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Published by Halston Media, 2022-01-13 17:19:31

North Salem News 01.13.22

North Salem’s only weekly newspaper mailed to every home and business.

Vol. 7 No. 43 Visit for the latest news. Thursday, January 13, 2022

HyGrade Market nears completion

New Croton Falls eatery eyes March opening 

BY CAROL REIF vintage décor, textiles, things made by owns the building, a former train sta-
STAFF WRITER local artisans, and “fun nds.” tion.)

Croton Falls is bustling with business No one is more anxious to see its While they still have to get the Plan-
activity. doors open than enterprising owners ning Board’s nal OK – as well as a
Tom and Dawn Christopher, who have thumbs-up from the county Health
Not only is the hamlet toasting the been knee-deep in the project since last Department and a liquor license from
opening of a new liquor emporium, it is spring. the state – the Christophers are hoping
salivating over the pending trans gura- for a March launch.
tion of a Front Street foodie xture. e upgraded version will be called
“HyGrade Market” once again because e space was “a wreck” when the
at’s right, the former Gordon’s the older name is “known far and wide,” couple took over in April, but once they
DeliCafé is being turned into a place to Tom said. started clearing it out they were excited
relax over good co ee, California-style to uncover 100-year-old plaster walls,
tacos, fresh salads, to-go gourmet sand- (Dawn, who had owned and oper- the original poured concrete oors, and
wiches, and – eventually -- craft beer. ated Front Street Cellar right across the cast iron ceiling beams.
street for nearly 20 years, recently sold
It will also o er basic groceries, the business to  Jonas Andersen and “It was really fun,” Tom Christopher
household sundries, and -- thanks to Natalie Marie Gehrels who renamed told the board Wednesday, Jan. 5.
Libby Parker of Lift Trucks Gallery -- it Folkways Wines & Spirits. She still
As work got rolling, curious folks
Renovations would poke their heads in the door at
began last 10 Front St. to ask what might be on
spring. its way. at gave Christopher, who was
wondering that himself, the chance to
PHOTOS conduct an informal poll.
CHRISTOPHER “Unanimously. Good co ee. No. 1.
Baked goods. Market. Beer. Open ear-
ly,” he was told.

“So we thought it would be good to
open at 6 a.m. and stay open until 8 for
early evening dinners and returning
commuters,” he said, adding: “For us,
it’s pretty exciting to have the chance to
build something people actually want.”




Family Owned and Operated Since 1989


CLASSIFIEDS 18 Light the Night

Page 8 – North Salem News Opinion Thursday, January 13, 2022


Comparison 2021 Year in Review - Part II 

Comparison, GUEST MAN option for those whom you love death of the o spring and controls
Its a thief. CORNER OVERBOARD very mulch. I never thought my the population. Whoever got
It comes in so qui- it in their head that non-biting
etly we don’t even know it. Kim Stoll RICK nal resting place might be a males would ever mate with bit-
MELÉN ower bed, but if I’m pushing ing females should immediately
We don’t realize we left dare I even say, your best up daisies anyway, they might clear his internet browser history.
the door open for it to creep friend, your sister, maybe even This week I’m back to as well look damned good. We What the article fails to mention
in your spouse... they are facing expose the rest of the lesser have a compost pile in the woods, is exactly where the mosquitoes
struggles they may never voice known stories of the past where I put things like corncobs, were being released from. What
and steal the very things out loud. year. I’m going to strip them down co ee grounds, VCRs and jokes were they in for? Are they out on
we are trying to achieve, try- to their bare essentials and bring about stu I’m not allowed to good behavior? Remember that
ing to believe, trying to be. Root yourself in gratitude for you just the naked facts. And now make fun of anymore. I don’t go for a mosquito a slap on the wrist
the blessings in your life and I’m exhausted and need a cigarette, out there much when I’m alive, amounts to a death sentence.
It leaves in its path the when you feel that comparison even though I don’t smoke. and I expect to leave it at that.
very lies we’ve tried to forget thief trying to wedge its foot ere are weeds growing on top INDIAN MAN KILLED BY
or overcome. in the door remind yourself, EXTREME WEATHER of the pile, and they really seem to OWN ROOSTER DURING
everyone is perfectly imperfect CAUSES ‘HAIRY PANIC’ appreciate my e orts. If any of this COCKFIGHT
It steals our joy, just like you. compost causes the proliferation
Comparison isn’t even A severe windstorm last winter of tumbleweeds, the residents of In February, a New Delhi man
rooted in truth. Kim Stoll empowers women caused an Australian suburb to Hillside, Australia are not going to who had tted his rooster with
We compare our raw, un l- to nd joy in every day and become buried in huge drifts of be pleased.  a small knife on his way to an
tered, rough cut reality to the build a life they love through tumbleweeds, making the town of illegal competition died of blood
highlight reel, to the polished positive habits in mindset, Hillside in the state of Victoria a AIRBAG JEANS IN loss when the bird tried to escape
facade, to our perception of tness and smart nutrition. grassy mess. Known locally as the PROTOTYPE FOR and in icted lethal wounds to his
someone else’s reality. Virtual coaching available. “hairy panic,”the weeds accumu- MOTORCYCLISTS groin area. While this seems like
Everyone you see is facing [email protected] lated high enough to prevent some a case of instant justice, it’s a vivid
battles, hurts, pain, disappoint- homeowners from being able to As if I weren’t already full of example of the old adage: Never
ments and insecurities that you open their front doors. I picture hot air, a company called Mo’cycle bring a cock to a knife ght. 
know nothing about. the scene to look something like is working on a pair of jeans that
Sean Connery’s back. I don’t contain airbags which run down And that’s the year in review.
e in uencer on social know how they plan to make the the inseam and detonate upon I’d like to wish everyone a healthy
media, the “got it all together” unkempt area kempt again, but I impact during an accident. I’m a and happy 2022. I’d also like to
mom down the road, your imagine that they’re hoping a few motorcycle rider myself, and if I thank those of you who read my
old classmate, your boss and tons of wax blows in next. have an accident in my pants that column this year. I cherish the
results in an explosion of air, then, opportunity to make some of you
Letters and Op-Ed Policy HUMAN COMPOSTING well you go ahead and nish the laugh without having to let you
Letters to the editor and op-ed submissions may be edited. FUNERAL HOME OPENS joke, this one’s on me. watch me ski. For those of you
The views and opinions expressed in letters and op-eds are who don’t read my column, now
not necessarily those of North Salem News or its affiliates. Last January in Kent, Washing- MOSQUITOES RELEASED is the perfect time to talk behind
Submissions must include a phone number and address ton, Recompense opened as the IN FLORIDA KEYS your back, and I must say that
for verification. Not all letters and op-eds will necessarily be hairstyle makes you look 10 years
published. Letters and op-eds which cannot be verified or are rst-of-its-kind human-compost- e rst group of genetically older. And don’t bother saying the
anonymous will not be published. Please send your submissions ing funeral home in the U.S. In at engineered non-biting mosqui- same thing about me, I already
to the editor by e-mail at [email protected] least 30 days the resulting soil is toes were released in the Florida know my hairstyle makes you look
For more information, call the editor at 914-302-5830. tested for pathogens and available Keys in April, to help control 10 years older.
for use. It’s just another after-life the zika and other viruses. ese
male mosquitoes mate with the Look for Rickster Melen on Facebook!
disease-carrying females and pass Say hello at: [email protected]
on a lethal gene that causes the

