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The Katonah-Lewisboro Times 1.16.20

VOL. 2 NO. 33 Visit for the latest news. THURSDAY, JANUARY 16, 2020

Local author helps parents talk ‘Hate has no home here’
finance with kids
Bedford Town Board passes resolution
BY JESSICA JAFET condemning anti-Semitism
BY TOM BARTLEY against it, that never again will a
As parents teach their small children les-
sons about things like nutrition, safety and CONTRIBUTING WRITER large-scale movement be taken
swimming, they ought to include basic nan-
cial skills, according to author Liz Frazier— up against Jewish people or any
who believes removing the mystery and fear
of the topic will help foster con dence and Alarmed by growing anti-Se- group because of their di er-
success for every stage of one’s life.
mitic attacks—across the nation ences.”
e importance of an early start in intro-
ducing ideas about money management, in- and right around the corner— In addition to denouncing
cluding how to budget, save, avoid debt and
spend responsibly, are some of the funda- Bedford’s Town Board last week hate, the resolution set forth spe-
mentals that Frazier lays out in her new book,
“Beyond Piggy Banks and Lemonade Stands, condemned the targeting of Jews ci c municipal policies to combat
How to Teach Young Kids About Finance.”
with violence and messages of it.
ough some school curriculums have be-
gun to incorporate the subject, Frazier wishes hate. While the policies included
to empower parents to expose their kids to
these concepts at home and begin building Declaring that “hate has no what the resolution called “ap-
their knowledge-base, as early as in kinder-
garten. home here,” Supervisor Chris propriate punishment,” some res-

Frazier is a Somers resident who’s children Burdick led the board in a rare idents at the meeting cautioned
attend Pequenakonck Elementary School in
North Salem. In October, she discussed her ursday morning meeting. e that solving the problem required
book at the Katonah Village Library.
special session produced a three- education more than discipline.
“You are really starting with simple things,
you’re not starting with compound interest,” page resolution, unanimously ad- In a public-comment period

SEE AUTHOR PAGE 3 opted, a rming Bedford’s diver- before the board’s vote, Dr. Jill

sity and deploring anti-Semitism. Leslie Becker called hate a by-

Convened at town hall Jan. product of “ignorance or a lack of

9, the meeting was called in re- understanding.”

sponse to a string of recent out- “ ese are people we want in

rages, including a bloody ma- our community; they’re part of

chete attack in Rockland County our community.” Her solution:

and a property-damage rampage “Let’s try to gure out how to

in Yorktown. live together,” Becker said. “And

Bedford, the resolution de- I think that comes from educa-

clared, “condemns the attacks on tion.”

the people of the Jewish com- Councilwoman Bobbi Bittker,

munity and implores all public a key architect of the board

o cials to confront the realities SEE RESOLUTION PAGE 3
of anti-Semitism and speak out

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2 John Jay on a roll.
14 pg 14


Lewisboro Town have all the chocolate you want nah-Lewisboro boys and girls in ration transform anxiety about

The Staff Board meetings for a suggested donation of $ 10. K-8. Join JJYL as a new player death and dying so life can be

EDITORIAL TEAM Feel free to and you can get loaner gear so lived more fully. (Note that this
ere will be an added Town over-indulge. If your tummy you can try the sport without is a discussion group rather than
EDITOR: 914-302-5830
[email protected] Board meeting on Tuesday, Janu- protests, we’ll give you a free Alka having to spend on all the gear. a counseling session for those ac-

BRIAN MARSCHHAUSER ary 21, at 7:30 p.m. at the Town Setzer. Details and registration at www. tively grieving.) Visit Death Café
SPORTS EDITOR: 914-302-5628
[email protected] House, 11 Main Street, South An additional $5 donation will Westchester

ADVERTISING TEAM Salem. ere will also be one on get you a delicious light supper Death Café DeathCafeWestchester. Email:
LISA KAIN January 27 at 7:30 p.m. at the prepared by a gourmet chef. [email protected]

914-351-2424 Town House. (Entries must be delivered to Westchester Try Free Modern
[email protected] the church between noon and Western Square
The Great Chocolate 5:00 p.m.). For more Informa- e Next Death Café West-
PAUL FORHAN Challenge tion call 914-763-9282 or email chester, Hosted by Barbara Sar- Dancing
914-202-2392 o [email protected] ah, takes place in Katonah on
[email protected]
CORINNE STANTON Bring your most delectable JJYL early bird Sunday, January 26, 2-4 p.m. on
845-621-4049 chocolate goodies to the Great the accessible lower level of the Try Modern Western Square
[email protected]
JENNIFER CONNELLY Chocolate Challenge. registration Katonah Village Library Dancing for Free on Monday,
914-334-6335 Saturday, February 8, at South
[email protected] 26 Bedford Road, Katonah. February 3, and Monday, Febru-
914-202-2941 Salem Presbyterian Church, 111 Register now for the John Jay Open, constructive, life-a rming ary 10, from 7:30-9:00pm at Ka-
[email protected]
SHELLEY KILCOYNE Spring St, South Salem, NY Youth Lacrosse Spring Season conversations about death and tonah Methodist Church Parish

CO-FOUNDER from 6 to 8 p.m. with an early bird discount avail- end-of-life concerns in a friendly, Hall, 44 Edgemont Rd, Katonah,
[email protected] Awards in Two Divisions: able until January 31. JJYL’s relaxed environment Death Café NY 10536. Modern Western

-BAKED GOODS: cakes, programs have been introducing Westchester, facilitated by local Square Dancing is a lot of fun,

pies turnovers cookies and the the game of lacrosse to kids in volunteers, o ers an opportu- great exercise for both the body

like Katonah-Lewisboro since 2002 nity to come to a nonjudgmental, and mind and an opportunity to

-ET CETERA: anything that and many of their alums have friendly gathering to discuss end meet new people and make new

is not baked gone on to play in the NCAA, of life. When individuals gather friends. It is an enjoyable activity

If you don’t feel like cooking and of course, powered our back- in small groups to exchange for all ages, the attire is casual and

just come and taste. For once in to-back boys and girls Sectional thoughts and experiences, this SEE CROSSING PAGE 6

your life you can Champions! Available for Kato- shared information and explo-


[email protected]


[email protected]


[email protected]


[email protected]


THE KATONAH-LEWISBORO TIMES EXTREENCCCDDLChChAhIuHClCenUh1eeTdebhcshecEacjHe0CekupecknkEcAseMckEAakP&t&ckTLolRmtflToIt&HAuAIeAOoFphNefddirlpEeRErenlljjiGreuru&egPEAatOmrssperlagBettfTelrToStaecaesBBiYsIucntansY&tueNoregaurtnilruSicttmrnGApnCseareCeTrgioolre-rEasntCEC*ssUFolCqtisouirbOrMulspunsottroeirnlaSmpseretsFmsiTcio*ltte!neirosnEnxtst!ra "Service was fast, courteous
DEADLINE and professional." Mark C
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[email protected]
Coupon must be present at time of service. Cannot be combined with any other offer.
334 ROUTE 202, UNIT C1S

SOMERS, NY 10589



Coupon must be present at time of service. Cannot be combined with any other offer.


