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Travel Package

Travel Package


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NEomteergency contact JOE 86 - 15967110908 English
Note• Tour fee & Tips already paid in USA

• Tour fee & Tips already paid in USA

Itinerary Beijing 8 days tour confirmation
ItinDeatreary Itinerary Beijing 8 days tour confirmation

Spots Meal Hotel

Date Itinerary Our tour guide will be Swpeolctosme and meet the team Meal Hotel
7/10 Arriving OinutrhteoBureigjiunigdeCwapililtableIwnteelrcnoamtioenaanldAmirepeotrtth(ePEteKam), D
ABreriijviningg ianndthleeaBdetihjiengteCamaptirtaalnsInfeterrtnoatthioenhaol tAelirfpoorrct h(PecEkKi)n,
7/11 Beijing aCaannnhdddinrrleeeesallCaaedxxTrt..ehOAAsetrraUtrreuaaarnnRamggnUeett.raaSa(DnwwTsieefnlleonccrooeutrmmo)reethgdderiinnhonnoueeterrplaafttoCaar llcooohccneaacfllkirinmationD

ECnhjioneystehreesBtarueraaknft.a(sDt iantnetrh)e hotel, then we will

go to the gym to prepare the game. After ------------------------------
---------------------L--u--n--c-h--,--w---e will go*visit the*Tian an M*en

---------------------S--q--u--a-r--e---a-n- d Qianm*en Stree*t. For din*ner, we ------------------------------
will go to the local famous restaurant,

Quanjude, for pecking duck dinner, then will

transfer back to hotel and enjoy leisure time Mercure Wanshang
at night. Beijing

Game at Tiananmen Square was the main entrance of the B/L/D ADD 1 Yinhe St,
9AM + Imperial City of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It Shijingshan Qu,
Tour was built in the 15th year of Yongle in the Ming Beijing Shi, China
Dynasty (1417). It is located in the center of
Beijing, the capital of the People's Republic of Tel 010-68681199

China, at the southern end of the Forbidden City.

Qianmen Street is a very famous commercial
street in Beijing. In the twenty-ninth year of Ming
Jiajing (1550), before the establishment of the
outer city, the emperor went out to the Temple of
Heaven and the mountain road of the Tangchuan
altar. After the construction of the outer city, it was
the main North-South Street of the outer city.

CTOURUS Tour group Confirmation

Enjoy the Breakfast at the hotel, then we will go to
the gym to prepare the game. After Lunch, we will
go visit the Summer Palace. After dinner at a local
Chinese restaurant, then will transfer back to hotel
and enjoy leisure time at night.

7/13 Game at The Summer Palace is the Chinese imperial B/L/D
7/14 9AM + garden of the Qing Dynasty. It is located in the
Tour western suburbs of Beijing, 15 kilometers from the
urban area, covering an area of about 290 hectares.
It is a large-scale landscape garden built by the Mercure Wanshang
design method of Jiangnan Garden. It is also the Beijing
most preserved royal palace, known as the “Royal ADD 1 Yinhe St,
Garden Museum”.
Shijingshan Qu, Beijing
Enjoy the Breakfast at the hotel, then we will go
visit the Great Wall - Juyongguan Pass, outside Shi, China
view of the Bird’s Nest and Water Cube. After
dinner at a local Chinese restaurant, will transfer
back to hotel and enjoy the leisure time at night.

The Great Wall- Juyongguan Pass located in
Changping County, Beijing, 60 kilometers away
from the Beijing area. It is an important gateway to
the Great Wall. It is an important barrier in the
northwest of ancient Beijing.

Tour The Bird’s Nest is the The National Stadium. B/L/D
Located in the southern part of the Beijing
Olympic Park and is the main stadium for the 2008
Beijing Olympic Games. The opening and closing
ceremonies of the Olympic and Paralympic Games,
track and field events and football finals were held
in here.

The Water Cube is the National Aquatics Center.
Located in the Beijing Olympic Park. It is the main
swimming pool built by Beijing for the 2008
Summer Olympics and one of the landmark
buildings of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

----------------------------------- * * * ------------------------------

CTOURUS Tour group Confirmation

7/15 Tour + Enjoy the Breakfast at the hotel, then we will go B/L/D Mercure Wanshang
7/16 Game at visit the Beijing Zoo (including the Panda Hall). Beijing
3:30PM After Lunch, will go to gym and prepare the game ADD 1 Yinhe St,
in the afternoon. Tour guide will pick the team up
after the game for dinner at a local Chinese Shijingshan Qu, Beijing
restaurant, then will transfer back to hotel and
enjoy leisure time at night. Shi, China
Beijing Zoo has a history of more than 90 years
and is the earliest zoo in China with the largest
number of animals. It has been more than 100
years since the official establishment of the Qing
Dynasty in the 32nd year of Guangxu (1906). We
will visit the Panda Hall in the Beijing Zoo to see
the national treasure of China.

Enjoy the Breakfast at the hotel, then we will go
visit the Temple of Heaven, the Yonghe Lama
Temple and the 798 Art district. After dinner at a
local Chinese restaurant, will transfer back to hotel
and enjoy the leisure time at night.

The Temple of Heaven: a place where the
emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties
worshipped the gods of the Heaven and the gods
the Earth, praying for the harvest of the grain. It is
located at the southern end of Beijing.

