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Westchester Wellness November 2018

VOL. 1. NO.6 NOVEMBER 2018

Stress What really

happens to your body
after a big meal?

Your permission to



• Vegetarian options in the Hudson Valley
• An Ayurvedic treatment that could cure your insomnia
• Is it allergies or a cold? The experts weigh in
• And much more!

Repair. Restore.
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Highly-advanced laser skin treatments
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signifiers such as brown spots,
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For 26 years, people have been
visiting Tranquility Spa, often
from considerable distances, to
relax their bodies, focus their minds
and drift away from the stresses of
daily life – to enjoy massages, body
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For over 25 years, Tranquility Spa has been a destination location Massage Therapies
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place for guests to relax their bodies, focus their minds, improve
Spa Facials
their moods, increase their sense of well-being, and get away Body Treatments
from the stresses of daily life. Additionally, Tranquility offers a
number of treatments to help repair summer damage, manage Waxing
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14 Live we�

18 Harness the power within.
Lifesaving tips for preventing a fall
ON THE COVER These places will cook for you

Roasted Vegetable Medley from 11 ALLERGIES OR A COLD?
The Market on Spring in South Salem. The experts weigh in

Are you hard wired to watch the big game?

Organic farmer ‘DIGs’ growth on Ice Pond Farm
Making tomato sauce old world style
North Salem food writer takes a bite out of history


The science of indigestion

Be We�

Keep away winter gloom

Small ways to create balance
Explaining Shirodhara, the herbal and oil treatment

Protect yourself early
Eat We�

Nature’s candy is our bounty

The world of loose-leaf teas

Easy ways to avoid meat
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The Staff Westchester Wellness Contributors

EDITORIAL TEAM Anthony J. Enea Elizabeth Pasquale
JODI WEINBERGER Anthony J. Enea, Elizabeth Pasquale,
Esq. is a member of the LMT, CST, NLP is
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: [email protected] rm of Enea, Scanlan the creator and director
GABRIELLE BILIK & Sirignano, LLP of of Well On e Way®
White Plains. His of- LLC, holistic therapies
MANAGING EDITOR: 914-214-4285 ce is centrally located in Ossining and White
[email protected] in White Plains and Plains. (914) 762 4693
he has a home o ce
ADVERTISING TEAM in Somers. He can be Brian Marschhuaser
NANCY SORBELLA/ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER reached at 914-948-1500. Mr. Enea is the Past Brian Marschhauser
Chair of the Elder Law Section of the New York is the editor of the Yor-
914-205-4183 State Bar Association (NYSBA), Past President ktown News and Kato-
[email protected] and a founding member of the New York Chapter nah Lewisboro Times.
BRUCE HELLER/ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys He’s been a vegetarian
(NAELA), a member of the Council of Advanced for more than two years.
914-202-2941 Practitioners of the National Academy of Elder
[email protected] Law Attorneys, President of the Westchester Bar
Foundation and a Past President of the Westches-
LISA KAIN ter County Bar Association.
[email protected] Jeremy Brown Donna Massaro
PAUL FORHAN Jeremy Brown is a Donna Massaro
914-202-2392 writer and editor who is the owner of e
[email protected] has been published in Freight House Cafe in
CORINNE STANTON various newspapers and Mahopac. She believes
845-621-4049 magazines around the in healthy, locally-
[email protected] country. He spent ten sourced food.
914-334-6335 uty Editor of WWE Carolyn Winuk
[email protected] Magazine and currently Carolyn Winuk, PT,
works for IBM, devel- SSF, TCR is a practic-
PRODUCTION TEAM oping content for the Internal Communications ing physical therapist,
TABITHA PEARSON MARSHALL team. Jeremy is also the co-author (with Christo- an ISSA certi ed Spe-
pher Mari) of the novel “Ocean of Storms.” His cialist in Senior Fitness
PRODUCTION MANAGER latest novel, “Zero Limit,” was released in March and a Tai Chi for Re-
DESIGNER/PHOTOGRAPHER of this year. habilitation instructor.
[email protected] e former owner/founder of Moms In Motion
Deborah Hardy Physical erapy, PC, a women’s health physical
EXECUTIVE TEAM Dr. Deborah Hardy is therapy practice, Winuk currently devotes her time
BRETT FREEMAN/PUBLISHER an educational consul- to providing physical therapy services for seniors.
SHELLEY KILCOYNE/CO-FOUNDER tant focused on assisting She is a public speaker on healthcare and wellness
students to achieve their related topics and is currently pursuing her doctor-
914-924-9122 post-secondary journey. ate in physical therapy.
[email protected] Learn more at guided-
Kim Kovach
of spring and summer.
social all year long by
BEFORE THE NEXT PUBLICATION DATE. ing and creative writing classes for adults, teens and
FOR MORE INFORMATION, children. Please visit
[email protected].


334 ROUTE 202, UNIT C1S
SOMERS, NY 10589



You Are More Than You Think

Harness the brilliant power within

BY ELIZABETH PASQUALE I was anticipating a display tonight! It who you really are, I can say with con dence,
turned dark as I entered the apartment and because I’ve seen it, you are brilliant. You
What I’ve learned, after 25 years as a crossed the oor away from the windows. I are beautiful beyond available typewritten
holistic health practitioner, is that turned just as Jim walked in, entering be- words. Unless you’ve seen your indescribably
health is the natural result of align- hind me. His face opened in a smile and, in beautiful light body like I have, the power of
ment and disease is a natural result of mis- concert behind him at this subtle parting of it, the beauty of it, there’s no way for me to
alignment. his lips, was a ash of lightning so bright, so convey the being that you are. Just know, you
electric, so powerful I only saw him backlit are more than you think you are.
Alignment with what? You with you. by brilliance, a heavenly shooting light, with
Do you ever wonder who you really are? him as its center, lling the room, engul ng e universe adores you and when you feel
ey say we are made of the same stu as us in clarity. anything other than appreciation of you, you
stars. Imagine you were able to see yours and are out of alignment. So enjoy yourself. Look
others’ true nature: the brilliant, dynamic en- In that instant, I had a knowing that this in the mirror and say to yourself, “I want
ergy beings that we are. was no coincidence of timing. Rather his to love you more. I want to appreciate you
smile caused the explosion. In that moment, more. e whole of creation admires me and
e other day I was given this gift. I’d I was given the view of the true energy re- I’d like to be in alignment. So I’d like to love
just gotten home from the o ce. under leased by a smile, and who he really is, who you more.”
clapped as I slipped in the door, and there we really are, brilliant light beings, power
was the prospect of enjoying a storm from that creates worlds, eternal, in nite intel- And if you can’t do that, as you look in the
the comfort of home. ligence all crammed into these nite physi- mirror, just say, “You’re OK.”
cal containers, our precious human bodies,
I have an orchestra seat for all the theat- barely able to contain us. With much love and adoration, Elizabeth.
rics nature can display. My windows look out
over the tops of trees, across the river and to It’s really an impossible job to t the whole Elizabeth Pasquale, LMT, CST, NLP is the
the west. Its the normal pathway of storms of us in within this skin. Most of what we are creator and director of Well On e Way® LLC,
to come from that direction. Silent lightning remains invisible. So if you’ve ever wondered holistic healing o ces in Ossining and White
approaches from far o , until a storm comes Plains. (914) 762 4693
crashing overhead, or blows northward.

Because You’re Supposed Elizabeth Pasquale, LMT, CST
To Feel Good!
1 Therapy Session, 5 Techniques
[email protected]
CranioSacral Therapy, Lymph Drainage Therapy, PEMF, EFT, and NLP
Well On The Way ®Perfect Health Naturally
Ossining and White Plains



Whether you get cozy on the couch for a football game or curl up with a
good book, the darker days and cooler temps of early winter lend to slowing
down and reconnecting with loved ones. This month, our experts share ideas to
help make this season the best one of the year, and take some of the guesswork
out of winter’s FAQ’s. Does a fall require a trip to the doctor? Is it a cold or
just allergies? We also explore the mind of a football fan. Ready to start living?

Turn the page!