County offers AUTHOR
free flu vaccines
Health commissioner urges all
residents to schedule a u shot she said. “You’re starting with Liz Frazier duced, followed by what to do
needs vs. wants and helping them with income when one is young,
With peak u season at the height of activity, make their own spending deci- said budgets, investing, and re- like spending, saving or sharing.
County Executive George Latimer announced that sions; that’s why I wrote this for tirement planning are some of Eventually, more advanced sub-
the County Health Department will o er more parents because I really think un- the crucial issues for which her jects like economics, investing,
free u vaccines for residents by appointment on til it becomes more of a priority clients seek guidance. Her work debt, taxes, bank accounts and
Tuesday, January 21, at the County Clinic in White in schools, it has to come from advising people at various stages stocks are tackled.
Plains. parents, just like everything else.” of life revealed the importance of
starting the conversation early, in Beyond the practical bene ts
“ e u is widespread this season, and it can be e author, a Certi ed Fi- order for good nancial habits to of incorporating these principles,
miserable if you come down with the virus,” Latim- nancial Planner and contribu- form; and thus came the idea for perhaps, is Frazier’s philosophical
er said. “I encourage anyone who did not have a u tor to lives with her a step-by-step guide. message about the meaning of
vaccine this fall to sign up for one today, to protect husband and two children in money.
you and those around you well into 2020.” Somers. She encourages busy “I open up a cookbook and
parents not to feel intimidated it says,‘sauté the sh until it is “Some people say money
e New York State Department of Health has by the notion of nancial man- will make you happy or money
reported a sharp increase in the number of labora- agement discussions and to re- aky,’ but I need back up, I need means success; others think that
tory-con rmed in uenza cases and hospitalizations frain from keeping pictures, I need rst steps,” Fra- money is evil and wanting money
reported statewide. So far this season in New York, zier said. “I think it is the same is greedy,” she said. “Really we
3,592 u-related hospitalizations and one u-asso- talk about money “taboo” or thing for people with nance— want our kids to have a positive,
ciated pediatric death have been reported. hidden from young people. With they don’t want general concepts, healthy view around money that
a goal of promoting “exposure they need step-by-step and this is it is not good or bad, it is just neu-
Westchester u clinics are open to all, especially and communication” surround- where you start with kids.” tral—just simply a tool to help us
those without insurance or whose insurance doesn’t ing money and decision-making, get to our goals.”
cover vaccines. Register online for a free u vaccine Frazier o ers a hands-on ap- Beginning concepts like why
at e vaccines will be proach that enables kids to put money is important and how
given at the County Clinic, 134 Court St., White the lessons to work, by o ering one gets money are rst intro-
Plains. practice activities and games to
engage them.
e County Health Department has focused its
public vaccination e orts on people who lack the “ at is a huge part of this
means to get vaccinated elsewhere by bringing u because the best tool that kids
shots to homeless shelters, soup kitchens and food can have to learn about money
pantries throughout Westchester. is money. I’m a big believer in
allowance—however that works
“Everyone six months and older should get a for your family—any kind of
u shot each year,” said Health Commissioner Dr. money for chores,” she said. “ e
Sherlita Amler. “Flu can be deadly, and the u vac- purpose of just having money is
cine is very safe and the best protection we have. By so that they can practice and they
getting an annual u shot, you help protect infants can make mistakes before mis-
too young to be vaccinated, seniors and people with takes matter.”
chronic health conditions, who are more vulnerable
to u complications.” Frazier, a native of North
Flu activity usually peaks between December and Carolina, who earned her MBA
February, but can last into May. One u vaccine now at Wake Forest University, un-
provides protection all season long and can prevent derstands the protective instincts
illness or reduce the severity of u symptoms. e that kick in for rst-time par-
vaccine becomes fully e ective after about two ents, with respect to preparing
weeks. one’s family for the future. She
Amler said that anyone who does get a respiratory
infection should cough or sneeze into their elbow, RESOLUTION “I would love the next step “We felt compelled to take this
wash their hands frequently with soap and water, [after the resolution’s adoption] action in light of the recent anti-
stay home until 24 hours after their fever subsides FROM PAGE 1 to be a plan of implementation,” Semitic attacks,” the supervisor
to avoid spreading germs, clean surfaces they touch she said, calling a declaration of said.
frequently, such as doorknobs, water faucets, refrig- resolution, endorsed Becker’s good intent alone “vacuous unless
erator handles and telephones, and get plenty of rest. education-over-discipline there’s a written plan to go with Last month in Monsey, a
approach. “Yes, we want that it.” machete-wielding attacker burst
education,” she said, adding, “I into a rabbi’s home and slashed
don’t think we want it from our Burdick noted how Bedford’s
police force.” diversity has produced a rich ve Hasidic Jews celebrating Ha-
panoply of ethnic, racial and re- nukkah. Closer to home, a van-
Patricia Ivry, a Katonah resi- ligious di erences. But, he said, dalism spree in Yorktown on the
dent, urged the town to bring in none of those di erences divides
outside expertise “rather than try- the community. “We’re all Amer- rst weekend of the new year left
ing to gure this out based on our icans,” he said. a menorah overturned and glass
idiosyncratic experiences.” shattered at churches, a library
and theater.

Gary Forbes Chris Radding HOME, AUTO, BUSINESS, LIFE & HEALTH Antonio Abbate Great Food and
914-232-7750 • Owner — Le Fontane Restaurant Great Place for
The Forbes Insurance Team Special Parties

Als try
Blue D lphin
& Baci


Henry the ram finds a new home in Lewisboro
After coyote attack, Animal Nation adopts wayward sheep

BY BOB DUMAS Moore said the lambs on the be able to live out his life with Ani- don’t want to get overwhelmed. We When he first
CONTRIBUTING EDITOR Mahopac farm were inside a build- mal Nation, noting that while he get about 8,000 calls a year asking arrived at Animal
ing, but the coyotes broke through did not know Henry’s precise age,
e saga of Henry the ram has a the windows and attacked them. he said,“he is not a young ram.” Nation, Henry’s
happy ending. coat was thick and
“So, Henry took o down the Moore said Animal National matted, something
Henry escaped from a Mahopac road, and he ended up about two tries to help all animals. It has three that can be caused
farm back in November after a miles away,” Moore said. “We went divisions—one for farm animals,
coyote attack that decimated most out the next day and had a vet come one for wildlife rehabilitation, and by stress.
of the livestock there—a ock of out with us—Dr. Maria Kremer- one for domestic pets (with facilities
about 30 sheep. A panicked Henry man from South Putnam Animal in Norwalk, Stamford and Darien, After being shorn,
was able to fend o the coyotes and Hospital. Henry was so nervous Conn.). Henry is looking
escape, leading Carmel police cars and was not castrated,which is nec-
to follow him down the road on a essary to come here.He was sedated “We have 90 to 100 volunteers, handsome in his new
“low-speed chase” until he returned and castrated and then brought here no paid sta ,” he said. “We take home.
home safely. and the very next day he was ne.” people in need and animals in need
and marry them, so to speak. Our PHOTOS COURTESY OF
Henry’s owner told police that As per Animal Nation rules, volunteers are doing [court-or- ANIMAL NATION
he couldn’t a ord to coyote-proof Henry was quarantined for three dered] community service, or have
his property and wanted to do what weeks before being introduced into drug addiction issues, emotional for help for some type of animal.”
was best for Henry. He would be the sanctuary’s general population. issues. e animals help them, and
better o somewhere else. they help the animals.”
“He joined our four sheep and
Up stepped Animal Nation, the ve of them hang tight now,” Moore said they don’t like to
an animal rescue organization Moore said. “Seeing the other ani- reveal the speci c address of the
headquartered in Rye with a farm mals helped him to calm down.” farm animal sanctuary because
animal sanctuary in South Salem people will drop o animals unan-
(Lewisboro). Carmel Police Chief Mike Ca- nounced—sometimes even toss
zzari said last month’s incident them over the fence.
“We are the only organization in wasn’t the rst time Henry came to
the area that does farm animals, so the police department’s attention. “We had someone tie an
we get a lot of 911 calls,”said Patrick 800-pound hog to the fence once,”
Moore, vice president of Animal “He got out in November he said. “For our pets in Connecti-
Nation. “We got calls that a ram 2018 and was over on the school cut, we have signs on our cars [that
was on the loose in Mahopac, cops grounds,” the chief said. “We got say Animal Nation] and once found
were following him.Our phone was calls that a ram was terrifying the that someone had tied up cats to the
ringing o the hook.Henry’s owner kids.” tire. We are a small nonpro t and
couldn’t keep him anymore.”
But Moore said Henry will now

