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North Salem News 11.18.21

North Salem’s only weekly newspaper mailed to every home and business.

Vol. 7 No. 35 Visit for the latest news. Thursday, November 18, 2021

U.S. News releases
elementary and middle

school report

NSOLF Executive How do North Salem schools stack up?
Director Jocko
McKean and BY CAROL REIF underserved ethnicities.”
Janet Olshansky STAFF WRITER e data, which only includes public
unveil the Jeff
Morris Preserve e U.S. World & News Report, known schools, typically comes from each state’s
on Nov. 14. for assessing student performance at col- education agency website or directly from
leges, universities and high schools, has state education agencies.
PHOTO: CAROL REIF added elementary and middle schools to
its repertoire. Schools are ranked at the state and dis-
Open Land Foundation trict levels. Charter and magnet schools
unveils Jeff Morris Preserve e publication, which has been provid- are considered stand-alone categories.
ing a popular and in uential annual list
BY CAROL REIF while drinking in the last of this year’s fall of education  rankings since 1983, claims Also important to note is that the data
STAFF WRITER colors. that it, along with the data and “word- used for the 2021  rankings comes from
of-mouth research,” can help parents nd reading and math standardized test scores
ere’s a new place to take a walk on the It’s a great place for hiking, bird- schools “that may be a good t for their from the 2018-2019 school year, before
wild side in town. watching and other types of passive children.” the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted stu-
recreation, according to Jocko McKean, the dent assessments.
e North Salem Open Land organization’s executive director. Its methodology for the inaugural rank-
Foundation o cially unveiled its latest ings focus on math and reading pro cien- at begs the question, some media re-
acquisition, the Je Morris Preserve, on e 11-acre parcel located on Surrey cy (how well students do on state assess- ports have said, of how useful or accurate
Sunday, Nov. 14, with a ribbon-cutting Lane o Finch Road is named in honor ments) and math and reading performance the new rankings are in today’s context.
ceremony and hike. of the foundation’s late president, Je rey (how well they do compared to expecta-
Morris, who died last year at age 64 tions). U.S. News said its team uses statistical
e weather was brisk and the skies following a long illness. techniques that look at student perfor-
partly sunny as about 30 people donned States are trying to gure out whether mance “in the context of demographics
their sturdy shoes to meander through the Morris is credited with helping the learning in core subjects has been achieved and their states.”
preserve’s uplands,woodlands and wetlands and just how well schools are educating
SEE PRESERVE PAGE 6 students, it said, including those from low- “We believe that is more useful than
income households and with “historically simply looking at test results to evaluate
schools, because this process resembles to




Family Owned and Operated Since 1989


CLASSIFIEDS 18 Honor and Respect

Page 8 – North Salem News Opinion Thursday, November 18, 2021


Pleased to meat you  I’m done here!
Ihate the fact that even before I’ve shared with you my two bouts
Further along the historical timeline, of breast cancer: Not to be partial, advised he was ordering a breast MRI.
one in each breast, the latest being Panic once again took over.  is time,
Halloween, sometime after Labor Day, in 2006, Massachusetts Superior Court I made the appointment at the White

advertisers are already making you Judge Je ery Locke ruled that a burrito

feel guilty for not getting moving on your is not a sandwich. I could have told you in 2014. You became “Ruthie’s Brigade,” Plains Radiology satellite location in

Christmas shopping. that and I would have with your support and Armonk.

I feel guilty enough charged a lot less, but prayers. I will forever As instructed, I

that I’m a little late for MAN nobody ever tried to be grateful for your WHAT WAS climbed on the table
last year’s Christmas kindness. I THINKING? and got into position. I
OVERBOARD tell me that a burrito felt pretty good - I had
shopping. Even worse, WAS a sandwich. e In 2014, one of

important dates that RICK boundaries of what is the tests the surgeon RUTHANN taken a Valium a half

are sandwiched in MELÉN called a “sandwich” are requested was a breast SCHEFFER hour before, guring I

between are being lost being stretched all the MRI. I’d had countless would react the same

in the shu e. National time. I read that at the MRIs in the past and way I had during the

Sandwich Day, for Budapest Burger King never felt claustropho- rst MRI. Of course

instance, which is celebrated Nov. 3.  they didn’t understand the concept of a bic or in a panic--I the medication eased

In prehistoric times man slapped a “veggie burger,” and would serve you two pretty much knew what to expect. Was I my trepidation, but I had a little trouble

small stegosaurus in between two rocks for slices of tomato and some lettuce on a ever thrown a wicked curve! walking “straight.”  e MRI went well,

lunch, and although it provided traces of bun. In their defense, I don’t understand At White Plains Radiology, I was we nished, and my friend Sybil drove

iron, didn’t taste very good. e invention the concept either. asked to climb on the table and lie face me home.  By the way, the results were

of mayonnaise was an improvement, and Some restaurants put whatever they down with my breasts hanging down good, and my medical team was pleased.

