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Contient: 4 archétypes pour personnages, 2 dons, 2 styles de combat, 4 manœuvres de combat et 2 historiques.

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Published by Nox, 2022-05-26 07:49:38

Volo's Guide Expansion

Contient: 4 archétypes pour personnages, 2 dons, 2 styles de combat, 4 manœuvres de combat et 2 historiques.

Volo's Guide Expansion: Class
Archetypes, Feats, Martial Maneuvers,
and Moreello Unerathed Arcana community! This

document is my first compiled view into some
of the archetypes I've presented in the past
with partial changes in response to your

Hlovely feedback.
If you are at all interested in the thought process and
changes I've made, below is that list. Otherwise you probably
just want to skip to the content, as the table shows.

Notable changes, if you remember the previous versions:
Path of Giants heavily reworked. Simplified options, added
Rune Magic. Image of the All-Father reworded and updated
to make it cooler. Balance concerns around it have been
seriously considered in extreme cases, and it still may be
under powered compared to Beserker or Totem.
The Eye Tyrant heavy changes for balance conerns,
reworking their level 6 feature into something more
interesting while bringing down the power of their 10/14
feature and small adjustments to some of the Eye rays.
Grandmother's gift Noxious Casting removed and replaced
with Coven Metamagic options, sea hag recieved some love
to make it slightly better compared to the other hag lines.
Giant Slayer a bunch of little things and testing a ribbon,
Tall Tales. Looking for thoughts before I get into the specific
wording on that feature.
Fighting Styles changed to just Bushwhacker and added
Martial Maneuvers cut down to the more interesting and
defining ones.
Added some Feat ideas. After going over the full list of
allowed spells for Rune Magician, it feels weaker the Ritual
Caster and Arcane Initiate. Could be way off. Improvised
Throwerer just seemed fun to me, but maybe giving range to
Greatswords isn't a great idea.
Oh, and I'm curious as to the quality of writing of the small
fluff added to Path of the Giants. I also may like tables more
than I should, but they look so much cleaner in markdown.

Table of Contents Pg. #
Content 3
Primal Path: Path of Giants 5
Roguish Archetype: Giant Slayer 6
Sorcerous Origin: Grandmother's Gift 7
Otherworldly Patron: the Eye Tyrant 8
Feats of Strength 8
Additional Fighting Styles 8
Martial Maneuvers 9
Background: Grief-touched 11
Background: Gravedigger
Treasure Liberation Guild Trinket Table


Primal Path Giant Heritage

Rage burns in every barbarian's heart, a furnace that drives At 3rd level, you adopt the aspects of one of the great lines of
him or her toward greatness. Different barbarians attribute Giants. Choose a Heritage below. While raging, you gain
their rage to different sources, however. For some, it is an resistance to the associated damage type of your chosen
internal reservoir where pain, grief, and anger are forged into heritage, and gain additional benefits based of your heritage
a fury hard as steel. Others see it as a spiritual blessing, a gift at 6th and 10th level.
of a totem animal.
Path of the Giants Heritage Resistance
A chubby, dim-witted man garbed in his miner's cloths sits in Poison
a crowded bar, slamming down his tenth empty tankard on Giant Type Acid
the table as his wasted opponent falls unconcious half way Hill Cold
through his drink. The crowd goes wild, showering him with Stone Fire
cheers and offers for more. While he may not realize it, the Frost Thunder
hill giants blood that taints his family line has won him more Fire Lightning
drinking contests than he can count. All he knows is he's still Cloud
thirsty, and orders another round, to the crowds excitement. Storm

In the artic north, a young, toned goliath tracks a buck. She Giant's Grip
has been after it for a few days now, and can feel the hunger
gnawing at her sides. Catching a glimpse of its antlers, she Additionally at 3rd level, your Giant heritage empowers your
channels her inner rage, charging down the creature before it strength. While raging, treat weapons with the Versatile
could realize she was there. She brings it to the ground and property as having their Versatile damage die even if wielded
breaks in its skull with her club. Pleased with the outcome of in one hand.
this venture, she returns to her clan to help feed the hungry
and persevere until spring arrives. Also, while raging, you can wield Two-Handed weapons in
one hand. Attacking with a Two-handed weapon in this
Path of the Giants barbarians fuel their rage and power fashion incurs a -5 penalty to all attack rolls you make as part
from the study of Giants or by sharing their blood. Some of the attack action.
barbarians devlop these traits naturally and unknowingly
while others train themselves rigorously to adopt the ways of Heritage Aspect
a specific line.
At 6th level, your Giant Heritage comes out even while calm.
Restriction: Medium size or larger Your resistance gained by your heritage persists even while
you are not raging.
Only creatures that stand above 4 feet can truly follow in the
footsteps of the all-father. Additionally, you gain an aspect based on your Giant
Your DM may allow other creatures to take on this option.
Some small characters that have devoted their life to Heritage Aspect
studying ancient Giant tactics or worship deities in the Giant
Pantheon may also be allowed to adopt this primal path. Hill You gain immunity to the Poisoned condition.
You can go twice as long without needing to eat
Lineage Trait or drink.

