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Maddox Knecht - Informational Text Template

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Published by Maddox Knecht, 2019-05-06 13:07:15

Maddox Knecht - Informational Text Template

Maddox Knecht - Informational Text Template

By: Maddox and



Our story is about dinosaurs and we’re going to talk
about 5 dinosaurs. The dinosaurs we’re going to

Table of contents

★ page 1 Apatosaurus
★ page 2 Triceratops
★ page 3 Ankylosaurus
★ page 4 Velociraptor
★ page 5 Tyrannosaurus Rex

Apatosaurus (uh-paa-tuh- saw-ruhs

The apatosaurus weighed 20 to 30 metric tons. A
Apatosaurus is a huge sauropod that lived in the
jurassic period. It was around 65 to 75 feet in length.
Opinion: A apatosaurus looks like a long neck.


-tail 1

Triceratops (trai-sah-a-top )

A triceratops has three horns. The name triceratops
comes from a greek language with tri meaning three &
ceratops meaning horned face. A triceratops lived 65
million years ago, when it was the cretaceous period.




Ankylosaurus (ang-leo-saw-ruhs)

a Ankylosaurus has a rock shaped tail. A ankylosaurus has a club for

its tail. The name ankylosaurus comes from a greek language meaning

lizard king. The ankylosauruses lived 66 million years ago at the

ending of the cretaceous period when the extinction of the dinosaurs

was happening. A ankylosaurus is 6000 kilograms and they are thirty

feet. a Ankylosaurus has small teeth because they are plant eaters. A

ankylosaurus has large plates of armour all over.

amur - -club



Velociraptor (vol-oss-or-ap-tr)

velociraptor means swift seizer. A velociraptor lived 73 million years
ago during the cretaceous period. A fully grown velociraptor can grow
up to 2 meters tall the weight of a velociraptors hip is 15 kilograms.
The first known fossil that belonged to a velociraptor was in 1922. It
was in The mongolian mobi desert.

wing- -wing


Tyrannosaurus rex (tr-an-u-saw-ruhs)

the t.rex was alive 65 million years ago during the cretaceous
period. A tyrannosaurus comes from a greek latin language
meaning tyrant lizard king. A t.rex can grow up to 12 meters long
and 6 meters tall. A t.rex can bite 100 kilograms in one bite. A t.rex
is smarter than most of the other carnivores (meat eaters). A t.rex
has a huge tail to keep its balance. A t.rex can run for 20
kilometers. A t.rex can sprint for 60 kilometers.

Large tail- -Large



Ankylosaurus :Is a amured dinosaur.
Velociraptor :Are very smart.
Tyrannosaurus : Are smarter than all the carnivores.
Apatosaurus : A big sauropod.
Triceratops : Their teeth are very sharp.


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