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Sea Breakfast Menu of buffet Restaurant Mare Balticum on route Travemünde - Helsinki by Finnlines

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Published by sanna.nenonen, 2019-05-20 08:24:05

Mare Balticum Sea Breakfast from 24.5.2019

Sea Breakfast Menu of buffet Restaurant Mare Balticum on route Travemünde - Helsinki by Finnlines

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Sea Breakfast


Sea Breakfast 07:30–09:00

Antipasti On arrival morning on route Travemünde–Helsinki

Herring with onion rings (G, L) Toppings
Mustard herring (G, L)
Emmental cheese (G, L) Orange marmelade (G, L)
Edam cheese (G, L) Strawberry marmelade (G, L)
Tilsit cheese (G, L) Raspberry marmelade (G, L)
Vegan cheese (G, L, V) Sugarfree jam (G, L)
Kalle’s caviar (G, L) Nuss-nougat creme (G)
Smoked ham (G, L) Cream cheese (G)
Pork sirloin (G, L) Coffee cream (G)
Turkey breast smoked, bell pepper (G, L) Peanut butter (G, L)
Metwurst sausage (G, L) Brie
Cooked ham with pepper (G, L) Egg halves with majo (G, L)
Liver sausage (G)
Cottage cheese (G, L) Bread selection
Berry mix (G, L, V)
Blueberries (G, L, V) Mini rolls
Fruit salad (G, L, V) Rye bread
Yogurt, naturel (G, L) Baquette selection
Fruit yogurt American sandwich toast
Oat yogurt (L, V) Multigrain bread
Tomato (G, L, V) Wheat bread
Cucumber (G, L) Vegetable bread
Bell peppers (G, L, V) Crips bread
Pickled cucumber (G, L, V) Marge, butter
Lettuce (G, L, V) Glut.and bread
Feta cheese (G) Mini croissant sweet
Fresh vegetable salad (G, L, V) Mini Pretzel


Peaches (G, L)
Mandarins (G, L)
Mixed fruits (G, L)
Grapefruits (G, L, V)
Oranges (G, L, V)
Water melon (G, L, V)

Please note: In case you have a certain food allergy or diet, we recommend you to mention this when
booking your trip.

Others Warm dishes

Müsli (L) Porridge (water and milk)
Cornflakes (G, L) Boiled eggs
Chocolate cornflakes Leek quiche
Rice crispies (G, L) Meatballs (G, L)
Fitness cereals Scrambled eggs (G)
Cranberry fruit mix (G, L) Mini frankfurther (G)
Linseeds (G, L, V) Tomato beans (G, L)
Sunflower seeds (G, L, V) Frittata spinach-cheese (G)
Dried apricot (G, L, V) Oven baked tomato (G, L, V)
Dried prunes (G, L, V) Rösti potato
Raisins (G, L, V) Karelian pies
Coconut flakes (G, L, V) French mini crepes with butter and jam
Pumpkin seeds (G, L, V) Pizza salami or tomato-mozzarella
Green smoothie (G, L, V) Belgium mini butter wafers
Madeleine butter mini pastry Whipped cream and jam (G, L)
Donut mix mini
Mini muffins
Coffee bread


Apple juice
Orange juice
Blueberry juice
Hot chocolate
Sparkling water

L = lactose-free, G = gluten-free, V = vegan Products can variate due to availability.

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