Your Giant heritage has rubbed off in how you treat yourself Stone You gain proficiency in one set of artisan's tools
and others. You may have gained a quirk associated with your of your choice and one skill of your choice.
Frost You gain proficiency in the Animal Handling or
When you take this Primal Path at 3rd level, you can the Athletics skill. If you already had proficiency
choose to gain a quirk from the table below. in that skill, your proficiency bonus is doubled for
any ability checks you make using the selected
Heritage Quirk skill. You gain resistance to fire damage while
d6 Quirk
1 You'd rather ally yourself with a devil than a dragon Fire You gain proficiency in smith's tools or jeweler's
2 You feel a constant need to move up in society tools and the Athletics skill or Intimidation skill.
3 You feel superior to smaller creatures and frequently If you already had proficiency in that skill, your
proficiency bonus is doubled for any ability
underestimate them checks you make using the selected skill. You
4 You often eat as if you were a size larger gain resistance to cold damage while raging.
5 You enjoy hurling rocks (the bigger the better)
6 Your idea of "soon" is very different than common folk Cloud You gain proficiency in the Persuasion skill or the
Deception skill. If you already had proficiency in
2 that skill, your proficiency bonus is doubled for
any ability checks you make using the selected
skill. You have advantage on saving throws
against illusions.

Storm You gain a swim speed equal to your movement
speed. You can cast the Augury spell, but only as
a ritual. Once you cast Augury in this fashion, you
must complete a long rest before you can cast it

Rune Magic

At 10th level, you gain a basic understanding of Rune Magic.
You have the ability to create two different glyphs, determined
by your heritage.

Over the course of one minute, you inscribe a glyph into a
solid surface (such as a table or a section of floor or wall) that
stores a spell. The glyph covers a 5 foot wide area, and lasts
24 hours or until you create a new glyph. The glyph is easily
noticable unless deliberatly concealed.

The glyph is triggered if any creature speaks the runic
word within 5 feet of the glyph or touches it, activating the
stored spell within and applying its effect to whoever
triggered it. If the spell affects an area, the spell is centered
on the triggering creature. If the spell requires concentration,
it lasts until the end of its full duration. You ignore any
material components neccisary to cast a spell in this way.

Your spell casting modifier for any spells cast by this
feature is determiend by your heritage.

Heritage Spell Glyph Spellcasting

Hill Stinking Cloud, Confusion Constitution

Stone Stoneskin, Erupting Earth* Wisdom

Frost Sleet Storm, Nondetection Constitution

Fire Fireball, Daylight Charisma

Cloud Fly, Wind Wall Charisma

Storm Water Walk, Water Wisdom Roguish Archetype
Rogues have many features in common, including their
* Spell found in Elemental Evil Expanded Spell List Once emphasis on perfecting their skills, their precise and deadly
you create any glyph in this way, you can not create another approach to combat, and their increasingly quick reflexes.
glpyh using this feature until you complete a long rest. But different rogues steer those talents in varying directions,
embodied by the rogue archetypes. Your choice of archetype
Image of the All-Father is a reflection of your focus- not necessarily an indication of
your chosen profession, but a description of your preferred
Starting at 14th level, your rage finally taps into the full techniques.
depths of your giant heritage. While raging, you gain these
benefits: Giant Slayer
Small statured creatures can often take advantage of their
Your size doubles and wieght multiplies by eight. This size as a rogue. You are practiced at striking down creatures
increases your size catagory by one. If there isn't enough much larger than you, and thrive at slipping between their
room for you to double your size, you attain the maximum fingers (or claws). Treasure hunters, mercenaries, assassins
possible size in the space avalible. and other brands of small sized adventurers have adopted
this archetype. These features provide an edge in combat
Your equipment changes size with you. Your weapons are against giant enemies, and your nimble escapes and dances
enlarged, dealing an additional 1d4 extra damage. with death dealing with large monsters help when
adventuring in their lairs.
Your new stature increases the reach of your attacks by 5
feet. Restriction: Small Size Only

You do not suffer a -5 penalty while wielding Two-handed Only creatures that are under four feet tall can truly utilize
weapons in one hand. the methods and mastery of the Giant Slayer archetype.

Weapons that do not have the Heavy or Two-handed Your DM may allow larger creatures to adopt this
property are considered Light for you. archetype in specific cases, but the option is designed to
mainly be used when playing Halflings, Gnomes, Goblins and
You gain immunity to your heritage's damage type from the Kobolds.
Giant Heritage table.


