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Published by brandon, 2022-03-31 11:59:03

Buyers Guide

The Royal Difference



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Team Leader and RealtorĀ®

From a young age I had a passion and drive unparalleled to most which led me to excellling
in each job I have held. I joined the US Navy and quickly excelled as an IT and leader in the
miltary surpassing many barriers and earning many accolades and awards. The leadership,

discipline and experience I learned in the military has given me the passion and drive to
share what I know and assist others in their home search. As a real estate investor with
rental properties & rehabbing I understand the process thoroughly and enjoy assisting
other reach their goals. Purchasing a home is a huge decision and without the proper
knowledge and guidance can be frightening - I am here to give you all that you need on
your search to finding your castle. Whether looking for an investment property, short-term
rental or family home I love researching the market to find exactly what you are looking for
- because everyone deserves a home they love! When I am not researching homes or
creating marketing strategy I enjoy being in the kitchen making food with love, spending
time with friends and family and traveling to new places. When you are ready to search for
your castle I am here to provide you support, guidance and the power to make informed


The Royal Difference

what do we offer you?

The Royal Difference is based on a culture offering
our clients unparalleled service and professional
expertise. Our goal is to make the process stress
free and enjoyable as you search for your castle!

Our team is experienced, well trained agents are
there to guide and support you from the beginning

to end and beyond. After your purchase we
continue to come together as The Royal Family and
have a client appreciation events and support for
all your home needs with a network of professionals

in the home service industry.

The Royal Team

The Royal Difference

what do we offer you?

We believe that every client is searching for their
castle and should be treated royally as they hunt for

their perfect home.

We are an award winning team that takes the time
to get to know our clients and meet all their real
estate needs.
We abide by professional standards and code of

ethics as Realtors and ensure our clients receive the
best representation available.

We diligently search for homes that meet our clients'
specific needs, we make ourselves readily available to

our clients and help each one through the entire
buying process and beyond.

Post purchase connections are key to our
success and we work with our new

homeowners with many leads such as
contractors, insurance, utilities and more.

The Royal Team

Process of Finding your Castle


prequalifications are done via online, phone or in person. Credit reports are also reviwed.


Requirements are requested & prepare the application.


We request all items from you and prepare your application.



We request all items from you and prepare your application.


A home inspection of the property outlines any potential issues such as structural,
electrical and plumbing. Although not required, it's highly recommended. A home

inspection is different than an appraisal.


Your loan application and all supporting documents are submitted to underwriter for
review. Title insurance, income and housing verifications are ordered. You need to order

home owners insurance.


Underwriter provides a list of any items that will be needed to close
such as an update paystub and additional bank statement.

The Royal Team

Process of Finding your Castle


Gives the reasonable market value of the home. This protects you against paying
too much.


Settlement costs and closing documents are drafted and forwarded to the title company.


Your final settlement statement is reviewed and approved by all parties.


You do a final tour of the property to approve the condition of the home prior to
signing your closing documents.


The title company complies all final documents to be signed by all


Final closing documents are signed by all parties, funds are
transferred, and final paperwork is sent back to us.


You are now a homeowner. Keys are handed to you.
Time to celebrate!

The Royal Team

Making Competitive Offers

different ways to make a competitive offer

Increase the Purchase Price

When submitting an offer you should be coming in at your strongest, this shows the sellers
that you are serious about purchasing their home. Talk to your Realtor about utilizing an
escalation clause which will allow you to get the best value without putting it all on the
table. Many sellers are worried that an appraisal may come in low, if it is within your
financial capacity it may be bennificial to guarantee whatever cash you can in this event.
An additional way to increase the strength of your offer is to increase the earnest money
deposit amount. This shows the sellers that are you a serious buyer.

Costing Cost Assistance

Closing costs fees that are due at closing that contribute to loan processing, title search
fees, prepaids and more that both the buyer and seller have to pay. When looking to make
the most competitive offer, if it is within your financial capacity, it is most aggressive to not
ask for any closing cost assistance. If you need this, it's best to incerease the price of the
home by atleast the amount that you need. Another less common but really aggressive
approach is to offer to pay the sellers closing costs, however keep in mind that this will have
to be cash brought to closing day.

Home Inspections

In most cases we do not advise to forgo a home inspection, however if you are purchasing a
condominium or very well maintained home this may be an option to make your offer more
competitive. You can make your home inspection "For Informational Purposes Only" which
would allow you to walk away with the right to receive your earnest money deposit back if
something major comes up, however the sellers are not obligated to repair issues that are

Arrange for a Quick Closing with Minimal Contingencies

Every seller and situation is different however many are looking for a speedy closing. If this
is the case work with your Realtor & local lender to make sure this can be accommodated.
Try to plan to have minimal contingencies such as the sale of another home, if this cannot
be within your financial constraints get your home listed and under contract to make the
seller feel more comfortable with this. This could also mean choosing a loan with little to
no contingencies, such as a conventional loan, if it is within your financial means.

The Royal Team


contact details


[email protected]

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