Your Achilles Tendon
is Prone to Injury

Tips to get you back on your feet after a rupture…

Ask the Doctor Q: What is an Achilles tendon rupture lingering pain. But, if it’s a rupture, you’ll likely experience
and what causes it? one or more of these symptoms: the feeling of having
Dr. Kurt Voellmicke A: When your calf muscles contract, your Achilles been kicked in the back of the leg or heel; a popping
Director, Foot and Ankle Surgery tendon tenses, allowing movement. Though it’s a sound when the injury occurs; possible severe pain,
Orthopedic and Spine Institute strong tendon, it’s also inherently vulnerable; as we with swelling near the heel; an inability to bend the foot
Northern Westchester Hospital age, its mechanical properties degrade and its blood downward or push off the injured leg when walking; an
supply diminishes. A sudden movement can result inability to stand on the toes of the injured leg.
Learn more about in a painful rupture – a complete tear through the
Dr. Voellmicke, visit tendon – and an inability to move your heel. Think of Q: What should I do if I have symptoms? your Achilles tendon as silly putty. Pull it slowly and it A: If you have any of these symptoms, elevate and ice
DrVoellmicke elongates and stays intact; pull it fast and it may snap. the leg to minimize swelling. If you’re unable to bear
weight you should go to the Emergency Room. If you
400 East Main Street | Mount Kisco, NY 10549 Q: This sounds painful, is there anything can bear weight, make an appointment with an orthopedic
(914) 666-1200 | I can do to lower my risk? surgeon for a diagnosis. If it’s a rupture, I generally
A: Absolutely. Lifestyle changes can decrease recommend surgery. Non-surgical management is
your vulnerability to both tears and complete associated with a higher risk of re-rupture and decreased
ruptures. Warm up before exercising to get your strength. The goal of surgical treatment is to pull the
blood circulating; drink plenty of water to hydrate frayed tendons together at the right length for optimal
your muscles and tendons; and be aware of the long-term function. This results in faster, more efficient
temperature outside – strenuous activities in cooler tendon healing.
temperatures put you at a higher risk. Your tendons
become less elastic, less malleable and more Regardless of the type of treatment, an Achilles
prone to injury. tendon rupture requires a year or more to recover with
full function. Consistent physical therapy will help
Q: What are symptoms of a rupture? strengthen your calf muscles and your Achilles tendon
A: Very often pain is minimal, which could lead you so you’re able to resume all the activities you were doing
to underestimate your injury. Some of my patients before the rupture, without pain. The reported risk of
wait to seek treatment because they don’t have any re-rupture after surgical repair is about ve percent.


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Airborne and UPS postmarks, however, are
FROM PAGE 2 acceptable as timely.

and families. For more info, contact Tee at Winter Concert Series
(914)433-2919. 2020

Lewisboro Tax Office e high school music department will
begin the new year with it’s annual Winter
e Lewisboro Tax O ce is now back at Concert Series. All shows begin at 7 p.m.
the TownHouse (next door to the Library) and are open to the public, free of charge.
at 11 Main Street in South Salem. e sec-
ond half installment of School Tax is due e district will present a program of
this month by 1/31/2020. You can pay your music from three ensembles: e Con-
taxes in the o ce, or you can mail payment cert Band, e Symphonic Band, and e
to the: Tax O ce, PO Box 412, South Sa- Wind Ensemble.
lem, NY 10590; or you can pay from your
home or o ce by using the Online Tax Tuesday, January 28: Jazz Concert (Snow
Payment link on the Receiver of Tax’s page Date 2/5/20)
of the Town website (www.lewisborogov.
com). You’ll want to meet the deadline e Winter Series concludes with per-
by 1/31/2020 as the late penalty under the formances by the jazz bands and vocal jazz
law (New York’s Real Property Tax Law) is ensemble. ere will also be a showcase
10% starting on Feb. 1, and then it goes up of three student-led a-capella groups: e
to 12% on April 1. e penalty cannot be Noteables, e Rolling Tones, and e
waived for any reason. Treblemakers.

Helpful Tip: If you are mailing your People of Westchester
payment, be sure to go in to the Post Of-
CB Gallery, Katonah’s cutting-edge
ce and ask the clerk to stamp your pay- contemporary art gallery, is pleased to an-
ment envelope with a clear U.S. Postal nounce its next exhibition of a group show
Service January 2020 postmark. Just put- by seven local artists including Carol Bouy-
ting your envelope in a Post O ce mail- oucos, Ilsa Bouyoucos, Loren Eiferman,
box in January will not guarantee a timely Adam Handler, Autumn Martin, Eden
postmark, and only a timely January post- Neleman and Christopher Rubin. “Pow!” is
mark will protect against the penalty if the a show comprised of photographs by Carol
envelope comes in to the o ce after the Bouyoucos, colorful miniature sculptures
January deadline has passed. Envelopes by Ilsa Bouyoucos, wood sculptures by Lo-
that come in after the deadline with a ren Eiferman, paintings by Adam Handler,
February postmark—or no postmark--or collage and paintings by Eden Neleman
a foreign postmark-- will be subject to the and sculptures by Christopher Rubin.




(discounts for military
and service providers)



Located at URBAN CAMPUS, (former Pepsi building),
we are now open to
the public!


2875 ROUTE 35, KATONAH ! " & & & !
" " %

All the latest equipment and HUGE performance training turf!
Classes include HIIT, Yoga, and Barre Core.

Hours: M-F 5AM - 10PM, S-S 7AM - 8PM


914-999-3490 | healthsmartadvantage.comFor more details check out our website



Afew weeks ago, I attended a READING,
wonderful poetry and art re- WRITING &
ception at the Norwalk Public CHOCOLATE
Library. On my way out of the library,

I was drawn to an enchanting display KIM
of miniature rooms created by minia- KOVACH

turist Vance Alexander. I was amazed

at the detail and craftsmanship pre-

sented in each distinctive scene.

One of my favorites was a 17th century Venetian Style Apothecary

which displayed rows of tiny clear bottles on wooden shelves and a

miniature mortar and pestle on a wooden counter. I learned that the

tiny bottles are made out of resin and lled with dried herbs and spices.

Another of my favorite rooms was the Venetian Music Room complete

with a decoratively painted miniature harpsichord, cello, violin, French

horn, and tiny music stand.

After a long career in architectural and interior design, Vance began

crafting miniature rooms less than two years ago. A self-described “fa-

natic for correct detail and scale,” the rst room he created is called e

Artist’s Studio. e attention to detail includes tiny framed paintings on

the walls, a miniature easel with a sketched gure waiting to be nished,

PHOTO: JOHN VECCHIOLLA an artist’s tiny smock waiting to be worn and even splotches of paint on

The shenanigans build to a farcical fever in “Lend Me a Tenor,” at Elmsford’s Westchester the oor. e overall e ect feels like the artist has just left the studio and
Broadway Theatre through Jan. 26.
will return shortly.
On Stage: May the Farce
Vance does research for the di erent time periods and applies meticu-

lous detail in bringing each room to life. In the room entitled Grandpa’s

Barn, the decorative accents include a basket of eggs, a replica of a tiny

cast iron stove, tiny broom and rake, and a selection of itty bitty gourds.