Adult falls are due to
reasons that can
be characterized as
Carolyn either intrinsic or
Winuk extrinsic.
explains... Intrinsic factors are
those that occur
within the body,
related to an
impaired function
of one or more
systems creating an
inability to maintain
or restore balance
when necessary.
Impaired strength,
gait, balance and
flexibility; chronic
medical conditions;
foot problems;
impaired vision,
hearing and/or
inner ear function;
Back on your feet urinary incontinence;
poor nutrition and
dehydration and a
history of falling and/
or fear of falling are
the seven categories
identified by
Lifesaving tips for preventing a fall healthcare providers
as most likely to
contribute to falls and
BY CAROLYN WINUK Although change in our bodies as we age increased fall risk.

The following is part one of a two part series. Look out for part two in is normal, falling is not. Nor is it inevitable. Extrinsic factors are
the December issue. Many of the factors that contribute to falls those things in our
are preventable, but the first step toward fall environment that
Tripping, stumbling, slipping. We do these things every day, but risk reduction is acknowledging the prob- increase our chances
if we unexpectedly come to land on the ground or another lem, reporting your (or your loved one’s) fall of falling, such as
lower level without intending to be there, then we have indeed and actively seeking help. use of multiple
sustained a fall. medications (known
If you have ever wondered if you, or as polypharmacy);
For many, admitting that they have fallen is difficult, embarrassing someone close to you, is at increased risk not using assistive
and thoroughly mortifying. But, just as one cannot be a “little bit for falls, look for a few simple signs evident devices and/or stair

pregnant,” typically one does not have a “small fall.” in everyday walking and moving. A sudden rails when needed;
poor fitting shoes
Years ago, when I was in my late 20s, I slipped outside my home. or increasing need to hold onto furniture to and clothing that
is too long; new
I wasn’t intoxicated, I did not have a contributing medical condition, walk around the home; small, slow and/or and unfamiliar
surroundings; poor
I wasn’t of advanced age, my senses were intact, I just wasn’t looking shuffling steps; less walking/more sitting; lighting; clutter,
cords, throw rugs;
for the black ice that took me down.That was a painful and humiliat- increased difficulty multi-tasking while slick floors and wet/
icy surfaces; alcohol/
ing fall, but not a medically concerning type of fall. standing and walking or outward expres- recreational drug

We all lose our footing at times on a wet floor or find our heel sion/acknowledgement of fear of falling

trapped in a pot hole. And as a society, we are certainly not surprised may indicate that professional intervention

when professional athletes fall while competing on the field or court, is needed.

on a ski slope, off a bicycle. Those types of falls, although potentially Check back again next month when I

injurious and likely demoralizing for the recipient, are considered an address how chronic medical and muscu- abuse and lack of
safety equipment in
occupational hazard. loskeletal problems, impaired balance and bathrooms.

So, what is it about falling that concerns me so? No fall is a good posture, nutrition and medication usage im-

fall, but falls that are medication-induced, due to balance impairment pact fall risk, and learn about helpful inter-

or health issues are the types that can lead to disability, escalating ventions designed to help keep you off the ground.

healthcare costs and unfortunately for many adults, can even be fatal.

According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, ev- Carolyn Winuk, PT, SSF, TCR is a practicing physical therapist,

ery second of every day an older adult falls, and every 20 minutes an an ISSA certified Specialist in Senior Fitness and a Tai Chi for

older adult dies from a fall. That is why the National Council on Ag- Rehabilitation instructor. The former owner/founder of Moms In Motion

ing has deemed falls the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries Physical Therapy, PC, a women’s health physical therapy practice, Winuk

for older Americans. In fact, the CDC reports that 95 percent of all currently devotes her time to providing physical therapy services for

hip fractures are caused by falls and that falls represent the leading seniors. She is a public speaker on healthcare and wellness related topics

cause of traumatic brain injuries. and is currently pursuing her doctorate in physical therapy.


‘Cater’ isn’t a Dirty Word

Spend more time with your family by staying out of the kitchen

We get it. Sometimes you just don’t want Email [email protected] to receive a list of McKinney & Doyle Fine Foods Cafe
to cook, and that applies to the big their Thanksgiving packages, which includes 10 Charles Colman Boulevard, Pawling
Thanksgiving meal. Fear not: we’re an option to pick up a full meal with reheating 845-855-3875
here to give you permission stay out of the instructions the day before family arrives. Check out for ev-

kitchen this holiday. With so many local places erything you need to know about their cater-

that cater, why not take advantage of the con- Pinnacle Restaurant ing offerings and order before Nov. 19.

venience? We’re not suggesting you turn down 1000 West Hill Drive North, Somers

your aunt’s famous sweet potatoes, but we do 914-276-1000 A few more suggestions:

believe in self-care above slaving over a hot stove. There’s no catering option here yet, but Pin- Stew Leonard’s offers meal options for less than

Here are a few places where you can get a nacle is serving a Thanksgiving meal from $19 a person. Visit

ready-cooked feast this Thanksgiving: 1-4 p.m. on Nov. 22 to the first 180 people Whole Foods has trays of turkey, and

who make reservations. really anything else you might want. Visit

The Market on Spring

110 Spring St., South Salem Siegel Bros. Marketplace Boston Market is not only open on

914-977-3939 39 S. Moger Ave., Mt. Kisco Thanksgiving, but in some places they’ll bring

[email protected] 914-864-0690 the meal to your door.Visit

Visit for Visit

the full Thanksgiving catering menu. for the Thanksgiving

menu and order the

DeCicco & Sons Saturday before Nov. 22

Several locations to ensure you’ll have food

914-365-7724 when company comes.


Because We Understand
Home Is Where The Heart Is.

Caring Hearts And Hands LLC Is A Dependable
Non-Medical Provider Of Affordable Care,
Services And Helpful Support To Seniors.

Companion Care
Personal Care
Daily/Weekly Visits
24 Hours/7Days
Nursing Home Care
Assisted Living Care
Respite Care
Lite Meal Prep
Errands • Bill Prep
Transportation & More

We Can Provide Caregivers, HHAs, LPNs.
Free Consultations.



Is it a Cold or Allergies?

Symptom checker provided by ENT
and Allergy Associates, LLP

DURATION A week or two
TIME OF YEAR Days to months
with a cold with allergies

Anytime, (As long triggers are present)
but are more frequent
in the winter but can occur anytime,
depending on the trigger

FEVER Sometimes Never
COUGHING with a cold caused by allergies
ACHES Sometimes
CHILLS in the form of a hacking, in the form of a hacking,
SNEEZING mucous-producing cough mucous-producing cough
HEADACHE Sometimes Never
with a cold caused by allergies
Uncommon Never
with a cold occur with allergies
with a cold Common
with allergies
Symptoms develop
over a few days Immediate
after exposure to allergen
Fairly uncommon
with a cold or delayed onset
Fairly uncommon
Common can be caused by sinus
with a cold pressure or infection

with allergies

CHEST DISCOMFORT Mild to moderate Rare
with a cold unless asthma is involved

If you experience symptoms that do not improve, contact the board certified physicians of ENT and Allergy Associates.


Why We Love Football

Our brains might be hardwired to keep us tuned in
to the gridiron game every Thanksgiving

BY JEREMY BROWN into the dirt for three hours? We talked to to sports in that way because the physical
health and wellness expert Caleb Backe, game which is being played out on the
What was intended to be an who gave us some insight as to what’s field is also a game which is being played
advertising promotion to revive going on during those four quarters. out in our minds, every day of our lives. ”
flagging interest in the Detroit
Lions, has become a Thanksgiving staple “The brain lives and dies over and over Backe also notes that, when we’re
as essential as cranberry sauce and your again, during a game,” Backe said. “The watching a game, an almost spiritual
nana’s awful Jello mold. rush of hormones which is present during connection is formed between the
a good game is indicative of that. Just spectator and the players; the contest
Every turkey day, households around watch a group of guys react to a great play on the field represents the challenges
the country are filled with stuffing-stuffed or a game-changing touchdown—they and obstacles each of us face in our
football fans cheering on their favorite react with sincerity and genuine emotion. own lives. There is a vicarious thrill
teams and finding new and creative ways Even the most hard-boiled, cynical, and when a player scores a touchdown, as
to insult the others. It’s no secret that ‘macho’ men will go nuts when their team their victory represents achieving a goal
America loves football, but why? What is is fighting to save the game and win that and overcoming a challenge, which is
it that draws us to watch grown men drive something we can all relate to.
each other war. There is this great tension and
release, a real process, which “The reason we admire athletes and
hearkens back to life, professional players is that they are
death, sex, and literally pushing the boundaries of
spirituality. The human capabilities and existence, and are
brain reacts displaying a kind of fight to the death with
themselves and each other,” he said. “They
re-enact the classic struggle for control,
domination, and overcoming obstacles on
the way to fulfillment. This is the essence
of sports and the quintessential idea

behind spectating.”
According to Backe, there is much
more happening on the field than
just two teams trying to earn a
Super Bowl slot. The game of
football, he said, is like watching
a war unfold on the screen,
complete with injury, danger,
risk and the spoils of victory.
“Archetypally, the football
game is a battle of life and
death,” said Backe, “and
specifically, it is about
pushing the limits of life and
death as we know them.”