when numbers were discovered and seven want in between two pieces of whatever through the openings (Taco Bell, any- A few months ago, I had my yearly

ate nine, the development of the sandwich they want and add “wich” to the title, as one?). I was told to keep my face down mammogram which showed no abnor-

began in earnest. if “wich” means “two pieces of whatever and put my arms straight over my head. malities and that I could go ahead and

One story attributes the popularization they want.” Americans love to butcher I was incredulous: “You want me to do schedule my next test in 2022 - always

of the modern sandwich to Lord John language that way. Decades ago a scandal what?” good news!  However, at my next follow-

Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich. occurred at the Watergate Hotel, and e technologist again explained the up appointment with the oncologist

Rumor had it that Montagu led something now it’s common practice to add “gate” procedure. With her assistance I got on in September, I was informed that he

of a pro igate lifestyle, and when gambling to any word, so that everybody knows it’s the table, inched up so that my breasts wanted a breast MRI.  What?  Why?

did not like to leave the table. He ordered a scandal. And ever since the “alcoholic” were in the aperture; I put my arms over ey had been pleased with the results of

his servant to bring him a snack that he came to describe compulsive drinkers, you my head and tried to get my face posi- the mammogram.  e explanation was

could eat easily during the game, and he can now add “oholic” to any compulsive tioned, so I could breathe.  e technolo- that there was calci cation in my breasts

returned with some meat between two behavior, as though “work-oholics” are gist told me to “scrunch” down some along with scar tissue.  e MRI would

slices of bread. at way the Earl could addicted to “work-ohol.” more; I told her I had “scrunched” as far show deeper images - he wanted to be

hold the snack from the footman in one An astute reader named Tom wrote as I could, that I’m not a “skinny Min- sure that nothing else was lurking.

hand and his hand in the other hand. us me and suggested that I single out and nie.” As she started to move the table I once again made an appointment for

the “sandwich” was born, although if the possibly embarrass the olive loaf, which forward, I experienced a feeling of panic; last week at the Armonk location. I was

story is true it should have been called I will be happy to do. ere are some to make matters worse, my butt hit the con dent that the test would proceed

the “footwich” since it was the footman things I would never even try, based on top of the opening and the table couldn’t like the one before. Not happening! I

who thought of it. How many important the name alone, and olive loaf is one of pass through. at did it for me: climbed up on the table, with the help of

innovations were invented while eating them.Tongue is another; why would I “Please bring me back out. We’re done the technician and placed my breasts in

lunch during a poker game? I myself have ever try tasting something that could taste here. I cannot and will not do this!” the apertures.  Table moved and then the

terrible luck gambling and if it was me I me back? I could run the risk of liking it Fast-forward to 2018.  e second cacophony of bells, buzzers and whistles

would have lost the hand, my entire stake much less than it likes me, and then what? breast surgery had gone well, and I’d had began. So far so good.  After about 10

AND the sandwich, but at least I would SEE MELEN PAGE 14 three weeks of intense radiation. During SEE SCHEFFER PAGE 9
have invented the stake sandwich. 
a follow-up visit to my oncologist, he

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TABITHA PEARSON MARSHALL, CREATIVE DIRECTOR necessarily those of North Salem News or its affiliates. Submissions
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Thursday, November 18, 2021 OPINION North Salem News – Page 9

I’m thankful

JUST Fun Facts by Jo Ann
The first Thanksgiving Day Parade didn’t have any balloons.
JO ANN Americans prepare 46 million turkeys for Thanksgiving
FRANCELLA each year.