BRETT FREEMAN, PUBLISHER 118 N. BEDFORD ROAD, SUITE 100 Letters to the editor and op-ed submissions may be edited.
TOM WALOGORSKY, EDITOR MOUNT KISCO, NY 10549 The views and opinions expressed in letters and op-eds are not
TABITHA PEARSON MARSHALL, CREATIVE DIRECTOR necessarily those of North Salem News or its affiliates. Submissions
Editorial Office: 914-302-5830 ©2021 HALSTON MEDIA, LLC must include a phone number and address for verification. Not
[email protected] all letters and op-eds will necessarily be published. Letters and
op-eds which cannot be verified or are anonymous will not be
published. Please send your submissions to the editor by e-mail

to [email protected]
For more information, call the editor at 914-302-5830.

Thursday, January 13, 2022 OPINION North Salem News – Page 9

Good times Good Times Meatloaf Drizzle
SEASONAL all that was accomplished in the Favorite BBQ Sauce (use one on the sweet side)
TIDBITS year past. 1 of each, green pepper, red pepper, medium Directions
onion and medium carrot all diced in small
LAURA As the boxes on the calendar pieces Sauté the green pepper, red pepper, medium
CAMPAGNA became more and more empty, 2 TBS and 2 TBS butter onion and medium carrot in the 2 TBS and 2
and the pages and photos were 1 pound of chop meat TBS butter until all are soft. Set aside to cool
Well, here we all go turned and then eventually tossed 1 sleeve of saltine crackers crushed into bits enough to touch. Add the rest of the meatloaf
again.Time to hang in the trash at the end of the year, 1 TBS each, Thyme, Oregano, Pepper ingredients into a large bowl and mix. When
up another calendar because there was really not much 1 tsp salt pepper, onion and carrot mixture is cool
with cute little puppies and kit- to look back on and the places 2 egg whites enough to touch, mix that in to the meatloaf
tens. in the photos above each month 1/2 cup milk ingredients. Form 2 loaves and bake in a glass
were changing or did not exist 1/2 cup ketchup or chili sauce (if not using 9x13 baking dish at 350 for an hour or until
I used to collet calendars of anymore, I looked for another chili sauce add 1 TBS chili powder to ketchup) done.
places I visited, so during the year way to hold onto special things Topping While the meatloaves are baking, slice the 5
I can stare at the monthly photos we did as a family and the places onions and sauté in a frying pan in oil and
and daydream of my time spent I visited and treasured. 2 cups grated sharp cheddar cheese butter until they are golden and tender. Turn off
there. Over the years, it occurred 5 onions sliced heat and set aside. Re-heat to get warm just
to me that I have collected about My family enjoys visiting Mashed Potatoes: before plating dishes.
50 calendars, starting with those restaurants when we travel. You 1/2 clove roasted garlic Peel and boil the potatoes until soft. Drain and
places I visited and gathering get to sample the local cuisine 5 pounds russet potatoes add the roasted garlic, butter and milk to form
ones that I saw in random places and dream about that chocolate Milk, butter, salt and pepper mashed potatoes to your liking.
that were for free. I really have cream pie, the best you have On a dish, pile some mashed potatoes, a hefty
no idea why I began stockpiling ever eaten, and look forward to slice of meatloaf, sautéed onions, shredded
them. I grabbed two from the the next time you are in town to cheddar cheese and a generous drizzle of the
pile in the church lobby, one from have it again. Instead of looking BBO sauce.
local banks, pharmacies are al- for those souvenir calendars, I
ways a great place to load up, and began taking pictures of menu favorite local place. We found it school and have been going ever husband, daughter and I agreed
thrift shops are always looking to items. Sometimes the menu only
give stacks of them away, but my o ered a small description of on TV ve years ago and looked since when we visit.  ere was a SEE CAMPAGNA PAGE 12
favorite and the ones I hold near what I was about to eat. Omelet it up when she was a freshman at wait for a table, as always, but my
and dear to my heart were the of your creation, served with hash
ones that I brought home from browns and toast. Simple and to DON’T GET CAUGHT WITH
my travels. the point. If was REALLY lucky, AN AGING OIL TANK!
the menu would give a hint of the
I carefully hang the calendar ingredients in the dish. Turkey Before you place your home on the
on the door to my basement, home fries with slices of turkey
out of site but not out of mind. breast, sweet potatoes, russet market, contact ENVIROSTAR about
My calendar used to be full of potatoes, green and red peppers,
di erent colored letters, woven onions and seasoning. As soon as
into words signifying places to be I would return from the trip, with
and at what time. Dance rehears- my iPhone photo in hand of the
als, recitals, Girl Scout meetings, ingredients I would set o trying
birthday parties, play dates, when to recreate the dish. I usually got
school was on vacation and other it right, naturally it’s not the exact
random things we as a family dish, but the main ingredients
had to remember. When the year are there and often some of the
was complete and a new calendar seasoning. If I was lucky, before
was hung up, I would take the I left the restaurant I would ask
old and place it in a draw.  Every the waitress what is in the dish
so often I would go back and see that makes it so unique, and often
they would be happy to share.

