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Mahopac News 05.20.21

VOL. 12 NO. 15 Visit for the latest news. THURSDAY, MAY 20, 2021

Mahopac’s Peter Intervallo dies

Retired detective played key role in taking down Son of Sam

BY BOB DUMAS of Sam was often met with derision and Intervallo, left, and Chamberlain at NYC awards ceremony PHOTO COURTESY JOYCE INTERVALLO
EDITOR dismissed.

On May 8, longtime Mahopac resi- Intervallo was 21 when he married his
dent Peter Intervallo Sr. passed away high school sweetheart, Joyce McEwan,
at the age of 69, leaving behind a leg- and they would raise three children to-
acy few in law enforcement could ever gether in Mahopac. His greatest aspira-
imagine. tion after graduating high school was to
become a professional basketball player.
Intervallo was a retired Yonkers po-
lice detective with 37 years on the job. “He was a great athlete,” Joyce said.
As a young o cer with just three years But Intervallo ended up following
of service under his belt, Intervallo his second-favorite career choice: law
and his partner, omas Chamberlain, enforcement—something he’d thought
worked tirelessly as they linked togeth- about since high school. In September
er the nal piece of evidence that would 1973, he was sworn in to the Yonkers
lead to the arrest and conviction of one Police Department.
of the nation’s most notorious serial In February 1977, the Intervallos
killers—David Berkowitz, commonly bought a home in Mahopac. It was just
known as the Son of Sam. a few months later that the Son of Sam
investigation really began to heat up
In the summer of 1977, while patrol- and Intervallo and his partner found
ling the southwest sector of their Yon- themselves in the middle of it. Joyce
kers territory, Intervallo and Cham- said her husband didn’t mind coming
berlain began to investigate a series of home and discussing his job with her
calls involving Berkowitz’s strange be- and would often talk about the details
havior and eventually pushed the idea of his investigations with her.
that Berkowitz was not just a shooter “He wasn’t one of those who came
of dogs but was also the .44-caliber home and didn’t want to talk about
killer who had been terrorizing young, his work. He was very focused and
brunette women in nearby New York excited about the investigation,” she
City for nearly a year. By the time of said. “ ere were so many pieces they
his arrest, Berkowitz had killed six and could tie together. He was excited about
wounded seven. But Intervallo and where it was all leading.”
Chamberlain’s notion that the strange
young man from Yonkers was also Son SEE INTERVALLO PAGE 29


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• Jonathan Schneider, former member of the • Susan Salomone,
Carmel Town Board; local business consultant; Founder & Executive Director of

and Iraq War veteran Drug Crisis in our Backyard

• Ryan Lepore, North Salem High School Class of • Frank Lombardi,
2010; District Office Director for former NY State Carmel Town Councilman
Assemblyman David Buchwald; Interim Executive
Director of NYC NORML (National Organization for • Jeffrey Veatch,
the Reform of Marijuana Laws); Board of Directors President of the
Justin Veatch Fund
of Empire State NORML
• Kathy Cucchiarella,
• Thomas Winstanley, Vice President of Marketing Chairperson & DFC Coordinator
for Theory Wellness, one of the top marijuana Somers Partners in Prevention
dispensaries in the nation
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• Matt Damrow,
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future NYS adult-use dispensary

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A chance for democracy in Mahopac

