ere can also as well as online book and lm Ruskin-Mayher explains. not support same-sex marriage. bonds of a ection,” he said. t

be members who identify as “true discussion clubs and a venue for Braver Angels not “only pro- “When people pointed out to e Civil War o cially start-

independents who do not lean songwriters who want to contrib- vides a forum for conversations, them their surprising choice of a ed just a little over a month later.

red or blue.” ute to the cause. it provides a set of processes for good friend, they laughed. ey ere is “evidence to suggest

Sue Ruskin-Mayher, also of Politics is competitive, thrill- holding them,” she added. had begun to see each other as that we are now as polarized

Somers, is the local alliance’s ing and frustrating, but it doesn’t In a lot of ways, working to caring human beings,” she wrote as we have been since the Civil

“blue” leader. have to be demonizing or de- bring two warring sides together in 2018. Hearing each other out War,” Braver Angels’s mission

What do Braver Angels alli- humanizing, the group insists. is also right up Freeman’s alley. A does not mean people have to, statement says.

ances do? Whatever they want Braver Angels says its work is all social worker and psychothera- or should, give up their beliefs Doherty, a family therapist,

that’s consistent with the na- about restoring civic trust, which pist, she works with individuals in order to understand another in an interview with CBS News

tional organization’s mission of is vitally important at a time and romantically involved pairs person’s, Freeman says. last fall, said: “We are an Ameri-

“depolarizing America” and what when “a spreading pandemic, vast seeking to resolve interpersonal e goal is not just to live with can family. We sit at the same

“is right for their community,” it economic trouble, and other na- con icts. each other, but to see each other, table.”

says. tional and global challenges call Freeman remembers attend- not a stereotypes, but as neigh- He asked people to imagine

In Freeman’s opinion, ram- upon us to support each other ing her rst Braver Angels con- bors in a country they share. “one, big anksgiving table”

pant divisiveness was brewing like never before.” vention as one of 147 delegates, “When you go to extremes, and what would happen if Uncle

long before the 2016 elections. Today’s widespread social up- almost equally “red” and “blue,” it pushes people to the other Harry or Aunt Sally were ex-

In a 2018 essay, she opined that heaval and political violence has who gathered at a small college in extreme and it feeds on itself. pelled because of their political

with many people abandoning exceeded levels seen in the 1960s, Virginia. A newbie, she was anx- Before you know it, you have views.

the middle ground, things were analysts say. While never-ending ious but also curious about how people hating each other and “We will lose our ability to

getting so heated that she feared turbulence provides tons of fod- people from di ering political, not listening to each other,” SEE ANGELS PAGE 6
the country would “burn with its der for pundits, talk show hosts, socio-economic, religious, ethnic, Freeman says.

Page 4 – The Somers Record Thursday, March 25, 2021

The Staff BOE stands in solidarity

EDITORIAL TEAM Board members condemn recent violence in Georgia
EDITOR: 914-302-5830 BY CAROL REIF trict to not hesitate to reach out to the Board and police brutality ramped up across the na-
[email protected] STAFF WRITER of Education and district administration di- tion in the wake of the George Floyd killing,
rectly. It was “signed” by schools Superinten- several Somers High School graduates orga-
ADVERTISING TEAM e Somers Board of Education has dent Dr. Raymond H. Blanch; board president nized and held a Solidarity Rally for Black
PAUL FORHAN reached out to the community to express “out- Dr. Lindsay Portnoy; vice president Heidi Lives at Reis Park.
rage” over the attacks in Altanta last week by a Cambareri; and trustees Dr. Ifay Chang, Mi-
(914) 806-3951 lone gunman who killed six Asian women and chael D’Anna, MaryRose Joseph and Chad- Just prior to the peaceful June event, Blanch
[email protected] two others. wick Olsen. wrote a letter to parents citing the pandemic’s
closure of the district and declaring that it was
BRUCE HELLER e 21-year-old white man charged in the As for the initial absence of his signa- hard to witness “the pain, su ering, and out-
(914) 486-7608 case has reportedly denied race played a role in ture, trustee Joseph Marra explained Sunday, rage experienced by so many without being
[email protected] his actions, but authorities have not ruled out March 21, that he had received text messages able to gather as a school community to share
bias as a motive. on Friday morning about the letter. However, our own emotions.”
LISA KAIN he told colleagues that he “would not put my
(201) 317-1139 In a letter posted on the school district’s signature to something I didn’t have a chance “ ese are times when teachers and stu-
[email protected] website Friday, March 19, the signees ad- to review and that I would be unable to review dents need each other most, to process unset-
CORINNE STANTON dressed “community members who are of the letter until the weekend.” tling images, to think through shocking injus-
(914) 760-7009 Asian descent,” saying “we stand in solidarity tices, and to nd a way forward that promotes
[email protected] with you today and always.” “Apparently they elected to get the letter out healing,” he wrote.
the door without me,” said Marra, who indi-
JAY GUSSAK e statement of support continued, verba- cated he was upset not by the letter but by “the Some parents spoke up at subsequent board
(914) 299-4541 tim: “You are an essential thread in the fabric process.” meetings to say they felt Blanch’s letter, while
[email protected] of our shared Somers community, and what appreciated, hadn’t gone far enough.
JENNIFER CONNELLY makes us the strong, vibrant, and ourishing After looking it over, he contacted Blanch to
(917) 446-7757 community that we are proud to call home. We say that he was totally on board with the word- One of them, Tinuke Colpa, urged the
[email protected] also wish to acknowledge the fear and pain you ing and that it was OK to add his name. e school trustees themselves to “write a mean-
SHELLEY KILCOYNE must be feeling and to let you know that you updated letter with all the trustees’ signatures ingful letter that adopts an anti-racist stance
(914) 924-9122 are not alone. We stand in solidarity with our was reposted Monday on the website. that explains systemic and institutionalized
[email protected] students, parents, families, faculty, and sta of racism and also puts in measurable and action-
GABRIELLE BILIK Asian descent and condemn racist behaviors Trustees felt it was important to take an of- able goals that the district can look at.”
ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE/DESIGNER in any form. We stand opposed to the anti- cial stand “in a timely way,” Portnoy had said
[email protected] Asian rhetoric that has been allowed to grow earlier, explaining why the letter was released “We in the community are watching and we
during this pandemic and will not tolerate this Friday. expect much from you,” she added.
PRODUCTION TEAM behavior in our town or in our schools.” “ is happened on Tuesday. We have kids
TABITHA PEARSON MARSHALL in our schools who are hurting right now,” she e school board talked publicly in June
It urged anyone who has experienced ha- added. about developing an o cial anti-racism state-
CREATIVE DIRECTOR rassment or discrimination in the school dis- Last year, as protests against racial injustice ment.  Marra acknowledged at the board’s
[email protected]
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Thursday, March 25, 2021 The Somers Record – Page 5