On a recent trip to Bu alo to
visit my daughter, we went to our

We make replacing your aging underground
friends. DON’T HOLD UP storage tank (UST). It it required by
most insurance companies prior to
Think Sclafani for highly efficient heating THE SALE OF insuring property.
systems, generators, air conditioning!
Heating oil, propane, natural gas, diesel, gasoline!

WWithiththtishicsocuopuonpoonlyo.nClyo.uCpoonupmounstmbeusptrebseenptreedsaetnttheedtiamtethoef tthime esotimf tahte.
estimateN. Nototot tboebceomcboimnebdinweitdh awniythotahneyr oofftehres.r Eoxffpeirress. 9E/1x5p/i1r9es 3/31/22

Licensed, insured and bonded!
Quality guaranteed!

Call today! 845-628-1330 We are the name you trust for environmental needs
845-279-9555 •

Page 10 North Salem News – Thu

LUMAGICAThis holiday season, Harvest Moon Farm & Orchard presented a unique, im-
mersive experience with a walkthrough light show. To achieve this, they part-
nered with LUMAGICA, renowned for their displays that are featured throughout
at HarvEurope, to create an atmosphere of magic and wonder.


ursday, January 13, 2022 Page 11

vAest Moon

Page 12 – North Salem News OPINION Thursday, January 13, 2022

You talk too much!