SCHEFFER with this machine was being It’s not only this time of year and has emerged cancer free. She So many people complained
repaired and that this one was that makes me feel thankful, fought the most di cult battle about being quarantined for so
FROM PAGE 8 temporary. After discussing the and this year I am thankful of her life with such grace and long, but for me and Ken it was
situation, we weren’t going to for so much. In no particular or- dignity. a happy, precious time. Perhaps it
minutes, the technician came to try again. It was left that I will der, here’s what keeps me happy. helped many of us forge an even
me and asked that I move up a call in a week or so to see if the 4. I’m grateful that our closest stronger bond with our loved
little as the images were not very proper table has been repaired, 1. I’m thankful that after family members will once again ones.
clear.  I tried and tried to move and if it has, I will reschedule a rough start to his life, my take their places around my
this 84-year-old body up and the MRI. 22-month-old grandson, Drew, dining room table, and I look 8. I’m thankful that my family
over - couldn’t get in position is a happy and healthy little boy forward to all of the silly “thankful and friends who have contracted
and my ribs were sore from be- My ribs are still a bit sore and who always greets us with giggles lists” my family will produce Covid have healed and continue
ing pressed down. I need to prepare my mind for and smiles. as we get ready for our meal; to be well.
the next test. Maybe I’ll take a especially my brother-in-law who
“I can’t do this!  I’m done Valium and have a friend guide 2. I’m thankful for my little always says he is thankful for the At the risk of starting to sound
here! I didn’t have this problem me into the building. It seemed Boston terrier, Daisy. My sadness Rogaine he uses on his thinning too mushy, I’ll stop there, but
when I was here a few years to work the last time! was overwhelming at times after hair. want to thank all of my readers
ago.” I lost my precious twelve-year-old for their fun and insightful
[email protected] Chocolate Lab, Coco. Daisy keeps 5. I’m thankful for the people feedback. It is my pleasure to
en the technician explained me busy, gives me endless reasons who keep us safe as we lay our write for Halston Media each
that the table that belongs to smile, hours of cuteness, and heads on our pillows each night. week.
she cuddles me when I seem to God bless them all.
need it most. I’m so grateful that To all who will be gathering for
she is now a part of our family. 6. I’m thankful that my anksgiving this year, I wish you
daughter and son-in-law became love, good health and happiness
3. I’m thankful that my sister- amazing parents in such a short and many more thankful moments
in-law, who was diagnosed with time. I’m so proud of them both. for the remainder of 2021.
breast cancer just three months Happy anksgiving!
into the pandemic, has gone 7. I’m thankful that my
through her chemo and radiation husband, Ken, is by my side each [email protected]
day giving me love and support.

Treatment for Skin Cancer

What you need to know…

Ask the Doctor Q: How is skin cancer treated? Also, it’s fast. After just two weeks of fteen-minute
A: Traditionally, skin cancers have been treated either treatments with HDRBT, treatment is complete.
Ashwatha Narayana, MD with Moh’s surgery, in which the cancerous tissue is In fact, the treatment itself takes only three to
Chairman, Radiation Oncology removed, or by conventional radiation. Both methods four minutes!
Northern Westchester Hospital offer success rates of 96 to 99 percent. However, now a Q. Who is the ideal candidate for
third option – High Dose Rate Brachytherapy (HDRBT) this type of treatment?
Learn more about – offers a unique cosmetic bene t that’s particularly A. The cosmetic bene t is especially valuable if
Dr. Naryana, visit valuable for skin cancers the face, head and neck. you have skin cancer near your lips, nose or eyes. Q. What’s so unique about this With this treatment, there is minimal to no scarring.
narayana new type of treatment? This new radiation therapy is also great for elderly
A. With a Moh’s procedure, the cancer is cut out, patients who might not tolerate surgery. In
leaving behind a hole which is lled with skin from Westchester County, we have a high population
somewhere else on your body. This forms a scar. of older community members with skin cancer –
With conventional radiation for skin cancer, not only this treatment has worked really well for them.
is the tumor radiated, but so are its “margins,” or Q. Is there anything else you’d like
edges. As a result, a wide area is radiated – sometimes to say about HDRBT?
causing the skin to thin or break, to get a bit darker or A. Currently, Northern Westchester Hospital is the
lighter, to develop red streaks, or to appear scarred only community hospital in Westchester offering
or wrinkled. If this happens on your face, it is often HDRBT for skin cancer. There’s this myth that
highly visible. community hospitals can’t provide the most advanced
By contrast, HDRBT involves radiating much smaller cancer care. But that’s simply not the case. Here,
margins around the tumor. If we’re treating a tumor patients experience the warmth of a community
near the eye with conventional radiation, its wider hospital, yet receive a level of cancer care that’s
field of radiation creates the risk of blindness, first-rate.
or of damaging the lens, or of the breakdown of
surrounding tissue. But with concentrated HDRBT,
these risks significantly diminish.

Page 10 North Salem News – Thur

Remembering those who


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rsday, November 18, 2021 Page 11

o served e North Salem community
gathered on the Town Hall campus
on Veterans Day, Nov. 11 to honor
all of the servicemen and women,
past and present, who have served
and sacri ced for our country. Area
Scout Troops provided the Color
Guard for the ceremony, and Su-
pervisor Warren Lucas delivered an
address honoring all of America’s

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Page 12 – North Salem News OPINION Thursday, November 18, 2021

Mountain Lakes Park...