Page 6 – The Somers Record Thursday, March 25, 2021

ANGELS BOE HATE CRIMES ON RISE from their injuries after being pushed,
e suspect in the Atlanta shoot- punched or slashed.
ings had been a patron at two of the On Friday, March 19, President Joe
function as a country,”he said. October meeting that “a decent three spas where the shootings took Biden denounced these attacks and as-
It makes Freeman especially sad when close friends and amount of time” had passed since the place, police said. According to media serted that the nation will not tolerate
topic rst arose. He insisted trustees reports, authorities said the suspect racism or xenophobia. Andrew Yang,
family members fall out over politics. Some parents used to weren’t purposefully dragging their told them that he had a sex addiction a former Somers resident and current
get upset if their kids married outside their race or religion. feet, but were hung up on the precise and viewed the spas as a “temptation.” Democratic candidate for New York
Now they ip out over party a liation, she says. wording of the statement. mayor, also spoke out last week.
e slayings have sparked con-
“ ere’s a lot of work to be done” in light of current cir- Marra said that while he thought demnation, rallies and protests across A native New Yorker born in up-
cumstances. at’s good news for Braver Angels’s mission, it was important to support peaceful the nation, just as had the death of state Schenectady to Taiwanese immi-
which is “getting lots of interest now,”she says. rallies and marches, no one should Floyd, a Black man killed last sum- grants, Yang attended public schools
turn a blind eye to the fact that some mer when a white Minneapolis po- in Somers from 1980-1990 before go-
Doherty said that the biggest threat to democracy, in his protests had devolved into property lice o cer kneeled on his neck for ing to a private boarding school in Ex-
opinion, is that more people are saying they feel “morally damage and violence.By not address- nearly nine minutes. eter, N.H. e businessman recently
compromised” by even talking to others who di er from ing the latter issue in a statement, he told the New York Post that, growing
them. Just as with battling couples, no progress can be made said that, in his opinion, the district According to Stop Asian American up, he had become accustomed to a
unless each side takes “responsibility”for its role in the squab- and board were “in essence, condon- Paci c Islander Hate, there have been “certain level” of racist bullying in the
ble, he added. ing them or viewing them as collat- 3,795 reported incidents of discrimi- form of mockery, invisibility or dis-
eral damage to a peaceful protest.” nation against Asian Americans in the dain. ings have now “metastasized
e edgling group began with a summer bus tour in last year and anti-Asian hate crimes to something far darker,” he said last
Ohio and Pennsylvania. It then traveled from Washington, Cambareri had disagreed, saying rose by nearly 150 percent in 2020. week, according to the Post.
D.C.,to North Carolina and then Tennessee.More than 100 she thought trustees could take a
workshop moderators were trained and friendships built. stand against racism without men- From insults to physical attacks, In a March 17 tweet, Yang said his
tioning the rioting and unrest. e anti-Asian sentiment has taken hold heart went out to the Atlanta victims
By the end of 2017, it had members and volunteers across thinking appeared to be that bring- in all 50 states, but New York and and their families.
the country. And in 2018, it launched  the Braver Angels ing that wording into it could dilute California seem to have the highest
Podcast, interviewing leaders from the left and the right. the anti-bias message it wanted to numbers of such incidents, media “ ey never harmed a soul. ese
convey. reports say. Many of those targeted tragedies are senseless and evil and
After expanding to college campuses and holding its rst have been elderly and some have died should not be possible,” he wrote.
national convention, the organization started to draw more
attention from the media. ELEPHANT’S TRUNK
Somers Recreation
Focusing its e orts on the grassroots,academia,media and Department cepting applications for day camp 28 until August 6. To apply, visit
politics and government, Braver Angels aims to boost “patri- positions. Openings include rst aid
otic empathy: the idea that our love for our country is shown EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY supervisor, division heads, opera-
by our concern for our fellow citizens.” e Town of Somers Department tions sta , and counselors. Candi- SPRING PROGRAMS
dates must be able to work the en- Registration is currently open.
Freeman echoed that ideal while seeking recruits. Braver of Parks and Recreation is now ac- tire six weeks of camp. Camp runs
Angels’s members are “the nicest people in the world.” Monday through Friday, from June SEE TRUNK PAGE 32

“ ey are the salt of the earth; they really want a better
country,”she said.

To join an Alliance, email Freeman at [email protected] or Ruskin-Mayher at [email protected] For more information about the organization,

A breath of fresh air...

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Thursday, March 25, 2021 The Somers Record – Page 13

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Page 14 – The Somers Record OPINION Thursday, March 25, 2021

When is a child ready for kindergarten?