WHAT WAS would follow. cookie cutters, packages of sweet water and surrounded by colorful more or less removed the art of
I THINKING? “Apparently, you feel your con- smelling spices, denim clothing owers and plants. face-to-face conversation. How-
hanging from decorative hooks, “Watch this, Sis.” ever, I’m good for an hour’s phone
RUTHANN versation is more important than kitchen aprons and matching He walked over to the ladies conversation with my friends
SCHEFFER what the class is learning. Please pot holders - you name it, it was and family. I may not remember
step outside the classroom and there. As we browsed, we came and asked them if they’d like him what I did yesterday, but I still can
As I’ve mentioned before, It stay by the door until the class is across a lovely young woman and to take their picture in front of the conjure up events from years ago,
is no secret that brother over. I’m sure you will nd other her mother. We smiled, said “hi” fountain.  ey said they’d love e.g. Miss Stevenson. I will happily
Jack and I love to students you can talk to as they and commented on some of the it. Ever the good guy, Jack took admit that I “talk too much,”and
talk. He has named us the “Sibling go to their next class.” My face unusual items for sale. Poor ladies! several pictures of them all the will keep on doing so until the
Orators.” burned with embarrassment as I We cornered them for a good while talking about the Mis- good Lord wants to converse with
stood outside the room; of course half hour, talking about fam- sion, etc. Guess what! We spent me up there!
My very rst recollection of the passing students had a eld ily and anything else that came another 15 minutes shooting the
being warned “you talk too much” day with their comments. to mind. But the beauty part of breeze with another unsuspecting [email protected]
was in fourth grade. Oh, how I this “capture”was that mom and couple. Again, they enjoyed the
remember Miss Stevenson: severe Previously, I shared with you daughter were just as eager to conversation as much as we did. CAMPAGNA
facial expression, very short hair two day trips Jack and I took in share their stories as we were.    
and wire-rimmed glasses. Dur- California where we bombarded e “talk”DNA skipped FROM PAGE 9
ing class, I leaned over to whisper several hostages with our scintil- We traveled to the Mission at our younger sister, Roe. When
a snippet of gossip to my friend, lating conversation. One trip took San Juan Capistrano on another the three of us are together, the to seats at the counter. Looking
Debbie. us to Julian.  I loved the smell of day. I love visiting the chapel and conversation ows - we even talk over the menu one dish caught
apples as we entered the town, and smelling the beautiful and un- over each other. However, Roe my eye right o the bat and
“Miss Batchie! Come to the we knew we’d buy a warm apple usual roses growing in the research doesn’t initiate a conversation with closed the menu and declared
front of the class.” Oh, boy, I pie to take home.  ere was a gardens. Admiring the landscap- strangers as her sister and brother I was ready to order. While
was caught and petri ed of what general store that caught our eye, ing and fountain, we came across do. Our family knows that if you waiting for our food to arrive, I
and we decided to explore. It was two women taking pictures of the con de in Roe, it is safe to say that enjoyed the banter of the wait
like going back in time. Beauti- fountain with its softly cascading con dence will never be shared. sta . I did hear something
fully set up with barrels of candles, that piqued my attention and
Unfortunately, COVID-19 has I leaned over the counter a bit
more to hear what they were
2021 was a saying.  ey were talking about
CRAZY YEAR! another restaurant they worked
at and how the hours there were
We can help make your taxes less crazy. increasing as the hours there
were now were decreasing. I
845-628-5400 didn’t think anything of it, as I
thought it was just conversation | [email protected] they were having to pass the
824 Route 6, Suite 4 | Mahopac, NY 10541
Our meals arrived and what
Securities o ered through Cantella & Co., Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC. Cantella and Co., Inc. does not provide tax, legal or accounting advice. was in front of me was the
This material has been prepared for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, tax, legal or most incredible culinary feast I
have ever experienced! I asked
accounting advice. You should consult your own tax, legal and accounting advisors before engaging in any transaction. for the menu again and took a
picture of the dish.  Meatloaf
smothered in sauteed onions,
layered with grated cheddar
cheese placed on a pile of garlic
mashed potatoes all drizzled
with house BBQ sauce.   

As soon as we arrived home
a week later, I was o to the
grocery store to recreate the
delicacy I had enjoyed. I came
close. Lucky I did too. My
daughter sent me a news clip
about the restaurant. It was
closing for good. e owners
were getting a divorce and the
poor restaurant was caught in
the middle.

Time moves on and things
are always changing. I am not a
fan of change. It’s not that I am
stuck in the past, I just don’t like
the idea of giving up something
that makes me feel secure, hap-
py and content. So, as the years
go by and the calendar pages are
turned and then placed in the
paper recycling, it’s nice to hold
onto something, something that
I can recreate in my kitchen and
have it bring back memories of
good times spent with family
and friends.

Thursday, January 13, 2022 OPINION North Salem News – Page 13

Tick tock - TikTok Fun Facts by Jo Ann

JUST “Really? Maybe I’ll give it a try.” Mom. Where’s your phone?” TikTok was the most downloaded app globally in 2020
JO ANN So she downloaded the app on “Well, why don’t we just wait with 850 million downloads.
my phone and there I sat like a
JO ANN zombie scrolling past video after till after dinner, and then you can from a TikTok video. tinue to TikTok.
FRANCELLA video and not understanding a lot show me how to do it.”
of them.
Of course, we forgot about the
app. By the way, did you know

I saw make-up videos that that you can draw a beautifully I’ve cut back on my viewing Have a great 2022

would enable someone like little artistic human hand just by writ- time, but now am aware of my

Something crazy has hap- “old”me to look like a supermod- ing the letter P? Yes, I learned that clock going “tick tock”as I con- [email protected]
pened between anksgiv- el. I saw people gently tapping
ing and Christmas 2021. It microphones and making click-
ing noses to calm anyone who

seems that I have become addicted might be watching. I saw cleaning TCHoEnsCciOouNs NCEoaCcThIinNgGanWd ECLoLnsCulEtinNgTaEtR
to TikTok. Since Ken and I spent videos. I watched as people made
so much time at my daughter’s fools of themselves just to be in
home over the holidays, she would a video, but my favorite TikTok

occasionally show me videos on videos are of dogs – big ones, little The Connecting Well Center is excited to launch its first Cohort.
her phone.  ey were hilari- ones, fat ones, mischievous ones This highly experiential virtual program provides opportunities for exploration to the
ous. Some were nonsensical and all doing very funny things caught
some downright stupid, but for on video. process of manifesting wholeness and will support you in being your best self.
sure they were entertaining.
I knew I was hooked when I
“Where do you nd these was taking down my Christmas

hilarious videos?”I inquired in- decorations and decided to take a

nocently. break. I clicked into TikTok and

“ ey are all on an app called just like that two hours had passed,

TikTok,”she casually replied. and I was still sitting on the sofa

I found myself asking over with a now cold cup of tea, scroll-

and over again to see the video of ing through silly videos. I heard

the singing lion. Someone had the garage door open and realized

dubbed in a romantic ri when- that Ken was home.

ever the lion opened his mouth “How long have you been sit-

to roar, and no matter how many ting there looking at TikTok?”he

times I saw it, I still laughed. Did I asked as he entered the den.

