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My ebook on colonial life with links and other nonfiction text features!

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Published by NICOLE PLACE, 2019-05-21 12:44:07

13 Colonies

My ebook on colonial life with links and other nonfiction text features!

13 Colonies

By: Mrs. Place

Table of Contents

1. Welcome to the 13 Colonies
2. Life in a Colonial Town
3. Learning in a One Room Schoolhouse
4. Work, Work, Work!
5. You Want Me to Eat What?


Welcome to the 13 People came to colonies for many
Colonies! reasons. Some came for money, other
people came to forget about the past,
Do you know how many states there are and most people came to claim land for
today? The answer is 50 states. But back their country. There were also people
then in the 1700s they weren’t called states who migrated to the colonies because
they were called colonies. Also the united their religion wasn’t accepted in Europe.
states was instead called the 13 colonies. People were starting to realize that this
was a start to a new life.
Do you know who owns these colonies?
Well a colony is owned by someone that
lives in a different country.The people that
own the colonies are either a king, queen or
a government.

England was a very wealthy country
and by the 1750s they owned all the
colonies. When the first colonists came to
America life was very hard. Colonists had to
build homes, plant gardens, open stores and
do so much more.

Life in a Colonial Town Click here to go on a Scavenger
Hunt of a colonial life

Today you will be taking a tour of my There are some stores and places where you
town. First let’s stop by the meeting house to can get food but you can do that on your own
see if anything big is happening. There's time. Don’t forget to look at the houses while
Thomas jefferson let’s ask him what’s your in town. Hope you had a nice visit.
happening .Hey Tommy what’s this big
meeting about? Were making the Declaration
of Independence. Slow down Tommy will get
to that on the last page.

Next let's go see the blacksmith but A view of a colonial town
watch out for my neighbors necessary that is
what a toilet was called. Finally we've arrived
at the blacksmith. A blacksmith was a very
important job it’s where if you had something
that used metal and it’s broken you would
bring it to the blacksmith and they would melt
it or do something else to fix it.

Learning in a One Room Schoolhouse

Colonial School Modern Day School

Was held in a one room Today, children are in classes One room Colonial
schoolhouse with children of with kids their same age and Schoolhouse
different ages and “grades.” levels. The teacher is primarily
Student would learn their lessons responsible for teaching the
on their own at their own pace. lessons and helping students
The Teacher would be there to learn.
make sure that everyone
behaved appropriately.

To the left are pictures Schools had a variety of ages in the
of Hornbooks that one room. Everyone would learn
students used to study their own lessons at their own pace
their lessons from
school at home.

Work! Work! Work!

Have you ever wondered what jobs your great Planting and sowing seeds
uncles or aunts did? Men did some jobs inside.Your
parents probably work in a office or a big company BWLAaCCnltKithcStkeMoHtlIoeTEoaHRlrsEnuasaebdo?ut
like Walmart or Target but back then most jobs were
outside. Blacksmiths made iron tools or other tools
that were made of iron also they fixed tools that were
made of iron. Millers would make flour. To make the
flower they would have a big wheel that would crush
the corn that would fall into a barrel are whatever
they kept the flour in.

Women did different jobs of your your daily Kisnga?aobCmwolieuwcktthohHailtsEeaRawErConOtrokmO!poPlraEeyRa
women now. Women sometimes made their own
clothes because other clothing was to expensive.
Women also cooked the food for their husband and
children. Women would cook the food the men brought
back from hunting.


Colonies- a piece of land that is owned by another country
Government- a group of people that makes the laws of a nation, state, or community
Migrated- moved from one country to another, usually for the purpose of finding



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