Be With You A few of the other imaginative rooms on display included a French

Style Home Library, English Cottage Livingroom, Italian Style Grotto,

American Empire Style Room and a Monk’s Cell. e Tudor Style

Like a famous, old Dining Hall included a long wooden trestle table with delectable look-
candy bar commercial
sang, “Sometimes you snaring several prestigious ing cakes, pies, breads and rolls on a platter. Vance makes the teeny tiny
feel like a nut… sometimes awards. Since then, it’s been
you don’t.” revived on e Great White baked goods using special craft clay that is shaped, baked and painted.
Way and has become a
BRUCE favorite on the local theater Vance is currently working on a full scale model of the historic Nor-
walk Public Library which was built in 1902 with a grant from indus-

trialist Andrew Carnegie. A replica of the furnishings in the historic

For the times you do, BRUCE circuit. (914-592-2222; Carnegie Room (the conference room where I teach my adult creative
though, a stage farce is the www.Broadway writing classes!) was included in the miniatures exhibit. e leaded

ticket to let yourself go, glass windows, long antique conference table and even a portrait of Mr.

as you go along in totally IL STUPENDO Carnegie are on view in miniature.

suspended disbelief with It may not be a Broadway While Vance Alexander’s miniatures are not made for children to

the hellzapoppin hijinks musical, but music does play play with, I was reminded of my childhood dollhouse. My maternal

on stage. After all, who says grown-ups aren’t a role in the show. In fact, while Lend Me a grandmother worked as a nurse in New York City hospitals. A grateful

allowed to groan every now and then in the Tenor’s tenor is typically farcical -- breakneck patient returned with a beautiful hand-made wooden dollhouse to give

name of mirth. pace, mistaken identities, misunderstandings, to his nurse’s daughter (my mother) as a Christmas gift in 1944. My

Ken Ludwig’s Lend Me a Tenor, now at overactive hormones, sexual wordplay, frenetic ten-year old mother declared that she was too old to play with dolls and

Westchester Broadway eatre through Jan. and improbable physicality, and a panoply of never used it. Fortunately, this large wooden dollhouse was saved and I

26, is a soap opera of a farce (which may not be slamming doors -- what sets it apart from oth- became the lucky child who got to play with it.

too di erent from saying it’s a farce of a soap ers of its ilk is the musical conceit that drives Painted with red-brick walls and a pitched dark green roof, this doll-

opera). Either way, it’s fun enough. the nutty plot. house has real glass windows. Two of the four walls easily unhook for

at reaches its high note as the two ten- access to the ve rooms inside. is fantastic example of folk art crafts-

GET A FREE DINNER ors—opera star Tito ( Joey Sorge), known as manship even includes the man’s name and the date written in around

ere’s another reason to give it a try. To “Il Stupendo,” and opera wannabe Max ( J.D. the edges of the faux stone foundation. I remember cutting out pictures

underscore the distinction of Lend Me a Tenor Daw) -- perform a complete duet that is all from TV Guide to tape up on the walls as family portraits. I used one of

as the rst straight play (not a musical) in the business, no joking intended. Mom’s dangling costume jewelry earrings as a chandelier. I bought min-

dinner theater’s 45-year history, it is doing iature furniture for my dollhouse including a grand piano and grand-

something else for the rst time: not charging OPERA’S TRAGIC CLOWN father clock. Some of my earliest memories of creating adventures and

for the dinner portion of the meal-and-show Max, assistant to the opera company’s man- drama for multiple characters originated in playing with the dollhouse

package. You pay $57 a person for both. Quite ager, is the play’s titular tenor, who is pressed family inside this very special dollhouse.

a deal for a very tasty meal. into duty in an emergency when Tito topples

Mr. Ludwig’s farce fared very well when SEE APAR PAGE 12 Kim Kovach still has her childhood dollhouse. Lots of good memories! www.
it opened on Broadway run in the late ‘80s,

BRETT FREEMAN, PUBLISHER 2 Letters to the editor and op-ed submissions may be edited. The views
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Ihope everyone kicked o the new year New Year, new brews
and decade in proper fashion with
friends, family and sudsy refreshments! County to the small local craft brew scene. temalan bean co ee roasted by Java Love
How about a resolution you can stick to? town of Chester. Not Co ee Roasting Co.
Try a new beer each month this year and only is Chester the birth- THE It is a rural area of
make them di erent styles and brands. place of Philadelphia- KATONAH New York and I would Barrel aged Ded Moroz: I didn’t hap-
Perhaps log them in the Untappd applica- style cream cheese, it’s BEER MAN describe the scene as pen to be driving on this journey so was
tion for future reference of the new nds also home to the *awe- a slice of Americana, designated imperial stout tester. I vol-
that you liked and recommend to friends. some* Rushing Duck unteered to test this 11.6% abv Russian
Brewery. I say awesome JOHN BART meant in the best pos- Imperial Stout with a deep avor pro le
As part of a new New Year’s Eve because I’ve been a fan sible way, with excel- of dark chocolate, co ee, graham cracker,
tradition, we rallied with a great group since being introduced to the Rushing overripe fruit, amongst others and I’m
of friends to a local joint ( Jimmy’s), Duck Brewery line up several years ago lent craft beer as the glad I did. Epic!
whooped it up accordingly, and a good by my beer mentor (currently our West
time was had by all. Please do check out Coast correspondent) and a visit to the common bond. Along came some hunger… Typically,
Jimmy’s Tavern at 156 Bedford Road source was way overdue. there is a food truck ursday, Friday, and
in Katonah. It is a warm, established, Beer wise, they’re known for their Saturday but we attended mid-week. No
and well-priced pub—something that is former tractor repair shop building problem, as the local Mexican restaurant
is, unfortunately, scarce these days. A is nondescript but don’t let that hold you aptly named War Elephant which they Sabor A Casa (https://www.sabor-a-casa.
good selection of standard session beers back from entering a now retro garage com/) was happy to deliver some tasty
including Pabst and Yuengling as well with a large room, high ceilings, plenty of describe as an “unapologetic 8.7% Double chicken tacos adorned with just the right
as Captain Lawrence Pale Ale for crafty tables and chairs, and a welcoming huge amount of cilantro.
folks. Regulars mingle with newcomers old-school bar. IPA” and gives the consumer delectable
and all enjoy pool, darts, TVs with sports I’d give Rushing Duck taproom an
on, an epic jukebox, seasonally festive We were greeted by Josh the taproom tastes of grapefruit, tangerine, and other overall A+ and suggest you give it a try in
décor, and a friendly vibe. Good pub-y manager who was very welcoming and person or nd their beer locally using this
lunch menu (top notch wings, wraps, had expert knowledge of the Rushing citrus fruit. ere’s a session version link: nd-our-beer.
burgers) served Tuesday through Sunday Duck avor pro les amongst the 20 beers
(though give them a call to con rm days/ on tap that include “guest beers” from cutely named Baby Elephant weighing in OTHER BEERS I’VE HAD RECENTLY
times, 914-232-1027). other local breweries. Several pour size AND LIKED IT WAS A LONG
options are available, and we settled in on at 4.4% abv. I recommend both! HOLIDAY BREAK
FIELD TRIP: RUSHING DUCK IN 4-ounce ight samplings of all the Rush-
CHESTER ing Duck beers at a very reasonable price Other excellent Rushing Duck choices Founders Brewing Co Canadian
of $9 for each of our 5 ight size pours. Breakfast Stout (CBS): At 11.6% abv this
1 Battiato Lane Chester, NY Chester, NY Note: all the prices are easy on the pocket. include: is a heavy hitter and very likely a poor
98109; idea for breakfast. at being said, it’s got
As we absorbed the ambience (and Vienna Lager: I love this old school a magni cent blend of co ee and choco-
Over the holiday break, our local Fish beer) we chit chatted with a few di erent late and if that weren’t enough, it is then
Whisperer and I ventured into Orange groups of local folks as well as others who style and Rushing Duck’s has a fully bod- aged in bourbon barrels. Currently on tap
were visiting family locally for the holi- in nitro form at Brew & Co.
days and felt the urge to check out the ied 6% abv with hints of bread and nut.
Wanda project: Named after one of

their fermenters, Wanda is a hoppy wild

ale. ese styles are akin to sours and

perhaps a bit mellower. is 5.9% o er-

ing was aged for 3 months and deliciously

di erent.

R&D Vic Secret: is a research and

development e ort from Rushing Duck

that uses a hop I’ve never heard of called

Vic Secret and I found the overall taste

very nice and crisp. I brought some cans

home from the brewery.

Beanhead Co ee porter: Excellent! A

5.7% abv robust porter paired with Gua-

A Craft Emporiu m A Beverage for Everyone

VISTA Domestic beer, imported beer, New arrivals daily Plus!• Ice and propane
Beer & Beverage along with the area’s largest Offering a rotating selection of
YOUR LOCAL selection of unique beers — always something • Free delivery
CRAFT BEER SOURCE craft beer • Featured on Beer Menus
• new to try!
The experience to guide you • • Kegs

through the complexities of the We carry a large array of
craft beer world soda, seltzer, bottled water

and other soft drinks

Check out our SPECIALS on BUD, BUD LIGHT and COORS LITE at $2599 per 36 pack.