Pint Sized Fury Tall Tales

Dealing with creatures triple your size and larger has some Additionally at 13th level, your feats of grandure when
effects on the mind as well as the body. You have developed a handling larger than life creatures astounds others. You have
quirk over your time adventuring that reflects your relations advantage on Charisma checks to convince others of your
with Giants. power and merit gained from dealing with large creatures,
and have advantage on non-magic saving throws against
When you take this archetype at 3rd level, you can choose being frightened.
to develope a quirk from the table below.
Heavy Hitter
Size Quirk
Starting at 17th level, you gain expert knowledge of striking
d6 Quirk large targets. When you hit a creature you share a space with
1 Short jokes boil your blood that is Large or larger, you can choose to critically hit them
2 You wish you could fly even if the hit normally would not have critically hit. Once you
3 You get offended when people offer to help you get to use this feature, you must complete a short or long rest
before using it again.
places you can't reach
4 You are overly confident in taking on people bigger This roguish archetype is designed to be used
alongside the Climb onto a Bigger Creature variant in
than you the Dungeon Master's Guide, page 271.
5 You wish you were taller; your dress expresses this
6 Nothing is more exciting than grappling with a Sorcerous Origins

dangerous foe Different sorcerers claim different origins for their innate
magic. Although most of these origins involve draconic or
Slippery wild magic bloodlines, some are tainted with the twisted
magic of the dark sisterhood.
Starting at third level, when grappled by a creature of Grandmother's Gift
medium size or larger, you can use the bonus action granted Your innate magic comes from the blood of an ancient hag,
by your Cunning Action to attempt to escape the grapple. To passed down through twisted offspring and the corruption of
escape the grapple, you must succeed on a Strength your family over time. Some with this power have it because
(Athletics) or Dexterity (Acrobatics) check contested by a of a grandmother hag's curse- others got their power by
Strength (Athletics) check made by the grappler. having ancestors who bargained with a powerful coven.
Some people come into power after direct dealings with a
Lethal from Below hag, having their sorcerous powers grow from a dark fey
At 3rd level, you are more capable of dealing tremendous
damage to giant creatures. When you both have a conscious Restriction: Females Only
threatening ally within 5 feet of a large or larger enemy and
have advantage on your attack, you roll double your regular While hags enjoy tormenting all souls, only women can
Sneak Attack damage dice. acquire power from them. Only female characters can select
this sorcerous origin.
Once you deal extra Sneak attack damage to a creature
this way, you can't again against the same target for 24 hours. Hag's Influence

Hide Underfoot Some sorcerers who gain their power from a Grandmother's
Gift adopt an ideal or trait they share with this powerful hag.
Starting at 9th level, Medium or larger creatures have
disadvantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks to spot you When you select this origin at first level, you can choose to
when you hide under or behind objects at least one size adopt a quirk from the table below.
larger than you.
Origin Quirk
Giant Loremaster
d6 Quirk
At 9th level, you gain a greater understanding of Large 1 You enjoy atypical food
creatures. Choose one of the following languages: Giant, 2 You are eager to make deals that cause suffering
Draconic, Abyssal, or Celestial. You gain proficiency in that 3 You despise pretty people, and find true beauty in your
language and can read and write in it.
Additionally, you have advantage on Intelligence (History) 4 You make petty remarks that point out people's flaws
checks to recall information about creatures who primarily 5 You see premonitions in groupings of three, even when
speak and write in the language you chose.
they are not really there
Surefooted 6 You keep an odd assortment of trinkets you claim have

At 13th level, when climbing on terrain or creatures, your magical properties
experience has granted you additional benefits. You have
advantage on Strength (Athletics) checks to remain attached
to a surface you are climbing on.

You have advantage when making Dexterity (Acrobatics)
checks to avoid falling prone or off of objects.


Cursed Appearance Coven's Blessing

Starting at 1st level, your bloodline has been cursed with a At 6th level, you gain an additional Metamagic option based
twisted appearance. Choose one of the Hag families to adopt on your chosen Coven.
at this level. You adopt the physical traits and an ability of that
family. Coven Metamagic Description

