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Sea Day's Dinner Menu of buffet Restaurant Mare Balticum on route Helsinki-Travemunde by Finnlines

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Published by sanna.nenonen, 2019-05-20 08:45:19

Mare Balticum Sea Day's Dinner from 24.5.2019

Sea Day's Dinner Menu of buffet Restaurant Mare Balticum on route Helsinki-Travemunde by Finnlines

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Sea Day’s Dinner


Sea Day’s Dinner 18:30–20:30

Fish Warm dishes

Lime-ginger herring (white hering fillet) (G, L) Soup of the day
Seafood salad (G, L) White fish fillet and lemon-onion sauce (G, L)
Sardine fillets marinated (G, L) Chicken Kiev
Cold smoked salmon (G, L) Red Deer raqu (G, L)
Sour cream sauce (G, L) Pea-beetroot steak or schnitzel (G, L, V)
Butter mackerel filet (G, L) Ratatouille (G, L, V)
Horseradish-lingon sauce (G, L) Pilaf rice (G, L, V)
John Dory and salmon terrine Fried green beans and
Smoked gilthead fillet with herbs (G, L) sweet pepper mix (G,L, V)
Caviart black and red with fixings (G) French fries (L)
Aioli (G, L, V) Fried potatoes with onion and parsley (G, L)
Boiled potatoes (G, L, V)

Antipasti Salads

Smoked turkey breast with pesto rosso (G, L) Feta-beetroot-pasta salad (G, L)
Mozzarella balls and sun dried tomatoes (G, L, V) Salad of salted forest mushrooms (G, L)
Grilled onions, Cipolle Borrettane (G, L, V) Mixed green salad (G, L, V)
Wholegrain-bean salad, deep fried vermicell (L,V) Countryside salad (G, L)
Roast beef and horseradish sauce (G, L) Tomato-onion salad, olive oil-lime sauce (G, L, V)
Red onion jam chutney (G, L) Fennel-orange salad, citrus oil (G, L, V)
Plum-balcamic vinegar chutney (G, L) Cold-smoked reindeer-cheese bread salad (G)
Cumberland sauce (G, L)

Drinks Salad sauces

Water Vinaigrette dressing (G, L)
Sparkling water Rhode Island (G)
Milk French mustard sauce (G, L)
Orange juice Sour cream sauce with herbs (G)
Apple juice Raspberry Aceto balsamico (G, L)
Blueberry juice Virgin olive oil (G, L)
Coffee Lemon essig (G, L)
Hot chocolate

Please note: In case you have a certain food allergy or diet, we recommend you to mention this when
booking your trip.

Bread selection Products can variate due to availability.

Rye bread (L)
Multigrain bread (L)
Crispy baquette
Wheat bread (L)
Yeast bread (L)
Mini rolls (L)
Vegetable bread (L, V)
Herbs spread
Glut. and lact. free bread (G, L)


Chocolate ice cream with sauces
Ice cream wafers
Meringue cake (G, L)
Florentine orange cake
Chocolate mini bites
Doughnut with raspberry
Strawberry-chocolate cake
Mango mousse (G, L)
Vanilla sauce
Griesson Cafe Musica cookies
Pancakes with nougat
Oven bananas (G, L)
Blue cheese Aura (G, L)
Appenzeller (G, L)
Brie (G)
Fig mustard (G, L)
Mostarda di Pere (G, L)
Honey (G, L)
Gluten free cake (G)
Lactose free pie (L)

L = lactose-free, G = gluten-free, V = vegan

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