We are FULLY

agertetinygoruea?dy, STOCKED

Grab with all your
all your beverage needs!
Big Game
party needs! cases upon cases

over 400 craft beers

flavored water & soda

non-alcoholic beers

The Commons of Vista • 204 Oakridge Common • South Salem, NY • 914-533-7512

HOURS: M-W: 11-7pm • Thurs-Fri: 11-7:30pm • Sat: 10 - 7:30pm • Sun: 12-5pm •


Wine and Wolves
On December 5, the Wolf Conservation Center celebrated 20 years of success in their mission of education and conservation
at their annual holiday fundraiser, Wine and Wolves. e event, held in the grand ballroom at Le Chateau in South Salem,
was a festive gathering where guests enjoyed exceptional hors d’oeuvres, wine, and cocktails, and shopped one-of-a-kind
silent auction items.

Martha Handler, Board President

Susan Taylor and Karen Pasieka

Helen Lebrecht and Richard

Maggie Howell, Executive Director

Rich Handler, auctioning a private tour and tasting at
WCC and a catered dinner

2 Jeannie Johnson, winner of the 2008 wine bo
TRACKS daughter, Katie and Joe Bocclagno



Jess Demicco and Connie Kim

Cristina Civetta, Board Director

Rebecca Bose, Curator, and Maggie Howell, Executive Director

d Coburn

ottle, with her

Summer Hoogenboom, Development and Events Coordinator


Do you know about Waze APAR on which many a hearty laugh
WAZE? I didn’t. I is launched in Act II. e rst
found out about it when JUST If I’m sounding just plain FROM PAGE 8 act moves at a more purposeful
I asked a friend for directions to JO ANN dumb, I am when it comes to pace, as Act I farce set-ups are
technology. I’m the very rst over into a deathly unconscious- wont to do.
person to admit that technology ness after ingesting several
muscle relaxants too many to Running in circles around the
her home in Heritage Hills. My JO ANN and I don’t get along. I know I calm his nerves before taking twin tenors are a cacophony of
the stage for Pagliacci (Clowns), characters that include habitu-
sense of direction is dismal and FRANCELLA could easily apply myself, spend best known for the iconic aria ally harried and fuming opera
Vesti La Giubba, sung by a boss Saunders (Philip Ho -
I was certain I would get lost hours playing with my phone to clown who is crying on the man), Tito’s volcanic wife Maria
inside because of his wife’s new- (Kathy Voytko), Max’s main
within the maze. learn all the wonderful things it found in delity. squeeze Maggie (Moly Mc-
Caskill), soprano diva Diana
My friend wanted to make the can do, but I simply don’t want By the time Il Stupendo (Hannah Jane McMurray),
emerges from his ill stupor, opera patron grand dame Julia
trip easy for me, so she introduced me to WAZE to. For the last fty- ve years, I’ve been used to Max is gone, ready to stand (Tregoney Shepherd), who is
in for him. Tito, unaware of fun to watch as a Margaret Du-
on my phone. I had seen the word but was afraid getting directions, reading road signs and getting the substitution, rushes to the Montesque foil, and the bouncy,
theater to make the curtain. He brazen bellhop who irritates
to tap on it because I’m still not comfortable with where I need to be by trial and error. I never felt becomes detained by the police, Saunders like sandpaper (Sam
who think he is delusional, but Seferian).
all the things my new phone is capable of. like I needed a GPS system, besides, there is always Tito escapes their clutches and
the obligatory farce runaround is e play is crisply and cannily
“Oh, I didn’t even realize I had a GPS on my a gas station where I could stop and get directions. o and running. directed by Harry Bouvy, and
the functional, period set design
phone,”I declared. I had actually just recently learned e gas attendant always knows how to steer me in LAUNCHING LAUGHS (evoking a 1930s hotel, with a
With both Tito and Max cut-away wall separating a sit-
what the letters GPS represented and just wanted to the right direction. SEE FRANCELLA PAGE 13 ting room on the left from the
dressed in identical clown suite’s bedroom (on right), is by
say GPS, like I knew what I was talking about. regalia, the audience is asked to Steve Loftus.
accept that the other characters
For All Your Plumbing, Gas, Heating would readily mistake one for Bruce Apar is a writer, actor,
& Water Treatment Needs the other. And we do accept it, consultant, and community
because it’s a farce, for goodness’ volunteer. He can be reached at
55 Years of Excellence sake, not a reality TV show. at [email protected]; 914.275.6887.
visual gag becomes the fulcrum
When Your TAKE
Shower is so $25 OFF BART

Frightful Your Next FROM PAGE 9
Call Bee & Jay Shower Valve Repair
Plumbing to Kent Falls Air Guitar At Work While No One is Watching:
Mention ad for discount. Hands down the best names of a beer I’ve ever come across and the
Make it Valid on calls 1+ hours. can art characterizes the name very well. Terri c piney, oral, citrus,
Delightful! and berry pro le packed into this session-y 5% abv o ering from the
Expires 01/31/20 renowned brewery out of Kent, Conn.

845.628.3924 • 719 Rte. 6, Mahopac, NY 10541 • Oxbow Brewing Company Farmhouse Pale Ale: My daughter’s
friend and one of my 7 Instagram followers is following her dream
APARPR of becoming a brewer and got a job at Oxbow in Portland, Maine,
recently. She very kindly brought over a great Oxbow selection while
PUBLICITY WITH PERSONALITY visiting over the holidays. All were terri c but this 6% abv Farmhouse
is an excellent representation of the classic Belgium style (mellow,
Public Rela ons For... lighter in color, fruity, lightly spiced, low bitterness, e ervescent).
Businesses | Individuals | Organiza ons | Events
Additionally, Portland is very high on my must visit list. Why?
Your Message Is Our Mission Portland, Maine, is Top U.S. Beer City (per a SmartAsset / brew- study). “Despite having a population below 100,000,
Leave Your Message Here... Portland is home to 17 microbreweries—one for every 4,000 resi-
(914) 275-6887 | bruceaparpr @ dents”. ink about that… Who’s in?

BRUCE APAR All the best for 2020.

e Katonah Beer Man | e: [email protected] |
i: Instagram thekatonahbeerman, who wants to be the 8th follower? |
s: Smithsonian archive of past articles can be found here: https://www. and searching “bart”


Brew & Co: Food Trucks Every Friday
914-666-3600 | [email protected] | https://www. | 532 Bedford Rd, Bedford Hills, NY


Vista Beer & Beverage: come by brewery tastings the first and
third Friday of every month and check out their newest
selections while your there. | 204 Oakridge Common
South Salem, NY 10590 | (914) 533-0100

*Please reach out with upcoming beer or related events as I
am happy to spread the word