Annis: Your skin becomes thick and grey. You grow Death Cursed When you cast a spell that requires
bulbous warts. Choose one of the following damage types: Spell one or more creatures to make a
bludgeoning, slashing or piercing. You have resistance to the saving throw, you can spend 1
selected damage type. Natural difficult terrain in sorcerery point per affected creature
mountainous regions costs you no extra movement. and choose one ability. Creatures
that fail the spell's saving throw are
Bheur: Your skin turns pale blue and always seems dry to cursed by your magic, and have
the touch. You have resistance to cold damage, and difficult disadvantage on ability checks using
terrain composed of ice or snow costs you no extra the chosen ability for 1 minute.
Nature Entrancing When you cast a spell that requires
Green: Your skin turns a pale shade of green and your hair Spell one or more creatures to make a
grows twice as fast. You learn the Find Familiar spell, and can saving throw, you can spend 2
cast it as a ritual spell. Once you cast it in this way, you can sorcerery point per affected creature.
not again until you complete a long rest. A familiar gained Creatures that fail the spell's saving
using this ability must have the Fey type. throw are entranced by your power
and have disadvantage on all saving
Night: Your skin turns a dark purple shade and you grow throws to end the spell's effects
two small black horns from your head. As an action, you can early or any ability checks made to
magically polymorph yourself into a Small or Medium female end the effects of the spell.
humanoid for one minute. Any equipment you are carrying
isn't transformed with you. You can revert to your true form Prophecy Foretold When you cast a spell that requires
as an action, and you revert to your true form when you die. Spell an attack roll, you can spend
Once you use this feature, you must complete a short or long sorcerery points equal to the spells
rest before using it again. level and roll a d20. You can choose
to replace any attack roll you make
Sea: Your skin is soggy to the touch and covered in during the duration of the spell with
wrinkles. You can breathe in both air and water, and have a the rolled result. You must choose to
swim speed equal to your movement speed. replace the attack roll before the roll.

Coven Spells Grandmother's Visage

Additionally at 1st level, you adopt one of three Covens: Additionally at 6th level, your powers adjust to accommodate
Death, Nature or Prophecy. Choose one of the these Covens. looking like a hag. You can cast the following spells by
The related spells are added to the sorcerer spell list for you. consuming sorcery points equal to their spell level: disguise
self, alter self, fear. Casting a spell in this manner consumes
Spell Nature Spells Prophecy Spells no spell slots, but still requires Verbal, Somatic and Material
Level Death Spells components and consumes any material components used.
Once you cast a spell in this manner, you can not cast it again
1st Hex, Inflict Faerie Fire, Bane, Bless until you complete a short or long rest.
Wounds Entangle

2nd Gentle Repose, Moonbeam, Pass Augury, Locate Fate in Threes
Ray of Without Trace Animals or
Enfeeblement Plants At 14th level, you understand the omens otherwise unclear to
your allies. When you or an ally that you can see or hear rolls
3rd Bestow Curse, Plant Growth, Spirit a natural 3 on an attack roll, ability check or saving throw, as
Speak With Dead Conjure Animals Guardians, a reaction you can have the target immediately reroll the die,
Nondetection using the new result as if it were the original roll.

4th Death Ward, Conjure Woodland Divination, Ever Changing Image
Phantasmal Killer Beings, Giant Locate Creature
Insect At 18th level, your powers have grown to match those of the
ancient grandmother's that cursed you with their twisted
5th Antilife Shell, Commune with Commune, magic. Upon completing a short rest, you can choose to
Contagion Nature, Tree Stride Dream switch your Cursed Appearance familiy with any other. You
can suppress or show the physical signs as a bonus action on
your turn.


Coven Sisterhood Expanded Spell List
The Eye Tyrant lets you choose from an expanded list of
Additionally at 18th level, you have become an equal part spells when you learn a warlock spell. The following spells
(willing or not) with the ancient coven magic. You can cast are added to the warlock spell list for you.
any spell from your chosen Coven's spell list by consuming
sorcery points equal to the spell’s level. You can spend Eye Tyrant Expanded Spell List
additionally sorcery points to increase the level of the spell
cast by 1 per 2 sorcery points spent. You can not cast 6th Warlock Level Spells
level or higher spells using this feature. Casting spells in this 1st ray of sickness, sleep
fashion consumes no spell slots, but still require Verbal, 3rd scorching ray, see invisibility
Somatic and Material components, and consumes any 5th clairvoyance, fireball
material components used. 7th arcane eye, evard's black tentacles
9th telekinesis, immolation
Otherwordly Patrons
Eye Beam
The beings that serve as patrons for warlocks are mighty Starting at 1st level, as an action on your turn, you can
inhabitants of other planes of existence-not gods, but almost release a beam of energy from your patron through your own
godlike in their power. Various patrons give their warlocks eyes. Choose a creature you can see within 60 feet of you.
access to different powers and invocations, and expect Roll a d6, and apply the following effect from the Eye Rays
significant favors in return. table to the target creature:

Some patrons collect warlocks, doling out mystic
knowledge relatively freely or boasting of their ability to bind
mortaIs to their will. Other patrons bestow their power only
grudgingly, and might make a pact with only one warlock.
Warlocks who serve the same patron might view each other
as allies, siblings, or rivals.

The Eye Tyrant
Your patron is a powerful Beholder or related monstrosity:
creature lord of bureaucracy and fear who has gained infamy
by ruling over the masses in secret. Eye Tyrants have a lust
for power and believe they are truly the epitome of perfection;
all others (inclding other Beholders) are inferior. Tyrants of
this nature that exist include the Xanathar of Skullport, the
Lord of Eyes, Belashyrra, and Gzemnid, the patron of

Beholder's Influence
Having a Beholder as an otherwordly patron can cause odd
personality quirks in warlocks. When you select this
Otherworld Patron at first level, you can choose to adopt a
quirk from the table below.

