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Dinner Superior Menu of buffet Restaurant Mare Balticum on route Helsinki-Travemunde by Finnlines

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Published by sanna.nenonen, 2019-05-20 08:49:28

Mare Balticum Dinner Superior from 24.5.2019

Dinner Superior Menu of buffet Restaurant Mare Balticum on route Helsinki-Travemunde by Finnlines

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Dinner Superior


Dinner Superior 18:30–20:30

Fish Salads

Collared herring in vinegar (G, L) Rucola salad with parmesan flakes (G, L)
Matjes, marinated red onion (G, L) Lentil salad with vegan cheese (G, L, V)
Warm smoked white fish, capers sauce (G, L) Pear-roquefort-walnut salad (G)
Rawpickled salmon (G, L) Vegan Caesar salad (G, L, V)
Mustard and dill sauce (G, L) Tomato-mozzarella salad with basil (G)
Smoked vendace (G, L) Sweet&sour cabbage salad, celery,
Seafood salad (G, L) fennel (G, L, V)
Shrimps with shell, Rhode Island (G, L)
Marinated green mussels (G, L) Salad sauces
Rainbow trout roe (G, L)
Caviart roe, red, black and yellow (G, L) Vinaigrette dressing (G, L)
Onion cubes (G, L) Rhode Island (G)
Soured cream (G, L) Sour cream sauce with herbs (G)
Salmon-spinach terrini Raspberry Aceto balsamico (G, L)
Egg halves (G, L) Virgin olive oil (G, L)
Red onion marinated (G, L) Lemon essig (G, L)
Lemon blocks Tomato oil (G, L, V)
Mango-lime sauce (G, L)
Antipasti Parsley-coriander oil (G, L, V)
Garlic mayonnaise (G, L)
Mortadella / salami Milano /
Black Forest ham (G, L)
Onion confit (G, L)
Onion raspberry confit (G, L)
Cornichons, pickled onions (G, L)
Beetroot carpaccio, blue cheese
oil-lemon sauce (G, L)
Red hot pepper filled with cheese (G)
Feta, olive oil, oregano (G)
Antipasti Italia with black and
green olives (G, L ,V)
Cold smoked reindeer in rye bread cup (G, L)
Pork terrine with herb, black currant jelly
and buckthorn jam
Capers (G, L)

Please note: In case you have a certain food allergy or diet, we recommend you to mention this when
booking your trip.

Warm dishes Desserts

Trucker’s soup Pannacotta with blueberry pure
Veal steak, capers, lemon sauce (G, L) Chocolate / caramel / sauce (G)
Overripe ox breast, red wine sauce (G, L) Strawberry ice cream (G)
Smoked pork kassler, bbq sauce Chocolate mousse portion
with coriander (G, L) Lemon-meringue tart
Ocean pearch fillet, lemon sauce (G, L) Vanilla sauce
Ravioli lemon filling and butter sage sauce Rockslide brownies
Turmeric fried rice with vegetables (G, L, V) Marshmallows (G, L)
Sweet potato fries (L, V) Raspberry-cheese cream cake
Parmesan-cream potatoes (G, L) Ice cream cone, berry mousse
Härkis (fava bean mince) curry (G, L, V) Donauwelle cake
Boiled potatoes (G, L, V) Donut mix mini
Gluten-free biscuits (G)
Bread selection USA Chocolate cake (G, L)
Declare teatiem biscuits
Finnish rye bread (L) Apple pie (L, V)
Crispy baguette Soya ice cream (G, L, V) (by request)
Toast Morbier (G)
Cereales Goat cheese, selles sur cher (G)
Multigrain bread Blue Cheese Aura (G, L)
Wheat bread Comté extra Juraflore (G)
Spelt bread Crackers
Mini rolls Crisp bread
Vegetable bread (L, V) Fig mustard (G, L)
Butter portions and marge Fig jam (G, L)
Herbs spread Pear dried (G, L)
Glut. and bread (G, L) Finocchietto selvatica (G, L)
Carrot-ginger dip (G, L, V) Confit caper (G, L)
Garlic spread (G, L, V) Figs confit (G, L)
Rhubarb- muscat wine delice (G, L)
Drinks Fig-black pepper delice (G, L)
Brown cookies
Saint Vincent red & white wine Baguette
Karhu draft beer Honey
Soft drinks
Milk Products can variate due to availability.
Sparkling water
Juices: orange, apple and blue-
Hot chocolate
L = lactose-free, G = gluten-free, V = vegan

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