What is a Fixed Indexed Annuity?

By Andrew J. Cavaliere, CLTC A
People are always looking for the perfect investment. Clients want to earn the highest k
interest possible without putting any of their money at risk. These sorts of investments
have never existed … until now. A Fixed Indexed Annuity (FIA) is a guaranteed insurance a
product that offers above average returns with no market risk to principal and no n
management fees ever1.
In this historically low interest rate environment, many clients are reconsidering where to x
park their hard earned cash for the long haul. Certificates of deposit, savings accounts p
and money markets are literally paying next to nothing and the stock market is at the e
highest levels in recorded history. So where can clients position their money and earn r
superior returns without worrying about losing a penny? FIAs offer real double digit t
returns in up markets without any risk to principal in down markets. Folks everywhere
are not only taking notice, but investors are flocking to FIAs.

So how does a FIA actually work? The annuitant buys a traditional guaranteed fixed
annuity that also allows him or her to participate in an external index via the carrier’s
trading desk. The carrier purchases options against the index either monthly or annually. When the index is up, the
options are exercised and the annuitant earns interest, usually subject to a cap. When the index is down during the
same time period, the options are allowed to expire and the annuitant is credited the contract’s minimum guarantee
of 1%.

So let’s review, when the market index goes up, the annuitant has the ability to earn superior interest and when the
market index goes down, the annuitant earns 1%. Further, since the carrier is only tracking the index on a 12 month
basis, annuitants do not need to worry about current market levels. Policies are only capturing gains in the next 12
month period. There is never any risk of principal or of losing any prior year credits which are all automatically reset
into the policy accumulation value on the policy anniversary.

Fixed Indexed Annuities offer clients the following 12 guarantees:
1. 100% Principal Guarantee
2. 100% Participation in S&P 500 Index
3. 100% Guaranteed Fixed Interest Rate Option
4. 2% Premium Bonus on first three (3) years of deposits
5. 1% Minimum Annual Guarantee
6. No Sales Charges or Asset Management Fees ever
7. No Taxes are due until distributions are taken
8. Annual Reset Feature credits all interest into principal annually
9. Access to 10% of your principal annually
10. Loans available up to $50,000 in non-qualified accounts
11. Death Benefits bypass probate
12. Income options you cannot outlive2

Over the last 15 years, we have seen scores of clients earn double digit returns in bull markets, while losing nothing
during down markets. Time and time again, clients are astounded by how they can earn so much interest with no
principal risk. Here are a few actual client examples: a 76 year old retired plumber earned 11.47% from May 2013
through May 2014, a 57 year old owner of a construction company earned 15.63% from September 2013 through
September 2014, a 59 year old municipal worker earned 17.67% from March 2014 through March 2015 inside her
inherited IRA, a 75 year old retired widow earned 14.39% from February 2016 through February 2017 and a 53 year
old business man earned 10.47% from February 2017 through February 2018…3

There are few products available to consumers today that offer annual double digit returns such as this with a 100%
principal guarantee. Do you own a Fixed Indexed Annuity?

For more information about Fixed Indexed Annuities, please call Andrew J. Cavaliere, CLTC at 914-682-2190 or toll free at 877-676-9900. Andrew is
certified in Long-Term Care (CLTC) from the Corporation for Long-Term Care Certification, Inc. Andrew is a member in good standing of the Million Dollar
Round Table (MDRT), which is the premier Association of financial professionals nationally. Andrew’s offices are located at 50 Main Street, White Plains,
NY 10606 and at 263 Tresser Blvd, 9th Floor, Stanford, CT 06901.

1 Surrender charges may apply if withdrawals are taken in excess of the annual free withdrawal schedule. Advertisement
2 Fidelity & Guaranty Life, Index-Choice 10 Fixed Indexed Annuity 2017.
3 Keystone Financial Advisors client statements.


Organic Farmer ‘DIGs’ Growth
on Ice Pond Farm

Morgan SfetaendlseythveolruenstiedeerntCpairge.y Pitman

The farm hcahsicakearnansbdbaaint,rdoadopsuitcgek,rs.a



BY JODI WEINBERGER She thought through what land in agriculture production.
she treasured about that time:
AStarbucks barista with a getting up early and heading The land trust, through its
dream of having her own out into the fields with a group
organic farm has found a of like-minded folks, taking a role in the Hudson Valley
home on Dick Button’s North break in the middle of the day
Salem oasis. when the heat kicked in to enjoy Farmlink Network, connects
a long, relaxed lunch with fresh-
Allison Turcan is about as picked produce, maybe a nap if new or beginning farmers
loyal as it gets when it comes time allowed, and then going
to Starbucks. She had worked back out for more. Most of all, who wouldn’t otherwise have
her way up to store manager of it opened her eyes to the kind of
the chain coffee shop in Ma- community that could be cre- the funds to buy property with
maroneck, when she decided to ated around food.
take advantage of the company’s places like Ice Pond Farm.
aptly-named “coffee break,” a Upon return to New York, she
program that allows employees dropped down from full-time This opportunity caught Priscilla tRoopmroapneorlwy apsictkaaugchutcbuymPbilearr.ska
who’ve been with the store for status at Starbucks to 20 hours the eye of Scott O’Rourke, how
a decade to take a year of un- a week and launched a non- of Deep Roots Farm, who
paid leave knowing there’s a job profit farm, D.I.G., or Dealing was ready to expand beyond
waiting on the other side. in Good, with a mission of “re-
connecting communities to the his family’s property in West ness attire for jeans and t-shirts
Following her passion for gar- natural good of the farm.” She
dening, she signed up for a year didn’t have a set place to grow Harrison. O’Rourke moved to get their hands into some soil.
of work exchange with World her food yet, but she brought her
Wide Opportunities on Organ- program into schools anyway. in but things went a bit too Turcan also hosts a farmers
ic Farms (WWOOF), which
places volunteers on sustainable While Turcan was just find- well and soon found that he meetup once a month where
organic farms around the world. ing her footing in farming, six
The volunteers are given room years prior North Salem resident needed to expand again. Tur- farmers throughout the Hud-
and board in exchange for an and two-time Olympic cham-
opportunity to work and learn pion Dick Button had laid the can, a volunteer-turned-friend son Valley come for a potluck,
the tools of the trade. groundwork that would eventu-
ally make Turcan’s dream a reality. of O’Rourke’s, was in the right and she does brunches and din-
“It completely changed my
whole perspective,” Turcan Though he’s a world-famous place at the right time. O’Rouke ners set in Button’s gardens with
said. “I wanted to re-create that ice skater, hence naming his
experience.” 50-acre lot in North Salem “Ice took his operation to Ryder food from the farm. It’s the only
Pond Farm,” locally, Button is
PTurirsccailnlah,ofoldrsthoenevoolfutnhteeecrhsictokesnese,. known for his garden. In 1997, Farm in Brewster and Turcan way now that people can still
when he opened it to the pub-
lic for a viewing, the New York moved in with D.I.G. get a tour of Button’s property.
Times called it a “veritable ex-
plosion of color” with a design “Scott and (his wife) Stormie For Turcan—who wasn’t
where “eclecticism reigns.”
are so cool and I started com- sure exactly how much produce
He’s since stopped showing
his garden publicly, but did sign ing up and working with them,” the farm turns out—it’s about
up with the Westchester Land
Trust to keep 1.5 acres of his Turcan said. getting people to think about

These days, Turcan’s life is a where their food comes from.

mashup of the things she loves. “We’re not trying to make

She’s at Starbucks for early thousands of dollars. We’re

shifts Mondays and Tuesdays trying to connect with like-

and devotes the rest of the week minded people,” Turcan said.

to the farm. She’s built up a “Everyone needs to eat and ev-

crew of about 15 to 20 volun- eryone needs to eat food that is

teers that come throughout the grown responsibly and organi-

week to help with the workload. cally.”