Patron Quirk

d6 Quirk
1 You feel that you are the most perfect image of your

race, and that all others of your race should aspire to
look like you
2 You enjoy keeping trophies from (or of) defeated foes
3 Your paranoia knows no bounds- you are constantly in
fear of betrayal from your allies
4 You always have two or three contingency plans if your
main plan fails
5 Walking on the ground feels uncomfortable to you- you
know you belong in the air
6 Two eyes just aren't enough. You feel compelled to
acquire additional eyes through tattoos and trinkets.


Eye Rays Anitmagic Barrier
At 6th level, you can project a momentary shield of anitmagic
d6 Eye Ray Effect to hinder magical assault. When a creature you can see and
hear casts a spell, you can throw up an aura of antimagic as a
1 Charm Ray The target makes a Wisdom saving throw reaction. All creatures within 5 feet of you have advantage on
against your Warlock spell save DC. On a saving throws against spells and magical effects until the end
failed save, the target becomes charmed by of the current creature's turn. The caster also has
you for 1 minute or until it takes damage. disadvantage on spell attacks made against creatures within
Creatures hostile towards you have 5 feet of you until the end of their turn.
advantage on the save.
Once you use this feature, you can not use it again until you
2 Fear Ray The target makes a Charisma saving throw complete a short or long rest.
against your Warlock spell save DC. On a
failed save, the target becomes Frightened Antimagic Ancestry
for 1 minute. The target can repeat the At 10th level, as an action on your turn you can create an area
saving throw at the end of each of its turn of antimagic, as in the antimagic field spell, in a 10-foot radius
to end the effect early. sphere centered and fixed around you. The area of antimagic
lasts a number of rounds equal to your Charisma modifier
3 Slow Ray The target makes a Wisdom saving throw (minimum of 1).
against your Warlock spell save DC. On a
failed save, the target becomes slowed by Once you use this feature, you can not use it again until you
you for 1 minute. A slowed creature can use complete a long rest.
only an action or bonus action on its turn,
not both, and can not take reactions. It can Rays of the Beholder
only make one attack on its turn regardless At 14th level, as an action on your turn, you can sprout three
of items or special abilities. Its speed is eye stalks of your patron. While you have these three eye
halved, recieves a -2 penalty to its armor stalks, as an action or bonus action on your turn, you can fire
class and on Dexterity saving throws. The a ray using your eye stalks from your Eye Rays table at a
affected creature repeats the saving throw creature within 60 feet of you. Each indivual ray from the
at the end of each of its turns, ending the table can only be used once each round. The eye stalks
effect early on a success. disappear after 1 minute.

4 Enervation The target makes a Constitution saving Once you use this feature, it can't be used until you
Ray throw against your Warlock spell save DC. complete a long rest.
On a failed save the target takes 3d6
necrotic damage and is poisoned for 1 Feats of Strength
minute. On a successful save, the creatuer These feats are designed to be used along side Path of Giant
takes half damage and is not poisoned. The barbarians, but may be taken by anyone meeting the
target repeats the saving throw at the end prerequisites.
of each turn, and ends the poison effect
early on a success. Improvised Throwing

5 Fire Ray The target makes a Dexterity saving throw Prerequisite: Strength of 13 or higher
against your Warlock spell save DC. On a You are well versed in hurling various unusual objects at
failed save, the creature takes 3d8 fire
damage. The creature takes half as much creatures. You gain the following benefits:
damage on a successful save. Weapons that do not not already have the Thrown or
Ranged weapon property have the Thrown weapon
6 Telekinetic If the target is medium or smaller, the target property to you with the range of 10/30.
Ray makes a Wisdom saving throw against your When you hit a medium or smaller creature with a
Warlock spell save DC. On a failed save, you Thrown weapon that also has the Heavy property, if after
throw the creature 30 ft. in any direction damage the creature is below half of their maximum hit
you choose. If it collides with a hard surface points, they are knocked prone.
or another creature, the thrown creature
takes 2d6 bludgeoning damage. Otherwise,
roll again on the table.

Once you use this feature, you can not use it again until you
complete a short or long rest. At 6th and 10th level, you gain
one additional use of this feature before needing a short or
long rest. At 14th level, you can use this feature a number of
times up to your Charisma modifier before needing a short or
long rest.