OF HUMAN seen, say, Donald Trump, less as long time, politics has been like nally brings me to what I’d moms, will be the same people
INTEREST an individual to be hated and selling cars. e hood orna- like to talk about today: Pot. who buy pot. And if you say,
maligned and more as a malady ment is more important than “Why add one more deleteri-
LORENZO that has plagued the human the engine, the quality of the At the end of this year, lo- ous temptation to the list?” (my
GARO race from the beginning of product less important than calities in New York State will initial argument against), you’re
time. To embrace Trump is to how it’s packaged. And as far be able to opt out of permitting discounting the many who
When it comes to pro- embrace the worst in oneself. as the quality of our politicians cannabis businesses, but not le- smoke cannabis responsibly,
tecting democracy in goes… Where have you gone, gality. e guess here is that the like the average adult enjoying
America, Republi- A representative democracy, George Washington? Carmel Town Board will opt a martini after work.
cans are the wolves, people the such as ours, is, obviously, only out. If that happens, consider-
sheep, and Democrats the little as good as the people who Switzerland has the clos- ing that the Board is prohibi- Obviously, there’s tax rev-
Dutch boy who kept his nger represent us. Basically, we are est thing to a direct democ- tively Republican, I would like enue. e medicinal standpoint
in the dike. at the mercy of a small group racy. ey allow four national to see a referendum vote to is worth considering, too. I
of people who control the referendums per year. Not only decide the issue: Democracy in haven’t taken a pu since 1981,
Where have you gone, destiny of America, as well as do voters get to decide their fu- action. but if a little pot could help re-
omas Je erson? Before the future of democracy itself. ture, but referendums also have lieve the discomfort in a balky
the ink was even dry on the And they are under the control a way of keeping politicians Honestly, I don’t have a horse back, I might brave the lines.
Constitution, the Founders of an even smaller group of honest. Knowing that voters in this race, but I’ve yet to hear
worried about their experi- rich and powerful men who are have a voice, pressures leaders a compelling argument against For as long as I can remem-
ment. ey didn’t just stand the real masters of the politi- to address issues in good faith, having a pot store in Mahopac. ber, Mahopac has been a Re-
around patting themselves on cal universe. When it comes to not play word games. And, Moral arguments, calling can- publican town. ey have done
the back or give out medals. democracy in America, money perhaps more importantly, it’s nabis a gateway drug, or saying an excellent job at making
eir greatness abided in the talks, not words. good for morale. People get that the roads will suddenly Mahopac a good place to raise
self-knowledge of how great involved, which is, of course, be unsafe, are, to my mind, a family. But looking into the
they weren’t. ey believed that Because of dark money (see the foundation of a healthy arguing in the abstract, not future, people getting married
mankind possessed the divine the heinous Citizens United democracy. quanti able. You can say that later and waiting to raise fewer
spark that makes democracy ruling, 2010), it’s impossible to tra c in town will become children, or staying single, the
not only possible but neces- tell exactly how much wealthy Our Constitution does not further congested. However, future looks di erent than it
sary, yet also knew that the wily individuals and corpora- provide for national referen- more people will be coming to did 20 years ago. e Board
beast has a sel sh instinct, that tions spend on getting who dums, though half of states do Mahopac and spending money. should consider who’s going
he’s prone to corruption and they want into o ce. But the allow them. Where you really Is that such a bad thing? Will to live here in the decades to
deceit. I think they would have number is widely estimated see them used is in towns and Mahopac become a haven come. If a pot store can give
to be in the tens of billions. municipalities. Democracy may for lowlife drug users? at’s Mahopac a more progressive
We can vote for whomever we be struggling at the federal ridiculous. e same people image and lure young people
choose, but they have all the level, but it’s alive and well in who frequent the liquor store, here, who cares what the hell
say in who’s running. For a small towns, like ours. Which grandpas and, yes, a few soccer they smoke?

His two tiny babies spent twelve days in
Northern Westchester Hospital’s Level III NICU,
the highest possible level Neonatal Intensive
Care Unit in a community hospital.

“We learned everything there. The NICU nurses
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Burial at sea

TRACY noises from the bathroom, but this one lose except a cup of rice and a very expen- “Yes.”
BECKERMAN was not in my usual repertoire. I emerged sive cell phone. us decided, I wanted to I poked my head back out of the pan-
from the bathroom with the phone make sure I got it right. try. “I only have organic. Is that OK?”
As I plugged my phone into the out- cradled in a hand towel. “Sure,” he groaned.
let next to the toilet, I had a eet- I went to the pantry and stuck my head I poured the rice into a baggie and
ing thought that it was sort of an “My phone decided it would be fun to in, looking for the place where I stock- turned to my husband.
odd place for an outlet. I guessed that the go for a swim,” I said forlornly. “It did a piled the rice. “Do you think the phone will be dead
previous owners had installed it there pre- tuck and roll and then ipped into the after all this?” I wondered.
cisely so they could charge their phone and toilet to its watery death.” “Does the rice need to be long grain?” “No,” he replied. “But I will.”
use it while they were doing their business. I yelled.
“ at’s not good,” he replied. “What For more Lost in Midlife, sign up for my
at was actually the last thought I had did you do to it to drive it to do this?” “No.” brand, new Lost in Midlife Newsletter! It’s
before my phone slipped out of my hands “Wild? Basmati? Jasmine?” I wondered. got blog posts, book giveaways, and more.
and fell directly below the outlet… “I added the Pokemon Go app.” He sighed. “No, just plain old white Just go to
“ at would do it,” he said. rice will do.”
Into the toilet. I shook my head. Whether it was my “I don’t have any white,” I yelled again.
e good news was that the water in fault or the phone’s fault was really irrel- “Can I use brown?”
evant. e issue now was what to do to try
the toilet was clean. to save it.
e bad news was it was still water. “What should I do?” I asked him.
“OK, so rst turn o the phone,” he
And you’re not supposed to get your directed. “ en get a plastic bag, ll it with
phone wet, much less have it do a deep- dry rice, and seal the phone inside for 24
sea submersion in your toilet bowl. hours.”
“You know, they not only say not to get
For the lucky few, a wet phone will your phone wet, but also not to feed it after
grudgingly continue to work with maybe midnight.” I replied. “Besides, I don’t think
a few glitches. But typically, when this the phone is hungry.”
happens, the phone immediately turns “It’s not for eating. eoretically the rice
into a gremlin and fries its own insides. will absorb the water from the phone and
dry it out,” he said.
It’s not pretty. “Have you tried this before?” I won-
“Ack!” I yelled and plunged my hand dered.
into the toilet bowl to retrieve the phone. “Yes.”
“What’s wrong?” asked my husband. “And did it work?”
He is used to hearing me make strange “Never.”
I sighed. It sounded completely ridicu-
lous to me, but I gured I had nothing to