FRANCELLA Happily Ever After

FROM PAGE 12 My Community Bulletin Board

When I tapped on the word, a mrchimney.comFireplace & Boiler Flue Experts CPATAX • ACCOUNTING • SMALL BUSINESS CONSULTING
full screen road map appeared. I BRYAN P. STERN
was asked the address of my desti- CWInhsoiemordtnseB,yuErCxnhlienaagunsSitntFogva, enCssh,,imFCihnreiempylnaReceyepRGaeilralsisn,siGnDga,osRoCresop,naFviirereLrspeiloaankcsse, CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT
nation. It already knew from where 914.977.4520 [email protected]
I was starting my trip. is was all 914-232-6600 57 WESTCHESTER AVENUE #451
new to me as I am just an old- POUND RIDGE NY 10576
fashioned girl and have had to be
dragged kicking and screaming into THE FAVORITE GIFT
the 21st century more than once.
A Wiser Choice 4 (6 oz.) Filet Mignons
I entered the address of my
destination and the map came to Providing Comprehensive Medical Marijuana 4 (4 oz.) Boneless Pork Chops
life. A friendly female voice told Evaluations and Certifications To NY and CT State Residents 4 (4 oz.) Omaha Steaks Burgers
me where to go straight, make 4 (2.8 oz.) Potatoes au Gratin
turns and even pointed out hidden 4 (4 oz.) Caramel Apple Tartlets
police cars and pot holes. THIS Signature Seasoning Packet
Certifying patients in both 69$$218.92* separately 99
Later that night I explained South Salem, NY and New Canaan, CT
to Ken what I had learned about COMBO PRICE
WAZE. We were visiting our (patients must meet individual state requirements for certification) Confidential, private and local. + 4 FREE BURGERS
daughter at her home in New Jer-
sey the following weekend and al- THAT’S 16 MAIN COURSES!
though we know how to get there,
we still used WAZE just because it Owned & Operated By Family Nurse Practitioner 914-393-7908 ORDER NOW ! 1.866.749.2741 ask for 59104VSL *Savings shown over aggregated
was new, exciting and fun. A quar- [email protected] single item base price. ©2019
ter of the way into our hour and a Barbara Polowczyk
half trip, the cheery, helpful female Omaha Steaks, Inc. Exp. 2/29/20
voice became annoying; and as we
tried to carry on a conversation, we DONATE YOUR CAR Diwscaolvke-irnthbeatwhtourbldf’srobmest
were constantly being interrupted
by voice telling us that in 1,045 Wheels For Wishes 5WRaelka-sInonTsuAbsmaerreicYaonuSrtBaensdtaCrdhoice
feet we should turn left. benefiting B14a0ckyeedarbsyoAfmexepriecraiennScteandard’s
Make-A-Wish® Uenlttrearilnogwaenndtreyxfiotirnegasy
“Maybe we can turn that o Hudson Valley 1 $
now,”Ken suggested. * 100% Tax Deductible
* Free Vehicle Pickup ANYWHERE 1,5002
“Okay, I’ll give it a try.”No luck. * We Accept Most Vehicles Running or Not SAVINGS3 PfaasttewntaetderQrueimckoDvaralisny®stem
It wanted to get me to New Jersey * We Also Accept Boats, Motorcycles & RVs 888-609-0248IncludesLFiRmEEiteAdmeTriimcaenOStanedr!aCrdaRlilgThotdHaeyig!ht Toilet 4 LibniyfsetAatmilmlaeetriiWocanan,rIrSNatCnaLtnyUdoDanIrNdtGhelabbaotrhbAaNcDked
and there was no stopping it. 5 4in4viHgyodrraotitnhgermapayssjeatgsefor an
RSpaLehunLcoCrdcewhcdivoaeoemsre,aesoprfr.narSDoeneteeyeslAiuenwmxlfleowienrSwmriNhc.waoaatwnsaiosleSkanirtnu..aOtnNuCdYbSea,sLWrr.BadvemaCBsla9ietdcdr8hioec2eant7sntl9ytose6witlrea;NhtnSiYwdlue,aiPtsrhoudult-pfknuupNalsllimY.eicn:so5sNml5taaY4s,lfltRa3o.ot1LrHiociom;kntNlhaiotYenfCrodar:nHeNLesIYCitbp.r#eiecrr2taiho0toino2usn2sa7We4nhad8olk-fldo-D.IrnCMliABcue.asSntthasb,ifneLegitby, rewTsrutaabtrtirismoanCneoty.,
“Just turn o the volume,”said Ken. Call:(914)468-4999 FERVAEELUINA-THIOONM!E
Oh good. I know how to do
that. With the volume turned * Car Donation Foundation d/b/a W(21h3e)el9s4F8o-2r 0W00ishoer sv.isTiot wlewawrn.wmhoereelsafobrowuitsohuers.porrogg.rams or
o completely, we continued our financial information, call
conversation about what color to
paint the family room. Suddenly DENTAL Insurance Yocuor ubludsbineehsesrcea. rd
we heard,“In 950 feet, turn left.” Physicians Mutual Insurance Company FREE
And ten seconds later we heard, Information Kit Call Brett Freeman at 845-208-8151 to find out how.
“ ere is a pothole on your right A less expensive way to help
in 120 feet.” get the dental care you deserve!
“I thought you turned o the
sound?” CALL 1-855-225-1434
“I did. It must have a mind NOW!
of its own.” I checked that the
volume was turned o and still it Get help paying dental bills and keep more money in 1-855-225-1434
continued to direct us. your pocket
“I’m beginning to feel like we’re This is real dental insurance — NOT just a discount plan Visit us online at
in a horror movie where the cell You can get coverage before your next checkup
phone is a demonic entity trying
to take us somewhere remote and Don’t wait! Call now and we’ll rush you a FREE MB17-NM003Ec
sinister.” Information Kit with all the details.
WAZE continued speaking to
us until we nally heard the words, Insurance Policy P150NY
“You have arrived at your destina- 6129
Increase referrals and name recognition. Advertise in the Mahopac News Bulletin Board and reach
[email protected] over 7,000 USPS delivered mailing addresses every week. Call 845-208-8151 today!


by Jo Ann

GPS stands for Global
Positioning System. The first
GPS satellite was launched

in 1978.



PHOTO: ROB DIANTONIO Annabel Brennan on the move against Peekskill on Jan. 11 PHOTO: RICH MONETTI

John Jay’s Kendall Miller spots up for a jumper against Somers on Jan. 7.

John Jay dominant in consolation game
Jumping out to a 9-0 lead against Peekskill two days later Sarah Pieratti, who had 6 points and 3 assists.
BY RICH MONETTI showed the Indians got the message. John Jay worked both Mia Puccio added 13 points on the afternoon
CONTRIBUTING WRITER ends the oor to perfection in the 63-38 rout. John Jay started the game on a 24-7 run. At one point,

John Jay girls basketball coach Matt Gallagher felt his “We need to score so we can get into the press,” Galla- they extended the lead to 29 points, taking a 62-33 advan-
team came out at against the host team in the opening gher said. “ ey came out and they performed.” tage on a three by Miller.
round of the North Salem Booster Club Tournament on
Kendall Miller set the tone on both ends with 2 steals, 2 “I rst line up for my shot and then look to attack the bas-
ursday, Jan. 9. assists and 5 points in the opening quarter. “I try to do all ket,” Miller said. “But if not, I draw two [defenders] and try
e resulting 47-40 loss to North Salem solidi ed his I can to help the team,” said the John Jay center, who had to kick out. I have faith in my teammate to make the shots.”
26 points, 15 rebounds and 5 assists on her way to being
concern that his players were overthinking the game. named All-Tournament. Saturday’s win evened John Jay’s record at 5-5. It was a
“We have to play, attack, move the ball and look for our much-needed win for the Indians, who had lost four in a
John Jay was focused defensively.“We put pressure on the row. ey also dropped a 64-47 home game to Somers on
shot,” Gallagher emphasized before the consolation game players who looked uncomfortable with the ball,”said guard Tuesday, Jan. 7.
on Saturday.