Rune Magician Maneuver Effect

Prerequisite: Intelligence of 13 or higher Driver's As a bonus action, you command and bolster
You have learned several magical Giant runes, which you Command. the determination within an ally by consuming

know and can inscribe to gain their effects. a superiority die. Choose a friendly creature
Choose two first level Wizard spells that do not have the that can both see and hear you. The creature
adds the superiority die roll plus your Charisma
target Self and hav a casting time of one action. You learn modifier to next attack roll they make before
how to form these two spells into Giant glyphs. Over the the start of your next turn.
course of one minute, you inscribe a glyph into a solid surface
(such as a table or a section of floor or wall) that stores one of Deceptive Whenever you successfully hit a hostile
the two learned spells. The glyph covers a 5 foot wide area, Strike. creature with a weapon attack, you can
and lasts 24 hours or until you create a new glyph. The glyph
is easily noticable unless deliberatly concealed. consume a superiority die to immediately move
up to half your move speed and take the Hide
The glyph is triggered if any creature speaks the runic action as a bonus action, adding half the
word within 5 feet of the glyph or touches it, activating the superiority die roll to the Dexterity (Stealth)
stored spell within and applying its effect to whoever check.
triggered it. If the spell affects an area, the spell is centered
on the triggering creature. If the spell requires concentration, Vaulting When you hit a creature that is at least one size
it lasts until the end of its full duration. You ignore any Strike. larger than you with a melee weapon attack,
material components neccisary to cast a spell in this way. you can expend one superiority die to attempt
to vault onto the creature. You make either an
Once you create a glyph in this way, you can not create a Strength (Athletics) or Dexterity (Acrobatics)
new one until you complete a long rest. check contested by the target's Dexterity
(Acrobatics) check, rolling and adding the
Additional Fighting Styles superiority die to your check. If you win the
contest, you move into the target's space and
These additional fighting styles are available to Fighters and cling to its body. While in the target's space,
Rangers when they would normally receive the Fighting Style you have advantage on attack rolls against it.
Tumbling When you use your action or bonus action to
Fighting Classes Attack. Tumble, you can consume a superiority die to
make an attack roll against the creature whose
Bushwacker When you make a weapon attack against a space you pass through. Roll your superiority
creature that hasn't taken a turn in combat die and add it to your contested Dexterity
yet, add a d6 to your attack and damage rolls. (Acrobatics) check. If you succeed and tumble
through the creature's space, you may make a
single weapon attack against that creature with
a weapon that has the Light property.

Throwing When you attack with a weapon with the
Thrown property, you may draw another
weapon as part of the attack. When you take Some of these maneuvers are designed to be used
the Attack action, you may use your bonus alongside the Climb a Larger Creature variant and
action to attack with a weapon that has both the Tumble variant in the Dungeon Master's Guide,
the Light and Thrown property. page 271 and 272

Martial Maneuvers Background: Grief-touched
From birth, you and your family have been tormented
These maneuvers are designed to be used with the misfortune. Your life has been full of hardship- perhaps a
Battlemaster fighter archetype. You can take any of these family member went missing in the woods one day,
options in place of a regular martial maneuver when you unexpectadly. Perhaps your father went crazy, attacking you
would normally be able to gain martial maneuvers. and your siblings mercilessly until the town guard arrested
him. You have learned from these tragidies, and have grown
desensatized to the maddness and terror your bad luck has
brought upon you.

You have dedicated your life to the study and practices
required to handle. Some Hag-touched embrace the
maddness, choosing to join in with their sisters, aunties and
grandmothers in bringing about suffering. Others fight tooth
and claw against them, determined to bring their torment
back around and avenge those the hags have wronged. You
stand somewhere in the middle of the road- your tragic life
has brought you grief, but you understand the power these
creatures hold and seek understanding of their magical ways
for one reason or another.


Skill Proficiencies: Investigation, Survival d8 Personality Traits
Languages: One of your choice. 1 I hide how I really feel about most traumatizing
Equipment: A twisted idol (from a creature that torments
you), a set of commoner's clothing, a "lucky" charm, and a 2 I make light of situations that cause pain to the average
pouch containing 10 gold pieces.
Terrible Tragedy 3 Happiness is a feeling I constantly pretend to know
4 I pretend to laugh at other peoples jokes, but I usually
Your life is guided mainly by a single terrible tragedy. Choose
or randomly determine a terrible tragedy that shaped how don't get why they are funny
you see others and how others see you. 5 I see death and decay wherever I go, and enjoy

d8 Terrible Tragedy commenting on it
1 Your youngest sibling was stolen and eaten by a 6 I am as superstitous as they come, and carry a number

monster. of "lucky" trinkets with me
2 You lost your entire family in a tragic fire that destroyed 7 I'm convinved that I am cursed- nobody will ever truly

your home. love me
3 The love of your life was a hag in disguise, and you 8 I am certain my friends will die before I will, so I choose

have never forgotten the pain of heartbreak. not to make friends
4 Your caretaker was slowly driven into insanity by a
d6 Ideal
monster for its own entertainment when you were 1 Hope: Eventually we all find peace through the grief
5 An evil creature runs your hometown, and forces your (Good).
family and friends to do terrible things to each other. 2 Happiness: Joy is fleeting- enjoy every moment you can
6 Your fellow shipmates were lost at sea on a seemingly
simple journey. (Good).
7 You accidently uncovered an ancient curse that caused 3 Perserverance: We all move forward- how we feel
a blight and starved hundreds of farmers.
8 You observed a massacre and are the only witness to doesn't change that (Neutral).
the atrocity. 4 Fortune: My luck has to change- I will not be heald