STRONG in September. We asked her how children do well. I know two Years ago, an old-time teacher it’s closer to the beginning of the
LEARNING she could make a statement like second graders who have De- said to me, “every monkey loves school year. Sydney also will be
that in March. She said that she’s cember birthdays. One of them his own peanuts.” She was evaluated by the school district
DR. LINDA been watching Sydney and felt is struggling academically as well talking about the parents who before she enters school in Sep-
SILBERT intellectually she’d be ne, but as socially, while the other one thought their child could do no tember. is will give you more
socially and emotionally, she’d has no problem with school. Both wrong. I replied that every mon- information.
Dear Dr. Linda, be playing catch up all through parents were told to hold their key better love his own peanuts
I remember reading your school. Sydney’s birthday is Dec. children back in nursery school because if he doesn’t, who will? If you need to enroll Sydney
15. e cut o is Dec. 31. We for one more year. e parents now in another year of preschool
column about a year ago. Parents want her to go to kindergarten whose child struggles are kick- After we had a good laugh, we to ensure that she has a spot next
who were told their preschooler in September. We think she is ing themselves for not listening. agreed that all parents must love year, be sure you can get your
wasn’t ready for kindergarten just ne. Do you think nursery their children. ey must accept money back if you change your
asked you what they should do. schools do this to keep their en- e other parents are happy they and support their children, but mind. You also have the option,
My husband and I didn’t worry rollment up? Or do you think the made the right decision. they also need to stand back at if the cost isn’t prohibitive, to en-
because we knew our daugh- teacher may be right, and we’re times and objectively evaluate roll Sydney in a private kinder-
ter would be ready. Well, our just not listening. It’s a di cult decision to make, the situation. garten. is will give her a little
daughter’s preschool teacher just and you shouldn’t take it lightly. more time to mature. is way if
told us she didn’t think Sydney Sydney’s Mom and Dad Children develop at their own I don’t think the teacher is she isn’t ready for rst grade the
would be ready for kindergarten Dear Sydney’s Mom and Dad, pace. e di erence in develop- recommending that Sydney next year, she can repeat kinder-
ment at that age can be great. should stay in her preschool for garten in the public school.
Many children with birthdays Yes, all parents think their
at the end of the year are always children are the smartest and nancial reasons. You need to Investigate your options care-
playing catch up. Yet, many other best-looking kids around. nd out the speci c behavior fully now, but don’t be surprised
the teacher is referring to that at the progress she may make
Holiday indicates Sydney isn’t ready so- just over the next few months.
Special! cially and emotionally. Research Children grow and develop dif-
how children behave socially and ferently.
ANY FRIDAY emotionally at Sydney’s stage
in March & April, 2021 of development. Talk to your Dr. Linda
pediatrician and other profes-
sionals who know about child Dr. Linda is co-author of “Why
development. Bad Grades Happen to Good Kids”
You can take Sydney to an and director of Strong Learning
education specialist for testing Tutoring and SAT/ACT Test
to see if she is ready for kinder- Prep. Send your questions to
garten. But I would wait until [email protected]

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Thursday, March 25, 2021 The Somers Record – Page 15

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Page 16 – The Somers Record OPINION Thursday, March 25, 2021

Shooting the breeze

MAN loud so it’s important to wear complete my rehab, since you You should clean and lubricate is looking to take me OUT. If
OVERBOARD earplugs, and if you’ve invited me press the butt right up against your gun every time you nish he knows a decent restaurant
along, you might want to wear your shoulder. Or is it the other shooting. I can break down my and doesn’t try to get too fresh,
RICK two pairs. way around? I tried it both ways weapon with my eyes closed, I’m not totally against the idea.
MELÉN when no one was looking. My which is the only way I would I’m not going to stand for an in-
ere are less challenging friends were shooting pretty even attempt it. You remove fringement of my ird Amend-
Iwent skeet shooting last sports. It’s much easier to shoot well, but I had a rougher time of the barrel and clean out the ment rights. Which I looked up
week with my friends Tracie a basketball for instance, it’s things, and a lot of the pigeons inside using a ramrod, then rub and means that I don’t have to
and Brian, and it’s just great a lot bigger and moves a lot got away, at least for now. I saw some oil on it, massage it in let soldiers sleep in my house if
to get out of the house during a slower. Curling is much easier, where they went and I promised and serve it a nice candlelight they don’t want to, so that’s not
pandemic, at least that’s what my you just follow your hair around myself I would hunt them down dinner. Once I had the gun back the amendment I’m thinking
wife told me. with a curling iron on a pair of later and run them over with my together I saw a few pieces that I of. I do know that we all have
ice skates. I’m actually not very car. When you get to the end of hadn’t noticed when I was taking the right to bear arms, and I’ve
It’s not just a bunch of people familiar with the sport. Even the semi-circle some of the birds it apart, but I had the basic parts seen people with such hairy arms
shooting at stu , it’s an actual football is a lot less complicated, facing in the right direction. that they must have taken that
sport. You aim your shotgun at you only have to hit another guy, y right towards you. Under concept to an art form.
4 1/2 inch clay discs, standing and you have ten other people normal circumstances I would ere are people who want
at di erent stations around a aiming for him, too. It didn’t consider this brave, possibly to take your guns away, and Join Rick and Trillium on
semi-circle. 25 of these discs, or help matters that we went on heroic. In my case, I considered those people are called parole Saturday, April 17th, 7:00PM at
pigeons, launch from both ends one of the windiest days of the it taunting and it made me want o cers. Don’t you let them. e Black Rock Kitchen in Croton-on-
of the semi-circle, one at a time, year. 25 breezes must have blown to get even them in my article. constitution guarantees you the Hudson for some socially distanced
and you try to shoot them before my gun just as I was pulling the right to protect yourself. Who outdoor dining and music!
they hit the ground, and de - trigger. e pen is mightier than the knows where the next threat is
nitely before you do. It’s quite sword; MUCH mightier than coming from? Maybe that guy Say hello at: [email protected]
It’s been a while since I shot my shotgun. sitting next to me on the subway
skeet, before my rotator cu
surgery six years ago. e gun It’s harder than it looks to
has a recoil, so I had to wait to shoot straight. As you move
around the semi-circle you have
to aim ahead of the clay pigeons
so that the pellets from the
shotgun intercept them in mid

ight. e instructor said, “You
have to lead the bird.” I told him
I was leading by example. He
said, “When you hit something,
remember what you did. When
you miss, you should forget
it.” at’s ne, but he doesn’t
know the people I’m shooting
with, and I doubt if they’re ever
going to let me forget it. But it
was good advice, and at the end
of the day I didn’t remember
a thing that happened after I
parked my car.

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Page 17 – The Somers Record OPINION Thursday, March 25, 2021