In addition to the regular vol-

unteers, she hosts field trips for

schools from urban areas, plays

tour guide to Girl Scout and

Boy Scout troops, and is a des-

tination spot for big companies

looking to get out of the office

for a day of service work.

Recently, a group from Mor-

gan Stanley traded in their busi- Ivona Pilarska, VP of DIG board of
directors, harvesting cucumbers.

When it comes Shari Zimmerman You’re in good hands.
to protection, 845-621-2557
957 Route 6
trust Mahopac
an expert.
Proudly protecting
our community
for over 25 years.
Located next to
The Chophouse Grille.


Purveyors of the Pomodoro

Authentic Italian cooking takes place in Mahopac

Ida MDaenngisaenopraenpdthheertodmauagthoetesr. BY CAROL REIF who is going to carry on the family tra-
The sauce slowly simmers. dition.
Bushels of the plumpest plum to-
Mama tGhepo“cuarsnnthinegs”ajuacrse. matoes from New Jersey. About 25 bushels of tomatoes, each
into Crates of achingly aromatic weighing about 55 pounds, were pro-
PHOTOS: CAROL REIF fresh basil. cessed. First the sauce-makers have to
hunt down and toss any blemished ones.
Salt to taste.
Those are simple ingredients that belie Then the tomatoes are washed, piled
the complexities of time, taste and tradi- into a pot and boiled until they get soft
tion. and crack. They are strained and dumped
As devout members of the sisterhood into a special machine that separates the
of sauce-making, (or gravy, as Italian- juice from the pulp and “skin.”
Americans call it) Angela Giordano and
Ida Mangano say it all boils down to It all goes in a big kettle with legs over
this: family. a burner. The basil and salt are added,
Giordano, from Somers, and Manga- and it’s boiled again for an hour.
no, from Mahopac, have been friends for
nearly half a century. Both hail from the The glass jars and lids are washed thor-
Province of Benevento in Italy. Giorda- oughly with soap and water and rinsed,
no is from Colle Sannita, a town about and the usual safe canning methods are
50 miles northeast of Naples; Mangano religiously followed.
hails from Campolattaro, located not
far away, on the “ankle” of the boot. The only flavoring comes from salt,
Having moved to America as young- which acts as a preservative, and a leaf of
sters, both got married, had families, and basil in each jar.
pursued careers.
Back in Italy, Mangano remembers, They started washing the tomatoes
her mother “canned” the sauce in bottles, around 8 a.m. and finished up the can-
instead of jars. They also made their own ning after 9 p.m. Rain put a temporary
bread. The bottles were “baked” in a big halt to the proceedings because the ket-
brick oven after the crusty loaves were tles were outdoors.
taken out.
Giordano and Mangano recently “It’s a lot of work, but it’s so worth
set up shop under a tent in Mangano’s it,” said Mangano, who is employed in a
driveway on Sheryl Lane. Enormous bridal shop in nearby Danbury.
pots handed down through the genera-
tions were set up on burners. To make it a marinara sauce, they add
To get through all the washing and garlic, herbs and onions. And if they
the sorting and the boiling and pouring, want to get really fancy, they throw in
the crew connect in other ways. some capers, olives and a splash of wine.
“We talk, we laugh, we listen to mu-
sic—all kinds, mostly Italian,” Giordano Whatever they add to it, say these
said. “They started to dance that day, purveyors of the pomodoro, they make
they were so funny.” sure there’s plenty to spread around.
Every other year, the production
moves South to Giordano’s son Joseph’s Giordano and Mangano and their
home in North Carolina. Her daughter- helpers cranked out 370 jars, enough
in-law Kristen loves it and even made a to last the hungriest hoards at least two
video when they were making the sauce years, and to generously bequeath to
during a visit last year, saying “Mama G, lucky friends, acquaintances and neigh-
I have to tape this. I don’t want to for- bors.
Giordano also has a daughter, Lisa, Said one grateful recipient, a regular
client at Giordano’s small home-based
hair salon: “I’m saving it for a special oc-
casion. It’s going to be so super-good that
I can’t just open it and do it for myself.”

And that’s the whole point—to come
together over a meal cooked with heart.

It’s a simple recipe, said Giordano for
“keeping traditions alive and families to-



bBaussihl ealwsaoift tsoamucaitnoge.s and

SPHtiOrTaOnCdOUpRoTuErSY OF ANGELA GIORDANO Making the sauce is truly a family affair.
left, and Ida Are You Stuck At Home?
Mangano stack
up the sauce. Do you have problems with:
family, they
made 370 jars. Help Is On The Way!

A beautiful plum tomato As a PT with 28 years experience (15 in home care),
I would love to help you with your physical needs in the
PHOTOS: CAROL REIF comfort of your own home. As a bonus, for every paid

service provided, I will perform a volunteer
service, (ie walk your dogs, weed your garden, take out
the garbage, run an errand...) at no additional charge!

I provide individual attention and genuine caring
service for you or your family member. Call or text

me to schedule your full evaluation and let me
customize a program for you.

Sarah G. Montgomery MSPT


North Salem Food Writer
Takes a Bite Out of History

BY JODI WEINBERGER together several decades of work as an editor and writer for just

If you were lucky enough to be part of the rich elite during about every popular food publication—including the Gour-
the 14th and 15th centuries, dinner was both a show and a met brand, Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, and Epicurious—
meal. and a passion of working with kids and food.
In Tanya Steel’s third book, “Food Fight: A Mouthwatering
For five years, from 2012 to 2016, Steel created and

History of Who Ate What and Why Through the Ages,” she helped run the Healthy Lunchtime Challenge and Kids

sets the stage for what a medieval dinner might look like. Hosts “State Dinner” with First Lady Michelle Obama at the

were seated on a stage overlooking their dinner guests. Waiters White House, a national recipe contest where winners

brought in trays of food, loudly announcing each dish as it was were flown to the White House to dine with the Obamas.

presented. There would be a wow-factor item, too, of which “Never in a million years,” Steel said, did she think

Steel offered this possible example: a braised peacock, served she’d get a gig with the White House, but she pitched her

standing up, with fire spewing out of its mouth from a piece of idea anyway when Michelle Obama announced the “Let’s

ignited fabric stuffed in its beak. Move!” campaign, an initiative launched in 2010 dedicated

It’s not something you’d likely see at, say,The Blazer Pub, and to helping kids and families lead healthier lives.

that’s exactly why the North Salem resident wrote the book. “I was sitting in my office and I got a call that said ‘XXXX’

Her book was published this summer by National Geo- … and they said they were calling from the First Lady’s office

graphic Kids and over 160 pages lays out a wild, colorful ride and I said, ‘Yeah, right’,” Steel recalled. “My life has been one

through the ages as told through food. surreal, crazy episode after another and that was absolutely one

It starts in the pre-historic era and ends with an imagining of the pinnacles.”

of what food might look like in a future world on Mars. There Adding to her already impressive resume, she’s also been the launched

are quizzes that break up the sections, and 30 recipes to serve as a guest judge on “Iron Chef ” and “Hell’s Kitchen,” appeared into the food

updated versions of popular dishes from each era. dozens of times on national morning shows, along with Dr. the ingredient

For Steel, this book brought Oz, CNN, Fox & Friends and Access Hollywood. She’s tools and techn

currently the award director for the Julia Child Award rich ate, weird,

and sits on the advisory board for a number of nonprofit each era.”

organizations working on ending food hunger. She called o

The idea for the book, “Food Fight,” Steel said, Healthy Lunch

seemed obvious once it popped into her head. book as Steel h

“Just like about every other thing that’s happened in “My mother

my life, it was probably in the shower. I seem to get my I used to watc

best ideas in the shower,” Steel said. “I realized no one’s ing for my fam

ever done this and I’ve always found the history of food professional pa

so fascinating.” been one of m

Steel is a recent transplant to North Salem from it really has.”


“I had been looking for a house for a

little while and have always thought North

Salem is about the prettiest place I have

ever seen,” she said. She lives with her

husband, Bob, and her twin 20-year-old

sons Will and Sanger when they’re not at

college in Scotland.

