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Published by Joshua White, 2019-12-05 16:05:03

Low organzied games (3)

Low organzied games (3)



November 13
Professor Williams

By: Joshua White

Warm Up

Always begin with a warm up.
* 2x -Laps around the gym
* 10 sec Each- Arm and Leg Stretches
-Toe touches -Quad stretches -leg stretches
-Right/Left arm across elbow stretch
-Right/Left arm elbow behind your head stretch

*10 jumping jacks

Table of Contents page 8- Double Ducth
page 9-Apollo
page1 - Cover page
page2 - Table of Contents page 10- keep it alive
page 3- warm up page 11 -dance battle
page4- Red lane/ Green lane page 12 -Indiana jones
page 5- Crab Soccer page 13- captain says
Page 6-Bird Box Dodgeball page 14 -Frozen and Unfrozen
Page 7-Swampball Page 15- road kill

Red Lane Green lane

*Every contender/player will line on the baseline, on the end of the court.
* The instructor will yell out “Green lane” , that is an opportunity for the players to
move at a fast pace towards the other baseline.
* When the instructors yells out “Red lane”, the players must stop moving
completely, IF NOT they automatically will be forced to return to the starting point.
* The objective is to reach the other baseline before the other players and you WIN.

Time- 3mins

Space- Full court

Crab Soccer

*Two soccer goals are required and will be set up on both baselines. *

Split the players evenly into two teams

*Rule- players must bend backwards with both hands and feet on the ground and walk

like a crab

* all soccer rules are applied ( feet only), and team with most points win
A soccer ball and two goals

Time- 10mins

Skills- Eye and feet coordination, team involvement

Space- Full court

Bird Box Dodgeball

Everyone pair up
-Have a partner
One partner is blindfolded
- One person must be blindfolded or eyes closed, while their partner guides and tells
them where to go and what to do
The balls are scattered around the court
- the partner who can see must stay beside their partner at all times and can NOT
touch a ball.
Last pair standing automatically wins
-If any person within the pair is hit with the ball, that whole pair is out.

Skills- communication, awareness, hand eye coordination . Space- Full court

Swamp Ball

Two teams
Split everyone up into two groups, have a mat under both baselines on the court.
If tagged by dodge ball you go the opposing teams swamp
* If the opposing team tags you by the ball when thrown, you automatically go their
Save teammate
In order to save teammate you have to throw a ball in their direction(mat), and they
have to catch it in mid air
Last team standing wins
If one team is all in the swamp, then the other team win

Space- FullourtEquipment- multiple mats and dodgeballs

Double Dutch

*Split up into four groups of three if possible
* Two people swing the rope while the additional person jumps in and jump ropes
* Once you fail or miss the jump, switch positions
two jump ropes

Time- 5mins


Divide into two groups
Each group will need a Spaceship(Basketball)
There are 5 landmarks
Five spaced out cones or hula hoops will be around the inner circle of the 3 point line
on both sides of the court
Whichever group lands on each 5 landmarks first in order wins. ( Make a shot in the
goal from each spot,and whichever group finishes first WINS!)
*Two basketballs, Two Basketball Goals, and 10 cones or hula hoops.

Time- 8mins

Keep it Alive

The objective is to keep the Ball from touching the ground, if the ball hits the ground
one point is deducted from that team. The team members can only use their
racquets to hit the ball repeatedly.
Team with 3 points
Once three points are made, that team automatically loses
-awareness, and hand-eye coordination
- team involvement

Space-half court

Time- 8mins

Dance Battle

Two Teams
Split up into two groups
Each team will have 2 attempts to perform
One group will step up first and will perform their dance moves to impress the judge.
Each attempt will be 2 and a half mins MAX
The judge will decide which team Won

Equipment- None

Space-- Half court

Indiana Jones

Two teams-Split everyone up into two groups

Form two circles-Have one team form an inner circle and
outer, and the other team is in between the two

Try not to get hit- the circled team will push a big ball around
the circle trying to hit the other team with the ball to get
everyone out.

Equipment- beach ball/yoga ball Space- Half court

Captain says


Players must cooperate with what the instructor tells them to do, but only when the
instructor announces “Captain says” before his instructions. If any of the players
perform the actions when the instructor does not say “Captain says”, they are
considered out and will sit down. In addition, if any of the players do not listen and
cooperate they are out and have to sit down till the game is over.
Equipment- No equipment
Skills- listening and comprehension

Time- 2mins

Space- Halfcourt

Frozen and Unfrozen

Objective- One player must run around the gym trying to “tag” all of the other
participants to freeze them. If any of the other participants aren’t yet tagged, they
go run untag the people that are tagged.

Equipment- NONE

Skills- Hand eye coordination, awareness
Time- 5 minutes

Space - Halfcourt

Road Kill

● Split up into two teams, one lines up at the base line, and the other on the


● The team on the base line will run to the other end of the court to collect bean

bags and bring them home

● If your are tagged, you must sit and freeze until you are picked up by your

teammates on their way back home

● If the runners successfully bring back all the bean bags without everyone

getting out, they win

● If all the runners are tagged before the bean bags are gone, the throwers win

Equipment- Bean bags and a hula hoops

● Skills- awareness, team involvement and hand eye coordination

● Time- 3mins Space- full court

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