BECKERMAN Advertising Deadline
The advertising deadline for The Somers Record is the Thursday before the next publication
FROM PAGE 14 date. Advertisements can be submitted by you as a camera-ready PDF via email at [email protected] We also offer our clients a free ad design service. For more information, call
studied under another famous shoemaker.” Brett Freeman at 845-208-8151.
master for 360 hours and then “No, he wasn’t,”said my
passed a series of tests meant to A lifetime of love,
weed out the true boot captains husband.“He was a wood continued.
from the mere boot mortals. maker.”
Only a crazy person would send At Benchmark, we believe couples are better together. Spouses and companions
their boots to a regular shoe “What?” who come through our doors, move in together and stay together. And we
shop.” “A WOODMAKER. at’s wouldn’t have it any other way.
why he was able to make We make this possible by accommodating individual care levels while living
“Well, honey, if the shoe ts…” Pinocchio. You’re getting your together, right from the start, while tailoring services and experiences to
I glared at him and began fairy tales mixed up. You’re each person*.
my quest to nd a local boot thinking of the story with the
wizard. Fortunately, where I live, shoemaker and the elves.” Benchmark Senior Living at Ridgefield Crossings
there were a lot of boot repair “ e shoemaker and the
shops. Unfortunately, there elves? Was he married to the 640 Danbury Road, Ridgefield I
were not a lot of good ones. I Old Woman Who Lived in the
read the reviews and stories of Shoe?”I wondered. Assisted Living | Mind & Memory Care
bootastrophes and sudden shoe “No,”he said.“But apparently
death swam before me. One I am.” Life is Better with Your Better Half. Call 203.456.9085 to schedule a tour today.
wrong move by a bad shoemaker
and, BAM!—your boots aren’t For more “Lost in Midlife,” follow *Please check with the community for any residency requirements.
made for walking anymore. Tracy on Facebook at
Unwilling to take a chance on LostinsuburbiaFanPage.
just a so-so shoe shop, I started
asking around. And that’s when
I found…
“Geppetto’s!”I announced
when I got home after dropping
o my boots.
“What’s Geppetto’s?”asked my
“Only the premier shoe repair
shop in the city. I mean, with a
name like Geppetto, he has to be
great, right?”
“Why is that?”
“Because Geppetto was a

When did you last
update your last will

and testament and
power of attorney?



• Asset Protection • Elder Law • Wills, Trusts & Estates
• Medicaid Applications (Nursing Home/Home Care) • Past Chair of Elder Law Section of NYS Bar Association
• Guardianships (Contested/Non-Contested) • “Super Lawyer” In Elder Law for 10 consecutive years


Managing Member • Fluent in Italian


Page 18 – The Somers Record OPINION Thursday, March 25, 2021


SCSD survey Finally, I found a “sample” privacy laws. If any of these misleading. One of the lines about lling out personal
went too far; survey with only a few ques- questions were asked of adults stated: “ is survey is an on- and embarrassing surveys.
tions. in a work environment, the line survey in which you will It is my job as my children’s
a parent’s person sending out the ques- be asked to answer a number mothers to teach morals and
perspective Because of some of the tions would be red and could of interesting questions about values, being a good human,
questions my young child potentially be brought up on yourself and your life.” and making good decisions,
To the editor, talked to me about, and from sexual harassment charges. when I feel they are ready for
About a week ago, the what I saw on the Search It’s disgusting to think that “Interesting questions?” I do speci c topics. Because ad-
Institute website, I asked for a the same types of questions not nd that asking children ministrators gave this survey
principals of Somers Middle hard copy of the entire sur- are being asked of young, as young as 10 about their to hundreds of kids, our rights
School, Je rey Getman, and vey. I was told it couldn’t be impressionable children. We sexual activity or drug usage as parents have been taken
Somers High School, Mark printed or emailed. When I have movie ratings and televi- “interesting.” It is disgusting away by the administrators
Bayer, sent out letters tell- was informed it was given on sion ratings that don’t allow and perverted. who think it’s OK to decide
ing parents that they would their school-appointed tab- children to see content more what’s best for our children.
be handing out a survey to lets, I said I would go home appropriate than these ques- e next line in this script Children are being robbed of
students. and have my child show it to tions. read: “If you do not want to their childhood. And parents
me. I was told this was not answer an item, leave it blank. are being lied to. I send my
Nothing in this letter possible, but they would nd Yes, parents had a chance But please try to answer all children to school because I
prepared me for what ques- a way to get it to me. I was to opt out, but the rst email of the items.” Does this mean thought that school was a safe
tions were being asked of my getting the run-around. sent out by Mr. Getman was answer them all, or don’t? place for them to be taught
12-year-old child. On Tues- sugar- coated. I can under- academics.
day, March 17, my child got at afternoon, Superin- stand why many parents Another line reads: “Your
in the car and said the stu- tendent Dr. Raymond Blanch thought their children were answers will be kept pri- Assessing risky behavior
dents had to take a survey in sent an email to parents taking a survey on how CO- vate. No one who knows you should be done on a private
school. I asked my child what about the nature of some of VID has a ected their school will ever see your responses case-by-case basis if there is
it was about and my child the questions, a script given work. without your permission.” e concern about a particular
said, “well, I really don’t want to teachers, and a link to the children took this survey on student, or group. Now, the
to talk about it in front of survey. Nowhere in the email did their school laptops, through children who never would
[my child’s younger siblings].” it state my child would be Schoology. ese computers think about these adult topics
Immediately, I noticed answering detailed questions are highly monitored, and the were subjected to them way
Later, my child told me that the copy sent out by Dr. about sexual intercourse. How answers are going back to this sooner than they should ever
some of the contents of it. I Blanch was modi ed from many times has my child had “Search Institute.” have to be.
immediately called the school the one my child took. He sex? What birth control does
to nd out more, and after omitted questions about the a child use (and lists them How can you teach young I am disappointed in the
speaking with Mr. Getman, child’s sexual orientation and all)? How many drugs has my children such details about SCSD and its administrators
I was told it was a survey to gender - two very personal child tried (and lists all the drugs and sex and not think for thinking this is OK. No
“assess risky behavior” and and private questions that slang words associated with that it a ects them? By asking parent should have to worry
how the schools can update have nothing to do with “risky those drugs), and how often? questions like sni ng glue, about what their children are
their curriculum to address behavior.” How many times has my you are giving them informa- learning in a school setting,
issues like drugs and alcohol. child breathed an aerosol can tion they may not ever know but I guess I was wrong.
After further discussion, I re- Even the survey with ques- or sni ed glue? How many about. And the subjects are
quested a copy of it. First, Mr. tions omitted by Dr. Blanch, times has my child thought being forced on them younger Katherine Braun,
Getman sent me a link, which included inappropriate ques- about suicide? And many and younger. concerned Somers parent
brought me to the website of tions being asked of minors questions about my child’s
the Search Institute, and only without their parents present home life. Children should feel SEE LETTERS PAGE 19
listed the goals of the survey. or without consent. ese comfortable and safe go-
questions must violate some e script teachers used was ing to school knowing they
kind of child protection and will be learning academics.

ey shouldn’t have to worry

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Thursday, March 25, 2021 OPINION The Somers Record – Page 19