The book is silly and interactive and

aimed for kids ages 7-12 but it’s truly

a delightful, fun-fact packed adventure

that anyone could enjoy.

“I used a bunch of great academic

and historical books on food and just

did a tremendous amount of his-

torical research on my own … and I

chose the 15 most important eras in

history,” Steel said. “I spoke about the First Lady Michelle Oba

PHOTOS COURTESY OF TANYA STEEL most important facts in that time and Healthy Ki



ts, the Makes 4 Servings
hniques, what the
, gross facts … as well as two recipes inspired by Before diners, fast-food chains, and food trucks, there was the trail. When kids walked
on the kids she met during the White House’s from place to place, they gathered food as they went. Nuts, berries, and fruits were all
htime Challenge to help test the recipes for the there for the taking. This recipe contains many ingredients a prehistoric man, woman, or
herself starting cooking as a kid. child might have eaten.
r is a terrible cook to this day, God love her. So
ch Julia Child on PBS and I just started cook- Ingredients
mily and that’s how I began this personal and 1 cup (125 g) unsalted shelled pecans
assion,” Steel said. “This project, the book, has 1 cup (140 g) unsalted shelled almonds
my favorite things I’ve ever done. It’s been a joy, 1 cup (125 g) unsalted shelled walnuts
2 teaspoons (10 ml) melted coconut oil or olive oil
ama watches as Tanya Steel speaks during the 1 tablespoon (15 ml) honey
ids Challenge at the White House. 1/2 cup (65 g) raw pumpkin seeds
1/2 cup (70 g) sunflower seeds
1/2 teaspoon (2.5 g) salt
1/2 cup (75 g) raisins or dried cranberries


1. Ask an adult to preheat the oven to 375°F/190°C. Spread the pecans,
almonds, and walnuts on a large shallow baking sheet, drizzle with 1 teaspoon oil
and the honey, and stir. Ask an adult to place in the oven to roast for 7 minutes,
or until fragrant and lightly toasted. Ask an adult to remove from the oven.
2. While the nuts are roasting, ask an adult to warm the remaining teaspoon of
oil in a medium skillet over low heat. Add the pumpkin and sunflower seeds.
Cook, shaking the pan, until the seeds are fragrant, 3 to 5 minutes. Remove
from the heat.
3. Transfer to a medium bowl and add the salt. When the nuts are ready and
have cooled, add to the seeds and toss. Add the raisins or cranberries; toss
again and let cool. Store in a covered glass jar or plastic container.


“I have known Doron for almost a decade. He truly cares The
for his patients and has a rare and exceptional passion for Science of
the practice of medicine in general. I can recommend Indigestion
him without hesitation.”
e turkey isn’t all that’s
—Dr. Sina Khasani, Neurology, stu ed on anksgiving.
Maimonides Medical Center Here’s what your body
goes through when you
“I was hesitant starting with acupuncture but I now
understand it’s not the modality given, it’s the provider. overindulge
Thank you Doron for helping me with tremors, neck
pain, hip pain and knee pain. These were the best BY JEREMY BROWN
treatments I ever received.”
Thanksgiving Day is kind of a like a li-
—Emmitt Spears cense to go nuts at the dinner table once
a year. No one objects when you load
up on a second, third or even fourth plate of
turkey, mashed potatoes, stu ng and dinner
rolls. No one, that is, except for your own
body. You might enjoy yourself as you pile on


“As an athlete, full recovery from an injury and
returning to optimal performance was my
primary goal when working with Doron
Bendov. Acupuncture has been an incredibly
effective form of treatment for me as a patient
and as an athlete. My results following
treatments with Doron were rapid and long
lasting, and included inflammation reduction,
muscle relaxation, reduction of scar tissue, as
well as pain management and reduction,
migraine/headache suppression, and sleep

—Juste Bianca

Appheal Acupuncture &
Integrative Health Care
222 Westchester Ave, Suite 405
White Plains, NY 10604
Tel 347-403-3946 |
[email protected]


INDIGESTION turkey is somewhat less than what’s
found in chicken. e real reason

that we’re often so woozy after

another helping of pumpkin pie, pushing away from the table on

but behind the scenes, your body anksgiving is because our bod-

is being put through its paces. ies are working overtime just to try

For starters, with each forkful of and process the mountain of

turkey you consume, your innards food that’s been deposited

are pushed aside in order to make in them.

room. “People don’t real-

“ e body’s a contained space, ize that digestion is a

so there’s not a whole lot of room workout,” Nazareth

in there,”said Dr. Samantha Naz- said. “It’s a serious

areth, a noted gastroenterologist workout for the

and writer and speaker on eating body. It takes a

wellness and dietary tripwires. lot of energy.”

“So, when it does stretch to its In fact, the

capacity, it pushes on other parts whole process of

within the abdominal cavity. So, digestion is seri-

for example, if you’ve ever said, ous enough that,

‘I’ve eaten so much I can’t even while making you

breathe,’ that’s because the dia- sleepy at the outset,

phragm is very close by and it’s it can actually disrupt

being pushed on.” your sleep patterns later

e thing is, before you get to on.

that point, you receive a number “ e whole point of sleep-

of warnings: feelings of being full, ing is for your body to be

queasiness or general discomfort. able to repair itself,” Naza-

All of these are signals being sent reth said. “But if your body

throughout your body to put the is sitting there trying to

fork down. digest all of this food that

“ e body sends messages you’ve dropped into it, then

through hormones,” Nazareth how is it able to do both? It takes

said. “So there are receptors in the so much work to digest.”

stomach that say,‘Hey,the stomach e solution?

is being stretched out. It’s time to “Pace yourself,” said Nazareth.

stop eating!’ You get that message “Be very mindful of your sugar Schedule
your appt
in that brain, and you can choose content, because, if anything, now for

to accept it or ignore it. But we that’s what’s going to give you back to
tend to push through it and think, that crash and make you feel not
Delaney M. Acosta, DMD
‘ ere’s always room for dessert!’” that great. Any carb or re ned Board Certi ed Pediatric Dentist

Dessert, in fact, is one of the sugar will cause havoc.” 845.628.3400

biggest o enders, Nazareth not- In addition to sugar, Dr. Naza- Dentistry for kids, teens
and special needs patients
ed. e heavy carb-load of cake reth said to be on the lookout for
888 Route 6, Mahopac, NY 10541
and pie, combined with all the foods that have a high fat content.

sugar, puts your body into insulin “Fat and protein take longer to

overdrive. digest,” she noted. “So you have

“If you’ve ever had a sugar high to portion control the fat and

and then a sugar low, that’s basi- protein when you have dinner on

cally what it is,” she said. “As the anksgiving.”

carbs are being broken down, the And, perhaps most important,

pancreas is shooting out all this when you’re done eating, in order

insulin to drive all the sugar into to keep your body from turning

cells somewhere else in the body.” everything you’ve consumed into

is sugar crash is part of what fat, get up and get moving.

causes the famous anksgiving “If you’re going to eat a large

“food coma.”Although that feeling meal, you should do something

of post- anksgiving sleepiness is physical,” said Nazareth. “You

often attributed to tryptophan, an don’t have to go and work out,

amino acid commonly found in but at least try to walk it o . Even

poultry, the truth is, the amount of a walk around the block is better

tryptophan that’s actually found in than nothing.”


Winter gets a bad rap. Gone are the easy, breezy
days of summer replaced with... wait, where is my
other glove? But dare we say that summer wasn’t
always...relaxing? Sometimes we felt pressured to
pack our longer days with outdoor adventures, daily
trips to the pool or late-night outdoor concerts just
because we could. Winter, however, takes some of
the pressure off. This year allow yourself to take a
breath. Try out an ancient Ayurvedic treatment that
proponents claim will soothe your stress and help you
sleep better. Discover small ways to be kind to yourself
during the harsh winter months, how small additions
to your daily routine can create long-term balance and
the best aroma for stressful moments. Take a breath,
turn the page, and read on for relaxation.

Read on!


TLC for S.A.D.
Don’t let the dark days of winter get you down


November can be chilly, damp and gloomy. No
more colorful leaves outside, only bare brown
trees and dried leaves underfoot. Daylight
Savings Time has ended. The days seem shorter with
dark skies in the morning and the sun setting before
dinner. For some people, this time of year can bring on
the symptoms of S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

Seasonal Affective Disorder has several signs and
symptoms.You may notice feelings of low energy, losing
interest in social activities or having trouble sleeping
soundly. Other symptoms of S.A.D. include fatigue,
difficulty concentrating, cravings for high-carbohydrate
foods, and weight gain.