feel silly? Yes, but this was a whole “Um, I’m embarrassed to say

new world to me. that I have wasted most of my

“Mom, there’s another one you morning looking at these stupid

might like.” She began tapping things. I think I’m addicted to it. I

the screen on her phone and then know it’s just nonsense, but I just

swiping until she reached the keep watching. Next time we see

hilarious video of a horse whisper- Kim, I’m going to ask her to delete

ing into a man’s ear saying,“We’ve the app from my phone.”

been trying to contact you regard- “I’ll be happy to get my wife

ing your car’s extended warranty.” back,”Ken said as he bent over to

Sound ridiculous? It is! It is so kiss my head.

totally ridiculous that I nd myself e following week I was with

laughing so hard at times that I Kim and told her that I’m spend-

lose my breath. ing too much time on the phone

“You know, Mom, you can get and I need her to remove the

the TikTok app so you don’t have TikTok app.

to wait until you see me.” “Ok, no problem You will

• Enhance your self-awareness, including the connection among body, mind, spirit, and emotions.

• Expand your comfort, competence, and confidence with attuning to energy; your own and that of others.

• Access your innate core strengths, gifts, and spiritual nature.

Topics Covered • Understanding Images (Limiting beliefs)
• Character Structures and Defensive Patterns
• Building a Brave Space • Body Consciousness

• Understanding and Honoring Personal Resistance

• Grounding on five levels of being

• Idealized Self-Image and Perfectionism


l l l lJanuary 16 February 20 March 20 April 24 May 15


360 Underhill Avenue Yorktown Heights, New York 10598 • 914.214.8725
[email protected] •


Thursday, January 13, 2022 North Salem News – Page 15

Home Heating Fuel

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Page 16 – North Salem News Sports Thursday, January 13, 2022


Winter weather freezes Tigers
Basketball squads ready for Booster Club Tournament

BY TOM WALOGORSKY cancellations to close out the year. Club Tournament. In the opening round on ursday,
EDITOR Zac Major led North Salem in scoring with 9 points Jan. 13, Carmel takes on Bronxville at 5 p.m., and the
Tigers play Peekskill at 7 p.m. e tournament will con-
It was a slow week for North Salem sports, thanks to in the loss. clude on Saturday, Jan. 15 with the consolation game at
the rst week of truly rotten winter weather. e district e Tigers’ next two games against Putnam Valley 10 a.m. and the championship matchup starting at 2 p.m.
canceled school on Wednesday, Jan. 5 due to icy road con-
ditions, and again on Friday, Jan. 7 for the rst real snow and Haldane were postponed due to inclement weather. WINTER TRACK
accumulation of the season. Looking ahead, the team will be running the gauntlet North Salem’s winter track squad was also bumped
with their nal 16 games being played over a four-week
e weather saw the cancellation of matchups for every span. several times last week. e league championship meet,
sport, but the Tiger teams will be looking to get back on originally scheduled for Jan. 5, was changed to Sunday,
track this week with several important contests. e squad will also be participating in the North Salem Jan. 9 and once again postponed. e meet is now sched-
Booster Club Tournament on Friday Jan. 14. Blind Brook uled for ursday, Jan. 13 at e Armory.
BOYS BASKETBALL will face Carmel at 5 p.m., and North Salem will square
Westlake 53, North Salem 37 o against Pawling at 7 p.m. e consolation game will HOCKEY
Tuesday, Jan. 4 be played on Saturday, Jan 15 at 12 p.m., and the champi- e BYSNS had a pair of games canceled last week,
e Tigers su ered their rst loss of the season on the onship will be decided at 4 p.m.
rst against Horace Greeley on Friday, Jan. 7 and then
road against the Wildcats. e squad was returning to GIRLS BASKETBALL again for the matchup with Carmel on Jan. 9. e team
action after 29 days, following a string of health-related e girls squad will also be returning to the court after will be back on the ice to face Clarkstown on Saturday,
Jan. 15 at 5:15 p.m. at the Brewster Ice Arena.
a long layo to play in the rst ever North Salem Booster

How to host the ultimate watch party

Watch parties provide great opportu- tory. pandemic forced the cancellation of watch party may not have much down
nities to get together with friends and • Make sure everyone has a seat and many watch parties, and in the interim time, but games and awards shows will
family. Such gatherings can be centered hosts’ tech might have fallen a bit behind have some breaks in the action. Some
around Hollywood awards shows, sport- some space. Before inviting guests, con- the times. Shop around for new items if fun games like bingo can keep guests en-
ing events or even the nale of a popu- duct a reasonable assessment of your your television could be a few inches larg- gaged even when the action on the screen
lar television series. Regardless of what’s viewing space and determine how many er or your surround sound system could slows down.
being watched, hosts can employ various guests can t and sit comfortably in the use an upgrade to make any audiophile
strategies to make the party as fun and space. Events like games and awards proud. Guests will appreciate the high- Hosts can up the fun factor of watch
memorable as possible for themselves shows tend to last several hours, and quality images and sound, and hosts will parties with a few simple strategies to
and their guests. guests will want a comfortable seat and enjoy the upgrades long after the party make the festivities feel unique.
a little space to spread out. Tailor the size has ended.
• Stock up on food and drinks. Even of your guest list to your available space. Artticle provided by Metro Creative
if the festivities won’t include a sit-down • Fill the down time. A television show Connection.
dinner, stock up on food and drinks so no • Upgrade your tech. e COVID-19
one goes hungry or thirsty. If the event
you’re watching is slated to begin shortly
after dinnertime, consider hosting a pot-
luck pre-event dinner. A potluck dinner
helps take some of the burden o of hosts
and the pre-event meal can be a great
time to share thoughts and theories about
the event everyone is there to watch. Pro-
vide plenty of nonalcoholic beverages like
water, soda, tea, and co ee as well. Alco-
holic beverages can be served, but hosts
should keep everyone’s consumption to a
minimum to ensure guests make it home