Feature: Relatable with the Grieving down by my misfortune (Chaotic).
5 Acceptance: I can't control everything; I am best off
People can see the pain and torment you hold, and those
feeling the same pain easily relate to you. You can easily spot controling what little things I can (Lawful).
the signs of grief, and creatures that have recently 6 Hatred: Those who bring about my suffering will feel
expierenced tragedy will easily relate and speak with you.
Your very presence helps calm grief-stricken creatures, and the sharp end of my sword (Evil).
creatures that have expierenced loss at the hands of another
are more willing to take up arms with you by their side, as d6 Bond
they see you as a figure of strength during their time of 1 I owe my life to the kindness of a stranger that saved
me during a difficult time
Suggested Characteristics 2 I see the innocence in children, and do whatever I can

Grief-touched are defined by the misfortunes they have to protect that innocence
overcome and have developed characteristics reflecting these 3 I understand the hatred many hold, and will fight with
troubles. People who are grief-touched often expierence a
wide array of emotions, and differ in how they handle the them for justice they deserve
pain of their past. 4 I have spent my entire life looking for a missing friend
5 It is my duty to protect my family name and free it from

the bad luck that infects it
6 I had a beloved pet when I was young and still adore

the company of animals

d6 Flaw
1 I have trouble believing people legitimately want to

help me
2 I get enraged at the sight of somebody abusing others
3 My distrust of others often leads to fights
4 I have a soft spot for children, and often will give them

whatever they ask for
5 I can't talk about my past- questions about it irritate me
6 I see superstitous signs all around me, and act on them

when least convienent


Background: Treasure Liberation d8 Personality Traits
Guild Member (Graverobber) 1 I am quick to notice valuables on a person.
You are an experienced member of the Treasure Liberation 2 I name unnamed corpses and sometimes grow
Guild (also known simply as a Graverobber). You have spent
many hours digging up old burial sites to get by, acquiring attached.
treasures of all varieties. Most of your dealings are done after 3 I hide valuables instead of wearing them.
dark by torchlight. 4 I long for adventure and loot equally.
5 I make grim jokes at the expense of the newly
Most people see what you do as dirty, wretched, thievery.
You know better. The dead have no use for shiny rings, where deceased.
for you they'll fetch a few good meals. Why leave perfectly 6 I typically smell like my last job.
good treasure buried where no one can see it? 7 I live to put myself in exciting (and deadly) situations.
8 I distrust wealthy and politically powerful people.
Skill Proficiencies: Investigation, History
Tool Proficiencies: Thieve's Tools d6 Ideal
Equipment: A shovel, a set of commoner's clothing, a 1 Discovery: Treasure locked underground is a waste of
crowbar, a trinket from the Treasure Liberation Guild trinket
table, and a belt pouch containing 10 gp. perfectly good treasure. (Neutral)
2 Recovery: The treasure I find helps others and returns
Practiced Recovery
hidden wonders to the world. (Good)
Every member of the Treasure Liberation Guild knows the 3 Crass: Respect is for the living- the dead don't need it.
ins and outs of one resting place better than another. Some
excel at the grunt work of digging up coffins, while others (Evil)
prefer pillaging tombs or temples. Some prefer even more 4 Preservation: Keep the dead the way they lie, take only
exotic locations, such as dimensional safes or museums.
Choose your prefered repository or roll on the table below. what they don't need. (Law)
5 History: The items I find are important to keeping an
Prefered Repository
acurate record of the past. (Neutral)
d6 Target 6 Pillage: No tomb is beyond scavenging, no body free of
1 Graveyard
2 Shipwreck looting . (Chaos)
3 Tomb
4 Monster's Lair d6 Bond
5 Temple 1 A close friend's death lead to my first fortune.
6 Excotic Grave 2 One of my discoveries could rewrite the history books.
3 I was spared capture by a generous groundskeeper- I
Feature: Midnight Collector
owe him a great debt.
Your life robbing graves in the dark has prepared you for a life 4 I have only stolen from a temple once, and the guilt has
of adventuring. You generally know the location of important
burial grounds, and can easily spot markings that designate never left me.
areas as burial sites. 5 A cave in caused a close friend to die. I am far more

Additionally, you have a comprehensive understanding of cautious because of it.
the burial rites and processes of different cultures. 6 An ancient artifact spoke to me in a dream. I am

Suggested Characteristics determined to one day uncover its secrets.