We tend to go into “hibernation mode” at this time
of year, which can affect all aspects of work/home life.
The decrease in natural daylight during the fall and
winter months may disrupt your body’s internal clock
(circadian rhythm). A drop in the body’s serotonin
levels may lead to feelings of depression.



KOVACH day can boost your serotonin levels. Try Instead of retreating to your recliner in
to include salmon, eggs, fresh spinach and front of the TV each evening, turn up the
FROM PAGE 23 nuts into your breakfast, lunch and dinner. lights and try new activities like indoor
Vitamin supplements including Vitamin D, gardening. Grow lights can give gardening
Serotonin, a neurotransmitter produced B6, B12 and magnesium can also help. enthusiasts a great way to extend the season.
in the brain and in the intestines, regulates Get a head start on growing vegetables and
feelings of well-being. Low levels of Maintain a regular sleep schedule by
serotonin also contribute to symptoms of waking up and going to bed at the same time owers from seed right in your own home.
S.A.D. including irritability, depression, lack each day. e average adult requires seven to Adding a variety of houseplants can also
of focus, sleep problems, food cravings and eight hours of sleep each night. Remove all improve the indoor air quality which can
social avoidance behavior. electronic devices from your bedroom for a be hot and stu y during the fall and winter
more restful sleep environment. (Blue lights months.
Here are some things that could help: from computers, cell phones, and monitors
are a no-no.) TRY AROMATHERAPY
ADD MORE LIGHT Aromatherapy can also help with the
Take steps to ward o this STAY ACTIVE
ere are even symptoms of S.A.D. Essential oils like
“hibernation” cycle with a few lemon and grapefruit oils are energizing and
changes to your routine. Open more ways to can stimulate focus while boosting serotonin
the blinds and curtains during help elevate your levels. ese essential oils can be inhaled via a
the day to let the natural light mood and avoid social di user or added to a warm bath.To promote
in. Keep those winter blues at withdrawal during the dark relaxation and improve sleep quality, consider
bay with light box therapy a few fall and winter months. Play adding drops of lavender essential oil on your
minutes each day. You can also swap out your your favorite music, take a dance class or join pillow or in a warm pre-bedtime bath.
jarring alarm clock for a dawn simulator that a choir. Make social activities a regular part of
emits light slowly into the bedroom to wake your schedule to look forward to each week. A pro-active approach this fall, with a little
you more naturally. Sign up for indoor tennis courts or a spinning TLC, can make life less S.A.D. and a lot
class or yoga. Schedule time to swim laps at more enjoyable!
Include a daytime walk, perhaps on your the gym before or after work. Sign up for a
lunch break, to breathe fresh air, absorb some Kim Kovach prefers the long sunny days of spring
natural Vitamin D from the sun and improve ction writing class or a community theater and summer. She stays energized and social all
circulation. Add indoor aerobic exercises to production. Meet friends at a comedy club year long by teaching ction writing and creative
your weekly schedule like running on a or take an improv class to include laughter writing classes for adults, teens and children. Visit
treadmill or riding a stationary bike. in your life.

Eating three well-balanced meals each



Saturday, December 8th

Registration starts at 8:30 a.m.•Race starts at 10:00 a.m.

Purchase College

Register today at

After helping hundreds of Westchester & Putnam County herniated disc sufferers eliminate their pain, Local Doctor explains how…

After helping hundreds of Westchester & Putnam County herniated disc sufferers eliminate their pain, Local Doctor explains how…

“B“BacakckPaPianinTeTcehcnhonloolgoygyAfter helping hundreds of Westchester & Putnam County herniated disc sufferers eliminate their pain, Local Doctor explains how…
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15 minutes may be all you need

BY DEBORAH HARDY Here are some tips to keep balanced:
• Take a walk or a break. Sometimes throughout
Every morning I take a walk on my deck, with the day, I walk outside of the building to get away for
a cup of coffee, I breathe. In and out…three five minutes from the busy zone. Removing yourself
times. Feel the breeze or look at the sky, the from the location that might be causing a shift in your
sunrise, and listen to the birds chirp as they visit the mood is important to re-frame your presence.
feeder. I take time to do a quick body scan to release • Breathe. Find a location where you can take a few
tension. After the 15-minute exercise I am ready to deep breaths. Somewhere you will not be interrupted
begin the day. and can focus. Take three deep breaths and repeat
as necessary. When you feel the weight of the world
Facing the day does not mean that I won’t drop, time to go back and face the routine!
encounter any additional challenges that might • Body scan. Finding and releasing tension in the
affect my emotions. Of course, meeting people, body can also help restore balance.While sitting at your
discussing ideas, understanding perspectives, reading desk, uncross the legs and arms and take three deep
news or postings can change the mood. Knowing breaths. Ask yourself where you hold the most tension:
how best to react is what is most important and head, shoulders, arms, etc. Once you have completed
creates a moment of balance. a scan, then give yourself permission to release the
tightness from the spots you identified.
Balance is a result of mindfulness. It is knowing
how you are going to react to an incident or what SEE DR. HARDY PAGE 27
message is given to you. We encounter so many
different experiences throughout our day, that our
emotions and energy levels shift with each.


DR. HARDY There are so many other methods that can remember that practicing it regularly is
help you find balance throughout your day. important. You will see a difference in how you
FROM PAGE 26 Aromas such as lavender can help calm you perceive information, make decisions and deal
down. I have a lavender plant in the office. with people if you practice. Finding balance
Take notes. You might find this method Its stunning purple color and aroma add a helps you get a more positive perspective and
unique, but writing in a journal or taking notes wonderful ambiance to the space. Music is a healthy mind!
can help calm the mind. Putting stressful or another great source of relaxation as long as you
bothersome ideas onto paper helps clear them choose soothing songs. I play spa or soft music Dr.Hardy is an educational consultant focused on
from your psyche. You may revisit the thought on my desktop and it helps me refocus. assisting students to achieve their post-secondary
if it is unresolved, but at least it is not ongoing journey.Learn more at
in your mind. As you find your best source of balance,

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Ayurvedic and NaturopDarKthauicshCik.lcionmic9C7Y19erA4ol2Pl-soe8mRswr7oRs5iuoMni-tv9nedoe0arn-38,blk58iNeoz(yYedMdVy1,-i0tlTs5rlp,ae1gWia8reti)mt aepnptsrouancihDqrutKoeahtuosehaeilaktCch@ehlDalirn6nK4dda6iuh-v6seih7da0ikul-i6.anc7log2.m.5
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Ayurvedic Herbal-Oil
Cleansing Treatment

