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Multi-Genre Theme Project

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Published by MAKAYLA MASTERSON, 2019-05-28 06:16:13


Multi-Genre Theme Project



Dear reader, 
This mini book is about the meaning of guilt. What causes it and how it makes 

people feel, physically and emotionally. The purpose of this is to show how 
you may relate and/or think in these type of situations. What makes you feel 

guilty and how do you react to those types of situations that you may get 
caught up in? 




Response: This picture represents Guilt because when you do something that you know isn't 
right, guilt eats at you constantly, around every corner of your mind. I chose this picture 
because it really represented the feeling of what regret does to you and the type of pressure 
that it constantly causes. 
“‘Water, Mother, I am thirst!’ Some of the Jewish police surreptitiously went to fill a few 
jugs”(Night pg 16). 
Response: This represents guilt because the Jewish police felt bad for treating their own 
people so badly. 




“Soap won't wash away your shame.” 



Response: This quote shows that trying to get rid of your guilt isn't easy because it runs deep, 

and it's oftentimes hard to forgive yourself for everything that you have done wrong. I chose 

this quote because I feel like I could really relate to the meaning and everyone is guilty for 

countable acts that keep them up at night. 



“‘Jews, look! Look at the fire! Look at the flames!’ And as the train stopped, this time we 

saw flames rising from a tall chimney into a black sky” (Wiesel pg 28). 


Response: This quote from night shows guilt because everyone was beating on the woman 

for yelling fire when they didn’t see one, but they soon saw that she was seeing what was to 

be brought to them. 












"W​ hatcha Say- Jason Derulo 



Wha- wha- what did she  I (I) was so wrong  But me and you were 

say  (wrong) for so long  meant to last forever 

Mmh whatcha say  (long)  So let me in (let me in) 

Mmh that you only  Only tryin' to please  give me another chance 
meant well?  myself (myself)  (another chance) 

Well of course you did  Girl, I (I) was caught up  To really be your man 
(up) in her lust (lust) 
Mmh whatcha say  'Cause when the roof 
(Jason Derulo)  When I don't really want  cave in and the truth 
no one else  came out 

Mmh that it's all for the  So, no I know I should of  I just didn't know what 
best?  treated you better  to do 

Of course it is 

But when I become a  I know what I did wasn't  Mmh whatcha say 
star we'll be living so  clever  (whatcha say, whatcha 
large  say) 
But me and you we're 
I'll do anything for you  meant to be together  Wha- wha- wha- wha- 
what did she say 
So tell me girl  So let me in (let me in) 
give me another chance  Girl, tell me whatcha 
Mmh whatcha say  (another chance)  said (said) 

Mmh that you only  To really be your man  I don't want you to leave 
meant well?  me 
'Cause when the roof 
Well of course you did  cave in and the truth  Though you caught me 
came out  cheatin' 
Mmh whatcha say, 
(whatcha say, whatcha  I just didn't know what  Tell me, tell me whatcha 
say)  to do  said (said) 

Mmh that it's all for the  But when I become a  I really need you in my 
best?  star we'll be living so  life 
Of course it is  'Cause things ain't right, 
I'll do anything for you  girl 
Mmh whatcha say 
So tell me girl  Tell me, tell me whatcha 
Mmh that you only  said (said) 
meant well?  Mmh whatcha say 
I don't want you to leave 
Well of course you did  Mmh that you only  me 
meant well? 
Mmmm whatcha say  Though you caught me 
(whatcha say)  Well of course you did  cheatin' 

Wha- wha- wha- wha-  Mmh whatcha say  Tell me, tell me whatcha 
what did she say  (whatcha say, whatcha  said (​said)​  
How (how), could I live  I really need you in my 
(live) with myself (self)  Mmh that it's all for the  life 
Knowing that I let our  'Cause things ain't right 
love go (love go)  Of course it is 
'Cause when the roof 
And ooh (ooh), when I do  Mmh whatcha say,  caved in and the truth 
(do) with one chance  came out 
(chance)  Mmh that you only 
meant well? 
I just gotta let you know 
Well of course you did 

I just didn't know what  Mmh whatcha say  Mmm that you only 

to do​ (I just didn't know  Mmh that you only  meant well? 

what to do)  meant well?  Well of course you did 

But when I become a  Well of course you did  Mmmm whatcha say, 
star we'll be living so  Mmh whatcha say,  (whatcha say, whatcha 
large  (whatcha say, whatcha  say) 
say)  Wha- wha- wha- wha- 

I'll do anything for you  Mmh that it's all for the  what did she say 
So baby watcha say  best?   
Well, of course it is 

Mmh, whatcha say 

Response: This song embody’s guilt by showing how he's regretful for what he did. He wants 

the girl he cheated on to take him back and forgive him. I chose this song to represent guilt 

because it does a good job of showing remorse and shamefulness because he got caught. He 

lost the best thing in his life, having to live with the fact that he betrayed her and I feel like it 

is very relatable in a real world type of situation that people go through everyday. 













“‘In three days, I'll be gone . . . Say Kaddish for me’... And three days after he left, we 

forgot to say Kaddish” (Night pg 77). 


Response: This quote from the book night shows guilt because they did not praying over 

Akiba’s soul, who just past, causes him to feel sorry for missing it. 







Response: This blackout poem I have created doesn’t represent guilt but the opposite of it. I 
wrote it out to be the antonym of guilt so I could capture the difference of the mean and how 
powerful the impact of each word really is. I chose this blackout poem to describe the 
opposite of guilt because lots of people don’t feel sorry for things they have caused or are 
about to cause.  
“That is when I remembered that I had a father...I knew he was running out of strength, 
close to death, and yet I had abandoned him”(Wiesel pg 106). 
Response: This represents guilt because Elie totally forgot about his father and was only 
thinking about himself, and for all he knows, his father could be dead. 

“I sit here with remorse in my hands. 
My mind is racing with the thoughts of my future and what I just took away from myself. 
As I watch the red blood drip down the knife, now painted with my regret. I’ve realized 
that I didn’t just ended my life but somebody else's.  
They won’t go home to provide their love for their family anymore, they won’t get to see 
the beautiful sunset’s that set steams to show them how much they love life, I have 
stolen the most precious thing from someone and I’ll never be able to give it back. 

Response: I created this poem to visualize the sudden impact of realization of remorse when 
it’s too late to go back. I chose to add this poem to this book because it shows how the 
narrator is explaining loss because of careless actions that were thoughtless made. 
“‘My son . . . Give me some water . . .’ I knew that he must not drink...I gave in. Water was 
Poison for him” (Night pg 110).  
Response: I found this quote from the night book and it shows guilt because he was slowly 
killing his father by giving him water but there was nothing he could about it, his father was 
already dying. 

Makayla  Masterson grew up in a 
small city in  Washington and is 
currently living  there today. She spends 
her days involving  herself with the people 
she loves and  doing the things that 
interest her the  most. She is sassy but 
strong hearted  and holds a lot of 
sympathy for  everyone, even people 
that have hurt her.  She has a huge family 
from many parts  of the world but the 
family she comes  home to everyday is her 
Mom and Dad,  along with her little 
sister Malia and  her twin brother Michael. 
She loves playing  sports and spending all 
her money off her  paycheck, on clothes. 
You can follow her  on instagram 



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"Whatcha Say- Jason Derulo 



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