Graverobbers are often seen as bottom dwellers, and many
choose to embrace their deplorable prejudice. Some,
however, rebuke the name Graverobber. These people prefer
the term "Treasure Hunter" or "Treasure Liberator" and will
defend their actions as such. All of these characters are
typically driven by greed, but some really do embrace the core
ideals of treasure hunting; buried treasure is of little value to
the deceased.


d6 Flaw d100 Treasure Liberation Guild Trinket Table
1 I am terrified of undead. 27 An anklet made of dried berries and fruit
2 I covet valuables I've scavenged, and part with them 28 An eyepatch made from crocodile hide
29 A miniature fish statue
only when necessary. 30 The immortal pet frog of a Yuan-ti ruler
3 I unearthed a powerful undead creature, which is 31 A Firbolg story book
32 A brick from a road leading nowhere
currently a problem for the people living near it. 33 An ivory comb
4 I get along better with the dead than the living. 34 A pocketwatch that runs backwards
5 When I have to chose between saving the treasure and 35 A war medal taken from a hobgoblin general
36 A one-hudred and fifty year old empty wine bottle
saving a friend, the treasure usually wins out. 37 A frame from a monocle
6 I am obsessed with discovery, and am willing to dig up 38 A preserved mustache from a suave businessman
39 A leg from the throne of a ruler
graves all night to find something interesting. 40 A tiny wooden duck whose eyes move when nobody

Trinket Table is looking
41 A broken tip from an iron gate
Below is a trinket table designed to fit with the Treasure 42 A shoe with a sole covered in an unknown fungus
Liberation Guild. In games featuring or including Treasure 43 A broken telescope filled with dirt
Liberation Guild members, characters can choose to gain a 44 The undergarments of a deceased diplomat
trinket from this table in place of one from the Player's 45 A tiny troll doll that regenerates like a regular troll
Handbook. 46 A beak from a Kenku
47 A misprinted gold coin
d100 Treasure Liberation Guild Trinket Table 48 A jewelless pendant
01 A rusty iron door knocker 49 Ashes of a treant in a jar
02 A skeleton finger whittled into a pen 50 A burned mask from a murdered jester
03 A ripped off piece of old purple tapestry 51 A book titled "One-hunderd and One Ways to Hex a
04 A chipped piece of a tombstone
05 A broken skeletal jaw from a once famous actor Hoaxer"
06 A ring that glows when it touches blood 52 A mushroom that changes color in the light
07 A rat skeleton painted the colors of the rainbow 53 Bark from a hangman tree
08 A recently pickled pig eye 54 A pair of mismatched socks
09 A muddy chisel that will never come clean 55 A sword sheath embroidered with horific images
10 A stone doll from an ancient civilization 56 An orb that whispers animal sounds at night
11 An Ankheg egg shell 57 A stuffed parrot
12 A skeletal foot from a famous scout 58 A broken barnacle-coated compass
13 A necklace made of various dog bones 59 A map of an already plundered ruin
14 A mouse's heart that occasionally beats 60 An unamed piece of music featuring bagpipes
15 A tiny dead spider made into a marionette 61 A bag containing a single ball bearing
16 A mummified cat head 62 A white bearskin rug
17 A broken stone angel wing 63 A key ring full of keys that don't fit any lock
18 A dagger hilt recovered from a dead sociopath 64 A colorful key to a child's map
19 A symbol written in stone from a long forgotten 65 A tiny Redcap statue chisled from stone
66 A candle that smells like rotting fruit when burned
language 67 The head of a scarecrow
20 A shovel head painted to look gold 68 The death records from a town nobody remembers
21 The stuffed head of a dead green hag 69 A miniature dead flesh golem
22 A potted flower with gray petals
23 A tiny wind-up laughing skull 11
24 A recipe for a pie made from an extinct plant
25 A decorated jug from a dwarven clan
26 A blood-stained ice pick

d100 Treasure Liberation Guild Trinket Table
70 A top hat from a famous explorer
71 A chalice that begs to be worshipped
72 A translucent skull from an unknown race
73 A pair of trusty water flippers
74 An erie seal that prints a smiling face
75 A portrait of an elven family
76 A pouch containing random buttons
77 The nose of a destroyed iron golem
78 A book containing recipes for Boggles
79 An eye stalk from a dead Gazer
80 A tiny glass bottle full of green beads
81 Cufflinks from a wealthy elven diplomat
82 Three large rusty chain links
83 A wax peach
84 Zombie bits in a knapsack
85 A gauntlet built for a halfling
86 A stuffed baby bat
87 A three-cornered hat
88 A set of crocheting needles
89 A cobbler's hammer engraved with his brand
90 An ancient cracked clay pot
91 A broken gnomish fire starter
92 A creepy baby blanket depicting a horific scene
93 A fork that screams when it enters your mouth
94 A mat made of giant toad skin
95 An executioner's hood
96 Wooden earrings shaped like fingers
97 A phony spell scroll
98 A religious symbol of a false god
99 A reflective pebble
100 A miniature treasure chest containing marbles


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