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Orlando Health St. Cloud Hospital Choose Health Newsletter (Spring 2021)

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Published by Orlando Health, 2021-05-26 12:15:35

Orlando Health St. Cloud Hospital Newsletter (Spring 2021)

Orlando Health St. Cloud Hospital Choose Health Newsletter (Spring 2021)



Dieting: That Thing We Do

Many Americans think dieting is simply cutting back on portion Weight Loss Strategies
sizes or avoiding certain foods until the weight comes off. But
that’s part of the problem: Starting a diet usually means you will Find your motivation: Weight loss is most
eventually stop. To be successful, you need to change the way you successful when motivated by health rather
eat forever by finding a variety of acceptable tweaks that work for than physical appearance.
you, says Lisa Cooper, a registered dietitian at Orlando Health. Don’t be a dieter: Make lifelong changes
you enjoy.
While you are focusing on this new strategy, you may find that your body is fighting to regain the Have reasonable goals: Set realistic, time-
weight you are striving to lose. You also will need to work to understand internal and external limited, attainable weight and behavior goals.
cues, such as hormonal signals and the “liking” and “reward” systems (eating dessert when Be patient and consistent: Surround
already full, for example). yourself with supportive friends and family.
Permanent lifestyle modifications, such as consistently lowering calories, tracking what you eat, And never give up!
weekly weighing and daily exercise, will help you maintain your lower weight.
Be a Turtle

Most weight-loss goals involve shedding a lot of pounds as fast as
possible. The problem is these ambitious plans can be easily derailed
by holidays, vacations or other disruptions in your routine.
You’ll have more success if you set smaller goals and lose weight
gradually. Even a modest weight loss of 3 percent to 5 percent
provides measurable health improvements, including lower cholesterol
and blood sugar.

Get Off the Couch –
Your Spine Will Thank You

The pandemic has forced Don’t work from the couch. At first, you Find a workspace to call your own.
millions of workers to may find the sofa to be a perfect substitute Avoid sharing your work area with kids or
set up shop at home. But for your old office desk. But over time, your partner so you don’t have to constantly
days, weeks and months you’re likely to experience numbness and readjust the seat and computer screen.
of sitting at your kitchen muscle aches from having your legs and
table or on the sofa can body stretched vertically for hours. Check your height. Your elbows should
take a toll on your body — align with the table/desk height to prevent
particularly your back. Sit up straight. When looking straight carpal tunnel stress.
ahead, your eyes should be level with your
To create a body-friendly workstation, computer browser’s address bar. Both feet Eat well and stay hydrated. Instead
Dr. Michael Silverstein of Orlando Health should be flat on the floor (or footrest) with of working straight through the day, allow
Jewett Orthopedic Institute recommends your shoulders rolled back for good posture. yourself some “me time.” Plan lunch breaks
that you: with firm boundaries away from your desk.
Use an adjustable office chair. If getting
an office chair isn’t an option, try placing a “20/20/20” breaks. For every 20 minutes
firm cushion or tightly folded towel under spent looking at a screen, spend 20 seconds
your backside to lift your hips. looking at something else 20 feet away. This
reduces eye strain.

Here’s When to Treat Cuts and Scrapes at Home

Cuts don’t always require a trip to the doctor. Generally, if a wound You also should see a doctor if you
is clean, not too large or deep and without significant bruising or haven’t had a tetanus shot in 10 years
bleeding, it can be treated safely at home. and the wound was caused by a rusty or
dirty object.
Consider these questions after an injury, says Dr. Keron Ferguson,
a wound-care specialist at Orlando Health: Treating Minor Wounds and Cuts

• Is the wound deep with wide open or ragged edges? 1 Clean the injury with lukewarm
water and mild soap.
• Is it bleeding in spurts, or is blood soaking through the
bandage? 2 Apply pressure with a clean cloth or
gauze until bleeding stops.
• Are there red streaks on your skin near the injury?
3 Use petroleum jelly to speed healing.
• Does the area around the wound feel numb? 4 Cover the wound with a sterile

• Is it leaking grayish fluid? bandage. Change it daily and keep
the wound covered until it heals.
• Have you developed a temperature over 101F?
If you don’t see improvement in about a
If you answer yes to any of these questions, seek medical care. week, see a doctor.

2 Orlando Health St. Cloud Hospital | Osceola Community Newsletter

Healthcare That Keeps Pace 10
with the Community
Like the fast-growing community that surrounds it, to Keep
Orlando Health St. Cloud Hospital continues to expand Your Family
to meet the needs of Osceola County residents. Hundreds
of primary care doctors and specialists see patients on Active
the centrally located campus, which now includes the
Orlando Health Medical Pavilion – St. Cloud. Children ages 6 to 17 should do an hour
or more of moderate to vigorous physical
“Whether we’re maintaining your health or helping you through an unexpected activity every day, according to the Centers
emergency, more than 300 medical colleagues stand ready to serve you,” says Ohme for Disease Control and Prevention. If
Entin, president of Orlando Health St. Cloud. “In every specialty, we have board- children aren’t getting enough movement,
certified physicians, assuring you that their medical expertise is equal to their parents probably aren’t either, says Dr. Stuart
concern for your health.” Janousky, a pediatrician with Orlando Health
The 84-bed hospital, formerly known as St. Cloud Regional Medical Center, joined Physician Associates.
the Orlando Health system in July 2020. With a new emergency department,
renovated intensive care unit (ICU) and a cath lab for diagnosing heart conditions, As a family, aim to do something physical three to
the facility enables doctors to treat a wide range of health issues. Orlando Health four times a week for at least a half-hour, with a
St. Cloud also is an accredited chest pain center. variety of activities.
Just a short walk from the hospital is the 50,000-square-foot medical pavilion, which
features primary and specialty care doctors, rehabilitation and laboratory services, 1 Go for a family walk, bike ride or roller skate.
and a walk-in clinic. A wound-care center and women’s imaging center also are on
the campus. 2 Play in the yard, doing sprints or climbing trees.
Orlando Health is continuing to grow with the community. More services are 3 Put up a basketball hoop in the driveway.
expected to come online in the coming months. And this summer, the hospital and
pavilion will begin using Epic, a state-of-the-art electronic health record system. 4 Use stationary bikes and treadmills
“Epic will guide us to achieving quality, safety and operational excellence and allow in poor weather.
for one chart to follow patients to every clinical setting where we serve them. That
will be transformational for care here,” Entin says. 5 Do a home improvement project together:
With the hospital and pavilion part of the Orlando Health system, patients easily can Paint a bedroom wall, repurpose old
be connected to a larger group of providers across the system’s extensive network. furniture or plant a garden.

3Orlando Health St. Cloud Hospital | Osceola Community Newsletter 6 Join a local community swimming
pool and plan visits for times when
the pool is not crowded.

7 Set up a scavenger hunt in the yard or on

a park trail, spotting and gathering leaves,
stones and wildflowers. Remember, parents can —
and should —participate!

8 Build an obstacle course in the yard or sidewalk
using common household items.
9 Play classic sidewalk games, such as skipping rope

or hopscotch.

10 Find a safe part of the neighborhood where
kids might kick a soccer ball, play catch or
toss a football.

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Caring for your heart is serious business. That’s why at
Orlando Health St. Cloud Hospital you’ll have an entire
team of experts working together for your best
possible heart health. Trust our specialized team
to show your heart some love.

For more information or to schedule an
appointment, visit


Spring 2021

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