• Prepare some event-speci c treats.
Some event-speci c treats like cookies
that look like baseballs or desserts de-
signed to mimic the appearance of an
awards show statuette can inject a little
something extra into the party.

• Send guests home with event-speci c
party favors. Event-speci c party favors
also can be a nice touch that guests won’t
soon forget. If you’re gathering to watch
a big game on the gridiron, pass out foam

ngers with league or team logos. If it’s
the nale of a beloved television series,
hand out show-related mementos that al-
lude to a speci c and important episode,
character or plot point in the show’s his-

Thursday, January 13, 2022 LEISURE North Salem News – Page 17

CLUES ACROSS 23. Legendary MLB 50. Pointed end of a pen 13. Excluded from use or For puzzle solutions, please see
1. Requests broadcaster 51. NATO official (abbr.) mention
5. Calendar month 26. Vulcanite 56. Genus of clams 17. Speak
8. Invests in little 30. C. Asian mountain range 57. Boxing’s “G.O.A.T.” 24. Bloodshot
enterprises 31. In a way, healed 58. A colorless, odorless 25. Make better
12. Bird sound 32. Midway between east gas used as fuel 26. Keyboard key
14. S. American plant and southeast 59. Covered thinly with gold 27. Type of degree
cultivated for tubers 33. Small appendages of paint 28. Paddle
15. Car insects 60. Bachelor of Laws 29. Peacock network
16. Bullfighter 34. __ Greene, “Bonanza” 61. Red fluorescent dye 35. Not young
18. Hill (Celtic) actor 62. Engineering group 36. Baseball stat
19. Strong criticism 39. A place to bathe 63. Female sibling 37. One’s grandmother
20. Detector 42. Postal worker accessory 64. Adjacent 38. Breakfast food
21. When you hope to get 44. Classical music 40. Bathroom features
there 46. A way of wrecking CLUES DOWN 41. Disease-causing
22. Having the skill to do 47. Terminator 1. What a thespian does bacterium
something 49. You eat three a day 2. Footwear 42. NY ballplayer
3. Adjust spacing 43. Got up
between 44. Prophet
4. Witnesses 45. Part of the mouth
5. Who shows 47. Unnatural
excessive fondness 48. Acronym for brain
6. Distinct form of a science study
plant 49. Three are famous
7. National capital 52. Languages spoken in
8. Hunting expedition Patagonia
9. Related to medulla 53. Freedom from difficulty
oblongata 54. Widely used OS
10. European country 55. Many people pay it
11. Cola

To solve a sudoku, the numbers 1 through 9 must fill each row, column and box. Each number can
appear only once in each row, column and box. You can figure out the order in which the numbers will appear by using
the numeric clues already provided in the boxes. The more numbers you name, the easier it gets to solve the puzzle!

How oatmeal does a body good

Many adults are familiar with vari- (LDL), or “bad,” cholesterol. It’s worth

ous remedies to mitigate symptoms and noting that many people add ber-rich

shorten the duration of the common cold. fruits and berries to their oatmeal, which

A bowl of chicken soup, a little extra sleep can help lower cholesterol even further.

and tea with honey can help people feel

better as they confront cold symptoms like OATMEAL AND BLOOD SUGAR

runny nose and sore throat. A review published in the journal Nu-

Oatmeal is another popular cold rem- trición Hospitilaria in 2015 found that

edy, but a piping hot bowl of ground oats eating foods that contained beta-glucans

can bene t the body even when it’s not could help lower blood glucose levels in

battling a cold. people with diabetes. at makes oatmeal

an especially valuable dietary choice for

OATMEAL AND GUT HEALTH individuals with diabetes, many of whom

Beta-glucan is a soluble ber found in also must make an e ort to lower levels of

oatmeal that prevents constipation and LDL in their bodies.

promotes regular bowel movements. Ac-

cording to Amy Goodson, MS, RD, OATMEAL AND CONTROLLING

CSSD, LD, author of e Sports Nutri- WEIGHT

tion Playbook, beta-glucan ber has been A lling, healthy breakfast can help in-

linked to healthy gut bacteria. Healthy gut dividuals avoid the kind of snacking that

bacteria can reduce the likelihood indi- can contribute to unwanted weight gain.