Almost World Capitol! Almost Tuxedo Park!

BY TARO IETAKA Mountain Lakes became a park in 1961 when Westches- PHOTO COURTESY OF NS RECREATION DEPARTMENT
MOUNTAIN LAKES PARK RECREATION SUPERVISOR ter County purchased 1,082 of the original 1,860 acres to be-
come a summer camp. e park is still used by Camp Morty, Kayaks at Mountain Lakes Park.
The claims cited above are not ones you’d think to a sleepaway camp for disadvantaged children, and the North
associate with Mountain Lakes Park—a 1,000-plus- Salem Recreation Day Camp. e park was re-dedicated to (for Old Sib, a local road that once went through the park)
acre preserve that is in both North Salem and Lewis- Sal J. Prezioso in 2009 to recognize the former superinten- leading to Spruce Lake doesn’t appear on maps yet, but it is a
boro—given its quiet seclusion. However, those were the tag dent of the Westchester County Recreation Commission de nite highlight of the park.
lines, along with “...the Great Lakes, the Adirondacks and a and past president of the NYS Recreation Society.
rolling countryside in miniature,”that were used in a New Hikers in the park will pass abundant juneberry, blueberry,
York real estate pamphlet in the 1950s looking for buyers of All hype aside, the park does have a feel that is similar and spicebush shrubs, Christmas fern and spotted winter-
the former “Port of Missing Men.”Despite the marketing to the Adirondacks or Appalachians. e view from the green ground covers, and a canopy of ash, beech, hemlock,
air and exaggeration, the advertisement did capture some of Lookout is an easy 20-minute walk from the main park road oak, and pine provide shade to the majority of the land. Less
the spirit and history of the park. and is one of the best in the area with its panoramic vista frequently seen, but de nitely present in the park are beavers,
encompassing Lake Waccabuc and the northeast corner white-tailed deer, red fox, river otters, coyote, ying squirrels,
From the land’s purchase in the 1700s from the Tanki- of Westchester County. e park also contains the highest and the occasional bobcat. A black bear may pass through
teke Sachemdom of the Wappinger Tribe, and through its point in all of Westchester County: Bailey Mountain at 982 the park but usually moves on to territory with more food to
ownership by Joseph Sarles and George Bailey, nephew to feet above sea level. o er. e eleven campsites are spread throughout the 1,082
H. Bailey who founded the rst American Circus, this area acres to give campers the most privacy of any local camp-
of northeast Westchester County was used for hunting and With the high elevation come changes in vegetation and ground—along with the calls of owls and frogs.
farming. It was in the early 1900s under the ownership of climate. Mountain Lakes may be one of the coldest places
Henry Anderson, a wealthy attorney, that roads, sewers, in Westchester County which makes it great for a sum- More information about the park can be found at parks.
dams, and wells were constructed in an attempt to create mer getaway from blacktop-melting temperatures (local Camping and canoe reservations can
a development that would rival Tuxedo Park. In another research shows Mountain Lakes is several degrees cooler on be made by calling the park o ce at 914-864-7312. Updates
crafty marketing move,“ e Port of Missing Men,”a barn average than cities in lower Westchester) and for outdoor on ice conditions are available on social media websites or by
converted into a restaurant with glassed-in porches and ice skating. e cold climate is also hospitable to evergreen calling the o ce.
views of the rolling hills was created. e restaurant, named trees that are uncommon elsewhere in the area: Hemlock,
after a popular book of the time that was set in the hills of Cedar, Larch, Laurel, Fir, Spruce, and Pine. ose are also
rural Virginia, attracted over 20,000 visitors until its closure the namesakes of some of the campsites and the man-made
in the 1930s. Of course, the plan to make this Tuxedo Park ponds in the park on which visitors can go shing or rent
East never got o the ground, in part due to World War I. a canoe. Largemouth bass, painted turtles, pickerel frogs,
Following the Second World War, the land was apparently and great blue turtles are some of the animals that paddlers
given serious consideration as a headquarters for the United are likely to meet, while pond lilies and cattail owers add
Nations, hence the “Almost World Capital”claim. a scenic background. e streams that ow into the ponds
are anked by trails with cascades and pools: the OS trail

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Thursday, November 18, 2021 North Salem News – Page 13

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Page 14 – North Salem News OPINION Thursday, November 18, 2021