Tour The Yonghe Lama Temple: In the thirty-third year B/L/D Mercure Wanshang
of Qing Emperor Kangxi (1694), Emperor Kangxi Beijing
built a mansion here and gave him the Prince of ADD 1 Yinhe St,
Four Sons. In the third year of Yongzheng (1725),
he changed the place to the palace, and called the Shijingshan Qu, Beijing
Lama Temple. Because the Emperor Qianlong was
born here, the Lama Temple has two emperors and Shi, China
became a "dragon and blessed land", so the temple
is a yellow tile red wall, the same specifications as
the Forbidden City Royal Palace. The Lama
Temple is the highest Buddhist temple in the
middle and late Qing Dynasty.

The 798 art district: 798 is the code name of
Beijing's state-owned electronics industry, because
the low rent attracted many artists to settle in and
formed a cultural and artistic gathering place. The
798 Art District is now the most popular place in
Beijing, with a variety of art galleries, galleries and

----------------------------------- * * * ------------------------------

CTOURUS Tour group Confirmation

Enjoy the Breakfast at the hotel, then we will go
visit the Silk Street. After Lunch, we will go to the
Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK) and
enjoy the flight back to Los Angeles.

7/17 Departure The Silk Street also known as Xiushui Street. It B/L ——
from was originally one of the more famous commercial
Beijing streets in Beijing. After the demolition, the Silk

Street has become a shopping mall and remains a

famous commercial center. It sells traditional

Chinese silk products and exquisite handicrafts and

imported goods.

1. Pick up sign: CTOURUS.
2. English Tour Guide Service.
3. Tips: $80/per person Paid
4. Hotel includes breakfast buffet. All travelers would check in to Non-smoking room. The difference of single

room: $380.
5. Tour fees Included

Meals as shown on the itinerary
Admissions of tourist attractions on the itinerary
Tour Bus
Hotel rooms
6. No Included
International or domestic air ticket
Expenditure of a personal nature
Chinese visa for U.S. passports
7. Tour is non-refundable once reserved. If customer leave the tour early before the tour ends fees are not
8. The tour fee does not include any unforeseen or unavoidable extra charges. These include private needs
flight delays/cancellations war/potential war threats riots civil unrest terrorism/actual terrorism
threats natural disasters, adverse weather conditions etc.
9. The domestic tour wholesaler reserves the right to adjust the tour schedule on tourist attractions. The
pictures are for reference only, the actual attractions should be considered as final. Final interpretation is
own by domestic tour wholesaler.

If customers need extra pick up service please advise us flight information. Due to customer missing
flight information, all the charges in on your own.

----------------------------------- * * * ------------------------------



Add to Calendar Itinerary & Documents

Trip to: BEIJING, CHINA Reservation code: WADOAA
Airline Reservation WADOAA
Passenger(s): COOPER/ERIC Code: (AA)


















AMERICAN AIRLINES AA Flight Number 181 Tuesday, 09 July -
NFIRMED, Confirmation# WADOAA Wednesday, 10 July

Departure: LAX LOS ANGELES, CA 13hour(s) and 0minute(s)

2:10PM +1 day
Terminal 2

Please verify flight times prior to departure


2:10PM +1 day
Terminal 2

aseCOvNeTrIiNfyUfEliDght times prior to departure

Duration: 13hour(s) and 0minute(s)

Class: Economy Distance (in Miles): 6251
Meal: Lunch, Dinner
Aircraft: BOEING 787-9 JET

Eric Cooper Eric ​Eugene Cooper
Seat(s): 35A / Confirmed Seat(s): 35C / Confirmed

Ebony Cooper Tami Azar​ ovitz
Seat(s): 35E / Confirmed Seat(s): 35J / Confirmed

Bailey Aza​rovitz Jordan Unger
Seat(s): 35B / Confirmed Seat(s): 35L / Confirmed

Brady Unger Rylee Ghent
Seat(s): 35D / Confirmed Seat(s): 35H / Confirmed

Sarah Va​ldivia Jo​nathan Clar​k Wim​berley
Seat(s): 35K / Confirmed Seat(s): 34A / Confirmed

Maxim​illian Ralph Chris​topher Howard
Seat(s): 34B / Confirmed Seat(s): 34C / Confirmed

Justin F​razier Dwayne Ross
Seat(s): 34D / Confirmed Seat(s): 34E / Confirmed

Chidi Ud​ engwu Elijah N​nanabu
Seat(s): 34H / Confirmed Seat(s): 34J / Confirmed

Na​ talie Wil​ liams
Seat(s): 34K / Confirmed


Uniforms - Game uniforms need to be packed in carry-on bag. The game uniforms will be
handed out at the airport so please leave space in your carry on bag.

Game Shoes - Pack game shoes in your carry on. (You must have your own game shoes)

Some Team USA Gear will be handed out the day before and can be packed in your checked
luggage. (Every player must wear the provided Team USA sweat pants and top on the flight;
we will look uniform wearing our Team USA Gear).

Passports - We will hand out passports at the airport before we check-in and walk through
customs. We will collect them upon arrival and secure them in the hotel safe during the trip.

Money - Each participant should bring no more than $200 spending money. Meals, lodging,
tours and transportation are already covered.

~One Dollar equals 6.89 Chinese Yuan.

~Items will be much cheaper to purchase in China.


Things To Bring

Travel Insurance:

China - US Power Adapter Info:

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