LETTERS mission and goals of the "So, let's start with the good news: you're not allergic to seafood..."
e Friends of the Somers
Three cheers Library (FSL) sponsors
for the Somers programming that the librar-
ians plan for our community.
Library We also plan educational
and entertainment programs
To the editor, of our own. is year, due to
As we prepare to com- Covid restrictions, all of this
programming has happened
memorate “National Library via Zoom. It is thanks to our
Week” (April 4-10), e donors that we were able to
Friends of the Somers Li- fund these programs. We
brary would like to publicly will be holding our annual
thank the sta of the Somers fund drive in the autumn of
Library for all of their hard 2021. We are eager to put
work and dedication during all donations to good work
an incredibly di cult year. to continue to enrich the
Somers area.
e Covid-19 pandemic
necessitated closing the As Carl Sagan once said,
doors but did not shut down “the health of our civiliza-
the spirit and purpose of the tion, the depth of our aware-
library. e sta helped pa- ness about the underpin-
trons to arrange for curbside nings of our culture and our
pick-ups of materials and concern for the future can
also coached people through all be tested by how well we
the Libby/Overdrive borrow- support our libraries.”
ing process with phone calls
and/or emails. e sta also If you would like to work
devoted countless hours to with our FSL board to help
organizing and facilitating make our library the best
a variety of Zoom programs it can be, please email us at
for all ages. In the middle of [email protected]
all of this, the library wel- com.
comed a new director, Jenni-
fer Daddio. We look forward Sincerely,
to working with Ms. Daddio Susan Taylor
to continue to support the For e Friends of the Somers
Library Board

Page 20 – The Somers Record Thursday, March 25, 2021


Tuskers win opener at Mahopac

Tony DeMatteo, Somers top son, grandson and Indians


With Somers rmly in com-

mand against Mahopac in the

second half, Tuskers coach Tony

DeMatteo turned to anyone

within earshot and said with a

slight grin, “Am I a bad grandpa?”

A few days prior to the game

with Mahopac, which is coached

by DeMatteo’s son Dominick,

Tony said that while it was trau-

matic to coach against his grand- Somers coach Tony DeMatteo Somers’ Evan Lasseter looks to stiff arm a Mahopac defender in Nate Rosenzweig returns a kickoff.
son, Mahopac junior quarterback hugs his grandson Anthony Tuskers’ 28-7 season-opening win.
Anthony DeMatteo, he would DeMatteo, Mahopac’s
have his team prepared. And quarterback, following the
it was grandpa and a seasoned Tuskers’ 28-7 win.
Somers squad that got the better
of son, grandson and Mahopac Somers had just a 7-0 lead late
in the visiting Tuskers’ 28-7 sea-

son-opening victory on Saturday, in the rst half when wide re-

March 20. ceiver Matt Kapica made the play “I think what happened to us when Dominick DeMatteo

Any time one of Somers’ de- of the game. Senior quarterback was that we were playing scared found Andrew Cohen on a

fenders came close to Anthony Jackson Kossow red a deep pass (in the rst half ),” Tony DeMat- 9-yard slant for a score with just

DeMatteo, the veteran coach ad- down the right sideline. e ball teo said. “We were afraid to lose. under three minutes to go. Dom-

mitted that he felt uneasy. was batted in the air by Mahopac I told them at halftime, ‘Listen, inick nished 8 of 17 on pass at-

“Every time they were in (the defensive back Joey Koch but when you go home, if you lost tempts for 103 yards.

back eld), I was afraid he was Kapica tipped the ball to himself the game, your mother is still go- Kaiser had 19 carries for 131

going to get hurt,” the elder De- and hauled in the highlight reel ing to feed you. It’s just a game.’ yards and the two touchdowns

Matteo said. “It was freaking me 39-yard grab at the 2-yard line. I told them they’re not turning it to lead Somers on the ground.

out but I didn’t know what else “He was telling me all game loose and they’re playing scared Kossow kicked o the scoring for

to do. e plan was to take the that he was open,” Kossow said. because of their reputation and the Tuskers with a 5-yard touch-

short game away, force him to “I looked over and they had good everyone says they’re going to down run in the second quarter.

throw deep and put pressure on coverage but I just put it up for win. I thought they responded to He had nine carries for 66 yards

him. When you put pressure on him and he made a great read on that and we played much better rushing and passed for 103 yards

someone you could hurt them, so the ball. He tipped it and I just in the second half.” and a score. Deagan, Dan Cur-

that was very traumatic for me.” didn’t believe that he caught it. I Kossow connected with Dea- ran (1 sack), Dylan Faller (1 sack)

Tony coached against his son was like, ‘Did he catch it?’ I was gan on a 33-yard touchdown pass and Ethan Krauss each had four PHOTO: ROB DIANTONIO

Dominick for the second time. so confused at rst. It was a great three minutes into the fourth tackles to lead the defense. Somers quarterback Jackson
quarter. Cabo kicked his fourth Somers, which took the eld Kossow fires a pass on the run.
e rst meeting was back in catch.”

2016 when Dominick coached On the next play, senior full- PAT of the game and Somers for the rst time in 16 months,

for one season at Nyack. Saturday back Jack Kaiser plowed into added to its commanding lead. returns to action when it hosts

night’s game also had a brother the end zone from two yards “I think getting back out on a 1-0 Brewster squad at 7 p.m. ing. We’ve got to stay safe with

vs. brother dynamic as Tony’s son out. Alex Cabo’s extra point gave the eld for the rst time (in a on Friday, March 26. It’s also the COVID.”

Anthony DeMatteo is an assis- Somers a 14-0 lead with 35 sec- while), there was a bit of tension Tuskers’ senior game. With no true sectional tourna-

tant coach with the Tuskers. onds left in the rst half. and a little bit of nerves,” Kossow “It feels amazing,” Kossow said ment or states in 2021, the Tusk-

“Dominick has a pretty good e Tuskers took that lead said of overcoming the slow start. of what it felt like to play their ers have to alter their goals for the

team but we’re better,” said Tony, into halftime and added to it “Once the second half started we rst game in over a year. “ is is season. “Honestly, we thought we

who increased his Section 1 re- when Kaiser scored on a 12-yard just wanted to have fun and show my last season and the last season had a shot at states this year,”

cord to 355 career wins. “I’m not touchdown run with 6:57 left in them what Somers football is all for a lot of guys, obviously. Just Kossow said. “Our goal is just to

a better coach than my son. I the third quarter to extend their about.” being back out here is awesome win every game and play the best

happen to have the better team.” lead to 21-0. Mahopac broke up the shutout and we’re so excited to keep go- football we can.”