Seasonal signs MELEN

Iknow that the holiday season is Christmas Spectacular. e famous number of dancers was expanded and the FROM PAGE 8
fast approaching by the number Radio City Rockettes will be high- team became known as the Radio City
of clothing catalogues arriving in kicking their way through the holidays Rockettes in 1934. Another is corned beef. I love corn and I
love beef, but if they want to get together,
my mailbox. Smiling men and women once again. For many families, locals and Known the world over for their let them get their own house- while they’re
intricate dance routines and high kicks, under my roof they’ll live by my rules.
wear sweat- tourists, a trip to Manhattan to the Rockettes are a quintessential part of
New York at the holiday season. My own I have some strict opinions about
ers, hats READING, see the Rockettes is an annual stage debut as a dancer is less well known. sandwiches, which I would be surprised
WRITING & At 4 years old, my mother enrolled me if you were surprised by. I like my ham so
and quilted CHOCOLATE tradition. in Saturday morning ballet dance classes. thinly sliced that you can see through it. If
down jack- I remember my mom bring- I remember carrying my black patent the guy at the deli slicer holds it up, looks
ets on every leather Barbie dance case up the narrow through it and says, “Oh. You’re still here, I
ing my brother and me on the wooden stairs to the dance academy on guess,” then I tell him to wrap me up three
the second oor above the post o ce. I
page. KIM train from Queens when we liked wearing my black leotard and black fths of a pound, and we can all see how
KOVACH tights and soft black ballet slippers. I do well he did on his math SAT. I like lots of
I ip were young children to see the not remember any dance steps. mayonnaise, some Swiss cheese and I eat it
on a toasted English mu n so crunchy that
through Christmas Spectacular at Radio According to my mom, the dance it makes a big mess all over the poker table
academy held a ballet recital on the stage and even the Earl of Sandwich wouldn’t
the pages City Music Hall. of the Brooklyn Academy of Music. e invite me back. 
youngest ballet dancers wore the black
of happy Do you know the history of leotard, tights, and ballet slippers but we John Montagu achieved the title of
added special accessories for this perfor- Postmaster General, First Lord of the
families playing board games in match- the Rockettes? According to the internet, mance: a pair of silver sequined rabbit ears Admiralty and Secretary of State. And yet
and a u y white tail. Mom said that at he will probably be forever best remembered
ing annel pajamas and eece-wearing the idea was inspired by the Tiller Girls, the end of our performance, the 4- and for being hungry while winning big. If I had
5-year-old dancers ran o the stage. en, been there at the time I might have asked
couples sipping mugs of hot chocolate. a precision dance company in the United prompted by the dance teacher, I ran for some chips to go with the sandwich.
back out onto the stage, turned around, And then I would have been forever best
I am tempted to order a few long-sleeve Kingdom established by John Tiller in and wiggled my u y white bunny tail remembered for inventing the poker chip,
at the audience. Laughter and applause instead of being remembered for what I
turtlenecks in seasonal colors like holly the 1890s.Troupes of Tiller Girls arrived followed! probably will be remembered for, which is
about 20 minutes or so.
green or spruce or mulberry. to perform in the U.S. in 1900. By 1922, Kim Kovach has always enjoyed the
spotlight! Join Rick and Trillium for a anksgiving Eve
I work from home teaching my writ- one of the traveling troupes known as the celebration, 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 24 at
DeCicco’s in Somers on Route 100. Happy Hour
ing classes over Zoom. Apparently, I Tiller Rockets performed in the Ziegfeld is back! Look for Rickster Melen on Facebook!
Say hello at: [email protected]
have not perfected the best lighting for Follies on Broadway. Russell Markert, a

my evening classes because one of my St. Louis, Missouri choreographer, saw

adult students recently informed me the act and was inspired to create an

that for six months, she thought I was a American dance company in 1925 billed

goth writing teacher. I looked like I was as the Missouri Rockets.

always dressed in black. I was completely ese American dancers needed to be

unaware that my carefully selected at least 18 years old, taller than 5’6”and

turtlenecks in teal, plum, sapphire, and pro cient in tap, jazz, ballet, and mod-

cobalt blue all looked like I was wearing ern dance. After a nationwide tour, the

the same black turtleneck from October dance troupe was acquired by the owner

through March! of the Roxy eater in New York City

Another sign of the upcoming holiday and re-named the Roxyettes. After the

season is Radio City Music Hall’s opening of Radio City Music Hall, the


Serving all Faiths since 1858

Cremations and Burials


Both pre-payment and no-payment options

• Only 1/4 mile from 684 exit 6. • Only 1 block from the Katonah

• Less than 60 minutes from N.Y. City. • Railroad station.

• Parking facilities for over 100 cars. • Monuments & inscriptions available.

4 Woods Bridge Road, Katonah • (914) 232-3033 DANIEL B. McMANUS ~ Proprietor BRUCE E. REISDORF ~ Licensed Manager

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