viduals will experience issues with diges- e ber content in oatmeal helps people

tion after eating and can lower the risk for feel fuller longer, reducing the likelihood

in ammation and chronic disease. that they’ll reach for potentially unhealthy

snacks throughout the day. at can make

OATMEAL AND CHOLESTEROL it easier to lose weight and keep the

WebMD notes that the beta-glucan in pounds o over the long haul. indicates that a 1⁄2 cup serving oatmeal fective cold remedy. However, the nutri-

oatmeal can help individuals lower their contains 13 grams of protein, 52 grams of tional value of oatmeal makes it a worthy

cholesterol. e soluble ber in oatmeal OATMEAL AND NUTRIENTS carbohydrates and eight grams total ber. addition to individuals’ diets whether they

reduces the absorption of cholesterol into Oatmeal is among the most nutrient- In addition, the USDA notes that oatmeal have a cold or not.

the bloodstream, a property the Mayo dense breakfast foods a person can eat. is a great source of bene cial minerals like

Clinic reports can help individuals lower e United States Department of Ag- magnesium and potassium. is article was provided by Metro Creative

their levels of low-density lipoprotein riculture’s National Nutrient Database Oatmeal is widely recognized as an ef- Connection.

Page 18 – North Salem News CLASSIFIEDS Thursday, January 13, 2022

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more! Call Barry 914-260-8783 battery storage system. SAVE LEGAL NOTICESHEADER-Univers 57 condensed regular 12/14, all caps,
or e-mail [email protected] money, reduce your reliance on the TV INTERNET PHONE
com grid, prepare for power outages Get DIRECTV! ONLY $69.99/ SeuLBWc.neOeodsfDteJcSruYhtleas-insttAetieedro,eofcAdbeN,gnerYntLiCceoLu(rSaClhetsSudyFlNroOpaYnlhR)PeMpan1rrA1ostn/T11eI8rO0s//2NL101L2N1CO. ,CTAItCyrt:EsWoefsOtchrge.stelre.dSSwNitYh
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Notice of Formation of Anna Your business card LLC FORMATION NOTICE
Allmann PhD LLC. Articles of could be here.
Organization filed with Secretary Notice of Formation of Rosslyn Farm LLC. Arts. of Org. led w/ SSNY
of State of NY (SSNY) on 2021- Call Brett Freeman at 845-208-8151 to find out how.
11-30. Office location: Putnam2/23/18. O ce location: Westchester County. SSNY designated for service
Westchester County. SSNY
designated as agent of Limited of process. SSNY shall mail copies of any process served against LLC to 104
Liability Company (LLC) upon
whom process against it may be Humane SocietyDelancey Road,CNhoercthk Soaultemou,rNFYac1e0b5o6o0k. P&urTpwosiett:eAr npyaglaews!ful purpose.
served. SSNY should mail
process to New York Registered
Agent LLC: 90 State St STE 700
Office 40 Albany NY 12207.
Purpose: Any lawful purpose

              Press releases and photos
PrTRSAehH.NOMceEDAe.ui,DWvJnEe,AdIXdNLNeCLOtUrhEsRSAeiPgITRTTwnHYeFSaSdO2rAr,A0RTaR2LnU2TEEtR.sHCMDEfE,oAINCrVYEEOtShWRL,eLSOYCEUFOOCNRTLTDALKIOAEXedbSs, YNhCCmeEaaSofStTlOOeoaeuIAMOFFmri.llNedOeSNMTDdNutRAbEhObeXHetNTeoFmwEOHCsnSSnsiLuEIseCNoIbAbsDxTrHGmyTottOAOhnptSHYiWhstOsuEtSEaeNeLbPc,RldelaTTDTOicOmhEnAtUFaouMFXRnbtNFrNiEBeIesoINOSCwoEdnGRrERasdtT,[email protected],eMD2pLSL0OEtEee2hLMNtm1LaTy,bFHoHgreReuiSOvrOreYU1OMnssoSFetnEu9,iSog,:2r0Et20hi0Pc7M2be0TA1oE.iTtArMlhMsIeNTa.kBsDItTCnEtsOTUoohRHweS4n2A:3he0T0a2ss1
                or mail it about the special moments Bam Bam was adopted
                                                             e n v e l o p e   if  ySoCuH’dEDliUkeLEyoOuFr [email protected] at 5, he is looking for
photo returned. or mail it
SEPTEMBER                                                                 None                  Noneto North Salem News, Bailey a new, loving home.
OFNDEOECBCVTROEEUMMBAEBBRREEY RR A A  N N D  D  M J  AA   NR  UC   AH  R     Y                             STSsdb    uh eaa  p  be ftl  eoe o m  smr .  r ep iV t  t o aNst  r hr r e et sD e  ssw i   tune  dys  l e ate  ci s xs a do t   adat l1p 52hnilc0in7%u%endh%%beee  Sil n   isufc   o fano s   r htrd   Nim oo  a   o  u nya    rlt dt   iho  NNN1noo0onn%neeeCyCTaaohndo1uednuS’rrord,eetuS,slini3osskcme3ened4oeymorsRcseutho,anrauNmtp.rtYghepSeoe1e2td0nfo0o5de2rr8ne,athv9tUusei.nserloniltfpe- ed.if He’s a sweet, laid-back
by e-mail to [email protected]
APRIL                                                  h   a ls  t o n  m   e  d  i a . c1o2m%. A l l  yo   u t h 12% Letters and Op-Ed Policy Your adguy who lived with
trDThehAedeTermEeeDumanf:etiNecdrio.p1rat%hlitSypaetlarekmmeos, nNtti.thlYeu.,tnoAtiutlhgeeuitshdteepstti3rltohipe0unteh,omqtbhe2ruTlis0teechds2nasaus1athttareinpsoomddrtunohealrpaddyeeteacab-ratmrtleelyeslf.aoatooaitrrlbxieoaueenpdstshadauuelrnnbesdntmpsileasotxishtrbttsteeyseddsasmtelLoobeeteppenthtt-iteneetesedidrporasirsnrtsoeaeustpdnopbee.damtrxThtipodyhiespr,eiesst-eheisvdofedsiinnieetsdawosdalarlsmtyrieaneaanonnydndowt hich could be here.another cat.