Caring for your Car
and Our Community

~ For Over 35 Years ~

The Friendly Mavis Team

Thursday, March 25, 2021 SPORTS The Somers Record – Page 21

Tuskers feel fortunate to compete

Young Somers team wins two vs. Brewster, starts 2-2

BY ROB DIANTONIO outside hitter, was named all- Kelly said, “and show a ton of

CONTRIBUTING WRITER section honorable mention and promise in the current season

all-conference last season. Re- and in seasons to come.”

In a short preseason, there albuto is a right-side hitter. e Tuskers are just happy to

wasn’t much preparation time “Both have a lot of experi- be on the court after the sea-

for Somers’ volleyball squad for ence with a great volleyball IQ,” son was delayed and moved to

the 2021 season. e Tuskers Kelly said. “We’ll rely on them March as part of a Fall II sea-

also graduated six seniors in- heavily this season.” son. “ e seniors truly deserve

cluding ve starters but they’ve A pair of juniors in Megan to go out playing and we are

displayed plenty of team chem- Spencer (libero) and Juliana thrilled to compete in 80 per-

istry in the early going accord- Bockhaus (outside hitter) are cent of our games in a third of

ing to head coach Kim Kelly. also key returners. Bockhaus is the time,” Kelly said. “I’m look-

“Our rst varsity practice the the team’s starting server. ing forward to seeing what we

girls displayed an incredible “Both Megan and Juliana can accomplish in our league

amount of cohesiveness that have been a part of the var- in this short period of time and

often takes until mid-season sity team since their freshman most certainly have an eye on a

to achieve,” Kelly said. “ is is years,” Kelly said, “and bring league title and sectional run in

not only encouraging, but excit- a lot of great experience and the years to come.” 

ing when you are a young team. knowledge of the game.” Ossining 3, Somers 1 Somers celebrates during a 3-0
Especially given that we will Stepping in as the Tuskers’ Tuesday, March 16 win over visiting Brewster on
be back together again in Au- Somers won the rst set but March 18.
gust. is season doubles as a setters will be sophomore Ella
Ponterio and freshman Reilly fell 3-1 (25-17, 13-25, 17-25,

developmental opportunity for Pittman. “While they’re young 19-25) to visiting Ossining in

future seasons.” and are adapting to the tempo the Tuskers’ season opener. front with 10 kills and also

Somers has just two seniors of the varsity game, they’re both Somers 3, Brewster 0 served up seven aces. Ponterio

on the roster and both are co- seasoned volleyball players,” Thursday, March 18 dished out 13 assists.

captains in Delaney Killeen and e Tuskers bounced back Somers 3, Brewster 1

Angelina Realbuto. Killeen, an with a straight set sweep of vis- Saturday, March 20

iting Brewster: 30-28, 25-11, Somers picked up its second

25-13. straight win against Brewster,

Somers, which was celebrat- defeating the host Bears 3-1

ing senior day, rallied from a (25-19, 25-22, 17-25, 25-15).

21-14 de cit in the rst set. Killeen nished with 12 kills

“Any time a team doesn’t fold while Pittman tallied 21 assists

or give up under this type of in the win.

pressure it’s a great sign of a Yorktown 3, Somers 1

team’s commitment and belief Monday, March 22 PHOTO: ROB DIANTONIO
in one another on the court,” Host Yorktown defeated
Kelly said. Emily Bernhard, left, and Juliana
Somers (2-2) in four sets: 19- Bockhaus go up for the a block in
Killeen paced Somers up win over Brewster last week.
25, 18-25, 25-21, 8-25.

Somers’ Elizabeth Bateman Delaney Killeen keeps her eye
passes to a teammate. on the ball in straight set win
over Brewster last week in the
Tuskers’ senior game.

Page 22 – The Somers Record SPORTS Thursday, March 25, 2021

Gaels roll over Bayhawks in opener Making a splash

Kennedy hosts rst football game since Freshman Julia Wilkinson
pandemic shutdown quali es for Sectionals in rst

Despite it being a Friday night in March dive meet 
on the campus of Kennedy Catholic Prep in

Somers, Kenny Chesney’s song “ e Boys of

Fall” could be heard playing pre-game. Julia Wilkinson, who rep- e rst-time varsity athlete

As you entered the 63- acre campus on March resents the Yorktown/Somers competed a total of six dives at

12, the song still felt tting and had a particu- combined Girls Swim and Dive the meet that was held at SUNY

larly special meaning this year. It was Friday team competed in her rst dive Purchase on Wednesday, March

Night lights in March but for all the players, meet of the season and quali ed 17. Wilkinson started with the

cheerleaders, coaches, students and parents in for the Section 1 Dive Champi- Forward 1 ? summersault in a

attendance, it felt like a Friday night in fall. e onship (Sectionals). pike position, which is from the

kind of Friday night that we and all schools and A freshman at Somers High dive of the week group and got

football programs around Westchester remem- School, Wilkinson won the dive a total score of 20.40.

ber before COVID changed everything. event of the dual meet against Her highest score from the

e season’s rst CHSAA league match-up Pearl River. She scored an im- judges at the meet came from

resulted in an exciting win it was for the Gaels Wideout James Brown scored on a 45 yard pressive 219 points to earn her her fth dive, which was a re-

of Kennedy Catholic Prep over the Bayhawks touchdown pass. spot at the Sectionals, which verse dive in a pike position.

of St. Dominic’s by a score of 34-0. However, will be the season nale for the e reverse dive group is con-

the nal score seemed secondary to the Ken- Girl’s Swimming season.   sidered to be one of the chal-

nedy Catholic players. Yorktown native and and two touchdowns. Freshman running back lenging groups, as

Kennedy Catholic’s senior quarterback Clay- Chris Kalle had nine carries for 120 yards while a diver is required

ton Proctor said it best, “We’re the only game Mahopac resident and senior Louis Cardillo to hurdle and move

happening tonight in Westchester and it means literally kicked o this special night of football forward o the board

the world to the team, to the school, our par- in March with a 71-yard sprint to the endzone and continue with a

ents. I’m really glad everyone gets to step on the for Kennedy’s rst score of the game. It was a reverse movement

eld now. We’re playing football. at’s what big win for this Kennedy team, winners of the towards the board

really matters.” 2019 CHSAA Class A League Championship before entering the

Proctor completed 10 passes for a 182 yards but a bigger “victory” for us all by just being water.

and three scores. One of those scores and a able to be on the eld and feel a sense of nor- Wilkinson, who

big turning point in the game was a 45-yard malcy again. was a former level 8

strike to senior wideout James Brown. Brown, gymnast, approached

from Carmel, tallied four catches for 98 yards Content provided by Kennedy Catholic Prep. this dive with full

focus and landed a

beautiful clean entry.

is dive earned an

8 and a 7 ? from the

two judges, making

it the highest scores

given at the meet.