John Jay hockey
wins sixth straight

Hockey (9-1-1) • Kyle Petschek: 1 goal John Jay’s
• Barrett Lunder: 1 goal, 1 assist Mike McKeon
JOHN JAY 5, RYE 0 • Walter Oestreicher: 2 assists celebrates a goal.
Wednesday, Jan. 8 • Ryan Kaplan: 1 assist
• Jack Browne: 1 goal, 1 assist • Dylan Rogers: 16 saves PHOTO COURTESY
• Mattie Wierl: 1 goal OF ANDY JACOBS
• Justin DeLucia: 1 goal JOHN JAY 4, HORACE GREELEY 3
• Tyler Wishart: 1 goal Sunday, Jan. 12
• Kyle Petschek: 1 goal • Jack Browne: 1 goal
• Scott MacDonald: 1 assist • Mike McKeon: 1 goal
• Ethan Jackson: 1 assist • Mattie Wierl: 1 goal
• Nick Petrella: 20 saves • Tyler Wishart: 1 goal
• Scott MacDonald: 1 assist
JOHN JAY 10, MAHOPAC 2 • Walter Oestreicher: 1 assist
Friday, Jan. 10 • Justin DeLucia: 2 assists
• Jack Browne: 2 goals, 2 assists • Nick Petrella: 20 saves
• Gunnar Carlson: 2 goals
• Mattie Wierl: 1 goal, 1 assist SEE ROUNDUP PAGE 16
• Tyler Wishart: 2 goals, 1 assist


Kevin Crane competes in
the breastroke against
Clarkstown on Jan. 6.


committed to Bucknell

BY BRIAN MARSCHHAUSER approaches, hopefully place Top Most of the time I listen to of a team that spans a wide

SPORTS EDITOR 10. Individually, I would like to upbeat rap music about an hour age range (ages 6 to 18) as

just help my team score the most leading up to a meet. If my emo- well as being co-ed. So, when

Senior Kevin Crane is on the points at sectionals by placing tions are too high, I switch my you are starting out you have lots

John Jay-Brewster boys swim Top 3 in both of my individual playlist to country music to calm of role models and, when you Kevin Crane

and dive team. He will continue events and Top 5 at New York down. get older, you can aspire to be a PHOTO COURTESY OF
his swimming career next year at State Championships. If you could have one super- role model for others.

Bucknell University. What is something about power, what would it be and

being a swimmer that people why?

How old were you when you might not know? WHY DO WESuper speed would be the su-

started swimming and what One thing people don’t re- perpower I would want so I can

got you started? ally know is how hard the little arrive places instantly!

ADVERTISEI always loved going to the things in swimming are. We What is something about
pool from a young age. For have a lot of kids join the team yourself people would be sur-

years, I begged my mom to join who are somewhat new to swim- prised to learn? IN HALSTON
the Katonah Swim and Dive ming. Beginner swimmers often I won the Katonah 10-and-

summer swim team. Because learn that doing a legal ip turn under mile road race because

practices were at 7:30 a.m., she at a wall is super hard! everyone else took a wrong turn. MEDIA’S

wasn’t interested in waking up Who has been your biggest What is your favorite place

my little sister to bring me to role model over the years and to visit on vacation and why? LOCAL

swim. Finally, when I was 7 and what have you learned from I’m going to Disney! Every-

my sister was 3, my mom agreed them? one is happy to be there. e

NEWSPAPERS?to let me join the team. She has My biggest role model is de - rides are fun and thrilling. Dis-

been driving me to swim prac- nitely my older brother, Brian. ney never disappoints.

tices ever since! He is a great student and a great What is your favorite place

What is your favorite thing swimmer. Since Brian was cap- to eat locally? Advertising in Halston
about being on the John Jay tain of the high school team two La Familia in downtown Ka-

swimming team? years before me, he taught me tonah is my go-to food place. Media is being part of a

e best part about being on how to lead a swim team and ey have the best chicken cae- community. While walking through
different towns, people recognized
the John Jay swim team is the make sure everyone is included. sar salad pizza and I love their
great time we all have together. I saw how bene cial it was to penne ala vodka. Frank and Jim-
Every swim meet is exciting no make a point of reaching out and my are the best!

matter the outcome. encouraging every person on the What’s the go-to app on our picture and connected it to the

What is your favorite swim team. your phone and why?

event and why? Do you know what you want Battlelands, because you al- services promoted. It was a great way

My favorite event is the 200 to study in college? If yes, what ways gotta squad up.

individual medley because I get are you planning on studying For a young athlete growing to get new customers while validating
to swim all of the strokes in one and why? up in the Katonah-Lewisboro our work with current clients.
race. I pride myself in being a school district, what would you
versatile swimmer who can be I committed to swim and tell them about the experience Dr. Deborah Hardy
put in any event to help the team study at Bucknell University of being part of the swimming Student Support and Educational Consultant
score points. this fall. I will be majoring in team and why should they go GuidED Consulting, LLC
business at Bucknell’s Freeman

What are your individual College of Management. Both out for the team?

and team goals for the rest of of my parents are business ex- e coolest and most impact-

the season? ecutives and they inspired me to ful part of being on the Katonah TO ADVERTISE WITH US,
CALL BRETT FREEMAN AT (845) 208-8151
Our team goals are to keep want to follow in their footsteps. swim team and the year-round

swimming hard during the dual What music do you listen to swim team I am on (Empire

meet season and, as sectionals before a meet? Swimming) is that you are part


Saturday, Jan. 10

Boys Basketball (6-5) Boys A Bowling (8-3)


Tuesday, Jan. 7 (Somers High Wednesday, Jan. 8

School) Total Pins: Lakeland 2,879,

John Jay 2,100

LAKELAND 61, JOHN JAY 57 High Game:

ursday, Jan. 9 (Lakeland High • CJ Poloworth, 186

School) • CJ Polworth, 172

John Jay dropped close one at • Jack Lawton, 167

Lakeland, 61-57. Shane Martin- High Series:

sen led the way for the road team, • CJ Polworth, 508

scoring 15 points, including 11 in • Jack Lawton, 465 PHOTO COURTESY OF STEPHANIE CRANE PHOTO: BRIAN MARSCHHAUSER

the fourth quarter. • Owen Morabito, 394 The John Jay-Brewster boys swim team in action against John Jay’s Christopher Walsh finishes
Clarkstown on Jan. 6.
Boys Swimming (0-7) JOHN JAY 7,NORTH SALEM 0 • Kiera Ellison, 391 strong against Lakeland on Jan. 9.
ursday, Jan. 9 Girls Bowling (8-2) • Zoey Feldman, 148

CLARKSTOWN 91, JOHN JAY Total Pins: John Jay, 2,018, • Amelia Maiorana, 360 High Series:

BREWSTER 61 North Salem, 1,641 LAKELAND 7, JOHN JAY 0 • Emma Finne, 348 • Amelia Maiorana, 460

Tuesday, Jan. 6 High Game: Wednesday, Jan. 8 • Zoey Feldman, 402

• CJ Polworth, 193 Total Pins: Lakeland 1,785, JOHN JAY 5, NORTH SALEM 2 • Emma Finne, 349

SCARSDALE 54, JOHN JAY • Jack Lawton, 185 John Jay 1,099 ursday, Jan. 9 Indoor Track
BREWSTER, 35 • CJ Polworth, 161 High Game: Total Pins: John Jay 1,783,

ursday, Jan. 8 High Series: • Kiera Ellison 169 North Salem 1,753

• Jack Lawton, 491 • Amelia Maiorana 138 High Game: SUFFERN INVITATIONAL

NEW ROCHELLE • CJ Polworth, 473 • Emma Finne 126 • Amelia Maiorana, 178 Friday, Jan. 10

BRONXVILLE 48, JOHN JAY • Connor Leska-Kent, 397 High Series: • Amelia Maiorana, 153 Boys 300 Meters

9) Andrew Lucassen, 39.6

39) Aidan Oates, 43.3

53) Kye Viall, 45.4

67) Nathaniel Kim, 47.6

Boys 600 Meters

43) Oscar Demarco, 1:48.0

45) Aidan Oates, 1:48.4

62) omas Norris, 2:00.8

68) Ryan Parker, 2:06.1

Girls 600 Meters

14) Alyson Parker, 1:58.1

Boys 1,000 Meters

26) Peter Gressler, 3:05.3

33) Sean Winter, 3:08.2

36) Evan More eld, 3:10.6

68) Jackson Andrew, 3:34.9

73) Kyle Beame, 3:57.4

Girls 1,000 Meters

7) Samantha Comstock, 3:26.6

18) Ingrid Btesh-Smith, 3:46.5

39) Sarah Rabinowitz, 4:19.8

41) Julianna Percoco, 4:24.9

Girls 1,500 Meters

1) Clodagh McGroary, 5:12.4

2) Lily O’Shaughnessy, 5:16.9

Add Value 12) Quade Albert, 5:52.3
18) Arcadia Ohnemus, 6:16.5
Boys 1,600 Meters

to Your Home 4) Samuel Posner, 4:49.6
5) Max Goodman, 4:50.5
14) Liam Tuohy, 5:07.0