Do you understand
the difference between

an irrevocable and
a revocable trust?



• Asset Protection • Elder Law • Wills, Trusts & Estates
• Medicaid Applications (Nursing Home/Home Care) • Past Chair of Elder Law Section of NYS Bar Association
• Guardianships (Contested/Non-Contested) • “Super Lawyer” In Elder Law for 10 consecutive years


Managing Member • Fluent in Italian



staff member, Gail

Perillo, retires

Gail Perillo, also known to hun- instruments at the Library and at

dreds of community members as home. Even during the pandemic,

Miss Gail, will o cially retire from while the building was closed to the

Mahopac Public Library on urs- public, Perillo reached out to young

day, May 27. audiences by providing virtual story

Miss Kitty, Perillo’s puppet com- times, Footloose Fun, and engaging

panion, was heartbroken when she musical programs.

heard the news that her dearest A long-time Mahopac resident,

story time friend would be leaving and a Library sta member for 20

the Library. years, Gail will miss the friendships

“It will be hard to ll Gail’s she forged with her colleagues, and

shoes”, says Library Director Mi- hearing about all the children whose

chele Capozzella. “Her energy and lives she touched.She looks forward

enthusiasm is so engaging, and her to spending time outdoors—biking,

love for our young patrons brings kayaking, and traveling on motor-

out the best in them.” bikes with her husband (Miss Kitty

Patrons young and old are wel- might just retire and join them on

come to stop in at the Library on their travels as well—we’ll have to

Wednesday, May 26, and ursday, wait and see!).

May 27, between 10 a.m. and 2 Gail Perillo with Miss Kitty

p.m., to say goodbye to Perillo and Article courtesy of Mahopac Library

wish her a successful retirement.

Perillo has been a Library sta

member since 2001, working part- Modern
time and then full-time in the Youth comfort—
Services Department. It might be in any
hard to imagine that Perillo was
once a shy student, but at the age

of 10, one of her teachers encour-
aged her to join a theater group,and

the rest is history. Among other season.
things, she initiated an active Teen

eater group, managed the Teen

Volunteer program, and supervised The most e cient way
the Teen Balloon Club. Perillo to heat AND cool
also established the Teen Library

Council, the MPL Teens at the rooms you live in,
Care group, and encouraged teens without wasting energy
to interview members of the com- in the rooms you don’t.
munity through the Traveling Teen

Reporter project.

Many of Perillo’s story time fans

grew up listening to her read their

favorite stories when they were And, with NY utility

youngsters, and then joining one of

her terri c teen programs as they rebates, there has never

transitioned to middle and high been a better time to

school. ey remember her playful upgrade to a whole-home
exuberance at the Library’s annual heat pump.
Gingerbread House Making event,
the Summer Reading Ice Cream Rebate based on system capacity.

parties, Winter Frosty Fun, Stu ed

Animal Sleepover, and Teen After

Hours Laser Tag. She represented

Mahopac Library at Sycamore

Park’s Harvest Fest and was in-

strumental in creating the Putnam

County Teen Talent Show—a

countywide event that highlighted

the incredible abilities of our local

middle and high school age kids.

Perillo inspired generations of

children, and their family members,

to make reading and learning fun.

Based on her own experience of © 2020 Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US LLC
raising a son who could not sit still in

school, Perillo developed programs

for 2- and 3-year-olds that encour-

aged active participation and made

it OK to run around while listening

to stories and playing with musical

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