Wilkinson’s highest

total score, however,

came from a high dif-

culty dive, the For-

Louis Cardillo went 71 yards for the game’s first PHOTO COURTESY OF KENNEDY CATHOLIC PREP PHOTO COURTESY OF MICHAEL DARLAND ward 2 summersaults
score. in a pike position. Wilkinson
Quarterback Clayton Proctor completed 10 Somers’ Julia Wilkinson won the scored a total of 28.75 points
passes for 182 yards. dive event against Pearl River on for this powerful dive that has a
March 17.

2.3-degree of di culty.  

Saving a Life EVERY 11 MINUTES e 14-year-old, also one
of the swimmers for the team,

Prepare for aloneI’m never was thrilled to be able to com-
power outages Life Alert® is always pete for the combined team. “I
with a Generac here for me. am so happy to be part of the
home standby One touch of a button Yorktown/ Somers team. I’m
generator sends help fast, 24/7. learning a lot from being in
a varsity team, it is not about
REQUEST A FREE QUOTE! just one person’s achievements,
we work as a team and support
877 516 1160 one another. We have a great
varsity coach, Coach Brit who
is always there to guide and

FREE GwPiSth! cheer for us from the sidelines,”
said Wilkinson who has trained
7-Year Extended Warranty* Help at Home Help On-the-Go under Coach Brittney Pisano
A $695 Value! at club level swim team since
® Wilkinson was 8 years old.
O er valid February 15 - June 6, 2021
Batteries Never Need Charging. “For my next few dual meets,
Special Financing Available I intend to compete my higher
For a FREE brochure call:I’ve fallen and I can’t get up! di culty dives that I am cur-
Subject to Credit Approval rently working on and hope to
1-800-404-9776 improve my score,” Wilkinson
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Page 24 – The Somers Record Thursday, March 25, 2021

Somers High School Featured Seniors

As the Class of 2021 counts down to graduation on June 23, e Somers Record is proud to highlight a di erent group of seniors in each issue.

Peyton DiSiena Thomas Hogan Noelle DeMarinis Joseph Healy Lily Uffer

What three words would Favorite comfort food? What activities do you par-
What interests you most? Frozen green grapes What three words would
your friends use to describe What activities do you par- What three things would ticipate in, both in school and your friends use to describe
you and your personality? ticipate in, both in school and outside of school? you and your personality?
outside of school? you take to a deserted island?
Ambitious, passionate and I would take my Kindle, bug Skateboarding, running and Bubbly, goofy, and loving.
driven. I’m mostly interested in lm, playing video games.
repellent, and forcibly my sister Favorite TV show?
What is something that most particularly focusing on editing (she would keep me good com- Favorite comfort food? Friends
people don’t know about you? pany).  Mac & cheese
and screenwriting. I’ve written Are you a morning person Favorite vacation spot?
I love doing genealogy, spe- Favorite vacation spot? or a night owl? e Outer Banks, North
ci cally on my own family his- a few short lms and certainly South Africa  Night owl
tory. So far I have managed to What would you miss most What is something that mo- Carolina
document over 3,000 ancestors attempted to make my own fea- about Somers if you were to tivates you?
and relatives that span genera- ever leave? A feeling inside to better myself. What do you hope to be do-
tions and continents.  tures, but hey, we’ll see where it I would miss the quiet and Were your years at Somers ing in five years? What are
beautiful bike trails where I of- High School what you expect- some of your main life goals?
Favorite movie or TV show? goes. Time will tell, I suppose.  ten go for walks and jogs. Re- ed them to be? How would
Game of rones gardless of the time of year, the you describe your high school I plan on going to and grad-
What is Somers’ best attrac- Favorite book? bike trail is always the perfect experience in one word?
tion? “A Prayer For Owen Meany” getaway from academic pres- uating college and hopefully
I absolutely love King Kone! sure.   ey were not what I expect-
I’ve had great memories of going by John Irving Were your years at Somers ed them to be. In one word I having a job that I love having
their with my family and friends, High School what you expect- would call it a metamorphosis 
and their ice cream is delicious. What is your idea of a per- ed them to be? to do with something that I’m
Were your years at Somers fect day? My four year experience at PHOTOS COURTESY OF
High School what you expect- Somers High School can be de- SOMERS CENTRAL SCHOOL DISTRICT passionate about (I also hope to
ed them to be? Wake up, fall back asleep, scribed as unforgettably unique.
I would describe my experi- My junior and senior year cer- adopt several dogs!)
ence at Somers High School as wake up again, eat an omelette tainly strayed from the typical
valuable. During these times I upperclassmen experience be- Were your years at Somers
was able to mature and further for breakfast, then go into the cause of the COVID outbreak. I High School what you ex-
my interest in particular elds. try to focus on the positive when pected them to be?
ere have been countless op- city with my friends.  looking back at this time. I was
portunities provided to me from able to experience a college- I learned a lot both in the
SHS that I would not have What is Somers’ best attrac- like school schedule with an
found elsewhere, and I am very tion? emphasis on independence and classroom and out and met
fortunate for this. e Covid-19 self-reliance, learn and complete
pandemic brought forth a lot of When I think of Somers, I schoolwork with new technolo- some of my favorite people that
challenges, especially hitting my gies, creatively adapt new ways
senior year, but my overall expe- think of the Elephant Hotel and of staying in touch with friends, I love so much. My four years
rience at Somers has been im- and continue to grow my love
portant to my growth as an indi- the Sweet Delites Pastry Shop. for lacrosse and tness.  at SHS have had lots of ups
vidual and I am proud to see the
accomplishments I have made in Were your years at Somers and downs but I wouldn’t trade
these four years. High School what you expect-
ed them to be? How would them for anything. 
you describe your high school
experience in one word?

If I were to look back on

my four years in Somers High

School, I’d say it was even bet-

ter than I expected all those

years ago when I rst entered

the school as a freshman, un-

aware what I would nd inside

myself.  It sounds corny but I’ve

changed quite a bit since then.