Boys 3,200 Meters

When we’re done, there is nothing left to do. 18)LoganAceste,12:02.2
Boys 4x400 Relay, 4:05.8 (sev-
Girls 4x800 Relay, 12:05.5

• Bathroom Remodeling • Kitchen Remodeling • Durable Vinyl Siding • Room Additions • Add-a-Levels • ( fth)
• Replacement Windows • General Carpentry • Basement Finishing • Painting • Interior Trim • Handy Man • Boys Shot Put
38) Sawyer Reed, 29-02.00

Girls Shot Put

Sero’s Contracting 47) Maeve McGroary, 16-09.00
48) So a DiLeo, 16-02.00
Boys Long Jump

We specialize in targeted home improvements — both big and small — 10) James Meikle, 18-05.00

14) Andrew Lucassen,17-05.00

to maximize your home’s value,comfort and beauty. 32) William Beame, 14-03.50
Girls Long Jump

11) Remi Sandell, 13-07.25

Licensed & Insured • Local References • Brewster, NY • 845-216-1955 • 845-279-6977 • [email protected] Boys Triple Jump

4) James Meikle, 38-02.00


CLUES ACROSS 31. A way to attack fire to 15. Goes over once more For puzzle solutions, please see
1. Recurring TV show 33. Urban Transit Authority 58. Infamous singer Zadora 18. Where wrestlers work
7. Throws out 34. Spiritual leader 59. Anwar __, Egyptian 21. Italian islanders
13. Iberian Peninsula 36. Postponed statesman 24. Avenue
microstate 38. N. American plant with 60. Influential sports mag 26. __ Adams, U.S.
14. Gossip edible purple-black berries 61. Aromatic Mediterranean President
16. Atomic #20 40. Gazes unpleasantly plant 27. Rest with legs bent
17. Ivy League institution 41. Gets up 64. Sixth note of a major 30. Type of flour
19. Of I 43. Capital of Ukraine scale 32. The Golden State (abbr.)
20. “He Is __!”: Scripture 44. Returned material 65. Unit of explosive power 35. More (Spanish)
excerpt authorization (abbr.) 67. Large watertight 37. Stinging, winged insect
22. Musical genre 45. Golf score chamber 38. The use of irony to mock
23. Heavy cavalry sword 47. Superhigh frequency 69. Popular street 39. Arsenals
25. Ancient Olympic Site 48. Swiss river 70. A way of watering 42. Pouch
26. Satisfies 51. Felons 43. 22nd letter of the Greek
28. Popular flower 53. Succulent plants CLUES DOWN alphabet
29. Shared services center 55. Soluble ribonucleic acid 1. Mollusks 46. Violent seizure of
30. Drain 56. Deliberately setting 2. -__, denotes past property
3. Anchor ropes 47. Restrict
4. Large Middle 49. Something comparable
Eastern country to another
5. To make a mistake 50. Punishment device
6. Ancient governor made from stems
7. Extents 52. Soul and calypso songs
8. Chinese surname 54. Formerly OSS
9. NYC subway 55. Athabaskan language
“residents” 57. __ bene: observe
10. Essential oil used carefully
as perfume 59. Six (Spanish)
11. A way to treat 62. Read-only memory
injuries (abbr.) 63. Chinese philosophical
12. Session principle
13. Units of land 66. American conglomerate
areas 68. Tin

To solve a sudoku, the numbers 1 through 9 must fill each row, column and box. Each number can
appear only once in each row, column and box. You can figure out the order in which the numbers will appear by using
the numeric clues already provided in the boxes. The more numbers you name, the easier it gets to solve the puzzle!


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MARISA A. GIULIANO ~ Director ADNER J. MONTENEGRO-LEE ~ Director Wwainnnt esrosmneeoxnt eweineky?ouCralcloumspaatny84to5-p6r2e1d-i1c1t16th.


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You may have heard sell decisions, but you also Modern-day fans of the National Football League, which is one of the
that timing is most popular and most-watched sports leagues in the world, may aspire to
everything. And GUEST might lose sight of why one day see their favorite teams play in-person in the Super Bowl. While
in many walks of life, that CORNER you bought certain invest- there may be nothing stopping fans’ favorite teams from making the big
may be true—but not ments in the rst place. game, fans themselves might be priced out. According to Ticketmaster®, the
necessarily when it comes JUDI Speci cally, you might average price for a Super Bowl ticket in 2019 was $3,295. But even that
to investing. MCANAW own stocks or mutual
gure is something of a low estimate, as tickets to Super Bowl LIII between
To understand why funds because they are ap- the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams were only sold in pairs,
this is so, let’s look at meaning tickets cost closer to $6,590, and that’s before hefty service fees
three common mistakes investors make: propriate for your portfo- were applied. For many fans, that price is simply too high. But the average fan
hasn’t always been priced out of attending the NFL’s annual championship
• Selling investments and moving to lio and your risk toler- game. In fact, notes that the average ticket to Super Bowl I,
cash when stocks are predicted to drop – If which took place on January 15, 1967, at the Los Angeles Coliseum, was just
you follow the nancial news on cable TV ance, and they can help you make progress $12. Perhaps even more surprising to today’s NFL fans? e inaugural Super
or the internet, you’re eventually bound to Bowl did not even sell out.
discover some “experts”who are predicting toward your long-term nancial goals. And
imminent, huge drops in the stock market. is article is provided by Metro Creative Connection.
And on rare occasions, they may be right – these attributes don’t automatically disap-
but often they’re not. And if you were to sell Your kid’s new team sponsor?
some of your stocks or stock-based invest- pear when the value of these stocks or funds Not likely.
ments based on a prediction and move the
money to cash or a cash equivalent, you has dropped, so you could end up selling Your local businesses do more than provide high-quality goods and
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balance. Shop Local.
While trying to time the market is a
• Selling underperforming assets in favor Katonah
of strong performers – As an investor, it can di cult investment strategy even for the
be tempting to unload an investment for Chamber of Commerce
one of those “hot”ones you read about that professionals, it doesn’t mean you can never
may have topped one list or another. Yet
there’s no guarantee that investment will take advantage of falling prices. In fact,
stay on top the next year, or even perform
particularly well. Conversely, your own you can use periodic dips in the market to
underperformers of today could be next
year’s leaders. buy quality assets at more attractive prices.

• Waiting for today’s risk or uncertainty Suppose, for example, that you invested the
to disappear before investing – Invest-
ing always involves risk and uncertainty. same amount of money every month into
Instead of waiting for the perfect time to
invest, you’re better o building a portfolio the same investments. One month, your
based on your goals, risk tolerance and time
horizon. money could buy more shares when the

All these mistakes are examples of a risky price of the investment is down – meaning
investment strategy: trying to “time”the
market. If you try to be a market timer, not you’re automatically a savvy enough investor
only will you end up questioning your buy/
to take advantage of price drops. While

your money will buy fewer shares when the

price of the investment is up, your overall

investment holdings will bene t from the

increase in price.

Buying low and selling high sounds like a

thrilling way to invest. But in the long run,

you’re better o by following a consistent

investment strategy and taking a long-term

perspective. It’s time in the market, rather

than timing the market, that helps keep

portfolio returns moving in the right direc-

tion over time.

is article was written by Edward Jones
for use by your local Financial Advisor, Judi
McAnaw, a resident of Katonah. She has an
o ce at 332 Route 100, Suite 300, in Somers.
Judi can be reached at 914-669-5329.






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er valid for one (1) PfrreoFedruBeceetnsjSammaaiymn vMpaloreyorfero®mCosltoorreSatmo pstloeraen. dSuobnjeec(t1)tofreaeva3il0a-bmiliitnyu. tOe
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