Inside the world of Shirodhara

BY DR. SOMESH N. KAUSHIK e ect. e oils also have a positive impact on similar to what might be attained in deep
issues of hair loss and premature graying— meditation.
Shirodhara—an herbal and oil contributing to rejuvenation as well.
treatment—is one of the ve therapies While Shirodhara is recommended for
that constitute Panchakarma, the Since the pineal gland, which produces all body constitutions, it is always advisable
Ayurvedic detox and cleansing regimen. the sleep-regulating hormone melatonin, is to consult with a practitioner who is
also stimulated, Shirodhara is an e ective experienced with this cleansing regimen.
Shirodhara—the combination of two therapy for insomnia and other sleep related
Sanskrit words “shiro” meaning head and issues, such as jet lag, an out of sync or e preparation of the particular oil and
“dhara” meaning ow—uses herbs and oil, interrupted wake-sleep cycle, and an unquiet herbs depends on the issues present and the
particular to one’s body constitution and nocturnal mind. Shirodhara also activates administration of the steady stream of liquid
issues, in a gentle ow over the forehead points in the head which boosts circulation over the corresponding ‘marma’ points in
for a speci ed amount of time. e gentle in the brain by widening blood vessels and the forehead requires an understanding of
pressure of the liquid streaming onto decreasing blood pressure. It is, therefore, these energy centers. Understanding, too,
the brow stimulates the ‘marma’ (energy) helpful with hypertension. As the head is the is required about the proper atmosphere
points in that area and creates a vibration center of many nerve endings which control needed for the most bene cial results, as
that penetrates into the brain and nervous vital points in the brain and e ect the senses, well as the duration of time, and number of
system. e result induces a state of Shirodhara is also helpful in treating issues sessions most appropriate for the cleansing
calm and relaxation that permeates the related to hearing, sight, taste, and smell. treatment. Caution is also advised to avoid
entire body and mind. Shirodhara is used Conditions such as sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, Shirodhara under certain circumstances:
primarily to cleanse the mind and senses. tinnitus, vertigo, Meniere’s disease, and during the third trimester of pregnancy as
even certain types of skin diseases such as it is di cult to remain lying down without
In Shirodhara, the continuous ow psoriasis, have been helped with Shirodhara. discomfort for the length of time required,
of soothing lukewarm liquid stimulates It is also helpful in preventing psychosomatic after a recent neck or brain injury, if there is
the hypothalamus housing the pituitary disorders by relaxing the thought patterns a rash, abrasion, or sunburn on the forehead
gland which regulates and balances the and quieting the mind. or scalp, and if there is an aversion to oil.
endocrine system and various hormones
in the body, including stress hormones. In Vedic philosophy, and the origins of An Ayurvedic practitioner can determine
Shirodhara therapy, therefore, is useful for Ayurveda, the area on the forehead over if this cleansing program is safe and
any nervous system imbalances or stress which the liquid ows is often referred to as warranted by checking the pulse and tongue
related conditions such as: fatigue, tension, the “third eye.” is area, it is felt, provides of the individual and recommending a
anxiety, depression, worry, fear, irritation, perception beyond ordinary sight, and suitable plan of action.
frustration, memory loss, concentration, Shirodhara, therefore, stimulates this center
headaches,and PTSD.By helping to release to awaken intuition, provide wisdom, and Dr. Kaushik’s Ayurvedic and Naturopathic
these negative energies it increases positive spiritual clarity. It also enhances mental Clinic, 792 Route 35, Cross River, NY 10518;
energies, regulates mood swings, and boosts focus and concentration. e result is 914-875-9088 (M,T, W); drkaushik@
immunity, which results in a rejuvenating;


Can Medicaid Take My Home and Life Savings?

BY ANTHONY J. ENEA accounts and accounts payable the recipient in his or her name of the firm of Enea, Scanlan &
on death or transfer on death are alone and/or jointly with his or Sirignano, LLP of White Plains.
On a regular basis, clients considered part of one’s estate her spouse. Thus, Medicaid can His office is centrally located in White
express their fear that for recovery purposes. file their lien for services provid- Plains and he has a home office in
if they ever go into a ed immediately upon the death Somers. He can be reached at 914-
nursing home and/or need Meanwhile, revocable and/or of the single Medicaid recipient 948-1500. Mr. Enea is the Past
long-term care, the Medicaid irrevocable trusts are not probate or upon the death of the surviv- Chair of the Elder Law Section of
program will take their home assets. Thus, they are not subject ing spouse. the New York State Bar Association
and life savings. to estate recovery in New York. (NYSBA), Past President and a
However, it should be noted that The most prudent course of founding member of the New York
While it is prudent to be the transfer of one’s assets to an action to avoid Medicaid recov- Chapter of the National Academy of
concerned as to what will occur irrevocable trust will disqualify ery and/or liens is to be proac- Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA), a
if you or a family member needs the Medicaid applicant and tive and utilize an irrevocable member of the Council of Advanced
long-term care, Medicaid does his or her spouse for nursing Medicaid asset protection trust Practitioners of the National Academy
not seize the Medicaid recipi- home Medicaid in New York, and gifting scheme, if appropri- of Elder Law Attorneys, President of
ent’s home, its contents and his and create a 60-month look- ate, before the need for long- the Westchester Bar Foundation and
or her life savings upon eligibil- back period. However, once the term care becomes a reality. a Past President of the Westchester
ity for the Medicaid program. lookback period has passed, the County Bar Association.
assets in the irrevocable trust Anthony J. Enea, Esq. is a member
If one is both financially and will no longer be available and
medically eligible for Medicaid, countable resources for purpose Do you know what the cost of
and Medicaid has provided ser- of Medicaid eligibility and your long-term care will be if
vices to the Medicaid recipient, the assets in the trust will no you are not eligible for Medicaid?
Medicaid will have a claim/lien longer be subject to Medicaid
against the individual’s estate at recovery. Assets transferred to • Asset Protection • Past Chair of Elder Law
the time of his or her death.The a revocable trust do not create • Elder Law Section of NYS Bar Association
estate includes all real and per- said lookback period. However,
sonal property and other assets they are still counted as avail- • Medicaid Applications • “Super Lawyer” In Elder Law
included within the individual’s able resources for purposes of (Nursing Home/Home Care) for 10 consecutive years
estate, as defined for purposes Medicaid eligibility.
of state probate law; and may • Guardianships Contact
include at the option of the state Finally, with respect to the (Contested/Non-Contested)
any other real and personal prop- residence of a Medicaid re- ANTHONY J. ENEA, ESQ.
erty and other assets in which cipient, under New York law, a • Wills, Trusts & Estates
the individual had any legal title Medicaid lien may not be placed Managing Member
or interest at the time of death, on the residence if the residence Fluent in Italian
including such assets conveyed is still occupied by the recipient,
to a survivor, heir or other person recipient’s spouse, child under WHITE PLAINS • SOMERS • WWW.ESSLAWFIRM.COM
receiving an inheritance. 21 years of age, blind or disabled
child of any age and/or a sibling 914.948.1500
New York, as permitted by who has an equity interest in
federal law, has opted to limit the home and has resided in the
the definition of one’s estate for home for one year prior to the
Medicaid recovery purposes. recipient’s admission to a medi-
This includes one’s probate and/ cal institution.
or intestate estate (when one
dies without a last will). Thus, While the above may seem
assets that are in the decedent’s helpful in preventing Medicaid
name alone, which do not have a from placing a lien on the resi-
named beneficiary, rights of sur- dence, in many instances, at the
vivorship such as joint accounts, time of a Medicaid recipient’s
life insurance policies (with death, the home is owned by
named beneficiaries), retirement


Eat Well
It’s not quite time to make New Year’s resolutions, but in this
section we’ve outlined some tips to get an early start. If a shift toward
vegetarianism is on your list, there are plenty of delicious places to get
started in the Hudson Valley. Trying to cut down on refined sugar? We
have a plan for that too. Over the next few pages, we’ll introduce you to
some restaurants you might have overlooked and to the many uses of
an often misunderstood fruit. Plus, a prompt to think beyond the box
when it comes to enjoying tea. Grab a piece of paper before reading on,
because you’re going to want to take notes!

Read on!


The Versatile Date
Nature’s candy is our bounty

BY DONNA MASSARO for furniture, leaf bases are used for fuel, the 6 Ways to Enjoy Dates

They say four dates a day keeps the eye fruit stalks are used for rope and the seeds are 1. Just pop ‘em in your mouth, but
doctor away. As a single female in Put- ground and used for stock feed. Dates, along remove the pit first!
nam County, I’m lucky to get four dates with eating them whole, can also be used to 2. Stuffed with goat cheese (or cream
a year! make syrup, alcohol, vinegar and sugar. cheese) and caramelized onions
3. Wrap in bacon and cook in the oven
I have discovered nature’s candy. It’s truly a In just four whole dates you will have in- 4. Add them to smoothies (You can
ask for this when you order one from
gift. roughout my whole life, when I heard gested ber, potassium, copper, magnesium The Freight House!)
5. Put them in the food processor for a
of dates I thought “prune,” but I’ve come and vitamin B6. Dates promote weight loss, jam, spread it with peanut or almond
butter on toast; pair with potato chips
to nd that prunes are plums. Still, when I support regular bowel movements, and relieve 6. Blend 1 cup of tightly packed dates
plus 1/4 cup of water, scraping down
thought of dates I thought of my grandma and constipation. ey reduce blood pressure, work the sides, until smooth. Store in an
airtight container in the fridge for up
old people food. She should have carried dates as an anti-in ammatory, reduce stroke risk, to two weeks as a sugar substitute in
any recipe
in her purse rather than all the other sweets at boosts brain health…shall I go on?

the bottom of her bag.But dates are not prunes ey are even good for impotence. (Boy, I

and they aren’t just for grandmas anymore. wish I had them in my purse on my last date!)