Bam Bam

Call Brett Freeman at 845-208-8151
to find out how.

What an awesome
boy Barney is.

He’s adorable and
sweet as can be.

T   o   8  a4  d5   v-  2e   0r  t8  i-s  8e  1  ShPaci5n  atae1r  lNlonnl  sood  aomtro  rtruetn  t9ohmhs  m1st TaSaa4ee oial pd-lweY3l friemnoar0e me. suo2nce sfeo-rmNK5NwmreCa8eaosrw,[email protected]@0snhaar,.sAhrSgceia.aiatvRlllyeselotmBouarcns–ehmtaRt eeF cdrenpSaSpfieoainhueauev.rcecmdoblbevorenlmeimoamssoerpnishfis.fnN-aeTiaescuraeditdaiomxlw.sytneLisboswtsehenoimtolrt.rlesNuanirtensessotdoctaaiefananfsNflcddilslloidluaaeorrdrtttpeiethel-esysesra.bdses BarneyAdvertise With Us To advertise in North Salem
News, call Brett Freeman
When you advertise with North
                                      SaPleumtnNeawms, Hyouu marearneeacShioncgiety,a6t88O45l-d20R8-t8.165,1Coarremmealil
                                      btShuaosleuinmsOea.snpTsdoees8sna4odtf5h7vhre-od2orutu2aigss5yhee-os[email protected] ia.

Photo Submissions which cannot be verified or a classified, call Brett Freeman Univers Bold
Photos submitted to North are anonymous will not be at 845-208-8151 or email
[email protected] 10pt/11 leading

Thursday, January 13, 2022 BUSINESS & REAL ESTATE North Salem News – Page 19

How to account for a rising cost of living

Cost of living is a signi cant cus Data found that 38% felt ing cost of living can feel like an of the COVID-19 pandemic. combat a rising cost of living.
component of nancial planning. reducing their cost of living was uphill battle, individuals can take When forced to confront sudden Others who want to remain in
a key factor a ecting their vote. steps to prepare for such increas- and unexpected job losses, mil- their jobs can look for part-time
e cost of living may dictate Similarly, a 2020 survey from TD es. lions of individuals learned how work to supplement their exist-
where people live and work, and Ameritrade found that 47% of to get by on less income. Cost- ing income.
a high cost of living can in uence Americans feel that cost of liv- • APPLY LESSONS LEARNED saving measures adopted during
how individuals spend their free ing is the biggest threat to their DURING THE PANDEMIC. the pandemic can be continued • CONSIDER RELOCATING.
time. or reimplemented, helping indi- e pandemic forced many
nancial security and long-term A recent Pew Research Center viduals to combat higher energy
Data from Statistics Canada investments. It’s worth noting analysis of U.S. government and costs and other rising expenses. companies to transition from in
indicates that consumer prices that the survey was conducted Eurostat data found that roughly o ce working to remote working
rose 4.1% and 5.3% in August prior to the pandemic. Since the 9.6 million workers in the United • LOOK FOR A NEW JOB OR overnight. at trial by re could
2021 in Canada and the United onset of the pandemic, cost of liv- States lost their jobs in the rst FRESH INCOME STREAMS. have lasting results. A 2020 sur-
States, respectively. As Canadi- ing has increased considerably. three quarters of 2020. at pe- vey of 317 Chief Financial Of-
ans headed to the polls in late riod coincides with the onset A rising cost of living is a con-
September, a survey from Aba- ough the ght against a ris- cern for people from all walks cers and leaders in the nance
of life, but it may be especially industry found that 74% will
concerning for retirees or indi- move at least 5% of their previ-
viduals with costs like childcare ously on-site workforce to per-
that can be hard to pare back. manently remote positions after
In such instances, individuals the pandemic ends. e survey,
can look for a new job or fresh conducted by Gartner, Inc., also
income streams. According to found that nearly one-quarter of
the Q3 2021 CNBC Momen- respondents will move at least
tive Small Business Survey, 50% 20% of their on-site workers to
of small business owners say it’s permanently remote positions.
gotten harder to nd quali ed
people to hire compared to a at could make it possible for
year ago. And nearly one-third of millions of working professionals
survey respondents indicate they to relocate to regions with a lower
have open roles they have not cost of living than their current
been able to ll for at least three towns or cities.
months. Individuals can explore
local employment opportunities e cost of living might be on
in an e ort to nd a new, more the rise. But individuals can com-
lucrative job that can help them bat that increase in various ways.

is article was provided by Metro
Creative Connection.



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far, the best way to cover the tight
knit communities they serve. My ads
are seen by thousands and are an
integral part of my marketing efforts.
The crew at Halston Media is
a pleasure to work with.

~Mike Trinchitella
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Page 20 – North Salem News Thursday, January 13, 2022

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