If I were to describe high school

in one word, it’d be “unexplain-


Thursday, March 25, 2021 HEALTH &WELLNESS The Somers Record – Page 25

Fighting to save his heart—and his life

When a military vet faced a heart attack, swift action made the di erence

Eugene Cauvin has never from the military, he went back ciative Cauvin. “She exudes completed in little more than Cauvin said of his job, and
been good at jumping rope. e to school to prepare for a career personality and leadership.” an hour. the stress is both palpable and
night of Oct. 1, 2020, however, in healthcare, earning a fam- sustained.
the t and trim retired Air ily nurse practitioner degree Sandel had Cauvin at North- HINDSIGHT IS 20/20
Force captain was pleased to from Columbia and a Doctor ern Westchester Hospital with- “ ere’s a cautionary tale in ALL FOR ADELINE
discover that he was “in the of Nursing Practice from Pace, in minutes, and called ahead When Cauvin left the
zone.” His ursday mixed and is currently the associate to alert the ER, as well as Dr. all this,” Cauvin said, and he
martial arts (MMaA) class in director of pain management Carl D. Reimers, Northwell feels it’s important to share. hospital, it was with “march-
Mount Kisco was alternating and palliative care at Northern cardiology service line director “Dr. Reimers and his team ing orders from Dr. Reimers
between intense bursts of rope Westchester Hospital (NWH). for Westchester County and were superb, and the care I to take it easy for a few weeks”
work and burpees, and, oddly the director of NWH’s brand- received was second to none, and allow his heart the time to
enough, “I was doing better He sees a strong connection new state-of-the-art Cardiac but it’s so important to listen heal.
than ever before,” recalls Eu- between both parts of his life. Catheterization Lab, which to your body and pay attention
gene—until, well, he wasn’t. had just opened on Sept. 2. to any symptoms.” “I have a young daughter.
“Being in the military is Adeline is seven and I adore
e third time the 6-foot about serving something great- “Time is muscle” when it Cauvin occasionally got her,” Cauvin said. “My primary
60-something from Pleas- er than yourself,” Cauvin said. comes to matters of the heart, lightheaded in the months purpose is to live for her.” Ac-
antville sprung to his feet “ e same can be said about so once an EKG con rmed leading up to his heart attack. cordingly, “I’ve corrected some
post-burpee, “everything came healthcare. It’s all about taking that Cauvin was indeed having His energy had been waning so things in my life and am taking
to a halt,” he said. ere was care of people; about making a a heart attack, the team needed he would guzzle energy drinks greater control of the things I
pressure in the center of his di erence.” And now his col- to move quickly. An angiogram to keep up. He even experi- can control,” he adds. Daddy-
chest. Sweat pouring o him. leagues from NWH were about completed within 25 minutes enced pain in the middle of his daughter time is, of course, a
He couldn’t seem to catch his to make a very big di erence of the onset of his symptoms chest for a few weeks back in top priority.
breath. Indeed, much to his in Cauvin’s own life, beginning produced digital images that September.
astonishment, the guy with the with Dr. Sherri Sandel, associ- showed plaque buildup that e bottom line is, “I feel
“perfect” blood pressure and ate medical director at NWH, had ruptured and the pres- Cauvin attributed his seem- great and I’m healthier now
low cholesterol, the same one who, as luck would have it, was ence of a clot in Cauvin’s right ingly minor issues to stress at than I was before.” And, yes,
who can get through an intense in the same MMA class that coronary artery, as well as 90 work. Palliative care, which for all those wondering, he is
kickboxing class without a night. percent blockage in another ar- focuses on relieving and back to jumping rope.
break, was in the midst of a tery. A subsequent angioplasty preventing the su ering of
heart attack. TIMING IS EVERYTHING (to open the arteries with the patients living with chronic Learn more about advanced
“Dr. Sandel would make a help of a catheter and insert a diseases, undergoing treatment cardiac care in Westchester,
If Cauvin looks familiar it’s tiny stainless-steel coiled stent for curable illnesses, or nearing visit
for good reason: After retiring good squadron commander for to keep them that way) was the end of life, is not easy.
ghter pilots,” said an appre- is article was provided by
“You’re in the trenches,” Northern Westchester Hospital.

Could You Have A Kidney Stone?

Learn about symptoms, treatment
and prevention…

Ask the Doctor Q. What are the symptoms of a kidney stone? one of three outpatient procedures, depending on
A: You might feel waves of severe pain in your back or the size and location of the stone.
Dr. Warren Bromberg, MD, FACS side below the ribs. Pain might spread to your groin (a) External shock waves to shatter the stone, turning it
Chief, Urology Division and lower abdomen. Nausea, vomiting and blood in to smaller stones that can then pass on their own.
Co-Director, Institute for Robotic and the urine are possible. If you experience extreme pain, (b) Inserting a small telescope to laser the stone into
Minimally Invasive Surgery vomiting, or fever, go to an urgent care facility, or your tiny fragments.
Northern Westchester Hospital hospital ER. Otherwise, have your symptoms evaluated (c) If the stone is very large, a telescope is passed directly
by your primary care physician. into the kidney through ones back to fragment and
Learn more about Dr. Bromberg, remove the stone.
visit Q: What actually is a kidney stone?
bromberg A: A stone is rock-like material formed within the Q: Can I help prevent kidney stones from forming?
kidney. Most stones have a calcium component, and are A: Yes, however, once a kidney stone is removed, if a
caused by inadequate uid intake, an overabundance person does not change his or her diet or uid intake,
of calories, and excessive salt intake. Stones with a there’s a 70 percent chance another will form. Help
uric acid component are caused by an excessive meat prevent calcium stones by remaining well-hydrated.
intake. When a stone passes out of the kidney and Avoid consuming large amounts of dark leafy
enters the ureter, the tube becomes blocked, urine vegetables, peanuts, Vitamin C tablets and chocolate.
backs up, the kidney swells and pain results. To avoid forming a uric acid-type stone, limit meat,
including red meat, chicken or sh.
Q: What are my treatment options?
A: A small stone may “pass” from your body naturally. Did you know?
If necessary, your physician can provide medication
for pain and nausea and allow natural passage of the Once a kidney stone is removed, if a person
stone. Uric acid stones can sometimes be dissolved
with medication. A large stone blocking a kidney, or does not change his or her diet or uid intake,
a stone associated with an infection, can be life-
threatening and must be treated urgently. For stones there’s a 70 percent chance another will form.
that cannot pass on their own, a urologist may advise

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