Dates are known as Phoenix dactylifera. ey boost your energy levels and help with

ey were cultivated in 6000 B.C. and night blindness.

grow on a tree in the palm Really, they’re sort of a miracle fruit.

family. More than 1,000 “ ey” say you should have four pitted

dates can grow on a dates a day in order to reap all the bene ts I

single bunch. e mentioned above. However, make it a point

date palm is rich in to brush your teeth after enjoying these

economic value as the sweet treets. ey may keep the doc-

trunk of the tree pro- tor away — but even nature’s

vides timber, the ribs candy can send you to the

of the leaves are used dentist.


Tradition Of Excellence In Healthcare™

The Plaza at Clover Lake is a Premier Assisted Living nestled within 50 lush acres
with its own breathtaking lake, walking paths and picturesque views.

Also accepting NYS Medicaid.
24 Hr. Supervision • Case Management • Medication Management • Nutritional Support and Specialized Diet Menus

Housekeeping Services • Laundry Services • Personal Care Assistance • Diabetic Program

838 Fair Street • Carmel, NY 10512 • 845-878-4111 • [email protected] •


Health in
a Teacup

Organic long Tea

Welcome to the world of loose-leaf teas

a Rooibos Tea There are many benefits to drinking loose-leaf tea. It ents that are essential for the body and also improvebrain
Organic Vanill can help lower cholesterol, prevent diabetes, reduce function. Studies have shown that drinking green tea
cardiovascular disease, increase your metabolism to can significantly lower the risk of Alzheimer’s and other
help with weight management, and improve your mood. forms of dementia. Both black and green tea can boost
your metabolism, giving you more energy to exercise and
Plus, there are benefits to buying loose-leaf tea instead lose weight.
of store bought tea bags, which, though convenient, are
often made from just the particles of the leaf left behind Oolong tea
during the manufacturing process.
Oolong teas are popular because they are a natural di-
Loose leaf tea has more character, more complexity, and gestive. If you suffer from acid reflux, oolong teas can
their benefits outweigh the convenience of a tea bag. reduce the inflammation caused by acid reflux in the di-
gestive track. It is an excellent tea to enjoy after a meal.
We compiled a list of the four most common teas
and their health benefits to get you started: Rooibos tea

Black tea Rooibos tea is an excellent way to keep your heart
healthy without the effect of any added caffeine. It is a
Guglish Breakfast Tnpowder GreenBlack tea has a high level of polyphenol naturally non-caffeinated tea that maintains good blood
Tea antioxidants that protect your cells from DNA pressure and is able to lower bad cholesterol while raising
ea damage. Studies have shown that specific an- the level of good cholesterol, lowering your risk of heart
tioxidants, like polyphenols, may help prevent disease.
certain types of cancer.

Green tea

Green tea is considered one of the healthiest teas be- For more information or to buy any of these teas visit
cause it is loaded with antioxidants and powerful nutri-



Vegetarian Eating in the Hudson Valley

BY BRIAN MARSCHHAUSER Visit to check in the Hudson Valley, visit Las mont before developing a large
out their other items, such as Mananitas (lasmananitasrestau- following of its own. On top of
There are a lot of reasons frittatas, acai and pitaya bowls, at 1250 Route 22 in serving his desserts up at Yankee
to become a vegetarian. oatmeal, and hot drinks. Brewster. With outside dining Stadium or at Smorgasburg in
Health benefits and the overlooking the East Branch Brooklyn, DiBona is soon open-
ethics of eating animals are Similarly, Bobo’s Cafe in the Reservoir, start off with some ing up a Bona Bona Ice Cream
among the most cited, but did Heritage Hills Shopping Center guacamole (I prefer it spicy). shop in Port Chester and he
you know that vegetarian food is will keep you coming back with There are many vegetarian op- promises to whip up some vegan
also really darn good? its delicious food and exception- tions to choose from, including options. DiBona posts regularly
al service. Co-owners and broth- the vegetable burrito, vegetable on
Close your eyes and picture ers Craig and Glen Bernardi, fajitas, or spinach enchiladas. All cecream, where you can keep
a vegetarian. What do you see? rarely seen from outside behind main courses are served with a up with the status of the Port
Perhaps someone hunched the counter, will make you feel side of beans and rice. Chester shop, expected to open
over a sad-looking plate of cold at home even if it’s your first in early November.
celery and broccoli, wincing visit. They’ll be happy to whip DESSERT
with every bite. If they’re feeling you up one of their popular acai, Just about all desserts are veg- First Village Coffee at 123
a little wild, they might throw pitaya or matcha bowls (with Main St. in Ossining car-
in a little ranch dressing to spice fruit toppings), or a specialty hot etarian if you’re fine with eating ries vegan donuts made by
things up. drink, like an apple cider chai or eggs or dairy, so we’ll focus on Peaceful Provisions. These
a pumpkin spice latte. If you’re some vegan treats (no, that’s not mouth-watering donuts can
That may have been true 20 looking to keep things vegan, an oxymoron). be viewed on
years ago, but more and more they can substitute almond milk peacefulprovisions. They are
restaurants are either adding into your drink or go off menu. Bona Bona Ice Cream, the only available on Tuesdays and
vegetarian menus or catering My regular order is a wrap with creation of Yorktown native Thursdays and tend to sell out
exclusively to vegetarians. sweet potatoes, avocado, roasted Nick DiBona, was primar- quickly, so hurry up and don’t
red peppers, mixed greens and ily served out of his Madison miss out!
I’m neither a doctor nor a sriracha. See their menu at Kitchen restaurant in Larch-
nutritionist, so I won’t wade into
those waters. I’m here to tell you 90 Ringgold Street • Located in Historic Peekskill Landmark
that vegetarian food can be just as RESTAURANTS Peekskill, NY 10566
exciting and delicious as a porter- You can find vegetarian op- • Overlooking the Spectacular Hudson River
house or cheeseburger, especially Call to arrange a
here in the Hudson Valley. tions at just about any restau- complimentary • Spacious Studio, 1-2 Bedroom Apartments
rant, but how many times can lunch & tour! Equipped with Full Kitchens
If you don’t believe me, I’d you really eat eggplant, pasta or
argue you’re just not eating at salad? There are many restau- 914.788.8860 • Weekly Housekeeping Including
the right places. So, put down rants in the Hudson Valley that Linen Service
the garden salad and check out don’t treat vegetarians as an
these Hudson Valley restaurants: after-thought, such the Sweet • Restaurant Style Dining Serving
Grass Grill in Tarrytown and Lunch and Dinner
QUICK SERVICE Las Mananitas in Brewster.
If you’re in a rush and looking • Transportation to Doctors, Shopping
Located at 24 Main St. in the and Outings Entertainment,
to grab something to go, there heart of Tarrytown, the Sweet
are dozens of places where you Grass Grill (sweetgrassgrill. • Educational Courses and a Full Array
can pick up a smoothie, a vegan com) offers dozens of vegetarian of Activities
muffin, a salad and be on your and vegan appetizers and meals.
way. Some of my favorites are Start off with some butternut • 24 Hour Security and Emergency Response System
the Trailside Cafe in Yorktown squash soup, crispy polenta fries,
Heights and Bobo’s Cafe in buffalo tempeh “wings,” house-
Somers. made hummus and grilled flat-
bread, or fried spicy cauliflower
Trailside, located at 1807 bites. For the main course, you
Commerce St., offers dozens of can follow that up with jackfruit
smoothies and juices. My person- “carnitas” tacos, red wine braised
al favorite, named for co-owner tempeh, or a quinoa, sweet
Justin Fagan, is Justin’s Smoothie potato and kale burger.
(almond milk, shot of espresso,
banana and almond butter). If you’re looking for a fes-
This time of year you’ll also find tive atmosphere while enjoying
many seasonal items, including some of the best dining views
pumpkin muffins, pumpkin pie
and apple pie smoothies, and
a refreshing sweet potato juice.





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Way to a Cure!

Westchester It’s the original holiday 5K Course
DECEMBER 8, race for charity . . . Timed & USATF-

2018 certified

Registration starts at 8:30 a.m. • Indoor Registration, Sponsor • Costume Contest
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GREAT improvement with my condition. Everyone in this office
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what I needed. If anyone has a pain in their neck or herniated
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You will not be disappointed.”
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